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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

August 1-16, 2009
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Rep. Paul Broun Warns: Obama’s ’socialist elite’ is planning to ‘declare martial law'

From Globalization to Global Peace? Socialist Viewpoint

Uranium Weapons: Does Anyone Care About Our Planet?

Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

Arabs pressure Obama to endorse strike on Iran

Huge car bomb kills 7 near NATO headquarters in Kabul


Radical Islam: The closing of the Christian womb -- "Thus began a century of Muslim violence that nearly has eradicated Christian communities in the cradle of their religion. "

Islam expert warns of rising incidents of 'honor killing'

Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Obamacare Is to Health Reform What Bank Bailouts Are to Financial System Reform: Which Is to Say it Is the Opposite of What its Name Implies”

'Obamacare:' What does the Constitution have to say?: 'This is an issue federal government shouldn't be touching at all'

Obama keeps heat on insurance firms

GOP backs away from "end-of-life" counseling

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel, Hezbollah threaten war – again

Hamas says US, Israel offer 'poisoned peace'

Clashes between Hamas, Salafi group continue for second day

Radical Muslim cleric among 21 killed in Gaza clashes

Hamas: Gaza City death clan dispute; unrelated to Rafah clash

Zakaria: Surprising progress in Mideast

Iran: Trial of 7 Baha'is accused of spying for Israel to begin on Tuesday

United Nations Declares Israel Acted with Impunity In Gaza Strip

Israeli archaeologists excluded from international archeological conference in Ramallah

Canadian church group rejects Israel boycott

Australian quadriplegic granted right to starve to death: "Right To Die"

Judge erases 20-year-old judgment against pro-lifer: $350,000 penalty for abortion business' legal fees canceled

1,300 still trapped after Taiwan typhoon

Chinese Mainland makes massive efforts to help Taiwan with typhoon relief


Fascist Global Economy Forming

BB&T buys Colonial bank; 4 other banks fail - Southern regional bank Colonial BancGroup sees rival grab its branches and deposits

BB&T Continues Its Aggressive Climb With Deal

Feasting on failed banks

Consumer inflation a no-show in July

Ford increasing third-quarter production: To meet increased demand for its vehicles

Japanese sales climb in 'clunkers' program: GM, Ford slip behind Toyota in vehicles sold

New Fiesta boosts Ford sales in Europe

GM to revive plant with battery pack production

New GM group to oversee company's global alliances

California tries to tame wildfires: Raging flames lead lt. governor to declare a state of emergency

Modern Piracy: Somali waters prime hunting ground

Egyptian fishermen escape from Somali pirates

Suicide bomber in Pakistan's Swat kills 3 troops


Swine Flu Panic

Rep. Paul Broun Warns: Obama’s ’socialist elite’ is planning to ‘declare martial law'

National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible Swine Flu riot

CDC holding swine flu meeting in Vincennes

Japan records first death from swine flu

South Korea reports first death from swine flu

40 hospitals in Bangalore for Treating Swine Flu

Swine flu virus is spreading in west Donegal

Tami-flu resistant swine flu in King County, Georgia

Coroner identifies Bismarck woman as state's first swine flu victim: Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Swine flu hits Streets Band

Iran's Presidential victor cracks down on press freedom: Network insiders report editorial independence a 'sham'

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

High-Stakes Opening and Closing Roles for a U.S. General in Iraq: Is now the "Commander in charge of the responsible withdrawal."

Afghan War Likely to 'Absorb' Potential Savings From U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq

Samantha Power tapped by Obama to coordinate Iraqi refugee efforts

Double Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 21 in Northern Iraq

Iraq: Talk Is Cheap, Blood Is Cheaper

US Commander: Al-Qaida Still Formidable, Iraqi Army Can Contain Attacks for Now

Iraqi prime minister says more attacks likely

Iraqi journalists protest media censorship

India's grave challenge: China's military: New Delhi would be no match to Beijing over disputed regions

Archived Article: "The Real Reason India-Pakistan Turmoil and Threatened Nuclear War Is Important - China Is Protecting Access To Her Highway Across Kashmir -- Prophetic Implications Are Tremendous!


August 14, 2009


Obama giving health care critics upper hand

Obama is right not to spoil Israel in the same way that Bush did

Obama - From 'Yes, We Can,' to 'No! Don't!'

GOP Welcomes Return Of The Angry White Male

Fox News' "Glenn Beck" loses advertisers: After he called Obama a racist

20 killed in double suicide bombing in north Iraq

Automakers boost production as demand rises

Only 4 Months Left To Save The Planet: U.N. Scare tactics

PM Hariri calls for calm as he continues effort to form Lebanese government

Homeland Security 'Extremism' report based on Web chat


The Afghans Have a Referendum on Democracy

Despite Afghan angst US may send more troops

Marines face tough fight in Afghanistan

US raid claims 3 more Afghan' civilian lives


Swine Flu Panic

In India swine flu panic spreads faster than virus

Costa Rica's President Arias works from home with swine flu

Osteoporosis drugs effective in killing flu viruses: "That was especially important as flu viruses mutate constantly"

MLS' Donovan tests positive for swine flu

Northern Ireland swine flu jab plans announced

67 US soldiers in Iraq have swine flu

Peru detects swine flu in Amazon Indian tribe


Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Obama's Senior Moment : Why the elderly are right to worry when the government rations medical care

Euthanasia advocates authored part of Obamacare: 'Self determined dying' compared to 'women's reproductive health'

Palin Defends "Death Panel" Critique

Senate panel backs off health care controversy on 'Death Panels"

Humor by Sen. Arlen Specter fails to tranquilize health care hecklers and 'death panel' rhetoric

Why Obama Can't Brush Off Health Care Protests

Town halls burst with Obama 'plants': Campaign donors, health care lobbyist, SEIU members, fake doctor

Health care showdown shifts to TV ads

Town halls or town brawls? Protesters line up early to confront President Obama on health care

Customers Sour When Whole Foods CEO Offers Health Care Alternative

'Special Report' Panel Fact Checks Obama's Statements About Health Care: 'They have lost total control. They are not just on the defensive, it is in freefall'

Thousands flee California fires

"President Obama: The Most Frightening President Ever!"

We have found a newspaper cartoon of 1934 proving that Obama is implementing the same type of radical Marxist program which President Roosevelt rammed down America's throat.

The chances increase daily that this 44th President may be the one ushering in the dictatorial New World Order!

Israeli - Palestinian War

Beirut braces for Hizbullah rally marking 'victory over Israel'

Peres: Hope Lebanon will be Middle East's Switzerland again

Israel ends search, says no soldier abducted

Abbas rules out talks unless Israel halts settlements

Recrimination mars Fatah's healing, Israel dismayed

Worried Arabs seek to shed light on Israeli nukes

Texas gov. compares Gaza to Mexico

Texas Governor Gov. Perry Receives Defender of Jerusalem Award

National Guard reveals 'internment' job sites

'Death to Obama' sign holder in Md. detained

India regrets U.S. criticism on religious freedom


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Retail sales weak, but prices expected to stay low

U.S. Factory Output Likely Rose in July as Auto Plants Reopened

U.S. Fed says economy leveling out, holds key interest rate near zero

No New Normal: JPMorgan Sees V-Shaped Recovery on Robust Growth

Hong Kong Climbs Out of Recession as Global Economy Improves

World markets up amid mounting global economic recovery hopes

Blackstone’s Schwarzman Tops Best-Paid Chiefs With $702 Million

Taiwan president says typhoon has killed about 500



August 13, 2009


None dare call it totalitarianism

Tamiflu turned my children into hallucinating, sobbing wrecks

Additional Spread of Tamiflu Resistant Pandemic H1N1

Should you give your child Tamiflu? "Antiviral drugs can't cure flu"

Israel urged to 'rush' into attack on Iran

Iran calls for ban on striking nuke facilities anywhere in world

A decade under Putin makes Russia strategic partner for Turkey

China's military launches long-range war games

Only 4 Months Left To Save The Planet: U.N. Scare tactics

In rare move, Egypt congratulates Iran president

Piracy fears off UK coast after cargo ship disappears in English Channel

Canada tracking Russian attack subs off East Coast

Twin blasts kill 14 civilians in south Afghanistan

Marine mission to protect Afghan civilians slows war progress

Is Somalia the new Afghanistan? The wartorn nation is acting as a dangerous new magnet for terror


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Flying rabbis and Kabbalists pray away the Swine Flu

Human Rights group charges: Israel killed unarmed Palestinians who were flying white flags of surrender

IDF: HRW report on 'white flags' based on unreliable witnesses

Gunman targets gay teen center in Israel; 2 killed

Hamas: Israel will cave to demands of Shalit deal: Captured IDF soldier

Despite Obama's Stance, 70% of Americans See Israel as Ally

Mike Huckabee to speak at east Jerusalem hotel: Former Republican Presidential hopeful

NY Times Reporter: I Was Fired For Criticizing Obama and Goldman Sachs

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits off eastern coast of Japan


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Everybody Back Into the Pool! Fed 'Upgrade', Bullish Mood Boost Stocks

Japan stocks rebound on Fed's call that US economy leveling out from recession

Fed sees economy 'leveling out,' slows government debt-buying program

Germany and France climb out of recession sooner than expected

Consumers Use Federal Rebates To Buy 'Not-so-green' new vehicles

Oil rises above $71 as IEA boosts demand outlook

Obama's 'green jobs czar' worked with terror founder

GM claims electric car will achieve 230mpg


Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Debate over US healthcare reform takes an ugly turn: Obama and other Democrats compared to Nazis as polls suggest the president is losing popularity

Protester at Obama healthcare town hall carried 9mm pistol - legally

'Evil and Orwellian' – America's right turns its fire on Britain's National Health Service

Obama Tries to Regain Momentum in Health Care Debate

Cartoonist pokes fun at constitutional question: Suggests Hitler would want documentation of eligibility, too

Federal judge calls soldier's Obama challenge 'frivolous' - Stunned warrior: 'I might get crushed in the wheels of the Chicago machine'

Presidential Birthplace Remains a Question - This issue is not inconsequential


Swine Flu Panic

Will Americans follow orders to take flu shots? Alarmist language sparking fears of mandatory vaccinations, quarantines

Don't give Tamiflu or Relenza to under-12s, warn British researchers

British Health Minister clashes with TV presenter over Tamiflu for children



August 12, 2009


Obama Declares: North America Union needs aggressive, coordinated action

Latin Leaders Cling to Early Hatred of U.S.

Will Americans follow orders to take flu shots? Citing the Fourth Amendment

Pakistan Nuclear Facilities Attacked at Least Three Times by Terrorists

Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service

Obama Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears

U.S. religious left wades into healthcare fight, supporting Obama

Russian President Medvedev introduced a bill allowing armed forces to intervene beyond Russia's borders

Shotgun blasts kill Calif. toll collector, 1 other

Vaccine trials off to fast start for pandemic flu

Fed buys $6.6 billion in Treasurys


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel tells her citizens: Leave Sinai immediately - planned attacks during the upcoming Jewish holiday period

Does Obama have a plan for peace—or a plan for a plan?

Fatah wraps up congress with Israel split

PM Netanyahu downplays tension between Israel and Lebanon

Netanyahu says Lebanese government will be held responsible for any Hezbollah attacks

Hezbollah Looking for revenge: Hezbollah boosting efforts to hit Israeli targets abroad to avenge Mugniyah assassination

Russian FSB services helped Hizbullah bust Israeli spy ring

Rabbi Aviner: Non-Jews shouldn't serve in IDF

Report: 'Real progress' made in Shalit talks - kidnapped Israeli soldier

Top Egyptian officials to visit Syria regarding Shalit deal

Terrorist's Prison Transfer Leads to Prisoner Swap Rumors

Tamar natural gas site proves much larger than previous estimates

German Jews want Hitler's Mein Kampf reprinted

Israel Joins Turkey and US in Naval Drill: "Reliant Mermaid 10"

Temple Mount Show: Who Is the Jewish Messiah? Part 2

US strike on Taliban stronghold in Pakistan kills up to 14 people

UN Congratulates Iranian President Ahmadinejad Over Disputed Election Win

Iran speaker says vote detainees not been raped


Obama's Fascist Health Care News

GOP Senator: End-of-Life Counseling Is Not a ‘Death Panel’

Analyst: Obama just wrong on health plan - Other nations absolutely DO ration End of Life care

Silent no more! Voters unleash fury on Congress

President Obama’s “Senior” Moment? Falsely claimed AARP backed his Health Care Plan

Obama: ‘Severe Shortage’ of Primary Care Docs

The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

Obama's health care plans turn nasty as angry crowds protest outside town hall meetings

The Democrats' senior problem

Obama looks West, to the Web in health care fight

Dear White House, You’re Imperfect, Now Change - Editorial

Russia to upgrade air-space defense

Swine Flu Panic

Flu drugs 'unhelpful' in children

Costa Rican president has swine flu

Flying rabbis pray to save Israel from swine flu

Mumbai closes schools in flu fear

Big drop in new swine flu cases in United Kingdom


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. economy has bottomed: George Soros declares

Fed likely to leave rates at lows to aid recovery

Auto inventories tight, "clunker" interest slips

GM gives sneak peek of its future lineup

GM to spend big, market brands: Carmaker says fewer nameplates means more funds for each

Jolt from Chevrolet's Volt: 230 mpg in city driving - vehicle will free most drivers from hardly ever using gasoline

IEA trims 2010 oil demand growth

Electricity Prices Plummet

BHP Profit Falls, But Beats Forecasts

Bank of America faces more bonus embarrassment

Increase in signed homebuyers contracts reported

General Electric Co predicts: Water purification could grow to a major driver in economy

Ticket to Hell Is on Offer at Europe’s Airlines

Massive Taiwan rescue continues: In typhoon aftermath

August 11, 2009


Obama seeks to institutionalize indefinite imprisonment: A further step toward a police state

Obama's new Jesuit-based counter-terrorism policy

Czech Republic Refuses Baxter Swine Flu Vaccine On Safety Grounds

Swine Flu's Worst Case Scenario: Paranoia or Preparedness?

At last, man-made climate change is a threat - engineered by the global-warming fanatics themselves

'Desperation Time': NYT Promotes 'National Security' Climate Fears - But claims are merely 'a redux of 1970's laughable scares about famines and resource scarcity'

Revealed: Big Brother Britain has more CCTV cameras than China

Governors, Pentagon joust for command of domestic military forces - Focus on National Guard

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Topsy-Turvy Dollar-Shekel: Bank of Israel Stops Massive $ Buys

Old Banks, New Lending Tricks

US banks still in tight straits despite profits

Maybe Goldman Sachs Really Is a Giant Vampire Squid

Clunkers program is rolling along

GM's big challenge: $50-billion Taxpayer payback

Buyouts at GM open door for hiring at lower wages

Alaska State legislature overturns Palin stimulus veto

World markets up modestly as focus turns to Fed

With jobs harder to find, work gets easier for Army recruiters


Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Video: Cop bodyslams knife-wielding elderly woman, nearly causing 'riot': Suffering from Alzheimer's disease

Pro-Obamacare Thugs Threaten Father Of Handicapped Son After Confrontation: "We’ve had a visit from them in the middle of the night.”

Dad threatened after blasting congressman: Wanted assurance Obamacare would care for handicapped son

House leaders call noisy disruption of healthcare forums 'un-American'

Craigslist ads recruiting 'Obamacare' lobbyists: 'Help pass Obama's health care reform! Earn $325-$550 per week!'

Even decriminalized, NYC is pot arrest capital of the world

Deaths from avoidable medical error more than double in past decade

Toyota Highlander gets 68 miles per... kilogram of hydrogen: Cost of traveling 431 miles was $2.50/68 miles or less than $16!

Electric car future may power a charging industry

House leaders drop their plans to buy fancy jets: Pentagon did not request the money

Officials: Another US missile strike in Pakistan

Afghan troops, foreigner killed in Taliban ambush

Typhoon Morakot: Landslide buries Taiwan village leaving scores dead

GOP senator wants Gov. Sanford to be impeached

Big quake hits off India's Andamans, no tsunami: 7.6 magnitude


North American Union Forming

Obama Visits Mexico: For 2-day North American Union Summit

At Mexico summit, Obama says immigration reform will have to wait

North America: A common destiny

Obama pledges to help Mexico fight drug war

U.S. war on drugs is ravaging Mexico

PM Harper blames Canada’s refugee system for Mexican visa uproar

'Buy American' won't endanger Canadian trade: Obama promises

Obama doesn’t find Canadians “particularly scary”

Russia-Georgia Conflict Blamed for Twitter, Facebook Outages

Liberal U.S. religious groups launch “40 Days of Health Reform”

In healthcare debate, 'reality' is in dispute

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hizbullah Warns: We'll be stronger in next war

Is Nasrallah miscalculating?

Hezbollah: Chances for Israeli strike against Lebanon are slim

Palestinian Dahlan: No peace talks without deadline

Fatah: New leaders declare 'revolution'

FM: Fatah 'burying' any chance of peace

US House Majority leader Hoyer: E. J'lem not same as W. Bank

IDF to employ new military gadgets in Gaza

Gaza pullout cost NIS 10B to date

Temple Mount Show: Who Is the Jewish Messiah? Part 1

Iran leaders pave way for messianic 'Mahdi'


Is Obama's Presidency Constitutionally Legitimate?

Expert: Watch loyalty, not certificate of birth - Cites Obama's references to Islam, denial of America's Christianity

What does 'natural born citizen' legally mean? Debate whether British dad's baby meets constitutional requirement for president

Obama law tab up to $1.4 mil: 'Grassroots army' contributions being used to crush eligibility lawsuits?

Dig this: Media actually probed other candidates

'Illusion' of security in Iraq - More than 100 people died in bombings across Iraq over the past three days


August 10, 2009


String of bombings kill at least 42 in Iraq

"Three amigos" summit (NAFTA) dominated by swine flu, trade

Gym Gunman, College Killers Used Same Online Gun Shop

EBay, GM set to start car-selling trial Tuesday

Consumer protections lost in health care debate

Immune system cancer found in young 9/11 officers

U.S. commander: Taliban have Afghan momentum

Sotomayor sworn in: First Hispanic Justice, third woman in Court's 220-year history


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Krugman: World avoided second Great Depression

Great Jobs Report!

Stage Is Set In US For Jobs Rebound

Asian Shares Boosted By U.S. Jobs Report

GM has to focus on its cars to boost sales: Tell consumers why they need to buy GM brands

Fed likely to keep key interest rate at record low

U.S. banks to make $38 billion from overdraft fees

European Factors - Shares set to dip after strong rally

Japan Bond Yields Rise to 7-Week High on Signs Recession is Easing

GOP leader says no more stimulus spending needed

400 unaccounted for in Taiwan: Typhoon Morakot spawned massive mudslide

One million flee as deadly Typhoon Morakot slams into China

12 killed, 10 missing as Typhoon Etau hits Japan

Terror Bombs hit commercial areas of Spanish island


Obama's Fascist Health Care Plan

Dirty secret No. 1 in Obamacare

Sarah Palin's jaw-dropping 'death panel' accusation

6 reasons Obamacare is bad medicine

Obama network still trying to mobilize effectively for health plan

Consumer protections lost in health care debate

Obama's summertime health care blues

Health-care reform: Are we being played by special interests and their ads?

Health Care Debate Shifting Into Free Speech Battle

Health Care Reform: How It Will Affect You - Seven Ways the Shape of the Health Bill Can Influence Your Finances

Your Kid's Price Tag: $221,000 - From Birth to Age 17


Swine Flu Panic

Israeli Doctor: 'More Die from Routine Flu Than H1N1 Virus'

51 US soldiers in Iraq diagnosed with swine flu

CDC: Swine flu could target 100 million Americans over next 2 years

Big vaccine makers take lead in swine flu fight

Return of swine flu has city officials making plans, with kids' shots a focus

Homeland security chief: Flu pandemic will get jump on vaccine supplies

H1N1 may paralyze Israel's children's wards

Military Considers Public Outcry on Twitter


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Fatah Endorses Peace Process

Abbas Re-Elected Leader of Palestinian Fatah Party

Israel Bombs Gaza Tunnel in Response to Mortar Attacks

Spain helping to rebuild illegal homes

PM Netanyahu Warns: We will hold Lebanon responsible for any aggression - if Hizbullah becomes an official member of Lebanon's government

Ultra-Orthodox Haredim attack Jerusalem mayor's entourage

IDF Soldier who threatened gays has remand extended by 3 days

66 Percent of Jews: Our Sovereignty in Jerusalem is Indisputable

US Official: Kim Jong Il in Full Control in N.Korea


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Iraq attacks kill at least 52 - Photos

US troops killed in Iraq and Kuwait

Iraq hopeful about release of Americans in Iran

British security contractor being held by Iraqi police on suspicion of murdering two colleagues

Graham: Don't repeat Iraq errors

Iraq bars Kurdish rebel group

Iraq's Assyrian Christians find temporary home in Kurdistan

Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of prisoners expected

Claims of savage rape emerge from Iran's prisons: Charge that detained protesters, both male and female prisoners ,were savagely raped by their jailers to the point of physical and mental damage

Evidence challenges claim over Obama's birth address

'Ridicule is man's most potent weapon'



Saturday-Sunday, August 8-9, 2009


As 'cash for clunkers' ramps up, new cars sell out

National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs

Pakistan Taliban denies leader is dead

Iran said to be in arms race with Israel

Sotomayor poised to take oath as Supreme Court justice

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Chamber of Commerce at odds with Obama

Wis. dealer sold gun extras to health club shooter

Giant quake earthquake rocks Japan

How 3 Chrisitan pastors were beheaded by Islamic radicals: Eyewitness account

Pakistani Muslims torch Christians for 'blasphemy' of Quran: More than 100 houses ablaze as women, children face slaughter by mob

12 Christians killed, 20 churches burned in Borno rioting prompted by extremist group

New Prophetic Headline News Article

"Will Antichrist Arise On 12/11/2012 And Be Pronounced World Messiah On 12/21/2012?"

The mathematics are quite startling!

India intercepts North Korean ship

Home front getting ugly for recessed Congress: Protests, arrests, shouts, tempers … is there a doctor in the house?

Another Dem overrun by protesters at town hall

Democrats: 'Angry mobs' out to 'destroy Obama': Nancy Pelosi rips health care protesters for 'carrying swastikas'

Swine Flu Panic

Swine flu vaccine: the global race

CDC Says Quick Tests Miss Many Swine Flu Cases

US Government issues swine flu guidelines for schools

Missouri and Kansas health officials approve of new federal guidelines on swine flu

5,500 swine flu cases in US

Swine Flu expected to spread in north but not worsen

14 more swine flu cases in Delhi. India

Five Indian doctors test positive for swine flu


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Turn in US jobs data boosts recovery hopes

Jobless rate dips to 9.4%

Dow and S&P at new '09 highs

President Obama signs Cash for Clunkers extension into law

Cash For Clunkers: Good deal or a lemon?

Cash for Clunkers: An Expensive Environmental Fix

Green Ink: Clunkers, Climate Costs, and Billions for Batteries

Russian President Medvedev gives medals, praises Sarkozy on Georgia

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah rattle sabers

Hamas tests upgraded rocket

Left-Wing Group Slanders Christian Supporters of Israel

Settlement row 'damaging' Israel-US relationship

Israeli settlement freeze 'not enough for Saudis'

Only Carrots, not sticks, can stop Israel’s settlement growth

Israel planned to strike Iran during riots

Jewish groups decry Obama's choice of Ireland's Mary Robinson for top award: She is seen as anti-Israel

Volunteer your 'fishy' ideas to Obama: Don't wait for a snitch to rat on you – speak out now!



August 7, 2009

Markets Rally on June Payroll Data, Bank Strength

Surprisingly strong jobs data signal economy turning point

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Don't rush to close schools for swine flu _ Gov't

Analysts predict billions in benefits from 'Cash for Clunkers' : May add $18 billion to the economy

Flu scare a boost to body-bag sales

Two out of three H1N1 flu deaths are in Latin America

Security, drug war on agenda at North American Union summit

Congress considers biometric authentication for job eligibility

If you could have computer chips wired into your brain, would you?

Sotomayor's swearing in to court set for Saturday

Obama 'has no illusions on terror': Not soft on terrorism

Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah reported dead in US missile strike

Baitullah: Dead or alive, his battle rages

Cross purposes: Who are the Rosicrucians?


Fascist Global Economy Forming

'Cash-for-clunkers' program gets $2B refill

Cash-for-clunkers leaves car lots looking markedly empty

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Health Insurers fighting back quietly

Obama gives healthcare pep talk as Senate leaves

The left can't understand why people question Obamacare

U.S. jobless claims fall sharply, buoy recovery hopes

Bridgestone Tire Forecasts Profit as Materials Prices Drop

Japan Air Posts Biggest Loss in Six Years on Slump In Air Travel Overseas

Goldman Sachs, Foreign Banks Cut 1,100 Jobs in Japan

New Prophetic Headline News Article

"Will Antichrist Arise On 12/11/2012 And Be Pronounced World Messiah On 12/21/2012?"

The mathematics are quite startling!

Georgia marks anniversary of war with Russia

Russia praises EU role in Georgia

Obama plans overhaul of immigration detention

Iran reportedly executes seven lawyers: Had been representing young Iranians detained in post-presidential election protests

Swine Flu Panic

Sanofi starts swine flu shot trial, files with FDA

WHO sees swine flu vaccination to be ready in September

Rapid tests for swine flu are not very accurate

California nurses say swine flu training, protections inadequate

Officials announce first death of a Kansan infected with swine flu virus

Schools may serve as swine flu immunization centers

Foreign Countries Swine Flu News

Japan Air Lines Hits Swine Flu Turbulence - Worse than the loss during the SARS Flu pandemic

Iran bans Ramadan umra pilgrimage as swine flu spreads

Swine flu spreads fear in Indian city

18 testing centres enough for 1 billion Indians?

South Africa: Swine Flu Drugs Not for Everyone - World Health Organisation had already identified four countries where some strains of the flu virus were resistant to Tamiflu

Man dies of swine flu in Jerusalem, becoming Israel's fifth fatality

Israel Pushing for Swine Flu Vaccine

Twitter Outage Moves Into Day 2: Taken down by massive "Denial of Service" attack

Israeli - Palestinian War

Trophy tank defense system operational: Creates hemispheric protected zone around armored vehicles

Navy holds successful test of missile defense system

New Hizbullah arms may alter balance: Iran and Syria may transfer "balance-altering" weaponry in next war

U-turn puts Hezbollah in the driving seat in Lebanon

Analysis: Arab states 'just say no' to normalization

President Obama goes by the Road Map

A recipe for even more delay on Iran

Japan's new Mideast envoy affirms commitment to contribute to peace

Stormy Fatah Conference Extended

Hiroshima mayor calls for abolishing nuke weapons

Russia parries US thrust in Central Asia


Bill would force Obama to reveal birth documents - Hawaii State senator: 'Why wouldn't they be available to the public?'

Where's the evidence? Editorial

Obama birth doc update: Kenya sources weigh in: Comparison with similar certificates suggests fakery

Claim of Obama’s Kenya birth record thrown out

Obama 'mama': 15 days from birth to Seattle class

White House bashed for health care 'snitch' program: Senator says there's no precedent for citizens reporting 'fishy' comments by their fellow Americans

Texas Sen. John Cornyn accuses White House of compiling 'enemies list'

Throw Mama from the train: Health Care debacle

Protesters in Ybor City, Florida, drown out health care summit on Obama's proposal


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Kurds turn up the heat on Baghdad

Suicide Car Bomber Kills 10 In Northern Iraq

Five Shi'ite Pilgrims Killed in Baghdad Bombings

Minnesota soldiers are at the center of new Iraq war phase

Gov't bodyguard for Vice President involved in Iraq robbery: Eight people were killed

US Military Commander says Iraq Taking Lead on Security

Basrah SWAT arrests suspected terrorist commander in southern Iraq

Iraq vet jailed for refusing to redeploy to Afghanistan

Iraq war question could split the Democratic Party

Veterans' Disability Backlog: Over 400,000! Veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are joined by Vietnam veterans, many with new or worsening ailments

Carbon-eating "green" cement wins funds for UK firm

Obama Marks 200 Days in Office as Approval Ratings Drop

August 6, 2009


Senate confirms Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court

Jobless claims drop 38,000 to 550,000

US experts: North Korea could be ready to re-engage on nuke issues

Seasonal Flu Vaccines Shipped Early

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"Will Antichrist Arise On 12/11/2012 And Be Pronounced World Messiah On 12/21/2012?"

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Antidepressant use doubles in U.S.

OAS Treaty: Blueprint for Dismantling the Second Amendment (Gun Control)

Martial Law Under The Cover of Bush Era Quarantine Regulations

Sotomayor confirmation vote set for Thursday afternoon

American Psychologists repudiate gay-to-straight therapy

Israeli President Peres to address pro-gay rally

Federal judges order California to release 43,000 inmates

Murdoch signals end of free Internet news

Americans have given up self-ownership

Senators, Advisers Urge Obama to More Than Double Afghan Forces

Officials: Roadside bomb kills 21 Afghan civilians

NATO S/General: Military alone no solution to Afghan problem

South Florida soldier who refused deployment sentenced to jail for 30 days

Daily U.S. Casualties

President Ahmadinejad works on new cabinet as protests continue

Gunman at Pennsylvania health club was bitter over women: Gunman committed suicide after the attack

Petitions for US worker green cards down sharply\

Drop in crime coincides with exodus of illegal immigrants


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Eleven die in Iraq violence as would-be female bomber jailed

Iraq to remove Baghdad security walls

Deaths in Iraq city blast: Five policemen killed, 10 wounded

US military: American soldier dies in Iraq

Blackwater boss and guards accused of murder and 'killing Iraqis for fun' : Founder of security firm saw himself as a Christian Crusader whose task was to eliminate Muslims

Iran confirms 3 Americans detained on Iran-Iraq border

Editor says journalist held in Iran would not have strayed from Iraq

Iraq's Arab-Kurd Dispute Could Be Greatest Stability Threat

Secret British diplomatic mission to expose L. Ron Hubbard as a fake

Take your seats... The jaw-dropping front-row spectacle of wildfire devouring Canadian mountains: When nature has unleashed its worst, sometimes there's nothing you can do but sit back and watch

9/11 dust 'gave thousands asthma'

Whisky: a cure for swine flu, and so much more

Nuke-free world urged on Hiroshima bomb anniversary

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama planning Middle East PR blitz

Obama's spies monitoring Israel's Jews house-to-house

US wants 'year-long Israeli settlement freeze'

Ben-Ami to Foxman: I agree, there’s too much focus on settlements

Clinton calls Jerusalem evacuation of Palestinian families ‘regrettable’

Tensions run high in court over Sheikh Jarrah evictions

U.S. summons Israeli ambassador again: Washington protests enforcement of property rights in Jewish state's capital

Erasing facts from Israel eviction story: The Palestinian families evicted in East Jerusalem had failed to pay their rent - a fact the media ignored

Human Rights Watch Report: Hamas rocket fire on Israel a war crime

Israel’s burial crisis and the afterlife

A turf war heats up in Tel Aviv: Between secular Jews and Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Tisha B’Av: Saddest day in Jewish history

Stormy Fatah Conference Extended

Fatah congress delegates call for probe of Arafat's death

What? Muslim leader wants Temple rebuilt: Jewish Sanhedrin rabbis unite with Turk on common cause


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Congressman wants government GPS in cars: Proposes mileage-based gas tax that would monitor travels

Senate set to add $2 billion worth of fuel to Cash for Clunkers program

Down to the wire... Dems try for GOP support for clunker funds

Dealers Bail Out Cash for Clunkers

Political Wisdom: Has ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Made Republicans Green?

Obama announces $2.4 bln fund to support electric auto related projects

Obama: Economic Stimulus Producing Results

Oil falls to near $71 as US inventories rise

Upbeat corporate earnings lift European stocks

The Case for More Upside: Performance Anxiety and Surprising Growth

Good News! The Dollar Is Falling

In India, Hillary Clinton defends U.S. anti-terror efforts, demands help in global warming fight

Russia to increase border troops deployed in Abkhazia, South Ossetia

MEDICAL MURDER: Why Obamacare could result in the early deaths of millions of baby boomers


August 5, 2009

North Korea pardons TV journalists: Bill Clinton's orchestrated diplomatic mission seen as a success

Ahmadinejad starts new Presidential term in Iran

US recognizes Ahmadinejad as elected leader

W. Pennsylvania gym shooting leaves at least 4 dead: Gunman was among the dead

$2B in clunkers cash on way: Senators

Senate begins U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor's confirmation

Is Israel Preparing to Strike Iran? Neo-Con John Bolton

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Because these people are dying, the Watchtower is facing a credibility crisis. So, the Watchtower is quietly manipulating these death figures to keep the Watchtower organization alive!

Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. stocks rallied, sending the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index above 1,000 for first time since Nov

Down to the wire... Dems try for GOP support for clunker funds

Clunkers by the numbers

How to Make Program Work: Free Money

Toyota faces painful choices in push to profitability

Obama ventures back to economically hurting region: With money

Obama stop to include climate change demonstration

GOP Sen. Graham 'happy to vote' for Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor

Hillary Clinton addresses trade meeting in Kenya

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Barak says U.S. to present peace plan soon

Abbas' Fatah confers for second day

Palestinian leader Rajoub: Violence against Israel still an option

Hezbollah stockpiles 40,000 rockets near Israel border

Hezbollah rockets part of Iran and Israel's political game of chess

Arab leaders reject US call to reach out to Israel

Senate Democrats united behind US healthcare reform


August 4, 2009


In kingdom, Saudi prince's coup 'fails'

Osama bin Laden Worked For U.S.: Whistleblower

Defectors tell of Burma's secret nuclear reactor: North Korea is helping country develop weapons

US Mideast plan anticipated 'in matter of weeks'

U.S. consumer spending rises

Former President Bill Clinton in North Korea to try to free U.S. journalists

Australian Police Thwart Suicide Attack on Sydney Army Barracks


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama administration seeking more cash for 'Clunkers' program

Toyota Narrows Loss Forecast as Stimulus Spurs Sales

July car sales up on clunker vouchers: Annual selling rate passes 11 million

Only 6,000 agree to offers to leave GM

Japanese Stocks Climb

Fed Plans to Strengthen Bank Examinations With Teams of Experts

Middle-class taxes won't go up: White House

Bank of Israel Governor Fischer Resumes Dollar Buying Binge

Bank regulators dig in against Obama shake-up

Obama will give you $2,500 a year to go to school: Part of Stimulus Plan

Lou Dobbs challenges CNN with Obama eligibility remarks

Three detained Americans being questioned in Iran

Iran says Americans arrested for illegal entry

Israeli Labor Ministry planning emergency job call-up for swine flu

Iran postpones solidarity games over swine flu

Russian fans urged to drink whisky to ward off swine flu

Israeli - Palestinian War

Fatah Convention Opens With Hamas-Like Platform

Abbas urges Palestinians to unite against Israel

Fatah delegates stress no recognition of Israel, 'resistance'

Abbas tells Fatah congress: Jerusalem promised to us

Al Qaida's second-in-command, Zawahri: Israel must be wiped off map, Jewish state is a crime against Muslims

Former Shin Bet chief Dichter warns of 3rd Palestinian intifada

Minister Katz: Fatah's draft platform a declaration of war

Settlement freeze compromise still elusive

PM victorious in Knesset votes

IAF purchases advanced 'smart bombs'

The chutzpah of Obama's Jewish critics: Is making an unprecedented effort to reach out to the Jewish community

Arabs Attack Jewsish man in Old City of Jerusalem

Syria is drying up: Immense Euphrates River is expected to dry up completely outside Turkish territory


Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Obamacare: Not Waterloo, just a tactical retreat

Obama Advocated in '07: 'Eliminate' private health insurance

Dems to push health care through with or without GOP help as public passions boil over

Specter, Sebelius Roundly Booed Defending ObamaCare at Philadelphia Town Hall Metting: How can you manage Health Care when you cannot even manage 'Cash For Clunkers'



MI5 role in Gitmo torture case to be probed

Military-civilian terror prison eyed in Michigan or Kansas for Guantanamo prisoners

Market blast kills 5, injures 19 Afghans

US military pact may isolate Colombia: From her more militant neighbors

Muslim Extremist to Queen Elizabeth: 'Off with Your Head'

Get ready for an Islamic Antichrist, warns new book - Author: Euro-centric prophecy scholars looking to Rome all wrong


Barack Obama: Is He Eligible To Be President?

Senator Harry Reid: Not 1 minute for 'phony issue' of birth

Now Glenn Beck slams Obama birth issue: 'What, are you going to take him out of office? You can't do that'

Not the last word on Obama's birth

HuffPost blogger, college prof: Release birth certificate - 'It's so easy. I think most of us have ours in our important papers at home'

Where's monument for Obama's birthplace? Most presidents have parks, plaques, but No. 44 could be left out

Farah: 'White House wants to silence dissent' - WND chief tells radio listeners why birth certificate story still alive

Obama's radical pal slams racist 'American empire': Gates associate said 9-11 gave whites glimpse of 'what it means to be black'

Rahm Emanuel Pushes the Networks: To get Prime Time exposure for Obama

6.9 quake rattles Mexican state, San Diego

Liberal Talk Show Host Wishes "Madness" on Sarah Palin, "Death" to Rush Limbaugh

Pentagon considers accelerated "bunker buster" bomb: Could be ready for B-2 bomber by July 2010

August 3, 2009


Is this really "Smoking Gun" of Obama's Kenyan birth?

Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC's, Laptops, and media devices

Refusing Vaccination Labels YOU A Criminal: WHO

FEMA report detailing Palmer, Texas, "population removal" section missing

Glenn Beck: allows government to takeover your computer

Obama Favorability Falls Below Bush's At Same Point In Presidency

Obama must regain momentum after flap over arrest of Harvard Professor Gates

Military-civilian terror prison being considered

Minnesota Episcopal Diocese considering lesbian for bishop

Gorillas have been found, for the first time, to be a source of HIV


Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Lawmakers Move to Sell Health Plan to Voters, Take on Insurers

Health insurers fighting overhaul plan with cash

Obama Trims Sails On Health Reform

Distrust of government may upend Obama health reform

Analysis: Some health care numbers don't tally

Ugly truth surrounds Obama's health plan: Editorial

Obama officials: Taxes may rise to pay health care

New Headline News Article

Obama's Fascist Health Care Plan Is Dictatorial Socialism!

Americans who have their own health care plan now will be reduced to government numbers, will have to give government access to your bank accounts and will be told in certain health and age situations that you will have to just die as your 'Quality of Life' is just not assured enough to give you the health care you need to stay alive


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama administration says 'cash for clunkers' will be suspended unless Senate provides $2B

Ford to post 1st monthly sales increase in 2 years

US Treasury Secretary: Economy Improving, Needs More Help

After 6 Months, Team Obama Plots Course: White House Team Takes Stock, Obama Touts Economic Progress

World markets edge higher as banks, autos gain

Oil jumps above $70 on optimism demand to recover

Israeli Health Ministry Warns: About 700 will die from swine flu: Flu will affect 25% of Israel's population

2 more swine flu deaths hit Middle East

Israeli - Palestinian War

What Jewish State? Abbas' Fatah faction will reaffirm its refusal to recognise Israel as a Jewish state at a major congress next week

Transportation Minister Katz: Fatah 'plan' is declaration of war

The United States and Israel remain united

Israel bars Fatah men with terror ties from West Bank summit

Hamas must be brought to the peace table

Fateh woman manages to escape from Hamas to participate in Bethlehem conference

Israel Evicts More Than 50 Palestinians From East Jerusalem Homes

Israel's Lieberman says he will quit if indicted on corruption charges

Israel defends its Gaza offensive against war crimes charges

Israeli gay-center murders indicate rocky road toward open society

Left-wing Israeli civil rights group B’Tselem Accuses Israel, but Hamas Exonerates

Temple Fever

64% of Israelis want Temple rebuilt: Even half of secular Jews say time is right

Temple Institute to Build Sacrificial Altar on Tisha B'av

Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple On Temple Mount Is The Driving Force Behind Middle East Events: Cutting Edge Archives Article

Western Intelligence Report: Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb in One Year

Iran's Supreme Leader Endorses Ahmadinejad's Presidency

Iran Media Confirm Three American Tourists Held in Iran

Afghan Police: Roadside Bomb Kills 12 in Herat

Afghanistan Violence Raises Concerns About Election Security

Growing Number of Canadians Want Out of Afghanistan

British troops suffer record casualties in Afghanistan

British gov't defends Afghanistan policy

Pakistani Police Charge Swat Truce Cleric

Christians Killed in Pakistan Violence: Muslims accused them of desecrating Koran

US's $1bn Islamabad home is its Embassy castle

US Pilot's Remains Found in Iraq After 18 Years

North Korea purges for a new anti-American era

Barack Obama: Is He Eligible To Be President?

Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth? Attorney files motion for authentication of alleged 1960s certificate from Africa

Hawaii refuses to verify president's online Certificate of Live Birth

Not the last word on Obama's birth: Editorial by Joseph Farah

Sarah Palin divorce reports are untrue: Former Alaska Governor says media just making up a new story






Saturday-Sunday August 1-2, 2009


Glenn Beck: allows government to takeover your computer

Earth's Mantle: Untapped Oil Source?

Town halls gone wild: Constituents are ANGRY

World's Largest Science Group Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears

'Birthers' must be stopped: Bill Maher

'Throw the bums out' is national mood

Oil, Gasoline Surge as Second-Quarter U.S. GDP Tops Projections

Total Recall: Pentagon Looks to ‘Optimize’ Troops’ Minds

NRA opposition fails to sway senators on Sotomayor


Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Obama's revealing body language captures essence of ObamaCare Program

GOP blasts Democrats' health care legislation

House panel OKs healthcare bill, setting stage for fall vote

Pelosi lashes out against health insurance companies

No One Likes Health Care Plan: Going to have to drag Republicans into supporting the bill

New Headline News Article

Obama's Fascist Health Care Plan Is Dictatorial Socialism!

Americans who have their own health care plan now will be reduced to government numbers, will have to give government access to your bank accounts and will be told in certain health and age situations that you will have to just die as your 'Quality of Life' is just not assured enough to give you the health care you need to stay alive

Iran begins trial of postelection 'rioters'

LaGuardia terminal evacuated in NYC, 1 in custody


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Popularity, Web snafus nearly broke 'clunkers' program

'Cash for Clunker's': The Right Kind of Stimulus

Bill To Audit The Fed Gains Momentum As Public Support Grows

Obama Says U.S. Has ‘Many More Months’ Before Full Recovery

"This Always Happens": Wall Street Upbeat as Main Street Frets

Chevron Profit Tumbles as Recession Saps Fuel Demand

Obama: As recession winds down, 'spirit of innovation' essential to future prosperity

ALL BUSINESS: Thank the US government for some of the surprising strength in bank earnings

EU: International lenders are ready to give Ukraine up $1.7 billion for gas business

Israeli - Palestinian War

Madonna: Barack Obama and Kabbalah will bring Israel peace

Madonna, journalist? Pop icon pens first-person Kabbalah article for Israeli newspaper

Saudi Minister Takes Hard Line Against Peace Gestures to Israel

Why Israel Is Nervous: Tension is escalating between the U.S and Israel

Amid the ruins in Gaza, Palestinians wait for rebuilding to start

Settlement Foes Take Fight to Israel's High Court

N-plant in Negev planned by Israel

The Western Diversion from Lebanon - General Michel Aoun

The Great White House Beer Bash

Rights Groups Urge Clinton to Back Rights on Africa Trip

July Worst US Month in Afghanistan, Best in Iraq

More US Troops May Be Needed in Afghanistan, says Pentagon Advisor


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Bombs Target Shi'ite Mosques in Baghdad: Killing at least 28, wounding 130

Sunni mosque also bombed south of Baghdad; 2 wounded

UN Chief rebukes attacks on Iraq mosques

Bombs kill 12 in north and west Iraq

Slow Sunni integration a risk to Iraq security

Kuwait alarmed by Iraqi failure to pay reparations

Hollywood stars visit Havana amid U.S.-Cuba thaw

Key Senator asks Clinton to explain Honduran policy


President Obama: Eligible?

Birthers' must be stopped: Bill Maher

New poll shows birthers growing

Will Hawaii destroy Obama's birth certificate?

Will changing name of document fix problem? Hawaii officials redefine 'Certification of Live Birth'

U.S. Army Actively Recruiting Internment Specialists

Abu Dhabi: Public warned against exposure to dusty weather

"Blinding Sandstorms In Iraq: How Depleted Uranium Kills An Entire Popultion"

Bahrain school closed after girl tests positive for swine flu

Saudi H1N1 death adds to Haj concerns

Lebanon reports its first swine flu death

Pakistan: Former President Musharraf's emergency laws declared 'illegal'

Pakistan: No lawyers in court to defend Musharraf



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