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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

August 17-31, 2009
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Doctor Admits Euthanizing Patients In Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

Acoustic Weapons - Death by Cortisol?

In a Flu Pandemic, What Can the Government Do to You?

`Professor Popsicle' and the CIA's water dousing torture technique

Paganism and Witchcraft in Youth Culture

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Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

In a Flu Pandemic, What Can the Government Do to You?

U.S. health officials: Swine flu reports may be overblown

Latin America on new A/H1N1 flu alert after Colombian president falls victim

New Swine Flu hit estimated 10 percent of New Yorkers

Swine flu spreading at ‘unbelievable’ rate: WHO chief

School districts prep for swine flu pandemic: Hygiene emphasized for students, teachers

Three more A/H1N1 flu victims in Spain

Bangladesh announces first A/H1N1 flu death case

A/H1NI flu outbreak reported at middle school in northwest China

48 new A/H1N1 flu cases confirmed in Europe

World Tackles Swine Flu

Blast kills 16 Pakistan cadets; NATO trucks bombed

Pakistan leaves 30 Taleban fighters dead in fierce battle

Fraud allegations double in Afghan presidential election

No need for second U.S. fiscal stimulus package

Japan Democrats take power: Historic win, ends a half-century of almost unbroken rule by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

Japanese PM says he will quit as LDP chief

U.S. eyes strong alliance with new center-left Japanese gov't

Dirty secret No. 4 in Obamacare

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli-Arab indicted for Hizbullah plot to kill Ashkenazi, IDF top general

Former Israeli PM Olmert indicted on corruption charges

'Olmert case will embarrass prosecutors'

Israel accuses IAEA of hiding Iran information

Israel has Iran in its sights

Sirens Return to Sderot as Gaza Terrorists Fire Mortars

Madonna to meet with PM Netanyahu and opposition leader Livni

‘Madonna Forbidden to Sing in Israel’: Top Kabbalah Rabbi

Tehran rejects reports on North Korean arms shipment to Iran

Senate field hinges on Kennedy decision: All eyes now are on Joseph P. Kennedy II

Ted Kennedy's wife good fit for Senate seat, say pols

Cheney rips probe of CIA interrogators: Decision to investigate whether CIA operatives broke the law in their interrogation of terrorism suspects was politically motivated and dangerous to national security

Green Czar: 'Spread the wealth! Change the whole system': Using White House position to push communist policies?

Czar's 'communist manifesto' scrubbed from Net: Founded group with 'commitment to fundamental ideas of Marxism-Leninism'

57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress

Rep. Frank eyes Fed audit, emergency lending curbs



August 30, 2009


UAE Seizes North Korean Weapons Shipment to Iran

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Huckabee Charges: Under ObamaCare, Kennedy Would Have Been Given Pills And Sent Home to Die

Federal Reserve Board fights to keep its secrets

Sen. Inhofe says America on verge of revolution

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"The Lost Symbol": Dan Brown’s Pentagram City

Dan Brown’s new book—set in Washington—is expected to feature another secret society with an elaborate history and illustrious membership: the Freemasons


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2) That pyramid on the $1 bill isn’t just a picture - Admits that the eye hovering over the unfinished pyramid is the "All-Seeing Eye"

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Obama vows not to forget lessons of Hurricane Katrina

Dems don't inspire trust on health care

After Kennedy's Death: Silence from the Pope

Kennedy 'joked about Chappaquiddick': Deadly incident was a 'favorite topic of humor'

Obama to honor Sen. Kennedy at funeral Mass

Elder Bush will not attend Kennedy funeral

Kennedy to Be Buried Saturday at Arlington Cemetery

British General Slams "Muddling" Ministry of Defense" In Conducting Afghan War

CBS Reporter Injured in Afghanistan: IED Explosion Hits Army Vehicle

US service member killed in Afghanistan: Making August the deadliest month of the eight-year war for U.S. forces

Pirates Shoot at U.S. Navy Helicopter: Bandits Aboard Hijacked Taiwanese Fishing Vessel Take Aim with "Large Caliber Weapon" But Miss

U.S. Markets Wrap: Stocks Gain: "Everybody is in agreement we’re in an economic recovery"

California turns to ‘garage sale’ for funds



A NEW HITLER IS RISING IN THE EAST: Why can’t the West see it?

'Iran stonewalling IAEA on nuke program'

Iran, Syria have not carried out sufficient cooperation in clarifying nuke issues: IAEA complains

US may cancel Europe missile shield: Originally conceived to protect Europe from Iran's nuclear armed missiles

More earthquakes reported in central Oklahoma - Nine total quakes


Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu's European tour brings hope to Israel-Palestine peace process

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Practical Steps Needed for Middle East Peace

Iran's nuclear program in exchange of Jewish settlements of Israel

U.N. S/Gen. Ban Says Palestinians Must Unite to Revive Peace Talks

Qassam strikes southern Israel amid growing border strain

PM faces uprising over 'settlement halt'

U.S. denies deal with Israel on halting settlements

Palestinians Observe Ramadan under Tight Israeli Security

Trade between Israel, Palestinian Authority steadily rising

Moody's: Israel's short-term outlook good: The rating agency has maintained Israel's "A1" credit rating

Colombia defends its military agreement with U.S.

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Suicide Car Bombers Kills 15 in Northern Iraq

Car Bombs Hit Iraqi Security Forces in Baghdad

Southern Iraq Blasts Kill 11 - Near the southern city of Kut





August 28, 2009


Official: Swine flu near peak in Australia: 147 people have died, far fewer than expected

Homoeopathy can prevent and cure the Swine Flu virus

Push for Kennedy Successor Stirs Political Storm

Only 4 Percent of Israelis Think Obama is Pro-Israel

Saudi minister escapes assassination attempt

Obama Could Face Trouble Over CIA Investigation: Could open "Pandora's Box"

Cheney's Tell-All Book Takes Shot at Bush for Softening Up

NH Court orders Christian child into government education: Too "vigorous" in defense of her faith

State could take custody of teen homeschooler


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Economy: GDP Contracts 1% as Recovery Approaches

European Economic Confidence Jumps More Than Forecast

Stocks headed for rosy start

Stimulus is helping economy, U.S. budget experts say

Obama Can No Longer Pass the Buck on Economy

Feds To Seize States' Pension Funds: To fund the bankrupt Social Security System!

'Cash-for-clunkers' revives auto demand

Toyota is biggest winner in cash-for-clunkers sales

Ford seeks extension of consumer incentives

The end of the line for California automaking

Fed urges secrecy on banks in bailout programs

Gold gains as dollar weakens

Japan jobless rate hits record 5.7%

Moody's says Israel has weathered global meltdown

Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Swine Flu sends more blacks, Hispanics to hospital

Official: Swine flu seems near peak in Australia: 147 people have died, far fewer than expected

California healthcare officials racing to prepare for flu season

Woman, 52, becomes first Dallas County swine flu fatality: Had underlying health issues

Swine flu rises at US colleges as students return

Child, 2, dies of swine flu in Kuwait, taking toll to 4

Swine flu hit people in Saudi Arabia to be quarantined at their homes

Iraqi health ministry confirms first death related to swine flu

China bans pork imports from Mexico, 3 US states, amid swine flu scare

U.S. moves toward formal cut off of aid to Honduras


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Military Prepares Profiles on Reporters Visiting War Zones

2 US soldiers killed in Baghdad roadside bomb attack

Car bombs hit Iraqi troops ahead of top Shiite leader's funeral

Top US general in Iraq calls American role crucial

Corruption undermines Iraqi security

Analysis: Iraq's Shi'ite premier must work to keep job

Implications of Iraq’s new Shi’ite alliance

Iraq says Syria must give up terror suspects

Iraq, Syria withdraw envoys in wake of Baghdad attacks

Iraq Proposes Better Terms For Second Oil Bid Round

Iraq violence threatens oil deals


Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama steers the peace train

Israel, Never Again? Israel will not accept a plan which destroys nation and the Palestinians will not accept a deal that doesn't destroy Israel

Jordan's King Abdullah purges government and army of Palestinians

Two-state solution in danger

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mullen Assures: We will always stand by Israel

Remembering the Hebron Massacre: Until 1929, Jews had lived in the city for three millennia

US seen easing settlement halt demands

Germany hands over Auschwitz death camp blueprints to Israel

Netanyahu compares Iranian bomb to Auschwitz: Germany's PM Merkel ignores him

Isolation of Israel could have disastrous consequences for us all

Hamas faces extremist opposition

Israel sues Swedish paper over 'organ theft' article

Hariri: Hizbullah will join next Lebanese gov't

China: US should end naval patrol in China sea

Iran increases fuel storage capacity

Senior Citizens Abandoning Obama

Asian oil exports threaten U.S. refineries



August 27, 2009



Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Misinformation Linked to Explosion of Swine Flu in US Schools

"Order Out Of Chaos" Symbol Shown During Swine Flu Conference

While Swine Flu Vaccine Has Been Declared “Safe”, Novel Adjuvants Will Be Used Before Any Meaningful Testing has been Conducted

Feds go hog wild promoting swine-flu shots: How far will government go to force you to take the vaccine?

Army: 3 vials of dangerous virus samples missing from Maryland facility

Faceoff! Cops versus preachers on public sidewalk: Christians arrested 7 times for signs declaring homosexuality a sin

Russia deploys S-400 missile defense system near North Korea

Glenn Beck's fear of Obama: Seize power overnight

Climate Fear Promoters Greatest Fear -- A Public Trial of the 'Evidence' of Global Warming Fears!

Nuremberg-Style Trials Proposed For Global Warming Skeptics

NATO suffers deadliest year in Afghanistan since 2001 invasion

Mexican city world's murder capital

British police 'steal' from cars for your own good: More police intrusion into citizen's personal affairs

Fascist Global Economy Forming

The Dollar Will Fall, The Only Question Is "When?"

US economic data revives hopes of recovery

First-time jobless claims expected to drop

STIMULUS WATCH: GOP opposes plan then seeks money

Ford relies on European clunker cash

Ford increasing third-quarter production

Big 3 sales fade as 'clunkers' wraps up: Low inventories cited in sinking U.S. share of incentive program

Germany invests millions in race for battery-powered car

'Cash for Refrigerators' Debuts in Fall. Really

Kennedy's death deprives Democrats of 60-vote 'supermajority'

President Obama remembers Sen. Edward Kennedy as 'the greatest U.S. Senator of our time'

Senator Kennedy to lie in repose in Boston for 2 days

Sen. Kennedy to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, near brothers, after Boston funeral

Kennedy - A Liberal Icon and a Legendary Legislator: A Five-Decade Senate Legacy

US Jewish Group: Kennedy fought anti-Semitism and was staunch supporter of Israel

Israeli President Peres: Kennedy death a loss to entire world

Radio Station shuts down Rush to laud Kennedy

CIA memo details procedures for breaking prisoners

No immunity in any CIA abuse cases-UN rights chief vows


Israeli - Palestinian War

Jews main obstacle to Mideast peace? Graphic video takes issue with Obama's contention

Netanyahu presented with Auschwitz-Birkenau blueprints during Berlin ceremony

US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff : We'll always stand by Israel's side

Mideast peace starts with respect - Note to Obama: The Palestinians still haven’t recognized the Jewish state

Israeli PM will likely meet with Abbas in September

Is Peres Acting Foreign Minister?

Palestinian Judge: Jews have no history in Jerusalem

Jewish Growth Continues in Eastern Jerusalem

Remember reciprocity? If Jews have to stop building homes, Arabs should be asked to do the same

Trade revives as Palestinian cities reconnect

Israel ‘Super Gas’ Field is World’s Largest Discovery in past 18 Months

Intense firefight kills 4 Pakistani soldiers, 9 militants

Influential Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Abdul Aziz al-Hakim mourned in Iran: Death may bring about renewed instability

Health care reform was Sen. Ted Kennedy's unfinished life's work

Obama's arrogance is killing his health care plan

Taiwan risks Chinese Mainland anger by allowing Dalai Lama to visit

White House stonewalls on 'radical' adviser: Won't explain how admitted 'rowdy communist' became 'green jobs czar'


August 26, 2009


One Million TIMES More Squalene In H1N1 Vaccine Than Caused Gulf War I Syndrome!!

Mandatory Vaccinations! Tell Feds and States To 'Stick It'

Obama on brink of deal for Middle East peace talks

CIA deadly threats to prisoner's families exposed

Federal deficit likely to be used against President Obama's agenda

College kids recruited to join Obama's 'army'

Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77

Kennedy successor to be chosen by special election

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Meets With Mitchell, Seeks Formula to Restart Talks

Netanyahu-Abbas-Obama Trilateral Meeting Possible Next Month

U.S. considers Peres' plan for Palestinian state with temporary borders

PM: We've been building in Jerusalem for 3,000 years

Israel to freeze settlements in exchange for tougher Iran sanctions

'Barak promised to remove outposts by October'

PM Fayyad unveils plan for Palestinian state in two years

US could demand Israel stop work on the security barrier in the West Bank as part of its call for a freeze in settlement activity

Shift in relations with US since Israeli PM, Obama took office

Peaceful Intentions: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Downing Street

Hamas is leading Palestine down the road of carnage

Is Iran Running Short of Uranium Oxide Nuke Supplies?


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

In a flu pandemic, what can the government do to you?

Grim swine flu projectsion are downplayed

Speed Up Swine Flu Vaccine Distribution: Presidential Panel

Swine flu test authorized for troops overseas

In swine flu pandemic control, New York City has closed mind on closing schools

Half of Hong Kong health workers reject swine flu shot: A trend that experts say would likely apply worldwide

WHO: Save Tamiflu for the young, old and pregnant

Flu Drug Misuse Could Result in Drug Resistance

Iraq lashes out at Syria over massive bombings aimed at government buildings

Why the boycott against Glenn Beck will almost certainly backfire

Analysis: Bernanke is Obama's safe choice at Fed

Obama wants to appoint his own 'whistleblowers': Democrats push to give prez power over Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke faces tough economic decisions in his 2nd term

Toyota to Cut Output Capacity

Germany Pushes GM on Opel : Union, Politicians Angry That Sale to Magna Is Being Questioned

Top Democrat fund-raiser for Obama and Hillary is arrested: Charged with bank fraud

Obamacare sparks warning to seniors: 'AARP advocating' for program that would restrict services to its members!

August 25, 2009


Authorities Prepare To Seize Your Kids During Swine Flu Pandemic

Sebelius Says It Will Be Thanksgiving Before the Majority of Americans Are 'Fully Immunized' Against Swine Flu

Bernanke to Be Nominated for Second Term as Fed Chief

Posters Depicting Obama As The 'Joker' Are Cited As “Hate Speech”

Torture tricks went beyond techniques approved by Bush White House

Dirty secret No. 3 in Obamacare: "Sin of Omission"


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Swine Flu said to cause between 30,000-90,000 deaths in U.S.: Propaganda campaign continues

Swine Flu Could Infect Half of U.S.

CDC's Advice to Parents: Swine Flu Shots for All

Half of British General Practitioners refuse swine flu vaccine over testing fears

Insurance company to cover swine flu vaccine

The 'swine flu' of yesteryear: West Nile virus still deadly 10 years later

Israeli Firm Reports Success for Swine Flu Vaccine


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. District Judge Orders Federal Reserve to Disclose

$2 trillion Emergency Loan Details

Surging US deficit under scrutiny

Can we afford health-care reform? No

GOP Looks to Deficit Reports to Fight Health Overhaul

Government extends deadline for clunkers paperwork

Cash for Clunkers a jolt for car sales, not a fix

Stocks pause from recent gains, financials retreat

Stocks, Crude Oil Drop

Central Bank of Israel unexpectedly raises interest rates to 0.75%

Consumer sentiment improves more than expected: Expectations at highest level since Dec. '07

Obama spokesman announces interrogation uniy

Taliban forces in Pakistan select 'brutal' new commander

Sparks Could Fly at White House Meeting on Immigration

Israeli - Palestinian War

The quest for a 'greater Israel': Secular viewpoint

PM Fayyad Plans Palestinian State: Intl. Airport, Stronger Armed Forces

How settlements in the West Bank are creating a new reality, brick by brick: Threatens the very possibility of a Palestinian State

Settlement Freeze Still the Hot Topic

U.S. says nearing renewal of Israel-Palestinian talks

Skepticism over US Rose-Colored Mideast Glasses - "Relentless" DVD shows graphically why peace will never occur between Israel, Arabs

PM Netanyahu in London to discuss Middle East peace process with PM Brown

PM: Israel won't give up Jerusalem sovereignty

Mr. Obama, Hebron is an eternal home for Jews

Three Buried Alive After Air Strike On Palestinian Tunnel

More Yemeni Jews leaving for Israel

Israel Makes Waves by Simulating an Earthquake


County grills pastor over 'Where's birth certificate?'

Did Obama's grandmother say he was born in Kenya?
Listen to audio! Witnesses contend interpreter tried to change her answer to 'Hawaii'

Rep. Franks joins demand for eligibility proof: Gives Obama 2008 pass, but would require papers in 2012

Obama: Boys from Brazil better than U.S.: President blocks oil drilling at home, funds exploration abroad

August 24, 2009


Stocks higher as investors build on momentum

Metals, Stocks Advance as Bernanke, Trichet Bolster Confidence

"Kennedy should resign" - Boston Globe editorial

Yemen Is Burning

Obama Plan: Temple Mount Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty

Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks: The Engineering of 'Pandemics'

You-Tube: Quarantine or $1000 a day fine for refusing the vaccine - Actual Bill

Obama vows support in Ramadan message

Up to 11,000 U.S. veterans may have been mistakenly infected with HIV at Veteran's Affairs Hospitals

Obama, Democrats Consider Bypassing Republicans on Health Care

New deficit projections pose risks to Obama's agenda

Central Bankers Warn Recovery Shouldn’t Delay Tougher Oversight

Genome smuggling is step towards synthetic life

Kim 'seeks summit with South Korea'

Guantanamo's 'more evil twin'? Bagram facility in Afghanistan - Those imprisoned there have never been charged with a crime, nor do they have any meaningful way of challenging their detention

Afghan conflict serious, 'deteriorating'- Admiral Mullen warns

3 NATO troops killed in southern Afghanistan

Pakistan seizes 7 militants with explosives, drugs


New Headline News Article

"Outrageous! President Obama Defends His Health Care Plan By Saying:

'We are God's Partners in Matters of Life and Death' "

President is taking a page out of Adolf Hitler's playbook by invoking the language of Christianity to garner support for his government initiatives

Healthcare insurers get upper hand: Result could be financial 'bonanza.'

Obama calls on critics to abandon ‘phony claims’ about health care

Democrats may duck health care foes in Senate

Senator Lieberman says many health care changes can wait

Health care plan tests Pelosi's leadership



Fascist Global Economy Forming

Fiat takes aim at waste in Chrysler plant overhauls

Chrysler prepares to lay out future under Fiat

Bailout Success Hard To Build On

Economy Is 'Leveling Out': Bernanke

Asian stocks jump on Bernanke comments, home sales

Oil climbs above $74: Optimism about global economic rebound

No Remorse, No Regret: CEOs Still in Denial Two Years into Crisis

Dealers keep up hectic pace as customers race to buy cars before Cash for Clunkers ends Monday

Remember me? Wall Street repackages debt for sale

U.S. May See 150-200 More Bank Failures

Fear over economy lead to more gun permits

Alternative energy powerhouse Brazil finds big oil

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM heads to Europe with backing for settlement freeze

Israel PM hopes to resume peace talks by end of September

Article about organ harvesting sparks Israel-Sweden battle

Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet admits: No evidence on organ harvesting

President Peres: Hizbullah has 80,000 weapons

Netanyahu upbeat, Abbas negative, about Palestinian State talks

Palestinian unity talks in Egypt delayed yet again

First-Person Account: Touring through Israel with Mike Huckabee

Iran says she is cooperating with IAEA: West skeptical

Outgoing IAEA chief has tough choice on Iran


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer?

WHO warns of second wave of A/H1N1 flu pandemic

Israel reports 13th A/H1N1 death case

Over 300 new A/H1N1 flu cases confirmed in Europe

Free swine flu tests proposed: Abu Dhabi


Is Obama Eligible To Serve As President?

Congressman eyes lawsuit over president's eligibility: Republican finds birth certificate sizzling topic at Arizona town hall

An open letter to Barack Obama: From Joe Farah, Editor, World Net Daily

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve? WND's complete archive of news reports on the issue

Obama participated in socialist party: Activist recalls president's time with radical Chicago political group

Democrat Harry Reid Trails GOP Challenger By Double Digits in New Poll

Gadhafi's visit to U.N. becoming diplomatic minefield: How will U.S. receive Libyan leader who embraced Lockerbie Bomber?


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Iraqi FM: Baghdad bombings possible inside job

Mastermind of deadly Baghdad bombings arrested: Supporter of late dictator Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath party has confessed

Iraqis begin restoring concrete walls in Baghdad

Rise in Iraq violence: Arab viewpoint

Top US military wonders whether Baghdad blasts might indicate future Sunni - Shi'ite violence

In Iraq's capital, fear of violence makes for a quiet beginning to Ramadan

Iraqi Shiite leader is hospitalised in Iran


Saturday-Sunday, August 22-23, 2009


Lutherans lift barrier for gay clergy

Obama addresses Muslims on Ramadan

Baghdad security shakeup in wake of deadly bombings

New Splits Emerge in Health-Plan Talks

World Economy Emerging From Worst Recession Since World War II

Healthy swine flu victims shouldn't get Tamiflu: WHO

Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer?

WHO seeks flu vaccine donations for poorer nations

Monitors: Taliban cut off fingers of Afghan voters

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bernanke, Trichet See End to Global Slump

Existing homes selling fast -- record fast

Car Buyers Make ‘Mad Dash’ to Dealers as Clunkers Program Ends

Some Dealers Stop Taking 'Clunkers'

'Clunkers' Program Benefits Foreign Automakers More,

Honda to sell electric cars in US

Large Texas bank shut down by federal regulators

CIA hired Blackwater to help assassionate al Qaeda leaders

The Bush CIA was freakin' crazy

Blackwater’s ‘License to Kill’ under the Lens

Black Ops Program + Blackwater = Black Eye for U.S. Government


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Iraq arrests former Baathists in Baghdad bombings: Baath Party loyal to deposed dictator, Saddam Hussein

Iraqi FM: Baghdad bombings possible inside job

Iraq Officials Scramble to Respond to Deadly Blasts

Iraqi FM warns of bigger, more powerful attacks

Baghdad bombings raise questions over U.S. troop withdrawal

Three Iraqi soldiers killed: three wounded

Bombs in Baghdad Make the U.S. an Election Issue

Army takes steps but deployments still strain families: Even though US is in early stages of withdrawal, rotations of men is necessary

International Community condemns Iraq blasts

Tehran Ready to Build Terminal in Iraq to Help Iranian Passengers

New Headline News Article

"Outrageous! President Obama Defends His Health Care Plan By Saying:

'We are God's Partners in Matters of Life and Death' "

President is taking a page out of Adolf Hitler's playbook by invoking the language of Christianity to garner support for his government initiatives

Obama's healthcare messages are backfiring, strategists say

Pelosi pushes public option for health care

Judge requires statement that abortion ends life: Split decision on South Dakota law, appeal promised


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Healthy swine flu victims shouldn't get Tamiflu: WHO

Overuse of antivirals could make H1N1 pandemic even worse

Prevention over panic key if there's flu outbreak: H1N1 vaccine won't arrive till November

British Death toll for pig flu reaches 59

H1N1 pandemic to get much worse

The swine flu showdown

Schools prepare for swine flu, urge "Dracula sneeze"

Spain: For sake of swine flu, don't kiss the saint or use the holy water

Swine flu, economic downturn overshadow Ramadan

Chile confirms swine flu in turkeys

Los Angeles County eases swine flu fear for schools

Girl infected with A/H1N1 dies in Israel

850 new A/H1N1 flu cases confirmed in Europe

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel vs Iran, force or diplomacy?

Israel's Barak Takes Lead in Peace Talks

'Settlements an impediment to peace': German Foreign Ministry

Video: Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Israel and India sign missile system deal

Mexico Eases Ban on Drug Possession

Islamic Teen Christian convert to stay in Florida: Judge determines he'll keep jurisdiction, sets next hearing for September

2-month-old Christian girl killed in Laos to stifle 'religious' dissent

The worst Obama slur yet: Witchcraft in the White House


August 21, 2009


U.S. to Start Testing H1N1 Vaccines in Kids

Government Permission Will Be Required To Travel Within The U.S.

Greenpeace Leader Admits Organization Put Out Fake Global Warming Data

'We are God's partners in matters of life and death': Obama comment on Health Care

Ridge says Bush Administration raised terror alert for re-election

‘Charming Liar’: Progressives Turn on Obama as Air America Exposes ‘Fascist’ Drug Deal

Zogby: Obama Hits Record Low in Poll

Freemasonry's Hidden Homosexual Agenda

Thousands Count Down to Burning Man Festival

Abducted by Aliens: Believers Tell Their Stories: Close Encounters: Extraterrestrials Haunting the Lives of Twins, Former U.S. Marine?

Blackwater at center of Panetta's CIA disclosure to Congress of assassination program: Spent $20 billion but never captured one suspect

Former CIA chief admits: gains from torture only ‘modest'


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Infectious disease risk in swine flu jabs: "Leading infectious disease experts have called on the Federal Government to abandon its mass swine-flu vaccination plan because of fears the vaccine is a contamination risk that could spread blood-borne diseases."

Flu fight may require three vaccinations

WHO predicts 'explosion' of swine flu cases

Sinovac says it successfully finished swine flu vaccine tests

Drugmaker Sinovac's 2Q profit grows 76 percent

China issues strict swine flu rules to schools

College students with flu advised to avoid others

Swine Flu vs. Regular/Seasonal Flu: Should You Be Worried? Is it really that much different than the regular flu?

Israeli Deputy Health Minister Litzman: Swine flu vaccine may arrive late

Obama's Fascist Health Care News

'We are God's partners in matters of life and death': Obama comment on Health Care

Hello ObamaCare, Goodbye Grandma

Obama: 'No taxpayer-funded abortions in health bill': Pro-life group calls president dishonest on coverage of procedure

Ted Kennedy asks Massachusetts for quick Senate replacement process: Request by ailing US senator comes as crucial vote on Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul nears

Obama stands by public option in healthcare debate

Public health plan idea followed unlikely path

White House Issues Q&A on Health Plan

The Book of Harry: How the boy wizard won over religious critics -- and the deeper meaning theologians now see in the Potter tale -- Church Apostasy clearly at work in finally accepting Harry Potter

Early 9/11 Reporting Reveals Conspiracy Viewpoint From Mainstream Commentators

GOP senators warn A/G Holder against CIA abuse inquiry: Such an investigation would distract the agency and 'could leave us more vulnerable to attack

As severely wounded vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses

Karzai and Abdullah both claim victory in Afghan elections

After eight years, Americans are tired of Afghanistan: Not worth it anymore

“Afghan drug trafficking brings US $50 billion profit a year”

Poll: Americans losing confidence in Obama


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Economy Stops Shrinking, Heads for Expansion

Economists React: Further Evidence of Stabilization in Housing Starts

Fed Chairman: American Economy Is Poised to Grow

‘Clunkers’ to Close Aug. 24 After Fueling Sales, Dealer Anger

End of ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Doesn’t Mean Output Cuts

Obama Taking Hands-Off Stance on Citi, AIG Pay

Euro zone economy returning to growth, data suggest

Morgan Stanley plans hiring spree

Chechen rebels declare "economic war" against Russia

Suicide bombers kill 5 in Chechnyan capital

Israeli - Palestinian War

Poll: Only 12 percent of Israelis believe Obama supports Israel

Israel, Palestinians trade blame for peace deadlock

U.S. finalizing groundwork for resuming talks

Mubarak Pressed White House for Negotiations Over Palestinian State

The 'One-state Solution' Only Stokes Palestinians Self-Delusion

Israelis more wary of Saudi peace plan than Palestinians

Israel Still Strangles the Palestinian Economy: Wall Street Journal viewpoint

Israel says UN covering up Iran's nuclear arms drive

Lebanese fears of Israeli strike swell: Israel buys 100 'bunker-buster bombs'

US Jews protest Catholic salvation text

Third Gun Incident In One Week Reported at Obama Event

Another lawsuit challenges D.C. gun limits: Critic: Officials in capital city still not getting 2nd Amendment

Christian girl begs state: Don't let them kill me! Judge decides fate of honor student, cheerleader who fled Muslim parents

EMP threatens power shutdown for months: Congressman says $100 million need to avert $2 trillion disaster


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Iraq Carnage Shows Sectarian War Goes On

12 Killed in Violence Around Iraq

Blackwater Hit Squads: What Was the CIA Thinking?

US Military: American Soldier Dies In Iraq

Fort Hood soldier dies in Iraq

Alabama soldier dies in Iraq

Shi'ites used Iran rockets in attack on U.S. base

US Commander ‘Frustrated’ With Pace of Iraq Training

US Army Begins Training To Reduce Depression

US missile strike kills 12 in Pakistan

US makes progress on transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees


August 20, 2009


Scientists: It's Easy to 'Engineer Crime Scene' With Fabricated DNA

Attorney: FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others

Obama's Science CZAR.... mass murder is on its way!!

IMF: Economic recovery has begun

How the New York Stock Exchange really works: It is a rigged market

January trial set for U.S. court challenge to California's gay-marriage ban

Obamacare will be one big 'death panel'

Obama Goes Postal, Lands in Dead-Letter Office

Arms expert warns new mind drugs being considered by military

Taiwan earmarks $3B storm reconstruction budget


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Fresh violence strikes Baghdad: Day after massive bombings left 101 dead

Iraq admits errors after bloody day in Baghdad

Security stepped up after Baghdad bombings

Baghdad Bombings Condemned as ‘Senseless’ by U.S.


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Leading Economic Index May Show U.S. Recession Is Close to Over

Road to Recovery "Very Rocky", But Dow Will Hit 10,000 Next Year

World stocks up strongly as China bounces back

Stocks turn higher on jump in energy demand

Car Dealers Wait For 'Cash For Clunkers' Reimbursement From Uncle Sam

GM listens, quickly kills new Buick

GM to revive plant with battery pack production

White House deficit less than projected

Buffett urges Congress to get debt under control

U.S./UBS deal ramps up pressure on tax havens

Nigerian banks get $2.6bn bailout

Turnout appears low as Afghans vote for president

Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Obamacare will be one big 'death panel': Just as in U.K., government system will lead to early demise of seniors

The Death Book for Veterans: Can quickly become a systematic denial of care

Thousands of surgeries may be cut in Metro Vancouver due to Canadian government underfunding

Obama Hurt by Health-Care Confusion, Lack of Leadership

Democrats prepare to push health care without GOP

Judge to decide on prison liver transplant

VP Biden to announce nearly $1.2 trillion to promote hospital transition to electronic medical records system


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Mexico seeks 400 mln dollars in anti-flu funds from World Bank

First Swine Flu Vaccinations May Start in Australia in a Month

Most British companies already hit by swine flu

Fall flu season may be a doozy, Feds warn

Schools preparing for readin', writin', swine flu prevention

Swine Flu Update: Public’s Calm; Are Businesses Ready?

Swine flu outbreak: India's Health Centre issues fresh directive on prioritisation of critical cases

Ghana confirms two new swine flu cases

Another patient infected with A/H1N1 dies in Israel

WHO top official cautions: More A/H1N1 flu cases in Africa than currently reported

Dangerous Hurricane Bill could threaten east Canada

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama asks Palestinians for concessions

Obama in Middle East Rut

Hamas rejects elections, Arab normalization with Israel

PLO Rejects Netanyahu’s Gestures to Freeze New Homes for Jews

Israel PM angered over call to defy US on settlers

Deputy Prime Minister Yaalon: Jews Must Live Everywhere in Israel

Israel furiously slams Swedish tabloid's organ theft story

US Criticizes Israel for Security Restrictions on American-Arab Tourists

Jerusalem gay center hires armed guard

North Korea signals easing tensions with South - It's all a North Korean plot

Following Clinton visit, Pyongyang may want direct talks with U.S.

Iran's president says West needs Iran, Syria's help

Israel Says U.N.’s Nuclear Watchdog Is Withholding Evidence on Iran Nukes

Boeing floats new anti-missile idea for Europe: To protect against Iranian nukes

Pakistan gains upper hand in war against Taliban but far from complete victory

Homeschool mom holds lawmakers' feet to fire: Sparks national movement urging states to defend against federal power grab

August 19, 2009


Huge wave of Baghdad blasts kill 95: 400 wounded

6 US troops die in Afghanistan ahead of election

Stocks turn higher on jump in energy demand

Road to Recovery "Very Rocky", But Dow Will Hit 10,000 Next Year

ObamaCare Is All About Rationing

Judge Overturns Oklahoma Abortion Law

Tamiflu may pose stroke risk

South Korea aborts space rocket launch minutes before liftoff

Hurricane Bill grows stronger, now Category 4 storm


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Tamiflu may pose stroke risk

Swine Flu virus linked to killer nerve disease

Swine flu vaccine orders pass one billion

CSL Fiscal Year Profit Jumps 63% Boosted By Flu Vaccine Orders

Sinovac says one-shot swine flu vaccine effective

Minister Says Japan Swine Flu Spread Has Begun

Irish Teachers' union seeks flu advice

U.S. government to advise businesses on swine flu

Cases of swine flu higher among city blacks, Hispanics

Swine Flu The Video Game

Briarcrest Christian School reports swine flu case

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American's views unchanged on Obama's healthcare plans: poll

Taliban gunmen killed in Afghan capital on eve of vote

Obama reaches out to Islamist parties in Pakistan

North Korea signals gentler approach to South

Iran halts execution of seven people

Japan’s Opposition May Press Central Bank to Buy More Government Bonds


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Freezes New Settlement Projects in West Bank

President Obama hopeful that Israel will halt building of settlements in Palestinian territories

'US aware of de facto settlement freeze'

Obama: Palestinian state now, Israel's security later

Obama, Mubarak Optimistic About Mideast Peace Process

Making nice with Mubarak while Congress is out of session

President Peres: Russia to reconsider missile sale to Iran

Abbas to ask Sudanese president to help soften Hamas on unity talks

Israel accused of stealing Palestinian organs

Lady Gaga Tones Image Down In Israel For 'Spiritual Experience'

Obama Administration: We like public option for health care, but would consider other possibilities

Health care debate confirms this is not the Barack Obama we elected

Fawning media: 'Obama now scared of own shadow': Press turns on president in face of health-care protests, polls

Legal victory after church kicked off campus: College discriminated against religious group, refused to rent public facilities


August 18, 2009

Did Big Government Save Us From A Second Great Depression?

Oil rises above $67 on mixed economic signals

Retailers' sales results top estimates

F-35 Fight Could Kill Hate Bill

Sebelius on swine flu: 'We're preparing for the worst'

One-third of British nurses will refuse to have the swine flu shot

WHO Withholding Tamiflu Resistant Pandemic H1N1 Locations

Obama's flip-flop: 'Public option' again called 'best' path to health reform

Obama lawyers offer reluctant defense of gay marriage ban

Iran ready for nuclear talks with West

Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States: Gallup Poll

What is Washington's strategy for Afghanistan?

Bill Clinton, President Obama set to meet to discuss North Korea mission


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Choice of Chrysler Mexico plant acceptable

Chrysler ready for plant re-launch on Monday: To re-launch the majority of its assembly plants

Fiat chief: 'Chrysler will be profitable'

Chrysler board boasts turnaround veterans

Dodge Viper SRT10 stays at Chrysler: Conner assembly plant in Detroit saved from closing

Clunker program dings used car sales, donations

Home Depot’s Second-Quarter Profit Falls Less Than Estimated

Reader's Digest plans prearranged bankruptcy

European Factors -- Shares set for bounce

Stocks, Metals Rally as German Investor Confidence Signals Recovery

Myanmar calls U.S. senator's visit a success


Swine Flu Panic

Swine Flu: The Next Wave

Experts warned dispersal of Tamiflu would do more harm than good

School officials bracing for probable H1N1 flu outbreak

College students get lessons on dealing with swine flu

One more swine flu death in Mumbai, India - toll 29

Western Australia swine flu death toll rises to 15

10th Israeli dies of H1N1 complications

Obama blasts misspending on ‘exotic’ defense projects

New Poll Shows Obama Approval Dropping Among Key Supporters

Suicide Bomber Kills 21 in Southern Russia

Deadly attacks rock Kabul two days before election

Bolivia Plants Coca, and Cocaine Follows: Government plan backfiring

90 percent of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine


Israeli - Palestinian War

Two-state solution not the answer

Republican Huckabee in Israel slams 2-state option

Abbas: Dialogue with Hamas is inevitable

Russia, Israel to discuss Mideast peace and Iran

New Fatah Leadership Boosts Mideast Peace Efforts

Huckabee's visit - show of support,or well-planned attack?

Israel ministers agree to halt settlement tenders until 2010

A/G Mazuz says Lieberman can remain FM

Rightists, leftists square off in east Jerusalem

Hamas profits from Israel's Gaza blockade

Growing threat to Hamas: Gazans who think it has sold out

Israel ambassador denies 'even contemplating' Iran strike

Obama Birth Flap Reopens Older Controversy: 21st President Chester A. Arthur Was Rumored to Have Been Born in Canada, Not Vermont

Bill could be major hurricane, edges closer to land


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

U.S. troops may be sent to Iraq's Arab-Kurdish 'trigger line'

Iraq May Hold Vote On U.S. Withdrawal: Troops Could Be Forced to Leave Early

Obama reaffirms pledge to withdraw Iraq troops in address to veterans

Two SAS soldiers died in Iraq helicopter crash because of 'notoriously bad' radios

U.S. condemns bombing attacks in Iraq

Army captain accused of accepting bribes in Iraq

Energy Interests Reluctant To Dive Into Iraq

Iraq Oil Minister inaugurates new production unit in Najaf refinery

Gay men attacked, executed in Iraq

Supreme Court orders new hearing for Georgia death row inmate

Coast Guard plan means more vessels must leave New Orleans before storms hit

Obama's MySpace page: I'm 52 years old, not 48: Would place president's birth during time Hawaii was a territory

Birth certificate fraud: It's been done before: FBI, Department of Justice have record of bribe scandal

National Emergency Centers Establishment Act: HR 645 IH



August 17, 2009



Swine Flu Panic

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America

Vaccine-resistant swine flu strain documented in U.S.

Hunting ultimate weapon against flu: Flu virus is slippery, mutating so rapidly that vaccines designed to protect against it shield for a single season, if that long

British Experts warned dispersal of Tamiflu would do more harm than good

ACT Health changes swine flu procedures

UN mulls “responsibility to protect”: Considers overriding national sovereignty

Suicide truck bomb in Russia's Ingushetia republic killing 14, wounding 60

Wheels coming off Obama Express

Who Is Funding The Taliban? Foreign Money Pouring Into Afghanistan

Obama's Fascist Health Care News

Dirty secret No. 2 in Obamacare

More Americans disapprove than approve of Obama health care reform plan

'It's not a takeover': President Obama defends health care reform plan at Montana Town Hall meeting

Public health care U-turn: White House signals readiness to drop government-run insurance idea

Native Americans Prepared Themselves for Life and Death

“The World’s Source for Global Temperature Record Admits It’s Lost or Destroyed All the Original Data That Would Allow a Third Party to” Model Climate

Hurricane Bill Forms as Tropical Storm Weakens Over Florida

Top secret US spyplane blamed for spate of UFO sightings

Obama: Every move you make, I'll be watching you online - Planned lifting of ban on 'cookies' called '1984'-style spying effort

War erupts over Glenn Beck TV show: Fans fight back


Obama: The Most Frightening President Ever!"

White House: No time for Constitution

Obama mama: 6 lost months: No documented record of whereabouts, activity leading up to baby's birth in '61

White House Press Secretary Gibbs stumbles explaining Obama's birthplace - 'The president was born … uhm … in … uhh, uhh … was born'

Evidence challenges claim over Obama's birth address

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestine problem hopeless, but not serious

Egyptian President Mubarak says peace first, normalisation with Israel second

Interior Minister Yishai: Building in settlements legal, approved by government

‘Huckabee the Macabee’ in Eastern Jerusalem to Challenge Obama

Hamas Leader Mashaal: Hamas can speak with Obama

Israel: Number of gun applications doubles

President Peres heads to Russia for state visit

IDF troops wound Egypt soldier in border mix-up

Defense Minister Barak postpones cement delivery to Gaza Strip: Hamas Diverts Cement for Cemetery to Build Smuggling Tunnels

Tel Aviv beach killing rocks Israel

Israeli Police can't cope with violent crime

Japan emerges from deep recession

Israel Leads the World Coming Out of Recession

China's war games unnerve neighbors

US tweaks its rules of engagement in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Can "good war" in Afghanistan survive bad headlines?

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

A slo-mo withdrawal from Iraq

Bombs kill at least 8 people in Iraqi market

Iraqi worries grow as blast walls vanish

Experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan Leave Many Advocating Combat Role For Women

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