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Saturday-Sunday, August 14-15, 2010
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Today's News

Obama makes clear his support for ground zero mosque

Obama's Ramadan blessing

Invisible Data Gathering Raises Privacy Concerns

White House against ending birthright citizenship

Obama signs $600M border security bill into law

Now smuggling operations infecting northern border

Final plug on Gulf oil leak at least days away

Obama swims in Gulf, says beaches open for business

San Francisco: Brown, couples urge speedy return to gay marriages

Detroit Goes From Gloom to Economic Bright Spot

Scientists find new superbug spreading from India: No drugs to treat it


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Police: 6 killed in Pakistan ethnic-based attack

Cholera confirmed in Pakistani flood disaster

Impact of Pakistan floods as bad as 1947 partition, says prime minister

Pakistan flood response prompts rising anti-government resentment

In Afghanistan, stillness among the chaos

Gunmen kill 5 in Baghdad checkpoint shootings

Strong aftershocks hit Guam area after magnitude 7.2 earthquake

Dr Laura Schlessinger's 'N-word' outburst

How Press Censorship Hid the Shocking Truth About Nagasaki A-Bomb 65 Years Ago

Feds asked to probe breach in Utah immigrant list

U.S. hopeful Pakistan can avert big cholera outbreak

The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

Does it matter what religion we belong to?

Democrats to use Social Security against GOP this fall

Desperate Democrats pin their hopes on scary Republicans

Arabs disillusioned with Obama: Poll shows 2 in 3 view U.S. president unfavorably




Friday, August 13, 2010

US wants Iraq to pay bill for war victims

Decision expected on plug for BP's broken oil well

Obama to sign $600M border security bill Friday

Judge keeps gay marriage on hold - for now

SKorea probing if NKorea deliberately sent mines

Pakistan floods could give Taliban time to regroup

WikiLeaks preparing to release more Afghan files

Nurses fear even more ER assaults as programs cut

Weather Control

Pakistan floods: Two 'major peaks' due on Indus river

Pakistan president tours flood zone

Sugar, Wheat, Rice Worth $2.9 Billion Ruined by Pakistan Floods

Wildfires spread in Portugal's national parks

Rain refreshes Moscow, but wildfires still burning

More Floods Hit China’s Gansu as Landslide Deaths Exceed 1,000

Heavy rain, mudslides bring more misery to China

Iowa city resigned to bottled water after floods

Wisconsin storms leave wake of flooding and damage

With weather extremes, 'there is no time to waste'

Record Droughts, Floods and Fires Strain Food Markets' Resilience


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Myanmar junta sets election date of Nov. 7

Malaysian state introduces Islamic currency

RAND report: Haiti must clear rubble, aid businesses, fix government to move forward

Zimbabwe auctions controversy-plagued diamonds

Lawyer: Iranian who faced stoning likely tortured

Moroccan protesters block Spanish enclave border

NATO investigating civilian casualties in southern Afghanistan

Afghanistan aid workers murdered as they tried to flee attackers

Pentagon: Undisclosed Wikileak documents 'potentially more explosive'

18 injured in Colombian bomb attack

Powerful quake rattles Ecuador, Peru

Bolivian protests prompt U.S. travel alert

UN: Wartime rape no more inevitable, acceptable than mass murder


Israeli - Palestinian War

Muslim gravestones removed from Jerusalem cemetery

Calls to stop funding Lebanese army put Obama in tight spot

Israel steps up Jerusalem security at start of Ramadan

Muslims urged to ban Israeli dates during Ramadan

Putting things right

Direct negotiations to begin next week

Palestine - Obama Can't End The Racist Rant

'Palestinians were freed for Israeli'

In next war, Israel to remove Palestinian civilians from harm's way

Israeli army relaxes rules for Ramadan

2,200-Year-Old Gold Coin Found in Israel

Iraq War Not Over Yet

U.S. withdrawal from Iraq more linked to deadline, timetable than actual strategy

Obama Meets with National Security Team While Iraq Fate Remains Uncertain

Iraq: Half built with the roof off

U.S. ambassador leaving Iraq with key task still undone

Al Qaeda in Iraq targets Baghdad’s developing police force

Iraq army 'not ready' until 2020

Thomas Ricks: I'm More Optimistic About Afghanistan Than Iraq

Defense chief Gates orders review of Marines' role

Flow Of Oil From Iraq To Iran Raises Concerns

With support for Afghan war flagging, Obama focuses on Iraq

US. contractor recounts kidnapping

BP Critic Matt Simmons Found Dead

Rhetoric dims hope for Social Security compromise


Fascist Economy Forming Globally

Consumer Prices Rise in U.S., Easing Deflation Risk

GM reports profit of $1.3 billion in second quarter

Retail sales post July gain, consumer prices rise

Retail sales post modest July gain led by strong auto sales, follows 2 straight declines

Oil stuck below $76, tries to break 3-day losses

U.S. Weapons Sale to Saudi Arabia Said to Reach $60 Billion

Russia: Iran's nuclear plant to get fuel next week




Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today's News

Israel’s Going to Bomb Iran? Not So Fast

Obama Meets with National Security Team While Iraq Fate Remains Uncertain

Sovereign citizens spin history, reject government

Rhetoric dims hope for Social Security compromise

Will the Wildfires Stoke Political Change in Russia?

Deadly blast hits Turkey oil pipeline

GM reports profit of $1.3 billion in second quarter

SKorea probing if NKorea deliberately sent mines

Pakistan floods could give Taliban time to regroup

UK doctors: New superbug gene could spread widely

Aid workers' last moments

Weather Control

UN launches appeal as aid reaches devastated communities in Pakistan

U.S. Announces Additional Millions For Pakistan Flood Victims, Promises More

Desperation as Pakistan flood misery grows

Ramadan misery for Pakistan flood victims

Mideast summer heat adds hardship to Ramadan fast

Rescue hopes dim in slide-hit Chinese town

Rain hampers China landslide rescue effort

More rain expected in China as flood toll rises

Global climate change: Moscow burns, Pakistan floods, Greenland melts, and U.S. scorches

Bread prices soar in drought-hit Russia


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Crises test leadership of US-allied Pakistan

Pakistani Taliban urge rejection of foreign aid

US military sees heavier Afghan fighting in fall

Claims of Afghan civilian deaths spark protest

At least 22 foreigners killed by Martydom seeking Mujahideen in Kabul

Taliban responsible for 76 percent of civilian fatalities

Why was Afghanm aid team killed?

Killing of aid workers will hurt Afghans

Pentagon: Undisclosed Wikileak documents 'potentially more explosive'

No Ramadan respite as unrest rocks Indian Kashmir

Colombia, Venezuela restore diplomatic ties

Sri Lanka launches war crimes panel, rejects U.N. probe

Huge ice island could pose threat to oil, shipping


Israeli - Palestinian War

Ashkenazi: Next time, IDF will use snipers to halt Gaza-bound flotillas

Israel to block future Gaza flotillas

Israel’s Going to Bomb Iran? Not So Fast.

Legal experts: no Palestinian Arab 'right of return'

No agreement on direct Israel-Palestinian talks

Lebanon debates giving Palestinians rights

'Audacity of Hope' vs. state of Israel: The battle begins

In next war, Israel to remove Palestinian civilians from harm's way

Israeli army relaxes rules for Ramadan

Israel finds rare 2,200-year-old gold coin

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraqi army not ready to take over until 2020, says country's top general

Iraq tries to play down general's remarks over US withdrawal

Fears of al–Qaida return in Iraq as US–backed fighters defect

U.S. upbeat on Iraq despite violence, deadlock

US troops to stay in Iraq beyond 2011

Al-Qaeda still intact in Iraq, says US general

U.S. commander stresses importance of funding Iraq security forces

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,414

Iraq, Afghanistan and World War III: Obama's misguided withdrawal strategy

Ramadan Unease: US Fears Iraq Attack Wave

Iraq reconstruction 'hindered by shortfall in US funds'

BP Critic Matt Simmons Found Dead

Completion of relief well to seal BP’s racked oil well delayed due to storms

Zimbabwe gem sale stirs 'blood diamond' fears

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's News

World Bank to Draft Pakistan Plan as Nation Grapples With Worst-Ever Flood

South Korea Warns North Over Artillery Barrage

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens dies in plane crash

Obama signs emergency bill to halt teacher layoffs

Will the Wildfires Stoke Political Change in Russia?

Deadly blast hits Turkey oil pipeline

After 12 years, EU license plate gets traction

H1N1 pandemic is officially over but far from gone

Mexico's Supreme Court rules nationwide recognition for Mexico City's same-sex marriages

Weather Control

Pakistan Floods Hit 14 Million People as Heat Parches Russia, U.S. Midwest

Moscow Death Rate Doubles as Many Flee Heat, Smog

Russian wildfires raise radiation fears

Rescue hopes dim in slide-hit Chinese town

Fresh storms threaten China landslide rescue effort

Landslides kill more people in Pakistan

Pakistan Braces for More Damage After Deadliest Floods Affect 13.8 Million

Half a million flee as more floods sweep Pakistan

One killed, seven injured in landslide in J&K

China landslide toll rises to 700; Pakistanis flee

At least 11 dead in European floods

The Asian Floods—Signs of Climate Catastrophes to Come


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Philippine Muslim rebels continue combat training, seek arms despite planned talks

U.N. pushes war crimes probe as Sri Lanka steps up diplomacy

Pakistani Taliban urge rejection of foreign aid

War Comes Home: Killing of Delmar Doctor Displays the Taliban's True Colors

Colombia, Venezuela Agree to Restore Diplomatic Relations After Dispute

U.N. blames Taliban for sharp rise in Afghan civilian casualties

At least 22 foreigners killed by Martydom seeking Mujahideen in Kabul

Roadside bomb kills 3 civilians in Afghanistan

Afghan woman whose nose, ears cut off travels to U.S.

Nuclear Options

Cambodian PM warns of 'bloodshed' over Thai border

SE Asia in crosshairs of two superpowers

Saudi to test giant clock in Mecca during Ramadan

Mosque reaching out on the web during Ramadan

Kingdom pledges $100m for Pakistan's flood victims

Study: CIA doctors ‘gave green light to torture’


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF chief to Gaza flotilla probe: Commandos acted proportionately

Lebanon to file UN complaint against Israeli spying

Iran Holocaust-denying website angers Israel

Legal experts: no Palestinian Arab 'right of return'

Abbas sets terms for resuming direct talks with Israel

U.S. envoy to meet with Israeli prime minister on peace talks

'Audacity of Hope' vs. state of Israel: The battle begins

U.S. to Sell F-15s to Saudis

Frenetic Drive to Show Support for Israel Endangers Israel

Iraq War Not Over Yet

7 Killed In Bombings, Militant Attacks Across Iraq

Fears of al–Qaida return in Iraq as US–backed fighters defect

Iraq and the Israeli angle

Bomb hits Iraq traffic police

Al-Qaeda still intact in Iraq, says US general

Attacks target Iraq security forces, killing 6

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,414

Iraq, Afghanistan and World War III: Obama's misguided withdrawal strategy

Black Hawk crews deploy to Iraq from Los Alamitos

Barack Obama is running out of Iraq for all the wrong reasons

Plans to Build Massive Islamic Centers Raise Concerns in Tennessee

BP Suspends Relief-Well Operations Ahead Of Storm

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today's News

Obama presidency increasingly resembles a modern-day 'Ancien Régime': Extravagant and out of touch with people

S. Korea Warns North After Artillery Barrage

Charity plans to stay in Afghanistan despite murders of 10 aid workers

Taliban execute Afghan woman in public, police say

Judge: Canadian's confession can be used at Guantanamo trial

Iran to expunge 'dirty' dollar and euro reserves

American Engineer Convicted of Selling Military Secrets to China

US-Vietnam nuke deal will likely allow enrichment

Weather Control

Wild Weather Across the Globe: What's to Blame?

Moscow Death Rate Doubles as Many Flee Heat, Smog

1,100 missing in China as Asian flood misery rises

Landslides kill more people in Pakistan

Pakistan Braces for More Damage After Deadliest Floods Affect 13.8 Million

Half a million flee as more floods sweep Pakistan

One killed, seven injured in landslide in J&K

Death toll from NW China mudslides rises to 337, 1,148 still missing

Unstable lake threatens mudslide-ravaged China town

At least 11 dead in European floods

The Asian Floods—Signs of Climate Catastrophes to Come?


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Rwandan president expected to win election handily; critics decry crackdown on opposition

Castro returns with apocalyptic warnings

Juan Manuel Santos sworn in as Colombian president

Mass grave threatens Uribe’s legacy, as new Colombian president sworn in

UN: Afghan citizens killed, injured rising sharply

Karzai lashes out at security firms

Bibi: The Face of Afghan Women

U.N. chief irked by Myanmar leaders ahead of vote

Cambodian PM warns of 'bloodshed' over Thai border

SE Asia in crosshairs of two superpowers

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Gave Millions to La Raza

Study: CIA doctors ‘gave green light to torture’


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel threatens 'pull out' from UN flotilla probe

Lebanon compiles list of spy cases against Israel

Iran Holocaust-denying website angers Israel

Legal experts: no Palestinian Arab 'right of return'

Israel Accused Of Ex-Lebanon PM's Murder

Lebanon’s trilateral summit foiled Israel’s evil plots: Ahmadinejad

Abbas sets terms for resuming direct talks with Israel

Israel accuses US of bias over State Department caution

'Audacity of Hope' vs. state of Israel: The battle begins

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Gen. Raymond Odierno says Iraq ready to take over security as U.S. troop withdrawal looming

Ramadan Unease: US Fears Iraq Attack Wave

Iraq and the Israeli angle

Bomb hits Iraq traffic police

Al-Qaeda still intact in Iraq, says US general

2 Coloradans killed in action

US troops killed in Iraq and Kuwait

Iraq, Afghanistan and World War III: Obama's misguided withdrawal strategy

Black Hawk crews deploy to Iraq from Los Alamitos

Obama pleads with cleric to resolve Iraq elections

Plans to Build Massive Islamic Centers Raise Concerns in Tennessee

Gulf relief well down to final, tricky 100 feet

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today's News

NKorea fires artillery off west coast

Guantanamo gears up for 1st trial under Obama

Chavez: US diplomat won't be accepted as envoy

Four armies on alert, Khamenei takes charge of Lebanese crisis

First woman to head major US intelligence agency

Cardinal criticizes Mexico's high court for upholding law allowing gay marriages in capital

Asia flooding plunges millions into misery

Pakistan president heckled at UK political rally

House members scurry back to pass jobs bill

Moscow deaths double amid smog to 700 people a day


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

More Haitian children beg on Dominican streets post-quake in a sign of widening economic gulf

Rwanda's Kagame expects landslide win in elections

1997 South Africa dinner raises diamond questions

Turkish government, military reach deal on posts

Foreign ministers of Venezuela, Colombia say their 2 presidents will meet Tuesday

Lawyer says Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has been arrested for terrorist activities

Number of people affected by Pakistan floods climbs to 6 million

No help for flood victims in southern Pakistan

Family of British doctor murdered in Afghanistan pay tribute to 'true hero'

Pimps force Mexican women into prostitution in U.S.


British couple shot dead in Pakistan in suspected honour killing

Pakistan floods: President Zardari tops Bush in crisis mis-management

Why Pakistan is crucial in fight against Taliban

Pakistan floods a megadisaster of epic proportions

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Extremist groups 'very much alive' in Iraq, U.S. Special Forces official says

Bombers Strike Iraq as US Troops Prepare to Downsize

Car bombs kill 12 in Iraq

Iraqi military is ready, US says

Odierno: Troops staying in Iraq to prevent foreign interference

Will Iraq Fall Victim to the Oil Curse?

Rampant violence questions Iraq's security as U.S. pullout

Withdrawing troops from Iraq not that easy

Ankara intensifies Iraq gov’t talks as US pullout looms

Baghdad's traffic cops are on militants' hit list


Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu to Gaza flotilla panel: I'm convinced you will find Israel acted legally

Israel to protest U.S. travel advisory

Israel releases Mordechai Vanunu after three months in prison

Israeli held in Libya returning home after release

Lessons and legacies of Israel's Gaza withdrawal

Shalala says she was interrogated in Israel

The futile cycle of peace negotiations (arab point of view)

The new ghetto

Enter Christianity

Former Mexican president urges successor to legalize drugs, saying it will undercut cartels

14 states legalize medical marijuana

Washington D.C. law aims to make medical marijuana affordable for poor patients

New Rasmussen Poll Showing 75% Of Americans Support The Use Of Medical Marijuana By Adults If Prescribed By A Physician

Marijuana legalization receiving fewer contributions than previous drug-related propositions

BP says cementing operations on Gulf well are successful

US immigrant's dream ends in NH, accused of aiding Rwanda genocide

Nagasaki marks 65th anniversary of US atomic bomb

Michelle Obama lunches with Spain's royal family as backlash over her extravagant holiday continues back home

Former Bush Solicitor Olson backs gay marriage ruling





Saturday-Sunday, August 7-8, 2010

Today's News

Tensions Flare Along Israel's Borders

6 Americans on medical mission killed in Afghanistan

The next justification for war

Three women on Supreme Court: How big a difference?

Kagan’s Alarming Record: Military, Guns, Abortion, Immigration

US Pushes For Nuclear-Free World

California: State Officials Seek Resumption of Same-Sex Marriages

On the Web's Cutting Edge, Anonymity in Name Only

Senate dumps strategy to prevent EMP damage


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Afghanistan: The unsustainable in pursuit of the unbeatable

12 Afghan civilians, 1 NATO service member killed

International Assistance Mission slayings: part of Taliban war strategy

Suicide bomber kills 7 Afghan police in north

Iran wants cooperation with Afghans, Tajikistan

Taliban Claims Responsibility for Killing 'Christian Missionaries'


Pakistani school seeks to turn boys from Taliban

Pakistan president to address political rally

Aid Cannot Keep Pace With Needs in Flood-Stricken Pakistan

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Six police among seven killed in Iraq violence

Overnight gunfight at Baghdad bomb factory kills 5

Iraq forces take over from last U.S. combat brigade

Everything must go as US deadline to quit Iraq nears: From helicopters to printer cartridges

U.S. puts down roots in Iraq: “enduring bases” and “permanent access” bases

Hussein’s Ex-Lieutenant Faults Obama on Leaving Iraq

Obama’s Afghanistan policy tracks Bush in Iraq

Gulf seafood industry tries to shake an oily image

Anne Rice discusses her decision to quit Christianity

An August Surprise from Obama? Obama administration is about to order government-controlled lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forgive a portion of the mortgage debt

Should the Fed try to push long-term interest rates even lower?

Iran arms itself with cutting edge, long-range missiles: Advanced Russian technology can engage multiple targets

After the atomic bombs dropped: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

US ambassador joins Hiroshima memorial ceremony for first

Scottish survivor of Nagasaki defends use of atom bombs

San Jose Cannabis Tax Heading to Voters: Medical marijuana patients and activists fear a 10 percent tax is too high


Israeli - Palestinian War

Tensions Flare Along Israel's Borders

Hamas official met with Israeli officials in Israel

Hamas lawmaker denies 'secret talks' with Israel: Palestinian Viewpoint

Turkish protest ship returns home

All-female relief ship headed to Israel

Syria says Israel fabricated charges against accused spies

France names envoy to relaunch Syria-Israel talks

Israel blamed for 2005 Hariri assassination in Lebanon

Russia's wild fres threaten nuclear sites

Glenn Beck’s Holocaust comments prompt Fox News meeting

BP: Focus is on killing well, not future drilling in Gulf


Kagan to Be Sworn In as Justice

Kagan and Roberts: Similar Paths, Poles Apart

Elena Kagan vote warns of battles to come

Kagan’s Alarming Record: Military, Guns, Abortion, Immigration

Kagan brings some 'firsts' to high court: Eventual influence of new U.S. Supreme Court justice may be profound

Republican Senator: Jesus’s ‘Golden Rule’ Inspired His Vote For Pro-Abortion Kagan

House Speaker Pelosi Won’t Say When Jesus Got the Right to Life


August 5, 2007

US Senate approves Obama nominee Kagan to top court

Opponents of same-sex marriage to file appeal in California case

Ruling against Prop. 8 could lead to federal precedent on gay marriage



Today's News

Looking for the oil? NOAA says it's mostly gone

SKorea begins naval drills despite NKorean warning

Federal judge strikes down Calif. gay marriage ban

China defends dealings with Iran after US pressure over sanctions for nuclear program

Report: US to sell 2 Perry class frigates to Taiwan in move likely to anger Beijing

Iran claims to have S-300 anti-aircraft missiles

Huge Iranian energy plant explosion coincides with bid on Ahmadinejad's life

Groups want Cardinal Law dismissed from post

Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warns

Cloned beef in food chain spreads alarm in Britain

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

"God, why have you done this?" Pakistani flood victim asks as he flees historic deluge

TV broadcast by DEC for Pakistan flooding appeal

Pakistan Floods Forecast to Hit Sindh Province After Stranding 3 Million

UK, Pakistan leaders try to repair strained relations

Kenyans wait hours to cast their vote

One more killed in clashes with security forces in Srinagar

Siddiqui: Afghan errors spill into Pakistan

Iraqi Christian kidnapped as intimidation campaign continues

Wyclef Jean Will Seek Haitian Presidency

Naomi Campbell to give war crimes testimony

Iran Stoning Case Lawyer Arrested In Turkey

Peru Plague Outbreak Kills Teen, Infects At Least 31

Christian Persecution

What Rifqa Bary's Case Tells Us

Free Aijalon Gomes

Law to validate religious conversions

Oil Spill News

Double dose of good news: Well under control, much of spilled oil is gone

Rep: Enbridge Inc. violated oil spill rules

Miller: Pipeline in Michigan oil spill has other weak spots

TODAY: Enbridge Energy Partners to hold Media Briefing on Enbridge Oil Spill August 4, 2010

Expedited oil-spill royalties requested

Oil-Spill Dispersants Come Under New Scrutiny At Senate Hearing

EPA says no evidence yet that dispersants to clean up oil spill are harmful

The Crime of the Century: What BP and the US Government Don't Want You to Know

The Gulf oil spill's cost comes into focus

Crush of mud finally plugs BP's well in the Gulf

St. Joe’s Construction Comapany sues Halliburton over oil spill impact


Israeli - Palestinian War

World digest: U.N. tries to reduce Israel-Lebanon tension

Israel, Lebanon 'committed to cessation of hostilities'

Israel threatens to retaliate against attacks on three fronts

Israel must accept conditions: Erdogan

Israel: The Tension Builds

Stop settlements, Abbas tells Israel

Attacks on Israel: Watch the South

"A bridge of trust" in Israel's hospitals

Israel to deport 400 children

Analysis: Would Ahmadinejad’s assassination help Israel?

China's Prostitutes Rally For Legalization

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Obama defends his 'good war'

Violence in Iraq shadows U.S. plans to withdraw combat troops

Critics Should Ponder 'Positive Results' of Iraq War

Iraq car bomb, checkpoint attack leaves 20 dead

UN urges Iraq to quickly form new government

Allawi: Still Our Safest Bet in Iraq

Iraqi 'deck of cards': No. 54 has been released

Iraq: Requiem for a Profound Misadventure

Iraq election victor boosted as Shiite parties bicker

US stresses aid to Pakistan, eyeing improved image

Priest involved in sex and money scandal

A Guide To Catholic Sex Scandals

Commentary: Catholic priests and nuns should be allowed to marry

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's News

Israeli Colonel Killed by Lebanese Sniper Fire

Ahmadinejad assassination attempt

Is the Middle East on the Brink of Another War?

Pakistan's leader says world losing Afghan war

Pentagon: Rolling Stone writer whose article ended McChrystal's career denied embed request

Ohio Judge Rules No Forced Chemo Treatment for Runaway Christian Convert

BP begins attempt to cut off gusher by pumping mud

Family: Racial bias caused Conn. shooter to snap

NYC panel clears way for mosque near ground zero

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Video showing dying prisoner chanting 'freedom' for Papua sheds light on Indonesia's military

Floodwaters surge into Pakistan's heartland

Pakistan's largest city descends into deadly chaos after assassination

Iran: Brazil asylum unlikely in adultery case

U.S. announces new Iran sanctions

Church vs state in Philippine sex education row

Pacific Islands Forum urged to engage with Fiji

Kenya votes in referendum on new constitution

Ecuador pledges no oil drilling in Amazon reserve

Where do 'Chinese' guns arming rebels really come from?

Rwandan Ntawukulilyayo gets 25 years for genocide crime

Mexican archaeologists find 1,800-year-old tunnel, possible tombs under Teotihuacan ruins

Oil Spill News

U.S. finds most oil from Gulf spill poses little risk

Enbridge: We'll buy 200 homes affected by oil

EPA holds public meeting on Michigan oil spill

EPA's environmental center in N.J. getting upgrade

Gulf Spill Has Us Seeing Oil, Oil Everywhere

Michigan Oil Spill: Two-Thirds of Leaked Oil Has Been Recovered According to Enbridge

Oil leak in Michigan shines negative spotlight on Canada's Enbridge

BP Oil Spill Live Update: BP Oil Spill is the World’s Largest in History

BP oil spill: World's worst accidental release, topples Mexico's 1979 spill

US firm supplies cleanup products for China oil spill


Israeli - Palestinian War

4 killed in Lebanese-Israeli border clash

Official: Gaza militant killed in Israel airstrike

Palestine peace quest is no Gordian knot

The audacity of not losing hope

US wants Israel, Palestine to start direct negotiations

Speaker: Israel, Palestine pawns in deadly game

The Guns of August 2010

The problem transcends proximity talks

U.S. urges restraint between Israel, Lebanon

Terra Incognita: Wonderfully scripted propaganda

Obama and Israel

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Howitzers, office supplies, TVs _ everything must go as US forces pack up to leave Iraq

President's fulfilled pledge for Iraq brings no joy

Understanding The U.S. Military's New Mission In Iraq

Iraq blast toll rises to 20

World news roundup: Market bombing in Baghdad, other attacks kill 17

Neighboring countries compete for influence in Iraq

Will the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq threaten Saudi Arabia and Israel?

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,413

Iraq's Blessed Affliction

Iraq says cannot contain dust storm into Iran

Iran Asserts 'Soft Power' Influence In Iraq

Walking away from Christianity

Pope names Detroit native to top Vatican post

Accusations of abuse linger decades later

Reports say 3 children, 1 teacher killed in latest attack on kindergarten in China




Wednesday, Augsut 3, 2010

Today's News

NKorea threatens to retaliate against SKorea

New US sanctions aim to dry NKorea's cash sources

Obama salutes promised end of US combat in Iraq

Kandahar critical to support for Afghan war

Study ties civilian deaths to attacks on U.S. forces

Iraq: Key figures since the war began

Vote by NYC landmarks panel could clear the way for proposed mosque near ground zero

Bad Russian wheat harvest boosts US farmers

Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Deadly flooding spreads to Pakistan's heartland

Pakistani flood survivors complain about lack of aid

6 guards beheaded in Afghan bank heist

Officials say 37 people gunned down in Pakistan's Karachi city in wake of lawmaker's killing

Ahmadinejad 'willing to hold a debate with Obama'

UN climate talks settle Saudi nameplate affair

Boehner: Credit troops, not Obama, with success in Iraq

Taliban attack Afghan air base

Jordan: Firm hand against terrorists

Oil Spill News

BP oil spill confirmed as ‘world’s worst’

MSU profs help with Kalamazoo oil spill

Oil Company Was Alerted of Michigan Spill

Mitsui's MOEX Unit Gets $480 Million Oil-Spill Bill From BP, Won't Pay Yet

UPDATE: Gulf oil spill

Gulf Oil Spill Update: Fishing Resumes in Pensacola, Dispersant Concerns Linger

Investors See Petrobras Peril of Ignoring BP Oil Drilling Spill

The latest developments in the oil spill

Effort to keep oil spill at bay tips ecological balance

Final spot for oil-spill debris: common landfills


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel to take part in UN probe of flotilla raid

Israel allows 250 trucks into Gaza

Rocket attacks on Israel: Why Hamas has an interest in keeping Gaza quiet

Analysis: Israel, Jordan fighting terror

MESS Report / World Jihad targeting Jordan and Egypt, not just Israel

Off the record: Candid views from Mid-East officials

Let Israeli-Palestinian Talks Fail

Report: Lebanon army colonel arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Baghdad: Insurgents kill five officers

The Iraq Commitment

Death toll dispute highlights Iraq security concerns

Petraeus's next big challenge

The State Of Iraq's Government, Security

Obama is also pulling equipment and bases from Iraq

Roadside Bombs Raise U.S. Stakes In Afghanistan

Military Family Reacts to Obama Troop Withdrawl Plan

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's News

Prince Charles: 'My duty is to save the world'

High Iraq deaths cast doubt on US stability talk

Israel suspects Turkey is betraying its military secrets to Iran

Mullen says US has Iran strike plan, just in case

Leaked Memo: Obama administration and USCIS plan immigration reform without Congress

Obama's U.S. assassination program? Part 2

Oops! Obama mama passport 'destroyed'

So has the great BP environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico been over-hyped?

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Rockets fired at southern Israeli city of Eilat; one hits Jordan injuring 4

Pakistan's Swat Valley survives Taliban insurgency only to face destruction from floods

Suicide car bomb kills 5 kids in Afghanistan

Italian group says executions on the rise in Iraq

US envoy: Iran, NKorea nukes threaten security

Thailand's Red Shirts stage new protest in Bangkok

Colombia denies hostile intent toward Venezuela

Aid group suspends work due to South Sudan attacks

Oil Spill News

BP gears up for two-phase effort to plug Gulf oil well

Gulf Spill Triggers New Oil-Field Work

Coast Guard defends dispersant use in Gulf oil spill

BP offers one-off payouts to stem Gulf oil spill lawsuits

Gulf oil spill: 'Static kill' vs. 'bottom kill' -- what's the difference?

Oil spill shows a need for change

EPA notes improvements at Michigan oil spill site

Michigan spill not Enbridge's 1st brush with controversy

Michigan oil spill has some asking: Are regulations too lax?

BP Spill May Cost Gulf Coast Homes $56,000 Apiece in Value


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel to expel hundreds of migrant workers' kids

Hamas’s violent message

Patten ignores important steps taken by Israel

Iran warns Israel not to raid nuclear facilities

Cluster Bomb Treaty Comes Into Force

Israel accuses UK of anti-Semitism: MPs outraged by Peres's tirade against English

Arabs living in Israel are accusing the Jewish state of racism

Israel Prosperity Seen Unsustainable as Haredim Refuse to Work

Israel agrees in principal to UN inquiry

Iraq War Not Over Yet

In Iraq, an impasse as U.S. troops draw down

Shiite bloc suspends talks, undermining Maliki's chances to remain Iraq's leader

Iraq casualty dispute as US denies Baghdad figures

Iraq violence 'worst in two years'

Concern rises over security in Iraq

Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait Remembered 20 Years Later

Tearful farewell for 670 soldiers

Depleted Uranium continues in the News

Document Reveals Military Was Concerned About
Gulf War Vets' Exposure To Depleted Uranium

Sharp rise of disease, birth defects and infant mortality in Falluja


Catholic Hypocrisy

On the west coast of Florida, a small group of Catholic women priests is saying mass in defiance of the Vatican

Is the Pope Catholic? Mysteries of the Vatican Explained

Vatican City Enforces 'Hypocritical' New Dress Code

Sex Abuse Critic to Pope: Swap White Cassock for Black, Lose the Red Shoes

Scandals have scared off new recruits, Germany's top Catholic says

Parish priest stands aside as child abuse claim rocks diocese

Pope welcomes cluster munitions ban, urges more countries to sign

GOP Senators Want Answers on Amnesty Memo

Tehran admits access to nuclear, missile technology, will try three US hikers

August 1, 2010

US casualties in Afghanistan soar to record highs

Kabul rioters burn SUVs, yell 'Death to America'

Taliban in Afghanistan says they will target informants outed by WikiLeaks for working with U.S.

Syria, Saudi leaders travel together to Lebanon

Hamas says group's senior rocket maker killed, 11 wounded in Israeli air strikes

Chavez says Venezuela has deployed troops and air units amid tensions with Colombia

Ariz. governor considers changing immigration law

Leaked Memo: Obama administration and USCIS plan immigration reform without Congress

Bill to aid sick 9/11 responders fails in House

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

House passes pared-down measure to fund war

WikiLeaks 'has blood on its hands' over Afghan war logs, claim US officials

At least 430 killed in Pakistani flood

Pakistan security officers cancel UK visit

5.7 quake shakes Iran

Roadside bomb in Iraq kills 5 members of family

Activist: Iranian with stoning sentence tormented

Trinidad and Tobago in a quandary over death penalty

Al-Qaeda Creating an Army in Yemen

Families mark 1 year of US hikers' Iran detention

Is a new war in the Middle East becoming inevitable?

FDA OKs First Embryonic Stem Cell Research Trial on Humans, Despite Concerns

Is Your Detergent Stalking You?

My duty is to save the world: Prince Charles believes he was born for a purpose

Oil Spill News

Debris in relief well sets back work on gusher

Cleanup of Mich. river oil spill to take months, damage to wildlife to last much longer

Oil spill probe launched

A new phase for oil-spill cleanup

Spill work force could be cut

House approves oil spill bill; stalled in Senate

NOAA: Probability Oil Spill Hitting S Fla, East Coast Still Low

After 100 days, Deepwater Horizon oil spill continues to threaten Gulf coast

Gulf oil spill: Louisiana fish and shrimp get thumbs-up

More crude washes up in Terrebonne, Lafourche

China oil spill could be 'enormous'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza military group claims responsibility for firing rocket at Israel

Hamas fighter 'killed' in Israel air strikes on Gaza

Catholic patriarch scolds Israel for allowing gay parade

Feeble, choked River Jordan struggles for salvation

In ironic twist, Iran detained US hikers critical of Israel and America

'U.S., Israel officials hold talks on Iran'

Report: U.S. companies transferred funds to suspects in Dubai hit

Israel says Iran sanctions not enough

Arab League Endorses Abbas For Resumption Of Direct Talks With Israel

Iraq War Not Over Yet

New President, Same War Funding?

John Prescott: WMD evidence was a load of of old tittle tattle

Migrant group hits govt. deployment ban, as Philippines sends envoy to Iraq

Deadly assault exposes Iraq's delicate state of security

At Least 15 Members of Iraq's Security Forces Killed

Roadside bomb in Iraq kills 5 members of family

US army top brass blamed for rise in troop suicides

General: Screening for suicides won't work


Catholic Priests Sex News

Former Catholic priest shares events that led him to seek ordination in the Episcopal Church

Crimes against the faith: child molesters and women priests

Teen sues convicted sex offender ex-priest

Tenn priest pleads guilty to abusing boy in NC

Fall in Catholic child abuse claims

The backwardness of Catholic-bashing

Priest sex abuse test case in Fresno court

Vatican accused of hypocrisy over short skirts dress code

Rome Diocese calls for active gay priests to go, stop sullying church

Vatican euro coins are put into circulation

Italy seeks private sponsors to restore Colosseum

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