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August 12, 2006
August 31, 2006

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Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed U.S. - Whom should the world really fear?

U.S. military sees Iran's nuke bomb 5 years away

Iran ignores powers, UN on uranium enrichment

Analysis: Iran confident of seeing off Western nuclear pressure: Iran is willing to discuss uranium enrichment if intent is to guarantee peaceful nature of its program -- but not if intent is to prevent pursuing civilian nuclear energy program

U.S. Drafting Sanctions

Iran says talks can help resolve nuclear issue

Oil higher as Iran remains defiant

US oil and defense industry chiefs cash in: US oil and defense industry executives are raking in record personal profits

Hurricane Watch

Ernesto to Bring Heavy Rain to Carolinas -- Storm strengthens

Storm Fizzles in Florida: No more vigor than an ordinary summer storm

Flash Flood Watch: For Mid-Atlantic

Ernesto isn’t spoiling Labor Day tourism in the Carolinas

Hurricane John Blasts Mexican Coast

First the Flood, Now the Fight: Critics Say FEMA Is Impeding Gulf Coast Rebuilding As Disputes Hold Up Nearly $1 Billion in Relief Funds

California Unveils Global Warming Plan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

22 bombs explode in Thailand, killing 2

Philippines battles major oil spill

Death of UN aid workers threatens work in Sri Lanka

Why it's not working in Afghanistan

Election 2004 In The News

Novak Calls Republican Outlook "Pitiful"

Bush to Begin Series of Speeches on Iraq: With two months to election day, President Begins Series of Speeches Defending Iraq War

Bellwether For a Bitter Election

U.S. Senator Salazar calls for Rumsfeld to be fired

Mayor in Utah protests Iraq war: As President Bush visits Salt Lake City to address the American Legion today

"Relentless DVD: Graphic Proof No Peace Possible"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Lebanon Rejects Any Idea of A Lasting Peace With Israel

Russian-made Kornet-E anti-tank weapon, laser-guided missile, was deadly against Israel's Merkava tanks

Israel Says Syria, Not Just Iran, Supplied Missiles to Hezbollah

The Day After: A Reading into the Post-Lebanon War- 33-day war did not accomplish objectives of either Israel or US

Related Headline News Analysis: Israel Halts War Against Lebanon On Day #33!

As trade minister, Olmert helped friend's clients make millions

Lebanon 'desperate for new funds'

UN Votes To Deploy 15,000 Peacekeepers: To enforce a cease-fire in southern Lebanon

Disarming Hezbollah a dream, says grizzled Lebanese sergeant

Lebanese Cabinet OKs Troop Deployment of Lebanese Troops South of Litani River

Germany Expected to Send Troops to Lebanon

UN's Annan visits UN peacekeepers in Lebanon

Blockade costing Lebanon $45m a day

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicide Car Bomb Kills 2 in Baghdad

"Battle of Baghdad" racing the clock

Hero’s Kin Reveals: GI had called war ‘lost cause’

A Flick of a Lighter Kills Scores of Gas-Looting Iraqis: At least 67 people, including dozens of looters siphoning gasoline from a government pipeline, were killed in an explosion late Monday night after fuel vapor was accidentally ignited by a cigarette lighter

Violation of trust in Iraq: Hospitals new "killing fields"

Iraqi minister says gunmen executed 13 soldiers

Iraqi minister cancels truce with Shiite militia

Pipeline carrying oil byproducts exploded in a southern Iraqi city: Sparked massive fire and killing at least 27 people

34 killed in clashes between Shiite militia, Iraqi forces in southern Iraq

Iraqi security taking over 2nd province

No Death Penalty for Marine Charged In Civilian Deaths

Government Hints at Case Against Marines In Civilian Murder Case

Iraq troops still 12-18 months from taking over: General Casey reveals

Soldier from Gorham, N.H. dies in Iraq

Iraq Historian resigns amid claims of fundamentalism: Admits to being a Christian

Grisly discovery made at Iraqi school

Attorney General Gonzales: Iraq's future depends on law

Biologists test for bird flu in Alaska

No sign of Asian bird flu in Michigan swans

HAARP Can Provide America With 100% Effective Missile Shield

'North Can Build 10 Nuke Bombs': Former North Korean intelligence officer

Archive Article Posted March, 2003 -- North Korea Has 100 Nukes And The Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them!

Why Pyongyang is going nuclear: North Korea getting ready to settle old scores with U.S.

'Hell Formula' for the 21st century is already upon us

U.S. plans Thursday test of missile defenses

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

CIA used 'micro nuclear' bomb in Bali: Top Islamic cleric Bashir claims

Archives Posted October, 2002: "Was A Micro-Nuke Used In Bali Bomb Blast"?

Pope's Exorcist: Harry Potter Satanic - "magic is always a turn to the devil"

Cutting Edge Harry Potter Section


Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11

Illuminati Card Game Reveals That Illuminati Was Planning 9/11 Attacks As Far Back As 1990

Giving teeth to terrorism

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran's President Ahmadinejad challenges Bush to TV debate

China pursuing "diplomacy" with Iran: China supports diplomatic solution to nuclear crisis

Iran should name a street after Bush: Iran has been the chief beneficiary of the war on terror in the Middle East." Oops!

The death of nuclear deterrence: Russian scalar weaponry can "dud" every nuclear weapon on earth in just a few hours!

Ernesto Tropical Storm Loses Punch Before Striking Florida: Weakened storm provides relief for hurricane-weary residents

Tracking Map

Hurricane John closes in on Mexico: Powerful cyclone closes on Pacific coast

Mental illness up among Katrina storm survivors

City Dances, Mourns a Year After Katrina

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel rejects U.N. blockade appeal: Saying it would only raise the siege once all elements of a ceasefire were in place

War stalls Beirut's rebirth as young seek better life elsewhere

British airport handles U.S. "dangerous goods" flights to Israel: Plane was carrying bombs to Israel

UN's Annan unable to confirm whether kidnapped troops are alive

Gaza: Journalists protest censorship

Israel kills 5 Palestinians in Gaza Strip

IDF foils tunnel attack near Gaza security fence

Israelis warned not to travel to Sinai: Intelligence warns that a terror attack there is imminent

Shin Bet Security Head Diskin Reveals: Sinai has become terror hub

Italian foreign minister said that groups such as Lebanese guerrillas Hezbollah and Palestinian militants Hamas are not purely terrorist organizations: Efforts to bring them into the political fold should be encouraged

Russia and the 'rogues': Shi'ite militia had some of the most advanced anti-tank technology in the world when Israel attacked Lebanon

Donald Rumsfeld A s The Serpent: Russia was asked to support a U.S. proposal to use intercontinental ballistic missiles whose nuclear warheads would be replaced with conventional ones to attack terrorists - Russia declined

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Blasts kill more than 40 in Iraq: Including 24 at a busy market in Baghdad

24 Bodies Dumped in Baghdad Shiite Areas - many bearing signs of torture

More than 100 die in Iraq battles, pipeline explosion

Bomb kills three at Iraqi army centre

Four US soldiers killed in 'enemy action'

Explosion kills 29 petrol scavengers in Iraq

Recalling Marines exposes the war lie: "Vietnam creep" in Iraq continued last week

Iraqi army and militia agree to truce: Calm has been restored in the town of Diwaniyah after a battle which left at least 28 people dead

Armitage cited as CIA leak source: Then-Deputy Secretary of State "outed" Valerie Plame as CIA undercover agent in retaliation for revelations from her husband that the Adminstration's Niger uranium story was false

Hearings to begin for accused marines

Rumsfeld sharpens attacks on US war critics

VP Cheney Warns: early Iraq pullout 'ruinous' to U.S. security

“Abu Ghraib prison totally empty”

Britain takes a misstep in Iraq: Insurgents vigorously attacking abandoned base

Lifting seven veils of the Iraqi illusion

Iraqi Shiite: No Interference From Iran - defended Iran on Tuesday against American allegations that it trained and equipped Shiite militias, noted that the US has provided no proof

Attorney General Gonzales stresses rule of law as he visits Baghdad!!

US Navy says officer passed secret Guantanamo data: Worked as a lawyer for government - Accused of mailing classified information on foreign terrorism suspects there to an unauthorised person

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Kurdish rebels warn of 'hell' in Turkey

Terror Bomb blasts knock Turkey off balance

U.S. appoints envoy to help Turkey counter Kurdish rebel threat

Ambush and bombs kill 20 in rising Afghan violence

Venezuela's President Chavez visits Syria, pledges solidarity against US

US accused of bid to oust Chávez with secret funds: Millions of dollars given to opposition

Draft UN troop resolution seeks Sudan's approval

US aircraft and weaponry used during raid on cave hideout in Pakistan


Pentagon payroll problems persist: Has done little to recover nearly $900,000 mistakenly paid to 75 Army reservists who have not reported for duty since late 2001

Conservative presidential candidate Calderon near victory as Mexican court backs vote

UK charges three more suspects in airline terror bomb probe

Hong Kong probes mad cow case: British citizen visiting Hong Kong

Mayon Volcano spits ash in series of explosions in Philippines

Non-Integrating States News -- North Korea

Rumsfeld Cautions About Depending On Missile Shield: To protect our cities against North Korean missile attack - caution about expectations that interceptors poised in underground silos here would work in the event of a missile attack by North Korea

US missile defence ship arrives in Japan port

U.S. plans test of missile defenses: Military officials sought to lower expectations

South Korea on 24-hour watch for North Korea nuclear test with seismic, sound sensors

North Korean leader said to be in China

US Seeking more access to passenger data

China foils oilfield and power plant bombings

Cash-strapped Cambodia eyes black gold: Chevron is poised to prove Cambodia is sitting on oil reserves worth $1 billion annually

Karr dreamed of movie on killing: He envisioned Johnny Depp playing him in a movie about how he killed JonBenet Ramsey, which he thought would make $1 billion

JonBenet killer still unknown: Colorado prosecutors on Tuesday tried to explain how the case fell apart and were left wondering if they would ever find her killer

Spain moves to stem immigration

Teams vie for U.S. border security contract: To beef up security along over 7,500 miles of U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada

Up to 14 hurt in San Francisco SUV hit-and-run spree - 7 critical



Prosecutors Drop Case in JonBenet Ramsey Slaying -- DNA did not match

Prosecutors Vow to Keep Investigating

Hurricane News

Florida Prepares as Tropical Storm Ernesto Nears

Tracking Map

Tropical Storm Ernesto Drenches Cuba

Ernesto "cone" of impact: Covers Florida's peninsula Residents hoard gas, food as hurricane watch issued

Tropical Storm Ernesto keeps space shuttle grounded

New Orleans Marks 1 Year After Katrina

Katrina rebuilding could take years: Bush

Rove has unparalleled influence with Bush

Inept management, not terrorism, has endangered U.S. and its economy

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicide bomber attacks Iraq interior ministry Monday: Six US soldiers among dead as Iraq violence flares seen as blow to Maliki's efforts

Two more U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq

Police find 11 bodies near Baghdad school: Men were blindfolded, had their hands tied behind their backs and showed signs of torture

Iraqi Forces Regain Control of City

Oil Pipeline Explosion Kills 5 in Iraq

40 Killed As Shiites, Iraqi Forces Fight

Rumsfeld asks Americans for 'patience' in Iraq: Admits facing 'clever' enemy who 'actively manipulating the media' in the US.

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Arrives in Baghdad for One-Day Visit

Iraq aims to beef up border security: Plans to disband all militias and stop the flow of militants across the border

Iranian envoy: Iraqi people key to solving security problems without need of foreign troop intervention

Iraq govt eyes economy boost to ease conflict


Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

British Soldiers are paying with their lives for this incompetence: Forces are badly overstretched

British soldier killed in Afghanistan is named


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert rejects calls for inquiry into failures of Lebanon war

State Comptroller: Don’t need PM’s authorization to probe war- I have the authority under law

Reservist: PM laughing in our face by not quitting over failures in Lebanon war

U.N. chief tries to bolster cease-fire

U.N. chief: Key parts of cease-fire ignored: Criticizes both Israel and Hezbollah

Israel weighs massive increase in defense budget

Italian ships set to leave with peacekeeping troops for S. Lebanon UN force

Though officials were warned 5 years ago, bomb shelters weren't ready


Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Israel must prepare for Iran threat: Olmert: US warns unilateral sanctions are probable

Nuclear program a source of pride for Iranians

Iran Test-Fires Sub-To-Surface Missile: A show of military might

US vs. Iran - Is An Attack Inevitable?

Republican Chutzpah on Iran: "Unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity"

Non-Integrating States News -- North Korea

Rumsfeld Cautions About Depending On Missile Shield: To protect our cities against North Korean missile attack - caution about expectations that interceptors poised in underground silos here would work in the event of a missile attack by North Korea

Reality About America's HAARP Electromagnetic Weapons System: It can provide 100% effective missile shield over entire continent!

World War III Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival"

Politics In The News

Kerry Revives 2004 Election Allegations: Voting fraud

Democrats See Victory in U.S. House Races, Senate Within Reach

"Anybody knows not to mess with me": Nancy Pelosi leads the Democrats with a fiery style that could make her the first woman Speaker of the House

Couric Gets Bush For 1st 'Evening News'

Human Brain Filing System Uncovered

Shell interrupts pipeline construction at massive Sakhalin-2 offshore energy project in far eastern Russia


Non-Integrating States News -- North Korea

Rumsfeld Cautions About Depending On Missile Shield: To protect our cities against North Korean missile attack - caution about expectations that interceptors poised in underground silos here would work in the event of a missile attack by North Korea

Reality About America's HAARP Electromagnetic Weapons System: It can provide 100% effective missile shield over entire continent!

World War III Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran Test-Fires Sub-To-Surface Missile: A show of military might

US vs. Iran - Is An Attack Inevitable?

Republican Chutzpah on Iran: "Unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Wave of Iraq Attacks Leaves Dozens Dead

60 die in Iraq: But current government leaders are in denial

Assailants open fire on market north of Baghdad, killing 12 people and wounding 25

Back-to-back suicide car bombs strike Kirkuk

Suicide bomber attacks Iraq newspaper

U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb outside of Baghdad Saturday night

Sexy troupe boosts troops: Crowd of male Marines eats up skin show near Iraqi battleground

Bomb detonates outside hotel in downtown Baghdad Sunday

Rumsfeld Defends Extended Tours in Iraq

Former US president Jimmy Carter blasts `subservient' Blair on Iraq

Morality in Iraq, Then and Now

Iraq govt eyes economy boost to ease conflict

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

21 Wounded As Blasts Hit Turkish Resort

Kenyans greet US Senator Obama with open arms

Britain 'blocking peace deal' for Uganda

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Feds Say New Orleans Is Storm-Ready

New Orleans hopes for miss as Ernesto nears

Ernesto Barrels Toward Cuba And Threatens US Gulf Coast: Even though it has weakened to tropical storm, weathermen fear it could strengthen back into a hurricane

State of emergency in Florida.: Visitors ordered to leave Keys due to hurricane

Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design

Damage to environment threatens the poor: Pope Benedict XVI declares

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli strike kills 4 Gaza Hamas police

Humbling of the IDF supertroops shatters Israeli army morale

'Peacekeepers to be deployed in Lebanon' within a week: UN's Annan assures Israel's Olmert

Hezbollah Head Says He Didn't Expect War

IDF uncovers Hizbullah bunker

Hizbullah Chief Nasrallah: We won't be restrained for a long time

'Gaza is caught in anarchy and thuggery': Unimaginable chaos, careless policemen, young men carrying guns and strutting with pride

Olmert likely to opt for gov't inquiry: Believes war in Lebanon has achieved historic breakthrough in attitudes

IDF Armored Forces Commander: Not many tanks harmed during war


Time for US to Step Aside in Middle East Peace Drive: Arab viewpoint

Lebanon's fishermen crippled by wartime oil spill: Israel's war against Hezbollah caused massive oil spill on the country's shores, as well as heavily damaged boats and a continuing naval blockade

Editorial: Cluster Bombs Scattered In Lebanon

Cease-Fire in Lebanon: Turkey’s Opportunity

Freed journalists forced to embrace Islam at gunpoint

Pentagon confirms transfer of Guantanamo prisoner to Germany

NAFTA superhighway to mean Mexican drivers, say Teamsters: Union warns of drug-taking truckers, unsafe rigs on planned trade routes

Billions at stake in high-tech border contract

Crashed Kentucky Plane Took Off From Wrong Runway

LEX 18 News officials shocked by Emmy Awards’ plane-crash spoof intro

See The Video: Emmy Parodies Planecrash Hours After Kentucky Accident

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Tropical Storm Ernesto Aims at Jamaica, May Hit Gulf

Storm Track Model

Ernesto upgraded to hurricane status

Ernesto could become a dangerous Gulf hurricane

New Storm Worries Louisiana After Katrina

"Christian Words, Un-christian Actions"

Spotlight On President Bush

President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits

Bush needs more smart thinking, less gut reaction: ""The first principle," said Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, "is that you must not fool yourself -- and you are the easiest person to fool."

Criticizing Dems not a plan: President had better display some leadership

US-UK attempt to remake the world by force is failing

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Israel has appointed a top general to oversee a war against IranIsrael has appointed a top general to oversee a war against Iran

Defiant Iran dismisses West : Ahmadinejad scorns threat of sanctions as nuclear program expands

Iran may pull out of NPT: U.S. weighing sanctions without UN

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

In civil war, Tigris could be line none dares cross: As segregation continues, river is seen as a divider for Shiites in east, Sunnis in west

New York Marine slain in Iraq buried : Mourners honor man whose neighborhood was devastated by 9/11

Car bomb targets newspaper office in Baghdad on Sunday morning: Two people died and as many as 30 were injured

Bombs rock Baghdad day after PM’s unity call: Nine people killed on minibus

Iraqi tribal chiefs support reconciliation plan

Fellow Marines defend actions of 2 accused in Hadithah civilian murder case

Iraqi lawmaker released unharmed by kidnappers: Was mother of two

Iraq militant group says holding Turkish hostage

Boosting morale with a bit of flesh and fantasy: Sexy, mini-skirted girls sit on Marine's laps, entertain

Anti-war marchers shadow Bush's vacation

U.S. Army reviews hundreds of combat deaths

Reuters seeks Pentagon probe on journalist's death at hands of American troops one year ago

Divide and conquer Iraq to win war at home: Editorial

Unsuccessful mission: Bush fails to sell war: A year since his last visit, even Utahns are increasingly skeptical about U.S. odds of success in Iraq

Infamous torture prison - Abu Ghraib - no longer houses any prisoners: Iraqi officials


Israeli - Palestinian War

A weaker US hand in the Mideast

Humbling of the IDF supertroops shatters Israeli army morale

Inquiry into Lebanon war not on agenda at weekly cabinet meeting

Scale of Israeli attack 'surprised' Hezbollah

International impotence

Israel and Lebanon welcome EU pledge on peacekeeping troops

Lebanon to discuss UN force with Annan

Israel asks "non-hostile" Muslim nations to join peacekeeping effort

Kidnapped Fox journalists convert to Islam on video

Kidnappers release Fox News reporters in Gaza Strip

2 Reuters cameramen hurt in IAF missile attack on armored car: Reuters owned the car

In Israel, leaders struggle with targeted killings: Moral, legal quandaries mark decision to use select weapon against terror

Former Israeli parliamentarian reveals real story of Olmert: Editorial By Uri Avnery

South American scams funding Hezbollah?

Oil In The News

China seals oil deal with Venezuela's Chavez

High Oil Prices Unjustified: Saudi King Abdullah explains that global markets are well supplied with crude oil

Venezuela to produce more than 5m bpd in 2012: Chavez boasts

US, Israel seek new alternative energy sources

error Storm: History of Government Sponsored Terrorism - New DVD from Alex Jones

Bush Now Says What He Wouldn’t Say Before War: Iraq Had ‘Nothing’ To Do With 9/11 - Hear, see the President admit that Iraq had "Nothing" to do with attacks of 9/11

Historic Flashback: Presidential Letter Links Iraq & 9/11 Attacks

Jordan approves first anti-terrorism law

New Cutting Edge Articles

Reverend Billy Graham Breaks The Hearts of Fundamental Christians -- Again!

Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled!? If the Kurds (Ancient Medes) continue to establish their own government in northern Iraq, the horrific judgments found in Isaiah 13 may be developing!

Breaking Related News Stories

Kurdish Rebels Say They Won't Disarm

Kurds React to Recent Shelling in Border Regions

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Syria says technical glitch caused power cut to Lebanon

British murder suspects attacked in Cyprus

Pakistan rebel death sparks riots

U.S. aid in Venezuela raises suspicions in Chavez camp

Struggling New Orleans musicians look ahead


Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran inaugurates atomic project: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has opened a heavy-water plant project as part of the state's controversial nuclear programme

Former Iranian president says pressure on Teheran creating another crisis

U.S. may bypass U.N. on Iran: LA Times

Iran prepared financially for UN sanctions

Russia rejects option of sanctions for Iran

France sees new 'contacts' with Iran on N-row

Analysis: Breaking the Syria-Iran alliance

It's time for a 'Nixon moment': Ray Takeyh, CFR, believes the Bush administration has run out of options. "They will declare victory and punt"

Iran sanctions could fracture coalition: Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon has made that job harder

Will Bush make Iran the only superpower? A nuclear superpower that is unwilling to use the Bomb - and whose enemy knows of its unwillingness - has no bomb

New Cutting Edge Articles

Reverend Billy Graham Breaks The Hearts of Fundamental Christians -- Again!

Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled!? If the Kurds (Ancient Medes) continue to establish their own government in northern Iraq, the horrific judgments found in Isaiah 13 may be developing!

Breaking Related News Stories

Kurdish Rebels Say They Won't Disarm

Kurds React to Recent Shelling in Border Regions

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Dynamite found in checked bag at George Bush airport in Houston

7 Incidents in a Day Show Air Travel Anxiety Is Up

Terror Storm: History of Government Sponsored Terrorism - New DVD from Alex Jones

Related News Story: Bush popularity gets a boost after terror plot: Poll reveals

Bush Now Says What He Wouldn’t Say Before War: Iraq Had ‘Nothing’ To Do With 9/11 - Hear, see the President admit that Iraq had "Nothing" to do with attacks of 9/11

Historic Flashback: Presidential Letter Links Iraq & 9/11 Attacks

Islam poses a threat to the West, say 53pc of British in poll: After alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners and last year's terrorist attacks on London

Fight terror with police work, not armies

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Caribbean islands keep eye on Ernesto: Tropical storm could become the season's first hurricane

Tracking Map: Projected to New Orleans?

After the storm, a new home: New Orleans congregations establish Houston churches among the faithful

Global warming could be causing some glaciers to grow: New study claims

Russian scientist predicts global cooling

Israeli - Palestinian War

A weaker US hand in the Mideast

Israeli views on Shebaa Farms harden: High peaks deemed strategically critical to watch Lebanese border

Deadline passes for Gaza hostages

Israeli soldiers have killed one Palestinian and wounded nine during an operation in the West Bank town of Nablus

Europeans pledge up to 6,900 troops for Lebanon peacekeeping forces

France says it will send UNIFIL troops in 3 weeks

Fatah agrees to government with Hamas

Russia Still Undecided on Sending Peacekeepers to Middle East — Defense Minister

Iranian President : Iran poses no threat to 'Zionist regime'

Hamas Promises: Missing Fox Journalists Unharmed

Hotels in Western Galilee boast record bookings after cease-fire

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

North Korea Will Not Rule Out Nuclear Test

Two French soldiers killed in Afghan ambush

Pakistani rebels extend truce on Afghan border

Uganda, Rebels to End 19-Year Conflict

Death Toll in Moscow Market Blast Rises to 11: Police not ruling out terrorism

Karr's lawyers try to stop DNA tests

Ramsey Suspect's Father, Half Brother Doubt Guilt: Say it is "impossible" for Karr to have committed the murder - appear on "Good Morning America"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Insurgents kill 14 as Iraq violence rages

Facing Heat from Critics, Sen. McCain Says He Still Supports War in Iraq: Day after making "day on the beach" comment

Iraqis Loot Base After British Leave: Looting occurred the day after the camp was turned over to Iraqi troops

Carnage damaging Iraqi psyche

US struggles to boost Iraqi morale

Republicans in Blue States Rethink Iraq: Some conservative defenders of the war, facing opinion polls and antiwar challengers in November, are now talking withdrawal

Iraqi Battlefront: Prices are skyrocketing

US Officer cashed in on war: LTC pleads guilty to scheme to defraud the Iraq US led occupation authority by wire fraud and money laundering

Iraqi Kurdistan News

The Kurds are being driven out again - this time by Iran: SECRET war is being waged in Iraqi Kurdistan’s isolated Kandil mountain range

Kurdish Rebels Say They Won't Disarm

GOP's Engine Sputters in Michigan: President Bush needs to meet with beleaguered automakers

Primary fever hits U.S. Midwest states

Argentina Launches Multi-Billion-Dollar Nuclear Initiative: Will start a fourth nuclear plant and resume production of enriched uranium

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Former Iranian president says pressure on Teheran creating another crisis

Iran’s Nuclear Threat Continues to Grow: Iranian opposition group

Iranian Nuclear Standoff Demands Jaw-Jaw, Not War-War

Will Bush make Iran the only superpower? The Castration Clause

Israel feels US will not attack Iran: "America is stuck in Iraq and cannot go after Iran militarily right now," IDF official said

Fundamentals, fear to keep oil prices in a narrow range: "fear will remain as long as unrest continues in Nigeria, Iraq stays chaotic and Iran continues to defy the major powers over its enrichment programme"

Two killed in Vermont school shooting

Governor Schwarzenegger's Cold Shoulder to Muslims: Rebuffing California's Islamic leaders sends a message of intolerance

Israeli - Palestinian War

Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs - The deadly cluster bomb, killer of civilians, especially children

EU under pressure to provide Lebanon peacekeeping troops

Belgian PM: Brussles to pledge significant addition to Lebanon force

French troops join Lebanon force: Part of 15,000 wanted

France's Chirac: 15,000 Peacekeepers 'Excessive'

Syria Objects to U.N. Troops on Border

Italian FM: Harsh U.S. approach to Mideast failed -- But FM also said that, If the planned multinational force in Lebanon succeeds, it might be possible to create a similar force for the Gaza Strip

New Yorker arrested for broadcasting Hizbollah TV

Lebanon Should Serve as a Wake-Up Call: Arab viewpoint

Downtown Beirut businesses struggle to recover from war

Most Israelis want prime minister to resign: Poll reveals

The new axis of intervention: US and Israel

Israeli army chief admits to logistical errors in Lebanon

Retired General: IDF needs rehab- former head of military intelligence warned "Israel should seek to deal with Iran and Syria, instead of chasing the child who's throwing stones"

PA officials: Kidnapped IDF soldier Shalit's fate is in Syrian hands

Hamas sees progress in bid to free Fox journalists nabbed in Gaza

Israeli President Katsav: I've been publicly smeared by sexual allegations - rebukes public figures calling for his resignation before being found guilty

Tropical depression number five forms in the eastern Caribbean: Expected to become Tropical Storm Ernesto over the next day or so

Bush Would Rather Be Relaxing in Texas: Kennebunkport was a respite for the first President Bush. His son seems to feel more at home on the sweltering trails of Crawford

Illegal Immigration Dominates Meeting of U.S., Mexican Border Governors

Homeland Security Chief Chertoff backs off endorsing Pence plan: White House reportedly 'scrambling' to get immigration reform passed - tells regional governors

A Thaw Between India and China: The developing relationship between the wary Asian giants could shape the 21st century

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi Christians Caught in the Crossfire

U.S. generals see security in Iraq improving

3 U.S. Soldiers Among Fatalities in Iraq: Killings came despite assurances from U.S. officials that progress was being made to improve security in the capital

Bush is shifting his tone on the Iraq war: Instead of touting "progress", President is now emphazing that things could be a whole lot worse

Iraq Official Escapes Roadside Bomb: Interior minister narrowly escaped

Sadr's Militia and the Slaughter in the Streets: 'We Don't Need a Verdict,' One Commander Says

Iraq to build mega-port in south: Includes an oil terminal that is slated to complement the current offshore facility in Basra

Teenage British private faced with serving in Iraq commits suicide

China supports Venezuela's bid for U.N. Security Council: Chavez signs a deal to boost oil to the Chinese

New Orleans Mayor Takes Swipe At NYC: Stung by criticism he is taking too long to rebuild after Katrina - Took note of New York City’s failure to rebuild Ground Zero

Small Businesses Closed In Droves In Katrina's Wake

North Korean nuclear test would be a threat : Japan warns

South Korea's defense minister said that North Korea is believed to have one or two nuclear weapons

Karr isolated in Boulder jail: JonBenét murder suspect flown from Calif.; charges expected soon

Case against Karr still being built

Ransom note's link to Karr may be shaky, experts say

Karr family believes he's lying

Comments by JonBenet suspect fuel skepticism: "The DNA might not match"

Calif. Officials Told Colorado officials of Karr in 2001

JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect agrees to return to Colorado

New stem cell method keeps embryos alive: A potential solution to the political and ethical impasse holding back the cutting-edge science

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom should the world fear?

Some in G.O.P. Say Iran Threat Is Played Down

US Intelligence in the dark over Iran: Congressional report - "there ‘is a great deal about Iran that we do not know’

Iran Ready to Enter 'Serious Negotiations'

U.S. Gives Mixed Signals on Its Response to Iran: Administration says Tehran's counteroffer on its nuclear program sidesteps a key demand, but there's no pledge to seek quick sanctions

World powers give cool response to Iran offer - UN next stop for debate

‘Iran wins in US war on terrorism’: Influence of Iran in the Middle East has been strengthened by the US war on terrorism

Iran plays strategic role in ME: South African President Mbeki

SWAT teams may step up role on U.S.-Mexico border

Chertoff: Crackdown deterring illegal immigrants

FEMA ready for the next one, chief says: Agency retooled after Katrina, but many along coast are still skeptical

Delayed plans slow money for Katrina victims

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US Marine Corps is about to begin calling thousands of marines back to active-duty service on an involuntary basis to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan

Number of U.S. Troops in Iraq Climbs: Back to 138,000

Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) Sees New Evidence That War Is Going Badly

"Swift Boat" Veterans Set Sights on Rep. Murtha: Iraq war looms over another race, as the group that helped defeat John Kerry targets the antiwar lawmaker

Iraqi forces detain 77, seize arms from mosque

U.S. soldier killed in raid south of Baghdad

Violence rages on across Iraq: US-led coalition cautiously optimistic plan to restore peace to Baghdad is working despite raging violence

Bush runs into revolt on Iraq

British general in Iraq comments on ’civil war in miniature’

New York Democrat Gillibrand supports timeline for exit from Iraq

Kurdish Survivor of poison gas attack testifies in genocide trial of Saddam Hussein

Britain could hand back Basra within months

'Shiite Giant' Extends Its Reach: Sadr's Armed Movement Becomes Pivotal Force in Fractured Country

Iraq signs $12.9m loan deal with IDB (Islamic Development Bank)

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US-led air raid kills 7 Afghan civilians

Sudan Party Rejects U.N. Resolution

Darfur sex attacks rise as security weakens

Africa adds to miserable ranks of child workers

Philippine Army officer killed in guerrilla attack

"Relentless" DVD - Graphic Proof That Peace Between Israel, Islam, Not Possible

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel says situation in Lebanon ’explosive’ as cease-fire tested again: Syria warns stationing troops on border could be act of war

Peacekeeping Force Won't Help, May Hurt, Israel, Analyst Says

EU Announces: New UN force expected to deploy first troops within a week

Bush, Annan, discuss Lebanon peacekeeping force

France to send more troops to Lebanon

French fade-out would spell disaster

Kidnappers' demand may point to risky trend for U.S.

Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes

UN likely to cut request for Lebanon emergency aid

Shortages Of Water Loom As Most Lebanese Return Home

PM Olmert takes tough stance on lifting blockades

Lebanese Prime Minister Asks U.S. Help: To help end Israel's sea and air blockade, and said his country was making "every effort" to secure its borders

Lebanon PM: UNIFIL won't disarm Hizbullah: Only Lebanese army will be entrusted with disarming group

PM Olmert: Prepare for any scenario - Deadlines must be moved forward

Israel’s military chief acknowledges IDF failings in Lebanon war

American Assault ship Wasp heads to Lebanon: To assist US Embassy

India to withdraw troops from Lebanon

Hezbollah warns Blair: you're not welcome in Beirut

Jihad fires Qassam Rocket at Ashklelon: Revenge for militant's death

Jesse Jackson to make `moral appeal' for IDF soldiers' release

Poll: 18% of Israeli Arabs backed Hezbollah in war

Russian president proclaimed August 24 to be mourning day: For Russian Tu154 plane crash near Donetsk (Ukraine)

Schwarzenegger Taxing the Truth in Attacks on Angelides

Ford soars on report CEO is courting Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn about joining the global alliance

Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as World’s Leading Oil Producer — OPEC Reports

Oil continues slide after US gasoline buildup

Owners, dealers singing the SUV blues: Resale values take a dive as market dries up - High gas prices force consumer switch

Much of Northwest Under Fire Warnings

12 taken off Amsterdam Northwest flight questioned: U.S. air marshals and the crew believed they were acting suspiciously

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom should the world fear?

Iran Is All Talk: Iran Wants to Talk but Keep Nuke Program

China and Russia: Negotiations are only way of easing tension over Iran's nuclear programme

US 'will analyse' Iran's reply to initiative

Oil slips as world powers weigh Iran nuclear reply

Iran Hostage Crisis, Take 2: If the U.S. backs down in Iraq, Tehran's mullahs will move in and take the Middle East captive

News Analysis: Iran sanctions could fracture coalition

Iran likely to push the boundaries of nuclear issue: Believes US will not want to embark on another war in the region while it remains entangled in Iraq

Israeli minister gives Iran warning

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Marines Who Served Will Be Ordered Back: Involuntary return to active duty will affect up to 2,500 reservists at a time. Pentagon is scrambling to meet the demands of war

Suicide Bomber Kills One, Injures 10 in Iraq

Bodies of eight fruit traders dumped near Baghdad: Throats were slit

Kurdish Witnesses Take Stand in Second Saddam Trial: Saddam accused of murdering 180,000 Kurds

US army deployment in Baghdad marks a sectarian shift in stand: Sunnis and Shi'ites suddenly switch positions

US Military: More Than 100 Iraqi Terror Suspects Captured Last Week

US snipers stake out rooftops to spot trouble

Over 500 Iraqis Join Police in Anbar Province

Carroll's captor claims to be Iraq's insurgency chief

Poll Shows a Downward Shift in Opinion on Iraq War: Americans increasingly see the war in Iraq as distinct from the fight against terrorism

On Iraq, US public trusts neither party

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.N. brokers cease-fire as Congo vote turns violent

EU rushes more soldiers to stop clashes in Congo

Torture and killings 'routine in Guinea'

Suicide bomber hits NATO convoy - No immedieate word on casualties

"Relentless" DVD - Graphic Proof That Peace Between Israel, Islam, Not Possible

Israeli - Palestinian War

Photo Essay: Construction Speeds Up on Partition Wall

Analysis: Partition Wall Part of "Dividing the Populations" Plan In Preparation For Fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18

Exclusive: Israel buys 2 new submarines from Germany

Lebanon deploys more troops: To east of country

More Israeli Casualties in Lebanon

Netanyahu insists on state inquiry into war

Amnesty International Will Charge: Israel committed war crimes in Lebanon campaign

Italy offers to lead UN peacekeeping force: Italians would be supported by Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries

Security vacuum in Lebanon to last months

Bush Pushes for Quick UNIFIL Expansion

Five Lebanese Prisoners Returned to Lebanon

Netanyahu, Barak biding their time: Political fallout from war could exact stiff price from current leaders, while providing golden opportunity for others

IDF Reservists, Protestors: 'Olmert, Peretz, Livni – Resign!

Save the IDF: The REAL danger is that people will draw the wrong conclusions about IDF performance

GSS Chief Warns: Ignore Gaza and it Will Become Lebanon

Three killed and several injured as Israeli tanks roll into Gaza

Palestinian President Abbas wants Hamas change before coalition

Palestinian PM Calls for Release of Kidnapped Journalists

West Bank police cancel high alert over terror bid in Israel

Israeli Police Search President's Home In Sex Harassment Probe

Russian Passenger Jet Carrying 170 Crashes: Over Eastern Ukraine

Airline Terror Suspects Appear In London Court

Tropical Storm Debby Forms in Eastern Atlantic: Moving West - Northwest - Formed Tuesday, 8/22

Seoul Warns Pyongyang Against Conducting Nuclear Test

Bangkok: Asia's Capital of Sex Change Surgery

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom should the world fear?

Iran defiant on calls for nuclear U-turn - Decision nudging world oil prices higher

Iran Refuses U.N. Inspectors: Unprecedented refusal to allow access to the facility at Natanz

Is Tomorrow Doomsday? August 22 is a very special day on Islamic calendar - Some Shiite sects believe that August 22 could correspond to the end of the world

US demands swift action against Iran

Minister Eitan: Ready bomb shelters for possible Iran attack on Israel

Will Bush deal with new reality, talk to the enemy? Overlooked completely was Iran's statement that it was willing to negoiate


Politics - Fall Election News

Bush Argues Democrats Don’t Understand Threat to U.S.: Will be main GOP theme throughout Fall election

GOP counts on Rove to head off disaster

GOP Fundraising Outpaces Democrats: By 3-1 margin

Moral Collapse

Record Meth Bust In Gwinnett County, Georgia

Teacher Found Shot To Death In Car: History teacher at First Baptist Church School

2 held in machete rape hell: Drug, gun charges, too

`Real estate rapist' gets 50-100 years

Experts: Sex slaves are the girls next door - America does have a slavery problem today!

For many on campuses, trouble is in the cards: Online gambling running rampant in colleges

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

11 Charged In UK Terror Case

'Substantial material' gathered in British terror investigation: Home Secretary Reid declares

India awakens to al-Qaeda threat

Germany In Terrorist Crosshairs

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

'Misunderestimating' Bush's Iraq

Bush Admits: Iraq 'Straining Psyche' of America - But leaving now would bring disaster

Gone To Pieces - Iraq has now split into three nations -- Kurds in north, Sunni in center, Shi'ites in south

Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier in Iraq

Iraqi Death Squad Leaders Captured

After war party, W. awaits thank-you note from Iraqis

Iraqi Panel Launches Own Rape-Slay Probe

Iraq plans to build more oil refineries: And upgrade existing ones

Kurds are riveted by new Saddam trial: Facing a charge of genocide for trying to annihilate Iraq's Kurdish minority

Iraqi court is not fit to try Saddam, say critics

Baghdad bustles again after two-day lockdown and attacks on Shiite pilgrims

Did Sunni politician set Jill Carroll up to be abducted?

Pump pains should ease, say Feds: See oil prices coming down in next few weeks

Stock bounceback looms: U.S. markets look to recover slightly from selloff as oil steadies

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

North Korea threatens attack due to war drills: Considering a pre-emptive attack to counter a US-South Korean joint military training drill

New fighting force, same Afghanistan

Heavy Gunfire Erupts in Congo Capital

Australia warns of attacks in Pakistan

"Relentless" DVD - Graphic Proof That Peace Between Israel, Islam, Not Possible

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel takes over strategic high ground in south Lebanon: But delayed a major push northward

Olmert pledges to rebuild, nixes talks with Syria

Ex-GSS Chief Causes Uproar With Call for Golan Withdrawal As Price of Peace With Syria

Unexploded bombs proving deadly for children

Europe needs to get a backbone - Delaying commitment to "robust" peacekeeping force

Italy will send 3,000 troops to Lebanon if Israel keeps truce

Italy Reports: IDF Hostages Alive, Not in ´Great´ Condition

Top Kadima lawmaker calls for Israel government reshuffle

PM Olmert Slammed When He Said Israel Is ´Tired of Winning´

Israeli Defense Ministry Suspends Review of How Military Conducted War In Lebanon

Israeli tanks enter Gaza: Witnesses claim

IDF soldier lightly hurt by shrapnel during Gaza arrest raid

From Saigon to Beirut: US could allow itself to lose in Vietnam. Israel has no such luxury in Lebanon

Eliminating Signs of Sovereignty of Palestinian Authority: Mass Arrests of Palestinian Cabinet Ministers Fulfilling Israel's Plan To Deprive P.A. of Independent Governance

Real cost of war damage rises to NIS 6 billion, double initial estimates

Police seize computers, documents in raid at President Katsav's residence: Facing possible rape charges following claims by a former employee that he coerced her into sexual acts

The Arab world's silence has left the last word to those we call extremists: Initial Hizbullah attack on July 12

Attorney General Gonzales vows federal aid to fight New Orleans crime

Houston's patience with hurricane evacuees wears thin

Difficult rebuilding in Big Easy

Israeli company sells anti-riot vehicles to China ahead of Olympics


Israeli - Palestinian War

"Relentless" DVD - Graphic Proof That Peace Between Israel, Islam, Not Possible

Hizbullah representative declares in Iran: We will never recognize Israel - "We believe in the destruction of Israel"

Breaking News

President Bush on Monday called for quick deployment of an international force to help uphold the fragile cease-fire in Lebanon

Israelis Shoot 2 Hezbollah Guerrillas: Underscoring the fragility of the week-old Mideast truce


Slam-Dunk Wars Don't Equal Wins: Middle East shows that victory that defeats the enemy but leaves issues intact is hollow

Senior IDF Officers: Hezbollah hostilities liable to restart soon

Lebanon Warns Against Inciting Israel: Warns militant groups to not incite Israel to reaction

Turkey halts Lebanon-bound Iran, Syria planes: Planes suspected of carrying arms to resupply Hezbollah

As reservists' protest grows, PM seeks to stave off state probe of handling of war

Kiryat Shmona municipality tell Olmert: You didn't take care of us

Hezbollah night-vision gear was from Britain: It's believed to be an export to Iran in drug-fighting effort

Europe Hesitant on Lebanon Peacekeepers

UN's Annan to give UNIFIL 'teeth' -- Italy could lead UN beefed-up peacekeeping force

Israel Rejects Peacekeepers From Countries Without Diplomatic Relations

Israeli Navy may blockade Lebanon for months

Senior IDF Officer: Hezbollah's Nasrallah 'must die'

Public Security Minister Dichter: Giving up Golan is legitimate price for a true peace with Syria

US Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, David Welch: US committed to Lebanon's security

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

What Next? Iraq is in a spreading civil war

Snipers Target Shiite March: Sectarian violence tears into a huge Baghdad pilgrimage, and at least 22 die

Iraq’s unsure future: Massive 6-week joint security operation in Baghdad fails to produce desired results - Have been 40% more major attacks in Baghdad in July, than in previous months

Saddam goes on trial for Kurdish genocide: Charges of killing tens of thousands of Kurdish villagers

The battle to reconstruct Iraq: US is dangerously close to losing the reconstruction battle

Iraq war bashed at hearing for soldier who wouldn't go: Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada

Iranian shells kill 2 in Kurdish villages in northern Iraq

Iraq war dividing once-mixed neighborhoods

Iraqi Attitudes: Survey documents big changes

"Third World Conquest of America", by Pat Buchanan: "Children born in 2006 will witness in their lifetimes the death of the West."

America Needs to Choose Its Battles More Carefully: Richard K. Betts, LA Times

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Executions of 3 Bali Bombers Delayed

Moros chasing Al Qaida-linked kidnappers of official's daughter Abu Sayyaf guerrilla killed in Philippines

Bush, Blair waging ‘war on Islam’: Islamic academic charges from London

Italy reports seizing US-bound arms shipment from Saudi Arabia: Weapons, including Kalashnikov assault rifles and plastic explosives

Somalia the latest front in war on terror

Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book

No-frills airline easyJet pushes through extra charges following security alert

JonBenet Ramsey Suspect Arrives in L.A.: Flew First Class, sipping champagne dining on fried king prawns and roast duck

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan Iraqistan: Insurgents mire U.S. on second front

Scores of Taliban killed in Afghan battle

Pakistan's Musharraf to meet Bush next month

British soldier killed and three wounded in clash with Taliban

Clashes kill 71 Taliban, 5 Afghan troops

Venezuela's Chavez seeks Chinese support, Beijing wants oil

Venezuela tries to counter U.S.: Links with Iran and Cuba create an opposition bloc

I.R.S. Enlists Help in Collecting Delinquent Taxes - From private debt collectors

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

IDF keeps an eye on Iranian maneuvers

Iran Fires Practice Missiles and Affirms Nuclear Stance: Will not stop uranium enrichment

Iran to Offer 'Multifaceted Response' to Western Nuclear Incentives Package

Gold market heats up over Iran

Iran, Oil Wild Cards For U.S. Stocks: "There's going to be some saber rattling" going into the week

Power and the Iranian people: Rarely have tensions between Iran and the West been greater

Iran Refuses U.N. Inspectors: Unprecedented refusal to allow access to the facility at Natanz

Airlines tremble at prospect of $100-a-barrel oil

6-year old beats up teacher's aide in Pasco County

Oil price rise fuels leap in US arms sales: Sales worth $12.9 billion in July alone

Bluetongue virus hits Dutch farm: Dutch Government has banned all exports of live sheep, cattle and goats after a farm tested positive for the harmful bluetongue virus - "As for how the virus itself got here, we have not got a clue at this stage",
Dutch Agriculture Ministry spokeswoman


Israeli - Palestinian War

Chaos Reigns

"Relentless" DVD - Graphic Proof That Peace Between Israel, Islam, Not Possible

Israel determined to stem Hizbullah rearmament: Commando operation in Baalbek points to Israel's determination to stem arms shipments from Syria to Hizbullah during ceasefire

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan: Baalbek commando raid violated cease-fire

Israel commando raid in Lebanon tests truce - Israel determined to continue

Lebanon Issues Warning After Israeli Commando Raid

IDF chief of staff, Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz Tells Cabinet: Israel the winner in the Lebanon war, though the blow was not a knockout

War Stirs Worry in Israel Over State of Military: Many Say Failure to Silence Hezbollah Sends Bad Signal

'Shock and awe' failed in Lebanon, too

US in Lebanon: Dumb and dumber

Olmert's War -- And The Next One -- By Pat Buchanan

The international force planned for Lebanon -- UN Needs Troops

The UN dog must finally show its teeth in the ruins of Lebanon

Hezbollah Handing Out Cash to Rebuild Lebanese Homes

IDF Soldier killed in Jordan Valley attack: After a Palestinian opened fire at the Bekaot checkpoint in the Jordan Valley

Palestinian PM Condemns Arrest of Top Hamas Official: Deputy Prime Minister Nasser al-Shaer

Hezbollah Coming To Your Hometown Soon? "Death to America"!

Hezbollah 2, Israel 0 -- Muslims emboldened by Israel's war against Lebanon (Arab Viewpoint)

'Israel can only lose once'

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Shiite pilgrims pour into Baghdad, 1 year after stampede

Attacks kill 15 as Shi'ites mass in Baghdad

Iraqi Kurdistan hit for a fourth day by shells from Iran

Analysis: Frustration Dogs Iraq Politics: little sign that Iraq's government of national unity is bringing together the country's sectarian and ethnic groups - By nearly every yardstick, the situation in Iraq is getting worse

Baghdad's Walls Are Closing In: Shiites and Sunnis are virtually imprisoned in their enclaves. On the street, the wrong answer to a subtle question can be a death sentence

The story behind America's "Fiasco": Blistering new book, "Fiasco", shows why Iraq war went so wrong

Innocent Children Being Held By Coalition Forces For No Cause: Depriving youngsters of the very liberties we came to Iraq to preserve

War hits British Army morale as 14,000 quit in a year

Inquiry Suggests Marines Excised Files on Civilian Killings At Haditha

A Tortured Past: Documents show troops who reported abuse in Vietnam were discredited even as the military was finding evidence of worse

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran will not suspend atomic work, says official

Iran Test-Fires Short-Range Missiles as Part of Military Exercise

Egypt warns against any military strike on Iran

The nuclear fanatic: Iran's president is the West's looming nightmare - and this week he's promising to make matters worse

JonBenet suspect leaves Thai cell for flight to US

Thai police say Ramsey suspect 'nervous'

Karr Visited Sex-Change Clinic

Karr may be crazy, but he's not the right man: "John Mark Karr as much killed JonBenet Ramsey as Mickey Mouse did

Global Terrorism = Gl.obal Dictatorship

British Passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed: Passengers refuse to allow holiday jet to take off until two Asian men are thrown off plane

Liquid Bombers Prove: "They Hate Our Freedoms!" -- Chemical expert claims that government story that terrorists were going to bring down airliners with TATP (triacetone triperoxide) is not plausible - a lab-quality air evacuation system is required - the resulting solution stand for an extended period at temperatures above the freezing point, but definitely below 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) - There is neither the time, the workspace nor the other materials required to make TATP on an airliner

Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book

Armed mob kills two Russian police in their homes: Near Russia's volatile Chechnya region

NSA Ruling a Victory For the Constitution

Bush Tweaking War Crimes Act: Drafting amendments to the 1996 War Crimes Act to immunize political appointees, CIA officials and former military personnel from criminal prosecution for humiliating or degrading treatment of prisoners of war

2006 Election News

Poll finds moms bolting the GOP : Mothers concerned about security inclined to vote for Democrats - Married women with children, the "security moms"

Wiretaps Ruling: GOP hopes loss translates into victory at polls - Hopes to portray toughness on terrorists

Schwarzenegger Tries to Calm GOP Anger

Feds Estimate 10.5M Illegal Immigrants

Dems Shake Up Nominating Calendar

Feds Probe "Fake News" at 77 Stations

Mexico Bracing for Social Unrest: Tanks are deployed as the nation awaits a ruling on who won the July 2 presidential vote

The Rise of Shrinking-Vacation Syndrome - Victim of high gas prices - Even before toothpaste could clog an airport security line and a full tank of gas was considered an indulgence, Americans had begun to sour on the traditional summer vacation

Airlines in backlash over security rules

Radioactive Leak Reaches California Nuclear Plant's Groundwater: Radioactive, cancer-causing tritium has leaked into the groundwater beneath the San Onofre nuclear power plant, prompting the closure of one drinking-water well in southern Orange County

Scientists Disagree On Link Between Storms, Warming

Major Arms Soar to Twice Pre-9/11 Cost: New Systems to have little direct role in terror fight

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Troops Criticize Army, Equipment

Israeli Commandos Operating Deep Inside Lebanon: ``To prevent and interfere with terror activity against Israel, especially the smuggling of arms from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah''

Israel Confirms Forces in Lebanon: Violates Ceasefire Agreement

Israeli Soldier Killed in Lebanon Commando Raid

Annan Says U.N. Won't 'Wage War' On Israel, Lebanon, or Hezbollah

Israel skeptical of Arab initiative

Lebanon Buries War Dead in Mass Funerals

JonBenet Suspect Awaits Extradition: Questions arise as to whether he was even in Colorado at the time of the murder

DNA tests to decide if JonBenet murder suspect is fantasist

Karr's yearbook entry yields possible clue: Authorities search for links in Polly Klaas killer's prison cell

E-mails a portrait of 'my darkness': Messages to CU prof paint a disturbing picture of Karr

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran Launches Large-Scale Military Exercises

Iranian President says nuclear power is Iran's right

Blair doing lasting damage to UK, says Iranian leader

Iran's President Ahmadinejad roadshow seduces an adoring public

Pakistan will import electricity from Iran for Gawadar: Site of upcoming deep sea port in Balochistan

Archives: Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?

Bush Vows to Fight Wiretapping Ruling: Called those who hailed the ruling naïve

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Raul Castro Says Cuba Open to U.S. Ties

Cuba Mobilized for a U.S. Attack, Raúl Castro Says

Chavez pokes fun at new US spy chief for Venezuela: Called him "Jack the Ripper"

North Korea might be preparing for nuclear test: US analysts

No evidence North going for N-test: South Korea insists

President Bush sees possible N Korean nuclear test as threat: President warned that a North Korean nuclear test would be a threat - urged international community to work toward ensuring Pyongyang cannot jeopardise stability

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

7 Shiite Pilgrims Gunned Down in Baghdad

Marine officer saw civilian Haditha deaths as normal



Avian Bird Flu News

Bird flu viruses diversifying, making vaccine target harder to pick: WHO announces

Indonesian Woman with suspected bird flu symptoms dies

Two more bird flu outbreaks hit ducks in Cambodia

Thailand's two H5N1 bird flu strains do not pose new dangers

Russia bans poultry from Michigan



China denies hiding typhoon toll


Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

North Korea Appears to Be Preparing for Nuclear Test: Underground test thought likely

U.S. warns against N. Korean nuke test

Bush Must Negotiate to Make America Safer: Say 21 Former Generals And High Ranking National Security Officials

Oil drop biggest in six months: Down US$1.50 to US$70.39

Bush to Meet With Economic Team

Federal Judge orders Bush to halt wiretapping surveillance: Saying it violated the US Constitution

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

2 More American Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Car bomb blasts kill 10 and injure 16 in Baghdad

Iraqi bomb numbers paint grim picture

White House sees "huge challenges" in Iraq

In Iraq, bomb turns engagement party into funeral

Iraqi and British Forces Battle Shiite Militias

Clashes escalate in Iraqi cities:Even as more U.S. forces pour into a volatile Baghdad, violence among militias undermine Basra, Mosul and Karbala

Bush rejects Democrat calls for early Iraq pullout

Evidence at issue in Haditha civilian murder inquiry against Marines: Marines involved in the episode appear to have destroyed or withheld evidence

American Troops express worries about Iraq

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Broken Heart - Protestors Lament: It's like Yom Kippur War - Declare Lebanon war a failure

The war that was led astray

Hamas Sees Hizballah 'Victory' As Cause for New Intifada

Hezbollah's missile threat 'downplayed': Arab viewpoint

Lebanon cheers as their army moves in - First Time in 40 Years

Hizbullah Promises: No more clashes with Lebanese army

More states pledge troops for Lebanon

UN aide says Lebanon peace force of 5,500 can deploy in 10 days

Hezbollah, a 'family' in mourning

Elite police force kills two Islamic Jihad men in West Bank

Israeli military court has extended the detention of Abd al-Aziz Dweik, the Palestinian parliament speaker

Olmert suspends West Bank withdrawal: At this time - he did not think Mr Olmert had abandoned the ideas completely

Analysis: If not realignment (withdrawal), then what? "We will see if the government can survive an inquiry into this war"

Retired American General Declares: Hizballah 'Victory' Should Yield Talks - US should now invite both Iran and Hezbollah into talks

US Jews open their wallets for Israel

Abbas announces unilateral cease-fire with Israel: Palestinian armed groups promised him they would suspend their attacks on Israel in hopes of ending a nearly 2-month-long Israeli crackdown in the Gaza Strip

Jimmy Carter Slams Israel's Attack on Lebanon

Behold A Pale Horse

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Political Cartoon: "Chaos still persists" -- Not All Were Fooled

Be skeptical ... be very skeptical - Of British government's declarations of coming terror

Suspicious Liquid Found at W.Va. Airport -- Tests proved negative

All-clear after threat against Australian flight

CNN to air documentary on bin Laden

Airlines set to sue for £300m over terror losses

Great movie, pity about the Big Lie: "World Trade Center" movie reinforces Bush Administration lie that 9/11 attacks were linked to Iraq and Saddam Hussein -- Movie expertly touches human nerve of the tragedy of so many lives being lost

Blair deputy in Bush insult storm

JonBenet Ramsey News

Legal analyst: Break in Ramsey case could be hoax

Man Says He Drugged, Then Had Sex With Ramsey: Before he accidentally killed her

But, No Drugs Were Found In JonBenet's body during the autopsy

Former CIA contractor has been found guilty of beating an Afghan detainee, who later died of his injuries

'Last Days on Earth': ABC special 2-hour edition of "20/20," Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. - World's top scientists describe seven riveting scenarios detailing the deadliest threats to humanity. Some can destroy the planet, others have the ability to render us extinct, and all have the power to destroy civilization

Weather Control - Weather Warfare Section: Articles and Bookstore Resources



Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US, UK seek peacekeepers for shattered Darfur, Sudan

Chinese Take a Turn at Turning a Sub-Saharan Profit

Democrat Sen. Barack Obama Returning to Africa: For five-nation tour

India PM Insists: No Changes to U.S. Nuclear Deal

US Marine’s DNA matches sample of young Phillipine girl he is accused of raping

Raul Castro Says Fidel Is Recovering



Moral Collapse

JonBenet Ramsey

"I killed JonBenet Ramsey" -- called her death "an accident," a stunning admission that will help answer 10 years of questions in the unsolved murder case

Former schoolteacher was arrested Wednesday in Thailand in the slaying of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey

Relative Reveals: Suspect obsessed by horrible child slayings


"Elite" HIV patients mystify doctors: One in 300 HIV patients never get sick

Drug abuse seen driving new HIV epidemics


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US Troops Push Security Door to Door in Iraq - New tactic designed to win hearts of the people and win control of Baghdad

Clashes escalate in other Iraqi cities : Even as more U.S. forces pour into a volatile Baghdad, violence among militias undermine Basra, Mosul and Karbala

In Western Iraq, Insurgency Is Gaining

For Iraq civilians, July's toll deadliest - An average of more than 110 Iraqis were killed each day in July

Baghdad bombs kill 21: Highlighting the precarious task facing US-led forces trying to stem sectarian violence

Insurgent Bombs Directed at G.I.’s Increase in Iraq

A mother as suicide bomber in Iraq

Rival Shiite Militias Clash in Southern Iraq: Scores of gunmen stormed the governor's office in Basra

Curfew in Basra After Gunfight Over Murder

Soldier Who Wouldn't Deploy Faces Military Court - Iraq War Vets' Support for Lt. Watada Growing

'All they left was the foundation': Bombs destroy modest memorial to children killed in a 2005 attack

US charges Marine Corps officer in Iraq assaults

Politics In The News

Sen. Kerry Backs Anti-War Candidates

Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Low Level of Public Support in Iraq

Should we leave Iraq? Major split in Washington State

Ohio - You get the idea that this is an August of woe for GOP

Colorado Governor's Race: Democrat Ritter Now With 9-point Lead

Elections & Voting: Why should the GOP worry? It controls the voting machines

Pennsylvania Sued Over Electronic Voting Machines

Israeli - Palestinian War


Lebanese Ceasefire Plan in Jeopardy: Iran and Syria already are supplying Hizbullah terrorists with more arms via Syria - UN ceasefire "falling apart"

Lebanese troops deployed - Trading Guns for Bulldozers

U.S. Hopes to Rival Hezbollah With Rebuilding Effort: Administration officials say quick action is needed in response to the militant group's reconstruction plans

For Majority of Arabs, Hezbollah Won

A Weak Lebanon to Leave Hizbullah Armed

History Making Decision: Germany Offers to Send Troops into Lebanon

Beirut airport to reopen for commercial flights

Iran's Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Praises Hezbollah Resistance

Former President Jimmy Carter: "The US and Israel Stand Alone" - Bush is supporting and encouraging Israel in its unjustified attack on Lebanon

Gaza Strip

Escalation on Southern Front Following Northern CeaseFire

Southern Jewish residents want war on Qassams: Want same effort as Israel expended in Lebanon

Other News

Palestinian President Abbas: Unity Government Talks Make Progress - Negotiating uniting Fatah and Hamas parties

Bush is 'cr**', says Prescott: Deputy PM criticises US handling of Middle East, condemning 'cowboy' President at private meeting

Three Planes of Jewish Immigrants From Canada, US & UK Arrive - The day marked a new record in Aliyah from the West

In unreal terms, Israeli official denial about Palestinian terrorism


A year after Disengagement: Was it worth it?

A Year After: No Consensus on the Expulsion

Opposition Debate: Is Now the Time to Criticize Gov't?

Behold A Pale Horse

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Political Cartoon: "Chaos still persists" -- Not All Were Fooled

Airlines set to sue British government for £300m over terror losses: Incurred since extra security measures were imposed last week

First major test of new terror law: Judge allows British authorities until next week to probe suspects in the alleged plot

Threat against plane at Sydney Airport: Plane was evacuated

Seattle container port terminal evacuated: After two cargo containers from Pakistan alarmed bomb-sniffing dogs

Disturbance Diverts London-D.C. Flight -- Fighter jets escorted a London-to-Washington, D.C., flight to Boston's Logan airport because a claustrophobic passenger caused a disturbance

White House denies hunt for Bin Laden downgraded

NYC Releases More Sept. 11 Calls: List Includes 10 Unreleased 911 Messages From World Trade Center

Judge Rules Bush's Surveillance Program Unconstitutional: Government's warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it

A's fans unknowingly pass scientists' sniff test : Baseball games site of chemical detection security experiments

Terrorists Win: Deodorant Banned from Airplanes

Proofs of Terror Propaganda

Cutting Edge Analsysis: Analysis of Bogus Alerts After 9/11

MSNBC's Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror:
Details ten clear examples where Bush admin. alerts were preceded by damaging revelations

Former British Ambassador Says Terror Alert Is "Stage-Managed Propaganda"

Bush isn't making us any safer: Government-induced hysteria

'Islamo-Creeps' Would Be More Accurate: President Bush refers to Muslim terrorists as 'fascists.' Does he know what he's talking about?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

N.C. Jury Stuck in Detainee Abuse Case - Former CIA contractor accused of abuse in Afghanistan

US forces raid alleged Al Qaida sanctuaries in southeastern Afghanistan

Afghans await bumper poppy crop: Record 370,650 acres in cultivation up 44% from 2005

Pakistan's Musharraf urged to quit military post before elections

Brazilian presidential hopefuls debate

Hugo Chávez’s Challenge to U.S. Preeminence in Latin America

Bolivian oil nationalization in chaos after cash runs out

Bush to Sign Massive Pension Overhaul

South Korean and U.S. presidents to hold summit next month - Roh will visit from September 12-15 and the summit will be on the 14th

US to double anti-missile ships in Pacific

"Preparing us for the next attack"

Oil In The News

OPEC cuts global demand growth forecast

Oil prices continue to fall on news of higher than average U.S. stockpiles

Ukraine gets respite from Russia on gas prices for this winter

Iran says it is ready to discuss N-freeze: Announcement comes just two weeks before a UN Security Council deadline to halt the sensitive nuclear work or risk sanctions

Iran renews gasoline imports, funding seen for Sept.: Iran's reliance on imported gasoline could be a weak point were it subject to international sanctions

Ethiopian floods feared to have killed 870

Forecast Puts Earth's Future Under a Cloud: 3C temperature increase would bring fires, floods and famine. Climate prediction most comprehensive so far








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