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August 31, 2020

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Key News

'Put a bullet in Donald Trump': Watch 2 minutes of Dem threats of violence against president

Here's the Shockingly Small Number of People Who Died From Only the Coronavirus

SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative

Senator Rand Paul Wife Kelley on ‘Bloodthirsty’ DC Mob: ‘I Really Felt that We Were Going to Lose Our Lives

Biden misunderstands, mistakes identities, misrepresents all in 1 quote

Joe Biden & Democrats Are, in Reality, Antifa

Violence Escalates in Liberal Hellscapes

Marianne Williamson Rips Joe Biden Campaign: ‘Platitudes but No Substance and No Policy’ (Former Democratic presidential candidate)

Jim Banks: U.S. Must Stop Giving Taxpayer-Funded Unemployment Benefits to ‘Antifa Thugs’

Trump Is Vaccine For Deadly Swamp Virus

Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’

Fleet of Moving Trucks Seen in Manhattan’s Upper West Side: Mass Evacuation in Full Effect From Liberal, Progressive

On C-SPAN, Dems Defect to Trump

CDC now says 94% of COVID deaths had an underlying condition: Only 6% were COVID alone

New Yorkers Who Lost Loved Ones Due to Killer Cuomo’s Insane COVID-19 Policies Finally Given a Chance to Share Their Pain

NYT: Portland Homicide Victim Had ‘Patriot Prayer’ Hat

Joe Biden Says Trump ‘Incitement’ Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter in Portland

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Blames Trump for Violence that Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter

Portland Shooting Suspect Is ‘100% Antifa’: He Was cited, Released on Weapons Charge in July Riot

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Blames Trump for Violence After Trump Supporter Killed in Portland

Police: Shooting at Pro-Trump Rally Becomes Standoff in Los Angeles

Black Voices for Trump Clean Up Kenosha after Riots

Extremism at Kenosha ‘Justice for Jacob’ Rally: ‘If You Kill One of Ours, It’s Time for Us to Kill One of Yours’

Leo Terrell Blasts Biden For Having 'Made a Deal' With Violent Extremists

5 Shot in Restaurant in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

Biden to speak in Pennsylvania on Monday Instead of Kenoshi

Women Always Have To Pick Up The Check For Democrats

Biden the Blasphemer

Israel/Palestinian War

What is happening in Judea and Samaria feels like deception

US and Israeli delegations leave for historic flight to UAE

Stepping off Israeli plane in UAE, Kushner urges others: ‘Join us, expand peace’

Talks begin to fill in the gaps of the Israel-UAE, US-sponsored normalization deal

Palestinians ‘pained’ by momentous Israeli-UAE flight

Palestinian Leaders! Wake up and smell the statehood!

Kushner Believes Netanyahu, Trump, Will Reach Agreement on F-35 Sale to UAE

Gaza balloons spark fires in south after report of progress in ceasefire talks

Muslims Caught Hiding Secret Shaft On Temple Mount From 2nd TemplePeriod



Key News

The free world’s craven and hypocritical fifth column

President Trump in New Hampshire: I Might Invoke the Insurrection Act to Put Down These Leftist Thugs

Feds Step in to Prosecute Criminal Rioters in Portland as Local DA Stands Down

Why That Letter Portland's Mayor Sent to Trump Just Blew Up in His Face

Friday Night at the Fights — Portland PD Wins by KO in the First Round

American Do-It-Yourselfism and Gun Ownership Will Rise if Democrats Refuse to End Riots

Rand Paul Calls on FBI to Investigate Organizers of ‘Crazed Mob’ Outside White House for Interstate Crimes

Coronavirus: When Will It End?

Sandmann Lawyer L. Lin Wood Offers to Represent 17-Year-Old Kenosha Shooter Pro Bono

Trump Is Saving NATO, Not Threatening It

U.S. Gives Automakers At Least Six More Months To Meet ‘Quiet Car’ Rules

D.C. Protester Scolds Maskless Cop: ‘He Wants His Kids to Die; He Wants His Wife to Die’

2020 Election - Democrats

Kamala Harris: ‘The Life of a Black Person in America Has Never Been Treated as Fully Human’

Michelle Obama: Even as First Lady, White People Have Treated Me Like I Don’t Exist

RNC Wraps Up, Protestors Attack Attendees

The Power of Big Tech Is Greater Than Ever

With Funding from the Left, NeverTrump’s Clown Show Hits the Home Stretch

Democrats Are the Party of Status Quo Radicalism

Biden condemns arson at Chabad center at University of Delaware this week

Huffy Hillary Howls at Moon Over Trump’s ‘Law-Breaking Convention’ — But Was It?

Based on Recent Results the USPS Is Only Part of the Problem with Mail-in Voting

2020 Election - Republicans

Trump for the Win

Trump Lands Major Endorsements From Democrat Mayors in Minnesota

Will Trump’s Long Courtship of Black Voters Work?

Final Night Of RNC Spotlights America As The ‘Land Of Greatness’

Trump slams Biden in acceptance speech, vaunts recognition of Jerusalem

Calif. Democrats Look To Rake In Billions By Raising Taxes On Business Owners With New Prop. 15

Latest Power Outages, Fires Leave Calif. Residents Outraged At Gov. Newsom’s Lack Of Leadership

Immigrants From Totalitarian Countries Know The Truth About Socialism

Dollar Slides On Fed Shift: Yen Surges After Abe Resignation

The UAE ruler formally lifts long boycott against Israel

Jordan Arrests Cartoonist over Criticism of Israel-UAE Deal

Israel’s “Settlers” Are Beneficiaries of the Israel-UAE Accord

Six Palestinian rockets trigger second IDF raid against Hamas

Hezbollah Used UNIFIL Position for Cover in Sniper Attack on IDF

Hamas: ‘We will exact a heavy price from anyone who lays siege to Gaza’

Gaza’s Palestinian terrorist orgs ready for “long haul” vs Israel

Less troops, more powers for UNIFIL in extension by Security Council For Lebanon

24 fires break out as Hamas' balloon terrorism continues

Demand BBC Stop Whitewashing Palestinian Explosive Balloon Terror as ‘Flying ‘Kites’

The free world’s craven and hypocritical fifth column

Gazans Wallow in Poverty, Slam Hamas Terror Regime

Palestinian Incitement to Murder Cannot Be Ignored

Jared Kushner: NBA players lucky to be rich enough to ‘take a night off from work’

Jacob Blake’s Father Recites ‘Muslim Victory Call – War Cry Of Allah’

Key News

Kenosha Police Arrest Out-of-State Group Preparing for Riots: Had fuel cans

Prominent attorney Lin Wood arranged for a top legal team to defend Kyle Rittenhouse

Japanese PM Abe to resign over health again, setting off leadership race

China fires missiles into South China Sea as U.S. sanctions Beijing


2020 Election News - Republican

Trump accepts Republican presidential nomination

No, the Republicans Did Not Violate The Hatch Act

On All Fronts, President Trump Delivers a Knock Out Punch Against Biden

Vintage Trump: Preside nt’s Speech Delivers Comprehensive Case for Reelection, Brutally Attacks Joe Biden

Protesters Harass, Assault Pro-Trump Elderly Couple Near White House

Hollywood Holds Hate Parade During Trump Republican Nomination Speech: ‘Murderer,’ ‘Bulls**t Propaganda’

Trump slams Biden in acceptance speech, vaunts recognition of Jerusalem

President Trump: “All Children, Born and Unborn, Have a God-Given Right to Life”

Violent BLM Mob Attacks Rand Paul, Others Outside of the White House

Kellyanne Conway Did Not ‘Hope for More Violence’: Fact Check

2020 Election News -- Democrat

Trump: I Did More for the Black Community in 3 Years than Joe Biden in 47 Years

President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New High Thanks to Strongly Pro-Life Convention

Why Democrats Favor Lawlessness and Terrorism Over Donald J. Trump

Biden family corruption allegations won’t go away

Hundreds of Former Bush, McCain Aides Endorse Biden for President

Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Think that There Should Be Any Debates’


Why Does Fox News Allow Donna Brazile To Make a Joke of Them?

Catholic Nun Blasts Joe Biden And Kamala Harris: “The Most Anti-Life Presidential Ticket Ever”

VP Mike Pence Blasts Joe Biden: “He Supports Tax Funding of Abortions Up to Birth”

Lou Holtz: “Radically Pro-Abortion Joe Biden is Catholic in Name Only”

Several NFL Teams Cancel Practices in Wake of Jacob Blake Shooting

Hurricane Laura brings tornado threat after Louisiana landfall, Lake Charles 'severely damaged'

Laura reaches Louisiana as Category 4 hurricane packing 150-mph winds

Just Facts president Jim Agresti shares three crystal-clear examples of so-called “fact checkers” spreading blatant falsehoods. Do you notice the common thread between them?

Russian Prosecutors Say No Need For Criminal Investigation In Navalny Affair

China fires missiles in South China Sea 'in warning to US' after plane entered no-fly zone

Could injectable microrobots one day run in your veins?

New York will continue mandatory quarantines despite CDC’s changing guidance

Fed: Rates to stay ultra-low even after inflation picks up

Vigilante calls on social media before deadly Kenosha attack

Pence: Biden's Election Would Mean America's End

Lou Holtz: Biden, Dems 'Catholics in Name Only'

Trump Cuts Biden Florida Lead in Half

More SC families choose homeschooling due to COVID-19

California company NDB says its nano-diamond batteries will absolutely upend the energy equation, acting like tiny nuclear generators.

Kenosha police chief blames deadly shooting on protesters defying curfew

Kamala Harris stands far left of true American principles

Kamala Harris Further Left than ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

Biden formally opposes demands to “defund the police,” but backs “re-directing” funding from police to other priorities, which is the same thing.

‘Hard-working Americans Are Left to Fend for Themselves’ in Democrat-run Cities

Bernie Sanders: Ban Officers from Using Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, and Rubber Bullets

Kamala Harris Is Far Worse Than Hillary Clinton

Media Hails Harris As ‘Moderate,’ ‘Centrist’ Although Her Voting Record Is Further Left Than Bernie Sanders’s

Joe Biden’s family racks up arrests for drugs, drunk driving — but no jail time

2020 Republican News

The real reason Biden, Pelosi, Clyburn and other Dems continually tie Trump to Hitler

CNN Cuts Out of Trump RNC Speech: Wrong, Misleading and Outright Lies’

Melania Trump speaks at the RNC from Rose Garden

Ex-NY Times Reporter Makes ‘Xenophobic’ Attack on Melania Trump

Left Fumes over Naturalization Ceremony Featured at Republican National Convention

Illegal alien Dems used to attack Trump was actually deported under Clinton, flagged under Obama

RNC Nixes Convention Speaker Mary Ann Mendoza for Anti-Semitism, QAnon Conspiracy

2020 Democrat News

Reflecting on Democrats and a Convention of 'Hollow Word'

In Latest Interview, Obama Proves He’s Either a Moron or a Liar

Democrat Congressman Blames Gun Ownership on ‘Small Genitals’

Hillary Clinton Says Biden Should Not Concede ‘Under Any Circumstances’

Key News

Tying It All Together: China, Dr. Fauci, French Company Sanofi Pasteur, George Soros and the Gates Foundation

Chicago Lawmakers Urge Emergency Declaration, National Guard Call-Up

Kenosha Riots: WI Gov. Declares State of Emergency, Boosts National Guard Presence

Man Shot in Head at Kenosha Riots

Two rioters dead after armed vigilantes show up to face down violent extremists in Wisconsin

Kenosha Residents Fire Warning Shots as Rioters Threaten Neighborhoods

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, looter yells: 'You ain't with us!'

Pelosi Goes Postal After President Trump Gets Truth Out

Congressional staffer demands 'complete destruction of white men'

Hennepin County Medical Examiner Initially Said George Floyd Had Fatal Level of Fentanyl in His System: Died of asphyxiation

U.S. Tightens The Noose By Initiating Snapback of UN Sanctions Against Iran

Israel/Palestinian War

One killed in terror attack in central Israel

Police Subdue Arab Who Stabbed a Jew to Death

Should Jews be angry about Pompeo’s speech from Jerusalem?

Netanyahu freezing construction in Judea and Samaria

Retaliation for Balloon Terrorism: IDF Attacks Hamas Underground Infrastructure

‘We are not defeated’: PA leaders say they won’t bend in face of mounting crises

After Lebanon border fire, Israel threatens ‘forceful response’ to any attack

Lebanon rejects reform of blue helmet force on Israel border


Monday's Derecho Storm damaged 10M acres of crops in Iowa: 600K still without power in Midwest

Chicago BLM Organizer Defends Looting: ‘That Is Reparations

Portland Residents Worry as Protests Spread to Residential Neighborhoods

Rob Reiner: Trump Gettysburg Speech Would Be Tribute to ‘White Supremacy’

Police: Black NC Man Shot 5-Year-Old White Neighbor Cannon Hinnant in the Head at Point-Blank Range

Fact Check: Joe Biden’s False Claim Trump Promised to Defund Social Security

Trump Pressure Leads Tennessee Valley Authority Officials to Review CEO’s $8M Salary

Choice Is Clear: Protecting or Annihilating Within The Womb

National Day of Remembrance on September 12: Will Remember 61 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

Kamala Harris Claims She’s a Christian: But Supports Killing Babies in Abortions

Kamala Harris Has 100% Pro-Abortion Record: Voted for Infanticide and Tax-Funded Abortions

'Most pro-abortion president ticket in American history'

President Donald Trump: The Most Pro-Life President in History

2020 Election News - Democrat Party

Joe Biden Selects Kamala Harris as Running Mate

Kamala Harris Further Left than ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

Progressives Sour at Kamala Harris: ‘The Contempt for the Base Is, Wow’

Awkward Joe Biden Email: Kamala Harris ‘to Help Me … to Lead This Nation Starting in January 2021’

Why Harris Is the 'Greatest Threat to Civil Rights' in US History

Kamala Harris Is Silicon Valley’s ‘Dream of Political Control,’ Say Critics

Kamala Harris Led Smear Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh

OWS Activists To Launch 50-Day September Siege of White House

Joe Biden Snaps at Black Reporter over Cognitive Test Question: ‘Are You a Junkie?’

Has Joe Biden ‘Forgotten’ His Record on Social Security?

VP Mike Pence Is Right to Campaign in Wisconsin During the Democratic Convention

Kamala Harris Pick Prompts Praise, Criticism from Jewish, Israel-Related Groups

Joe Biden's Awful Vice Presidential Pick

President Trump: Democrat Push For Mail-In Voting Amounts To Election Meddling

Federal elections chief warns of 'substantial chance' of no results on Election Night

Key News

Crushing the Barbarians Inside the Gates

Andrew Cuomo Caught Undercounting Nursing Home Deaths: His Order Killed at Least 11,000

Trump Heroically Defies a Lawless Supreme Court

The Abortion Pill has Killed 3.7 Million Unborn Babies and Injured Thousands of Women


Israel/Palestinian War

One of the Largest Waves of Aliyah Has Begun

IDF Promotes Religious Hero of Gaza War Ofer Winter, Censors his Thanks to God

DM Gantz Unable to Stop Hamas Incendiary Balloon Attacks

Gaza’s arson balloons spark 60 brush fires in southern Israel

IDF Pummels Hamas Following Arson Attacks on Southern Israel

PM Netanyahu says Hamas, Iran will pay heavy price for balloon terror

‘Iran is Behind 95 Percent of Threats to Israel,’ Warns Netanyahu

Shockingly phony EU report whitewashes Palestinian textbooks by using Israeli ones

Israel Thwarts Major Cyber Attack by North Korean Hackers

Knesset defeats opposition bill to bar Netanyahu from premiership

Turkey claims it is under “blockade” in Mediterranean standoff

Georgia GOP candidate wins primary despite claims of racism



Key News

Trump Leaves Abruptly During Press Conference After Shooting Outside the White House

Trump briefing halted by Secret Service after shots fired near White House

Trump taken to private bunker during protests outside White House

Man ‘ran aggressively’ at Secret Service officer before being shot near White House

Seattle City Council Approves Plan to Defund Police, Layoff 100 Cops, Slash Salaries

'Darker Times Are Ahead' in Seattle After Police Chief Resigns

'Magnificent Mile' Riots, Looting Hit Democrat-Run Chicago

NYC Residents Fleeing Upper East Side Amid Rising Crime Rates

Brewing Scandal? NY’s true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy

Joe Biden’s ‘Gun Violence’ Plan Is Bad News for Gun Owners

Redmentum: Top Revolutionary Communist Endorses Joe Biden for President

Joe Biden: The Man Who Wasn’t There

Trump Campaign Officially Requests Another Debate, Will Biden Accept?

Biden's hideous plan to make family life in suburbs unbearably miserable

Why We Can’t Afford to Abandon Taiwan

China Attempting to Take Over the World

Alex Azar on Taiwan: ‘Very Important Partner of United States’

China Imposes Sanctions On 11 U.S. Citizens

President Trump: Democrats Hardliners, Only Want Bailout Money

School Teacher: We Don't Want You to Know the Radical Stuff We've Been Teaching Your Kids

China Expert: TikTok is China's Trojan horse to indoctrinate Americans

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF shuts Gsza’s Kerem Shalom gate after Palestinian fire balloon barrage

Netanyahu: 'We'll extract a heavy price from Iran's emissaries for balloon terror'

Israeli mayors demand action amid spate of incendiary balloon attacks from Gaza

IDF: Tanks carried out operations on Lebanese border

Intelligence Minister Cohen: We will not vote for a Palestinian state

August 4 Miracle: Was the Beirut Explosion Intended for Israel?

With PA coordination halted, sick Gazans still have no mechanism to enter Israel

Politicians bolt from Lebanon’s cabinet & Parliament in aftershocks of Beirut mega-blast

At least 20 more containers of dangerous chemicals still in Beirut port – Expert

What about the 17 million slaves in the Islamic world?



Key News

President Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders On COVID-19 Relief

Pelosi: Trump’s Executive Orders Are ‘Absurdly Unconstitutional’

Pelosi, Schumer Pen Letter Asking Republicans To Negotiate After Trump Signs Executive Orders

Mnuchin Warns Democrats To Think Twice Before Challenging Trump’s EOs

The Tide Turns Toward Trump

Democrats Should Receive Billion Dollar Fine For Running Deranged Candidate

CNN’s Stelter: ‘Offensive and Otherworldly’ for ‘Right-Wing’ Radio Hosts to Question Biden’s Health

2020 Election: President Trump: In Better Shape Than During 2016 Election At This Point

Susan Rice, ‘Deep State’ Running Mate

ACLU Calls for Release of 50,000 Prisoners Nationwide to Combat ‘Systemic Racism’

Portland Rioters Set Fire to Police Union, Attack Officers with Lasers

Portland police chief warns violent agitators: 'Enough is enough'

'Major Explosion’ in Baltimore, Children Trapped

The myth that lockdowns stop pandemics

New York’s Actions Against the NRA Are an Omen of Things to Come

July Jobs Report Shows Economy On Track To Recovery

Afghanistan Marketplace Explosion Kills At Least 10, Injures 5

New York Governor authorizes reopening of schools

Israeli Education Minister: Schools Will Open On Time - Period!

Alex Azar on Taiwan: ‘Very Important Partner of United States’

Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’

Mass Riots Break Out In Chicago After Police Are Defunded

Portland Mayor Finally Admits: Violent Rioters ‘Attempting to Commit Murder’

Obama's Legacy: 165 pages of records surface, expose cash-for-fetal-tissue scandal

Israel/Palestinian War

Hamas fires rockets into sea in 'message' to Israel

PM Netanyahu: 'We don't need 24 hours'

IAF and US Refueling Squadron Conduct Exercises over Southern Israel

Gaza balloons ignite several fires in southern Israel

Cabinet never discussed West Bank annexation plan: Gantz

Geologists Discover Fault In Middle of the Sea of Galilee: Area to its West Could Suffer Earthquakes

Scientific Breakthrough: Israelis Pinpoint Earth’s Magnetic Field at the Moment of Holy Temple’s Destruction, in 586 BC

Arab Expert: They're not buying Nasrallah's lies in Lebanon

Fourth minister resigns in Lebanon as government staggers

Oops! Iran Accidentally Scuttles Mock U.S. Carrier, Blocks Key Port Entrance

Judicial Watch: Susan Rice Admits Under Oath She Emailed with Hillary Clinton on Clinton’s Non-Government Email System and Received Emails Related to Government Business on Her Own Personal Email Account

Sen. Cotton: NY Times Exposed as 'Laughingstock'


Key News

U.S. Economy Adds 1.8 Million Jobs in July: Unemployment Rate Fall to 10.2%

Black Employment Rose Faster than White Employment in July; Black-White Jobless Gap at Historic Low

President Trump Announces a Coronavirus Relief Executive Order: Tax cuts

100 Children Shot in Democrat-Controlled Philly in 2020

Portland Mayor: Violent Rioters ‘Attempting to Commit Murder’

Michelle Obama: Coronavirus an Opportunity to Change ‘How Wealth Is Distributed

US intelligence: Russia, China and Iran will try to interfere in election

U.N. Agenda 21 is Close to Full Implementation

Now They Want To Take Away Our Pickup Trucks!

In Ohio, Donald Trump Makes Six Promises to American Workers for His Second Term

NY Attorney General Seeks to Dissolve NRA

Some Pennsylvania Democrats Fear Lawsuit Against NRA Helps Trump

The ‘ObamaGate’ Video Trumps The Democrat National Convention

Joe Biden: ‘Unlike the African American Community … the Latino Community Is an Incredibly Diverse Community’

Kanye West ‘the Most Compelling Voice’ Against Abortion, Planned Parenthood

Joe Biden Tries to ‘Clarify’ Remarks About African Americans: No Apology

Biden’s Pretend Campaign

Nine Reasons Biden's Mental Fitness Must Be Tested Immediately

Biden Says He Wouldn’t Stand in the Way of a Trump Prosecution

President Trump: Biden Against God, Guns

Kick the ‘1619 Project’ Out of Schools

San Francisco BANS Happy Meals With FREE Toys (Insanity in 2010)

Trump Wins in Tennessee as Bill Hagerty Defeats Manny Sethi for GOP Nomination for U.S. Senate

Over 200,00 Mail-in Ballots in Nevada Sent to Wrong Addresses

Portland Police Declare Another Riot: Police Association Building Targeted

Lindsey Graham on Portland Riots: Without Feds to Protect Courthouse ‘They’d Have Burned the G** D***d Thing Down’

Andrew Cuomo Pleads with Rich New Yorkers to Return to City: ‘Come Over, I’ll Cook!’

To the President: Let's Open the Churches!

What Will AT&T Do When the Suits See What CNN Does to Profits?

Federal Judge Esther Salas: My Son’s Death Cannot Be In Vain

New York Governor authorizes reopening of schools

Israel/Palestinian War

Unmanned aircraft shot down after violating Israeli airspace from Lebanon

Israeli scientists have coronavirus vaccine ready for human trials

Polish-language Toronto newspaper blames Jews for coronavirus pandemic

Israeli air force targets Hamas Gaza base after Palestinian balloons set fires

John Bolton: Biden could create a big problem for Israel

The miss of the century: Sovereignty is receding

What exploded in the Beirut port? "The high amount of red clouds in the blast cloud indicates hydrazine hydrate, a powerful ROCKET FUEL!!!"


Key News

BOMBSHELL: Chinese Scientist Who Fled From Country Claims COVID-19 was ‘Created in Military Lab’

Authors of Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Study Defend Their Work After Being Attacked by Dr. Fauci

Facebook, Twitter Censor President Trump’s Fox News Interview

81% of Black Americans Want To Maintain or Increase Police Presence in Their Neighborhood

“Reimagine Los Angeles” Ballot Initiative Will Strip Almost $1 Billion From Law Enforcement, Court System

Proposal to disband Minneapolis police blocked from ballot

The Coming National Crisis


Democrat Megadonor Ed Buck Charged With Sex Trafficking Felonies

POLL: Nearly Three Quarters of Democrat Snowflake Students Want to Remove Monuments of Founding Fathers

Saint Louis Police Detective REFUSED TO SIGN Soros Funded Prosecutor’s Probable Cause Document Against McCloskeys

De Blasio appears to blame NYC's crime surge on lack of federal stimulus money

Portland Police Chief: Ongoing Riots Straining Dept. Resources

Billions Are Being Spent on Teachers Who Won't Teach: President Trump Can Change That

Attorney General Barr Scorches Democrats: Congressional Dems get exposed on their treacherous enabling of orgies of violence

Uyghur Organizations File Complaint To ICC Against China

Trump Campaign Sues Nev. Over Mail-In Voting Law

Vice President Pence Reaffirms Trump Administration’s Pro-Life Stance

Republican Senators Back Extending $25 Billion Payroll Aid For U.S. Airlines: Shares Jump

Wall To Wall: Chris Markowski On America’s Economic Recovery

Seventy-Five Years Ago The First Atomic Bomb Was Dropped

Israel/Palestinian War

Beirut Explosion: Dozens still missing as death toll rises

Trump again says Lebanon blast might not have been accident


Lebanon explosion raises fears of similar danger in Haifa ‘right next to our bedrooms’

Israel shores up defenses as border tensions boil

Minister Hanegbi: In the end, we will have to take over Gaza

Biden’s Jewish outreach coordinator: He’ll return to the Iran deal

Ministers ease weekend virus rules, back resumption of air travel

Gov't approves $75m. bid for major stake in El Al to US millionaire's son

Trump Torches Athletes Who Kneel During National Anthem – Blasts Black Lives Matter As A ‘Marxist Group’

Breaking News


All these top-name celebrities are bankrolling efforts to 'Defund the Police'

Teen Vogue Tells Teen Girls: Marx good, Reagan bad

Admitted: Faking coronavirus death of popular American Indian prof who NEVER EXISTED!

Biden botches Declaration of Independence yet again in softball interview

Woke Taliban Blacklists ‘Kindergarten Cop’ from Oregon Screening

Trump Becomes First POTUS To Declare White Supremacist Group ‘Terrorists’

Key News

Is AOC A Bigot In League With The Devil?

Terrorism Expert: Antifa Developed From Communist Terrorist Movements

BLM Radicals CHASED OUT of Neighborhoods by ARMED CITIZENS: Mass BACKLASH Begins!

The Madness in Democrat Cities Will Escalate Until the Voter Madness Stops

Black men in LA march with MAGA 2020 flags

MSNBC Producer Quits: Pens Letter Calling Network A ‘Cancer’ That Stokes ‘Racial Division’

Ex-NFL Player Tweets to His 146,000 Followers The Libel About Jewish ‘Child Torture,’ ‘Human Sacrifice’: Twitter takes no action

Almost Every American Blames the Media for Political Strife

L.A. County Supervisors Vote to Put Defunding Police on November Ballot

The Explosive 135% July Gun Sales Increase Also Revealed Another Benchmark Was Clinched For 2020

COVID case numbers far lower than claimed

Election 2020 News

Revolutionary Communist Party USA Leader Endorses Biden

NBC News Reveals Mail-In Ballot System as a Complete Disaster

The Democrats are Running out of Time on Their Hidin’ Biden Farce

Is Joe Biden’s Lack of Cognitive Skills a Democrat Diversionary Tactic?

Clouds of Summer Obscure the Coming Thunder of November

Lebanon Rocked by Massive Fireball Hours After Netanyahu Warns Hezbollah

Up to 300,000 left homeless by deadly blast in Beirut: Governor

Photos: ‘Devastated’ Beirut Emerges from the Ashes After Deadly Explosion

Watch: Aerial footage of devastation from Beirut explosion

President Trump: Beruit Explosion ‘Looks Like a Terrible Attack’

Trump suggests Beirut explosions caused by “bomb of some kind”

Pompeo sends condolences to victims of the Beirut explosions

Israeli Former MK Moshe Feiglin: Glad it was Beirut and not Tel Aviv

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel offers humanitarian aid to Lebanon after Beirut explosions kill dozens

Israeli involvement in massive Beirut port blast ruled out by both sides

Foreign Minister: Annexation ‘right now not on the agenda, everyone’s busy’

Top health official warns ‘complete lockdown’ still a possibility

Israel’s Lifesaving Anti-Missile Defense System Coming to America

‘Palestinians Lose Every Time, It’s They’re Own Fault!’: Former Kuwaiti Official

Israel Beats Back Palestinian Arsonists Scorching the Biblical Heartland

EmbarrassingMmockery: Iran’s replica US warship sinks, blocking port


‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Ratings Plummet to All-Time Low

Hidden FDA Doc Explains Why “Liar” Fauci Opposes Hydroxychloroquine: Top Doctors Explain

If NYC Doesn’t Get Federal Bailout, De Blasio Set to Lay Off Over 20,000 City Employees


Key News

Democrat-Run KKK Burnt Crosses: Now, Democrat-Run BLM Burn Bibles

Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief’s Home

Report: Lack Of Churches, Schools, Police Fueling Murder Wave In Major Cities

Trump Hints at Executive Order on Mail Ballots

Trump Vows To Sue Nevada To Block Universal Mail-In Ballots

Trump: Coronavirus Lockdowns ‘Do Not Prevent Infection in the Future’

Trump clashes with HBO reporter over Covid-19 death numbers

Trump: Coronavirus 'Under Control as Much as You Can Control It'

US Reports Smallest Daily CCP Virus Case Increase in 4 Weeks

Green light on Judea and Samaria is key to Trump's re-election

Why Your Kid Is A Communist

Obama Defends Mob Rule: "The Ends Justify The Means"!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy

‘Quick reaction force’ Feds to remain in Portland: Trump warns he won’t hesitate to send National Guard

Is Joe Biden’s Lack of Cognitive Skills a Democrat Diversionary Tactic?

Why Socialist Revolutionaries Will Vote for Biden

Pelosi Stumped When Asked Who Leader Of Democratic Party Is, Picks Obama And Clinton

Cuban Restaurant Owner in Louisville Says BLM is Using ‘Mafia Tactics’ to Extort Local Businesses

AOC Faces Twitter Backlash After Claiming ‘Latinos Are Black’

Duckworth’s Decimation of National Security

Israel/Palestinian War

Massive US AN-225 plane lands in Israel to pick up Iron Domes

Lebanon is sliding into the abyss of a “failed state”

Israel strikes Syrian military positions after thwarting Golan explosions

MK Deri: We need to be flexible, the government must not be toppled

Trump to attend NJ fundraiser hosted by family of close friend who died of coronavirus

US Manufacturing Soars to 15-Month High: Report from Institute for Supply Management

The US’ Economy Is Stronger Than the Eurozone’s

U.S. Factory Orders Rise More Than Expected, Signaling Manufacturing Recovery

Trump Signs ‘Hiring American’ Executive Order to Prioritize US Workers


Key News

Minneapolis Police Department Advises Residents to Give In to Criminals

Mob Shakedown! BLM Demands Cut of Louisville Business Profits for 'Protection'

Law & Order: Nat’l Assoc. Of Police Organizations Leaders Meet With President Trump

Portland, Oregon -- Democrat-Controlled City -- Smashes 30-Year Record For Crime After Police Budget Cuts

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

Chicago Is Almost Disarmed to Death

Riots and protests from Portland to Jerusalem

The Choice Before Us: This time, we’ve traveled to the very edge of the abyss

De Blasio’s NYC: More Shootings at This Point in 2020 than in All of 2019

Austin cops warn residents, armed ‘protesters’ may try to enter apartment buildings, perch on roofs

House Democrats Reject Motion to Fund Police

Portland sees 150-round shooting at apartment building, as crowds continue violent clashes with police

Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets

Pompeo Promises Action on Chinese Software Firms in the ‘Coming Days’

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Believe Liberal Media Over Latest Economic Report

A ‘Victims of Communism Day’ Is Long Overdue

Corporate Media Completely Ignored Story of Mother Killed by Black Lives Matter Supporters

2020 Election News

Zogby Pollster: Majority See Trump as 'Law and Order President'

Election Interference: McCarthy Warns Google Using ‘Tremendous Amount of Power’ to ‘Influence What People Think or See’

Joe Biden Preparing To Announce Running Mate

‘Biden’s Cognitive Decline Is Rapidly Worsening’

China Prefers 'a Biden Presidency'

Biden VP hopefuls speak out: Communist sympathizer Bass says she is 'ready'

Karen Bass tries excusing her Castro love: Makes it much worse after Wallace asked the right follow up

College Students Reject Kamala Harris as Biden VP Pick

Clinton Aide Advises Joe Biden: ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Debate Trump’

New York Times Op-ed: ‘Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates’

WH Chief of Staff Meadows: Universal Mail-In Voting ‘Not A Good Idea For The Country’

Pelosi endorses Tlaib for re-election to Michigan seat

Pelosi funnels $14,000 to Ilhan Omar campaign amid expensive primary fight

Rhetoric About a New Civil War Is on the Rise

Having a Bible could be a 'hate crime,' Scottish bishop warns

COVID-19 News

Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Risk 66 Percent: Italian Study

Big Pharma Rakes in Billions from U.S. Taxpayers for Coronavirus Vaccine

“The Next One”: A Truly Creepy Bill Gates Moment - "that will get attention this time (*smile*)"

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Reverses Hydroxychloroquine Ban After Governor’s Request

President Trump Says He Doesn’t Believe Herman Cain Contracted COVID-19 From Tulsa Rally

Ratings Crash for NBA, MLB After Protest-Filled Debuts

NBA Caught In Biggest Scandal Of Their History — Players Ordered Not To Comment -- China

Israel/Palestinian War

Iron Drone intercepts rocket fired from Gaza: No injuries

After rocket attack, Israel said to hit Hamas targets in Gaza

IDF thwarts infiltration attempt along Syrian border

Bennett posts good news about Israel’s corona infection rate

Israel’s corona czar says he will make order out of chaos

Wake up Twitter, shut down Khamenei’s account

White House Blasts Twitter for Approving Iran’s Threats to Destroy Israel

Congressman Calls on Trump to Add Palestinian Leader to US Terrorist List

Why has annexation become a forgotten story?

IDF eliminates band of 4 terrorists planting bomb on northern border

Feels like coalition with Blue and White might collapse soon

'Israel's economy won't recover for another 4-5 years'

ANALYSIS: Turkey has become a rogue state

Apple Fire in California explodes to more than 32 square miles, thousands evacuated

California Democrats Propose Raising Top State Tax Rate to 16.8%

U.S. Senate Approves General Charles Brown Jr.: First Black Service Chief

Report Finds 250 US Collaborations With Chinese Military-Tied Researchers

President Trump Aides Native Americans In Tackling Crimes: Effort began in November 26, 2019, with Executive Order #13898



Key News

Democrats’ Policies Are Unfit For The Presidency

The Great Pale Scarecrow of White Supremacist Violence

Seattle City Council moves to abolish police department with new bill

Black Lives Matter Founder: DNC Platform Must Call for Defunding Police, Abolishing ICE

The Left’s Absurd Tribute

Apparent junkies turn stretch of NYC’s Midtown into a shooting gallery

Republicans are gaining voters at 5 times the rate of Democrats in Pennsylvania

Lightfoot the Lightweight: Chicago’s mayor can’t maintain order in her increasingly violent city. So she plays the race card

Supreme Court denies request to halt construction of the border wall

Threats from China, Russia, Iran loom ahead of US presidential election

Trump: ‘China Must Be Very Happy’ Democrats Using Coronavirus to ‘Screw Up’ Election

President Trump Suggests China Will Repay U.S. For Economic Impact Of COVID-19

Trump bans Chinese Tik Tok in US

Israeli mask maker Sonovia expects 99% coronavirus success after lab test

Court docs detail Maxwell’s ‘constant’ orgies with young girls on Epstein’s island

Sen. Tom Cotton Presses Google CEO over Election Interference Revelations

NHL’s Rangers, Islanders Stand Together for National Anthem

Every Player and Coach Takes a Knee During National Anthem Before NBA Restart

Colorado to Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence Overturned by Federal Appeals Court

130 Federal Agents Stay Behind In Portland As ‘Quick Reaction Force’

Israel/Palestinian War

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Apply Sovereignty Now

US House passes missile-defense budget for Israel valued at $500 mil.

Palestinians shouldn’t bet on Biden to deliver peace or a state

‘This will end in bloodshed’: Israel’s public security minister warns at rising incitement

Stores open, beaches packed as Israel's coronavirus death toll passes 500

Second coronavirus wave under control, say Israeli researchers

Israel Outraged After Twitter OKs Iranian Calls to Annihilate Jewish State

How the Mossad hunted the ‘Butcher of Riga,’ who murdered up to 30,000 Jews

Iran rules out attack as cause of Natanz explosion

With Iraq, Lebanon, Syria in economic collapse, virus adds to despair of young

Fourth Grade Teacher Details How Schools Push Ban History And Leftist Agendas

Judicial Watch: FBI Capitulates on Andrew McCabe Text Messages After Adverse Federal Court Ruling

Protesters burn Bibles in Portland, rip protective boarding off buildings



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