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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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September 15, 2002

Liberty Wins -- So Far: Bush Runs Into Checks and Balances in Demanding New Powers - But he is trying to garner new, oppressive powers

Secret Court Promises Not To Keep Secrets From Congress

U.S. Holds Suspected 20th Hijacker

Arrests Raising Hopes in Hunt for Al Qaeda

Hunt Grows In Yemen For Al Qaeda
Persian Gulf Nation's Links To Terror Fuel U.S. Resolve

Suspect Captured By Using Cell Phone

Man InTerror Scare Says Accuser Is Lying

Senator Raises Possibility of Terrorist Link to West Nile

Bush: No End to Palestinian Suffering Without Statehood

Strike Vote by Boeing's Largest Union Fails

Bush Tells America Saddam Must Be Stopped

Action against Iraq possible in January-Italy: More disinformation as to timing?

U.S. Legislators on Both Sides of Iraq Attack Debate

Britain Backs U.S. Demand for U.N. to Hold Iraq Responsible for Defying Security Council Resolutions

Saddam Hussein Trained Al Qaeda Fighters - Report

Exclusive: Scott Ritter in His Own Words

Baghdad Seeks "Magic Formula" to Avert U.S. Attacks Against Iraq

U.K. Report: Global "Warming" Threatening Way of Life

Summer Of 2002 Rates Third Hottest On Record

Smallpox Vaccine Plan Almost Ready

Church Strategy to Oust Abusive Priests May Be Unraveling


September 14, 2002

U.N. Members Urge Iraq Inspections

Ramzi Binalshibh, major Sept. 11 planner, taken into U.S. custody in Pakistan

Iran, Syria working to improve long-range weapon technology

Five Men Held for Allegedly Operating Terrorist Cell; Neighbors, Doubt Charges

U.S. gets boost on Iraq deadline

Men Released After Florida Terror Scare

Man Calls His Detention in Terror Scare an Injustice That Threatens Everyone

Home Front: Israel is ready for an attack

Egypt praises Bush speech on Iraq

U.S. Arrests Al Qaeda Cell In NY

U.S. Pilots Face Criminal Charges For Mistaken Bombing In Afghanistan...

Philippine Kidnappers Free U.S. Teen

Robot to explore shaft in Great Pyramid


In New Book, McCain Mulls Whether It Is Time To Retire...

Mobilcom Heads for Bankruptcy

Honeywell Sinks Dow

Retail Sales Surprisingly Strong

Airline stocks take a dive

Retail Sales Up Strongly in August

Gay Couple Moves by Falwell Church

5 More West Nile Cases Found in City

Leahy Raises Possibility That Spreading West Nile Virus Is Bioterror Attack...

Nevada to vote on legalizing marijuana

Kids who spend more time watching TV--regardless of the content of the programming--are more likely to behave aggressively and have other types of social problems

September 13, 2002

Many Republican and Democratic members of Congress say Bush made compelling case before United Nations to take action against Saddam

Navy SEALs Inspecting Radioactive Ship Off New Jersey...

Qatar hints it could be base for US strike on Saddam

Bush selling U.N. on ousting Saddam

Palestinians hired to protest Bush, rally for Saddam

Israel hails demise of Palestinian cabinet as hastening end to Arafat rule

Richard Reid chose to attack American airliner because 'without America there would be no Israel

Home Front: Israel is ready for an attack

Iran training for nuke warfare, U.S. attack

Immigrants Arrested in Baltimore Had Computers With Links to Flight Schools

Muslim clerics told reporters the United States has to suffer much more to learn "obedience."

Taliban's Omar: No Rest Until U.S. Leaves Afghanistan

Russia Ready to Attack Georgia

Reno Refuses to Concede to McBride

Reno campaign challenging vote tallies in Florida cliffhanger

Greenspan Warns of Budget Gap Risks

Wall Street Falls After War and Fed Talk

Files Show Several Abuse Allegations Against Five Priests, Archdiocese Waited to Discipline Some

It's Not Just Mosquitoes Anymore
CDC confirms four people got West Nile virus from organ transplants

FBI Agents Return to Hatfill's Home
Anthrax investigators conduct third search of Maryland apartment

U.S. life expectancy hits new high

Satellites and high-tech spinoffs play vital role in new battles

Body Piercing Plus Heart Defect May Spell Trouble

Kids who spend more time watching TV--regardless of the content of the programming--are more likely to behave aggressively and have other types of social problems


September 12, 2002

Bush Memorializes 'Year of Sorrow'

Families, Public Mourn Flight 93 Victims

America Pauses to Remember

World Remembers Sept. 11 Attacks

Few 9/11 Memorials Across Arab World

Among the 2,801 Names Is One That May Belong to Person Still Alive

9-1-1 Drawn on 9-11 in New York Lottery

Iraq: 911 Attacks Were a 'Punishment'...

Muslim Radicals Defend Attacks

Dogs smell explosives; office evacuated

Arab Station Airs bin Laden Tape

Saudi Arabia first denied that the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers included Saudis

Report `Massive` Positioning Of U.S. Military Equipment in Israel

Bush Strategists Consider Deadline for Renewed Weapons Inspections

Signs of Coming One World Religion

American Worshippers Mark Anniversary With Words of Consolation, Calls for Harmony and Tolerance


Democrats to Blame Florida on GOP

Florida Voters Foiled by Technology

U.S. to Rejoin UNESCO

Greenpeace backs the dictator Mugabe

Rich is better — so stuff the Earth Summit

Legislators Force Resignation of Palestinian Cabinet in Blow to Arafat's Prestige

Disney's Moral Stock "Hit a New Low," Catholic League Says

Mexico Boom in Male Magazines Sparks Playboy Return

China Implements 'Great Fire Wall'

Five Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Baltimore; Material Seized

Anthrax scare at U.S. embassies

Emergency warning systems 'unreliable'

Prior Knowledge Of 911 Not Just Urban Legend

Teachers want to hide the facts on 9-11

Study: Clones have abnormal genes

September 11, 2002 -- Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks, The Day of Infamy We Shall Never Forget

9/11 News

U.S. Put on 'High' Terror Alert: On Orange

Where We Stand One Year Later: Freedoms badly mangled

Solemn Marches Kick Off Profound Anniversary

Hush Set to Fall Over Corporate World

Church Attendance Back to Normal Low Levels

War On Terror: Unfolding Bible Prophecy!

A Year Later, as Sympathy Sours, Mideast Sees an America Blinded by Vengeance

Sept. 11: The Day America Changed

September 11: Waiting For the Next Shoe To Drop

9/11 Collection of Essays

Poll: Feeling Safe Is Not the Same as Winning

Tattoos Offer Mark of Respect For Those Killed In Twin Towers

Pentagon Families Persevere, Reflect

Bin Laden IDs And Praises All Hijackers on New Tape: Bin Laden 'voice' lists hijackers

Text of FBI Alert

Sauid Crown Prince Sends Condolence Message To America

Senators: FBI Grabbing More Wiretap Powers

ACLU Says Rewriting of Domestic Spying Restrictions Gives FBI New Powers Despite Growing Evidence of Analytical Failures

New York Senators Both Cry For More Federal Funds

Security: There's No Place to Hide

Industrial Civilization vs Mother Gaia

Record Smog Shrouds Hong Kong's Dramatic Skyline; Chinese Factories Blamed

Senate Approves $5.9 Billion Drought Aid: Bush opposed

FARM SCENE: Organic Farm Co-Op Will Provide Produce to Pennsylvania University

Agriculture Department Opens Office to Help Minority Farmers; Groups Skeptical

Illegal Border Crossings Hammering Fragile Environment

Western Senators Want to Ease Restrictions Against Thinning Federal Forests

Illegal Immigrants Tied To Eight Major Wildfires

Study of Map Of Illegal Wildfires: Interesting revelations

Will Albuquerque Get To Keep Its Water For Humans, Or Must They Release It For Minnows?

Election News

N.H. Primary May Be Key To Which Party Controls The Senate

Reno Narrowly Trailing Opponent In Early Returns

Katherine Harris Wins GOP Nomination For U.S. House In Sarasota

Cicilline Wins Democratic Primary For Providence Mayor: He is openly gay and son of a mob lawyer

Florida Primary Prompts State of Emergency

McCall-Pataki Showdown Set In New York Governor's Race

Lawmakers Seek Martha Stewart Probe

Nearly 1,500 Boeing Workers Vote To Strike

Home Foreclosures At 30-Year High

March Toward Iraqi Invasion

Blair Says World Must Act Against Saddam

Iraq Calls On Arabs to 'Confront' America

U.S. Central Command H.Q. Moving From Tampa, Florida, To Qatar Soon After Bush's U.N. Speech

Cheney Keeps Pressure On Saddam

Democrats Unconvinced On Iraq War: Playing their part well

Bush Plans To Shame UN Into Action On Iraq

Palestinians Rally In Support of Saddam

War Drums Stoke Up Petrol Prices

Blair Says World Must Act Against Saddam; Attacks A 'Last Resort'

Nelson Mandela Supports Iraq, Calls US Threat To World Peace

Bush to Ask U.N. to 'Deal With the Problem' of Iraq

India - Pakistan Standoff

Gunmen Seize Residential Building in Pakistan, Battle Police

Militants Gun Down J&K Law Minister In Kupwara

Pakistani Police Raid Apartment House, Kill and Capture Militants in Three-Hour Gunbattle

NC Leader's Grandson Abducted In Poonch, India

Need To Train People Against Nuke Disasters: India's Defense Minister

Bullet-roof Vests, Helmets For J&K Poll Staff

Middle East - Israel

Arafat Sets Date For Leadership Poll

Arafat: Flawed Symbol of Palestine

Palestinian Authority Worried About Repeat Celebrations: People celebrated in streets after learning of Tower collapse

Israel Warns of War Over Water: Lebanon proceeds with plans to divert water from river

US, Israel On 'High Alert' For 9/11

Arafat's Fatah Group Pledges To Stop Attacks In Israel: Bible says a Leopard cannot change its spots

Meir Dagan Named Mossad Chief In What Critics Charge Is Political Appointment

Sharon Warns Against 'Display of Weakness' In Terror War

Surgeon Who Left Patient On Operating Table Faces Rape Charges

Public Prayer Can't Invoke Christ

School Religious Groups Get Equal Benefits

Preakness Runner-Up Has West Nile Virus

111 Bird Species Said To Be Hit By West Nile Virus

Importance of the Number '11' : More

Police: Noelle Bush Caught With Cocaine

Gov. Jeb Bush: Daughter Must 'Accept Responsibility'

School Nurse Gives Ritalin To Wrong Student

Boy Killed After Allegedly Winking At Girl

Shooting Death of Elementary School Teacher Goes To Trial : Killed her by shooting through ceiling

New Hope For Christopher Reeve


September 10, 2002

Remembering 9/11

Emotional Bush Begins Weeklong Series of Sept. 11 Remembrances

Sharon Honors America On 9/11: 'There Is No Compromise In The War Against Terror'

President Begins Week of Remembrance

U.S. Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Washington

Many Viewers to Tune Out Sept. 11 Coverage

Asia Tightens Security Ahead of Sept. 11 as Terror Tremors Ripple Across Region

US Warns Americans Of Potential Sept. 11 Attacks

Air Defense Exercise in D.C. Region

Miami-Area Residents Train for Disaster Preparedness

Mrs. Bush Proud of Husband, Americans In 9/11 Reaction

U.S. Jakarta Embassy Shut, Asia Braces for Sept 11

F-16 Pilots Considered Ramming Flight 93: Why didn't they just shoot it down?

Judge: Police Routinely Violating Rights

Arab World News

Arab World 'Faces Further Stagnation'

No Pardon For Islamic Stoning Case Mum: Nigerian State Govt

Intel Eyes PC Slump, Sets New Technology

Very Bad Idea To Clone Humans: Invariably mutant creatures are formed

Therapeutic Cloning Latest Orwellian Nightmare

Train Disaster In India

Express Derails Near Gaya, India: 100 Feared Dead, Over 600 People On Board

Special Train With Victim's Relatives Leaves Delhi

Indian Prime Minister Asks for immediate relief to mishap victims

`World Trade Center Cough' Disables Firefighters

Explosives Residue Found On Sheik's Luggage

Gay-Lesbian News

Show to Feature Homosexual Weddings: Advertisers on the show's premiere included Hyundai, Hertz, Subaru, Applebee's and Maalox.

Democrats Give Reno Cold Shoulder

Bill O'Reilly Shows True Colors: Describes Bible Believing Christians as "Idiots", Defends Gay Lifestyle as Right Before God

Miami Voters to Decide Fate of Homosexual Rights Amendment

Big Brother Watches You Drive

Police Group: Review Central Park Jogger Case

Switzerland to Join United Nations

Minister Reprises 'Under God' Sermon

Middle East -- Iraq

White House: International Opposition To Military Action Against Iraq Is Softening

Bush Flexes 'Muscle' On Iraq

Democrats Supported War on Iraq in 1998: Clinton's rationale then identical to Bush's now

No War On Iraq Unless The United Nations Allows The Use of Force, Top Vatican Official Warns

IDF Official: U.S. To Attack Iraq Soon: U.S. Attack To Be 'Annihilation'

Bush: Post-Saddam Iraq not US Responsibility

President Katsav: Iraq Will Probably Strike At Israel If Attacked By US

Iraqi Foreign Minister Warns U.S. Against Attacking

Saudis Take Their Money And Run

In Surprise Move, Saudis Bar Western Oil Firms From Key Natural Gas Fields

Middle East -- Israel

Three Arabs Held In Jerusalem Cafe Poisoning Plot

UPDATE: Two New Systems Will Protect Israeli Airspace

UPDATE: Al-Qaida Planned To Blow Up Bridges On The Jordan River

Coordinator of Activities In The Territories: Arafat Has Done Nothing To Stop Attacks Against Israel

Security forces on alert for attacks in Israel, Samaria and Gaza

Arafat Tells Palestinian Assembly He Is Willing To Step Down

Middle East -- Afghanistan

In Northern Afghan City, Mine-Clearers Comb Airport for U.S. Bomblets

U.S. Still Resettling Afghan Refugees Here

US Forces Launch Strike In Afghanistan

Cell Phones Bound For al-Qaida Seized At Port of Houston

U.S. Forces Spread Too Thin? Suggestion To Partially Withdraw From Afghanistan Raises Questions

Middle East -- India

PM Dismisses Talk Of LoC As Border

Militants Kill 6 Policemen In Meghalaya

Indian Arrested For Attempting To Hijack Plane

Terror Cools Poll Fervour

U.S. Clears Release of Military Aid to Colombia

New Colombian President Decrees Emergency Measures to Fight Rebel Attacks

Scientists Brew Real Joint Juice: May Provide Relief For Osteoarthritis and Join Injuries

Sleep Aid: Listening To Your Own Brain Waves

Massachusetts Court Sets Grandparents' Rights


September 9, 2002

Iraq Faces Annihilation

US-UK Air Might Knocks out Iraq’s Air Force-Air Defense Front Lines

Bush To Threaten Iraq With Unconventional Weapons Destruction! -- Isaiah 13:4-12 may be about to be fulfilled!

Britain And US Ready To Fight Alone - Blair

Troops To Iraq Within Weeks - Blair

Joint Chiefs: Scud Launchers To Be 1st Target of Iraq Attack

Iraq Could Assemble Nuclear Weapons Within Months: Think Tank

Cheney Says Saddam Is Seeking Nuclear Weapons

White House Said To Be Hunting For Video Showing Saddam Executing Opponents

Administration Says Time Is Short to Act Against Iraq

Canada Won't Back U.S. Strike on Iraq - Manley

Former Inspector Doubts Iraq a Threat:

Other Ex-Inspectors Say Iraq Could Possess WMD

Blair Says Iraq Has 'One Last Chance'

War With Iraq Could Spark Recession: But, world would suddenly have much more oil available, could topple OPEC

Russia Sees U.S. As New Market For Oil Reserves:
Deals Could Ease Washington's Reliance On Mideast, Create Windfall for Moscow

Hackworth: Define Iraq Attack Need: Not worth soldiers dying for

7.7 Magnitude Quake in New Guinea: Strongest of Year

2 Dead As Huge Quake Hits Papua New Guinea

Small Tsunami Hits PNG After Powerful Quake

Muslims Torch Van Carrying Christians, One Dies

Muslim Father kills Virgin Daughter Over Sex Claims

Pakistani Christian Escapes Death Penalty:
Teacher Had Been Charged With Blaspheming Mohammed

Pakistani Police Kill Four Church Attack Suspects

Jerry Lewis Taken Ill In London: Declining Health Has Prompted Thoughts of Suicide

Lawyers Carry On Court Fight Of Alta. Jehovah's Witness Girl After Her Death

Florida's Child-Welfare Payroll Includes Employees Who Have Criminal Pasts: Convictions include rape, sexual molestation!

Moscow Smog Thickens Despite Rainmaker

Secret Satellite Photos To Be Unveiled

Evidence Is Mounting For A Planet XKBO Flyby!

New World Order Grows Tax Teeth

U.N. Biodiversity Program Starting In 3 States: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming!

Biodiversity Map Driving People Out of Their Homes, Depriving Them of Private Property


Israeli Tanks Push Into Gaza Hours Before Key Speech by Arafat

Arafat Condemns All Terror Acts Against Israeli Civilians: Talk is cheap, actions have never backed public rhetoric

Sharon To Meet top Palestinian Leader, Arafat's Deputy

Peres To Leave For UN General Assembly, Will Meet With Officials In D.C.

US Envoy, General Zinni, Warns Against Iraq War: Will make Palestinian - Israeli conflict worse

Catholicism In The News

Brazilian Cardinal, Once Considered Papal Successor, Dies in Rome

Milan Cardinal Martini Celebrates Last Mass Before Retirement

Catholic Convent Abuse Film, "The Magdalene Sisters" Wins Top Venice Film Festival Award

Bush, Canadian Prime Minister, Meeting To Discuss "Smart Borders"

Remembering 9/11

Where Was God On 9/11? America threw God out of our national life in 1963!

Since Sept. 11, It's No Longer Business as Usual for Agriculture Aviation Industry

Were Civil Liberties a Casualty of 9/11?

Pastors Recall Toll of 9-11, Finding Solace in Faith, Unity Among Americans

Terrorism Task Force Makes Arrest in Oregon

Al-Jazeera Reporter: Al Qaeda Mulled Attack on U.S. Nuclear Facilities

Many Viewers to Tune Out Sept. 11 Coverage

U.S. Fears Low-Level Al Qaeda Attacks

Stores Stock Books On 9/11

"Death To America": Terrorist war began in 1979

Conservative Black Leads House´s Only Avowed Lesbian: Gay activists invade church meeting, shouting, "Bring back the Lions", and "St. Peter was Gay"

Zimbabwe Farmers Brace For New Deadlines End

Hubble Telescope Sees 'Wheel Within Wheel'; Confirmation of Ezekiel 1:16 vision of the way Heaven is constructed?

Understanding Genetic Rice Code Said To Be 'Greatest Achievement' in Understanding Evolution

Cell Phone Records Playing Key Role in Criminal Cases: Tracking of area in which call was made is key

Radio ID Locks Lost Laptops

The Hidden Data In Your Driver's License: ID Cards Go Smart With Encoded Personal Information


September 8, 2002

Breaking News

US-UK Air Might Knocks out Iraq’s Air Force-Air Defense Front Lines

Iraq To Be Threatened With Unconventional Destruction!

Bush To Threaten Iraq With Unconventional Weapons Destruction! -- Isaiah 13:4-12 may be about to be fulfilled!

Bush To Address World Leaders Next Thursday At U.N. Meeting

Bush - Blair War Summit Ends With Statement That U.S. Has More Than Ample Evidence of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction

White House Admits: Bush Misstated Report On Iraq

Former Inspectors: Iraq Likely Has Bio-Chem Weapons

U.S. Says Hussein Intensifies Quest for A-Bomb Parts

London or Berlin Could Be Next Terror Target

Bush, Blair Concerned On Iraq and Nuclear Weapons

Schroeder, Chirac Say U.N. Must Be Involved in Iraq Action

Saddam's Mistress Tells Sordid Tale of Rape, Humiliation

Iran Successfully Test Fires Surface-to-Surface Missile Capable of Carrying Nuclear Warhead

Business Updates

Greenspan, 9/11 Attack Commemoration on Week's Agenda

Wall Street Still Insane About Tech Stocks

Datek Stockholders Approve Ameritrade Merger

McDonald's Considers Ways to Spur Lackluster Sales

Intel Shares Up on Investor Relief

Dude! Pull That Ad!

Government-linked 'Suicide' Probed: 1954 Death Bears Similarities To Death of CIA Biochemist

Afghans Detain 18 Over Assassination Attempt

UN blocks Future Sustainability Earth Summits: No more meetings until governments implement agreements already made

Boston University Bans Gay -Lesbian Support Group

Canadian Ban On Same-Sex Marriages Ruled Unconstitutional: Effecting changes via judicial action

Jurors In Teen Murder Case Angry That Adult Was Found "Not Guilty"

Simon Loses Gay - Lesbian Support In California Governor's Race

Parents Pay To "Choose" Baby's Sex: Will it be a boy or a girl?

Cloning—It's Off to See the Wizard

Privatization Begins At Philly Schools

India - Pakistan: The Forgotten Nuclear Threat

Artillery Shelling Resumes on India-Pakistan Border, 1 Villager Killed

India To Tell Bush That Pakistan Has Failed To Fulfill Promises To Stop Terrorism

Pakistan's Musharraf Leaves For US On Week-Long Visit

Time Not Ripe For Talks: Pakistan Kashmir Committee

40 Policemen Killed In Maoist Attack In Nepal

Renewed Terrorism A Concern

Dr. Pepper Issues Commemorative Can by Printing Pledge of Allegiance: Omits "God"

Air Patrols Resume Over NYC And DC

Air Defenders Learn Lessons From Sept. 11

Hundreds Show For Radiation Pill Giveaway At Illinois Nuclear Plant

Bush Makes Case for Homeland Security

Deportees Face Wrenching Losses

Congress Convenes in New York To Demonstrate Solidarity With New Yorkers

U.N. Rights Chief Blasts Terror War: Charges governments hiding behind terror concerns in order to trample civil liberties

Terror Laws 'Eat Away At Privacy'

Poll Finds Bush Foreign Policy Approval Down Almost To Pre-Sept. 11 Levels

Colorado College Prepares For Big Crowd As Palestinian Speaker Stands Firm

London To Host Islamic 'Celebration' of Sept 11

Saudi Schools Teaching Hate

President Declares Days of Prayer, Remembrance:
Proclamation issued in memory of 9/11 victims

Typhoon Leaves Nine Dead, Three Missing in Eastern China

Tropical Storm Batters Texas; No Major Damage Reported

Abortion Politics Holding Up Popular Health Center Bill

Muslim Father kills Virgin Daughter Over Sex Claims

Pakistani Christian Escapes Death Penalty:
Teacher Had Been Charged With Blaspheming Mohammed

French 'Want Porn Banned From TV'

French Porn Producer Defends TV 'Asset'

Green Light For Porn Films In U.K.

Romanian Prime Minister Says Romanian Orphans Sold On The Internet

Toys for Tots on the Techie Side




September 7, 2002

Contradictions Reign About Iraq

Disarm Iraq Quickly, Bush to Urge U.N.

World Leaders to Hear Bush Out on Iraq

U.N. Inspectors Stepping Up Preparations for Possible Return to Iraq, Including More Satellite Images

Iraq Policy Shift Follows Pattern: Decision to "consult" Congress seen as damage control

Bush, British Prime Minister Meet on Anti-Saddam Strategy

Saddam's Fellow Arabs Want Him to Back Down, but Have Little Influence

Chickenhawk Vs. Chicken Little: Many Iraq Hawks Have Never Seen Military Service

Japan's Koizumi to Stress International Approach on Iraq at Bush Summit in New York

If Bush Asks U.N. For Permission to Attack Iraq: This means we are admitting subservience to U.N.

Sharon Expects Warning From US Before Iraq Attack

Bush Faces Daunting Task in Building Public Support

Providence Mayor Sentenced to More Than Five Years in Prison for Corruption

Report: Federal Agencies Wasted $19 Billion Last Year

Florida Boys Found Guilty of Dad's Murder, Child Molester Found Innocent

Radio-based Security System Tracks Inmates, Officers In U.S. Prisons

Oregon Wildfire Finally Contained

U.S. Supreme Court To Deal With Tattoos and Transsexuals

Bond Investor Bill Gross: Dow 5000 Looks Fair

Stocks Rebound Friday On Positive Employment Data

Religion Or Exercise? Debate On Yoga Raises Concerns

10 Million Acres At Stake In Bush Forest Plan

Anti-Semitism In Germany Rising

Schools Could Be Sued For Teaching About Homosexuality, Report Claims

Environmental 'Doomsday Prophecy' Debunked in New Study: "Sustainability" is one of greatest lies in all of human history, designed to destroy our way of life

Babies In The Womb

Baby Brainwaves Measured In Womb: Picture proof we are killing human beings in abortion procedure

Bush Has Defined "Fetuses" As "Unborn Children", But Abortion Continues Unabated

New Ultrasound Machine Takes Pictures Of Babies Developing In The Womb

Study -- Abortion Aftermath Can Be Costly for Women: It can kill them

Abuse Case Against Boston Priest Crumbles, but Archdiocese Hasn't Come to His Rescue

Israel Waits

Country On High Alert For `Showcase' Holiday Bomb Attack

Israel Clears Soldiers in Killing of 12 Palestinians; Arrests Six in Gaza

Sharon: Too Tense For Temple Mount Visits

Israeli Jews Decidedly Unapologetic This Rosh Hashana, Though Some Call For Pragmatism

IDF Probe Into Palestinian Civilian Deaths: Troops Acted Correctly

PM Ariel Sharon Says Possibility For Agreement With Palestinian Authority

Religious New Year Begins At A Difficult And Painful Time For American Jews

Terrorism In The News

U.S. Agrees With Israeli Assessments On Libya's Efforts To Get Nuclear Weapons

French, British Experts Warn of Further Al Qaeda Attacks

Small Planes Flying Below U.S. Radar

Program Puts the Home in Homeland Security: Local police becoming Federalized, just as in Nazi Germany prior to World War II

Celebrating American Patriotism

Four More People In Massachusetts Diagnosed With West Nile Virus

Socialists In Congress: 59 and counting

Palestinian Invite Irks Colorado Governor Academic Freedom Running Amok

Genocide With a Harvard Patina: University education today a guilt trip for whites

Hard Left Dominates Campuses: Time to Fight Back?

Pope Says Roots of Terrorism Must Be Addressed: Excusing terrorism by saying it is caused by "injustice" and "oppression" is old lie the Communists teach


September 6, 2002

Massive Attack On Iraq

Massive Air Attack On Iraqi Air Defense

100 U.S., British Jets Attack Iraq

New Intelligence Exposes Saddam's Nuke Push

Britain Willing to Pay 'Blood Price' for US - Blair

Britain Actually In Charge of U.S., World Events: Is Prince Charles Future Antichrist?

Arab States Declare Allegiance to Iraq

Arab Leaders Warn Iraq Attack Would "Open The Gates of Hell"

Preparing For The Worst, Praying For The Best

US Sends Heavy Armour To Gulf As Campaign Grows

Army Checks Readiness for War With Iraq

With Resolve Stiffened, Blair Will Meet Bush For Council of War

Australian P.M. Says He Has Seen Proof of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Afghan President Survives Assassination Attempt, Explosion Rocks Kabul; Al-Qaida Blamed

After attacks, Afghan plea for help: Blames Al Qaeda for coordinated attack

Afghan Security Beginning To Unravel: Attacks in 2 cities likely represent new Taliban, al-Qaida offensive

Conservative Episcopal Priest Defies Ouster by Bishop

No Sign of Apparent Trespasser at Army Chemical-Weapons Depot After Terrorist Alert Sounded

Closing Arguments Begin in Father-Killing Trial

Boy Denies Killing Father; Says Sex Partner Did It: These two young teen boys had a homosexual relationship with the neighbor!

Senate OKs Plan to Arm Pilots

Touchdown! Bon Jovi Rocks Times Square: NFL Kicks off its season with "massive tailgating party", 500,000 attend

West Nile Cases Surge Above 850

House Panel Frustrated With Martha Stewart

Martha Mex Connection: Probers Say She Made Cell Call To Waksal; He Says No Way

Mugabe Defends Zimbabwe Land Reform: Forcible Seizure of White-Owned Farms Worsened Starvation

Voices In His Head Drive S. Korean To Slash 10 Children

Crime Spree With 'AIDS-Filled' Syringe

People Born in Autumn Live Longer, Study Says

Mosque Faithful Prayed In Wrong Direction For 20 Years

Swedish Call For All-Day Porn: To boost population and help economy!

Naked Truth Seducing German Voters

Revolutionary Clean Machine

First Commercial Moon Landing Gets Go-Ahead

Pop, Pop, Pop Go Those Web Ads

On Sept. 11, as Economy Teetered, Unsung Banker Kept It From Crashing

Hillary Sports New Look, After The Style of Old Radical Feminist, Susan B. Anthony

Catholic Scandal In News Again

Jesuits Agree to Pay Multi-Million Dollar Settlement in Sexual Abuse Case of Mentally Retarded Men

US Bishops Restructure Sex Abuse Committee

Pope Warns Against Danger of Ordaining Men With `Signs of Deviation'

Sexual Abuse With Catholic Clergy Goes Back 900 Years! Why?

Strong Earthquake Rocks Sicily, Buildings Damaged

Typhoon Sinlaku Spins Toward Taiwan, Closing Offices, Schools

Male Nurses Leaving Profession at Almost Twice the Rate of Women

Israel Fights Terror

Tomorrow Begins Rosh Hashanah

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin World War IIII?

Top American Official: Hezbollah the 'A-team of Terrorists': Greater threat than Al Qaeda!

Israel Attacks Metal Workshop in Gaza

Two soldiers killed in Gaza

Security Forces Captures 3 Palestinian Bombers On Way To Target

Mega-attack averted: Car With 600 Kilos of Explosives Intercepted On Way To Attack

Palestinians Transferring Assets To Jordan

High Court rejects Kleiner's petition to visit Temple Mount

Bush asks for $200m. More Aid For Israel

The Sin of False Confession

Counterterrorism Agencies Making Progress, Fixes Needed: Lawmakers weigh in

White House Won't Turn Over Energy Task Force Info

Republican House Lawmakers Push Through Education Tax Cuts: Democrats opposed

Back-To-School Sales Disappoint

Sears August Sales Drop on Appliance Weakness

Suffolk Puts off Vote On New ID For Gun Permits: May require fingerprints

Georgia Bulldogs' Smith Says Father's Tie To Terrorists Not A Football Issue

Public School News

Student Fights To Wear Wiccan Necklace

Parents, Schools Urged to Create 'Eco-Conscious' Kids: Another good reason to pull your kids out of Public Schools!


Schools Struggle Because of Declining Student Populations, Less Government Money

Is This The Reason California Is Attacking Home Schooling?

Home-School Battle Heats Up In California: State educators turn to Lawmakers to make it illegal

California Home School Network: An Invaluable Tool To Preserve Home Schooling

ADHD Brains Want More Action: Stimulate, Instead of Drugging

The World Anthem: The Ultimate Goal


September 5, 2002

Iraq Attack Broils World Affairs

U.S. Buildup Estimated At 100,000 Troops, 1,000 Military Planners

War summit for Bush and Blair

Iraq Will, Indeed, Be Attacked: Editorial

Forces Can Attack Iraq Within 11 Days After Bush's Order

Iran Plots Second Anti-US War Front
Deploying Syria, Hizballah, Palestinians

Iran Develops "Drones of Death" To Spray Chemical, Biological Weapons

U.S. Tanks Heading To Gulf For "Regular Exercise"

"Crunch Time" In Iraq: Bush Considers Military Options

Israel Wants Iraq Taken Out

Bush to Seek Hill Approval on Iraq War:
President to Make U.S. Case in Speech To U.N. Next Week

Congress Reassured by Bush Commitments on Iraq, but Still Wary of War

British Church Leaders Speak Out Against "Wicked War"

War Powers Resolution of 1973; Timeline of Act

September 11 Victims Sue Iraq

November Seen As Iraq Attack Time

We're Going To War In Next 60 Days: Sharon Repeats November War Time Frame

Temple Mount Wall Might Collapse In November During Ramadan: Arabs would blame Israel

Arafat May Be Planning To Collapse Dome of Rock To Set Off Regional War

Terrorism In The News

Libya May Be First Arab State With Arms of Mass Destruction

War On Terror: Unfolding Bible Prophecy

New York Times Caught Slanting Terror News

Ecoterrorists Torch Forest Service Research Site

HIV "Reinfection" Possible

What Is Wrong With Mormonism?

San Francisco Attacks "Hate", "Intolerance": Definition of Terms All-Important

Boy Denies Killing Father; Says Sex Partner Did It: These two young teen boys had a homosexual relationship with the neighbor!

Harvard professor argues for 'abolishing' white race

Implant Offers Tanning Revolution: Ultimate in self worship?

Doctor to John Wilkes Booth Gains Another Day in Court: Case has 9/11 ramifications



Tragedy Developing In Israel

Huge Car Bomb Found In Israel

Gaza Strip Attack Wounds Two IDF Soldiers

U.N. Envoy Warns of Impending Humanitarian Crisis Unless Israel Eases Palestinian Closure of Towns

Why Is Israel Closing Palestinian Towns and Villages So Tightly?

Israel Warns Damascus: Isaiah 17:1 Ready To Be Fulfilled?

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin World War IIII?

PA Intensifies Campaign of Incitement Against Israel

Israel Should Build A Museum Commemorating Arab Terror

Crying "Peace, Peace", When There Is No Peace: "Peace and Safety" is slogan of 20th Century

Israel, Islam: Biochemical and Nuclear Terrorism

Palestinian Kids Play "Blow Yourself Up" Game

Muslim World Map

Britain 'Leads Way' In Eroding Privacy: U.S. not far behind in mass surveillance of citizens

Man Arrested With 16 Guns in Car Heading For White House

Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization

With a Sense of Urgency, Johannesburg Summit Sets an Action Agenda

Johannesburg Declaration On Sustainable Development: Rhetoric as flowery as Hitler poured forth

Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince

Summit Adopts Action Plan Wrapped in Controversy

Summit: Parliamentarians Think Globally, Act Locally

Earth Summit Branded A Waste of Time: Only someone who does not know the true agenda would believe this

World Petroleum Execs Ponder Social Responsibility

Canada Considers Legalising Cannabis [Marijuana]

Is U.S. Planning Long-Term Asian Presence?

9/11 News

Famous Ground Zero Flag Disappears

Historic 9/11 Moment Captured In Wax

Ridge: No Heightened Alert for Sept. 11

PBS Draws Fire For One-Sided Viewpoint of Israeli - Palestinian Conflict

Hindu Pilgrims Flock To 'Divine Potato'

Hospital Tells Mother That "Stillborn Baby" Is Alive

U.S. Prepares Trial Program Of Armed Commercial Pilots



September 4, 2002

World Sustainability Summit Starts Wrap-up

Chirac To Back "Globalisation Tax" Talks: Only a sovereign government over all could institute such a tax!

Summit: Plan of Action Approved

Civic Groups Stage Symbolic Walk Out at World Summit as Powell Arrives at Conference

Apes' Jungles 'Will Be Lost In 30 Years'

Radical Women Score Victory At Sustainability Summit

Parents, Schools Urged to Create 'Eco-Conscious' Kids: Another good reason to pull your kids out of Public Schools!

Lawsuit Charges Government with Climate Crimes

Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization

Terrorism In The News

Up To 3 Million Californians Could Perish In Terror Attack Using Weapons of Mass Destruction

ID Cards 'Will Sneak In Fingerprint Database'

National ID Card Technology Is Here!

'Al-Qaeda gold moved to Sudan'

Ql Qaeda Planning Home Invasions, Killing Police, Drive-by Shootings, Golf Course Assassinations

Oil Prices Recede As Suppliers Do Not Believe War Will Cause Disruption In Supplies

U.S. Terror Fund Drive Stalls

FBI Probing LA Airport Shooting As Terror Attack

Airport Security Gets Another 'F'

Denver Police Open 'Spy Files': City officials concede officers went too far in collecting information

Senate Opens Contentious Debate on Homeland Security Department

Klamath Co. DA to Seek Death Penalty In Nun Killing

Boston Archdiocese Lawyer: Tentative $10 Million Settlement Reached

Biblical and Historical Examination of Catholicism

False Accusations Starting To Surface

Bush Defies Congress, Implements Faith-Based Religious Initiative On His Own Authority

Faith-Based Program Is Trojan Horse!

9/11 Rembrance Activities

September Digital Archives

A "Sound" Remembrance of 9/11

9/11 First Major Event of Internet Age

White House Outlines Bush Sept. 11 Plans

How Will They Observe The Other Events of The 9/11 Anniversary?

Flights Across Atlantic Cut For September 11: Domestic flights cut by 3,200

California Residents Flee as 5 Homes Burn

Some Prison Programs Treating Female Rapists

Video Shows Police Killing Suspect While His Hands Were Raised Up High Over His Head

Police Officer Shot Man After He Threw Knife Across The Street




Regional Conflagration?

"Crunch Time" In Iraq: The longer we wait, the more dangerous Saddam becomes

Iran Plots Second Anti-US War Front
Deploying Syria, Hizballah, Palestinians

U.S. special forces in 'Operation Infinite Moonlight' near Iraq

We're Going To War In Next 60 Days: Sharon Repeats November War Time Frame

Prophecies, Geography, Maps of Entire Region Explained: Prepare yourself for this conflict

Blair Set To Open Dossier On Iraq's War Machine

U.S. Looking at Use In Iraq of 'Coercive Inspections'

Iraqis Bracing for a Confrontation With the U.S.

Bush to Meet With Lawmakers on Iraq

Blair Warns Iraq It Could Face 'Regime Change'

Rumsfeld: Iraq Playing U.N. Like a Guitar

Arab Foreign Ministers Assemble for Talks on Palestinian-Israeli, Iraqi-US Disputes

Powell Dismisses Latest Iraqi Offers

New 'Secret Army of Mujahedeen' Vows to Attack U.S. Troops in Afghanistan


Shootout Between Abu Nidal Group and Security Forces, Three Dead.

Expelled Palestinians Leave For Gaza

Palestinian Militants Reject Peace Plea

Bomb Found Near Former Home of Ex-PM Barak

Sharon Says Cracks In Palestinian Society Deepening

Cheapening Human Life

West Nile Virus

West Nile-Transplant Link Confirmed

West Nile Virus Confirmed in Death of Georgia Organ Recipient

At Least Six More Die From West Nile Virus

Elderly Woman From Peabody, Massachusetts Has West Nile Virus

Second West Nile Case In Nassau County; Two More in New York City

HHS Secretary Thompson Recommends Smallpox Vaccinations for 250,000 to 500,000

Colombia Opts Out of Sending Suspected War Criminals to New U.N. War Crimes Tribunal

Governing Body of War Crimes Tribunal Opens Historic Meeting, but U.S. Is Absent

New United Airlines CEO Faces Possibility of Chapter 11

McDonald's to Cook Fries in Healthier Oil

Mammograms Don't Save Lives: Canadian Study

Children Suffering Bullying Through Mobile Phones or Personal Computer

Microsoft Pushing New "Tablet" Computer On Students

Tablet Computer Explained

Pentagon's Operation Phoenix Rises Out of the Ashes

Phoenix Symbol Explained


September 3, 2002

Middle East

Why Is Israel Delaying Vaccination Preparations For Unconventional Attack?

Israel To Expel Militants' Relatives

PM Advisor: If Arafat Leaves West Bank, He Can't Return

Israel's Expulsion Plans Raise New Questions

Two Palestinians Killed by Israeli Tank Shells

Send A Clear Message To IDF Units In The Field

Drug Money Linked To Mid-East Militant Groups

As Israeli Hit In Ambush, Palestinian Terror Groups Reject Calls For Peace

Are Kidnappings Leading To Skin Implants?

Two More Arrests In 9-Year-Old Palm Desert Boy'sKidnapping

Girl To Get Tracker Implant To Ease Parents' Fears

Data On Missing Children: Experts insist no child abduction epidemic exists

Russia Sends More Technicians To Iran For Nuclear Reactor's Final Phase

Sustainability Summit News

Statement of Vision: (Requires Acrobat)

World Summit Reaches Pact to Sustain Planet

Negotiators Reach Environmental Deal

Peres Mystified By Anti-Israel Protests at Joburg Summit: "Zionism is Racism" mantra shouted

Powell Could Face Criticism at Earth Summit Over U.S. Saber-Rattling Against Iraq

Battle Over Water in Rain-Soaked Paradise

UN Secretary-General Calls for Change at Summit

Negotiations on Johannesburg Summit Action Plan Enters Final Phase

Jordan and Israel Announce Project to Save Dead Sea

"Environmental Racism" (Requires Acrobat)

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Rips Rich Nations: As he leads his people deliberately into starvation

Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization -- 5 Part Series

Security Becomes A Way of Life: Safeguards bring confidence while underscoring need for constant vigilance

Twin Missions Overwhelmed Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Hospitals Begin To Address Shortcomings

Homosexualization of Culture

Prosecutor Defends Arrest of Pro-Family Leader in Miami: Cartoon tells the story

America: Change is possible!



Iraq Preparations

Saddam Suddenly Turns Apathetic -- Theatrics Suspected

Is U.S. Engaged In Theatrics Within Bush Administration Over Iraq?

Experts: Iraq Has Tons of Chemical Weapons

Iraq Says Return of Weapons Inspectors Must Be Linked to Broader Issues

Iraq "Preparing For Attack" From U.S.

Powell Privately Laying Out Case to Allies That Saddam Is Threat

Blair To Face Questions Over Iraq

British Opposition Leader Backs Military Action

Russia Warns of Security Council Veto of Iraq Attack

Mandela Condemns U.S. for Threats to Attack Iraq

Weather News

Quake Swarms Hit L.A. Area

Tornado Ravages Ladysmith: Strong Thunderstorms Drop At Least 4 Twisters Across Wisconsin

Tropical Storm Edouard Moves East

California Continues To Swelter

Nearly 200 People Killed or Missing in Typhoon in South Korea

Weather Control Examined: Map of Past Disasters

Thousands Flee 10,000-acre Angeles National Forest Fire

Economic News

Tokyo Stocks Close at 19-Year Low

Consolidated Freightways Lays off Thousands of Employees, Will File for Bankruptcy Protection

World Economy Survived 9/11 -- But Not Unscathed

West Coast Ports Brace for Possible Job Slowdown

Nestle: Hershey Case Not Last Word

Public Schools In The News

Schools Struggle Because of Declining Student Populations, Less Government Money

Is This The Reason California Is Attacking Home Schooling?

Home-School Battle Heats Up In California: State educators turn to Lawmakers to make it illegal

California Home School Network: An Invaluable Tool To Preserve Home Schooling

Kids Get Back to School With Portable Tech: Can't Read, Write, or do Arithmetic, but still has high tech gadgets!

South Carolina Judges Seek to Ban Secret Settlements




September 2, 2002

Last Days of Sustainability Summit

Annan Appeals to World Leaders to Tackle Serious Environment Issues

South African President Demands World Leaders Take Specific, Concrete Action To Solve The World's Poverty and Environmental Problems

Blair Urges New Poverty Drive: Like LBJ's "War On Poverty" In 1966? What a fiasco that was!

Summit: Marchers Take to the Streets Saturday

Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization -- 5 Part Series

Part 1 -- Occult Basis For Hating Our Industrial Civilization

Part 2 -- Weather Control and Weather Warfare

Part 3 -- Maps of Deadly Storms Shows Conforms To U.S. Biodiversity Map

Part 4 -- Ultimate Goal of "Sustainability" May Be The Coming Global Superstorm

Part 5 -- Review of Revelation Judgments That Turn Weather Against Wicked Man

Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization -- Do not be deceived

Thousands of Campers Flee 10,000-Acre Fire at National Forest Near Los Angeles

Moscow Threatens U-Turn On Kyoto

Israel and Jordan Agree On Plan to Save Dead Sea

Australia To Give Aid To "Sinking Islands"

Moderate Earthquake Shakes Parts of Iran, Pakistan, No Casualties

New Tropical Storm Forms Off Florida

Typhoon Kills 47 in South Korea


Israel Probes Civilian Palestinian Deaths; Killings fuel West Bank tensions

Official Confirms Syria Allowing Qaida To Operate In Lebanon

Arabs Indicted For Trying To Recruit Female Soldiers To Spy For PA

Hezbollah Linked To Illegal Drug Profits

Soldier Dies of Wounds From Hezbollah Attack: IDF Fears Escalation In North

E.U. Backs Denmark Peace Plan For Creation of Palestinian State

Operation Defensive Shield Seems To Be Succeeding

Israel Seeks To Halt Russia-Syria Missile Deal: Might put shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles in hands of Hezbollah

Home Schooling Under Attack

Home-School Battle Heats Up In California: State educators turn to Lawmakers to make it illegal

California Home School Network: An Invaluable Tool To Preserve Home Schooling

Dewey Ruined Soviet Education Far Earlier Than He Ruine U.S. Education!

"Dear Hillary" Letter Shows Socialistic Goals Of Public Education System: Political and Religious Indoctrination True Aim, Not Education

Public School Monopoly Has Become Greatest Taxpayer Bilking Scheme In History!

This Elvis Impersonator is Corny

17-Year-Old Girl Presents Fake I.D. To Abortion Clinic: Didn't question I.S., just performed abortion

More Teens Saying "No" To Sex For Health of It: Ignoring morality, just afraid of disease

Same-Sex Benefits In Philadelphia Overruled: Note the name of the section in Philadelphia Inquirer in which this story appeared!

Criminals Forced To Give DNA Samples

Remembering 9/11

Rudolph Guiliani: Getting It Right At Ground Zero

WTC Memorial Urged To Be A Torch -- An "Eternal Flame" -- Signature of the Illuminati

September 11: Prior Knowledge, Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop

Debate Crystallizes on War, Rights: Courts Struggle Over Fighting Terror vs. Defending Liberties

Most Adult Americans Do Not Want 9/11 To Be Made A National Holiday

72% of New Yorkers Believe Another Terrorist Attack Is Likely

9/11: Holding The Checkbook

Syrian President Urges Arabs To Face US Threats
'Miracle' Remedy That May Have Helped The Pope

Lord of the Rings Movie Possibly "Leaked" On Internet 4 Months Before Screen Release!

Hollywood Heats Up With Fall Film Season: "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers" Set For Blockbuster Release

Philippine Inmates Use Catholic Mass to Stage Jailbreak

Ten Teenage Girls Escape Jail After Overpowering Guard

Authorities Defend Action of Air Marshal Who Trained Gun on Passenger-Filled Cabin

Swedish Hijack Suspect to Appear in Court: Joined Islam Because of Father

Justifying An Attack

LA Times Poll: Americans Support Removal of Saddam Hussein

Kuwait Becomes First Arab State To Support Iraq Attack

Iraq Puts Its Case To Russia: Diplomatic Flurry Under Way To Avoid U.S. Attack

Russian-Iraqi Oil Ties Worry U.S.: Moscow's Support for an Attack on Hussein May Depend on Economic Assurances

Iraq, Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact

Nation's Blood Supply At Low Risk Because of West Nile Virus

Pet Resort Pampers Pooches

Baggage questions unanswered: Check-in mantra worked, some say

New Model Plots Targets Of Terrorists: Building a database as insurance costs rise

IMF Blocks Terror Funds Blacklist: Could damage fight against terror

Radioactive Goat Milk Destroyed: Effects from Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986 continue

Boy Held for Starting California Wildfire

Gun Industry Is Gaining Immunity Against Suits

Colin Powell: Planning for an Exit

"Under God" Atheist Now Attacking Chaplian In Congress!

Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl Being Treated As "Hate Crime": Hindu assailant reportedly made Muslim comments while raping her

Satellite Search Underway For Noah's Ark

Ripping Unfair Nature of Tax Code

Ft. Bragg Killings May Be Reaction To Anti-malaria Drug "Lariam"

Farmers of Zimbabwe's New Era Reaping Ruin: Productive farms now stand empty


September 1, 2002

Bloody Day In Israel

Israeli Troops Kill Four Palestinians Near West Bank City of Hebron

Killings Fuel Tensions To New Heights: IDF kills 10 Palestinians In 12 Hours

Killing, Counter-Killing In Israel: No end in sight?

New Seminar Details Issues In Israel and M/East, Showing Maps Current And Ancient So You Can Understand Issues and Prophecies

Israel Issues Training Guidelines On How To Spot A Suicide Bomber

Israel/U.S. Trying To Halt Russian Sale of Shoulder Fired Missiles To Syria

Jewish Settlers Are Bargaining Chips

Possible Teacher's Strike In Israel This Weekend

Palestinians Execute Suspected Collaborators: "They Deserved To Die"

Hollywood Heats Up With Fall Film Season: "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers" Set For Blockbuster Release

Bad Movie Disturbing To 100,000 Followers of the New "Jedi Religion"

Economic Data Key to Wall Street Advance

Greenspan: Fed Couldn't Have Done Much to Deflate 1990s Stock Bubble

Kentucky Prison Suspends Satanic Services Until Statewide Policy Can Be Developed

9/11 Anniversary News/Analysis

Bush Designates "September of Service" As Way To Commemorate 9/11 Anniversary

Man Changing Life After 9/11 Attack: Had escaped death before in earthquake

September 11, Prior Knowledge: Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop

Muslims Cite Pain They Felt In Attacks

Germany Threatens To Withhold Evidence In 9/11 Terrorist Trial

Ryanair Hijacker Trained As Pilot In US

American Taliban Asks Forgiveness

Two Americans Shot Dead in Indonesia

'Sickening' Paedophilia Books Rock French Literary World

Foreign Anglican Bishops Rally Against Same-Sex Union Plan

Taiwanese President Reiterates: Taiwan Not Part of China

Unwed Lovers To Die By Stoning Under Muslim Law: Even though woman is pregnant

Miss World Pageant Threatened By This Ruling

Death Sentences Handed Down In Muslim Gang Rape

Rep. Burton Lands In Saudi Arabia To Win Freedom For American Kids Held In Jails

Bush War Rhetoric

Hawkish Blair Cabinet Member To Join War Summit: Clearest Sign Yet That Attack Is Coming

Poll: Support Dropping For U.S. Attack On Iraq

U.S. Detects Large Buildup Around Baghdad

Islamic Nukes In Pakistan may Fall Into Militant's Hands If Iraq Is Attacked!

Amidst Bush War Rhetoric, Debate Heats Up In Congress: To attack, not to attack

Under Pressure On Iraq, Blair Says Best Course Still Not Clear: "Don't Attack Alone", Blair Tells Bush

Russia Begins Work On Iranian Nuclear Reactor

Iranian Paper Compares Bush To Hitler

Abductions Back In The News

Florida Girl, 16, Abducted From Home

Nicholas - 9 Years Old - Reunited With Father: Mom, Boyfriend Charged

Oregon To Seek Indictment Of Murderer Of Abducted Girls

Saudis, U.S. Colluding On Kidnapped Kids?

Richard Ricci Dies; Unanswered Questions Remain Of Abduction of Elizabeth Smart

Will Frightened Parents Seek To Have Their Kids "Chipped" To Prevent Abductions?

IRS Develops "Talking Tax Forms" For Blind

It Pays To Play With The CIA

Britain Remembers Diana Five Years Later

Rue Britannia: Diana's Death Tops Poll

Princess Diana Remembered In Pictures

Accused Priest Says The Victims Played A Part In Sex With Priests

Catholic Canon Law Specialist Says Priest's Rights Now Being Trampled

Texas Priests Struggle To Keep Archdiocese Functioning After 8 Priests Resign Amidst Sex Abuse Charges

In Reversal, Judge Reinstates Child Rape Charges Against Father Geoghan

World Sustainability Summit

Slum Protesters March on Earth Summit

Business/Political Leaders Meet At World Summit For Sustainability

Bush Fully Supports Sustainability Agenda! Occult Hatred For Industrial Civilization

Global Water Woes: Water may play large part in coming "Sustainability" Issue

New Tactic To Control America: Good listing of radical organizations

U.N. Moves To Seize Control of Seed Banks

Famine, Fears Spark Debate Over Biotech Food

Disabled Children Sue Over Triple Diphtheria Vaccine: Suit claims vaccine caused Cerebal Palsy and Autism in Hundreds of Children in U.K.

Israel Warns Bulge In Jerusalem Wall Could Turn Deadly

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