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September 30, 2002

Bush Building Coalition Toward Iraq Attack

Iran Joins Other Arab Nations In Jumping On Iraq Attack Bandwagon -- 11 Day Standoff With Arafat Noted

Jordan Struggles to Balance Warring Interests: Popular Support for Iraq, Palestinians Vies With Government Need to Retain U.S. Backing

U.N. Weapons Inspectors Haggle With Iraqis Over Details of Teams' Return

Israel's Sharon Expected to Raise Concerns on Iraqi, Iranian Weapons Efforts With Russian Officials

Bush: Unity Soon on Iraq

Anti-War Demonstrators In Spain Dress Up As Palestinian Suicide Bombers

Israeli Defense Special Forces Operating In Iraq To Discover Missile Launchers

Weapons Inspectors Open Iraq Talks: U.N. Operating Under Assumption Nothing Will Be Off-Limits

Iraq Rejects Disarmament Proposal: Threatens devastating strike on U.S. if attacked

U.N. Security Council Wrangles Over US Ultimatum

Coalition Planes Strike Iraqi Radar System Again

Blair Confident of Securing U.N. Resolution

U.S. Forces Building Up Around Iraq -- Hussein Seen Readying For War

US To Attack Iraq By Dec. 4, Says Specialist

Ex-Inspector Warns Against Iraq Trickery

Pentagon Schemes Against Saddam: Propaganda Effort Aimed At Iraqi Military Officers

Protesters Rally Against War in Iraq Demonstrating In Washington Area

Bird's-Eye View of What Irks Bush

Three Big Powers Tell US It's Wrong On Iraq

Terrorism In The News

Al-Qaida's favorite October target dates: Military intelligence specialist offers possible imminent terror scenarios

Guiliani Defends Firefighters, Says He Asked Bush To Allow Him To Personally Execute Osama bin Laden

Al Qaida Plots Kidnappings Of Americans In Jordan

U.S. Special Forces, Witnesses in Eastern Afghanistan Say Operation 'Mountain Sweep' Was A Disaster

Turkish Uranium Suspects Released: Uranium they possessed was 5 ounces, not 35 pounds!

Car Bomb Blast Kills German In Riyadh

Anti-Globalisation Protesters Face Bomb Charges

Non-Lethal Weapons Shoot to Hurt

Cobb Unanimously Approves Discussion Of Other Creation Theories

Nancy Reagan Fights Bush On Stem Cell Issue

EU Caves In To Washington Over International Criminal Court -- Will agree to allow Americans some protection

Election Poll Where A Picture May Be Worth Thousands of Votes

Tropical Storm Lili Heads For Gulf: Storm triggers flooding in Jamaica

One Nation, Under Surveillance: Preparing for dicatorial rule

In Deep South, A Call To Curb Sheriffs' Power

Boston Globe to Cover Gay Unions: Joins other major city newspapers in reporting Gay Marriages

Helping Pupils Bounce Back From Difficulties

Israel Supports Washington

Sharon Met by Wall-to-Wall Criticism After Troops Leave Arafat's Compound

Does Arafat Have More Clout Now That Israel Has Pulled Back From Destroying Him? 11-Day Standoff Concludes

Congressional Bill Recognizes Jerusalem As Israeli Capitol

Russia's Putin Praises Sharon For 'Difficult' Decision On Arafat

Tour Holy Land Cities From Comfort Of Home

ANALYSIS: Mistaken Timing, Not Strategy

Because the Bible Says So; Evangelical Christians Organize To Aid Israel During This Time of Trouble and Warfare

Israel's Minutemen

How the Palestinian War Against Israel Began: Article proves Intifada planned two months before Sharon visited Temple Mount

Saudi Arabia To Build 600 Houses For Palestinians: Demonstrates Her Support For Palestinian Terror

U.S. Envoy Meets With Pakistani Officials in Southern Port City of Karachi

Ready. Aim. Fire first -- U.S. Considered Preemptive Strike Against North Korea, Without First Informing South Korea!

Bill To Free Churches Coming To House Floor: Measure would allow political speech without losing tax-exempt status

Sexual Change Threatening Children

Porn Spam: It's Getting Raunchier -- Symptom of our nation's moral collapse

When Kid Porn Isn't Kid Porn

Girl Model Sites Crossing Line?

Child Super Models: Recognize Jon Benet Ramsey Types?

D.C. Police Probing Man in Levy Murder

Drivers' License Reform Still in the Making

Wanna Play Doom? Not in St. Louis

Focus On The Economy

Graphic Demonstrates History of Our Economy

Key Statistics Tell The Story

Federal Reserve Rate Changes: Note the Fed cut the rate 11 times during 2001

Effects of A Rate Cut: Effects of A Rate Hike

Retirees Return to Work as Investments Fade

Thousands of Protesters Challenge IMF, World Bank Policies

September's Market Woes Likely to Linger

Drone Armies Are Coming

IMF Plan Would Let Countries Declare Bankruptcy

Senegal Disaster Ferry 'Carried 1,000': Clearly overloaded vessel

Mexican Man Accused of Mass-Producing Fraudulent INS Documents

Blood Bank Accused of Fraud and Discriminates Against Blacks

Florida Wages War on Citrus Canker

OK Said Near For Fast, Easy HIV Test

Malaria Scare In Virginia


September 29, 2002

Iraq - Both Sides Talking Tough

U.S. - Russian Intelligence Seize 33 Pounds of Enriched Uranium Bound For Iraq: Now, Russia may be "persuaded" to join U.S. attack on Iraq

ANALYSIS: Hussein Seen Readying For War

War Talk Shapes Fall Elections: Democrats' Ability to Use the Economy Against GOP Wanes

Iraq Rejects Push by U.S. to Toughen Inspection Rules; Lobbying Continues in U.N

150,000 Anti-War Protestors March In London

US Draws Up Plans For Saddam's Exile

Editorial: Saddam Is A Tyrant Who Has Lost The Right To Rule and Must Be Removed

Britain Seeks Chinese Backing On Iraq

Text of the Proposed Bush Resolution To Use Force Against Iraq: Note the President is basing his actions upon U.N. authority

Analysis: Resolution Likened to '64 Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam Measure: The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was proven later to be fake!

Analysis: US Moderates Eclipsed On Iraq

US To Give Saddam Week To Agree To UN Resolution

Diplomatic Mountains Ahead Over Iraq

Why Europe Is Soft On Iraq

Bush Believes Congress Will Approve Iraq Resolution

Anti-War Democrats In Bahdad, Blast U.S. Policy

Poll: 70% of The Public Backs Bush on Terror

White House Hits Gore As Erratic, Untrustworthy

Focus On The Economy

Graphic Demonstrates History of Our Economy

Key Statistics Tell The Story

Federal Reserve Rate Changes: Note the Fed cut the rate 11 times during 2001

Effects of A Rate Cut: Effects of A Rate Hike

Retirees Return to Work as Investments Fade

Thousands of Protesters Challenge IMF, World Bank Policies

September's Market Woes Likely to Linger

CIA Director: Some 9/11 Inquiry Staff Show Bias - FBI Also Upset Over Inquiry

Fewer U.S. Teens Becoming Sexually Active: CDC -- Government disinformation?

Israel The Key In Middle East

Israel Says Will Lift Siege on Arafat Compound

Inside Arafat's Compound Of Rubble

Arafat's Ramallah In Ruins

The Palestinian Way of Death: Suicide as a strategic weapon

Sharon Heads to Russia: Seen as increasingly active Israeli "ally"

US Must Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital Congress

80.6% of Palestinians Support Continuing Suicide Terror Campaign: God is noticing this perpetual hatred, and taking notes

Arafat to Gaza Rally: We'll Liberate Jerusalem: Arabs On "Mission Impossible"

Palestinian Legislator Charges: Only Corrupt Offiicials Have Benefited From Two Years of Intifada

Israel Severs Channel of Contacts With PA

"Ladies and Gentleman: It Is Time To Be Hysterical"!

India - Pakistan Back On Brink

Muslims Kill 14 in Kashmir; Candidate Attacked

Muslim Militants Wanted In Terrorist Bomb Blast Killed

Let India Have The Arrow, Too -- As India Faces Her Own Implacable Muslim Foe, Pakistan

India's First Sea-To-Surface Missile Ready For Induction

Explosion Rocks Kabul Neighborhood; No Serious Injuries

Critics Blast Oregon's HillaryCare Proposal: Initiative could become single-payer insurance model for nation

Tropical Storm Lili Pummels Jamaica and Haiti, Could Reach Hurricane Strength

Rescuers Retrieving Remains of Senegalese Ferry Victims

NASA Reveals New Plan for the Moon, Mars & Outward

Agricultural Weapon Zaps Weeds on the Spot

Security Systems: There's No Place to Hide -- Irridium Satellites: No Place To Hide Video

Smile, You're on In-Store Camera


September 28, 2002

Sliding Down The Slippery Slop Called Iraq

Kennedy Urges Caution on Iraq: Administration Continues to Push for Resolutions

Text of the Proposed Bush Resolution To Use Force Against Iraq: Note the President is basing his actions upon U.N. authority

Analysis: Resolution Likened to '64 Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam Measure: The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was proven later to be fake!

Report: U.S will need 40,000 troops in post-Saddam Iraq -- What if there is no post-Saddam Iraq?

UN Draft Sets Iraq Tough Demands

Albright Laments Rash 'Exuberance' Over Iraq

London Rally to Protest Iraq Action

Bush Strives To Calm Debate On Iraq

Bush: U.N. Should Have Chance to Resolve Iraq Crisis

Bush Runs Into Trouble On Iraq In US And UN

Iraq Trained Al-Qaeda, US Says

Ambassador Danny Ayalon Tells Post: Iraq War Would Deter Israel's Foes

Public Enthusiasm On War With Iraq Lags Behind Political Debate

Iraq War Tax Likely In Australia

Toogood in Trouble Again; Will Be Rearrested

E-coli Sickens 59 People

Bush Administration Sides With Environmentalists, Will Release More Water From Klamath River To Save Salmon

Bishop Tries To Defend His Actions

Head of Catholic Bishops' Conference Defends Policy on Sexually Abusive Priests

McCormack Says Active Priest Admitted Sexual Relationship With Teen Boy: What did Bishop McCormack Do? He reassigned priest to new parish, of course!

Why Do Catholic Authorities Hide and Protect Sexually Active Pedophile Priests?

Bristol's DA Lists Names of Accused Priests: List of Priests

Public School Offers Morning-After Abortion Bill To 11-Year-Olds: Britain Today, U.S. Tomorrow

Hundreds Lost As Senegal Ferry Sinks

Risky Mixing: Ecstasy-Viagra Combination Grows Popular in Gay Clubs: Smaller numbers of heterosexual men also using this mix of drugs

Blondes 'To Die Out In 200 Years'

Lab Shrunk To A Chip

Stock Market Continues To Find Its True Worth

Dow Ends Session Down 296 Points

Delta Airlines Says It Will Lose $350 Million

Philip Morris "Burns" Investor Confidence

Economy Grows at 1.3 Percent Rate

Consumer Sentiment Down in September

Tensions Skyrocket In Israel

Israel: Lebanese Guerrillas Plan to Thwart U.S. Attack on Iraq

Stupidity of This Guerrilla Attack Plan May Send Region Into Conflagration of All-out War

Palestinians Mark Two Years Of Intifada

"Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace" -- Two years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israel: Deif Back At Top of Most Wanted List After Surviving IAF Helicopter Attack

Deif's Trail of Mass Murder Marked By Suicide Bombings

Israel Out to Settle Score With Militants; Palestinian Civilians Caught in Attacks

Re-examining Israel's Relations With Its Northern Neighbor - Lebanon

The Bulldozer's Bulldozers

Bush Rings Israel With U.S. Military Protection

Troopers Suicide Deepens the Pain in a Nebraska Town Still Dealing With Deadly Bank Holdup

Grisly Details Emerge in Bank Murders

Surprising West Nile Virus News

Signs of West Nile Virus Found In Breast Milk of New Mother

Sawgrass Rebellion News

Pastor Opens Church To Support Sawgrass Rebellion Rally: Gets hit with $25,000 fine

Private Property Owners: Fighting for their lives against a Federal Government seeking to implement U.N. Biodiversity land sweep

'Unborn Child' Coverage Rule Set

Soldier Who Guarded Guantanamo Detainees Vanishes

HIV Cases Continue To Climb For Houston's African-Americans

Another Police Officer Arrested Over Child Porn

Lorenzo's Oil Finally Proven To Work

500 Arrested in World Bank Protests

U.S., United Nations Support Renewable Energy Projects


September 27, 2002

Celebrities Sound Off On Iraq

Cruise and Spielberg Iraq Back War: Strange Bed Fellow For Bush?

But, Striesand Urges No Iraq Attack

Blair Recruits Clinton To Help Sell Iraq Policy

Powell on the Hill, as Iraq Rhetoric Heats Up

U.S. Seeks Support for Iraq Plan

Britain's Jack Straw: Same Iraq Stance As U.S.

Baghdad Is Planning For Urban Warfare: Strategy Opposite of Gulf War Approach

Iraq Condemns US Raid

Rumsfeld: Iraq Seltered Top Bin Laden Aides

South Africa Denies Iraq Approached It To Buy Uranium

Bush Says Congressional Agreement On Iraq Near

German TV Network Says Saddam Has Three Doubles

Uniting Jordan, Iraq Post-War Goal?

Are Bank Robberies Becoming More Deadly?

Three Charged After Five Killed in Nebraska Bank Robbery; Fourth Is Sought:

Recent Bank Jobs Involving Multiple Fatalities

Bank Killing Reminds of Deadly 1965 Heist

NYC Museum of Sex Opens

Congress Approves Bill Keeping Government Open Amid Disputes

Battle for Homeland Security Bill

Louisiana Seeks Federal Disaster Help to Aid Cleanup After Isidore's Wind and Rain

World Bank Protesters Vow To Disrupt D.C.

Saudi Arabia Continuing To Prove It Is More A Problem Than Ally

Riyadh Declined Offer To Hand Over Osama: Ex-intelligence chief says Saudis rejected condition he not be tried

Saudis Beat Canadian, Forcing Confessions By Torture

Nuclear Rivals India - Pakistan Row Heating Up Again

US pressure on Pakistan not working: Indian Prime Minister

Hindu Temple Terrorists Identified As Pakistanis

Pak Plays Down Reported Identification of Temple Killers

Muslims Have Declared Jihad War Against Christians

Pakistani Christians Singled Out For Death

Pakistan Christians Demand Protection

Malaysian Couple To Sue Islamic Religious Police: "Religious Police"? Only in a dictatorship can this happen

US To End Freeze On North Korea

Police: Massachusetts Parent Hires Stripper, But Kids Say "No"

AIDS Breakthrough Proclaimed

Fishermen Sue Over Klamath River Water: Salmon more important to rabid environmentalists than people

Hurricane Isidore Soaks Coast, Heads North

Floods Bring Snakes, Alligators To Homes

Israel Fighting Terror

Israeli Officials Admit That Hamas Bombmaker Apparently Survived Attack

Profile: Hamas commander Mohammed Deif

Israeli Arab Tipped Off Police to Palestinian Suicide Bomber's Plot

History of Israeli Attacks On Palestinian Militants Using F-16 or Helicopters: Better off using other tactics

Israel's Struggle For Security

UPDATE: Condition of Month-Old Baby Wounded In W. Bank Shooting Attack Improves


Top Al Aksa Brigade Leader Among The Dead In IDF Air Strike

Understanding Ancient and Modern Israel And How The Ancient Conflicts Have Erupted Into Today's Conflicts

Another Unthinkable Terror Attack?

Nuke Plant Vulnerable To 9/11-Style Attack: California facility near huge military base under heavily used jetway

Map of the Region Showing The California San Onfroe Nuclear Plant In Question

Toogood's Husband Has Long Rap Sheet

Creation vs Evolution In Georgia

Georgia School District Votes to Allow Different Views Taught on Origin of Life

"Walking Through Shadows": How belief in Creation Helps You Through The Tough and Painful Times of Life

"Why Won't They Listen"? A Christian May Share Gospel More Effectively If They Understand Creation

Roman Catholic Sex Abuse News -- World Wide

Boston Prosecutor Releases Names of 20 Accused Priests Who Alledgedly Sexually Abusing Children In 1960's-1970's

Court Tells Diocese To Release Abuse Files: Plaintiffs Seek To Show APattern of Pedophile Protection

Priests Removed From Duty As Church Investigates Sex Abuse Charges

Priests Criminally Charged Or Convicted Of Sex Abuse of Young Children

How On Earth Could Such Consistent Sex Abuse of Boys Occur And Be Protected By Church Hierarchy?

Australian Archbishop Admits He Knew The Altar Boys

Argentine Archbishop Storni Resigns After Allegations He Sexually Abused Seminarians

Black Carbon emissions in India, China have climate change effects

House OKs Malpractice Awards Limit

Lurching Towards Sodom and Gomorraha

Rhode Island Capital Could Elect Gay Mayor

Denounce Gays Or Quit, Church Body Tells Williams

The Church of England And Homosexuality; Religious "Tolerance" Proclaimed

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Church: Official Website

Gay Christians Website

Texas Places 4 Kids in Foster Home: Father uses electric stun gun to displine 8-year-old boy

Gene Screen Picks Perfect Babies: Hilter's Eugenics Program Receives Boost From Medical Science

Tom Cruise Limits TV Watching For His Own Children, Pushing Reading Instead

Vaccinate Now! Liberal Leftist Urges


September 26, 2002

Hurricane News

Isidore's Wind, Rain Blast Louisiana. Coast -- Potentially 20 inches of rain

Isidore Swirls Across Mexico's Yucatan Region

Latest Tracking Map

Tropical Storm Lili Takes Aim at Haiti; Worries Gitmo

Maneuvering On Iraq Continues

Kuwait, Jordan Fear Preemptive Strike By Iraq

Sharon Tells Post: Palestinian Authority Escalating Terror Ahead of US War On Iraq

War Dilemma: Iraq Weapon Disposal

Hitchens: We Must Fight Iraq

Britain Fights To Restrain US Over Combative UN Resolution

Rhetoric Against Iraq Suddenly Changed: Now taking the shape of a 2,700-Year-Old Prophecy!

Syria Suffers First Popular Outbreak of Violence As Furious Protests Erupt

Daschle Blasts Bush Over Iraq Debate

Canada Lining Up With U.S. Policy on Iraq

Oils Near Highs as U.S. Supplies Slide

Saddam Laughing At UN, Says Bush

U.K. 'Standby' Troops Set For Frontline Role

Kuwait Prepares For War

Iraqi Overthrow of Saddam Not Likely

New Weapons To Be Used Against Iraq

Tech Power Alters War's Mission

New Weapons for a New War

Pentagon Has a 3-D View to a Kill

New Gun Fires 'Laser of Lead'

U.S. Military Uses the Force

Wildfire On Edge of Los Angeles Suburbs Grows To 22,000 Acres

French Troops Rescue Trapped American Kids In Ivory Coast

Good Economic News For A Change!

Stocks Rally on Positive Forecasts

General Electric Results on Track; Shares Boost Market

Tyco Cuts Outlook, but Stock Surges

I.R.S. Closes Loophole That Let Rich Hide Income

NAMBLA - North American Man Boy Lovers Association Strikes At Mainstream American

Amazon.com Accused of Aiding Molesters: Sale of 'Boylovers' Book by Online Retailer Prompts Threat of Lawsuit

The Book Promoting Sex Between Men and Young Boys: "Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers"

Another Book Sold By Amazon.com: " Male Intergenerational Intimacy: Historical, Socio-Psychological, and Legal Perspectives

Challenged By U.S. Justice Foundation

Ban on Genetically Modified Crops Causing Starvation, Food Experts Say

California Governor Davis Signs Laws Removing Protections For Gun Industry

In US, A Rise of Violent Environmental Tactics: Arson and death threats have followed ecoterrorists' call for more use of force.

Pot Invasion Stuns Park Officials: 600% jump in Sequoia plants may be tied to tight borders.



War Against Al Qaeda

Suspected al-Qaida Camp Seen In Iran: U.S. Images Show Site Near Afghanistan Border

CIA Special Forces Enter Iran To Track Down Al Qaeda

Massive Post-War Rise In Production Of Afghan Opium

Rice: Iraq Providing Shelter, Chemical Weapons Help to Al Qaeda

Yemen Arrests 12 Men Suspected of Al Qaeda Links

Al Qaeda Suspects Freed on Bail in Spain

Need Biowarfare Agent? Hop Online

Israel - Terror Esclates

Five Dead In Mid-East Clashes

IDF Officer, Four Palestinians Die In Escalating Clashes

2 Wounded In Attack Near Ramallah

Palestinian Authority Arrests 18 Alleged Collaborators

NY Comptroller: PA Is A Terrorist Organization With Fancy Stationery

Fence To Trample Human Rights

Suicide Attacks Against Israel To Continue: Hamas Leader

US, Syria Using Baker Think-Tank As Back Channel

Now It Is A Spanking Issue

Toogood Gets Brief Visit With Daughter

Spanking Rekindles Discipline Debate

Adult Men Sexually Assaulting Young Girls

Two Faces of Child Abuse: Toogood And Too Bad

Doctors To Stand Trial For Not Reporting Abuse: Judge upholds doctors' charges

Filming Up Women's Skirts Is Ruled Legal: Law doesn't ban voyeurism in public, Supreme Court says

The Lie, Evolution

Humans And Chimps 'Not So Close'

"In Six Days" - Biblical Account of Creation and Genuine Science Mesh Perfectly

"On The Seventh Day": Sequel To "In Six Days"

Our Surveillance Society

Ohio Man Files $1.5M Suit Against Marriott: Hidden Camera Found In Bathroom

How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy

Who Taped Ganske's Seantorial Campaign Meeting? Polk County Attorney's Office: 'Enough Evidence' For Investigation

"Mark of the Beast" Surveillance

Texas Retailers Want Fingerprints from Check Writers

Muslim Holy War Against Non-Muslim World

Gunmen Execute Pakistan Christians

Pakistan Blamed For 30 Deaths In Indian Temple Raid

Government Had Missile In Oklahoma City Building

House Passes Abortion Waiver for Healthcare Providers: Medical people cannot be coerced into performing abortions

Number of Women Who Die From Abortion Procedures Continues To Rise

Portland Police Bureau Fires Chaplain For Passing Out 9/11 Commemorative Bibles!

ABC News And CNN Talk Marriage

Members of Florida's Strawgrass Rebellion Hold Candlelight Vigil To Protect Private Property Rights


September 25, 2002

Middle East - India/Pakistan

India Blames Pakistan for Temple Attack, Army Troops Sent to Hindu Temple At Which Muslim Gunmen Killed 32 Worshippers

Commandos Kill Two Attackers at Hindu Temple, Ending 14-hour Siege

India Blames Pakistan for Attack -- Will These Nuclear-Armed Enemies Go To The Brink of War Again?

India On High Alert After Temple Massacre: Army Deployed In Sensitive Areas

Muslim Gunmen Also Kill Six at Christian Charity in Karachi, Pakistan

Hurricane Isadore Continues Northward Push With Little Change In Strength

Mobile, Alabama, Radar of The Hurricane

Storm Tracking Map

Isidore Threatens To Level Local Sugar Cane Crop - Industry would survive the expected 20% loss, but many individual farmers would not survive

Precipitation Totals Radar Map

Trouble On Border With Mexico

Border War: Corrupt Mexican Police Join Drug Lords

U.S. Troops on Mission to Rescue American Missionary Kids In Ivory Coast

Fast Facts: The Ivory Coast

French Troops at Ivory Coast School: Beat American Troops To School

West Africans Love Us, Who Needs the Saudis?

Honolulu Police Department Drops "God" From Officers' Oath

Lawmaker Urges Fix for Death Row Sentences: Too many innocent people being put to death, he says

Death Penalty Ruled Unconstitutional

Catholic Church Going Up A Down Escalator

Catholic Bishops Said To Be Trying To Scramble Back Up The Down Escalator of Change In Sex Abuse Scandal

Archdiocese Eyes More Legal Rights For Accused Priests

Bishop Calls Off Subpoena Attacking Sex Abuse Victim's Group

Pope to Address Italian Parliament: Attempt Seen As Attempt To Reconcile Historic Rift Between Church, State In Italy

Iran's President Khatami Wants More Powers

UK Finally Names Iran Ambassador

Group Urges Congress To Adopt What-If Terror Plan: A National "Will"

Florida's Katherine Harris Wins Endorsement of Defeated Democrat

Internal Terror Threat

U.S. Learns Al Qaeda Has Freed Terror Cells To Hit Targets At Will Without Specific Orders

U.S. Seeks Biological, Chemical Attack Cleanup Foam

Fleischer's Lesson On Terror Threats: Bush spokesman urges Americans to report 'unusual behavior'

"The Poor IRS"

At Least 100 Countries Building Cyber Weapons - Expert

Child's Beating Shines Light On 'Irish Gypsies': Secretive nomads: 'Irish Travellers' include high number of con artists

Cosmetic Surgeon Sues Patient For Defamation

Airlines Seek More U.S. Financial Help

Senate Approves New 9/11 Inquiry

3 Agents Arrested In Death of Houston Man Injured In Immigration Raid

Witch Trying To Raise Loch Ness Monster

Middle East - Iraq

Saddam's Nuke Shopping Tour To Obtain Uranium

Poll: 70% of Palestinians Support Iraq Against US: Just as they did in 1990-1991 Gulf War!

US Stands Firm On Ousting Saddam Even If He Complies With New U.N. Resolutions

Fox News Obtains Working Draft of Congress' Iraq Resolution

In President's Speeches, Iraq Dominates, Economy Fades

Louder War Talk, and Muffled Dissent: Party Leaders Make Opposition Difficult, Wary Democrats Say

Democrats, Republicans: Israeli Response Could Trigger Wider Mideast War

Lieberman Disagrees With Gore On Iraq

Blair warns Iraq plans to strike With Terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction: Could attack in 45 minutes

U.S., Canada Praise Dossier About Iraq, but China, France Are Skeptical

Blair's Iraq Weapons Dossier At-A-Glance

UN Lukewarm On Iraq Dossier

Pentagon Memo: Navy Uses Poorly Tested Weapons

Sheik Yamani: Oil May Hit $100 A Barrel If Iraq Attacked

Iraq War To Shake up Other Arab Governments: Opposition groups waiting for instability to challenge current rulers

Middle East - Israel In Turmoil

Bush Attacks Arafat Siege -- But -- U.S., Israel Agree To Topple Arafat

Israel Rejects Security Council's Resolution Demanding Ramallah Exit

9 Dead In IDF Raid On Gaza Designed To Root Out Terrorist Infrastructure

God Is Taking Notes On All Who Mistreat Israel and Her People: Theological Basis

Arabs Are Pursuing "Mission Impossible" In Conflict With Israel

Blair Pushes Mideast Peace Parley To Create "Viable" Palestinian State

Rabbi Eckstein: Ties Between Jews, Evangelicals Unprecedented

Arab Teen Alerted Police To Umm el-Fahm Bomber -- Palestinian Who Fingered Shehadeh Found Shot To Death

Our Surveillance Society

Mall Surveillance Under Spotlight: Taped beating shows parking lot cameras see more than shoplifting

"Nowhere To Hide" Surveillance

Government Poised to Begin ID Program for Travelers and Transportation Workers

"Mark of the Beast" Surveillance

How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy

Montana Researchers Train Bees to Sniff Out Land Mines

Fetal Photos -- Fun or Folly? FDA "Worried" Because Baby 4-D Scans Are Not Regulated: How many Mothers thinking of an abortion will change their minds once they see that baby in their tummy?

Analysis of New Fetal Photo Technology

Democrat Armey Explains 'Two Jews' Comments

Economic Developments

Dow Closes at Four-Year Low: Converns over Iraq War and Economic News Drives Dow Lower

Federal Reserve Keeps Rates Steady, Warns of Risks

Church Sues School Board Over Censorship: District rejects scripture verse on athletic-field sign

Journalists Banned From Stem-Cell Conference

Oldest Senator Strom Thurmond Bids Farewell

Ecstasy-Viagra Mix Alarms Doctors

Austrian Lingerie Poster Too Racy For New Yorkers; Banned from Times Square -- Is there still some morality in America?

Public Puts Its Trust Mostly In 'Everyman'

Public School Disaster Planned

The Anatomy of Ignorance In Public School Education: "Learning disorder is now a teaching disorder"

"Brave New Schools" Provides The Answer


September 24, 2002

Breaking News

U.S. Sending Troops To Ivory Coast To Rescue Missionary Kids From Christian School

Pentagon Memo: Navy Uses Poorly Tested Weapons


Iraqi Intrigue Throughout Region

Under Iraq War Shadow Sharon Fights for Strategic Footing

US, Israel Could Face Showdown Over Iraq

Prophecy States Iraq Will Be Annihilated By Forces From Afar, Not From Israel

Iraqi Weapons A 'Current and Serious' Threat, Britain Charges

Blair: Iraq Has 'Military Plans' for the Use of Chem, Bio Weapons

Democrats Mull Changes to Iraq Resolution

Iraq Begins War Efforts

Reserves Could Be Called on Iraq: Some units are already called up and on the move, including heavy armor

Kuwaitis Watch U.S. Army Shopping for Signs of War: More disinforamtion on the number of U.S. troops in Kuwait

Iraqi Kurds On Regional Charm Tour: Reassuring Arab Governments That New Iraqi Regime Would Not Be Hostile

Gore Gives Warning On Iraq: War Could Hurt Effort Against Terror

Oil Prices Soar On War Fears

U.S. Gave West Nile, Other Viruses, to Iraq - Transfer occurred because U.S. was obeying U.N. mandates!

Bush Cracks Whip on Iraq, Homeland Security

U.K. Cabinet Backs Blair On Iraq: PM Silences Critics With UN Pledge

Bush Opted For UN Speech After Exercises Showed U.S. Not Ready -- Probably more disinformation as U.S. has weapons of mass destruction which we have already threatened to use

Saddam Closes In On A-bomb

Tracing Calls From Satellite Phone, Investigators Map Where Former NBA Star Dele Disappeared

Relations Between U.S., Germany Slides to Lowest Point in Decades

America's moral collapse accelerates

Underage and Selling Their Sexuality On The Web

Congressman Promotes Immigration Privileges for Homosexuals

Rockefeller Backs Global Socialism Based Upon "Earth Charter" Mother Gaia Worship

Hong Kong Government Releases Proposal on Anti-Subversion Law

FAA Got Alerts But No Blame In Attacks

California First State in Nation to Adopt Paid Family Leave Bill for Workers

Terrorism In The News

Rumsfeld Asks Nato To Develop 'Rogue State' Strike Force

Billions Needed to Fight Al Qaeda

Osama Plotted Bigger Attacks: Original Plan Envisioned 3-Prong Attack After Which U.S. Would Be "Finished Off"

Senator Torricelli's (D-NJ) Terrorist-List Friends Include Iran, Iraq

Bush Goes to N.J. to Press Effort to Unseat Torricelli

Christian Signs Removed in Pakistan: Why aren't Muslims "Tolerant" of Fundamentalist Christians?

Weightlessness In Space Travel Harms Brain

Trafficking Women: The High-Stakes World of Sex for Sale

U.N. Against Israel -- Again

U.N. Demands Israel Withdraw From Ramallah and Other Palestinian Towns: No mention made of Arab terror

Israel Surprised And Dissapointed With US For Failing To Veto UN Resolution

US Abstains In Security Council Vote On Mideast Resolution -- Hands Palestinians AVictory

Annan Whines: Israeli Actions Holding Up Palestinian Reform: Anti-Semitism Automatic With World Body

Suspected Premature Bomb Blast Kills Three In Gaza House

Jewish Seminary Blast Victim Gives Gift of Life To Young Palestinian Girl In Organ Transplant

Father Killed, Three Sons Wounded In Hebron Shooting Attack

For Security Fence Supporters, No Separation Anxiety

Vaccination Plans Proceed In U.S.

Massachusetts Plans Vaccination Of 20,000: Smallpox Shot May Necessitate 3-Week Leave

Smallpox Vaccine Guidelines Readied: Emergency Plan To Cover All of U.S: Just one case of Smallpox would be considered a terrorist attack!

Martial Law In The Cities: Smallpox is the stimulus

States Struggling To Implement Plan: Latest announcement would activate plan even if all states did not approve

Copy Of C.D.C. Plan For Population-wide Smallpox Vaccination

Plan Helps Guide States Should Mass Smallpox Vaccinations Be Needed

Fossil Fuel Burning Blamed for Parks Air Pollution

Bioterror Threatens U.S. Food Supplies

Bush Seeks to Overturn Assisted Suicide Law

Feds Seize Cattle of Western Shoshone Ranchers in Nevada; Dispute Over Who Owns Land

CIA to Get Information From Grand Juries

Terror War Has Taken a Big Bite Out of Privacy

Louisiana Residents Leave Fearing Hurricane Isadore

Tracking Map: Wait a moment until map appears

Tropical Storm Lili Close Behind

Lawyer: Mom Likely to Plead Guilty in Videotaped Beating

Priest Who Iimitates Elvis Threatens Anglican Schism: "Let all things be done decently and in order.' [1 Cor 14:40]

Britain Rocked By Quake: Biggest since 1938

New Law Protects Patriotic Flag Wearers

Major GOP Donor Receives Federal Oil Contract

Debunking Myth That Governments Pursue "Big Oil"

My Hero, Alan Greenspan: WorldNetDaily continues to show its Establishment roots as Greenspan is CFR and influential Illuminist



September 23, 2002

Speeding Toward Iraq

Lawmakers May Rebuff Bush Request for 'Regional' Security to Speed Resolution On Iraq Authority

Iraq May Get First Strike In: Israel Logical First Target, But American Cities May Be Hit Also

Saddam's $5bn-a-year Chemical, Biological Arsenal

Sharon: Retaliation Against Iraq Not Automatic -- But Sharon Privately Promises Devastating Retaliation

US Plans For First Strikes In War On Terror -- NEWS ANALYSIS U.S. first-strike doctrine carries its own dangers

Bush Gets Military Options for Iraq

Iraqis 'Ready To Oust Saddam': More disinformation

Exiled Iraqi Officers Elect Military Council -- Saddam Will Survive

Rice Says US Will Rebuild Iraq As Democracy -- But Bush Says: Post-Saddam Iraq Not US Job

U.S. Plans Focused Attack on Iraq Government -- But Bush Plans Unconventional Weapons Attack On Iraq

Radical Environmentalism

Radical Green Environmentalist, Schröder, Squeezes Home In Knife-edge German Vote

In German Cliffhanger, Greens Party Is One Clear Winner: Radical Environmental Policy Said Now Mainstreamed

Schroeder's Social Democrats Win Second Term, but Face Tough Tasks With Slender Majority

Good News Is That Environmentalist's Bad News Is Wrong

Roman Catholic Sex Scandal

Catholic Church Faulted On Pace Of Probes: Lawyers For Accused See Little Progress

Victimizing The Sex Abuse Victims: Again!

Biblical Answers To This Sex Abuse Scandal

Abuse Group Fights Diocese Subpoena:Church Seeking Details On Victims -- Standard defense of sex abuser is to discredit the victims!

Protesters Take Different Approach as They Call for Removal of Boston Cardinal

Tragic Story of Jesse Dirkhising: How Confused 13-year-old Died Brutal Death As A Gay Sex Toy - This is what gays do when having sex [Warning: Article is explicit]

Louisiana: West Nile Capital of the U.S. Wonders Why

Thousands In Mexico Flee Hurricane Isidore

Hurricane Dives Into Yucatan Peninsula, Batters Mexican State Capital

Some in Louisiana Head North, Fearing Isidore Will Hit Gulf Coast

Isidore's Satellite Image

Earthquake Rocks England

Peter Paul Takes The Fall For The Clintons?

Slavery Reparations Lawyers Examine Florida. Decision

Some in Kentucky Cringe at Specter of Governor's Clinton-Like Drama

US Growth 'Set To Pick Up'

Catholic Mel Gibson Passionate About Jesus Picture in Latin

Terrorism Within U.S.

Smallpox Vaccine Guidelines Readied: Emergency Plan To Cover All of U.S: Just one case of Smallpox would be considered a terrorist attack!

Martial Law In The Cities: Smallpox is the stimulus

States Struggling To Implement Plan: Latest announcement would activate plan even if all states did not approve

US Lists 70,000 Terrorist Suspects Worldwide

From homecoming king to terrorist? Buffalo suspects admit to attending bin Laden training camp

The Hunt for Sleeper Cells

'It was Rambo In The Air': Canadian sues U.S., saying air marshals brandished guns on plane, causing panic

Stricter U.S. Visa Procedure Affect Israelis -- Top Israeli General Faced Extensive Questioning

Arafat Defies Israel

U.S., Israel Agree To Topple Arafat

Israel's Arafat Siege Rattles US War Plans -- More Disinformation

Defiant Arafat Rejects Israel's Demands

Five Palestinians Dead Protesting Arafat Siege

Israel Ends Destruction in Arafat's Compound, Maintains Siege

Sharon's Strategy To Topple Arafat Could Easily Backfire

Palestinian Leaders Allowed To Meet

Israelis, Palestinians Negotiate Surrender Of Suspects In Arafat Compound

Palestinian Victim of Torture At Hands of Arafat's Men

Shiri: IDF Has Red Tripwire Lines On Wazzani Water Pumping

BACKGROUND: Lebanese pumping threatening the Kinneret - Experts

Tight Succot Security At The Western Wall

Horror In Mexico

Kidnapping Is Growth Industry in Mexico: Businessmen Targeted in Climate of Routine Ransoms, Police Corruption

Texas Women Charged With Selling Mexicans' Babies:
Mothers Illegally Brought to U.S., Prosecutors Say

Torture, a Ghost in Mexico's Closet: Forced Confession Highlights Obstacles to Ending Legacy of Abuse

Ivory Coast on Edge as Finale to Bloody Military Uprising Looms; French Troops Move to Protect Citizens

Georgian President Shevardnadze Proposes That Russia Send Military Observers to Pankisi Gorge

Sprint to Sell Directory Publishing Business for $2.23 Billion

Can't Reach The Beach? Turf War On Malibu's Coast

Flu Virus Turns Cunning To Outsmart The Immune System

U.S. Suffering Vaccine Shortage For Childhood Diseases; No problem in Canada

California Bans Porn in Prisons

"Love Triangle" Affair May Have Existed Only In Killer's Mind

California Backs Embryonic Stem Cell Research


September 22, 2002

Iraq Attack By Mid-October ?

Iraq May Get First Strike In: Israel Logical First Target, But American Cities May Be Hit Also

Bush Gets Military Options for Iraq

New Evidence: Iraq Has Built His Nuclear Procurement Facility Again

Bush Given Plan on How to Oust Saddam

US Unimpressed By Iraqi Objections

Preparing for War -- U.N. To Be Consulted And Given Role

U.N. Stance On Iraq Has Made Bush, Congress More Militant

Iraq Rejects New U.N. Resolutions

British Politicians Warn Blair Against Iraq

Bush's War Plans Are A Cover-up, Senator Byrd says

British Gulf War General Says Iraq Attack Totally Unjustified

'Americans Are Coming. Get Ready To Kill Them'

Pre-Crime Terror Campaign Underway

Bush Hails Pre-emptive Terror Arrests, Calls for Senate to Pass Homeland Security Bill

Two More Suspected Extremists Arrested in Pakistan

Judge Says The Constitution Shall Lead the Way

"Minority Report" Movie Leading The Way In This Terror War!

U.S. Takes Clumsy Bioterror Inventory

Bush: Senate 'Tying Hands' on Homeland Security

White House Defends Cybersecurity Plan

Economic News

Stocks Seen Flat to Lower in Busy Week

Qwest Communications Expects to Retract $1 Billion in Revenue This Week

Oil Buyers, Sellers Argue Reliability of Middle East Oil Supplies

EU Says Washington's Talk of War in Iraq Not to Blame for High Oil Prices

Micro Fuel Cell Hotly Sought After For Power-Hungry Devices

German Election Goes Down to the Wire Amid Conflict With Bush

Fat Teens Sue McDonald's: No one has to take personal responsibility any more!

Rural British Citizens Marching In Protest Over Losing Farms, Lifestyle: Up to 1 Million Expected

U.K. Residents Protest Fox-Hunt Ban

"Countryside Alliance" Leads The Protest

Foot-Mouth Disease At Forefront In Destruction Of Farmer's Livelihood As U.N. Biosphere Map Demonstrates

British Farming Disaster A Page Out of Jeremy Rifkins Radical Books, Calling For An End To Industrial Civilization

Popularity of Breast Implants Rising -- Health Experts Worried

Israel Coupled To Iraq Attack Plan

U.S., Israel Agree To Topple Arafat

Israeli Forces Destroy Most of Arafat's West Bank Compound

Israel Piles Pressure On Arafat - Pictures tell story

Israel Plants Flag in Arafat's Compound; Thousands of Palestinians Protest Siege

Palestinians Rally To Support Arafat

Five Palestinians Killed In Widespread Protests Against Siege of Arafat

Israel Tells U.S. It Will Retaliate if Iraqis Attack

Israel Inoculates Emergency Workers Against Smallpox Attack

Israel Said Ready for Iraq Attack - Even Tourists To Get Gas Masks

Arafat Whines: Sharon Wants To Kill Me

Jewish Brother Eulogizes Brother: "Your love of Israel Brought You Here"

Israel Divestment Backers Slam Harvard President's Remarks

India - Pakistan Middle East News

Two Police Officers, Suspected Rebel Killed in Overnight Fighting in Kashmir -- Muslim terrorists claim responsibility

BSF Jawan Killed, 10 Pedestrians Hurt In J&K

No Early Resumption Of Talks With Pakistan Says Indian Prime Minister

Pakistani Intelligence Said To Be Activating Released Terrorists To Spread Attacks During Final Polling Activities

Woman Caught on Film Beating Child Surrenders to Authorities

Weather News

Hurricane Isidore Heads to Yucatan; More Than 20,000 Evacuated

Collapsing Glacier In Russia Buries Village, Leaving At Least 100 Dead, Including Movie Star And His Crew

Got Some Extra Guns? Arizona mayor's proposal to sell confiscated firearms touches off controversy

Record Fines Issued In ’96 Democrats’ - Clinton/Gore Case

Blast in Christian Church Tests Fragile Peace Pact In Indonesia

Catholic Bishop Who Briefed Pope On Sex Abuse Scandal Is Himself Charged With Sexually Abusing Boys!

California Native Americans Want Law Preserving Some Land as Sacred

Just Another Tactic In "Rewilding" All of America

Sexual Morality Slipping Towards New Order

Cut Age Limit For Porn To 16, Says Kennedy

Big Brothers, Big Sisters Still Allowing Gays, Lesbians To Be Mentors For Troubled Kids

"Do It Yourself" Babies For Lesbians


September 21, 2002

Israel Under The Arab Gun

Is Israel's Very Existence Under Threat?

IDF Tank Fires at Arafat's Building: Israel continues to retaliate for bloody suicide bombings by destroying empty buildings!

Arafat Covered In Dust After IDF Bombardment

Israel Destroys Homes of 2 Bombers; Palestinian Boy Killed

Trapped Arafat Pleads For Help -- Israel starts last act to Arafat's political drama

Israeli Press Ponders True Meaning of Latest Bombings

Israel Closes East Jerusalem Office of Palestinian University President

Violent Reminder of a Simmering Issue - Eyeing Iraq, Administration Had Hoped to Keep Mideast on Back Burner

Death Toll From Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing Rises To Six

Naming The War: Analysis of the Bloody Palestinian War Against Israel

Lebanese Pumping Threatening The Kinneret - Experts

Moves To Ease Mid-East Water Tensions

Israeli Security Services Foil Arab Plan To Poison Water

Trouble Overseas

Ivory Coast Leader Vows to Take Back Cities Held by Renegade Soldiers After Coup Attempt

U.S. Embassy in Indonesia Issues Alert for American Citizens

Austria's Parliament Dissolves Ahead of Early Elections

Kentucky governor admits to sexual affair

Terrorism Battle

LA City Hall Building Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found

Terrorist Alert Level May Fall

Surveillance Camera Society

Exclusive: Police Brutality Case Caught On Tape: Man In Video Punched, Maced Repeatedly

Videotaped Mother To Turn Herself In

Weather News

Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Strike Indiana

Chilly Air Arrives While Hurrican Isodore Stays Away

Done With Cuba, Isidore Enters Gulf

Science Magazine Offers Chance For Life After Death

"Designer Baby" To Have Perfect Hearing: How many baby embryos died to produce this perfect one?

Grave of Stalin Victims Found

Study: No Cell Phone-Cancer Link

Land Taking Is For The Birds

Land Grab Is Important Part of New World Order Plan!

Iraq Under The American Gun

U.N. Inspectors In Iraq May Meet Up With .... American Troops!

"No Thank You, Mr. President": Israeli explains why Israel may suffer greatly from war against Iraq

Iraqi Armor Reported On The Move

Bush Builds His Case For Attack on Iraq's Past Misdeeds

Congress Promises Quick Iraq Vote

Russia Opposes New White House Resolution On Iraq -- But Putin then bows to Blair and Bush over Iraq resolution

Iraqi Defector Does Not Believe U.N. Inspectors Can Find Hidden Weapons of Mass Destruction

Iraq and the Economy

Bush Seeks Strict Timetable On Iraq

The "Big Oil" Myth

Myth: War effect - Price of oil to skyrocket $40 per barrel level likely as Iraq operation proceeds

Truth: Debunking The Myth That Governments Are In Middle East Because of "Big Oil" Interests

Is America Becoming World's Policeman?

White House Releases National Security Strategy: Will strike first if we believe an enemy threatens us

Bush Outlines Strike-First Military Strategy

Germany - Bush Rift

German Official Compares Bush on Iraq to Hitler

U.S.-Style Campaign With Anti-U.S. Theme - German Gains by Opposing Iraq Attack

Schroeder Apologizes to US for 'Hitler Comparison'

Germany Might Take Over Afghanistan Security Force - Move Would Help Mend Rift With U.S. Over Iraq Policy

In Reversal, Bush Says He'll Back Congressional Commission on 9/11 Attacks

Air Force Tests Missile In West: While Traveling 4,200 Miles To Target, Missile Provided Spectacular Light Show

Bald Eagles Being Tracked By Satellite!

Eye of the Falcon Educational Program Developed

Eagle Tracking Maps

Wrong Button Costs City Dealer £100m

Doctor Gets 12 Years For Sex Abuse Of Patients: Part of "Pedophila Gang of Professionals"

Marriage Keeps Ex-Cons Out of Trouble


September 20, 2002

Iraq Attack

Bush Seeks Sweeping Powers To Carry Out Iraq Attack

UK Prepares 30,000 Troops For Iraq Attack: Advance Team In Kuwait By End Of Month To Plan Deployment

U.S. Slams German Minister for Bush-Hitler Tactic Comment

Congress Must Be Clear - Quick action will ensure that politics plays no part in the debate about Iraq.

Saddam Defends Palaces Against Arms Inspectors: So, offer to allow inspections was just as worthless as before

Rumsfeld, Powell Lobby Hill on Iraq

Passions Cooling as the Clock Ticks -- Military planners favor February -- Time frame keeps shifting as disinformation campaign takes hold

Decision On Iraq Soon: Bush -- More Disinformation

Rumsfeld to Israel: Don't Retaliate To Iraqi Attack

Powell Takes Iraq Cause To Congress

Saddam Defiantly Addresses U.N. Through Aide

Iraq: 'Evil' US Seeks To Control World

Loyalty of Iraq's Elite In Doubt

Inspection Team May Be in Iraq by Mid-October

Poll: Support for Bush Rising Again

Bush Presses Russia To Back UN Action On Iraq

Officials Warn West Nile May Cause Paralysis as They Move to Screen Blood

Stem Cells Key to Diabetes Cure

A Week for Cancer Breakthroughs

New American Society

New Reality Show Takes Shape - Casting Agents Coming to Appalachia in Search of 'The Real Beverly Hillbillies'

Two Men Attack Kansas City Royals Coach During Baseball Game in Chicago

Sex Abuse In Catholic Priesthood

Monsignor Says Gays Shouldn't Be Priests

Ex-coach, Jesuit Priest Pleads Innocent

Abusive Priest Flees Island

Judge Approves $10 Million Settlement In Geoghan Civil Lawsuits

Economic News

Billions More in WorldCom Errors - When all accounting tricks are uncovered, Dow will be down to where it belongs, 5,000

Citigroup OKs $215 Million Settlement

American Airlines Shares Plummet

Greenspan to Be Knighted By Queen

Number of Muslims In U.S. Way Below Estimates

North Korea Opens Special Trade Zone - Copying China's Economic Development Policy

N Korea 'Agrees' To Nuclear Inspections

Separated Twin Dies

Hurricane Isidore Heads Toward Cuba

AIDS Doctor, Former Clinton AIDS Council Member, Admits Molesting 2 People In His Care

Ohio Community Wants Tougher Take on Megan's Law

U.S. Busts 'Date Rape' Internet Drug Traffickers

Deputy Held In Online Kid-Porn Sting

Terror Attack In Israel

Suicide Bomber Kills Five On Tel Aviv Bus

Blast Blows Heart Out Of Body, Still Beating On Sidewalk

Terror Attack Delivers Blow To Israel's Cosmopolitan Heart

British Student Dies In Bus Blast

PA Mumbles Condemnation, Blames Israel

Explosions Rock Arafat HQ

Three Jerusalem Arabs Held In Employer's Murder

ANALYSIS: Revenge And Competition Keep The Terrorists Going

Lebanese Reject US Bid To Slow Wazzani Water Diversion Project

Government Decides: Arafat To Be Isolated, Not Expelled

More Terror: 3 Israelis Killed In As Many Palestinian Attacks On Wednesday

Oil As Arab Weapon

As OPEC Declines to Pump More Crude, U.S. Energy Secretary Pushes Alternatives to Foreign Oil

Oil Importers Unhappy With OPEC's Decision to Hold Output Steady

Jordan To Aid US In Return For Cheap Oil

Lawmakers Agree to Trim SUV Gasoline Use: Trying to reduce dependence on Foreign Oil

FARM SCENE: Drought Hits Feed Crops, Taking Toll on Pennsylvania's Dairy Farmers

Microsoft's Executive Predicts Industry 'right at Cusp' of Advancements

Honey, Who Shrank the Circuits?

Terrorism In The News

U.S. Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack on Food Supply, Scientists Say

U.S. Looking For Missing Sudanese Pilot Whom They Believe May Be Planning To Hit White House With Plane

Terrorist Jihad Plot In SE Asia

Information Industry Debates E-Privacy

U.S., Ashcroft Get Tough With Pakistani, Saudi Visitors

Terror-Cell Bail Hearing Continues

CDC Head: Agency More Prepared for Bioterror Attack

Germany Bans 16 More Islamic Groups

French Writer Faces Jail For Calling Islam 'Stupid'

FBI Director Acknowledges That Al-Qaida Shifting Wealth From Cash to Commodities

Pakistan's President, Musharraf, Target of Assassination Plot

India, Pakistani Nukes In Safe Hands: US Study

Liberal Democrat Senator Admits Politics in Choices

Despite Equality, Women Today Still Prefer Gentlemen

Students Sue Over 'Biased' Exam

Socialized Medicine In Canada Fails Despite Lofty Rhetoric: Warning! This is the same plan the Clintons tried to force on U.S.

Faith Healers And A Dead 15-year-old

Annals of Law: You're Not Naked If You Have Shoes On

The LED at the End of the Aisle -- New Gimmick


September 19, 2002

Iraq Attack Gathers Steam

Bush to Propose Iraq Resolution to Congress Thursday: Will authorize the President to use military force

U.S., Britain Begin Drafting Iraq Resolution

Bush's Call to Action Against Iraq Is a Head-Snapping Change of Subject

Iraqi Stricken Hospitals Start Stockpiling For War

Bush, Saddam in High-Stakes Chess Game

UN To Upset Bush's War Plans With One-Year Deadline For Iraq - Bush Urges Congress To Act Before U.N.

Rumsfeld: Iraq Disarmament a Must

Blair Faces Wrath of Britain's Two Million Muslims

Aluminum Traced To Jordan May Be Linked To Iraqi Weapons Program

Bush To Bulldoze Military Action Vote Through Congress: Wants Congress to pass authorizing resolution within 48 hours

Israel Has Most To Gain From Saddam Ouster

Saddam Is Warned: We'd Nuke Baghdad

Economic News

Daschle Attacks Bush Economic Policy

Bush Trumpets Economic Strengths

CBO Projects Four Years of Deficits Before Surplus Returns

Storage Jar Casts New Light On Ancient Jewish Life In Galilee

"Stones of Witness" - Virtual Tour of Holy Land

Russia Issues Warning Over Rusting Ships That Contain Spent Nuclear Fuel

Russia Sells Missiles To Sudan, Syria, Libya

Pepsi Enters Space Age In Advertising: Wants to offer free space ride

Filling in the Black Hole Blank

African Hospitals Sitting On AIDS Time Bomb That May Cause Collapse of Medical System

Florida Asks Federal Government For Help To Prevent Botched Election

India, US To Hold Joint Naval Exercises -- Further evidence that U.S. is tilting toward India in India - Pakistan conflict

India Rules Out Further Troop Reduction Along Pakistani Border

India Signs Military Defence Pact With U.S.

South Korean Troops March Into Buffer Zone, Mine-Clearing Underway -- Are they doing work of North Koreans?

Judge to WorldCom: Block Kid Porn

OPEC Rejects West's Call for More Oil and Holds Output Steady, but Pledges to Pump More if Price Exceeds Target

Terrorist Fears Continue To Pour Forth

US Sends Forces To Wage Secret War In Horn of Africa: We are truly becoming global police force

Nation Makes Major Strides To Combat Terrorism, But Much Work Said To Be Necessary

More Terrorism Concerns: FBI Warns of Possible New Al Qaeda Hijacking Tactics

INS Crackdown Yields Few Foreign Fugitives: Only 890 out of 314,000

US Afghan Allies Take Cash To Free Taliban

Muslim Man Charged Under Terror Act n Britain

No Evidence Against US Terror Suspect: Finally convicted of immigration violation

FBI Investigating New Columbine Terrorist Threat

Buffalo Terrorist Suspects Led "All-American" Lives

Muslim Jokes A Real Joke

Multiple Sclerosis Linked To Sexual Promiscuity

Sex Abuse Victims Accept $10 Million Settlement With Boston Catholic Archdiocese

Three Bishops Leaving Panel Considering Sex Abuse Rules

Bush, Churchill, and Diana Are Related: "Antichrist And A Cup of Tea" Book is right! Generational Witchcraft Rules The Illuminati

Jerusalem Becoming A Cup of Trembling

Suicide Bomber Kills Policeman - Gunmen Kill Israeli In West Bank

Terrorists Kill 3 Israelis Overnight

Palestinian History Of Bomb Blasts Against Israeli Men, Women, Children

Father of 4 Slain On Roadway

The Palestinian Way of Death

Peres Urges Palestinians To Let Prophets Decide Future, Not Terrorists: Foresees two nations, one coordinated economy

Electronic Fence Going Up In Jerusalem - Prophetic significance

Wazzani River Pumping A Provocation

Saudi Arabia Resurrects Old Libel Against Jews: They use human blood in baking products

Final Draft of Palestinian Constitutition Nearly Complete; Final Farce as it will be completely ignored

Anglican Chief and Bishop In Open Conflict Over Gay Marriage

Transgender Activists Playing Role In AIDS Conference

U.S. War On Drugs A Flop, Governor Admits

Dog, Squirrel Deaths Prompt New West Nile Worries


September 18, 2002

Iraq: War or Capitulation?

U.N. Weapons Inspectors, Iraqis to Meet in Vienna Week of Sept. 30 -- U.S. Pushes for Disarmament

Bush Presses On With Iraq Strategy

Public Supports Bush Positions On U.N. Involvement In Iraq

Daschle Bumps Up Iraq Vote -- Facts About U.N. Weapons Inspectors

US Rejects Iraq's UN Arms Offer As 'Tactical Act'

Iraq's Spanner In The Works

Making Prophetic Sense of Middle East Cauldron - Great Maps to keep track of events

Iraq Theater's Tower of Babel: Signs abound that we do not really plan to rebuild Iraq after war

U.S. Seeks to Move In Bombers

U.S. Marines To Land In Kuwait

Israel Increases Efforts To Meet Potential Iraqi Attack

Fear And Murder Inside Saddam’s Cabinet

Official: China Seizes Shipment of Banned Electronic Waste From United States

Construction Begins on Radioactive Waste Plant

New Jersey Abolishing Pollution Rights Trading Scheme Embraced by Bush

Terror Cells Now At Liberty To Strike

White House Cybersecurity Plan Avoids Calls for New Rules

High Costs Jeopardize Cybersecurity

Hershey Foods Trust Decides Sale of Candy Maker Not Such a Sweet Deal After All

Ozone Hole To Start Shrinking And Will Close In 50 Years: Attempt to "prove" that efforts to stop "human activity" are working

Forecasters See Possible 80 Mph Hurricane By Saturday

Hurricane Current Track Map

Weather Control and Weather Warfare A Reality

Studies Find New Type of Black Hole

Illinois. Has Worst West Nile Outbreak

California Energy Crisis Called A Sham: Used created crisis as excuse to drive up prices

Denver Airport Workers Investigated

Californians Get Pot in Medical Marijuana Protest

Drug Czar: More Teens Hooked On Pot Than Alcohol

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Admits Kidnapping Japanese

Outraged Japan Says It Will Push North Korea for Quick Return of Kidnap Survivors

Koreas Simultaneously Start Work on Cross-Border Railways and Roads


Israel Turns Down Phased Palestinian Cease-Fire Plan

Charred Body Of Israeli Man Found In West Bank Village

Police Say Extremist Israeli Settlers May Have Planted Bomb at Palestinian School

Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer: Jews Must Pray Safetly At Rachel's Tomb

Israel Hardens Stance On Water -- EDITORIAL: A Thirst For Escalation

Sharon: Holding Palestinian Authority To Oslo Would Have Prevented Violence

Peres To US: There Is Hope For Reviving Camp David -- Joel 3 prophecies only war after Israel becomes nation again

Attempt To Relaunch Mid-East Peace: Discord Among Quartet of Peacemakers

Palestinians Fed Up With Arafat's Absolute Rule

Egypt's Mubarak's Son Takes Key Party Post

Falling, Dying Naked Woman 9/11 Memorial Causing Outrage In Manhatten: She is depicted at exact moment her head hits the concrete

Reno Concedes Florida Governor Nomination Defeat

House Condemns Rebirthing Therapy

Bill And Hillary Seeking Legal Fee Reimbursement From Government Totaling $3.5 Million

U.S. Special Forces, CIA, Ready for Yemen Mission To Capture Terrorists

Bond Appeal For New York's Al Qaida' Cell

U.S. Landmarks Described On Terror Suspect's Laptop

Nigeria Tries To Head Off Miss World Boycott

Study: 3-Strikes Laws Increase Homicides

Alaska Joins Feds In Opposing Pipeline Watchdog Group

Interior Secretary Norton Ruled in Contempt

Parents Blamed In 4-year-old's Death In June; Girl Died Of Water Intoxication

California Basketball Coach Gave Assistant Ultimatum: Abort Your Baby Or Quit

Military's Ban on Sale of Sex Magazines and Videos Is Upheld


September 17, 2002

Iraq Muddies Diplomatic Waters

Iraq To Accept Weapons Inspectors: Oil Price Plummets After Iraqi Offer

White House Dismisses Iraqi Offer

Iraqi Move Seen as Effort to Rob U.S. of Support

Does Saddam Have A "Doomsday" Plot?

U.S. Pilots Attacking New Iraqi Targets

List of Weapons Iraq Likely Has or Could Make

U.S. Energy Secretary Appeals for Concerted Action on 'Dirty Bombs'

US And Russia Clash Over Iraq

World Reaction to Iraqi Offer

Czech President Havel Endorses U.S. Line On Iraq

U.S. Created Saddam In The First Place!

Attack On Iraq May Start World War III

North Korea Amasses Chemical Weapons

FBI Begins to Lay Out Case Against Men Allegedly Involved in Terror Cell in Western New York

Former FBI Agent Gets 10 Years for Tipping off Mob Informants About Indictments

Traffic Tunnel Considered Near White House

Reno Lawyer: No Court Challenge Over Florida Vote: But she refuses to concede

Rematch: Gore To Seek Nomination For President

Intrigue Abounds In Gore Decision

News Disinformation Again Making News

TV Dots Airwaves With Inaccuracies

AP Fires Reporter After Source Query

CBS News Charged With Creating "News" Of U.S. Iraq Attack: But it surely looked real

Nuclear Weapons Are Missing!

200 SOVIET NUKES LOST IN UKRAINE: A nuke scandal is gathering steam

3 Dead In Times Square Shooting

Arabs Attacking Israel Through Water

US Wades Into Mid-East Water Dispute

Israel Warns Of War Over Water Diversion

Middle East: Politics of Water

Israeli Army: 23 Suspects Arrested in Gaza

Muslim Extremist Found Dead in Palestinian Refugee Camp

Westerfield Jury Recommends Death Penalty

Attention in Kashmir Shifts to Two Capital Cities, Which Vote Next

US Welcomes J&K Poll Turnout; Setback For Pakistan

Convicted Providence Mayor Now A Radio Talk Show Host

Administration Weighs Tribunal for Binalshibh: Would be first terrorist tried before military tribunal

The Secret Watchers: How the police bureau spied for decades on the people of Portland

Has Cuba Weaponized West NileVirus?

Judicial Watch Wants Bush To Prosecute Terror War Against Castro

Rep. Ron Paul Introduces Legislation To Eliminate Federal Reserve: Illuminati pushed for this private bank from 1789-1913

Small Earth Asteroid Objects Feared As Trigger To Nuclear War



September 16, 2002

Roman Catholicism Continues Its Moral Collapse

Abuse Victims Group Says Some Bishops Aren't Following Rules

Cardinal Law Celebrates Mass Without Priest After Relaunching Inquiry

Father Caught In Bathroom Stall In Gay Sex Act Released After Calling "Friendly" Judge

Indepth Examination of Moral Collapse of Catholic Church

Priest Is Arraigned In Alleged Rape Of Boy

Middle East - Iraq

After Four Days of U.N. Speeches, Only Britain Supports Unilateral U.S. Action Against Iraq

Saudi Arabia To Cooperate In Iraq Attack Only Under UN

Understanding Prophetic Role Of Iraq In Coming Conflict

U.S. Says It Could Fight Against Both Iraq and Against Terror

Status Quo On Iraq Totally Unacceptable: Bush

Washington's Next Diplomatic Steps On Iraq

Rep. Sherman: Get U.N. Resolution for Tough Inspections

Iraq Could Have Nuke Bomb In 6 Months

Terrorism In The News

Terror Suspect Claims He Was Drugged and Tortured in Hospital

Prosecutor: Cell Probed Since 2001

Marchers Accuse U.S. of Targeting Workers, Muslims

FBI Finds Anthrax in Fla. Building

Middle East: India - Pakistan

Nine Rebels Killed; Militants Ambush Key Minister's Convoy in Kashmir Ahead of Elections

U.S. Said To Be Tilting Towards India

Al-Qaeda Arrest Exposes Pakistani Claims

Columnist Resigns After Acknowledging Sexual Conduct With Teenager

Thousands Evacuated After Train Derails, Acid Spilled Near Knoxville

Americans Re-Introducing Meat To Their Diets

Election News

Campaign Officials: McBride's Lead Over Reno in Florida Primary Dwindling

Uncounted Votes Found From Florida Democratic Primary: If Establishment wants Reno to win, she will win

Candidate Loses Party's Endorsement After Spitting on Radio Host

Middle East - Israel

Israel Steps Up Security For Yom Kippur

Israel Virtually Shut Down For Holiday

Israeli Tanks Raid Gaza Town

New Palestinian Mortars With Longer Range Cause Concern

US to Israel: You'll Have Warning On Iraq

US Team To Check Diversion At Lebanon Border River


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