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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Thursday, September 9, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Article: 50% of All New York Residents and 41% of State Citizens Believe Government Officials Had Prior Knowledge of Attacks on 9/11, And Did Nothing!

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- September 4, 2004

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bush unfazed as US toll in Iraq tops 1,000

Explosions Boom Across Iraqi Capital: Smoke rose above the heavily fortified Green Zone (Coalition Headquarters)

Twelve Iraqis killed in fresh US air strike on Fallujah

17 dead after renewed attacks in Iraq: Insurgents who have infiltrated from Syria

Despair in Iraq over the forgotten victims of US invasion: "Sometimes there are as many as 200 Iraqis killed in a single day, The Iraqi people are being eradicated." - Iraqi Minister

More Than 10,000 Iraqis Die Violently in Baghdad Region Alone - Total number of violently killed since invasion might top 30,000

Ode To Nuha - US Depleted Uranium Takes Another Victim: By November, 1994, "over thirty percent of Iraqis have cancer ... depleted uranium left by the U.S. bombing campaign has turned Iraq into a cancer-infested country"

International aid agencies say they may pull out of Iraq

UN's Annan Urges Immediate Release Of Hostages In Iraq

Islamic Militants Tell Turkey, Jordan To Close Embassies In Iraq

2004 Campaign News

'Bush broke promises, set wrong course in Iraq': John Kerry

Kerry goes on the offensive over Bush's 'catastrophic rush to war'

Kerry clings to a narrow Labour Day lead in poll

Global opinion favours Kerry over Bush: World opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of John Kerry

Kerry and Bush trade blows as war rhetoric escalates

Is the world safer three years after 9/11?

Book Unflattering to Bush Draws His Campaign's Fire: White House is calling news networks to discourage coverage of book

Sharon Bush Denies Kitty Kelley Account

Moore aims film weapon at Bush

Actor Tim Robbins attacks US govt over Iraq war

Bush's Guard Duty Under Microscope: "Bush gamed the system to avoid serving his country the way that most of his contemporaries had to." (Former Secretary of Defense)

Democrats Say Bush Lied on Guard Service

Now it's Bush's turn to squirm: Evidence of the president's fudged war record emerged in time to undermine the Republicans' triumphal march

Russia Postpones Kyoto Protocol Decision

Politics playing role in price hike: OPEC chief

Bush backs budget clout for spy chief

Analysis: Intel reform hits political reality

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran recruits massive 'human shield' to protect her nuclear reactor

Pakistani Jets Launch Attack on Suspected Militants

African Poverty Crisis, an Embarrassment: President Obasanjo

British Mercenary Set to Trade in Glamorous Lifestyle for Notorious African Jail: Caught participating in "Regime Change" special forces mission - Equatorial Guinea's President the target

Cutting Edge Archives
: Bush Deadly Serious About "Shrinking The Gap" As Special Forces Charged With Fomenting "Regime Change" military coups

U.S. introduces new U.N. Darfur resolution

Illiteracy shockingly high in L.A.: Half of workers unable to read

History of American Education: From Harvard Scholars to Worker-Bees - Video Tells You How American Educated Was Deliberately Dumbed Down

Clinton Out of Intensive Care, in Own Room

Gay - Lesbian News

California Domestic Partner Law Ruled Valid

Labor Battles Oregon Gay Marriage Amendment

Gay Dems Praise Log Cabin Bush Decision

Pentagon Says Guantanamo Prisoner Incorrectly Detained: Prisoner will be returned to his home country


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Hurricane News

Ivan Remains A Rare Category 5 (160 mph) Hurricane: Now Heading For Jamaica

Hurricane Ivan Kills 20 in Grenada: Heads West

Computer Model of Track -- Tracking of Hurricane

View of Ivan From Satellite

Hurricane Ivan Will Finish Off Florida: Roadblocks are already in place below the MOUSE LINE, southern Florida to become civilian "No-man's land"

Frances Victims Try to Recover as President Bush Visits Florida

Typhoon subsides after killing at least 31: In Western Japan and Hokkaido -- Record-breaking number of typhoons (hurricanes) for single season

Cutting Edge Archive Articles

Remembering "Hurricane Card" of Illuminati Card Game



Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Car Bombing at Australian Embassy in Indonesia Kills 7, Injures 98

Embassy bomb probe begins - Forensic operation begins at Jakarta bomb site

Australian leaders condemn bombing

Jakarta Explosion At Australian Embassy Damages Nearby Russian Embassy

Is the world safer three years after 9/11?

Islambouli Brigades Liquidated in Egypt by Special Forces: No Link to Russia Terror

'Iraq is safer than UK'

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz says Iraq part of war on terror

Russian Terror News

Russia Plans Pre-Emptive Strikes Against Global Terror Bases

Europe Wary About Russian Threat of Pre-Emptive Strikes

Russian Public Sees Beslan Tragedy in Black and White: Public is further polarized by tragedy

Russia’s FSB Offers $10M Bounty for Chechen Leaders Basayev, Maskhadov

Chechen Rebels Respond By Putting $20M Price on Putin’s Head

Moody’s Confirms Russia’s Investment Rating Despite Terrorism: Recent terror attacks won't adversely affect Russia's credit rating

Russia's FSB Arrests 2 Female Suicide Bombers in Chechnya

Russian nationalists do not believe Putin's propaganda

Silence is a danger to Islam

Israel - Palestinian War

IDF Soldier, Arab-Israeli worker lightly wounded in Gush Katif attacks

Israelis warned to avoid Sinai: Because of terror alerts

Foreign Minister Shalom: Yasser Arafat is a terrorist

Arafat expulsion 'closer than ever'

Sharon agrees to move security barrier closer to Israel: To minimize hardship on Palestinian citizens

Gush Etzion & Ariel Inside the Fence - But Not Southern Judea

EU Official Learns Something New About Disengagement: She was unaware that the disengagement was not a part of the Road Map

Right-wing petition calls for refusal to evacuate settlements: Wants police and IDF soldiers to refuse evacuation orders

Car blows upby remote control next to IDF soldiers: No one hurt

US Court Turns Down "Jerusalem, Israel" Suit

Israel Kills 14 Hamas Terrorists In Mid-Training

Look who's talking about defeating terror: Sharon advising Russia's Putin that terrorism must be defeated with no compromise, even as he is preparing to retreat from Gaza and portions of West Bank


Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea warns of arms race following South Korean uranium experiment

South Korea admits failure to report uranium test

Nuclear program revelations grow

South Korea, U.S. to Reach Agreement on Troop Cuts Soon

Accused U.S. Army deserter Jenkins to face U.S. Army Saturday

Russia's Putin Sends Message on NK's Founding Day

US woman touted for North Korea trade post: Avid churchgoer and registered Republican


Wednesday, September 8, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Article: 50% of All New York Residents and 41% of State Citizens Believe Government Officials Had Prior Knowledge of Attacks on 9/11, And Did Nothing!

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- September 4, 2004

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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Rumsfeld Says Iraqis Will Retake Cities

US death toll in Iraq crosses 1,000

Toll in Iraq war a grim milestone for force that mirrors America

Marines Had More Deaths Than Army in August

Eight American soldiers killed, al-Sader office in Najaf besieged: High ranking US official -- losses might be much greater.

U.S. soldier among 19 dead in Baghdad

Fierce fighting returns to Sadr City as Mahdi army battles US troops

Mosul Governor's Son Assassinated In Northern Iraq

UN's Kofi Annan Warns That Violence in Iraq Could Make Successful 2005 Elections More Difficult

Despite violence, Iraqi elections will occur as scheduled, Rice says

Two Italian women kidnapped in Baghdad: Worked for charity group, "Bridge to Baghdad"

Israel - Palestinian War

European Marksmen-for-Hire in Gaza: Hired by Palestinians for "hits" against IDF soldiers

IDF operations in Gaza fail to thwart Kassam attacks

Analysis: A turning point in IDF strategy

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Qurei submits resignation: Says this time it's 'final'

PM Sharon to Jerusalem Post: Israel not spying on the United States

Syria 'peace' overture 'not genuine'

Price of N.Y. crude oil falls after storm misses platforms in Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane News


Florida Residents Head Home, Delaying Relief

Floridians begin rebuilding from Frances

Sewage plants remain powerless in Treasure Coast

Hurricane spilled 41 million gallons of acidic waste, threat to fish in Tampa-area waterway

Electric generators hard to find in Florida


Potential Storm Track For Ivan Unsettling

Computer Models For Ivan

Hurricane Ivan damages more than 175 homes in Barbados as it aims for Tobago and Grenada

Terrorism In Russia - Aftermath

Russian Defence Minister unwilling to blame Chechens: Not a single Chechen has been found among the dead gunmen

$10m bounty offered for Chechen rebels

About 130,000 gather outside Kremlin to demonstrate against the Beslan massacre

Russia forced to rethink US ties: Might be forced into "common cause" with US in her "War On Terror"

Mr Putin will not be moved by this tragedy

Video captures horror in Beslan gymnasium

Russia: Accidental blast led to siege end

A lengthening trail of terror: This latest spread in terror could be just the beginning

Vatican cardinal says terrorism is "new world war": Rights should be sacrificed

Timeline of Standoff at Russian School

2004 Campaign News

BOSTON GLOBE: Bush Didn't Meet Air National Guard Commitments

Bush Air National Guard records reveal lapses: Months after insisting it could find no more records, Pentagon has released more than two dozen pages of files

Bush faces pressure over drugs and draft

Cheney Warns Against Vote for Kerry: "If the nation makes the wrong choice on Election Day it faces the threat of another terrorist attack"

Bush wants only 2 debates

The Bush "Crusade": Are we headed toward a revival of the Roman Catholic Horrific "Crusades"?

National Shooting Sports Foundation: Kerry Accepts Shotgun He Would Ban as 'Assault Weapon'

Former President Jimmy Carter Calls Zell Miller's GOP Speech As Disloyal

Defense Department urges overseas troops to vote: Officials move to take bugs out of absentee ballot procedures

Confusion Says: "W" licked by own tongue

Fistfight Breaks Out Over Kerry Veterans: Man Attacks Participants In Windsor, Colorado, Parade

Congressional Budget Office is projecting that this election-year's federal deficit will reach $422 billion: Highest ever

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Rumsfeld says Iran funding Iraq insurgency

Nuke Race: New Gerz Book Details Iran Buildup

Spinning the web in Afghanistan: Washington, Islamabad, Moscow, New Delhi and Tehran all muddying the waters in October 9 elections

Sudan dismisses threat of sanctions over Darfur

India makes a dent in its debt

White House covered for Saudis after 9/11: Former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Graham

Government wants ID arguments secret: Citizen challenging federal requirements to show identification before boarding an airplane



Tuesday, September 7, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- September 4, 2004-

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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq attacks kill twelve U.S. troops on Monday in three separate attacks: Convoy carrying Baghdad governor ambushed

US death toll in Iraq nears 1,000

Unmanned U.S. spy aircraft crashes in Iraq: US Marines confirm the story

10 killed in Fallujah blast as Iraq sheepishly retracts Ibrahim arrest claim: Did not capture former Saddam aide after all

Pipelines Attacked In Northern Iraq on Monday

After Sister Bade "Farewell" To Her Little Brother Killed In Iraq, She Told President Bush: "Not only did you cheat him of a long meaningful life, but you cheated him of a meaningful death"

Iraqi militants demand $5m for release of French journalists

French hostage talks in Iraq in "delivery phase"

Chalabi nephew loses Saddam trial role

Oil prices calm despite attacks in Iraq, storm worries

Torture, Sexual Humiliation News

Already-convicted soldier testifies at Pfc. England hearing

Higher-ups at Abu Ghraib could face abuse charges

Army report faults Lt. General Sanchez on Iraq prison abuse

Other News

Britain's Charles Kennedy vows to keep Iraq pressure on Blair

Blair's Iraq venture could jeopardise winning EU vote

"Russia's 9/11?" Attack News

Al Qaeda’s Dread Touch Falls on Moscow, Beslan, Beersheba...

Putin rules out Chechen talks: 100,000 people are expected at a Moscow rally Tuesday to denounce terrorism, bolstering Putin against critics of the authorities' handling of the bloody siege

Chechen conflict marked by human rights violations

Israel urges Russia to back fence at UN

Questions Mount as Russia Mourns Its Children

Arab States to Help Russia Unmask Arab Terrorists

Moscow Schools Bar Parents After Beslan Terror

UK, Germany Fear Chechen Terrorist Attacks

School Hostage-Takers Were Supposed to Be in Jail

Russia Accepts Israel’s Offer to Share Military Experience

Terrorist Counter-Offensive: Russian anti-terrorist policies not working


Loss of Ofek-6 Satellite Deprives Israel of Second Spy Satellite in Critical Period

13 Hamas terrorists killed in Israeli raid in Gaza

Hamas, Jihad vow to avenge IAF missile strike in Gaza

Father and son facing death row for 'collaboration' with Israel

Rabbis to IDF: Hit harder at terror, even if civilians killed

Population Loss Turning More of the Rural West Into Ghost Counties

United Nations Wants 13-Month Moon Calendar

Detention Camps for US Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision

Archives: Bush/Ashcroft/Ridge Combining To Form Basis For Dictatorship In America

Why New York's going broke: New York's pension fund

Cities need more terror funds

'Hate Crime' Law Passes Senate - On To House, Greivous Constitutional Destruction: The End Of Free Speech Nears

Genesis Reentry, September 8: Loaded with samples from the Sun

More British Obtain Assisted Suicides in Switzerland Than Expected

Hurricane News


Frances' Second Swing Hits Fla. Panhandle: Bush asking Congress to approve $2 billion to help victims of hurricanes Charley and Frances

Damage From Frances Could Be $15 Billion

Frances tears 1,000 panels from NASA shuttle hangar

Frances leaves Florida reeling in chaos

10 deaths blamed on Hurricane Frances

Developments Associated With Hurricane Frances

Wind from Francis hurricane for sale on eBay

Unusual Number of Storms Hit Land in Florida


After Charley and Frances, "Ivan the Terrible" set to hit Florida

Track of Hurricane Ivan Is Unsettling: May hit Florida

Computer Model: Ivan Hurricane Forecasts

NOAA Hurricane IVAN: Rapid Intensification Possible In Next 72 Hours

Caribbean Islands Prepare as Hurricane Ivan Approaches

Other Radical Weather News

Typhoon Pounds Japan - 41 Seamen Missing

Powerful Typhoon Hits Southern Japan: West Rocked by Earthquakes' Aftershocks

China Floods Kill 100, Dozens More Missing: Three Gorges Region Put on Alert

2004 Campaign News

Kerry vows to withdraw troops from Iraq: Said invasion was "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time"

Bush and Kerry clash over Iraq

Kerry blames president for litany of wrongs

GEORGE W Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David: Wife Laura also allegedly tried cannabis in her youth - Allegations of new book, "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty"

Kerry camp sees hope in past finishes: THE moment of his political life has arrived

Bush, Kerry spar over drug benefit: Candidates at odds over history of ban on negotiated prices

Bush continues call for simpler tax system: Flat Tax

Edwards heaps criticism on GOP

Nader dropped from Oregon ballot

Putting the campaign broadsides into context

GOP's fierce attacks contrast with Democrats' restraint

Stage set for showdown as U.S. Congress returns

Crime took a holiday during Republican National Convention

Evangelicals satisfied with GOP convention: Little prime-time religion at the Republican National Convention this week, but leading evangelical Christians weren't complaining

Bypass clears Clinton's heart

Bill saved in tick o'time: Bypass prevents what would have been a killer coronary

Bubba hubbub outside hospital

Pro-Life Group: Partial-Birth Abortion Decision Shows Need for Fetal Pain Bill

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran's promise: '80 seconds of hell' -- "Those who resist Iran will be struck from directions they never expected"

Iran nuke fuel program starts at uranium mine

Four Lebanese Ministers Resign to Protest Extension of President's Term

Sudan Darfur Crisis Talks Deadlocked After Two Weeks

Colombian Prosecutors Order Army Soldiers Arrested for Killing of Unionists

Supreme Court Orders Government to Relinquish Control of Oldest Dominican Newspaper

China will send troops to Haiti

Malaysia's Highest Court Clears Way for Appeal That Could Allow Anwar Back Into Politics

Deaths Strike Campuses Across America

'Don't tell my father!' Another promising NYU student commits suicide

A shocker for campus on eve of new school year: Sixth in string of fatal falls

Princeton sophomore found deceased in her dorm room bed has been identified as Melissa M. Huang of Mechanicsburg, Pa

Woman found dead in Colorado State University fraternity: Autopsy set for today as police reveal few details

19-year-old woman's death rattles Canada's McGill campus: First-year student


Monday, September 6, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Hurricane News

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 -- Refining their skill now!

Hurricane Frances floods streets and knocks out power as it crosses Florida: Now downgraded to tropical storm

Storm Track Has Changed!

Frances Weakens, Continues to Hammer Florida: Virtually shut down the fourth-largest U.S. state for two days

Eleven Arrests For Looting, Prowling In Counties Hit By Frances

Hold Your Hat: Hurricane Ivan is next, lurking in Atlantic: Potential for following a path similar to the one of Frances

Hurricane Ivan Churns Toward Barbados at Category 4 Status

Hurricane Frances: Facts, Statistics


News From Israel

Israel Begins Construction of New Barrier Section After Deadly Palestinian Attack

Explosion Rocks Gaza City: Witnesses Say

Officials: Explosion in Gaza caused by sonic boom

IDF demolishes terrorists' house near Bethlehem

NY Times Blasted For Minimizing Double-Bus Suicide Terrorist Attack

Israel Targets 'Forgotten Outpost' for Security Barrier

`Connecting outposts' built between settlement blocs to create Jewish territorial contiguity

General Mofaz: Israel still seeks to banish Arafat

Defense Ministry mulls using Israeli satellite to photo settlements

IDF terror successes may take battle to Damascus

News From Palestinians

Hamas running in Palestinian elections

Palestinians Say Arafat Has Ended Feud With U.N. Mideast Envoy

Arab Attempts To Kidnap Israelis For Past Three Months Has Failed

Arab Terror Against Israel Continues

Egyptian FM, Arafat to meet Monday

Taiwan says 2 arrested for spying for China

Strong earthquakes rattle western Japan: 6.9 and 7.3

Evacuations Ordered As Quake-generated Tsunami Waves Approached: Two quakes hit within 5 hours, warnings were lifted in 3 hours

2004 Campaign News

Power of Incumbency News

Pentagon to probe Kerry's war record: Power of Incumbency

Trial of Saddam and aides to begin 'within weeks': Power of Incumbency

Recent clues can lead to arrest of Osama: US officials

Other Campaign News

Kerry Enlisting Clinton Aides in Effort to Refocus Campaign: "Stop talking about Vietnam"

Kerry campaign leadership shuffled for the home stretch: Democrat lost steam in August

Bush strategists to deploy Cheney — for better or worse: Vice president to aim for stalwarts and undecideds

Bush campaigns in area of West Virginia he won in 2000

It's still the economy, stupid: But bad news for Bush isn't necessarily good news for Kerry

44,000 Ohio prison inmates to be RFID-chipped

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- September 4, 2004-

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Nine US soldiers killed in Iraq: Seven Marines killed in ambush while two more died in mortar attack

US military in major offensive in northern Iraq

Massive car bomb near Fallujah causes U.S. casualties: Killing and wounding several U.S. Marines

Eight Iraqis were killed and 40 wounded in heavy clashes between US forces and insurgents near Mosul

Dozens killed in Iraq on Sunday as violence surges

Kuwait Alarmed That Fundamentalists Are Recruiting Teenagers to Fight U.S.-Led Forces in Iraq

Danger of Israeli Presence in Iraq: WARNING: This is Arab viewpoint being expressed

Iraq steps up plans to protect oil pipelines

Al-Douri, one of Iraq's most wanted, remains at large

Iraq kidnappers free Turkish hostage

French hostages’ release hampered

Senator Reveals: General Franks told of early drain on forces to Iraq: Told senator 1 year before Iraq invasion forces were being shifted to prepare for war

Iraq extends al-Jazeera ban and raids offices

Armenia will send a team of military officials to Iraq in September: To prepare for small military force to be deployed

British think tank is pessimistic about Iraq's prospects: Country's disintegration may cause regional disruption

Russia's "9/11"?

Stunned Russians Observe Day of Mourning in School Seizure Deaths

Frantic search for missing in Beslan

Russian government admits it hid scope of tragedy

President Putin Expresses Condolence: Calls for Nation’s Mobilization - Promised to prepare the measures to strengthen the law enforcement structures, their coordination and control (NOTE: Russian version of Patriot Act coming?)

Putin's September 11th: Putin and his aides are drawing the same parallel

Chechen Separatists Say “Third Force” Behind Terrorist Attacks: Same forces which brought Putin into power in the first place is responsible for this school attack

Russian television shows detained 'hostage-taker'

Russian FM welcomes Israeli cooperation on terror

Putin?s 9/11: Turning point in history of terror?

Pope prays for dead of Beslan

Many times crueler and more dangerous

Worldwide Terrorism News

Guantanamo Detainee hearings descend into farce: Bush administration is ignoring, if not defying outright, the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that all terror suspects must be able to challenge their imprisonment

Guantanamo 'designed to convict', says expert

British Islamic Extremist Cleric Supports Targeting Children if "cause is just"

Nation at risk from terror attack: Senior British Minister

India, Pakistan seek progress amid Kashmir discord

Son of anti-US warlord seeks Somali presidency

British arms dealer fuels Sudan war

India, Israel consider joint missile project



Sunday, September 5, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- September 4, 2004-

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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Troops in Iraq See Highest Injury Monthly Toll Yet: In August, 1,100 troops wounded

Forty-two people were killed Saturday in one of the bloodiest days

Suicide Bombing at Iraq Academy Police Station Kills 20 Just On Saturday

Baghdad beauty salons a target: Insurgents fighting a trend toward Westernization of culture

How to stay alive in Baghdad

Saboteurs blow up small oil pipeline in Iraq early Saturday

Jazeera says Iraq closes its Baghdad office

Police in Najaf, Kufa confront worshippers approaching mosques

Aides urge Blair to admit Iraq mistakes

Militant Group Calls to Sunni Muslim Body in Iraq to Issue Religious Edict Concerning Kidnappings

Body of Egyptian found in Iraq: France waits word on two seized French reporters

General Janis Karpinski blames prison abuse on commanders: Says a "conspiracy" among top U.S. commanders has left her to blame for the abuses of Iraqi inmates at Abu Ghraib prison

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Russian School Disaster

Putin Vows Tough Response in Face of 'All-Out War' As School Hostage Death Toll Passes 350

Putin Declares: Terrorists have declared 'full-scale war' -- Text of his speech to Russian people

President Putin Expresses Condolence: Calls for Nation’s Mobilization - Promised to prepare the measures to strengthen the law enforcement structures, their coordination and control (NOTE: Russian version of Patriot Act coming?)

Putin's September 11th: Putin and his aides are drawing the same parallel

Chechen Separatists Say “Third Force” Behind Terrorist Attacks: Same forces which brought Putin into power in the first place is responsible for this school attack

542 Wounded in School Attack Taken to Hospitals — Russian Official

Israeli's Sharon Offers Russian Condolences, Offers of Support: Free world must unite against international terrorism

Sharon to meet Russian FM over global anti-terror efforts

A deadly common denominator between deadly Russian school terrorist attack and the twin school bus suicide bombings in Israel: The Islamic Religion

The Price of Spilt Blood: Both options open to Russian authorities are wrong

322 Killed in North Ossetian Seized School — Russian Deputy Prosecutor - "Were shot in their backs"

Dozens of Bodies Were Found In School Gym

Chechen terrorists follow al-Qaida manual: Russia school hostage-takers' cues from online playbook

Other Terror Fears

LA airport closes 4 terminals for hours on terrorist fears -- Was false alarm

Drastic patriot measures: To combat terror or usher in an extreme dictatorship?

OPEC mulling $28-30 price band: Qatari minister

'Hate Crime' Law Passes Senate - On To House, Greivous Constitutional Destruction: The End Of Free Speech Nears

Oprah Winfrey: Agent of moral insanity

Bill Clinton - Heart Bypass

E-Wish you well: Fans (or not) send Bill Clinton notes of hope

Clinton in good spirits before surgery

Step-by-step: What's in store for Clinton -- Doctors will stop his heart for up to three hours to carry out bypass

7 deadly signs of heart disease

Hurricane Frances News

Center of Eye of Hurricane Frances Makes Landfall: Early Sunday - Traveling only 8pm, 105mph winds - Frances was so big that virtually the entire state feared damage from wind and water

Projected Storm Track

Frances, Charley Both Had Quirks In Paths

Frances pounds Florida's coastline: Officially made landfall near Sewall's Point, just east of Stuart

Storm's weakening surprises forecasters

President Bush declares 'major disaster' in Florida

The 10 costliest hurricanes in the United States

Exclusive Photos - Hurricane Charley's Hidden Body Bags

More fierce hurricanes may loom on horizon

Related Storm News:

Powerful Typhoon Heads for Southern Japan, Six Injured - Most powerful in three decades

Rainstorm kills 19 in southwestern China

Summer chill leaves Canadian experts with red faces: Forecasts were wrong so often people would have been better off getting no "expert" forecasts

Home Can Be Built To Survive Category 5 Hurricane Disaster

Man accused of stalking ex-girlfriend with GPS (Global Positioning System)

2004 Campaign News

U.S. Near Seizing bin Laden: Official Says -- "Power of Incumbency" to produce an electoral "October Surprise"

Bush speech does little to sway groups of undecided viewers

How are YOU doing? No election issue reaches voters more than the big question surrounding the economy

Kerry takes aim, shrugs off 'W" bounce

Najaf illustrates Bush's predicament

Win or lose, Bush erred in Iraq: Republican Party has drifted further to the right as it desperately tries to obscure the mistake its leaders made in Iraq

Will our kids be strapping on Kevlar in 2020? Senator McCain says our troops may have to stay fighting in Iraq until 2020

Bush, Kerry now face four big questions

Democrats Urge Kerry to Turn Up Intensity of Campaign

Playbooks differ for Bush, Kerry camps

Bush, Kerry visit Ohio with economic plans

Bush, Kerry swarm divided Michigan

Playing a convention host becoming less attractive

Remember 2000 mess? How about a tie in '04? Electoral College vote outcome would land in GOP-heavy House

Let's not get too Kerry-ed away

Colorado Congressman Tancredo Says Some In Government Want Open Borders

The Moonies are here: Entrenched in our government in Washington, D.C.

Cutting Edge Analysis: Moon In Messianic Signs In Our Own Senate Dirksen Building - Was Moon just declared "Messiah" by our government officials?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan Blast Has Alarming Implications: 9 Children, Teacher Killed in Attack on Modernizing School

EU plans UN sanctions against Sudan


Police step up Gaza evacuation preparations: Evacuation of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip

Palestinians announce possible elections

Hamas to send monitors for voter registration in PA elections

Gaza gunmen seize Palestinian governor's office in protest

IDF troops pull out of Nablus

Fearing Israeli attack, Hamas leaders leave Damascus

Evacuation is not a political ploy

Sharon Silences Top Disengagement Opponent

Palestinian Terrorist Fahima Placed Under Administrative Detention



Saturday, September 4, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- September 4, 2004-

Terror Tragedy In Russia

Putin orders borders sealed: Ordered security forces to seal the school siege town of Beslan and block the region's borders

Death Toll Rises to 340 in Russia School Standoff: Putin visits, says officials had not planned to storm the school, but ordered the storming after militants set off explosions and began shooting at hostages who fled

Russia: Al-Qaida involved in school attack: Emergency workers on Saturday have pulled 322 bodies out of the wreckage

“No Gas...There Are Children in There”

437 Casualties of School Siege in Hospitals: 221 of the wounded are children


Indian PM lauds Russian forces for ending hostage crisis

Australian PM Howard, and opposition leader Latham offer Russians sympathy

School siege prompts horrified self-criticism in Arab media

Chechnya Gripped by Stalinist Terror: Where Do Suicide Bombers Come From?

Bill Clinton News

Clinton awaits heart bypass surgery: Diagnosed with multi-vessel coronary artery disease

Surgery In Days: Had Not Yet Suffered A Heart Attack

Age, Eating Habits Catch Up With Clinton

Audience boos as Bush offers best wishes for Clinton's recovery

2004 Campaign News

Recent clues can lead to arrest of Osama: US officials

Bush Glosses Over Complex Facts in Speech: Told conveyed facts that told only part of the story

Bush, Kerry campaigns shifting into high gear: Candidates visit battleground states and bicker over meaning of jobs report

Kerry comes out fighting in bid to retake initiative

Payroll growth continued in August: Employers stepped up hiring in August, expanding payrolls by 144,000

Bush and Kerry differ on state of economy

Despite the double-speak, Bush's message is clear: The Republicans' rhetoric show how nasty they can be

George Jr sent out of Texas by father as a 'drunken liability': Pulled strings to enrol Mr Bush in a unit of the Texas National Guard known as the 'Champagne Unit', because it had so many sons of prominent Texas politicians and businessmen

Bush's 2nd term staked on war on terrorism

Bush renews call for privatization of Social Security

NYC beats Boston in convention profits

Western Europe not anti-American: But anti-Bush

Yukos Oil Company Slapped With New $4Bln Tax Bill by Russian Government

Yukos Says May Halt Production after New Accounts Seizure

Crude oil slips 7 cents to $43.99 a barrel


White House said to have learned of Israel spy investigation in 2001

LA Times: Israel has intelligence operations in US

FBI targeting AIPAC members in probe: Includes members of the largest pro-Israel lobby in the US

Sharon: Cabinet to approve separation plan by Oct 24

Rightists' abuse of IDF, police worries officials: Plan to target and abuse soldiers, policemen who take part in evacuating West Bank outposts

Israel cannot accept back-door terrorism

Beersheba bombing victim became an Israeli citizen on day of her death

Palestinian planting explosives shot dead in Gaza

Arafat: General election date after municipal vote

Hurricane Frances News

Florida braces for a devastating storm: SWELLING to the size of Britain, Hurricane Frances edged towards the coast of Florida yesterday, with its 150mph winds and torrential rains

Florida Awaits Hurricane's Gales, Deluges

Gas stations overwhelmed in S. Florida: Shortages `will get worse'

Accuweather -- Impact Levels for Frances

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Al-Sadr Vows Militia Won't Be Defeated

Eight killed in Mosul clashes

Mortars strike again near Iraq's national assembly

Many dead in Iraqi clashes

Militia says Iraqi leader out to trick them: Threat of new battle in Baghdad slum where rebels strong

‘Islamic Army in Iraq’ claims attack against Chalabi

Tension mounts as Iraq police seal off Najaf, Kufa

Fallujans slam US raids

More American troops prepare for Iraq duty: 250 members of a support battalion will spend a year overseas

Iraq's northern oil pipeline blazes after yet another attack: Fiercest attack yet on its northern oil export network

Iraqi abuse scandal spreads to special forces: Navy SEALs accused of assaulting man who died afterward

Nepal relaxes unrest curfew: Imposed to contain widespread rioting sparked by slaying of 12 Nepalese captives in Iraq

Poland To Withdraw Its Troops From More Of Iraq: Defence Minister

Iraq war takes centre stage in London

Bombing, kidnapping take a toll on Iraqi young ones

Turk PM raps US inaction in N.Iraq vs Kurd rebels

TERRORISM IN IRAQ: US Withdrawal Can Only Bring Sanity In A Devastated Society -- Vietnam contrasted with Iraq

Iraq and Russia To Dominate EU Meeting

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Saudi anti-government fighter killed in police shootout

Car bomb kills 1, injures 2 in Afghanistan

Libya inks $35m Berlin bomb deal: agreeing to pay $35m in compensation to more than 150 non-US victims of a 1986 bomb attack on a discotheque in Berlin

Old boys in a fine African mess: British implicated in "Regime Change" mess of a "Non-Integrating" African state

'Boeremag leader a CIA agent': News story drawn from the internet site of the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld confirmed his suspicions that Vorster had been "planted" in the Boeremag

Malaysia's former deputy PM released

New coca plant in Colombia is drug war threat

'I Would Never Harm A Child': Michael Jackson

2 guards hurt in attack at MI5 spy headquarters in Britain

New Orleans' gay festival expects 120,000 despite Christian denunciations -- "Southern Decadence"

European Ladies Golf Association Votes To Admit Transsexual Golfers

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korea admits to nuke program

South Korea pressured over nuclear experiment: It withholds details as inspections loom

North Korea Reiterates Opposition to Terrorism

North Korea Says 'Defectors' Were Kidnapped

North Korea Confirms Coming Visit of Senior Chinese Official


Friday, September 3, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

2004 Campaign News

Republican Convention

Bush Pledges Safer World: Kerry Accuses Him of Being Unfit to Lead

Terror fight is No. 1 on domestic agenda

Bush's 2000 War Promises

'Nothing will hold us back': President vows 'whatever it takes' to defend the U.S

President seeks to soften image, promising 'a more hopeful America'

Religious threads woven into tapestry: Republicans quietly made religion a central theme of their convention

Cops corral President protesters: Rowdies kept blocks from the Garden

Party-crashing continues: Protestors even even made it into the President's speech as they were dragged off the convention floor

Let jailed activists go: Judge rules that hundreds held too long

Flaw & disorder at Garden: Cadging badges too easy for GOP foes, pros admit

GOP coverage left blowin' in the wind: Convention coverage co-opted by concern over Hurricane Frances

General Tommy Franks, other retired officers stump for Bush at GOP convention

Al-Qaeda 'poised for attack on US': Germany's foreign intelligence warns of attacks in weeks before American elections

Bush Daughters a Bust: They made a sex joke about their grandmother?

Zell Jumps Ship...Exposes A Hidden Bush Agenda

Democrat Campaign News

Kerry rips non-vets President Bush and Cheney: Suggested they were draft-dodgers and charged they misled the nation into Iraq war

Kerry hits back at GOP 'insults'

Kerry struggles to move out of shadow of Iraq

Rescued Swift-Boat Vet Stumps in W.Va. for Kerry

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

FEMA’s Plan for Mass Destruction Attacks: Of Course It’s True

US embassy in KUALA LUMPUR closed after powder scare - Later Reopened

European Union Funding Diverted To Terrorism and Incitement

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

UN should act against Iran, says Powell

UN backs Lebanon sovereignty call: Resolution demands that foreign troops leave -- Only Syria has troops in Lebanon

U.S. says UN not tough enough on Sudan

Israeli Interior Ministry: Ethiopian women must give up families to immigrate


Congressman Warns: Egypt preparing for war with Israel

Percentage of Jews in capital lowest since '67

Essay: Disengaging from illusions

Two Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip

Israel's war on Hamas takes a turn, toward Syria

Syria taking Israel's threats 'seriously'

European Union Funding Diverted To Terrorism and Incitement

National Religious Party to Consider Quitting Gov´t

Be´er Sheva Funerals Continue: 16 victims of the double suicide bus-bombing attack

Israeli police to boost security nationwide as nation's children return to school

Hurricane Watch

Hurricane Frances Tears Into Bahamas and Weakens Before Heading to Florida -- Now Category 3

Miami's Radar Out As Hurricane Frances Approaches

Thousands of Floridians Flee to Georgia to Escape Hurricane Frances

Florida isn't taking Frances lightly: Stung by Charley, residents get ready for next storm's siege

Calm's scarce before the storm

Accuweather - Frances Slowing Down as She Approaches U.S. -- "No Escape to the North"

Accuweather - Major Impact of Hurricane Frances

Accuweather - Frances Double Crossing Damage As Her Path Looks To Criss-Cross Charlie's Path

Russian Terror - Part of Global Terror Campaign

Gunfire at Russian school: Hostages flee as Russian commandos said to be attacking kidnappers

Breaking News: Russian commandos storm seized school

Russia school siege enters second night

Discrediting Bush and His "Neo-Cons"?

Spy probe scans neo-cons' Israel ties: FBI and Pentagon investigating close collaboration between prominent US neo-conservatives and Israel dating back some 30 years

FBI targeting AIPAC members in probe: Includes members of the largest pro-Israel lobby in the US

Democracy a tool in neo-con hands

US Christian Right's grip on Middle East policy

Campaign To Discredit President Bush Seems To Be Moving Into Higher Gear

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

20 die in US strike on Fallujah

Powell admits: U.S. Misjudged Insurgents in Iraq

Samarra becomes latest no-go zone in Iraq

Mahdi Army accused of killings in Najaf

Top US Commander: Fight with al-Sadr not over

Iraq's U.K. Envoy Drops Bombshell: Baghdad lobby favors Israel ties

South Korean Embassy in Baghdad to Move into Safer 'Green Zone'

Kidnappers handed over two French journalists in Iraq to an Iraqi Sunni Muslim opposition group

Iraq kidnappings backfire in France: Many Muslims take stand against terrorists, accept head-scarf ban

Iraqi militants say they have killed three Turkish hostages

Insurgents bomb Iraq oil pipeline: Kill 3 Turkish hostages

$850,000 ransom paid for 7 truckers' freedom: Kuwaiti Employer bows to Iraqi militants' demands

Interim Iraqi national council opened in Baghdad

Letter From Ret Marine Corps CSM And Ret Marine Corp Major - "WE AIN'T SERVING NO MORE!!"

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Prison probe raises questions about CIA

Queens Army Sgt. found guilty: Was found guilty yesterday of assault and dereliction of duty, but acquitted of murder

Next CIA Director Goss: Interrogations key to war on terror

President Chen wants name change - from 'ROC' to 'Taiwan'

China the main obstacle to better ties, says President Chen: Taiwan's leader lashes out just after calling off big war games


Thursday, September 2, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - August 21, 2004

BOOKSTORE NEW ITEMS: Check throughout the day as we add about 2 dozen new items!

BOOKSTORE CLEARANCE: Check out our many items on clearance, some up to 75% off

Another New Cutting Edge Article Is Up On Depleted Uranium: The Pentagon Is Denying Medical Care to Veterans Stricken With D.U. Poisoning

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Al-Sadr Aide Assassinated Near Baghdad

Iraqi National Congress leader Chalabi attacked on road to inaugural assembly meeting

US troops, Iraqi security under attack: Military convoys and Iraqi security forces have come under renewed attacks throughout Iraq

US air raid kills many civilians in Falluja

U.S. Airstrike In Falluja Kills 17: Iraqis Gather to Denounce the United States

Baghdad interested in lasting relations with Tehran: Iraqi Deputy PM

Pope appeals for French journalists’ release

French Muslim leaders arrive in Baghdad for hostage talks

French Islamic scarf ban comes into force

Drivers free but no word on newsmen: Anxious wait over captured French journalists

Turkish PM Denounces Hostage-taking In Iraq As Damage To Islam

Religion continues to influence politics in Iraq

Jordanian national seized in Iraq

Iraq south oil exports pumping near full capacity

Arabian Oil Eyes Reconstruction of Iraqi Oil Facilities

Marine Reservist Denies Striking Iraqi Inmate Who Died

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Propaganda Against Iran

IAEA: No nuclear weapon plans in Iran - weapons inspectors have not found any evidence to support US accusations that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons programme

Iran on threshold of resuming uranium enrichment: Material might be used to make bombs

Cutting Edge Newsletter102503: Russian General Confirms Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons - June, 2003

What is said and what is hinted at: :Neocons have Iran in their sights." -- "I am not advocating the invasion of Iran at this moment, although-." -- May soon drag the United States into an unnecessary military operation against Iran, just as they did with Iraq

Other News

India to take up Jammu & Kashmir infiltration with Pakistan

UN: Darfur attacks continue

Uneasy Calm Returns to Nepalese Capital After a Day of Rioting Over Hostage Killing in Iraq

Two Bangladeshi Policemen Hanged for Raping and Murdering a Teenage Girl

Halliburton Says Consortium Considered Bribes to Nigerian Officials for Energy Contract

Malaysian Politician Anwar Ibrahim Freed From Prison in Dramatic Court Ruling: Served 6 years in prison for sodomy

Religious leaders responsible for backwardness of Muslims: Former prime minister of Malaysia

Philly Considers Wireless Internet for All: For $10 million, all of Philadelphia can become world's largest wireless Internet hot spot

Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away

U.N. War Crimes Tribunal Imposes Defense Lawyers on Slobodan Milosevic


Suicide Bombing Fallout

Palestinian Authority recently released Beersheba sucide bomber

Palestinain Authority Condemns Bombings In English: But Praises Them In Arabic

Sharon: Syria Will Bear the Responsibility for the Suicide Bombing Attack in Be'er Sheva That Cost 16 Lives

IDF Begins "Low-Flame" Retaliation For Double Bus-Bombing

US seeks quick UN vote to press Syria on Lebanon

Calls To Build Security Fence Drown Out Other Voices: Politicians right and left are calling for the anti-terror partition fence to be rushed

Palestinians celebrate Beersheba attacks

Infiltration as easy as ever after suicide bombing attack

Other News

Southern security fence construction stepped up

Hamas threatens terrorist attacks abroad if Israel attaks her leaders

Sharon On Retreat From Gaza: "Nothing Can Stop Me"

IDF discovers Gaza tunnel planned for use in terror attack

Seven Palestinians wounded in IAF missile strike in Gaza: Militants were planting a roadside bomb

Four years and 4,000 deaths into the uprising, has the world given up on the cause of the Palestinians?

Scientists discover planets in our galactic back yard: "Earth-like planets are the next destination"

2004 Campaign News

Republican Convention

Bush's 2000 War Promises

GOP Includes Christian Right but Stresses Party "Diversity" -- Prayers were offered by Evangelical Christian, a Mormon, and an Islamic Imam

Is the Republican Convention More Secular Than the Democratic One Was? "We didn't realize they were going to eliminate and censor everything about God"

Vice President: U.S. can't risk Kerry now -- Text of speech

GOP throws a grand party: Their convention is far more elaborate than Democratic rivals

First lady sells Bush's softer side

Dubya basks in "bravest" embrace: Accepts firefighters' endorsement on visit

Bush says 'no' to Britney's 'raunchy' performance: Originally keen on having her perform, but bowed to hardliner's objections

GOP moderates try to balance Bush platform: McCain, Giuliani praise president despite disagreements with conservative agenda

Arnold vs. Alan: Log Cabin Republican Action Alert

Georgia Sen. Zell Miller turns on Democrats, calls Kerry weak and wobbly -- Text of his speech

Michigan Court Decision On Nader Due This Week

Republican convention delegates pay tribute to former President Reagan

Alarming Madison Square Garden security breaches: On eve of Bush's address tonight

Republican Convention Dogged by Relentless Protests

TV swamps convention with pundit's blather

Gay Log Cabin Republicans Blast Alan Keyes for Attacking Vice President Cheney's Family

CNN Refuses to Air Log Cabin Republicans Television Ad

Democrat Campaign

Kerry Would Have Done 'Almost Everything Differently' in Iraq

Kerry Challenges Bush on Terror Policies: Says U.S. Will Win Terror War, Claims President Bush's Policies Have Fueled Extremism

Republicans May Own Madison Square Garden, but Europe Is Kerry Country

"W" ignored Iraq advice: Kerry charges

The Human Spirit: American Jewish neutrality about Israel

New Mexico Court Case Over Voter Identification Could Affect Thousands This Fall

Terror In Russia

Breaking News: Loud explosion heard near Russian school

Attackers wrapped with suicide bomb belts seize school in southern Russia, hold hundreds hostage

Terrorists Warn: '50 kids for every dead fighter'

Russia re-opens talks with captors; UN flays attacks

Russia called for emergency Security Council meeting on hostage-taking at school

Negotiators Try to Resolve Hostage Crisis at Russian School as Standoff Enters Second Day

Other Terror News

"War on terror" difficult to define -- Terrorism going global

Fight terror on all fronts

UNITED NATIONS: Al-Qaida, Taliban sanctions not working

Florida Hurricane News

Hurricane Frances Spins Toward the Bahamas, Battering Turks and Caicos Islands

As Frances Nears, Florida Urges Evacuations: Nearly a half-million people were ordered to evacuate

Apprehensive and Anxious, Southeastern Residents Await the Wrath of Hurricane Frances

Some Citrus Growers May Abandon Business After Charley

Devastating Florida hit could ease insurer losses

Hurricane Charley Damages 400 Churches Temples Synagogues

Insurers Expect Frances To Cost Billions

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Investigating Previous South Korean Experiment to Secretly Process Uranium

Moral Collapse

Road rage horror on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway: Ax, hammer

Kobe's free - with regrets: Rape case dropped after accuser balks at testifying

Cold-hearted deal in cane killing in NYC

Archbishop calls for more "grace" in gay debate

National "Coming Out Day: To Focus On Gay Vote: October 11

‘Mystery Cloud’ Appears Over Eastern U.S. And Canada

Knowing about faiths of others would further peace

Pro-abortion politician urges Catholic religious orders to fight "fundamentalism"

The New York Times' bias against conservative Christians

Yellowstone Super Volcano Caldera Activity: 24 tremors in 7 days


Wednesday, September 1, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - August 21, 2004

New Cutting Edge Article: Is The Depleted Uranium (D.U.) Scandal Finally About To Break Into Public Mass Media? Congressman Dennis Kucinich confirms Cutting Edge Teaching About The Deadly Consequences of D.U. contamination

Crude oil falls again as Iraq fears ease

Wierd Weather Worldwide

Storms wreak havoc worldwide

Hurricane Frances churns toward Bahamas: Currently on track toward southeastern United States

Storm leaves huge section of Virginia city uninhabitable

Seven dead as Typhoon Chaba hits Japan

Apple Valley gets ready for big quake: Drill conducted so town will be prepared if prediction for desert by seismologist comes true

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Insurgents strike with mortar attack as Iraq parliament convenes

Iraqi terror gang admits execution of 12 Nepali hostages

Curfew Imposed in Nepalese Capital as Demonstrators Clash With Police to Protest Killing of 12 Hostages in Iraq

Talks to End Fighting in Baghdad Stall on Disagreement Over Movement of U.S. Troops: Al-Sadr Official

Iraq's Chalabi Escapes Assassination Bid

The spirit of Saddam

Sadr ready to gun for US on political stage: Will field candidates in Iraq's first elections and campaign on a platform calling for the withdrawal of American forces

Sadr could halt insurgency to fight elections in January

British MoD refuses plea for more Basra troops

PM Allawi Says Sabotages Have Cost Iraq One Billion Dollars

Troops got the message, but no one told Bush

Kidnappers extend deadline for French hostages -- Release of hostages said to be "imminent"

Kidnappers in Iraq Free Seven Truckers of a Kuwaiti trucking company

U.S. embassy wants $3B for rebuilding Iraq

Torture, Sexual Abuse Scandal

Judge adjourns Iraq abuse hearing: To decide whether PFC England should be tried for abuse of prisoners

Army report faults Lt. General Sanchez on Iraq prison abuse

Guantanamo 'designed to convict', says expert

2004 Campaign News

Republican Convention

Arnie's fighting words: 'America is back'

Arnie To GOP: 'Don't Be Girlie Men'

Californian Governor and former Hollywood star Schwarzenegger hails 'leader' Bush

Arnie moves to outshine the luminary: Schwarzenegger is without question the most popular Republican politician in the US.

McCain Defends Bush's Decision to Go to War with Iraq

NYC anti-GOP protests peaceful

Protesters got upclose and personal with Vice President Cheney at Madison Square Garden for the past two nights

VP Cheney Due to Lash Into Kerry in Speech

The party that dares call terror by name: "It's terrorism, stupid"

Rudy Giuliani invokes 9/11 to ridicule Kerry

Republican Convention Delegation Most Racially Diverse Ever

First Lady Promotes Husband As Warrior

Bush's First N.Y. Stop Will Be Firehouse

Takin' it to the street: Nearly 1,000 protesters nabbed in Manhattan havoc

Cops weave webs with nets: Tougher tactics baffle city rights group

"W" coming to Queens: He'll ring the bell tonight in visit with firefighters at Elmhurst club

Hit & Misses! It's Bush girls' double act

Rudy eying '08 run? Huddles with GOPers from Iowa & all over

Close-up Bush: Decisive, but not curious?

"W" stands for women? I don't think so: Bush's record belies a GOP campaign slogan

CNN Refuses Gay Republican Ads

GOP's Gay Orphans Seething With Anger

Democrat Campaign News

Kerry: 'We Can, We Must' Win Terror War -- President Bush backs away from his original statement that US cannot win terror war

Furious Kerry orders shakeup: Anry over the wazy his staff handled the "Swift Boat Veterans" campaign

As President Bush accepts the nomination, Brooklyn Democrats will peacefully show their opposition at a candlelight vigil in Prospect Park

Second Toy Found In Candy Appears To Depict Osama Bin Laden

Israel - Palestinian War

Double Suicide Disaster!

16 Murdered in Double Terror Attack in southern Israeli town of Be´er Sheva -- Where is the security fence?

Israel shaken by return of the suicide bombers: 16 killed, 100 wounded

IDF warns PA, Hizbullah and Syria

More Terror Expected from Iran-Backed Hizballah Bid for Control of Gaza Strip: Hamas-Hebron claimed responsibility for the double suicide attack

Hamas selected Be'er Sheva because it was an easy target: Was relatively easy, in the absence of a defense barrier in the south of Mount Hebron

Palestinians celebrate Beersheba suicide attacks

Israel blames Syria after 16 killed in suicide attacks

Bus bombers were part of Hamas cell in Hebron

Israel to resume hits on Hamas leaders

IDF Retaliation Stopped in Mid-Demolition: Has made several arrests and has stepped up counter-terror activities

Fence, roadblocks kept Jerusalem safe

Other News

Sabbath Terror Round-Up

Sharon Pushes Rushed-Up Disengagement Timetable

Attorney-General Mazuz Pulls the Disengagement Carpet From Under Sharon's Feet

Sharon draws ire from hardliners over pullout plan

Separation fence apparently to stop short of Dead Sea

Hanegbi resigns after A-G Mazuz orders police investigation

Justice Minister and Attorney General Warn Against Harsh Retaliations For Terror Rocket Attacks

Terrorism Rocking Russia

Mutilated Bodies, Debris Left Behind in Suicide Attack in Moscow

Russians Mourn Victims of Suicide Bombing at Subway Station: Militant Muslim Group Purportedly Claims Responsibility

Attackers Reportedly Wrapped With Suicide Bomb Belts Seize School in Southern Russia: About 400 people including some 200 children were being held captive

Update From Russia: 50 Children Escaped the Muslim Terrorists

In Pictures: Russian school siege

UN Condemns Terrorist Attacks and Executions in Israel and Russia

A list of incidents blamed on terrorists in Russia since December 2002

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Outside View: Musharraf is playing America

Gaddafi to compensate Libyan Jews for lost homes

Everyone to blame but me, says Milosevic: Launched his defence as the first European head of state accused of genocide

African leaders draw up battle plan to fight locusts

U.S. warplanes fire on Afghan village: 8 reported killed

US Denies Bombing Afghan Village

Darfur dangers continue warns UN

Rebels in Darfur have kidnapped 22 health workers, following the abduction of eight Sudanese nationals working for international aid groups

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC-DRC: Agreement reached to repatriate 10,000 Congolese refugees

New Coca Plants Said to Lurk in Colombia

Powell to Attend Panama Inauguration

British Police "de-arrest" Abu Hamza in connection with a terror investigation

Lawyer to Visit Guantanamo Bay Britons

WTO rebuffs U.S. on tariffs: Trade partners may impose tit-for-tat levies

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

‘North Korea might have supplied N-technology to Libya’


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