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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Ivan The Terrible" Hurricane News

Weather Control and Weather Warfare - Key Understandings

Hurricane Ivan Rolls Toward Cuba: 195mph Wind Gusts

Ivan Spurs Evacuations Along Gulf Coast: From Florida's Panhandle all the way to the bayous of Louisiana

Shell, BP pull workers from Gulf of Mexico oil platforms

ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil evacuate oil workers in Gulf of Mexico

Possible Computer Models -- NOAA Track Projection

Bush Wants $3.1 Billion for Hurricane Aid

Hungry Islanders in Grenada Say More Aid Needed to Recover From Ivan's Devastation

Hurricane Javier strengthens off Mexico's Pacific coast

Devastation linked to global warming: Unprecedented ferocity and frequency of the hurricanes that have battered the Caribbean this year can be blamed on Global Warming

Israel - Palestinian War

Israeli Security Cabinet Approves Compensation Advances to Settlers

Compensation to Gaza settlers $1b

Settlers scorn advances for evacuation

Israeli High Court approves IDF evacuation of Ramat Gilad outpost

National Referendum Talk Gaining Steam

Sharon Rejects Call by Political Rival to Hold National Referendum on Gaza Withdrawal

Sober-minded, but firm - Right fights retreat

"How Could You Expel Me From My Home?"

Sharon Will Be To Blame If Civil War Erupts

Sharon prevents Cabinet minister from speaking against disengagement plan during speaking tour of US

Fatah Al Aksa Brigade commander in Jenin - with two of his assistants - was killed in an IAF missile strike

Two Soldiers Wounded in Suicide Bicycle Attack: Soldiers were standing guard at a gate in security fence

Ramallah Hamas terror cell cracked

Confirmed: Arafat Paid Father of Dolphinarium Terrorist

MK Omri Sharon: Killing Arafat is not an option

Five Hurt In Palestinian Terror Attacks

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Russia, U.S. Remove Weapons-Grade Uranium From Uzbekistan

Gulf ministers urge Syria to withdraw troops from Lebanon

Sharon rejected U.S. proposal for talks with Syria

Iranian Revolutionary Guards kick off major military exercises

U.S. Lobbies to Set Deadline for Taking Iran to Security Council Over Nuclear Program

Iran calls Arab world to 'unite and resist'

Georgia claims Russian choppers violate airspace

Fierce Afghan Firefights Precede Elections

Afghnaistan: Where law and order is the loser in war on terror

US Afghan policy is too optimistic

India, EU for strategic alliance

Key Pakistani province urges Musharraf not to quit as army chief

Fresh alarm over Darfur conflict

WHO wants Mid-East regional anti-polio front

A subtle struggle in Africa: Gays gaining some ground, but still have to remain secretive

Russian Response To Terrorism

Putin tightens security measures

Kozak Appointed Putin’s Envoy to Terror-Hit South Russia: Commission will be granted broad powers

Putin Backtracks on Parliamentary Probe into Beslan Terror

Critics say the proposals are a blow to Russian democracy

Schools in Beslan Remain Closed

Yet Another Turning-Point: Beslan School tragedy is yet another turning-point in Russia’s history

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Unlikely WMD stocks will be found in Iraq says Powell

Baghdad blast kills dozens: Huge blast has torn through a crowded Baghdad market close to a police station leaving up to 35 people dead

Baghdad: A day of explosions and rumbling tanks - Soldiers point guns a bit higher, and civilians keep their heads down

U.S. air strikes still pound Falluja: Al-Zarqawi loyalists targeted, military says - Iraqis claim market, homes, ambulance hit

Turkey threatens US over Iraq attacks: Most unhappy with US strikes against the mostly Turkmen populated town of Tal Afar

Saboteurs Again Blow Up Oil Pipeline

Bush wants to shift $3.5 billion to strengthen Iraqi security

Australian contractors kidnapped in Iraq: Militants also threaten to kill Italian women held hostage

Australia unable to confirm Iraq kidnap claims - Puts hostage negotiators on stand-by

Howard Vows Not to Bow to Demands of Iraqi Militants Who Claim to Have Kidnapped Two Australians

Iraq seeks $3.4bn to finance water and electricity projects

Torture, Sexual Abuse Scandal

US defence secretary Rumsfeld knew of prisoner abuse in autumn 2002: " if the actions at Guantanamo ever became public, it'd be damaging to the president"

Bush knew of abuse at Guantánamo: Bush signed off on the establishment of a secret unit that was given advance approval to kill or capture and interrogate "high-value" suspects

The Clash of Civilizations: World is in the throes of a war between Islamic Fundamentalism and Western Civilization

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 11, 2004

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More States Intercept Booby-Trapped Letters Bound for Governors' Office

Federal Court says U.S. can seek Moussaoui death penalty

Japanese volcano erupts for second time in two weeks: Three eruptions were observed on Tuesday from the 2,568-meter (8,474-foot) Mount Asama

Scientists Say Hawaii's Mauna Loa, World's Largest Volcano, Appears to Be Getting Ready to Erupt

2004 Campaign News

US elections in Israel: Record numbers of Americans in Israel have registered to vote

Dems to Launch Ads Attacking Bush's Service

Alleged CBS Source May Carry Old Grudge Against Bush

Five outspoken Sept. 11 widows on Tuesday will publicly endorse John Kerry for president

9/11 No Longer Off Limits for Campaigns

Kerry hits Bush over lapse of assault weapons ban

Baseball Owners Been Bery, Bery Good to Bush

'Greenspan's trying to talk up the economy'

Threats from N. Korea, Iran belong on agenda of presidential campaigns

Air rage case sparked by U.S. presidential election

Citizen Viewpoint: If you weigh the facts, you will vote for Kerry

Muslims rule major Swedish city

Islamic Jesus vs Biblical Jesus - Video Tape

The Muslim Prophet: How Roman Catholicism started Islam

TBN Response to the LA Times Article: "Scandalous claims leveled against (Paul Crouch) are false



Monday, September 13, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Ivan The Terrible" Hurricane News

Ivan Slams Cayman Islands, Heads for Cuba: Category 5 hurricane, one of the strongest on record in the region - "Air is just foam"

Hurricane Ivan bears down on Cuba

Hurricane Ivan NOAA Bulletin For Cuba Within Next 24 Hours

Current Forecasted Track: Now to hit extreme Western Florida

In Category 5 storm, just escape: Homes can't be saved in such winds

Residents of Evacuated Florida Keys Allowed to Return: Residents in the Panhandle Now Worried by Ivan

Devastation linked to global warming: Unprecedented ferocity and frequency of the hurricanes that have battered the Caribbean this year can be blamed on Global Warming

"Sustainable Development" = Industrial Civilization Destruction

Britain's Prince Charles attacks science: "Argues that 'sustainable development' meant abandoning science in favour of mysticism"

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable Prince"

DVD - Liberty? Or Sustainable Development? - 6 Hours of Presentation!

VHS - U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change

Ultimate Goal of "Sustainable" Plan May Be The "Coming Global Superstorm": Movie "Day After Tomorrow" follow the script from this old book

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 11, 2004

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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US air attack on Falluja kills civilians

Thirteen die in US attack in Baghdad

U.S. helicopter fires at Baghdad crowd: Helicopter gunship has fired at a crowd of Iraqis swarming round a burning U.S. vehicle

Palestinians mourn TV journalist killed in Iraq: Died when US helicopter opened fire to destroy US vehicle disabled by a car bomb

Bloody day in Baghdad: Militants target capital

Baghdad violence rages: Alarmed Iraqi government officials

Baghdad deaths Sunday frame Allawi's failure: His promise to toughen security is unfulfilled

Over 100 killed across Iraq in 24 hours: Sharp escalation of anti-US forces violence that saw gun battles, car bombs and bombardments

3 US armored vehicles destroyed in Baghdad

1,000 Iraqi rebels, civilians dead in urban warfare, Najaf leader says

'Zarqawi loyalists' targetted in Iraq strike

Iraqi PM vows polls will take place

U.S. eyes Syria's aid in Iraq security

Australia's Downer disputes Iraq-terror link

Elderly American General Laments: 'I THOUGHT WE WERE DIFFERENT' - "Have we changed as a people so as to be willing, as the polls show us, to re-elect men and women who have misled us and lied to us every step of the way?"

Soldier pleads guilty to abuse of prisoners

National-security adviser Rice denies claim that officials ignored warnings of abuse

What the neo-cons can't tell Americans: Result of Bush's post/911 policies is a less stable Iraq and a more dangerous region

"Clash of Civilizations" Has Already Begun In Islamic Countries

2004 Campaign News

Election too close to call, analysis shows: Observers warn Bush edge in polls may evaporate

'Preventive war' is a failure

Kerry says Bush 'will do anything to get elected'

Edwards accuses Bush, Cheney of falsely implying link between Saddam, terror: "Misleading Americans"

Richard Holbrooke - Top Kerry Adviser - Says three times that America is in a "mess" in Iraq

Why al-Qaeda is winning: Three years after September 11, President George W Bush's crusade is a failure

Labor rally welcomes Edwards' jobs message: VP hopeful outlines Dems' plan in crucial swing state

Gore Unleashes Fury on Democrats' Behalf

Kerry attacks Bush after brief 9/11 pause

Polls keep Democrat candidate trailing

Bush gambles by trying to make security key issue of campaign

PERSPECTIVE: In midst of presidential race, '06 campaigns take shape

Assault Weapons Ban - Election Casuality?

US presidential battle 'kills off' ban on guns

Assault weapons ban expires: Results of 10-year gun prohibition are mixed

Semiautomatic gun sales resume

Gun makers court buyers as ban ends

Putin tightens grip on regions: To boost the Kremlin's powers in "the fight against terrorism"

Yet Another Turning-Point: Beslan school tragedy is yet another turning-point in Russia’s history

Spain hosts summit with France and Germany: Shifting Madrid's foreign policy focus from the United States to Europe

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Kerry Criticizes Bush's 'Massive Failure' on North Korea

North Korea in mushroom cloud riddle: Nuclear test would throw the region and US foreign policy into crisis at climax of election campaign

High-stakes nuclear game in East Asia: Region may be closer to a nuclear arms race than previously thought -- North Korean nuclear crisis is about to reach its most volatile stage

North Korea Blast Area Near Underground Missile Base: Was listed as a possible uranium enrichment site

Officials Trying to Find Witnesses to Blast in North Korea

Reason for Huge Blast in North Korea Remains Unclear

Blast was for dam project - North Korea

Experts Cautious on North Korea Blast

Playing the nuclear bully in Pyongyang

Nuke Talks Unlikely Before US Elections

China throws support behind N. Korea amid pressure for nuclear talks

South Korean Residents Near U.S. Base Plan March to Protest Troop Relocation

Foreign Delegates Rush to Pyongyang: North Korea ea ger to strengthen diplomatic ties with major powers

Legal Steps Start for Accused U.S. Deserter Jenkins

Israel - Palestinian War

Unprecedented Alert In Israel of a Mass-Casuality Islamic Attack

40,000 protest against disengagement

Netanyahu calls for disengagement referendum

PM Sharon not considering national referendum

A-G: No referendum on Gaza plan without proper legislation

Sharon-Netanyahu Showdown Looms

Advance Compensation Law For Voluntary Evacuation to be Presented to Ministers

Israel to Begin Compensation Payments to Gaza Settlers Next Week

Mass Prayer at Western Wall Precedes Gaza Expulsion Protest

Sharon Will Be To Blame If Civil War Erupts

Israel: American pressure on outposts is fading

PM Sharon Under Fire

Arafat assured of election victory but Fatah likely to lose out

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran begins military exercises near Iraq border: Hundreds of thousands of Iranian soldiers begin exercises designed to demonstrate that Iran will fight against "big powers"

US's impasse over a 'nuclear' Iran

U.N. Nuclear Agency Meets to Discuss Resolution on Iran's Nuclear Program

Israel's Chief of General Staff Ya'alon: Iran's nukes challenge West

Police finds Jakarta bomb van's chassis number: Used in deadly suicide attack on Australia's embassy in Jakarta

Suicide bombers 'on loose' in Jakarta

India's drive to rule the world

Five killed, seven hurt in attack on Indian paramilitary camp in Kashmir

Four Algerians killed in rebel attacks: Islamic rebel attacks in western and eastern Algeria

Terror Suspect Escapes From Court After Bahraini Judge Renews His Detention for 30 Days

U.S. Forces Kill 22 Insurgents in Clash in Southern Afghanistan

Turkmen Leader Orders People to Stop Chewing Chicken Excrement (Called 'NAS): 80 percent of Central Asian people diagnosed with throat cancer chew "nas"

EU rebuff would affect ties, says Turkish PM

368 Pakistanis who fought alongside Taliban released

Powell says Pakistan has an empowered Prime Minister

Religious leader Salfi shot dead in Lahore, Pakistan

East Africa keen to keep peace in Darfur, Sudan

Chile Set to Become Hot Tourist Destination

Brazil's economy is on the rebound

Export-Import Bank Helps Finance U.S. Exports to Peru to Support Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

Facing Mounting Debts and Restive Pilots Union, US Airways Seeks Bankruptcy Protection for Second Time

Defending Dakota, Goodbye Columbus: Citizens are worked up about the U.S. military's plans to use North Dakota as site for war games

Problems soaring among teenagers: Mental health of young people has declined sharply

Malaysia finds 6th bird flu case in 1 month

Privacy Experts Shun Black Boxes: National Transportation Safety Board to require electronic data recorders or "black boxes" in all new cars manufactured in the US

9/11 search-rescue dogs' health studied: 8 of 14 dogs exposed to "toxic rubble" of WTC debris have died of cancer

Did civil liberties fall with the Twin Towers?

Gay - Lesbian News

Televangelist Paul Crouch fights to suppress gay sex claim

TBN: Temple To The God (Paul Crouch) & Goddess (Jan) - Video

Fight For Gay Marriage Depletes Provincetown Coffers

Hit Vietnam TV Show Tackles Gay Issues



Sunday, September 12, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Surge of Baghdad Violence Leaves 25 Dead: Rockets and mortars began raining down before dawn on the Green Zone - Jubilant fighters, curiosity seekers and young boys swarmed around the burning vehicle, dancing, cheering and hurling firebombs. Several young men placed a black and yellow banner of Tawhid and Jihad in the barrel of the Bradley's main gun

Three Reported Killed as Demonstrators Clash With Security Forces in Attack on U.N. Compound

Hurricane Ivan Changes Course Suddenly: Now going to brush Western Florida and hit Western Florida Panhandle region

"Ivan The Terrible" Hurricane News

Weather Control and Weather Warfare - Key Understandings

Next Stop For Ivan: Grand Cayman Islands In Next 24 Hours

Current Tracking: NOAA

Current Satellite Snapshot of Ivan

Hurricane Ivan strengthens to Category 5 storm as it approaches Cayman Islands -- At least 56 dead in Caribbean

In a Category 5 storm, just escape: Homes can't be saved in such winds

Hurricane Charley Abuptly Changed Course: Hit Punta Gorda, A Major U.N. Biodiversity Area Where Human Beings Will Not Be Allowed To Live -- U.N. Map Shown

Forecasters say storm's path can be deceiving: Experts say public should be cautious and not fixate on projected track of a hurricane

Cautious Optimism in Florida Keys as Ivan Appears to Take a Near-Miss Course: Storm unexpectedly wobbled and lurched west early Saturday

Florida weary of constant storms: State's residents in disbelief as third hurricane arrives

Remembering "Hurricane Card" of Illuminati Card Game



CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 11, 2004

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Israel- Palestinian War

Civil War Threat?

Prime Minister Sharon says far-rightists trying to incite civil war

PM Sharon Attacks Right-Wing for Alleged "Civil War" Calls

Sharon warns settlers: 'Leave the army out of this ugly game'

Sharon calls on ministers to fight incitement: Ahead of a unilateral disengagement and settlement evacuation

Settlers may call on IDF soldiers to disobey evacuation orders

Uproar over right's `crime against humanity' charge

The Key MKs in the Next Disengagement Front

Other News

Israel to reevaluate 200km of fence already built in northern W. Bank

Former US special Middle East envoy Ross predicts Gaza fiasco: Situation will turn chaotic once Israel unilaterally withdraws

Six Egyptian students charged with planning terrorist attack

PA security chiefs to head for Cairo: Consult with Egyptian officials on security arrangements in the Gaza Strip after the planned Israeli withdrawal

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Rejects European Demands to Abandon Its Nuclear Fuel Program

U.S. envoy warns of sanctions against Iran

Hundreds Demand Extradition of Chechen Separatist From U.S.

UN mulls resolution pressing Sudan on Darfur

Silence of gay bishops 'will split Anglicans'

TV series to highlight the steamy side of U.N.: Sex, drugs and corruption among U.N. peacekeeping forces

Greece air crash kills top Greek Orthodox cleric: Killed along with 16 other people in a helicopter crash

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

New World Order Plan For Korea: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

Big explosion reported in North Korea three days ago (9/9): Appears to be much bigger than a train blast that killed 170 people in April - Blast occurred on 56th Anniversary of North Korea's founding

South Korea Looking Into Report of Large Blast in North Korea That Left Two-Mile Wide Crater: Blast occurred at 11 am local time

"Peculiar cloud" was spotted over North Korea

North Korea blast unlikely to be nuclear: Even though it produced a mushroom cloud up to 2.5 miles in diameter - Washington was not ruling out the possibility that the blast may be linked to a nuclear test

Atomic Activity in North Korea Raises Concerns: Country is preparing to conduct its first test explosion of a nuclear weapon

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Major Battle Erupted At Dawn Sunday

Blasts, furious clashes in central Baghdad kill at least 22

Fighting was near "Green Zone" (Coalition HQ), several mortar rounds landed inside the Zone

US troops battle insurgents in Haifa Street, dozen mortars, rockets fired into or around Green Zone: Tank and Bradley seen burning, crowds jubilant

Other News

British MoD faces more than 40 cases of abuse and killings in Iraq

1,000 Iraqi rebels, civilians dead in urban warfare: Najaf leader

Top Sunni Muslim Scholars slam coalition for waging ‘genocide’ in Iraq

Turkey reacts with fury to massive US assault on northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar, an ethnically Turkmen city

Car bomb blast kills two near US consulate in Basra

Iraq Declares New Nationwide Offensive Against Insurgents

Gunmen Attack Oil Guards Sunday in Iraq: 5 Hurt

Rumsfeld: Rising Casualties Won't Drive US Out of Iraq

US report finds no WMDs

Insurgent strikes threaten U.S. exit: Rising attacks on troops, fight for control of cities slow progress in Iraq

Dissolution of Fallujah Brigade is setback for Marines

Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' fight: Warning - One foul word used twice

Inflation 'Behaves' As Price Index Falls

Remembering 9/11

Arabs across Middle East accuse US of spreading terrorism

"9/11 - In Plane Site": This Video Will Change Your Perception of 9/11 - DVD - VHS

US marks 9/11 anniversary

U.S. memorials offer comfort to relatives: Communities pause, remember victims of terror attacks

"Smoking Gun" Proof That The Attacks On 9/11 Were Pre-Planned And Well-Known In Occult Circles As Far Back As 1995

Fund raising for Pentagon Memorial picks up steam

2004 Campaign News

Kerry hints GOP may suppress black votes

U.S. servicemen react to Bush Guard memos

CBS stands by story on Bush's National Guard service, despite skeptics

Semiautomatic gun sales resume: 10-year ban on assault weapons due to expire Monday

Bush Breaks Kerry's Stride with Talk About the War On Terrorism: President Ahead by Four Points

Analyst cites abortion stance as some Catholic voters shift to Bush

Americans Worried Over Health Care Costs

Oakland Republicans try to stop the bleeding in one-time stronghold

Civil Contingencies Bill now before the House of Lords seems to be equivalent to America's Patriot Act: Parallel to 1993 Germany where Nazis legitimately hijacked a democracy and turn it into something totalitarian?


Saturday, September 11, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 11, 2004

"Ivan The Terrible" Hurricane News

Hurricane Ivan Slams Into Jamaica, Looting Erupts

Ivan Hurricane Advisory: Could become strong Category 5 hurricane in next 24 hours

Current NOAA Projected Storm Track - Eyewitness accounts

Jamaica under siege: Ivan batters island with waves as high as houses and 155 mph winds

New York City's vast Caribbean community rushs to Jamaica's aid

Grenada drama for American students: Frantic families of American students trapped on the island appealed to the U.S. State Department to evacuate their loved ones

OH, GRENADA: STENCH of death hovered over Grenada yesterday

Cuba, Florida prepare as Ivan rips into Jamaica: Pleas to evacuate island ignored by residents fearful of looting; death toll rises

Hurricane Frances leaves some western N.C. towns in ruin

New Cutting Edge Articles

The Rock-n-Roll Music of Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin: A Worship of Lucifer In The Form of The Greek God, Pan

50% of All New York Residents and 41% of State Citizens Believe Government Officials Had Prior Knowledge of Attacks on 9/11, And Did Nothing!

Remembering 9/11 Attacks

Port to Sue Saudi Arabia over September 11 Attack

Parents, grandparents to read victims' names at 9/11 ceremony

"9/11 - In Plane Site": This Video Will Change Your Perception of 9/11 - DVD - VHS

3 years after attacks, conflicting emotions

Pain still fresh for 9/11 kin: New tests, old memories on this 3rd anniversary

The 9/11 Omissions Dossier (v 1.1)

Police State USA: by Congressman Ron Paul

Senator Dayton: NORAD Lied About 9/11

Facing the truth three years later: Here is nothing less than total war between cultures and civilizations

Nobody's raising cash for WTC memorial

Religious leaders use anniversary to condemn terrorism: Leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Buddhist communities

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US report finds no WMDs

Ineffective Iraqi Force in Fallouja Disbanded

It's the unmitigated disaster in Iraq, stupid

Debased Citizenship: In Iraq, reality trumps barnyard fertilizer

Heavy US attacks on Iraqi towns

Iraq's occupiers accused of committing genocide

Sadr City clashes leave two dead

Insurgents Launch Rockets Around Baghdad

Explosions rock central Baghdad

Three Lebanese shot dead in Baghdad

U.S. troops lay siege to northern city of Tal Afar: Ethnic Turkish city

Turkey urges end to Northern Iraq raids: Ethnic Turkmen have died in US air strikes

3rd Newark soldier killed in Iraq: Army tank crewman

US soldier killed Iraqi citizen 'in pity'

Rumsfeld says violence to grow as Iraq election nears

Iraq Abuse: U.S. soldier sentenced

First US intelligence soldier jailed over Abu Ghraib scandal

Analysts: Iraqi Oil Economy Depends on Secure Pipelines

Gov. Pataki was among a dozen state leaders around the nation who have been mailed booby-trapped envelopes rigged to burst into flames

17 Earthquake Swarms Southeast of Oklahoma City: Very shallow

TV viewing linked to teen sex: Study

Opera beauty Charlotte Church Complains: Stop calling me "Voice of an Angel" because it is ruining my raunchy new image

Bill Clinton released from hospital after surgery

North Korea Won't Abandon Nuclear Programs


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2004 Campaign News

CBS' Dan Rather Fights Back: Bush's Air National Guard Documents Are Authentic

CBS Used Handwriting Expert To Authenticate Documents

Authenticity backed on Bush documents

Edwards wants Bush to address Guard memos

Daughter of Ben Barnes Disputes Father's Claims as Political

Lapse of weapons ban benefits Al Qaeda: Kerry

Bush, Kerry escalate attacks: Charges traded on national security

Kerry ties war to economy: Democrat cites $200B cost of Iraq campaign; also, more emerges on Bush's military record

Poll: Kerry closing 'religion gap'

Cheney "clarifies" comment about terrorism risk: Backtracks on original warning that a Kerry President would invite another terrorist strike

'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror: His campaign says vote Republican or die - but he lets al-Qaida off the hook

Kerry makes push to get black vote

Israel - Palestinian War News

U.S. Opposes Expulsion Of Arafat: US Deputy Secretary of State Armitage

U.S. Secretary of State Powell: Key to Mideast progress is stripping Arafat's power

Israel and Syria swap "peace" barbs

Armitage: Syria responsible for regional terror

Senior IDF Officer: How is it Possible to Remove 5,000 People?

Activists demolish West Bank outpost

IDF conducts its own poll on disengagement

Finance Minister Netanyahu's brother-in-law: Gaza pullout is Nazism

Sharon decides major settlement blocs will be "inside" security fence

Hamas: Israeli Left-Wing Encouraged Us to Attack

IDF ends 4-day operation in northern Gaza Strip

IDF catches Palestinian with bomb after West Bank chase

Israeli PM Sharon: US-Israeli ties best ever under Bush

Israel Explodes Bomb Hidden in Tomb: Muslims Angry

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. official to visit Israel for talks on Iran's nuclear program: Undersecretary of State Bolton

US seeks UN support to block Iran nuclear plan

U.S. envoy Burns tells Syria to leave Lebanon

Militants sabotage Afghan progress: Nation plagued by Taliban and al-Qaida loyalists

U.N.: But for Africa, world can meet goals by 2015

U.N. Chief Seeks 30,000 More Troops for Peacekeeping

Terrorism News = Prophetic "Rumors of Wars"

Threat of future attack on U.S. remains real

U.S. Senate approves $200 million to speed construction of Homeland Security bases

What’s Next? Homemade Chemical Bomb Could Be Al Qaeda's Greatest Threat

Officials: Tu-134 Suicide Bombing Suspect Is Alive and Well

Driver shuts down U.S. 60 with bomb threat

Osama alive but on the run: Powell

'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror: His campaign says vote Republican or die - but he lets al-Qaida off the hook

Rumsfeld mixes up US foes Saddam and Bin Laden twice in one speech on terrorism

Hidden tally of 'ghost' prisoners

Two South Africans charged with nuclear trafficking

Ex-Muslims fear for their lives – in America

Police release video footage of Jakarta bomb outside Australian Embassy

Russian Terror News

Russia may reinstate death penalty

Russia's '9-11 commission'

The Chechens' American friends: Now turning on Putin?

Chechnya: Some Close To Putin Think Beslan School Attack Was CIA


Friday, September 10, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

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Hurricane News

Ivan: An Extremely Dangerous Hurricane

Hurricane Ivan Nears Jamaica, Kills 23

NOAA Track Projection

Satellite Photo

'Ivan the Terrible' thrashes Caribbean: Officials order some evacuations in Florida

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

At least 57 Iraqis said killed in US-led assaults on insurgents: In northern trouble spot of Tall Afar and insurgent bastion of Fallujah

Fallujah may be toughest city to retake: US tactics just fueling citizen anger

Insurgents hunted down to border stronghold in US-led fightback

Peace talks come apart in Sadr City

Ex-detainees describe al-Sadr's court

U.S. forces re-enter Sunni stronghold

Bin Laden's deputy: US on brink of defeat

Fundamentalists want to take us over: Secular PM Allawi warns

Rebuilding an Iraqi force for law and order amid the chaos

Costa Rica wants off U.S. Iraq coalition list

Oil exports normal from southern Iraq

New blow to Blair over Iraq: British report concludes no WMD

Torture, Sexual Abuse Scandal

US hid Iraq prisoners in violation of Geneva Convention: US Army General -- Hidden prisoners called "Ghost Detainees"

Anger over 'Ghost Detainees' at Abuse Prison

Lawmakers troubled by 'ghost detainees': Gen. Paul Kern said number may reach 100

Israel - Palestinian War

Senior Defense Officials: Arafat expulsion unlikely

Key European countries urge Israel to end Arafat's isolation

PM Sharon: My Algeria is here - On disengagement, Iran, Syria, the PA, the US election and political reform

Even some of Sharon's aides fear for Gaza plan

Right-wing petition calls Gaza withdrawal 'crime against humanity'

Public Call: Don´t Carry Out Illegal Orders!

Sharon's disengagement authority is operating without a mandate

Israel's President Katzav: Let the People Decide Whether To Unilaterally Withdraw

Five Palestinians killed in Gaza: Closure for Jewish holidays

IDF Delivers Serious Blow To Hamas In Gaza

First Jewish Wedding On Temple Mount In 1,930 Years

Hamas Brags In New Book: Israeli Left Gave Us Confidence to Continue Suicide-Bombings

Secret Society Gathering Place Discovered in Paris' Underground Tombs

Goat lovers aghast over Army plan: Training includes soldiers sedating, then wounding and treating injuries on goats

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

U.S. to Stop Patrolling Korean DMZ by Oct. 31

U.S., Key Allies Want N. Korea Nuke Talks in September

6-Party Nuke Talks Not Likely in September

South Korean president to visit India

Human Rights Bill Mars Nuclear Talks

Belgium considers euthanasia for children

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: The only book Dr. Wolfensberger could not get published!

Chicago Mayor outlines elaborate camera network for city: Some people are concerned about "Big Brother" invading their privacy

Study: Boeing giving away U.S. aerospace expertise

New Cutting Edge Articles

50% of All New York Residents and 41% of State Citizens Believe Government Officials Had Prior Knowledge of Attacks on 9/11, And Did Nothing!

The Rock-n-Roll Music of Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin: A Worship of Lucifer In The Form of The Greek God, Pan

2004 Campaign News

Bush refused order and failed to meet Guard pilot standards: Memos reveal

CBS News Launches Internal Investigation To See Whether The Documents Upon Which It Based Its Story About Bush's Guard Service Were Fraudulent

Widow of the late Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, the reported author of Bush Guard memos to appear on tonight's Nightline

Anatomy of a Forgery

"W" for Vietnam war but eager to avoid it, professor recalls: Wanted somebody else to fight it

New Yorkers: Nam is old news: Most want candidates to concentrate on today

Kerry Speech to Baptists Slams Bush 'Compassion'

Former VP Gore: Bush faith akin to fundamentalist Islam

Voters waver in graveyard of gloom

Gore calls Cheney remarks 'sleazy'

America's paying the price of Bush fire in Iraq: Says Kerry

New ammunition for Kerry

Ridge: Terrorists hope to disrupt election

New video fuels terror fears: Release of video two days before the Sept. 11 anniversary, raises fears Al Qaeda is ready to strike again

Pentagon targets handling of rapes

Global Terrorism

Vatican cardinal says terrorism is "new world war": Fighting it may involve the loss of some civil liberties

Doctors: "9/11 illnesses" may not appear for decades - Long-term illnesses like cancer

'Wonga list' reveals alleged backers of coup: "Regime Change" activities

Suicide bomber in minivan carried out Jakarta attack: Police

Police receive SMS warning 45 minutes prior to embassy blast

Australian PM staunch after Jakarta attack

Father of Islamic 9/11 ringleader: Attacks were Jewish conspiracy

Yemen kills anti-U.S. rebel cleric

Islam Fastest Growing Religion In Britain

Flow of migrants puts US border's agents on alert: Officials worry workers can mix with terrorists

Russian Terror Aftermath

Security Experts Wary of Al Qaida Involvement in Beslan Tragedy: Western security experts cast doubt on foreign or Al Qaida involvement

Russia embarks on war on terror: Top general threatened on Wednesday to attack "terrorist bases" anywhere in the world

Local police may have helped terrorists plan Russian siege

South Korean Protesters Blast Putin as “Terrorist” Over Chechnya Policy

UN’s Annan Tells Russia to Respect Law in War on Chechen Terrorists

Israel Offers Assistance to Victims of Russia's Ossetia School Massacre

Bush Wants New Hostage Tactics for U.S. after Russia School Siege

Jihad Killings of POWs and Non-Combatants: All of Islam is militant and tends toward declaration of "Jihad"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Social ills make Latin America susceptible to authoritarian rule: U.N. chief Kofi Annan

Sudan oil sanctions divide UN

Sudan rejects US genocide declaration as politics

Chavez foes seek probe into Venezuela vote

Brazil arrests 2 on suspicion of attacks

Liberia ex-President surrenders arms to UN

Nigeria militia forces pursued in ravaged oil region

South Africa nuclear ring's international links

Brooklyn judge ordered retrial in civil case against five cops cleared in 1999 fatal shooting of a hammer-wielding mentally ill man: Suggesting the officers lied on the stand

Neo-Pagan "Burning Man" Festival in the Nevada Desert attracts record crowds

False idols stoke their passion: Crowd sifts ashes, hoping to find seeds of a new human age


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