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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Friday, September 24, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Hurricane News

"Jeanne" devours island Turtle: Using helicopters, Mission of Stabilization of the United Nations (MINUSTAH) could not find the island, in which 26,000 people reside -- Did 26,000 people just die?

Breaking News Update on Turtle Island: UN Copter pilots have determined that the island did not wash away, most inhabitants seem OK

Haitian storm survivors fight for food as workers struggle to bury the dead

U.S. to provide limited oil to refineries: Drawing from nation's emergency stockpile because of Hurricane Ivan

Weather Tampering: Created Scalar Storms - Weather Warfare

New Cutting Edge Article

Hurricane Ivan Strikes Initially At Coastal Core Reserve Areas, Follows Core Reserves In Northeast Path, and Loops Around Key Reserve Core Area In Western Corner of North Carolina

Weapons of the New World Order Video

Researchers Discover ‘Hole’ in Global Warming Predictions

Britain's Prince Charles attacks science: "Argues that 'sustainable development' meant abandoning science in favour of mysticism"

2004 Campaign News

Bush's Code Cracked: How his code-speaking attracts Evangelicals

The Ruthless Father and the Politics of Fear

Heinz Kerry helps Democrats raise $1M at Phoenix event: She predicts that Osama bin Laden will be caught in October to boost Bush candidacy!

Kerry accuses Allawi of lying about Iraq situation: Iraqi PM is painting unrealistically upbeat picture of situation

Kerry Camp Fired Up Over New Antiwar Stance

Majority of Americans (71%) Say Outsourcing Jobs Overseas “Bad for US Economy": China viewed as top economic threat, North Korea as top military threat

Politicians storm Michigan campuses to get out vote: In close race, young voters emerge as prized targets

American Muslims Overwhelmingly Backing Kerry; Major Shift from 2000 Election

Bush budget adds $1.3 trillion in red ink

Congress extends set of middle-class tax cuts

Race for President Falls Back into Dead Heat: Zogby Interactive Presidential Battleground Poll Reveals

Bush actually flip-flops, but Kerry wears the label: The flip-flopper, Democrats say, is President Bush

Democrat Edwards courts women voters - Bush solidifies support among men

Kerry cancels ads in four Bush states

Man accused of forging petition signatures for Ralph Nader

Bill strips high court from cases on pledge: House votes to prevent hearings on challenges to words 'under God.'

Vietnam returns, overshadows election issues

U.S. Worries Over Election Terror Threat

Kerry outlines strategy against terrorism, bolster national security

Filmmaker Moore takes message to masses in person

Schwarzenegger, Lantos may have shot at presidency: To propose constitutional amendment Wednesday that would allow Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president

Debate News

Bush, Kerry to cram for 1st debate: President says he will study at Texas ranch; foe at Wisconsin camp

Debate strategy is to not mess up: Forum is more critical for Kerry, who needs to pull ahead

Bush stumps in Wisconsin before debate preparations

Judge upholds hate-crime law, but dismisses charges

Florida right-to-life action rejected: State's high court blasts Gov. Bush's move to keep woman on feeding tube

How airlines, government check watch lists

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea missile said poised for launch of ballistic missile: Capable of striking anywhere in Japan

North Korea Threatens to Turn Japan into "Nuclear Sea of Fire"

Japan to Seek Missile Info at Talks with North Korea

Japan Raises Defenses on Signs North Korea Plans Missile Test

Koizumi sends message to North Korea: Normalization of bilateral ties, importance of six-party talks emphasized

North Korea asking for more foreign aid

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Terrorism bill more inclusive: Russia plans to introduce a Security Council resolution that could expand the definition of terrorist organizations to include Chechen and Palestinian groups

The Islamic States of America?

Bush clarifies remarks on number of terrorists, intelligence estimates

Britain's Foreign Secretary Straw criticises US for putting "Cat Stevens" on no-fly list

Saudi Arabia's religious hatred

The Sad Truth Is That All Terrorists Are Muslim

Reporter Warns Duke Univ. Against Hosting Pro-Terrorist Conference





Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Breaking News: Six Egyptians, Four Iraqis Kidnapped in Iraq as Gunmen Boldly Storm Their Employers' Baghdad Office

The Region Editorial: Getting real on Iraq

Iraqi leader and Bush vow democracy: Prime Minister spoke to joint session of Congress yesterday

Confident Allawi says 'Thank you, America'

Violence 'may limit Iraqi poll' -- Violence Must Not Derail Election, Says Top Cleric

Iraqi elections, in the shadow of death

More troops needed to secure Iraq: US General Abizaid, Head of the Central Command

General: Guard Will Miss Recruiting Goal

Pleas for mercy find little cause for hope

Humiliated and impotent, every Iraqi is a hostage now

Deadly twist in hostage-taking - Muslim outrage over killings lacking

UK, Iraq stand firm against kidnappers' demands

Eight Orascom Egyptian employees kidnapped in Iraq

Left, right, the US out of step in Iraq

Hepatitis spreads in 2 Iraqi districts: Collapse of water and sewage systems is believed to be at root of the illness

Ray gun, sci-fi staple, meets reality: the Pentagon think the weapons could play a role in Iraq

President Bush shrugged off polls that suggest most Iraqis see Americans as occupiers not liberators

Iraq's Sunni-Shiite tension rising: The killing of two Sunni clerics earlier this week could be part of a slide toward sectarian civil war

Iraqi Opposition Leader Chalabi: Politics afoot in Saddam trial

Bush says terrorists could "plot and plan" other attacks if United States leaves Iraq

Mortars explode near Italy embassy in Iraq

Gunmen kill oil official in northern Iraq: Saboteurs blow up oil well

US-insurgent clashes north of Baghdad

U.S. planes again hit Sadr City

British Politics

Britain's Charles Kennedy says kick out Blair over Iraq

Charles Kennedy hails a new era of liberal power

Conference aims to portray leader as 'president' Kennedy

Left is not the right way to go

Hostage appeals pile pressure on Blair

Israel - Palestinian War

Israeli woman killed in mortar attack: Mortar shell scored a direct hit on her house in the Gaza Strip

'Death Strip' residents vow to remain strong despite criticism: Gaza Strip has been dubbed 'Death Strip'

Border Police Chief: "We are Israel's armor"

Settler leaders say plebiscite only solution to prevent civil war

High alert for Yom Kippur which begins at sundown Friday and lasts until Saturday night: Afula suicide bombing foiled

Hamas Leader Zahar: Hamas won't stop bombings

Israel agrees to inspections of atomic monitoring stations: Submits to authority of IAEA

Three Soldiers Killed In Southern Gaza Terrorist Infiltration: Day after two Israeli policemen were murdered in an Arab suicide terrorist bombing

Female Suicide Bomber Was Palestinian Children´s TV Show Hostess

CNN documentary examines 'Impact On Terror': Will focus on the 2001 Sbarro restaurant bombing in Jerusalem

Ways and Means: Say Goodbye to Paper Checks -- Radical changes to your checking account could cause you to bounce checks and pay higher bank fees

Gay Clergy Sees Revelations In Scripture

Survey Reveals Exploding Interest In RFID

Mormonism In The News

First LDS video game hits the market: Characters of the game resemble alien-style missionaries whose purpose is to "expand the Mormon colonies in space

Modern DNA Disproves Mormonism! Video Tape

Cults and the Occult - Book - Great Resource

What's Wrong With Mormonism? Video

The Godmakers - Video

The God Makers: Book

LA Times Digs Deeper into TBN's Prosperity Gospel Message -- And the Theology which spawned the empire

Northern Poland hit by mysterious record-breaking earthquake

Grieving Beslan residents suspect death toll cover-up




Thursday, September 23, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 18, 2004

Russia's 9/11

New Cutting Edge Article: Triple Terrorist Tragedies Propel Russia Into "Her Own 9/11"

Putin copies U.S. 9/11 template

Russia Grasps at Security with an Iron Hand

Russia adopts new anti-terror plan: Far-reaching anti-terror plan that calls for broadening the powers of all agencies involved in the fight against terrorism

Russia builds up military forces on North Ossetia-Ingush border

Putin’s Envoy Yastrzhembsky Tells World to Report Brighter Side of Russia

Beslan in Mourning: Picture Gallery

Investigation Into Beslan School Tragedy: “Their Goal Is Not to Detect Problems But to Conceal the Truth” -- Whitewash commission will include 11 senators

Reaction To Anything Muslim: Russian Tourists Refuse to Fly to Egypt With Muslim Woman

Top Executive of Yukos Enterprise Gunned Down in South Russia: In charge of security at the Otradnensky Gas Processing Plant

Depleted Uranium News

Depleted Uranium, weapons of war - the Pandora's box - US is the largest single user of depleted uranium (DU) in weaponry - Also the largest seller and exporter of depleted uranium weapon technology - Pentagon knew truth in 1995

Cutting Edge Depleted Uranium Section

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Depleted Uranium is deadly, must be banned

US gets new spy chief as Senate confirms Porter Goss

Death toll rises to more than 1,070 in Haiti floods: Workers used dumptrucks to empty scores of bodies into a ditch

Haiti Flood Death Toll Could Reach 2,000

Ivan now deadliest storm in western N.C. in 27 years

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US troops head for Afghanistan to protect voters: 1000 troops from the 82nd Airborne Division

"I am a marked man": Pakistan's President Musharraf - "US could lose terror war"

Pakistan appoints ex-army chief as new envoy to United States

Islam is being targetted

Syria & U.S. Thaw Frosty Relations

Venezuela to Buy Russian Helicopters to Fight Guerillas

Russia Urges Iran to Freeze Uranium Enrichment

Iranian program not an 'imminent threat': UN nuclear watchdog chief of IAEA

George F. Will: Iran may be the biggest problem on the horizon

'Iraq-Style' U.N. Plan Not Sought for Iran

Saudis fight terror threat

Saudi terrorists say al-Qaida recruited impressionable kids

New Wave of Colombia Drug Kingpins Emerges

Brazil allows nuclear inspection: IAEA can inspect new uranium enrichment facilities

Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart: Kill 'Gay' comment a joke

Israel - Palestinian War News

To survive, Israel will have to strike nuclear Iran

War Crimes? Should IDF fire rockets back into the Palestinian neighborhoods from which the Qassam terror rockets are being fired?

3 soldiers killed as terrorists infiltrate IDF post in Morag: One officer and two enlisted men

Families mourn hero sons: Killed Wednesday afternoon as they stopped a suicide bomber on French Hill

Suicide bomber kills two in J'lem at the city's French Hill intersection

Suicide attack was 8th by female

US blasts PA on attack probe: PA security forces know the identities of the perpetrators of last October's attack on a US diplomatic convoy

IDF Warns PM Sharon: Democratic process essential for disengagement

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Says Gaza Evacuation Set for Next Summer

Sharon's deepening crisis of legitimacy: Both Right and Left Wing voters are having second thoughts on unilateral disengagement

Court bars state from cutting down Palestinian grove near General Mofaz's house

Strike ends, but 43% of workers won't get salaries by Sukkot

Public schools no place for teachers' kids

History of American Education: From Harvard Scholars to Worker-Bees-Video

When Christian schools bear false witness

Who Will Watch the Watchers? Mexico’s emerging surveillance state offers a sobering look into the future if the Power Elite’s proposal for a "continental security" perimeter becomes reality

Tom Cruise opens new Scientology church


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

The Region Editorial: Getting real on Iraq

Rising call by Clerics For Jihad: Question is not whether but how to defeat U.S. aims

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Suicide bomber kills 11 as recruits join Iraqi police

U.S. attacks insurgents in Baghdad: 1 dead

21 killed as violence rocks Baghdad

Damage to the gold dome of the "Shrine of Ali" in Najaf a sign of challenges for US

Images of horror top sellers in Baghdad's 'thieves market': Graphic evidence of the hatred for America amongst Iraqis

Civil war fears grow in Iraq

9 wounded as mortar strikes Iraq students in the Iraqi city of Baquba

Troops detain 12 people, seize arms during raid on al-Sadr's Najaf offices

US turns to air power: Has raised Iraqi anger over civilian casualties

Italian hostages reported killed in Iraq: Worked for aid organisation "Bridge to Baghdad"

Prisoner dispute adds to Bush's political woes: Report of Iraqi woman's release raises issue of who is in charge

Brother of British hostage Kenneth Bigley today accused the American government of "sabotaging" moves to free his brother

Dramatic, chilling hostage video plea piles the pressure on Blair

Ken Bigley Hostage Drama: A coincidence, or a deal done behind scenes?

Beheadings' 'theater of terror' amplifies insurgents' message

Beheading Revival

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of the organisation responsible for the beheadings in Iraq: Thug who will stop at nothing to create pure Islamic zone in Middle East

U.S., Iraq Agree: Women won't be freed to spare Briton

NATO agrees to expand training mission in Iraq

Hezbollah slams Iraqi PM Allawi for shaking hands with Israel's Shalom

Iraq PM Prepares to Address US Congress

"This Whole War Based On Lies"

GI In Iraq Complains - 'This Whole War Was Based On Lies'

Bush/Blair Justification For Iraq War: Based On Lies, Distortions, Exaggerations - Part 1 of 2 - "Equipment Failure"

Bush/Blair Justification For Iraq War: Based On Lies, Distortions, Exaggerations - Part 2 of 2 - "Smoking Gun" Reviewed and Explained

2004 Campaign News

Kerry Amplifies His Iraq Criticism

Kerry Says Draft May Return Under Bush

Kerry rallies troops with fierce attack on Bush's credibility: Kerry managed to be funny, incisive and passionate

Europeans are not persuaded by Bush: Commentators see UN speech as being aimed at US elections

Kerry camp rejects CBS link on issue of Bush's National Guard documents

Team Bush jockeyed for edge in debates

Pundits weigh in on Bush's UN speech: Too much justification for US-led war in Iraq, not enough proposals for help

Millions blocked from voting in US election

Why women are edging toward Bush

Put Away Your Hankies...A Liberal message from Michael Moore

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Biological terrorism becomes more real: Terrorists have not learned how to use the deadly potential of biological agents yet

Stockpiles & war relics add to chemical fears

Souteast Asia: Region's terrorists in secret alliance

Illegals detained at border released onto U.S. streets

Senate amends Homeland Security

China - Taiwan News

Taiwanese Reserves mobilised for anti-invasion drill

China tests new cruise missile

Japan muses on Chinese 'threat'

Hu takes over Chinese military

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea May Be Preparing Missile Launch: Latest provocation from the communist country

North Korea Threatens to Turn Japan into "Nuclear Sea of Fire"

Seoul Alert for Possible N. Korean Missile Test

North Korea sparks Japan missile fear

China urges restraint on N. Korea talks

South Korea in new anti-prostitution drive

North Korean Boat Violates Western Sea Border

Council of Assembly: Homosexual people in church leadership

"Celibate Priest Reminds Us of a Sort of Universal Virginity": So Says Father Amedeo Cencini, Consultor to the Holy See

Madonna Brings Religion to the Jews: Kabbala






Wednesday, September 22, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 18, 2004

New Cutting Edge Article: Triple Terrorist Tragedies Propel Russia Into "Her Own 9/11"

Iraq Invasion: Diplomacy and Politics

Bush tries unsuccessfully to defend his actions in an address to the UN: Somber and sober audience listed to Bush defending his actions for the invasion of Iraq -- Full Text of his speech

What Kerry won't tell Americans: Kerry has just taken the ultimate dare of American politics: He's started telling them the truth about Iraq -- But he dare not tell real truth, that "U.S. is facing failure in Iraq"

UN's Annan criticizes violence: "Today the rule of law is at risk around the world"

UN's Annan Decries Shameless Law Violations: War on terror is shamelessly killing and abusing civilians

Bush justifies war, saying "war is peace": View from China

CIA was 'just guessing' in report on Iraq possibly slipping into civil war

Bush hails Iraq and Afghanistan as models for democracy

Subordinating America Under A Socialistic World Government: "G.W. Bush and these people represent Clintonism in the Republican Party"

Church Apostasy In Full Bloom

Walt Disney's guide to spirituality: "Faith" depicted on Disney is missing one critical ingredient -- GOD

Passion, Purpose and the Paradigm Shift - DVD - VHS: Planned Religious Paradigm Shift Now Underway, Driven by Four Religious Forces

Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church

Roar In Sodom (America Has Slid Into Sodom): False Ministers have led the slippage

Israel - Palestinian War

Unilateral Disengagement News

Israeli PM Sharon Insists Gaza Pullout Will Go Ahead Next Year: Ignoring Boos From Own Party

Sharon Says He Will Submit Gaza Pullout Plan to Parliament by Early November Despite Opposition

Sharon's Unilateral Disengagement: Turning loose the People's Army against the People

Iranian Control of Hamas Opens Gaza Strip to Iranian Surface Missiles

Likudniks boo PM at Likud convention: As soon as he mentioned his unilateral disengagement plan

Arabs Seek Repeat of Gaza Strip Victory In Judea-Samaria

Sharon Used Holocaust Imagery In Originally Opposing Uprooting Concept Years Ago -- Now, as PM, he is forcing the very uprooting he originally opposed -- Such action is "Proofs of a Conspiracy"

National Religious Party Going to Court Against Disengagement

Other News

US offers 500 'bunker-busting' bombs to Israel: Could destroy Iran's underground nuclear stores and laboratories

U.S. to sell Israel 5,000 smart bombs

The Al-Aqsa Mosque Bombers: Arabs say they fear Jewish extremists will bomb the mosque

The Temple Mount Bombers: Israeli security service is afraid that Jewish extremists might bomb the mosque

Cutting Edge Archives: Arafat hints that he will destroy his own holy places in order to start war

Labor Court instructs Histadrut to end strike

Unpaid council workers' plight desperate

Peretz, Netanyahu and Poraz in late-night effort to end strike

Bush's UN speech goes easy on Palestinians, tough on Israel

IDF blocking access routes around Ramallah

Foreign Minister Shalom chats with new Iraqi PM at UN yesterday

Israeli Security forces boost efforts to nab Zubeidi: Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade commander

At least 15 Palestinians wounded during anti-fence protest

Sharon: Arafat will 'get what he deserves'

Jordanians propose fifth Islamic minaret for Temple Mount

Antarctic Glaciers Melting Faster

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Analysis: Iran's free pass on nuke program

Bush, Marshal Foch and Iran

Iran resumes nuclear work

Syrian forces redeploy from areas near Beirut: Shifting only about 3,000 of its 20,000 soldiers and is not bringing them home

PM Sharon: We lack even small sign Syrian pullback in Lebanon is genuine

Pressure on Indonesia's new leader to deliver

Myanmar's hardline generals gain the upper hand

Sustainability = Industrial Civilization Destruction

15-Year Plan Would Turn Farmland Back to Marshes and Mudflats for Salmon Runs at for Washington Wildlife Refuge

DVD - Liberty? Or Sustainable Development? - 6 Hours of Presentation!

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable" Prince

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video

Occult Theological Basis For Hating This Industrial Civilization

Scientology: Church now claims more than 8 million members

Breaking News

Body Found in Iraq Confirmed As Hostage Jack Hensley

Arafat's Fatah Kills Two Israelis, Wounds 15 Others

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Operation "Enduring Millstone"

Iraqi officials: 'Dr. Germ' to be freed on bail

Spiritual Leader of Iraqi Militant Group Has Been Killed in U.S. Airstrike: According to Family

Troops detain 12 people, seize arms during raid on al-Sadr's Najaf offices

Unidentified headless body found in Iraq

Iraq group says it has killed second US hostage

Kidnap threats: Dilemma that faces countries and firms

Family of slain U.S. contractor in Iraq prays for other hostages

Bush taps into emergency Iraq funds: To prepare for a major troop rotation and intense fighting this fall

Turkey snaps over US bombing of its brethren in northern Iraq

Exports from Iraq's northern oil fields back to normal

U.S. raid on Sadr offices assailed

Iraqi Interim PM Allawi barking up the wrong tree

South Korea Says Troops Successfully Deployed to Northern Iraq

Military Judge recommends court-martial for Pfc. England

Terrorism News

US wants personal data on airline passengers: Airlines to turn over information on more than a million people who traveled in June

Terror flee plan found 'on train' in London

Saudis fall further from US grace

The Former "Cat Stevens" Gets Plane Diverted: Once it was discovered that he was on airline's "Watch List" - His real name is Yusuf Islam

North Korea Unleashes Criticism of U.S. War on Iraq, Terrorism: "Undisguised state terrorism" and "war of aggression"

Spain, US to share intelligence on Islamic terrorists

Ten Afghans, Including Nomad Leader Who Fought With the Taliban, Released From Guantanamo Bay

Terror classes growing trend at universities

Prosecutors Close Down Airports Around Moscow

Al Qaeda seen planning for 'spectacular' attack: Will remain high until the Nov. 2 elections and last until Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.

2004 Campaign News

CBS News Bush Document Scandal

Duped CBS regrets airing disputed Bush memos

For The Record: "W" memos fact & fiction: Memos are fake, but the facts in them are real - Secretary of a now-deceased colonel

Bloggers draw blood as CBS forced to apologise

CBS Document Source Plans To Sue Network For Libel

Texan has made allegations for years

Gore's presidential campaign heard but did not pursue allegations about George W. Bush's Air National Guard service

CBS Producer on Thin Ice After Guard Story

Other Campaign News

Run the Numbers: A Tight Race in Every Way

Media relying on flawed polls: Gallup and CBS/NYT skewed toward Republicans as these polls over-sample Republican voters

Kerry outlines plan to fix Iraq

What Kerry won't tell Americans: Kerry has just taken the ultimate dare of American politics: He's started telling them the truth about Iraq -- But he dare not tell real truth, that "U.S. is facing failure in Iraq"

Kerry, Bush see 2 Completely Different Iraqs

Kerry hits TV shows to warm up his image

Nader blames Kerry for US ballot access fight

President is good friend to Israel

China: Passing the leadership torch wasn't easy

Start of the Hu era as Jiang steps down

China's Economy gathers steam again: Bad news

Death Toll Rises to More Than 700 in Floods in Haiti: Officials Estimate 250,000 Homeless

U.N. to deliver aid to Haiti after floods

Aid for citrus industry looks tight: U.S. officials -- More citrus farmers will be forced to sell their land

LDS Prayer causes stir at local complex

"Deathmaking" In The News

Revealed: full scale of euthanasia in Britain -- Fury erupts as number of 'assisted deaths' claimed to be 18,000

Bookstore Resource: The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People (This is the book so hot that Dr. Wolfensberger could not get it printed!)

Catholic Hospitals Still Perform "Live Birth" Abortions on Handicapped Newborns: Despite the "Born Alive Infants Protection Act"

Appeals Court Rules: Woman in Roe v. Wade Abortion Decision Can't Overturn It

Russia's Own 9/11 News

Kremlin hunts down Chechen ‘Bin Laden’

Pro-Chechen websites targeted

Russian Lawmakers Begin Anti-Terror Plans

New Cutting Edge Article: Triple Terrorist Tragedies Propel Russia Into "Her Own 9/11"



Tuesday, September 21, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 18, 2004

Storm death toll rises to 622 in Haiti: Tropical Storm Jeanne

Biased Embryonic Stem Cell Research Polls Manipulate Public Opinion: To make it appear that a majority of Americans support Stem Cell Research with its destruction of human beings

2004 Campaign News

Media relying on flawed polls: Gallup and CBS/NYT skewed toward Republicans as these polls over-sample Republican voters

Run the Numbers: A Tight Race in Every Way

CBS retracts report on Bush's record

"W" memos fact & fiction: Memos are fake, but the facts in them are real - Secretary of a now-deceased colonel

Kerry attacks 'catastrophic' policy on Iraq: JOHN KERRY set a goal of withdrawing American troops from Iraq within four years - Bush's “stubborn incompetence” had led to a disaster “of historic proportions”

Kerry blasts Iraq invasion as historic failure

Pulling No Punches: Kerry Promises to 'Take the Gloves Off

Campaign Focus on Iraq Has Risks and Rewards: Strategy could leave both at the mercy of unpredictable events as Iraq becomes more unstable

Insurgency led by Al Qaeda affiliate al-Zarqawi has made Iraqi capital its main battleground: In the hopes of swaying the outcome of US elections

Bush, Kerry Agree on 3 Presidential Debates: Campaigns Say

President Bush Emphasizes Humanitarian Issues in Annual Speech to U.N.: Trying to soften his image to world body

Putin faces Chechnya dilemma over jailed Army colonel

At UN session, Martin will push for expanded role for African force in Sudan

US must tackle anti-Muslim perception: Pakistani President Musharraf

Blair backs India on Kashmir, Council seat

Al Qaida, Taliban leaders plot attacks to disrupt Afghanistan's upcoming elections

Bangladesh floods send fish spilling into local waterways

'Wet desert' a case study in environmental degradation


Chinese Communist Party chief Hu inherits challenge of transforming army

Hurricane News

Ruin and rescue in Appalachia's floods: Ivan brought western North Carolina worst floods in 64 years

Lessons after three hurricanes

In Storm Path: Coastal Boom: Hurricanes pose more of a threat than they did 30 years ago because of population growth

Jeanne Continues to Wander



Breaking News

Web Site: 2nd U.S. Hostage Killed in Iraq: just 24 hours after grisly video showed the terror mastermind beheading another American captive

Bush condemns beheading of American hostage: Met with the Iraqi leader during an annual gathering of the United Nations General Assembly

Syria Begins Withdrawing Troops From Around Beirut in Bid to Appease U.S., U.N. Security Council

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Kerry attacks 'catastrophic' policy on Iraq: JOHN KERRY set a goal of withdrawing American troops from Iraq within four years - Bush's “stubborn incompetence” had led to a disaster “of historic proportions”

Zarqawi group beheads US hostage Eugene Armstrong

Car Bomb Kills Three in Mosul on Monday

Six killed in Fallujah air raids

The election dilemma facing US in Iraq

Two Senior Sunni clerics assassinated in Iraq: Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) - Has strongly opposed US occupation, but has acted as intermediary in hostage negotations

FROM BAGHDAD TO DETROIT: GI is finally coming home -- to be buried next to grandpa

Baghdad's best hope may not be enough: The survival of Iyad Allawi's Government is now in doubt

Rallies against Wana operation, US bombing on Najaf

Gunmen Open Fire On Turkish Journalists And Red Crescent Workers In Mosul

Annan's verdict is too late...

Activists call for PM Blair to resign over Iraq

Saddam begging for mercy: Iraqi PM

International Iraq war foes focus on alternative agenda to Bush

Bulgaria rejects Polish proposal to relocate troops in Iraq to more dangerous zone

40 percent of Army reservists fail to report to Fort Jackson


Iranian Control of Hamas Opens Gaza Strip to Iranian Surface Missiles

Country on strike

Two High Court petitions filed against payments to settlers

17 More Families Slated For Expulsion

Pullout and the law -- Analysis

Tear Up Disengagement Letter Like Herzog Did in UN

`You're too naive ... the reporters will eat you alive'

Two Kassam terror rockets land north of Gaza Strip

U.S. to sell Israel 5,000 smart bombs

Foreign Minister Shalom to Tunisia: Decision to remove Arafat still stands

Three infiltrators from Lebanon arrested

Prominent rabbis harshly slam Kabbala festival: "Mystical Torah" seen as replacing actual Torah

Syria begins redeploying its troops in Lebanon: In response to international pressure

'Breaking the Silence' offers new ammo on army misdeeds

Russia Makes First Israeli Defense Purchase: Will buy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

First openly gay Meretz Party MK marries in Canada

"Prepare For Judgment": By helping the needy prepare for the holiday (NOTE: Emphasis on works salvation in present-day Judaism)

Ezer Mizion Oragnization Distributes Over 3000 Rosh HaShanah Food Baskets To The Sick and Needy



Monday, September 20, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 18, 2004

9/11 Back In The News

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks: Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole (R)

"Smoking Gun" Proof That The Attacks of 9/11 Were Well Known In Occult Circles As Far Back As 1995

9/11 - In Plane Site: This Video Will Change Your Perception of 9/11 - DVD -- VHS

9/11 - Descent Into Tyranny - VHS -- DVD -- Book

Republican National Convention: "Little Guantanamo"

American Citizens Locked Up Without Charges/Rights

No Patriot Act Victims? Tell It To Summer Starr! The RNC's "Little Guantanamo" - Pier 57 was rented by Republican National Committee

Pier 57 Had Serious Safety Risks, Including Asbestos and Discarded, Used Oil On The Floors -- Nearly 2,000 prisoners held there

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning - DVD - VHS

2004 Campaign News

CBS News Concludes It Was Misled on National Guard Memos: Network Officials

"W" memos fact & fiction: Memos are fake, but the facts in them are real - Secretary of a now-deceased colonel

Bush, Kerry Tentatively Settle on 3 Debates

Kerry's New Call to Arms: A fresh focus for the homestretch

Taking the Offensive, Edwards Says a Kerry Administration Would 'Crush' Al Qaeda: Would eliminate what he called a "backdoor draft''

Bush Continues To Hold Slim Lead Over Kerry (46%-43%)

How Bush and Kerry see a world of nuclear dangers

Sending jobs away no issue, study says: Estimated 400,000 annual losses don't really harm market

Kerry attacks Bush and Cheney's oil links

Candidates Play on Fears of Attacks, Wars

International Election watchdogs head to Ohio: Global Exchange

FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan': Beginning the first week of October through the elections

Israel - Palestinian War News

Unilateral Disengagement News

Israel kills top militant in Gaza strip: Killed by IAF drone firing missile at his car -- Hamas to avenge death

Settlers Warn: We'll tear up the government's disengagement letters -- Holocaust not to be abused for political goals

IDF finalizes pullout plans: May call up reservists

Sharon Warns: Prepare for Evacuation under Fire

Former Chief Rabbi: Soldiers Must Refuse Order to Expel Jews

Gaza: Security-Wise And Historically Part Of Israel

Far rightist compares disengagement official to "Judenrat": Comparable to Nazi expulsion documents sent to Jews in Berlin in 1942 (2nd Story)

Other News

Sharon seeking immediate IDF response to Kassam terror rockets

Palestinian Authority TV Teaches Mothers to Encourage Kids to

Become 'Martyrs' : TV ad glorifies violence, killing, and Shahada - this time from a mother's perspective

Palestinian clan gives up daughters to IDF, saves homes: Two daughters were planning a suicide bombing

Israel to mount diplomatic blitz ahead of UN meeting: Trying to convince UN to take a balanced, unbiased stance

Strike set to go despite government pay offer

Jordainian PM Fayez urges Arafat to yield security power to Palestinian PM Qorei

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US engages Africa in terror fight: (NOTE: Training indigenous soldiers to overthrow regimes?)

Iranian talk of an attack on America

Iran's nuclear program a high-risk issue for US

Head of U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Agency Urges Iran to Heed International Demands

Turkish bomb blast injures at least 14 people

Welcome to Washington, Mr. Peruvian President: Most unpopular leaders since Latin America’s re-democratization commenced a decade ago

India to accept G-8 aid

Sri Lanka, India to finalise defence aggreement

Sudan vows to implement UN resolution

West Bengal Floods leave over 650,000 homeless

Myanmar's military junta has replaced five ministers

Wholesome talks needed with Indian PM - Pakistan's President Musharraf

Indonesian presidential election ends

Do we have a right to our property -- or not?

Mexican worshipers flocking to St. Death


Iraq Had No WMD: The Final Verdict

The Iraq intelligence fiasco exposes us to terrible danger

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

As many as 100,000 insurgents in Iraq: Leaders exhort their rank and file to slaughter Iraqis cooperating with the US and the interim Government

Iraq militants parade 18 captive guardsmen

Huge explosion in western Baghdad early Monday: Shooting a column of smoke into the sky

At least 22 killed in Sunday Iraq violence

3 dead, 7 hurt in Iraq suicide car blast: 4 US soldiers wounded

17,000 US soldiers medically evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan are NOT listed on Pentagon's casualty list

Video shows beheading of 3 Kurds in Iraq: Murdered for cooperating with Americans

Militants threaten to kill 13 hostages

Deadline for Briton facing Iraq execution: Blair admits 'new conflict' has begun

Islamic fighters tighten control of rebel city of Falluja: Four months after the US failed to pacify Falluja, religious laws rule the stronghold of Iraq's insurgency

Explosions Heard in Fallujah as U.S. Jets Fly Overhead

A Jordanian Theory: US, UK Behind Iraqi Terrorism -- France should look for the killers in the corridors of the American and British intelligence services"

Urgent inquiry needed into civilian killings by US troops

Big risks and rewards for Iraq's "Dogs of War"

Political News - Iraq

Plan To Discredit Bush?

Senators urge Bush to rethink Iraq policy: Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb), Vietnam War veteran, co-chairman of President Bush's re-election committee in Nebraska

Bush statement on Iraq 'bland to the point of dishonesty': Washington Post editorial accused president of failing to admit worsening situation in Iraq

President was told in July of civil war risk in Iraq: Intelligence report adds weight to criticism of White House

US Republicans criticise Bush 'mistakes' on Iraq: McCain, Hagel, Lugar -- "Incompetence in the administration" (Senator Lugar)

Army Spokesman Denounces Iraq War: West Virginia's top Army Reserve spokesman says the Iraq war was a mistake, and President Bush should be voted out of office

Her Son Was Told by the Recruiter He Wouldn't See Combat: Now He's Dead

Newsview: U.S. reports no weapons in Iraq: After 16 months of trying, what his teams have found is less than little

Bush faces global critics at UN Tuesday during his annual speech to UN: Two years after he made a case against Iraq over unconventional weapons that were never found

Other News From Iraq

Iraqi Interim PM Allawi says Iraq caught in vicious circle

Sadr lieutenant arrested in Baghdad

Say Sorry over Iraq War, Blair Urged

Blair declares support for 'second' Iraq war

Iraqi leader says insurgents will not derail January elections

With the transfer of 35 prisoners to Pakistan on Saturday, only three Pakistani prisoners have been left at the US Navy's prison facility at Guantanamo

Move to impeach Blair gains ground: Allegedly misleading the country over the war with Iraq

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Vows Not to Give Up Nuke Programs

S. Korea Confirms No Toxic Chemical Export to N. Korea

Jenkins' Trial Will Be High-Profile Case: Desertion Trial to Be High-Profile, but Conviction May Bring Light Punishment

New EU Commission vows to restore authority

Facial Recognition In War On Terror: 'No Smiling' Strategy As
Countries Ban Smiling in Passport Photos in War on Terror

German fringe parties make gains

German far-right set to profit from protest vote

4000 porn images found on New Zealand school computers!

Hurricane News

Hurricane's toll grows heavier in eastern USA: Death toll rose to at least 52

Ivan Exposes Flaws in New Orleans Disaster Plans

States Turn to Cleanup After Ivan

Weather Channel Slideshow: Images from Ivan

Victims of Last Month's Hurricane Charley Say Clean Up and Recovery Are Moving Slowly

President Bush offers aid to storm victims

Tropical storm Jeanne kills at least 90 in Haiti

Three tropical systems in the Atlantic

Will Ivan Regenerate This Week?

Jeanne Produces Rough Surf and Rip Tides


Sunday, September 19, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 18, 2004

Iraq Had No WMD: The Final Verdict

Iran Defies The World

Iran says UN ban on its uranium enrichment program 'illegal'

Iran Defiant On Nuclear Work After IAEA Resolution

Iran to End UN Nuke Checks if Reported to Council

Iran Urges Peaceful Nuclear Club Seat: Wants to be peacefully included in the world's "Nuclear Club"

Israel's Mossad warns of Iranian nuclear threat

'Little Israel' will not save world from Iran

Road to Iran nukes runs via Moscow

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan's President Musharraf Doesn’t Trust Military: Experts

35 Guantanamo inmates return to Pakistan

UN threatens Sudan sanctions

Sudan to abide by 'unfair' UN resolution

Beirut Conference Urges Unified "Global Resistance": Proposes to create another superpower to confront U.S. -- an "anti-globalization" coalition

Former General Looks Set for Indonesia Election Win

Moral Collapse

Clinton Township teen rages, threatens Columbine-style rampage on Internet: Police say 17-year-old outlined revenge plot to his online friend in Washington state

Amber Alert! Wife slain & kids abducted

BC Roman Catholic clergy abuse program becoming permanent

Hurricane News

FEMA: Storms require long-term recovery - (ounding of three major hurricanes in Florida during the past five weeks will require a long-term rebuilding effort comparable to the 1994 Los Angeles area earthquake

Hurricane Karl Staying in the Atlantic - for Now

Bush to visit hurricane-stricken states

Ivan Remnants Kill 44 Along East Coast

Ivan Spawns Twisters: Across Maryland and Virginia on Saturday

Ivan drenches New York City: Spurs havoc on roads, rails

5.5 Magnitude Quake Hits California/Nevada Border -- Map

Japan to list China as major threat

OPEC’s decision on pumping more affects market psychologically


Aide: PM Sharon will go to polls if no majority for Gaza disengagement plan

Sharon rejects Netanyahu’s call for national referendum: Would delay implementation of disengagement, which will be carried out without delay

Palestinians arming up for Gaza `withdrawal day'

IDF radar to warn Sderot town of Kassam terrorist rocket

Shells and Rockets Continue to Pound Gush Katif township

Shin Bet security chief says Gaza operation foiled Sinai attack duringRosh Hashanah

Tel Aviv Magistrates Court convicts top papers for publishing prostitution ads

IDF kills 11 Palestinians in West Bank

Blowing Darwinism Away

Man-made rainforest baffles scientists: Man-Made rainforest that should have taken millennia to evolve has baffled scientists by springing up in just 150 years

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Militants threaten to kill Iraq hostages: Threatened in a videotape Saturday to behead two Americans and a Briton within two days unless US and Britain release Iraqi women detained at Abu Ghraib and Umm Qasr prisons

US hostage wife pleads for mercy: Says her husband was "a simple, generous man" who was "there to help the Iraqi people"

Car Bomb Attacks in Baghdad Kill 2 US Troops: Wounds 14

Saturday Car bomb kills 23 in Kirkuk

U.S. Strikes in Fallujah Leave Four Dead, Six Injured: Hospital Officials

Assassination Attempt on Iraq Oil Official's Life Fails

Talks To End Violence In Baghdad's Sadr City Slum Deadlocked

Al-Sadr Shiite cleric's militia refuse to disband

Battle for Tal Afar reveals ethnic muddle in Iraq: May follow pattern set in Najaf and Fallujah

US Blasted for Killing Dozens Of Iraqi Civilians

US runs low on soldiers: Compulsory military draft may be inevitable

Bush acknowledges tough going in Iraq

US plans December offensive on Iraqi insurgents: To claim back insurgent strongholds such as Fallujah, Ramadi and Samarra

GOP senators rip slow pace of efforts to rebuild Iraq

Defense Contractor Titan to continue providing Iraq translators

Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq: Despite the deteriorating security situation in much of the country

Iraq leak has Blair back in firing line: Secret memos warned of new dictators and a lack of post-invasion strategy

Blair advisers warned of Iraq chaos -- BUT -- Blair denies Iraq post-war chaos warning

Tehran, Baghdad restore full diplomatic ties

Allies seen snubbing 'W' on Iraq aid

Intelligence officer kept prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib secret

UN's Annan shocks with simplicity: Simply declares "Iraq war was illegal"

2004 Campaign News

2004 Presidential Campaign: For Whom Do Christians Vote? America has been ruled by an invisible single party government for over 80 years!

Bush/Kerry Campaign Camps Both Want Congressman Kucinich's Depleted Uranium Video To Just Go Away

Kucinish Video Warning of Depleted Uranium: Both American soliders and Iraq Civilians Are Being Killed by D.U - "People in ever increasing numbers are watching Kucinich's flash presentation"

Bush Post-Convention Lead Slips to Tie With Kerry (9/18/04)

Despite differences, pollsters defend their surveys

Not-so-innocent abroad: Journalist Seymour Hersh tears into the Bush team's foreign policy in his book, "Chain of Command"

Kerry attacks Bush and Cheney's oil links

Kerry says he's in a fighting mood leading into campaign's final six weeks

Workers agonize about overtime loss: Revised regulations can change status of many employees - Bush Administration created change in Fair Labor Standards Act, causing many workers to lose pay

Blow for Kerry as Nader wins Florida battle

Ex-Guardsman Officer: I contacted Kerry campaign

Will Bush Spring a Surprise to Sway the Voters?

Navy Rejects Probe of Kerry's War Medals

Republican National Convention saw subway crime rise

US political divide mirrored in Iowa

President Bush says U.S. on the right track in Iraq

George Bush: a man of the people?

Louisiana Approves Ban on Gay Marriage

IAEA Inspectors in S.Korea for 2nd Investigation

N. Korea Deploys Elite Unit on Chinese Border: To crack down on defectors

Terrorism News

Cheney: Terrorists must be met with force

Palestinian Hamas in Support of Chechen Terrorism

Muslims in Russia Under Mounting Racist Attacks

Russian Muslims Rally Against Terror


Saturday, September 18, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 18, 2004

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq Had No WMD: The Final Verdict

GIs claim threat by Army: Soldiers say they were told to re-enlist or face deployment to Iraq

Death toll for week tops 250 as suicide car bomber kills 13

Suicide bomber targets police

US troops raid 'terror house': At least 57 people were killed yesterday, including women and children according to local hospital officials

British officials: U.S. President George W. Bush went to war in Iraq last year because he wanted to complete his father's "unfinished business"

Paris backs Annan’s description of war as ‘illegal’

'Iraqi polls impossible in present scenario'

US intelligence fears Iraq civil war by 2005

Body of Kidnapped Iraqi Deputy Provincial Governor Found in Anbar

Insurgency Deepens Plight of Iraq's Prime Minister Allawi

Iraqi Airways Resumes Int'l Flights After 14 Years

More troops may go to Iraq - British Defence Secretary Hoon

'Devastating' Secret Papers Reveal Pre-War Iraq Warnings: British Prime Minister Blair was warned of the magnitude of the task that would face British and other coalition troops after Saddam Hussein was toppled

Iraqi group threatens to execute UK, US hostages

Two Army Soldiers Face Military Trials in Death of Iraqi Forced off a Bridge

Depleted Uranium (D.U.)

The Illegality of DU (Depleted Uranium) Weaponry

Cutting Edge Articles Revealing Truth About Depleted Uranium Weaponry

Video From Presidential Campaign Website of Congressman Dennis Kucinich -- At least one government official knows the truth!

Judge allows civil lawsuits in FBI frameup to move forward: Four Boston men framed by the FBI for a 1965 mob murder

Lawyer: Michael Jackson regrets settling

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korea says it will never develop nuclear weapons

Cyanide to N Korea blocked

No nuclear test near North Korea dam site

Landmines Car Stopped by Moscow Police: Car wired with land mines and explosives

Ivan Hurricane News

Ivan leaves swathe of destruction: Massive cleanup begins on the U.S. Gulf Coast after Hurricane Ivan killed up to 33 people

Victims of Hurricane Ivan, Many Without Power, Begin Slow Recovery

Eight Killed by Ivan's Remnants in Western N.C.

Back-To-Back Hurricanes Take a Toll on Southern Crops, Farmers

Driving in the Dark: Perilous, Eerie in Powerless Florida Town

At least five oil rigs adrift in the Gulf

Ivan’s timing poor for crops

Afghanistan In The News

US bolsters force for Afghan poll: US will be sending up to 1,100 extra troops to Afghanistan to provide security for next month's elections

Taliban Suspected in Failed Rocket Attack on Afghan President

President Karzai's attack underlines Afghan poll fears

U.S. Apologizes for Young Afghan's Death

GIs claim threat by Army: Soldiers say they were told to re-enlist or face deployment to Iraq

2004 Campaign News

Kerry Accuses Bush of Hiding Troops Plan: Hiding a plan to mobilize more National Guard and Reserve troops after the election while glossing over a worsening conflict in Iraq

China's View: US will fail in bid to go it alone

Edwards: Democrats Target Their Bush Criticism

Kelley II
: More dope on Bush

Kerry, Bush running neck and neck in latest poll

Newly Released Guard Records Contain Letter From Bush's Father: Democrats called the exchange proof of preferential treatment

Florida Supreme Court allows Nader on ballot

GOP Mailing Warns That Dems Will Allow Gay Marriage & Ban Bibles

Iraq, jobs remain keys for voters

Kerry should turn tables on Cheney

Dubya, Big John cross paths here in Downtown Manhattan

Drop charges on Laura Bush heckle mom: Police have dropped charges against a woman who was arrested when she interrupted a campaign speech by First Lady Laura Bush to ask why her son was killed in Iraq


Plan proposes "group relocation" of settlers

Palestinian Gaza Police Chief Karadi: Warns terror will increase during Gaza evacuation

Sharon Warns: Israel may not stick to the US-backed road map peace plan it endorsed last year - IDF may stay in territories after Jewish civilians are withdrawn

Egypt postpones intra-Palestinian talks: Israel will not guarantee that she will implement and carry out the disengagement plan

2nd phase of prisoner deal with Hezbollah may be reached soon

U.S. says plans to stem anti-Israel resolutions in UN

Sharon rejects Netanyahu’s call for national referendum: Poll would delay implementation of disengagement, which will be carried out without delay

Police investigating threats on Sharon’s life

Authorities trumpet alleged threats against pro-expulsion figures who threaten Sharon's life: "Preemptive arrests" would be made should the need arise

Netanyahu has been preparing the groundwork to challenge Sharon for leadership of the ruling Likud Party

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US again revises Darfur (Sudan) resolution to avoid possible veto

825,000 stranded after Bangladesh embankment bursts

Low condom awareness spreading AIDS in India

IMF laments Zimbabwe's decline: Zimbabwe is falling deeper into economic and social misery as a result of poor governance and corruption

Former Spanish Prime Minister Urges Release of Cubans Imprisoned During Opposition Crackdown

West sets deadline for Iran to freeze uranium enrichment: The November meeting, after the US presidential election

Brazil President to Lead Poverty Crusade

Moral Collapse

Bust Macaulay Culkin for drugs: 'Home Alone' star nabbed on road in Oklahoma

Gay Marriage Supporters Make Final Appeal Before Saturday Vote

One dark heart: L.I. fugitive admits killing wife, then claims he loves her

The young put their faith in mysticism


Friday, September 17, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Ivan The Terrible" Hurricane News

Deadly storm leaves ruin in its path: 20 deaths in U.S., most in Florida, as storm rips coast

Fla. takes brunt of monster storm

Hurricane Ivan Blasts Alabama, Kills 12

Brownsville, Florida: Looting and serious flooding reported

Near Pensacola Christian College: Power down since around midnight, several trees down blocking streets

World Oil prices retreat as hurricane fears fade

Grenadians need help, nurse pleads

Scientists Debunk 'Global Warming' Effect on Hurricanes

Britain's Prince Charles attacks science: "Argues that 'sustainable development' meant abandoning science in favour of mysticism"

2004 Campaign News

Bush-Kerry Race Tied

Kerry is mistakenly introduced as 'John Kennedy' at a campaign stop

Kerry: Bush misleads on Iraq - President lives in a 'fantasy world of spin', ignored an intelligence report that paints a grim picture

Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Vietnam-era Air National Guard Records

CBS Concern Over Viewership Plunge: Rather ratings fade

Woman wearing 'President Bush You Killed My Son' T-Shirt disrupts first lady's rally

Bush, Kerry trade charges

Russia - Chechnya Struggle

Chechen Leader Says Rebels Responsible for Siege

Chechnya's most notorious warlord claims responsibility for school siege

Russia Criticizes UK for Sheltering Chechen rebel Berezovsky, Zakayev

Chechen Terror Leader Offers Peace for Independence

Powerful Bomb Found Near Moscow Metro Station

Terror Attacks Cause Strong Decrease in Russian Domestic Air Traffic

Bush unveils intelligence plan, falls short of September 11 panel recommendations

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea blast scene a construction site say diplomats

Seoul Denies North Korea Blast Report: Now say mushroom-shaped cloud was a natural cloud formation -- Result of Photo Misreading

South Korea's President Roh Fully Braces for Trip to Russia

Envoy Hopes to Lift Lid on North Korean Human Rights Situation

North Korea Admits to Having Labor Camps: British Official

US General LaPorte Rebuffs `October Surprise': Sees no indications that North Korea will conduct any nuclear experiments next month

North Korean stipulation may postpone nuclear talks

Before his death, Navy flier escorted President Bush to carrier: On May 1, 2003 when Bush announced combat operations in Iraq were over

"Intruder Signal" on 40 Meters Remains a Mystery for Now: Appears to be series of closely space signals

Russia’s Exports of Software to Equal Oil Exports in 10 Years — Minister

Yukos Raises Estimates of Yugansk Reserves

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Far Graver Than Vietnam: Most senior US military officers now believe the war on Iraq has turned into a disaster on an unprecedented scale -- Bush's war is already lost - worst case has become true

Civil war is possible in Iraq - Among Iraq's three major populations, the Sunnis, Shias and Kurds

Deeply Pessimistic Intelligence report cast doubts over Iraq venture

Iraqis want elections - and foreign troops to leave now: Yes, the invasion was illegal. But war crimes are still being committed -- Armies which resort to revenge are usually ones that are losing

Iraq's insurgency appears to take the upper hand: "The gates of hell are open in Iraq"

At least 32 killed in Fallujah air strikes, as fighting flares in Baghdad

Blast rocks central Baghdad

U.S. Troops Battle Insurgents in Baghdad On Friday

Kerry: Bush misleads on Iraq - President lives in a 'fantasy world of spin', ignored an intelligence report that paints a grim picture

U.S. Weapons Inspector: Iraq Had No WMD

US media covers up American war crimes in Iraq

Iraq withdrawal may have to speed up, says Britain's Kennedy: Lib Dem leader sees 'defining moment' of conflict nearing

Kidnappings Make Companies Rethink Iraq

Iraqi Killed for Working with British Troops

Iraqi Prime Minister Alawi to meet Blair for talks and to dismiss Annan's claims

Militants in Iraq release Turkish, Jordanian hostages

Iraq rebuilding efforts 'pitiful'

White House 'knew of abuse' at Guantanamo

Killed for faith, family says: Catholic Business partners shot in Iraq

U.N. - U.S. Battle Over Iraq War --- Again

Iraq war 'illegal': UN's Kofi Annan

US allies defend legal basis for Iraq invasion

Annan’s Remark Opens Old Wounds

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan president escapes poll trip assassination bid

Indonesian police detain six people on terror links

Kenyan rift grows over 'autocratic' president

Sudan rejects UN resolution -- Annan UN Security Council : Take action now

Move to Deprive Iran of Nuclear Weapons Technology

U.S. faces choice on Iran nuke policy

'Fake bomb' smuggled into British Commons


Jews worldwide celebrate Rosh Hashana

Jewish Culture and Customs - Book

God's Appointed Customs -- Book

Madonna in Israel: In time to celebrate Rosh Hashana - After "rest", attended a lecture by Kabbalah teacher

PA officers to train in Cairo before Gaza pullout

Settlements slated for evacuation -- Detailed map

Terrorists killed in Nablus had Jewish blood on their hands


Thursday, September 16, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

New Orleans Escapes Ivan: The "Big Easy" Breathes More Easily

Ivan heads north through southern Alabama: Hit just east of Mobile Bay and just west of Pensacola

Torn roofs, flooded homes and trapped families bear witness to Ivan's wrath

Hurricane Ivan slams ashore, hammers wide swath of US Gulf Coast

U.S. Troops Deployed Ahead of Afghan Vote: members of the 82nd Airborne Division


"Ivan The Terrible" Hurricane News

Weather Control and Weather Warfare - Key Understandings

Remembering The "Hurricane Card"

Ivan makes landfall in U.S.: Category 3 storm, 130mph winds, sea storm surges of 10-16 feet

Hurricane Ivan Takes Aim at Mobile, Ala.: Storm began its assault on Wednesday - A buoy about 300 miles south of Panama City, Florida, registered waves over 34 feet high - New Orleans mayor urged people who did not evacuate to resort to "vertical evacuations", going to higher floors

Ivan Slams Alabama Coast: Storm surge up to 16 feet - Hurricane warning was in effect from Grand Isle, La., including New Orleans, to Apalachicola, Fla

Ivan makes landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama at 2am Thursday - Waves as high as 50 feet were measured 75 miles south of Dauphin Island

Hurricane Ivan Blasts Alabama, Spinning off Killer Tornadoes and Lashing Rain to Gulf Coast

NOAA Radar Map

Three Storms Take Toll on FEMA

Ivan May Just Be a Messenger: Global warming is creating conditions that (are) more favorable for hurricanes to develop and be more severe

FARM SCENE: Alabama Cotton and Peanut Growers Could Suffer Major Losses From Ivan's Wrath

Projected Path of Tropical Storm Jeannie

2004 Campaign News

Bush's Air National Guard Fight

CBS News report was based on a preponderance of evidence

Secretary To Bush's National Guard Commander Says: While She Did Not Type The Memos, The Information Contained Within Was Correct

Dan Rather To Bush: ‘Answer The Questions’ -- "Lack of denial was itself evidence of the essential truth of his findings"

Ex-Guardsman Is Said to Be a CBS Source: Lt. Col. Bill Burkett

Flashback Bill Burkett to March 19, 2003: "Refusing to falsify readiness information and reports; confronting a fraudulent funding scheme which kept 'ghost' soldiers on the books for additional funding, and refusing to alter official personnel records [of George W. Bush]"

Other Campaign News

Kerry tries to turn campaign against Bush

Kerry attacks Bush's 'excuse presidency'

Bush campaign trail stops at White House

Republican playbook: One relentless message - Kerry is a "flip-flopper"

Bush still sinking slowly, 1.4 percentage points per month: Kerry should get ready for "October Surprise"

2004 Presidential Campaign: For Whom Do Christians Vote? America has been ruled by an invisible single party government for over 80 years!

Cheney the pitbull is able to keep Edwards at bay

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 11, 2004

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Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran might renew uranium enrichment

Iran dismisses new nuke site charge as “a new lie”

Differences Narrow on What to Do About Iranian Nuclear Program at U.N. Atomic Watchdog Agency Meeting

President Karzai Aborts Trip to Afghan City After Rocket Impacts Near Landing Site

Police Detain Couple in Embassy Bombing

Jakarta gives green light for better security

British Man Shot Dead in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Worked for Communications Company

Saudi Arabia lacks religious freedom

Indonesian Judges Acquitt Two Reporters of Libel

Thousands Refuse to Go to Sudan Gov't Camp: Fear the muderous Janjaweed Militia

Battle near southern Somali port

Semiautomatic gun sales resume

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Report gives gloomy picture of Iraq's future: Secret pessimism stands in stark contrast to public statements of confidence and hope

Analysis points to Iraq civil war

GOP senators call Iraq ‘a mess’: Say U.S. is ‘in deep trouble’

US-led Iraq war without UN approval was "illegal”: UN's Secretary-General Annan

Fighters tighten control of rebel city of Falluja, four months after American commanders struck a ceasefire deal

Scale and sophistication of militant attacks in Iraq are steadily increasing: Coordinated strikes and complicated ambushes increasingly hit their targets

Two Americans, Briton Abducted in Iraq

13 killed, 3 headless bodies found in Iraq

10 killed in fresh clashes in Ramadi

17 die in new Iraq violence: Dead includes one Marine

Islamic Army of Iraq: France is enemy of Muslims

Kurds flooding back into northern Iraq: Back into Kirkuk

Stop Co-education: Militants warn Iraqi authorities

Militants in Iraq release Turkish hostage

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal News

British Lawyer: U.S. Torture in Iraq Spread to Mosul: Abuse had spread far beyond the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad

UK officers linked to torture jail in Abu Ghraib prison

Bush team told of abuse of prisoners: "Chain of Command: The Road From 9/11 to Abu Ghraib", by Seymour Hersh

The lack of accountability for abuses at Abu Ghraib: Bush administration does not intend to hold any high-ranking official accountable for the nightmare at Abu Ghraib -- James Schlesinger holding whitewash "investigation"

Bush team 'knew of abuse' at Guantánamo as early as Autumn, 2002

Judge orders US to release Guantanamo records within 30 days

Related Oil News

Venezuela says oil prices could hit $100 a barrel because of Iraq War: "This war is a powder keg''

OPEC moves to reassure markets

Two oil pipelines were blown up in Iraq: North exports halted


Defense Forces Chief of Staff Ya'alon: IDF in advances in preparation for Gaza pullout -- pullout should be completed by the end of next year

Jews worldwide celebrate the New Year

Some 110,000 passengers are expected to pass through Ben-Gurion Airport during the Rosh Hashanah holiday

Two female suicide bombers surrender to IDF

Israel's Weisglass presents new security fence route to US officials

Four Israelis arrested on 9/11 sue U.S.: Claim arrests were illegal, they were interrogated for months and tortured

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Official: Foreign Diplomats Leave for Visit to Blast Site in North Korea

Britain's Ambassador Travels to North Korea Blast Site

North Korea won't join six-nation talks

No Atomic Talks Until South Tests Probed - North Korea

South Korea Aiming for Early October Atom Talks

No Bidder for Nuclear Dump

Now or never for permanent UN Security Council bid: Japanese foreign minister

"Sustainablity" = Industrial Civilization Destruction

Brazil embraces sustainable idea

DVD - Liberty? Or Sustainable Development? - 6 Hours of Presentation!

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video

Britain's Prince Charles attacks science: "Argues that 'sustainable development' meant abandoning science in favour of mysticism"



Wednesday, September 15, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"Ivan The Terrible" Hurricane News

Weather Control and Weather Warfare - Key Understandings

Remembering The "Hurricane Card"

Direct Hit by Ivan Could Sink New Orleans: Could pour over levees, submerging much of the city treetop-deep in a stew of sewage, industrial chemicals and fire ants, and the inundation could last for weeks

Direct hit by Ivan could spell doom for New Orleans: America's most vulnerable city has 10,000 body bags available but fears 50,000 could drown

Storm may bring nightmare floods to New Orleans: Must hit West of city to cause such flooding - Tracks now show Ivan to hit East of city

Those who remember Betsy in '65 fear Ivan: Betsy hit with 145mph winds and 12-foot waves

New Orleans Radar Imaging

Satellite Image Shows Ivan Bearing Down On New Orleans

NOAA Tracking Projection

ABC Poses Storm Steering Question: Classic example of revealing partial truths for the purpose of deception and control

Cutting Edge Weather Control and Weather Warfare: Has full article dealing with UN treaty prohibiting Weather Warfare

New Orleans now in the sights of Hurricane Ivan: Governors in 4 states have declared States of Emergency - Jeb Bush of Florida: ""There is no reason to want to try to live through a storm of that magnitude ... we don't live in a police state, but people ought to take it very, very seriously."

Evacuees Flee New Orleans Ahead of Ivan

Ivan slams tip of Cuba, heads for US gulf oilfields

Hurricane Ivan wreaks havoc on US Gulf Coast -- Rosh Hashana

New Orleans empties, but slowly: Traffic jams as people move inland

As Ivan Approaches, Some Don't Have the Means to Evacuate

Most big cities were spared Ivan's wrath

Blair to urge US to take tougher action on global warming

Tropical Storm Jeanne Strengthens, Could Hit Puerto Rico as a Hurricane

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - September 11, 2004

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Israel - Palestinian War

IDF Soldiers to undergo 'disengagement training': Will include psychological support

Inner cabinet okays disengagement bill, compensation deal

100 families have applied for compensation under pullout plan

Sharon Says Israel Has No Intention of Sticking to U.S.-Backed Peace Plan

Officials discuss whether to take action against rabbi who threatened PM Sharon

Police investigating death threats against Sharon

Arab Preparations For The Withdrawal

EU opposed to more talks on Israeli security fence at UN

On eve of New Year 5765 (2004-5), population stands at 6.8m

Aksa Martyrs close down Arab American University

Six Palestinians killed overnight

Nineteen Mortar Shells in N´vei Dekalim: Largest community in Jewish Gaza

PM Sharon Cancels Rosh Hashanah Interview due to Illness

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

No evidence against Tehran, says UN's IAEA

Egypt's Mubarak Holds Surprise Talks With Syria's Assad: Day After Divisive Arab League Debate on Syria's Role in Lebanon

Afghans free last Pakistani POWs

Afghanistan remains unstable

'Chemical weapons' in Sudan?

Peace Talks Between Sudanese Government, Darfur Rebels Collapse

Turkey adultery plan shelved

EU imposes 5-year tariffs on Indian graphite electrodes: Protectionist move

US may sell Pakistan F-16s

Intel Chief Executive sees Argentina hot for business

Russian Terror Aftermath

More Beslans Inevitable If Putin Doesn’t Talk Peace — Chechen envoy Zakayev

Grieving in Beslan

A lengthening trail of terror -- U.S.-Russia anti-terror axis?

Invoking Terror Threat, Putin Tightens Grip on Power

Children Return to Classes in Beslan, Two Weeks After Beginning of Terrifying Hostage Seizure

Wages of Russian Servicemen Fighting Terror to Be Raised 50%

Russia rejects Powell criticism that terror efforts might undermine democracy

Moscow treads softly with its Muslims

Russia's second Afghanistan

North Korea blast: The only certainty is doubt

Schwarzenegger Bans Rifle in Support of Gun Control

Christian Group Troubled by UK Religious Hate Law Proposal

Rolling blackout threat for Los Angeles

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi Dead Pile up after US-backed Ceasefire Talks with Sunnis Break Down

Iraqi recruits targeted in latest wave of attacks: At least 58 slain in car blast, ambush -- `Gates of hell are open': Arab League

Iraq: A descent into civil war?

Distraught Iraqis blame US as more innocent blood is shed

U.S. forces turn to air power: Strikes are increasing, effective, but civilian casualties draw anger

Car Bomb Explodes South of Baghdad: 2 Dead

Suicide Car Bomb kills 47 as Baghdad becomes a growing target: Where hundreds of Iraqis had gathered to apply to become police cadets

Three Unidentified Beheaded Bodies Found in Iraq

Slippage of control in Iraq makes a mockery of power hand-over

Iraq: Signs of desperation

Rising violence curtails U.S. plan to rebuild Iraq

219 Americans injured in Iraq in past week: 138 could not be returned to duty

Iraqi President Yawer calls for NATO help ahead of January elections: Powell appears to rule out finding hidden weapons

The Lie: Powell says some in U.S. intelligence knew sourcing on Iraq was suspect

Truth: Bush/Rumsfeld Set Up "Office of Special Plans" So Bogus, Frightening "Intelligence" Stories Could Be Made Public - Part 1

Truth: CIA Was Deliberately Set Aside - Senator Robert Byrd, "Today, I Weep For My Country" - Part 2

Rumsfeld claims media are receiving terror tip-offs

Saboteurs again hit Iraq oil pipeline - Oil explosion leads to country-wide blackout

Militants in Iraq Release a Turkish Hostage

Iraq Militants Target University Women Students

Australia to rescue Iraq hostages

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Bush team told of abuse of prisoners: "Chain of Command: The Road From 9/11 to Abu Ghraib", by Seymour Hersh

Bush knew of abuse at Guantánamo

Rice says she wasn't warned of Guantanamo prison abuse

Refusing to whitewash Abu Ghraib

Rumsfeld contends Abu Ghraib abuses do not compare with terrorist atrocities

Australian Hicks 'unlikely' to get fair trial

CIA hid dozens of Abu Ghraib prisoners, investigators say

Rumsfeld defends treatment of 'ghost detainees'

Man held 2 1/2 years after his capture in Afghanistan

Afghan private jail trial resumes

2004 Campaign News

2004 Presidential Campaign: For Whom Do Christians Vote? America has been ruled by an invisible single party government for over 80 years!

Bush-Kerry Race Tied As RNC Bounce Fades

Bush still sinking slowly, 1.4 percentage points per month: Kerry should get ready for "October Surprise"

'Jersey Girls' Endorse Kerry: Five 9/11 widows instrumental in creating the commission that probed the 2001 attacks

Kerry must 'reframe' Bush -- and fast

Don't mess with the Bushes

Democrat Party Airs Advertising Attacking Bush Guard Record: "Fortunate Son"

Reports Fuel Doubts on Documents Used in CBS News Story on Bush's National Guard Service

Likely Bedfellows: If it's good enough for 60 Minutes, it's good enough for the DNC

"W" memos fact & fiction: Memos are fake, but the facts in them are real - Secretary of a now-deceased colonel

As questions about his service persist, Bush addresses Guard

Are We Safer now? If U.S. Policy Persists, So Will the Terrorist Danger

Kerry says Bush hides Medicare fees

Kerry hires Mike McCurry as adviser: Bill Clinton's former press secretary

Bush, Cheney sparring with mock-debate partners

Cheney, Edwards visits show Oregon still up for grabs: Kerry has slight lead, but race still up for grabs

Terrorism News

US Senate Nears Passage of Homeland Security Funding Bill

Dems: Not enough - Bush Administration has not done enough to protect nation since 9/11

Virginia food conference addresses FDA guard against bioterrorism

Officials can't say nuclear power plants are safe from terror

Fox (FX) Airs Movie, "Meltdown" In Which Nuclear Power Plant is Seized by Commandos Suffering From Depleted Uranium Poisoning

World to Launch 11 Days of Global Unity in over 100 Cities September 11-21, 2004

Taiwan Navy To Get U.S. Warships Ahead of Schedule

4000 Married Gay Couples Tapped As Grand Marshals: Palm Springs "Pride Parade"

Drive to cut global TB failing, warn experts at WHO

Ontario Court Ruling OKs Same-Sex Divorce

Japan volcano erupts for second time in a day

Volcano At Etna, Italy, Is Producing Lava Flows


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