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September 2, 2006
September 1-15, 2006

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Analyst predicts dramatic plunge in gas prices: Perhaps as low as $1.15 a gallon!

Oil resumes slide as bulging inventories in US ease supply worries

New Cutting Edge Articles

Israel Seems To Be Outfitting Her Tanks With Scalar Tesla Dome Shields! Did Israel send her tanks into Lebanon without the available scalar shields because they underestimated the capability of the Hezbollah enemy? No matter, for these tanks are now back inside Israel being outfitted with Scalar Tesla Dome Shields which will protect the tanks from those very effective Russian-made anti-tank missiles and hand-operated projectiles

BEING AFRAID: Fear Is The Tool That “Priestcraft” Uses To Maintain Control

Death By Vaccination Occurring Right Now In Horn of Africa: Are U.N. Agencies once again planning to spread "death by vaccination" in Africa! After successfully spreading HIV virus through tainted vaccinations throughout many countries in Africa, the U.N. is again vaccinating millions of African children on the slightest of reasons

Behold A Pale Horse

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

Paranoia in Pyongyang: North Korea accused the US of plotting a nuclear strike

Roh, Bush Should Trade Tinted Glasses at Summit: Bush wearing glasses tinted with fear while South Korean President is wearing glasses tinted with hope

Bush, Roh, recommit to six-party talks to end North Korea nuclear crisis

US Concludes North Korea Has No Will to Talk


Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Rebellious Senate Panel Defies Bush on Terror: Approved terror-detainee legislation he has vowed to block

McCain stands his ground against CIA jails: Republican frontrunner for the 2008 presidential election

Homeland chief says law plugs air security hole: Now all checked bags will be checked

Bush stance on al-Qaida suspects is morally wrong, says Colin Powell - Geneva convention must be respected
· Setback for White House military tribunals plan

Ford Motor Company to offer 75,000 buyouts in its US plants

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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Iraq War's Signature Wound: Brain Injury

Suicide bomber attacks US troops as Iraq violence flares: Two American soldiers die

Death squads threaten Iraq's politics

Annan Reports: Mideast leaders view Iraq war as disaster

Anatomy of a tragedy: THAT Iraq is an unholy mess is hardly a state secret. However, now the extent of the never-ending tragedy is such that neighbouring countries are beginning to feel the heat

Attacks on Iraqi oil facilities decreasing: U.S. Ambassador John Bolton

Dozens more bodies found in Baghdad: Showed evidences of torture - In all, police retrieved 49 bodies in the 24 hours to Friday morning

Violence erupts after U.S. troops raid Iraq Shi'ite office

Australia to send 20 more soldiers to southern Iraq

Good-bye to Iraq: "The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War Without End", book by Peter W. Galbraith

Calls for Hussein judge to resign: For allegedly favoring Saddam

U.S. Touts Strikes Against Iraq Terror Group

Army Adds Real Soldiers to Video Game: Great aid in enlisting new recruits

The Real Link Between 9/11 and Iraq (Finally) Revealed: Bush policies have turned Iraq into the global equivalent of Ground Zero

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

NATO in Afghanistan: The Wrong Force in the Wrong Place

More than 200,000 people have died in Sudan's Darfur conflict

Stampede at Yemen election rally kills 51

Lebanon Vows: No 'Civil War' This Time

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

IAEA says Congress report on Iran's nuclear capacity is erroneous and misleading

Iran will get nuclear bomb: Warns Giora Eiland, the recently retired head of Israel's National Security Council

Archived Article: Iran Has Possessed Nuclear Warheads Since At Least Early 2002

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s successful visit to Iran

Iran offers security help to Iraqi premier

White House Seeks a Way to Keep Bolton at the U.N.: Senate still has not approved his nomination

Pope remark offends Muslim leaders: Used the terms "jihad" and "holy war" -- could hurt global religious harmony

Hurricane Gordon Downgraded to Category 2

Israeli - Palestinian War

New Palestinian unity government seeks space to function

Hamas' Haniyeh: US undermining unity gov't

Egypt gives Israel letter in Shalit's handwriting - Proof captured IDF soldier is alive

IDF Issues Warning: Egypt not stopping smuggling

China protests over Israeli MKs' visit to Taiwan

Hizbullah rejects Amnesty War Crimes report

'Hizbullah youths' train in terrorism: Thousands of children, teens prepare for apocalyptic battle against 'evil' against Jews

Israel: UN deaths caused by map error: IDF probe into targeting of UN post in Lebanon blames human error for killing of UN troops

Israel's President: Sex scandal has been an ordeal

Prisoner swap and fatherless children: Moral questions surround prisoner exchange, artificial insemination

Editorial: Olmert's tests - Prime minister shows resilience, deserves another chance

Wrong Policies, Not Freedom Fuel Anti-US Sentiments

Montreal Gunman Liked Role-Playing Columbine Game

Gun rampage in Montreal school: Black trench coat clad gunman has gone on the rampage in a Montreal college, shooting at least 19 people before turning the gun on himself




Tropical Storm Helene Forms: Hurricane Gordon Becomes Category 3

Bush knows no history: Bush made blatant attempt to link Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with Al Qaida or Osama Bin Laden, to the savage 9/11 attacks

Bush Uses War on Terror to Push Iraq Policy

Bush Tells Group He Sees a 'Third Awakening' of religious devotion in the United States -- Awakening coinciding with "War on Terror" campaign

2006 Election News

Senate Republicans Block Democratic Attempts to Amend Wiretapping Program

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards Dies: Famous for her keynote address to the 1988 Democrat Presidential Convention when she said President Bush had been ``born with a silver foot in his mouth.''

Bush heads to Capitol Hill to rally GOP

Bush told to drop 'Islamic fascism' by Democratic Senator Russ Feingold

Minnesota state lawmaker Keith Ellison could become first Muslim elected to Congress


Castro Photos Raise Expectations at Summit of Nonaligned Nations

Chavez-Castro ties may curb U.S. move to change Cuba

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

EU may pin down Iran on offer to halt enrichment

India: Probe into forcible vaccination ordered

NATO faces crisis as call for troops goes unanswered

2 SEALs Killed in Afghanistan Honored

Protests thwarted in Zimbabwe

Indonesia raises bird flu toll to 49

US embassy attacker dies of injuries suffered in Damascus attack

Ankara wary as Iraqi Kurds hoist Kurdish flag: Turkey is leery Iraqi kurds’ ban of national flag could encourage Kurdish nationalists at home

U.S. Envoy Assures Turkey on Kurd Fight: Will aid Turkish in fight against Iraq-based Kurds

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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Depleted Uranium Radioactive Contamination In Iraq: An Overview

Government Study: Gulf War Syndrome Doesn't Exist

Bush Crimes Commission Verdict: Bush Is Guilty For Launching War of Aggression Without Cause

Iraq invasion a 'real disaster': Leaders in the Middle East have told UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

US Marines deny losing Iraq's biggest province

65 Tortured Bodies Found Around Baghdad - Two American soldiers also killed

Bloody day in Baghdad as nearly 90 people reported killed: An explosion of violence across Baghdad that cast doubt on U.S. claims that the city is on its way to being pacified

Iran says US pullout from Iraq will bring stability

Democrat Lamont Declares: U.S. Weaker Because of Iraq War

Vietnam v. Iraq: Let the Battle Begin - While the Administration has been pulling out the jugglers, plate spinners and dancing girls to draw links between Iraq and WWII, the Civil War and, it seems, just about any old war, the only war parallel is Vietnam

The reality in Iraq is far different than Administration public rhetoric

In Iraq, a call for foreign partners to build oil industry

Chief judge in Saddam Hussein's genocide trial tells him 'you were not a dictator'

U.S. again won't seek death penalty in Iraq killing

Oliver Stone: Iraq war 'mutated' from 9/11 rage: US filmmaker says desire for US revenge was mutated, or changed, or derailed into this war in Iraq

Retreat may be surest way to advance: Military withdrawal from all Islamic lands may well be the only solution

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S., Israel see eye-to-eye on Mideast peace: Livni and Rice are on the same page in their distrust of Iran's intentions

Bush Reiterates: US committed to Israel's security

Arabs Escalate Diplomatic War To Shrink Israel´s Borders

Amnesty International faults Hizbullah's 'war crimes' against Israel: Says that Hizbullah's firing of thousands of rockets into Israel amounted to "war crimes"

PM Olmert hints at new diplomatic initiative with the Palestinians

Hamas cabinet ministers resign, a step toward forming a unity government with the moderate Fatah

Hamas: 'No problem' with peace talks with Israel

Transportation Minister Mofaz: 'I have nothing to hide' in conduct of war in Lebanon

Changing of the Guard in the Israeli Supreme Court - Aharon Barak retires today after serving 11 years

IDF General Adam’s Resignation May Trigger Domino Effect

Defense Minister Peretz Hints Freeing Terrorist ´With Blood On His Hands´

President Katzav Probe Widens On Suspicion Of Wiretapping, Fraud

Israeli Cabinet Ministers Freeze 2007 Salaries

Ads Claim Divine Disengagement Retribution

Former Chief of Staff Yaalon Laments: Troops died for political spin

Senior officer: captured IDF soldier Shalit became burden for Palestinians

Time for Likud, Kadima political parties to reunite

Kissinger warns of possible "war of civilizations"

South Korea says alliance with U.S. strong

Gun rampage in Montreal school: Black trench coat clad gunman has gone on the rampage in a Montreal college, shooting at least 19 people before turning the gun on himself

Archives From 1999

MASS SCHOOL MURDER IN COLORADO ANOTHER HUGE SIGN OF THE END OF THE AGE - Columbine shooters were Trench Coat Mafia Satanists


'US should first test non-lethal weapons at home'

Planned Population Reduction


'Bioethicist': OK to kill babies after they're born: 'Animal-rights' promoter asserts actual birth makes no difference

Archived Articles

Abortion Doctor Confirms Truth About Goals of Abortionists -- They WANT to KILL Babies! Has Nothing To Do With Welfare of the Mother! (Posted March, 1997)

New Ultrasound Machine Can Take 3-D Pictures Of Babies Developing In The Womb: Will Mothers Be Allowed To See Their Pre-Born Babies Before The Abortion? (Posted June, 2002)

Adult Euthanasia

'Peaceful pill' would give patients permanent rest: Australian founder of suicide group promotes plan at conference

Archived Articles

Death In The Netherlands - Study of Euthanasia In Action. Parallel With Nazism in Past and with New World Order In The Future (Posted February, 1997)

Dutch Parliament Legalizes Adult Euthanasia In The Netherlands: Americans support the action!! (Posted April, 2001)

Wiccan Sign Allowed on Soldier's Plaque: Widow of Afghanistan soldier ecstatic

Cartoons mocking Holocaust prove a flop with Iranians: Exhibit drawing only 50 people daily


Election 2006 News

In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal: Millions to Go to Digging Up Dirt on Democrats

Senator Chafee Wins in R.I. As 9 States, DC Vote: Chafee opposed President Bush on tax cuts and the war in Iraq

Democrat Factions Reach Election-Year Truce

GOP, Dems Spar Over Bush Speech on 9/11 Anniversary

Always a Challenge: Sean Penn Meets the Press at Film Festival -- Penn calls President Bush "a Beelzebub -- and a dumb one."

Bush Fears War Crimes Prosecution, Impeachment

Oil deepens price drop to below $64

Retail Gas Price Drops To $2.05 A Gallon In Iowa

Average gas price falls 11 cents a gallon in a week: Prices continue to tumble, almost free-falling

9/11 Truth Finally Coming Out?

Oliver Stone hints at darker 9/11 film in future: Hinted he may produce a "conspiracy" movie -- "There is a great story in a movie, a conspiracy by a group of people in the American administration who have an agenda and who used 9/11 to further that agenda"

Theory that U.S. orchestrated Sept. 11 attacks 'not absurd': Venezuela -- "A building never collapses like that, unless it's with an implosion"

Attacks On 9/11 Carried Heavy "Occult Signature" - Events occurred according to sacred "occult numbers"

Where was Osama on September 11, 2001?

Senate Intel Committee Report Proves Bush Still Isn’t Telling the Truth: Heavily censored report still devastating to Bush

CFR's Senator Jay Rockefeller: Bush Duped Public On Iraq (NOTE: This Rockefeller also on Trilateral Commission)

62,006 - The Number Killed in the "War on Terror": Toll could reach as high as 180,000

At a Secret CIA Interrogation, Dispute Flared Over Tactics: FBI complains about CIA methods, causing rupture which is yet to heal

Locate Modern Cities and Locations On Ancient Maps

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Depleted Uranium Radioactive Contamination In Iraq: An Overview

Government Study: Gulf War Syndrome Doesn't Exist

Sixty unidentified bodies found in Baghdad in 24 hours

Car bomb kills 8, injures 48 in Baghdad on Wednesday

Separate bomb attacks kill 22 in Baghdad

US military death count for Baghdad excluded bombs, mortar and rocket attacks: .S. military did not count people killed by bombs, mortars, rockets or other mass attacks — including suicide bombings — when it reported a dramatic drop in the number of murders around Baghdad last month

Reinforce Baghdad: We are at a crucial moment in Iraq war

Our War President: There is absolutely no reason for our country to be involved in a war

Cheney defends hardline role in administration and past statements

Cheney, still a force, sees his power decrease

Iraq and 9/11: The Truth Is Out - 9/11 gave the Bush administration the excuse they needed to execute a long-planned military strike against Iraq

Iran offers security help for Iraq

Iraq, Iran to sign deal on shared oilfield

Saddam Rages As Kurds Detail Atrocities

Al-Qaida brags that it's bogged down U.S. In Iraq and Afghanistan

US Marine's parents plead for call for their son to come home: A friend says he fled after faking a climbing accident in Boulder County

Tortured screams ring out as Iraqis take over Abu Ghraib -- Sadistic torture now being carried out on prisoners by Iraqi guards

Bible Charts, Maps, Timelines

Israeli - Palestinian War

French put tanks ashore for UN peacekeeping role in Lebanon: Most powerful ever deployed in a UN peacekeeping force

IDF Soldier Killed in Gaza

Israeli court orders 18 Hamas officials freed

Hamas MPs release may be part of IDF soldier swap deal

'Israel must abandon nuclear arsenal to ensure peace': Regional Conference on Nuclear Proliferation Declares

OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam resigns on month after Lebanon war against Hezbollah ends

Hezbollah now wages political war

Report Exposes Deception of Hamas-PLO Unity Gov´t

Palestinian Unity Government won't mean Israel's recognition

Budget session disgrace: Ministers approve 2007 budget without knowing what they're voting on

President Katsav receives backing from prominent J'lem rabbi

Palestinians plotting Egypt attack? Cairo tracking terror cell that includes Gaza terrorists

US Jewry helps fund reservists' scholarships

PM Olmert Being Investigated For Yet Another Real Estate Scam

Russian Islamist rebels say they shot down army helicopter

New Cutting Edge Articles

Death By Vaccination Occurring Right Now In Horn of Africa: Are U.N. Agencies once again planning to spread "death by vaccination" in Africa!

Did Masonic Secret Societies Kidnap The Senator's Wife?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Prime Minister Singh: India and Brazil will work together to bring a New World Order

US thanks Syria for foiling embassy attack

EU's Solana to meet Iran's nuclear negotiator Larijani

Turk police raid houses as bomb death toll rises to 11, five of them children

NATO facing 'crisis of resolve' over Afghanistan

Uruguay at center of American power play against Venezuela

Study shows 'direct link' between air travel, flu spread









Talking Tough On Terror

President Bush Says 'War On Terror' Is The Calling of Our Generation: Full Text of Address

Bush last night admitted that Saddam Hussein had no hand in the 9/11 terror attacks: But he asked Americans to support a war in Iraq that he said was the defining struggle of our age

Bush to bin Laden: "America will find you" - Bin Laden's trail has gone cold

Bush ties to bin Laden haunt grim anniversary

CIA Claims: 5,000 Terrorists Captured or Killed

Arlingtonians Remember 9/11 in Their Own Ways: Congressman used event to criticize Bush

5 Years After 9/11, Many Nations Angry at U.S.: German Chancellor Angela Merkel states that "The ends cannot justify the means."

No talk of 9/11 anniversary at anti-U.S. summit in Cuba

How Did We Get From 9/11 to Iraq? "I just can't reconcile how we got from 9/11 to Iraq"

Skull & Bones John Kerry: Five Years After 9/11, They Still Can't Count To Five

Britons believe US is losing 'war on terror'

United Nations pays tribute to Sept. 11 victims

Saudi Arabia Warns Against Abuses Under the Guise of War on Terror

Palestinian Al-Aqsa leader boasts: Another 9/11 'on its way'

9/11 Kean Commission Report Exposed as 'Fraud of Historic Proportions' on 9/11 Fifth Anniversary by Former 'Star Wars' Program Director

New Cutting Edge Articles

Death By Vaccination Occurring Right Now In Horn of Africa: Are U.N. Agencies once again planning to spread "death by vaccination" in Africa!

Did Masonic Secret Societies Kidnap The Senator's Wife?

How Well Do You Know The Democrat In Your Church?

2006 Election News

Sen. Chafee's race tops busy voting day

Top Races in Tuesday's Primary Elections

Police Investigating Schwarzenegger Tape

Judge Won't Block Ariz. Voter ID Law

Planned Discrediting of George Bush

World Discrediting Fundamental Christianity Because of Bush Policies

Archived Article Posted February, 2004: "Campaign To Discredit President Bush Seems To Be Moving Into High Gear"

Locate Modern Cities and Locations On Ancient Maps

Israeli - Palestinian War

French and Then Germans Trusted to Prevent Arming of Hizbullah

Israeli soldier killed near Gaza

Palestinian Authority Reports Unity Deal With Hamas

Israel wary on Palestinian deal for unity government

Palestinian PM says no govt peace talks with Israel

Brain Drain in Palestinian Authority

IDF Bedouin tracker killed during operation in central Gaza Strip

IDF Official: Hizbullah jumped the gun by sparking a war with Israel and using Iranian weapons before Iran wanted her to

Vice Premier Peres: We'll win with better technology

Israeli UAVs still flying over Lebanon

Retired Judge Winograd appointed war probe head: The torturous road to the establishment of this committee took another unexpected turn

September's window of opportunity: Time has come to create Israeli-Arab coalition of sanity -- Liberal leader Yossi Beilin

Intense Budget Talks Today

Bible Charts, Maps, Timelines

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Iraq PM to visit Iran as federalism row fans passions

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has arrived in Tehran for his first official visit to Iran since taking office in May

Kurd tells Saddam court his relatives found in mass graves

Saddam tells Iraqis not to feel guilty for crushing Kurdish insurgency

Iraq to reinforce military presence at northern oil facilities

Iraq's parliament delays debate on divisive federalism bill: Meanwhile, attacks killed 18 people and authorities recovered 14 bodies

Iraq insurgents blow up Shia mosque, kill seven

Cheney backs off his claim of a dying Iraq insurgency

New Zealand P.M.: I was right on Iraq - Events have vindicated her opposition to the invasion of Iraq

Grim outlook for west Iraq: Will continue to deteriorate unless the region receives a major infusion of aid and a division is sent to reinforce the American troops operating there

GAO releases grim report on Iraq : The political process has increased sectarian rifts, the agency says as it poses questions for Congress to ask about the war

Iraq is critical: 100 killed every day

Marine Faces Hearing in Iraqi's Slaying

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

NATO rejects appeal to boost Afghan troops: General was only requesting 2,500 more troops!

More than 40 Taleban killed by NATO forces in southern Afghanistan

After attack kills Afghan official, another bomb slays 7 at his funeral - 5 policemen and 2 children killed, more than 40 wounded

3 killed outside U.S. embassy in Syria: Islamic militants attempted to storm the U.S. Embassy in a brazen attack - Syrian security forces turned attack back

China diplomat shot in Damascus by stray bullet during the attack on the U.S. Embassy

Iran holds firm on enrichment condition: Though offering to briefly suspend enrichment, still refuses to do so before talks on its nuclear program begin


OPEC leaves production targets unchanged, oil prices fall

Peak oil theories wrong: ExxonMobil boss -- "World has an abundant supply of oil"

Prime Minister Blair's Resignation Will Affect US-British Relations

Political Infighting in Ruling Party Grips Britain


9/11 Attacks -- Five Years Later

Was 9/11 An Inside Job? Physics Professor Determined To Prove Government Carried Out Attacks

ABC Makes Some Changes to 9/11 Series: Made some editing changes to relieve Clinton anger

Bush lets silence fill Ground Zero -- Bush expresses 'heavy heart'

US remembers 9/11 five years later

Cheney: Govt did "helluva job" since Sept 11

Five years later, the Twin Towers cast long shadows over the war debate

Clean-up workers feel health effects of 9/11: Nearly seven out of 10 Ground Zero workers have suffered lung problems

Bush on 9/11/01: maybe just a figment of the imagination

Protesters Conduct Mock Bin Laden Hanging Across From California Mosque: On eve of 9/11 anniversary

Propagating The "Big Lie" Propaganda Maxim

Cheney reasserts Iraq/al-Qaeda links: Repeating "Big Lie" often enough and people will believe

Secretary Rice stands by claims of Al-Qaeda-Saddam links

Analysis: Saddam and Al Qaeda - Only Bush - Cheney - Rice still believe there is a connection

Oil prices slide down below 66 dollars per barrel

Strong 6.0 Quake In Atlantic, 250 miles From Florida Coast

6.0 Gulf Quake Felt From Louisiana to Florida

Heavy Waves Battering Bermuda From Hurricane Florence

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Mini Bus Explodes in Baghdad, Killing 16 - Targts army recruits

Iraq Again Delays Federalism Bill Debate: Bill to separate Iraq into three sections

Iraq warns of 'regional catastrophe'

Iraq, unlike 9/11, turns out as expected

Saddam Hussein's Genocide Trial Resumes

Iraqi PM's Trip to Iran Accents an Unsettling Friendship: Making friends with Bush's great enemy

Iraqi prime minister's visit to Iran postponed: Coincided with President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's trip to several Latin American states

Iraq Official Calls for Oil Partnerships With International Companies

UN and donors prepare road map for rebuilding Iraq

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli MK Eitam calls for 'removal' of Arabs

Israeli Tank fire amid peace talk

Interior Minister Bar-On slams Mofaz over war inquiry -- for supporting a state commission of inquiry into the shortcomings of the war in Lebanon

PM Olmert looking to restart diplomacy

Italy again says Syrisa's Assad agreed to EU personnel on Lebanese border

Former Iran president praises Hezbollah during Harvard visit

Palestinian PM Haniyeh indicates progress in PA talks

"Al-Qaeda" warns of new attacks in Gulf, Israel

Jewish Settler convicted of murdering 4 Palestinians - Trying to foil planned unilateral withdrawal

Christian Words, Un-Christian Actions: George W. Bush And The Desecration Of Christianity In Modern America

Controversial "Death of a President" Film Debuts: At Toronto Film Festival

"Death of a President" seemed to cause more of a stir before its world premiere t at Toronto International Film Festival than afterwards


President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits Table

2006 Election News

Americans Likely To Vote Their Wallet

Analysis: Debates Heat Up as Midterm Elections Draw Near

2 Georgia Races May Threaten Democrats' Struggle for Power: Two congressmen face well-known opponents whose bids are aided by GOP redistricting

Response to Governor's 'Hot' Tape Is Too Much

Democrat Is Asked to Cancel Ad With Reagan

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran 'offers 2-month atomic enrichment halt'

Progress at weekend nuclear talks between EU and Iran -- Video

Big powers mull moves after upbeat Iran-EU talks: Progress could thwart US efforts to slap sanctions

Annan sees fears Iran standoff could lead to war

Israeli Head of Military Intelligence Yadlin: World unlikely to stop Iran

Faith fading in rich world says Pope - NOTE Twisted Crucifix In Background!

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

The Taliban will be back in power if the west doesn't narrow its ambitions: NATO's intervention in Afghanistan has been a disaster

NATO appeals for 2,000 more troops for Afghanistan

Foreign troops in Kabul face new terror cell

Afghan leader opens Coca-Cola plant in Kabul

Japan to launch spy satellite to watch North Korea

Turkey at the tipping point

Kurdish rebels warn of 'hell' in Turkey

Dozens killed in Sri Lanka army offensive


Clinton Lawyers Demand ABC Yank 9/11 Film

Pilgrims or tourists, millions come to Ground Zero

Now death comes to the men who cleaned up Ground Zero

Anxiety Lingers in New York: Manhattan may appear normal, but the little things once taken in stride – smoke, a subway delay, fireworks – can trigger emotions

Despite millions spent, Boston is vulnerable to terrorist attack

Is the U.S. Winning This War? Al Qaeda has suffered setbacks, but America may have lost ground in the long-term fight

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y: .The scattered movement has mainly gained steam on the Internet

New world requires new vocabulary

9/11 By The Occult Sacred Numbers: "Occult Signature" to attacks

Arab Viewpoint

TV Movie on 9/11 Exposes Mainstream US Media Lies: American media is so complicit in the distortions that a debate about fact versus fiction in the United States is worthless

In Commemoration of Sept. 11 and the Dawn of the Age of Madness: In Middle East, Hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children have been killed to date and the toll is on the rise

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

CFR's Senator Rockefeller: Bush Duped Public On Iraq: Senator Says World Would Be Better Without Iraq Invasion

Archives: Iraqi Children Far Better Under Saddam's Rule!

Iraqi Prime Minister Al Maliki to visit Iran tomorrow

Why the Numbers Don't Add Up in Iraq: Pentagon's fondness for secrecy along with partisan agendas in Baghdad often lead to contortions with death tolls and other details

Iraq's mean streets: Three months into "Operation Together Forward" in Baghdad, the security forces remain disorganized and the city dangerous

Bomb hits Baghdad market, killing 3, wounding 13

Violence averted at Iraq Shia festival

Saddam 'had no link to al-Qaeda' - US Senate Report

Iraqi parliament speaker suspends legislative session due to dispute over draft bill promoting break-up of country

Dividing Iraq will be a mistake: Bush warns

UK soldier dies in Iraq after being fired upon on patrol

Iraq is symbol of division - British ally to Chancellor Brown

Iraqi court has convicted 38 people of charges related to the insurgency, including kidnapping and murder

Oil-rich Iraq forced to import fuel to beat shortages

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran Nuke Negotiations Go Into 2nd Day: Between EU and Iranian officials

Iran president to visit fellow U.S. foe Chavez

National pride behind Iran’s defiance on N-programme

Shooting The Messengers: Neocons trying to discredit US intelligence community's conclusions that Iran is still as many as 10 years away from being able to build a nuclear weapon

Iran mulls raising petrol prices to limit imports

Iran's OPEC governor said yesterday the ideal oil price would normally be $50 to $60 a barrel: But, situation in Iraq and other world crises were pushing prices higher

Former Iran president says Holocaust is a 'fact'

Bush interested in 'learning more' about Iran and its government

Iranian Jews Sue Ex-President Khatami

Iran's president urges an ousting of university liberals

New Cutting Edge Articles

Did Masonic Secret Societies Kidnap The Senator's Wife? Three episodes into the new TV series "Vanished" strongly hints that the force behind the kidnapping of Senator Jeffrey's Collins wife, Sarah, was Illuminized Freemasonry!

Real Conspiracies -- Past and Present

Adolf Hitler To George Bush -- History Being Repeated As Current Drive To New World Order Is Being Driven By Nazism Revived!

Falling Oil Prices In The News

OPEC to steer steady course on oil output - for now

US stocks: Shares end higher as lower oil offers relief

Iran's OPEC governor said yesterday the ideal oil price would normally be $50 to $60 a barrel: But, situation in Iraq and other world crises were pushing prices higher

Learn Hidden Hand Signals Of World Leaders

2006 Election News

Al Gore Says He Hasn't Ruled Out 2nd Run

Bush confident GOP will hold Congress

Collateral Damage: Arnold sorry for ‘hot-blooded’ comments

Schwarzenegger, Angelides Tentatively Agree to Oct. 7 Debate

Bush faces Republican revolt over terror trials

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan Governor Killed by Suicide Bomber: Blast outside governor's home

Taliban, NATO Fighting in Afghanistan

Senator Kerry Seeks More U.S. Troops for Afghanistan

Pakistan: Hello al-Qaeda, goodbye America - Pakistan breaking free from America's grasp

UN Health Agency To Vaccinate Millions Of Children In The Horn Of AFRICA

U.S. Officer Describes Kyrgyzstan Abduction

The Gray Ooze That Ate the Indonesian Villages: Hot, noxious goop has spewed up through a crack in the earth at a natural-gas exploration site, swamping everything in its path

US ‘war on terrorism’ weakens Malaysia rights campaign: Efforts to end indefinite arrest without charges or trial set back by Washington's determined efforts to combat "terrorism"

Developing nations summit gathers US foes in Cuba

U.S. paid anti-Castro journalists in Miami

Sri Lanka army offensive kills dozens, fighting rages

Florence Strengthens Into a Hurricane: Heading for Burmuda

Forence Tracking Map

Bible Charts, Maps, Timelines

Israeli - Palestinian War

More French troops pour in to bolster UN peacekeeper force

Italy: Troops will respond if attacked by Hezbollah

Turkey's high-stakes march into Lebanon: Turkish troops join UN peacekeepers

UN efforts begin to tyr to free kidnapped Israeli soldiers

British PM Blair on Middle East tour

Syria rejects EU border guards

How hi-tech Hezbollah called the shots: Intelligence techniques gleaned from allies Iran and Syria that allowed it to monitor encoded Israeli communications relating to battlefield actions

Bush's Hezbollah hangover

PM Olmert Pushing Roadmap Plan

Hizbullah Chief Nasrallah Prefers Olmert Remain Prime Minister

Hizbullah: Organization at crossroads - as much as 90 percent of the organization's arsenal could have remained intact

Israel no longer in Palestinian's sights

30,000 rally for war inquiry commission

India to buy Israeli Spyder Air Defense System

Peres: Realignment has "disappeared": Plan to unilaterally pull out of West Bank towns is now dead

Thousands Hail Pope's Bavaria Homecoming

9/11 Attacks -- Five Years Later

Bush Plans Prime Time Sept. 11 Address

BYU Professor on Paid Leave for 9-11 Theory -- Blamed attacks on the government

The 9/11 conspiracy plots thicken: It was a year before David Ray Griffin, an eminent liberal theologian and philosopher, began his stroll down the path of disbelief -- More Americans believing governmnet had a hand than ever before

Illuminati Card Game -- Occultists knew in 1990 that the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were planned!

US expands visitor fingerprinting to deter attacks: Will take prints of all 10 fingers of foreigners entering the United States

ABC Gets More Pressure to Toss 9/11 Film

Bill Clinton assails 9/11 TV drama

Sex scandal kept Clinton's eye off bin Laden threat: TV drama depicts

ABC tinkers with 9/11 drama

9/11: Blurred vision of war -- Bush's determination to tie the war in Iraq more firmly to the war on terror is a calculation born of frustration and stubbornness

Prewar intelligence doubted al-Qaida link to Iraq, report says

Senate Report: Saddam Saw al-Qaida as Threat Not As An Ally -- contradicting assertions President Bush has used to build support for the war in Iraq -- As recently as an Aug. 21 news conference, Bush said people should ``imagine a world in which you had Saddam Hussein'' with the capacity to make weapons of mass destruction and ``who had relations with Zarqawi.''

Iraq war justifications laid bare -- Senate report also found that was little or no evidence to support a raft of claims made by the US intelligence community concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction

Has anti-terror war made US safer? we now have lost more Americans in Iraq than we lost on 9/11, military is now far weaker, US is hated around the world

Lawmakers Say Ground Zero Workers Unsafe

Bush Outlines Steps to Close 9/11 Security Gaps: As midterm elections near, each party tries to argue it's best positioned to protect the nation

False Accusation Creates a 9/11 Footnote

Oil: Price slides downward toward US$66 on BP, ample US stocks

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

NATO says 30 militants killed: In Afghanistan fighting

IN THE GRIP OF CHAOS -- WAR: THE TOLL MOUNTS 16 die in biggest Afghan suicide blast


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

U.S. tally of Baghdad deaths omits car bombs, mortars

Suit alleges fraud by Halliburton over Iraq services

Rotation puts airmen in action

Baghdad violence 'not declining' - More than 1,500 people were killed in attacks in Baghdad last month

Blasts kill four in Baghdad: Dozens wounded

Thousands of police, Iraqi soldiers deploy in holy city of Karbala for religious festival

Shias use festival to call for regional autonomy

3 pilgrims die in Iraq

Battle lines drawn in Iraq federal fight: Live television feed from the Iraqi parliament was cut on Thursday amid rowdy scenes over federalism

British soldier killed in Iraq shooting

Militants kill 44 in Iraq as US begins military handover

Ex-Marine Warns Not to Rush to Judgment: Ilario G. Pantano was cleared in two killings in Iraq and says others accused may be too

Reaction Mixed to Schwarzenegger Remarks: Said that Cubans and Puerto Ricans are feisty because of their mixed black and Latino ``blood''

Human bird flu death toll in Indonesia rises to 48: WHO reports

U.N. Adopts Counterterrorism Strategy

Israeli - Palestinian War

Syrian battalion to deploy along Lebanese border: President Assad promises Syrian troops will prevent smuggling of arms to Hezbollah!

Abbas willing to meet with Olmert

PA Prime Minter Haniyeh: Hamas gov't won't step down

Government officially announces sea blockade of Lebanon has been lifted: Lebanon says Israeli gunships sail home, Italian navy deploy in area

France: Int'l naval fleet won't employ force: Would not be authorized to employ force to stop ships from entering or leaving Lebanon

Lifting the Lebanon Blockade Means Abandoning the Captives´

Moderate 4.4 earthquake felt across Israel

Right, left, react stormily to IDF Commander Bezek's comments: "No wonder IDF lost in Lebanon"!

IDF captures civilians in southern Lebanon

Mofaz seeks throne, Olmert a way out: Former defense minister certain he can lead a better war, PM faces tidal wave of investigations

Released Prisoners Later Carried Out Fatal Attacks - Arab security prisoners “without blood on their hands,” were released by Israel and returned to prison with “much blood on their hands.”

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Russian work on Iran's Busheir nuclear reactor to continue: Even if Iran expels UN IAEA nuclear inspectors

Behind President Ahmadinejad, a powerful cleric - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, by most accounts has been the primary architect of Iran's combative foreign policy and the force behind the president's own power

U.S. says UN moves toward Iran sanctions

Iraq’s Maliki to visit Iran on Monday

Armitage confirms Plame leak: Has confirmed he revealed the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak

Obvious Question in Plame Case Had Early Answer: While the public fixated on Robert Novak's source., The prosecution probed other leaks and crimes



New Cutting Edge Articles

Did Masonic Secret Societies Kidnap The Senator's Wife? Three episodes into the new TV series "Vanished" strongly hints that the force behind the kidnapping of Senator Jeffrey's Collins wife, Sarah, was Illuminized Freemasonry!

Real Conspiracies -- Past and Present

Adolf Hitler To George Bush -- History Being Repeated As Current Drive To New World Order Is Being Driven By Nazism Revived!


Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Former Iranian Leader Suggests Dialogue: Most senior Iranian to visit Washington in 25 years

Iran could discuss nuclear suspension - Khatami

Invoking 9/11, Bush warns Iran on N-weapons

Itamar and the centrifuges in Natanz: Israeli point of view

Talks on Iran row to resume Mon. by phone: The six world powers weighing possible sanctions against Iran will discuss situation by phone

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF set to leave Lebanon within 2 weeks

Call for foreign monitors in Gaza in addition to Lebanon

Strike sends Palestinian youths to Islamic schools

British PM Tony Blair due in Israel on Sat. night

Palestinians tell Blair: you are not welcome here

Top Official: President Katsav should step aside

Tank missile defense system may be ready in months

Hundreds of millions spent on 'virtual fences' for Jewish settlements in West Bank

Russia to "investigate" advanced weapons transfer to Hizbullah

Syria disrupting kidnapped soldier negotiations

New York City Residents: WTC Health Problems Ignored

Memos: NYC told Ground Zero air was unsafe - Mayor's office was under pressure from building owners and business owners to open more of the "red zone" - Mayor told residents it was safe to return when he knew better

Terror Expert Warns NYC Still a Target

Documented Evidence That Depleted Uranium Deliberately Used On Soldiers, Civilians

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Justice for G.I.s? Say Iraq depleted uranium caused ills - New York Daily News Story

Archived Article: PRESIDENT BUSH'S NUCLEAR WARS AGAINST AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ NOW CONFIRMED! New York Daily News has broken the D.U. story on their Sunday front page (April 4, 2004)

Cutting Edge Depleted Uranium Section: Articles, Bookstore Resources

At least 39 people killed in Baghdad attacks

Number of U.S. troops in Iraq rose to 145,000 this week, the highest since December and 15,000 more than a month ago

Iraq Sunnis urged to kill Americans

US Senate to Issue Iraq Intelligence Report - Senate analysis of intelligence-gathering activities leading up to the invasion of Iraq

Why we can’t forsake Iraq: In the wings, terrorists await: Charles Krauthammer sounds Bush party line

Iraq to take over command of armed forces from U.S.-led coalition

But, Military transfer limited: Iraqis assume control of one of 10 divisions, plus small navy and air force - remained unclear how quickly Iraqi forces would be prepared to take over security

Iraqis in power don't get an exit strategy

'Iraq for Sale': Soldiers die so Administration favorites can make many millions

Sheriff Says Marine Disappearance Staged - So he would not have to return to duty


Election Year News

Bush seeks support for eavesdropping: Urged Congress to give him “additional authority” to continue his administration’s warrantless eavesdropping program

Federal judge in Oregon refuses to dismiss lawsuit over Bush administration eavesdropping

Bush touts progress since 9/11 attacks

What George Bush Didn't Say About Guantanamo: Hive the President credit for one thing - he's a great propagandist

CBSNEWSNYT POLL: Many Americans Feel Less Safe

Democrats urge ABC to withdraw 9/11 movie: Critical of former Democratic President Bill Clinton and his top aides

'War on terror' loses clear direction

Lawyers and GOP leaders resist proposal on military tribunal: Bush tactics will not survive legal scrutiny and will further tarnish America's reputation internationally

Cairo confirms fresh cases of Avian bird flu

China blames American lab for causing delay in bird flu sample sharing

Canadian wild bird surveillance turns up no H5 bird flu viruses to date

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Extremely Resistant TB Emerges in South Africa

WHO urges South Africa to curb TB killer super-bug

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

At least 25 killed in western Indian blasts

Blast in Pakistan's oil-rich Baluchistan Province kills six

Tamil Tigers say "vacate our land or it's war"

Blast near U.S. Kabul embassy kills 16

NATO calls for more troops

NATO struggles to tame Taliban

'Safer' Colombia launches tourism drive: Hardline approach sees kidnappings fall by 73%

Tony rubs his tummy, and George rubs it in

Wider Panama Canal Would Aid Chinese

2006 Election News

U.S. Acknowledges Secret CIA Prisons

Bush admits CIA secret prison program, seeks trials: Challenges Congress to authorize him to wage the war on terrorism on his terms

China Criticizes US Use of Secret Prisons

CBSNEWSNYT POLL: Many Americans Feel Less Safe

US Political Season Centers Around Iraq

Gingrich: 11 Steps for GOP Victory in November

Republicans in peril of losing House

Turmoil In Great Britain

Britain's Tony Blair to Respond to Clamor Over Him Leaving Office

Blair to stand down in May

The 'iron chancellor' within striking distance of Britain's top job

Graphic Proof: No Peace Is Possible Between Islam and Israel -- DVD

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel to lift Lebanon blockade

France to monitor Lebanese coasts at Annan's request: We're going to make sure there are no deliveries" of arms by Hizbullah

Lifting the Lebanon Blockade Means Abandoning the Captives

America needs a massive jolt: For supporting Israel in her 33-day war against Lebanon

'IDF failed to stop Katyushas' Rockets

President Katsav won't swear in Beinish as Supreme Court Head: Police begin interrogating president for fourth time, following new accusations

UN to send experts to Israel, Lebanon

Electronic fence to be built on Egyptian border

Hamas' politburo chief Khaled Mashaal: No serious talks for release of captured IDF soldier

Father Produces More Evidence Implicating UN in Kidnapping of the Three IDF Soldiers

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Throwing in the Towel against Al Qaeda?
Pakistan is pulling troops out of areas where al Qaeda operates. Play Video

Pakistan urges unity on Taliban

NATO commander seeks troops for Afghanistan

Taliban leader says UK troops 'on the run'

Three British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Why Darfur, Sudan, was left to its pitiful fate

Chavez Accuses U.S. of Aiding Opposition

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

US military 'loses control' of key Iraqi province: Volatile al-Anbar province - includes Fallujah, Ramadi and other towns that have seen the worst of military occupation, and the strongest resistance

Parliament Speaker Warns: Iraq has only months to avert collapse

Shiites submit draft law to divide Iraq

Headline News Analysis: Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled!?

Iraq to take control of armed forces

Bomb explosions in Baghdad kill 18

Iraq deaths multiply in new August count

Iraqis in power don't get an exit strategy

Get out of Iraq. Now: Daniel Kurtzer International Herald Tribune

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran's President Ahmadinejad says he is ready for debate with Bush at UN General Assembly

Spare the misery of sanctions, talk to Iran

Iran test-fires 2,000-pound guided bomb

New Iranian-made warplane revealed

President Ahmadinejad: Insecurity in Iraq damages Iran

Call to World Jewry: Have You Heard of the Iranian Threat?

NATO, going from 'Europe' to 'global'

Croc Hunter's family turns down state funeral for 'ordinary bloke'

Bee Stings Plague Montana Wildfire Fighters

Russian nuclear-sub fire kills two


Tropical Storm Florence strengthens in Atlantic

New Yorkers need to be ready to evacuate - Combating another September 11-style attack or natural disaster

Colleges Grapple With Student Suicides

Mexico's President-elect Felipe Calderon Reaches Out To Rival Leftist Camp

A Mexican Disgrace: Democracy has once again triumphed over authoritarianism in Mexico

Calderon puts poverty atop agenda

Anti-Semitic Hate Wave Rolls Across Britain and Australia

WHO: Drug Resistant TB Strain Poses Grave Threat



9/11 recovery workers: ‘Gov’t deceived, abandoned us’: Like U.S. soldiers sickened by the Pentagon’s use of Agent Orange and depleted uranium

'US unsafe five years after 9/11'

Big oil discovery is boon to U.S., but don't expect gas prices to fall in short term, as production is years away: Giant reserves lie far beneath the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, hold up to 15 billion barrels of oil, larger than Alaska's Prudhoe Bay

Energy price continues to drop: "fundamentals are in place to support a continuing drop in energy prices"

Headline News Analysis: Debunking The Myth That Nations Are In Middle East Today Because of "Big Oil" Interests

Katie Couric: Newest New World Order News Anchor

Couric Makes `CBS Evening News' Debut

In Long-Awaited Debut, Couric Is Praised For Her Performance: "this is really day one," Hartman said. "Imagine in six months what a** we will be kicking."

BUSH, CLINTON, LIMBAUGH, CRONKITE TO LAUNCH KATIE COURIC: Plans for the opening week of CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC have surpassed network executives' wildest dream - NOTE: New World Order icons pushing hard for Couric - from both sides of the political fence

2006 Election News

Bush Defends War Strategy: Says pulling troops out of Iraq now would propel bin Laden into global threat like Hitler

Newsman tells Tony Snow: 'Don't Point Your Finger At Me!'

Iraq will be the hot issue in polls

Pentagon Gearing for Overseas Voting

Congress back for pre-election session consumed by politics

Republican control of Congress in peril

Katherine Harris Wins GOP Nomination For US Senator In Florida

Bush bashing pointless: Evidence of competence abounds here, abroad

Another fatal day in the 'war on terror' - Across the Middle East, wave upon wave of violence engulfed the region and paid testament to the new, bloody reality five years from 11 September

Why the neocons may be missed

Bush, Big Three Automakers Summit Delayed: Bush is ``committed to strengthening the competitiveness of American manufacturing"

Gore predicts shift in Bush climate policy: Since he is under pressure from the Republican Governor of California

Israeli - Palestinian War

France Toughening U.N. Peacekeeping Role: Rolling out hefty tanks, powerful artillery, and sophisticated radar systems to pinpoint artillery launch sites

Qatar contributes 200-300 man force for peacekeeping in Lebanon

'Who Is Losing from Lebanon?' 'Just about everyone'

Israel is trying to divert attention by threatening Syria

Life is hell in 'Palestinian cage'

Chaos as a Strategy in Gaza

Security force joins Palestinian strike over pay

The myth of immaculate warfare

Comptroller: Everyone involved in war to be probed

Orthodox Jew forced off Canadian plane for praying

Palestinian President Abbas downplays prisoner deal

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Nine killed in Baghdad blast: 39 injured

August in Baghdad Ends With Flurry of Violence: Sharp rise in the number of deaths comes after a dramatic decline earlier in the month

Iraq kills 14 'terrorists' after deadly gunbattle

PM Blair's legacy is a reckless adventure that's wreaked havoc the world over: Sealed his fate by signing up in full to a policy now recognised by most Americans as a disaster

Fears of Iran role in southern Iraq after US-British pullout

Iraqi deputy premier flies to Iran: Four-day visit to develop ties and prepare a forthcoming visit of the Iraqi prime minister

Democrats push Bush to sack US defense chief Rumsfeld

Bush Reminds Americans U.S. Is at War

Iraqi parliament extends state of emergency for a month: Two US Marines killed, violence rages across country

A Third of Lawmakers in Iraq Skip Parliament Session


Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

China, U.S. Discuss N.Korea Nuke Program

Iran launches fighter plane

Envoy: Iran-EU Nuclear Talks Postponed Over "Procedural Matters"

Nuclear problem can be resolved through fair talks: Iran's Former President Khatami

Pakistan's General Musharraf is in the line of fire

Afghan-Pakistani talks on border: To tackle the tenacious problem of militants using the two countries -- both key U.S. allies in the war on terror

NATO drive 'cornering' Taliban

Sudan sets ultimatum on Darfur peace force: Wants force to leave by end of month

Conservative Calderon Named Mexico's President-Elect

Tribunal's Ruling Not Likely to End Mexico's Presidential Election Crisis

Tropical Storm Florence expected to grow: Right now, in the open Atlantic

Pope John Paul was spied on in Vatican: By Vatican informers working for the Polish secret services in the communist era

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Terrorists in Canada, Bush warns: President says terror cells here are a threat to the U.S.

Indian PM warns of possible terrorist attacks

Bush warns of Al Qaida plan for 'Caliphate' based in Iraq

Philippines on alert over possible terror attacks

Denmark Holds 7 Suspects After Anti-Terrorism Raid




Missile fired at McCain escort helicopter during European visit

2006 Election News

U.S. targets loophole on deportation: But attorneys say rights should be wider, not cut

Labor Day immigrant rallies draw fewer supporters

G.O.P. Sets Aside Work on Immigration - Preparing for a critical pre-election legislative stretch

Confident Democrats eye Congress as the Bush protest vote piles up

Security Is Atop GOP's Agenda: In the run-up to the elections, Republican leaders in Congress are planning to highlight issues they believe play to the party's strengths

Janet Jackson backs Hillary Clinton for White House

Christian Coalition Is Splintering: `Drifting to the left' and losing focus

Bush letting pride, narrow vision block nation's common good

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert says unilateral West Bank pullout now off the agenda

Legal Forum Experts: ´Unauthorized Outposts´ Are Legal Communities

Prior to War, Banks Began to Refuse Yesha Mortgages -- Because of Olmert's pullout plans

Israeli soldier-swap deal reached: Paper reports

Abbas confirms deal reached over Gilad Shalit's release

Mother of Terror Victim: No Deal for Terrorists - Israel must not give in and release hundreds of terrorists in exchange for captives

Olmert and Abbas may hold summit

Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee demands state inquiry commission into conduct of Lebanon War

Hizbullah's Chief Nasrallah Proclaims: We'll hold on to rockets

Israel's Quiet Victory: Radical Islam increasingly perceived as strategic threat to West

Palestinians train to kidnap more Israelis: Terror leader thanks world for legitimizing tactic, says abductions 'bring big results'

Palestinian stabs Israeli man near J'lem: Sixty-year-old man stabbed near J'lem

Lebanese officer wounded in car blast: Lt. Col. Samir Shehade, who was involved in the investigation into the slaying of a former Lebanese prime minister

UN's Annan: Good news on Lebanese blockade in 48 hrs

Skyshield air defense being considered: With Hizbullah still in possession of more than 10,000 short-range Katyusha rockets

European Nations Bar Heavy El Al Cargo Planes: Planes that carry heavy munitions cargo to Israel

IDF Officers May Face War Crime Charges in Europe

Gay Pride March Controversy Awakens Again

Four American Allies in Deep Trouble

Old Shiite-Sunni Blood Feud Drives the Mideast's New Power Play: Hezbollah's perceived victory in the Lebanon war puts feuding Muslims on a collision course

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

If 9/11 hadn't happened: By Gwynne Dyer

Some CBS Affiliates Worry Over 9/11 Documentary

Terror Storm: History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism - Powerful DVD

Patriotism of Sept. 11 faded quickly

India PM warns of terror attacks: Says that intelligence agencies have warned that more terrorist attacks were likely

Religion cannot justify terrorism, pope says

The war on terror, five years later: An era of constant warfare

Bush's performance has been poor, but his packaging is exemplary: After 9/11 and Katrina, reality intruded on the president's finely honed image - and both times he was missing in action

BUSH, CLINTON, LIMBAUGH, CRONKITE TO LAUNCH KATIE COURIC: Plans for the opening week of CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC have surpassed network executives' wildest dream - NOTE: New World Order icons pushing hard for Couric - from both sides of the political fence

Russia, Bulgaria, Greece agree to sign oil pipeline deal by year’s end

Russian companies may hold controlling stake in Black Sea pipeline: Designed to bypass congested shipping lanes

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

In Kurdistan, Iraq Seems a Million Miles Away: The autonomous region is an oasis of safety in comparison to other, violence-stricken areas

Headline News Analysis: Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled!?

U.S., Iraq near handover: Operational command of Iraq's new army to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

Killings in Baghdad Escalate Over Past Week

40 bodies discovered in Baghdad: Including 25 who were found blindfolded and shot at close range

British Foreign secretary flies into Iraq

Bush legacy, U.S. reputation tied to Iraq war: Understanding is mind-boggling

Iraqis Who Sweated Out Saddam Hussein Are Leaving Under Bush

No end to Iraq's complications

Documentary Slams U.S. Companies Working in Iraq: "Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers" video details how companies like Haliberton realize huge profits from Iraq War

Roadside bomb kills two British soldiers in Iraq

Violence claims two U.S. marines

Arrest deals 'fatal blow' to al-Qaeda in Iraq

Learning the hard way: Iraq has been no textbook operation

Yemen stresses Iran's inalienable nuclear rights

UN secretary-general Annan urges int'l community not to isolate Iran

Afghan symbol for change becomes symbol for failure

Gov. Arnold urged to cancel sexual indoctrination: Family groups say plan would teach homosexuality in kindergarten


BUSH, CLINTON, LIMBAUGH, CRONKITE TO LAUNCH KATIE COURIC: Plans for the opening week of CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC have surpassed network executives' wildest dream - NOTE: New World Order icons pushing hard for Couric

Four American Allies in Deep Trouble

Old Shiite-Sunni Blood Feud Drives the Mideast's New Power Play: Hezbollah's perceived victory in the Lebanon war puts feuding Muslims on a collision course

Many High Bush Administration Officials Guilty Of Violating Anti-Torture Laws

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

In Kurdistan, Iraq Seems a Million Miles Away: The autonomous region is an oasis of safety in comparison to other, violence-stricken areas

Headline News Analysis: Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled!?

Iraqi Olympic soccer player kidnapped

GIs focus on survival and nurse doubts in Iraq

Six US troops killed in Iraq

Australia to Send More Soldiers to Iraq

Kurd ban on Iraqi flag triggers war of words in Baghdad

British defence minister visits Baghdad

Four US Soldiers accused of Iraq murder may face death penalty

Torture ends for US and Iraq: Notorious Abu Ghraib torture prison now transferred to Iraqi control

Britain's top commander: British military at limit of capacity: General Dannat describes plan of British troops numbers to be halved in Iraq as 'hope'

Five-day surge of attacks leaves 400 Iraqis dead

Violence in Iraq prompts warning by leading cleric : Al-Sistani tells prime minister other powers will act if government doesn't curb killing

History unlikely to repeat itself: Does history provide any models suggesting that the unhappy war in Iraq might have a happy ending?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

NATO soldier killed by 'friendly fire'

British soldier killed in Kabul car bombing

Sudan Says African Union Peacekeeping Force Must Leave

Britain is 'as corrupt as worst African states'

Man Attacks Foreign Tourists in Jordan

Sri Lanka rejects Nordic monitors' massacre claims

US Sen. Barack Obama Visits Darfur Refugees

Republican ads show distance from Bush

Bush administration tries to sell Iraq war to doubting electorate: Continued deaths of American soldiers add to grim picture

Burning Man festival climaxes in Nevada

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran tells Annan it won't halt atom work -- Wants to negotiate but will not halt uranium enrichment beforehand

Robert Fisk: 'America's aggression is fuelling extremism', says Iran's ex-president

Bush vs. Ahmadinejad: A TV Debate We'll Never See: Both men are propaganda junkies

Annan tells Iran Holocaust is undeniable

Iran Impasse: The EU must not allow itself to be divided from Washington - Editorial Column

Iraq PM Maliki prepares first visit to Iran: Iranian TV claims

Files reveal leaked D-Day plans: Formerly secret MI5 files have revealed that the plans for the D-Day landings in 1944 were leaked to one of Britain's brightest military strategists - and he began to brag the details 3 months before invasion around London

British Files Reveal Hidden Nazi Spy Codes: German spies hid messages in drawings of models wearing the latest fashions in an attempt to outwit Allied censors during World War II

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert says unilateral West Bank pullout now off the agenda

Lest We Forget Olmert's Original Plan: OOPS!! When Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Announced That This Current War Would Enable Israel To Unilaterally Withdraw From The West Bank, He Revealed An End Goal Which Should Not Have Been Revealed At This Time!

IDF plans massive Intelligence overhaul

Olmert: No restraints in campaign against Syria - War in Lebanon served as deterring element against Damascus

War fails to dim Hezbollah's beacon

Peacekeeping force growing: Lebanon rejects Israel's call for talks

Qatari troops to join Lebanon peacekeepers: Gulf state the first Arab country to join U.N. force on border with Israel

Israeli forces attack Gaza militant's home

Hamas, Hizbullah Face Their Greatest Challenges

Israeli PM Denies Prisoner Swap Deal

Lebanon's Coast Is Drowning in Oil: A spill caused by an Israeli airstrike has blackened popular beaches and threatens the economy and delicate ecosystems

Comptroller urges investigation of PM Olmert

PM Ehud Olmert resists calls for coalition changes

Labor Threatens: We won't stay in government

Post-War Budget Threatens Coalition

Massive cuts planned in 2007 budget

Olmert: Unaware of deal to free IDF captured soldier Shalit

Mexican leftist vows to set up parallel government

Oil industry awash in record levels of cash

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Bush's Terror Analysis: Erroneous and Exaggerated - Continues to demonize Islam

UK police investigate alleged terrorism training network

Bomb in Turkish cafe kills two

Study: Only 14 U.S. terror prosecutions have led to lengthy prison sentences


'Crocodile Hunter' Killed by Stingray Barb

Irwin: Colorful and controversial

Stingray deaths rare and agonising: Experts say fatal attacks are almost unheard of

Australia stunned by death of "modern-day Noah" -- "I really do feel Australia has lost a wonderful and colourful son," Prime Minister John Howard

New-era auto jobs still hot

BILL FORD'S NEW VISION: CEO tells workers sweeping 3-point plan will revive carmaker -- New business model absolutely essential -- "Ford Motor Company cannot achieve the benefits of its size and global reach without greater integration at the operational level"


President Bush is an easy target for assassination

President Bush 'assassinated' in new TV docu-drama: Shocking image is part of a new Channel Four show depicting the effect of the War On Terror

Showing At The Toronto Film Festival

What if Bush really was assassinated?



Politics At Its Worst

Is Schwarzenegger a Closet Democrat?: The California governor has always been at his best when he doesn't fit in - Governor has just led the fight for Global Warming in his state

Schwarzenegger Explains Why He Went Green

Schwarzenegger criticizes Bush over not effectively tackling climate change

'Terminator' plans India visit

World's top climate scientists have reduced their worst-case forecast for global warming over the next 100 years


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Oil, insurgency keep U.S. in Iraq - Column by Trilateralist George Will

More security pledged in wake of Iraq attacks: Day after a barrage of coordinated attacks across those areas killed 64 people and wounded 286

Iraq, US locked in dispute over military handover

Sunnis find sanctuary among Iraqi Kurds

Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani has ordered the Iraqi national flag to be replaced with the Kurdish one in his northern autonomous region

Headline News Article: Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled!? If the Kurds (Ancient Medes) continue to establish their own government in northern Iraq, the horrific judgments found in Isaiah 13 may be developing! Prophecy seems to be developing, in your Daily News

US Army Recommends Death in Iraq Civilian Slayings

No. 2 in al-Qaida in Iraq arrested

14 Pakistani pilgrims murdered in Iraq desert: Ambushed and killed on their way to Shi'ite Muslim sites in Iraq.

Backlash feared as British troops go on trial for abusing Iraqi prisoners

Rumsfeld calls on Democrats for "constructive" debate on Iraq

Bush contradicts Pentagon on civil war in Iraq: Just a day after the Pentagon painted a bloody picture of a nation caught in a spiral of increasing violence

Bush’s Shift of Tone on Iraq: The Grim Cost of Losing

Moral Collapse

Violent pornography at the touch of a button is a freedom too far

Nude Teens Raising Eyebrows in Brattleboro, Vermont: "It's clearly to outrage people, it's clearly rebelliousness"

5 People, 2 Pets Shot in Newark, N.J. - Three are dead in targeted attack on apartment - building had no history of drug activity

Truth shall not set you free: Ours is a government that is much better at wars against the press and the First Amendment than it is with a war like the one in Iraq

Election of 2006 In The News

Friends of Hillary hint she may pull out of presidential race: So she can lead Democrats in Senate

More GOP Districts Counted as Vulnerable: Number Doubled Over the Summer

Rove’s Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel

Democrats Loath to Predict Win This Fall

Bush: War on Terror decisive for 21st century struggle


Israeli - Palestinian War

Condi's Moment - America's role in the Middle East is in danger of falling apart — and it is her job to put it back together

UNIFIL Force Deployment Begins in Lebanon

Israel foresees pullout as Lebanon peace force grows

UN chief in Beirut as Hezbollah says won't resist peacekeepers

Germany accepting 'burden of history': Hesitant to provide strongly armed, determined peacekeeper force for fear of having to fire on Israeli soldiers some day - Germany today not the nation of Hitler

German mediator question Hizbullah: Are IDF soldiers alive?

Lebanon must bet on UN, not outside power

Elite Unit Operation Shuts Down Tul Karem Rocket Threat

PM Olmert: I told Siniora 'let's talk peace' - Israeli PM reaching out to Lebanese PM

Jerusalem Gay Pride March Controversy Awakens Again

Israel First in Multiple Births; Moslem Births - Down

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

UN's Annan meeting Iran's top leaders for second day

Annan: Iran will negotiate, but won't stop enrichment

Iran to host conference on Holocaust in the autumn, calls it exaggerated

Iran, Annan differ on Jewish Holocaust

Iran's Khatami in US: Washington's Foreign Policies Fuel Terrorism

NATO-Afghan offensive inflicts heavy losses on Taliban

Opium production "staggering" in Afghanistan

British Officials Investigate Crash of NATO Plane in Afghanistan: Killed 14 British soldiers

American thought to be an al-Qaida activist appeared in a videotape with the terror group's deputy leader Saturday: called on his countrymen to convert to Islam and for U.S. soldiers to switch sides in the Iraq and Afghan wars


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani has ordered the Iraqi national flag to be replaced with the Kurdish one in his northern autonomous region

Headline News Article: Iraq Now Splitting Into Three Nations -- Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled!? If the Kurds (Ancient Medes) continue to establish their own government in northern Iraq, the horrific judgments found in Isaiah 13 may be developing! Prophecy seems to be developing, in your Daily News

Pentagon sees spiraling cycles of Iraq violence: Assessment called "pretty sober"

Insurgents Kill 14 South Asian Pilgrims in Iraq

Death Toll in Baghdad Attacks Rises: Barrage of coordinated attacks across eastern Baghdad neighborhoods killed at least 64 people and wounded 286 within half an hour

Fears of Shiite reprisals after Baghdad bloodbath

Violence uproots Shiites and Sunnis, threatening to divide capital for years

Iraqi casualties are up sharply, U.S. study finds

Abu Ghraib prison now under Iraq's control

New Questions About Inquiry in C.I.A. Leak

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Bin Laden Manhunt Still Drawing a Blank

British Carry Out Terrorist Raids: Arrest 14 men

British anti-terror police probing 'thousands' of suspects

American Muslim leaders bemoan US "Islamophobia" since 9/11

Amsterdam's Error in the air

President Bush's Islamo- fascism error

Analysis: Facing multiple crises, Bush struggles to deliver - Has the President "cried wolf" once too many times? And, have his foreign policy failures mounted to a point where no one believes him anymore?

President Bush 'assassinated' in new TV docu-drama: Shocking image is part of a new Channel Four show depicting the effect of the War On Terror

Showing At The Toronto Film Festival

British mock-documentary called Death Of A President riling the President's camp

What if Bush really was assassinated?

HAARP Provides American Continent With 100% Effective Missile Shield

Non-Integrating States News -- North Korea

North Korea accuses US over missiles: Accused the US of threatening war by conducting a missile defence test

US interceptor downs missile in test over Pacific

U.S. sees 'good chance' to hit N. Korea missiles after defense test

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed U.S. - Whom should the world really fear?

Annan to press Iran on UN demands: UN's Secretary General Kofi Annan has arrived in Tehran for talks with Iranian leaders

Iran ex-prez arrives in Am erica for historic visit: Khatami considered a 'moderate' in Iran, arrives in US to sell Iran's position on nuclear crisis to Americans

Jewish groups angry at US over Khatami visit: US government decided to grant visa allowing Iranian lawmaker to enter country

UN hints at talks, not sanctions, as Iran nuclear deadline passes

Too early for Iran sanctions, EU asserts -- Wants time for negotiations

US position on Iran nuclear issue mistaken: Former British Ambassador to the UN, Sir Jeremy Greenstock

US Warns Security Council: Iran defiance 'major test' of UN

Dozens Die in Iran Air Disaster: 29 passengers and crew die when plane caught fire

Israeli - Palestinian War

Italian troops arrive in Lebanon: Around 100 Italian marines donning blue berets

Israel accepts Indonesians in UN peacekeeping force: Will send 1,000 troops

Turkey to send peacekeepingtroops despite public pressure against the move

Syria Will Stop Arms Flow to Hezbollah: UN Secretary General Annan Promises

Egypt says it warned Israel against 'foolish' war in Lebanon

Palestinian Teachers Launch Strike in West Bank: Have not been paid

Egypt Warns: Al-Qaeda members in Sinai

EU begins paying aid to Palestinians

3 Palestinians by IDF killed in Gaza clashes

Peretz Snubs Olmert, Calls for Public Inquiry Into Conduct of Lebanon War

Peretz's outburst of suspicion: Defense minister's decision to back a state commission of inquiry is rather confusing

Chavez Visits Castro, Says Cuban Leader Recovering Well

Mexico's President Fox Calls for Harmony After Protests

Defense Secretary William Cohen Declares Our Enemies Control Weather Through Electromagnetic Waves

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Ernesto power outages climb

Hurricane John Hits Mexico With Heavy Rains, Winds

Super Typhoon Knocks Out Weather Sensors

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Green Governor -- has given his blessing to a ground- breaking initiative on global warming in unlikely switch of positions

Global Warming Policy to be Decided by Supreme Court

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Coordinated blasts kill 66 in Shiite area of Baghdad: Rockets, mortars and car bombs reportedly were used in the attacks

Rocket barrage kills 50 as Iraq eyes US handover

Insurgents kill eight people in Baquba

U.S. Marines patrol Iraqi city of Ramadi at night

Militants increasingly targeting journalists

Iraq Qaeda-led group urges Sunnis to fight Shi'ites

Iraqis reach a truce in Parliament: Lawmakers say Kurds, Shiites have stopped pressuring the speaker to resign

US erred in Iraq rebuilding programme

Anger boils against Saddam in Iraq's "town of martyrs": Forces killed 5,000 Kurds here in a gas attack in 1988

America Is Losing Iraq: Is Anybody Watching? Iraq has been reduced to a litany of bloody incidents and body counts

AWOL Colo. soldier turns self in

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed U.S. - Whom should the world really fear?

More uranium discovered at Iranian facility: withheld judgment about where the material came from and whether it could be linked to a secret nuclear program

Iran seen having significant technical problems with nuclear program

Israel, U.S. React to Continuing Iranian Uranium Enrichment

Bush Vows: Iran will pay the price

Iran Welcomes Showdown on Deadline Day

Sanctions may push Iran out of treaty

Rafsanjani calls for active diplomacy to frustrate enemies' plots

Exiled Iranian journalists visit 'Jerusalem'

"Then And Now" Bible Map Book

Israeli - Palestinian War

Unexploded bomblets a deadly threat: Pieces from Israeli clusters have killed 13 in Lebanon since the truce began

US may consider additional aid to IDF: Because of the huge expenses incurred during the war in Lebanon

France to send first peacekeeping battalion to Lebanon on Monday

IDF Warns: Inadequate UNIFIL Deployment Planned South of Litani River

Lebanon's FM Siniora seeks help for Lebanon

Shrapnel-filled rockets used on Israeli civilians: Israel documents civilian-targeted weapons from Syria, Iran

Hezbollah’s Victory Has Transformed Mideast: Arab viewpoint

Defense Minster Peretz Snubs Olmert, Calls for Public Inquiry Into Lebanon War

UN wins Syrian backing for Lebanon resolution

GSS Chief Paints Grim Security Picture of PA-Controlled Areas

Major Hamas Tunnel-Terror Attack Thwarted -- Video

Israel thinks PA unity gov't unlikely

Syria's Baath officials instructed to buy property in Golan: Directive says Syria sure the strategic territory called the Golan Heights will be returned by Israel 'very soon'

Prisoner Swap News

Report: Deal to release captured IDF soldier in progress - In exchange for release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners

German spy chief en route to Lebanon: Amidst rumors Germany may facilitate prisoner swap

Thousands rally for kidnapped troops in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square

Nasrallah's last card: Hizbullah chief working on deal: Abducted soldiers in exchange for immunity

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

UN Council votes to create Darfur, sUDAN, peacekeeping force

Sudan rejects UN peacekeeping plan: 22,500-strong force would relieve African Union troops· Presidential adviser says resolution is illegal

Libya's Gaddafi urges backers to 'kill' enemies

Colombian cops slammed for making child sex abuse video

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

President Bush 'assassinated' in new TV docu-drama: Shocking image is part of a new Channel Four show depicting the effect of the War On Terror

Showing At The Toronto Film Festival

London's Channel 4 to air Bush assassination drama

Stereotyping is leading to terror: First Muslim Miss England

British politician Galloway says Israel poisoning West

Bush warns of terrorism in US if Iraq abandoned

Bush Takes His Case to Veterans -- Gulf War Vets Produce Dynamic Depleted Uranium Video - Shows What Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Are Doing To Veterans -- "Beyond Treason" a must-see for everyone!

US oil and defense industry chiefs cash in: Profits and personal incomes positively huge following attacks of 9/11

U.S. feared UK-Pakistan terror attacks early as '03

Education Department assisted FBI in terror search: Systematically mined student data-bases

Tropical Storm Ernesto Comes Ashore on Carolina Coast: Wilmington - With heavy rains but sustained winds that fell just short of hurricane levels

Hurricane John Stays Offshore in Mexico: Churning up the coast

Good Economic News

Consumer Spending provides cheer on US economy: Personal spending rose by 0.8 per cent last month, twice the June rate

Oil Prices Sink Below $70 a Barrel: Traders were taking a wait and see approach to the Iranian diplomatic standoff

No Avian Flu Found After Thousands of Alaskan Birds Tested


California passes landmark greenhouse gas bill: Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with the state's Democratic majority

Smarter robots sought to use in wars, disasters

Moral Collapse

Sexual assault blamed on Ozzy obsession -- After learning that Ozzy had had sex with a 13-year-old girl, he assaulted his young victim

Archives Article: OZZY'S WHITE HOUSE -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball" - Read President Bush recount titles of his favorite Ozzy songs! Then, read the lyrics of those songs to glimpse the inner heart of Bush

Wal-Mart joins 'gay' chamber of commerce: Company says it's just another routine business outreach - Negotiating with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Republicans tense as voter disillusionment sets in





HAARP: America's Electromagnetic Weapon

Graphic Proof - No Peace Is Possible Between Israel and Islam


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