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September 16-30, 2008


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Calm Returns - Turnaround Tuesday? Markets Bounce After Plunge

Europe Rescues More Banks as US Rejects Bailout

Russia suspends markets as shares slide

Bush: 'This is Not the End'

NATO Complains: Pakistani Troops Fire on US Helicopters


Banking Crisis News

Global Economy Moving To Fascism!

Wachovia: Just the Plum Citigroup Needed - Citi fills a key void with its dirt-cheap buy of the retail banking franchise

Wall Street Bailout: What's Next?

White House, lawmakers plan new bailout deal

Senate May Try to Revive Bank-Rescue Bill as Early as Tomorrow

U.S. Stock Futures Rise After Rout, European Shares Rebound

World Markets Calm Down after Congress Rejection

Lessons From 124 Banking Blow-Ups: US should move quickly to declare certain banks “survivors” and put the others out of their misery - Typical Fascism!

Wachovia Bites the Dust, Citigroup Cements 'Too Big to Fail' Status: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs the survivors - All Insider Illuminati Institutions!

Central Banks Scramble to Relieve Market Strain

Bailout rejected; new bill vowed

Dow Jones Average Yesterday - Graphic - Closed down '777' points

McCain blames Democrats for bailout failure

Unknown terrain for economy

Public angry, anxious - Exactly as Illuminati wants

Nancy Pelosi's speech on the financial bail-out bill

Similar Crisis Outside U.S.

Iceland, Germany Shore Up Two More Lenders

Irish Financials Jump as Government Guarantees Debt

Russian PM Putin Promises $50Bln For Banks: To increase liquidity in the banking system and fight the "contagion" that has spread from the United States

Dexia to Get EU6.4 Billion Rescue

Asian Leaders Urge U.S. to Pass Rescue, Pledge Action


Presidential Politics

Democrat Politics

Obama surges to 8-point Gallup Poll lead on Monday

Bail-out reaction from Obama & McCain

Obama's liberal solutions will dig deeper economic hole

McCain vs. Obama: The Great Nonverbal Debate

Analysis: Barack Obama bolsters readiness claim

Obama wrong for playing race card

Democrats Want Obama to Use Some Fighting Words

Bill Clinton to stump in Florida for Obama

Republican Politics

McCain's New Pitch: 'Country First or Obama First''

Palin, Biden a lively pairing for veep debate

Palin: McCain campaign's end-run around media

Watching Palin like waiting for a car crash

Round two for Sarah Palin and Katie Couric (only this time John McCain comes along)

Give Palin time to prove herself

How Sarah Palin Rallied Pakistan's Feminists

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel will have to reinstate pre-1967 border for peace deal, Olmert admits

Hamas, Fatah leaders pledge Palestinian unity bid

IDF worried about Hizbullah infiltration

Bibi: I'll resume settlement activity

Israel slams fresh Arab move to isolate it at IAEA

US deploys powerful missile radar to Israel: Pentagon - To protect against Iran

On Rosh Hashanah, Obama calls to achieve 'peace, security for Israel'

Why Israeli settlers are lashing out

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

$700bn US bailout is near the sum squandered in Iraq

Baghdad bombs kill at least 32

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,175

US ambassador appeals for more patience in Iraq

Iraq PM seeks safeguards for Christians

Disbanding the Sunni Patrols: A Backlash Brewing?

Syrian FM held meeting on Friday with Condoleezza Rice: May be sign that American hardline position is softening

'Black Saturday' in Damascus

US will not strike Iran



September 29, 2008



Washington Tries to Wrap Up the Bailout

Bailout plan faces first test in House today

House GOP leaders endorse $700B financial bailout

Midnight in the Capitol: 'Finally,' a deal

The mortgage-rescue plan: Unpleasant but essential

House Speaker Pelosi: Rescue not bailout but `buy-in'

Republican congressman just called bailout a "700-pound billion dollar bag of dung"! Says he'll block passage

U.S. Leaders Not Getting High Marks on Credit Crisis

Wachovia Option-ARM Mortgage Losses May Force Merger

Financial Crisis Shock Waves Reach Municipalities

Towns That Could Be Hit Hardest by the Financial Crisis

What's In The Bailout Deal

European Bank Crisis

UK lender Bradford & Bingley nationalized

British Chancellor Osborne says he won't bail out bust bankers

Global shares hit as banking crisis bites in Europe

Pound, Euro Tumble Against Dollar as Governments Bail Out Banks

A bailout and a new world

Former Kissinger Policy Planner, CFR Member Calls For New Global Monetary Authority

European Lenders Rescued by Authorities

U.S. Political Campaign Discourse Explodes Online

Four killed in Lebanon army bus blast

Syria says Islamist bomber behind deadly car bomb blast

Iran: Enrichment will continue

Venezuela set to develop civilian nuclear power

Global Poll: 'War on terror' has not weakened al-Qaeda


Israeli - Palestinian War

Jewish New Year begins at sundown

Holiday poll finds negative national views on eve of New Year

Olmert: We must leave most of W. Bank

Prepare for elections, Livni tells Kadima - Sending a message to Labor and to Shas Parties

IDF worried about Hizbullah infiltration

Hamas challenges Abbas term extension

Netanyahu to A-7: We Have No Peace Partner

U.S. Textbooks Lies: ‘Jesus was Palestinian’

Israeli Bank Chief: No Israeli Bank in Danger of Collapse

U.S. Sends Missile Defense System, Troops to Israel

Sudan: Army kills six alleged kidnappers - Had seized a group of European tourists and their Egyptian guides

Presidential Politics

Obama, McCain and Israel: Who really stands by Israel? Obama’s, McCain’s worldviews provide the answer - Jewish editorial

McCain, Palin, Letterman and SNL - what a week

Candidates say they'll probably support bailout bill

After dramatic detour, John McCain's task is to get back on track

Obama increases lead over McCain slightly since debate

McCain, Obama in cautious support for bailout

How helpful were McCain, Obama in bailout talks?

How McCain Wins - Editorial

Palin Helps McCain With Christian Voters

Some on the right are joining a chorus of criticism over Sarah Palin

The debate’s Kissinger flap: Who was right?

September 27-28, 2008

Breaking News

$700B rescue plan finalized: House to vote Monday

What's In The Bailout Deal

Rep. Michael Burgess - “we are under Martial Law”


Tentative accord reached on bailing out bankers: Congressional negotiators and the Bush administration's top Treasury officials go to work Sunday on settling the final details of a historic $700 billion Wall Street bailout aimed at keeping credit flowing and saving the nation's shaky economy

" 'We worked out everything', said Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., the chief Senate Republican in the talks"

" 'We've made great progress. We have to get it committed to paper so that we can formally agree', House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif"

" 'We've still got more to do to finalize it, but I think we're there', said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson"


A bailout and a new world

Former Kissinger Policy Planner, CFR Member Calls For New Global Monetary Authority

House Republicans Support a Plan That Would Insure Troubled Mortgages

Bailout talks creep forward

Rebellious House Republicans want to be part of the bailout debate

Why House Republicans Balked

Unpopular bailout plan on track in Congress: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress would pass a $700 billion debt bailout soon

CEO of failed WaMu could get millions

Oil lower on doubts about bailout plan

Great Britain: Nationalisation looms for Bradford & Bingley

Great Britain: Bush to meet with British Prime Minister Brown to discuss economic problems

Europe: Fortis banking chief steps up as stand-in CEO exits

Japan: Yen rises on bailout

Red capitalism, or market communism?

Presidential Politics

Economic crisis called campaign turning point

Obama, McCain argue over war, taxes in 1st debate

The presidential debate: an evening of improv

Analysis: Few jabs, but no knockout in first debate

Round 1 in debates goes to Obama, poll says

Each candidate got a little of what he needed

McCain: 'I hope I made you proud tonight'

Transcript of debate

Prosecutors for Obama hunting for 'lying ads': 'Truth Squad' using sheriffs, DAs to police bias against candidate

Do Americans have anything in common with Obama?

Letterman keeps up McCain tirade

Another Weatherman terrorist a player in Obama campaign: Communists, socialists, anarchists also part of political organization

Remembering: Obama says he might send troops to Pakistan

Killer car bomb hits Damascus

Syria condemns Damascus car bombing as "cowardly terrorist act"

Blast hits India market shoppers

Bush says Afghanistan is making progress

Ten die in escalating fighting in Mogadishu

Venezuela, Russia extend ties in energy, weapons as Chavez visits Moscow

US says Pakistani troops fired at its choppers

Pakistan tells US to stay out of its territory

Somali pirates land Russian tanks in surprise haul

Warships of 2 big powers pursue Somali pirates

North Korea in the midst of a mysterious building boom


Israeli - Palestinian War

Rice sees potential for '08 peace deal

Abbas, Bush stress need for peace push

McCain: We can't allow second Holocaust

Tzipi, you can do it: Gershon Baskin reminds Tzipi Livni that the time for peace with the Palestinians is now

Abbas: Settlement construction contradicts UN resolutions

Hamas calls for suicide attacks

Defense Secretary Barak orders filters for new secure rooms

Israeli injured by Palestinian fire

Are American Christians really our friends? We must be wary of those intolerant people who use their religion to look down upon and be intolerant of others - Editorial by Rabbi Brackman

Iran slams West’s support for Israel


Stage Being Set For Ezekiel 38-39!

ElBaradei: Iran on way to atomic bomb capability - "right now they don't yet have the ingredients"

Iran keeps China in a chokehold

Iran escapes sanctions in new UN resolution



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Turkish jets pound PKK bases in northern Iraq

Turkey Draws Attention In U.N. Meeting On Iraq

Soldier Who Grew Up In Shelton, Connecticut, Killed In Iraq

US arrests five suspected Iran-backed Islamists

Western lawyers say Iraq discarded due process in Saddam trial: Was found guilty in rigged trial

Widows and children stifled in Iraq's trailer homes

British troops 'will leave Iraq within a year': Withdrawal does not mean boost for Afghanistan

Iraq hopes economic crisis won't affect U.S. troops

Sadrists and Iran denounce U.S.-Iraqi security pact

Blue helmets should be deployed in Somalia, General Assembly told


September 26, 2008


Central banks attempt money-market rescue

Bailout deal breaks down; Paulson back to Capitol: "No deal, only progress"

Obama, McCain Say No Deal Yet on Financial-Markets Rescue Plan

In the nick of time -- leaders look like leaders

Lawmakers to tackle bailout plan again Friday

U.S. government seizes Washington Mutual

U.S. engineers sale of Washington Mutual to JPMorgan: Deposits are secure

Russia offers Chavez $1 billion loan for weapons

Crisis In Pakistan

US has right to hit targets inside Pakistan: Gates

Pakistan will not tolerate violation of sovereignty: PM Gilani

Pakistani, U.S. clash won't escalate: analysts

Pakistan probes mystery of US Marines' steel boxes in Marriott

Pakistani troops fire at U.S. helicopters on border

Presidential Politics

Bailout, yes. Everything else, no. Wall Street crisis highlights how the candidates differ on how they would handle the economy

Palin talks to Couric -- and if she's lucky, few are listening

Palin cites "victory" in Iraq

Palin declines to endorse Alaskan senator on trial

Big national poll surge for Obama

But, McCain has stunning comeback in Thursday's Gallup Poll: Bold decision to suspend campaign to work on financial crisis spurs popularity

Poll gap doesn't dim GOP hopes

Obama doubles lead with Michigan voters

Undecided Voters Are Gloomier, Lean Toward Obama to Fix Economy

McCain, Obama square off on whether to square off

Afghanistan: Better-organized Taliban roar back


Israeli - Palestinian War

US against Israeli strike on Iran

Abbas, Bush stress need for peace push

Labor Asks Livni for Stability

Mofaz: I'm not leaving my supporters

Palin: Israel is the Good Guy

Pentagon team in Israel for F-35 talks

IDF Army 'Punishes' Jews for Leadership's Lack of Response

Hamas Scorns List of Terrorists Israel Would Free for captured IDF soldier, Shalit



September 25, 2008


Biased Mainstream Media Reports Only Opposite The Truth

US finds emboldened Russia holding the cards

North Korea bars international inspectors from nuclear facility

Obama, McCain called to White House for financial crisis talks

Stock markets calmer as investors await bailout news

Russian strategic bombers patrol Caribbean

Rice Admits She Led High-Level White House Talks About Using Torture Techniques

Economic News

Bush issues direct appeal for support on bailout of financial system -- Full Text of Bush Speech

Bush holds Washington blame-free

Congress hits the panic button

McCain suspends campaign: Candidates head to Washington

Bush Says Warns Failure to Act Would Imperil Economy

Palin says US could face another Great Depression if Congress doesn't act on financial crisis

Obama sounds a populist tone on bailout: Blames Wall Street executives' 'greed and irresponsibility' for causing the financial crisis

Deal Grows Closer On Financial Bailout Package

Democrats claim Wall St. bailout breakthrough

The Economy: Key Signals Beyond the Bailout

Buffett Drove Hard Bargain With Goldman Sachs

Upheaval on Wall Street stirs anger in UN

Time for a gold Russian Rouble?

US 'no longer economic superpower': Germany's finance minister

Presidential Politics

Road to 270 electoral votes: Obama leads, but 8 tossup states hold the keys to White House

Obama rebuffs McCain's call to delay debate

Candidates sharpening their economic plans

Economic woes help give Barack Obama a slight lead over John McCain in poll

Sarah Palin received blessing from a Kenyan pastor in 2005 to keep her free from 'witchcraft' as she sought higher office

Palin rubs shoulders with foreign leaders in NYC

Poll finds 18 percent of voters are up for grabs: Economy key issue

Shame on you too, Barack Obama: The Truth Sleuths


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Soldier Who Grew Up In Shelton Killed In Iraq

Iraq gunmen launch deadly ambush: At least 20 killed

New shame for U.S. as soldiers accidentally shoot and kill Sunni leader in Iraq

Violence in Iraq down 80 percent - U.S. Defense Secretary Gates

Iraq resumes shipments of discounted oil to Jordan

Iraq paves way for long-delayed elections

Bush, Iraqi president thank the dwindling US-led coalition in Iraq


Israeli - Palestinian War

Minister Ayalon backs joining Livni government

Labor Now Willing to Join Livni Gov't; Waiting for Shas Party

Kadima court upholds primary vote

As Israelis head to Sinai for holidays, Barak nixes idea to close border

En route to another Intifada?

IDF Put on High Alert after Bomb Scare

Shin Bet Urges: Change law to prevent attacks by east J'lem Arabs

Israeli Police conduct massive raid against Umm el-Fahm crime family


Russia's move spells end of sanctions against Iran


September 24, 2008

Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind

Investors cheer international "shopping spree" by Japan banks

US Senate oks extending renewable energy tax credits

Russia engages in 'gangland' diplomacy as it sends warship to the Caribbean

Bush OKd strikes in Pakistan

Russia and China thwart Iran sanctions

UN needed more urgently than ever, says Bush

Economic News

Fed plows $30 billion in money markets overseas: In coordinated action with foreign central banks

Goldman Sachs Gets Buffett Aid in $7.5 Billion Fundraising

Stocks in Europe up on Buffett, British Energy deals

U.S. Stock Futures Rise on Buffett's Goldman Sachs Investment

Asia financials gain on Buffett Goldman move

Exec pay limits gain Congressional support as bailout questioned

The Bailout: Public Anger, Private Talks - "Behind the scenes a compromise appears to be in the works to rescue Wall Street"

President Bush tries to reassure United Nations amid economic crisis

FBI investigates four Wall Street firms over sub-prime meltdown

Presidential Politics

Iranian President Ahmadinejad says he is ready to meet US presidential candidates

Bill Clinton Says Americans Can Relate to the Palin Family - He can understand why Palin is so popular

Economic Fears Give Obama Clear Lead Over McCain in Poll

McCain, Obama grapple for advantage in financial turmoil

Young voters, solidly behind Obama, registering in droves

Did Palin Help McCain Among White Women? Obama’s problem with white men much bigger than that among white women

Palin To Meet With World Leaders At U.N.

Barack Obama tells running mate Joe Biden to keep quiet

Obama, McCain vie for N.Hampshire "swing" votes

Obama leads McCain slightly in four swing states

McCain takes a hit over his family's cars

Freddie Mac paid McCain aide’s firm

Ron Paul makes his presidential pick

Singer Clay Aiken to reveal he is gay

Let Pakistan's new president fight terror his way

Pakistan faces 'existential threat' from militants

Typhoon Hagupit sweeps HK, China, Vietnam

Israeli - Palestinian War

Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland Warns: Two-state solution 'untenable'

McCain 'Would Not Promote Israel-PA Talks'

Netanyahu calls on Livni to go to general elections: To stop trying to build coalition

Labor Now Willing to Join Livni Gov't; Waiting for Shas Party

Aaron Abramovich likely to lead Livni's inner circle

Mofaz to return to politics after Rosh Hashana

Israel's pious Jewish press shuns photographs of Livni

Syrian troop build-up concerns Lebanon: Syria amassing its military forces on the northern Lebanese-Syrian border, alongside increased Syrian military activity

Sarah Palin - pro-Israel by default?

Palestinian effluent endangers underground water reservoirs

5 Palestinians die in Gaza border tunnel blasts

Gunman kills 9 at school in Finland, shoots self

Brand new push in Congress to prevent Shariah invasion: Bill intended to assure citizens they won't be governed by Islam

Democrats to Let Offshore Drilling Ban Expire: Conceding Defeat in Battle With GOP

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Shell, Iraq sign landmark natural gas deal

Jordan receives first Iraqi oil on new terms

Obama faces a tough question about Iraq

Iraqi officials: Blasts in Baghdad kill at least 3

U. S. forces target al-Qaida in Iraq

Awakening Councils in hiding as arrests on rise

Iraq government faces credibility test -U.S. general


September 23, 2008


Russia's Putin calls for changing the architecture of the international financial system

UN chief calls for global financial leadership

Iran's president blames Wall Street turmoil on U.S. 'military engagement'

New realities in the Strait of Hormuz

Bush, Zardari to discuss US incursions in Pakistan

Devastated: Inside The Islamabad Marriott

Islamic Jihad praises Jerusalem attack

Iraq may execute MP for visiting Israel

Global Fascist Economy Taking Shape

Goldman, Morgan Stanley to become Fed regulated

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Search for Deposits: Regional Banks Are `Lunch'

Paulson Commits Trillions of Tax Payer Dollars to the Mother of All Bailouts

Democrats Work With Paulson on Rescue: Some Republicans Object

Markets remain on edge as investors seek safety

The unknown 20 trillion dollar company

What is Jeb Bush's role in the Lehman Brothers meltdown?

Stocks, oil fall; eyes on Paulson

Financial industry's campaign donations could help it in massive bailout plan

Shooting attack hits Finnish school


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Driver rams Israeli troops in Jerusalem, injuring 13

'He drove towards group at top speed'

President Peres entrusts Livni with forming gov't

Livni's chore of building a coalition: tough, not impossible

Defense Minister/Labor Party Leader Barak inching closer to joining government

Israel ranks 33rd in World Corruption Perceptions Index

Livni Calls on Netanyahu to Join Her Coalition

Netanyahu associates: Livni's pathetic

Milestones in Olmert's Prime Ministerial Career

Expert Says Israel is Under 'Media Occupation'

Palestinians headed to civil war: All signs show that a bloody Hamas-Fatah confrontation will come soon

Presidential Politics

What Palin defenders see

McCain campaign on easy street in Arizona

McCain's Boomerang Problem

McCain playing the race card

Where Election Fault Lines Run House by House

McCain leads Obama 51-41 in rural contests: poll

Obama, McCain continue jabs over economy

Wall Street shockwaves buoy Barack Obama’s campaign

McCain and Obama Supporters Largely Agree on Approaches to Energy, Climate Change

Anti-McCain ad 'terrible' : Obama's VP pick Biden admits

Schedule of presidential debates

On debate night, who'll be master of low expectations?

John and Cindy McCain: Cars aplenty

The gloves are off in Pakistan




September 22, 2008


Toward Fascist Economy

Fed Allows Goldman, Morgan Stanley to Become Banks

SEC Chairman Cox `Asleep at Switch' as Paulson, Bernanke Encroach

Wall Street Is Licking Its Chops at the Bush Team's Multi-Hundred Billion Dollar Giveaway Plan

Half A Trillion Dollar Bailout - For The CREATORS of The Current Market Crisis!

U.S. Widens Scope of Bad-Debt Plan Beyond Home Loans - Going well beyond the current $700 Billion

Fannie, Freddie Subprime Spree May Add $100 Billion to Bailout

Dollar May Get `Crushed' as Traders Weigh Up Bailout

Fed Summons 14 Banks to Discuss Credit-Derivatives Controls

It's The Derivatives, Stupid! Why Fannie, Freddie and AIG Had To Be Bailed Out

Risks seen for U.S. as it freezes out Russia: In retaliation for Georgia invasion

Pakistan blast toll rises to 53

John McCain boldly slams President Bush for Wall Street meltdown

Ruling party picks outspoken Taro Aso to be Japan PM

Galveston area remains dangerous in Ike's wake

US lawmakers vote to end 26-year ban on offshore drilling

Iranian president vows to outline nuclear activities in UN meeting

Iran vows to block any attack

Presidential Politics

McCain, Obama rip Wall St. excess but their own economic plans are budget-busters

McCain's favorable rating in Michigan falls

Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits

Palin energizes California Republicans

Gov. Palin more a token than a feminist

Palin stance on family issues divides women

Looks like John McCain is McChanging his tune

Obama outraises and outspends McCain

Left to Right: Donald Trump, Barack Obama

So much for a 50-state Obama campaign. Now down to 46 max

Poll: Racial prejudices steer some white Democrats away from Obama

Behold A Pale Horse

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Toll mounts in "Pakistan's 9/11"

Pakistan blast toll rises to 53: 2 U.S. service members among the dead

Dinner plans save Pakistan's rulers from hotel bomb attack

Pakistani government pressured in terror fight

Hotel blast 'biggest attack' in 7 years for Pakistan

Pakistan hotel bomb halts British Airways flights

Pakistan hunts Al-Qaeda cell after hotel blast

Australian PM says to stand 'united' with Pakistani gov't

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

U.S. Military Charges: Iraqis trained by Iran for assassination coming home

Iraq media union boss survives bomb attack

US air strike kills eight civilians in Iraq

Iraq officials angry after U.S. troops kill civilians during raid

McCain says Obama acting more like politician than leader on economy, Iraq

Iraq Kurds blamed for delay in oil law

Oil means more battles in the greater Middle East

Iraqi's warmth to Israel exacts a heavy price

Iraq seeks to revive "honeymoon island"


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert quits - Livni seeks coalition in Israel

Tzipi Livni: Israel's 'Ms Clean'

Israel's two main parties agree to cooperate in forming new gov't

Obama pays tribute to Olmert, looks forward to working with successor

Arab media divided over Tzipi Livni

Right-wing parties demand elections

Too Bad, Ehud: Jewish Editorial

South Africa's Mbeki resigns afer power struggle



Saturday-Sunday, September 20-21, 2008


Free Markets Seized By U.S. Government!

U.S. offers to insure money market mutual funds

Lehman Moved $8 Billion In Cash Fast

Democrats Seek to Add Subprime Relief to Paulson's Rescue Plan

Why does the US think it can win in Afghanistan?

Is 'Palin Effect' already wearing thin?

45,000 given go-ahead to return to Galveston

Russia, China, Germany reject US evidence of Iran's covert nuke program

Ten Russian warships have docked at Syrian port

Pakistan Won't Tolerate Breach of Sovereignty in Terrorism Fight

Economic News

Hey U.S., welcome to the Third World! It's been a quick slide from economic superpower to economic basket case

India's Stocks Gain the Most in Two Months on U.S. Bank Bailout

Reliance Industries Starts Oil Output at Indian Offshore Field

Lehman Wins U.S. Court Approval for Sale to Barclays

Ameribank Becomes 12th Bank Failure This Year

GM Taps Remaining $3.5 Billion in Credit Line to Shore Up Cash

How Your Money-Market Fund Just Got Safer

SEC Forces Hedge Funds to Swear Oath in Probe of Manipulation

U.S. government should bail out of bailouts

Opposition to same-sex marriage ban grows

Presidential Politics

White women, no way: Once pro-Obama, but now swoon for McPalin? (Liberal Viewpoint)

Polls Show Palin Is Starting to Drag Down McCain

Obama, McCain shift election talk to economy

Todd and Sarah Palin unchallenged in Fox interviews

Presenting science questions to John McCain and Barack Obama

Investigator: Palin probe to end before election

Palin Suggests Trooper Probe Tainted By ‘Obsessive Partisanship’

Todd Palin thumbs his nose at the law

Gingrich to Biden: You're a 'socialist'

Cartoon mocks Palin's faith: Artist depicts God cursing 'right wing politician' for speaking in tongues


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF, Border police thwart terrorist attack near Yitzhar

Settlers slam 'IDF failure' to protect civilians

Livni’s limited mandate

Livni launches coalition talks

Livni reaches out to Meretz: Far-left party

Is rightist instinct wrong? Rightist instinct to oppose Tzipi Livni could backfire, push her deeper into the Left

Olmert, end this farce: Outgoing prime minister’s diplomatic moves lack public support, legitimacy

Palestinian's Abbas President: Lasting peace can be reached

'We've made no progress with Livni yet': Palestinian foreign affairs minister slams Israel's refusal to set timetable for peace talks as cause for stagnation

US closes Yemen embassy after al Qaeda attack kills sixteen

Judge overrules ATF, restores gun license

Christian magazine sold under the counter like porn




September 19, 2008


Bush Quips He Might Stay in Power

Livni likely to form coalition after clinching Kadima leadership: Would be Israel's second woman PM

Oil market collapse waiting to happen

Tough U.S. talk on Russia lacks action

Russia ratchets up US tensions with arms sales to Iran and Venezuela

Mullen Promise To Respect Pakistan Sovereignty Undermined by US Attack Only Hours Later

North Korea Reassembles Nuclear Reactor


Economic Turmoil

Stocks Soar Worldwide on Bank Bailout, Curb on Short Sales

Paulson, Bernanke Push New Proposal to Cleanse Balance Sheets

Fed and Treasury Offer to Work With Congress on Bailout Plan

Russia, China Lead Emerging Markets Rebound on Bank Rescues

Europe's Central Banks Offer Extra Funds to Ease Credit Squeeze

Economic meltdown returns initiative to Obama

Presidential Politics

Palin Hits Obama: “Not the Politics of Change”

Reckless Disregard: McCain and Palin's misplaced allegiance

Dozens of Obama supporters protest Palin/McCain ticket

Bill Says Don't Underestimate Sarah

Palin Selected As VP Pick Because She Is A Woman

Palin, not Obama, is more qualified

Solving the mystery of the missing McCain

Will McCain Waste Palin?

NY Iran protesters dump Palin

Companies can learn from hacking of Palin's e-mail


Israeli - Palestinian War

Livni likely to form coalition after clinching Kadima leadership - Would make her Israel's second woman prime minister

Livni Up Against Great Expectations

Livni's call for party unity backfires

Tzipi Livni is Israeli Prime Minister? Considered dovish compared to Mofaz

Mofaz supporters vow to stand by Livni

Livni regrets for Mofaz's decision to quit politics

Livni’s limited mandate: Tiny percentage of Israeli public voted for woman who may become our next PM

What would Sharon say? Former PM's advisor says Livni is not Sharon's successor, 'this is not what he hoped for'

West’s decline threatens us: Only fools fail to understand that a weak Western world is disastrous for Israel

IDF Demolishes Jewish Community Against Court Order

Iran plays the regional mediator

U.S.: 6 major countries to seek new sanctions against Iran

International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (I.C.E.J.): Indict Ahmadinejad for Threatening a Holocaust

Ahmadinejad sets pulses racing

OSCE reaches no consensus on more military monitors in Georgia



September 18, 2008


`Tectonic' Market Shift as Lehman Fails, Merrill Sold - Going to be "New World Financial Order"

Central Banks Offer Extra $180 Billion to Calm Money Markets

Israel: Mofaz Concedes Narrow Livni Victory

PM Olmert to Ignore Elections - Might not quit after all

U.S. influence drops as Maliki takes lead role: Iran's leverage grows

Secretary Rice to make 'significant' speech on Russia

Tie-ups slow supplies to Ike victims

Scientists exhume British diplomat to study Spanish flu


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

At least 10 dead in Baghdad attacks

7 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Chopper Crash in Iraq

Governor's assistant killed in northern Iraq

Lawyers for Blackwater guards seek to head off charges in deaths of Iraqi civilians

General Petraeus - genius or just lucky?

IRAQ: Confirmed cholera cases exceed 100

Pakistan: US did not warn of missile strike

US lawmakers promise close look at request for money to upgrade Pakistan F-16s

Bush administration puts Bolivia on drugs blacklist as ties plummet

Pact cools Bolivian crisis

Yemen: 16 dead in US Embassy attack

25 arrested over US embassy attack in Yemen

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel set for first female leader in 34 years - FM Livni wins Kadima vote

Israel's Livni now in battle for premiership

Shas Party hints at staying in gov't

PM Olmert in visit to Negev: I have no bitterness toward anyone

'Gaza a massive concentration camp'

Misguided 'Shooting Back' policy puts Palestinian kids in danger

Presidential Politics

Amid market turmoil, McCain turns to regulation: Has usually been anti-intervnetionist

Sarah Palin's email account hacked

Oldest US voter abroad backs McCain: She's 105, a lifelong Democrat, voting McCain, and she's not alone

Palin: Tina Fey's video impersonation of her was "spot on"

McCain camp calls Fey’s Palin portrayal ‘sexist’

Palin Derangement Syndrome: Obama's Worst Enemy?

Poll: Palin no lure to California independents

Biden says Wall Street woes awoke McCain to crisis

How Palin caught Obama off-guard

Why Obama acts like he's 10 points up in the polls.

Why Obama's not leading by a landslide

Economic Turmoil

`Tectonic' Market Shift as Lehman Fails, Merrill Sold - Going to be "New World Financial Order"

Central Banks Offer Extra $180 Billion to Calm Money Markets

Washington Mutual is for sale: Giant U.S. savings and loan beleaguered by mortgage losses

Wells Fargo Chairman eyes possible acquisitions

Finding Morgan Stanley a Suitor/Buyer

Amid market turmoil, McCain turns to regulation: Has usually been anti-intervnetionist









September 17, 2008


Fed Takes Control of AIG With $85 Billion Bailout

Asia stocks, oil rally on AIG rescue

US markets rally amid turmoil

Deeper Crisis Would Call for Global Solution

House passes bill allowing offshore drilling

16 dead in US embassy attack in Yemen

Grim scenes greet hurricane rescuers in hardest-hit areas

Nigeria oil station 'destroyed'

Economic Turmoil

AIG gets Fed rescue in form of $85 billion loan

After AIG rescue, Fed may find more at its door

Fed’s AIG Deal: Here There Be Dragons

Fed sets new rules for which financials get saved

Fed Invokes ‘Unusual and Exigent’ Clause — Again

Morgan Stanley weighing possible merger

Goldman posts worst quarter since going public: Goldman Sachs posts 71 percent drop in 3Q profit

Florida increasingly takes to McCain's view on offshore drilling

Samsung's $6 billion bid for SanDisk is rejected

Pain at pump eases slightly


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Fingers crossed, Petraeus leaves fragile Iraq

Farewell General - but did you bring Iraq hope?

General Odierno replaces Petraeus as U.S. commander in Iraq

General Austin New #2 In Iraq

Bush's troop withdrawal modest because gains in Iraq are fragile

It's been a while since anyone mentioned civil war in Iraq

Iraqi police: Bombs kill 4

US and UK failing to monitor flood of arms into Iraq, Amnesty warns

Utah Army Reserve troops prepare for another Iraq deployment

Charges against Blackwater guards debated

House gives go-ahead to sue Iraq over torture in 1991 Gulf War

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan orders troops to open fire if US raids

Commander says many more US troops are needed soon in Afghanistan

Can the surge in Iraq work for Afghanistan?

Grenade attacks kill 8 on Mexico's national day: Suspected drug gang attack


Israeli - Palestinian War

Top party in Israel is picking a leader

Kadima primaries underway: Ruling party's 114 polling stations open nationwide

FM Livni visits Western Wall ahead of crucial vote

Israel postpones peace talks with Syria

Palestinian President Abbas wants his troops in Hebron

Nasrallah Gloats Over Olmert’s ‘Forget Greater Israel’ Speech

North American Jewish Students Protest Surrender of Israeli Land

World Bank Says Palestinian Authority Becoming Welfare State

U.S. to Sell Bunker-Busting Bombs to Israel

Joint Ambush Catches Two Terrorists in the Act: Terrorists were shot

Presidential Politics

Hillary Clinton blindsided by scheduled anti-Iran event with Palin

Wall Street turmoil changes campaign fortunes as Palin factor is devalued

McCain Laboring to Hit Right Note on the Economy

Obama Lays Out Economic Plans In Two-Minute TV Ad

Biden Labels McCain Attacks As "Republican Garbage"

Obama Has A Rabbi In The Family: Mostly black Jewish congregation on Chicago's Southwest Side

September 16, 2008


Federal Reserve added $50 billion in temporary reserves to the banking system: To ease financial crisis

Barclays Jumps Into Talks to Buy Lehman Securities Unit

Lehman Collapse Spurs Call for Central Credit Clearinghouse

Emerging-Market Stocks Tumble: Most in 11 years

Ex-oil chief calls for gas rationing - Government control


Economic Crisis

AIG Seeks Loan From Goldman, JPMorgan

JP Morgan Chase (Rockefeller/Rothschild) big winners after collapse--MEGABANK

Mean Street: Lehman Liquidates, Wall Street Gets Set to Make a Killing

Bank of America to Acquire Merrill as Crisis Deepens

U.S. Stocks Drop, S&P 500 Sinks Most Since 2001 Terror Attacks

Fed Adds Most Reserves Since 9/11

World policy makers try to calm markets

Surging Debt Makes U.S. More Dependent on China, Russia, Gulf States

Asian Stocks Extend Global Rout on AIG Downgrade; Banks Fall

Fannie, Freddie Takeover Diminishes Financing Options for Banks

Wall Street Crisis: Is this the death knell for derivatives?

China Cuts Fuel Imports as Domestic Supply Grows

Crude Oil Tumbles to $92

Texas Refiners, Producers May Take Weeks to Restore Output

Google may take its battle for global domination to the high seas with the launch of its own “computer navy”

U.S. Army's Totally Serious Mind-Control Project

5 former US state secretaries urge Iran talks: "Military options unsatisfactory"

Russia lines up with Syria, Iran against America and the West

Media restricted from covering Hurricane Ike’s devastation

"Obama donated to the Palestinian Liberation Organization"

Pakistani troops fire on US helicopters

North Waziristan Tribesmen Say They Are With Pakistani Army: Will defend against American attack

Five Blasts Put New Delhi on High Alert

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's PM Olmert Prepares for His Last Act

"Obama donated to the Palestinian Liberation Organization"

Mashaal's secretary assassinated in Syria: Hamas leader

IDF Intel Chief: Hizbullah Wants to Down an Israeli Plane

4 dead as Hamas, clan battle in Gaza City

Hizbullah, PA Terrorists Team Up in Egypt

Pro-Arabs Plan Cyprus-Gaza Sea Route: attempt to permanently break Israeli sovereignty over the Gaza coast

Mofaz Declares: Women as capable as men

The Covert War Against Iran That Israel Doesn't Talk About

Financial Crisis in America Threatens Israel's Stability

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Gen. David Petraeus leaves Iraq after 20 months

General Odierno takes charge of US forces in Iraq

Defense Secretary Gates arrives in Iraq to oversee command change

Gates foresees narrower, smaller US combat role in Iraq

U.S. officials warn against leaving Iraq forces on their own too soon

Female suicide bomber kills 20

General David Petraeus takes on Afghanistan

Presidential Politics

Obama Turns to Rubin, McCain Taps Feldstein for Financial Crisis Response

U.S. presidential candidates offer 2 approaches to Wall Street

McCain's bank 'crisis' ad is timely, gets it right

McCain Moves Fast on Financial Crisis, Calls Economy `Strong'

Get back to the nuts and bolts of fixing the economy

Obama accuses McCain campaign of 'lies and spin'


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