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September 1 -15, 2009
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How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds

CIA-Linked Intel Center Releases Highly Suspicious Bin Laden Tape

Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?

Russia Poised Again To Fight Georgia

Extremists vow revenge for deadly US special forces raid in Somalia

Russian military denies existence of new 'super-tank'


Fascist Global Economy Forming

President Obama to push sweeping banking overhaul

Obama warns Wall Street not to block tighter regulations

Lehman Collapse Anniversary: To be used by the President to force dramatically tighter government control over banking industry

GOP hope for 2010: Voters nervous about Obama spending


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Homeland Security tells businesses to quarantine sick workers

Swine Flu: H1N1 vaccine skepticism spreads among young parents

Small Businesses Urged to Prepare for Disruptions From Swine Flu

Swine Flu: Health-care workers often shun seasonal flu shots

Earlier Release Date Planned for H1N1 Vaccine: First week in October

Pneumonia Vaccine Could Help Stop Swine Flu

N.Y. Homes Raided in Terror Probe

Why Obama Can’t Win in Afghanistan

DeKalb, Illiniois, soldier dies of wounds from attack in Afghanistan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Anniversary of Creation Heralds Countdown to Jewish New Year

Poll: 59% of Americans support US aid to Israel if attacked

Palestinians skeptical over resumption of peacetalks with Israel

CFR's Mitchell hopes to wring concessions on settlements

No dramatic agreement with US expected from meeting between PM and Envoy Mitchell

Stop Netanyahu Now: Prime minister will keep saying ‘Yes’ to US unless Likud stops him

US to Call Arab Bluff and Force Abbas to Talk

Western 'Intel-sharing stems arms-flow to Gaza'

'We are carefully monitoring southern Lebanon': IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi

Secretary of State Clinton to visit Israel for American-Israeli strategic dialogue

'Jews harvesting Algerian kids' organs': Blood libel story gaining momentum on mainstream Arab and Muslim Web sites

Jewish ‘Nakba’ Marks 16 Years since Oslo Accords

Archives: "Proofs of A Conspiracy! From 1917 to 1992 to 2007, Israel Has Been Planning To Give The Palestinians A State Carved Out of Biblical Israel!"


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Bush shoe attacker journalist released

Iraq shoe thrower 'was tortured'

US warns against forgetting Iraq

Deadly Kirkuk blast 'a mistake'

Ancient Persia (Iran) In The News

EU: Meeting on Iran nuclear issue likely in Turkey

Iran: Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none

US top diplomat will attend talks with Iran: US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns

Obama’s New Iran Strategy

U.S. to hold talks with Iran with cliché mentality

U.S. eyes "united front" against Iran's nuclear issue

US uneasy over Russo-Venezuelan arms deal

September 14, 2009


Freemasonry In The News

President Barack Obama dismisses 'you lie' outburst by Joe WilsonHon. Joe Wilson Recieves 2008 Freemasonry's 'Medal of Freedom'

Mystical Sites – U.S. Capitol - Government Center

Take a Tour of Masonic Washington: What Does It All Mean? (Official Version)

"Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C." video expertly guides you through the occult symbolism of "Masonic Washington", but with the truth. 33rd Mason, Brent Morris -- mentioned in the above Washington Post article, is prominently featured in "Riddles In Stone".

Freemasons look to build presence at George Washington University

Swine Flu Shots to Start in Three Weeks as U.S. Cases Spread

President Obama extends 9/11 national emergency

Selling Death: Wall Street’s Newest Bubble

Russians Claim Israel Will Attack Iran

CFR's Gates rules out Iran attack

Obama 'clones' Bush in killing sovereignty: You thought North American Union plan was dead, but Democrat brings it back

Ron Paul Has the Council on Foreign Relations Worried

Obama's speeches are the stampede GOP needs

EU Says Economy May Have Resumed Growth This Quarter

Eurozone is 'exiting recession'

Insiders sell like there's no tomorrow

'Tighter grip on economy needed' - Most people want their government to take more control over the regulation and running of national economies

Fixing the financial rules: Slow going in drive to further regulate banking industry

Obama school-'safety' chief: How to promote homosexuality - 'If Radical Right can succeed in portraying us as preying on children, we will lose'

Children as young as five to learn about masturbation and abortion under new UN guidelines

Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Vaccination Of 70 Percent Of US Population Could Control Swine Flu Pandemic

Humans May Give Swine Flu To Pigs In New Twist To Pandemic

Iran schools preparing to counter swine flu

San Diego Sheriff sets up acoustic weapon at townhall meeting: For crowd control - "Long-range acoustic devices [LRADs] for crowd control can be extremely dangerous"

Iran's Talks With Powers to Start In Early October

Dead or Alive? Osama bin Laden: A Marketing Tool for US-NATO Military Operations

New Bin Laden Tape Calls Obama Powerless to Stop Afghanistan War

Taliban Show U.S. Who Owns Afghanistan


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel PM rules out complete settlement freeze

US Envoy Mitchell Back in Israel to Push Peace Efforts

EU sources: Terms set for renewal of Israel-PA talks

Bin Laden: "US Must eliminate the Israel Lobby to end war"

Lebanon, Israel Trade Rocket Fire

Netanyahu: Israel won't hold back when attacked

Militant group claims rocket attacks on Israel

Israel's Peres leaves hospital after fainting scare

Saturday-Sunday, September 12-13, 2009


9/11 Anniversary - Eight Years Later


Fifty questions on 9/11

51st Question: Explain how 1995 'Illuminati Card Game' could show Twin Towers and Pentagon under attack?

9/11 panic on Potomac: Fuels fear

Sept. 11 Attacks Remembered

Obama's First 9/11 As President

On anniversary, stock market closes at exact 9/11 level - Eerie coincidence or coded Wall Street tribute?

Russia Today: Stop 9/11 Cover-up

Even 9/11 Commission Members Doubt Official Story

Today's News

Conservatives From Across the Country Arrive in Washington for Tea Party

US open to Iran's offer of talks

US, Other Major Powers Propose Early Meeting with Iran

'You Lie!' Jars Washington but Resonates Back Home

Seoul Not Opposed to US - North Korea Direct Talks

Obama makes healthcare pitch to the insured - Text

Census Data: Rate of Uninsured Children Reaches Two Decade Low


Anti-Abortion Activist Gunned Down Outside Michigan High School

Police: Shooting suspect offended by anti-abortion material

Victim felt protests were Christian duty

Abortion Foe Gunned Down: A 'George Tiller' for Pro-Lifers?

Anti-abortion activist didn't deserve to die


A mighty ACORN falls

Venezuela bought Russian arms, Chavez says as trip concludes

50 things that are being killed by the internet

Many New American Citizens Are Foreign-Born Members of US Military


Fascist Global Economy Forming

President Sides With USW, Sets New China Duties - Chinese-made made tires have disrupted the U.S. market and cost jobs

China Blasts U.S. Tire Duties As Protectionist Blow

U.S. tariff decision on Chinese tires comes at huge price

3 more down: Bank failure tally hits 92

GM Offers Money-Back Guarantee: Carmaker hopes to restore lost consumer confidence

GM cars: No refund needed - mostly - GM has much to be proud of. The company has indeed produced cars that can compete with the rest of the industry

GM's money-back offer shows guts, not anxiety

Congress playing with toymakers' livelihoods: Small businesses struggle to comply with testing while big companies get a pass


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

WHO: School closure can slow down spread of A/H1N1 virus

Single-Dose Vaccine Appears to Work: Official Study

You can lead Americans to a flu shot, but you can't make them actually take it

H1N1 could peak early, study suggests

H1N1 vaccine will arrive too late, scientists warn

Will Illegal Immigrants Get Insurance Coverage with Health Reform?

Democrats raise money off 'You lie' outburst: 'We will not stand for our president to be called a liar in front of the nation'

House Will Vote on 'Disapproval' of Joe Wilson Comments

Contributions pour in for Wilson and Miller: TWO WORDS = $2 MILLION


Iraq War Not Over Yet

3 Killed in Twin Bombings in Iraqi Capital: 22 injured

Gunmen kill five Iraqi soldiers in drive-by shooting

Suicide Truck Bomb Kills 23 in Northern Iraq

Envoy Says US on Track for 2010 Combat Force Withdrawal from Iraq

Afghan War Draws Comparisons to Vietnam War

Appeals court dismisses Abu Ghraib torture lawsuit

Rioters at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison set fires, attack guards to demand better conditions

Iraq says Syria must show will to stop militants

US ambassador tries to allay fears about Iranian dissidents in Iraq

US wants Iran-Iraq confrontation: Iranian Defense Minister Vahidi


Israeli - Palestinian War

Lebanon, Israel Trade Rocket Fire

Lebanon-Israel border 'calm' after rocketing: UNIFIL

Envoy Mitchell heads to Israel, other Mideast nations

Tough Love For Israel?

Normalization with Israel a stab in the back of Palestine - Arab Viewpoint

Papers slam Netanyahu mysteriously secret trip 'lies'

'Missing' Netanyahu Made Secret Trip to Russia - A deputy prime minister confirmed

Maybe PM didn't go to Russia after all? Details don't add up

Terrorism: Hamas seeks new doctrine after Gaza War failures

'Egypt, Israel to reveal understandings'

Fatah backs Egypt's plan for 'unity' with Hamas

Iran's defense minister claims: Nuclear weapons are against our religion

Russia's Putin: We have no reason to doubt Iran - warned against the use of force or new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program

Senate Armed Services Chairman: No More U.S. Troops to Afghanistan

Marine from Gaffney, S.C. dies of Afghan war wounds

What does Pelosi know about Obama's eligibility?

Sen. James Inhofe: An Obama citizenship lawsuit would take too long

All 'U.S. Americans' must see birth-certificate DVD

September 11, 2009

Coast Guard fires on boat in Potomac River in Washington

Coast Guard Blames Media For Potomac Mishap: 'Routine Exercise' Sparks Questions

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs chastised CNN Friday morning for its reporting on a Coast Guard training exercise on .... the Potomac River

Consumer sentiment improves, inventories drop

President Caught In Lies?

Top 5 lies from Obama's speech to Congress

The calls have literally run 3:1 in favor of Joe Wilson

Liberal Outrage over Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst isn't dying down

Did Obama in fact “lie” ? - According to analyses by the Congressional Budget Offices “H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitizens – whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently – participating in the Exchange.”

Other News


US and Russia diverge over Iran

US rejects Iran's offer of talks

US campers developed drug-resistant flu: report

Why the Obama Administration Will Implode In Weeks

ACORN Outdoes Itself : Helps set up a supposed brothel


Obama's health care speech doesn't end fight

How would Obama's proposed spending 'trigger' work?

Obama's healthcare speech helps unify Democrats

Republicans to Obama: Here Are Our Health Plans

ObamaCare is too good to be true

White House Resists Offering Details on Financing Health Plan

A Clear Signal on Total Cost, Less Clarity on How to Pay

Government Already Becoming Health Insurer for More People

U.S. Stock-Index Futures Gain

U.S. Economic Growth to Slow as Car Rebates End


Remembering The Attacks of 9/11

Illuminati Card Game Predicted Targets of the Attacks In 1995

Obama observing moment of silence for 9/11 victims

Do you remember where you were on 9-11??

September 11 attacks remembered: Official story


Fascist Global Economy Forming

White House Reports Stimulus Saved One Million Jobs

Obama to deliver speech in N.Y. on financial crisis

The Myth of Job Creation

Germany does not expect EU to upend Opel deal

U.S. government nervous about stimulus fraud, scams

Stock index futures point to higher open

Asian, European Stocks Advance, Led by China; Dollar Declines

Short Stocks: Bets against Ford ease in August on clunker sales

CSL says swine flu vaccine protects with one dose

Is swine flu an investment opportunity?


Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu mystery trip sets off flap in Israel

Israel Prepares for the Next Round

PM and Mitchell to discuss Palestinian talks

PM: We will not be taken for fools

Palestinian FM warns Arab states against normalization ties with Israel

Egypt, Jordan Join Arab League in Resisting Normalization with Israel

Fatah backs Egypt's plan for 'unity'

Hamas Escalates Attacks on IDF, Threatens ’Fire and Iron’

Israel honours Entebbe rescue operation

Israel pushes ahead with East Jerusalem building


Non-Functioning Gap - Iran (Ancient Persia)

French General: Military strike on Iran too risky

Russian Report: Netanyahu may be planning attack

Military Action May Not Halt Regional Nuclear Proliferation

Calls for Palestinian Talks, UN Reform in Atomic Proposal

US shifting Iran policy toward sanctions

Iran nuclear proposal rejected: Russia dismisses sanctions

Iran's proposal fails to address American "greatest concern"

IAEA’s ElBaradei knocks heads together on Iran

IAEA nations, but not Israel, fete El Baradei in sendoff

Iran's President Ahmadinejad to be barred from NY event

Lebanese PM-designate steps down from forming cabinet

Spate of explosions in Iraq chills worsened stability

September 10, 2009

President Obama Addresses Congress

Mr. Obama's Prescriptions: The president offers more specifics on health reform but still leaves key questions unanswered

Barack Obama's health-care speech: What he said, what he meant

A Bipartisan Plan to Wreck the System: The health-care address President Obama should really give to Congress

Before Obama Speech, Baucus Says 'Public Option' Cannot Pass Senate

Sen. Baucus Presses Forward with Health Bill

GOP rejects 'trigger' compromise

Poll: Public Disapproval of 'Obamacare' Jumps to 52 Percent

Lawmakers react along party lines to Obama remarks

Jewish Rabbi Ovadia: Messiah will rule Sephardic-style

McClatchy Announces Financial New World Order

Afghanistan by the numbers: 8-Year Black Hole

U.S. Braces for Long Flu Season

'Gay' man sues Bible publisher for 'mental anguish'


Israeli - Palestinian War

'Bibi agreed to return Golan in 1998'

PM admitted: He misled public about his day-long disappearance from public view earlier this week.

Israeli High Court: Destroy illegal Palestinian homes

Likud rally against settlement freeze fizzles

Deputy PM Silvan Shalom Insists on Jewish Growth in Territories

Right of Reply: Netanyahu doesn't have to say a word to defeat Obama on Palestinian State

Poll: Livni and Kadima Sink, Likud Stronger

IDF Troops know where to draw the line: Cannot fire on Palestinians unless their life is threatened

IDF "Conquers" Downtown Jerusalem: Downtown Jerusalem filled with military vehicles, weaponry and soldiers this week

Poll reveals most Israelis have forgiven Germany for Hitler's Holocaust


Non-Functioning Gap - Iran (Ancient Persia)

New US spy report verifies Iran stance: US spy agencies have recently concluded that Iran has deliberately not taken the critical steps to make a bomb, despite having produced enough nuclear fuel

80% of Europe Against Iran Strike

Iran steps up to the nuclear table: Submitted Tehran's new proposals to representatives of the "Iran Six" nations

ElBaradei wants Iran to accept US offer for talks

Europe skeptical on Obama's Afghan, Iran policy

US Jews push Obama to act on Iran


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

CDC Says Most Won't Need Drugs for Flu: "The majority of adolescents and adults and most children won't need antiviral treatment and can be cared for with Mom's chicken soup at home."

H1N1 flu shots give pregnant women pause

Swine Flu infects cells deep in lungs: study

Swine Flu summit pushes prevention

Most U.S. campuses already reporting flu-like sicknesses

US throws down aluminum gauntlet

Iraqi PM Maliki hangs tough on Syria

Obama presents 'nativity myth' to schoolkids: Evidence shows mother actually left days after president born

Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up

Mr. Roff, 9/11 Truthers Are No “Fringe” Movement

"Challenge Me On The Facts” – How Charlie Sheen Energized The 9/11 Truth Movement


Fascist Global Economy Forming

McClatchy Announces Financial New World Order

Patriots to storm Washington, target out-of-control spending: Swarm capitol, launch massive tea party

Banks Face Loss of Debt Guarantee

Auto Makers Unlikely To Repay Federal Loans Fully

Forbes Reports the Dollar Has Collapsed

New Headline News Article

"Genetic Genocide: Annihilating Entire Races of People - The Prophetic Future of the World!"

Subtitle: "... scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races" (Defense Secretary William Cohen, addressing the Conference on Terrorism, "Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
Sam Nunn Policy Forum"
, on 4/28/1997)



September 9, 2009



Mass Vaccination Hubs Are Part of D.C. Swine Flu Plan

CDC Says Most Won't Need Drugs for Flu

Al-Qaeda Targeting Germany for 'Next 9/11' - Within Weeks

Sotomayor takes oath, seat on Supreme Court bench

Campaign finance, other cases before US top court

What's at stake in Obama healthcare speech today

U.S. climate bill high on Obama's agenda

Shocker! Judge orders trial on eligibility issue: Arguments planned Jan. 11 for major Obama challenge

Venezuela's Chavez says hopes can work with Obama

Chavez foes struggle in face of clampdown


Obama's Health Care

Obama's big push tonight for health care plan

Obama must speak with specifics in health care address

Clinton's 1993 Health Care Speech Had Little Impact

Obama's Uphill Battle on Healthcare, Economy

President Obama will Pay Lip Service to the Public Option in his Congress Speech, and Scrap it Later

Plan in Congress proposes fines up to $3,800 for Americans who don't buy health insurance

Congress seeks healthcare deal before Obama speech

President Obama says 'sin tax' on sodas is food for thought

Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

CDC Says Most Won't Need Drugs for Flu

Fighting Flu Without Big Gun : White House Pushes Hygiene Advice to Slow Spread of H1N1 in Absence of Vaccine

The word on flu: It's everywhere and spreading

Egypt Orders 5 Mln Doses of Swine Flu Vaccine

3 more swine flu deaths take India's toll to 138

Spain to start vaccination tests for A/H1N1 virus

Nearly 450 new A/H1N1 flu cases confirmed in Europe

Hong Kong reports 504 new cases of A/H1N1 flu

Macao's A/H1N1 confirmed cases rise to 1,435

China issues world's 1st warrant for H1N1 flu vaccination

Confirmed flu cases reported in all regions of Chinese mainland

Obama's back-to-school speech inspires some kids

Not all students heard the president's encouraging words

Court OKs barring religious tunes at graduation

NYT Reporter Freed; Colleague Killed in Afghanistan

World Wildlife Fund 'appalled' by tasteless 9/11 terror ad

Moody's Says Triple-A Soverign Debt Ratings for U.S., U.K. Not at Risk

Israeli - Palestinian War

Was Netanyahu's military installation tour secret trip to Russia?

US: ‘Secret’ Obama Plan for PA State is ‘Nonsense”

Secret 1993 IDF Report Warned: Oslo Accords Will Lead to Rockets on Ashkelon

Hamas, Fatah set to reconcile by 2010

Israel-Europe relations strained under Netanyahu

Israel's 455 new settler homes appease Netanyahu allies

Former PM Olmert defends Disengagement from the Gaza Strip

Venezuela's Chavez accuses Israel of genocide against Palestinians

Rights Group Charges: Israeli offensive in Gaza killed mostly civilians

Russian Foreign Minister: No S-300 anti-aircraft missiles on hijacked ship

Israel hits back over Swedish organ harvesting article

Why did Lieberman really go to Africa? Editorial

September 8, 2009


Downwind Airflow Maps Of US Depleted Uranium War On Afghanistan

Massachusetts School Nurse Organization wants Martial Law

UN Says New Global Currency Is Needed to Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’

Bombs Across Iraq Kill 18

Suicide Bomb Blast Kills 3 at Airport in Afghan Capital

Palestinian Fayyad: We need to will Palestinian state

Joe Kennedy says no, and Senate race is on

Dems pin health reform hopes on Obama's speech

Its recess over, Congress has hands full


Obama's Health Care

'It's time to act and get this thing done,' fiery Obama says of health plan

Obama's Health Care Test: quiet right, win left

SPIN METER: Once Medicare's foe, GOP now boosts it

Has Barack Obama misused the House?

Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Wall Street pins hopes on life insurance bundles: "The earlier the policyholder dies, the bigger the return" - Have to first sign up a bunch of people and then get them to die soon!

Swine Flu Relatively Mild So Far, Despite Hype

China faces grim situation as H1N1 escalates-minister

"It’s The Vaccines Stupid!": Part I: Evidence Linking Autism Rise in Children to Vaccinations

Risks of the Swine Flu Vaccine

H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Iowa Contemplates "Forced Confinement" in a "Quarantine Facility"

Massachusetts Health Bill Would Allow Warrentless Arrests, Quarantines

Dubai Nurseries shut down as a precautionary measure against H1N1 virus

3 swine flu deaths reported in Saudi Arabia

Van Jones resigns: President Obama's green adviser quits in 9/11 flap, comments about Republicans

Why some Van Jones friends are happy about exit: 'Progressive' says his voice will be bigger than ever

To succeed, President Obama needs to do absolutely nothing: Editorial

Emerging market stocks breach pre-Lehman high

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel OKs hundreds of new West Bank apartments

Settlement permits placate Israeli hawks

Arabs wave to close normalizing ties door with Israel over settlement issue

The rise of Israel's military rabbis

Israeli Military Police begin probing Gaza 'white-flag' deaths

The U.N.'s New Censor : The next head of Unesco has an anti-Israel record that speaks for itself

Sweden FM cancels Israel trip amid 'organ harvesting' row

PM Netanyahu to leave for Egypt next week: To discuss Shalit deal, jumpstarting peace talks and Arab League chief Moussa's recent comments against normalization of ties with Israel

IAEA calls for cooperation on regional nuclear issues

Defense Secretary 'Arab world should arm against Iran'

Venezuelan President ready to export gasoline to Iran

Pakistan's opposition leader calls for Musharraf's trial


New Headline News Article

"Genetic Genocide: Annihilating Entire Races of People - The Prophetic Future of the World!"

Subtitle: "... scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races" (Defense Secretary William Cohen, addressing the Conference on Terrorism, "Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
Sam Nunn Policy Forum"
, on 4/28/1997)

Panic in D.C.? Justice urges Obama birth suit be tossed

Court document swears Kenyan birth cert legit: Owner risks perjury in high-profile case to insist Barack Obama born in Africa

Government warns even real birth certificates aren't proof: 'A number of state practices create opportunities for fraud'

Obama is fast losing white voters' support

Prepared text of Obama's speech to school students today

Obama to tell students to take personal responsibility

Backlash: 'This is Marxist propaganda'

Indian River schools alone on Treasure Coast in not allowing schools to air Obama's live address to students

CNN’s Roland Martin Says Opposition to Obama’s School Speech Is ‘Largely White’


September 7, 2009


New Headline News Article

"Genetic Genocide: Annihilating Entire Races of People - The Prophetic Future of the World!"

Subtitle: "... scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races" (Defense Secretary William Cohen, addressing the Conference on Terrorism, "Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
Sam Nunn Policy Forum"
, on 4/28/1997)

Former High-Ranking Intelligence Officer: Cheney Responsible For 9/11

Hunt is on for more ammunition in U.S.: Supply can't keep up with demand, a trend that began after election

Obama Marks Labor Day With Address Before Cincinnati AFL-CIO

Obama is fast losing white voters' support

Confronting Russia? U.S. Marines In The Caucasus

Geithner: Stimulus efforts to continue until economic 'recovery in place'

Van Jones Resigns as Obama Aide, Citing ‘Vicious Smear Campaign’

Controversy over fiery remarks fells Obama adviser

Obama did not order Van Jones' resignation: Adviser

White House Mum as Beck-Boycotting Czar Resigns

Progressives decry resignation of Van Jones

Van Jones and Obama’s School Speech


Obama's Health Care

Obamacare is a Eugenics Program

Health care reform means more power for the IRS

Public Option Not Vital to Health Reform: Teamsters’ President Hoffa

Obama set to make final healthcare push

Analysis: More wrangling could doom health care

Government Insurance 'Trigger' Draws Bipartisan Criticism in Health Care Debate

Liberals push Obama for health care public option

White House Press Secretary Gibbs Calls Public Option a 'Valuable Tool'

Small businesses back overhaul of health care

Some Catholic bishops question gov't health care


Swine Flu Panic/Propaganda

Swine Flu Relatively Mild So Far, Despite Hype

"It’s The Vaccines Stupid!": Part I: Evidence Linking Autism Rise in Children to Vaccinations

Risks of the Swine Flu Vaccine

H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Iowa Contemplates "Forced Confinement" in a "Quarantine Facility"

Massachusetts Health Bill Would Allow Warrentless Arrests, Quarantines

Those at 'risk' get vaccine first

Obama Says Rule Changes Will Make Retirement Savings Easier


Fascist Global Economy Forming

G-20 Sets Broad Bank Pact

Asian Stocks Extend Rally On Market Support By Beijing

World Stock Markets Rally After G-20 Meeting and U.S. Jobs Report

Deceitful Messages Coming Out Of Friday’s G-20 Meeting

Honda to Launch U.S. Battery Car - All Electric

Luck runs out on Vegas boom


Gates Open to Troop Increase in Afghanistan as More Civilians Die and Americans Oppose Occupation

Should Obama go 'all in' on Afghanistan?

U.S. to boost combat force in Afghanistan: Support units will be replaced by up to 14,000 'trigger-pullers

Ship 'hijacked' near U.K. carried Russian missiles for Iran

'Hijackers' of Arctic Sea ghost ship

Mexico water shortage becomes crisis amid drought


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq - Sunday 6 September 2009

Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 8 in Western Iraq

Gunmen Kill 5 in Mosul Shootings

4 Iraqis Sentenced to Death for Bank Robbery

August Was Bloodiest Month for Iraqis in Past Year

Hundreds of Arabs protest against proposed US-Iraq-Kurd force

Baghdad warns neighbors, airs militants' confessions on TV

Partial Iraq Withdrawal Could Save $1.1 trillion

Five Life Terms Given to Soldier in Iraq Rape

Body of British Iraq hostage arrives home

Israeli - Palestinian War

Poll: Israelis feel more secure

Defense Minister Barak approves 455 new housing units in W. Bank settlements

Hamas Leader says Israeli Settlement Proposal "Dangerous"

Israeli Cabinet Rejects Full Settlement Freeze

Poll: 66% support continuation of Jerusalem building

Netanyahu, it's time for a change of tack in gaining prisoner's release

High-Level Talks on Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap

Poll: Hamas approval rating extremely low

Iran ready to talk: But nuclear discussions 'off limits'

IAEA: We've reached stalemate with Iran

Iran says it has developed stealth missile interceptor system


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"Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

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"The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill"

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Science is catching up with the Bible! In this video, Pastor Michael Hoggard shows the amazing correlations between the Holy Bible and DNA, and how the Gospel message is literally encoded in our genetic structure.

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"The Occult In Christian Music"

"New Age, Rick Warren and the Great Falling Away"


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"Invasion - Satan's destruction of Biblical Authority"

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"Invasion Part 2 - Satan's War against or homes, our churches and our country - by Pastor Hoggard

DVD - "Holy Bible: Sure Word of Prophecy" - by Pastor Michael Hoggard


Are Christians to run from witches in fear, or should they make every effort to reach them for Jesus Christ? Indeed, we show how a Christian can use this information to reach a practicing witch with the saving Gospel! SEE THE TRAILER

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