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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

September 16-30, 2009
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US dollar set to be eclipsed: World Bank president

US 'to speed up Iraq withdrawal'

CDC reports widespread H1N1 influenza swine flu in half the nation

Holdren Proposes: Seize babies born to unwed women - Proposed government force adoption if mother refused to get abortion

3rd graders chant: Obama 'uniting blacks and whites'

Retired Officers Rally to Close Gitmo Prison

Paramilitary Force To Control Internment Camp In Montana

Remove God – and say goodbye to your rights

U.S. Senators to Unveil Draft Climate Bill


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. dollar seen caught in G20 meeting's crosshairs

Ford Begins Work on 3rd China Car Plant in Asia Push

Bank Of Japan Said to Consider Ending Corporate Debt Purchases As Recovery Takes Hold

World Bank Chief Leery of More Fed Power: Zoellick Suggests Treasury as Prime Financial Regulator

Asia Stocks Rise for Seventh Month on Economic Growth Optimism

IMF Cuts Forecast for Global Losses to $3.4 Trillion

Phone Calls Add to Controversy Over Loans: Congressional Investigators Ask for More on Countrywide VIP Mortgage Program

FDIC Asking Member Banks To Prepay Dues Through 2012

Tsunami smashes Pacific islands, over 100 feared dead

Obama wants nation’s children to spend more time in school: May curtail Summer break

'Safe schools' chief encouraged child sex with older man

Americans flunk public schools - Survey: 'Half of adults lack confidence in U.S. education'

Democratic Fundraiser Hsu Sentenced to 24 Years in Prison

Cheerleaders’ religious signs draw fire

Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran To Sit Down With Six World Powers In Geneva

Iran: Nuclear talks an opportunity

British intelligence believes Iran has resumed work on nuclear warhead


Iran built new nuclear site shielded from air attack

China, Iran and Sanctions: What's a Rising Power to Do?

Secret Iran Plant Gives U.S. Leverage in Geneva Talks

Israeli Expert: Americans Will "Recuperate" If An Attack On Iran Produces Terrorism Here

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Arab Strategists Are Using The West's Preoccupation With Iran's Nuclear Program As A Tool By Which They Can Force Israel To Give Up Her Nuclear Arms! Don't be surprised if Israel agrees to scrap her nuclear weapons. They are, after all, totally obsolete!

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom Should The World Really Fear?


Israeli - Palestinian War

UK court quashes Defense Secretary Barak arrest bid

Israel moves closer to freeing captive soldier

Can this trash: U.S. must stop Israel-bashing UN report in its tracks

Obama should back Goldstone report: Liberal viewpoint

Turkey to push U.N. for debate on Goldstone Gaza report

Star witness for UN's Goldstone Report: Israel spreads aphrodisiac chewing gum to Palestinian youth

'Christians vital for Middle East peace'

U.N. School Will Not Teach Gaza Students About Holocaust - After Hamas complained

New York terror plot suspect pleads not guilty, ordered held without bail

L.A. Times still conceals Obama terror video

Why Obama Bombed on Health Care: The public wasn't dumb enough to believe the public option would save money

Health Care Overhaul and Mandatory Coverage Stir States’ Rights Claims

More thorny challenges ahead for health overhaul

Sarah Palin finishes memoir, 'Going Rogue,' out Nov. 17

Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican

US panic at China's new ship killer



September 29, 2009


Facebook removes 'Should Obama be killed?' poll

Iran flexes muscle ahead of talks with major powers

US: Too Late to Stop Iran: "There was little left to be done about it"

Korean Peninsula's denuclearization depends on change of U.S. policy: North Korea

Consumer Confidence Up

Liberal Democrats Could Complicate Obama's Agenda

UN Climate Talks Open in Bangkok

Global Warming: Since People Are the Problem, Just Get Rid of Them

Swine Flu Propaganda

Canadian Province may suspend H1N1 flu shots after vaccine's safety questioned

Cervical cancer vaccinations suspended by NHS Trust after girl, 14, dies within hours of jab

Most parents won’t have kids get H1N1 flu shots

Landmine kills 2 U.S. servicemen in Philippines

Philippines braces for new storm as toll hits 246

Philippine defense chief calls for international aid in wake of storm


Iran (Ancient Persia)

Limited Options in Dealing with Iran

Think Cuban missile crisis

Ahmadinejad Flipping the finger to the West

For China, Iran uranium plant is no game changer

Iran to Set Time for Nuclear Inspections 'Soon'

Missile tests underscore the threat Iran poses in Mideast

White House Condemns Iranian Missile Tests

Iran missile tests set stage for talks

Expect a showdown with Iran over second nuclear site

Iran urges global nuclear disarmament

Iran MPs warn P5+1 not to repeat 'past mistakes'

Obama team clears 75 prisoners at Guantanamo for release

German Chancellor Plans New Coalition


Fascist Global Economy Forming

How Well Has The Federal Reserve Performed for America?

G20: No Return to 'Bad Old Days'

IMF to boost 2010 growth forecast

Street Report From the G20

Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20

World Bank chief says economic crisis remaking global power relations

Banker-Pay Limits May Hurt Most at Citigroup, Bank of America

U.S. dollar seen caught in G20 meeting's crosshairs

Oil Industry Gushes With New Finds

US drone attack kills three in Pakistan

Somalia: Al-Shabaab beheads 'CIA agents'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas agrees in principle to reconcile with Fatah

'Hizbullah had better intel than Israel'

Merkel win good for Israel: Considered a good friend to Israel

Palestinian "moderate" govt slams Israel on mosque

War crimes impunity impedes MidEast peace-Goldstone

PLO outlines three conditions for talks resumption with Israel

Syria calls on Israel to commit to Middle East free of WMD

Israel demands PA drop war crimes suit at The Hague

Israel marks 36th anniversary of Yom Kippur War

Gaddafi, Chavez sign anti-terror treaty


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Disunity Threatens Sunni Iraq

Iraqi security forces step up oil protection

Biden Says Military Is ‘Optimistic’ on Iraqi Readiness

Iraq Is Struggling to Buy Military Equipment


Afghanistan War: Vietnam Again?

Fears of Blame for Defeat Shadow Afghan War Meetings

U.S. policy in Afghanistan is based on Obama's flawed campaign promises

Hopeless is a Generous Term for the Situation in Afghanistan

Workers' Porn Surfing Rampant at Federal Agency: Cost to taxpayers, $58,000

Americans angrier than ever



September 28, 2009


Black Sea Crisis Deepens As Threat To Iran Grows

Iran 'to test long-range missile capable of hitting Israel'

Health 'Reform' Is Income Redistribution

World Bank says don't take dollar's place as international currency for granted

Leaders warn time running out for climate deal

4 degrees warming "likely" by 2050 without CO2 cuts-study (NOTE: Propaganda)

Bill Clinton Warns: 'Vast right-wing conspiracy' as 'virulent' as ever

Attorney: OKC bombing tapes appear edited

Secret footage specifies chaos minutes after the Oklahoma City bombing

Worst foreign policy ever: President Obama is tripping all over the world stage

Why can't Christians unite to change America's ways? Faithful can't agree on Bible, government's role, social responsibility

Germany's Merkel preparing for new government: Re-elected for second term

Is Merkel's big win a mixed blessing?


Super Nation #6 Forming

Honduras spurns OAS, vows to close Brazil embassy

Brazil says won't comply with Honduras ultimatum

Honduras rejects visiting OAS delegation

Honduras restricts liberties to prevent rebellion

Liby'a Gadhafi strengthens relationship with Venezuela's Chavez

Gates: Mistake to set Afghan withdrawal date - defeat in Afghanistan would be disastrous for U.S.

NATO not running from Afghanistan fight- NATO's Secretary-General Rasmussen

US commander offers troop options for Afghanistan

'Parts of ISI supporting Taliban, protecting Mullah'

NATO believes Karzai will win presidential vote

Civilians flee Taliban stronghold in NW Pakistan

Turkish diplomats cause scuffle around Obama in Manhatten: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was among those swept up in the confrontation

Numbers show cohabiting hurts the overall culture

ACORN sues Breitbart, loses IRS association

NBC Producer Accused of E-mailing Anti-ACORN Group 'Bite Me Jew Boy'


Swine Flu Propaganda

Forced Vaccine Prevention

Comprehend VeriChip’s Swine Flu Chip

Swine flu prompts changes to British Mental Health Act

The Swine Flu Conspiracy: Free Video - Very Revealing

'Diversity czar' takes heat over radical Liberal remarks

Dems block GOP demand for more time on Health Care costs

Heroin addiction spreads like wildfire in Russia: Drug has poured into the country from Afghanistan

Rare earths are vital, and China owns them all


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli riot police, Palestinians clash at Temple Mount holy site called Al Aqsa mosque

Arab officials condemn Aqsa raid

Sec/State Clinton urges Arabs to normalize Israel ties

Gaddafi urges 'one state solution'

Turkish PM reminds UN of failed promises given to Gaza

Israel, U.S. working to limit damage of Goldstone War Crimes report

Abbas at UN: Time is running out for peace

White House Chief of Staff Emanuel: Israel, Palestinians must take advantage of ‘unique moment’ for peace

Egypt says Israel lacks will for credible Mideast peace talks

World leaders focus on Iran, ignore Israel

Israel shuts down for Day of Atonement amid fears

Egyptian paper: Coins found bearing name of Joseph: Biblical patriarch ID'd in hieroglyphs, depiction of cow linked to pharoah's dream

Historic! 700,000 'pink slips' to Congress – in 3 days! Goal of 5 million likely be exceeded, say organizers of grass-roots campaign

Dozens of pastors challenge IRS rules: 'We need the government to get out of the pulpit'

More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation

Former NBA Star/Sports Show Host: Why Doesn't 'White America' Love Obama Anymore?

Obama to travel to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago's Olympic bid


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Stocks Climb on Takeovers; Affiliated Computer Surges

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Darling Targets Bank Bonuses

Abbott’s Purchase of Solvay Unit Expands Emerging Markets Sales


Saturday-Sunday, September 26-27, 2009


Does Last Year's Seasonal Flu Shot Double Chances Of Swine Flu This Year?

McChrystal's "Ground Truth": Need Half a Million Boots on the Ground In Afghanistan

New World Economic Order takes shape at G20

Palestinian state in 2 years gets qualified Quartet nod

Cops, deputies warned again about right-wing 'terrorists': 'Militiamen, white supremacists, anti-Semites, nativists, tax protesters coalescing'

N.J. Principal Unapologetic for Videotape of Kids Praising Obama

New Massachusetts Senator Kirk Pledges to Continue Friend Kennedy’s Battles


Iran (Ancient Persia)

Obama scores twin coups on Iran, global economy

Ahmadinejad blasts President Obama, Israel after U.S. exposes secret nuclear plant in Iran

Iran's sustained defiance

Iran offers US access to its N-experts

Iran regime 'weaker than people think': Netanyahu

Iran threatens oil transport route: Shutdown of Strait of Hormuz would risk military escalation

Archives: March 2007 - "All Signs Point To War With Iran"

Go All-In, Or Fold: In Afghanistan, Splitting the Difference May Be Obama's Most Dangerous Choice

McChrystal's "Ground Truth": Need Half a Million Boots on the Ground In Afghanistan

Obama not 'inclined' to beef up Afghan force: US lawmaker

Four U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan

Afghan civilian deaths hit record high in August

Five killed in suspected suicide attack in Pakistan


Swine Flu Propaganda

Does Last Year's Seasonal Flu Shot Double Chances Of Swine Flu?

The Swine Flu Conspiracy: Plan to Commit Mass Murder

Oct flu vaccination to be "a little bumpy": U.S.

1918 Spanish flu pandemic a stark precedent

CDC To Start Taking Orders For Swine Flu Vaccine Next Week

Swine Flu Virus Said To Be Not Mutating, Making Vaccine a Good Match: CDC assures

Parents Skeptical About Shot for Kids

Swine-flu false alarms crowd Houston area ERs

H1N1 Vaccine Heading to Poor Countries

You're the boss: Send a pink slip to Congress! Put every member on notice they work for you

500,000 'pink slips' on their way to Capitol already

G-20 Summit News

New World Economic Order takes shape at G20

Upbeat G20 takes new lead role on global economy

G-20 replaces G-8

G-20 Pledges to Curb Bank Pay, Align Economic Policy

Massive police presence in Pittsburgh takes fight out of protesters

United Against Iran, But What Now?

Pittsburgh Model Dramatizes Lessons for G-20 Summit: How Pittsburgh rose from economic collapse to 21st Century model of prosperity

Plans to audit Federal Reserve move forward: Chairman of House banking committee joins Ron Paul's plan

Denver Suspect May Have Intended Bombing New York

Three judges take a pass on trying terror suspect Najibullah Zazi's case

Muslim leaders challenged to repudiate terror

Somali advocate: Terrorists recruiting in Seattle


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israelis Say Iran Report Boosts Case for Hard Line

Abbas: Settlements destroying two-state dream

Peace Without Hamas?

Defense Minister Barak 'incensed, but not surprised' by Goldstone report

Netanyahu: Israel seeks peace with Palestinians

Rocket fired at Israel from Gaza

3 Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike in Gaza

Islamic Jihad vows to 'teach Israel a lesson'

Egyptian FM calls on Israel to join nuclear NPT

The IDF's new Yom Kippur challenges

Obama Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border

Leaders Damp Hope for Honduras Deal

Republican says Dems ignoring health care concerns

Gitmo may not be shut by Jan


September 25, 2009


G20 takes helm of world economy

G20 supplants G8 as crisis-fighting forum

Five U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan

Obama hails historic U.N. resolution to rid world of nuclear weapons

Obama’s remarks to the United Nations General Assembly

Oil Industry Sets a Brisk Pace of New Discoveries: Oil, oil everywhere

Iran tells IAEA it is building 2nd enrichment plant

Illinois man charged in plot to bomb federal offices


Zelaya rules out deal with Honduras coup leaders: Ousted president say terms offered by military-backed government are 'totally outside any possibility of agreement'

Ousted Honduran president charges: Israelis sent to kill me

US 'likely behind' failed Chavez coup in 2002: Former President Jimmy Carter

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu outmanoeuvres Obama?

Netanyahu to Try to Upstage Obama after ‘Occupation’ Speech

Israel's ambassador Oren hails PM's 'historic' UN speech

Analysis: Tripartite summit undermines Abbas

Abbas: We can't return to negotiations

Bibi, Abbas Concur: No Talks in Sight

Quartet keeps pressure on for Mideast peace talks

Does UN want peace or war? Instead of blasting Israel, world should focus on hateful Hamas propaganda

Supreme Court: Soldiers Not Required to Hide But May Take Defensive Action

Former PM Olmert in court on corruption charges: I’ll come out innocent

Jerusalem's Mayor Admits: Police Don't Dare Enter Eastern Jerusalem To Enforce The Law

Audio: Yom Kippur: Day of National Forgiveness

Secular-Friendly Yom Kippur Services


G20 Summit News

New World economic Order takes shape at G20

Obama to Announce Expansion of Global Cooperation

G20 under pressure to reform IMF

G20 agrees to phase out fossil fuel subsidies

G20 asks World Bank to create agriculture fund

Preamble of G20 draft statement

Greenpeace Takes Action At G-20 Summit

G20 to be told to consider salary clawbacks-Canada

Protesters break windows, clash with police at G20

U.S. charges Afghan-born man with bombing plot

GE signs Iran Business Declaration: Affirms it does not and will not do business in or with Islamic republic or other countries designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraq bomb disposal accident kills 11 soldiers

Three police gunned down in northern Iraq

Bombs kill 11 civilians in Iraq's capital, northern city on Wednesday

Iraq helicopter crash kills US soldier

US Soldier Charged in Murder of Contractor in Iraq

30,000 families displaced from Iraq's Nineveh since 2003 war

Iraqi Politicians Urge Cautious US Military Withdrawal

16 prisoners escape in northern Iraq

Baha Mousa inquiry: Iraqi civilian died after 'revenge abuse' in British military custody

UK lawyer says Iraq abuse hurt military's standing

DNO Shares Plunge On Iraq Kurdish Fallout

Over half of vets still waiting for G.I. Bill money

Anti-gay church wins round in court: Protest outside Marine's funeral called protected speech


Obama Czar Sunstein: Fetuses 'use' women, abortion limits 'troublesome'
Obama regulatory chief offers radical new interpretation of Constitution

Obama Science Czar Holdren: Sterilize welfare recipients

Sunstein: Force broadcasters to air 'diversity' ads

Diversity Czar : Whites must 'step down' - Obama appointee declares positions of power should go to 'people of color, gays'

September 24, 2009


US Lawmakers ask for 72 hrs to Read All Legislation: less than 2% of US lawmakers had actually read a bill before passing it into law

U.S. issues $7 trillion debt: Expects supply to stabilize by 2010

U.N. climate meeting was pure propaganda: Czech president

Iran prepared to buy its highly enriched uranium from the US

Obama won't change terror prison system: Will continue to hold prisoners indefinitely and without charge

Obama Urges UN to Embrace New Era of Global Cooperation

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Makes German Man Extremely Sick During Clinical Trials

A world first: Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection

Obamamania gets quiet among American Youth

UN to give boost to nuclear free world

Egypt: Probe Israeli nuke capabilities


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Secrets: Federal Reserve says no one can know its Structure, Governance

Federal Reserve To Slow $1.4 Trillion Program To Aid Housing Recovery

Obama asks for more economic balance from G-20 nations

Some U.S. bailout funds won't be recovered

Putin warns of liquidity shortage risks in Russia

Democrats Win First Battles Over Plans to Curtail Health Costs

Iraqi city locked down after prison break

Tribal elders gunned down by Taliban in Pakistan

Sydney Dust Storm Creates Chaos

Senator Robert Byrd admitted to hospital after fall

ACORN fights back: Trying to rebuild its reputation and try to hold on to the millions of dollars in funding it gets each year from the federal government

ACORN files suit against Conservative filmmakers: For secretly taping the organization’s employees at its Baltimore office

Israeli - Palestinian War

Qaddafi’s Mideast Solution: Isratine

Obama Says U.S. Won’t Accept Settlements in West Bank: Day after after he praised Israel for showing restraint in their construction, a comment that had left Palestinians angry

MKs On Right: Netanyahu 'celebrated prematurely'

Tripartite summit undermined Abbas

Netanyahu: We will not withdraw to '67 borders

PM Netanyahu : Obama speech will push peace talks

PM Netanyahu: Ahmadinejad calling for elimination of 6 million Jews

New IDF unit to combat extreme settlers

When Zionists made deal with the Nazis

China says pressure not conducive to Iran solution

Western diplomats walk out as Ahmadinejad addresses UN General Assembly

Israeli FM: UN Walkout proves Israel's diplomatic success

Iranian Military Planes Crashes in Annual Parade

Paul Kirk Is Leading Candidate for Today’s Announcement on Kennedy Senate Seat: Former chairman of the Democratic National Committee

Senior US General denies Afghan strategy rift with President Obama

British PM Brown 'not snubbed' by Obama at UN


September 23, 2009


US backing for world currency stuns markets

Obama to deliver 1st speech to UN General Assembly

Pittsburgh a "steel city" of security for G20 summit

Nurses Plan Rally To Protest Mandatory Swine Flu Shot

Urging Israeli-Palestinian talks, Obama backs down on settlements

China and U.S. try to jumpstart U.N. climate talks

Sydney, Australia, Hit by ‘Nuclear Winter’ as Dust Storm Envelops City

Australia's Dust storm: unclear if climate change to blame

Global Warning: Sydney dust storm just the beginning

State of emergency declared in California wildfire

Bill OK'd to replace Kennedy in Senate

Tension grips Honduras with ousted leftist leader's surprise return

Complaint suggests NYPD misstepped in terror probe

Obama science czar Holdren says Constitution backs compulsory abortion:
Argued in writings, 'Quality of life demands fewer people'


Fascist Global Economy Forming

G20 Support builds for rebalancing world economy

U.S. to push for new economic world order at G20

China pushing for bigger IMF role at G-20

U.S. won't list "systemically key firms": Geithner

New Zealand Emerges From Recession, Currency Rises To 13-Month High

Recovery bets lift Wall Street

Fed seems poised to spark lending by keeping interest rates low

Bank of America cuts customer overdraft fees

House approves bill extending unemployment benefits

Here comes Dow 10,000. Again

Fed Weighs Timeline to Wind Down Its Deep Intervention in U.S. Economy

U.S. health insurers say they face gov't gag

Democrats try to move on health bill; GOP objects

Get ready! Here come the energy police


Israeli - Palestinian War

President Obama enters the Mideast fray

Obama on peace talks: Stop talking about talking, and start talking

Obama wants answers by mid October

PM, Abbas emerge from meeting with contrasting conclusions

Israeli FM Exults: Summit a victory for settlement stand

Palestinian Officials: Obama Disgraced Us, Surrendered to Israel

Envoy George Mitchell: “Disentangling ourselves from history”

Reactions to the trilateral meeting

Tripartite meeting slammed as farce

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ready to be deployed to Middle East if needed

Obama Is Considering Strategy Shift in Afghan War - Biden pushing to scale back American forces

China reportedly selling gasoline to Iran

Al-Qaeda Threatens 'Rude Awakening' for Germany: Jihad if Chancellor Merkel is re-elected next week

New case to demand evidence of Hawaiian birth: Health department chief has affirmed Obama's records on file

Brave New Public Schools - Different discipline for kids based on their race


September 22, 2009


U.S. to push for New economic World Order at G20

FDIC could seek bailout -- from banks!

US-EU rift clouds climate summit

UN plans 'shock therapy' for world leaders on environment

Prince Charles urges people to abandon cars

Afghanistan could be lost in a year: US commander

Swine flu shot for kids could be just 1

'Open internet' rules criticised

Hopes low for Obama-led Mideast summit in New York

Kremlin says Israel promised not to strike Iran

Graying Britain looks to assisted suicide reform: "Volunteering" to die

US eyes more drone hits on terror havens

US urges mass transit alert as suspect in terror probe appears in court in Denver

Obama takes Health Care policy to night owls

U.S. charges Obama fund-raiser in $290 million fraud

Obama pushes economic message before big summits


Climate Change Propaganda

Climate change - where the centre leads - Summit designed to try to build momentum for new global treaty

UN climate change summit awaits word from heavyweights US and China

Harper to polish Canada's image in Big Apple, faces climate change questions

Who’s The Climate-Change Bad Guy?

Krishna to present Indian stand on climate change at UN summit


Israeli - Palestinian War

Brzezinski suggests Obama shoot down Israeli jets if they attack Iran

Russian President Says Israel Not Planning to Strike Iran

Could Israel strike Iran over nuclear concerns?

Israel's army chief: All options on table vs. Iran

U.N. body urges Israel to allow nuclear inspections

IAEA calls on Israel to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty

France slams Khamenei's 'Zionist cancer' remark

Hezbollah's Sayyed Nasrallah: We will never recognize Israel’s right to exist

US Hits UN Gaza Report for Excess Focus on Israel

Carter: Support Middle East Peace

Carter: Settlements hindering peace

Israeli Navy bolsters its amphibious capability

After years of war, Iraqis hit by frenzy of crime

Report: More troops needed for Afghan war success - Top US and NATO commander

British PM Brown seeks fewer UK troops in Afghanistan

Roadside bomb in southern Afghan kills US service member

Another Obama program caught in undercover sting: 'Milk it, baby – It's free money' - 'Cash For Clunkers' program

Research Group: US Economy Will Improve

G20's financial revamp will take global toll on banks

The G-20's war on bankers' pay: NOTE: Typical of Fascist Economy

Oil hangs near $70 in Asia after big tumble


September 21, 2009


Kremlin says Israel promised not to strike Iran

FCC moving to require 'net neutrality' by providers

Obama defends new missile defense policy

US General Warns 'Failure' in Afghanistan Without New Troops

Congress, Obama team up to kill marriage protections

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders to Meet Obama at UN

Crude Oil Falls a Third Day: Dollar Strengthens

Iran "fundamentally" opposes nuclear weapons: Supreme Leader


Super Nation #6 Forming

China’s Long March into Latin America

Russia to modernize and train Cuban military

Iran building backup nuke plant in Americas?

Russians may land long-range bombers in Venezuela, Cuba

Brazil to be world's top five economy

Alternative-energy powerhouse Brazil has oil fever

NY Governor Paterson bucks President Obama: I'm still going to run in 2010

Nanny state snatches kids for being too fat

Chinese president Hu leaves for UN meetings, G20 summit

"Lost Symbol" Is Masonic Propaganda

Dan Brown a patsy or just a willing pawn? "The Gospel According To Freemasonry"

"Secret Mysteries" DVD's Provide The Antedote - The Truth of Washington, D.C. symbols and hidden meanings

New Headline News Article

"Freemasonry Stands Condemned For The Supreme Court Decision in 1962 Throwing God and Prayer Out of Public Schools" -

Israeli - Palestinian War

US Envoy Ends Israeli-Palestinian Meetings with No Deal in Hand

Obama Tells Stephanopoulos: No One Has Pulled a Khrushchev on Me!

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders to Meet Obama at UN

Little hope of breakthrough at Mideast meeting

Can Hamas spoil Obama's three-way Mideast summit?

Jordanian king, Abbas say Israeli settlements "major obstacle to peace"


Climate Change Propaganda

Climate Change to Take Center Stage at U.N. Talks

Ahead of G20, climate change deadlock kicks up a flurry of proposals

Blair touts 10 million jobs created b y 2020 from climate action

President Obama to renew US climate change commitment at UN summit

Australia Flags Possible Compromise On Copenhagen Climate Plan

Muslims celebrate end of Ramadan with prayer for peace

Pakistan celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr with religious fervour: Marking the culmination of the holy month of Ramazan

World stocks lower as investors eye Fed meeting

New York Health Care Workers Resist Flu Vaccine Rule

Swine flu death rate similar to seasonal flu: expert

H1N1 vaccine production far less than forecast-WHO

S Korea to take emergency measures against A/H1N1 flu during Chuseok holiday

Republicans see opportunities in 2010 elections



Saturday-Sunday, September 19-20, 2009


U.S. regulator to unveil open Internet plan: Aiming for Net neutrality, cannot be blocked based on content

Federal judge rules police cannot detain people for openly carrying guns

Obama official says Second Amendment applies to states: Great and Honest News For Gun Owners

Missouri Iraq War veteran injured by vaccine ineligible for benefit

China’s Long March into Latin America

In historic move, Ecuador shuts US military base: Forcing last American military to leave

Former CIA Chiefs Urge Obama to Halt Abuse Investigation: Could lead to trial of former Bush officials

Obama admin: Please dismiss the gay couple benefits lawsuit

Obama helps strengthen General Electric-Putin ties: Large corporations closze to Obama benefitting from dramatic policy change

Russia Scraps Missile Deployment after Obama Cancels Missile Shield

"New intel" changed Europe missile plan

Putin Lauds Obama for Scrapping Missile Defense System in Europe

'Missile plan cancellation may be good': Israel Space Agency Chairman and former Kadima MK Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel

NATO chief proposes linked US/Russian/NATO defense: Forget past animosities

U.S. faces a challenge in seeking Russia's partnership on Iran policy

UN climate summit to lay all cards on table

The Cheapest Way To Curb Carbon Dioxide: Contraception - birth control is a less expensive way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Turkey considering $1 billion missile purchase options: Choosing between American, Russian, and Chinese designs

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama promised West Bank Jewish homes to Palestinians? President 'fed up'

Pope Benedict XVI - Bishops to discuss Middle East Peace next year

US says UN Gaza War Crimes report is unfair and too lenient with Hamas

Israel must fight back: In wake of Goldstone Report, Israel must launch battle for its image

Analysis: Teheran is restraining an already wary Hizbullah

Mitchell to Meet Bibi, Abbas, Bibi: Considering concessions PM is willing to offer in order to restart the diplomatic process

German chancellor Merkel: Settlement freeze possible this fall

Jews prepare for Rosh Hashana

Hawaiian Jewish community marks Days of Awe high holidays

4th day of questioning in domestic terrorism probe

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Israel has no future and the Holocaust is a lie.

White House slams Ahmadinejad anti-Holocaust speech

Clashes in Tehran as opposition defies regime warnings

'No direct US-Iran leaders' meeting' - At the UN General Assembly


Is Obama Stirring Racism?

Obama and the racism card: US president Barack Obama has decided to discriminate against Jews

Carter's comments about race spark debate

Obama says government role in health care is the issue, not race

Protests against Obama: race or policy?

Do You Agree with President Carter's Racism Comments?

Racists come in all kinds, and they’ve got a card, too

Baucus health insurance plan aimed at priciest policies

Senator Rockefeller Stands Up for Liberals on Health Care

U.S. Hispanics riled over immigrants’ healthcare exclusion

Bill O'Reilly Backs Public Option

Michelle Obama turns to health care overhaul

Campaign finance rules overturned: Independent advocacy groups will be able to spend more money to try to influence federal elections


Fascist Global Economy Forming

GM ad campaign sparks consumer interest: "May the Best Car Win" campaign

Obama asked to pressure Japan, South Korea on their clunkers program restrictions

Fed Preparing to Step Up Regulation of Banks' Pay: Goal Is to End Unwise Incentives

War of Words on Banker Pay May Melt Into Accord at G-20 Talks

Visteon cuts executive bonus 85%

Fortunes can look up after auto losses: Detroit reasurred by former mayor of Turin, Italy

U.S. Stocks Advance, Sending Dow to 11-Month High, on Economy

Too Early To Talk Dow Ten Thousand Level

President Karzai Apparent Afghan Winner In Spite of Election Fraud: CIA Chief

Mexico subway shooting kills 2, wounds 8

First U.S. H1N1 vaccines will be nasal spray: CDC

China warns of stability threat from H1N1 flu

ACORN votes are nothing but 'cover': Bachmann says disgraced group still eligible for billions of tax dollars

Unearthed! Obama's twisted ACORN roots - Track timeline of president's ties to group immersed in scandals

ACORN on the defense across the USA

U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq Must Be 'Moral and Responsible': Iraqi Lawmaker

Bomb explosion at marketplace kills 7 in Iraq

Turkish army seeks extension of n. Iraq mandate to launch missions against Kurds

Turkey, Iraq decide to ink 40 agreements for cooperation

Turkey to increase Euphrates River flow to Iraq

The Nightmare of Christianity - Conditioning of the people to turn against Christianity continues


September 18, 2009


First Nations get body bags instead of flu supplies

Nano Particles used in Untested H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines: ‘It’s the vaccines, Stupid!

Regulatory Czar Sunstein: Obama, not courts, should interpret law

New Jersey Poll: 33% Of Republicans Think Obama Not A Citizen: 13% Think He's Anti-Christ

Pelosi 'Chokes Up' Warning Against Political "Violence"

North Korea open to 'multilateral talks' to end her nuclear weapons program

Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran's President Ahmadinejad: No need for nuclear arms

IAEA denies it has proof Iran close to making bomb

Iranian President Once Again Claims Holocaust A Myth

Obama Unveils New Approach to Missile Defense Program

Defense Secretary Gates: New Missile Defense Plan Will Better Protect Europe From Iranian Missiles

Bomb Rips Through Market in Northwest Pakistan, Kills 25

Kabul Suicide Attack Kills Italian Soldiers, Afghan Civilians

Another Europe ally eyes exit from Afghanistan after attack

Two Suicide Bombers Strike AU Peacekeeper Base in Somalia

Obama Is Blitzing American TV for Health Care

Obama urges students to rally behind health care effort

Democrats oppose tax in health bill

Splitting $2.5 trillion healthcare tab is a balancing act

Shocking New Headline News Articles

Behold A Pale Horse

"Wall Street Is Now Packaging and Selling "Death Plans"!

Investors will not make money unless a great number of people die suddenly -- and soon!

Wall Street Seems To Be Getting Ready For Antichrist!

"They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor and the politicians are the publicly hired hit men..." (William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49)


"Freemasonry Stands Condemned For The Supreme Court Decision in 1962 Throwing God and Prayer Out of Public Schools"

The truth behind this ungodly High Court decision is now being made public for all the world to see. This ugly, sinful fruit of Freemasonry is now made public so you can see the truth of Masonry for yourself.

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Mitchell meetings did not advance trilateral summit'

Mitchell to meet Netanyahu yet again after Abbas meeting

Palestinians: Abbas won't meet Netanyahu without settlement halt

Analysis: Goldstone Report has made things more difficult for Mitchell

Civil Fights: How to perpetuate the conflict in one easy move

IAF chief: We must stop Russia's S-300 anti-aircraft delivery to all countries in which the IAF must fly

Obama says in Rosh HaShanah video: Jews are a Light unto the Nations

Unearthed! Obama's twisted ACORN roots

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal halts funding of ACORN

Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein wants to spread America's wealth: Echoes Van Jones on using 'environmental justice' to redistribute money


Feminist Camille Paglia: Birthers have a point - Tells radio audience 'there are legitimate questions about the documentation'

Motion: Judge follows 'illegitimate chain of command' -
Document alleges evidence 'courts are subject to external control'

President's lawyers say eligibility question over: Argue for dismissal of lawsuit over Obama's qualifications

Judge ridicules eligibility case: Trashes soldier's complaint, compares merits to 'Alice in Wonderland'


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Biden: US will follow Iraq wishes on troop pullout

Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Attack on Iraqi Green Zone

Turkey hosts quadrilateral meeting to ease Syria-Iraq tensions

Biden Presses Iraqi Kurds for Progress on Oil Law

US closes its largest Iraq jail in the heat of the night

US military training Iraqi prison guards

EU leaders call for continued efforts in economic stimulus


September 17, 2009


45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul

Swine flu death rate similar to seasonal flu: expert

Police to get access to classified military intelligence

White president would never hear 'You lie!'

Demographic bomb explodes

General Dynamics Given $10 Million To Set Up “Psy-Op” Websites To Support War On Terror

Obama White House Mapping Internet Users’ Data For Mass Archives

Japan scientists create 3-D images you can touch

"Lost Symbol" Is Masonic Propaganda

"Secret Mysteries" DVD's Provide The Antedote - The Truth of Washington, D.C. symbols and hidden meanings

Dan Brown delivers action-packed if familiar 'Lost Symbol'

Dan Brown novel breaks one-day sales records

8 myths on Freemasons decoded: Masonic propaganda

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol on Kindle is Amazon top seller

Dan Brown's most scathing review comes from fellow author Philip Pullman

Car bomb kills at least 10 in Afghan capital

President Karzai defends integrity of Afghan elections

Obama says he won't rush Afghanistan troop decision

China's economic growth path could exceed planet's resources

U.S. to shelve Europe missile shield plans: Move will ease relations with Russia

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Defence Chief: Iran Not A Threat To Israel's Existence

To bomb, or to bunker? Israel's Iran choices narrow

Israel says Mideast not ready for nuclear arms ban

Obama gunning for Israel at U.N.

Israel rebuffs inquiry into Gaza war crime allegations

Palestinians want War Crimes trial for Israeli leaders, IDF

Grave blow for Israel: UN report provides international seal of approval to war crimes claims

Israeli PM extends olive branch with tough hands

Palestinian President Abbas: settlement issue is our top concern

Israel starts removing 100 West Bank roadblocks

Egypt Defends Killing of Migrants Trying to Cross Into Israel

U.S. military shuts largest prisoner camp in Iraq

Obama to reassure G20 on Wall Street reform


10 children hurt in Germany school attack

Obama betrays blacks in D.C.

Cass Sunstein drafted 'New Deal Fairness Doctrine': Asserts government should regulate broadcasting just as it imposed end to segregation

Russia to develop S-500 air defense system soon: Air force commander


September 16, 2009



Palestinians: State within 2 years with Obama's support

Crucial Iran nuclear evidence 'covered up': US documents purportedly showing a covert Iranian nuclear weapons program are fraudulent

US Stocks Hit New '09 Highs As Bernanke Says Recession Is Over

Stronger Dollar lowers crude oil prices

Government approves new swine flu vaccine

Russian pact stokes Caucasus tensions

U.S. Navy To Conduct Massive Atmospheric Tests

A well-oiled influence machine

Demons (Extraterrestrials) Tremble at the Name of Jesus Christ: Demons of Genesis 6 are now back, masquerading as E.T.'s


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Consumer prices expected to have remained in check

World markets rise on hopes US out of recession

Rockefeller & Co CEO dies in apparent suicide

Urgency for new rules for finance is slipping away

House censures Joe Wilson for his 'You Lie' Outburst During Obama's Speech

Pelosi, Dems Scared Joe Wilson Becoming A "Hero"

Rep. Joe Wilson's son disputes claim by Carter that Congressman's outburst 'based on racism'

Partisan tension lingers after Wilson rebuke

Israeli - Palestinian War

US Envoy Mitchell Meets Israeli PM Again to Discuss Settlements

Mitchell fails to reach agreement on 3-way summit

PM: Israel not the one hindering peace process

The ignorant arrogance of the advice-givers

Will Israel’s Conflicting Factions Make Peace Impossible?

Goldstone UN Panel Finds Both Israel And Palestinians Committed Gaza War Crimes

Hamas' PM Haniyeh approves of Goldstone report, says Israel should be prosecuted

Goldstone's Daughter: My father is a Zionist and loves Israel

Worldwide Jewish Criticism of UN Indictment of Israel

The Goldstone Report: Grave blow for Israel

Israeli Census figures ahead of New Year: 7.46 million Israelis


Iraq War Not Over Yet

US war hero Pat Tillman thought Iraq war was 'imperial folly' - former American football player Pat Tillman who was killed in Afghanistan thought George W. Bush was a 'cowboy'

Shells Land Near US Embassy as VP Biden Visits Iraq

Biden meets in Baghdad with Iraqi officials

Gunmen Kill Iraqi Policeman's Family in Kirkuk

First Lt. Joseph Dennis Helton, 24, of Monroe, dies in Iraq

Nevada soldier killed in Iraq to be buried in Fernley

Security developments in Iraq, Sept 14

Civilian contractor shot dead on US base in Iraq

'Aftermath' looks at the plight of Iraqi refugees

UK military police investigate new Iraq rape claim

Call for thousands more U.S. troops to fight in Afghanistan: To regain the initiative against a worsening Taliban insurgency

US planning to weaken Copenhagen climate deal, Europe warns

Newest video ACORN confession: 'I shot him' - Employee tells undercover reporter about running prostitution ring, setting stage for self-defense killing

GOP pressures Obama, IRS to sever ACORN ties

Senate Votes to Keep Housing Funds from ACORN

Bill Clinton to Back Gavin Newsom for California Governor Over 1992 Rival Jerry Brown: Former President's Endorsement Called 'Potential Game-Changer'

Rep. Bachmann Warns: Obama Has Sparked Trade War With China

"Will Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol' Surpass 'The Da Vinci Code?' ", ABC News, September 15, 2000

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