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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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Election News

Some black pastors are telling their flocks to stay home Election Day

Secretly filmed video of Mitt Romney, apparently at fundraiser, reveals unguarded views - Mitt Romney: Not ‘elegantly stated’

Irony: Mitt Romney Profited From the Auto Bailout That He Opposed

Obama takes on China as Romney shifts strategy

In New Hampshire, McCain talks up Romney's foreign policy cred

US Chamber launches ads in Maine, Montana, Ohio

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Afghanistan Quagmire

U.S. military suspends joint patrols with Afghans

Afghan militants say bomb revenge for film; 12 dead

Camp Bastion attack kills squadron CO, sergeant

Iran's Nuclear Program

Imminent Iran nuclear threat? A timeline of warnings since 1979.

Netanyahu steps up pressure over Iran

Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring

Iran says saboteurs cut power to nuclear plant

Mess in North Africa

Libya: We gave US three-day warning of Benghazi attack

Feds Hired British Security Firm to Protect Benghazi Consulate

US Cairo embassy was warned of possible violence

Islamists destroy tomb of Muslim saint in Mali

Levant Crisis - live updates

Syria’s Secular and Islamist Rebels: Who Are the Saudis and the Qataris Arming?

Rebels Despair That Anti-American Protests Overshadow Syrian Struggle

An Aspect that Gets Overlooked: The Turks of Syria and Turkey

Other Top News

Oil falls to $113, extends slide

China, Japan heading towards war, says US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta

How China's Rehypothecated "Ghost" Steel Just Vaporized, And What This Means For The World Economy

Kadyrov's Chechnya rises from the ashes, but at what cost?

Russia reveals shiny state secret: It's awash in diamonds

Most Germans oppose euro, French also losing faith: polls

Flight of The Mystery Drone: Bird ‘Bot Flew over Iraq'

American prison labor means longer unemployment lines

Electrician tasered with 50,000 volts for carrying a screwdriver in his pocket

130 prisoners escape Mexican jail through tunnel

Nigerian military: 2 ranking members of radical Islamist sect killed by soldiers at checkpoint

Health News

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Monday, September 17, 2012 (1 TISHRI 5773)


4 troops killed in southern Afghanistan insider attack

Attack destroyed six Marine AV-8B Harrier jets in Afghanistan - Insurgents Posed as U.S. Troops

Afghan demonstrators burn cars, throws stones at US base in protest against anti-Islam video

Iran Revolutionary Guard Has ‘Advisers’ in Syria, Lebanon

US, allies to hold int'l naval exercise in Gulf

UN panel confirms increasing presence of ‘foreign elements,’ including jihadis, in Syria

American embassy staff withdraw from Tunisia and Sudan

Indonesians upset with anti-Muslim film clash with police outside US Embassy

Google Blocks 'Innocence of Muslim' Video in Indonesia, India

US-made anti-Islam film, Zionist false flag operation: Analyst

In anti-Islam movie furor, fears that a filmmaker’s lies have legs: "There was no Israeli-American real estate developer named Sam Bacile, and the 100 Jews he claimed had financed his anti-Islam film were fictitious as well."

Japanese firms shut China plants, U.S. urges calm in islands row

Questions Abound as China Unveils Another Stealth Jet

Mexico hackers hit official websites in cyber protest

At least 16 bodies found in northern Mexico

Government employees exempted from red-light cameras

Chicago teachers strike continues, Emanuel says he will sue to force end

Boy Scouts face release of damaging child sex abuse files

Election News

Romney Seeks to Blunt Obama Edge With Swing-State Latinos

Obama launches new China trade action

Romney to outline how he would govern

Romney Cancels Campaign Appearance Due to Plane Crash at Event Site

Evangelical supporters of Romney gather at summit

Senate Republicans spending $650K in tight Indiana battle, matching Senate Dems

Politico's 2012 Swing States Map

Israeli - Palestinian War


El Al Considers Canceling Tel Aviv-Cairo Route as Egypt Ties Deteriorate

A Surprising Proposal from Israel: a renewed interest in Egypt becoming a future diplomatic moderator between Israel and Hamas

Israel starts construction on Negev army base

Ex-ambassador to Israel: U.S. will go to war with Iran in 2013

Chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Nothing will remain of Israel if it attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran six months away from nuclear bomb

Health News

'Three-parent babies' public consultation launched

Chemical Used in Teflon & Non-Stick Cookware Linked to Heart Disease

Producer of ‘pink slime’ textured beef suing ABC and ABC News

Monsanto supported GMO labeling in Europe, but not in US

Big Pharma pushes doctors to overprescribe drugs, study finds

The top places where germs lurk: cell phones, ATMs and more

The government's demonic strategy against parents of autistic children

Agricultural giant Cargill and others behind anti-organic 'Stanford Study'

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African / Middle East Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernation #7


Residents in Syria's capital 'stuck in the middle' as civil war closes in

Syrian rebels 'torturing detainees'

Lebanese officials: Bombs from Syrian warplanes hit Lebanese territory near border

Stunned Lebanese president demands Iran explain Guards' presence


Crude oil ought to be $150 per barrel: Iran

US Renews Waivers of Iran Sanctions for Japan, EU Nations

Iran increases price on 'Satanic Verses' author Salman Rushdie's head by $500K

Iran will pursue makers of anti-Islam film: vice-president


Suicide car bomber kills seven near Baghdad's Green Zone

Fugitive VP says Iraq letting Iran ferry arms to Syria

Turkey claims 500 rebels killed in Kurdish campaign

8 Turkish officers are kill in blast


Afghan protest over anti-Islam film turns into melee

NATO admits killing civilians in Afghan strike

US gulag-like prisons aim to muffle opposition to warmongering, corruption


Islamic militants clash with Egyptian army, police in Sinai

Coptic Christians remain in eye of the storm as protests subside

Sexual Harassment Leads to Death: All too common


Was the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya planned? A better question is "who really planned it?"

Libya 'arrests' over Benghazi US consulate deaths

Air traffic controllers' strike grounds Libya flights

Political Battles in Tunisia Shade Attacks on U.S. Embassy

Tunisia Arrests 75 in Connection With U.S. Embassy Attack

Fears for Tunisia economy after unrest


Yemen says deployment of U.S. Marines is temporary

Yemen blast kills three soldiers in Mukalla

The Innocence Protests Expose Deeper Tensions in Yemen

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

South Africa: Mine Strike Spreads to Chrome Sector

Nigeria: ‘When The Horse Came Out, People Shouted And Ran’ - The Inside Story Of A Woman Who Gave Birth To A Strange Creature

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Saturday/Sunday, September 15-16, 2012


Israeli official signals no war is imminent with Iran

Feds: U.S. teen held in 'jihad' terrorist bomb attempt at Chicago bar

Afghan policeman kills two British soldiers

Libyan Officials: US Drones Behind Airport Closure

Over 100 arrested in protest of anti-Islam film outside U.S. embassy in Paris

Anti-American protests at a glance - Protests spread to over 20 countries

U.S. won't tolerate efforts to harm Americans: Obama

Rioters besiege British, German and US embassies in Khartoum

White House Asks YouTube To ‘Review’ Anti-Muslim Movie

Police hold anti-Islamic film-maker in Los Angeles

US scrambles to rush spies, drones to Libya

Tunisia Protests: Two Dead As Protesters Attack U.S. Embassy

Sudan Embassy Attack: US Sends Marine Team To Country, According To Official

Egypt Protests: Protesters Clash With Police Near U.S. Embassy In Cairo, One Dead - Egypt's Christians anxious amid protests

One killed in Lebanon protest over anti-Islam film, pope

Muslim protest reaches Israel; riots in Jerusalem

Inside the State Department During the Benghazi Attacks

U.S. Did Tech Deals With Egypt and Libya While Embassies Burned

What to Make of Google's Decision to Block the 'Innocence of Muslims' Movie

British troops help fight off Taliban attack on Afghan military base housing Prince Harry - 2 US Marines killed

Xi Jinping Mystery Absence: State Media Says President-In-Waiting Appears In Public

Typhoon Sanba headed for Okinawa, South Korea

Russian Duma expels anti-Putin lawmaker. Sign of a coming crackdown?

Buddhist Meditation: A Management Skill?

Over 100,000 meditate for peace in Argentina

Jumpy: Misunderstanding set off Kansas City bomb scare?

Bomb threats prompt evacuations at 3 campuses

Texas Police Kill Unarmed Man Before Confiscating Witness Camera and Deleting Images

Election News

Romney playing protectionism in China-bashing ad: Wall Street Journal

Santorum: Without church, family, there is no conservative movement

Ryan criticizes Federal Reserve at Florida rally

Romney campaign uses anti-US unrest to paint Obama as foreign policy failure

The Kerry-ization of Mitt Romney - Gaffes + lack of foreign policy experience undermining campaign

Romney, Ryan intensify foreign policy attacks

Autumn surprise can transform a presidential race - What next?

Senate race gives ND a taste of intense politics

NY Voters target GOP senators backing gay marriage

Wisconsin judge strikes down law that ended collective bargaining rights

'Destructive' cuts loom for new year - Our gov't appears to be paralyzed; will the US ditch the Constitution in favor of stability, security?

Health News

Super Germ: KPC Kills 7th Person At NIH

Army prepares for influenza season

Monkeys Made Smarter With Prosthetic Device

FDA approves new multiple sclerosis treatment Aubagio

Parental divorce ups stroke risk in men

Philip Morris loses bid against tobacco display ban

Rural America Fatter Than Urban America

Czech Republic bans spirits after methanol deaths

Nine confirmed hantavirus cases linked to Yosemite, says National Park Service

Whooping Cough Vaccine Wanes Over Time

Don't eat mangoes from Agricola Daniella, FDA warns after salmonella tests

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

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Friday, September 14, 2012


University of Texas, North Dakota U. and Valparaiso Disrupted By Threats

State Department sets up 24-hour monitoring team for embassy crisis

Benghazi Consulate: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing' - Newspapers receive info before attack

U.S. agencies didn't issue high alert over Mideast threat

Cairo: Marines Not Permitted Live Ammo

Fourth day of protests: US buttons up security as protests rage in Cairo over anti-Islam film

Military Hangs Back as FBI Hunts Benghazi Killers

US embassies worldwide raise security

There may be no anti-Islamic movie at all

World stock markets jump after Federal Reserve pledges aggressive steps to help US economy

Oil Above $99 After Fed Vows Action on Economy

Anti-NDAA Victory: U.S. judge's rule protects reporters, activists in their Middle East work

Guatamala: Eruption at Fuego Intensifies – Over 30,000 Evacuated

WHO warning as Ebola virus kills 31 in DR Congo

No school Friday but end of Chicago teacher strike may be near

Election News

Romney: White House Agrees With Me On My Critique Of The President

Romney Tax Cuts Work Only When Mortgage Deduction Mostly Reduced

Paul Ryan Returns to Capitol From Campaign for Vote He’d Rather Avoid

Gay marriage, scandals forge close NY primaries

Iowa GOP elector says conscience won’t allow her to vote for Romney, resigns her appointment

Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Thinks Mitt Romney Is Out to Get Him

Health News

Chemical exposure from common household products linked to heart disease, study finds

Are experimental vaccines for soldiers causing premature aging?

Dow Chemicals seeks approval for new genetically modified seeds that present worse threat than Monsanto's Roundup

How many of these vaccine facts do you know?

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez blows whistle on corporate, government cover-up of low-cost pancreatic cancer cure

Secret body scanners with 50 times more radiation than airport x-ray scanners to be rolled out

Brain Implant Improves Thinking in Monkeys, First Such Demonstration in Primates

Israeli - Palestinian War


Report: Israeli strike could delay Iran nuclear program by 2 years

Gaza tunnels not crippled in Egypt crackdown

Facing criticism, Netanyahu denies interfering in U.S. vote

PM says he had a 'good conversation' with Obama

Court upholds settler purchase of Hebron building

Police prepare for riots in J'lem amid ME turmoil

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

New envoy Brahimi to hold talks in Damascus

Pope visits Lebanon amid Syria war, Libya protest

Syrian opposition group to visit China next week

France will not send weapons to Syrian opposition as Turkey tightens border


Iran has secret oil store in Malaysia

Nadarkhani free, but Iran’s jails hold many more Christians


Hundreds in Iraq protest inflammatory anti-Islam video

Turkey says 79 killed in anti-Kurd rebel raids


Britain considers early withdrawal from Afghanistan

Bus collides with truck, killing 51 in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's best and worst case scenarios


EU offers Egypt €1bn

Egypt’s GASC buys 235,000 T Russian, French, Ukrainian wheat - Bread basket of ancient world cannot feed itself

Google blocks access to incendiary video in Egypt and Libya as Arab violence grows


Yemen security forces block U.S. embassy area

South Yemen leader to go home after 18-year exile

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Somalia: New President Goes to Palace After Surviving Blasts

Gambia: Mass Executions Awaken Worry Round the World

Nigeria: Ghaddafi's Fall Fuelled Boko Haram - Obasanjo

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Thursday, September 13, 2012


US embassy in Yemen stormed in film protest - live coverage - heavy gunfire - no casualties

What Happened in Benghazi Was a Battle

Was U.S. Ambassador Lynched?

U.S. Drones Never Left Libya; Will Hunt Benghazi Thugs

Apple Corp. Allows Forced “One-Child” Pregnancy Screening of Its Employees in China

Pakistan fires kill 283, lax safety laws blamed

House Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

Dutch election: Pro-Europe VVD and Labour parties win

Election News

Mitt Romney Attacks President Obama Over Libya Crisis

Obama Resumes Campaign in West Vowing to Avenge Libya Killings

Romney Asked VP Shortlisters for Ten Years of Tax Returns

Mitt Romney Wealth, Religion Prove Lasting Concerns For Southern Whites

Veterans jobs bill stalls in Senate

Fox News poll: Obama 48, Romney 43

Health News

Massive Fund Attack on GMO Labeling Proposal in California

GMO alert: Eating GM wheat may destroy your liver, warn scientists

Smart Meter Causes Dumb Fire - More here

Stem cells hold hope for cure of deafness

Portland, Oregon to add fluoride to city's water supply

Israeli - Palestinian War


Netanyahu stressed that he would protect Israel's interests 'even when encountering disagreements with friends – even the best of friends'

Gaza Terrorists Resume Attacks on Southern Israel

7 Years, 9,393 Rockets Since Disengagement from Gaza

Israel is second-most educated country

As Rosh Hashanah Approaches, Israeli Population Reaches 8 Million People

Pipe Bombs and Weapons Found Hidden in East Jerusalem Refrigerator

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African / Middle East Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernation #7

Rage at the embassies: Protests swell in Israel, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Morocco


Syrian National Council condemns the execution of army soldiers in Aleppo - Brutal videos document torture, executions, and even a live beheading

Christians take up arms in Aleppo - Fearful of future

Pope's Lebanon visit made urgent by Syria's war


Iran 'Outfoxing' Sanctions With Dead-of-Night Oil Sales

U.S. strikes on Iran would risk all-out Middle East war: Experts

Iran watches warily as US, allies prepare for biggest yet anti-mine naval exercises in Mideast


French police chase Iraq lead in hunt for Hilli family's killers

Iraq Kurds to Resolve Oil Issue

Iraq Halts Licenses for Foreign Companies, Caglayan Says


Afghanistan bans YouTube to prevent viewing of anti-Muslim film

Afghanistan seeks to preempt unrest in wake of deadly attack on U.S. consulate in Libya

Base attack kills 3 Afghans, destroys NATO chopper


Street fights rage on near Cairo's US embassy

Egyptian pres vows to protect embassies, says Egyptians reject ‘unlawful acts’

Obama: Egypt is not US ally, nor an enemy


Yemen’s president apologizes to Obama for embassy attack, orders investigation into incident

Yemen sacks ousted security chiefs

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Somalia president survives assassination attempt

Ebola outbreak in DRC risks spreading to towns: WHO - out of control

West Africa: ECOWAS Defence Chiefs Meet On Mali

Northern Mali situation "alarming", Red Cross says

Nigerian police guard embassies after Libya attack

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Congressional report warns drones could track faces, never leave sky

In the UK, homeowners who defend themselves against burglars and violent criminals are routinely arrested and thrown in prison

CCTV cameras being used in school changing rooms and toilets

Twitter Ordered to Release OWS Protester’s Data or Be Fined for Contempt

This 9/11 Commemorated the Zombie War on Terror

The Pentagon Doesn’t Trust Its Own Robots - Fears of Autonomy

Report Blasts Military’s Dreams of Destroying Missiles at Launch

Romney Promises to Revive Stealth Jet, But It Won’t Happen

HowToSurviveFinancialCrisesT.jpgOil gains on euro zone bailout, Fed hopes

Euro bailout fund approval boosts global stocks

Moody's threat to strip US of top rating - unless budget standoff ends

Europe unveils banking union plan to tackle crisis - again, a crisis leads to more control

U.S. holiday retail sales seen up 3.3 pct-ShopperTrak - sales continue to rise

China’s Stocks Advance After Premier Wen Signals Stimulus


'US ambassador killed' in Libya protest - live updates

Egyptians angry at film scale U.S. embassy walls

Why didn't CNN's international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain's Arab Spring repression?

US-Israel rift over Iran widens; Obama denies Netanyahu asked for meeting

Syria Crisis: Egypt Trying To Persuade Iran To Drop Assad

Filipinos flee war in Syria with tales of horror

How Syria Might Unleash War between Israel and Iran

WHO finds medical emergency in Syria's shattered Homs - 3 doctors left in province

Election News

Google says interest in Mitt Romney's Mormonism is higher than ever

Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama Administration Over Response To Libya, Egypt Attacks

N Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware hold primaries

Mitt Romney Panic Syndrome

Mitt Romney's Reported Interactions With Massachusetts Same-Sex Couples Detailed

Dissecting Romney’s Vietnam Stance at Stanford

Health News

Michelle Obama launches new supermarket shopping guide, but no mention of GMO, aspartame, MSG

Australian scientists develop genetic test to predict autism

The $3 billion Human Genome Project was supposed to find the root causes of all diseases, but turned out to be a scientific boondoggle

Food stamp spending has doubled during Obama's four years - $75.7 billion now spent each year

Commonly used NSAID painkillers may be deadly for first-time heart attack sufferers

CBS star reporter spanks 'Dr. Vaccine' Dr. Paul Offit and is now under attack

CDC pushing yet more disease paranoia over hantavirus pandemic from mouse droppings

Yosemite deer mice being trapped, killed following virus outbreak

Did Sheryl Crow’s Cell Phone Give Her A Brain Tumor?

Number one junior women’s player Taylor Townsend told to ‘lose weight’ by U.S. Tennis Association - Serena Williams defends teenage player

Israeli - Palestinian War


King Abdullah: Israel disrupting Jordan's nuclear plans - Is Jordan beginning to confront Israel after many years of uneasy peace?

Are W. Bank riots the start of ‘Palestinian Spring’?

Palestinian leaders nix price hikes to appease protests

Boycott of Israel crosses to governments' realm

Palestinian refugees from Syria lost, betrayed

Ashkenazi denies knowledge of 2007 Syria strike

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Crowds gather to mark 9/11 at Ground Zero

We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say

Former CIA Chief: Obama’s War on Terror Same as Bush’s, But With More Killing

Army Wants Tiny Suicidal Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away

Researchers Create Short-term Memories In Rat Brains

GoDaddy goes down, taking countless websites offline; Anonymous claims responsibility - likely a psyop to discredit Anonymous while pushing cyber security executive order

Feds Warn of Zombie Apocalypse! Buy emergency kit, but you might be a terrorist if...

Rockefellers Preside Over Creation Of Global Journalist Group To “Advance Reporting On Religion


Health News

Vancouver researcher finds flu shot is linked to H1N1 illness

30 stunning facts they don't want you to know about Gardasil and HPV vaccines

Sanofi dengue vaccine less effective than hoped

U.S. to cover cancer treatment for 9/11 responders

Marijuana use tied to testicular cancer in young men, cocaine use linked to risk reduction

Unraveling food industry lies - Your chicken is full of liquid fillers and chemicals

Universities and cancer clinics are all on the take from Big Pharma payoffs

Why chemotherapy doesn't work - Cancer tumors confirmed to have stem cells that regenerate tumors

Cell Phone Radiation Right to Know Act - Congressman fights for consumer rights

Techniques to train infants to sleep won't cause mental health harms, study finds


Obama expands lead, Romney still in striking distance

Mitt Romney No Longer Concerned About God Being Taken Off Coins

Romney Will Insure Pre-Existing Conditions, Aide Says

Bill Clinton kicks off 2-day Fla. campaign trip

RI holds congressional, Statehouse primaries

NH GOP, Democratic governor primaries on tap

Delaware primary will settle contests for Wilmington mayor, other local and statewide races

Look-Alike Sites Funnel Big Money to Mystery PAC

Israeli - Palestinian War


U.S., Israel still at odds over Iran "red line"

US on Iran: There is still time for diplomacy

Israel attacked Syria’s nuclear reactor after raiding home of official: report

U.K. envoy warns Israel against Iran attack: report

UK condemns move to upgrade Ariel University

Egypt intelligence warns of terror plot against US, Israeli embassies

US seeks to head off new Palestinian UN status bid

Palestinian price protest turns violent in West Bank

Why Hasn't There Been Another Palestinian Intifada?

Blast at Istanbul police station kills one - agency


Scores reported dead in new Syria clashes

Could Syria and Lebanon be steppingstone to Iran?

Syria conflict casts shadow over pope Lebanon trip-envoy


Canadians in Iran faced ‘very real’ threat, officials warn

Iran central bank under fire as rial hits new lows

"Frustrated" IAEA wants immediate access to Iran site


Iraq’s Sunni VP: Shi’ite PM is Behind My Death Sentence

Turkey warplanes 'kill 25 rebels' in northern Iraq

Iraq attacks kill seven


Afghanistan's base bonanza

9/11 anniversary: Taliban claim US face 'utter defeat' in Afghanistan

Report: Afghan fuel program lacks accountability -  $450 million missing

Romney: Afghanistan Is Just a Word - America's longest war doesn't seem to concern Romney


New Egypt leader has big plans for revival'

The Arab Spring's Islamist Inheritors

Report: Egypt approves Hamas bureau in Cairo


In Yemen, tribal militias in a fierce battle with al-Qaeda wing

Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula No. 2 killed in Yemen drone strike, government says

Southern Yemeni politician survives assassination attempt

Thousands of Yemenis rally for South’s independence


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Monday, September 10, 2012



Sweden aims to be cashless society - With just three per cent of all financial transactions involving cash, country moves to eliminate physical legal tender

Web inventor warns governments: Internet has no off switch - Cannot be turned off because of its scattered structure

Former Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Censorship At CNN

Drugs policies are not working, believe 75% of British MPs

Mysterious Changes in Ocean Salt Spur NASA Expedition

Thousands evacuated after volcano in Nicaragua erupts


Federal government may finally recognize 9/11 cancer link: Attorneys of survivors

President of Italy’s Supreme Court to Refer 9/11 Crimes To International Criminal Court: Will say that 9/11 was “False Flag” Terror



Analysis of election factors points to Romney win: University of Colorado study

Obama courts Florida voters as Romney plays religion card - Romney appeared with televangelist Pat Robertson

Why No One Cares About the White Jesus of Mitt Romney's Mormonism

Chicago teachers to strike for 1st time in 25 years

With $114 million, Obama just outraises Romney in August

Ann Romney says Mitt Romney has been ‘demonized’

Civic Religion: Believing in America as a core value _ and a means to get elected for Obama, Romney

Obama campaign has ‘Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist theme’

Mexico makes arrest in killing that sparked ‘Fast and Furious’ probe

Man Investigated By Police For Buying Ammunition

Israeli - Palestinian War


Clinton: US ‘not setting deadlines’ for Iran

IAF strikes Gaza targets in retaliation to rockets

Iron Dome silent as Grads hit Beersheba, Netivot

Def. Minister Barak: Israel could reoccupy parts of Gaza Strip

3 alleged Hezbollah terrorists arrested in Mexico

Netanyahu: Arab world has neglected its own refugees for decades

Syria Crisis:

‘US doesn’t need UN to oust Assad’ - Hillary Clinton

'External Syrian opposition wants military intervention due to lack of popular support'

French Doctor Confirms Syrian Rebels Are Foreign Terrorists

Syria raises death toll in Aleppo blast to 30

Syria’s “eerie parallel to Afghanistan” and the pro-imperialist pseudo-left

Syrian troops storm Damascus refugee area, chase rebels

Brahimi begins peace mission in Egypt - live update


Bomber Strikes Near NATO Office in Afghanistan: Six killed

US hands over controversial Bagram jail

After nearly 11 years at war in Afghanistan, US troop deaths don’t evoke sense of shared loss

War-weary US is numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths


Iraq blasts kill 100 as fugitive VP gets death sentence

Sectarian fury, Syrian turmoil pressure Iraq's Maliki

Checkpoint killings add to Iraq carnage

Careful Who You Friend: Taliban Posing as ‘Attractive Women’ Online

SEAL's first-hand account of bin Laden killing

Outrage over India cartoonist arrest

Chinese River Turns Red, And Nobody Is Quite Sure Why

New Hong Kong leader gets poll boost as anti-China vote fizzles

Jesus vs. Mao? An Interview With Yuan Zhiming - Banned Chinese preacher highlights how Christianity is changing China and threatens the Communist Party

Japan will buy islands claimed by China: government


France's Hollande vows to revive economy in two years

Pakistani Christian girl accused of blasphemy released on bail

The Myth That Japan Is Broke: The World's Largest "Debtor" Is Now the World's Largest Creditor



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Saturday/Sunday, September 8-9, 2012



U.S. Attack on Iran Would Take Hundreds of Planes, Ships, and Missiles

FBI launches $1 billion nationwide facial recognition system - Doc

ACLU Sues Police for Seizing Man’s Phone After Recording Alleged Misconduct

Second arrest in "Fast and Furious" killing

Honduras Sets Stage for 3 Privately Run Cities

Obama: U.S. seeks 'due process' in drone strikes - won't talk about drones

Police: Suicide bomber kills 6 near NATO headquarters in Kabul

Canada closes embassy in Iran, to expel Iranian diplomats

Christian 'Down's Syndrome' girl accused of Koran burning is granted bail - but she could face mob justice and death if freed

Pressure in Mount Fuji is now higher than last eruption, warn experts

Rescuers focus on remote areas as China quake toll at 89

Hong Kong backs down over Chinese patriotism classes





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Friday, September 7, 2012


2012 Democratic National Convention, Charlotte

DNC_2012_sm_NC.jpgObama speech: Do Republicans have any ideas besides tax cuts?

AWOL from Obama’s Speech: U.S. Mission After bin Laden

Obama Finally Talks Drone War, But It’s Almost Impossible to Believe Him

Democratic national convention: 8 takeaways

Obama, Romney plunge into 60-day race to election

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro Previously Had Spanish Tutor

Romney’s Taxes Hacked? Secret Service Is On It

Former Mich. Gov. Jennifer Granholm DNC Speech Meltdown

Lack of Support, Not Rain, Chased Obama from 74,000-Seat Stadium

Report: Gore Shunning Obama, Convention


Iran sends elite troops to aid Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria

Sudan’s Dictator Wants Satellites to Stop Spying on His Crimes

U.S. Used This Torture Box to Interrogate Gadhafi’s Enemies

Venezuela Holds U.S. Vessel And Crew On Suspicion Of Arms Trafficking

Sir Tim Berners-Lee accuses government of 'draconian' internet snooping

Earthquakes kill at least 43 in southwest China

Small earthquake shakes LA area

Amino-acid deficiency underlies rare form of autism

Allegations Chinese Students Forced to Work on iPhone 5s

Half of the polar ice cap is missing: Arctic sea ice hits a new record low



Payrolls in U.S. Rose 96,000 in August, Jobless Rate Falls

ECB's bond-buy plan buoys markets, U.S. payrolls eyed

S&P 500 Reaches 4-Year High, Treasuries Fall on Bond Plan

U.S. payroll growth seen tepid, may force Fed's hand

Why is Putin stockpiling gold?

France 'millionaire' tax to be watered down: report

Thousands of Greek police join anti-austerity protests as June unemployment hits 24.4 percent

Separatism threatens the future of Spain


Health News

Yosemite hantavirus warning widened after third death

Health care system wastes billions

$83,046 bill for scorpion sting to be reduced

Algorithm-driven thermal imaging could scan for drunks in public

Busted! Co-author of Stanford study that bashed organics found to have deep ties to Big Tobacco's anti-science propaganda

British Columbia to require flu vaccines for ALL healthcare workers





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Thursday, September 6, 2012


2012 Democratic National Convention, Charlotte

DNC_2012_sm_NC.jpgBill Clinton basks in spotlight, gives rousing defense of Obama


Jerusalem And God Vote Gets Booed At Dem Convention

US women's advocate slams 'obsolete' Republicans

Democrats WILL move Obama's big speech from 74,000-seater outdoor stadium to smaller indoor arena citing bad weather (but was it really because they couldn't fill it?)

Obama’s Thursday Night Secret About Jobs


29 Dead in 8 Days as U.S. Puts Yemen Drone War in Overdrive

Putin defiant on Syria, calls Romney 'mistaken'

Egypt's president says "time for change" in Syria

Clinton Stresses Closer With China Amid Disputes

There Was A Secret Ruling Against The NSA For Spying On Americans

New 9/11 truth documentary among 'most watched' on PBS this week

Human rights group alleges US waterboarded Gaddafi opponents

Costa Rica escapes serious damage from big quake



Christmas Cargo Boosts U.S. Rates As Europe Slumps: Freight

Union Pacific's Coal Freight Business Chugs Ahead After Slowdown

U.S. initial jobless claims drop to 365,000 last week

U.S. ADP non-farm payrolls increase 201,000 in August

Oil prices fall; gas prices same

The 9 Hippest Economic Indicators


Climate change so serious Democrats mention it once in over 80 speeches over two days

Team Obama: Romney's Mockery of Climate Action Is 'Terrifying'

Black carbon's role in climate change may be overstated

Aerosols, Climate Change and The Dramatic Failure of Planck's Law

Climate Change and the Food Supply

Climate threat to world's poor is underestimated: Oxfam


Health News

New disease gains a foothold: babesiosis - threatens blood supply

Long Island congressman calls attention to danger of radiation exposure from airport x-ray scanners

Chinese herb Ginkgo "does not prevent Alzheimer's"

Global food prices skyrocketing; up 10 percent in month of July alone

Vietnam’s Agent Orange victims get ‘detox’ treatment developed by Scientologists

France investigating two suspected cases of deadly Yosemite virus

NYC school lunches fall below minimum calorie requirement

Football players more likely to develop neurodegenerative disease, study finds

Pulling healthy teeth, cutting off a leg, killing a psychiatric patient: nightmare at Parkland Hospital


Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel military says it strikes Gaza militants

Palestinians say 6 killed as IDF stops Gaza attacks

Knesset Speaker: Obama only put Jerusalem back in platform for votes

IDF intel: Israel closely monitoring Syria's chemical weapons

Study: Rift Growing Between Israeli Arabs and West Bank Palestinians

PA 'Arab Spring' Protests Target Fayyad, Abbas

Israelis trust the IDF and doubt political parties, poll finds

US deputy military chief meets Israel's Barak




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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


2012 Democratic National Convention, Charlotte

First lady Michelle Obama lauds husband's values, vision - Transcript

Massachusetts governor criticizes record of his predecessor Mitt Romney

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro Speech At 2012 Democratic Convention Wows Crowd

Bill Clinton Aides At Democratic Convention Say George W. Bush Deserves Continued Blame

What Obama Won't Say in Charlotte: War on Terror Is Done

Democrats Drop 'God' From Party Platform

Obama Attacked Over Party Platform on Jerusalem

Democratic Platform Endorses Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

In Looking Back Four Years, Voters Have Short Memories - the three jobs reports before November, including the one coming this Friday, could doom Obama's reelection

Ron Paul on Jay Leno, Rules Out Third Party Run as Liberty Movement Hits The Tonight Show

Paul Ryan hammers President Barack Obama's economic record


1 dead after shooting at new Quebec premier's victory speech

Netanyahu mulls a Six-Day War surprise - Strike on Iran just became more unlikely

Catholic Pilgrims from Sri Lanka attacked by mob in India, flee country

Egypt's sexual harassment of women 'epidemic' - Caused by rise of radical Islam, 'Bedouin' values

Why 2013 will be a year of crisis - food prices

Covert War on Terror - the Data

Nowhere to Hide: Secret Spy Sat Agency Plans Unblinking Array

Shoot to Kill: Autonomous Robots Developed By DARPA Will Not Question Orders

Video Shows TSA's Bizarre New Security Policy

Once all our cars can talk to each other, what will they reveal about us?

Hackers Release 1 Million Apple Device IDs Allegedly Stolen From FBI Laptop - FBI denies

Navy SEAL book contains classified information: Pentagon

Health News

McDonald's to open vegetarian restaurants

Obese Teenage Americans are Stupid, says New Study Endorsed by Big Pharma

Manhattan next urban area to be mass-sprayed with pesticides in West Nile propaganda circus

U.S. officials sound worldwide alert for Yosemite hantavirus risk

Organics not a healthier food choice, study finds

Natural News strikes back: Flawed organic foods study really just a media psyop to confuse the public about organics while pushing GMOs

Love it or hate it, Marmite could stop spread of MRSA

Influenza Is Transmissible Before Onset Of Symptoms

Israeli - Palestinian War


Netanyahu adjourns Iran security cabinet meeting over leak

PA spends 6% of its budget paying Palestinians in Israeli jails, families of suicide bombers

Israeli Ambassador Denies Calling Republicans "Dangerous for Israel"

FM Liberman praises Obama, talks tough on Iran

Iran: Zionists spread homosexuality to control world

Middle East Live Updates from the Guardian UK


100,000 flee Syrian strife in August

Rebels say shot down fighter jet in northern Syria

Turkish PM says Syria has become "terrorist state"

Qatar's Al Jazeera website hacked by Syria's Assad loyalists


Ahmadinejad: Iran has 'problems' selling oil

US senators warn Iraq over Iran shipments to Syria

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Democratic National Convention 2012: September 4 In Charlotte (LIVE UPDATES)

DNC 2012 Schedule of Events & Speakers in Charlotte, N.C.: Sep. 4, 2012

2016: Obama's America - shocks film industry after becoming a box office success despite having virtually no promotional budget

Obama Pauses Campaign to Visit Storm-Damaged Louisiana

Moscow allocates $20 million for cloud removal during City Day celebration

Security expert: Iran and North Korea teaming up to fight malware like Duqu, Flame, Stuxnet

Apple granted patent to disable cameras according to location

True, or psyop? U.S. won't ratify UN treaty that could have outlawed civilian firearms ownership

Al-Qaeda of Yemen shifts 5,000 fighters to Syria in secret Saudi/U.S. deal

Syria: No talks with rebels until they're crushed

U.S. Companies Brace for an Exit From the Euro by Greece

Moody's EU Credit Rating Outlook Changed To Negative

Christians take 'beliefs' fight to European Court of Human Rights

Children to carry on Rev. Moon's religious movement, but feuding could endanger the empire

Fire in Forest Near LA Puts Damper on Holiday

Health News

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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Mormon Moment

Mitt Romney's likely win indicated by national and swing state polls

Obama, Romney tied as Democrats go into convention

Obama zeroes in on colleges in swing states

China Could Deliver Ohio to Romney

Might the White Horse prophecy affect the U.S. presidential election? Cutting Edge article quoted

Group says it found 30,000 dead North Carolinians registered to vote

Fellow Mormons laud Romney for raising church's profile

Mormon Caffeine Policy Clarified, Coke And Pepsi Officially OK For Latter-Day Saints

Author Laurie Winer explores LDS history and scriptures, finding that the church "possesses a remarkable adaptability that keeps it alive and thriving."

Wikipedia's article on Joseph Smith's "Theodemocracy"

TSA To Conduct Grope Downs at DNC

Government Threatens Jail Time for Growing Produce in Front-Yard Garden


Rev. Sun Myung Moon, self-proclaimed messiah who founded Unification Church, dies at age 92

Vaccinations: The Government’s War on Parental Rights

NYMEX-Crude steady on Labor Day after gain on Bernanke

Two American consulate employees wounded in Pakistan bomb attack

Pakistan blasphemy case: Muslim cleric arrested on suspicion of planting Koran pages

Top al-Qaida militant killed in U.S. drone strike

White House: Iran must steer clear of US interests in Gulf

Austin, Texas: Officers infiltrated Occupy movement - How common is this practice?

Syria Crisis: 5,000 Dead In August, Activists Say

Health News

Swine Flu Death: Ohio Woman First Person To Die From H3N2v Influenza Virus, State Health Department Says

EPA changes rules to allow more toxic cleaning chemicals in mainstream food

Corrupt USDA conspired to funnel hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to beef industry lobbyists

America's leading psychiatrist convicts himself of crimes against humanity

Cheap, deadly heroin only a text away for young addicts

Boomers retiring to rural areas won't find doctors

Forget minty toothpaste - coconut oil fights tooth decay

Study: Aspirin may help prostate cancer

Israeli - Palestinian War


IAF Aircraft Strikes in Gaza in Response to Rocket Attacks

Police charge 3 with poisoning Ra'anana family

Police complete largely peaceful Migron (West Bank) evacuation

Fatah officials angry at PA's delay of statehood bid

IDF Chief Gantz cautions Iran: IDF can hit any place, anytime

U.S. Tells Iran: We Won't Join Israeli Attack

US upping threat against Iran to forestall Israeli strike

Egypt's Morsi appoints new Israel envoy

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Saturday/Sunday, September 1-2, 2012


What the waters left behind: Nightmarish scenes of dead rats and tombs washed away in Louisiana as Isaac clean up begins

U.S. CDC says 10,000 at risk of hantavirus in Yosemite outbreak

Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA surveillance program

Indexing the world: Google gets patent for software that can intelligently identify any object on the planet

DEBKA file: Russia is disengaging from Syria: Arms shipments stopped, warships exit Tartus

Al-Qaeda threat against Lebanon Shiites genuine, serious - Stage set for war between Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda

Taliban's twin suicide bombings kill 14, wound 69 in Afghan town

Six killed in drone attack in North Waziristan

Horrific picture shows armed Taliban militants lording it over 12 decapitated heads of Pakistani 'soldiers'

US drones strike again in Yemen, kill 8 AQAP fighters

Alleged US spy crucified in Yemen

Israeli - Palestinian War


IAF strikes Gaza terror hubs

Israeli Home Hit in Gaza Rocket Attacks

Hamas takes on Gaza's Salafists

US downsizes military drill with Israel

Israeli Paper: "A Shouting Match" Took Place Between Israeli PM and US Ambassador Over Iran

Treaty with Israel has brought cancer, hepatitis to Egypt, and must be changed, says adviser to Morsi's party

Egypt purchases new submarines from Germany

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Friday, August 31, 2012


RNC 2012

Republican Presidential Convention News

Silver tongue, but Romney gets job done

Romney homestretch game plan: jobs, jobs, jobs

Romney casts himself as a disciple of a truly American religion: Success

Not in Romney's speech: Social Security, Iraq, Afghanistan, border, welfare, Medicaid

Fact check: Romney's RNC acceptance speech

Why Clint's speech is no surprise

Hurricane Isaac

Another U.S. President ignores New Orleans: No plans yet for Obama visit to Gulf Coast

Smart Move: Romney To Visit Storm-Damaged Louisiana

Isaac rain stalls U.S. crop harvest, some damage done

Isaac's remnants bring headaches but also relief to drought

Isaac causes biggest one-day jump in gasoline prices in 18 months

Oil companies recover from Isaac, one refinery flooded

Isaac May Have Caused Up to $2 Billion of Insured Losses

Hurricane Isaac aftermath: Will FEMA have enough money?


Quake magnitude reduced to 7.6, tsunami warning trimmed - Map

Food Supply Adequate to Forestall Price Crisis, World Bank Says - We'll see

Insider Attacks Now Biggest Killer of NATO Troops

How the U.S. Fights the Zeta Cartel, From Spies to Sanctions

Another Oil Producer - RasGas - Offline Following Virus Attack

Apple Rejects App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes

TSA Denies Stonewalling Nude Body-Scanner Court Order

EFF Sues to Get Secret Court Rulings Showing Feds Violated Spy Law

Warrantless Wiretap Victims Ask Court to Reconsider Letting Feds Spy Illegally

Health News

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

RNC 2012

Republican Presidential Convention News

Condoleezza Rice Hits Obama On Foreign Policy - Outshines Paul Ryan

Ryan puts down calculator, picks up bullhorn

FACT CHECK: Ryan takes factual shortcuts in speech

Who you won’t see on stage at the Republican National Convention

Republican convention gives George W. Bush the cold shoulder

Clint Eastwood To Speak At Republican Convention on Thursday: Fox News



Hurricane Isaac now a tropical storm, still soaking LA. and Miss.

Harvard creates cyborg flesh that’s half man, half machine

Body Scans Junked? DHS, Darpa Look for New Airport Sensors

Wiper Malware That Hit Iran Left Possible Clues of Its Origins

Bin Laden Raid Became Re-Election Mission, SEAL Book Says

SEAL tells 60 Minutes book is for honor, not politics

SEAL Book Says Bin Laden Was Unarmed, Killed Outside His Bedroom

West Nile virus cases rise 40 percent in one week

Manhattan to be sprayed against West Nile virus

Some Farmers 'Will Make More Money' in Drought


Health News







Israeli - Palestinian War


Barak: Egypt clearly trying to control Sinai terror

Morsi: Palestinian cause a priority

McCain: Obama lost Israel's trust

High Court orders Migron outpost evacuated

Tel Aviv Cop Shoots and Kills Palestinian Car Thief


syria01.jpgThe remapping of the Middle East

Syria crisis: Assad regime oppressive, says Morsi – live updates

Syria President Bashar Assad appears confident of victory

In short the Free Syrian Army need al-Qaeda, says top strategist

Goal of united Syrian opposition still elusive


Non-Aligned Summit: Iran denies seeking nuclear weapons

Iran Challenges Isolation Imposed by Sanctions at Meeting

Japan imports Iranian crude in July even after EU ban


Nine dead in Iraq as al Qaeda claims attacks

Iraq takes delivery of final batch of U.S. tanks

Powell Was More Skeptical About Iraq Than Previously Thought, Annan Says


Five Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan - Three of them from "insider" attack

Tom Brokaw: 'Striking' That There's Been 'No Mention Of Afghanistan And Iraq' Wars At GOP Convention So Far

Militants attack Pakistan army post; 8 killed

Here's Why The Afghanistan War Is One Big Heaping Hot Mess

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

ECOWAS Officials Discuss Mali Options

Malian civilians to combat Islamic extremists

Kenya: Police Claim Rogo Killed By His Rivals

Uganda: AU Troops Capture Marka Town From Terrorists

Zimbabwe: 1,7 Million People Require Food Aid

Congo-Kinshasa: UN Alarmed Over Reports of Further Massacres in Eastern DR Congo

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC 2012

Republican Presidential Convention News

Republicans Officially Nominate Mitt Romney for President

Tough Chris Christie Convention Speech Articulates Paul Ryan’s Message

Mia Love, Ann Romney shine at GOP convention

Condoleezza Rice’s political comeback

Rules Change Sparks Grassroots Boos at GOP Convention - Establishment power-grab

RNC 2012 Schedule of Events & Speakers: Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hurricane Isaac live coverage updates

Isaac in New Orleans for Katrina's 7th Anniversary

Isaac Makes Second Landfall, Levee Overtopped in Plaquemines Parish


Oil Declines From One-Week High on Isaac Landfall, G-7 Statement

Stock futures point to slight gains, GDP growth as expected

The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena

NY Times caught self-censoring report of CIA arming the Syrian rebels

France launches murder probe into Arafat's death

Though Nikki Haley claims that Obama is "destabilizing" the military, researchers say U.S. arms sales nearly tripled in 2011

Marines vs. Zetas: U.S. Hunts Drug Cartels in Guatemala

Fatal security flaw discovered in software that controls U.S. power plants




Israeli - Palestinian War


Egypt broadens Sinai campaign to root out terror - Israel concerned over build-up

Israeli planes bomb Gaza weapons sites

UN: Gaza won't be 'liveable' by 2020 without action

Gaza's Hopes Dashed by Morsi and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Israel: South West Bank settler bloc 'part of Jerusalem'

Will Iran’s Third-World Jamboree Hasten an Israeli Attack? Probably Not

UN chief to see Iran leaders ahead of Non-Aligned summit



Assad says more time needed to 'win the battle' - live updates

Iran seeks support for Syria ceasefire plan at Tehran summit

Syria looks for big wheat purchase

Syria rebels 'destroy five helicopters' in raid


Iraq oil exports to Turkey still halted: Iraqi oil ministry

Egypt says military has killed 11 militants on Sinai Peninsula

Minister warns against armed Islamists in Libya

Airstrike in Yemen kills 2 suspected militants

Yemen politician escapes assassination bid: aide

Afghanistan: Village slaughter rocks even the Taleban leadership

Militants attack Pakistan army post, kill 8 troops

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Kenya Seeks Answers Over Cleric's Death

Rebels Plan More Military Attacks in Sudan

Does Meles Zenawi's Death Mean Instability for Ethiopia?

Cote d'Ivoire: UN Peacekeeper Presence Increased Following Attack On Côte d'Ivoire Military Checkpoint

Uganda: UPDF Captures Ammunition From Kony

Kenya: Two More Prison Wardens Die Following Grenade Attack

South Africa: Government Apologises for Mine Killings

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Sea row set aside as China, ASEAN seek trade boost

Poor in India Starve as Politicians Steal $14.5B of Food

Indonesia Seen Cutting Corn, Meal Imports On Record Costs

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Japan not hit by 9.0 quake? False flag nuclear weaponry actually destroyed Fukushima, claims report

ICG_NWO_Hurricane.jpgHuge Isaac strenghtens, aims at New Orleans

Google's Isaac Page

2005: New Orleans not protected like it should be

The Federal Government took steps after Katrina to destroy this advanced city and "re-wild" it


Roadside cameras suffer from large gaps in coverage, police admit

DHS using Boston subway system to test new sensors for biological agents

‘Degrade, Disrupt, Deceive’: U.S. Talks Openly About Hacking Foes

Drone U. rides flight boom

US Veterans Forcibly Sequestered in Mental Hospitals is Indefinite Detention

Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012


RNC 2012

Republican Presidential Convention News

RNC 2012 Schedule of Events: August 28, 2012

A subdued start for GOP convention as Isaac surges

Ann Romney's RNC task: Humanize Mitt

Gingrich Takes the GOP Convention to School With Newt University

Business and Political Experiences Pull Romney 2 Ways on Economy

Tea Party followers warm up to Mitt Romney

Health News







It's not just the U.S. - Food inflation will affect entire globe in 2013

Shock discovery: Bacteria found in public water comes from the treatment filters, not from the water source

Legionnaires' Outbreak Kills 2 In Chicago

Legionnaires' outbreak kills 8 in Quebec

West Nile Outbreak On Track To Be Worst Ever

Stribild HIV-1 Infection Drug Approved By FDA

Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims

2nd death from hantavirus in Yosemite

Daniella mangoes recalled over possible Salmonella contamination




Israeli - Palestinian War


Abbas to Proceed with UN Statehood Bid

Diplomat: FM's letter aimed to block Abbas’s UN bid

Morsi: Peace Treaty Will Remain Intact

After rocket fire, IAF strikes Gaza munition depots

Rocket-proof school in Israel a secure learning environment

Israelis get gas masks, shelters in order

Migron residents petition to delay evacuation

Rachel Corrie: Court rules Israel not at fault for death



US decries deaths in Syria; against French plans

Iran said to supply Syria with elite force

Syrian opposition chief slams US remarks on Syria

Turkey Closes Its Borders to Syrian Refugees


Iran denies plans to show nuclear sites to diplomats

Iran to ask India for spurring tri-nation pipeline


Iraq Officials: Gunmen With Silencers Kill General

Iraq seeks to curb frontier spillover from Syria crisis

Blast halts oil flow from Turkey-Iraq pipeline: sources


US troops escape criminal charges for incidents that outraged Afghanistan

Militants from Afghanistan attack Pakistan for third day

Afghanistan prepared for potential Waziristan exodus

Murder and Rape Rampant in Afghanistan


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Monday, August 27, 2012


RNC 2012

Republican Presidential Convention News

What to watch for at the GOP convention on Monday - 1st day cancelled because of Isaac

What a shortened GOP convention means for Mitt Romney

Welcome to Tampa - Economy still dominates - Citigroup sees economy improving

Mitt Romney outlines his governing plan

AP Interview: Obama calls Romney's ideas 'extreme'

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist endorses Barack Obama in 2012 presidential race

Bitter Paul Supporters Talk Mutiny In Tampa

Scientologists Find Their Place At Ron Paul Festival

RNC protestor arrested with machete strapped to his leg



Computer models show Isaac hitting New Orleans as a Hurricane

Oil Prices: Nymex to Hit $100, but Experts Say Sell the Rally - Isaac related spike expected to be short-lived

World's largest oil producer: 30K workstations fell victim to cyber attack

Venezuela: Oil refinery to reopen after blast that killed 41

27 Afghans, 2 US soldiers killed in attacks

UK Daily Star claims that nealy 200 elite SAS and SBS troops are in or around Syria hunting for Assad’s weapons of mass destruction

Evidence mounts of new massacre in Syria after rebels claim death toll of 300 to 600 people

9/11 Hearing Cancelled But Secrecy Issues Remain

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

FCC eyes tax on Internet service

Researchers Find Mysterious New AIDS-Like Disease


Major quake hits off El Salvador, no damage reported

Health News







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Saturday/Sunday, August 25-26, 2012


Nato kills top Pakistan militant Mullah Dadullah

Pakistan: US drones hit militant hideouts, kill 18

With a sneer, Egypt TV host challenges Islamists

Fierce fighting in Syria swells refugee exodus

Blast rocks Venezuela's largest refinery, kills 19 - Venezuela is importing oil despite having world's largest reserve - Statist Chavez has scared away most foreign investors


State Secrets: Special Ops Chief Says Blabbermouths Face ‘Criminal Prosecution’

Cyber War: Kill timer found in Shamoon malware suggests possible connection to Saudi Aramco attack

Food Crisis: Mexico scrambles to cope with egg shortage

Breakfast in America: The Real Cost of Corn


RNC 2012

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s GOP convention blessing prompts debate

GOP Platform includes Internet Freedom, language indicates influence of Rand Paul and libertarian-Republicans

Mitt Romney nomination pushed up on concerns about storm, Ron Paul

Hurricane Isaac takes aim at U.S. Gulf Coast - GOP Convention in Tampa still not safe from heavy winds and rain


Health News

10 Body Hacks That Will Be Available By 2025

British Columbia to require health-care workers to get flu shot or wear masks

Deer disease deaths reach 100 in northern Cook County

Researchers Discover One Way the Influenza Virus Disarms Host Cells

West Nile: they're lying to you again

Now even TAP WATER isn't safe! Brain-eating amoeba fatal in 99% of cases 'could come from your own faucet'

Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate to Prevent Disease Enters Clinical Testing


Superb Propaganda Piece: Climate change deniers are almost extinct

Global warming aids invasive species in Antarctica

Why worry about methane seeping up through Alaska tundra?

The Link Between Global Warming and Mega-Quakes

Global warming theory fails again

UK Gov't Scientist's Grim Warning on climate change

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"Oblivion: AMERICA At The Brink" -- Scalar Weaponry Explained, Illustrated

"They can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic
waves. (Defense Secretary William Cohen)


by Pastor Hoggard

"Pentacle of Power"

Blockbuster New DVD's On English Bible History

"A Lamp In The Dark: Bold Expose' of Roman Catholicism As The Bloodthirsty Religious Harlot of Revelation 17 - DVD by Chris Pinto, Editor and Filmmaker of the "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" Videos

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"GOD'S Forbidden Practices"

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$3.99 Glossy Pamphlets

Options include Chronological Readings, Old and New Testament read together and Daily Readings from different sections of the Bible

"Jesus Christ In The Old Testament"

Highlights the lives of people who "prefigure" Jesus

"Why Trust The Bible?"

Dr. Timothy Jones shows why you can trust the Bible with your precious, eternal soul.

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Rapture Is The Real Deal!

Buy The 2-DVD, 'Biblical Teachings of the Rapture' and Get Book 'Great Mysteries of the Rapture' FREE

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"Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" DVD's

Each 3 Hours Long

"The New Atlantis"

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"Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

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"The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill"

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