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September, 2020

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2020 Election Debate

Debate Recap: Trump Wins, Biden Doesn't Faint, Chris Wallace Goes Down Hard

Left-Wing Pundits Call for Remaining Presidential Debates to Be Canceled

Joe Biden: Unfit for Office

Michael Keaton to Joe Biden: ‘No More Debates. You Won. Walk Away’

At first presidential debate Biden chooses to run as a pale imitation of Trump circa 2016

On the Eve of a Presidential Debate, or at the Edge of Treason?

Biden Ditches Bernie Bros at Debate: Denounces Medicare for All, Defund the Police, Green New Deal

Biden says 'the Green New Deal is not my plan'

Scarborough: ‘I Would Have Walked Off the Stage’ if I Were Biden

Regarding Who Won the First Debate, Telemundo's Poll Offered Some Very Bad News for Joe Biden

Kamala Harris Attempts to Do Damage Control Following the First Presidential Debate

Chris Wallace and Joe Biden Repeat Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People Hoax’ at Presidential Debate

Chris Wallace Falsely Claimed Trump Is Ending ‘Racial Sensitivity Training’

Biden Refuses to Answer Whether or Not He'll Pack the Court: 'Would You Shut Up, Man?'

Biden speechless as Trump challenges him to name one police group that supports him

Biden’s reported reversal on ear checks prior to first presidential debate raises questions

Stock futures drop after Trump-Biden debate

Nolte: Donald Trump Won the First Debate

Supreme Court Nomination News

Trump Invokes Ginsburg on SCOTUS Appointments: ‘I’m Not Elected for Three Years’

Fact Check: Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett Has Liberal Supporters

Leftist ‘Crazies’ Attacking Amy Coney Barrett Actually Help Trump

Senator Blackburn (R-TN): ‘Nothing’ Will Stop Amy Coney Barrett Vote Before Election

Media Fail — Majority Support Trump Filling SCOTUS Seat Right Now

Senator Tillis (R-NC) Rips Senate Dems for Not Meeting with ACB — ‘They’re Going to Make a Circus’

Senator Ted Cruz (R-FL): Pre-Existing Condition Attack on Barrett ‘Nonsense’ – GOP ‘Going to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions’

BREAKING: Newly Declassified Documents Show Hillary May Have Set Up the Russia Hoax

EPA chief rips Gov Newsom’s unrealistic electric car mandate: ‘You can’t even keep the lights on’

School principals union slaps de Blasio with vote of ‘No Confidence’, demand mayor cede control to state

'Mask patrols' will fine people refusing to wear face coverings in NYC

There’s a game-changer out there that should end the Wuhan virus paranoia

Disney to lay off 28,000 employees as COVID-19 continues to hammer its businesses

Biden does not trust Trump to deliver a safe vaccine

Trump Did More for Black Americans in 4 Years Than Biden Did in 40: Vernon Jones (D-GA)

No, the United States is not systemically racist

Texas Gun Sales Rise Amid Election Season

Texas Grand Jury Will Not Indict Church Shooter: Acted Properly & Legally

Christian Group Raises $500K+ for Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

450 Miles Of Border Wall By End Of Year

U.S Companies Add Far More Jobs Than Expected as Manufacturing Hiring Booms

Another Pathetic Times ‘Bombshell’: "Trump failed to pay taxes on business losses—like every other taxpayer in the world"

Project Veritas Bombshell Video Shows Vote Harvester in Minneapolis Paying a Voter




Breaking News

Biden Reverses Course, Declines to Have Ears Inspected Pre-Debate Despite Agreeing Days Ago

More Details on Biden’s Desperate Debate Moves: Turns out It’s Even Worse Than First Reported

Left-wing ‘Nation’ Ponders Secession of Democrat-run States

Kayleigh McEnany: Media ‘Desperately Trying to Smear’ Trump, Who Has Already Donated $1.4 Million of Salary to Government

Big Brain Energy: As Democrats Attack a Catholic Woman, Pelosi Warns GOP Is Attacking Women

‘Shocked and panicked’: New Yorkers reportedly receive invalid ballots with wrong names and addresses

Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett and the Zealots: "More than 70 million Roman Catholics" in America

Leftist Group Fueling Democrat Senate Campaigns Are at the Center of Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Children

ACB vs. ‘Know-Nothing’ Democrats

Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination: A teachable moment on the power of love

Megyn Kelly Obliterates Joy Reid Over Attacks On Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith

Key News

President Trump nominated for 3rd Nobel Peace Prize for the Trump Doctrine

Could the COVID vaccine be canceled before the first injection?

US in talks to move key airbase out of Turkey. To Greece or the UAE?

How Trump’s Foreign Policy Fits Within the American Tradition

Front Line Dispatch from China’s Economic War Against the U.S.

The New York Times’ Attack on Trump’s ‘Financial Acumen’ Is Nonsense

Another Pathetic Times ‘Bombshell’

McEnany sounds off on ‘biased’ media after Trump tax report

CA Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Establishing Taxpayer-Subsidized Transgender Equity Fund

Bias Media Reporting on Temperature: Highlight Hot, Ignore Cold

Consumer Confidence Surges Past Expectations as the Economy Marches Forward


Voting Fraud News

Trump Must Confront Biden on Democrats’ Election Interference Plans

Donald Trump Lays Out Evidence of Mail-In Voting Fraud to Reporters

Project Veritas Releases Another Ilhan Omar Video Showing Cash for Votes Harvesting Scheme

Colorado Secretary of State Encourages Non-Citizens, Deceased to Register to Vote

2020 Election News -- Democrats

‘Invisible' Chris Wallace To Moderate First Presidential Debate

If Tuesday's debate takes place, it should worry Democrats

The Night of the Living Dead Campaign of Joe Biden

Hunter Biden’s Millions

Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County

Sen. Durbin Says Clinton Is ‘Flat Out Wrong’ For Advising Biden To ‘Not Concede Under Any Circumstances’

2020 Election News -- Republicans

Why President Trump deserves to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Trump Surging With Hispanic and Black Voters In Critical States

To Keep the Senate Majority, GOP Needs to Hold China Accountable

Disgraced Former FBI Head Comey Just Made Stunning Admission About Newest Report On Steele Dossier

President Trump: Rudy Giuliani, Fmr. Gov. Chris Christie Helping With Debate Prep

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu at UN reveals Hezbollah weapons depot near Beirut Airport

More than 20 Arab Terrorist Attacks on Jews Since the Start of 5781

UN will ‘lose its right to exist’ if it doesn’t treat Israel fairly: envoy

Is PM Netanyahu in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Global Loser: Israel’s sky-high infection rate almost 3 times any other in world

Seriously ill virus patients top 800, number once cited as max for hospitals

Oregon fires burning underground pose new threat


"Revive Us, Oh Lord"

Tens of Thousands of Christians Converged on DC: Prayer, Humility, and Repentence prevailed

Trump: "Today so many seek God’s forgiveness and mercy" -- Message on Yom Kippur, 2020

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.: (2 Chronicles 7:13-15, KJV)

Football coach abruptly quits, leaves sign on door: ‘All Lives Matter to Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ’

Black Lives Matters' goal to ‘disrupt’ nuclear family fits century-old Marxist aim: "We are trained Marxists"

More Than 300 People From 29 States Arrested for Crimes During ‘Peaceful’ Protests

Supreme Court News

Trump’s Nomination of ACB Honors Constitutional Norms: Dems Dishonor Them

Amy Coney Barrett: “A Judge’s Responsibility is to Adhere to the Rule of Law”

Amy Coney Barrett Is a Champion for Women

Senator Graham: After Kavanaugh, Democrats Will Try to Destroy Barrett at Their Own Peril

Sen. Dick Durbin (D) concedes Dems can’t stop confirmation, throws Hillary under bus

Left-wing Groups Protest Across Country to Oppose Amy Coney Barrett Nomination

Democrat Sen. Blumenthal: I Won’t Meet with Barrett, ‘It Would Treat This Process as Legitimate’

Ted Cruz Had the Perfect Response to Dem Senator Who Refuses to Meet Amy Coney Barrett

Democrats Slander SCOTUS Pick Over Religion — And It Could Cost Them 2020

‘Rank religious bigotry’: Black church leaders defend Amy Coney Barrett

Pro-Life Groups Support SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett: She’s an “Absolute All-Star”

Megyn Kelly Slams Joy Reid for Attacking Amy Barrett: Stop the “Bigoted Attacks on Catholics”

MSNBC Hosts Segment on How Democrats Can Fight to Keep Abortions Legal

Liberal Media is Trashing Amy Barrett’s Christian Faith, And It’s About to Get Worse

Trump slams media’s treatment of Barrett’s Catholicism: ‘I thought we settled this’ with JFK

Thank God and Chuck Schumer for Amy Coney Barrett: The four Democratic overreaches that got us here

Professor urged to resign after comparing Barrett to ‘white colonizers,’ calling her Haitian children ‘props’

Democrats Claim Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Would Threaten Health Care

New York Times: We Have Trump’s Tax Returns

NY Times tax return 'nothingburger' helps President Trump win more voters

Trump tax return story includes its own fact-check: He paid to US Treasury $1 mil in 2016 and $4.2 mil in 2017

Hollywood Reacts to New York Times Tax Returns Story: ‘Donald Capone’

New York Times Counts on Public Ignorance to Push Trump Tax Nothingburger

New York Times Debunks Several Conspiracy Theories with Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump Dismisses New York Times Tax Return Story as ‘Fake News’

2020 Election News -- Democrats

Leftist Radiation: Without Propaganda, Trump's Popularity Would Soar for Certain Reelection

Republican Jewish Group: Biden must apologize for comparing Trump to Goebbels, Hitler's Master Propagandist

Project Veritas Exposes Ilhan Omar Allies in Alleged Ballot Harvesting Operation in Minnesota

Was Russia Probe The Most Corrupt U.S. Investigation Ever?

Trump Lays Out Evidence Of Voter Fraud In NY, NJ, FL, CA, PA, WI, NC & IA

Hunter Biden’s ‘forgotten’ Russia scandal bombs that media is hiding in plain sight but wants hidden from voters

Biden Video Falsely Claiming He Went To HBCU Resurfaces

A View From A Recovering Democrat

2020 Election -- Republicans

Trump Bringing In Team Of Thousands Of Lawyers Ahead Of 2020 Election

America’s Clock is Ticking: Fight Fiercely!

Biden’s ‘Embrace’ of ‘the Neo-Marxism of the Black Lives Matter Movement’ Helping Trump with Hispanic Vote

Trump Surging With Hispanic and Black Voters In Critical States

How A Pro-Life President Saves Tens Of Thousands Of Lives

Florida doctors claim corona cure with near 100% success rate, potential to reopen country

Anthony Fauci and the CDC: Inspiring Fear Since 1983

John Durham Interim Report or Indictments Before Election ‘Unlikely’

The Third Worlding of America

Wildfire erupts in California’s Napa County at ‘dangerous rate of speed’

Israel/Palestinian War

Assad sends out feelers for peace deal with Israel

First formal Israel-Lebanese talks mediated by the US start next month

Sudanese PM: Normalizing ties with Israel is a 'complicated' issue

Arab aid to Palestinians slashed by 85pc

Gaza Peace Activist in Jail for ‘Crime’ of Talking with Israelis

Rabin's granddaughter responds to AOC

Iran Sends Kornet, Fajr Missiles To Gaza

IDF cancels leave for combat troops, soldiers in training amid coronavirus surge

Former MK and Temple Mount activist Yehudah Glick plans to run for president

Israeli Defense Tech to Equip Czech Military, Deal Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

China dam collapses, 10,000 acres of crops flooded

Nearly 1 million who died of COVID-19 also showcased treatment: "Recent surge in coronavirus infections in the US and elsewhere, there also are signs that death rates are declining

Heavy fighting breaks out between Armenia and Azerbaijan, raising fears of regional war


Breaking News

Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

Barrett Will Sail

Ted Cruz Warns Democrats Will Try to ‘Destroy’ Amy Coney Barrett

Judicial Watch Statement on Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Biden, Kamala Didn't Waste Any Time Attacking Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

Now Democrats are Questioning the 'Circumstances' Around Amy Coney Barrett's Adoptions

There's Another Bonus to Confirming Amy Coney Barrett: And CNN Actually Zeroed In On It

Liberal Tantrums Over Amy Coney Barrett Were Expected: She worked on George W. Bush‘s legal team during 2000 recount in Florida & worked to stop votes from being counted

Republicans eye Oct. 12 for start of SCOTUS confirmation hearings

Supreme Court News

Fill the Seat! Judicial Watch

Trump Intends to Pick Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Amy Barrett’s Record Shows Support for Pro-Life Laws Saving Babies From Abortion

Amy Barrett Believes Life Begins at Conception, Questions Roe’s “Judicial Fiat” of “Abortion on Demand”

In Preemptive Defense of Future Justice Barrett

Pro-Life Professor: Amy Barrett is an “Unbelievable Mom” Who Respects the Constitution

Democrats Launch Smear Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Adopted Children

Amy Coney Barrett and Who We Are as a Nation

Bill Maher Trashes Amy Coney Barrett: “She’s a F—ing Nut! Really, Really Catholic”

Liberal Media is Trashing Amy Barrett’s Christian Faith, And It’s About to Get Worse

Barrett Did Not Affirm the Illinois Lockdown Order

Pro-Abortion Alabama Senator Doug Jones Refuses to Support Trump’s Nominee

Why the Democrats won’t pack the Supreme Court

Abortion Activists Blast Trump Because He Signed an Order to Stop Infanticide

President Trump Is Leading a Once-in-a-Generation Effort to Ensure Americans Have Access to a COVID-19 Vaccine

Riots, Mayham, Murder News

Democrats Ideologically In Bed With BLM?

We Are Going to War': Some Armed Protesters Gather in Louisville Days After Officers Shot

The MSM is LYING to you about the Breonna Taylor story

Trump Blames Democrat ‘War on Cops’ for Shooting of Kentucky Police Officers

Tucker Carlson Names The Rich CEOs Funding Supplies, Bail For Louisville Rioters

Trump Announces Comprehensive ‘Platinum Plan’ for Black Americans

Trump to designate KKK, ANTIFA as terrorist groups in black empowerment plan

Mail Cheating News

The Election Integrity Crisis

Democrats’ 7-Step Strategy to Win the Election Using Vote-by-Mail Chaos

Absentee Ballots Found in Wisconsin Ditch

2020 Election -- Democrats

"And I will give children to be their princes, and babes (foolish children) shall rule over them [with outrage instead of justice] ... For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen: because their tongue and their doings are against the Lord, to provoke the eyes of his glory ... they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not..." (Isaiah 3:4, 8-9, KJV)

Grand Theft Election

Democrats' answer to anything they dislike is increasingly ‘Burn it all down’

Why Are They Capitalizing ‘Black’?

Trump mocks ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden’s event-free days

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Considered Leaving America Because of Trump

Trump: Russia Interfered in 2016 Election ‘On Behalf of Hillary Clinton’

Key News

Americans Should Vote for Trump Because There’s Nothing More Important Than the Right to Life

How Cultural Marxism is Grinding Down America's Public Schools

Sen. (GA) Kelly Loeffler’s Bill To Protect Female Athletes Is A Sign The GOP Finally Figured Out The Culture War

Senate Reports Show Hunter Biden Took MILLIONS from Russian Billionaire

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is playing with racial fire: "Outrage eclipses the Rule of Law"

New York Orders Doctors: Hand Over Private Patient Information - Within three hours!

Trump Was Right! New FBI exts Expose Coup

‘Get Trump’: FBI Whistleblower On Mueller Team Details Real Reason Flynn Was Targeted

Doctor Who Euthanized Patients Now Warns Against Legalizing Assisted Suicide

President Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions

Trump bans oil drilling off Virginia, North Carolina coasts

Israel/Palestinian War

We Should Believe What Arab Dictators Say

Abbas calls for international peace conference next year

Poll Shows PA, Gaza Arabs Feel Betrayed by Gulf States

Expecting F-35 deal in weeks, Israel seeks downgraded jet for UAE

Arab aid to Palestinians slashed by 85%

UAE Minister: Iran’s aggression made Arab world look at Israel ‘with fresh eyes’

Israel's High Court corrupted by politics

IDF soldiers fire at firebomb-throwing terrorists

Israel goes into full lockdown amid confusion over protests, prayers

Opposition MKs block bill to limit protests and public prayers during pandemic

Israel’s Second Lockdown: Roadblocks, empty beaches, outdoor prayers, cyclists galore

Incomes Hit a Record High and Poverty Reached a Record Low in 2019


Key News

From RBG to Mask Mandates, Dems Beg for Authoritarian Rule

A View From A Recovering Democrat

How CIA's Brennan Overruled Dissenting Analysts Who Concluded Russia Favored Hillary

Pence vows 'aggressive' effort to safeguard a 'free and fair election'

Climate Hustle 2 premieres this Thursday

U.S. Attorney: Military Ballots, Cast for Trump, Found Discarded in Pennsylvania

DOJ Orders Pennsylvania County to Change Practices After Discarded Ballots Found

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): Donald Trump Is ‘Flirting With Treason’

President Trump Announces ‘America First Healthcare Plan’

Trump Vows Executive Order Providing Medical Care to Babies Born Alive

‘Reclaiming the American Dream’ Focuses on the American Worker

FBI Agent: Never was evidence of Russia collusion but Mueller team had 'get Trump' goal

Riots, Fires, Murders

Breonna Taylor Protests Break Out in Cities Across Nation

‘Choke Me, Motherf*cker!’: Watch Wild Anti-Cop Freak Out at Breonna Taylor Protest

Kentucky lawmaker who proposed 'Breonna's law' to stop 'no-knock' warrants is arrested along with 24 others for rioting as Louisville is rocked

Texas Vote Fraud Ring Busted, Democrat Riots Keep Multiplying

Charles Barkley's Truthful Comments About Breonna Taylor Shooting Spark Backlash

Trump Blames Democrat ‘War on Cops’ for Shooting of Kentucky Police Officers

More Than 300 People Arrested For Crimes Under The Guise Of Peaceful Protests DOJ Announces

Gun Sales Surge 80 Percent in Seven Swing States

2020 Election -- Democrat

Biden campaign stalls with 40 days left

North Carolina Democrats alter election rules through the court system in effort to sway election

The People President Versus The Paper President

President Trump: Chris Wallace Will Take It Easy On Biden During Debate

Burisma’s Only The Beginning! Biden’s Quid Pro Quo Sellout Of America

BOMBSHELL: Biden Looks BAD As Hunter’s RUSSIAN PAYDAY Revealed

Senate exposes a rogues' gallery of shady foreign associates behind Hunter Biden's lucrative deals

Hunter Biden’s Millions

‘Major Holes’ in Joe Biden’s Explanation That He Didn’t Talk to Hunter about Business

Hillary Clinton Makes Election 2020 ALL ABOUT HER

U.S. TV Shows Try A New Election Playbook: Making Voting Part Of The Story

Supreme Court News

House Democrats prepare legislation to limit Supreme Court justice term to 18 years

Trump to Announce SCOTUS Pick on Saturday

Their Rantings Betray Them

Pro-Life Professor: Amy Barrett is an “Unbelievable Mom” Who Respects the Constitution

Getting the Politics Wrong on Supreme Court Nominees

I’m So Mad Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died, That I Became a Satanist: " Is going satanist the new Trump Derangement Syndrome?"

Republicans, 'Confirm a Supreme Court Justice Immediately'

Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes first woman to lie in state in US capitol

COVID vaccine clinical trials doomed to fail; fatal design flaw

President Trump Says New FDA Standards On COVID Vaccine Are Politically Motivated

Did The First Lockdown Trigger The Second Wave?

Israeli Laser-Tech Kills Corona Germs in the Air

Two Stabbed Near Charlie Hebdo’s Old Offices, France Opens Anti-Terror Probe

Israel/Palestinian War

I’m an American Jew: And I LOVE President Donald J. Trump

'It’s critical that we stand strong and defend Israel': Evangelical Leader

Trump admin. taps Hasidic singer Shulem Lemmer to raise COVID awareness

Israel and Lebanon Agree to Negotiate Maritime Border After the Holidays

‘Next Arab State is Ready to Make Peace Any Day,’ Says US Ambassador to UN

How European Dollars Fund Bloodthirsty Palestinian Terror Groups

Analysis: Why Do the Arabs Hate the Palestinians?


Breaking News

Kentucky AG decided on facts, pushes back against ‘liberal media’ agenda: ‘Mob justice is no justice’

U-Haul that supplied riot gear to Louisville protesters reportedly rented by Soros-connected bail project

Support for Racial Injustice Protests Declines

CNN audience to see 'reality of life in the womb'

Former Federal prosecutor lays out blueprint for rescuing America

Rep. McCarthy (R-CA): Violent Protests 'Planned, Orchestrated Events'


‘We are at war’: Netanyahu says as two-week hermetic shutdown set to begin

Major news agency rewrites smear job on Amy Coney Barrett

Liberal media call Amy Coney Barrett's faith 'Catholic Jesus batsh*t cult'

Cities Are Burning

It's Too Late to Get These Facts Right About Breonna Taylor's Death

Riots Erupt Over Breonna Taylor Case

Media attacks on Kentucky AG are ‘disgusting’: Laura Ingraham

Twitter: ‘Louisville Will Burn’ Doesn’t Violate Our Rules

Two Louisville Police Officers Shot Amid Breonna Taylor Protests

Kamala Harris amid Protests: ‘Never Stop Speaking Breonna’s Name’

Louisville: Protests Break Out, Gear Unloaded from U-Haul After No Murder Charges in Breonna Taylor Case

Armed Protesters on Streets of Texas Capital Protesting Breonna

Rioters Set Police HQ on Fire in St. Louis

Reuters Pulls a CNN on Its Description of Louisville Protest Where Two Officers Were Shot

Louisville Black Lives Matter ‘Protesters’ Storm Restaurant And Begin Throwing Tables And Chairs On Outdoor Patio

Biden Supporters Vandalize, Burn Trump Supporters’ Home in Minnesota

Supreme Court News

White House: We Believe Supreme Court Seat Can Be Filled in 37 Days

There's No Reason Why Trump/Senate Can't Fill RBG's Vacant Seat Before 2020 Election: Judicial Watch

Democrats’ ‘Norm’ Is Brutalizing The Reputations Of Republican Court Nominees

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on SCOTUS: Justices Do Not Choose Their Replacements

Hold the Hearings

When It Comes to Senate Democrats, Joe Manchin Shows Why He's The Only Voice of Reason

Doug Collins (R-GA): President Trump ‘On Fire,’ ‘Deserves’ Supreme Court Pick

Leftists Boo President Trump as He Pays Respects to Justice Ginsburg

Key News

Betsy DeVos Just Dropped Another Bomb On Princeton's 'Systemic Racism'

Free Men Shall Stand Between their Beloved Homes and a Marxist Revolution!

State Department Helps Fund the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Narrative

Kaepernick: ‘White Supremacist Institution of Policing…Must Be Abolished’

U.S. Sports Figures Decry Ruling In Breonna Taylor Shooting

Presidents Trump and Xi Deliver Dueling UN Speeches by Video

California’s Gavin Newsom Bans Gas-Powered Vehicles, Effective 2035


2020 Election News -- Democrat


Biden Report Shows Impeachment Was Election Interference

Stacks of Absentee Ballots Found in a Ditch in Wisconsin

Republicans Sue Minnesota Over 8-Day Extension to Count ‘Late’ Ballots

'Absurd': Biden Will Be Another No Show for the Press Today

Senate GOP Probe Outlines Hunter Biden’s Extensive Foreign Dealings

2020 Election News -- Republican

Rep. McCarthy Warns Pelosi What Could Happen If She Pushes Impeachment Again

Fantasy Artists in Hollywood Ignore the Reality That Their Activism Is Driving Away the Audience

Johnson & Johnson Begins Phase 3 Trial Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Suffering Jewish New Yorker Explains Why Others Refuse COVID-19 Testing

Data Proves that Most Newly-Reopened Schools are Safe from Coronavirus

Mask Fanatics Have Officially Abandoned Science To Control Your Life

New Israeli-US Technology Filters COVID-19 Particles From the Air

As Wildfires Approach Silicon Valley, Tech Firms Struggle To Find The Backing To Fight Them

Gun sales in major swing states up nearly 80% this year: Will it have any bearing on election outcome?

CNN, broadcast networks ignore Hunter Biden revelations

Israel/Palestinian War

Jared Kushner addresses AIPAC for first time

Israel’s Second Full Lockdown Begins Friday

Opposition slams lockdown: 'A devastating, illogical decision'

Poll Shows PA, Gaza Arabs Feel Betrayed by Gulf States

First Direct Commercial Flight from Israel Lands in Bahrain

Palestinian Arabs have been lying for years: Can they still get away with it?

US Ambassador to UN: New Peace Deal for Israel Possible in ‘Day or Two’

Breaking News

Grand Jury Indicts 1 Police Officer in Breonna Taylor Death: No murder charges , "Wanton Endangerment"

Kentucky Black AG Daniel Cameron on Breonna Taylor Case: Police Knocked First, Fired Upon First

Louisville: Protests Break Out, Gear Unloaded from U-Haul After No Murder Charges in Breonna Taylor Case

CNN’s Don Lemon Says ‘We’re Gonna Have to Blow Up the Entire System’ (Worth $12,000,000)

Arsonists found to be behind number of West Coast blazes: Authorities

California’s Gavin Newsom Bans Gas-powered Vehicles, Effective 2035

Democrats Fear Sen. Dianne Feinstein Not Up for SCOTUS Fight: ‘She Has Noticeably Slowed’

HUGE: Trump Slaps Down Harmful Leftist Indoctrination with Far Reaching Executive Order --- Critical Race Theory

Supreme Court News

Trump to Announce Supreme Court Pick 5:00 P.M. Saturday

Religious Bigots Smear SCOTUS Frontrunner

Harris Likely to Play Attack Dog Role on Abortion in SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing: But Who Will Be Holding Her Leash?

Trump argues full Supreme Court needed to settle potential election disputes

Sen. Mike Lee: 'I hope and expect' Amy Coney Barrett will be Trump's SCOTUS nominee

Senator Romney Supports Senate Vote on President Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Senator Graham: ‘We’ve Got the Votes to Confirm Justice Ginsburg’s Replacement Before the Election’

Democrats ‘Don’t Even Pretend to Hide Their Anti-Catholicism’

Sen. Murkowski Backtracks on RBG Vacancy: Killing Democratic Hopes Of Blocking Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

Democrats Threaten to Burn Down the Republic to Stack the Supreme Court

Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 200,000, Which Was on the Low End of Models with ‘Full Mitigation’

Canada 0.25% Mortality Rate - Fake Models = Fake News = Fake Justification = Real Lockdowns

2020 Election News -- Democrats

Dereliction of Duty: Kamala Harris Missing in Action as Wildfires Burn Her State

Joe Biden has long forgotten North Carolina: Today's visit is too late

Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Doesn’t Lie: Only He Does

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Democrats Plan to Cheat

Susan Rice Compares Trump to Mao Zedong

Nancy Pelosi: ‘We Can Impeach’ Trump ‘Every Day of the Week for Anything He Does’

President Trump: Biden’s Policies Would Destroy The American Economy

Polk County Sheriff Uses Pictures To Explain Difference Between Riots And Protests

Seattle City Council overrides mayor's veto of police cuts

Presidents Trump and Xi Deliver Dueling UN Speeches by Video

President Trump Touts U.S. Coronavirus Response In Speech To UN General Assembly

Free Men Shall Stand Between their Beloved Homes and a Marxist Revolution!

EPA Threatens to Pull Office from NYC After Riots

House passes short-term spending bill to avoid government shutdown

PLO and Hamas must hold elections or let their citizens emigrate

Palestinians now boycotting Arab League? Miffed at peace deal, they quit meetings

Analysis: Arab leaders express growing anger at Palestinians

Hizballah stronghold in S. Lebanon rocked by powerful blast

Kanye West: ‘The Music Industry and the NBA Are Modern Day Slave Ships’


Supreme Court News

Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87

Ginsburg’s Death Brings Referendum on Communism and Revolution Into Focus

With Ginsburg's Death, Pres. Trump's Next Supreme Court Pick Must Be Unshakably Pro-Life

Liberals on a dose of lunacy to protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat

Why Trump is Justified & Right in Choosing a New Supreme Court Judge NOW

Senator Graham: ‘We’ve Got the Votes to Confirm Justice Ginsburg’s Replacement Before the Election’ and ‘That’s What’s Coming’

Turning Point for the Nation’: Pro-Life Leaders Urge Trump to ‘Move Quickly’ to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

President Trump Promises To Nominate New Supreme Court Justice “Without Delay”

Biden to Republican Senators: Don’t jam through Ginsburg replacement

Joe Biden: Voters Don’t Deserve to Know Whom I’d Appoint to Supreme Court

Fmr AG Holder: ‘Additional Justices’ Needed on Supreme Court if Trump Appointment Confirmed

President Trump Hosts Rally In N.C., Pledges To Pick A Woman Supreme Court Nominee

A National Freakout or Promise to Keep: RBG

Blue Checks Vow Violence If McConnell Tries to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘Burn the Entire F**king Thing Down’

Protesters Gather Outside McConnell’s Home: ‘Ruth Sent Us’

Senator McConnell: President Trump’s Nominee “Will Receive a Vote on the Floor of the Senate”

Democracy’s Logic Demands a Nomination and a Vote

Kayleigh McEnany: Right now Trump is honoring the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Well, We Know Where Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) Stands on a SCOTUS Nominee

Senator Susan Collins: ‘No Objection’ to Senate Beginning Consideration of Trump SCOTUS Nominee Before Election

Senator Lindsey Graham Backs Trump in ‘Any Effort to Move Forward’ on RBG Vacancy

Pelosi won't rule out impeachment to stop Supreme nomination

Senate Approves Six More Trump Judges, Including Pro-Life Judges Who Want Roe Overturned

Trump: ‘I’m So Angry at Republicans’ for Slow Investigations

2020 Election -- Democrat Party

Radical Left Preparing For All-Out Civil War In November

Biden Tries To Shame Trump – But Humiliates Himself Instead

Abortion Activist Nancy Pelosi Receives Communion Despite Violating Catholic Church Teachings

Michael Moore to Biden: ‘Why Are You Ignoring the Black Community’ in Michigan?

Biden Campaign Downplays Abortion, Killing 62 Million Babies Is Just Another “Issue”

Who pays for the damage brought by Black Lives Matter/Antifa?

'Climate arson' and other wildfire nonsense

Is Anyone Else Puzzled Over What Joe Biden Did the Day After Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Passing?

Wait, What? Biden Just Said Something Absolutely Crazy About COVID Deaths

Fact Check: Joe Biden Pretends He Never Promised a SCOTUS List

Pennsylvania Legislature Prepares Federal Lawsuit to Challenge Mail Voting Rulings

Poll: Most Venezuelans Want ‘Capitalist’ Nation

Jewish High Holidays are anti-socialism

2020 Election -- Republican Party

How Trump Can Win the Election ‘Bigly’

Trump Reaches 53 Percent Approval Rating in Latest Rasmussen Poll: Highest All Year

Trump Is A Populist Bull In A China Shop: He Has Destroyed The Elite Ivory Tower Establishment

President Trump’s Long History Of Kindness Goes Unreported By Mainstream Media

Battle on the Iron Range: Donald Trump, Joe Biden Duel in Minnesota

Trump and Nobel Prize: Make Deals Not War

Suspect arrested for allegedly sending poisoned envelope sent to White House

Justice Dept. brands NYC an ‘anarchist jurisdiction,’ targets federal funds

GOP Breaks Record by Raising $67.6 Million in August

Iran said refraining from attack on US, fearing it could help Trump’s reelection


By destroying evidence, Team Mueller proved they have a lot to hide

Key News

HHS Secy. Azar Touts Progress In Fight Against COVID-19: "Cases and hospitalizations are down 50%, while deaths have declined by even greater rates"

Joe Biden Claims 200 Million Americans Have Died from Coronavirus

Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio sure seem bent on pushing you to flee New York

In Leaked Nov. 2016 Phone Call With Ukraine President, Biden Sought to Undermine Trump Administration

Measure to fight anti-Semitism opposed by majority of House Democrats

DHS Intel Reveals: Antifa Organized Portland Violence

U.S. Officially Reimposes Sanctions On Iran

Israel demands UN enforce weapons sanctions on Iran

Lose Gun Amendment, We'll Lose Free Speech Amendment

3 Killed In Louisville Shooting, Suspect In Custody

Suspects Wanted in Shootings of Police Officers Across Multiple States

1 Dead, 1 Injured In North Philadelphia Double Shooting

‘Horrific act of violence’: 2 students killed in mass shooting that injured 14 others

Man Dies After Being Shot In Chest In Kensington

Man dead after police shooting in Brunswick

Two Black Campaign Workers for GOP Opponent of Minn. Rep. Ilhan Omar Shot: One Fatally, Amid Deadly Crime Wave

Trump Meets with Amy Coney Barrett at the White House with Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Republicans TAKE OVER Facebook Top 10 Shared List! Desperate Dems CALL FOR CENSORSHIP As They LOSE!

Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Spying on Instagram Users with Their Cameras

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to 860,000

Israel/Palestinian War

The Jewish High Holidays are anti-socialism

Honduras to move embassy to Jerusalem

US, UAE said holding ‘decisive’ meeting with Sudan over Israel normalization

Trump says Kuwait may soon normalize ties with Israel

Saudi royal family divided over future ties with Israel

Qatar Considering Normalization of Ties With Israel: Once greatest supporter of terrorism

PA official names five countries set to establish ties with Israel

Haley praises Trump’s end run around Palestinians for peace, ‘remarkable and historic’

Four-Star General: Trump Ending Iran Appeasement Could Topple The Regime

Bahrain breaks up plot by Iranian-backed terrorists

Growing list of white liberals caught pretending to be black

Actresses America Ferrera, Issa Rae Portray Hollywood as Racist at Emmys: They Said ‘Sound More Latina’

Mexican Border State Mayor Calls for Executing Drug Lords

AZ GOP Sheriff Candidate: I Will ‘Line Up Jail Buses’ to Arrest Rioters

Marco Rubio expects more indictments in Obamagate probe

Black Leaders: BLM about overthrow of U.S., not race

Supreme Court News

Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87

Senator McConnell: President Trump’s Nominee to Replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Receive Senate Vote

FLASHBACK: Three Recent Supreme Court Justices Were Confirmed Within 45 Days

For the Sake of the Constitution, and the Country, Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Quickly

Total Panic: Liberals Rehash Old Plan to Save SCOTUS from Trump After Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death

Liberal America Had an Epic Meltdown Over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death, But They Have Only One Person to Blame

Chuck Schumer Calls For Blocking SCOTUS Vacancy “Until We Have a New President”

Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski Emerge as Republican Red Flags in Potential SCOTUS Confirmation

Senator Ted Cruz Offers a Solid Reason for Filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Vacancy Now

“F*** You Ruth Bader Ginsburg – F*** You For Not Retiring Under Obama!” – Leftists React To RBG’s Death

Judicial Watch Statement on the Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hollywood Celebrities Run Gamut of Emotions Over Death of RBG: ‘Make Sure Another Kavanaugh Doesn’t Replace Her’

Venezuelan Lawmaker: There Is ‘No Solution’ to Gasoline Shortage - "Socialist mismanagement has destroyed the nation’s refineries"

Southern Baptist Convention to Rename Itself In Nod to Black Lives Matter Movement

'Critical Race Theory', Southern Baptist Convention, and a Marxist "Solution": Pamphlet Still Only 1.95

Omaha Business Owner Who Killed BLM Rioter in Self-Defense is Hit with Multiple Felony Charges

OUTRAGEOUS: Milwaukee Man Who was Defending His Home from a Leftist Mob is Arrested

2020 Election -- Democrats

In the end, the rioters are Obama's army

Biden Campaign Downplays Abortion, Killing 62 Million Babies Is Just Another “Issue”

SHAMEFUL: Fox News Censors Newt Gingrich for Correctly Stating George Soros’ Role in Fomenting BLM Terror

In Tough Times, Joe Biden Would Rather Blame Trump Than Offer Solutions

High-Ranking Democrat Takes Aim at Ilhan Omar

Randi Weingarten, you’ve Been a Bad Girl: "An open letter to the president of the American Federation of Teachers"

Washington Post blames Trump for Biden's failing with Hispanics

Park Ave Residents Gave Joe Biden 8 Times What They Gave to Donald Trump

2020 Election -- Republicans

Ginsburg’s death potentially reshapes the US presidential campaign

Succeeding Ginsburg: Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees

President Trump Introduces Patriotic Education For U.S. Schools

Italian Populist Youth Group Praises Trump for His Peace Efforts

Senate Approves Six More Trump Judges, Including Pro-Life Judges Who Want Roe Overturned

Key News

America’s Western Forests Are a Massive Soft Target for Terrorists and Their Domestic Accomplices

Judicial Watch: Evidence Of Criminal Human Activity Causing Wildfires

‘No Riot Act’ To Increase Penalties For Assaults On Cops

White House To Give $13B In Aid To Puerto Rico

Flashback: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza Called for the Abolition of Capitalism in 2015

Axios: New York City Shrinks

Trump To Shut Off Chinese TikTok, WeChat To New U.S. Users On Sunday

President Trump Says COVID Vaccines Likely Available For Every American By April

Moderna to produce 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine by year's end

EMAIL LEAK: Nashville Dem Mayor’s Office Colludes to Hide Data Indicating Restaurants and Bars Were Not COVID-19 Hotspots

Minneapolis Residents “Terrorized” by Crime Wave; Police “Nowhere to be Seen” After Defunding Push

British girl told she has no right to opinion because she's 'white' and 'blonde'

Black American: If Black Lives Matter, Talk About Black Babies Killed in Abortions

Salesforce To Add 12,000 Jobs By Next Year

Israel/Palestinian War

UAE’s chief rabbi blows shofar in Dubai in new video: Welcoming A New Era

Bipartisan House bill backs deals with UAE, Bahrain

Rather than rant at the UAE, the Palestinians should reassess

Abbas plays a misguided waiting game, as Hamas eyes his presidency

Trump: Good chance Kuwait will normalize ties with Israel

200 protest lockdown on Tel Aviv beach, but roads stay clear as closure holds

Tale of 2 High Holidays: Orthodox Jews go to synagogue, everyone else is on Zoom

Breaking News

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead (1933-2020)

Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing for Post-Election Day Chaos — ‘We’re Going to Fight Like Hell’

Michigan Judge Extends Deadline 2 Weeks for Mail-In Ballots Postmarked by November 2

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Sides with Democrats: Mail-In Ballot Deadline Extended 3 Days After Election

Michael Moore: Biden's Michigan Strategy ‘Actually Worse Than Hillary’

Police: Minneapolis ‘Autonomous Zone’ Delayed Emergency Response to Brutal Beating

The Snitching Begins: Nosey British Neighbour Calls Police on Wake in Pub Garden

WashPost, Politico Fact Check Biden's Trump-Virus Claim

UAE and Israel setting up spy bases on Yemeni island of Socotra which the Emirates took over in 2017

COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor's office show disturbing revelation

Country singer, Nashville bar owner calls for Mayor Cooper's resignation

Barr: COVID Lockdowns Are 'Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties in American History' Besides Slavery


Key News

Prosecute George Soros for Plotting Anarchy, Violating U.S. Code § 2383. Rebellion or Insurrection

EXPOSE HIM: How George Soros is funding today's riots & chaos

Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing For Post-Election Day Chaos — ‘We’re Going To Fight Like Hell’

Harris Faulkner Issues Awkward Statement About Gingrich-Soros Fiasco

Pastor John MacArthur Backs Down Not an Inch: If California Wants to Jail Him, ‘Bring It On’

Large Majorities of Black, Other Minority Likely Voters Concerned About Shortage of Police

Judge Approves Recall Petition Against Seattle City Councilwoman

The Case Against Slavery and Against ‘Anti-Racism’

The Rise and Decline of Occupy Wall Street

2020 Election News - Democrat

Trump Hate Is Not Enough

Portland Woman To Reporter On Murdered Trump Supporter: “Tough Luck. Don’t Be A F**king Trump Supporter In Portland”

Trump: Kamala Harris Must Not Become President Through the Back Door

No Cause for Alarm...Some North Carolina Voters Received Multiple Ballots

Silicon Valley and Team Biden Collude to Rig 2020 Election

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Allows Mail-in Ballots to Be Counted After Election Day Without Evidence of Postmark

Trump: States Sending Unsolicited Ballots Should ‘Give It Up NOW’

Why Trump Should Demand Debates with Kamala Harris

California Homeowner Who Lost House To Wildfire Slams Kamala Harris For Trespassing On Fire-Damaged Property For “Photo Opportunity”

This Is What's Making Democrats Nervous About Joe Biden's Michigan Operation

Joe Biden Caught Lying On Camera In 1987 Footage, Plagiarizing Other Politicians’ Speeches

Trump chides FBI chief for saying Russia seeks to defeat Joe Biden

2020 Election News - Republican

Two Members of GOP Campaign Team Shot in Minneapolis, One Fatally

Pastor Darrell Scott: Trump Has ‘Done More for the Black Community than Any Other President in My Lifetime’

Trump: We Thank Almighty God For All The Good Things That Happened to Israel During My Administraton

Adelsons said to pledge up to $50 million in final Trump campaign push

Trump contradicts top health official on vaccine, masks: 'He was confused'

‘Hillbilly Brigade’ Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands Amid Ore. Wildfires

Videos Show George Floyd Dropping A Small White Baggie Upon Arrest And Officers Pulling Crack Pipe From His Pocket

Mueller And His Team Look Worse By The Day


Israel/Palestinian War

Is Peace at Hand in the Middle East?

DEAD WRONG! Obama Officials Claimed Arabs Would Never Make Peace After Embassy Move

PA official names five countries set to establish ties with Israel

Trump: A sense of optimism for the people of Israel

Thousands of police and soldiers deployed as lockdown begins

Israel’s enters 2nd sweeping lockdown as Rosh Hashanah starts: Defiance expected

IDF forces to be deployed in 30 localities to patrol lockdown

Our Covid-19 responsibility this Rosh Hashannah: Office of the Chief Rabbi

Tense Clash Between Netanyahu, Gamzu, Reveals Great Misgivings over Coronavirus Lockdown

China can safely drop nine-dash line in South China Sea and win friends in ASEAN: China expert


Breaking News

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Sides with Democrats: Mail-In Ballot Deadline Extended 3 Days After Election

Chinese Organization With Communist Party Ties Funds Black Lives Matter Ventures

WH’s Navarro on Stalled Coronavirus Relief Talks: Nancy Pelosi ‘the Problem,’ ‘Appears to Be the Obstacle’

Save the Country Coalition: States That Successfully Handled Virus Should Not Have to Bail Out Failed States

AG Barr Asked Federal Prosecutors to Explore Criminal Charges Against Seattle Mayor over Autonomous Zone

Netflix And Newsome Need To Be Suffer Severe Consequences: Biblical Consequences

YouTube Deletes Biden Collusion Recordings From Ukraine

Flight from the Cities: Single Family Housing Starts Boom in August

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to 860,000

Fed Officials Significantly Upgrade Their 2020 Economic Outlook

Key News

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN: Current Disasters Caused or Worsened by Liberal Theology

Environmentalists Destroyed California’s Forest

Archives 2009: "Protests from environmentalists contributed to the disaster, which came after the brush was allowed to build up for as much as 40 years"

COVID-19 News

Overturning COVID restrictions and states of emergency

Chinese Whistleblower to Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus Was Man-Made And Released Intentionally

Israeli physicians, scientists to hold anti-lockdown demonstration

Democrats Panic After President Trump Drops COVID Vaccine Bombshell

Trump Opposes National Mask Mandate During Pandemic: A Lot of People Don’t Want to Wear Masks

Anti-Mask Shoppers March Through Target, Urge Others to Liberate Faces

Can Politicians Prove Their COVID-19 Lockdown Was Justified?

2020 Election News - Republican

An October Surprise in the Waiting

My Apologies, Mr. President

Barr says rumors Trump would refuse to leave office if he loses election are 'crap'

Nearly 800 Military Family Members Sign Open Letter in Support of Trump

2020 Election News - Democrat

Democrats’ Undeserving and Uncivil Campaign: "Nasty media support, a campaign so dishonest, such an extreme platform, and such mediocre candidates"

Democrats & Communists Should Pay Reparations for Their Multiple Crimes

AG Barr Pushes for Sedition Charges Against Violent Rioters

BLM Riots Are Officially the Most Costly Manmade Damage to American Property in History

Minneapolis City Council That Approved Abolishing Police Now Whining: ‘Where Are the Police?

AG Bill Barr Slams Democrats for Demanding ‘Biden or No Peace’: ‘Rule by the Mob’

Triggered Woman Repeatedly Screams ‘F**cking Racist Dirty C**t’ at BLM Philly Protest

Biden Compares Trump to Fidel Castro During Florida Campaign Swing


Israel/Palestinian War

Full Text of the Abraham Accords

'A total game-changer for Jewish travel to UAE'

Trump: Two more countries ready to try joining agreement with Israel

Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Israel Protesters Clash Outside White House

Russia: Middle East peace impossible without solving ‘Palestinian problem’

Palestinian Leader Abbas: The Absent Peacemaker

Government okays lockdown to start Friday as new infections recede

Thousands of cops to deploy nationwide to enforce holiday lockdown

Disdainful Jest at John Kerry's Expense

Israel’s Ambassador Ron Dermer: 'The sky’s the limit' for Israel-UAE deal

Israeli physicians, scientists to hold anti-lockdown demonstration

Gov't approves High Holy Day regulations - lockdown starts Friday

Israel's population reaches 9.2 million citizens



Key News

Chinese Whistleblower to Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus Was Man-Made And Released Intentionally

Democrats Panic After President Trump Drops COVID Vaccine Bombshell

Candace Owens: ‘We Are Not in a Race War’ – That Narrative Is Created to Destroy America

Far-Left Riot Breaks out in Pennsylvania After Police Shooting of Man Charging With Knife

Minneapolis City Council Members Who Called For Dismantling Police Now Complain There's Not Enough Policing

Why Cops Sometimes Shoot “Unarmed” Citizens

Strzok Interviews Reveal FBI’s Disgrace

Judge Rules Pennsylvania’s Coronavirus Shutdown Orders Unconstitutional

Busted: CDC Forced to Cancel Critical Race Theory Program After Leaked Docs Exposed Plans

Jerry Brown Mocks People Who Want to Leave California: ‘Where Are You Going to Go?’

Wildfires to get worse thanks to Bill Clinton policies: Says fire expert who predicted uptick in blazes

Alan Dershowitz files massive lawsuit against CNN

New J.K. Rowling Book Attracts Transgender Criticism

2020 Election -- Democrat

Catholic Group Launches $9.7 Million Anti-Biden Campaign in Battleground States

Joe Biden admits Trump is helping the middle class amid pandemic

House Democrats Float Idea Trump Will Shut Down the Government If He Loses

Trump: Joe Biden Says ‘Harris-Biden’ Because He Thinks Kamala Harris Is President

Carville: Trump Is ‘Desperate’ — He’s Going to Lose and Go to Jail

Catholic Group Launches $9.7 Million Anti-Biden Campaign in Battleground States

"The Devil and Karl Marx": New Book detailing Marx's Diabolical Side


Protesters calling for ambushed deputies’ death are ‘almost worthy of ISIS,’ sheriff says

Trump hits NYC, Mayor de Blasio over skyrocketing shootings on ABC town hall

2020 Election -- Republican

Rasmussen Poll: Black Lives Matter Riots Turning People in Riot Zones into Trump Voters

Trump Reveals What's Wrong with America's Policing System – and Dems Won't Like the Answer

Trump: Minorities Suffer the Most from Weaker Policing

Why Trump the Peacemaker Won’t Win the Nobel Prize

'They do not want Trump in the White House': Republicans Overseas Israel


L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Praised as Hero for Helping Her Partner Survive Ambush Shooting

Israeli Corona-Killing Corridor Makes Malls, Concerts Safer

Can Politicians Prove Their COVID-19 Lockdown Was Justified? "Bad data equals bad decisions"

Israel/Palestinian War

A tale of two White House signing ceremonies

‘NEW DAWN’: Israel Signs Peace Treaties with Arab States at White House Ceremony

Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Bahrain-Israel deal shows why Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Israeli, Emirati Banks Sign Cooperation Agreement

U.S. Jews praise Israel-UAE-Bahrain Accords

Israel-UAE-Bahrain normalization deal has created a new Middle East

Trump: More countries, Saudis may join peace initiative

What Abraham Accords? CNN skewers generically termed ‘White House event’ for failure to social distance

New UAE Textbook Endorses Peace Deal With Israel

Is Europe Boycotting Historic Israel-Arab Peace Summit at White House?

Accords mark Mideast peace breakthrough, but Palestinian issue isn’t going away

'Mincha' prayer at the White House: To suppot 'Abraham Acords'

'Netanyahu and Hitler are the Same’: Anti-Israel Activists Shout During Peace-Signing Ceremony

Peace treaties between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel are signed: 'Treaty could end Arab-Israel conflict once and for all'

‘We Are Now United’: Says Miss Iraq About Arab World’s Peace with Israel

After 58 days bracing for Hezbollah attack, IDF shows no sign of easing up

Gaza Terror Rockets Rain Down on Israel in Wake of UAE-Israel-Bahrain Peace Deals

Weapons factory in Gaza and Hamas training facility destroyed in IDF strikes

Gaza Rocket Fire: Sign of Desperation?

Hamas nabs explosives from sunken WWI warship

State virus adviser slams lockdown as ‘stupidest and most hazardous solution’

Syria seethes after Trump says he wanted to assassinate Assad

Judges Side With Trump Admin Decision to End TPS Amnesty for 300,000 Migrants

Census Bureau: U.S. Household Income Jumped 7 Percent in 2019



Key News

NY City Marxist Mayor de Blasio Exposed: Hates Rich & Biz Owners

Douglas Murray – ‘America Has All the Bases Set for Civil War’

Los Angeles County Deputies Out of Surgery, Expected to Survive

New Hampshire Voters Pick ‘Transsexual Satanist Anarchist’ for GOP Sheriff Nominee

2020 Election - Democrats

The Billionaire Backers of the ‘Insurrection’

Democrats & Communists Should Pay Reparations for Their Multiple Crimes

The Democrats’ Undeserving and Uncivil Campaign

Kamala Harris accidentally touts plans under a 'Harris administration' during virtual roundtable

Junk Science Founder: Biden Climate Speech ‘One Falsehood After Another’

Preparing for election lawsuits, Biden hires hundreds of lawyers, two former solicitors general

Atlantic Op-ed: Democrats Will Riot If They Lose, Therefore Republicans Should Let Joe Biden Win

Sen. Marco Rubio: Biden's economic plan is inconsistent, outdated and weak. This is not a serious blueprint

Ingraham: The coming Biden lockdowns - "Liberty or Lockdown"

It Turns Out a Number of Fires on the West Coast Aren't Because of 'Climate Change'

Oregon Homeowners Warn Looters Amid Wildfire: ‘You Loot, We Shoot’

Gavin Newsom urges Trump to recognize climate change

The Truth About Our Pandemic Response

President Trump: 'We could have a vaccine in a matter of weeks'

COVID: Major case filed against Ohio governor and the state of Ohio for restricting freedom without legitimate justification

Israel/Palestinian War

The prerequisite for peace is Israeli power – and pragmatism

Trump to host Israeli, Arab leaders for historic peace signing

Bahrain Makes Peace with Israel, Joins Abraham Accords

Knesset to ratify Israel’s pacts with the UAE and Bahrain

PA to mark 'black day' to mourn Arab normalization

President Trump Welcomes Israel, Bahrain, UAE to Sign Abraham Accords

Israel Seeks Mideast Harmony, Europeans Fund Palestinian Terror

UAE FM slams “non-Arab, nonstate players” for “perpetual resistance”

UAE-Israel deal to be phased to block Israel from applying sovereignty before 2024

American Jewish leaders celebrate signing of Israel's agreements with UAE and Bahrain

Gantz, uninvited to ceremony: ‘I don’t have to sit as an extra and applaud’

Iran Vows Revenge on Bahrain for Making Peace with Israel

Top Emirati Diplomat: Peace with Israel will better serve Palestinian cause

'Lockdowns don't reduce deaths - they just delay them': Immunology Expert

Strict three-week lockdown in Israel from Sept 18 to Oct.9

Say Their Names: Forgotten American Victims of Palestinian Terror

Trump Issues Warning After Iranian Assassination Plot Reported


The Next Democrat Shoe To Drop: ‘President Pelosi’s’ Stiletto

Breaking News

Preparing for election lawsuits, Biden hires hundreds of lawyers, two former solicitors general

Hillary FLEES United States For Canada After Trump’s DOJ Opens Investigation On Her

Sen. Cotton Announces Bill to Revoke China’s ‘Most Favored Nation’ Status

At Least 50 Shot, 11 Fatally, During Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

50 Shot, 15 Fatally, During Last Week in Mayor Young’s Baltimore

Trump Condemns Radical Left’s ‘Open War’ on Law Enforcement After Deputies Shot in L.A.

Michigan residents get enough signatures to repeal Governor Whitmer’s emergency powers: If certified

Vote Biden in, or else? Atlantic op-ed warns Dems will be unable to concede so to stop riots: So Vote Joe

CDC Announces That Kids May Be Kept From Parents As ONE State Sets Up COVID-19 FEMA Camps

‘The facts are undeniable’: Biden blames climate change for worsening California, Oregon wildfires

Supreme Court Makes Shocking Announcement On Islam Being Taught In Public Schools

Key News

Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Reducing Penalties for Sodomy with Minors

Netflix And Newsome Need To Be Suffer Severe Consequences

Trump signs executive order to lower drug prices in fight against Big Pharma

Conservatives’ Crushing Counterattack In the Culture War

Defunding the Defunders Who Facilitate Riots, Violence, and Anarchy

More voters classify 'Black Lives Matter' demonstrations as riots, not protests

Pompeo on Afghan Peace Talks: ‘We’re on a Pathway to Achieve’ Zero U.S. Forces in Afghanistan by Spring 2021

The Maoist School of American Journalism

If You Plan to Visit Texas, Know That One City Has Defunded the Police: Austin

Data shows that half of 2019 donations to ActBlue came from untraceable and 'unemployed' donors

"Re-Wilding" Through Wildfires

"Mother Earth / Gaia Is Angry With Us -- Nancy Pelosi"

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN: Current Disasters Caused or Worsened by Liberal Theology

Left-Wing Agitator Arrested for Starting Fire in Washington, Suspected of Starting Two Other Wildfires

As heavy smog blankets Portland area, Oregon DOT says stay home

Oregon Fires recede, volunteers step up, more deaths reported

Oregon firefighters get an assist from mother nature

‘F**cking Die’: BLM Activists Lay Siege to LA Hospital Treating Officers Hit in ‘Ambush’ Shooting

Two L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies Expected To Survive After Shooting

NYPD union chief calls shooting of LA deputies ‘domestic terrorism’

Trump Condemns Radical Left’s ‘Open War’ on Law Enforcement After Deputies Shot in L.A.

Candace Owens Comments on LA Police Ambush: BLM, Media, Athletes, Entertainers to Blame

BLM Activists Block GW Bridge, Surround Police Precinct in NYC

Gingrich: ‘Beginning to Sink in’ How ‘Pro-Criminal and Anti-Police the Modern Democrats Have Become’

Bush, Obama-Appointed Judges Rule Illegal Aliens Must Be Counted in Congressional Apportionment

Hundreds of Vehicles Join L.A. ‘Rally in the Valley’ for Trump

How to Win Reelection in the Final 60 Days

Anti-Trump attacks grow uglier but president gains in these critical states

New Book Highlights Black Pastor’s Relationship With President Trump

Biden is ‘pursuing the highest office’ by ‘pleading the Fifth’

Tom Cotton Leads Lawmakers Calling on DOJ to Investigate Netflix for ‘Peddling Child Pornography’

Joe Biden Is a Catholic—Just a Really Bad One

Trump State Dept. Vs. Bush And Obama Foreign Policies

Cuomo and de Blasio’s Sustained Assault on New York’s Working Class

While Antifa Riots, A Global Conflict Continues To Head Up In The Mediterranean

Israel/Palestinian War

PA to mark 'black day' to mourn Arab normalization with Israel

As Gulf States sign agreements with Israel, Palestinians rage

United Arab Emirates agreement requires government ratification

Netanyahu takes off for Washington: For signing ceremony of the peace agreements between Israel and the UAE

‘No to normalization’: Pro-Iran protesters in Bahrain

Will Oman be next? Rumors swirls that Gulf State will sign peace deal with Israel

Lapid: The public won't obey lockdown order

PM Netanyahu: ‘We Simply Have to Act’ on a Lockdown

Israeli hospital chiefs torn on need for lockdown

Satellite Images Reveal Alleged Israeli Strike in Syria Targeted Missile Factory

Bahrain is first Shiite-majority nation to establish ties with Israel

Iran plotting assassination of US ambassador to South Africa

Trump administration tightens the screws on Iran by sanctioning sanctions evaders

Despite Black National Anthem playing at NFL games, Colin Kaepernick still not happy


Key News

‘Cuties’ Review: Dull and Morally Indefensible

Tulsi Gabbard Condemns Netflix for Releasing ‘Cuties’: ‘Child Porn’ ‘Will Whet the Appetite of Pedophiles & Fuel Child Sex Trafficking’

Rochester ‘Spit Hood’ Arrest That Sparked Riots — Another Fake News Fiasco

Joe Biden’s Two ‘Colleges of Collusion’

Ivanka Trump offers to take coronavirus vaccine on live TV

Sen. Paul (R-KY): Troop Reductions Prove President Trump Is Acting To ‘End Endless Wars’

Oregon Gov. Brown on Ending Portland Protests: ‘It Will Take Time’ to ‘Eradicate the Racism’ in Systems

Oregon Governor: 'This could be the greatest loss of life and structures due to wildfire in state history'

Sen. Tom Cotton: After 9/11 Americans Were Unified and Optimistic About the Future

"Re-Wilding" Through Wildfires

California Hot Foot

Environmentalists Destroyed California’s Forest

Archives 2009: "Protests from environmentalists contributed to the disaster, which came after the brush was allowed to build up for as much as 40 years"

Pelosi: ‘Mother Earth Is Angry — She’s Telling Us with Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, Fires in the West’

Gavin Newsom at Ash-Strewn Wildfire Site: ‘The Debate Is Over Around Climate Change’

Wildfire Smoke Causes Worst Air Quality in the World for San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle

Fmr DHS Sec Johnson: CA Wildfires Showing ‘the Number One Threat to Our Nation and to Our World Is Global Warming’

Oregon Wildfires Force Tens of Thousands of People to Flee Homes, Businesses

At Least 23 Dead In West Coast Wildfires

Democrats Blame Wildfires on Global Warming: ‘Please Don’t Tell Me the Green New Deal Is Radical’

102 Wildfires Rage in the West: ‘It Looks Like the Apocalypse Right Now’

Dozens missing amid a million burned acres in Oregon

Clackamas County (Ore): 'The message here is to get out'

Left-Wing Agitator Arrested for Starting Fire in Washington, Suspected of Starting Two Other Wildfires

The Riots Ought to be Against Romney, Bush, Biden, and Harris

The Racist Left Resurrects Jim Crow

The 9/11 anniversary and the 9/11 wars

Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize 2nd Time This Week Following Serbia-Kosovo Peace Deal

Military Officials Commemorate Those Lost At Pentagon

President Trump Awards Sergeant Major Thomas Payne With Medal Of Honor

Vice President Pence, Second Lady Participate In Tunnel To Towers 9/11 Ceremony

Israel/Palestinian War

Bahrain normalizes ties with Israel

Egyptian President hails Israel-Bahrain normalization agreement

PA and Hamas condemn Israel-Bahrain deal

'A historic moment we never expected to see in our lifetime': Bahrain Jewish leader

Gazans burn photos of Bahraini king; Hamas: ‘Fight virus of normalization’

Trump: Arab Countries ‘Lining Up’ to Make Peace with Israel

Cabinet Decides: Full lockdown to be imposed for High Holidays - two-week lockdown

'Coronavirus does not pose a threat to society': Israel's Medical Director

Health Ministry considering travel ban during possible lockdown

Joe Biden defines the Palestinians' problem: 'They need to stop the incitement'


Key News

Dr. Anthony Fauci Defends Trump on Coronavirus: ‘I Don’t Think He Ever Distorted Things’

Ivanka Trump offers to take coronavirus vaccine on live TV

50 GOP Congressmen Ask DOJ to Investigate Who May Be Funding Riots

Color Revolutions are Not About Color

Oscars Get WOKE and Go BROKE as Hollywood Financially IMPLODES!

Pompeo: Time to Send Afghanistan on ‘Next Step in Its Trajectory’ with Peace Talks

Cali Bill Lowers Penalties For Adults Who Have Oral Or Anal Sex With A ‘Willing Minor’ As Young As 14

POLL: 86.7% Of People Won’t Watch The NFL If Players Kneel During The National Anthem

Gallup Poll Shows Tanking Support for ALL Pro Sports in Era of Racial Virtue Signaling

"Re-Wilding" Through Wildfires

California Hot Foot

Pelosi: ‘Mother Earth Is Angry — She’s Telling Us with Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, Fires in the West’

10 now dead in massive Northern California wildfire

August Complex Fire becomes largest wildfire in California history

Oregon Wildfires: Details, maps, evacuation information

Latest: 500,000 people in Oregon forced to flee wildfires

Southern Oregon wildfires wipe out entire neighborhoods in Phoenix and Talent: 100s of homes lost

Massive smoke clouds from wildfires darken West Coast sky

Oregon forestry officials warn of drained wildfire fighting resources, challenging weather

2 of Oregon’s biggest fires likely to combine, say officials

Fires lead to evacuations and closures in the Estacada area: Oregon

Oregon Governor: 'This could be the greatest loss of life and structures due to wildfire in state history'

2020 Election -- Democrats

Big Lies Matter

Fleeing Babylon: Here’s Why You Should Leave Big Democratic Cities

A Democrat Coup That Depends on John Podesta Being Joe Biden

Transition Integrity Project Founder Suggested ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump Days After Inauguration

Biden Ignores Record Offshoring of American Auto Jobs in Pitch to Auto Workers in Michigan

Biden: Trump’s Pandemic Response ‘Almost Criminal’

Biden on February 28: 'It's Not A Time To Panic About The Coronavirus'

Trump: I didn’t want to jump up and down and scream ‘Death! Death!’ about virus

Biden Wins, or the Country Gets It

GOP targets Democratic-run California in election gamble

Poll: Joe Biden Just Got Horrific News From a Critical 2020 Swing State

Never-Trumpers Need A Lesson In Basic Math

Michigan Gov Whitmer Builds $1M Electric Fence To Protect Home From Rioters

2020 Election -- Republicans

Trump: Joe Biden the ‘Worst Presidential Candidate’ in History of Politics

Breaking News: Trump Once Tore The Tag Off a Mattress

#CancelNetflix Trends As Streaming Service Release Pedophilic ‘Cuties’ Movie Sexualizing Kids

Obamas, Netflix Board Member Susan Rice Silent Amid ‘Cuties’ Firestorm

‘We’re Pretty Much Out Of Business’: Lady Gaga’s Father Warns As He Joins Restaurant Owners In NYC Suit Over Indoor Closures Due To Pandemic

‘Nothing wrong with it’: Professor defends Antifa killing of Portland man

Burger King Depicts Mascot in Gay Kiss with Ronald McDonald for New Ad Campaign

Israel/Palestinian War

President Trump will announce that Bahrain will normalize relations with Israel

Trump: Arab Countries ‘Lining Up’ to Make Peace with Israel

Israir Announces Launch of Tel Aviv-Abu Dhabi Route

‘Time for Lebanon to Make Peace with Israel’: Former Lebanese Minister

In back-handed compliment, Biden praises Trump for Israel-UAE deal

Experts: Israel Can Successfully Contend with PA’s Collapse

Palestinians: 'Our Arab brothers have abandoned us'

Israeli Air Force Attacks Aleppo: Explosions in Jordanian Weapons Depot

IDF arrests 60 terrorists near Hebron

Senior BBC producer Admits Sharing ‘Inaccurate’ Pro-Palestinian Propaganda on Twitter

Netanyahu bashes AG as report claims officials discussing if PM must step down

1.3 million Israelis locked down as curfew kicks off in 40 virus hotspots

Trump boasts he protected Saudi Crown Prince after Khashoggi assassination

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: 'Our Civilization Is One Of Conquest'

These states have the worst unemployment rates



Key News

Black Lives Matter led to record number of mass shootings

Hunter Biden’s Chinese Firm Helped Buy Out Michigan Automotive Company to Create Jobs Overseas

James Mattis Warned Intellligence Chief: ‘Collective Action’ May Be Required Against Trump

ACLU: Decriminalization of ‘Sex Work’ Would Provide Greater Equality to ‘Trans Women of Color’

To genuine black leaders: what works and what doesn't work

Environmentalists Destroyed California’s Forests

Coronavirus News

Dr. Anthony Fauci Defends Trump on Coronavirus: ‘I Don’t Think He Ever Distorted Things’

'Coronavirus does not pose a threat to society': Israel's Medical Director

WATCH: Joe Biden Told Americans Not to ‘Panic’ About Coronavirus in February

Biden Gets Military Deaths From Coronavirus Wrong by a Long Shot

2020 Election -- Democrat

Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses

A Democrat Coup That Depends on John Podesta Being Joe Biden

‘Bidenizing’ the Truth

Another Day, Another Anti-Trump Media Freakout

2020 Election -- Republican

Trump Will Be Reelected In A Landslide, But Then...

Expect Democrat Shenanigans, But Don’t Panic

Atlantic EIC Jeffrey Goldberg Begins Walkback of Anonymous Trump Hit

Trump Pollster Says Momentum Is With The President

Israel/Palestinian War

Tehran threatens the UAE for its deal with Israel

The Mouse that Roared —PA/PLO style

Kushner: We were trying to save two-state solution, but we’re not chasing Palestinians

Collapse of the PA may not be so bad

PA weakness exposed by Arab League slapdown

Likud MK vows to tear apart Justice Ministry if AG moves to disqualify Netanyahu

Reported virus cases are snowballing but hospitalizations aren’t, reassuring some doctors

MKs Besiege Netanyahu to Confirm Construction of 9,000 Housing Units in Atarot

Kushner says Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to allow all Israeli flights to use airspace


New Fire Rages at Beirut Port

Rocket hits perimeter of Baghdad international airport, no casualties

Iran begins expansive annual war games amid tensions with US

Palestinian terrorist hijacker Leila Khaled set to speak at California event


Key News

Norwegian lawmaker nominates Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Is Israel's coronavirus death count accurate - or inflated?

No-lockdown Sweden now among world's safest from virus

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Asymptomatic transmission never drives outbreaks

Arizona University: False positive inflated COVID numbers 600% among group of athletes

U.S. Ambassador to France Denies The Atlantic Story: ‘POTUS Has Never Denigrated Any Member of U.S. Military’

Greater Fool Theory: Financial and Political Markets

One Thousand People Caught Double Voting in GA Primary May Face Charges: Georgia Secretary Of State

Sen. McConnell Announces Senate Will Vote On ‘Targeted’ COVID-19 Relief Bill As Soon As This Week

Post-Labor Day Weekend—Time To Hit The Ground Running

The Ruling Class Strikes Back

WH Mark Meadows: Additional documents spell 'real trouble' for top FBI officials

FNC’s Carlson: ‘Critical Race Theory Is a Lie, from the First Word to the Last, from Start to Finish — It Is Vicious, It Is Cruel’

Mnuchin: Trump Pleased With How Economic Recovery Is Progressing

Election 2020 - Democrats

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Nothing Illegitimate’ About Election Taking ‘Additional Days, or Even Weeks’

Democrats And Media Warn of ‘Red Mirage’ On Election Day: Strategy For Stealing the Election

Pelosi: Republicans ‘Don’t Believe in Science’ – ‘They Haven’t Gone with’ Mask-Wearing

Pelosi Caught At Hair Salon Without Mask

MI Governor Whitmer: Trump’s Maskless Rallies Are Threatening the Sacrifices Americans Have Made

House Democrats To Investigate Postmaster General For Alleged Campaign Finance Violations

If Biden Wins, China Wins—and America Loses

Biden tells teleprompter operator: 'Move it up here'

Silicon Valley is doing all it can to help Biden-Harris

Is Joe Biden secretly taking hydroxychloroquine?

Now Biden claims TRUMP wants to defund police!

Kamala Harris Says She Would Not Take Coronavirus Vaccine If It Comes Before Election: Does not trust Trump

Election 2020 -- Republicans

Trump: Joe Biden Will Appease Domestic Terrorists, I Will Arrest Them

Trump’s Growing Support Bridges The Left-Right Divide

Russia spreading disinformation about Biden's mental health: DHS

Twice-elected Dem sheriff switches to GOP, says Dems are burning the flag every day

Trump's law-and-order message gaining traction in battleground suburbia

Trump-backed candidates win in New Hampshire GOP primary

Serbia-Kosovo agreement results from Trump's different brand of diplomacy

Louisville Metro Police Dept. Taps New Interim Chief

L.A. Sheriff’s Department Arrests Anarchists; Fake ‘Press’ Helmets Found

Rochester Police Leaders Retire in Wake of Calls for Change

Oregon governor issues emergency declaration over wildfires

Earthquake strikes New Jersey, shaking reported across state

Iron Dome production facility to open in US

Israel/Palestinian War

Significance Of Israel-UAE Peace Agreement

Israir to Launch Tel Aviv-Dubai Flights in October

ANALYSIS: Israel's changing position in the world

Emirati Official: Israeli Declaration of Sovereignty Won’t Stop Peace

In blow to Palestinians, Arab League refuses to condemn Israel-UAE deal

Palestinians Panic: Hamas Grovels Before Hezbollah as Arab World Moves Toward Israel

Senior Iranian official says UAE, Saudi Arabia now in the cross hairs

Befuddled Jews endorse Black Lives Matter

PA labels Israel’s plans to make Cave of Patriarchs wheelchair accessible a ‘war crime’

IDF Raids Put 50 Hamas Terrorists Behind Bars, Stop New Year’s Attacks

US sells ambassador home in Israel, securing Jerusalem move

Israel buys record 4 million flu vaccines

Israel Launches Fleet of ‘Multiflyer’ Rescue Helicopter Drones

President @realDonaldTrump has reversed twenty years of bad foreign policy in the Middle East

Trump Threatens To Defund California Schools That Teach ‘1619 Project’

Trump Announces End To Taxpayer Funded Critical Race Theory

Key News

Labor Day Win: CEOs Hire Americans Because Donald Trump Excludes Visa Workers

California Is Now a Third-World Country

Why Don’t Alternative COVID Therapies Get More Trials in America?

House Dems Unanimously Blocked A Resolution Condemning Violence, Rioting

Veteran Calls out Left for Using His Image for Anti-Trump Meme

Election 2020 - Democrats

The Biden Slime Operation

Emperor’s New Clothes, Anyone? Preview of our country under Democrat control

‘Refuse Fascism’ Group Calls for 60 Days of Protests to Oust ‘Demented Bully’ Donald Trump

The Atlantic’s Goldberg: ‘Expect More Reporting’ on Trump Disparaging Military

Zach Fuentes, Top Aide to John Kelly, Denies Atlantic Story About Trump

Oregon's Fake Crisis is a Socialist Passion Play as Mayor Wheeler Secretly Houses Antifa

Portland Protester Raps at Cop: ‘If You Was a Man … You Would F**king Rap’

Joe Biden Admits Own National Mask Mandate Proposal Is Unconstitutional

Why Is Kamala Harris Invisible?

NPR Compares Donald Trump to Mussolini, Ties President to KKK

Cardi B Rages About ‘Racist’ MAGA Supporters After Her Sister Harassed in the Hamptons

Election 2020 -- Republicans

Trump Dismisses 1619 Project as ‘Revisionist History’

The Donald Trump I Know

Conservative Clergy of Color Coalition Preaches Against ‘Anti-American’ Black Lives Matter

Democrat Indiana Sheriff Switches to Republican Party: ‘Tired of Seeing Fires Set in Our Streets’

Prosperity Foretold - Rev 18:7

The Trump Boom 2.0: Jobs for American Strivers

Bloomberg: Blue-Collar Wages Are Going Up

Biden Falsely Claims U.S. Economy Is Worse Off than Europe and Japan

Democrats Admit Trump Message ‘Working’ in the Suburbs: Biden Vows End to Local Control of Zoning

Joe Biden Touts Wall Street Support for His Plan to Abolish American Suburbs

Israel/Palestinian War

UAE-Israel agreement to be signed at White House on Sep. 15

Emirati Official: Israeli Declaration of Sovereignty Won’t Stop Peace

The End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

US Army Launches Operational Pilot with Advanced Drone Developed by Israel

Hospitals aren't collapsing, there's no need for lockdowns

If even Beethoven is targeted as a colonialist in London, Israel should worry

Preventing Firearm Suicide During Covid-19, Social Unrest, as Firearm Purchases Hit the Roof

Virginia University offers ‘How to Overthrow the State’ course focused on Marxist revolutionaries ------ Washington and Lee University also

Nevada Government threatens to fine premier firearms-training facility if it reopens




Key News

Qatar: Payouts for Hamas no longer guaranteed

Bolton defends Trump from allegations he insulted America’s war dead

President Trump Rebuilds Military In First Term

We Don’t Need to Invoke Article V to Rein in Radical Judges

Christians, Beware (Marxist) Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

N.Y. Businesswoman: New Yorkers Are Fleeing Because Of Bill De Blasio

Dr. Fauci Urges Colleges Not to Send Students Home over Coronavirus

Election 2020 - Democrats

You Can’t be a Christian and Vote for Joe Biden Because He’s Radically Pro-Abortion

Senator Schumer Backs Bernie Sanders in Plan to Force Trump from Office If He Loses

Kamala Harris: Biden Could Lose Because of Russian Interference

Skepticism Arises Over Atlantic Hit Piece Accusing President Trump Of Calling Fallen Service Members ‘Losers’ & ‘Suckers’

Biden blasted for meeting with Farrakhan supporter Jacob Blake Sr.

Dick Morris: ‘The Entire Election Will Be in the Hands Literally of John Roberts’

Mark Kelly (D-AZ) Supporter Allegedly Threatens to Shoot Rep. Paul Gosar in the Head

New Documentary Exposes Details About Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Deals

Biden claiming light bulb wasn’t invented by ‘white guy named Edison’ one of several odd Wisconsin moments

President Trump Will Fight to “Fully Defund” Planned Parenthood During 2nd Term

Election 2020 -- Republicans

Desperately Derailing Donald

Why Trump Doesn’t Just 'Send In the Troops'

Trump Takes on the Real Pandemic: President tackles the “critical race theory”

Nobody Is Switching from Trump to Biden

Democrat Base COLLAPSING As More Quit The Party Over BLM Leftist Riots, Small Towns Join Republicans

Riots In The News

Portland Protests Reach 100 Consecutive Days

Portland Riot: 50+ Arrested as Fire Bombs, Rocks, and Mortars Thrown at Police

VIDEOS: BLM Attacks #WalkAway Event in Texas

Judge Orders Detroit Police Not to Use Batons, Tear Gas Against Protesters for Two Weeks

48 of America’s 50 Largest Cities Hit By Black Lives Matter Riots

Police: Rioters Cause $100,000 in Damage in NYC

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel foils Hamas bomb plot using Bedouin terrorist recruit

Lockdown downgraded to night curfew as Netanyahu responds to Ultra-Orthodox

Health experts, ER heads join chorus against new lockdown

UAE delegation to visit Israel on Sept. 22

Top Saudi cleric appears to call for ties with Israel

Saudi King puts damper on Israel-Saudi peace deal in call with Trump

EU warns Serbia, Kosovo against opening embassies in Jerusalem

Malawi to open embassy in Jerusalem: First African country in Israel’s capital

While Making Peace Between Serbia, Kosovo: Trump Doesn't Forget Jerusalem

Hamas and Hizballah leaders meet in Beirut

Anti-Netanyahu protesters arrested stealing police barriers

Trump Campaign Adviser Cortes: ‘Great American Economic Renaissance’ Has ‘Momentum for Our Side’

‘Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Don’t Know the First Thing About Creating Jobs’

Judge Upholds President Trump’s Curbs on H-1B Outsourcing

Israel/Palestinian War

UAE-Israel agreement to be signed at White House on Sep. 15

Emirati Official: Israeli Declaration of Sovereignty Won’t Stop Peace

The End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

Hospitals aren't collapsing, there's no need for lockdowns

Preventing Firearm Suicide During Covid-19, Social Unrest, as Firearm Purchases Hit the Roof

US Army Launches Operational Pilot with Advanced Drone Developed by Israel

If even Beethoven is targeted as a colonialist in London, Israel should worry


Virginia University offers ‘How to Overthrow the State’ course focused on Marxist revolutionaries



Key News

The Stunning Synergy of The Atlantic’s 'Anonymous' Attack on Trump

Trump Furious at The Atlantic Claiming He Disparaged Fallen Soldiers

‘Deplorable’: Joe Biden Chides Trump over ‘The Atlantic’ Story

'Put up or shut up’: McCain's son-in-law defends Trump, as pressure builds for The Atlantic to give up its 'anonymous' sources

Richard Grenell Rips White House Reporters: ‘People Aren’t Listening to You Any More’

Atlantic Reporter Does Not Deny Coordinating Question with Joe Biden Campaign

Washington State Patrol Arrests 9 Protesters for Blocking Seattle Southbound Lanes

Portland ‘Antifa’ Rioters Pay Homage to Man who Allegedly Murdered Trump Supporter

Economic Good News

Better Than Expected! U.S. Economy Added 1.37 Million Jobs in August, Unemployment Fell to 8.4%

Black-White Jobless Gap Remains Near Historic Lows Despite Pandemic

Hispanic Women and Black Men See Greatest Employment Gains in August

CNBC’s Santelli: Latest Jobs Report ‘Wonderful News’ — ‘Will Lead to Even More Strength’

Senator Schumer Does Not Welcome Huge Drop in Unemployment

Tearful Salon Owner Says ‘Mrs. Pelosi Owes the Entire Country an Apology’

Scalise on Pelosi Salon Visit: Make the Rules Universal and Let ‘Every Storefront’ Open

2020 Election News -- Democrat Party

Biden claiming light bulb wasn’t invented by ‘white guy named Edison’ one of several odd Wisconsin moments

For the Good of the Country, the Democrats Must Accept a Drubbing

Joe Biden’s Moral Depravity Was Laid Bare Today

Rush Limbaugh: How did Russians convince Biden to act like he's losing mental acuity?

Gov. Cuomo Threatens: Trump ‘Better Have an Army if He Thinks He’s Gonna Walk Down the Street in New York’

Washington Post: Election Will End in Violence Unless Biden Wins Landslide

The Democrats Hold the Nation Hostage

Ignore Mainstream Media, Walk Away From Democrat Hate-VOTE IN PERSON

Joe Biden Meets with Blake Family — Including Antisemitic, Racist Father

Team Biden In Panic Over Trump’s New Debate Demand

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Swoops in With a Sweet Offer for CA Salon Owner After Pelosi Dust-Up

Trump Mocks Joe Biden for Backtracking on Fracking

2020 Election News -- Republican Party

Barr On Sending Feds To Polling Booths: We’ve Done This Before

Drain the Swamp, Or Be Drowned By It

Trump Furious at The Atlantic Claiming He Disparaged Fallen Soldiers

Why This Urban, Feminine Woman (Not a Feminist!) Is Voting for Trump in 2020

President Trump: Americans Should Ensure Mail-In Vote Is Counted

House Republicans ask Barr to determine if Pelosi’s speech ripping stunt at SOTU was a criminal act

Man accused of stabbing 2 people to death arrested one week prior at Portland protest

Portland Police Assn. President: City Council Holding Police Back From Dealing With Violence

California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for Oral, Anal Sex with Willing Children

A Lesson from Texas

They Got Him: Antifa Punk Shot and Killed By Federal Agents After He Reportedly Pulled a Gun

Interview of Deceased Portland Shooter Is Quite Revealing — A Pathetic Psychosis Afflicts The Left

Jezebelic: BLM leaders call on the spirits of the dead

Democrats Who Ignored Deadly Riots Chide President for Review of Federal Funding

When Will A Prominent Black Athlete Stand Up to the Mob?

Are black Americans truly warming up to Trump?

Democrat lies know no bounds

GM, Honda to jointly develop vehicles in North America: "BOOM TIMES"

Better Than Expected! U.S. Economy Added 1.37 Million Jobs in August, Unemployment Fell to 8.4%

President Trump In N.C. For 75th Anniversary WWII Victory

Protracted Lockdown Measures, Crime, High Taxes Are Driving People Out of NYC

NYC Shootings up Another 50 Percent Last Week

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu did not agree to UAE F-35 sale

Likud rebuts allegations: 'Fascinating to find out who's behind this campaign of lies'

Bahrain to allow Israel-UAE flights to cross its airspace

Likud MK: 'The Palestinians are rewriting history'

Kushner: Peace between Israel and all 22 Arab states is ‘logical’

GOP Congressman: Biden’s Pledge to Restore US Funding to Palestinian Authority ‘Mental Incoherence’

Honduran Official: Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem Moving Forward

Gratitude & appreciation to President Trump and administration before the High Holy Days

Hezbollah expected to attack before Jewish holidays: Start Sept 9, Jewish New Year

While coronavirus numbers. rise, serious ill figs dip

‘Hamas Can Go to Hell!’ Says Dubai Deputy Police Chief

‘Once in a lifetime’ find: Royal artifacts of the House of David discovered

Thirty Israeli covid-19 hotbed towns consigned to lockdown

Nuclear Watchdog: Iran uranium stockpile at 10 times more than nuke deal limit

Taiwan Denies Reports it Shot Down Chinese Su-35 that Violated Its Airspace


Breaking News

Jezebelic: BLM leaders call on the spirits of the dead

NY Gov Cuomo attempts to walk back perceived threat Trump ‘better have an army’ to protect him in NYC

Dems fume as President Trump moves to halt federal funds from riot-torn, lawless cities

GM, Honda to jointly develop vehicles in North America: "BOOM TIMES"

Gun rights group details why Rittenhouse shooting in Kenosha is clear case of ‘self defense’

Key News

It’s China, Stupid

President Trump Punishes ICC Chief Prosecutor

Russian Propaganda Pushing ‘Breakup’ Of United States

President Trump’s 2nd Term Priority: Protecting Unborn Babies “Through Every Means Available”

61 Million Babies Like This Have Been Killed in Abortions: They Need You to Vote Pro-Life

Protests at DC police station after officer-involved shooting

Election 2020 News -- Republican

Donald Trump Visits Burned-Out Business in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night: But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes

Why Americans Won’t Get Fooled Again

Kanye West Calls Abortion “Black Genocide”: Says Abortions Kill “1,000 Black Babies Every Day”

Election 2020 News -- Democrat

Election 2020: Democrats, Marxists, and Revolution

New Joe Biden Ad: ‘Black Americans Wake Up Knowing They Can Lose Their Life’

The Dangers to Israel of a Biden Administration

Violent Crime More Important to Voters Than Black Lives Matter

Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries—They Serve The Powers That Be

Four Ways the Obama-Biden-Harris Team Has Attacked Catholics

Obama Voters Owe America An Apology…Better Yet, People Need To Go To Jail

Jacob Blake Sr. Has Long History of Racist, Antisemitic, Anti-Christian Posts: Going to meet Joe Biden

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Signs Measure Restricting Police Use of Force

Antifa Rioter Arrested and Released Without Bail in June Allegedly Murdered Couple One Week Later

Joe Hiden Heads to Kenosha

NATO Moves Towards War With Itself In The Mediterranean

Israel/Palestinian War

The Dangers to Israel of a Biden Administration

IDF Commander: Hamas ceasefire will last two months

Syria: 16 pro-Iran fighters killed in air strikes attributed to Israel

Israeli aircraft reportedly attack important Syrian T4 airbase

Was Israeli sovereignty the price of the UAE peace agreement?

With the UAE deal, the BDS movement is over

Armed Palestinian arrested after infiltrating into Israel from Gaza

Saudi Crown Prince targets princely opponents to his accession

Germany Charges: Russian opposition leader poisoned with Novichok

Jobless Claims Fall to 881,000, Lowest Since Pandemic Hit



Breaking News

CDC tells states to be ready to distribute potential COVID-19 vaccine by Nov. 1

Suspect in killing of Trump supporter was arrested and released on weapons charge in July riot

Ford Foundation, With Biden Campaign Ties, Is Funding Leftist Agitators On U.S. Streets

Antifa ‘commander’ with flamethrower dropped to fetal position and began crying during arrest: Cop ays

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Looking to Move After Protesters Target His Condo Building

JPMorgan: Investors Should Prepare for Rising Odds of a Trump 2020 Win

Donald Trump Jr.: ‘Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Defense of the Indefensible’

6 Things We Learned From Queen Pelosi’s Wash and Blowout

India-China Standoff: US Backs India Against Chinese Provocations AT LAC

When MAGA black conservatives speak!!! #Trump2020

Key News

WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits ‘Incredible’ Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes Emerging A Week After Election Day

DC Police Won’t Say Why They Did Not Protect Politicians, Guests Leaving RNC

‘Enough!’ Cops step up game, smash window to stop BLM van after Trump warns Bowser to clean up DC

Biden’s Pittsburgh Address Made Him More Vulnerable on Riots

The whole scam just fell apart: COVID test, overwhelming number of false positives

Hannity: Democrats are terrified and desperate - "Americans from every background, every demographic and every race are fleeing the Democratic Party in droves"

CNN Dragging Trump RIGHT-Leg Stroke Big Lie With Drudge Report Help

The Democrats' Mental Problem

DC Panel Calls for Removing, Relocating, or ‘Contextualizing’ Washington Monument, Other Landmarks

White House Denounces ‘Ludicrous’ Washington, D.C. Plan to Change or Remove Historical Monuments

Elvis Presley’s Graceland Vandalized with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Defund Police’ Graffiti

DOJ and DHS Confirm Active Federal Probe into Criminal Activity and Funding Related to Violent Riots

Kenosha Suffers Nearly $2M in Damage to City Property

Trump Visits Kenosha, Dems Say He’s Starting a Race War

7-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead During Indiana Birthday Party

Pelosi's Vain Reason for Violating the Very Coronavirus Rules She Championed

Rioters Loot Stores, Set Fires at Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Condo

FBI Assigns More Agents to Portland While City Council Cuts Police Funding

NBA Playoff Ratings Crash by 23%: Lowest Watched in 5 Years

Why Won't Biden Condemn Antifa or BLM Violence?

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu: 'This is a tremendous breakthrough': 'Flying over Saudi Arabia

Spurned by allies, Saudi Arabia rethinks checkbook diplomacy

Palestinian Report: US aiming for September 13 Israel-UAE signing ceremony

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain tell Kushner Israel ties will have to wait

'Settlement leaders blocked sovereignty plan, hurt Trump'

Senior Palestinian Official Admits Israel-UAE Pact a Blow to BDS

DM Gantz: Israel has changed ‘equation of response’ to Gaza, will strike if needed

Hamas Deputy: We’ll give Israel two months to implement ceasefire

Fireballs Light Up Damascus Sky During Israeli Airstrike

Armed Jewish Group Ramps Up Security in US with Help from IDF Veterans


Breaking News

More Than 10,000 Lightning Strikes Have Sparked Wildfires Across California: "Fires have burned through 330,000 acres of land"

California Governor Gavin Newsom Declares Statewide Emergency: Mobilizes National Guard Amid Fires, Record Heat, “Imminent” Rolling Power Outages That Could Hit Millions

Northern California firefighters dig in ahead of high winds

Oregon wildfires burn throughout state, from Columbia River Gorge to California border

President Trump: DHS, DOJ Launch Probe Into Far-Left Violence, Democrat Ties

President Trump meets with Kenosha law enforcement: The problem is all in Democrat cities

Clackamas, Washington county sheriffs rebuff Gov. Kate Brown’s request to staff Portland protests

Trapped In Our Own Prosperity - Rev 18:7

"A dreadful sound is in his ears: in prosperity the destroyer shall come upon him." (Job 15:21)

"They are enclosed in their own prosperity..." (Psalm 17:10)

Taiwan Reaches Pork and Beef Deal With U.S.

Manufacturer: Trump Economic Agenda ‘Very Successful’ for Working Class

Pence in Michigan: Joe Biden Would ‘Stifle Automotive Jobs’

Wisconsin Manufacturer: Biden’s Pro-China Record Gutted My Business

Trump Claims Biden’s Energy Policies ‘Can’t Keep the Lights On’

1M More Americans File Jobless Claims, as Unemployment Dips Below 10%

President Trump’s Visa Curbs Get Americans into Ski Resort Jobs

Black Lives Matter Protesters March Through Oakland Chanting ‘Death to America’

Elon Musk Hopes To Treat Human Neurological Problems With Brain Chip

Newsom Takes Trump’s Advice: Agrees to $1 billion Forest Management Plan to Prevent Wildfires

Trump: I Don’t Want My Supporters Confronting Protesters

Joe Biden Blames Trump for Riots and Violence in America’s Cities

Trump tells CNN: Your Supporters Shot and Killed My Supporter in Portland

Portland’s ‘100% Antifa’ Killer Was Previously Arrested Twice for Illegal Possession of Loaded Firearm

Emerson Poll: Trump Gets Post-Convention Bump Among Black Voters

President Trump To Visit Kenosha, Wis. After Riots

Desperado Dems Clinging To A State of Denial

On September 17, 'Occupy Wall Street' Will 'Lay Seige to the White House

Jeb Bush Consultants Working to Help Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Win Florida

Biden: Covid ‘Has Taken More Than 100 Year, Look, Here’s, the Lives, It’s Just, Think About It’

CDC Accused Of ‘Quietly Modifying’ COVID Death Stats

New Study Shows COVID-19 Lockdowns 10 Times More Deadly Than Virus Itself

The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime

Biden Releases Economic Plan; Cites Experience Overseeing Obama Stimulus

Abortion Supporter Joe Biden Quotes St. John Paul II

The Joe Biden Riots

Joe Biden's Voters Are His Biggest Problem

Joe Biden & Democrats Are in Reality, Antifa?

Joe Biden Calls Trump Supporters ‘an Armed Militia in This Country’

Acting DHS Secretary Wolf calls Biden's statement 'delusional' for blaming violence on Trump

Egypt has dealt the Muslim Brotherhood a serious blow

Israel/Palestinian War

South of Damascus, Syria: 11 dead in air strikes attributed to Israel

Three killed in two separate restaurant explosions in UAE cities

Israel, Hamas agree on yet ANOTHER Gaza trucefficial

Israeli Delegation Blows Shofar In Dubai To Awaken World To Repent

White House Officials Make Historic Flight To UAE With Israeli Prime Minister

Netanyahu, Trump and Obama doctrines on display with El Al flight to Emirates

Kushner hopeful another Arab state will forge ties with Israel within ‘months’

Iran’s Khamenei: UAE ‘treason’ against Palestinians and Islam will not last long

Israel flight to UAE praised in Gulf, cursed by Palestinians

Officials speak of peace, hope after first El Al flight to UAE

Senior UAE Official: We got US assurances annexation won’t happen

2.4 Million Israeli Students Start School Year: Red City Schools Remain Closed

The Completely Fake News That's Spreading About Trump's 2019 Walter Reed Visit

Key News

'Put a bullet in Donald Trump': Watch 2 minutes of Dem threats of violence against president

Here's the Shockingly Small Number of People Who Died From Only the Coronavirus

SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative

Biden misunderstands, mistakes identities, misrepresents all in 1 quote

Joe Biden & Democrats Are, in Reality, Antifa

Violence Escalates in Liberal Hellscapes

Leftists Silent as Americans Choose Guns over Gun Control

Marianne Williamson Rips Joe Biden Campaign: ‘Platitudes but No Substance and No Policy’ (Former Democratic presidential candidate)

Joe Biden Blames Trump for Riots and Violence in America’s Cities

Jim Banks: U.S. Must Stop Giving Taxpayer-Funded Unemployment Benefits to ‘Antifa Thugs’

Trump Is Vaccine For Deadly Swamp Virus

Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’

Fleet of Moving Trucks Seen in Manhattan’s Upper West Side: Mass Evacuation in Full Effect From Liberal, Progressive

‘Never thought I’d see this’: Americans chant ‘Death to America’ in streets of Oakland

On C-SPAN, Dems Defect to Trump

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Just Endorsed Felony Assault Against Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul Wife Kelley on ‘Bloodthirsty’ DC Mob: ‘I Really Felt that We Were Going to Lose Our Lives

CDC now says 94% of COVID deaths had an underlying condition: Only 6% were COVID alone

New Yorkers Who Lost Loved Ones Due to Killer Cuomo’s Insane COVID-19 Policies Finally Given a Chance to Share Their Pain

NYT: Portland Homicide Victim Had ‘Patriot Prayer’ Hat

Joe Biden Says Trump ‘Incitement’ Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter in Portland

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Blames Trump for Violence that Led to Death of Apparent Trump Supporter

Portland Shooting Suspect Is ‘100% Antifa’: He Was cited, Released on Weapons Charge in July Riot

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Blames Trump for Violence After Trump Supporter Killed in Portland

Police: Shooting at Pro-Trump Rally Becomes Standoff in Los Angeles

Black Voices for Trump Clean Up Kenosha after Riots

Extremism at Kenosha ‘Justice for Jacob’ Rally: ‘If You Kill One of Ours, It’s Time for Us to Kill One of Yours’

Leo Terrell Blasts Biden For Having 'Made a Deal' With Violent Extremists

5 Shot in Restaurant in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

Biden to speak in Pennsylvania on Monday Instead of Kenoshi

Six Minnesota Democrat Mayors Endorse Donald Trump: Biden Did ‘Nothing’ for Working Class

Women Always Have To Pick Up The Check For Democrats

Biden the Blasphemer

Trump at RNC: Biden’s Agenda Is ‘Made in China’; Mine Is ‘Made in the USA’

1 in 5 black voters supporting Trump: Zogby -- 'A Democrat needs 90%+'

Israel/Palestinian War

What is happening in Judea and Samaria feels like deception

US and Israeli delegations leave for historic flight to UAE

Stepping off Israeli plane in UAE, Kushner urges others: ‘Join us, expand peace’

Talks begin to fill in the gaps of the Israel-UAE, US-sponsored normalization deal

Palestinians ‘pained’ by momentous Israeli-UAE flight

Palestinian Leaders! Wake up and smell the statehood!

Kushner Believes Netanyahu, Trump, Will Reach Agreement on F-35 Sale to UAE

Gaza balloons spark fires in south after report of progress in ceasefire talks

Muslims Caught Hiding Secret Shaft On Temple Mount From 2nd TemplePeriod

Trapped In Our Own Prosperity - Rev 18:7

"A dreadful sound is in his ears: in prosperity the destroyer shall come upon him." (Job 15:21)

"They are enclosed in their own prosperity..." (Psalm 17:10)

Taiwan Reaches Pork and Beef Deal With U.S.

Manufacturer: Trump Economic Agenda ‘Very Successful’ for Working Class

Pence in Michigan: Joe Biden Would ‘Stifle Automotive Jobs’

Wisconsin Manufacturer: Biden’s Pro-China Record Gutted My Business

Trump Claims Biden’s Energy Policies ‘Can’t Keep the Lights On’

1M More Americans File Jobless Claims, as Unemployment Dips Below 10%

President Trump’s Visa Curbs Get Americans into Ski Resort Jobs

Harvard Promotes Claim that ‘2+2=5’

Iowa Judge Voids 50,000 Absentee Ballot Requests

Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’

Pro-Biden Firm Wins $35M Contract to Promote Mail-In Voting in California


Key News

The free world’s craven and hypocritical fifth column

President Trump in New Hampshire: I Might Invoke the Insurrection Act to Put Down These Leftist Thugs

Feds Step in to Prosecute Criminal Rioters in Portland as Local DA Stands Down

Why That Letter Portland's Mayor Sent to Trump Just Blew Up in His Face

Friday Night at the Fights — Portland PD Wins by KO in the First Round

American Do-It-Yourselfism and Gun Ownership Will Rise if Democrats Refuse to End Riots

Rand Paul Calls on FBI to Investigate Organizers of ‘Crazed Mob’ Outside White House for Interstate Crimes

Coronavirus: When Will It End?

Sandmann Lawyer L. Lin Wood Offers to Represent 17-Year-Old Kenosha Shooter Pro Bono

Trump Is Saving NATO, Not Threatening It

U.S. Gives Automakers At Least Six More Months To Meet ‘Quiet Car’ Rules

D.C. Protester Scolds Maskless Cop: ‘He Wants His Kids to Die; He Wants His Wife to Die’

2020 Election - Democrats

Kamala Harris: ‘The Life of a Black Person in America Has Never Been Treated as Fully Human’

Michelle Obama: Even as First Lady, White People Have Treated Me Like I Don’t Exist

RNC Wraps Up, Protestors Attack Attendees

The Power of Big Tech Is Greater Than Ever

With Funding from the Left, NeverTrump’s Clown Show Hits the Home Stretch

Democrats Are the Party of Status Quo Radicalism

Biden condemns arson at Chabad center at University of Delaware this week

Huffy Hillary Howls at Moon Over Trump’s ‘Law-Breaking Convention’ — But Was It?

Based on Recent Results the USPS Is Only Part of the Problem with Mail-in Voting

2020 Election - Republicans

Trump for the Win

Trump Lands Major Endorsements From Democrat Mayors in Minnesota

Will Trump’s Long Courtship of Black Voters Work?

Final Night Of RNC Spotlights America As The ‘Land Of Greatness’

Trump slams Biden in acceptance speech, vaunts recognition of Jerusalem

Calif. Democrats Look To Rake In Billions By Raising Taxes On Business Owners With New Prop. 15

Latest Power Outages, Fires Leave Calif. Residents Outraged At Gov. Newsom’s Lack Of Leadership

Immigrants From Totalitarian Countries Know The Truth About Socialism

Dollar Slides On Fed Shift: Yen Surges After Abe Resignation

The UAE ruler formally lifts long boycott against Israel

Jordan Arrests Cartoonist over Criticism of Israel-UAE Deal

Israel’s “Settlers” Are Beneficiaries of the Israel-UAE Accord

Six Palestinian rockets trigger second IDF raid against Hamas

Hezbollah Used UNIFIL Position for Cover in Sniper Attack on IDF

Hamas: ‘We will exact a heavy price from anyone who lays siege to Gaza’

Gaza’s Palestinian terrorist orgs ready for “long haul” vs Israel

Less troops, more powers for UNIFIL in extension by Security Council For Lebanon

24 fires break out as Hamas' balloon terrorism continues

Demand BBC Stop Whitewashing Palestinian Explosive Balloon Terror as ‘Flying ‘Kites’

The free world’s craven and hypocritical fifth column

Gazans Wallow in Poverty, Slam Hamas Terror Regime

Palestinian Incitement to Murder Cannot Be Ignored

Jared Kushner: NBA players lucky to be rich enough to ‘take a night off from work’

Jacob Blake’s Father Recites ‘Muslim Victory Call – War Cry Of Allah’


Key News

Kenosha Police Arrest Out-of-State Group Preparing for Riots: Had fuel cans

Prominent attorney Lin Wood arranged for a top legal team to defend Kyle Rittenhouse

Japanese PM Abe to resign over health again, setting off leadership race

China fires missiles into South China Sea as U.S. sanctions Beijing


2020 Election News - Republican

Trump accepts Republican presidential nomination

No, the Republicans Did Not Violate The Hatch Act

On All Fronts, President Trump Delivers a Knock Out Punch Against Biden

Vintage Trump: Preside nt’s Speech Delivers Comprehensive Case for Reelection, Brutally Attacks Joe Biden

Protesters Harass, Assault Pro-Trump Elderly Couple Near White House

Hollywood Holds Hate Parade During Trump Republican Nomination Speech: ‘Murderer,’ ‘Bulls**t Propaganda’

Trump slams Biden in acceptance speech, vaunts recognition of Jerusalem

President Trump: “All Children, Born and Unborn, Have a God-Given Right to Life”

Violent BLM Mob Attacks Rand Paul, Others Outside of the White House

Kellyanne Conway Did Not ‘Hope for More Violence’: Fact Check

2020 Election News -- Democrat

Trump: I Did More for the Black Community in 3 Years than Joe Biden in 47 Years

President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New High Thanks to Strongly Pro-Life Convention

Why Democrats Favor Lawlessness and Terrorism Over Donald J. Trump

Biden family corruption allegations won’t go away

Hundreds of Former Bush, McCain Aides Endorse Biden for President

Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Think that There Should Be Any Debates’


Why Does Fox News Allow Donna Brazile To Make a Joke of Them?

Catholic Nun Blasts Joe Biden And Kamala Harris: “The Most Anti-Life Presidential Ticket Ever”

VP Mike Pence Blasts Joe Biden: “He Supports Tax Funding of Abortions Up to Birth”

Lou Holtz: “Radically Pro-Abortion Joe Biden is Catholic in Name Only”

Several NFL Teams Cancel Practices in Wake of Jacob Blake Shooting

Hurricane Laura brings tornado threat after Louisiana landfall, Lake Charles 'severely damaged'

Laura reaches Louisiana as Category 4 hurricane packing 150-mph winds

Just Facts president Jim Agresti shares three crystal-clear examples of so-called “fact checkers” spreading blatant falsehoods. Do you notice the common thread between them?

Russian Prosecutors Say No Need For Criminal Investigation In Navalny Affair

China fires missiles in South China Sea 'in warning to US' after plane entered no-fly zone

Could injectable microrobots one day run in your veins?

New York will continue mandatory quarantines despite CDC’s changing guidance

Fed: Rates to stay ultra-low even after inflation picks up

Vigilante calls on social media before deadly Kenosha attack

Pence: Biden's Election Would Mean America's End

Lou Holtz: Biden, Dems 'Catholics in Name Only'

Trump Cuts Biden Florida Lead in Half

More SC families choose homeschooling due to COVID-19

California company NDB says its nano-diamond batteries will absolutely upend the energy equation, acting like tiny nuclear generators.

Kenosha police chief blames deadly shooting on protesters defying curfew

Kamala Harris stands far left of true American principles

Kamala Harris Further Left than ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

Biden formally opposes demands to “defund the police,” but backs “re-directing” funding from police to other priorities, which is the same thing.

‘Hard-working Americans Are Left to Fend for Themselves’ in Democrat-run Cities

Bernie Sanders: Ban Officers from Using Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, and Rubber Bullets

Kamala Harris Is Far Worse Than Hillary Clinton

Media Hails Harris As ‘Moderate,’ ‘Centrist’ Although Her Voting Record Is Further Left Than Bernie Sanders’s

Joe Biden’s family racks up arrests for drugs, drunk driving — but no jail time


2020 Republican News

The real reason Biden, Pelosi, Clyburn and other Dems continually tie Trump to Hitler

CNN Cuts Out of Trump RNC Speech: Wrong, Misleading and Outright Lies’

Melania Trump speaks at the RNC from Rose Garden

Ex-NY Times Reporter Makes ‘Xenophobic’ Attack on Melania Trump

Left Fumes over Naturalization Ceremony Featured at Republican National Convention

Illegal alien Dems used to attack Trump was actually deported under Clinton, flagged under Obama

RNC Nixes Convention Speaker Mary Ann Mendoza for Anti-Semitism, QAnon Conspiracy

2020 Democrat News

Reflecting on Democrats and a Convention of 'Hollow Word'

In Latest Interview, Obama Proves He’s Either a Moron or a Liar

Democrat Congressman Blames Gun Ownership on ‘Small Genitals’

Hillary Clinton Says Biden Should Not Concede ‘Under Any Circumstances’

Key News

Tying It All Together: China, Dr. Fauci, French Company Sanofi Pasteur, George Soros and the Gates Foundation

Chicago Lawmakers Urge Emergency Declaration, National Guard Call-Up

Kenosha Riots: WI Gov. Declares State of Emergency, Boosts National Guard Presence

Man Shot in Head at Kenosha Riots

Two rioters dead after armed vigilantes show up to face down violent extremists in Wisconsin

Kenosha Residents Fire Warning Shots as Rioters Threaten Neighborhoods

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, looter yells: 'You ain't with us!'

Pelosi Goes Postal After President Trump Gets Truth Out

Congressional staffer demands 'complete destruction of white men'

Hennepin County Medical Examiner Initially Said George Floyd Had Fatal Level of Fentanyl in His System: Died of asphyxiation

U.S. Tightens The Noose By Initiating Snapback of UN Sanctions Against Iran

Israel/Palestinian War

One killed in terror attack in central Israel

Police Subdue Arab Who Stabbed a Jew to Death

Should Jews be angry about Pompeo’s speech from Jerusalem?

Netanyahu freezing construction in Judea and Samaria

Retaliation for Balloon Terrorism: IDF Attacks Hamas Underground Infrastructure

‘We are not defeated’: PA leaders say they won’t bend in face of mounting crises

After Lebanon border fire, Israel threatens ‘forceful response’ to any attack

Lebanon rejects reform of blue helmet force on Israel border


Monday's Derecho Storm damaged 10M acres of crops in Iowa: 600K still without power in Midwest

Chicago BLM Organizer Defends Looting: ‘That Is Reparations

Portland Residents Worry as Protests Spread to Residential Neighborhoods

Rob Reiner: Trump Gettysburg Speech Would Be Tribute to ‘White Supremacy’

Police: Black NC Man Shot 5-Year-Old White Neighbor Cannon Hinnant in the Head at Point-Blank Range

Fact Check: Joe Biden’s False Claim Trump Promised to Defund Social Security

Trump Pressure Leads Tennessee Valley Authority Officials to Review CEO’s $8M Salary

Choice Is Clear: Protecting or Annihilating Within The Womb

National Day of Remembrance on September 12: Will Remember 61 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

Kamala Harris Claims She’s a Christian: But Supports Killing Babies in Abortions

Kamala Harris Has 100% Pro-Abortion Record: Voted for Infanticide and Tax-Funded Abortions

'Most pro-abortion president ticket in American history'

President Donald Trump: The Most Pro-Life President in History

2020 Election News - Democrat Party

Joe Biden Selects Kamala Harris as Running Mate

Kamala Harris Further Left than ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bernie Sanders

Progressives Sour at Kamala Harris: ‘The Contempt for the Base Is, Wow’

Awkward Joe Biden Email: Kamala Harris ‘to Help Me … to Lead This Nation Starting in January 2021’

Why Harris Is the 'Greatest Threat to Civil Rights' in US History

Kamala Harris Is Silicon Valley’s ‘Dream of Political Control,’ Say Critics

Kamala Harris Led Smear Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh

OWS Activists To Launch 50-Day September Siege of White House

Joe Biden Snaps at Black Reporter over Cognitive Test Question: ‘Are You a Junkie?’

Has Joe Biden ‘Forgotten’ His Record on Social Security?

VP Mike Pence Is Right to Campaign in Wisconsin During the Democratic Convention

Kamala Harris Pick Prompts Praise, Criticism from Jewish, Israel-Related Groups

Joe Biden's Awful Vice Presidential Pick

President Trump: Democrat Push For Mail-In Voting Amounts To Election Meddling

Federal elections chief warns of 'substantial chance' of no results on Election Night

Key News

Crushing the Barbarians Inside the Gates

Andrew Cuomo Caught Undercounting Nursing Home Deaths: His Order Killed at Least 11,000

Trump Heroically Defies a Lawless Supreme Court

The Abortion Pill has Killed 3.7 Million Unborn Babies and Injured Thousands of Women


Israel/Palestinian War

One of the Largest Waves of Aliyah Has Begun

IDF Promotes Religious Hero of Gaza War Ofer Winter, Censors his Thanks to God

DM Gantz Unable to Stop Hamas Incendiary Balloon Attacks

Gaza’s arson balloons spark 60 brush fires in southern Israel

IDF Pummels Hamas Following Arson Attacks on Southern Israel

PM Netanyahu says Hamas, Iran will pay heavy price for balloon terror

‘Iran is Behind 95 Percent of Threats to Israel,’ Warns Netanyahu

Shockingly phony EU report whitewashes Palestinian textbooks by using Israeli ones

Israel Thwarts Major Cyber Attack by North Korean Hackers

Knesset defeats opposition bill to bar Netanyahu from premiership

Turkey claims it is under “blockade” in Mediterranean standoff

Georgia GOP candidate wins primary despite claims of racism




Key News

Trump Leaves Abruptly During Press Conference After Shooting Outside the White House

Trump briefing halted by Secret Service after shots fired near White House

Trump taken to private bunker during protests outside White House

Man ‘ran aggressively’ at Secret Service officer before being shot near White House

Seattle City Council Approves Plan to Defund Police, Layoff 100 Cops, Slash Salaries

'Darker Times Are Ahead' in Seattle After Police Chief Resigns

'Magnificent Mile' Riots, Looting Hit Democrat-Run Chicago

NYC Residents Fleeing Upper East Side Amid Rising Crime Rates

Brewing Scandal? NY’s true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy

Joe Biden’s ‘Gun Violence’ Plan Is Bad News for Gun Owners

Redmentum: Top Revolutionary Communist Endorses Joe Biden for President

Joe Biden: The Man Who Wasn’t There

Trump Campaign Officially Requests Another Debate, Will Biden Accept?

Biden's hideous plan to make family life in suburbs unbearably miserable

Why We Can’t Afford to Abandon Taiwan

China Attempting to Take Over the World

Alex Azar on Taiwan: ‘Very Important Partner of United States’

China Imposes Sanctions On 11 U.S. Citizens

President Trump: Democrats Hardliners, Only Want Bailout Money

School Teacher: We Don't Want You to Know the Radical Stuff We've Been Teaching Your Kids

China Expert: TikTok is China's Trojan horse to indoctrinate Americans

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF shuts Gsza’s Kerem Shalom gate after Palestinian fire balloon barrage

Netanyahu: 'We'll extract a heavy price from Iran's emissaries for balloon terror'

Israeli mayors demand action amid spate of incendiary balloon attacks from Gaza

IDF: Tanks carried out operations on Lebanese border

Intelligence Minister Cohen: We will not vote for a Palestinian state

August 4 Miracle: Was the Beirut Explosion Intended for Israel?

With PA coordination halted, sick Gazans still have no mechanism to enter Israel

Politicians bolt from Lebanon’s cabinet & Parliament in aftershocks of Beirut mega-blast

At least 20 more containers of dangerous chemicals still in Beirut port – Expert

What about the 17 million slaves in the Islamic world?




Key News

President Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders On COVID-19 Relief

Pelosi: Trump’s Executive Orders Are ‘Absurdly Unconstitutional’

Pelosi, Schumer Pen Letter Asking Republicans To Negotiate After Trump Signs Executive Orders

Mnuchin Warns Democrats To Think Twice Before Challenging Trump’s EOs

The Tide Turns Toward Trump

Democrats Should Receive Billion Dollar Fine For Running Deranged Candidate

CNN’s Stelter: ‘Offensive and Otherworldly’ for ‘Right-Wing’ Radio Hosts to Question Biden’s Health

2020 Election: President Trump: In Better Shape Than During 2016 Election At This Point

Susan Rice, ‘Deep State’ Running Mate

ACLU Calls for Release of 50,000 Prisoners Nationwide to Combat ‘Systemic Racism’

Portland Rioters Set Fire to Police Union, Attack Officers with Lasers

Portland police chief warns violent agitators: 'Enough is enough'

'Major Explosion’ in Baltimore, Children Trapped

The myth that lockdowns stop pandemics

New York’s Actions Against the NRA Are an Omen of Things to Come

July Jobs Report Shows Economy On Track To Recovery

Afghanistan Marketplace Explosion Kills At Least 10, Injures 5

New York Governor authorizes reopening of schools

Israeli Education Minister: Schools Will Open On Time - Period!

Alex Azar on Taiwan: ‘Very Important Partner of United States’

Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’

Mass Riots Break Out In Chicago After Police Are Defunded

Portland Mayor Finally Admits: Violent Rioters ‘Attempting to Commit Murder’

Obama's Legacy: 165 pages of records surface, expose cash-for-fetal-tissue scandal

Israel/Palestinian War

Hamas fires rockets into sea in 'message' to Israel

PM Netanyahu: 'We don't need 24 hours'

IAF and US Refueling Squadron Conduct Exercises over Southern Israel

Gaza balloons ignite several fires in southern Israel

Cabinet never discussed West Bank annexation plan: Gantz

Geologists Discover Fault In Middle of the Sea of Galilee: Area to its West Could Suffer Earthquakes

Scientific Breakthrough: Israelis Pinpoint Earth’s Magnetic Field at the Moment of Holy Temple’s Destruction, in 586 BC

Arab Expert: They're not buying Nasrallah's lies in Lebanon

Fourth minister resigns in Lebanon as government staggers

Oops! Iran Accidentally Scuttles Mock U.S. Carrier, Blocks Key Port Entrance

Judicial Watch: Susan Rice Admits Under Oath She Emailed with Hillary Clinton on Clinton’s Non-Government Email System and Received Emails Related to Government Business on Her Own Personal Email Account

Sen. Cotton: NY Times Exposed as 'Laughingstock'



Key News

U.S. Economy Adds 1.8 Million Jobs in July: Unemployment Rate Fall to 10.2%

Black Employment Rose Faster than White Employment in July; Black-White Jobless Gap at Historic Low

President Trump Announces a Coronavirus Relief Executive Order: Tax cuts

100 Children Shot in Democrat-Controlled Philly in 2020

Portland Mayor: Violent Rioters ‘Attempting to Commit Murder’

Michelle Obama: Coronavirus an Opportunity to Change ‘How Wealth Is Distributed

US intelligence: Russia, China and Iran will try to interfere in election

U.N. Agenda 21 is Close to Full Implementation

Now They Want To Take Away Our Pickup Trucks!

In Ohio, Donald Trump Makes Six Promises to American Workers for His Second Term

NY Attorney General Seeks to Dissolve NRA

Some Pennsylvania Democrats Fear Lawsuit Against NRA Helps Trump

The ‘ObamaGate’ Video Trumps The Democrat National Convention

Joe Biden: ‘Unlike the African American Community … the Latino Community Is an Incredibly Diverse Community’

Kanye West ‘the Most Compelling Voice’ Against Abortion, Planned Parenthood

Joe Biden Tries to ‘Clarify’ Remarks About African Americans: No Apology

Biden’s Pretend Campaign

Nine Reasons Biden's Mental Fitness Must Be Tested Immediately

Biden Says He Wouldn’t Stand in the Way of a Trump Prosecution

President Trump: Biden Against God, Guns

Kick the ‘1619 Project’ Out of Schools

San Francisco BANS Happy Meals With FREE Toys (Insanity in 2010)

Trump Wins in Tennessee as Bill Hagerty Defeats Manny Sethi for GOP Nomination for U.S. Senate

Over 200,00 Mail-in Ballots in Nevada Sent to Wrong Addresses

Portland Police Declare Another Riot: Police Association Building Targeted

Lindsey Graham on Portland Riots: Without Feds to Protect Courthouse ‘They’d Have Burned the G** D***d Thing Down’

Andrew Cuomo Pleads with Rich New Yorkers to Return to City: ‘Come Over, I’ll Cook!’

To the President: Let's Open the Churches!

What Will AT&T Do When the Suits See What CNN Does to Profits?

Federal Judge Esther Salas: My Son’s Death Cannot Be In Vain

New York Governor authorizes reopening of schools

Israel/Palestinian War

Unmanned aircraft shot down after violating Israeli airspace from Lebanon

Israeli scientists have coronavirus vaccine ready for human trials

Polish-language Toronto newspaper blames Jews for coronavirus pandemic

Israeli air force targets Hamas Gaza base after Palestinian balloons set fires

John Bolton: Biden could create a big problem for Israel

The miss of the century: Sovereignty is receding

What exploded in the Beirut port? "The high amount of red clouds in the blast cloud indicates hydrazine hydrate, a powerful ROCKET FUEL!!!"



Key News

BOMBSHELL: Chinese Scientist Who Fled From Country Claims COVID-19 was ‘Created in Military Lab’

Authors of Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Study Defend Their Work After Being Attacked by Dr. Fauci

Facebook, Twitter Censor President Trump’s Fox News Interview

81% of Black Americans Want To Maintain or Increase Police Presence in Their Neighborhood

“Reimagine Los Angeles” Ballot Initiative Will Strip Almost $1 Billion From Law Enforcement, Court System

Proposal to disband Minneapolis police blocked from ballot

The Coming National Crisis


Democrat Megadonor Ed Buck Charged With Sex Trafficking Felonies

POLL: Nearly Three Quarters of Democrat Snowflake Students Want to Remove Monuments of Founding Fathers

Saint Louis Police Detective REFUSED TO SIGN Soros Funded Prosecutor’s Probable Cause Document Against McCloskeys

De Blasio appears to blame NYC's crime surge on lack of federal stimulus money

Portland Police Chief: Ongoing Riots Straining Dept. Resources

Billions Are Being Spent on Teachers Who Won't Teach: President Trump Can Change That

Attorney General Barr Scorches Democrats: Congressional Dems get exposed on their treacherous enabling of orgies of violence

Uyghur Organizations File Complaint To ICC Against China

Trump Campaign Sues Nev. Over Mail-In Voting Law

Vice President Pence Reaffirms Trump Administration’s Pro-Life Stance

Republican Senators Back Extending $25 Billion Payroll Aid For U.S. Airlines: Shares Jump

Wall To Wall: Chris Markowski On America’s Economic Recovery

Seventy-Five Years Ago The First Atomic Bomb Was Dropped

Israel/Palestinian War

Beirut Explosion: Dozens still missing as death toll rises

Trump again says Lebanon blast might not have been accident


Lebanon explosion raises fears of similar danger in Haifa ‘right next to our bedrooms’

Israel shores up defenses as border tensions boil

Minister Hanegbi: In the end, we will have to take over Gaza

Biden’s Jewish outreach coordinator: He’ll return to the Iran deal

Ministers ease weekend virus rules, back resumption of air travel

Gov't approves $75m. bid for major stake in El Al to US millionaire's son

Trump Torches Athletes Who Kneel During National Anthem – Blasts Black Lives Matter As A ‘Marxist Group’

Breaking News


All these top-name celebrities are bankrolling efforts to 'Defund the Police'

Teen Vogue Tells Teen Girls: Marx good, Reagan bad

Admitted: Faking coronavirus death of popular American Indian prof who NEVER EXISTED!

Biden botches Declaration of Independence yet again in softball interview

Woke Taliban Blacklists ‘Kindergarten Cop’ from Oregon Screening

Trump Becomes First POTUS To Declare White Supremacist Group ‘Terrorists’

Key News

Is AOC A Bigot In League With The Devil?

Terrorism Expert: Antifa Developed From Communist Terrorist Movements

BLM Radicals CHASED OUT of Neighborhoods by ARMED CITIZENS: Mass BACKLASH Begins!

The Madness in Democrat Cities Will Escalate Until the Voter Madness Stops

Black men in LA march with MAGA 2020 flags

MSNBC Producer Quits: Pens Letter Calling Network A ‘Cancer’ That Stokes ‘Racial Division’

Ex-NFL Player Tweets to His 146,000 Followers The Libel About Jewish ‘Child Torture,’ ‘Human Sacrifice’: Twitter takes no action

Almost Every American Blames the Media for Political Strife

L.A. County Supervisors Vote to Put Defunding Police on November Ballot

The Explosive 135% July Gun Sales Increase Also Revealed Another Benchmark Was Clinched For 2020

COVID case numbers far lower than claimed

Election 2020 News

Revolutionary Communist Party USA Leader Endorses Biden

NBC News Reveals Mail-In Ballot System as a Complete Disaster

The Democrats are Running out of Time on Their Hidin’ Biden Farce

Is Joe Biden’s Lack of Cognitive Skills a Democrat Diversionary Tactic?

Clouds of Summer Obscure the Coming Thunder of November

Lebanon Rocked by Massive Fireball Hours After Netanyahu Warns Hezbollah

Up to 300,000 left homeless by deadly blast in Beirut: Governor

Photos: ‘Devastated’ Beirut Emerges from the Ashes After Deadly Explosion

Watch: Aerial footage of devastation from Beirut explosion

President Trump: Beruit Explosion ‘Looks Like a Terrible Attack’

Trump suggests Beirut explosions caused by “bomb of some kind”

Pompeo sends condolences to victims of the Beirut explosions

Israeli Former MK Moshe Feiglin: Glad it was Beirut and not Tel Aviv

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel offers humanitarian aid to Lebanon after Beirut explosions kill dozens

Israeli involvement in massive Beirut port blast ruled out by both sides

Foreign Minister: Annexation ‘right now not on the agenda, everyone’s busy’

Top health official warns ‘complete lockdown’ still a possibility

Israel’s Lifesaving Anti-Missile Defense System Coming to America

‘Palestinians Lose Every Time, It’s They’re Own Fault!’: Former Kuwaiti Official

Israel Beats Back Palestinian Arsonists Scorching the Biblical Heartland

EmbarrassingMmockery: Iran’s replica US warship sinks, blocking port


‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Ratings Plummet to All-Time Low

Hidden FDA Doc Explains Why “Liar” Fauci Opposes Hydroxychloroquine: Top Doctors Explain

If NYC Doesn’t Get Federal Bailout, De Blasio Set to Lay Off Over 20,000 City Employees


Key News

Democrat-Run KKK Burnt Crosses: Now, Democrat-Run BLM Burn Bibles

Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief’s Home

Report: Lack Of Churches, Schools, Police Fueling Murder Wave In Major Cities

Trump Hints at Executive Order on Mail Ballots

Trump Vows To Sue Nevada To Block Universal Mail-In Ballots

Trump: Coronavirus Lockdowns ‘Do Not Prevent Infection in the Future’

Trump clashes with HBO reporter over Covid-19 death numbers

Trump: Coronavirus 'Under Control as Much as You Can Control It'

US Reports Smallest Daily CCP Virus Case Increase in 4 Weeks

Green light on Judea and Samaria is key to Trump's re-election

Why Your Kid Is A Communist

Obama Defends Mob Rule: "The Ends Justify The Means"!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy

‘Quick reaction force’ Feds to remain in Portland: Trump warns he won’t hesitate to send National Guard

Is Joe Biden’s Lack of Cognitive Skills a Democrat Diversionary Tactic?

Why Socialist Revolutionaries Will Vote for Biden

Pelosi Stumped When Asked Who Leader Of Democratic Party Is, Picks Obama And Clinton

Cuban Restaurant Owner in Louisville Says BLM is Using ‘Mafia Tactics’ to Extort Local Businesses

AOC Faces Twitter Backlash After Claiming ‘Latinos Are Black’

Duckworth’s Decimation of National Security

Israel/Palestinian War

Massive US AN-225 plane lands in Israel to pick up Iron Domes

Lebanon is sliding into the abyss of a “failed state”

Israel strikes Syrian military positions after thwarting Golan explosions

MK Deri: We need to be flexible, the government must not be toppled

Trump to attend NJ fundraiser hosted by family of close friend who died of coronavirus

US Manufacturing Soars to 15-Month High: Report from Institute for Supply Management

The US’ Economy Is Stronger Than the Eurozone’s

U.S. Factory Orders Rise More Than Expected, Signaling Manufacturing Recovery

Trump Signs ‘Hiring American’ Executive Order to Prioritize US Workers


Key News

Minneapolis Police Department Advises Residents to Give In to Criminals

Mob Shakedown! BLM Demands Cut of Louisville Business Profits for 'Protection'

Law & Order: Nat’l Assoc. Of Police Organizations Leaders Meet With President Trump

Portland, Oregon -- Democrat-Controlled City -- Smashes 30-Year Record For Crime After Police Budget Cuts

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

Chicago Is Almost Disarmed to Death

Riots and protests from Portland to Jerusalem

The Choice Before Us: This time, we’ve traveled to the very edge of the abyss

De Blasio’s NYC: More Shootings at This Point in 2020 than in All of 2019

Austin cops warn residents, armed ‘protesters’ may try to enter apartment buildings, perch on roofs

House Democrats Reject Motion to Fund Police

Portland sees 150-round shooting at apartment building, as crowds continue violent clashes with police

Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets

Pompeo Promises Action on Chinese Software Firms in the ‘Coming Days’

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Believe Liberal Media Over Latest Economic Report

A ‘Victims of Communism Day’ Is Long Overdue

Corporate Media Completely Ignored Story of Mother Killed by Black Lives Matter Supporters

2020 Election News

Zogby Pollster: Majority See Trump as 'Law and Order President'

Election Interference: McCarthy Warns Google Using ‘Tremendous Amount of Power’ to ‘Influence What People Think or See’

Joe Biden Preparing To Announce Running Mate

‘Biden’s Cognitive Decline Is Rapidly Worsening’

China Prefers 'a Biden Presidency'

Biden VP hopefuls speak out: Communist sympathizer Bass says she is 'ready'

Karen Bass tries excusing her Castro love: Makes it much worse after Wallace asked the right follow up

College Students Reject Kamala Harris as Biden VP Pick

Clinton Aide Advises Joe Biden: ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Debate Trump’

New York Times Op-ed: ‘Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates’

WH Chief of Staff Meadows: Universal Mail-In Voting ‘Not A Good Idea For The Country’

Pelosi endorses Tlaib for re-election to Michigan seat

Pelosi funnels $14,000 to Ilhan Omar campaign amid expensive primary fight

Rhetoric About a New Civil War Is on the Rise

Having a Bible could be a 'hate crime,' Scottish bishop warns

COVID-19 News

Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Risk 66 Percent: Italian Study

Big Pharma Rakes in Billions from U.S. Taxpayers for Coronavirus Vaccine

“The Next One”: A Truly Creepy Bill Gates Moment - "that will get attention this time (*smile*)"

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Reverses Hydroxychloroquine Ban After Governor’s Request

President Trump Says He Doesn’t Believe Herman Cain Contracted COVID-19 From Tulsa Rally

Ratings Crash for NBA, MLB After Protest-Filled Debuts

NBA Caught In Biggest Scandal Of Their History — Players Ordered Not To Comment -- China

Israel/Palestinian War

Iron Drone intercepts rocket fired from Gaza: No injuries

After rocket attack, Israel said to hit Hamas targets in Gaza

IDF thwarts infiltration attempt along Syrian border

Bennett posts good news about Israel’s corona infection rate

Israel’s corona czar says he will make order out of chaos

Wake up Twitter, shut down Khamenei’s account

White House Blasts Twitter for Approving Iran’s Threats to Destroy Israel

Congressman Calls on Trump to Add Palestinian Leader to US Terrorist List

Why has annexation become a forgotten story?

IDF eliminates band of 4 terrorists planting bomb on northern border

Feels like coalition with Blue and White might collapse soon

'Israel's economy won't recover for another 4-5 years'

ANALYSIS: Turkey has become a rogue state

Apple Fire in California explodes to more than 32 square miles, thousands evacuated

California Democrats Propose Raising Top State Tax Rate to 16.8%

U.S. Senate Approves General Charles Brown Jr.: First Black Service Chief

Report Finds 250 US Collaborations With Chinese Military-Tied Researchers

President Trump Aides Native Americans In Tackling Crimes: Effort began in November 26, 2019, with Executive Order #13898



Key News

Democrats’ Policies Are Unfit For The Presidency

The Great Pale Scarecrow of White Supremacist Violence

Seattle City Council moves to abolish police department with new bill

Black Lives Matter Founder: DNC Platform Must Call for Defunding Police, Abolishing ICE

The Left’s Absurd Tribute

Apparent junkies turn stretch of NYC’s Midtown into a shooting gallery

Republicans are gaining voters at 5 times the rate of Democrats in Pennsylvania

Lightfoot the Lightweight: Chicago’s mayor can’t maintain order in her increasingly violent city. So she plays the race card

Supreme Court denies request to halt construction of the border wall

Threats from China, Russia, Iran loom ahead of US presidential election

Trump: ‘China Must Be Very Happy’ Democrats Using Coronavirus to ‘Screw Up’ Election

President Trump Suggests China Will Repay U.S. For Economic Impact Of COVID-19

Trump bans Chinese Tik Tok in US

Israeli mask maker Sonovia expects 99% coronavirus success after lab test

Court docs detail Maxwell’s ‘constant’ orgies with young girls on Epstein’s island

Sen. Tom Cotton Presses Google CEO over Election Interference Revelations

NHL’s Rangers, Islanders Stand Together for National Anthem

Every Player and Coach Takes a Knee During National Anthem Before NBA Restart

Colorado to Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence Overturned by Federal Appeals Court

130 Federal Agents Stay Behind In Portland As ‘Quick Reaction Force’

Israel/Palestinian War

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Apply Sovereignty Now

US House passes missile-defense budget for Israel valued at $500 mil.

Palestinians shouldn’t bet on Biden to deliver peace or a state

‘This will end in bloodshed’: Israel’s public security minister warns at rising incitement

Stores open, beaches packed as Israel's coronavirus death toll passes 500

Second coronavirus wave under control, say Israeli researchers

Israel Outraged After Twitter OKs Iranian Calls to Annihilate Jewish State

How the Mossad hunted the ‘Butcher of Riga,’ who murdered up to 30,000 Jews

Iran rules out attack as cause of Natanz explosion

With Iraq, Lebanon, Syria in economic collapse, virus adds to despair of young

Fourth Grade Teacher Details How Schools Push Ban History And Leftist Agendas

Judicial Watch: FBI Capitulates on Andrew McCabe Text Messages After Adverse Federal Court Ruling

Protesters burn Bibles in Portland, rip protective boarding off buildings



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