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Wednesday, Tuesday, January 19, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Confessions of An Economic Hit Man: How US International Companies Are Brutally Using Loan Contracts To Advance Cause of Global Government and Economy

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 15, 2005


Global poll slams Bush leadership: Re-election of US President George W Bush has made the world more dangerous

What the Pentagon can now do in secret

Bush looking at Middle East as one "a huge war zone"

Third World War Menace Looming: World is now on the brink of a nuclear conflict

Inauguration News

Missiles deployed for inauguration

Massive inaugural preparations snarl the Washington area: City resembles state of seige, lockdown

Standoff Near White House Underscores Tight Security

Singer Curses at Inaugural Youth Concert: Hopes event was not aired live - Hosted by Bush twins Jenna and Barbara

Bush Schmoozing With Donors While Calling for National Healing

Party hopping on Pennsylvania Avenue

Protests planned for inauguration

With BC-Bush-Now and Then, Bjt: Some statistics on American life as President Bush's second Inauguration Day nears

Optimism has fallen, divisions increased: As Bush takes second oath of office

Bush Said To Be Taking Anti-Depressants To Control Mood Swings: Warning - some curse words in article

Japan Issues Tsunami Warning After Strong Earthquake but Officials Say Waves Not Threatening

Disaster Looms for Megacities: UN Official - Time is running out to prevent such a catastrophe

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Rice highlights hope, talks tough on terror

Rice Stands Firm in Senate Questioning: Senator Barbara Boxer questions Rice on her "truthfulness"

UK Muslim cleric faces deportation for calling on followers to join al-Qaida

Indonesia downplays terror threat

Israeli - Palestinian War

Leading chief rabbis rule Temple Mount is off-limits to Jews: "We have lost the exact location of the Temple, and anyone entering the Mount could unwittingly enter the area of the Temple and the Holy of Holies"

Palestinians to deploy forces to halt terrorist attacks

Palestinian SWAT teams to fight organized crime, not terrorist insurgents: PA Officials insist

Analysis / New PA Chairman Abbas stuck in the middle

Abu Mazen reaches agreement with his terrorist Fatah militants: "Only" murder Jewish settlers and IDF soldiers

Settlers Complain: 'We are like sitting ducks'

Shin Bet security agent killed in Gush Katif suicide bombing: Seven other security personnel were wounded

Hezbollah Strikes Har Dov: IDF Hits Back

Sharon convenes Security Cabinet in special meeting

Response to Terrorism: IDF Force, Palestinian Authority Talk

IDF Officer: Arrest of 13 Hamas men will diminish terror

Concern: 20-Kilometer Rockets Smuggled into Gaza: Sparks fears that Ashkelon will be targeted

45 PA police to train in Egypt February

"Stand Up For America" Urges Nationwide Boycott To Protest Invasion of Illegal Immigrants

Ad for a Bible doesn't fit: Rolling Stone Magazine rejects Bible advertisement

Zondervan Wanted To Advertise "Today's New International Version: of the Bible -- Controversial as it changes many words

China is building up military forces and setting up bases along sea lanes from the Middle East

'Living' robots powered by muscle

Interfaith meeting focuses on world's crises: Annual Camp Brotherhood event draws 220 people of different faiths to hear panel of Jewish, Muslim and Catholic leaders



C/Edge New Articles

BBC NEWS SCIENCE WARNS: THE SUN IS "DIMMING"! Has God Already Shut Off the Core Reactor To Our Sun? Is Matthew 24:29 About To Be Fulfilled?


Last of the Original "In Plane Site" Videos -- Now Reduced - DVD - VHS -- Quantities are limited

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bush Tells Troops 'Much More Will Be Asked Of You': Soon in Iraq and elsewhere

At least 25 Iraqis dead in wave of suicide bombings

Twin bombs kill at least 8 in Baghdad

U.S. Troops Fire on Car in Northern Iraq, Killing Two Civilians in Checkpoint Shooting


Julia Roberts has a better chance of winning this war: There is growing dissension and dismay in the US armed forces about their prospects of victory in Iraq

"Many members of the US military and their families now suspect that the cause may be invalid and the battle unwinnable"

Col. David H. Hackworth: We Can Still Win -- IF

Rice Vows Prompt Review of Iraq Policy

Iraqi-Born U.S. Citizen Pleads Guilty to Acting as Illegal Agent of Saddam Hussein's Government

How Iran could help the US in Iraq

Elections - January 30

Gunmen Kill Three Iraqi Candidates Running For Office

Borders to be shut during Iraqi poll: Travel restrictions, curfews part of planned clampdown as 'ruthless campaign of terror' continues to take its toll

Battle-hit Falluja 'set to vote'

Vote or risk civil war, Iraqi minister warns

Troops sweep into Mosul to quell pre-vote violence

Street-wise Washington backs off its rhetorical zeal for democracy-making in the Middle East

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Fears of 'abuse' photos backlash: As images of troops allegedly abusing Iraqi civilians are beamed around the world

Shocking images revealed at Britain's 'Abu Ghraib trial'

How Abu Ghraib abuse dented US 'moral superiority'

Torture has its uses, says US Homeland Security chief

Tormentor in chains: Graner is led to prison

Decline and Fall of the 205th MI Brigade: Strong indictment of the idiotic “Army of One.”

British Iraq Abuse Soldier A 'War Hero'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Once more, the heat's on Iran

Iran: We can repel U.S. attack

Pakistan weaves an elaborate web regarding Iran: Pakistan has made secret bargain with US

Karachi opens door to US forces to operate against Iran

Pakistan denies ceasefire violation on disputed Kashmir border

Afghan Women Look to Jump-Start Businesses, Their Homeland

Afghan anti-drug czar says opium fight needs farm subsidies

Indonesia May Hold Talks With Aceh Rebels This Month

Japan deports Kurd father, son to Turkey

Fifth bird flu fatality in Vietnam since December

Ivory Coast instability under spotlight again

Most Eritreans 'need food aid'

US Dollar on the comeback trail

Convicted killer executed in California

Muslim pilgrims prepare for central rite of hajj: Two million people travel to Islam's holiest sites in Saudi Arabia each year to participate in the hajj, which serves to wipe away accumulated sins

Gonzales Backs U.S. Assault Weapons Ban

Wichita’s La Quinta Inn Acting as an Abortion Mill Annex: La Quinta Inn offers discounts to abortionist George Tiller’s out-of-town patients, who come from all over the world for late-term abortions here

Burning Man Just One of the Signs the Occult Is Sweeping the Globe

Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos confirmed he is being considered for the post of United Nations (UN) secretary general


Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Confessions of An Economic Hit Man: How US International Companies Are Brutally Using Loan Contracts To Advance Cause of Global Government and Economy

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 15, 2005


Last of the Original "In Plane Site" Videos -- Now Reduced - DVD - VHS -- Quantities are limited

C/Edge New Article: BBC NEWS SCIENCE WARNS: THE SUN IS "DIMMING"! Has God Already Shut Off the Core Reactor To Our Sun? Is Matthew 24:29 About To Be Fulfilled?

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits Japan's Hokkaido Island: No tsunami warning was issued

Israeli - Palestinian War

Al Qaeda Renews Violent Duel with Palestinian's Fatah over Lebanese Palestinian Camp

No Abbas Pledge to Fight Terror - Despite Palestinian Terror Karni Attack and Israeli Diplomatic Cutoff

Wary Israel grants Abbas more time to stop terror attacks

Abbas to meet Gaza militants: To try to persuade militants defying his calls for calm to agree to cease attacks on Israel

Jewish Sderot residents marching to source of Kassam rocket fire in Gaz

Analysis: Hunting the elusive Kassam terror rocket

Kibbutzim offering to host Sderot's kids

Hamas, Hizbullah Continue Attacks

Disengagement - Palestinian State News

Israeli Intelligence Chief Warns: Disengagement Holds Perils

Hi-Tech Security Crossing to be Built on Gaza Border

Most Palestinians ready for two-state deal without massive return of refugees

Israeli Deputy Defense Miniater Ze'ev Boim: Gaza offensive days away

Davidic Dynasty: The Gathering of the Descendents of the House of David

Muslim - Christian Conflict

Muslim-Christian Tensions Erupt at Emotional Funeral for Slain New Jersey Family: Theory that a Muslim angry over Internet postings was responsible for the slaying of an Egyptian Christian family

Behind The Veil - Book exposes truth of Islam

Islam: America's Trojan Horse - Exposes threat Islam poses from within America's borders

Muslims Identify Christians as Western Enemies

Terrorists likely to use biological weapons against U.S.: Shadowy Islamic groups may do much work online

Indonesia's Anti-American Stance Hinders Foreign Tsunami Aid

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Twisted reality as life arrives in a body bag

Terror attack feared against tsunami aid workers: As toll hits 175,000

Tsunami shatters economy in one of Indonesia's poorest regions

Despair Battles Hope in Day in the Life of a Camp for Tsunami Survivors

Thousands flee false tsunami alarm in Chile: One dead

Catastrophe Conference Seeks Tsunami Solutions

Swiss expert spearheads quake surveillance - Japan, US to issue future tsunami alerts

Computer Worm Exploits Tsunami to Spread Virus

At least 2.5 billion people have been affected by natural disasters over the past 10 years: Increase of 60%

Stars Turn Out for Radio Quake Appeal: Chris Evans, Zoe Ball and Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

India islands 'relief is denied'

Tsunami raises prophecy questions for Christians

Canadian PM 'courageous' for naming Jesus and Mary at tsunami service: told a story about a statue of Mary and the Baby Jesus pulled from the sea by fisherman some five centuries ago - Catholic viewpoint

U.S. Jewish officials stay silent on call for Kofi Annan's ouster

Kobe, Japan, remembers earthquake with candlelight vigil: Marked 10th anniversary of the January 1995 earthquake that resulted in loss of 6,433 lives

Dining Hall at Arizona Prison Remains Locked Down After Inmate Brawl: Three Guards Injured

Bush Inauguration News

As Jan. 20 Nears, Terror Warnings Drop: Faulty Intelligence, Dated Information Led to Cautions

Emergency Response Officials to Monitor Inauguration From Remote Site

High-Tech Command Center Brings 50 Agencies Together on Inaugural Security

Cheney Exercising Muscle on Domestic Policies

Harvard University battle over sex and science

Purpose-Drive Church

Spinoff churches sprouting up: Old-fashioned faith with a sprinkling of new ideas

Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church

Outcome-Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift

Passion, Purpose and the Paradigm Shift - DVD - VHS

Approximately 100 Million American Church Members Have Very Little to No Understanding of Bible Prophecy

This chip makes sure you always buy your next round: Nightclub about to offer its regulars option of having microchip implanted in their arm

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Church quells fears of antichrist sign in IDs

What the Pentagon can now do in secret

Bush looking at Middle East as one "a huge war zone"

Third World War Menace Looming: World is now on the brink of a nuclear conflict

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Pre-election bloodshed continues to plague Iraq: Vatican condemns abduction of Syrian Catholic archbishop

Iraqi Catholic bishop kidnap sparks anger -- Bishop freed today

Iraq violence spreads to 'safe' areas

Attacks target Iraqis, U.S. troops: More than 20 killed in series of assaults; U.S. Marines also struck by suicide bomber

Three US soldiers killed in Al-Anbar province

Car bomb attack on Shiite party in Baghdad: Suicide car bomber kills two in front of Baghdad HQ of Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq

Karbala car bomb defused: Loaded with explosives near a polling booth in the Shiite-dominated city of Karbala

US Troops set for Mosul showdown: A battle that could decide the fate of the elections due to be held on January 30

Iraq to Seal Borders During Election

Egypt president says Iraq more dangerous since U.S.-led invasion

Dutch troops to leave Iraq mid-March

Annan: UN could expand role in Iraq after polls - If conditions permit after this month's anticipated election

Images Behind Soldier's Iraq Refusal

Official Toll of British wounded in Iraq war reaches 800

Blair Will Win Re-election In Landslide -- Election Polls

Iraq top priority for Rice: Confirmation hearings start Tuesday

Senior US military officers may be tried for prison abuses: New York-based Human Rights Watch demanded that a special prosecutor be appointed

Police: Marine who killed cop was gang member

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran News

Now US ponders attack on Iran: Hardliners in Pentagon ready to neutralise 'nuclear threat' posed by Tehran

Pentagon denies report US plan strikes in Iran

Iranian Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani says his country has the military might to deter attacks against it

US Congress targets Iran for regime change

U.S. Is Punishing 8 Chinese Firms for Aiding Iran In Effort To Improve Her Ballistic Missiles

Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi challenges Iran with torture allegations

Other News

Two Guards Killed, One Injured in Indian Embassy Shooting in Nepal

British Finance Minister Brown sees rich nations backing Africa debt plan

President pledges to lead Croatia into EU

5.3pc rise in Saudi economy

Top U.N. Envoy Flies to Southern Sudan to Negotiate Details of a Peacekeeping Operation

Kuwaitis Realize Terrorism Has Hit Home After Clashes Between Police and Suspected Militants

Putin and Kazakhstani leader to meet in Moscow

President to Conservatives: Screw You - Bush said he would not lobby the Senate to pass a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage. - Has adopted the same position as Sen. Arlen Specter

Related Yahoo News Story: Bush won't push for gay marriage ban in Senate

Roe Goes Back To Supreme Court: Trying to reverse original Roe vs Wade decision (Requires Adobe Reader)

Dollar Continues Creeping Back Against Euro

China's State Media Quiet About Passing of Zhao Ziyang: Ousted Communist Party Leader

Russia to sell strategic bomber planes to China

2 arrested in MLK Day melee in Phoenix, Arizona

Absolute Moral Collapse

Church ends taboo on mercy killings: 'Compassionate case' for voluntary euthanasia

Dr. Wolfensberger Was Right! The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People

Driver in grisly suicide: New Jersey man set a new standard for self-inflicted brutality

Young and 'scared': Dumped baby's teen dad sobs

Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of the liberal-oriented Yabloko party and harsh critic of the Kremlin, may become new Ukrainian prime ministe

Russia Offers Cooperation to Ukraine’s Yushchenko

US 'should not rule out torture' : Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge

Da Vinci Code sequel to feature Ku Klux Klan?

N.C. a destination for fake ID seekers: NC Driver's license rules under fire


Monday, January 17, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Attack at a checkpoint in central Iraq: Eight Iraqi National Guard soldiers were killed Monday

16 Iraqis Killed by Attacks as Insurgents Try to Scare Voters Ahead of National Elections

Deadly attacks target Iraq forces cooperating with Coalition Forces

U.S. Marine killed south of Baghdad on Saturday

Wounded Child, Mass Civilian Graves Behind Soldier's Refusal to Return to Iraq


Iraqi Translators Who Work for Americans Face Dilemma: Risk Assassination by Insurgents or Give Up Livelihood

Bush Counters Powell: U.S. Not Rushing to Leave Iraq

Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam: US Senator Kennedy Charges

U.S. President George W. Bush has been criticized for claiming that his re-election in 2004 was a ratification of his policy on Iraq

Bush Unfazed by Criticism of Iraq WMD Hunt

Despite propaganda and anger, Iraq hasn't attracted droves of Islamic fighters from Europe

Iraq to resume oil exports by month's end

Bush's Iraq war exacts heavy toll on US arms industry and future plans

Custom-printed Bibles for U.S. Special Ops on the way: Containing military-specific messages and imagery

Torture, Sexual Humliation Scandal

Abu Ghraib scandal could climb higher than convicted reservist: Higher-ranked officers still may be prosecuted

Convicted ringleader in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal remained defiant after being sentenced to 10 years in jail

Iraqis have reacted angrily to a 10-year sentence imposed on a US soldier for abusing inmates at Abu Ghraib jail

US to try 20 more troops for Iraq abuse

A trail of torture at hands of US forces: Signifies that darker practices than just sadistic games have taken place in US-run jails in Iraq

British Soldiers Face Court Martial over 'Basra Abuse'

CFR's Jesse Jackson says war, poverty sap King legacy

Iraqi Election News

U.N. Official Says Iraqi Vote 'Is on Track': Plans Described as Almost Complete Despite Continuing Violence, Threats

Iraqi Exiles Begin Registering to Vote in Their Homeland's Election

Turkey cautions Iraq over Kurdish voters in oil-rich Kirkuk

Jordan polling station could bar Iraqi-Israelis from historic election

Islamic Sunni scholar supports Iraq elections

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Doctors Among Victims in Tsunami-Hit Indonesia: Nordic Leaders Tour Thai Beaches

Tsunami toll up in Indonesia: Indonesia increased its death toll by 5,000 bringing total to more than 115,229

Tourism after the tsunami: Industry hoping for minimal impact on vacations

Graphic video simulation of Indian Ocean tsunami

Unfathomable devastation: Florida's hurricanes cannot begin to compare with deadly tsunami

Tsunami's wrath haunts Florida governor: Witnessing debris stuns Jeb Bush

HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program: Jerusalem Post recognizes it is possible cause of earthquake

HAARP: Perfect Weapon of the New World Order - Video




CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 15, 2005


Last of the Original "In Plane Site" Videos -- Now Reduced - DVD - VHS -- Quantities are limited

Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas Given Chance for Peace as Israel Delays Attacks: A brief "Grace Period"

Israel Decides to Hold off on Major Military Offensive: Government Official

Israeli Army prepares for major Gaza operation

Israeli terrorist casualty: 'Murdered on his birthday'

Qassam terror rocket slams into Sderot on city-wide day of mourning

On a day of funerals and protests, Sderot residents say they want to leave

Sderot: Mourning and Prayers, Followed by March to Gaza

Chairman Abbas has decided to join the Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigades to the Palestinian security forces

Abbas orders security forces to prevent attacks on Israelis

Expulsion-Refusal Spreads Within IDF

Spontaneous Youth March on Jerusalem: 100 protestors marching against Sharon's expulsion plans

Southern Jewsih residents furious over lack of defense against terrorism

Israel's FM Shalom sees pro-Israel shift at UN

Inauguration News

Limousine Terror? Fears of automotive mayhem as the Presidential inauguration nears

Wartime Inauguration Balances Pomp Against Circumstance

Purple Heart Recipients to March in Inaugural Parade

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Conducting Secret Reconnaissance Missions Inside Iran

Iran: Environmental samples taken from military complex by U.N. nuclear inspectors will prove that country's atomic program is for peaceful purposes and not making weapons

Kuwait hikes security at oil, other installations

Asian currencies mixed against strengthening dollar

Africa to miss key poverty goals

Senegal celebrates the sheep: With the Muslim celebration of Eid-el-Kebir approaching - Commemorates the ram substituted by God when the Prophet Abraham was told to sacrifice his son, Isaac

South African Army investigating 'war-capable weapons'

Moral Collapse

Top topless beaches 2005

Australian Nude festival rocks: Leave your clothes at home and bring your naked partner with you

Female Viagra: Chance for women to patch up sex lives

FURY AT KIDS GAY-LEVELS EDUCATION: Taught that William Shakespeare was gay and Florence Nightingale was lesbian

Ex-Porn Star Traci Lords Gets New Cosmetics Advertising Deal

Henry Kissinger dismissed as CIA adviser





Sunday, January 16, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 15, 2005


Last of the Original "In Plane Site" Videos -- Now Reduced - DVD - VHS -- Quantities are limited

Israeli - Palestinian War

No Abbas Pledge to Fight Terror - Despite Palestinian Terrorist Attack and Israeli Diplomatic Cutoff

Abbas vows peaceful end to Mideast conflict: But made no commitment to stop terrorist attacks

Hamas Vows: No cease-fire deal

Abbas to visit Gaza for 'hudna' type ceasefire talks

End of the honeymoon: Terrorist attack ended Israel's diplomatic honeymoon with the Palestinian Authority's new chairman, Abbas (Abu Mazen)

Sharon severs contact with new Palestinian leader until he reins in militant terrorists

PM Sharon Declares: IDF has free rein to combat terror in Gaza since Abbas has not tried to rein in terror

Teenage Sderot girl fighting for life after Qassam terror rocket attack

Sderot Town: This Terror Attack Will Not Stand - Residents fear rocket attacks will intensify following PM Sharon’s planned Gaza withdrawal

Gaza border terminal crossings closed indefinitely

46 PA election officials quit, citing fraud: Confirming suspicions of massive voting fraud and irregularities

IDF evacuates base due to friction with settlers

Karni terrorist attackers had false permits: Were let in by Palestinian security guards

Jaffa man gunned down in his restaurant : Motorcycle drive-by shooters who immediately fled the scene

The missile flap: Syria, Hezbollah and Tehran all have missiles capable of devastating Israel

Expulsion-Refusal Spreads Within IDF

New Trial For Soldier Who Urged Comrades to Refuse

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Paradise, and hope, has washed away: Salt water devastated coconut trees that were a central part of life on the Andaman Islands

Death toll in Asian tsunami disaster passes 168,000

Indonesia Ups Tsunami Death Toll by 5,000

U.S. wants to cede relief effort: The deputy secretary of defense wants to quickly hand over the task to tsunami-hit countries

Tourist divers help clean up Thai resort of Phuket

Honour tsunami dead with commitment to future: Australian Official

Nine women claim baby brought to Sri Lankan hospital is theirs

Many give up search for tsunami missing

Don't Try to Convert Us, Indonesian Muslim Leader Warns Christian Groups

Aceh village cut off from aid

Threat of tsunami disease fades

Jakarta denies foreign troop curb - Indonesian military commander voices caution over Aceh peace talks

1883 Tsunami May Have Swallowed Ancient Indian Town

Torture Is Official Bush Administration Policy?

US 'should not rule out torture': Homeland Security Chief backs torture if it means major loss of life can be averted

More Bizarre Psychological Torture Testing: So Scientists Can Figure Out How To Make Torture More Effective, Especially Against Fundamental Christians

Hitler wanted Pope Pius kidnapped- Catholic Paper

Prince Harry News

Prince Harry considering invitations to visit Auschwitz

Harry's 'racist and bigoted' mindset must be curbed, Charles told: Must act urgently to separate his sons from a "social scene that thinks racism and bigotry quite funny"

Out of touch, out of control: How Harry's joke backfired on royalty

Terrorism will not stop: Intelligence agencies warn Iraq War could be training ground for new terrorists

Massachusetts Presbyterian church's 'pro-terrorism' speakers protested: Hosting a program presented by the International Solidarity Movement, which supports "armed struggle" and has advocated destruction of Israel

New Attack On Fundamental Christianity: UK Science Center to Probe Mysteries of the Mind - "Can there be a predisposition for fundamentalism? Do the faithful cope more easily with pain?"


New World Order Leader John Templeton Foundation Funding This Pain and Torture Clinic

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi guards, aid worker killed: Five Iraqi soldiers and a policeman were shot dead on Saturday

U.S. Marine killed south of Baghdad

Iraqi security forces fear being unmasked: Soldiers, National Guardsmen hide their faces to avoid threats, ward off retaliation

15 Iraqi guardsmen feared kidnapped after insurgents attack military bus

Illinois town burdened by unit's losses: Guard team has lost 5 members to death; two dozen more were seriously hurt in Iraq

Methods to secure Iraq vote reviewed: Officials consider a three-day ban on driving to defuse car bombings

Allawi in Battle to Keep Iraq Leadership

Iraq voting day security plan unveiled: 18 bodies discovered

Insurgent activity cripples Iraqi infrastructure

Heart of Old Baghdad Finally Giving Out: The charm of old Baghdad is finally gone

Iraqi militant group Ansar Islam posting denies killing of Iraqi cleric

Abu Ghraib abuse firms are rewarded: As prison ringleader awaits sentence, defence contractors win multi-million Pentagon contracts

US soldier convicted of Abu Ghraib abuses claims he was following orders

Soldier found guilty of abuse at Abu Ghraib: Military jury rejects Graner's defense that he was just following orders

Bush Says Voters Ratified Iraq Policy

Accountable, not held to account: Bush's failure to find WMD proves that, in politics, getting caught on the wrong side of reality need not be fatal for a career

U.S. soldier convicted of murder in 'mercy killing' of wounded Iraqi teen

Babylon Wrecked by War: US-Led Forces Leave a Trail of Destruction and Contamination in Architectural Site of World Importance

US Losses - Photos Hidden By US News Media

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. mulls losing oil supplies from Venezuela: President Chávez seeks to move more crude to China, other nations

UN takes samples from Iranian nuclear complex

Egypt sees Syria-Israel peace harder with Sharon

U.S. Military Frees Dozens of Prisoners in Afghanistan

Colombia refuses to apologise over Venezuelan kidnap controversy

Experts warn of huge tremor in Nepal

A presidential party: Ohio merits front-row seat at inaugural

Bush faces many challenges in second term

Global Warming = Global Government To "Cure" Problem

Is global warming to blame for changes in climate?

Bear facts point to global warming in arctic: Mild winter sets record for higher than normal temperatures, and leaves nature confused

U.S. faces global warming lawsuit: From Green lobbyists and several U.S. cities

Enough of this 'global warming' hysteria

Amazon jungle soil may not be so barren after all: Archaeologists find evidence of incredibly fertile farms - Environmentalists are wrong again!

Moral Collapse

Pentagon planned love bomb: Examined possibility of developing an aphrodisiac bomb that would cause enemy troops to find one another sexually irresistible -- Confirming story

Fans and sightseers flock to Jackson child molestation trial

Parent Upset Over Massachusetts School's Pink Triangle Program

Paraplegic improving after stem-cell implant

Preparations for Putin's visit to Japan to be accelerated

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang cites US double standard

U.S. Legislators Plan to Visit Pyongyang Again in Several Months

Pyongyang Repeats Demand for U.S. Troop Withdrawal

South Korea's Roh sees nuclear talks when Bush team set

North Korea: U.S. a 'nuclear criminal'

Judge Rules: Schools Must Remove “Evolution is Theory” Textbook Stickers

Dead sheep found layed out in 'occult star': Pattern was similar to the shape of a 7-pointed star, or heptagram

The New York Times Finally Gets it Right










Saturday, January 15, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 15, 2005

Israeli - Palestinian War

Terrorist Attack at Karni crossing kills 6 Israelis

Sharon severs contact with Abbas until he reins in militants

Karni terrorist attack linked to PA: Sharon cuts ties with Abbas

Abbas sworn in as new PA leader

Newly Sworn-In Abbas Already Faces Crises

Bush invites Abbas to White House, pressures Israel to withdraw

Israeli Police "Cracking Down" on Disengagement Opponents

Three Palestinians killed during gunfire with IDF troops in Gaza City

46 top election officials resign over PA election irregularities

5 killed as Israeli goodwill exploited for terror

Earthquake - Tsunami Aftermath News

Giant Quake lifted the surface of the globe nearly an inch even half a world away

Water depths in Malacca Straits altered

The Next Asian Plague, Courtesy of the Environmentalists

Japanese Researchers Unveil World's Largest Earthquake Simulator

The Maldives: Rebuilding Islands Some Thought Would Become a Modern-Day Atlantis

US to expand tsunami warning system: Would detect Atlantic threat

World Health Officials Fear Millions May Be Traumatized by Tsunami

U.S. Eager to Hand Over Tsunami Commitment

9/11 Attacks News

People are Dying Because the White House and Giuliani Lied!

CNN Online Poll: 89% Believe There's Been a 9/11 Cover-up

C/Edge Archived Article: 50% Of All New York City Residents and 41% Of All New York State Residents Believe Government Officials Had Prior Knowledge Of The 9/11 Attacks But Took No Action

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site Video - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up -- DVD - VHS

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack - DVD - VHS

Is the U.S. Navy Overrated (5.1)? An Updated Knightsbridge University Working Paper

Anti-Bush Bracelets Say, 'Count Me Blue'

FBI Keeping Records on 257.5 million Pre-9/11 Travelers: Bureau is keeping 257.5 million records on people who flew on commercial airlines from June through September 2001 in its permanent investigative database

"Million Dollar Baby’s" Multi-Million Dollar Rip-Off: Promotes adult euthanasia!

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: Dr. Wolfensberger reveals that hospitals and nursing homes are RIGHT NOW practicing adult euthanasia!

Pakistan can grow fast: President Musharaf

US cool on North Korea overtures

Venezuela cuts Colombian ties over 'kidnapping'

SATAN SHEETS: Hotelier exorcises devil-worshipper Crowley's old bed

Has U.S. threatened to vaporize Mecca?

President Bush Commemorates Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha

Mad Cow Panic: Leading Canadian official wants older cows massacred

Deposed Chinese leader said to be in coma: Zhao Ziyang

New photos show Titan -- Satrun's moon -- has orange surface

Klamath River Salmon Protections Ruled Illegal: Federal Court Says Endangered Species Listing Of Klamath Coho Is Bogus -- From "Rescuing Liberty From the Grasp of Government"




Last of the Original "In Plane Site" Videos -- Now Reduced - DVD - VHS -- Quantities are limited

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Through Arms to Syria, Putin Challenges US Middle East Game Rules

US C-130 Gunship Brought Down By Missile

US forces brace for blood in Baghdad election day: US Commander

Insurgents Mount Deadly Attacks All Over Iraq

Fifteen Iraqi soldiers kidnapped by gunmen west of Baghdad: After they finished work Friday at the Al-Asad US military base

Bodies of four Iraqis found on roadside

3 Kurdish Party Officials Killed in Mosul on Friday

Iraq war is breeding a new generation of professional terrorists, warns CIA report

Iraqi election without Sunni participation to strengthen insurgents: Powell warns

End to search for WMD seals doubts about Bush's pre-emption doctrine

Cultural Vandalism: Damage wrought by the construction of an American military base in the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon

Abu Ghraib prison guard convicted of prisoner abuse

Abu Ghraib fallout continues: Pentagon and Bush administration officials are likely to see this as some vindication for their argument that what happened at Abu Ghraib was an aberration by rogue soldiers

Leaders in Congress killed plan to restrict torture interrogation methods: Lawmakers deleted the restrictions on extreme interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects

Aberdeen: Local draft board members needed -- Is US planning resumption of draft after all?

Inauguration Ceremonies - January 20

Ring of steel as Bush sworn in: Are Police State tactics going to implemented?

Be ready for metal detectors, personal body searches and the highest security in inauguration history: Parade performers will have security escorts to the bathroom, and they've been ordered not to look directly at President Bush or make any sudden movements while passing the reviewing stand

Inaugural wardrobe of first lady to dazzle: Feminine designs with classic lines and modern touches will dress her to impress

ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihood


Taiwan, China Agree to Temporary Lifting of Flight Ban

Murder hunt after German fashion designer found dead

First SARS vaccine trials a success

More Teens 'Hook Up': Petting below the waist, oral sex or intercourse" between two people who have no intentions of further communicating with each other beyond their one-time physical encounter

Illinois State House passes gay rights bill

Touchy subject of royal links with Nazi Germany

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Wanted: International biometric technology standards -- Homeland Security Chief Ridge

Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman? More sober and more deeply provocative than Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"

"British and Americans are chasing a phantom enemy"

C/Edge Archived Article: Now We See The Hideous, True Face of Homeland Security, The Patriot Act and All Its Supporting Laws

Al Qaeda threat looms over U.S., official warns

See terror sprouting tentacles all over the world

C/Edge Study of Terrorist Repeating News Headlines Since 9/11

Secret Service To Prohibit Cross Displays At Bush Inauguration

Beasts of Satan's killing spree has Italy transfixed

Pope to Satan: You're finished! Pontiff invokes the Apocalypse, discusses ultimate defeat of evil

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming': They have reached the disturbing conclusion that the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth's surface has been gradually falling


Friday, January 14, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israeli - Palestinian War

War News

6 Civilian Security Guards Dead, 5 Wounded in Multi-Pronged Terror Attack: Terrorists blew up a separation wall and ran through, shooting in all directions

6 Israeli security guards killed in attack at Karni crossing: Combined bombing and shooting attack

Israel closing all Gaza crossings in wake of terror attack

Other Terror Attacks Foiled

Cow sets off bomb along Israel-Lebanon border: Same area in which an Israel Defense Forces officer was killed earlier this week

Gaza contractor given military funeral: Killed by powerful roadside bomb in Gaza Wednesday

IDF: Abbas could do more against militants

Abbas election does not herald peace

Abbas dedicates election victory to ‘suicide’ bombers

Reality closes in on Palestinians: With expectations high and campaign promises many, the new Palestinian leader in fact has little room to move

Pollster: Palestinians may still not support ending intifada

Unilateral Disengagement News

'Nothing will stop disengagement': Internal Security Minister and Police Chief Insp.-General reiterate

IDF official: Pullout to expose 46 Negev towns to rocket fire

Editorial: The dogs bark but the caravan rolls on

Poll Reveals: Israelis favor disengagement, divided on referendum

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon yesterday held a special debate on enforcing the law during the Gaza pullout: Both IDF soldiers and evacuated citizens will be forced to obey the law

Ministers Discuss Repressing Opposition To Forced Evacuation

Israel Willing to Withdraw Forces From 8 PA Cities: To give Abu Mazen's Palestinian Authority security control over them

Shas Leader: We Won´t Join Gov´t in the Coming Weeks

Pilotless aircraft protects Sharon: To track possible threats when he travels

Israel to Demolish 3,000 Homes: In war-battered Rafah as the IDF digs a new security trench

WorldPride 2005 to Be Held in Jerusalem: Announcement by The International Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Pride Coordinators

Bookstore News

Megiddo II DVD is finally here!

DVD - Megiddo II -- The New Age: Foundation of the New World Order

DVD - Megiddo I and Megiddo II Combination Offer -- Save $5.00

Megiddo II Also Available in VHS - Combo Offer in VHS

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Hard liners want Bush to attack Syria

Venezuelan Archbishop Concerned About Concentration of Power Under Chavez but Says He Is Not Taking Sides

Venezuelan cops nabbed Colombian rebel

North Korea Ready to Resume Nuclear Talks, U.S. Lawmakers Say

Mark Thatcher Heads for London after Coup Plot Plea Deal: Pleaded guilty to his alleged role in a coup plot in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea

ETHIOPIA: Elections to be delayed in Somali Region

UN peacekeeping mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) said on Thursday that an Eritrean village had come under attack from armed men

Zimbabwean govt gets out the begging bowl: Production in the agricultural sector has plummeted by over 70% in the past five years as a direct result of the chaotic land reform programme

India bids $2 Billion for part of Russian oil giant Yukos – a jackpot victory over China or a bid to win Russian Roulette?

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman? More sober and more deeply provocative than Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"

"British and Americans are chasing a phantom enemy"

University of Washington proposes national bioterrorism lab

San Francisco: Emergency plan for terror attacks, quakes - Disaster Council OKs first phase of operations system

Researchers Develop New Tool To Detect Agents Of Bioterrorism

Iris Scan For JFK Passengers

Ridge to Speak on Terrorism Fight In London

A global gulag to hide the war on terror's dirty secrets: Bush is now thinking of building jails abroad to hold suspects for life

Bush gets terror war briefing







Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bush refuses to apologise for invading Iraq: White House halts quest for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, key reason for invading Iraq

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq: Two US marines and a soldier

3 Kurdish Party Officials Killed in Mosul Friday morning

Seven killed in car bomb north of Baghdad: Car was parked in front of a Shiite mosque and it exploded as the faithful were leaving evening prayers - 38 were wounded

Foreigners seized, bank robbed in Iraq

Assailants kidnap Turk, kill six Iraqis on Thursday: Turk reportedly ran a construction company working with Americans

Iraq election fears deepen as 2 Sistani aides killed: Were aides to Iraq's top Shi'ite leader Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani

US troops will begin leaving Iraq this year: Secretary of State Colin Powell

Hold the elections, then get out: Most of our partners in Iraq are preparing to leave. We should too

Iraqi President Says Polls Must Go Ahead as Scheduled

Analysis: No international observers at Iraq elections - Because of the security situation

The price of voting in Iraq's Mosul

Iraqi Election Official Estimates Half of Population Will Vote Jan. 30

Iraq election failure would be a victory for insurgents: Powell warns

Purging Sunnis from Iraq intelligence and security structures can start the Iraq’s civil war

Iraq detains Zarqawi follower over Baghdad blast

Iraq's power supply sinks to record low

US confirms it was informed of Iraqi oil trafficking: Major scheme to smuggle Iraqi oil outside UN constraints

Aberdeen, South Dakota: Local board members needed as Selective Service is on 'standby'

Abu Ghraib trial ends as 'torturer' refuses to testify

Bush under fire over human rights: Torture and degrading treatment of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantánamo Bay have undermined the credibility of the US

Special probe for Iraq abuse urged: Human Rights Watch has urged the US government to name a special prosecutor to investigate the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Embassies close in Indonesia's capital: Home to several foreign media organisations and near hotels frequented by Westerners

Jakarta does U-turn on foreign troops: Now welcomes the presence of foreign troops in the country helping tsunami relief efforts

US Abraham Lincoln carrier forced to withdraw from Indonesian waters: After Indonesia declined to let the ship's fighter pilots use its airspace for training missions

Natural Disasters Pose Greater Global Threat Than War and Terrorism: U.N. Humanitarian Chief

Bush: US Troops Making Difference in Tsunami Relief

Fear of the Dead, Not the Sea, Affects Post-Tsunami Rebuilding by Thailand's Moken Sea Gypsies

WHO: Tsunami Health Risks Remain

Earth's Crust Changing Fast Without Notice By Monitoring Systems: Probable reason US sub ran aground

Related Article: Water depths in Malacca Straits altered in the aftermath of the December 26 sub-sea earthquake

Inauguration News

WASHINGTON TODAY: Some Question Propriety of High Inaugural Costs

Atheist Asks Judge to Prevent Prayer at Bush Inauguration

Inaugural Weather by the Numbers

Presidential Oath-Taking Goes on Despite the Elements

Prince Harry's "Nazi Uniform" Flap

Clarence House Tries to End Prince Harry's 'Nazi' Controversy

World, and father, condemn prince's gaffe: Public fallout from Prince Harry's decision to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party spread around the world

Prince Harry rules out Auschwitz visit: To calm rage over wearing Nazi uniform

Father Charles Orders UK's Harry to Visit Auschwitz

Charles 'incandescent with rage'

Zapatero's peace talks fail to heal rift with Basques: Spanish prime minister, sought yesterday to resolve looming confrontation with Basque leaders

California Mudslide News

Officials Pessimistic About La Conchita: Search for victims of the La Conchita mudslide abruptly ended Thursday because of dangerous shifting ground - earth that buried the homes might never be moved, 400,000 tons of mud fell on the community and that another 1.3 million tons remained on the unstable hillside. A part of the massive mudslide shifted 6 feet early Thursday morning

Cities push for emergency declarations



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