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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Monday, January 31, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqis defy insurgents to vote

U.S. troops out of Iraq within next 18 months?

Bush Declares Iraq Election a Success


U.S. Hails Iraqi Vote; Rice Says Tough Days Ahead

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq

Inspector General Quarterly Report Cites Sharp Increase in U.S. Civilian Employee Deaths in Iraq

Iraq-The Cost-Multimedia


The Russians Are Coming
The FBI is concerned about Moscow's growing number of spies. What secrets are they looking for?

Getting to the US is getting easier-India

This WEEK in the European Union

U.S. Is Close to Eliminating AIDS in Infants, Officials Say

Time with the president:Boston Herald hears Bush plans at sitdown

Heaviest Snowfall Ever Hits Moscow

Gay Marriage for Fun and Convenience-Russia

Strong earthquake strikes off Western Greece, no casualties

Heavy snow causes havoc in Romania

Army mobilised to free snow-bound Italians as transport minister under fire

German farmers championing 'flower power' for cleaner energy

Global warming: Grim news expected from scientists' council of war

Fires prompt Spain to place 30-year ban on forestry cultivation


Sunday, January 30, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqis begin voting despite attacks

Iraq facing threat of bloodbath

U.S. Embassy Attacked on Eve of Iraq Vote

Suicide Bomber Kills Eight

Iraqi official sees big turnout

Terrified Iraqi Candidates Court Voters Via TVs

Voting Booths-Editorial Cartoon

Success in Iraq Election May Not Be Immediately Clear An AP News Analysis

Ballots, bombs in Iraq

Why insurgents may be the winners

Iraq 'will not be Shia-run state'

Scuffles Break Out at Australia Polling Station as Iraqis Abroad Line Up for a Second Day of Voting


Yushchenko to 'tackle corruption'

Chinese economy reaching out to rest of world: Huang Ju

It's time to bin (put away) the past

Freed Briton reveals horrors of life inside Guantanamo Bay

Women told, 'Work in brothel, or else'-German law forces out-of-work females to take sex jobs or lose nemployment

Bill Gates, World's Richest Man, Bets Against Dollar

Sickening Solar Flares Pose Threat to Astronauts

Man Sentenced for Releasing Computer Worm-USA

Scientists Work on Software to Scan Arabic

Putin Expresses His Shame for Russia

A Foreign Investor Pitches for Russia at Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum

Dept.of Agriculture temporarily bans live cattle, beef from Canada

Southern California Train Crash Survivor ?s Family and Privacy: A note in blood breaks hearts and launches a search for the author. He has nothing more to say.


Global Warming Could Kill off Polar Bears, Seals Conservation Group Says

China promotes development of Sino-US armies' relationship

Spherical robot provides rolling security cover

New research shows Turin Shroud is no medieval fake

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hezbollah threatens to kidnap IDF troops

OPEC signals that $50-a-barrel oil prices are not excessive

Rocket, Mortar Shelling As Mofaz Meets Gaza 'Strongman'

Huge ´Democracy´ Rally Sunday Against Disengagement

FM Shalom: 'Referendum or Civil War'

Comic News From the Knesset

Abbas and Sharon to Hold First Summit

Israel, Palestinians Try to Bridge Widely Differing Expectations for Upcoming Summit

Hope that this time, it's different-Palestinians and Israelis weary of violence, now dare to be optimistic

Israeli and Palestinian tourism officials seek meeting with Pope


Earthquake - Tsunami News

Tsunami aftermath unites Indonesian foes

Thailand raises number of tsunami orphans to over 700

Post-tsunami progress fraught with pain

Indonesia Seismology Center Underfunded

Asian nations debate Tsunami warning system

French Artist Joins Relief Effort, Documenting Tragedy With His Sketch Pad XSP116

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bird flu claims 11th Vietnamese victim

No relief for Sudan's agony as UN quibbles over the case for genocide

Watchdog urges patience over Iran

AP Interview: Iranian Foreign Minister Suggests Turning to Europeans for Help in Repairing Ties

Riot by Tribesmen in Sudan Leaves 14 Dead

Activists Urge Free Open-Source Software-Brazil

Pakistan to go ahead with pipeline with or without India



Saturday, January 29, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Talk simmers in Congress of plans for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq-Edward Kennedy on Thursday became the first senator to say "we must begin" withdrawal -- but Republicans, too, expect the discussion to increase as an Iraqi government takes shape and Congress considers more billions of dollars for the war.

Bush willing to exit Iraq

Shias hold future in their hands

Iraqi Expatriates Begin Voting in U.S.

Iraq Sets Dusk-To-Dawn Curfew Before Vote

A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths

U.S. Army Helicopter Crashes in Baghdad-An Army helicopter crashed in southwest Baghdad on Friday night, and the fate of the crew was not immediately known.

Defense minister worried French insurgents in Iraq could strike terror at home

U.S. Senator Biden Hints at War in Warning to Iran

NSW-Australia police to help monitor Habib--Labor 'would never endorse torture'-NEW Opposition Leader Kim Beazley today weighed in on the scandal surrounding Mamdouh Habib with a thinly veiled slight at the Government.

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News


Mbeki, leaders urge rich states to help Africans

Nasdaq to encourage listings by SA companies

U.N. says almost 100 people were killed and wounded in Sudanese arial bombardment in Darfur

Rebel's capture in Venezuela divides South American neighbors


Israeli - Palestinian War

Mofaz, Dahlan to meet Saturday over redeployment

Hamas wins overwhelming victory in Gaza vote

Israel works to get Hezbollah on EU's list of terror groups

JNF, treasury seek formula for continued Jews-only land sales

Palestinian police complete Gaza deployment

Israel army chief: Halt operations where Palestinian troops are deployed

PA Cabinet secretary: Sharon- Abbas summit next month

Anti-tank missile fired at IDF troops in Gaza

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Thailand pushes proposal to host tsunami warning center

Sri Lanka's 'Baby 81' to go home

Tsunami relief inadequate in areas

Thailand moves tsunami corpses

An Aceh man's search for his family

In tsunami-hit Sri Lanka, pets get disaster relief too


Buffett profit no close shave. Billionaire investor sees longstanding bet on Gillette pay off; one-day gain tops $645M.-NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Legendary investor Warren Buffett had nothing but praise Friday for Procter & Gamble Co.'s $57 billion deal to buy Gillette, which helped him make about $645 million -- in one day.

Wanted Serbian General surrenders -Vladimir Lazarevichas surrendered and will go to the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague next week to face charges.

Europeans 'ignorant' of EU treaty

Nepal shuts down Tibetan offices

Pakistan arrests Taleban suspects

Smart cards for school buses-NSW, Australia

Rand seen weakening in medium term

Anglican archbishops say apology from U.S. Episcopals not enough.(Kenya)

Mandela backs global anti-poverty campaign

American economy slows as trade gap continues to widen

Soon to be Ex U.S. Home Land Security Security chief Tom Ridge says: 'Another attack on US inevitable'

Boost U.S. war survivor benefits-public criticism increases about the paltry $12,420 paid to the children and spouses of those who serve their country and make the ultimate sacrifice.


Friday, January 28, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

US Copter Downed By Surface-To-Air Missile - Witnesses

Iraq PM's secretary executed on video and 19 others killed

More dead in raging Iraq violence

Pre-poll attacks kill 19 Iraqis

Hawaiian Military Town Copes With News That 27 of Its Soldiers Won't Be Coming Home: Kaneohe servicemen were among the 31 killed when their helicopter went down

US Will Be Responsible for Unrest in Kirkuk: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogam warns

The devastation of Iraq: Almost too great to describe

More UK troops being sent to Iraq

Key Events Since the U.S.-Led Invasion of Iraq

Iraqi Official Says Two Zarqawi Associates Arrested

Election News

Bush's Stake Is Huge in Iraqi Elections

US teeters on explosive line in the sand: Will likely get a government it likes - Goal is a collection of pacific but independent Muslim states in the Middle East

Bush Says Iraqi Leaders Will Want U.S. Forces to Stay to Help: But he says he will withdraw if new government asks him to

Sem Ted Kennedy calls on US to begin troop pullout

Iraq: This election is a sham

Another Iraqi cul-de-sac: This Sunday's elections will likely be a cure worse than the disease

Insurgents Launch Attacks in at Least Seven Provinces, Killing a Dozen People: Attacking polling places

Even in Baghdad, election security is unsure

Voting for Iraqis Will Require Courage: US Official

Vote Tally May Take Awhile in Iraq

Nearly 26,000 Iraqis Expected to Vote at Five U.S. Sites

U.S., Iraqi Forces Securing Voting Sites

Pre-Election Gun Boom in Baghdad

Election wreckers up against Scots Guards: Troops are vowing to use overwhelming force to smash any attempts to disrupt Sunday’s elections in Iraq

Iraq violence may continue after polls: Rumsfeld warns

US accused of using sex to break Guantanamo prisoners

US Captors' 'Systematic Torture'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Thousands march for peace: In Porto Alegre, Brazil, to mark the start of the fifth World Social Forum

Rebel's Capture in Venezuela Divides South American Neighbors: Aggravates Tensions Between Chavez and U.S.

Blair Pledges 'Quantum Leap' on African Poverty

World Social Forum gets under way: "Another world is possible."

Death penalty for Kenyan man who ate wife's heart

Bush Attends Ceremonial Swearing-in for His New Secretary of State: Rice is 66th Secretrary of State

Change in One Policy at Wal-Mart (Nation's Largest Employer) Expands to Include Workers' Same-Sex Partners

Towns not always spending homeland security money on security

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Sharon: Conditions ripe for historic breakthrough

Editorial: Stop Shooting

Israeli sources: Targeted killings to stop

DM Mofaz: Wanted terrorists not captured before withdrawal can join PA security force in city

Terrorist ceasefire is ticking bomb -- FM Shalom warns

Unilateral withdrawal is irresponsible: Will only encourage future terrorist attacks

Sharon Advisor Admits: No peace in our time

Landslide Election Win For Hamas in Gaza

Palestinian prime minister Qorei slams Israel’s resumption of barrier work

Palestinian Authority bans Palestinians from carrying "unlicensed" weapons

Palestinian Police Deploy in Central, Southern Gaza to Stop Militant Attacks

Israeli Attorney General Mazuz: Sell land to Israeli-Arabs

Settlers Plant Trees to Symbolize They Are 'Rooted' in Gaza Strip

Egypt's Mubarak phones Sharon, praises positive atmosphere

Sharon to Pardon PA Official Who Planned School Bus Bombing

US Secretary of State Rice to visit region next week

Israel works to get Hezbollah on EU's list of terror groups

`IDF doctor used body of Palestinian for lesson in anatomy' : IDF was unaware of incident and will investigate

Candles flicker in the falling snow at Auschwitz

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Another 5.6 Richter earthquake in Tsunami hit Nicobar Island – Something strange happening in the tectonic plates

Tsunami Survivor Was Only Man Left Alive on Tiny Island

Oxfam Aid Agency questions tsunami aid work

Indonesian Army Is Hampering Aceh Relief Effort: Aid Group Says

Sri Lanka denies using tsunami aid to buy weapons

Volcano spews ash again: TAVURVUR volcano in Papua New Guinea

'History Is Calling Us,' Rice Says

Russia's Putin to Jerusalem 'Post': Syrian Missile deal still possible

Russian bear makes Israel jittery

Bush's backpedal on marriage irks right

World Sends Its Leaders to World Economic Forum In Switzerland: Bush Sends Labor Secretary

Man who accused defrocked priest of sexual abuse breaks down: Priest Paul R. Shanley accused of raping witness when he was a boy

New Hampshire Bill would eliminate hate crime Laws: Claiming the state is punishing people for unpopular beliefs

Bush advisers OK Social Security plan: Would structure personal, private accounts

Explosive situation in Xinjiang: China deeply worried about spread of violent, radical Islam


Thursday, January 27, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

Bloodiest day for US as violence grows: Helicopter crash kills 31 Americans - Bush pledges to stay despite setbacks

Six Iraqis, One Marine Killed in Pre-Election Violence: Insurgents Blow Up School

Six American soldiers killed in Baghdad in past hours: 11 Iraqi policement also killed in multiple explosions

US soldiers raid Baghdad mosque: Violating its sanctity and arresting 25 Iraqis

Improvised Bombs Baffle Army

This Pollyanna Army: Bush will not admit that his troops are too exhausted to sustain his vengeful global missions

Turkish army warns Iraqi Kurds, US over Kirkuk

Rumsfeld warns Iraq violence may worsen

British Liberal Democrat Leader Charles Kennedy calls for Iraq exit plans

Election News

Iraqi Poll’s Winners and Losers - According to US Forecast -- Interim PM Allawi's party may only get 8% of the vote!

C/Edge Analysis: Is Someone In The Iraqi Interim Government Getting Ready To Flee?

Arab press pessimism over Iraq elections: Elections will be rigged and will give Bush legitimacy for invasion

In US, patience over Iraq thins: Iraq election Sunday may sharply impact US opinion on the war

Kurds Campaigning for Iraq Elections Go Into High Speed

US military too eager to help Iraqis vote: UN warns

Reporter watches optimism dry up as occupation turns Iraqis against U.S.

Arab Media Give Iraqi Election Center Stage

Tribalism, ethnicity, religion dominate Iraqi election

Grand Ayatollah Is Key Figure in Iraq Vote

Bush urges Iraqis to defy rebels: Vote in Sunday's election

Government announces new curfew in Iraq

Iraq's female candidates raise voices before vote

Rice takes over as top diplomat: Wins confirmation after heated debate on war, terror

Bush, black leaders try for a fresh start

10 Die, 180 Hurt After Train Hits SUV: Suicidal man parked his SUV on the railroad tracks

Murder Charge Planned: Owner of SUV was "contemplating" suicide but jumped to safety

SUV owner had a history of drugs, paranoia & threats

Gunman Kills Fellow Worker, Wounds Two Others at Ohio Jeep Plant, Then Kills Self

Kuwaiti 'slit daughter's throat': Father believed she was having sex

Mohammed's Monsters - Book

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Prostitute used in Habib torture: Lawyer for Muslim prisoner Habib held at Guantanamo Bay

US Captors' Suffered 'Systematic Torture'

Sacramento Fire chief vows to restore agency's reputation: Four firefighters - three men and a woman - had engaged in group sex in their Hollywood Park station house

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Global poverty targeted as 100,000 gather in Brazil: Activists join presidents as annual World Social Forum gets under way in Porto Alegre

30 Hooded men kill 6 members of Peruvian family

Fears of violence grow in Ecuador political disputes

U.S. behind Colombia rebel arrest: Venezuela’s Chavez charges

U.S. Says It's `Concerned' About Venezuela-Colombia Dispute

U.S.-Venezuela relationship reaches a low

Chavez election foe accused of treason with U.S. aid

Nicaraguans seize SA-7 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile during sting: Raises fears of terrorists getting supply

US drops Afghanistan opium spraying plans

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 22, 2005

Vietnamese Bird Flu Survivor Recalls Horror of Infection

New Cutting Edge Articles

President Bush Points His Second Administration To The Masonic Beginnings of America -- "New Order of the Ages" = New World Order

President Bush "Faces The Obelisk" Once Again As He Takes The Oath of Office To Begin His Second Term!

Driver's Licenses As National ID?

Handheld DNA Scanners to ID Species Instantly?

Officials Rethinking Public Terror Alerts

NASA Tracks Three Space Bursts: Says Stellar Explosions Imminent

New crisis front for Bush: The dollar

Terrorism News

Security Integration Scores At Super Bowl

US to tighten nuclear power plant cyber security

Terrorism Practice focuses on hazardous materials: Del Rio and Val Verde County’s first responders

Senator Says Homeland Security Dept. Won't Get Budget Increase

UK, Britain Announces Sweeping New Anti-Terrorism Powers

Blair defends house arrest plan: Defending proposals to allow UK terror suspects to be placed under house arrest by ministers without their cases going to court

Nuclear Incident in Montana: The Cork is Off the Bottle


Russia-Iran-Syria Axis?

Syria-Russia Relationship Carries Strategic Importance for Both Nations

Bush Gives Warning To Syria, Iran

Israel Warns of Nuke Development in Iran and Syria

C/Edge Analysis: Russian Checkmate In The Middle East? -- An American attack on either Syria or Iran means an attack on Russia

Iran vows 'astonishing' response to any U.S., Israeli attack

Israel refuses to rule out attack on Iran

US Tops List for Threatening World Peace: Iran's President Khatami declares

Malaysia opposes military intervention in Iran

US backs diplomacy over action against Iran: British Foreign Secretary Straw

Iran denies talks with EU at impasse

Global Warming = Global Government

Global warming is 'twice as bad as previously thought'

C/Edge Archives: "Day After Tomorrow" Movie Seems Designed To Build Support For The Global Warming "Kyoto Accords"

U.N. "Sustainable Development" Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video

Blair champions G8 drive against climate change, poverty

Computer calculation forecasts tropical climate in UK

Time running out for Earth: GLOBAL warming could reach "the point of no return" in as little as ten years

U.S. must heed international concerns: British prime minister says United States must work on issues such as global warming

Oil firms fund campaign to deny climate change

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Satellite Global Disaster Alert System Planned

Indonesia buries over 100,000 tsunami victims

Tsunami death toll nears 300,000

The Tsunami Disaster in Statistics

Making Money off the Tsunami, From the Black Market to the Multinational

NY radio station apologizes over tsunami slur: Used racial slurs to describe people swept away in the disaster, made jokes about child slavery and people watching their mothers die

Tsunami song sinks hip-hop Hot-97 show: Miss Jones' Show yanked off air

Travel firm's poor-taste ad yanked: E-mail offering "Special Tsunami Fares" on Singapore Airlines - complete with a picture of people fleeing a giant wave

Mt. Helens hiccups, scientists watch

Dramatic Helens video shows growing dome

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel disbands ultra-orthodox army units: Move to prevent mutinies over Gaza withdrawal

Sharon Gambles on Abbas by Capitulating to Hamas’ Terms: Sharon-Peres government is capitulating to the Islamist terrorist group dedicated to the Jewish state’s destruction

Israelis, Palestinians plan leaders' summit - Abbas: We await Israeli response to cease-fire offer

Israeli Sources: Targeted killings to stop

Palestinian Official: Police Deployment in Southern Gaza Set for Thursday Has Been Postponed

"Ceasefire" Marred by Kassam Rocket Attack

Momentum gains for Israeli peace deal

Sharon advisor: No peace in our time

Israel warned over impending health disaster in Gaza

Palestinian Gazans go to the polls in first-ever municipal elections

Double Terror Attack Thwarted

Syria calls for the resumption of peace negotiations: Israel sets conditions

To know that God's hand is on you

Release of official report on '73 war looks unlikely

World Remembers Hitler's Holocaust

For survivors, Auschwitz ceremony `closes a circle'

World marks Auschwitz liberation: More than a million people, the vast majority of them Jews, were murdered in the Auschwitz "death factory"

Israeli PM Sharon Rebukes World For Allowing Holocaust

"You must give some meaning to my condemned existence": Diary of Auschwitz victim

World 'must learn from Holocaust': UN's Annan says such murder can never be repeated

What is the legacy of the Holocaust?

Boston's 1-month snowfall a 113-year high

70-year-old New York City cabbie found dead
after snow melts

India weary about using earth’s atmosphere for military purpose especially HAARP and their impacts in South Asia

Flu pandemic feared more than terror attack: Officials prepare for worst-case pandemic

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

Focus on our magnetic planet

French President Chirac proposes international tax to fight AIDS

Bush Promotes Computerized Medical Records

US to slap tourists with RFID

London's Nightmare on the Tube: More than 100,000 subway commuters were left stranded today as one of the busiest lines was plunged into chaos


Wednesday, January 26, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

31 Killed in Marine Chopper Crash in Iraq: No survivors cause was not immediately known, bad weather at the time -- 4 other US soldiers dead from other action

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 22, 2005!

60th Anniversary of Holocaust - Commemoration

These "Dry Bones" Live! Full text of Shalom's address to 60th Anniversay Commemoration of Holocaust

These Bones Shall Live! -- Video by Elwood McQuaid

Valley of Dry Bones Prophecy -- God Accurately Describes How He Will Bring Israel Back As A Nation - Audio Tape

Israeli PM Sharon: World Didn't Lift a Finger to Stop the Holocaust

FBI Rules Out Boston Terror Threat

C/Edge Archives: Study of Repeating and Bogus Headlines Since 9/11

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Decides to Resume Diplomatic Contacts, Halt Targeted Killings of Palestinian Militants

Senior Sharon aide Weisglass and senior PA officials meet

PA security to deploy in south Gaza

Gaza settlements slated for forced evacuation keep growing

Residents: "Terror Attempts in Gaza Continue"

IDF asks Attorney General to okay wider Philadelphi route

IDF plans electronic fence on Egyptian border

Israel must 'pay' for calm, say Hamas, Islamic Jihad

'Kill a Jew -- Go to Heaven': Palestinian Media propaganda

PA rejects charge of inciting genocide

Chairman Abbas okays Hamas role in Palestinian leadership: Terrorist organization now part of PA government

Abbas to visit Russia Sunday

Israeli Knesset set to approve collection of gas masks

Separating `J'lem' from the `West Bank'

Investigators have questioned Annan over oil-for-food scandal: Met with Paul Volcker, Former Federal Reserve Chairman

CEOs, Politicians Gather in Switzerland for World Economic Forum

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US backs diplomacy over action against Iran: British Foreign Secretary Straw

Russia criticises US threats against Syria

Syria, Russia to restore Soviet-era ties

UK tops Gates gift with £1bn donation: For vaccines to protect children in poor countries from disease

Kuwait Says OPEC Should Keep Oil Output Unchanged

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA to renegotiate some contracts with private foreign operators: US oil firms seem targeted

In Venezuela, clouds are forming over oil

U.S. behind Colombia rebel arrest: Venezuela’s Chavez charges

Columbian President Uribe stops talk of Venezuela dispute: Columbian official paid bounty hunters to snatch a wanted guerrilla off the streets of Caracas.

Colombian Rebel Thought He Would Be Killed

Police: Search continues for kidnapped mother of Venezuelan pitcher Ugueth Urbina

Group Fights Proposal to Allow Men in Women's Bathrooms: California proposed law, "transsexuals "shall have full and equal enjoyment of....dressing and bathroom facilities, consistent with the person's gender identity"



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Marine Helicopter Crashes in Western Iraq

Car Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Convoy on Baghdad Airport Road

6 US Troops Die: Hostage pleads for life

British PM Blair: Coalition to Study Timetable for Handing Security to Iraqi Forces After Election

PM Allawi warning on coalition exit: Talk of coalition troops withdrawing from his country on any set date was "futile and dangerous"

Confidence in Iraq's Future Slips: Even Among Some of Bush's Bedrock Supporters

Is Someone In The Iraqi Interim Government Getting Ready To Flee To Safety?

U.S. troops find Baghdad arms caches

Video plea by US man kidnapped in Iraq

UK troops on alert for suicide attacks in southern Iraq

Election News

Grand Ayatollah Is Key Figure in Iraq Vote

Zarqawi supporters attack over 12 polling centres

The Security Question: Will violence delay the elections?

Arab League proclaims Sunni boycott devalues Iraq polls

Parties waging "polite" battle for Najaf

US Military Works with Iraqis to Secure Election

Bush, Allawi discuss upcoming Iraq vote on telephone

January 30 Iraqi elections facts

Less Than a Quarter of Iraqi Expatriates Register to Vote

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal News

Isolation, breakdowns and mysterious injections: Was repeatedly injected with an unknown substance by his US captors

British Major in Iraqi prisoner abuse case destroyed his records: Major denied that he destroyed the notebooks because they "proved he was not telling the truth"

US Army papers show failure to probe abuse

New Cutting Edge Articles

President Bush Points His Second Administration To The Masonic Beginnings of America -- "New Order of the Ages" = New World Order

President Bush "Faces The Obelisk" Once Again As He Takes The Oath of Office To Begin His Second Term!


Tuesday, January 25, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Articles

Is Someone In The Iraqi Interim Government Getting Ready To Flee To Safety?

President Bush Points His Second Administration To The Masonic Beginnings of America -- "New Order of the Ages" = New World Order

President Bush "Faces The Obelisk" Once Again As He Takes The Oath of Office To Begin His Second Term!

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Election News

American Forces Deploy by Land, Water and Air in Protect-the-Vote Mission

Just one more step on Iraq's long path: Election is like rearranging the Titanic deckchairs

UN envoy holds intensive meetings with Iraqi leaders in run-up to elections

In Al-Zarqawi's Hometown, Iraqi Exiles Hesitate to Register to Vote

Threat of election violence empties streets of Baghdad

Cleric's picks likely to win: Al-Sistani's ticket probably will have to seek partners, denies religious state is goal

Iraq captures 'top Zarqawi ally'

Afghan President urges Iraqis to vote

Sunni turnout called critical in Iraq vote

Rumors help keep U.S. Iraqis from polls

War News

Senior Iraqi judge and his bodyguard assassinated in Baghdad

Killings in Mosul have taken a huge toll: Bodies turn up at night, hundreds of police, national guardsmen and contractors, interpreters

11 Iraqi Policemen Killed in Baghdad Clashes

Iraqi forces now 'committing abuse': Human Rights Watch

US to keep 120,000 troops in Iraq

Ft. Carson unit armors up for Iraq duty

U.S. soldier shot dead on patrol in Mosul

Five U.S. Soldiers Die in Vehicle Accident in Iraq

Baghdad embassy shooting investigation under way

Bush Wants $80 Billion More for Iraq, Afghan Wars as New Deficit Forecast Is Released

Iraqi lawyer representing Saddam Hussein has reportedly gone into hiding

British Major treated troops like sacrificial lambs: Testimony in torture, sexual humiliation trial

Israeli - Palestinian War

Disengagement: Torah institutions in Gaza largely uncompensated

Religious-only hesder units to be dismantled by March

Likud Party aims to expel Feiglin for urging IDF soldiers to refuse orders to expel Jewish citizens

Israel Wants Only “Interim” Peace: Truce Imminent

Sharon wanted IDF to shell Gaza towns to stop rocket fire

Government and IDF officials conceal ongoing attacks on Gaza settlements: In order to perpetuate "quiet in Gaza" propaganda

Bibi: ´Israel Must Reject Terrorists' Cease-Fire Demands

US envoy in Mid-East peace talks: William Burns, Assistant Secretary of State

Palestinians raze illegal buildings in Gaza

Kinneret Sea Climbing: Heavy weekend rains around the country have contributed an additional four centimeters (1.6 inches)

IDF reviving psychological warfare unit

Earthquake - Tsunami News

NY radio station apologizes over tsunami slur: Used racial slurs to describe people swept away in the disaster, made jokes about child slavery and people watching their mothers die

Human Traffickers Prey on Tsunami's Most Vulnerable Victims

Tsunami death toll continues sickening rise with more than 280,000 people now presumed dead: Bodies continue to be recovered

UN sees drop in Indonesia aid camps: Most people moving in with relatives and a few returning to their villages

Powerful 6.5 tremor triggers panic in Indonesia

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Mass Suicide protest at Camp Delta in 2003

British Guantánamo prisoners return home today

Guantanamo Prisoners To Sue US For 30 Million Pounds

US plans permanent Guantanamo jails: Preparing to hold terrorism suspects indefinitely without trial

Terri Schiavo's Law Rejected at Supreme Court, Few Options Remain

HBO's chilling 'Dirty War' dramatizes attack in London

C/Edge Archives: Debunking The Myth That Terrorists Really Could Detonate Nuclear Device In One of Our Cities

Eurotunnel struggles to compete with no-frills airlines

Ukraine's Yushchenko seeks EU breakthrough

Ashcroft Bids Farewell to Justice Dept

AARP poll shows skepticism over Bush's plan for personal accounts

Consumer advocates urge pulling 2 drugs off market

Boston's Big Dig Mess

Paving over the Ted Tunnel mess

Big Dig firms knowingly hid million$ in gaffes

The Biggest of the blunders

Central banks 'shunning dollar'


CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 22, 2005

Using Economics To Advance Global World

Microfinance is now more than microcredit in developing countries: World Bank - Providing credit cards, setting up saving programmes that identify illiterate clients by a fingerprint and having audited financial standards

New Book To Help You Understand: Confessions of An Economic Hit Man: How US Global Companies Are Brutally Using Loan Contracts To Advance Cause of Global Government and Economy

UN labour agency hails role of microcredit in creating jobs, slashing poverty

Loans seen as no solution for Haiti's poorest: Some specialists say microfinance is limited

Former Minister Byers: Wealthy G8 should spearhead climate control in order to put pressure on America

G7 has unified vision of world economy

Non-Integrating State - Iran

Syrian Missile Sale Plugs into Secret Russian Air Defense System for Iran: Moscow has completed installation of two advanced radar systems around the Bushehr nuclear reactor, and is constructing same system to protect uranium enrichment plant

Syria's Assad to push for greater Russian role in Mideast

World must mobilise against Iran N-threat: Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Peres

Iran rules out US talks as Israel warns on N-plan

Should the US bomb Iran?

Iran nuke program nearly self-sufficient: Will reach the "point of no return" by the end of the year

Iran to produce "yellow cake" at conversion facilities in Bandar Abbas, in southern Iran

US "Non-Integrating" Action Picks Up

New Pentagon spy agency operating secretly in Iraq, Afghanistan: Focus is on "Non-Integrating" Nations! -- More News on Agency

US action may be in Venezuela with a start of Venezuela-Colombia war: If Venezuela can be provoked into attacking Colombia, all hell will break lose

Pentagon dispatches spy units into battle: Military expanding intelligence capacity in wake of 9/11 report

Pentagon Says Uproar Over Secret Spy Group Is Based on Bad Information

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bill Gates gives $750m to fight deadly childhood diseases in poorest nations in the world

'One hundred' arrests in Guinea: After last week's apparent attempt to assassinate President Lansana Conte

President Karzai urges Afghans to quit trading opium -- Opium cultivation reaches record high

Tanzanian Al-Qaida Suspect on FBI Most-Wanted List Handed to U.S. Months Ago: Pakistani Officials

India, Bhutan sign landmark accord on rail link

China, India begin strategic dialogue

Riots rock India's Andhra Pradesh state

UN envoy in Burundi deplores killing of provincial governor

Preparations continue for UN peacekeeping deployment in southern Sudan

UN-backed polio campaign in Sudan called 'exceptionally successful'

Senate Begins Democrat-Controlled Debate on Rice Nomination

Coolant Leak at Michigan's Fermi II Nuclear Power Plant -- Facility shut down -- no signs of any release of radiation

Militant Imams Under Scrutiny Across Europe

Commemorating The Holocaust

After 60 years, Auschwitz remains emblem of evil

General Assembly marks 60th anniversary of liberation of Nazi death camps

Annan tells historic UN session: Act against new anti-Semitism

U.N. commemorates death camp liberation

Diaspora Affairs Minister Sharansky: Palestinian Authority promotes genocide

Blood libel against Jews makes comeback in Russia

Police State News

High court oks use of drug dogs in all traffic stops: Justices broaden police search authority

The American State vs The People : The Rise of the American Police State -- Book

Police State 2 Video: "The Takeover"

Israel Teaching Rescue Methods To Americans: Learning how to handle terrorist attacks

Freakish Weather

15 killed as blizzard lashes US

Carbon monoxide adds peril to storm: Blocked tailpipes, vents take a toll

Cape Cod still reeling as region digs out

India weary about using earth’s atmosphere for military purpose especially HAARP and their impacts in South Asia: "Currently, there are dozens of nations operating more than 100 weather modification projects, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions all over the world"

Weather Control/Weather Warfare: Collection of articles, expert testimony verifying validity of weather control capabilities

48th Bilderberg meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium, 1-3 June 2000: List of Participants may surprise you

Katie Couric primetime special: "The 411: Teens & Sex” -- Growing up in a culture drowning in provocative images

"Safe sex" is so nineties

NBC News and PEOPLE Magazine Commision National Poll on Teen Sex



Monday, January 24, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 22, 2005

"Non-Integrating" States Action Picks Up

New Pentagon spy agency operating secretly in Iraq, Afghanistan: Focus is on "Non-Integrating" Nations! -- More News on Agency

US action may be in Venezuela with a start of Venezuela-Colombia war: If Venezuela can be provoked into attacking Colombia, all hell will break lose

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bomb explodes near HQ of Interim PM Allawi

Mum and child killed in blast: Insurgents also dynamited a voting centre

Pentagon's new budget proposal reveals that there is not enough money to pay for "War on Terror" AND Iraq War

U.S. Military Running Out of Reserves for Iraq

Iraq can't find $300 million taken abroad to buy weapons

Iraq's finance minister urges trade boost with Iran

South Iraq’s oil exports halted by power failure

Iraqi oil minister to miss OPEC meeting

'Controlling the oil in Iraq puts America in a strong position to exert influence on the world'

C/Edge Archives: Debunking Erroneous Idea That Illuminati Is Taking Action In Middle East Because of "Bio Oil" Interests

Iraq Election News

Shiite Grand Ayatollah Is Key Figure in Iraq Vote: Despite Not Being Candidate or Party Leader

Militant's Iraq election warning: 'War' declared as security tightened

Security threats hang over Iraq vote

Elections will defeat violence, says Allawi

Iraqi exiles shun election as registration extended worldwide

Non-Integrating States News

Bush goes looking for more enemies to democratize

Iran says US attack would be a 'strategic blunder'

Iran to U.S.: Don't even think about striking us

Iran to Inaugurate Uranium Ore Concentrate Production Plant Within a Year

Israel's Dagan: Egypt, Syria have nuclear programs, as well as Iran

India voices its concern over US selling arms to Pakistan

Pakistan and Fried Rice

Ukraine's New Western-Oriented President Headed East to Moscow on First Foreign Trip

Weather/Global Warming

Countdown to global catastrophe: World is already at crisis point

C/Edge Archives: "Day After Tomorrow" Movie Revives Support For Global Warming and Kyoto Accords

'Global warming' hype reaches fever pitch

Bay State Digs Out From Blizzard '05: Blizzard Storm Dumps More Than 2 Feet Of Snow In Some Massachusetts Towns

Blizzard Maroons Thousands at Airports

Jan. 24 called worst day of the year: British psychologist calculates ‘most depressing day’

Strategists Eyeing Deal for Clinton Third Term

End Times Prophecy - Apostasy News

Christian warriors battle to rediscover God in boot camps: People encouraged to "discard nice guy personas" and emulate warrior heroes of films such as Braveheart and Gladiator to get closer to God

What If The Bible Was Tainted?

Improving life here and now not unfaithful act

Survey finds church-goers growing bolder: have grown increasingly intolerant in the past four years of politicians making compromises



President Bush Hand Gestures

Devil's Sign or "Hook-em-Horns"? Or Both?

Norwegians Confused By Bush Hand Signal: Shocked people recognized gesture as salute to Satan, as hard core Rockers use this symbol constantly

Illuminati Devil Hand Signals Prevalent Throughout Inauguration

Satan Displays Bush 'Hook 'em' Hand Gesture; Is The Devil a UT Fan Too?

Torture Becomes a Matter of Definition: Rice refuses to disavow torture

Earthquake - Tsunami Aftermath

Strong 6.3 Earthquake Strikes Near Indian Islands

New Earthquake sparks panic in Indonesia


Mild 2.7 Scottish earthquake 'like explosion'

12/26/2004 Asian Quake affected Florida aquifer

Tsunami's human toll dwarfs economic pain

Indonesia ups Tsunami death toll by 7,000

India resists tsunami aid, reveals new identity

Indonesia, rebels OK talks for Aceh truce

Taboos broken as Israel comes to Muslims' aid

U.S. Journalist to Be Deported After Trip to Tsunami-Hit Area

Tsunami videos draw victims' ire

Cutting Edge New Articles

President Bush Points His Second Administration Toward The Masonic Beginnings of America -- Utters fateful words, "New Order of the Ages"- "New World Order"

President Bush Faces "The Obelisk" Once Again As He Takes The Oath of Office To Begin Second Term: By "facing the obelisk" - Washington Monument - Bush reveals himself to be Illuminist

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Sharon leads upbeat cabinet session

Israel Quietly Seizes Tracts of Land in Jerusalem

Gaza quiet remains intact

Palestinian Militants Tell Abbas: They Will Halt Attacks as He Tries to Win Cease-Fire From Israel

PA Terror Links Trying To ´Put Ball In Israel´s Court

Netanyahu: Israel need not give Abbas any concessions in return for a cease-fire

Angry settlers ask: What cease-fire?

Gaza pullout fuels fear of land grab by impoverished Palestinians

Israelis wrestle with fence around Jerusalem: Catching up with the moving trucks along Israel's controversial wall

IDF Prevents Huge Terrorist Attack

Russia reconsiders Syrian missile sale

Rabbis and MKs Upgrade Israeli-Christian Relations

UN to mark 60th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation today

Asa Hutchinson to Resign From Homeland Security Department

Sen. Clinton decries leadership lacking resolve, inspiration

Catholic Church Plans to Bury the Ashes of Fetuses (Babies) From Abortion Clinic

Is God An Anti-Depressant? People who practice some sort of religion are happier and less stressed out than those who don't

Pope Urges Prayer for Unity of Christians: Addresses Young People in Particular


Sunday, January 23, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 22, 2005

President Bush Hand Gestures

Devil's Sign or "Hook-em-Horns"? Or Both?

Norwegians Confused By Bush Hand Signal: Shocked people recognized gesture as salute to Satan, as hard core Rockers use this symbol constantly

Illuminati Devil Hand Signals Prevalent Throughout Inauguration

Satan Displays Bush 'Hook 'em' Hand Gesture; Is The Devil a UT Fan Too?

Boston Terror Alert

FBI: One of Chinese suspects already in custody, no terror connection found - NOTE: Another bogus terror alert?

Anonymous tipster's claim seriously undermined: Supposedly - 16 people, including 13 Chinese nationals in terror plot to attack Boston last week

Hunt spurred by hoax

Radiation Sensors Were Deployed

C/Edge Archives: Debunking The Myth That Terrorists Really Could Detonate Nuclear Device In One of Our Cities

Other Terrorist News

When Big Brother starts outsourcing its snooping

Website Closed by Department of Homeland Security: Provisions of Patriot Act Used

Global Eye: American Terror - View from Moscow, commenting on Seymour Hersch's New Yorker Magazine article, "The Coming Wars"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Bush's Road Map To Nowhere - New Dynamite Book

Council of Torah Sages member opposes national referendum regarding disengagement plan

Militant Group Linked to Ruling Fatah Party Says It's Ready for Cease-Fire With Israel

General Mofaz Claims: Abbas secures cease-fire with Hamas, Islamic Jihad

Hamas Denies Mofaz´s Optimistic Prognosis

Abbas’s PA will only partially fight terror

PM Sharon Warns: Army ready to act if rocket attacks on Sderot resume

UN's Annan cautions of high tensions on Blue Line border: Between Israel and Lebanon

Conflicting reports on Hamas, Jihad commitment to 'hudna' type of ceasefire

Analysis: Is Palestinian Authority head sharpening a stick?

New Terrorist Demand: Israel, Get Out of Gaza

IDF reservists to be summoned only for training, emergencies beginning in 2008

Rafah border overwhelmed by 10,000 Palestinian returnees

IDF uncovers largest weapons factory in Nablus in 3 years

Israel to U.S.: Press Syria in order to aid Abbas

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Britain 'argues against Iran attack': British Government wants no part in another war in the Middle East

Israeli Joker -- Iranian Poker Game: VP Cheney using possibility of Israeli attack as leverage to threaten Iran

Iran warns against US attack

NATO stresses need for unity with US on Iran

Iran's hard-line leadership denies reports it will allow women to run for president

Pope reaffirms anti-condom stance

New Jersey slaying spurs anti-Muslim bias: Egyptian Christian man, his wife and two young daughters reportedly murdered by Muslims

New Book: Mohammed's Monsters

'Muslim Madonna' faces wrath: After releasing a sexy video for her first British single.

The death of British sovereignty: Britain is on the verge of surrendering to the European Union

Euthanasia In The News

Film's euthanasia plot angers disabled groups: Clint Eastwood's 'Million Dollar Baby' criticized as thinly disguised propaganda

No prosecution for Dutch baby euthanasia: Prosecutors had decided against charging doctors as long as four unofficial rules were met

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: To understand powerful trend toward Euthanasia - Only book Dr. Wolfensberger could not get published

Albright, Holbrooke Knew of Oil-for-Food Problems

Arnie accused of sexual harassment: Again! - Being sued by a British TV presenter over an alleged sex attack

Cutting Edge New Articles

President Bush Points His Second Administration Toward The Masonic Beginnings of America -- Utters fateful words, "New Order of the Ages"- "New World Order"

President Bush Faces "The Obelisk" Once Again As He Takes The Oath of Office To Begin Second Term: By "facing the obelisk" - Washington Monument - Bush reveals himself to be Illuminist

Inaugural Aftermath News

Prayer service starts work of Bush's second term: Billy Graham prays before an interfaith lineup of Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy

Billy Graham and His Friends: The Hidden Agenda - Revealing truth of Dr. Graham, supported by 4,400+ footnotes

Insightful Thoughts On Bush's Inauguration -- From Individual Subscriber

Bush Sr.: U.S. Policy Shift Not in Speech

Bush pledges to focus on Middle East: President reaffirms inaugural vows - but scepticism is widespread

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

15 killed in Baghdad mosque blast: 39 others wounded as car bomb ripped through a crowd of worshippers pouring out of the Shuhada al-Taf Shiite mosque

At Least a Dozen Killed, Nearly 100 Injured in Hospital Fire in Southern Iraq

New curfew after 15 Iraqi soldiers are shot dead

Al Qaeda-linked group claims killing of 15 Iraqi soldiers

Army Prepares 'Robo-Soldier' for Iraq: Sharpshooting robot controlled by human operator

Arrest warrant for Chalabi denied - Charged with slandering Iraqi government after he revealed the secret transfer of millions of dollars out of the country

Iraq can't find $300 million taken abroad to buy weapons: Off-the-books deal emerges as issue in election campaign

Iraqi PM Says Talk of Coalition Withdrawal Is Premature

U.S. soldier sentenced in Iraqi's killing of an Iraqi translator

Chinese media reports hostage release

Baghdad residents face water crisis

Widow of 9/11 condemns Iraq War

Iraq claims Bigley killer held

Iraq Election News

Impossible to protect Iraq elections: Interim PM Allawi

Zarqawi declares war on Iraq vote

Baghdad airport to be closed January 29-30: Part of election security

Danger haunts Iraq's campaign trail

Iraq vote in Australia extended: After disappointing turnout over the past week

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal News

How Britain was forced to face up to its own Abu Ghraib scandal

British Soldiers ordered to hand in all photos

At least 20 British soldiers implicated in further Iraqi abuse claims

Are the right people on trial? Western leaders as well as individual soldiers should be examining their consciences over Iraq

Yushchenko takes oath as Ukraine president: Pro-West

Super-secret Commandos Get Duty on U.S. Soil as Antiterrorism Efforts Expand

Nasty Weather News

Snowstorm blankets Midwest, Northeast: Potential for up to 20 inches of snow driven by 50 mph wind

Roaring Snowstorm -- Probable Blizzard -- Shoves Northeast Into Winter's Grasp

U.S. Severe Weather Map

Tsunami News

Scientists say tsunami shock wave travelled 12,000km an hour

Great Series of Maps: Showing total effect of earthquake, tsunami

Tsunami threaten even landlocked Swiss

Quake was detected in Switzerland: Devastation would have been almost impossible to prevent, even with warning systems in place

Aceh Rebels, Indonesian Government to Open Talks on Formal Cease-Fire: Norway Seeks to Resolve Tsunami Aid Dispute in Sri Lanka

Illinois Churches barred from 'gay' discrimination: New measure requires religious groups to hire homosexuals

Homeless to Get Mandatory RFID Implants

FCC chairman stepping down: Michael Powell, who led a stricter enforcement of decency laws, plans to leave in March

It's 'bout time in New York State- Kennedy-Cuomo could duke it out for Attorney General spot



Saturday, January 22, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - January 22, 2005

Cutting Edge New Articles

President Bush Points His Second Administration Toward The Masonic Beginnings of America -- Utters fateful words, "New Order of the Ages"- "New World Order"

President Bush Faces "The Obelisk" Once Again As He Takes The Oath of Office To Begin Second Term: By "facing the obelisk" - Washington Monument - Bush reveals himself to be Illuminist

Other Inaugural, Second Term News

Analysis: Bush sets out to free the world

British Newspapers Mock Bush Inauguration

Bush's new book for a new term: Must-read for those who want to grasp his own world view

CNN Loses 63% of Audience Compared To Inauguration, 2001

Bush's anti-tyranny drive to be tested quickly

Israeli - Palestinian War

Cairo to host Palestinian Authority, Hamas talks

PA police deploy in north Gaza

Local group of the Aksa Martyrs' Brigades in Gaza says it is ready for cease fire

Jihad denies reports it struck ceasefire deal with Abbas

PA´s Ceasefire Price: Accept Hamas, Free Terrorists

IDF Army continues watchful wait: To see if ceasefire is possible

No End in Sight for PA Terror

PMO (Prime Minister's Office) unimpressed by slated PA plan to deploy troops in north Gaza

Weather News

Weather Outside Frightful: Storm Barreling Through Upper Midwest as It Snowballs East

Blizzard blowing into New York City: Nor'easter may dump 15 inches of snow

Big chill, heavy snow for Northeast: Freezing rain and sleet were forecast in the mid-Atlantic

Mexican Border Mayor Tries to Woo Back Jittery American Tourists

U.S. Ship Begins Sound Wave Research off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula Despite Protests

Security Stepped Up at Home of Dead Chinese Leader Who Sympathized With Tiananmen Protesters

Moral Collapse

'Soprano'-style threat charged in slaying: Suspects made very clear references to an episode of 'The Sopranos' where a witness who cooperated was taken up to the country and killed

Elementary students try to hijack school bus: Near Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

NYC Cop: Politician was also involved in 2003 road rage

Nevada Democrats are betting on lottery

40-year-old Woman accused of holding sex-and-drug parties for teenage boys

Michael Jackson defense takes a hit: Prosecution wins OK to call trauma expert

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US and UK look for early way out of Iraq

House report proposes troop withdrawal plan: Within 12-18 months

U.S. scraps 'coalition of the willing' list: Used to back its argument that the invasion was multilateral action

Day of carnage in Baghdad

Zarqawi vows holy war as 15 die in Baghdad mosque blast

Iraqi terrorist rallies troops as U.S. soldiers raid Mosul

Twin attacks in Iraq kill at least 21

Election drives attacks on Shia group

New threat to kill eight Chinese hostages

Videotape Aired by Arab Station: Insurgents Agree to Release Eight Chinese Hostages - Chinese are released

Iraq attacks spark Allawi warning: Will be impossible to provide full security for this month's elections

Apathy and Apprehension Keeping Iraqis From Registering To Vote

Vote in Basra could take secular turn

Iraqi Defense Ministry Official: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Was Transferred Legally to Lebanon - Refuting Chalabi charges

Iraq to arrest National Congress (INC) leader Chalabi: Suspicion of maligning the defence ministry

One American Apache Pilot Killed, One Injured in Training Accident in Kuwait

Freed Guantánamo Britons may run for election to Parliament!

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

VP Cheney: Washington concerned Israel could attack Iran

Iran Council: Women can run for president

UN inspects Egyptian nuclear laboratory

Peace Deal Generates Business Buzz in Devastated Southern Sudan

Ex-Sudanese rebels fail to agree over peacekeepers

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Tsunami gives Aceh troops new role

World Bank calls for Africa aid

Norwegian Envoys Scramble to Resolve Tsunami Aid Dispute in Sri Lanka

Migrant Workers From Myanmar Become Forgotten Victims of Thailand's Tsunami

British Stars to Turn Out for Tsunami Concert

Italy's Berlusconi to donate 6.5 million dollars to tsunami-hit Thailand

Search for Missing Almost Over in Southern India: But Bureaucratic Battle Just Beginning for Relatives

Flu shots for all: The flu vaccine shortage is officially over in New York City

NBC executives came down hard on CBS, Dan Rather and "Memogate": Same situation would not have occurred in their shop

Radiation Sensors Deployed as Boston Probes Threat: FBI added another 10 names to list of people over a reported "dirty bomb" plot

C/Edge Archives: Debunking The Myth That Terrorists Really Could Detonate Nuclear Device In One of Our Cities


Friday, January 21, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Bush Inaugural News

Transcript: Bush's Second Inaugural Address - January 20, 2005

Cutting Edge Analysis

President Bush Points His Second Administration Toward The Masonic Beginnings of America -- "New Order of the Ages"- "New World Order"

President Bush Faces "The Obelisk" Once Again As He Takes The Oath of Office To Begin Second Term: By "facing the obelisk" - Washington Monument - Bush reveals himself to be Illuminist

Substantive Inaugural News

Bush: 'We will support democracy to bring an end to tyranny'

For Bush, 'Liberty' Is A Flexible Objective

View From Jerusalem: Bush sworn in for second term

From Kabul to Caliong>fornia, the world was given a lecture on 'freedom and liberty'

George Bush's talk of spreading freedom and democracy is a sugar-coated lie

Smiles for the family, a fiery warning for the world

View From Asia: Bush unclouded by doubt

Protests and 'die-ins' as Bush takes oath for four more years

Four more years of Bush agitates world

Pomp and Circumstance News

Bush Dashes Through A Night of Inaugural Celebrations

Bush inauguration: Pomp and circumstance

Queens G.I. Is W's Dancing Queen: The Army specialist let her commander-in-chief lead

Inaugural Photo Gallery

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Hopes Raised as Palestinian Police Deploy on Gaza Border

Abbas’s PA will only partially fight terror

2 Palestinian boys shot dead by Israeli troops

17-year-old Israeli teen dies of wounds sustained in Qassam terrorist missile strike

Israeli Army continues watchful wait: To see if new Palestinian Chairman Abbas can stop terror

Festive Meal in Anticipation of Holy Temple

Report: Omri Sharon to be indicted

US Security men arrive to learn Israeli techniques: How to deal with security and attacks with mass casualties

Rice: Birthing Palestine will be a top priority

Hamas recognizes 1967 borders for first time: Agrees with Fatah terror group that establishing Palestinian State is top priority

Hamas vs. Abbas: The lethal wild card -- A profile

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Tsunami Nations

Asian tsunami death toll tops 226,000

Indonesia tallies the cost: $4.4 billion - Government says the final death toll could approach 216,000

Indonesia kills 120 rebels in devastated Aceh Province

Japan mission headed to help rebuild Aceh

U.S. aid troops starting to pull out

Caribbean faces tsunami threat


News From Other Nations

At-a-glance: Bush's 'Outposts of tyranny'

The dangers of silencing Saudi dissent

Editorial Comment: Saudis caught in a vicious cycle

UN report urges rich countries to double aid

Flooded Guyana a disaster zone

The rise and fall of Mugabe's spin doctor

Egypt's N-lab under probe: Diplomats report

Brazilians find Haiti a political 'quagmire'

Mugabe hails Iran as 'crucial' partner during Khatami visit

Russia, Syria to sign economic agreements: During Syrian President Bashar al- Asad's visit to Russia on January 24-27

U.S. criticism of Syria counterproductive - Moscow

Ukrainian Election News

Ukraine: Oil politics and a mockery of democracy - Both sides in Ukraine have evidently engaged in widespread vote fraud

High-level Russian delegation to see Yushchenko sworn in

Yushchenko to visit Russia on Jan 24

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi Terror Leader Promises Victory over America

Mosque Car Bomb Kills 14 as Attacks on Shiites are Stepped Up

US soldier killed in Iraq raid on a bomb-making center

Massachusetts native Army captain killed in Iraq bomb attack: When a bomb exploded next to his parked vehicle in Baghdad

U.S. Struggles To Tame Mosul

The Kirkuk Tinderbox: Ethnically divided city of Kirkuk in north Iraq remains a dangerous tinderbox between Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens

Iran, Turkey see eye to eye on Kurds

Reducing US casualties more important than bringing US troops back home: Wolfowitz

New US “Intel Snipers” Fielded in Iraq, IDF Undercover Unit in Gaza: Note occult symbol of this new assassination team

FBI probes shooting of contractor in Iraq: Had accused Iraqi military officials of corruption days before his death

Violence will not stop election: UN official

Iraq polls: Facing facts

In Iraq: The battle of the tyrants

Kidnappings keep Iraq pot boiling

British Torture and Sex Abuse Scandal News

Nine British soldiers were injured in suicide bomb attack a main UK military base: In retaliation for prisoner abuses

British Soldiers' trial told of orgy of looting following regime's defeat

British abuse scandal: Public outcry grows

Blair: 'These photos won't tarnish the British Army's good name'

Blair comment may prejudice abuse case against British soldiers

Order had to be issued to stop abuse of Iraqi prisoners

Belgian Bank KBC ceases from investing in uranium weapons: KBC acts beyond its legal obligations, and it takes a clear ethical stand

Cutting Edge Depleted Uranium Section: Articles, Videos, Expert Testimony

Iran Under The US Gun?

US in no position to launch attack: Iran declares

US attack 'madness': Iran's President Khatami

Iran accuses US of disrupting nuclear talks with EU

US identifies targets in Iran: Special Forces have been operating inside Iran since last Summer

British commanders fear reaction to American aggression: Worry that hardline US strike in Iran would place British troops in Iraq in danger

Cheney cautions Israel might attack Iran: Seen as trying to prod international community to take action

Russia, France discuss Iranian nuclear problem

Is Rumsfeld on His Way out?

Islam -- Peaceful or Violent?

Saudis use hajj to call on Muslims to shun militants and violence

C/Edge Archives: We Applaud President Bush For His Call To Better Understand Islam -- Quoting From Koran

Islamic Jesus vs Biblical Jesus - Video Tape

Behind The Veil -- Book

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Rice tells N.Korea US can deter attack

Bush administration seen unrelenting over North Korea's nuclear program

N. Korea nuclear talks must continue - Russian ambassador

N. Korea Denounces Libya's Nuclear Deal with U.S.

North Korea Slams US Over Human Rights Interference

Bush Sends Hidden Message to NK

China's rule of law in theory, not practice

China 'threat' strengthens US-Japan military ties

Taiwan-China relations progress at glacial pace

China Emerges As Commercial Global Giant

China becomes No 3 trading nation: Following the United States and Germany

Dragon's 'giant sucking sound' jolts US



Thursday, January 20, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Transcript: Bush's Second Inaugural Address - January 20, 2005

Bush Inaugural - Unprecedented Security

Bush to take oath amid chilly times: Snowy weather, an air of national uncertainty mark the start of his second term

Incredible Security

Schedule for President Bush's Inauguration

For Texans, Black Tie and Boots Ball Is All About the Boots

Despite Illness, Chief Justice to Swear in Bush Again

Bush 'more consensual' says Blair: Will display a more consensual approach to world politics in second term

Powell says goodbye to State Department

Bush bad for peace: Global Poll taken in 21 countries

Democrats Sit Out Inauguration

Transcript: Cheney Talks Second Term

Bush 'Eager' to Get Started

$40M Bush bash will be all shock and yee-haw

Truth Truck at Presidential Inauguration to Kick Off "America's Party Tour": Three graphic sign trucks visit

Atheist Loses Bid to Ban Inaugural Prayer

Parade Route: Marching Down Pennsylvania Avenue

Looking Back - Looking Forward

The Bush Scandal Sheet: Read 'Em And Weep

Ho Hum, More War And Death: What happens when habitual warmongering and BushCo lies become part of our daily diet?

Remember? CIA probe finds secret Pentagon group manipulated intelligence on Iraqi threat - Office of Special Plans

Above Article Verifies C/Edge Exposes' -- NEWS1890 and NEWS1890b

Terrorism Alerts

FBI alerts Boston law enforcement about four suspects: Chinese nationals who are not on any terror alert list

Find them! Feds hunt ‘terror team’ as politicians appeal for calm

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Returns Home From Inaugural: Wanted to reassure worried citizens

Officials hunker in a bunker

Residents sue to thwart BU biohazard lab: Researchers infected in campus goof

Arabs Attack U.S. Anti-Terror March in San Francisco

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority may deploy Gaza force Thursday to curb Qassam fire -- Deploys 8,000 PA forces

Signs of Change? Relatively optimistic assessments about PA readiness to take steps to stop Qassam rocket fire in the Gaza Strip

Israel to lower the boom if Abbas doesn’t act to stop terrorist attacks, including terror rockets and mortars

Sderot Residents Pray At Western Wall: For 11-year-old girl who threw herself on brother to save him from exploding rocket - Now "brain-dead"

The last Palestinian: Arafat's death will fundamentally transform the Palestinian landscape

Saving Chairman Abu Mazen: After the IDF crushes his opponents, he shall be able to stablize his rule

Israeli Cabinet approves renewal of security contacts with PA

Missionary Warning in Jerusalem: Orthodox warning Jewish parents against Christian drop-by center because their children may accept Jesus as Savior

Unilateral Disengagement News

Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin: Israel Needs New Elections To Get Voter Mandate For Unilateral Withdrawal

Rights Group: Wallerstein's Civil Disobedience Call is Legit

Left meets Right for talks on unilateral withdrawal

Settlement slated for evacuation said to have doubled size

Gov't decision strips Palestinians of their East J'lem property

Stop them before it's too late: Police, not Army, has the authority to carry out forced evacuations

Government to stiffen punishment for reserve officers who call on soldiers to refuse to carry out orders

Youth Marchers Declare: "We Can Stop Disengagement"

Rain, Snow and Hail in the Holy Land

Mount St. Helens: Volcano Watch

Total Surveillance A New Way of Life

ACLU Pizza: Ordering Pizza in the coming Brave New World

Total Surveillance Behind the Wheel: Big Brother Takes the Wheel to Improve Driver Safety



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

New US “Intel Snipers” Fielded in Iraq, IDF Undercover Unit in Gaza: Note occult symbol of this new assassination team

26 killed in Baghdad suicide bombings: Coordinated strike of 4 bombs in 90 minutes

Insurgent attack sparks Ramadi fighting: Clashes have broken out in three areas of the western Iraqi city

Iraq: The War in Media

Britain admits Iraq elections will be 'imperfect'

Bush Discusses Iraq Election With Leaders

Violence Increases in Advance of Iraqi Elections

Zarqawi militants claim Australian embassy bombing

Blair, British public condemn prisoner abuse in Iraq

British Colonel forced to act after reports of abuse: Accused soldiers 'only obeying orders'

More Calls To Quit Iraq

Declare Victory in Iraq and Bring Troops Home: Former New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch

Bring the Iraq Occupation to an End: Christopher Ruddy

Secretary of State

Rice takes post as secretary of state: Pending approval by the full Senate

Democrats Plan To Hold Up Full Senate Approval

Rice admits bad Iraq decisions

The Middle East Awaits Rice

Colin Powell Farewell Remarks - January 19, 2005

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bush And Iran: Editorial

Syria has right to arm itself – State Paper

Hindus want to 'reclaim' swastika from Nazi associations

'Roe' Humbly Pleads for 1973 Abortion Ruling to Be Overturned

Hate Crimes Symbol Gets 20/20 Makeover: Murder of homosexual college student Matthew Shepard in 1998 may not have been a "hate crime" after all!

Earthquake - Tsunami News

Indonesian Ministry Hikes Tsunami Death Toll by 70,000

Thai Family Turns Hilltop Hotel Into Tsunami Rescue Center

Time for Marines to Leave Tsunami Area

Pressure Mounts On Annan

Annan drops UNRWA head after US, Israeli campaign against him

Businessman pleads guilty in 'Oil for Food' case

Former New York Congressman Jack Kemp has been questioned by the FBI in the U.N. oil-for-food scandal

US tolerated Iraq smuggling oil to Mideast allies

Police Report Recommends Suspending Handgun ID System: Law has not aided a single criminal investigation and should be repealed

9/11 Back In The News

9/11: Seismic Evidence of Micro-Nukes

Seismic Evidence Points to Underground Explosions Causing WTC Collapse

Seismic Record Chart At Pallisades, NY, On 9/11

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up - DVD - VHS

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack - DVD - VHS

BLACK BOX COVER-UP: Rescue workers silenced after exposing 9-11 whitewash

Mega-Millionaire Offers $100,000 Reward: For Scientific Proof WTC Towers Collapsed As Bush Administration Claims

UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Says NO WAY WTC Steel Could Melt At 2000 F: "The buildings should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel."



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