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January 20, 2007

January 24 - 31, 2007

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Bush 'distorted' climate change reports

Climate change means hunger and thirst for billions: UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

10 years to save the planet

U.N. agency pressures Ban to call climate crisis summit

Two private advocacy groups complain that government has been putting pressure on them to downplay effects of Global Warming!

Global warming: rise of 4.5 C (8.1 degrees F) if pollution doubles, says draft report - Sheer Chaos will occur

California may ban conventional lightbulbs by 2012

Eiffel Tower to switch off lights as scientists finish major report on global warming

Israeli - Palestinian War

Aging prince Peres: Battered and bruised, Peres again climbs slippery slope to presidency

PM Olmert decides no Israeli response needed to Monday’s Eilat bombing which killed three Israelis

Fingerprints of Palestinian Jihad Islami terrorist ace Muhamed al Hindi on Eilat suicide bombing

Security Fence Route Change Protects 2 More Jewish Towns

Former justice minister found guilty of indecent acts -- a forced kiss: Conviction another nail in the Olmert government's coffin

Police Investigation into Olmert´s Bank Leumi Behavior

Hamas and Fatah Terror Groups: Shameless in Gaza

Egypt urges Palestinian Authority to form one army

'Palestinian Genocide Day' instead of Holocaust Day: Spanish town near Madrid decides to cancel international Holocaust Remembrance Day in lieu of 'Day of Palestinian Genocide'

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

40 Shia pilgrims killed on holy celebration of Ashura

Plan for security at revered Shi'ite shrine site criticized

Al-Sadr Tells Troops: Don't Go After U.S.: Cleric Calls For Keeping Low Profile

U.S. helicopter crashes in Iraq on Sunday: Two troops killed

Admiral Fallon: Change is needed in Iraq war, as US not winning

US Lawmakers Paint Grim Picture of Iraq, Afghanistan: Having just returned from area

Iraq: Help Urged For Fleeing Palestinians

U.N. says 700 Palestinians stranded at Iraq border

Violence, Threats Force More Iraqis to Leave Their Homes

Senator Obama Pushes for Iraq Pullout Deadline

Investigators: Millions in Iraq Aid Wasted

House Dems want to change direction of war funds

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Indonesia and Pakistan seek Muslim Mideast plan]

Somalia calls for reconciliation

African Union needs support to stop the violence in Darfur, Sudan

Bomb Kills 6 Policemen in Sri Lanka

Activists praise Thai drugs move

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Moscow pushes ahead in Iranian nuclear power plant Bushehr after US sanctions threat to Russian Tor-M1 system suppliers

Negroponte says Iran cannot go unchallenged in Iraq

Senators Warn Against War With Iran - Both Republican and Democratic senators warned against a drift toward war with an emboldened Iran

Bush Insists That Invading Iran Is Not The Plan

US working on Iran strike plan: Bush won't leave office without resolving Iran

Iraq's deputy PM chides U.S. and Iran

Germany holds 13 over CIA 'kidnap': CIA agents alledgly kidnapped a German citizen

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method: An invasive Internet surveillance technique that collects far more data on innocent Americans than previously has been disclosed

British Police Arrest Eight on Terrorism Charges


January 30, 2007


Al-Sadr offers Baghdad deal

Bush Warns Iran Against Action in Iraq

Operation deathtrap

Plan for security at shrine site criticized

UN Agency Raises Third Alarm in Week at ‘Unrelenting Violence’ Against Palestinians In Iraq

US group warns of crisis of displaced Iraqis

Iraqi PM wins key security vote

Iraqi inflation hits 70pc

Messianic Muslim Cult leader and 200 others killed -Iraqi officials

Iraq, Vietnam, And The We-Are-At-War-For-National-Security Argument

Iran Pondering Message Received from Certain US Officials: Hosseini


War Protests

HDNet, De Palma team for 'Redacted': Director to write project on Iraq war

Crowds on Both Coasts Protest Iraq War

Anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol building

Police Detain 9 in Capitol Hill Protests

Public Wants Bush Presidency Over

Global Warming

World Scientists Meet on Global Warming

UN chief seeks climate change summit

UFO’s seen over South Shore sky

'Hobbit' human 'is a New Species'

Very, Very Big Corn

U.S. missile defense maturing, latest test a success

Airborne Laser to test-fire in flight

Shriners' Perfect Storm?

Thousands May be Involuntarily Called for Tours

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza truce takes hold

IAF strikes terror tunnel in Gaza Strip

Peretz, Herzog visit Eilat suicide attack site

IDF: Eilat attack is tip of the iceberg

PM, Peretz to discuss bombing response to Monday's suicide bombing in Eilat

'The city of Eilat lost some of its finest citizens'

Adolescents burn Israeli flag, mezuzahs

President's Ethanol Plans Getting The Cold Shoulder

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

China: NKorea Nuke Talks Resuming Feb. 8

More than 1,000 civilians killed in Afghanistan in 2006: Human Rights Watch

The big Afghanistan push comes to shove

India sets sights on cruise missile market

US offers $50,000 bounty for Philippine Bomber

China's Economy May Soon be 3rd Largest


Moral Collapse

‘Spartacus’Frees Sex Slaves


January 29, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

300 Insurgents Killed in Iraq Battle - U.S. helicopter crashed during the fight, killing two American soldiers

Najaf battle winding down, officials say

Bomb kills 20 near Green Zone entrance: Alarm calls over loud speakers warn residents in Green Zone area to take cover as mortar attacks target US embassy

New Suicide car bomb kills 13 in Baghdad: More than 40 wounded

Iran's Ambassaor Reveals Plan to Expand Role in Iraq

Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdel Mahdi warns: Iraq could be caught in US-Iran crossfire

Iraq's stiff challenge: New U.S. commander follows long list of stars who tried to win war - War has been a wrecking ball for senior military careers and reputations

Clinton charges Bush is irresponsible on Iraq

New strategy, old problems

White House defies Congress, public to push Iraq surge

US Military Aims to Cut Back on 'Stop Loss'

Anti-War Protests Are Back

500,000 protest in US against more troops for Iraq

Anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol building

Activists Opposing Iraq War Campaign to Enlist City, State Governments

Iraq is really Vietnam

Bush Looks More Like Johnson Than Truman

The silence when Arabs kill other Arabs: Whether in Iraq or Israel or Syria

International Criminal Court (ICC) to decide on launching first trial


Preparations begin for presidential race: Candidates scurry to line up supporters

Hillary Clinton: U.S. out of Iraq by January '09

Gays should be cautious before swooning for Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush Rallies Conservatives at Summit: Non-Candidate Shows Ability to Excite the Party

A deal in the desert for Sen. Reid? A bill he wrote could have affected the friend who sold the land

Poll shocker for Bush: Approval rating now down to only 30%

No Lock on Black Voters for Obama

Bush, Senior Laments: 'Media hates my son'

Prince Charles, Wife Visit New York: Accepted an environmental award from Al Gore

Israeli - Palestinian War

Suicide bomber kills 3 in Israel's Eilat resort -- Popular Red Sea resort

Israel closes Taba crossing to Egyptian Sinai after first suicide bombing attack in Eilat kills three Israelis

Eilat attack no surprise, IDF says

Hamas defends suicide strike: 'Attack is legitimate resistance'

Palestinian Authority Charges: Iran, Syria promoting civil war

Gaza fire renewed amidst another tense truce: West Bank kidnappings continue

'Gaza is a ghost town': As Fatah and Hamas gunmen battle on Gaza streets

Saudi Arabia invites Palestinian leaders for talks in Mecca

Fatah and Hamas welcome Saudi king's summit proposal

General Halutz says was wrong in not calling up reserves in time during Lebanon War

Exclusive: IAF to buy US smart bombs

Terrorist Rockets Fired Toward Sderot and Ashkelon

Pope calls for end to violence in Lebanon and Gaza Strip

Ice falls from the sky in Tampa, Florida: Totals car

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack: Editorial

Iran’s Space Venture Will Enhance its Nuclear Military Resources

The Persian Abyss: Pre-emptive Hysteria - Outrageous claims being made - "To date, there has been no evidence that Iran is making nuclear weapons"

Former Israeli PM Netanyahu Continues "Divest Iran" Campaign

Muslims 'about to take over Europe'

Pakistan probes suicide bomb blast

What the U.S. hopes to accomplish in the Horn of Africa

Japan has third bird flu outbreak

Advocates hopeful Congress will ban racial profiling

Bush health plan may get Big 3 Automakers nod

Antiterror cameras capturing crime on Boston's "T": Images aid police by nailing details


January 28, 2007


US Military Announces: Seven US soldiers killed in Iraq by roadside bombs -- 12 Americans killed past 3 days

Insurgents batter Baghdad as crackdown approaches

Car bombs kill 15 in Baghdad shopping area

High-ranking Shi'ite official killed in Baghdad: General Director of the ministry's engineering directorate - 27-year old daughter, who was engineer at the ministry and two others were also killed in the attack as they traveled in car with the Director

Weekend violence rages unchecked in Iraq: Discovery of 40 bodies dumped in Baghdad alone, At least 61 victims of Iraq's sectarian warfare were killed or found dead across Iraq

Blast strikes minibus in Baghdad; 1 dead

Iraqis: Oil law won't favor Americans

Cheney still in denial about Iraq

Abu Ghraib officer court-martialled: On charges on eight charges, including cruelty and maltreatment of prisoners

Senate confirms new top general for Iraq: Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus

General Petraeus' Iraq testimony unsettling: U.S. military's tense transition in Iraq

Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You

DU is very, very, very nasty stuff

Iraq braces for Ashura rites: A mourning period that is one of their most sacred

Iran closes border crossings with Iraq: Ahead of the Shiite holy day of Ashura

War Protest News

Crowds on Both Coasts Protest Iraq War

Vietnam War protest icon Jane Fonda speaks out at Washington rally against Iraq war: Saradon and Penn also present at rally

Vietnam memories force Senator John Warner to raise voice on Iraq

Israeli - Palestinian War

Fatah is willing to sustain 200 to 500 dead to prevail over Hamas in Gaza

Fatah-Hamas battles in Gaza leave 25 Palestinians dead, including children, 50 wounded since Thursday night

War of Identity: Hamas, Fatah clashes are not over power, but rather Palestinian identity

Palestinian President Abbas escapes assassination attempt

Spain offers aid to Palestinian president: Seven million euros (nine million dollars)

Israeli Cabinet approves first Arab minister

Kadima ministers support 'Peres Bill': To replace Katsav as Israeli President

Kadima Proposes Handing Judea and Samaria to European Control

Livni, Peres, Abbas Share Visions for PA State at World Forum

General Halutz to testify before Winograd Committee: Expected to blast conduct of Lebanon War

Photos: Arabs Ransack Samuel´s Tomb, Plus Vandalize Hevron Graveyard

Jewish Agency Man Murdered And Defense Ministry Official Missing

Politics In The News

Senator Hillary Clinton Explains Role in Authorizing Iraq War

Clinton in Iowa: "About time" for woman president

In race for Iowa, Clinton has to make up ground: With caucus a year away, polls show she’s behind in the state

Secrets of Obama family unlocked

Barack Obama refutes Islamic claims

Senators Barack and Hillary: Can Israel rely on either?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Democrat House Speaker Pelosi Meets With Troops in Afghanistan

Taleban warn of massive Afghan summer offensive

Pelosi, President Musharraf to Meet in Pakistan

Police in Pakistan launch probe to identify suicide bomber in attack near a Shiite mosque

Pakistan, India and Iran agree over Gas Price - gas to be delivered via proposed $7-billion pipeline

The Quiet War in the Horn of Africa

2 Americans slain in Nairobi

World will need to confront Iran, PM Olmert says

Iran advocates verification regime to join nuclear club: Iran vows to continue its nuclear activities within the framework of relevant laws

Iran official denies centrifuge report: Says Iran is not installing 3,000 centrifuges at a uranium enrichment plant

British PM Blair is planning to set up a “propaganda unit” in Whitehall to help sway Muslim hearts and minds in the battle with Al-Qaeda

Melting ice means global warming report all wet: Some experts warn it'll be even worse

Sustainability in design moves onto the corporate agenda

Another dose of wintry weather Saturday added 1 to 3 inches of fresh powder to grungy mounds of 6-week-old snow and ice in metro Denver

Though cows survived the winter cold, calves won't

Saudi officials seek to temper the falling price of oil

Unions divided on illegal laborers

Blair calls for wider UN security council: To include Germany, Japan, Brazil and India as well as African and Muslim nations

Microchips can get even smaller with new technology

Assembly of God Church hosts 'porn and pancakes' event


January 27, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

U.N. says Iran plans nuclear development -- Starting February

Iran has converted one of its most powerful ballistic missiles into a satellite launch vehicle: 30-ton rocket could also be a wolf in sheep's clothing for testing longer-range missile strike technologies

Bush denies preparing attack against Iran: Sought to deny widespread rumours his administration was preparing some kind of military action against Iran

North Korea denies cooperating with Iran in nuclear development

Blair challenged to dispel myths about Iran - group of MPs and academics, sets out 21 of the most popular allegations leveled against Iran and dispels each in turn by relying on factual information

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You

DU is very, very, very nasty stuff

4 U.S. soldiers abducted, killed: In boldest and most sophisticated attack in four years of warfare

Car bomb kills five, wounds 10 in Baghdad

Democrat House Speaker Pelosi Visits Iraq

Suicide car bomber kills five in Baghdad

Official U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 3,071

Gates Complains: Congressional Iraq Resolution 'Emboldens' Enemy

Bush: 'I'm the Decision-Maker' on Iraq

Bush OKs Killing Iranians in Iraq

The failure of an all-volunteer military: "We" have forfeited any say in where "they" get sent to fight

Blair supports Bush's new plan for Iraq

Iraqi PM wins key security vote in Parliament

Senate Foreign Relations Committee opposes Iraq troop increase by 12-9 vote: Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, voted for measure

Japan says bird flu outbreak from H5N1

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Leftist land redistribution program sprouts in Bolivia: President Evo Morales wants to convert nearly a fifth of the country into communal farms

Indian peacekeeper killed in Sudan

Sri Lankan navy says it foiled Tamil rebel attack on Colombo's port

Unrest in Somali capital is the work of ousted Islamic movement: Government spokesman

The travails of a Prime Minister whose authority is ebbing away - Mr Blair's ambition is to leave on a high note. Every day he remains in office, his power and standing are diminished

Colorado cattle ranchers dig out -- again and again: As wind keeps sweeping snow back onto plowed roads, farmers are cut off from their livestock, and animals are starving

Israeli - Palestinian War

Death toll rises to 19 as street battles continue in Gaza: Hamas-Fatah factional fighting

2 more killed in Gaza infighting; streets deserted

Palestinian Baby boy killed in Gaza cross-fire between Hamas and Fatah factions

Israeli Defense Minister Peretz Charges: 'Lieberman is damaging the IDF'

Spain offers seven million Euros of aid to Palestinian president

Convicted without trial: Despite embarrassing speech, President Katsav entitled to fair trial

Palestinian children encouraged to go to jail: So their families can receive support from the Palestinian government

IDF Destroys 2 Hizbullah Bunkers Within Israeli Territory

Jimmy Carter apologizes to Jews over passage in his book

Olmert Tells IDF: Israel Won Lebanon War But Must Correct Failures

Lebanon's Western-backed prime minister extended a hand to the opposition on Saturday,

urging pro-Hizbullah officials to work to resolve the political crisis - Also asked the Arab League chief to come to Lebanon

Lebanon Fears a Return to Civil War

Bush's backdoor attack: Iran via Hizbullah

January 26, 2007


Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You

DU is very, very, very nasty stuff

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran Set to Try Space Launch: Has converted its most powerful ballistic missile into a satellite launch vehicle

Washington Soon to Release Evidence of Hostile Iranian Activity in Iraq

Iran Calls for Weekend Summit With Iraq, Syria: To hash out ways to cooperate in curbing the runaway violence that has taken Iraq to the verge of civil war

U.S. Missile Defense Plan Worries Russia - Shrugging off U.S. assurances that the installations would be meant to deal with a potential threat from Iran

IAEA chief says attack on Iran would be a counterproductive catastrophe

Israel's Former PM Netanyahu Speaks In London: Iranian President Ahmadinejad must be tried in Hague for inciting genocide

Chess with Tehran: If we are forced to strike Iran, we should do so decisively - Former CIA Director and Neocon James Woolsey

Weather Control/Weather Warfare

Record Storms Sweep Entire Northern Hemisphere: Scenario of Movie, "Day After Tomorrow" Is Unfolding!


U.N. climate report will shock the world - Chairman predicts

Massive snowfall causes city to shrink: Anchorage has been hit with more than 74 inches of snow this season, more than twice normal

Harsh Cold For The Northeast: More Arctic Air Looms - Polar Plunge Already Underway

Global warming possibly linked to an enhanced risk of suicide

Lebanon’s pro-Syrian opposition is going forward with its revolt to seize government in Beirut – contrary to reports of a suspension

Violence spills into streets after 4 students killed, 25 injured in Beirut University fracas

Lebanese Army Patrols Expand in Tense Beirut

Lebanese army imposes night curfew: Black smoke hovering over Beirut

Lebanon wins $7.6B aid package

French President Chirac drives Lebanon aid effort

Guard killed in Pakistani hotel suicide bombing

Washington Goes Tribal: Pakistan may soon be forced by Bush policikes to slide down same "slippery slope" down which Afghanistan and Iraq have fallen

U.N. Envoy Briefs Allies on Kosovo Plan - For the future of Serbia's independence-minded province of Kosovo

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Bombs kill 34 but Iraq PM vows to pursue militants

Suicide Car Bombing Kills 26 in Baghdad

Fighting in Iraq kills U.S. soldier, two Marines

Bush has authorized US forces in Iraq to apprehend or kill Iranian agents operating in Iraq

Insurgents Post Video of Downed Chopper

Iraq occupation was an `idiot decision'': Iraqi Shi'ite Vice President Adel Abdel Mahdi said Thursday at World Forum in Davos, Switzerland

VP Cheney: Talk of blunders in Iraq is 'hogwash'

Iraq War Still Being Compared to Vietnam

Secret Pentagon Study Narrows Down Iraq Options: Plan dubbed, "Go big, go long and go home''

Western firms eye huge oil reserves in Iraq

Iraq Endgame for President Bush

DVD or VHS comes with bonus audio tape

UFO - Alien Phenomenon

What Was That? Strange Lights In Upstate Skies Over Greenville, SC - Reports came from as far away as Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina

Hovered Over Charlotte, North Carolina: 911 callers report lights in sky

Lights 'not of this world' mystery finally solved: Air Force reveals weapons tests that sparked global UFO frenzy

Require flu shots for US health workers: Top U.S. professional group of infectious diseases experts urges

Two flu shots said to be needed to protect young children

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert throws his weight behind Peres for president

Russia tracking IDF movements in Golan Heights: Russia maintains listening posts along the Syrian border with Israel

IDF detonates 2 Hizbullah bunkers: Along northern border

State against delay in IDF chief appointment

Who is General Gabi Ashkenazi? Fought in Yom Kippur War - Israel bracing itself for an new army chief with impressive credentials

Arabs Killed, Wounded, & Abducted as Terror Infighting Resumes

Analysis: A year after elections, Hamas riding high

Jordan restores Temple Mount pulpit

Livni, Peres, Abbas Share Visions for PA State at World Forum - In Davos, Switzerland

State of Maine revolts against digital U.S. ID card: lawmakers became first in nation to demand repeal of federal law tightening identification requirements for drivers' licenses

Gas Station To Offer 'Terror-Free' Oil: Gasoline refined from "terror-free oil"

January 25, 2007

Terrifying truth of the 'supermarket baby trade' exposed: Parents ordering the "Perfect Child"

US Military Shows Off New Ray Gun - Shoots a beam that makes people feel as if they are about to catch fire

Oil prices fall after rising to a 2-week high overnight

Politics In The News

Bush Domestic Agenda Stalled by Three Issues: Iraq, Iraq, Iraq

Kerry rules out joining presidential race: Would instead remain in the Senate to fight George W. Bush's "misguided" war in Iraq

VP Cheney says Hillary Clinton not good for president

Bush's State of the Union address draws 45.5 million U.S. TV viewers

During State of the Union Address, Cheney and Pelosi Do the Two-Party Two-Step

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany Praises Bush's Call For Energy Efficiency - In his State of the Union Address

Louisiana Governor Lashes Out at Bush For Not Mentioning 2005's destructive hurricanes in his State of the Union speech - says Louisiana is being shortchanged in federal recovery funding for political reasons

Bush enters final two years with subdued tone

Hillary's Hollywood Friends Switch Sides: Steven Spielberg and David Geffen Invite Hundreds of Stars to Their Big Barack Obama Fundraiser

Senator Obama Versus Fox News: Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago

MSNBC Interactive Vote: "Should Bush Be Impeached?" 87% Say "Yes", Bush Should Be Impeached!

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Senate panel rejects Bush's Iraq troop plan: Sending the measure to the full Senate for a vote expected next week

First cracks between Bush and Blair appear in the alliance over Iraq - Bush "surging" more troops in, while Blair is pulling his out

McCain, Clinton clash over troop morale: Will resolutions opposing Bush undermine soldiers’ will to fight in Iraq?

Marine Corps plans to ask up to 100,000 former Marines released from the ranks since September 2001 whether they would like to come back

Fighting in Iraq kills U.S. soldier, two Marines

U.S. crew of downed security helicopter shot at close range, execution-style in the back the head

U.S., Iraqi Troops Battle Insurgents

Inside Baghdad: A city paralysed by fear

Iraq PM vows no safe haven for militants: Even if they sought refuge in mosques or schools

Break-up of Iraq inevitable

Sixteen Words and the Trial of Scooter Libby: Four years ago this month, President Bush, in his State of the Union address, said, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

Faulty Memories Abound at CIA Leak Trial of Libby

Defense Department officials have laid off most of their case workers who help severely injured service members

'Cat owners at risk of bird flu': Deadly virus is most likely to mutate in felines

The Nonsense of Global Warming

U.N. urges developing countries on climate change

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US launches new air strike in Somalia: Defense officials provide few details about strike carried out by Air Force AC-130 gunship - NOTE: AC-130 gunships fire Depleted Uranium rounds

Third of Global Food Aid 'Wasted'

Bush to seek $7-8 bln for Afghan support

American puppet Afghan govt. won't spray poppy crops

Russian President Putin kicks off India visit

India projected to join China in surpassing size of the U.S. economy by 2050

3 Dead, 133 Wounded as Hizbullah Attempts Coup in Lebanon

U.S. to More Than Triple Aid to Lebanon

France offers Lebanon 500 mln euro soft loan

Foreign Donors Gather in Paris to Fund Lebanon - Representatives from over 30 nations

Cuba, Venezuela extend ties despite Castro's illness

President Chavez steering Venezuela further to left in 3rd term

Letter from Venezuela: Beyond fiery rhetoric, Chavismo is pragmatic

Ecuador defense minister killed in copter crash: Larriva was first woman to hold post; 3 others also killed in collision

Fidel Castro Already Dead?

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Middle East's cold war heats up: Iran empowered by the demise of its enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan - In response, a Sunni axis with US backing is being marshaled - with Pakistan the latest recruit

Iranians say no to nuclear arsenal: But they overwhelmingly support their government's drive to enrich uranium to produce electrical power

Debunking Iran's nuclear myth makers: one-year suspension would deflect the US military threat and prevent "lame duck" President Bush from initiating military action against Iran.

Israel raises nuclear stakes with Iran: PM Olmert dramatically raised the stakes in the international showdown with Iran last night

The American hostility towards Iran

Worried about Iraq, Saudi official heads for Iran for talks

Merkel's energy plea to Putin

Putin Vows to Smooth Energy Deliveries To European Countries

"Then and Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

Vote on Katsav suspension request depends on two MKs

President Katsav slams media 'smear campaign'

Police officials say Katsav is hysterical

Shimon Peres says he could have exposed Katsav in 2000 for sexual harassment

71 percent of Israelis think Katsav should resign

'The presidency became a payoff for politicians'

Give PM Olmert a break: His government is wounded; it's bleeding; and all those near enough to smell the blood are sinking their teeth

Settlers defile Palestinian graves under IDF watch: Jewish settlers desecrate graves, wreak havoc in Palestinian village

Ex-CIA Director Woolsey: Palestinian Arabs Don't Deserve State

Jewish Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria Back on the Table

British Historian and Holocaust Denier, David Irving Declares: Auschwitz was a tourist site and never had death chambers

Cambodia's coming energy bonanza


January 24, 2007


State of the Union Address

Full Copy of Speech

Give Iraq plan a chance, says Bush

Iraqi Politicians Complain: Bush Ideas Not New

National Committee Chairman Howard Dean Responds to President Bush's State of the Union Address

Democrats Put the Burden of Iraq on Bush

Odds stacked against Bush: Problems all stem from the same reality: The public has lost confidence in war policy

2007 State of the Union Policy Initiatives Proposed by the President

Bush plan may signal `end of employer-based health insurance': Move toward Socialism!

Bush starting to sound like Gore: Bush seemed to be channeling Al Gore on energy policy on the very day that Gore's documentary film on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth," was nominated for an Oscar

Imprisoned border agent's wife: President is a hypocrite - Calls State of the Union speech 'total sellout of the United States of America to Mexico'

Bush plan to cost Big 3 Automakers: He wants tougher fuel rules, more ethanol use

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Baghdad drowns in blood and tears as more US troops arrive in Iraq -- Two powerful explosions killed at least 88 people and injured 160

Southern Iraqi Tribes Joining Armed Resistance -- Leading to increased casualties among British and other occupation forces

Mosul, too, in grip of raging violence and death

Karbala attackers posed as U.S. military officials: Five American troops were killed

US-tailored Iraqi Oil Bill Should Sound Alarm for Producers, Consumers

The Big Push: Mired in the Trenches of the Iraq Fiasco

Blackwater Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq: Five contractors die

Turkey should intervene if civil war erupts: Deputy of the Turkish ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party

Turkey has launched another offensive against Kurdish insurgents near Iraqi border

Official U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 3,064

America’s Narcissists indifferent to Iraqi casualties

Iraq parliament finds a quorum hard to come by: Only 65 of 275 members bother to show up - Members losing faith in democratic system, and afraid for their lives

UN Envoy Says Iraq Slipping into Sectarianism

Crackdown 'nets 600 Sadr forces'

Bush warns of escalating danger from Iran-supported Shiite Muslim extremists

'Chemical Ali' defiant in court

Muslim Retailer gets flak over e-mail to U.S. soldier in Iraq

Lying and Spying: How the Administration Slip-Slides Away

Bush Seizes Control Over State Militias

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iranian President Derides U.S. Threats: "US is incapable of inflicting ``serious damage'' on Iran -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declares

U.S. warns Iran to back off in Persian Gulf: Second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group now steaming toward the Middle East

Iran: Israel, US will soon die

North Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing: Planning underground nuclear test similar to the one Pyongyang carried out last year

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli president facing rape charge, most serious ever against Israeli official

27 MKs sign petition to impeach Katsav

Background: The president's options

President Will Suspend Himself but Insists He is Innocent

Presidential Disgrace: Katsav affair turned into political issue instead of clear-cut criminal case

Shimon Peres loyalists believe he could win the Presidency

IDF fires at Palestinians, killing one

US introduces UN resolution Condemning Holocaust denial

Jewish Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria Back on the Table

12 Kadima MKs sign 'rebellious' petition opposing Golan Heights withdrawal

General Ashkenazi's real test: Patience, perseverance pay off, but new army chief now has to deliver

Ex-PM Netanyahu Calls on World to Stop Iran

Beirut Recovering After Violent Protests

Control of Lebanon Takes Financial Turn: High-ranking officials from 35 mostly Western and Gulf countries meeting in Paris seeking to raise billions of dollars in aid for Prime Minister Saniora's embattled government

Moral Collapse

Film's 12-Year-Old Child Rape Scene Causes Stir At Sundance Film Festival

Greeley, Colorado, woman shot, killed in front of job: Authorities arrested a woman who was a former city dispatcher as suspect

Sex assaults by teachers on students an 'epidemic'

Russia's Putin to promote nuclear cooperation and military hardware in India

Russia, India cooperate on new fighter jet

Russian two-headed eagle lands: Putin reestablishing ties and power once held by USSR

Let's call an end to oil alarmism

Dow Jones UPDATE: US GAS: More Cold Weather Forecasts Boost Market

L.A. sweep nets 761 illegal immigrants

Crying girl's family kicked off plane: Crying 3-year-old daughter refused to take her seat before takeoff


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