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January 1-15, 2010
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Major influx of US troops under way in Haiti

PROMISES, PROMISES: Many Obama pledges unkept

Bomb in Jordan Misses Convoy of Israeli Diplomats

Obama says health care bill will be a winner

Who's Going To Win Senate Seat In Massachusetts? Democrats getting nervous

Roll up a sleeve: Demand plunges for H1N1 vaccine

Microsoft admits Explorer was "weal link" in Google China hack



Massive Quake News From Haiti

Desperate Haitians Await Aid Following Quake

Haiti "In Shambles"

Gunfire rings out from Haitian apocalypse

Haiti’s Airport Overwhelmed Amid Fears for Quake Survivors

Dozens of U.N. personnel killed by Haiti quake

Hope fades for finding survivors trapped in Haiti's earthquake ruins

Poor conditions slow aid - U.N. relief effort thwarted

Beyond emergency aid, Haiti needs long-term help

Three million Haitians affected by quake: Red Cross

Pat Robertson Haiti Comments Spark Uproar

"Haiti is devastated by 7.0 Earthquake - 500,000 feared dead! Was this terrifying quake triggered by scientists wielding the weapon of electromagnetic wave technology -- H.A.R.R.P.?

The largest mass conversion in history: El Salvador finally honours its 'heroic' Jesuits

Banks, experts consider possible ways around Obama fee

Massachusetts Senate poll shows shift toward GOP candidate

Martha Coakley’s Senate race stumble blamed on ‘incompetent’ strategy

Obama Senate ally Reid in danger of losing re-election bid


U.S. missile strike kills 16 in Pakistan: Target reportedly was Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mahsud

"Doomsday Clock" has good news for human race: Set back one minute - clock is supposed to be a metaphor for human self-devastation

FDA can't block importing of 'electronic cigarettes'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel delegitimizers threaten its very existence

Israel-Turkey ties hit a low point

Turkey, Israel on track to close drone deal

U.S. tells Abbas she is pushing hard for Mideast talks

Obama's second try at Mideast peace talks

Egypt works on resuming Palestinian-Israeli negotiations soon


IRAN: Amid tight security, tensions mount at scientist's funeral

Iran Blames Israel, U.S. In Nuclear Scientist's Death

Tehran diplomat in Norway quits post, denounces hard-line government


January 14, 2010


500,000 could be dead from Haitian earthquake!

The President's Bait-and-Switch Operation: Which campaign promises has he kept?

Top Obama czar: Infiltrate / ban all 'conspiracy theorists'

Obama wants record $708 billion for wars next year

Palin, Beck Offer to Co-Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Pakistan Taliban deny US drone strike killed top leader

Turkey warns Lebanon that Israel may be planning attack

US House Democrats Cite Progress In White House Talks

Cantor: 'This health bill can be defeated'

Don't Like the Numbers? Change 'Em - If a CEO issued the kind of distorted figures put out by politicians and scientists, he'd wind up in prison

Dem Congressman introduces 50% tax on bonuses

Banking Chiefs in the Hot Seat, Again

JPMorgan May Report Profit Leap on Banking Fees

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Fight for First

China Cautions Internet Companies


Massive Earthquake In Haiti

Detail Map

Haiti quake survivors sought amid 'unimaginable' destruction

Death's pall in Haiti's streets and sky

Panic, looting and rubble litter the streets of Haiti

U.S. Coast Guard lands in Haiti

Haiti earthquake survivors await global aid effort

Chinese Relief Team Lands in Port-au-Prince

Israel Sends Help to Haiti

France fears everyone inside U.N. HQ in Haiti dead

Text messages net over $400,000 for Haitian relief in first day after quake

‘They Have Been Cursed’: Pat Robertson Says Haiti ‘Swore a Pact to the Devil’

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Israeli - Palestinian War

Turkey Retaliates: Israel/Turkey Relationship Under Fire

Israel Apologizes to Turkey Over Insult

Arab press did not hide its elation over Israel’s apology to Turkey: 'Israelis quickly got on their knees'

US editor at Palestinian agency fights Israel entry ban

PNA not to resume talks with Israel under pressure

White House Fed Up With Israel and Palestinians

Palestinian PM rejects Israel incitement charge

Mitchell’s wake-up call: Israeli leadership must end ongoing retreat in face of Obama pressure

Exposed: Secret talks to carve up Israel, again - Clandestine bargaining hastens Palestinian state

Catholic priest charges that over 6 million were killed in the Holocaust: And he can prove it

IDF holds simulation of biological warfare attack

Angry mourners bury slain Iranian nuclear scientist

Regression in freedoms across the Middle East

Washington, Gay Marriage and the Catholic Church D.C.'s same-sex marriage law has put the archdiocese in a bind

Disney to hear plans to protect ex-'gays'

'Gay marriage' poster boy convicted of manslaughter: Defense explained guns as sex toys weren't enough; victim wanted weapon loaded

Russia's Putin Worried About Both Global Warming and Global Cooling

Cell Origin Research Is in Hot Water: Experimental failures have collectively sent the clear message that such an event is extremely unlikely or even impossible

"Bee Landing Strategy May Lead to Better Aircraft"

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January 14, 2010


A North American Security Perimeter is on the horizon

It Is Not Realistic to Screen Air Passengers Against the Full Terrorist Watchlist

European Governments Cancel Swine Flu Vaccine Orders - Threat failed to materialize

US Rejects Treaty to End Korean War

Iran scientist killing: More questions than answers

Mexico-US cooperation cited in 2nd druglord arrest

Poll: Obama Health Care Marks Hit New Low

Haiti's capital shattered by powerful 7.0 earthquake

Haiti in chaos after 7.0 quake

British firefighters to help in Haiti earthquake rescue

Haiti quake new blow for country mired in misery

Sarah Palin appears on The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News

Sarah Palin: Criticism is a "Bunch of B.S."


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stimulus saved or created up to 2 million jobs in 2009: White House

Job Data Set to Fuel Fight Over Stimulus

Obama to announce TARP fee on banks on Thursday

Success of Obama bank fee idea tied to public anger over size of bonuses

House Panel Subpoenas N.Y. Fed's AIG Documents

Money for Roads not Reducing Unemployment

Clinton Calls for Asia to Cooperate More on Economy, Security

China is world's biggest auto producer and consumer

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele: Remarks hurt image of Senator Reid and of Nevada

Senator John Ensign Tells fellow Republicans: Back off Harry Reid

Iraq invasion violated international law, Dutch inquiry finds

Campbell: Blair wrote letters to Bush in 2002 saying 'we are with you' on Iraq

Chilcot inquiry casts new doubts on Iraq war

Stop and search powers illegal, European court rules

Google May Exit China After Ending Self-Censorship -after attacks on e-mail accounts of human-rights activists

Google Threat Jolts Chinese Internet Industry

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Snubs Turkish Envoy

Israel contrite over Turkey ambassador snub

Israel rebukes Turkey over a television series: Depicts Israeli intelligence agents as baby-snatchers

Is Israel provoking another Gaza conflagration?

Hamas restrains from another war with Israel in Gaza

Iran accuses U.S., Israel of assassinating nuclear scientist

Israel and U.S. deny Iran’s accusations

Major rift between Envoy Mitchell and Israel over loan guarantees

Large majority of Jews in favor of peace talks

Washington and Tel Aviv sign agreement boosting US weapons stockpiles in Israel

Israel Rabbi Asks Pope to Halt Pius' Beatification

Jordan demands return of Dead Sea Scrolls 'seized' by Israel

Israel Rejects Jordan Claims on Dead Sea Scrolls

Marijuana legalization bill approved by key California Assembly committee

Iran ready to discuss site of nuclear fuel swap


January 12, 2010


Iran Media: Nuclear Scientist Assassinated -- Israel Implicated?

The Bush Legacy: A decade of pain

Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues: Fans depressed, with suicidal thoughts afterward

Body scanners can store, send images: TSA specified this capability

Obama and Race: The Ever-Present Issue

Gay Plaintiff says Prop. 8 'means I'm unequal'


Yemeni Sheik Warns of Foreign Occupation

Intel agents: 20 bombers ready to strike: Yemen bases said to be producing Muslims prepared to blow up jets

Bankergate: Emails Expose Criminal Financial Dictatorship At Work

Obama considers levy for rescued firms

Not Wild About Harry: Does Reid's Obama Comments Put Senate Re-election Bid in More Jeopardy?

Republicans Keep the Heat on Harry Reid

Talking about race not same as racist talk : GOP turning Reid's opinion into political haymaker

Obama's Approval Rating Dips to New Low

For Democrats, it may be now or never on health care

Iraq Locks Down Parts of Baghdad

U.S. Seeks to Defuse Sense of 'Crisis' in Japan Alliance

Israeli - Palestinian War

Work begins on first planned Palestinian city

Israel's U.S. envoy: Plan for peace in two years 'unrealistic'

US National Security Advisor Jim Jones in Israel for talks

Israel-Turkey relations deteriorate: FM to recall envoy in Ankara

Israel criticizes Turkey over television series: Depicts Israeli intelligence agents as baby-snatchers

Squeezing the good guys: U.S. needs to pressure Hamas terrorists, not Israel

Hamas plans measures to stop rocket fire on Israel

Planned southern border fence turns the screws on Hamas in Gaza

Netanyahu: Israel will never share Jerusalem with Palestinians

Defense Minister: It Would Take Israel Years To Deploy Rocket Defense System

Senators won't let Obama freeze aid to Israel

Israeli Robots Remake Battlefield: Nation Forges Ahead in Deploying Unmanned Military Vehicles by Air, Sea and Land

Palin signs on as Fox News Channel commentator

Palin's Fox News deal a political sign?

Sarah Palin skips CPAC, accepts tea-party offer

Why does Fox News promote terror-tied, FBI-shunned group? Bankrolled by same wealthy Saudi prince, CAIR now regular guest on cable leader

Democrat assault on homeschoolers looming: Homeschool community is reacting with alarm

Charges filed in ruckus aboard S.F.-bound jet


January 11, 2010


Obama Takes New (Silent) Route to Opposing Parts of Laws

Cornyn, Steele Call on Reid to Resign as Senate Leader After Obama 'Negro' Comment

'Israel will react strongly to attacks': P:M

US has plan to deal with Iran's nuclear programme: General Petraeus

Iran agrees to 2-month suspension of nuke plan

Fox News and the Henhouse: Editorial

Question for High Court: In terror war, to h*** with international law?

Gay marriage ban goes on trial in California

One day after 6.5 Northern California earthquake, shaky residents sweep up

Senator Reid apologizes for ‘no Negro dialect’ remark about Obama

Ousted Illinois Gov. Blagojevich: I’m ‘blacker than Barack Obama’

It's not Harry Reid who should be apologizing

Ford unveils 2012 Focus, designed as 'world car'

Carmaker's auto show mission: Rekindle the romance

Toyota bets on hybrids more than on plug-ins

Detroit motor show goes electric

General Motors winds down Saab despite sale talks


Fascist Global Economy Forming

For top bonuses on Wall Street, 7 figures or 8? Despite calls for restraint, payouts may rival those of the boom years

Crisis Wasted: Serious Wall Street Reform Unlikely, With or Without Dodd

World stock markets rise amid China export recovery

Asian Stock Shares Higher; Shanghai Up On Futures Approval

Stock Picks: BofA, Ford

China's Steel Appetite Reshapes Industry

CES sees rebound in convention attendance: Consumer Electronics Show

Heineken Buys Mexican Brewer

Military Is Deluged in Raw Intelligence From Drones

Dozens of Qaeda militants 'hiding out in Yemen'

Obama: 'No intention' to send troops to Yemen

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel shrugs off Mitchell's loan threat

Israel to wall section of Egypt border: Barrier to shut out illegal workers, terrorists

Israel Sends ‘Bombing Message’ to Hamas after Rocket Attacks

Lebanese army says it fired on Israeli fighter planes

Jimmy Carter is a ‘Liar,’ Charges ZOA

U.S. ambition alone won't forge Mideast peace: Editorial

U.S. to store $800m in military gear in Israel

Muslims Murder Six Christians in Egyptian Religious Warfare

Security Upgrades at Ben Gurion International Airport

McCain strategist: Palin thought candidacy was planned by God

Obama diverts CIA to spy on ... polar bears! Terrorist-watching satellites used to keep an eye on climate change

Debate heats up over IPCC melting glaciers claim

Robert Gibbs: Worldwide Record Cold Is Result of Global Warming

Republican Bolts To Run As ‘Tea Party’ Independent: Donn Janes, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Tennessee’s 8th District

Saturday-Sunday, January 9-10, 2010


Mind-reading systems could change air security

Is Osama Bin Laden dead or alive?

Unruly Passengers Divert Planes; F-16s Deployed

Plane bomb suspect Abdulmutallab declines to enter plea

Groups Say Racial and Ethnic Screening Invites Bias

California Requests Billions From U.S.

Nigeria: Chevron pipeline attacked in Niger Delta

Truckloads Of Unused Swine Flu Vaccines


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Panel Investigating Financial Crisis to Question Bankers

Jobless rate stays at 10 percent

White House Touts New Jobs Funding for Manufacturing

Obama on jobs: 'The road to recovery is never straight'

Dubai Downturn Sends Ripples Throughout Arab World

Ford unveils Tweeting car


Global Terrorism

Halle Berry and boyfriend bypass airport security line

Suspect arrested in weekend security breach at Newark Liberty Airport

TSA guard in security breach called model employee

Wariness Persists at Airports

U.S. launches fighter jets to accompany commercial flight

Abdulmutallab Boasted of Others Trained to Blow Up Jets

GOP senators tell Obama: Try Abdulmutallab in military court

U.S. concerned Yemen becoming safe haven for terrorists

FBI's Security Watch Lists Explained: Reviews Bureau's Three Lists, Their Size, How Names Are Added, Who Can Fly

British Cops Arrest 3 on Flight to Dubai

TSA Agent Arrested at LAX: After declaring "I am god, I’m in charge."

Obama Hails Practical Benefits of Health Reform

Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency

PETA and Weatherproof’s Unauthorized Obama Ads Likely to Stay Up

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian mortar and rocket attacks test Israel's quick-retaliation policy

Islamic Jihad: Israel wants to drag us into war

Clinton urges Israel, Palestinians to plunge into talks

Mitchell threatens Israel with sanctions

US Mideast envoy Mitchell: 2 years or less for peace talks

Former British PM Blair back at work in Middle East

Egyptian mosques and press berate Hamas

Egypt declares British politician 'persona non grata'

The Palestinians Lied: Despite past pledges, Palestinians still preoccupied with 1948 borders

Iran opposition leader Karroubi survives shooting

Human sacrifices 'on the rise in Uganda' as witch doctors admit to rituals


January 8, 2010


Obama takes steps to bolster security

Obama: We're at war with al-Qaida

Who's Getting Rich From the Naked Full-Body Scanner Boom?

EPA proposes nation's strictest smog limits ever

Islamic Attacks after Malaysian court rules Christians can worship Allah

Obama's 'safe schools' chief behind 'gay' propaganda play

Jerusalem rejects 2-year peace deadline

Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group


Global Terrorism

US Expert: 'The Fight Against Terrorism Will Define Obama's Presidency'

Counterterrorism director took a vacation only days after failed attack

Yemen official minimizes nation's link to jetliner bombing suspect

Yemen says there are limits to its military cooperation with United States

Detroit bomber's extremist preacher 'radicalising more young Muslims'

Bombing suspect provided 'actionable intelligence': White House

Man threatening Jews taken off flight

CIA bomber wanted body used as 'fertilizer' for jihadists: 'Oh God, I beseech Thee that I would massacre Your enemies'

Obama Releases Security Review of Attempted Bombing: Report Singles Out Counterterrorism Center and CIA for Failing to 'Connect the Dots'

Family’s holiday torpedoed by explosive underwear joke

Virtual Strip Search Machines

'Naked' scans at German airports supported

European Jewish rabbis 'up in arms' over body scans

International Air Transport Association top lobbyist: The no-body-scan man

Who's Getting Rich From the Naked Full-Body Scanner Boom?

Spy links with CIA suicide bomber are problem for Jordan

Sen. Nelson Wants Nebraska's Sweet Medicaid Deal For Every State

Warren Buffett defends Senator Nelson(D-NE), health care reform

House Democrats discuss health care priorities

Drug benefit expanded to 1 million more seniors

Major differences in U.S. Senate, House health bills

RNC Chairman Michael Steele throws cold water on GOP electoral hopes


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Retail-Sales Gain Is Most in Year

Japan's New Finance Minister Wants a Stronger Dollar, Weaker Yen

US stocks higher ahead of key unemployment data

US Stocks Tick Up As Analyst Moves Boost Blue Chips

How the Major Stock Indexes Fared on Thursday

CES: Ford's Sync puts apps into cars

Dollar well-supported ahead of U.S. jobs data

The Nexus One's Seduction Secret

New Jersey Senate Defeats Gay Marriage Bill

'Gay-on-gay' attack going to trial: Participants in 'sordid' case had earlier been portrayed as choirboys

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Brags: 'Israel will lose nerve-racking game, accept our demands'

Fatah's Dahlan: Talks to resume in coming weeks

IAF Drops 520,000 Warning Fliers on Gaza: Stay Away from Security Barrier

Kadima Party set for primary this year

Syrian President Assad urges US to play stronger ME role

Palestinian Al-Quds Brigades: Iron Dome can't stop our terror rockets

Gaza Terrorists Fire Terror Rocket at Ashkelon

Hamas squeezed between Israel's Iron Dome and Egypt's steel wall

IDF’s Strongest Retaliation in Gaza Since Cast Lead Operation

King David Era Pottery Shard Supports The Biblical Narrative


Iran opposition leader Karroubi's car 'hit by gunfire'

US chief of staff warns: Iran strike could destabilize Middle East - Admiral Mike Mullen warns attacking Islamic Republic may have severe regional, global ramifications


January 7, 2010


The government manipulated stocks: Powerful 2009 rally explained

Google Unveils Its New Phone: The Nexus One Smartphone

US readies new Mideast peace push

Obama backs high-end health plan tax

Yemen official tells AP US troops not wanted

Obama to address report on botched terror attack

Sheriff's Department Patrols World of Warcraft Video Gaming

No Hollywood Ending in Sight for California Governor Schwarzenegger


Fascist Global Economy Forming

$9.5 million in federal stimulus dollars went to 14 zip codes in Virginia that don’t exist or are in other states

There Are Now More Government Employees Than Goods-Producing Workers

U.S. Consumption, Spending to Spur Job Recovery

Oil slips below $83 as China signals tighter policy

World stock markets slip

Wall Street shares mixed after big rally

Ford says China sales up 44 percent in 2009

Samsung expects strong 4th-quarter profit


Global Terrorism

National Security Adviser Says Airline Bomber Report Will 'Shock' Americans

Obama: Intelligence System Failed In Attempted Terror Attack

US security chiefs vow action after Obama rebuke

Nigerian Man Indicted For Attempting To Blow Up Airplane

U.S. airliner attack could provide new intelligence

U.S. fighter jets scrambled due to unruly passenger

'Explosive' at California airport found to be honey

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. urges world to help revive Mideast talks

U.S.: Emanuel 'didn't threaten to walk away' from Mideast peace process

When Egypt clenches its iron fist

Egypt says losing patience with Hamas

Hamas: Border clashes linked to Egyptian barrier

Egyptian border guard shot dead at Gaza frontier

Death Threats Causes Security to be Beefed Up for Israeli Defense Minister

Israel to deploy Gaza rocket interceptor by June

In test, Iron Dome successfully intercepts Palestinian terror rockets

No. 1 persecutor tests weapons on Christians: North Korea tops list dominated by nations under Islamic law

Rush Limbaugh: I thought this was the big one: Radio host with heart trouble says he might not have survived with Obamacare

Christian Persecution

Iran Arrests, Coerces Christians over Christmas Season

Algerian Muslims Block Christian's Christmas Service

Jewish Christian in Israel Seeks Protection from Repeated Attacks

Christians in India Faced Three Attacks per Week in 2009

Massive Muslim Mob Damages Church Building in Indonesia

January 6, 2010


Obama rebuke over bomb plot prompts intelligence pledge

Obama admits intelligence failures over jet bomb plot

Big Question: Will body scanners in airports reduce the threat from terrorism?

Yemen 'arrests al-Qaeda suspects'

Jordanian doctor called double agent behind CIA attack that killed 7 agents in Afghanistan

Final push begins on health legislation

See Obama's transgender 'pick' before and after surgery



Global Terrorism

Obama promises security increases: Advisers criticized for U.S. 'screwup'

Full-body Scanners To Boost Security At Canadian Airports

EU Considers Using Controversial Airport Body Scanners

New airport scanners break child porn laws in Britain

Transportation Minister John Baird Wants Naked Pics of YOU

Travellers face 'virtual' strip search: Canadians flying to U.S. will choose between body scan or pat-down

Expect longer airport waits with arrival of new full body scanners

Ben-Gurion Airport revolutionizes security with Unipass biometric system

U.S. feared attack on Obama inauguration by Somali extremists from Canada

Shutting down Parliament ‘routine’: PM Harper

Grassroots fury greets shuttered Canadian Parliament

Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas: '67 borders precondition to talks

PM: World must press PA to return to talks

Israeli military cancels trip to Britain over arrest fears: Might face arrest on war crimes charges

Hamas helping British lawyers target Israel on war crimes charges

Did Hamas Win Operation Cast Lead?

Hamas PM vows to 'liberate Palestine' at Gaza rally memorializing Operation Cast Lead: Remains committed to the elimination of Israel

Gaza memorializes war victims of Operation Cast Lead

Hamas says Israeli demands 'impossible'

Hamas answer to mediator: Yes, but...

Hamas prisoners ready to wait for deal

PRC commander killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza

'Syria will back Hizbullah against IDF': Syrian leadership assessed Israel was planning a military operation in Lebanon in May

Hamas Charges: Torture continues in Palestinian Authority prisons

Create dilemmas for Hamas: Guy Bechor suggests Israel change its negotiating tactics to fit rules of Middle East

Obama chief accused of 'aiding' anti-Semites

Israel must compensate Iraq for Osirak: Israel destroyed nuclear facility in 1981 raid

Palin-Farah ticket at 1st national tea-party convention: Americans unite to take country back from 'grips of tyrannical government'

U.S. reopens its embassy in Yemen: Several nations shut their embassies this week amid worries about al-Qaeda


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Las Vegas braces for 110,000 at Consumer Electronics Show

Automakers hopeful for 2010 as brutal year ends

Software maker sues China on piracy accusation

Greece Rejects Bailout Speculation as EU Officials Arrive

Bond Auctions Survive Credit Freeze, Bankers’ Hex:

Scientists say dolphins should be treated as 'non-human persons'

Free Trade: Assault on U.S. sovereignty


January 5, 2010


Syria, Turkey Seek Strategic Alliance with Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon: Israel's Enemies joining forces

The UN and Interpol: How the UN will gain power

Dozens of Names Shifted to No-Fly List

President Obama Names Transgender Appointee to Commerce Department

U.S. Reopens Embassy in Yemen

Iraqi PM Maliki Vows Punishment for Blackwater Guards

Iran: Clinton is right - nuclear deadlines are meaningless

Lawmakers See Quick Health-Care Agreement Without Public Option

10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist


Dozens added to no-fly list

Obama to get update on terror plot inquiry

Five things to watch at terror meeting

Senator DeMint Accuses: Obama ‘downplayed the risk of terrorism’

Obama adviser says Cheney is wrong in criticism

Flights Grounded at Newark Airport

UN chief welcomes counter-terrorism meeting on Yemen

Israel's Shin Bet considers more airport security

Risk of Hizbullah Attack on Israeli Aircraft Rises

Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas prepared to resume peace talks with Israel

Netanyahu Official: Some of Abbas' statements positive

Israeli Gov't opposes 'borders first' approach

Future Palestinian state will be 'free of fences': Palestinian President

Israel okays four new Jewish residences in East Jerusalem

How Israel is implementing the settlement freeze

Jordan, Egypt urge Israel to stop building settlements

Obama Commenting On Israeli Settlements: Hurts So Good

Hamas Video: Jewish Settlers drink Palestinians' blood

Turkish TV show says IDF soldiers 'killing' Palestinian kids: Depicts Israeli military as bloodthirsty, murderous

Israel carries out two separate air raids on Gaza

Egypt Temporarily Lifts Gaza Border Restrictions

Hamas likely to give cool response to Israel's offer for Shalit release

Analysis: EMU Inflation Accelerates As Expected in December

US judge weighs misconduct finding for Blackwater prosecutors accused of withholding evidence

A 3rd uninvited guest got into White House dinner in November


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Mesa Air files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection

European markets pause after heady start to year

Japan auto sales plunge to lowest in 38 years

Greece May Borrow Privately Through Banks This Month

Tepper Turns Panic to Profits With $6.5 Billion Hedge Fund Gain: Bet billions of dollars that the economy was NOT going to fail

Stocks Jump to Ring in New Year: Major Indices Hit 15-Month Highs

California needs help from federal government


January 4, 2009


Breaking News

Stocks Jump to Ring in New Year: Major Indices Hit 15-Month Highs

Flights Grounded at Newark Airport

California needs help from federal government

Clinton says Yemen situation is global threat

TSA nominee misled Congress about accessing confidential records

President Obama Names Transgender Appointee to Commerce Department

Today's News

Alert: Indian Army Ready For War Against China And Pakistan Simultaneously

Egypt: US Mideast plan would see Palestinian State in 2 years

Iraq reacts with fury after Blackwater case collapses

Russian space chief Anatoly Perminov's grim warning over asteroid that could 'kill millions'

Security Threats Keep US, British Embassies Closed in Yemen

Checkpoint intruder shuts down Newark Airport terminal

A security hint from the world's most secure airline

Gun owners claim victory in 'Obamacare' skirmish

Two earthquakes rock Solomon Islands: magnitude 7.2 and 6.5

Israeli - Palestinian War

FM Lieberman Tells Blair: Peace deal within two years 'unrealistic'

Rabbis Warn: U.S. plan for Palestinian State could kill Jews: 'There is no peace process ... it's just a play on words'

Palestinian Authority says Israel sent no word of Netanyahu-Abbas summit

Egypt's steel wall sparks 'fatwa war'

Arab protests against Egypt's Gaza border wall spread: Great picture of Egyptian President Mubarak

Haniyeh Reassures Arab Israelis: We will meet at al-Aqsa

Ayalon: Operation Cast Lead Proves Deterrence Works

Hamas leader claims progress in Palestinian talks to reconcile the two terrorist parties

Rattling the Cage Editorial: A taboo question for Israelis

Poll: Only 40% of Jews live in Israel: Global survey of Jews finds interfaith marriage and assimilation rising

Reports: Iraq De-Judaizing Ezekiel's Tomb


Are planned airport scanners just a scam?

Report of 2nd man cuffed from Flight 253 confirmed: U.S. Customs and Border official apologizes, reverses himself – 'This is the FBI's 4th story'

Ex-CIA agent: Threat from al Qaeda greater now than on 9/11 (Official Line)

U.S. terrorism czar: Christmas Day plot 'not like 9/11'

Obama adviser: No smoking gun in airline bomb plot

Passengers on US-Bound Flights Face More Screening

Give Homeland Security role in handling U.S. visas: Senator Lieberman

UK and US agree to fund anti-terrorism unit to tackle Yemen extremists

Model to Follow? What can U.S. learn from security at Jerusalem's airport

U.S. Charges: Chinese helped Pakistan nuke program - Aid continues despite diversions to Iran

Fla. National Guard troops set for deployment: To Kuwait and Iraq

4 US Service Members, British Soldier Die in Afghan Blasts


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Manufacturing Activity Expands in Asia

China manufacturing growth boost

U.K. manufacturing PMI hits 25-month high

GM says China sales up 67 percent in 2009

Oil above $80 on US economy, demand optimism


Saturday-Sunday, January 2-3, 2010


NASA Confirms Deterioration of Earth's Magnetosphere During Sun's Polar Shift of 2012!

European Parliament to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal

Obama Links Christmas Day Terrorist Attempt to al-Qaida

Pakistan govt under pressure after deadly suicide attack: At least 89 killed at volleyball game

No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years: New Research Finds

China-ASEAN Free Trade Area sets example for mutual beneficial,win-win regional co-op: NOTE - 'ASEAN' is Nation #9


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Abbas to visit Cairo over peace talks resumption with Israel

Official: Egypt seeks to hold meeting between Abbas, Netanyahu

Israel strikes Gaza targets after Grad rocket attack

Ayers, Dohrn stir chaos in Middle East: Obama's friends join protesters attempting to enter Gaza

U.S. flight diverted due to "suspicious item"

Iraq to Appeal Dismissal of Charges Against Blackwater US Security Guards

Iraq disappointed by U.S. judge dismissal of Blackwater case

Eyewitnesses: 2 arrested in Christmas flight terror : 'How stupid do you think the American public is?'

Body scanners not 'magic technology' against terror: Are called "Virtual Strip Search"

Calls for Full-Body Scanners Re-Ignite Privacy Concerns

Full-Body Scans to Be Used for Flights From Amsterdam to U.S.

Great Britain considers body scanners after Detroit airline attack

Newark Liberty Airport to be first in area to get full-body scanners: Pictures of your body will be graphic

150 more full-body scanners to go in U.S. airports

Experts say North Texas airports need more full-body scanners

Danish police shoot 'terrorist' trying to enter Mohammed cartoonist's home

Turmoil in Yemen Provides Breeding Ground for Terrorism

Democrats Join Calls for Napolitano to Step Down Following Failed Attack

H1N1 vaccine now available to general public

Media 'covering up sordid, gay-on-gay murder'

Texas teachers warned against being 'heterosexist': 'We must help people to become committed to social change'

Woman defies order to give child to former lesbian partner

CIA Resolved to Avenge Agents' Deaths In Afghanistan: Retired CIA Officers Take Swing at Obama Over CIA Torture Prosecutions


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