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January 15-31, 2010
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Smell of death send Filipinos in Haiti back home: Stench of rotting corpses spreaking in the air

Disease spreads in quake-hit Haiti

Today's News

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: Bloomberg exposes Conspiracy

Banks, Officials Find ‘Common Ground’ in World Economic Forum: Agreed on need for Global Regulations

Consumers Also Played Role in Fourth-Quarter U.S. Growth Surge

War crime case against Tony Blair now rock-solid

Blair’s legacy: an Iraq shattered by invasion

China suspends military exchanges with the U.S. over Taiwan arms sale

Gay dating site's Super Bowl ad rejected by CBS

Women’s groups protest Tim Tebow’s pro-life Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family

Disease spreads in quake-hit Haiti

Gas Shortage: how did North Sea oil-rich Britain get here?

Mall Tells Christians: God talk banned!

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Plentiful-Job Gauge Points to U.S. Payroll Growth

President Obama unveils $33 billion tax credit: To boost jobs

McConnell Backs Panel With Focus on Funding Cuts, Not Tax Hikes

Funds flee Greece as Germany warns of "fatal" eurozone crisis

Greece, EU and markets in big game of chicken

British Chancellor dismisses Obama plan to break up banks as ineffective

Toyota’s Chief Apologizes as Company Races to Fix Recall Crisis

Honda recalls 646,000 Fits for fire hazard: Involving the power window switch

New jobs in electric motor production coming to GM at White Marsh

Obama Says Cutting U.S. Budget Deficit ‘Critical’ for Economy

King Abdullah of Jordan Meets with Peres at World Economic Forum

Argentina's Central Bank Chief Resigns

U.S. Needs to Adjust More Quickly to Terrorist Threats: Obama Aide

Russia tests its first stealth fighter jet

Disgraced former Obama czar reemerges: Communist-group founder to address world's leading corporations

Obama, House GOP polite yet apart after Baltimore debate

President Obama slams obstructionist Republicans at GOP issues retreat

Sri Lankan presidential election - final result - Incumbent won re-election

Bomb blast in NW Pakistan kills 14

Suspected drone strike kills 15 in Pakistan

U.N. Envoy to Afghanistan Met With Taliban

Murder trial of anti-abortion activist now up to jury


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel ignores demand to probe Gaza war

Team considering establishment of independent Goldstone probe

Iran may lash out at Israel: May use proxies Hamas and Hezbullah

PM: Ariel is the 'capital of Samaria' - ""We are continuing to build," Netanyahu vows after planting tree in West Bank

Obama Hints Israeli "Right-Wing" Nationalists Hinder Peace

Hamas' Mashaal vows to avenge Dubai assassination of top Hamas chief

Israel set to launch new spy satellite: Military seeks to beef up intelligence gathering in the face of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power

Who will blink first? Iran will realize annihilation of Israel would have reciprocal impact

Corruption will let Hamas take W. Bank' control from Abbas' Fatah

Hezbollah 'drops' demand for Islamic Lebanon

Israel: Gaza flour mill was justified military target


Massive Quake News From Haiti

Fears of rising insecurity in Haiti

Smell of death send Filipinos in Haiti back home: Stench of rotting corpses spreaking in the air

Disease spreads in quake-hit Haiti

Bill Clinton Praises IDF Haiti Hospital

Haiti Moves, Haltingly, to Reopen Schools

Task of rebuilding Haiti expected to be ambitious, arduous

Fight over cost of Haiti medical treatments

Haiti proves 'Avatar' religion doesn't work - If you're seeking spiritual connections, you have two choices: God or Satan

U.S. Pushes for New Okinawa Military Site

Hearing 'voices' common for children

Hollywood shocker! Film praises private health care

Extra! Extra! A romantic comedy without sex!


January 29, 2010


Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination

George Bush To The Hague! International War Crimes Charges Possible

Academics fight rise of creationism at universities: Most biology students are now thought to be creationists

WHO to Clarify Swine Flu Data After False Pandemic Claim

Bernanke Wins New Term: By comfortable margin

U.S. Economy Grows 5.7 Percent: Fastest Pace Since 2003

Amazing new voter poll on Obama's avowed federal spending freeze: 9 out of 10 Americans bought that Obama's State of the Union gimmick to impose spending freeze

Obama's promises, verbatim

Bill Gates promises $10 billion for vaccines

Simulated volcanoes and man-made 'sun blocks' can rescue the planet: This is one of the reasons why the world needs an international project

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama Takes Job-Growth Pitch on Tour

Toyota U.S. Dealers May Lose $2.47 Billion a Month

AIG Gets Strong Response on Bonus Cuts: Most accept cuts

Senate Approves Amendment to Raise Debt Ceiling by $1.9 Trillion

Obama's Proposed "Small Business" Initiative Lacks Audacity (and Focus)

Corruption in Washington is smothering America's future


GOP Slams State of the Union Address for Little Attention to National Security

Fact-checking the State o' the U

Amid pleas for unity, President Obama riles both left and right

House GOP seeks comeback strategy

Obama's pro-gay military policy will help Republicans

Tony Blair faces Iraq inquiry

Families of Iraq war dead voice anger at 'smirking' Blair

Chilcot Inquiry: Lawyers expose pressure to give green light for war

Taliban say no decision yet on Karzai offer of talks

U.S. cool to Karzai plan on Taliban

Michael Steele thinks he'd like another RNC chair term, but it's not really up to him

Michael Steele defends RNC meeting in Hawaii, noting state is Obama's 'birthplace ... his backyard'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama: Relationship with Israel Important for U.S. Security

Bad for Obama, Bad for Israel?

Hamas says Israel assassinates top commander in Dubai

Tensions On Northern Border

Israel set to respond to UN demand on Gaza war

Besieged Gaza facing two-day blackout

Top peace activist arrested by Israel

Look at it from Israel's point of view

Israel’s response in Haiti teaches the world a lesson

Iran executes two for post-election violence


January 28, 2010



Did you know that Abortion is a major tool to achieve The Kingdom of Antichrist?

Today's News

'Jerusalem will be Palestinian capital' - Abbas

North Korea resumes firing artillery amid tension

Obama renews health care fight: Declaring "I don't quit'"

Pope John Paul II regularly whipped himself: Claim of self-flagellation boosts case for elevating late pontiff to status of saint

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Haiti Earthquake: city's plight leads to worst humanitarian crisis in decades

In Fox News Americans trust: Poll


Massive Quake News From Haiti

US Military To Enforce State Of Emergency In Haiti

World Economic Forum spotlight turns to rebuilding Haiti

Aid trickles to Haitian countryside, searches continue

UN warns of Haiti gangsters, traffickers

John Travolta flies plane with scientologists to deliver aid to Haiti

More than 80 million viewers tune in to all-star telethon for Haitian earthquake victims

In Britain, the hunt is on for aliens: Leading astronomers in Britain say they have compelling evidence of alien life on other planets, a claim that would mark a breakthrough if proven correct

Ahead of London summit, Taliban reveal demands: 60-nation conference in London on Afghanistan

Afghanistan Summit: PM Gordon Brown says 'tide must turn'

British troops needed in Afghanistan for 15 years

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Ford Reports Profit for 2009 of $2.7 Billion

US Fed Reserve maintains low interest rate

Euro-Zone Economic Confidence Grows Further

Obama plans to double exports in five years

White House to dole out $8 billion in high-speed rail grants

Senate Democrats face painful votes on debt limit

Boeing Reports Signs of Recovery

Oil heads toward $74 in Asia on renewed optimism over US economic recovery

Toyota expands recall to 1.1M more vehicles

Ford offering cash or trade-in value for Toyota vehicles

Toyota dealers, customers wonder what happens next

Toyota concedes quality took back seat to 'speedy moves' to global growth

Obama warns Iran of 'growing consequences'

NATO trucks come under fire in Pakistan

Prince of Wales tells disgraced CRU: 'Well done, all of you!' - Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia

Congressional Leaders React to President Obama's Address: First 'State of the Union'

State of the Union punctuated by tough talk, odd reaction

Obama urges nervous Dems to fight for his agenda

Republicans say nation can't afford Dem policies

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jerusalem will be Palestinian capital' - Abbas

U.S. asks Israel 'in no uncertain terms' to refrain from retaliatory operations: Could spark another war in Middle East

Obama Misjudges His Misjudgment: Too much Middle East peace processing

Barak, Mubarak talks to focus on coaxing Abbas to negotiating table

Israel's Whitewash

The case against the Goldstone Report On Gaza War

'No new Israeli probe of Cast Lead': Jew-haters find inspiration in the Goldstone Report

U.N. accused of setting up Israeli officials: 'Real danger' is that unsupported war crimes charges will develop over Gaza War of 2008

54 U.S. lawmakers urge Obama to press for end to Gaza siege

Defense Minister Barak: Israel's greatest threat isn't Iran

Holocaust Day marked at Nazi death camp Auschwitz - 65th Anniversary

Auschwitz survivor tells of her 'guardian angel'

Democrats suddenly interested in Obama birth certificate

New movie in theaters is literally saving lives: 'Teens see this film, they walk out and throw their razor blades away'

CDC urges people to get H1N1 vaccination

January 27, 2010



U.S. passes 50 million abortion mark

Today's News

Super Bowl ad stokes U.S. abortion controversy: Objecting to strident anti-abortion message

U.S. healthcare bill faces uncertain fate

In State of the Union, Obama will try to revive message

Daylight Rape On City Street: No one stopped to intervene

Aliens might not be friendly, warns astronomer

Illegal drugs brings more money to Mexico than oil

Raped Islamic Teenager Receives 101 Lashes For Becoming Pregnant: Rapist received no punishment

South Korea returns fire from North Korea

US Afghan commander signals peace talks with Taliban

Afghanistan's Karzai Considers Taliban Peace Scheme

Merkel says wrong to set date to quit Afghanistan

Drones in the sky, drones on the ground: Pakistani tribesmen in Miranshah claimed to have shot down another U.S. drone

Iranian pilgrims attacked in Iraqi capital - Two killed

Yury Luzhkov, Mayor Of Moscow, Calls Gay Parade "Satanic"

Tebow Super Bowl ad generating much buzz

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Russia reaped benefits of an oil-fuelled recovery: With ratings increase

China to become world's largest economy in 2020

China, Fed meeting weigh heavily on world markets

Fed considers exit plan as Bernanke awaits 2nd term

New home sales likely rose in December

Treasury Secretary Geithner to answer critics on AIG bailout secrecy

GM to sell Saab to Dutch carmaker Spyker for $74M

Deal done, Spyker faces tough road ahead with Saab

Oregon voters OK tax hikes on wealthy, businesses

Haiti's biggest earthquake in 200 years

Port-au-Prince's urban setting creates new challenges for crisis response

Will endemic corruption suck away aid to Haiti?

Aid Distribution Improves As Clinton Defends US Haiti Leadership

Man Pulled Alive From Haiti Rubble 14 Days After Quake

Manchurian Candidates: Supreme Court allows China and others unlimited spending in US elections

4 charged in U.S. Senate office infiltration in New Orleans

Sri Lankan President Wins Re-election

Man Arrested After Weapons: Map of U.S. Military Facility Seized From N.J. Motel Room

H1N1 Experts Assail 'Fake' Pandemic Claim

WHO denies drugs firms swayed its flu decisions

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. Pressures Abbas on Peace Talks

Another goal pared back: Mideast peace

Abbas considering low-level talks with Israel

Israel's Barak: Lack of peace worse threat than Iran

Unprecedented! 54 House Dems Call on Israel to End Siege of Gaza

Israel to shun UN call for Gaza probe

Showdown at Davos: Revisiting the Turkey-Israel Drama

Israeli top court chief hit with thrown shoe


January 26, 2010


Palestinian Authority: Peace talks cannot be revived

Obama to announce partial government spending freeze

Swine flu, Bird flu 'never happened': Probe into H1N1 'false pandemic'

'Gay' plan for bathrooms called 'moral insanity'

Iraq crime lab car bomber kills 18 in Baghdad

Bill Clinton's Revenge: Former president casts a shadow over the State of the Union

'Blame Bush' Strategy Wears Thin as Obama Enters Second Year

Feds controlling media? It's been done before

'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq after Halabja ruling : Was an enforcer in Saddam Hussein's regime - Was also Saddam's cousin

Iraq capital Baghdad rocked by deadly triple bombing - Hotels were targeted: At least 36 have died

London meeting to seek ways to win Afghan war

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Global growth concerns hit world markets

Britain exits recession, last G7 nation to do so

Polk, County, and U.S. see home sales rise, prices fall

Bank of China, Construction Bank Start Curbing Credit

China slams US criticism of Internet controls

Google negotiating ways to keep presence in China

Oil slides to near $74 as Asian markets fall: Dollar strenghthens versus euro

GM to make its own electric motors in 2013

As DuPont Rebounds, Will Shares Follow

Airport security is a tech-firm gold rush: Companies compete for government contracts to design and make new baggage-screening and body-scanning devices

Busted! Obama praise planted in U.S. newspapers

Bin Laden Already Dead

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel shuns UN call for Cast Lead probe

Defense Secretary Barak Warns: Biggest threat is Palestinians among us

Abbas Rejects Israeli Presence on Eastern Border

Accurate Holocaust remembrance: Nobody can talk of a genocide of Jews at Soviet hands

Israeli leaders head off to Europe

Abbas offended by Egypt, turns to Saudia Arabia

Israeli hospital in Haiti ends operations

Palestian Authority Kids Taught to Die in Battle Against Israel

What oil shortage? World is swimming in it

Archives: What If Crude Oil Is Likely NOT Fossil Fuel! Not Created From Dead Dinosaurs and Plant Life? Likely Is Available Continuously And In Almost Limitless Supply?

2010: Year the global-warming hoax died: 'Hysteria has been scaled back – perhaps permanently'

California Prop. 8 trial focuses on gays' political power

Birth certificate 'baloney': 'Official' doesn't mean real


Massive Quake News From Haiti

Int'l Haiti aid meeting opens in Montreal

Montreal summit tiptoes around Haiti's hidden crises

More talk than action on Haiti's real needs

U.S. criticised over Haiti relief effort as Italian disaster expert brands it 'badly managed'

Helping Haiti, one loving bake sale at a time

Hollywood and Haiti

January 25, 2010


CCTV in the sky: British police plan to use military-style spy drones

NSA beats warrantless wiretap lawsuit

NASA Global Warming Alarmist Endorses Book That Calls For Mass Genocide

McCain Nudges Obama Toward His Party’s Health Plans

A Very American Coup

Wow! UK parliamentary investigation into Climategate may not be a whitewash

Sanity check: 2008 & 2009 Were The Coolest Years Since 1998 in the USA

President Obama Changes Tone Ahead of State of the Union Address

Los Angeles Heading for Bankruptcy: Mayor Tries to Prevent Bond Market Panic

US weapon test caused Haiti quake: Russia also reported to have such a weapon

Haiti is devastated by 7.0 Earthquake - 500,000 feared dead!

Was this terrifying quake triggered by scientists wielding the weapon of electromagnetic wave technology -- H.A.R.R.P.?

"... some scientists in their laboratories ... are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (Defense Secretary William Cohen, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy Sam Nunn Policy Forum, April 28, 1997, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia)


Death Toll Rises in Haiti Quake Rises to 150,000

UN aims to help rebuild Haiti

'Arabs Not Giving Enough to Haiti': Arab commentator

In Haiti, U.S. troops embrace a new role

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians await shelter in makeshift camps: Up to 600,000

Vietnamese immigrant: Israel saving Haiti children's lives

Haiti child protection teams on guard to stop trafficking


Bush-era FBI faked terror alerts to get phone records

In audio message, "bin Laden" says he endorsed Dec. 25 airline bomb plot

US commander signals peace talks with Taliban

C.I.A. Deaths In Afghanistan Prompt Surge in U.S. Drone Strikes

In Afghanistan, 5 US troops killed in 24 hours

Germany considers boosting troops in Afghanistan

'US to surrender Iraq to extremists': Iraqi parliamentarian warns

US mismanagement wastes Iraq money

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Palestinians lacking bombing capacity': For the first time in a decade there were no Palestinian suicide attacks against Israelis in 2009

PM Netanyahu Vows: Israel will never quit settlements

Defense Secretary Barak and General Ashkenazi back Cast Lead panel

'Anti-Semitism highest since WWII'

Auschwitz Blueprints on Public Display in Israel

Israeli Peres to address German parliament

Egypts Mubarak defends Gaza wall despite criticism

Somali Pirates Negotiating Release of 2 Israeli-Owned Ships

In Britain, the hunt is on for aliens

Vatican bank charged with money-laundering

TARP Overseer: The banks ‘will own all of us’ without reform

China steps up defense of Internet controls

Ethiopian plane from Lebanon crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, 90 on board

Lebanon rules out terror as cause for plane crash

January 23-24, 2010



Differing strategies on health care considered: Smaller bill among options

Today's News

Haiti quake death toll reaches more than 111,000: More than 600,000 homeless

U.N.: Haiti government calls off search and rescue

Defense Set to Press California Gay-Marriage Case

Sexual orientation not a choice: Gay/Lesbian final witness in California Gay-Marriage Case


Converging To Global

Obama Bank Plan Renews Global Push for Regulation

Europe Applauds Obama Bank Initiative, But Seeks Global Pact

Merkel Calls for Global Financial Exit Strategy

Obama Sharpens His Populist Tone: In response to Massachusetts Senate setback

Americans are angry and frustrated: Obama

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Should Be Eliminated: Rep. Barney Frank

New Bank Rules Sink Stocks : Obama Proposal Would Restrict Risk-Taking by Biggest Firms as Battle Looms

Populist Surge on Hill Erodes the Support for Bernanke

Roe v. Wade anniversary marked by vigils, demonstrations: 37th anniversary

GE sees 'solid growth' ahead

'Pakistan unlikely to take military actions wanted by the US'

Militants destroy NATO truck in NW Pakistan

Pakistan reaches out to Afghan Taliban

H1N1 vaccines plentiful, but takers few

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel pays U.N. $10.5M for war damage in Gaza

US Envoy Mitchell Urges Palestinians to Resume Negotiations With Israelis

Mitchell Returns to Israel Wednesday Evening

Getting to yes on the Middle East

French President Sarkozy: Israel may act against Iran

Israeli, Iranian ministers share a rare handshake

Iran denies handshake report with Israeli official

Limbaugh says there are many "Jew-haters" "in the Obama administration or in his circle of friends"

American journalist booted from Israel after being questioned about his anti-Israel views

Hezbollah moves long-range rockets to north Lebanon: A move that threatens to broaden any future conflict with Israel into a war between the two countries

Israel's troop surge increases tensions at Lebanon border

Jnuary 22, 2010


Is Obama's Mass. setback really a conservative win?

US Does Not Have Capitalism Now: Columbian Professor Stiglitz

Europe Applauds Obama Bank Initiative, But Seeks Global Pact

A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day BEFORE the Earthquake

Obama Administration Lifts US Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Cindy McCain poses for gay marriage ad: John McCain's Wife!

TSA Admits Placing Cocaine In Woman’s Luggage

The World Bids Farewell to Obama

The Impending Yellowstone Eruption and the Book of Revelation

Government Is Too Big to Succeed: By Rep. Ron Paul

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama targets big banks

New Curbs on Banks Not Politically Motivated: Treasury Secretary Geithner

Dramatic Obama bank plan wins cautious backing in Europe

Former Fed Chief Paul Volcker: The man behind Obama's war on Wall Street

German Ministry Of Finance: Need International Review Of Obama Plan

What Obama's bank reforms really mean

Push Banks to Lend, Senate Leader Urges Bernanke

Wall Street Hired 1,000 in December, Most Since May

US Needs 'Risky' Bank Lending: JPMorgan Strategist

Merkel Calls for Global Financial Exit Strategy

Supernatural action thriller “Legion” is bound to stir up some controversy: With its horror-driven (and at times comical) portrayal of the Apocalypse in which an upset God loses faith in Mankind and thus unleashes “evil angels” and the “dogs of heaven” to destroy all living things

First Climategate, now Glaciergate

ClimateGate: Global warming looking more like a hoax

Ron Paul: After ‘CIA coup,’ the agency ‘runs military’

Ron Paul and a Timeline of CIA Crimes and Atrocities

Sec/State Clinton urges Internet freedom, condemns cyber attacks

China says US Internet accusations "baseless"

Supreme Court opens up election spending: Ruling reverses limit, saying corporations have free-speech right

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Hamas accepts Israel's right to exist'

Mitchell Pitches a New 5-Point Plan for Middle East Negotiations

Mitchell holds talks with Abbas as hopes for ME peace fade

Barak, Mitchell discuss peace process

Porous Sinai border presents threat: IDF warns PM

Israel Stops Issuing Work Visas to Aid Agencies

Human Rights Watch: Israel more hostile than ever

Israel investigates accusations of vandalism in a Palestinian cemetery

Arab Rock Attack on the home of Professor Hershkowitz: Minister of Science and Technology Rabbi Prof.

Hezbollah on high alert for fear of Israeli attack

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: War will change region's face - Vowed to defeat the IDF

Hezbollah funded by drug trade

PM's grim refugee vision: What about reality? Authorities are distorting figures in order to increase xenophobia

Ahmadinejad's fortune worth over €100M: 66 senior Iranian government officials holding a fortune totaling some $16 billion abroad

India issues alert over al-Qaeda hijack plot: Warning that al-Qaida-linked terrorists were plotting to hijack a plane


Massive Quake News From Haiti

'Hell is in session right now in Haiti'

Haiti: Trade in Voodoo for values

Haitian President Thanks Israel

Aid makes it to Haiti, but not onto streets

Haitian Government to Relocate 400,000 Displaced by Quake

Leonardo DiCaprio donates $1m to Haiti Relief Fund

US offers protected status for Haitian immigrants

Nations set differences aside to expedite relief to Haiti

Children going missing from Haiti hospitals: UNICEF

'Gays' seek $1M to recruit private-school teachers - WND Editor's note: The following includes descriptions of adult themes and objectionable subject material

U.S. firm to remove Bible references from gun sights

NZ army to remove Bible citations from armaments

Massachusetts Senate Vote Aftermath

Newly-elected Pornographic Pin-Up artist Rep. Sen. Scott Brown

Scott Brown makes rounds in Washington D.C.

Scott Brown sets sights on coveted posts

Compared to colleagues, Scott Brown lacks green

Scott Brown’s reporter wife vows no special access

President Obama's First Year

Exposed: Saudi Arabia's secret nuke stash: agreement between the two countries was secretly inked seven years ago

Archived Headline News Article:

"Mushroom Clouds In The Middle East" - Part 2

We revealed in June, 2002, that Saudi Arabia bought nuclear warheads off the shelf from Pakistan and Chinese theater missiles

NATO member aligning itself with Russia: Turkey turning into Russian diplomatic orbit


January 21, 2010


FBI 'fabricated terror emergencies to get phone records'

Pakistan Is Fully Prepared For World War III

Obama lawyers argue 'gender stereotypes' protected in 1964 Civil Rights Act

Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots

Supreme Court endorses 'hostility' toward Christianity

Army-sponsored report proposes new elite 'police force'

Chris Matthews admits he analyzes politics from a Marxist perspective

Obama gets voters' message: It's jobs, jobs, jobs

Dubai invites United Nations to set up headquarters: Emirate ideally situated as accessible meeting-point for world leaders

Fascist Global Economy Forming

China Losing to U.S. Among Investments of Choice

U.S. Economy: Permits Jump, Signal Construction Gains

Russia diversifies into Canadian dollars

Obama to Propose New Rules on Banks’ Size, Trading

China Statement’s Missing Words Fuel Policy-Shift Speculation

JAL Pension Shortfall May Prompt Japan Inc. to shore up their deficit-ridden pension plans

Massachusetts Senate Vote Aftermath

AG Martha Coakley sure didn’t campaign like a Kennedy

Scott Brown is hotter than hot

Scott Brown: From pinup to pickup-driving populist

Obama, Democrats Signal Willingness to Scale Back Health Bill: After Massachusetts Senate seat loss

Brown Win Boosts Republicans, Prompts Democratic Soul-Searching

Hometown dishes on ‘guy next-door’: ‘What you see is what you get’

Dems' Massachusetts loss clouds Pelosi's future

Texas Wildcatter Moncrief Hits Latest Gusher Beneath Old Fields: May be one of the biggest Gulf of Mexico oil and gas discoveries in decades


Israeli - Palestinian War

US Envoy George Mitchell arrives in Israel for talks

German Chancellor Merkel to Press Abbas as Israel Says Now Is The Time for Peace

Netanyahu: Israel Must Militarily Surround New PA State

New Israeli demand complicates US peace mission

Real Danger to Jerusalem as Israel's Undivided Capital

Israel and Egypt Continue to Squeeze Gaza

Israel must get used to the new antagonistic Turkey

Vatican: Israel-Palestinian conflict major Christian challenge

Netanyahu Warns: Migrant workers risk Israel's Jewish character

Israel will join OECD as its poorest member


Massive Quake News From Haiti

US Security Company Offers to Perform "High Threat Terminations" and to Confront "Worker Unrest" in Haiti

US Troops to Be Re-Deployed to Haiti

Strong Aftershock rocks Haiti - aid effort improves

Hospital ship greeted by Haiti's stark reality

Israel’s Relief Effort in Haiti Saves Lives, Boosts Image

Obamas give money to Haiti relief fund

Americans Rush to Adopt Orphaned Haitian Children

Haiti Telethon Seeks Largest Global Audience

Fighting Terrorism: Britain Suspends Flights from Yemen



January 20, 2010



Katrina Revisited: U.S. Military Blocking Doctors? Let the Aid to Haiti Go Through

Breaking News

Strong aftershock adds to Port-au-Prince chaos

Fresh 6.1 quake shakes Haiti from sleep

US military defends efforts to manage Haiti airport logjam

Emerging-Market Stocks Drop Most in a Month on China, Oil

Today's News

Scott Brown drives his GMC pickup truck to U.S. Senate victory

Is America a failed state?

Car production set to crank up 69% in First Quarter

U.S. troops move into Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to help keep order, distribute aid

Congress Seeks Specific Fixes on "Intel Failures"

Obama's First Year: Foreign Policy - Republican Viewpoint

Barack Obama floundering a year later after wave of goodwill crashes

UN climate chief admits mistake on Himalayan glaciers warning

Iran spurns nuclear fuel deal in writing

8 people are killed in shooting near Appomattox, Virginia


Fascist Global Economy Forming

British Jobless Claims Drop Sharply

Japan's clunker plan to include Detroit carmakers

GM seeks UAW concessions at ex-Delphi plants

Citi Logs $7.6 Billion Loss as Investment Bank Struggles

Japan Air Lines Files For Bankruptcy

Republicans take Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts in historic upset

GOP win doesn't mean health reform is dead: Establishment viewpoint

Analysis: GOP sees Mass. win as stop sign for Dems

Sen. Jim Webb: Suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated

Once an underdog in Massachusetts, Brown could shake national agenda

White House says Obama stayed out of race for Kennedy seat despite health care stakes

Massachusetts Senate race: let the blame game begin

Healthcare backup plans carry huge risks


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza War: Palestinians battle bitterly over Palestinian forces' conduct

Aid agencies protest: Blockade hurts health of Gazans

Israel cool to east Jerusalem settlement freeze

Obama Continues “Special Relationship” with Israel: Socialist viewpoint

President Peres thanks Israel's rescue team in Haiti

Turkey no longer needs a close relationship with Israel: Ankara turning away from secularism and toward more radical Islam

Israeli PM holds historic joint cabinet meeting in Berlin

Arab Christians try reviving town of Jesus miracle

Qassam terror rocket lands in Eshkol; none injured


Massive Quake News From Haiti

Powerful Quake aftershock sparks terror on the streets

Israel earns media accolades for disaster efforts

Praise for Israeli mission in Haiti: 'Only ones operating'

Is Israel harvesting organs in Haiti? Iranian slander

Foreign Minister Lieberman: Send Israeli police forces to Haiti

General McChrystal's Afghan plan takes a Taliban hit

Iran enters gas talks with Iraq

Iran's 5th fleet to head for Gulf of Aden: To fight piracy off the coast of Somalia

Iranian President Ahmadinejad urges unity among regional states

30 wounded in Mosul car bomb attack

January 19, 2010



Looting Continues in Haiti as Residents Leave Capital in Search of Food

Today's News

President Obama's First Year In Office

Next Ukrainian President: East or West?

Taliban Strike Heart of Afghan Capital

Massachusetts voters head to polls with national implications - Massachusetts, Lead The Way

Swine flu threat appears subsided

Health care a hot issue on MLK Day

Dems do have universal voting legislation planned


Massive Quake News From Haiti

Why does Haiti suffer so much? Liberal Christian Viewpoint

Haiti Earthquake: Photos

In Haiti: Devastation Is 'Mind-Blowing'

Frustrated quake survivors leaving en masse

US troop landings delay Haiti aid

US begins airdrops of food and water into Haiti

Passenger planes leaving Haiti with empty seats: Washington won't let the public buy tickets to leave Haiti because passengers can't be screened

In Haiti, a rising agony: 200,000 now estimated dead

Haiti earthquake: France criticises US 'occupation'

Haiti earthquake: US denies 'occupying' the country

Headline News Analysis

Haiti is devastated by 7.0 Earthquake - 500,000 feared dead!

Was this terrifying quake triggered by scientists wielding the weapon of electromagnetic wave technology -- H.A.R.R.P.?

"... some scientists in their laboratories ... are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (Defense Secretary William Cohen, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy Sam Nunn Policy Forum, April 28, 1997, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia)


Medical Marijuana in NJ: Is PA Next?


Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama gets 'F' for mideast policy: Editorial

Israel, Turkey Seek to Repair Ties

Hamas Burns Its Egyptian Bridges

Israel's rocket shield plus Egypt's tunnel barrier squeeze Hamas

Iran tops agenda as Germany, Israel hold joint cabinet meeting

Abbas Warns U.S.: Peace talks won't work until Israel given red lines

Iran vows to take revenge on Israel for physicist assassination

Israel's Medical Team Leads Way in Haiti

IDF teams comb rubble for last Haitian survivors

Jordanian sources say Iran ordered attack on Israeli convoy

Yemen threatens more strikes on al-Qaida - as long as it threats Yemen's security and stability

Pakistani 'Al Qaeda' scientist trial begins in NY

3 dozen lawmakers want proof of Obama eligibility

FBI Takes Down Controversial Photo of Osama bin Laden: Spanish lawmaker shocked to learn that the FBI used his photo to create new Laden "photo" - Photoshop, that is

Morris Publishing files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, plans to lower overall debt

World stocks down ahead of Citigroup earnings


January 18, 2010


Chavez says U.S. occupying Haiti in name of aid

Kabul "under control" after brazen Taliban assault

Israel-Turkey ties hit a low point

U.S. poll: fewer see Obama advancing racial ties

Nearly half polled say Obama not delivering on promises

Obama's inaugural speech, one year later: Assessing his words

Lots of swine flu vaccine, less public interest

Dems look at bypassing Senate health care vote

Haiti's voodoo priests object to mass burials

India drives tribals into Maoist arms


Massive Quake News From Haiti

U.S. takes control of Haiti

US accused of annexing airport as squabbling hinders aid effort in Haiti

More US troops, UN peacekeepers expected for Haiti

Obama allows callup of military reserves for Haiti relief

Bill Clinton Visits Haiti to Speed Earthquake Assistance

Haiti: 'A scene of complete devastation, of bodies abandoned in the street'

Security fears mount in lawless post-earthquake Haiti

Frustrated throngs flee Haiti’s capital

Haitian evacuee Jules Paul Bouloute wanted cab, but caused JFK Airport chaos

George Clooney Explains How MTV's 'Hope For Haiti' Telethon Came Together

U.N. chief's Haiti trip draws press outrage

Cruise ships still find a Haitian berth

Huckabee Praises US Aid to Haiti, World Ignores Israel's

The black hole of Haiti: Editorial

Haiti provides a lesson in King’s relevance: Editorial

Euro Falls Against Dollar

India Orders Societe Generale Stop Derivatives Trades

Japan Air Said to Near Delta Deal, Dropping American Airlines

Body With 'Very Long' Fingers Discovered On Plum Island

GOP Senate Hopeful Riding Wave of Voter Anger In Massachusetts

'Shame on Martha!' Massachusetts Senate race turns 'vicious'

Martha Coakley Got A+ From ACORN

After Obama Rally, Massachusetts Dems Pin Blame On Bush: Patrick Kennedy did not even know Matha's name


Israeli - Palestinian War

Defense Minister Barak welcomed in Ankara as an Israeli the Turks can work with

Livni slams PM Netanyahu over Turkey fiasco

Turkey, Israel: An apology to defuse a row

The real fool is Erdogan: Ayalon erred in handling Turkish envoy, but Turkey’s PM did worse

Abbas: Only Difference from Hamas Is that Fatah Is in Power

Abbas urges US 'endgame' unless Israel halts settlements

Abbas signals readiness to resume talks with Israel

Amnesty International again urges Israel to end 'suffocating' Gaza blockade

Netanyahu weighing a trip to Moscow

Israel asks Vatican to open wartime archives -- World War II

Holocaust hangs over pope's visit to Rome synagogue

Israeli cabinet convenes in Berlin - highlighting nations' bond six decades after Holocaust

Poll: Most Israelis sympathetic towards Germany

MLK had a dream: Israel included

PM Netanyahu approves construction of Egypt-Israel border fence

The new Sparta: There’s something very sad about need to surround Israel with fences

Saudi Arabia and the oil bank

Newest attack on Christianity: Just shut up! Noise ordinances latest weapon against churches

Bio-Energy -- Is energy 'miracle' finally taking off?


January 16-17, 2010


Tensions Mount in Haiti: Situation Grows Desperate

Severity of H1N1 outbreak was deliberately exaggerated by pharmaceutical companies that stood to make billions of dollars from a worldwide scare

Democrats 'Very Close' to Health Care Deal

Israel and Turkey Look to Salvage Their Damaged Military Alliance

Mitchell to arrive in region this week without a plan

Yemen Says It Killed Senior al Qaeda Leader

Iran-Iraq Oil Field Standoff Eases

Obama Vows To Claw Back Tarp Cash

The US as a great warrior tribe: Arab Viewpoint

Ukraine expected to elect 'Russian candidate’: Country abandons its flirtation with the West to return to Russia’s sphere of influence

Massachusetts Republican Taps Into Voter Unease


Massive Quake News From Haiti

Interactive Map - Degrees of Devastation

Haiti's Earthquake Destruction: Exclusive Photographs

Enormity of Haiti quake disaster clear from the sky

Reporters strain to convey level of horror

Haitian government relocates to police station

Up to 200,000 feared dead

Haiti Quake May Threaten Stability Achieved by UN Peacekeepers

U.S. Military in Haiti: A Compassionate Invasion

Relief trickles in, but not enough

Rescue continues for 8 Chinese police officers buried under Haitian quake debris

Searching among a Haitian Catholic cathedral's ruins: Collapse of Notre Dame Cathedral in Port-au-Prince struck at the heart of a religiously fervent people

Tiger Woods looking to help Haiti relief effort

Clooney, MTV lead Haiti TV benefit

In China, Google Declares War on Censorship


Fascist Global Economy Forming

BOJ’s Central Banker Sees Little Risk of Double-Dip Recession

U.S. inflation tame, industrial output rises

Bank Tax Is Centerpiece of Democrat Party's New Populism

JPMorgan Chase reports an $11.7 billion yearly profit

Obama Tax Prompts "Victimized" Bankers to Break Out the Violins

What if All 50 States Get Ben Nelson's Medicaid Deal?



Iraq War - Not Over Yet

25 killed in 3 bomb blasts in Iraq's Najaf

4 killed, 11 wounded in Iraq's eastern Diyala

Civilian killed in Iraq's Diyala violence

Suicide truck bomb kills 2 in western Iraq

Iraqi court sentences 11 to death over deadly bombings

7 killed in bomb attacks in W Iraq

Sunni leader to appeal national election ban

Iraq Says It Foiled Bomb Plot

Incompetent U.S. policies create "volatile triangle": Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan


Israeli - Palestinian War

Jews in J-Street back two-state solution

Mashaal Threatens: If IDF attacks Gaza again, Hamas will turn Israel into a cemetery

Turkish Group Calls for Israeli Minister's Prosecution

Turkish ambassador to Israel returns to Ankara in protest

How Israel put the brakes on another Palestinian dream

Israel Wants End To Incitement As Part Of Peace Process


Suicide bomber attacks Pakistani soldiers in Kashmir



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