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Jan 17-31, 2011
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Weather Control

School Shootings

Understanding Clinton


Netanyahu must prepare for a new regional order

Mubarak May Flee to Israel, Not Saudi Arabia

Globalist ElBaradei Prepares To Hijack Egyptian Revolution

At Cairo square, protesters sow seeds of new Egypt

Israel worried about Islamic takeover in Egypt

Huckabee: Israel can build in West Bank, Jerusalem

Florida court strikes down Obama's healthcare reform law

CASHLESS SOCIETY: ‘Facebook Nation’ unveils its new currency

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Egyptian journalist: this is no 'Brotherhood takeover'

Israel agrees to some Egyptian troops in Sinai

Israel Says Peace Treaty With Egypt Must Be Preserved

Egyptians Begin Gathering for Million-Strong March

Egyptian protesters are conflicted over US role

Egyptians stock up on food, water as protests rage

Cairo ramps up evacuations, thousands still stuck

Brotherhood shows strength, limits in Egypt chaos

Asian shares advance as Egypt worries ease


French President Sarkozy Calls on African Leaders to do Better or Risk Public Wrath

Assad says Syria immune from unrest roiling Egypt

Niger Holds Peaceful Election Designed to Restore Civilian Rule

Burma Picks Candidates for President; Junta Leader Not on List

Senate report says Iraq is at critical juncture

Iran Dismisses Transportation Minister

South Korea’s President Offers Possibility of Summit with the North

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu must prepare for a new regional order

Israel rethinking its defence doctrine

Netanyahu Concerned Islamists May Exploit Egyptian ‘Chaos’

Police to boost security around Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv

Intolerant textbooks may prevent democracy in Egypt'

Can Israel only make peace with dictators?

Could US abandon Israel too? American response to uprising in Egypt shows Washington has no qualms about 'dropping' long time ally

Gaza rockets hit Israel, no casualties

Germany's Merkel urges quick restart of peace talks with Palestinians

J Street remains an outcast in the pro-Israel lobby

'Something big' transferred to Gaza Strip: Terrorists taking advantage of growing anarchy amid Egypt riots

Japan volcano erupts with big blast of ash, rocks

Three feet of rain? Cyclone aims for waterlogged Australia

Criminal Gangs Turn Parts of Mexico into War Zones

Wall Street futures signal higher open

GLOBAL MARKETS: European Stocks Higher; Growth Hopes Dominate

Transformed Chrysler on verge of making a profit

Consumer spending up 0.7 percent in December: Households saw their incomes rise 0.4 percent

Bush’s Daughter Endorses Gay Marriage

Illinois Governor Makes Gay Civil Unions Legal

Easter Sunday asteroid on path toward Earth: Hubble spokesman says real 'Sputnik moment' needed to deflect its path - in 2036


2012 Election News

Mitt Romney aims to catch fire

Romney PAC Raises $4.7 Million to Lead Potential 2012 Hopefuls

Romney leads 2012 Michigan GOP poll

Mitt Romney Talks 2012 Plans, Obama's Economic Shortfalls

2012: The Year of the Mormons?

Bye Bye Beijing, Hello White House? current U.S. Ambassador to Beijing, former Utah Governor Jon Hunstman Jr., reportedly submitted his resignation yesterday, clearing the way for him to throw his hat in the ring as a Republican presidential candidate in 2012

Huntsman 2012? Why?

2012 contenders invited to New Hampshire for conservative summit: Americans for Prosperity hosting April summit on the topics of jobs and spending

The ET effect on religion: Did Jesus have incarnations on alien planets?


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Senate panel OKs extending child sex abuse suit statute of limitations

Dutch Catholic order admits sex abuse, is preparing compensation

Vatican’s US lawyer: Milwaukee sex abuse lawsuit didn’t follow proper channels

Defrocked priest accused of sex abuse fired from St. Clair Shores parish


January 31, 2011

Egyptian reform leader calls for Mubarak to resign

Egypt blames U.S. for fomenting uprising

Mubarak gives army shoot-to-kill order

Tunisia Revolution not far from all Arab states

Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia

Report of armed man leads to lockdown at Wal-Mart

Stormtroopin’: Beck is clearly a punitive populist

So how do you shut off a whole nation's Internet?

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Iran wins, Israel loses in turmoil

Worldwide Islamist revolution explodes: As powder keg spreads across Mideast, clerics celebrate rise of Muslim power


Mubarak gives army shoot-to-kill order

Mubarak Sends Out Warplanes: Strong indication he is preparing one final assault against the Egyptian people before he flees to Saudi Arabia

US playing double game on Egypt

EU urges Egypt: Seek peaceful shift to democracy

Mubarak faces catch-22 in Egypt

'Army must choose Egypt or Mubarak'

'Million man march' called in Cairo

Stock Futures Edge Up Despite Egypt Fears

Citizen Evacuations Are Under Way

Nations evacuating nationals out of Egypt

Government-organised charter flight to evacuate Aussies from Egypt

US Set to Fly Thousands of Americans From Egypt

Israeli tourists flee troubled Egypt


Gulf activists back Egypt uprising

Albania braces for fresh protests: Mood of revolt has spread beyond the Arab world to the Balkans

Jordanians rally against corruption and poverty

Southern Sudan leader pledges peaceful split from north

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel to West: Stop bashing Mubarak

'Israel provides weapons for Egypt'

Egypt deploys troops along Gaza border

Egypt on the mind as Merkel brings ministers to Israel

Why ‘Palestine Papers’ are the death of the peace process

Cyprus recognizes Palestinian statehood

An Israeli Opportunity In a Lebanese Crisis

Should The US Take Some Of The Blame For The Creation Of Hezbollah?

Turkish action film set to worsen ties with Israel

Israel rearrests Hamas lawmaker in West Bank

Joel Osteen Finally Gets to the Truth of Sin

The gay chicken row: Chick-Fil-A's anti-gay stance sparks protest as loyal customers turn on chain

Honda Posts 1st Profit Drop In 5 Quarters, Ups Forecast


2012 Election News

Romney tops state GOP poll on presidential hopefuls

Romney Calls Obama ‘Cavalier’ on Lost Jobs

Romney Visits Mass., N.H. and Talk Shows

Race to Corral Campaign Rainmakers for 2012

Huckmentum? Mike Huckabee Polling Well In 2012 Primaries

Former Senator Rick Santorum explores 2012 Presidential bid

Obama adviser turns sights to 2012 campaign to re-elect the President


Secret weapon unveiled to slay dragon of Obama's scheming: Vote "No" to raise debt ceiling


January 29-30, 2011

Armed gangs free Muslim militants in Egypt

Egypt state TV: Cabinet resigns after protests

Egypt's Mubarak defies demands for him to go

Egypt’s Internet Kill Switch: Coming To America

Why doesn't U.S. secure Mexico border?

Homeland Security considering a global 'trusted shipper' program

Davos panel sees devastating Iranian response to attack

Pentagon issues guidelines for repealing gay policy

ACLU, Feds coordinated attack on Arizona crackdown on illegals

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Egypt's Mubarak defies demands for him to go

Obama tells Mubarak to deliver promised reforms

Cairo in near anarchy

Looting engulfs Cairo, other Egyptian cities

Egypt military chief cuts short U.S. visit

Israel silent over Egypt protests


Suicide bomber kills deputy governor in Afghanistan

Deadly Attack by Taliban in Kabul Sought to Kill Head of Blackwater

School opens in Afghan district, first in 15 years


Iranian cleric says protests in Egypt are a replay of Iran's 1979 revolution

Al-Qaeda warns of 'Christian-Shiite pact' on Yemen

Yemen al-Qaida commander declares war against Shiites

South Yemen official again escapes 'Qaeda' ambush


Over 99 pct in Southern Sudan vote for secession

Lebanon's return to Syria-backed rule is likely to keep Hezbollah in check

Lebanon PM appeals to Saudia to not abandon Beirut

Clashes in Tunisia as new cabinet sworn in

Zimbabwe group reports surge in political violence

3 killed in clashes in Somalia's capital

Kenya PM warns of crisis over top posts

Eyewitnesses say Rwanda grenade blast kills 2

Japan volcano spews ash, flights cancelled

Israeli - Palestinian War

Without Egypt, Israel will be left with no friends in Mideast

Leaks deepen Palestinian split

Tea party-backed senator favors cutting foreign aid, including money for Israel

Lawmakers Call on Obama Administration to Veto 'Anti-Israel' U.N. Resolution

Gaza protests accuse Palestinian Authority of betrayal in talks with Israel

When the reaction is more important than the story itself

Turkish aid ship thriller casts Israel as enemy: Israel demonized

Israel watches Egypt uprising with fear

Background to Tragedy: The Decline of Turkish-Israeli Relations

No John 3:16 at Super Bowl: Fox rejects organization's advertisement on 'religious' grounds



January 28, 2011

Pentagon chief says Mideast must adopt reforms

Internet, Phones Down as Egypt Braces for 'Day of Rage'

Leaks deepen Palestinian split

Obama to Deliver Gun-grabbing Speech Soon

Mexican town's cops quit after colleagues beheaded

Police arrest five over Anonymous WikiLeaks cyber attacks

FBI Knocks Down 40 Doors in Probe of Pro-WikiLeaks Attackers

Shocker: Citizen Spy Networks to be Given Immunity

Police trained that FEMA camps are perfectly normal

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Pentagon chief says Mideast must adopt reforms

A new revolution may be changing the Arab world

World Gripped By Anti-Government Riots: America Next?


Internet, Phones Down as Egypt Braces for 'Day of Rage'

Security forces disappear off Cairo streets

Booming city of Suez microcosm of Egypt's anger

Cables show US changed tack on Egypt


NATO not to leave Afghanistan after 2014 transition: official

Kabul supermarket suicide bomb kills 8, including foreigners

Three foreigners among 8 killed in Afghan capital


Arab world unrest has Jordan's king under pressure

Rights Watch urges Jordan to stop stifling dissent

Hezbollah denies making any demands on new Lebanese PM

Death toll reaches 51 day after Iraq funeral blast

Protests erupt after lethal blast in Baghdad

Thousands of Yemenis demand change in government

U.S. official faces murder charges in Pakistan

Nuclear Watchdog Chief Warns of Nukes Falling Into the Wrong Hands

Archived Article: Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America -- Whom Should The World Fear?

Financial crisis 'didn't need to happen'

Dollar Jumps Vs Yen After Japan's Debt Rating Cut

Ford posts lower fourth quarter profit on debt payback

Israel Leverages Stance In Global Economy

Q & A: Billy Graham on Aging, Regrets, and Evangelicals

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel quietly watches chaos unfolding around it

Worldwide protest in front of Egyptian Embassies - Israel

Mideast peace talk leaks destabilising: Blair

Arab ministers to set date to demand UN vote on Israel

At Davos, Bill Clinton attacks Republicans, urges Israel to make peace with Arabs

No jail for Israel soldiers who shot Palestinian


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Defrocked priest accused of sex abuse fired from St. Clair Shores parish

Louisville Couple Suing Archdiocese

Senate panel OKs extending abuse suit statute of limitations

Sex-Abuse Fallout

Mitt Romney: No Decision Yet About 2012

Ex-Mo. Sen. Talent won't run for Senate in 2012

Nasty Taint? Rachel Maddow Probes Mitt Romney Connection To On-Demand Porn

Michigan poll: Pete Hoekstra tops in GOP Senate candidates, Mitt Romney for president, and 2-1 support for Detroit-Windsor bridge


January 27, 2011

The U.N. Gangs Up on Israel—Again

Swiss police: blast at Davos hotel, no injuries: Near where top business and political leaders are attending the World Economic Forum

FBI Anti-terror Squad, SWAT Team, Cops Show Up at Antiwar Event

Soldiers armed with smart phones redefine warfare

Republicans Revive Proposed Legislation to Force ISPs to Retain User Data

Feds Unable to Link Private Manning to Wikileaks Assange

China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people


9/11 News

UN Human Rights Official Under Fire For Describing 9/11 As A Cover Up

A decade since Sept. 11, West's threat list grows

Britain rolls back on tough post-9/11 terror laws

Boehner backs revived school voucher plan: Challenges Democrats’ effort to end

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Egypt In Turmoil

Egypt's protests enter 3rd day, ominous for regime

U.S. supports Egyptians’ "right to demonstrate": Stone-throwing protesters seek to oust Mubarak

Nobel Prize winner to take to Egypt's streets: Could provide protesters with a figurehead

Officials say 1 protester, 1 policeman have been killed in anti-government protest in Cairo


Tunisia issues arrest warrant for ousted dictator

Thousands rally against government in Yemen

Car bomb strikes funeral in Baghdad, killing 15

Obama's speech met with mixed reviews

A call to protest ignites a call to arms: Urging the unemployed to protest for change

Financial Crisis Was Avoidable, Inquiry Finds

Nielsen, Demand Media IPOs soar in debuts

Japan's credit rating downgraded

U.S. government commits avian holocaust with mass poisoning of millions of birds: USDA killed at least 100 million animals in America over the last four decades

Doctors: Giffords faces rocky road to recovery, normalcy


Israeli - Palestinian War

The U.N. Gangs Up on Israel—Again

Israel will never get a better deal than the one it rejected

Four Palestinians charged with killing US tourist

Israel enraged by Irish upgrade for Palestinian envoy

Tony Blair 'biased' towards Israel: Leaked documents

Google widens access to Israel's Holocaust archives

Israel's Netanyahu: World must act against "new anti-Semitism"

The West Bank’s Airspace – The Forgotten Factor of Israeli Security

Michele Bachmann emerges as face of Tea Party as Sarah Palin's star wanes


Catholic Sex Abuse News

PM Silvio Berlusconi 'has made Italians a laughing stock': Italy's bestselling Catholic publication

San Antonio Priest Tied To Boston Sex Abuse Scandal

Sex abuse victims reject Jesuit German Church payout offer

Court records detail sex abuse: Allegations against former Yarmouth diocese priest revealed

Priest Who Left Catholic Church Earned TV Show: Priest Who Left Catholic Church Hosts a TV Show - Now is a priest in the Episcopal Church

Husband: US Missionary Fatally Wounded In Mexico


2012 Election News

Romney likeliest candidate in 2012

Mitt Romney: No Decision Yet About 2012

Romney staffs up

Romney criticizes Obama’s State Of The Union address for lack of direction

Obama: Do Republicans really want to run against this guy?


January 26, 2011

In bi-partisan tones, President Obama still challenges GOP

Obama Defends Health Care Law, Offers Fixes

Calm returns to Lebanon after days of protests over Hezbollah coup d'etat

Moscow Attack May Result in Checkpoints Outside of Airports

President Medvedev sacks transport security chief over Moscow blast

Leaked document: US general aware of Palestinian torture

State of the Union - Transcript

The Fact Checker: Obama's 2011 State of the Union address

Obama's State of the Union address thin on foreign policy

Obama Promises to Bring Troops Home from Afghanistan Beginning July 2011

Obama: “We Are a Nation of Google and Facebook”

State of the Union 2011: So much for civility

Gay-rights groups react to President Obama's State of the Union address regarding 'don't ask, don't tell'

Sen. Mark Udall: Bipartisan State of the Union Seating Is a "Tribute to Gabby"

Ariz. heroes among first lady's guests at State of the Union

Michele Bachmann delivers Tea-Party response to State of the Union

Tea Party Members of the House Are on a Mission to Cut Government

U.S. Smoking Rates Keep Life Expectancy Down

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Uprisings in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt: America Is Paying the Price for Supporting Corrupt Dictatorships in the Muslim World

A Quick Guide To The Riots Happening Around The World


Analysis: Western Naval Fleets Heading to Lebanon

U.S. Plans No Military Response to Lebanon Developments

Calm returns to Lebanon after 2 days of protests


Egypt to face its first Tunisian-inspired protests

Heavy police deployment in Cairo after protests designed to demand end to President Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30-year rule

Egypt arrests 19 al-Qaida suspects bound for Iraq

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraq: Car bombs targeting Shiite pilgrims kill 26

Maliki's new partners decry court ruling that would boost his powers

British Cabinet never ‘knew score’ on Iraq

Blair sister-in-law wants him tried for Iraq crimes

Blackwater suit tossed 7 years after grisly deaths

In brief foreign policy remarks, Obama says Iraq war ending, forces out of Afghanistan soon


Obama Promises to Bring Troops Home from Afghanistan Beginning July 2011

U.S. Is Gaining in Afghanistan, General Writes

Ivory Coast

President Gbagbo Seizes Central-Bank Offices

The Failure of Mediation Efforts in Lebanon and Ivory Coast

AU Summit Expected to Focus on Ivory Coast, Sudan

HRW: Gbagbo Supporters Rape, Torture, Kill


Gabon Opposition Leader Declares Himself President - Map

NOTE: Gabon Is Part of Supernation #8

Rights group says Saudi Arabia jailing activists

Protests Spread from Morocco to Yemen

EU calls on Yemen political forces to resume peace dialogue

Philippine Officials See Link to Islamic Militants in Bus Explosion

Israeli - Palestinian War

Police Arrest Arab Terrorists Who Killed US Christian Tourist

Abbas slams al-Jazeera over leaked documents: Blasts 'murderers' of peace process

Activists: Al-Jazeera tried to weaken Palestinian Authority

Israel rejects Palestinian capitulation

Memos reveal British plan against Hamas

Holocaust historical data goes digital

Excavated Jerusalem tunnel will damage Temple Mount: Palestinians warn


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Arctic priest faces new sex charges in Nunavut

German Jesuits offer payment to sex-abuse victims

Bills introduced to limit amounts of awards in sex abuse cases

Scant follow-up of Belgium priest abuse

Dutch cardinal says he knew nothing about sex abuse case

Delaware: Medical marijuana bill introduced


2012 Election News

Election 2012: Mitt Romney Readies a Different Kind of Campaign

Time Magazine test flies a faith-free Romney story: It’s best not to talk about religion, whenever possible

Looking at the third party dynamic for 2012

Tea Party Activist Takes Over New Hampshire G.O.P.



January 25, 2011

President Medvedev says security at bombed Russian airport poor

Reagan’s Centennial: Praise for State Power Over the Individual - His presidency was a disaster for American people

Seymour Hersh: Military Branch Being Run By Christian Fundamentalist 'Crusaders'

'Day of rage' as Lebanon gets new Hezbollah PM

British Government Agency Caught Infiltrating Activist Media Outlet

Judge throws out ban on online ammo sales

The end of credit cards is coming

U.S. can't link accused Army private to Wikileaks' Assange

11 Officers Killed in 24 Hours in 5 States

Dangers real, but deaths increasingly rare for police officers

The battle to define Obama's State of the Union address

Surging President Obama hopes to continue upswing with State of the Union address

Obama Speech Will Set Tone for 2012 Run

Senator Brown to cross aisle for presidential address

A State of the Union challenge: Health reform

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

HRW: Governments of Some African Nations Among World’s Most Abusive

'Democratic' uprising has al-Qaida fingerprints: Tunisian unrest could be strategic move to unite radical Islamists

Egypt deploys police for Tunisia-inspired rally

Tunisian Protesters Continue Anti-Government Rally

U.S. supports Tunisia's "inclusive" efforts: Clinton

Thousands of Sudanese Returning to South from North

Lebanese rally against Hezbollah in 'day of rage'

Hariri Tribunal: Indictment renews Lebanese fears

U.S. warns against Hezbollah-led government in Lebanon

Mikati tipped to become Lebanon's new PM with 68 votes

Explosion on Philippine bus kills 4, wounds 14

Talks under way for body to oversee Tunisia cabinet

Iran blames West, U.S. for failure of Istanbul nuclear talks

Black Widow suicide bomber shows security was in 'state of anarchy' – Russian President Medvedev

Medvedev orders enhanced transport security checks after blast

8 foreigners die in Domodedovo act of terror

Islamist extremists from the Northern Caucasus region of Russia are almost always suspected in bombings that happen in Russia

Web Tool On Firefox To Deter Online Tracking


Israeli - Palestinian War

Leaked documents: Palestinians agreed to 'symbolic' return of refugees

Israeli FM says leaked Palestinian documents make his case for interim deal

Israeli FM considering map of Palestinian state

Hamas calls for protest against 'PA concessions'

Jordan valley, zone of silent Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israel releases investigation result on Gaza flotilla incident

Turkish report on Gaza aid ship contradicts Israel

A Hezbollah-Run Lebanon: No Panic in Israel

Congress urged to ratify U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement

Arizona shooter enters 'not guilty' plea

Friend recalls Arizona suspect's disturbing decline

Giffords case prosecutor shows strong courtroom presence

Americans Are Just As Likely to Get Struck By Lightning Than Killed By Terrorists : Which is why Homeland Security’s anti-American tattle-tale program is about political persecution, not genuine safety

IMF predicts faster global economic growth in 2011


2012 Election News

Rasmussen Poll: Romney Holds Slim Lead On 2012 GOP Field

Evangelical Romney Supporter Brings Justin Bieber Into 2012 Campaign

Republican hopefuls lay groundwork for 2012

First GOP 2012 primary debate scheduled for May 2

Huckabee to Skip Spring Presidential Debates

Drawing the Battle Lines on Spending


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Exposed Priest: We shouldn't have to choose between marriage, faith

Is The Day Of Reckoning For The R.C. Church Way Overdue?

Former Catholic priest, now 81, charged with 40 sex offences

Priest in Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court to face child sex abuse charges

Catholic Priest faces more sex charges in Nunavut

Dutch Cardinal Adrianus Simonis testifies as witness in Catholic church sex abuse case

Silvio Berlusconi: Catholic Church warns of impending 'anthropological disaster’ in Italy

Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate: Signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document absent

Questions raised over Obama birth date: Was claim he was 3 months old during 'Bay of Pigs' a slip?

January 24, 2011

At least 31 killed and 130 injured in Moscow airport suicide bombing

Police: Man kills 2 Florida officers in shootout

Poll: Hiring plans top layoffs by most in 12 years

Today's News

Israel Hardline FM confirms interim Palestinian state plan

Earth may soon have a second sun

The Corporate Elite Have a New Platform for Intervening in the Economy

Seattle Activist Wins Case Against TSA

Condoleezza Rice: US army presence in Iraq protects Israel

State of the Union forecast: Atmospherics over policy

Evangelical/Romney supporter calls for new litmus test

Faceoff! States tell feds to back down

2 People Killed, 2 Deputies Hurt in Washington Wal-Mart Shootout

Deputy: Woman killed outside Walmart connected to shooting suspect

Detroit police to reassess security after shooting of four officers

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraq: Car bombs targeting Shiite pilgrims kill 18

6 killed after car bomb explodes in Iraqi bus station

Critics alarmed as Iraq's Maliki centralizes power: He is Shi'ite

British PM Blair was hell-bent on war, expert says

Blurring Civilian-Military Relationship Extends Uncertainty In Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

Search goes on for missing Americans in Iraq

Iraq and Kurdistan edge closer to oil resolution


Lebanon PM rejects Hezbollah-backed candidate

Indictment Filed In Hariri Case

Iran and Syria use Hizbollah to seize influence over Lebanon

Gemayel warns of 'creeping coup' in Lebanon

Afghanistan - Pakistan

Taliban mentor dies in captivity in Pakistan

Military Says 14 Taliban Killed In Afghanistan

Q+A: Afghanistan's parliamentary poll: What went wrong?

Aghan President Karzai accepts lawmakers' plan to end standoff

British soldiers train in mock Afghan village: 30,000 acres in eastern England


Defiant Tunisian protesters vow to oust interim government

Egypt says Tunisia turmoil worrying investors

Thousands demand ouster of Yemen's president

Jordanian king 'tunes in' to popular grievances

Cocoa jumps after Ivory Coast bans exports: Attempt to oust President Gbagbo

Legal net tightens around Haitian ex-strongman


Israeli - Palestinian War

Secret papers reveal slow death of Middle East peace process

Palestinian negotiators offered Israel biggest “Yerushalaim” in Jewish history

Hamas: Al-Jazeera leaks reveal PA's 'ugly face'

PLO: Al Jazeera hurting Abbas like Israel hurt Arafat

Palestinian leaders weak – and increasingly desperate

Israel threatens to disconnect Gaza's infrastructure: Electricity and water supplies

Israeli inquiry says navy obeyed law in deadly flotilla raid

Chairman of Israel's gas panel receives death threats

Hacker makes a fool of .mil and .gov security


2012 Election News

Evangelical/Romney supporter calls for new litmus test

Romney easily wins 2012 GOP straw poll in New Hampshire: Cementing his status an early frontrunner

Another step toward Romney 2012: Marriott Hotels ban porn

The Fix: A three-way pileup atop 2012 GOP presidential race

Romney may announce presidential bid in April

Obama could survive some bumps on road to 2012 reelection


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Scandals of church and state ignite new bonfire

Business sector warns Italy stagnating amid sex scandal: PM Berlusconi accused

Vatican's realpolitik support for Berlusconi no longer so certain

Clerical sex abuse victims take part in papal inquiry

Catholic sex abuse victims offered firm payout

Operation Mockingbird Asset Olbermann Calls It Quits

States set to go on bankruptcy bonanza: Insolvency talks already under way with President Obama


January 22-23, 2011

Child sex abuse tracks go back to the Vatican

Sex abuse scandals line John Paul's road to sainthood

The Economist: Yes, Powerful “Globocrat” Elites Are Running Things - No 'Conspiracy'

High-ranking members of US military part of ‘Knights of Malta,’ ‘Opus Dei,’: Seymour Hersh

D.C. expanding public surveillance camera net

Big Ears: 'Largest' secret spy hub uncovered in Israel

Report says it's time for women in combat

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"The Illuminati's Plan For 2012 And Beyond"

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World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Arab states rocked by the mouse that roared


Tunisian lesson for Israel

Tunisia's interim prime minister promises free elections

New Tunisian government in trouble

Once-feared Tunisian police join protesters

Swiss government to freeze assets of Ben Ali and Gbagbo

Tunisia minister: all political prisoners freed

Afghanistan / Pakistan

Keeping tabs on Afghanistan's porous border with Pakistan

Setbacks plague US aid to Pakistan

Pakistani Security Chief moved for emergency in Karachi: Until criminals committing targeted killings are eliminated

France Speaks of Its Resolve in Afghanistan After Threat

NATO: Airstrikes Kill 10 Militants In East Afghanistan


US invasion of Iraq a mistake - Biden

Shiite cleric Sadr 'returns to Iran' from Iraq

Death toll in attack on Shiite pilgrims now at 50

Official: Sunni Iraq militia chief behind Shi'ite pilgrim blasts

EU's Ashton condemns "atrocious" Iraq attacks

'Prince of Mercenaries' who wreaked havoc in Iraq turns up in Somalia


African Union extends Somalia peacekeeper force mandate

Somalia Pirates Are Threatning World Trade: Modern Seafarers

Malaysian commandos free tanker off Somalia

South Korean commando raid kills eight Somali pirates


Cuba stops postal service to US 'until further notice' : Follows the introduction of stricter security measures by the US last year after the attempted mailing of explosives from Yemen

1030 Yemeni Security Force Members Killed, Wounded in 2010

Yemeni journalist sentenced to five years for terror links

U.S. Tries To Work Against Extremists In Yemen: Growing threat of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula has forced the U.S. into an uneasy alliance with Yemen's government and its dictator of three decades


Iran nuclear talks end without agreement

Saudi man dies after setting himself on fire

US revokes visas to pressure Haiti on election

Duvalier: I came to take part in reconstruction

10 American Companies That Will Disappear in 2011

Congresswoman Giffords Begins A New, Arduous Phase Of Recovery


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas: We will not make unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood

Abbas: During Bush era Israel accepted east Jerusalem as capital

Abbas: Agreement was made with Olmert for 1967 Palestinian state

Tunisian Jews flee upheaval for Israel


2012 Election News

2012 presidential election starts this weekend

Romney Reportedly Adds Staff for 2012 Presidential Bid

Mitt Romney Not Buddying Up To The Tea Party (And Vice-Versa)

Obama leads over four potential 2012 GOP contenders: Poll

Jet Blue, Not IBM: Inside Mitt Romney's Pre-Campaign Campaign

Obama's approval ratings soar despite disappointments over health-employment issues


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Child sex abuse tracks go back to the Vatican

Sex abuse scandals line John Paul's road to sainthood

Pope Benedict XVI enters Berlusconi sex furore

Voice of abuse victims 'finally heard'

Fugitive Catholic priest arrives in Iqaluit

List of Boston clergy accused of sex abuse released to the public

Obama says opening markets key to jobs


Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Sis Launches DHS Takeover Of Hotels, Malls & Sports Stadiums

Obama May Call For Gun Control During State Of The Union

States Seeking Bankruptcy Protection To Escape Crushing Debt Burdens

Joe "Sweetheart" Lieberman's Long History of Lying About Iraq and WMD

Concerns Raised About Combat Troops Using Psychotropic Drugs

Idaho Set to Nullify Obama's Health Care Law

Homeland Security Orders Americans Around In The Parking Lot

Woman, 82, 'humiliated' by airport security

Nearly 90 Percent of Germans Do Not Believe Official 9/11 Fairy Tale

Mark Ruffalo: There are more questions than answers about 9/11

Hospital: Giffords moves to rehab facility Friday

Police release video from Arizona mall shooting

Feds checking post-vaccine seizures in young kids

Bill would make Coloradans organ donors by default

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Tony Blair urged 'gung-ho' stance on Saddam Hussein

Blair faces Chilcot as Iraq bombs kill 130

Suicide bombers kill 63 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq

Obama Plans $42 Billion Cut in Iraq, Afghanistan War Costs as Troops Leave

Joe "Sweetheart" Lieberman's Long History of Lying About Iraq and WMD

Results of Iraqi Occupation: Arab Viewpoint


Column: The tragic U.S. strategy in Afghanistan

Afghans Seek New Fuel Source As Warm Relations With Tehran Turn Frosty

"Bin Laden" message warns France to pull out of Afghanistan

US to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014: Biden


"Pentagon's New Map" Strategy Working

Applying the Lessons of Tunisia in Yemen: President Abdullah is reassessing the advice that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave him during her visit earlier this month about moving ahead with political liberalization

Will the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ spread? Algeria, Jordan, Egypt and Yemen are inspired by the happenings in Tunisia and trying to give a message to the world – “Now, it’s our turn.”


Turkey's Status Buoyed As Six Powers, Iran Arrive In Istanbul

Israel-US test Stuxnet worm at Dimona to bollix Iran nuclear plant

Iran urges U.S., Israel to stop 'interference' in Lebanon

Tunisia starts three days of mourning

Blackwater Founder Training Somali Mercenaries


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel: Decision expected soon on FM indictment

Netanyahu needs to save Israel, not just its image: Liberal Editorial

Palestinian Protesters Disrupt French Minister's Visit To Gaza

Israel moves to turn deserted Palestinian village into luxury housing project

Israel concerned about possible fallout from Lebanon government split

Israel's first step to Mideast peace: Opening the door

Peace will come, says head Palestinian negotiator

New Israeli military chief's appointment in peril

Obama taps GE chairman to chair new White House economic group

Why the Private Sector Still Isn't Hiring

Why America is growing tired of Palin: Establishment Opinion

The iPad Now Can Take Command of Computers

Philadelphia doctor accused of murdering patient, newborns

On JFK 50th, Kennedy family gathers in Washington



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Explain YOUR Sex Scandals: PM Berlusconi Tells Roman Catholic Church

Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs

Will Corporate Media Blame Spokane MLK Bomb on Tea Party?

How did the world get Tunisia so wrong?

North Africa sees its own intifada

House repeal first step as GOP tries to chip away at health-care law

America, don’t repeat Australia’s gun control mistake

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

North Africa sees its own intifada: From Morocco to Egypt


How did the world get Tunisia so wrong?

Analyst SeesTunisian Unrest as Promising, Warning to Arab World

Tunisian ministers quit ousted president's party

Tunisian army fires warning shots during protest

U.S. evacuates citizens from Tunisia

Opinion: How WikiLeaks helped fuel Tunisian revolution

Ivory Coast

UN to Send More Peacekeepers to Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast’s Bond Yields Fall on Crisis Resolution Speculation

Gbagbo rejects Kenyan PM as mediator in Ivory Coast's political crisis


At least 14 killed in Iraq's suicide bombing

Turkish, Qatari Ministers Suspend Mediation Efforts in Lebanon

Aristide 'ready' to return to Haiti

Haiti police detains former president "Baby Doc"

6.5 magnitude quake rocks Sumatra, Indonesia

South Korea Agrees to High-Level Military Talks With North

Obama: $45B deals show China's rise can help US

Asia Re-calibrates Defense to China's Fast Growing Military

10 Ways In Which China Humiliates The United States

Middle East Crude Oils Drop as Japan Lowers Refining Output

Security Video Reveals Tucson Shooting Horror

Giffords to be moved to a Houston rehab center

Arizona Shooting Update: Gabrielle Giffords' Husband Thought She Was Dead

Abortion Doc Charged with Eight Counts of Murder: Philadelphia Doctor Allegedly Killed Seven Babies - After They Were Born - With Scissors, Along with a Woman Patient

Say What? Democrat Compares Republicans to Nazis

Sarah Palin Defends "Blood Libel" Phrase: Says Liberals Can't "Shut Me Up"


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian killing: Israel soldier fired

PA FM Condemns Judaization of Jerusalem

Ross, Hale arrive in Israel

Barak's departure from labour Party may restart Israel's left-wing

Netanyahu: Barak's decision to quit Labor strengthens government

One week after Rio storms, death toll hits 742


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Explain YOUR Sex Scandals: PM Berlusconi Tells Roman Catholic Church

Lawyer releases list of priests accused of sex abuse: Names 117 members of the clergy or religious orders accused of abusing minors

Sex controversies embroil St. Pete Catholic diocese

Priest returning to Canadian Inuit community to face sex charges

Catholic lobby wants to limit statue of limitations for sex abuse suits

Sex abuse victims fight former priest's release


2012 Election News

A three-way pileup atop 2012 GOP presidential race: Huckabee, Palin, Romney

Mitt Hits the Road Again

Mitt Romney: Go Jets?

Romney is first of 2012's presidential hopefuls to visit Israel

Senate map shrinks for Democrats in 2012

George Lucas 'thinks the world is gonna end in the year 2012'

Senator Joe Lieberman won't seek reelection in 2012


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report sex abuse: Crimes of pedophile priests deliberately hidden

Russia's President Medvedev Endorses Independent Palestinian State

China Moves Troops Into North Korea

British government blocks release of Blair Iraq War notes

Great Britain complicit in extreme torture

House to vote on repealing Obama's health care law

Supreme Court Considers No Warrant Searches

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Poll: US support for Afghan war drops

Americans kill Afghan tribal leader

Bomb kills 13 civilians in Afghanistan


US drone strike kills 5 Pakistanis

Bomb blast kills 4 in Pakistan

Magnitude 7.2 quake strikes Pakistan


Could Tunisian opposition groups re-ignite the revolt?

Hundreds rally against Tunisia's new government

Israel's Secret Mission Helps Jews To Escape Tunisia Riots

Tunisia Downgraded by Moody's With Unrest Persisting After Ben Ali Ouster


'Stop sedition' in Lebanon: Iran warns West, Israel

Saudi Arabia ends effort to mediate in Lebanon

AU envoy blames Gbagbo for Ivory Coast standoff

Baquba ambulance suicide bomber targets Iraq police

Twin suicide blasts kill 15 in central Iraq

Former Dictator Duvalier faces possible trial in Haiti


Sarah Palin Responds to 'Blood Libel' Critics, but Who Listens?

Who had the Worst Week in Washington? Sarah Palin

Ogdon Surveillance blimp infringes on privacy: The most alarming thing about the blimp is the way in which it would militarize Ogden

Giffords' husband says she feared being shot

Bishop of Tucson lays Catholic shooting victims to rest

Builders Probably Began Work on Fewer U.S. Houses in December

FBI Probing Race As Motive For Bomb At MLK Parade: In Spokane, Washington

Starbucks Starts Accepting Mobile Payments Nationwide: Cashless system of buying and selling continues to abound

2 shot at Gardena, Los Angeles, High School; gunman still at large - Student dressed in black

Does the Death of 200 Cows in Wisconsin Confirm Biblical Prophecy?

Old School U.S. Jet Retooled to Slay Stealth Fighters


Israeli - Palestinian War

President Medvedev reiterates support for Palestinian independence

America, Russia implicitly recognize Palestinian State

Israel can't stop Palestinian independence

While Israel Sleeps!

Palestinian Authority embassy in Tel Aviv

US Senators ask Clinton to oppose anti-Israel resolution at UN

Hamas Gets Scared

Thriving Israeli community next to Gaza

Livni Postpones Trip To South Africa: Following Labour strike in Israel

Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate: Suggests controversy could hurt president's re-election chances


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report sex abuse: Crimes of pedophile priests deliberately hidden

Parents At Queens Catholic School Call For Closure Of Sex Offender Loophole

Lawyer to list church’s alleged abusers: More than 100 will be named

Catholic Newspaper: prostitution probe involving Berlusconi is a 'devastating tornado'

US sex abuse attorney extends practice against Catholic Church overseas

Catholic priest faces charges of sexually abusing four boys

New archdiocesan policy opens Boston Catholic schools to children of same-sex couples


2012 Election News

The Decision 2012: Let the Race Begin

Online poll results: Readers mixed about Romney 2012 presidential run

Romney may announce presidential bid in April

Romney adds to political team

Republican Mitt Romney, eyeing 2012, on Mideast swing

GOP 2012 contenders slow out of the gate

Glenn Beck's New Book Reveals... Embraces New Age Theology, Is a Knowledgeable Mormon, and a Universalist


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Violence-scarred Tunisia announces new government

'Baby Doc' adds new twist to Haiti's latest woes

Obama Gives Hu First State Dinner Showing Dual Views of China

The Great Purge of North Korea is Underway

Bill Gates: Cell phones can track newborns for shots

DPS I.D. system worries parents

Utah city may use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky

Ex-Swiss-banker to give WikiLeaks files on rich

Gun Control: Catholic Church firmly, quietly opposes firearms for civilians

New European Union school calendar omits Christian holidays

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Constitutionalists’ turn a blind eye to illegal wars: "Why are we engaged in extended wars in faraway lands like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen and who knows really where else?"

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast mediator hints at talks between rivals

U.N. expected to approve more peacekeepers for Ivory Coast

Kenyan PM 'making progress' in the Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo Says He’s Getting Money From Central Bank

AU envoy: Gbagbo staying is a blow to democracy


Sudan vote 'credible, peaceful': observers

Sudan arrests opposition Islamist Turabi

Participants at UN-backed meeting call for Darfur rebels to join peace process


Tunisia gov’t may not satisfy protesters

Tunisia Upheaval Sparks Anxiety Across Arab World — in Some Leaders More Than Others

Maghreb reacts to Tunisia's 'Jasmine Revolution'

Tunisia gives everyone a fright

Tunisia may be just the epicentre

Tunisia’s lessons for Washington

Self-immolations in Egypt and Algeria follow Tunisian protest

Nights in Tunisia now violent, chaotic

UN chief calls for 'rule of law' in Tunisia

Tunisia Grows Up

Wife of deposed Tunisian leader despised by many


Lebanon indictment will end “era of impunity” for murder: Obama

Turkey in hectic diplomacy to prevent chaos in Lebanon

Lebanon court receives first indictment in Hariri assassination

Hezbollah may become sole ruler of Lebanon, say terrorism experts

Afghans irate over fuel blockade

Military strike on Iran is what unites Netanyahu and Barak

US cable says Iran bank may have processed North Korean arms sale

Did a U.S. Government Lab Help Israel Develop Stuxnet?

Afghan underworld shows challenges for stability

Positive side to Pakistan's refusal to hit militant haven

Israeli - Palestinian War

Barak, the saboteur who has been destroying Israel's left wing

Barak has brought about a more extremist, right-wing government

Ben-Eliezer tenders resignation, all Labor ministers resign

Before the UN makes a decision for us

Settler leader: West Bank annexation 'not an option'

New Catholic subdivision "will not be ghetto"

Officials say 40 killed in South African floods; more rain predicted

Drought and floods: what's coming next?

Northwest storm brings heavy rains, landslides

Death toll surpasses 650 in Brazilian flooding, mudslides

Philippines landslides affect 1.6 million

Mt. Etna Volcanic Activity


Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's News

Hu says U.S., China must work toward mutual trust

Can U.S., China, North and South Korea Control Military Crises?

N Korea 'may cause its own demise'

Chinese Troops Stationed in N.Korean Special Zone

Talks on new Lebanon government delayed

South Sudan independence vote credible

Tunisia awaits new unity govt, unrest continues

Barak: New faction to be 'centralist, Zionist, democratic'

Feds come knocking for home inspections

California at risk of super-storm

Move to San Diego backed for suspect's trial

Obama emerges from shooting in strong political position

Suspected Tucson shooter 'slowly spiraled into madness'

Rick Warren hosts 'cult' celebrity docs

Rick Warren's celebrity health plan draws thousands

World On Fire In 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Constitutionalists’ turn a blind eye to illegal wars: "Why are we engaged in extended wars in faraway lands like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen and who knows really where else?"

Ivory Coast

Rawlings: Let us not be misled into war in Ivory Coast

The 'Problem' with Côte d’Ivoire: How the Media Misrepresent the Causes of Conflict

US blacklists Ivory Coast president, inner circle


Sudanese opposition plans street protests, government threatens clampdown

Tunisia revolt puts heat on north Sudan

Sudan's Turabi says Tunisia-style unrest 'likely'


Tunisia May Form Coalition After Ben Ali Overthrow

ISRAEL: Officials keep a keen eye on Tunisia, also Lebanon

Dead Tunisian fruit and vegetable seller could unleash wave of revolutions in Africa

What comes next could be even worse

Fears of violent power struggle in Tunisia


Lebanon postpones talks on new government

Foreign diplomats pledge support for Lebanon's stability

Lebanon cauldron boils

Iran's fuel blockade strains relations with Afghanistan, prompts protests

Iran downs two US spy planes outside its airspace

Egyptian man sets himself ablaze in central Cairo

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel may be on the eve of revolution

Israeli PM: Tunisia reflects regional instability

'Israel tested Stuxnet virus at Dimona reactor'

Israel Considering Major Settlement Project in East Jerusalem

Gaza rocket hits Israel despite truce

Child abuse won't happen again: Pope

Child sex abuse and church failures 'great scandals'

The Danger of the military-industrial complex

Obama attends church service in Washington

Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth in five years

200 Cows Die in Portage County


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