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Impeachment Hoax

Sen. Lamar Alexander Announces He’s Opposed to Impeachment Trial Witnesses

Sen. Susan Collins Comes Out in Favor of Impeachment Trial Witnesses

Democrats Manchin, Jones, Sinema May Vote to Acquit Trump

House Democrats: Steele Dossier Was OK Because We ‘Purchased’ It

Trump: ‘I Have Great Confidence’ in Republicans and ‘Some Democrats’ on Impeachment Votes

Halting the March of Democracy

Another Creature Rises Out of the Swamp—Chief Justice John Roberts

The duplicitous Impeachment leader Adam Schiff

Today's Democrat Shiny Object: Trump's Accuser Is Back and She Wants the President's DNA

Swipe At Romney? Utah Lawmaker Unveils Bill To 'Recall' U.S. Senators From Office

Presumption Of Guilt: Senator Says She Wants To See ‘Evidence Of The President’s Innocence’

Democrats ready to trash another cardinal legal principle

Lindsey Graham Predicts When Senate Will Vote To 'Fully Acquit' Trump

Israel/Palestinian War

Immediate Annexation? Maybe not – depends whom you ask

'Sovereignty is going to happen - the delay is just technical'

Kushner: Sovereignty should only be applied after Israeli election

‘Trump’s Peace Deal is Akin to Decree of King Cyrus Paving Path For Third Temple’

Donald Trump has made Israel great: Opinion

Trump: Time for Muslim World to Fix Mistake of 1948 By Recognizing Israel

PLO calls for escalation of the fight against Israel: To thwart "Deal of the Century"

Disorders on Temple Mount after Friday morning prayers at Al-Aqsa

Trump plan, a tunnel and nine miles

'Applying sovereignty will prevent a Palestinian state'

In Wake of Trump Deal Muslims Warn of New reality on Temple Mount: “Muslims Only”

Palestinian rage, new realities and the real deal

Israeli Arabs Reject ‘Nightmare’ of Living Under Palestinian Authority

El Al Suspends Flights to China Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Key News

Democrats Kill Amendment Protecting Americans from Credit Discrimination Based on Politics, Religion

BREAKING: Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor FILES FEDERAL COMPLAINT Against Joe Biden

Biden Confuses Iraq, Iran and Ukraine in Single Sentence

‘Above the law?’ Hillary mocked for refusing to be served legal papers

US House Passes Multiple Measures to Curb Military Action by Trump on Iran: 'Dead on Arrival' in the Republican-controlled Senate

Feds Back Off Jailing Michael Flynn After Stunning New Evidence That Gov't 'Lied' and 'Framed' Him

Michael Flynn files supplemental motion to withdraw his guilty plea, claiming former legal team ‘betrayed him’

FINALLY: Marines are Now Allowed to Concealed Carry on Base


100,000 Chinese "Under Observation" As Coronavirus Deaths Soar: State Dept Issues "Do Not Travel" To China" Advisory

WHO declares a global emergency over spread of coronavirus

America’s Next Housing Shortage: Brought To You By The Democrats

UK's Johnson hails Brexit as 'new beginning' as conflicted nation prepares celebration

Elizabeth Warren who falsely claimed she was part Cherokee wants to throw people in jail for disinformation

House Democrats Planning to Scrap Trump Travel Ban

Bloomberg Vows to Use Taxpayer Money to Fund Transgender Sex Change Surgeries


January 30, 2020

Breaking News

BREAKING: Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor FILES FEDERAL COMPLAINT Against Joe Biden

Ex-Trump aide Carter Page files suit against DNC over dossier: ‘This is only the first salvo’

Outrageous: New York Releases Suspects in $7 Million Fentanyl Ring Without Bail - dangerous no-bail “justice reform” rules

Democrats ready to trash another cardinal legal principle

‘Above the law?’ Hillary mocked for refusing to be served legal papers

Super Bowl Ad to Feature Drag Queens for First Time

Trump: Time for Muslim World to Fix Mistake of 1948 By Recognizing Israel

Euphoria, and some anxiety, mark Jewish reaction to Trump plan in Judea and Samaria

Immediate Annexation? Maybe not – depends whom you ask

'Sovereignty is going to happen - the delay is just technical'

Kushner: Sovereignty should only be applied after Israeli election

‘Trump’s Peace Deal is Akin to Decree of King Cyrus Paving Path For Third Temple’

Israel/Palestinian War

Gantz to present the full Trump peace plan for Knesset approval

Netanyahu to announce annexation of Maale Adummim

Let's roll this sovereignty train!

Netanyahu on sovereignty: Everything will be fine

Trump's vision is a mirage based on shaky foundations

Netanyahu meets with Putin to discuss Trump's peace plan

Trump Plan: Historic opportunity that must be seized

Kushner: US won’t support West Bank annexation decision before March 2 election

Caroline Glick: A sin for us not to support Trump’s plan

US envoy tells Jewish leaders a Palestinian state won’t happen in near future

Pompeo to PA leadership: ‘You’re free to come up with a counter offer’

Similar to Arafat, Abbas is choosing to play with fire

Why Palestinian leadership should not reject Trump’s peace plan

Police brace for Temple Mount escalation: ‘It’s the match Palestinians use to set fire to the region’

Abbas ‘discouraged,’ isolated as Arab countries refuse to join his rejectionist stance


and Iran lead regional condemnation of Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Rep. Omar: Trump’s peace plan is ‘theft, erasure’

Israeli Left, Arab parties join in criticism of US peace proposal

Arabs prioritize key ties with US against Iran in reacting to Trump's peace plan

Rocket sirens sound in south for second time in 24 hours

Naama Issachar released from prison, Netanyahu: 'Now we're going home'

Impeachment Hoax

Breaking: GOP Senators Now Believe They Have The Votes To Block Witnesses

Bolton’s Book Gig is up, Courtesy of Mark Levin

GOP Sen. Hawley: We’re Watching ‘the Democrats’ Case Just Fall Apart’

Adam Schiff Refuses Whistleblower, IG Transcript — After Demanding Witnesses, Documents

Lindsey Graham knocks Chuck Schumer: 'There's 53 Republican votes to call Hunter Biden'

Fact Check: CNN Falsely Claims ‘GOP Concedes Trump May Have Withheld Aid: But Says It’s Not Impeachable’

Law Professor: Democrats Are Parsing Trump’s Motives to Turn ‘Legitimate Actions of Government’ into ‘Impeachable Conduct’

Justice Roberts Blocks Rand Paul Senate Trial Question On ‘Origins Of The House Impeachment’

“The Beginning Of The End For Fox” – President Trump Blasts Fox News And Their Horrendous Impeachment Coverage

Key News

NAFTA Replaced: Trump signs USMCA trade deal with Canada and Mexico

President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement

Gallup: Race Relations better under Donald Trump than Barack Obama

Never Trumper Republicans PANIC As Bernie Sanders Surges, Biden Fails: Trump 2020 Landslide On Track

European Parliament ratifies Brexit deal

Warren Points Blame for Disease Outbreaks Like Coronavirus at Trump, Climate Change

Joe Biden Says He Needs A Strong VP Because He’s Old And May Die In Office

Biden’s Sister Valerie Sent Millions of Joe’s Campaign Dollars to Her Own Consulting Firm

Disgusting! CNN Panel Led By Don Lemon Trashes Trump Supporters As Ignorant Rednecks Who Can’t Read

Mayor De Blasio’s ‘sanctuary city’ laws leave NYC at the mercy of dangerous criminals

Drag Queen Story Hour Now Coming to Public School


January 29, 2020

Israel/Palestinian War

After Trump's Middle East peace plan is released, Likud surges past Blue & White

15 Israeli enclaves in Palestinian state

Netanyahu: Palestinian state will have no army, no border control

Egypt, Saudis are cautiously encouraging

Unprecedented Israeli concessions on Gaza

Deal of the Century: Cautious pessimism

Trump peace plan recognizes Israel’s right to sovereignty over West Bank settlements: And a Palestinian state with E. Jerusalem capital

The Deal of the Century: Both Sides Will Reject

Kushner blasts Palestinians for ‘blowing every opportunity for a Palestinian State

Nikki Haley: This is the Palestinians' last chance

Vote on annexation to take place at next cabinet meeting

Will Israel’s attorney general torpedo annexation efforts?

Israel ‘ready for any scenario’ as Palestinians threaten violence over Trump deal

Moderate Arab states express support for Trump plan

After Trump deal unveiled, Jordan warns of ‘new reality’ on Temple Mount

Iran’s Kahmeini vows ‘satanic’ US peace plan will not be realized

Turkey's Erdogan: Trump’s Mideast peace plan ‘absolutely unacceptable’

Impeachment Hoax

Susan Collins: ‘Very Likely’ I Will Vote for Witnesses at Impeachment Trial

Romney, Collins: John Bolton Book Leaks ‘Strengthen the Case’ for Impeachment Testimony

Law Professor: Democrats Are Parsing Trump’s Motives to Turn ‘Legitimate Actions of Government’ into ‘Impeachable Conduct’

Mitch McConnell Says He DOES NOT HAVE THE VOTES to Block Witnesses: BUT - Politico and NBC says McConnell has the votes

Whose future is most at stake in the Impeachment Trial?

Election 2020 News

The Dam Breaks: Establishment Media Zone in on Biden Family’s Culture of Corruption

Television network Blackout Shows Democrats And Media Allies Going Totalitarian

Joe Biden Suggests Making Michelle Obama Running Mate, Appointing Barack to Supreme Court

Working Class Voters Betrayed by Globalization Turn to Trump’s GOP: ‘Democrats Weren’t Looking Out for Me’

China Epidemic--implications for America and other countries

Number of coronavirus infections in China surpasses SARS epidemic



January 28, 2020

Breaking News

The 'Deal of the Century': What are its key points?

Giving Israel the high ground in the US - analysis

"Netanyahu Needs To Accept The Deal of the Century and the Deal of Eternity"

Palestinian ‘Peace Partners’ Call for ‘Day of Rage’ in Response to Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

Trump unveils his Middle East plan amid Palestinian rejections

Abu Dis, south of Jerusalem, is designated Palestinian capital

Netanyahu: Palestinian state will have no army, no border control

Scientist Calculates: We Are Currently in Final Twilight Before Messiah

Trump to sign USMCA trade deal on Wednesday at the White House

Trump Doesn’t Invite House Democrats to USMCA Signing Ceremony

Record-shattering numbers of GOP women are running for office under Trump: ‘Our voices are not being heard’

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump invites Arab envoys to peace plan unveiling – Abbas’ rage

Netanyahu: Palestinian state will have no army, no border control

Unprecedented Israeli concessions for Gaza

Jordan's King rejects Trump's peace plan

IDF reinforces Jordan Valley ahead of Trump plan release

The security significance of annexing the Jordan Valley

Trump's Mideast peace plan includes Palestinian statehood, annexation of settlements

Trump's peace plan is a realistic vision

The Deal of the Century: Both Sides Will Reject

Nikki Haley: This is the Palestinians' last chance

Gantz faces moment of truth after meeting Trump

Bribery indictment against Netanyahu filed with court

Why wasn’t Auschwitz bombed?

Impeachment Hoax

Communist World Government: Republicans feigned concern about the President's phone call to Ukraine

Nancy Pelosi’s Overriding Obsession With Bullets

Globalists Panic as Trump Survives and Virus Spreads

Kevin McCarthy Sets All-Time Annual Fundraising Record as GOP Embarks on Effort to Retake House Majority

GOP Sen. Lankford: We Need to See Bolton Manuscript

Dershowitz: Even if Bolton Article True, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Is Not Impeachable

Romney, Collins: John Bolton Book Leaks ‘Strengthen the Case’ for Impeachment Testimony

Ingraham: The Bolton red herring

Dan Bongino on John Bolton's manuscript leak: 'There is nothing here'

Pam Bondi Lays Out Case Against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma

Fox News Cuts Away from President Trump’s Impeachment Defense

WH Lawyer Uses Democrats’ Past Arguments to Destroy ‘Obstruction’ Case Against Trump

The Party of Hate?

"Take control of the world ... to reduce ... the world to a safe level by a process of 'benevolent slavery and genocide' ... The only alternative left to the world's ruling elite was to increase the death rate ... Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history." (Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49, 167)

Wuhan Coronavirus News

Stocks Drop Around Globe on Rising Fears of Wuhan Coronavirus

U.S. Issues Highest Travel Warning as Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs to 106: China Scrambles to Respond

Mongolia Closes Border to China in Response to Threat of Wuhan Virus

Wuhan Virus: Experts say outbreak will last months

Each infected person passes disease on to 2-3 others

Wuhan Virus: Uneasy calm as Japan, South Korea report new cases

France to evacuate citizens from Wuhan by air

Malaysians' call for ban on tourists from China take racial tone

Scientists search for coronavirus vaccine – can have in less than a few months thanks to China sharing the genetic sequence

Fig leaf or first defence? Flimsy masks of limited use

Studies on Wuhan virus portray it as 'insidious' and similar to Sars

"SARS is a man-made bio-weapon ... SARS is engineered to target Chinese..."

Mayor Pete Says There’s No Place in Democratic Party For Pro-Life Democrats

Ilhan Omar at Risk of Being Revoked Citizenship or Worse


January 27, 2020

Israel/Palestinian War

Gantz departs for Washington for first meeting with Trump

Netanyahu en route to Trump meeting: ‘Together we’ll make history’

Netanyahu Affiliated Reporter: Expect 2nd Balfour Declaration

Politics weigh heavily in Trump’s Mideast peace plan: "Trump’s announced release of his Mideast plan has caused hardly a ripple against the backdrop of the impeachment drama"

Palestinian Authority premier calls on world to boycott Trump peace plan

Silence speaks louder than words as Arab leaders signal PA has exhausted their patience

History won't forgive Israeli leaders who say 'no'

A Nobel Prize for Donald Trump?

Abbas said to refuse to take phone call from Trump

Palestinian factions call ‘day of rage’ on day of Trump peace plan

MK Deri in the Jordan Valley: We're getting ready to apply sovereignty - Trump Peace Plan

Blue and White’s Ya’alon: Trump’s plan fits with national consensus

Trump to tell Israelis they have 6 weeks to get peace plan moving

Settlement leader flies to DC with simple message: No Palestinian state

Netanyahu Thanks Emirati FM for Holocaust-Never-Again Comment

WATCH: French president’s plane spotted with Israeli defense system

Arab MK defends statements seen to approve of attacks on IDF soldiers

Palestinian Rashida Tlaib Deletes: Spreads new type of 'Blood Libel"

Rocket from Gaza lands in Israel: IDF returns fire, hits Hamas post

Key News

Joe Biden: ‘Transgender Equality Is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time’

2020 Dems are out to destroy ALL the progress they’ve made for women with embrace of ‘transgender’ agenda

It’s Time to Establish a National Conceal Carry — Now!

People in US are ‘more scared’ of coronavirus than justified: Former HHS official

CHINA: Coronavirus Could Spread Two Weeks Before Symptoms Show

California Case of Coronavirus Revealed: Three Now Confirmed in U.S.

Analysts are now starting to downgrade some stocks because of the coronavirus

Impeachment Hoax

Trump Lawyers to Resume Arguments in Senate Impeachment Trial

Democrats’ Impeachment Quickly Morphing Into Trump REMOVAL

Deception and the false case for impeachment

New York Times: Draft Bolton Book Says Trump Wanted to Withhold Ukraine Aid for Investigations - "Does not quote the manuscript itself, but rather people who claimed to have seen it"

Senate Dems use Bolton book revelations to bolster case for impeachment witnesses

Grammys Host Alicia Keys Calls for Trump Impeachment

Democrats and Left-wing media pretending that Donald Trump ‘threatened’ the life of Adam Schiff like he’s Al Capone

Three rockets hit US embassy in Baghdad: One wounded

Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Is ‘Trumpian,’ Has ‘Authoritarian’ Views

Bank founded by Tom Steyer has long record of lawsuits against low-income borrowers

Fox News Poll: Record economy ratings, as voters credit Trump

Bus With Covington Students Hit Head-On by Wrong-Way Driver on Highway: Returning from "March For Life" rally

Gunfire between Seattle police and drug suspect caught on bodycam

Las Vegas debuts new 'What Happens' tourism slogan: "What Happens Here, Only Happens Here”


January 25-26, 2020

Impeachment Hoax

Sanders: The Impeachment Trial Puts Me ‘at a Disadvantage’ and Gives Biden an Advantage

Adam Schiff Closing Argument: Russia Carried out ‘Coup’ Against U.S. By Manipulating Trump

Rep. Dan Crenshaw rips Dems’ ‘weak’ impeachment case

Trump's legal team to tease defense strategy Saturday, give bulk of argument Monday

Tucker: The Democrats keep saying, ‘Our case is overwhelming, the evidence is indisputable’: Give us all a break

Jerry Nadler: If You Don’t Remove Trump, He Will Be a ‘Dictator’

Giuliani: I can’t sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden

Joni Ernst Asks Why Is Donald Trump Being Impeached Over Ukraine Aid That Most of the House Impeachment Managers Voted Against?

Key News

US builds up Mid-East strength against rising tension over “Deal of the Century" and Iran

Globalists Panic as Trump Survives and Nationalist Virus Spreads

Notre Dame Faculty and Students Call for Reparations

President Trump Delivers Remarks to the Nation’s Mayors on Transforming America’s Communities

China Coronavirus: Death toll rises as more cities restrict travel

UK Researcher Predicts Over 250,000 Chinese Will Have Coronavirus In Ten Days

Virginia House advances gun control measures -- just days after gun-rights rally

The Language of Virginia’s New Anti-Free Speech Legislation Is Absolutely Unbelievable

Israel/Palestinian War

MK Gantz to announce decision on Trump invite Saturday night

Trump’s invitation has changed the stakes of the election

MK Shaked: We will not allow a Palestinian state

Trump: Mideast Peace Plan Likely Rolled Out in Days

PA furious at Trump peace plan

Greenblatt rips PA officials for rejecting peace deal before seeing it

Business as Usual at the UN – Blaming Israel, Not the Iranian Regime

Leaders from World War II’s Allied Powers Address World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem

Islamic and Jewish Leaders Jointly Visit Auschwitz, Making ‘History’

75 Years After Auschwitz, Lesson Has Not Been Learned

Al Jazeera Says No To Iranian ‘Liberation’ Of Jerusalem

Massive Crowd at '2020 March for Life' Calls for End to Abortion

Abortion Survivor Conceived in Rape: ‘God Spared My Life’

Trump Delivers Historic Address to March for Life

Women on Sidelines of March for Life Share Trauma of Working in the Abortion Industry: Hope for Healing

Six dead in shooting in Germany

U.S. Vice President Pence Meets Pope, Jokes ‘You Have Made Me a Hero’

Migrants claim they're staying in Mexico until Democrat gets in office

January 24, 2020

Breaking News

Law prof Jonathan Turley predicts Dems’ impeachment ‘will go down as one of the greatest historic blunders’

Rep. Nadler’s Shocking Impeachment Tirade Has Opposite Effect On Key Swing Vote Senators

David Limbaugh: The Democrats’ Disgraceful Hail Mary

Trump Campaign Takes Major Step To Fight Abortion/Death-Obsessed Democrats

Impeachment Hoax

Impeachment 2020: Elements of Due Process

Democrats abandon rule of law and equality before the law

The Case in Defense of Trump and How The Bidens Institutionalized Corruption

Democratt Sen. Dianne Feinstein Left the Impeachment Trial an Hour Early Wednesday Night

Adam Schiff Closes Day Two with Attack on Trump’s Character




Trey Gowdy blasts Schiff’s arguments as ‘wildly stupid trial strategy’

US informant may have received taxpayer funds to spy on Trump campaign: Senator Grassley

Queen Elizabeth grants Royal Assent to Brexit Bill

USMCA = SUPERNATION #1 Prophecy Fulfillment







Trump to sign USMCA trade deal Wednesday at the White House

USMCA A Bright Start to New Year: Opinion Coluumn

Trump cheers benefits of China, USMCA trade deals at farmers' convention in Texas

Canadian PM Trudeau Wants USMCA Deal Ratified Quickly

New trade deal with Mexico, Canada is a boon for small businesses in Florida

U.S. labels 'birth tourism' a national security threat: New rules to deny visas to women coming in order to deliver babies

Unborn Baby Eagles

‘Donald Trump Is the Most Successful Pro-Life President’ in U.S. History

George Soros in Davos: 2020 Election Will Determine ‘Fate of the World’

Cashless Only stores and restaurants banned in New York City

‘You F*cking C*nt’: Stephanie Grisham Inundated with Sexist Hatred, Threats as Establishment Media Pile On

New Minnesota law makes voters’ primary party choice public

Between 500K and 1M Non-Citizens May Get Voting Rights in New York City

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Connects Africa to Deadly Virus: New repetiton of coronavirus - of the same family of viruses that causes SARS

Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 25 As Beijing Confirms 830 Patients Infected

India monitoring situation following Coronavirus outbreak

China Coronavirus: Death toll rises as more cities restrict travel

'Too early' to declare emergency on coronavirus: WHO

California restaurants’ climate change ‘surcharge’ could quickly raise $10M

Foreign investors returning to Brazil

5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Argentina

Israel/Palestinian War

Presidents and royalty attend World Holocaust Forum in Israel

75 Years After Auschwitz–Not Much Learned

Leaders from World War II’s Allied Powers Address World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem

Putin: Holocaust ‘one of the most terrible chapters’ in history

Macron meets with ‘Holocaust denier’ Abbas before Auschwitz memorial

Germans ‘have not learned from history’: German president at Holocaust event in Jerusalem

The World Holocaust Forum event has proved to be a remarkable day

'Deal of the Century"

Trump: 'Deal of the Century' will be unveiled in the coming days

'Deal of the Century?' Netanyahu just got the gift of the century

Tensions run high on Temple Mount as US ‘deal of the century’ set to be released

Abbas spokesman warns US and Israel not to cross ‘red lines’ with peace plan

Benny Gantz expected to refuse Trump's invitation to White House

Senior US officials claim Netanyahu opposed to annexing settlements in Judea and Samaria

Trump to Netanyahu on Jordan Valley annexation: ‘Not now’

6 killed, several injured in Germany shooting

January 23, 2020

Impeachment Hoax

Democrats attempting Greatest Magic Trick Of All Time: Disappearing President Trump

Impeachment Hearings Lose Millions of Viewers as Senate Trial Opens

Democrats Lose Their First Impeachment Battle In An Effort To Amend McConnell’s Trial Rules

Articles of Impeachment Violate the Constitution

State AGs urge Senate to reject impeachment in stinging letter: 'A dangerous historical precedent'

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘FOREVER’ Derailed By Senate Reality

5 times Adam Schiff just totally made it up today

Trump, in Davos, appears confident of Senate impeachment trial outcome: ‘We have a great case’

Adam Schiff: Americans are too stupid to decide elections

Only an Incredibly Shallow Society Could Produce this Impeachment Scam

Biden Rambles on Campaign Trail, Admits Impeachment Is Going to Hurt the Democrats

Masked gunmen kill Soleimani sidekick in Iran

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump Warns Netanyahu on Jordan Valley annexation: ‘Not now’

Hezbollah Chief: ‘Kill every American’

Arab countries say ‘we miss the Jews’

Saudi religious leader makes groundbreaking visit to Auschwitz site

Pence and Putin last of 49 world leaders arriving for world Auschwitz liberation event: Marking 75th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz death camp by the Red Army

British Royal Family Members Attend Multiple Holocaust-Remembrance Ceremonies

Israel’s President Addresses over 40 World Leaders Before World Holocaust Forum

The ‘Secret’ Behind why France’s President Tried to Kick Israeli Police Out of a Crusader Church in Jerusalem

French President Macron promises to look into whether Hague has right to investigate Israel

Majority of French don’t know scope of Holocaust

Key News

Boris Says UK Has Crossed the ‘Brexit Finish Line’, Parliamentarians Pass Bill: Leaving the EU on January 31st, 2020

NAFTA Versus USMCA: Taxes, Tariffs, And Trade In North America

IBC Bank Lauds Congressional Passage of USMCA

Grassley signs USMCA, sending it to Trump's desk

Trump to Become First U.S. President to Speak at March for Life

President Trump at The World Economic Forum: America Is Winning Again

Pete Santilli: FBI Agent Dies Uncovering Multi Billion $ Clinton Foundation Corruption

Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Legalizing All Illicit Drugs: Democrat Presidential Candidate4

Democrat Andrew Yang Channels ‘Breaking Bad’ In Support Of Marijuana Legalization

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Federal Marijuana Legalization

Bernie's Iowa team on lockdown after embarrassing video goes viral

Florida Construction Worker Allegedly Killed Pro-Trump Boss After Political Argument

Gabbard hits Clinton with $50 million defamation lawsuit over 'Russian asset' remarks

Trump’s Latest Manufacturing Jobs Achievements Should Terrify 2020 Democrats

China confirms human-to-human transmission as SARS-like virus spreads

WHO says China’s coronavirus outbreak isn’t a global emergency yet

How did China's coronavirus outbreak start?

3 U.S. Airports to Screen for Chinese Coronavirus


January 22, 2020

Impeachment Hoax

Trump’s hotly contended impeachment trial begins in US Senate

Impeachment 2020: Elements of Due Process

Chief Justice Rebukes Lawyers in Senate Impeachment Trial: 'Remember Where You Are'

WATCH IT: Powerful new GOP video calls on Senate to stop impeachment

The ‘Trial of the Century’ Begins, and Why ‘Dismissal’ Doesn’t Work

Why Democrats have already lost the impeachment battle just as it’s getting started

Nadler Goes Nuts: Accuses GOP Senators of ‘Treacherous Votes’, ‘Cover-Up’ and ‘Voting Against the US’ for Rejecting Schumer Subpoenas for Impeachment Trial

House Democrats Use Unlawful Phone Records to Argue Need for More Documents

Adam Schiff Tries to Defend Secret House Impeachment Hearings

Hillary Clinton Still Licking Her Lips In Anticipation

100,000 People Seeking Tickets to Trump’s ‘Keep America Great’ Rally in Liberal NJ

Key News

Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense: Free Speech is criminalized

Federal Asset Ordered A Terror Attack by Group Allegedly Conspiring to Storm Virginia Capitol

Trump Cuts Down Globalism, Celebrates Economic Nationalism at Davos

Book Bombshell: James Biden’s Firm Got $1.5 Billion in Government Contracts Despite Zero Experience

First coronavirus case confirmed in Washington State, US: CDC

Study Finds Unborn Babies May Feel Pain as Early as 12 Weeks

The Puerto Rico Aid Scandal is a Democrat/Media Scandal

Breaking Bombshell: Elizabeth Warren’s Son-in-Law Produced Film Funded by Iranian Government

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Threatening Iranian Cultural Sites Was an ‘Extension of White Supremacy’

Israel/Palestinian War

Gantz pledges to annex Jordan Valley when elected

Netanyahu seeks Trump green light to annex Jordan Valley

PM Netanyahu meets French President in Jerusalem

Israel Irked by Macron-Abbas Meeting Before Holocaust Forum

Palestinian columnist calls for murder to disrupt Holocaust ceremony

World Holocaust Forum founder Moshe Kantor warns Europe may have no Jews by 2050

How did an Israeli river full of natural wonders remain secret for decades?

Netanyahu Gives Putin Disputed Old City Church in Exchange for Jailed Israeli Woman

IDF eliminates 3 bomb-throwers near Gaza fence

‘RIGGED’: Trump Says Democrats Taking Nomination Away From Sanders ‘For A Second Time’

UFC Champion Conor McGregor: Trump ‘Phenomenal President’, Possibly ‘Greatest Of All Time’

January 21, 2020

Key News

Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join PEACEFUL Virginia rally

David Hogg accuses 2nd Amendment supporters of wanting to 'kill' kids

Trump Tells Davos: ‘We Look Forward to Negotiating a Tremendous New Deal With the United Kingdom’

Pete Buttigieg Tells Black Voters: ‘Racism Woven into the American Story’

Hunter Biden’s Firms Scored Reportedly Hundreds of Millions from Russians, Chinese, and Kazakhs

Vision from Martin Luther King, Jr. as Democrats Still Resist Voting Rights

After 47 Years of Decriminalized Abortion, Pro-Life Movement Is Positioned for Victory

Did Puerto Rico Politicians Keep Their People Waiting for Emergency Relief?

Impeachment Hoax

Trump's Impeachment Trial To Resume In U.S. Senate

Dershowitz: Trump and Netanyahu ‘facing criticism for matters that aren’t criminal’

White House Announces All-Star Impeachment Team, Includes Meadows, Jordan, and Ratcliffe

Sean Hannity calls on voters to pressure senators to 'do their job': Fox pundits call trial a massive hoax

Democrats Threaten to Call New Impeachment Witnesses to Testify in House If Senate Doesn’t

Senator Schumer: McConnell’s Impeachment Resolution ‘Nothing Short of a National Disgrace’

Trump trial arguments get airing on Sunday talk shows

Department Of Justice Does Not Believe Claims From Lev Parnas


U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approves trade pact with Canada, Mexico

USMCA ratification, assault rifle ban among top priorities for Liberal Canadian government

Turkey deploys 2,000 troops to Libya to Reestablish Muslim Caliphate with Jerusalem as Capital: "Taking over the natural gas in the Mediterranean"

Jordanian MP: ‘No to Israeli Gas! No to the Gas of the Jews!’

Jordan Passes Draft Law to Boycott Israeli Gas

Jordanian MP Threatens: If Government Won’t Cancel Israeli Gas Deal We’ll Topple the King

Rockets fired into Baghdad's Green Zone

Iranian Ayatollah: U.K. Ambassador Should Be Chopped into Pieces

Iranian MP places $3 million bounty on Trump’s head: ‘Whoever kills him’

Israel/Palestinian War

'We're fighting for the Land of Israel': MK Bennett

Sovereignty – Because This Is Our Land

Incredible secret river discovered in Israel’s south leaves country stunned

Prophecy Appears: Rivers Flow From Jerusalem Into the Dead Sea

Explosive balloon cluster reaches Jerusalem, devices upgraded, more deadly

Trump’s Latest Economic Numbers Are Making Democrats Very Nervous

January 20, 2020

Breaking News

Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join PEACEFUL Virginia rally

China Says ‘No Need to Panic’ as Deadly Virus Goes International

Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood: Will Cut Almost $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding

Trump’s Immigration Reforms Show Results — Illegal Border Crossings Are In A Free Fall


Bernie campaign staffer caught on video defending Soviet gulags, saying "cities will burn" if Trump re-elected

What Communists Did To My Family In The Soviet Gulags

Virginia 2nd Amendment Crisis

Pro-2A Americans Come to Virginia to Rally for Gun Rights

NBC News Reporter: Virginia Second Amendment Rally a ‘White Nationalist Rally’

President Trump: Virginia Proves Again Democrats ‘Will Take Your Guns’

VA Gun Rally: Orchestrated Disaster

It’s Clear That Governor Northam Is Praying For Violence

Antifa Will Pretend to be MAGA & NRA Advocates at Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally

Fears of violence as white supremacists, others to rally for guns in Virginia

Patriots Say Democrats Are Setting A Trap For ‘Charlottesville 2.0’

Virginia City Councilman Brings AR-15 to 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Vote

Virginia Democrat Delegate Imagines U.S. Military Crushing Citizen Gun Supporter

Shooter kills 1 outside Kansas City bar before being gunned down by security

Joe Biden Links President Donald Trump to KKK in Sermon to Black Church

‘Profiles in Corruption’ Contains 1,126 Endnotes, No Unnamed Sources

Vice President Pence on Biden Family Corruption: ‘The American People Have a Right to Know’

Israel/Palestinian War

High-level dispute on Israel’s response keeps Hamas incendiary balloons coming

'The Likud will never forgive Knesset Speaker for selling us out'

Netanyahu Assigns New Ministerial Portfolios in Year-Old Temporary Government

Jews, time for a change in strategy

Ukraine’s President Zelensky confirms he’ll attend Holocaust forum in Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority Calls to Commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day by Killing Jews

Massive Gathering of Kings in Jerusalem on Thursday: A Realization of Psalms 48

A Serious Man: Zelensky bids to address Ukraine’s dark past, brighten its future

‘We will Soon Establish the Caliphate, Liberate Jerusalem and Conquer Rome’: Palestinian Preacher

Jordan Passes Draft Law to Boycott Israeli Gas

Russian Sources: Moscow gave Iran the high precision tech for missiles that struck US bases in Iraq

It Wasn't Luck That No U.S. Soldiers Were Killed In Iran's Strikes On Iraq: Iran intended that there would be no casualties

Ukraine insists Iran hand over downed jet’s black boxes

Iran Drops Davos 2020 Summit Attendance over ‘Agenda Change’

Impeachment Hoax News

The Impeachment ‘Kill Switch’: McConnell Dismissal Rule Corners Democrats, Blocks Antics as Trial Commences

Trump Legal Team: Impeachment Articles ‘Constitutionally Invalid’

Sen. Hirono: McConnell Wants Senate Trial ‘to Basically Be a Whitewash’

GOP Rep. Collins: This Has Been a ‘Political Impeachment’ from Day One

Pam Bondi calls Democrats' impeachment case 'basic trash'

Maxine Waters on Possible Trump Acquittal: ‘We Will Not Stop’ Investigating Him

Dershowitz: Democrats' Impeachment Is Founders' 'Greatest Nightmare'

RINO Sen. Graham Begins Changing Tune on Trump


Senate Passes USMCA Deal: On Thursday, 1/16

McConnell FLIPS SCRIPT, Uses Trump Card – Senate Passes USMCA 89-10

Trump cheers benefits of China, USMCA trade deals at farmers' convention in Texas

Sanders defends vote against USMCA: 'Not a single damn mention' of climate change

USMCA is another Trump promise kept – and a trade victory for America

Trump's USMCA will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and boost growth

Key News

Amazon wants you to use your hand to pay for things at retailers

If You Aren’t Paying Attention To The Latest UFO News, You Really, Really Should Be

People are dying in racial violence across the country so that the Democrats can win elections

Could Taiwan Stop an Invasion By China?

Poll: Trump Approval Among Farmers Hits Record High at 83%

National Archives Admits It Doctored Photo of Anti-Trump Protest

New Video Leak Reveals the Socialist Nightmare Waiting for us if Bernie Becomes President

ICE Deporting Illegal Migrants to Home Countries — from Guatemala, Before Arriving at U.S. Border

Marine confirms Hillary vetoed sending 250 fighters to Benghazi

Trump Admin Confirms: “There is No International Human Right to Abortion”

Pro-Life Group Launches $52 Million Campaign to Support President Trump, Activate Pro-Life Voters

NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture: “Children are Not a Burden”

Oil and gas Production on Federal Lands Boosts Jobs and Revenues in Several Key American States

Fight fires with facts – not fake science

New York Times Smears Trump Supporter as ‘White Nativist’

Lev Parnas Is Another Fake Bombshell

Be Optimistic in 2020, Democrats Are Like Wile E. Coyote

Prince Harry Expresses ‘Great Sadness’ as he is Stripped of Royal Titles

GOP Rep. Greg Steube: Not One Democrat Voted to Protect Women’s Sports

2.4 Million Households Off Food Stamps Under Trump

Navy builds aircraft carrier drone headquarters

Because of NYC sanctuary law, illegal was free when woman, 92, was murdered, sexually assaulted

California tells ranch owners, 'Your land is our land': State simply planning to take property

NYT's Bizarre Double Presidential Endorsement Should Be Good News for Trump Re-Election



January 18-19, 2020

Key News

Lou Dobbs: How can any Christian with any conscience ever vote for a Democrat again?

Missouri Lawmaker Files Bill to Prevent ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Child Grooming Events

President Trump: Virginia Proves Again Democrats ‘Will Take Your Guns’

Trump’s Senate impeachment trial begins

Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz Join Trump’s Impeachment Legal Team

Dershowitz: ‘Abuse of Power’ ‘Is Not an Impeachable Offense’

Seven Times the GAO Found the Obama Administration Violated Federal Law

President Trump Corrects GAO’s Statement On Ukraine Aid, OMB Also Challenges Report

Bannon on Fox: Impeachment Goes From ‘Sham to Absolute Farce’

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran Form Anti-American Alliance

Impeachment - USMCA News

Wag-The Dog Scenario

* Chief Justice John Roberts sworn in to preside over impeachment trial

USMCA heads to Trump’s desk for signature after Senate approves pact

* Even CNN SLAMS Democrats Over Insane ‘Pen Stunt,’ Pelosi Is Treating Impeachment Like A Game

Senate passes USMCA trade deal amid impeachment proceedings

*Sen. Graham blasts the Dems, ‘Impeachment is manufactured BS’:‘It’s going to blow up in their face…’

USMCA, US-China phase one deal will equate to $2T in trade

* Mass Media will not fairly report Trump Impeachment Trial

USMCA is another Trump promise kept – and a trade victory for America

* Mo Brooks (R-AL) on Impeachment: Americans ‘Should Be Angry About This Effort to Defraud the American People’

Lawmakers, industry leaders expect job boom after passage of USMCA

* John Brennan, known for lies, unleashes another whopper

10 senators who voted against USMCA

* Dershowitz, Starr added to Trump defense for impeachment trial

* Rand Paul warns Republicans could block witnesses for Trump: "Kangaroo Court" in the making?

Israel/Palestinian War

Britain adds entire Hizballah movement to terrorist blacklist

Putin to cut short his Israel visit. New government in Moscow

Muslims chant about killing Jews outside Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Hamas Calls for Mass Prayer Rallies at Temple Mount, Cave of the Patriarchs

Police sappers called as balloon-borne bomb found in Ashdod

Finnish Media Lies About Politician Arrested After Cutting Gaza Security Fence

Israeli Right does not seek overthrow of Jordan’s monarchy

U.S. Factory and Mining Production Rose in December

U.S. Consumers Come Roaring Into the Twenties

Honduras Arrests U.S.-Bound Iranians as New Caravan Heads North from Central American Nation

Trump warns Khamenei to be ‘careful with his words’ following Tehran sermon

Democrats in FULL Panic Mode Over Trump’s Rising Support From Black Voters

Republican Muslim candidate Dalia al-Aqidi looks to unseat Omar



January 17, 2020

Impeachment - USMCA News

Wag-The Dog Scenario

* Chief Justice John Roberts sworn in to preside over impeachment trial

USMCA heads to Trump’s desk for signature after Senate approves pact

* Even CNN SLAMS Democrats Over Insane ‘Pen Stunt,’ Pelosi Is Treating Impeachment Like A Game

Senate passes USMCA trade deal amid impeachment proceedings

*Sen. Graham blasts the Dems, ‘Impeachment is manufactured BS’:‘It’s going to blow up in their face…’

USMCA, US-China phase one deal will equate to $2T in trade

* Mass Media will not fairly report Trump Impeachment Trial

USMCA is another Trump promise kept – and a trade victory for America

* Mo Brooks (R-AL) on Impeachment: Americans ‘Should Be Angry About This Effort to Defraud the American People’

Lawmakers, industry leaders expect job boom after passage of USMCA

* John Brennan, known for lies, unleashes another whopper

10 senators who voted against USMCA

* Dershowitz, Starr added to Trump defense for impeachment trial

* Rand Paul warns Republicans could block witnesses for Trump: "Kangaroo Court" in the making?

Key News


Seven Times the GAO Found the Obama Administration Violated Federal Law

President Protects Religious Freedom in Social Services

Trump Administration Protects School Prayer

Warren Asked Obama to Exonerate Traitor Ethel Rosenberg

Democrats: Killing patriotism, one child at a time

Disney Introduces: ‘Demon’ who Trains Children to be Witches

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF helicopter attacks tunnel infrastructure in Gaza

IDF launches second F-35i fighter jet squadron

Three incendiary balloons reach Sderot – 2nd Gaza attack in a day

Gantz says PM ‘unfit’ for office over attempt to bring Kahanists into Knesset

Poll: Neither Netanyahu or Gantz will be able to form a government

Arab riots break out on Temple Mount

US forces withdraw from NATO March drill in Norway due to Mid-East tension

Al Jazeera Rejects Iran’s Offer to ‘Liberate’ Jerusalem

Ukrainian Parliament Marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day For First Time

Why Democrats are leaving out Israel while debating the Mideast

Guns at Synagogue: New white paper explains how to arm and not arm

Illegal Alien from Canada Allegedly Planned Attack at Virginia Gun Rally

Jerry Falwell will 'call for civil disobedience' if Virginia Dems lock in gun control bills

How Trump Effectively Turned Iranian People Against Their Radical Regime

11 US soldiers were injured by Iranian missile attack in Iraq

Unmasking Iranian and Palestinian hybrid warfare against Israel

Amid internal unrest, Iran's Khamenei says Trump is a ‘clown’ who will betray Iranians

‘Execute Anyone Who Won’t Trample the Israeli Flag!’ Says Iranian Official

Mexican Government Says It Will Not Give Passage to New Migrant Caravan

Minority Biden Aide Suddenly Quits, Spills Beans on Joe

Bernie Campaigner Kyle Jurek Arrested Days Before Project Veritas Exposing Him as A Radical Communist Advocating Violence: "Cities Will Burn"

English Cops told to ignore Muslim rape gangs and probe 'other ethnicities'


January 16, 2020

Key News

VA Governor Bans Guns on State Capitol Grounds, Declares ‘State of Emergency’

Falwell Jr. says he'll "call for civil disobedience" over new Virginia gun control legislation

USMCA Trade deal moves toward Senate vote

Trump Signs Phase One Trade Deal with China

Dow reclaims 29,000 with US-China phase one trade deal done

Trump the Pro-life President

Losing Our Religion: Fall of faith threatens America

LGBT plowed the road, and the pedophiles are now marching it

'Lifetime Rule': Putin's surprise Russia shakeup seen cementing power

Impeachment Hoax

House officially votes 228-193 to transmit impeachment articles to the Senate

Nancy Pelosi’s “Forever” Impeachment Lives in NeverLand

Nancy Pelosi Announces Schiff, Nadler and Others as Impeachment Trial Managers

Nancy Pelosi Uses More than a Dozen Commemorative Pens to Sign ‘Sad’ Articles of Impeachment

Rand Paul puts fellow Republicans on notice; Stand with Trump on impeachment or ‘you will lose your election’

LSU Football Team to Meet President Trump Friday at White House

Israel/Palestinian War

‘Optimism’: Netanyahu and Putin discuss Middle East

PA, Hamas fight in Oman over who really represents Palestinians

Senior Fatah Official Encourages Terror on Palestinian TV

Four rockets fired from Gaza, 2 intercepted by Iron Dome

IDF Hits Several Gaza Targets in Response to Rocket Fire

Iranians Depict Trump and Netanyahu’s Murder in Gruesome New Video

Finnish MP Arrested While Attempting to Cut Gaza Border Fence

Election Drama: Last-Minute ‘Backstabbing’ Among Right-Wing Parties that Could Put Netanyahu in Danger

Palestinian Authority in Panic After Israel Announces Transfer of Judea-Samaria Land Registry to Courts

Guatemalan president promises to keep embassy in Jerusalem

ICC Prosecutor Pursuing Israel Is Exposed as Accomplice to Gambian Torture, Prisoner Disappearances

Iran rejects proposed new ‘Trump deal’ in nuclear row

Rouhani: Iran's nuclear enrichment at higher level than before 2015 deal

New video shows moment Iran downs Ukrainian passenger plane, killing 176

Deserted Skies Prove ‘World Doesn’t Trust Iran,’ Says Israeli UN Envoy

Two Iranians Sentenced for Spying on the United States

Jewish security group issues guidelines for synagogues on arms, hired guards

Saudi servicemen booted from US after terror attack at naval station

Bernie campaign staffer caught on video defending Soviet gulags, saying "cities will burn" if Trump re-elected

Warren rejects Sanders' handshake in tense moment at end of Democratic debate


January 15, 2020

Key News

2020 may be the Year the News Worm Turns

Scientists Confirm That All Humans Descended From Just Two People – Bible Had It Right

Are the war-like headlines between the US and Iran fake news?

Jordan’s king warns US-Iran war would bring ‘untold chaos’

Did Benedict XVI Really Deny Co-Authoring a New Book in Defense of Priestly Celibacy?

Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims the Iran Deal Was ‘Working’

Fox News Talking Heads Stumping For Bernie? Sanders intent on turning America into a totally socialist state

Israel/Palestinian War

Three dead in Israeli airstrikes on Iranian forces in Syria: Pro-Iranian Fighters

Israel Intel Propaganda: Iran will have fissile material for a nuke this year, a nuclear-capable missile in two years

Likud scrambles to unify right-wing parties as deadline nears

IAF chief demands full probe into flooding of fighter jet hangars

Israeli Right does not seek overthrow of Jordan’s Hashemite monarchy

With Putin, Zelensky and Prince Charles in Town Jerusalem Motorists Will Lose their Parking for 3 Days: Fifth World Holocaust Forum

Ahead of world Holocaust memorial day, Israel home to 192,000 survivors

Israel, Russia, forge unique partnership at UN to mark liberation of Auschwitz

Jordanian king views Trump Mideast peace plan in 'glass half-full' light

A New Energy Era: Israel starts exporting natural gas to Egypt

Netflix delves into hotbed of controversy with 'Messiah'

Opinion: Trump Calls the Ayatollah’s Bluff

Rouhani Warns European troops: You could be targeted

Fact Check: Bernie Sanders Falsely Claims Half of America Earns $9 to $10 an Hour

‘Rigged’: Critics Cry Foul as CNN Debate Slants Against Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Shake Bernie Sanders’s Hand After Democrat Debate

Biden: Trump, Republican Party Has ‘Savaged My Surviving Son’

Bloomberg campaign goes off the rails in series of bizarre tweets: "What meatball most closely resembles Mike"?

CNN Fails to Ask a Single Immigration Question During Democrat Debate

Environmentalists Caused Australia’s Fires, Not ‘Climate Change’

The Most Important Thing About a Trade Deal is the Deal Itself


January 14, 2020

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

Iranian protesters refuse to walk on US, Israeli flags

Trump Backs Iran Protesters: ‘We Are Inspired by Your Courage’

Israeli intel helped the US assassinate Soleimani

AG Barr Backs Soleimani Strike: ‘He Was the Head of a Terrorist Organization’

Soleimani death won't dim Iran's regional hegemony aspirations

Hezbollah will attack Israel if US responds to Iran attack

Trump authorized targeting of Soleimani in June: After he shot down a U.S. drone

Pompeo: Killing of Soleimani marks beginning of new US policy to deter enemies

Trump’s Economic Sanctions Have Destroyed Iran’s Will to Fight

France, Britain, Germany trigger Iran nuclear deal dispute mechanism

Canadian PM: Ukrainian plane shot down due to 'regional escalation'

With Soleimani gone, Iran more likely to negotiate - US security adviser

PM Boris Johnson says ‘Trump deal’ should replace Iran nuclear accord

Tension reported between Rouhani, Guard Corps as prominent Iranians bash regime

Video: Iran Protesters Shot, Tear-Gassed by Police on Tehran Streets

Key News

Trump: Rogue leaders never calculated he would be this strong

Bill O’Reilly: The ‘Fix Is Still In’ Against Bernie Sanders In The 2020 Race

Texas first state to stop refugee resettlement under Trump exec order

Cory Booker Blames Impeachment for Early Withdrawal from 2020 Race

Several Saudi Servicemen To Be Expelled From U.S.

New Details On Hunter Biden’s Ties To Foreign Entities

Israel/Palestinian War

Enough with the Trump-Netanyahu analogies

Jordan’s king says relationship with Israel is on ‘pause’

PA up in arms after EU conditions aid on severing ties with terror groups

'British taxpayer money is rewarding Palestinian terrorism'

Faltering Israeli parties that once brought Palestinian self-rule are now running together in March election

New Right, National Union agree on joint run, call for Jewish Home to join them

US national security adviser: Not focused on the Israeli election calendar

Jerusalem issues rare critique of Ukraine’s glorification of Holocaust deniers

Massive eruption of Philippines Taal Volcano imminent

College Football Fans Go Crazy For Trump And Melania At National Championship Game

LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Gives Props To Trump After College Football Championship Win

Hollywood Superstar Vince Vaughn Shakes Hands With Donald Trump, Becomes Major Trending Topic On Twitter During Title Game

January 13, 2020


Iran - Ancient Persia - News

Iran Agrees De-escalation ‘Only Solution’ to Solve Crises

Iran, Hizballah gird up for guerilla, rocket attacks on US forces in Iraq, rockets against Israel

Trump tweets support for Iranian protesters as they demand Khamenei quit

Trump Backs Iran Protesters: ‘We Are Inspired by Your Courage’

Iran Opens Fire On Demonstrators

‘Death to the Islamic Republic’: Hundreds of Iranians Take Streets Against Regime

Despite Tweeting Often About Iran This Week, No 2020 Democratic Contender Has Commented on Iranian Protests

Trump Doctrine: Beijing, Pyongyang, Moscow, Tehran ‘Now Know’ America’s Strength

'They thought Trump wouldn't respond during an election period - and were wrong'

Trump's attack on State-sanctioned terrorism is sure vote winner

Hezbollah: It's time for Iran's allies to start working to avenge Soleimani

A powder keg that could engulf the world

In Ukrainian jet crash fallout, Iran's MPs, councilors say systemic lying mars its establishment

Iranian Commander Whose Unit Destroyed Ukrainian Airplane Proud His Men Don’t Ask Permission to Fire

Key News

Democrats Nervous as ‘Profiles in Corruption’ Book Looms

NRA Handing Out 30-Round Mags in VA to Fight Northam Gun Ban

Americans Believe Epstein Was Murdered

Wall Street Journal Admits U.S. Economy Sailed Through Trade War with ‘Barely a Scratch’

FBI admits illegal wiretapping of President Trump, issues apology

Illinois Sanctuary County Frees 1K Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 2019


Hard Megxit? Charles Fears Permanent Split from Royal Family

Federal Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Just Dropped A Major Bombshell

Taiwan’s Tsai’s Re-election: A Rebuke to Beijing, Boost for Freedom Against Communists

WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka: I want people to realize the ways they’re being manipulated. Droves are leaving the Dems

Privately ‘a Lot of Democrats’ Said Pelosi Impeachment Gambit Was ‘Failed Strategy’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

The Purim Miracle of Trump

Known Secret: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Is Deadly And Ready

Will US release Middle East peace plan before Israeli election?

SPIKE anti-tank missiles now reach 2,000 meters

US Army to purchase Israeli-made Spike missiles

Appointment of Terrorist-Defending Lawyer to Military Court Committee Sparks Rage

Knesset speaker decries ‘dirty process’ to prevent immunity from Netanyahu

‘Iran lied intentionally’: Netanyahu calls out Tehran for downing Ukrainian plane

Israeli foreign minister postpones visit to Dubai over Iranian death threats

Palestinian Authority starts paying off its electric bill


January 11-12, 2020

Key News

Trump: ‘I’d Like a Trial,’ But Whether There Is One and Its Size Aren’t Certain

Pelosi’s Impeachment Vote Forced Trump-District Democrats to Walk the Plank (Go On Public Record)

Trump: ‘You Have to’ Invoke Executive Privilege if Bolton Is Called to Testify

Is Pelosi Timing the Impeachment Articles' Release so as to Damage Bernie?

Years Later, More Illicit Hillary Clinton Emails Emerge

Fitton claims bombshell link between Obama admin., Christopher Steele

VA Democrat’s Bill Would Make Owning Legally Bought Suppressors a Felony

‘Abortion Is Normal’ Exhibition Opens in NYC to Benefit Planned Parenthood

DHS Chief Admits: Will Not Get 450-Mile Border Wall Completed by November

AOC: People My Age Are Scared to Have Kids Because of Climate Crisis

Joaquin Phoenix at Jane Fonda’s Climate Rally: Change Your Eating Habits to Fight Climate Change

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

Trump: Soleimani Was Planning Attacks on ‘Four Embassies’

'Killing Pres. Trump wouldn't be enough to avenge Soleimani'

Democrats Hypocrites on Trump Iran Policy

Iran admits to unintentionally shooting down Ukrainian plane

Media Blames Trump for Downed Ukraine Passenger Plane

John Kerry Complains Donald Trump Ruined Iran Deal

The Persian Puzzle: Iran, Iraq, and the United States

US sanctions Iran following attack on troops in Iraq

Wrong!—Soleimani Was NOT the Mideast Che Guevara

Iranians Celebrate Soleimani’s Death in Canada, Praise Trump

Five Reasons Meghan Markle May Not Have Got on With Britain All That Well

Marianne Williamson Suspends Her Presidential Campaign: ‘Love Will Prevail’

No Labor Shortage: 11M Americans Out of Work, but All Want Full-Time Jobs

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu 'supports all US steps'

Qasem Soleimani: Gone for good

'No question that Liberman is on the right'

Israeli F-35 Strike Against Iranian Target in Syria Kills Eight

IDF to demolish homes of terrorists who killed Rina Shnerb, Dvir Sorek

Beersheba rises as Israel’s new tech hub

Dutch return rare, Nazi-looted porcelain, to Jewish heirs

Al-Jazeera Survey Reveals: After Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Muslims Don’t Want Iran to “Liberate” Jerusalem

Poland has done it again

Russian ship nearly collides with US ship

Virginia Lawmakers Have Voted to Ban Guns from the State Capitol Building


January 10, 2020

Key News

Iran’s attack on US airbase in Iraq finds Israel vulnerable to same kind of ballistic missile strike

Iran Bulldozed Plane Crash Site Before Outside Investigators Arrived

Iran, The Paper Tiger

George Washington Killed Indians Because They Were Muslims: Hamas MP

`Nancy Pelosi to Transmit Impeachment Articles to Senate Next Week

America Created 145,000 Jobs in December

DOW 29,000!

Iranians Want Regime Change

Opinion: Trump Calls Ayatollah’s Bluff

Border Patrol Circulates Intel Alert: Titled ‘Suspected Suicide Bomber en Route to the U.S.’

Democrats’ Caricature of Warmonger Trump Doesn’t Conform with Reality

Ann Coulter: Our Broken Border, Not Iran, Kills 30,000 Americans Every Year

There Is No Clever Democratic Impeachment Strategy

All The Russia Collusion Clues Are Beginning To Point Back To John Brennan, CIA

Judicial Watch Finds Millions of ‘Extra’ Registrants on Voting Rolls

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

To The Liberal Media’s Dismay, There Will Be No Disastrous War With Iran

Celebrating Soleimani killing, Trump says Democrats would have leaked strike

US Ambassador to UN: Soleimani killing was act of self-defense

Pro-Iran Rhetoric from Democrats, Media Heats Up

'Killing Pres. Trump wouldn't be enough to avenge Soleimani': IRGC Aerospace Commander

Iran denies its forces shot down passenger jet, calls on West to share data

Network of Syrian, Iraqi spies said to have helped US kill Soleimani

Soleimani's death and the World Order

Soleimani death won't dim Iran's regional hegemony aspirations

Left Blames President Trump For Iran’s Decision To Shoot Down A Passenger Plane

Iran sends mixed signals as tensions with US seem to ease

PM Trudeau Hints U.S. Could Be Partially Responsible for Downed Ukrainian Plane

Trump says new Iran sanctions have come into effect

US House votes to curtail Trump war powers against Iran: "Faces uphill battle in Republican-controlled Senate"

Pope Francis urges US and Iran to exercise restraint

Australian Fires Expose Green Folly

Climate Change Was Always a Cult Religion, Sen Hirono

Blue State Blues: Sometimes You Need to Use Force to Prevent War

Nancy Pelosi in 2011: Barack Obama ‘Did Not Need Authorization’ to Use Force in Libya

President Trump: Nancy Pelosi ‘Not Operating with a Full Deck’

‘Democrats deny facts’ to defend Obama’s Iran polices, says Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX)

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel Strikes Iranian Weapons Truck at Iraq-Syria Border

US senators back bill to provide Israel with $3.3B a year

Fatah, defiant, reportedly vows to continue paying terrorists

Ancient siege of Jerusalem remembered on Jewish fast day

Netanyahu’s immunity strategy hits major bump as Knesset committee to debate request

Vegas Consumer Electronics Show Awards Israeli Water-From-Air Invention


Scalar Wave Weapons System

Israel unveils breakthrough in laser technology: Tesla Bubble Dome

2006 Archives: Israeli tanks are equipped with Tesla Domes!

Israel Unveils Triple-Threat ‘Energy Warfare’ Technology for Air, Land and Sea: Scalar Weapons System

10 Horrible Gun Control Laws from VA Democrats – Dems want your guns, do not be fooled


January 9, 2020


Breaking News

Canadian PM Trudeau: Evidence Shows Iranian Missile Downed Ukraine Plane

Iran Claims Black Box Memory on Ukrainian Plane ‘Damaged’

‘We are back from the brink’: Tucker finally gives some kudos to Trump after Iran presser

Oliver North: Trump can launch an attack that would shut Iran down 'completely'

House Democrats Try To Sabotage President Trump, Again

BOMBSHELL: Book to Reveal How Biden Family Siphoned ‘Millions in Taxpayer Cash’—Hunter Biden Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Court frees president to use military $3.6 billion funds for wall

Countries That Have Tried Socialism/Communism and Failed

Key News

New Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew Signs Petition to Force House Vote on Born-Alive Act

The Trump Doctrine Delivers a Win Against Iran

The Trump Doctrine: America First - and more

Trump says “Iran appears to be standing down” (backing down) after missile attacks on US bases

Pelosi to Force Trump to Seek House Approval for Future Attacks on Iran: "It is inconceivable that the Senate ... would support such a bill"

'Targeting Soleimani was constitutional, but impeachment is not': Prof. Dershowitz

Mystery over deadly Ukraine plane crash: Iran won’t hand over black boxes

Pentagon Declares: Iran Shot Down a Commercial Airliner Carrying Hundreds of Civilians

Iran continues to falsely present missile strike as great victory

Stocks Jump to All Time Highs After Trump’s Iran Speech

Israel Boycott Proponent Ilhan Omar Condemns Trump for Boycotting Iran

Magnitude 5 Earthquake Near Iran’s Nuclear Facility

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel’s laser defense ‘breakthrough’ reminiscent of 1980 arcade game

Trump and Netanyahu discuss ‘critical’ issues after Iran missile strikes

Iran and Hezbollah may ‘shut Israel down’ in next war: Security Expert

Israel Launches Campaign to Shut Down Illegal Arab Construction

Israel advances plans for nearly 2,000 new settlement homes

71% of Israelis approve of Trump

Shockingly Revealed: An Arab prince’s secret proposal to sell the Western Wall to the Jews

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Everybody knows’ Hillary Clinton is a ‘war-monger’

Hollywood Actress Admits Sacrificing Child for Golden Idol

NY Lawmaker Fights Bail Law that Frees Anti-Semitic Attackers

Covington Boys Sue Elizabeth Warren, Kathy Griffin and CNN Host Who Called Nick Sandmann’s Face “Punchable”

Planned Parenthood Should Lose Its Non-Profit Status: It Uses Our Tax Dollars to Elect Pro-Abortion Democrats

Black Leaders Tell Supreme Court: Abortion is Racist, “Long History” of Targeting Black Babies

Photos show Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ jet


January 8, 2020

Breaking News

Trump Describes Iranian Missile Attack as Backing Down

Trump: Iran missiles 'paid for' by Obama administration

Pelosi Brushes Off Vice President Mike Pence, Telling Him: LATER!

Israel unveils breakthrough in laser technology: Tesla Bubble Dome

2006 Archives: Israeli tanks are equipped with Tesla Domes!

Iran not expected to target Israel in response to US attack

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

Iran’s attacks “appeared designed for maximum domestic effect with minimum escalatory risk"

IRGC Fires 12 Missiles at US Bases in Iraq: Then Vows to Attack Dubai & Haifa If Iran is Bombed

Iran missile attack against US bases in Iraq: Trump states 'All is well'

Dems React to Soleimani’s Death — Prefer Dead Americans to Dead Terrorists

Sen. Graham: Trump ‘Has All the Authority He Needs’ to Respond to Missile Strike

Baghdad residents fear for their lives as rockets target US embassy

US Military Prepares for Iran’s Promise to Avenge Death of Qassem Soleimani

Iraq Backs Away from Threats to Expel U.S. Troops

Nancy Pelosi Blames Trump for Iran Attack — as U.S. Troops Under Fire

Pelosi Dodged Mike Pence Phone Call Notifying Her of Iranian Missile Attack: ‘Tell Him I’ll Call Him Back’

'Soleimani was responsible for death of thousands of Afghan youth': Afghan MP Belquis Roshan

Trump backs off threat to bomb Iran’s cultural sites

Hollywood Attacks Trump as Iran Fires Missiles at U.S. Troops in Iraq

Joe Biden 1988: Only Way to Disarm Iraq Is by ‘Taking Saddam Down’

Israel/Palestinian War

IRGC threatens to attack Israel if US responds to missile attack in Iraq

If US leaves the region, Israel will eventually go to war with Iran

Israeli Natural Gas: The other event that rocked the Middle East

Netanyahu’s office said blocking construction of 2,000 new homes in Har Homa

Rabbi Glick Interrupts Netanyahu Speech to Remind him to Build Third Temple

Poland's president will not attend Holocaust event in Israel

UN panel has no authority to declare Israel apartheid state, US says

Anti-Israel Jewish Sect Attends Soelimani Funeral in Tehran: Neturei Karta Sect

Right After the Ukraine Opposed the Palestinians at UN, their Passenger Jet Mysteriously Explodes in Iran

176 Dead Include 63 Canadians, Three Brits After Boeing 737 Crashes in Iran

Iran says will not give black box of Ukrainian plane to Boeing

FAA orders US airlines to avoid flying over Iran and its neighbors

Egypt Air suspends flights to Baghdad for 3 days

Putin on unannounced visit to Damascus, Syria

Australia Fires: Misleading maps and pictures go viral

'It reminded me of War of the Worlds': Swarms of drones have been flying over homes across several US states at night, and police don't know why

Harvey Weinstein’s Rape Trial Begins on Heels of Fresh Assault Charges

Chelsea Clinton Rakes in $9 Million as Corporate Board Director


January 7, 2020

Breaking News

NSA O'Brien: Soleimani Taken Out Over Plot to Kill Diplomats, Soldiers

Red flags when Iraqi Consulate in Detroit announces memorial for terrorist Gen. Soleimani

Tucker shows devastating footage of San Fran, claims streets ‘filthier, more chaotic’ than ‘Mumbai, India’

‘Human Ken doll’ comes out as transgender: ‘I’ve always felt like Barbie’

Gervais fires back hard at critics of his Golden Globes shocker; crybaby elites get hit again

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

February 11: Iran’s Revolution Day, marks estimated revenge timeline for Soleimani’s death

At least 50 killed, 300 injured at Soleimani funeral stampede

Iran’s Security Council Secretary Shankhani: Iran mulls 13 scenarios against the US

The forty-year appeasement of Iran is over

"So sorry" we eliminated your mass murderer

Iranian parliament designates Pentagon and US military as terrorist organizations in unanimous vote

Soleimani Drone Strike: Did Trump Just Start World War III or Stop It?

Soleimani’s Body Scraped Off The Cement And Flown In Coach Back Home To Iran In A Box

If Attacked Again, Iran Will Set Fire to Places Americans Love: IRGC

Shi'ite Militias In Bahrain And Saudi Arabia Threaten To Avenge Soleimani And Al-Muhandis By Targeting U.S. Interests

Palestinian Leader Attends Soleimani’s Funeral, Egyptians and Saudis Fume

Armed Forces Ready to Give Devastating Response: Iran

Muslim Congresswoman Sides With Iran — Blames Trump By Pushing Wild Conspiracy Theory

Former PM Ehud Barak calls Trump unpredictability is a 'challenge for Iran'

Iran news agency releases mock video of Trump being assassinated

Former NFL All-Pro Posts Instructions For Iran To Attack White House

Israel/Palestinian War

Americans in Israel warned rocket fire could come without warning

Likud Complains: Knesset legal adviser tainted, married to lawyer who built case against Netanyahu

IDF revamps training concept – no more full brigade exercises

World Leaders Coming to Israel: ‘Remembering the Holocaust, Fighting Anti-Semitism’

Trump’s media-shy new peace envoy Berkowitz meets Israeli leaders

Jew Viciously Threatened on NY Subway Right After Anti-Semitism Rally

Chief Rabbi: Immigrants from former Soviet Union are ‘religion-hating gentiles’

PM chides chief rabbi for maligning Soviet immigrants, MKs call for his ouster

Labor chief proposes merge of all center-left parties

Honduras to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Key News

Flashback: Obama Bombed Countries, Went To War, Used ‘Kill List’ Without Congress

“Preemptive Surrender” is national suicide

Lifelong Democrat: Rips Up His Democrat Voter Registration Card, Registers As Republican And Will Vote For Trump

Breaking: Iraqi Parliament Votes To End US Military Presence In Country To Shouts Of “Allahu Akbar!”

Kevin McCarthy says Pelosi is gaming the system – Dems have no facts and no case for impeachment

Colbert and Jane Fonda Push Climate Alarmism -- Only 10 Years Left!

Where’s the stock market collapse after big, bad Iran threatened to destroy the world?

Planned Parenthood Loses 400,000 Individual Donors in 2018-2019 Fiscal Year

Adam Schiff’s Key Impeachment Witnesses Likely Guilty Of Sexual Misconduct

McConnell Has the Votes to Block Democrats’ Calls for Impeachment Witnesses


January 6, 2020

Key News

Colorado’s Red Flag Law Has Taken Effect

Trump Accuses Democrats of Avoiding Senate Trial to Protect Both Bidens

Iran threatens to kill Trump, offers $80 million reward for assassination

Soleimani Was Planning Imminent Attacks to Kill Americans

US fast-response force sent to Mideast

207 members of Congress ask Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

General Qassem Soleimani: He will kill no more

Don’t mourn Soleimani

Obama, 2015: “Iran will be and should be a regional power”

Soleimani was a monster, wanted atomic cloud over Tel Aviv

Trump Warns: If Iran does anything, there will be 'major retaliation'

Endless Wars Are the Direct Result of Weakness’ — ‘Trump Will Never Let That Happen’: Pompeo

Warren Questions if Soleimani Strike Linked to Impeachment

Pompeo: US strategy focus is on Iran’s decision-makers

Iran Raises Red "Revenge" Flag Over ‘Messianic Mosque’ Declaring ‘End-of-Days’ War’ for First Time Ever

Iraqi Shiite militia chiefs redeployed to Syria as well as Iran: Hizballah disbands Bekaa strike bases

Former IRGC commander Rezai: Iran’s revenge will reach Israeli bases, Tel Aviv and Haifa

Michael Moore Sends Iran Leader a Direct Message: Let Me and Millions of Americans Remove Trump

Pompeo: We’re Having to Clean Up the Obama Administration’s ‘Mess’ in Iran

David Petraeus: Eliminating Qasem Soleimani More Significant than Killing Bin Laden or Al-Baghdadi

Pelosi Provides More Aid and Comfort to our Enemies: Plans Resolution to Limit the President’s Military Actions Regarding Iran

Unhinged Progressives Mourn The Death of Top Two Terrorists

Trump Says U.S. Targeting 52 Sites in Iran

Iran just withdrew from the nuke deal – but not really

The U.S-Iran ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaign: A new proxy war in the Middle East?

Having killed Soleimani, what retaliation can the US expect from Iran?

US Deploys 750 Troops to the Middle East Following Embassy Attack in Iraq

Iraq’s parliament calls for expulsion of US troops

Trump: We’re Not Leaving Iraq Until They Pay Us for the Military Base

Missiles Hit Iraq Base Housing U.S. Troops

NATO to meet over US-Iran ‘escalation’ following Qasim Soleimani killing

More Key News

Actor George Lopez Accepts Iran’s Bounty to Assassinate President Trump

Japan to deploy forces to Middle East to protect commercial interests

Three Americans killed in Shabaab attack in Kenya: Two injured

Poll: Republicans Favor Two of Trump’s Children as Top 2024 Choices

Oil price keeps rising as industry drilled by Iran-US conflict

Israel, Cyprus and Greece Signing agreement to Build a Pipeline: Will bring Israeli Gas Across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe

5.7-magnitude quake strikes Puerto Rico

Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe Monologue Shredded Every Hollywood Sacred Cow and It Was Glorious

Internet Erupts After Kaepernick Accuses America of ‘Terrorist Attacks’ Against ‘Non Whites’

Kaepernick Blasts Capitalism While Making Millions Off of Nike’s Cheap, Overseas Labor Force

Lindsey Graham: ‘Loser’ Colin Kaepernick Is ‘Un-American,’ ‘Racist'

Calling His Jewish People Home - Last Days' Prophecy

American Jews: America’s Willing Executioners

Jews felt safe in Germany, too

Blacks in Brooklyn excuse attacks on Jews – ‘they own everything down here’

Black attacks on Jews are rooted in Democrats’ coddling of anti-Semites

Israel/Palestinian War

Iran Threatens to Turn Tel Aviv, Haifa into Dust

Taking Iran’s threats seriously, Israel increases readiness

Israel Invents Technology Enabling Bomb Detection from Long-Distances

HAMAS ‘promoting’ Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century,’ says FATA

Israel to buy 50 more F-35 stealth fighters

2,370 Arab Terror Attacks Against Jews You Never Heard About in 2019

Measuring Table for Wine, Oil During Temple Services Discovered Near Temple Mt.


January 4-5, 2020

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

In a fresh air strike, US targets Iraq’s pro-Iranian militia chiefs after terminating their master

Video shows moment Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani is killed

Trump: We acted to stop a war not to start one

Trump: Soleimani was the number one terrorist anywhere in the world

Strike on Iranian general Soleimani changes rule of the game - nobody is off limits

Obama Sent Them Cash—Trump Turned Them Into Ash

Buttigieg Admits Qasem Soleimani ‘Was Not a Good Guy’ but Questions Trump’s Decision

Quds Force Leader Qasem Soleimani’s Death Marks Huge Blow to Iranian Regime

Iran Pushes Soleimani ‘Mourners’ to the Streets After Trying to Buy Off Protesters

Trump Campaign Strikes Back At Biden Over Iran Comments: ‘He Even Opposed Taking Out Osama Bin Laden’

US To Deploy 3,000 Troops To Middle East Following Soleimani Airstrike

How will Iran retaliate to Soleimani killing?

Iran’s Soleimani Hired Mexican Cartel Associate to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador on U.S. Soil

Will War With Iran Be The Next Phase in the Democrat Impeachment Drive?

Iran general Esmail Ghaani steps out of Qassem Soleimani's shadow to lead proxies

Iran’s Foreign Minister Threatens to Expose Western Diplomats Who Took Bribes to Create the Iran Nuclear Deal

Trump Rallies Evangelicals in Florida–‘We Have God on Our Side’

Democrat Toxic Policies Unwitting Cause of Black Against Jewish Crime

Key News

2020: The Most Pivotal Year In Our History

Time for a New European Peace Conference?

Columbine Survivor Wishes There was a Good Guy With a Gun Like Jack Wilson on the Day of the Notorious School Shooting

Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990

McConnell: Senate Won’t Act Until Pelosi Musters Courage to Send Articles of Impeachment

Pelosi Just Keeps Digging Her Hole Deeper, Responds to McConnell on Impeachment

Hustler Magazine Sends GOP Lawmakers Christmas Cards Depicting President Trump’s Assassination

Israel/Palestinian War

High Court blocks petition to disqualify Netanyahu from forming gov’t

Netanyahu to be replaced by... Netanyahu

Israeli politicians from left to right praise US killing of Iranian commander

Hamas enraged as Israel seizes funds from terrorist families

Israel’s ‘light blade’ laser may finally answer Gaza’s burning kites and fire balloons

IDF’s newest elite unit armed with top-secret technology fights ‘deep in enemy territory’

Netanyahu set to sign major landmark pipeline deal with Greece and Cyprus

Israel, Montenegro sign ‘historic’ defense contract

90,000 Jews gather at New Jersey football stadium for Talmud celebration



January 3, 2020

Key News

Taiwan's Top Military Leader And Senior Officers Killed In Helicopter Crash

Climate alarmists winning the war of words, despite real world evidence that nothing unusual is happening

Turkish parliament approves deployment of troops to war-torn Libya

Happy New Year criminals, and welcome to New York

200 Members Of Congress Are Urging The Supreme Court To Reconsider Roe v. Wade

Perverted: Muslims Praise ‘Allah’ While Threatening and Then Raping Teenage Girl – Then They broadcast it on Twitter

Iran - Ancient Persia - News

Top Iranian commander killed in US air strike in Baghdad: General Soleimani

Opinion: Soleimani assassination tilts US, Iran towards war

US Mid-East bases and Israel on top alert for repercussions from Iran

In Effort to Concede Presidency Dems Attack Trump for Eliminating Iranian War Criminal

‘Proud of President Trump’: Nikki Haley says Soleimani death ‘should be applauded’

China urges 'calm and restraint' after US kills Iran general

Pompeo: Qassem Soleimani was eliminated due to threat of 'an imminent attack'

Top Iranian general & terror leader killed in US air strike on Baghdad: American Left is upset

WaPo Torched For Another Awful Headline About Death of a Terrorist

Biden on Soleimani Assassination: Trump ‘Tossed a Stick of Dynamite into a Tinderbox’

Dem Presidential Candidates' Reactions to Soleimani Death Are As Bad As You'd Imagine

Carter, Rockefeller and the Shah of Iran

IDF Orders Hermon Mountain Closed: In aftermath of Soleimani assassination

Will War With Iran Be The Next Phase in the Democrat Impeachment Drive?

Khamenei names Soleimani’s deputy as new al Qods chief

Tehran: Soleimani’s death at US hands is a declaration of war

Lebanon condemns Soleimani killing, hopes for no repercussions

Iran will avenge Soleimani's death - the question is where and when

Watch: After US drone strike, Qassem Soleimani's car goes up in flames

As Tehran vows to avenge general’s death, Trump tweets: ‘Iran has never won a war’

Iranian malevolence justified Trump's order to kill Qassem Soleimani

Soleimani-Linked Faction Claimed over ‘6,000 Attacks’ Against U.S., Coalition Forces in About 5 Years

Stocks drop, oil jumps after US airstrike kills Iranian general

US troops fire tear gas to disperse militia supporters at embassy in Baghdad

American oil field workers leaving Iraq

Israel/Palestinian War

The Ottomans are back - what does that mean for Israel?

Plans for Israeli Jordan Valley annexation moving forward

Why President Trump is keeping the promise made at San Remo in 1920

Iron Dome defense system notes 85% success rate in 2019: IDF

PM Netanyahu lauds Trump for killing of Iran’s Soleimani: Says Israel stands by US

PM cuts short Greece trip: Defense Chiefs convene after Soleimani killing

If You’re a Zionist, Don’t Vacation in Cuba

Ivanka Trump is the New Queen Esther

Gun Seizure News

Virginia governor’s call for 18-person gun ban force comes under fire

Virginia gun store: Firearms, ammunition, magazines flying off shelves with upswing in cash purchases

Sheriffs may go to jail to protect Second Amendment sanctuaries:Kentucky congressman


Dem Senator Warren: Concealed Carry ‘Doesn’t Make Anyone Safer’

January 2, 2020

Key News

Prophecy 2020 – Year of Success or Catastrophe?

Democrats Pass Resolution Applauding ‘Nonreligious Americans’: Criticizing Churchgoers

Joe Biden Releases Ad Touting Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax

Trump Campaign: Google’s New Ads Policy is a ‘Removal of Free Speech’

California A.B. 5: Dream-Killer Law Chokes State Economy

The Trump Train Rolls Over Democrat Roadblocks

Why The Right Shouldn’t Just Abandon America’s Cities To The Left

Black attacks on Jews are rooted in Democrats’ coddling of anti-Semites

Gun Seizure News

Second Amendment Foundation: ‘Texas Church Shooting Proves Good Guys With Guns Protect Soft Targets'

The Attacks in New York and Texas Move the Gun Control Debate in the Direction the Founders Wanted

Biden Deserves Brickbats For Earlier Criticism Of Texas Gun Law

Barack Obama's Gun Control Executive Order Big Fail

Jews ask ‘Guardian Angels’ for protection on streets: NYC mayor ‘just doesn’t get it’

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu 'supports all US steps'

History revised is history denied

PM Netanyahu requests immunity

Should Israel sign non-aggression pacts with Arab countries?

Netanyahu’s bid for parliamentary immunity puts his trial on hold for months

Netanyahu’s Appeal for Immunity from Prosecution Reveals Hidden Legal Strategy

Internal Hamas Document Implicates Group in Elimination of Senior Islamic Jihad Commander

Stepping up financial warfare: Israel seizes funds from 32 families of terrorists

Yom Kippur & the Power of Granting Forgiveness

Who is violating Iraqi sovereignty?

Trump vows US Embassy attack in Iraq 'will not be a Benghazi'

US to ‘immediately’ deploy 750 soldiers to the Middle East after attack on its Baghdad embassy

Iranian-backed militia supporters withdraw from US Embassy in Baghdad

Iran plays its Trump card in Iraq

Erdogan's desperate gambit in Libya

December 31, 2019- January 1, 2020

Breaking News

2019: The Year the World Went Mad

Joe Biden Pulls A Hillary And Warns Coal Miners He’s Coming After Their Jobs: Tells Miners “Learn How To Program”

Surge of Shiite militia attacks in store for US forces in Iraq, possibly Israel too

Gunman Keith Thomas Kinnunen had been fed by Texas church before shooting

Key News

Well-planned coups with the law as a prop - in Israel and the USA

Trump sets ‘red line’ for Iran amid mounting risks

Judge Dismisses Impeachment Lawsuit After Democrats Pull Plug on Witness

New York to Allow Accused Criminals to Inspect Own Crime Scenes, Quickly Obtain Witness Names

The deafening silence of NY's black political leadership

Buttigieg: I Wouldn’t Want My Son on Burisma’s Board

UN Calls Motherhood a ‘Penalty’

George Soros Has Infiltrated The Southern Baptist Convention

American Family Radio Now Covering SBS's Compromise On Homosexuality

Gun Seizure News

'Good Guy with a Gun' Shoots Texas Church Shooter

Columnist: It is ‘Terrifying’ That Parishioners Were Armed in TX Church

Chinese State Media: ‘Gun Ownership Out of Control in U.S.’

Texas DPS Director Praises Armed Citizens Who Stopped Church Gunman

TX Pastor Thanks Government for Allowing Armed Parishioners

Alleged Antioch, TN, Church Shooter Aimed to Kill 10 White Churchgoers

Democrats Go to Great Lengths to Blame Trump For Monsey Machete Attack

Opinion: Black attacks on Jews are rooted in Democrats’ coddling of anti-Semites

Gentile Guardian Angels Mobilize in NYC to Fight Antisemitic Attacks: ‘We’re not Gonna Abandon the Jews’

Crown Heights: Black Predators Assault Young Chassidic Man in Rush Hour

Trump’s Working Class Agenda Remaking GOP in Economic Nationalist Mold

Joe Biden: ‘We’re All Dead’ if We Don’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels

Rioters storm US embassy in Iraq, setting compound on fire and forcing ambassador to flee

Iraqi Shiite supporters break into US embassy compound in Baghdad

Trump accuses Iran of ‘orchestrating’ Baghdad embassy breach and violence

Saudi Arabia condemns attacks on US forces in Iraq

Israel/Palestinian War

Jordanian Official: Hanukkah Rituals are a Direct Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Iranian Terrorists in Syria Reveal Strategy to Invade Golan

Israeli exports leap 70% during decade

Israel’s establishment elites rise to stop Netanyahu

"There is no provision in the law which would bar Netanyahu from running': Chief Justice Esther Hayut

Leviathan Gas Rig Begins Pumping Gas to Israel

Hamas accuses Palestinian Authority of helping Israel kill Islamic Jihad leader

Landfill begins burying non-recyclable Wind Turbine Blades

December 30, 2019

Key News

Two Dead in Shotgun Texas Church Shooting: "Good Guy With A Gun" Killed Murderer

Vatican publishes new book reducing ‘sin of Sodom’ to ‘lack of hospitality’

US Demographics Are Changing, But Minorities Are Moving To Trump, Negating Globalist Immigration Scheme

Obama Dreamed Of Destroying The United States, But Ended Up Just Destroying The Democratic Party

New York City Is No Longer Safe And Not Suitable For Business

US strikes 5 Iranian Al Qods/ militia bases in Syria and Iraq: Iranian casualties

Israel's FM Katz: US retaliation for Iran’s aggression is a game changer

Pompeo on secret trip to US Ain al Assad Airbase in Iraq

At least 12 Hezballah fighters die in US strikes


5 Stabbed With Machete at Rabbi’s House on Hanukkah: Black Suspect Arraigned

Bill de Blasio on NYC Hanukkah Attack: Trump’s ‘Hateful Speech’ Emboldened Violent Forces

New York City Is No Longer Safe And Not Suitable For Business

Israel/Palestinian War

Jordanian Official: Hanukkah Rituals are Direct Threat to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian Authority in Panic After Israel Announces Transfer of Judea-Samaria Land Registry to Courts

Saving the right-wing camp

Palestinian efforts to co-opt Jesus approach defamation as he’s declared ‘first Islamic martyr’

Arabs Firebomb Israelis Lighting Chanukah Candles at Ancient Biblical Site

Israel Cannot, And Should Not, Protect Jews In The Diaspora: It Can And Should Facilitate Their Return Home

President Rivlin Invites Pope Francis to Visit Jerusalem

If You’re a Zionist, Don’t Vacation in Cuba

Five Hasidic Jews Stabbed by Machete Wielding Assailant in NY: Two in Critical Condition

Teaneck, Lakewood, Jersey City Police Increasing Protection of Jewish Residents

Black attacks on Jews are rooted in Democrats’ coddling of anti-Semites

Israel ‘Shocked and Dismayed by Terror Attack’ at NY Synagogue

Monsey Shooting: Automated license plate reader led police to suspect

Finland to redeploy peacekeeping troops from Iraq to Kurdistan Region

Kurdish Jewish community in Iraq marks final night of Hannukah

Trump breaks the internet

‘Her theft knew no bounds’: First Muslim woman elected to Pennsylvania Legislature resigns in shame

Turkey crosses ‘another red line’ by testing S-400 defense system: US Senator

Turkish threats to close NATO airbases further strains US-Turkey ties



December 28-29, 2019

Breaking News

Two Dead in Shotgun Texas Church Shooting: "Good Guy With A Gun" Killed Murderer

US strikes 5 Iranian Al Qods/ militia bases in Syria and Iraq: Iranian casualties

Israel's FM Katz: US retaliation for Iran’s aggression is a game changer

Pompeo on secret trip to US Ain al Assad Airbase in Iraq

At least 12 Hezballah fighters die in US strikes

5 Stabbed With Machete at Rabbi’s House on Hanukkah: Black Suspect Arraigned

Bill de Blasio on NYC Hanukkah Attack: Trump’s ‘Hateful Speech’ Emboldened Violent Forces

New York City Is No Longer Safe And Not Suitable For Business


Key News

Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for ‘new humanism’

Nun Exposes Pope's Evil Global Plan To Wipe Out Christian Religion: Establish New World Religion!!

New York to Allow Accused Criminals to Inspect Own Crime Scenes, Quickly Obtain Witness Names

OPINION: Obama Should Have Been Impeached, Not Trump

Judicial Watch: Fitton is angry! Where’s Barr? DOJ and FBI STILL protecting Hillary Right Now…

Democrats committed the crime and then blamed Trump for Ukraine… They ALWAYS accuse of what they do…

Working Class Secures Largest Wage Hikes Thanks to Tight Labor Market

Celebrating a Christmas Ceasefire

Congress gives America a special Christmas present: higher taxes

The Polling Trend on Impeachment Shows the True Impact of the Democrats’ Sham

GOP Rep: Democrats Still Withholding Secret Impeachment Transcripts

Trump Is Coordinating with McConnell to Rig the Senate Trial

Biden: I Wouldn’t Testify in Senate Impeachment Trial if Subpoenaed

Time to Investigate Real Russian Colluder - Nancy Pelosi

Yale Psychiatrist Claims Pelosi Can Subject Trump to ‘Involuntary’ Mental Health Evaluation

‘Despite Brexit’ – French Economy Fails to Overtake UK as Predicted, Will Be Far Behind by 2034

An American killed, 4 injured in heavy Iraqi Shiite rocket strike on US K-1 base near Kirkuk

Trump in a corner after rockets kill US contractor, wound forces

Iraqi protesters rally after night of arson attacks

Suspected ISIS members kill at least one civilian, injure two in northern Iraq ambush

US, Russian troops in fistfight brawl in northeast Syria

Death toll rises to 90 in Mogadishu rush-hour car bombing

Israel/Palestinian War

Meet Donald J. Maccabee: Champion of Israel Without Equal

Netanyahu: 'Victory over the spreaders of fake news - despite media bias against me'

How can attacks against Jews in Israel be viewed as "normal'?

UN says every Jewish settler is a 'war criminal'

New laser beam system developed to take down drones, burning balloons

Gazan Christians on Christmas: Escape from watchful eye of radical Muslims

Jordan condemns Israeli Temple Mount visits

2020 will be more turbulent than 2019, unless…

Iran in Iraq


Lawyers fight death penalty for Pittsburgh synagogue shooter

NYPD to increase presence in Jewish areas

Man enters Chabad world headquarters in Brooklyn and threatens to shoot it up

6.4 million students denied free speech by top American colleges

Judge Rules Against Stacey Abrams' Group, Allows Georgia to Clean Voter Rolls

Islamic State Films Gruesome Beheadings In "Message To Christians All Over The World"

Arkancide? As Another Kevin Spacey Accuser Mysteriously Dies: Let’s Not Forget the Perverted Spacey/Clinton Connection


December 26, 2019

USMCA = NAFTA = Fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

Agribusiness: USMCA deal could come soon - even before Impeachment Trial

Wilbur Ross Expects Senate to Pass USMCA 'Overwhelmingly'

A Reality Check on Dairy and the USMCA

Farm Bureau: USMCA to Benefit Hoosier Farmers

After impeachment split, Arizona's members of Congress agree on USMCA trade deal

Mexican Businesses Worry Tweak to USMCA Trade Deal Could Slow Exports

Key News

Blue State Blues: A Decade of Fake News

Inconvenient Anti Socialism Video Banned by Social Media Censors: Democrats have not been able to find one credible witness who would vouch for the utopian socialism they peddle to the American people

Cynics on the road ahead for federal law enforcement

California Governor Tries Blaming Trump Admin For Homeless Crisis

Activist Group Plans $3 Billion City to Solve California’s Homeless Problem

Magnitude 5 Earthquake Shakes Iranian Nuclear Reactor

China Sails Aircraft Carrier Through Taiwan Strait for Second Time

China, South Korea, and Japan Agree to Security Cooperation as North Korea Prepares ‘Christmas Gift’

Hollywood Box Office Plummets in 2019 as Audiences Stay Away

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Kabbalist Sanhedrin Hosts Menorah Lighting on Mount Zion to Enact Ezekiel’s Prophecy of Judgement Against Edom

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu Wins Landslide Victory in Likud Primaries

PM Netanyahu’s primary victory boosts Likud election campaign

Left-wing bloc comes apart as Meretz and Stav Shaffir part ways

Gantz calls for unity amid worrying signs of splits on left

Defense Minister: ‘Israel will provide a legal Iron Dome for its soldiers and officers’

5 Iranian militants killed in drone attack at Syrian military base

Israel attacks Hamas after Gaza rocket attack on Ashkelon area

A First: Israel Announces Legitimacy of Samaria Settlement under Land Regulation Act

First Complaint Filed Under Trump’s Executive Order Fighting Anti-Semitism on Campus

Pete Buttigieg Calls Jesus Christ an Impoverished ‘Refugee’ in Christmas Message (Biblical Ignorance Rules!)

Trump Responds to Being Cut Out Of 'Home Alone 2'

Canada’s CBC Prefers President Donald Trump ‘Home Alone’ in the White House

IG Report Reveals Steele Funneled Claims Through John McCain After FBI Dropped Him

Despite Dems ‘Fear Mongering,’ U.S. Holiday Sales Hit Record High

10 Things That Just Happened In America During The Holiday Season That Will Make You Cringe

Global Stock Markets Surged by $17 Trillion in 2019

Stocks rally to records, Nasdaq blows past 9,000 for first time

Pay Raises and Training Expand in Donald Trump’s Tight Labor Market

China Announces Tariff Cuts on 850+ Imported Products

Pete Buttigieg’s Reparations for Illegals Are a Gift to Cartels

Climate change hysteria is the smokescreen for communism’s advancement in America

Archives: "The threat of environmental crisis will be the 'international disaster key' that will unlock the New World Order." [Mikhail Gorbachev, Monetary & Economic Review, 1996, p. 5.]

Hispanic voters are growing in power: Why are Democratic presidential candidates ignoring them?

British Police Wasted £1.5 Million on Electric Cars That Can’t Chase Criminals

Very Unusual Seismic Activity On The West Coast Has Some Experts Extremely Concerned About What Could Happen


December 26, 2019

Key News

A Good Scapegoat is Almost as Good as a Solution

Franklin Graham: Christianity Today ‘in Step’ with Pelosi, Leftist Agenda

Rev. Jim Wallis: Religious Right Will Fall with Donald Trump

Pete Buttigieg: No Jail Time for Possession of Any Drug — Including Meth, Cocaine

Boris Johnson Election Victory Is Bad News for Democrats

Ex-NFL Player: 'Tremendous awakening' among blacks spells Trump victory

'Black Lives Matter' Protests Christmas Shopping in Attempt To 'Disrupt White Capitalism'

Davos Forum Elites to Demand Immediate Global Action on ‘Climate Change’

Time for Climate Sense

‘I’m Like an Old Lover’: Eurocrat’s Creepy Love Letter Insists Brexit Britain Could Rejoin EU

12 Months of Brexmas: 1 Election, 2 Prime Ministers, 3 Brexit Delays…

Trump Slams Gov. Gavin Newsom over Homelessness in Christmas Tweet

Armed Citizenry Prevents Dictatorship

Alleged Robber Gets Shot with .357 Magnum on Christmas Eve

Nonstop Violence as Baltimore Nears Record Homicide Rate

Four Years Ago, Giana Bartolucci Killed by Twice-Deported Illegal Alien on Christmas Eve

Americans Send Resounding Rebuke to Gun-Grabbing Democrats in Virginia

Blackface Gov. Northam Plans to Arrest Legal Gun Owners: Has a Budget for It

Donald Trump Celebrates Christmas at Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump: U.S. Must Foster Culture of ‘Deeper Understanding and Respect

Ronald Reagan on Christmas Day 1981: ‘Americans Have Always Tried to Follow a Higher Light’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Kabbalist Sanhedrin Hosts Menorah Lighting on Mount Zion to Enact Ezekiel’s Prophecy of Judgement Against Edom


Israel/Palestinian War

Jordan: Temple Mount is Place of Worship for Muslims Only

IDF preparing for 'intense' confrontation with Iran - Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi

As Israel Declares They’re Fighting Iran Alone: Iran, Russia, China Hold Joint Naval Exercise

Gaza rocket fire again cuts short Netanyahu appearance in Ashkelon

Another air strike on Al Qods compound near Abu Kamal, near Iraq/Syrian border

Australia follows US in disqualifying ICC for probe against Israel

Israel’s Brain Power (Hightech) Features a Grand Decade

Chanukah: A Dangerous Holiday

Mexican Border City Cop Gunned Down on Christmas Eve

Heavy Hearts as Notre-Dame Misses Christmas Mass for First Time Since 1803

Fragile Cathedral Might Not be Saved

USMCA = NAFTA = Fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

USMCA Nearly Finalized

A Disputed Victory on Trade

Union divide puts Elizabeth Warren in a bind over USMCA vote as she seeks labor backing

Trump’s USMCA Seen as Model for Easing Partisan War Over Trade

Trump says 'Do Nothing Democrats' know 'nothing' about the USMCA deal

Call It a Christmas Miracle or Call It Trump’s Tax Cuts

The Tax-Cut Boom — Trump and GOP were right, Democrats and media flat out wrong

Stocks hit record highs, looking to extend Santa Claus rally

Five Food Stamp Reforms of 2019 Everyone Should Know

Retailers Make Historic $34.4 Billion During Super Saturday Sales

Trump’s Economic Boom Benefiting Working Class Most

Trump Tax Cuts Empowering ‘Small Businesses Community’

NEW AD: YEP, this STILL sucks for NYC

Striking down Obamacare would open a path to better, more affordable health care

Anonymous Tech Conservatives To Launch Competitor to Drudge Report in Response to 'Far Left' Slide

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Removes Trump Scene from ‘Home Alone 2’ Movie

December 24-25, 2019

Key News

Communism: "A Killer System" - Rise of Communism in the United States

Declassified: Why Trump Supporters are Not Protesting in the Streets Over Impeachment

House Dems raise prospect of new impeachment articles, in court battle over McGahn testimony

Japan, China & S. Korea meet at Chengdu summit: Asian leaders discuss US-North Korea relations

Peter Navarro predicts ‘boom year’ for US economy with new trade deals

Trump’s New Judges Shows He’s Broken the Liberal’s Lock on the Federal Bench

Nearly 200 Evangelical Leaders Denounce Christianity Today For Its Anti-Trump Editorial

Rudy Giuliani: ‘I’m more of a Jew than George Soros’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Kabbalist Sanhedrin Hosts Menorah Lighting on Mount Zion to Enact Ezekiel’s Prophecy of Judgement Against Edom

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu determined to annex Jordan Valley

PA Prime Minister: Countries helping Israel now face legal action

Israel permits Gaza Strip’s Christians to visit Bethlehem for Christmas

At last moment, Israel pulls plug on Leviathan natural gas test run

Netanyahu Hails Improved Relations Between Israel and Arab States

IDF defends intel process for Gaza strike that killed 9 family members

Netanyahu thanks Pompeo for support in wake of ICC’s ‘absurd’ ruling

Palestinian Christian on the run after Hamas confiscates his Gaza home

In Chanukah greeting, Trump says he will ‘continue to stand with the Jewish people’

Thousands arrive in Bethlehem as Christmas festivities begin

Israeli Airstrike in Syria Kills Iranian General, Brigadier General Hajj Amir Ali: Commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Russia's Putin accuses Poland of collusion with Hitler, anti-Semitism

Pope Reinvents Church: Nixes Traditions, Claims Jesus is ‘Refugee’, and Now: ‘Eco-Sins’

Ghosts of Christmases Past

December 23, 2019

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

Fake Christians Open Fire on Pro-Christian Trump

Evangelical Leaders Confront Christianity Today for Magazine’s ‘Entirely Partisan, Legally Dubious’ Support for Trump Impeachment

Christianity Today Doubles Down in Call for Trump Impeachment

Ken Starr: Trump Impeachment a ‘Nasty Lesson’ in How Not to Conduct an Impeachment

Gabbard (D-HI) on Impeachment: You Can't Make Up the Rules as You Go Along

Pelosi’s impeachment cloud is the real “Clear and Present Danger”

Shhhhh…Just Let the Democrats Schiff Themselves

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Likud lawmakers up in arms over High Court “intervention”

Israeli Supreme Court: Can Netanyahu form a new government while under indictment?

What is Hanukkah all about? Interview with Machon Shilo head Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

3 soldiers killed in Israeli strike in Syria

Syria Reports Israeli Attack on Weapons Storage Facilities near Damascus

IDF: Armed Gaza terrorist shot after crossing into Israel

Key News

US on high alert for possible ‘Christmas gift’ missile from North Korea

Abortion Activist Admits Pro-Lifers are Winning: “It’s Been a Rough Decade for Supporters of Abortion”

Petition Against Netflix ‘Gay Jesus’ Surges Past 2.3 Million Signatures

Leave It to CNN to Flat Out Lie About the Booming Economy

2019: The Year The Democratic Party Went Full-On Creepy

Forget 4 more years, Trump urges 'SIXTEEN more years!'

New Zealand Gun Buyback Was An ‘Unmitigated Failure’

Trump Conservatives Filling Notoriously Liberal 9th Circuit

Supreme Court to decide who picks Catholic school teachers: 9th Circuit Likely To Be Overturned

Michelle Obama Encouraged To Enter 2020 Presidential Race After Sharing Inspirational Instagram Post

Joe Biden Unveils His Disastrous Plan For The Economy — Likely To Cause Massive Blue Collar Job Loss

Christians in Kurdistan Region prepare to celebrate Christmas

December 21-22, 2019

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News


Billy Graham-Founded ‘Christianity Today’ Calls for Removal of Trump from Office

Franklin Graham Slams Christianity Today: My Father Billy Graham ‘Voted for Donald Trump’

Christianity Today Editor Champions Theologian Who Excused Stalin’s Mass Murder


Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins: Trump Condemner Christianity Today Has ‘PC Worldview’

Democrat Legal Expert: Trump Isn’t Impeached Until Articles Go to Senate

I Want An Immediate Trial: Trump on impeachment proceedings

Senator McConnell: Pelosi ‘Too Afraid’ to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate

Maxine Waters: If the Senate Clears Trump, He’s Going to Bring Putin to the White House

Why Americans Should Take Heart on Impeachment Day

Impeaching the United States electorate: Was a Pyrrhic victory

Rep. Steve Scalise: Democrat Candidates Hold 63 Million Trump Voters in Contempt

Iowa Senate Democrat Candidate Theresa Greenfield Silent on Impeachment Vote

USMCA = NAFTA = Fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

NAFTA Gone, USMCA In: Supernation #1

Trump’s USMCA Seen as Model for Easing Partisan War Over Trade

Manufacturers Optimistic About USMCA But Have Concern

Border industry leaders celebrate House passage of USMCA

USMCA win-win for US economy

Key News

A cautionary word from a proven warrior against the deep state: Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

President Trump Signs Defense Bill Creating Space Force — First New Military Branch Since 1947

Trump signs $1.4 trillion in spending, avoids shutdown

UK lawmakers approve PM Johnson’s amended Brexit bill

Pelosi invites Trump to deliver State of the Union: February 4

Vatican: No, There Is No ‘Opening’ to Same-Sex Unions

Meet the US Navy’s New $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier – And the Most Expensive Military Vehicles in America: USS Gerald R. Ford

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

ICC to investigate Israeli 'war crimes'

Sec/State Pompeo: We oppose the ICC decision, targets Israel unfairly

Britain against anti-Semitic advocates: We will fight you

Secular Jews Will Do Anything To Spite Trump

Jerusalem’s Terror Village, Jabel Mukaber

Poll Shows Likud Drops 4 Seats without Netanyahu, But Rightwing Bloc Rises to 60

Ayelet Shaked announces she is running with Bennett, New Right

When is Christmas in Israel?

The Bennett Defense Doctrine: “Preemption"

Jersey City Jewish School Kids Sing, Dance After Finally Returning to Class

Nearly 100 MS-13 Gang Members Busted in Long Island, Including Illegal Aliens

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

MEPs (Members of European Parliament) call for immediate action to stop Turkey’s attacks on Kurds

Kurdistan Region closes 30 illegal oil refineries in Duhok

Kurdish villagers in Iraq's disputed Makhmour district repel ISIS attack

Kurdish racecar driver to compete 'under the Kurdish flag' in Europe

Americans’ support for Kurds helps explain Trump’s Syrian reversal

December 20, 2019

Key News

House Passes Trump’s USMCA Trade Agreement

House passes USMCA as Trump and Pelosi wrestle for credit

Democrats Sneak Amnesty Power to Future President in 2020 Pentagon Bill

Egyptian tanks sent to Libya to thwart Turkish intervention in battle for Tripoli

Buttigieg Commits to Reparations for Illegal Aliens, Not for African Americans

Reparations for Illegal Aliens May Cost Americans Up to $2.2 Trillion

Joe Biden Admits He Is Ready to Sacrifice Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs for Greener Economy

Prosecutor Durham Looking into Ex-CIA Director Brennan’s Role in Russia Hoax

‘Fury and Despair’ as Labour MPs Slam Jeremy Corbyn for Historic Defeat

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

Billy Graham-Founded ‘Christianity Today’ Calls for Removal of Trump from Office

Franklin Graham Slams Christianity Today: My Father Billy Graham ‘Voted for Donald Trump’

Christianity Today Editor Champions Theologian Who Excused Stalin’s Mass Murder

Judicial Watch Statement on the Impeachment of President Donald Trump: "Nothing in American history that compares to the coup attack that targeted President Trump"

WH Press Secretary Grisham on Impeachment: Dems ‘Trying to Overturn 2016; They Know What’s Coming for Them in 2020’

Schumer: Pelosi Withholding Impeachment Articles Is a ‘Win-Win’ for Democrats

It’s Official: Rep. Van Drew Flips Republican and Pledges ‘Undying Support’ for Donald Trump

Mormons Pulling 400,000 Youths Out Of Struggling Boy Scouts

Democrat Candidates Spar over Closed-Door ‘Wine Cave’ Fundraisers

Gov. Gavin Newsom Defends ‘Wine Cave’: ‘Used By Democrats All Across the Country’

Joe Biden Falsely Claims Billionaire Donors ‘Oppose Everything I’ve Ever Done’

Bernie Sanders Says He’s Just like Corbyn

Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Middle Class Not Growing Under Trump

Fact Check: Mayor Pete Claims U.S. Economy ‘Not Working for Most’ Americans

Pierce Brosnan: What Trump Has Done for the Economy Is ‘Very Good’

Stocks Hit Record Highs as Investors Ignore Impeachment

Job Openings Unexpectedly Jump Higher

Facebook Leak Exposes 267 Million Users’ Names, Phone Numbers on Dark Web

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Fake news and "FAKE" Jews

IDF Strikes Hamas Weapons Factory , Tunnel, Naval Post in Response to Two Rocket Attacks

Right-wing bloc has 56 seats when headed by Netanyahu

Hamas Operatives in Turkey Plotted to Assassinate Rabbi Yehuda Glick

Sanders: US policy should also be pro-Palestinian

We Kill Because it’s a Palestinian ‘Value': Senior Fatah Official

More Than 40 Israelis Randomly Detained at Moscow Airport: Passports Confiscated

Right After Turkish Navy Kicks Israeli Vessel out of Cyprus’ Waters: Washington Angers Turkey by Ending Cyprus Arms Embargo



December 19, 2019

Breaking News

IDF strikes targets near Khan Yunis, in south Gaza Strip

UK PM Boris Johnson is Going After George Soros

Congress Passes Bill Requiring Annual Scrutiny of Palestinian Authority Educational Materials

Pro-Life Leaders Slam Pro-Abortion Democrats for Impeaching President Trump: “Partisan Extremism”

Democrats Allow Vote to Impeach President Trump: But Blocked Vote to Stop Infanticide 80 Times

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

House Democrats Pass Partisan Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

The Devil-Delivered Impeachment Sleight Of Hand

President Trump’s impeachment is a matter of party politics

House impeaches Trump over Ukraine dealings, as Pelosi floats holding up Senate trial

Nancy Pelosi Compares Impeachment to Battle of the Bulge Against Nazi Germany

Why Americans Should Take Heart on Impeachment Day

Liar, liar, liar. ‘Americans can spot a sham when they see one’

3 Democrats Voted Against Trump’s Impeachment, 1 Will Switch Parties

Trump Responds to Pelosi’s Threat to Delay Sending Impeachment to Senate

Pelosi Signals She May Freeze Impeachment After Vote So Trump Can't Claim Senate Vindication

Nancy Pelosi's Latest Impeachment Stunt is Brazenly Unconstitutional

Mitch McConnell Hits Democrats With Surprise On Impeachment Day, More New Judges Coming

President Trump Comes Out Swinging At Michigan Rally in Middle of Impeachment

Putin: Trump Impeachment 'Far-Fetched,' Senate Will Acquit

Trump Senate Impeachment Trial Thrusts Chief Justice Into Limelight

Nancy Pelosi: The Lady In Funeral Black

Key News

These Historians Challenge New York Times’ Dubious 1619 Project

‘Sickening to Know People Think Like This’ – Police Investigate ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ Signs in Scotland

Sen. Rand Paul’s Fact-Filled Case Against Socialism

Turkey-US relations on the brink of a real rupture

Panama jail violence: 13 killed in AK-47 gang shoot-out

MBNA CREDIT CARD COMPANY paid Hunter as Joe Biden backed bill

Judicial Watch Asks Court to Subpoena Google for Records Tied to Mystery Clinton-Tied Gmail Account: Did China gain access to all of Clinton’s emails?

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Will Internal Strife Destroy The Third Temple, The State Of Israel, Like It Destroyed The Previous Two?

Rocket from Gaza fired toward southern Israel

Hamas plotting attacks on Israel from Turkey

In rare testimony, Israeli resident of rocket-stricken south goes before UN Security Council

German parliament passes motion urging total ban on Hezbollah

Israel – Russia Feud Continues as 2nd El Al Plane Delayed in Moscow Airport

Why isn’t Israel doing more to help the Kurds?

Rage In Lebanon Over Statements By Iranian IRGC Official Morteza Ghorbani Threatening To 'Level' Tel Aviv From Lebanon: Outrageous Comments That May Drag Lebanon Into A Devastating War

We're ready to retaliate tenfold against any American action': Iran's Defense Minister to Khamenei

Rep. Ilhan Omar equates US sanctions against Iran to 'economic warfare'

USMCA = NAFTA = Fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

Trump's USMCA will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and boost growth

While AFL-CIO goes all in for USMCA, UAW worries it won't help its members

USMCA will lead automakers to choose US: Former Ford CEO

Green groups urge lawmakers to oppose USMCA

Moderate Democrats call out McConnell on vote delay on Mexico-Canada trade deal: Pass USMCA before recess

Bold Smuggling Attempt at US-Mexico Border

Obamacare Was Just Basically Killed By the 5th Circuit

Sen. Lindsey Graham to Call Comey, McCabe, Others Involved In FISA Abuse to Testify

Lots of Posturing, Little Progress in US-North Korea Talks in 2019

Young Turk-ey? Bernie Sanders Immediately Retracts His Endorsement of Bestiality-Legalizing Congressional Candidate Cenk Uygur

Jobless Claims Fall From Two-Year High But Remain Elevated

CNBC Poll: Trump’s Economic Approval Hits Highest Level in a Year


December 18, 2019

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

US House votes on Wednesday to impeach the president

Democrats Let Impeached Federal Judge And Congressman Hastings Set Rules For Trump Impeachment

Senator McConnell Suggests Senate Will Move to Dismiss Impeachment After Opening Arguments

‘The Legend of Zeldin’: How Long Island’s GOP Congressman Became Impeachment’s Biggest Star

The Impeachment Hoax Is Exposed

FISA court slams FBI over surveillance applications, in rare public order

Hollywood Promotes Nationwide Impeachment Marches On Eve Of Vote

‘More Due Process For Salem Witch Trials’ – President Trump Savages Democrat Impeachment Proceedings In Blistering Letter To Speaker Pelosi

“Ridiculous” And “Really Sick” – Evil Nancy Pelosi Responds To President Trump’s Historic Letter On Impeachment (Video)

House Judiciary Committee Report Accuses Trump of ‘Bribery,’ ‘Honest Services Fraud’ — Not in Articles of Impeachment

Trump is RIGHT on Impeachment–It is an Unprecedented Attack… Call your members of Congress 202-225-3121

Rep. Nunes: Dems in pro-Trump districts ‘are in a lot of trouble’

Impeachment Forever: House Vows to Continue Probes No Matter What Senate Decides

Van Drew Crosses The Democrat-Republican Rubicon: Former staffers aghast at party switch

Rush Limbaugh Says ‘IG Report has Totally Exposed Nadler as a Full-Fledged, 100 Percent Liar’

Key News

Journalism is Dead – Government Propaganda Rules

Hallmark Caves - Will Reinstate Same-Sex Marriage Ads

Hundreds of American troops added to targeted Iraq base: US threatens reprisal for Iraqi militias’ rocket attacks

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Pushes ‘No Bail For Cop Killers’

Joe Biden Promises Flood of Foreign Graduates for Investors, Paperwork Protections for Americans

The High Cost of Free Stuff

Hundreds Arrested in Massive Child Sex Ring in California, Including Entertainers, Community Leaders and Clergy

USMCA = NAFTA = Fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8


USMCA = NAFTA = Fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

USMCA advances from committee to House for vote

Trump's USMCA will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and boost growth

Steven Mnuchin to USMCA critics: 'They don't know what they're talking about' - Treasury Secretary explains why it's different from NAFTA

USMCA is 'gold standard for digital trade': Trade chief Robert Lighthizer - 'Should pass with a big number'

Turkey: Erdogan's threat to Western culture

Erdogan Allows Hamas to Attack Israel from Turkish Soil

Iran confirms it is testing new centrifuges

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Is the War of Gog and Magog also Being Fought on Facebook?

Israel now needs election miracle to set secure and recognized boundaries

50 terrorists arrested as massive terror cell uncovered

Israel Must be Wary of Two-Faced Jordan

Terrorist Caught on Camera Trying to Infiltrate Israel from Gaza

Likud MK Barkat asks US to sanction Turkey after report of Hamas assassination plot

Launching challenge to Netanyahu, Likud’s Sa’ar casts himself as savior of right

Israel to demand $150 billion in lost Jewish property from Arab States in any peace deal

Activists score delay in Leviathan gas rig test they say will release hazardous pollutants

Major Rabbis Unite in Decisive Call For All Jews To Return From Exile: “It’s Time”

Jews Who Go to Israel Before Messiah will Look Like ‘Angels’ to Those Who Come After says Rabbi

World given unique opportunity to condemn anti-Semitism: 40 leaders expected at Yad Vashem (liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp) event

British Muslims Mull Leaving UK in Wake of Boris Johnson Victory

Bernie Sanders Says He’s Just like Corbyn

The British working class saves Britain … and its Jews

Italian cartoon depicting EU as Nazi camp with prisoner Boris Johnson escaping ignites fury


December 17, 2019

Key News

Pakistan court sentences Musharraf to death

Pakistan’s former President Musharraf sentenced to death for treason (Video Only)

Jerusalem to remain united in 'Deal of the Century'

IG Report Makes Clear That Durham Needs to Investigate Joe Biden, Susan Rice, John Kerry

The High Cost of FREE Stuff

AOC Furious Over American's Having Too Many Healthcare Choices

Thousands of cops, veterans, supporters pledge to join militia in Virginia to combat unconstitutional laws

McConnell Suggests Senate Will Move to Dismiss Impeachment After Opening Arguments

House Judiciary Committee Report Misquotes Trump — Again — on Article II

Democrats Have the Votes to Impeach President Trump

Trump hammers Pelosi: You are 'declaring open war on American democracy'

Judge In Michael Flynn Case Decides To Ignore Mounting Evidence Of Prosecutorial Abuse

‘Liar!’ Intense scenes when Adam Schiff interrupted by angry voters, event turns to pandemonium

IG Report Proves Adam Schiff Has Been Lying About Spygate Since The Beginning

Majority of Americans believe FBI broke the law by investigating Trump campaign

‘Thank you, Pelosi’! San Fran Dems called out when man spotted defecating in Safeway ‘aisle 3’

Barack Obama: The Not-So-Wondrous ‘Womanoid'

S&P 500 ekes out another record, notches longest win streak in a month

Justice Neil Gorsuch makes rare TV appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’: Triggers media meltdown



December 16, 2019

Key News

NJ killers’ Real Target: Jewish school 3 feet from market where 50 children studied

Budget Office Releases Shocking Memo — Delay In Aid To Ukraine Was Routine

In Trump’s Economy, Wages For Blue-Collar Workers Are Skyrocketing

Stocks rise for 4th straight day, hit record highs

Democrat senator predicts as many as 10 Republicans could vote to convict Trump

Bernie Sanders Praises Ilhan Omar -- Claims She's One Of The 'Bravest' Members Of Congress: Rise of Islamo-Communism?

British Muslims Consider Leaving UK in Wake of Boris Johnson Victory

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

Giuliani Just Uncovered Major Ukraine Corruption – Meeting With Lindsey Graham To Plan Next Steps

Legal absolution will not save Pelosi from political damnation

Read: House Judiciary Panel Releases Impeachment Report: 300 pages

Dem Rep. Lofgren on Impeachment: Looks Like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell ‘Plan to Rig the Trial’

Nunes Tells Schiff: ‘It Is Clear You Are in Need of Rehabilitiation’

The ‘Pee Tape’ Hoax Is Finally, Absolutely Dead: It’s Time to Brand the ‘Rushers’ Who Pushed It

Far Left ‘Forced’ Pelosi to Impeach Trump — ‘I Don’t Think She Wanted It’

Buying Impeachment: Nancy Pelosi-Aligned PAC Spends Millions to Help Swing District Democrats

Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN)Confirms He’ll Vote Against Impeaching Trump

Comey: ‘I was wrong’ to say FISA process was ‘followed’

Democrats Are DEFECTING And Joining Republican Party: The Most SHOCKING Impeachment Backfire

Glenn Greenwald blasts U.S. media over perpetuation of the ‘Spygate’ hoax, calling it ‘scandal of historic magnitude’

Pam Bondi: Trump is focused on Americans, not impeachment 'sham'

Hillary Running in 2020 Race Part Of Her Ongoing Coup

USMCA = NAFTA = Fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

Lighthizer hails USMCA, China deals as "most momentous day in trade history"

USMCA will lead automakers to choose US: Former Ford CEO

New USMCA hurdle: Mexico says it will ‘never accept’ U.S. labor inspections

Dairy Farmers Stand to Gain From the USMCA

Spygate: IG Report Shows FBI & DOJ Are in Horrible Shape


"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Russian bombers now transit Iran’s airspace to Syria

PA cities to lose electricity for 3 hours due to debt

Religious-Zionist parties facing elimination: Poll

Liberman Warning Gantz / Haredim Coalition a Done Deal

Brazil to Move Embassy to Jerusalem in 2020

Palestinian Authority Usurping Church of Nativity Property in Bethlehem

Hamas and Hezbollah to be Booted from Sudan

Recently Revealed Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount: First Stage in Third Temple Construction

Omar, Tlaib Reject Democrats’ Pro-Palestinian Resolution for Not Condemning Israel

Israeli Leaders Celebrate Downfall of Hamas ‘Friend’ Jeremy Corbyn

‘No place for hate’: New Jersey officials send Hanukkah message to Jewish community after shootout

NJ Pawn Shop Owner Linked to Jersey City Shooters: Had Arsenal in Shop

Israel begins exporting gas to Egypt next month

Newly Elected Pro-Israel UK PM Johnson’s First Order of Business: A Bill Combating BDS

Parties must unite to draft constitution: Kurdistan's parliamentary speaker

KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) rekindles implementation of Article 140

As new KRG (Kurdish Regional Government) passes 100-day milestone, public demand jobs and services

Turkey Threatens to Close US Nuclear Bases over Senate’s Armenian Genocide Vote

Over 90 Virginia Counties, Municipalities Declared 2A Sanctuaries

Democrats’ Election Win in Virginia Yields Mandatory Gun Registration Proposal

Greta Thunberg Apologizes for Saying World Leaders Should Be Put ‘Against the Wall’

Railway Company Retracts Apology To Greta Thunberg After Activist's Phot-Op Hypocrisy Revealed

Local clergy 'united' against United Methodist LGBT vote



December 14-15, 2019

Key News

VA Democrat Urges: Let National Guard FORCE Counties to Honor Gun Control

IG report shows Russia hoax a coup attempt

Comrade Bernie and 20th Century Russian Socialism

More Than You Can Imagine: The Biden-Ukraine Plot Thickens

Michael Bloomberg presidential campaign spending $4.2 million per day on ads: Can he buy this election?

US Jewish groups applaud Trump executive order on combating campus anti-Semitism

Latins for Trump? It Could Happen

VIDEO: Young Turks host and California congressional candidate Cenk Uygur endorses sex with animals

Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

In the Impeachment Battle, It’s the Democrats vs. the Constitution

The Democratic articles of impeachment are utterly unconvincing and set an awful precedent: Opinion Column

Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Paving The Way for Hillary Clinton Comeback?

Yes, please! New suggestions that Hillary might run!

America will strike the last word on Impeachment, have the last say in 2020

Stop the Coup! IG Report Shows Trump is a Crime Victim, Big Court Hearing on Clinton Emails

This impeachment has to be the most irrelevant ‘historic event’ ever

Hidden by Impeachment: One of Trump’s 'best weeks yet'

Constitutional Law Attorney: McConnell not 'jury-rigging' by coordinating with White House on impeachment trial

Senator McConnell: ‘There’s No Chance The President’s Going To Be Removed’

Another pathetic Jerry Nadler impeachment charade

The UK Survives The Left

‘This is What Democracy Looks Like’ – British Mob Clashes with Police over Losing Election

Like Caged Animals: "We can be sure of violence if Trump should win a second term"

‘Celebrate Boris!’ – Trump Hails UK Election Result, ‘Massive New Trade Deal After Brexit’

British pound surges in value following massive Labour election loss

PM Netanyahu: ‘Congratulations to my Friend Boris Johnson!’

San Francisco Loses Major Tech Conference Due to “Poor Street Conditions”

Falling Births and Rising Deaths: Two signs of an unseen American crisis

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel suffers another election: It's all their fault

What price will Israel pay for going to third election?

Netanyahu trails Gantz by 6 seats in new poll

Liberman: Netanyahu pardon in exchange for ‘honorable retirement’

Gazans celebrate anniversary of Hamas founding: 32nd anniversary

Russia v. Israel? Moscow condemns Israeli airstrikes

WATCH: IDF’s New Weapons Strike Deep Accurately into the Heart of Enemy Territory

SHOCKING VIDEO: Jersey Residents Blame Jews for Deadly Shooting as Jewish Victims Lay in Cold Blood!

Lebanese defense minister scolds Iran for presuming Lebanon is theirs to use

Israeli Experts Uncover Hacking Operation That Could Have Been Disastrous: Targeting financial, manufacturing, and retail businesses across the United States and Europe

SUCCESS: Dobbs breaks down phase one of Trump’s China trade deal… Major Home Run for U.S.

80th Anniversary of the movie “Gone with the Wind”



December 13, 2019

USMCA = NAFTA = Supernation #1 In Fulfillment of Daniel 2:40-45 & 7:7-8






The revised USMCA pleases both Democrats and Donald Trump

USMCA: Democrats back Trump trade deal – minutes after unveiling impeachment charges

Canada, U.S. and Mexico signed a trade deal. What happens now?

USMCA Strengthens Trump's Hand With China, Senator Cramer

USMCA big win for American workers, economy: Rep. Zeldin

USMCA: What Donald Trump’s Nafta replacement trade deal means and how it will work


Mexico agrees to take in America’s asylum seekers in controversial apparent concession to Trump

Key News

Netflix Releases ‘Gay Jesus’ Christmas Special

Pope Francis Compares Trump To Herod, Who Tried To Kill Baby Jesus

US and China reach phase one trade deal

Christmas Miracle: Rising Wages and Low Inflation Promise a Very Merry Holiday Season

Left Attacks President Trump For Executive Order On Combatting Antisemitism

Democrats Embrace 'Principled' Totalitarianism

US Senate Votes Unanimously to Recognize Armenian Genocide

‘Celebrate Boris!’ – Trump Hails UK Election Result, ‘Massive New Trade Deal After Brexit’

Possible Biggest British Conservative Majority Since Thatcher: exit poll – Brexit Assured

Rejoice! Rejoice! Britain Just Dodged the Marxist Bullet!

Are there lessons for Israel in Johnson’s huge election victory?

British Labour Corbyn to step down following election defeat

After Corbyn loss, minister says UK Jews ‘shouldn’t have to live in fear again’

Corbyn's loss is Jews and Israel's gain – analysis

European Jews are breathing a sigh of relief after Corbyn lost

PM Netanyahu: Boris Johnson's win a 'great day for the UK'

Israeli President Rivlin Congratulates Boris Johnson Who Played Soccer with Him in Jerusalem

Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

Sen. McConnell Likely to Acquit Trump, Not Dismiss Impeachment Charges

The GOP’s Four-Point Defense Of Trump Is Devastating

House Judiciary Committee Debates Articles of Impeachment, Day 2

Jerry Nadler Nonsense: House Rules Don’t Apply Until After Impeachment

Democrats Try Accusing Trump of ‘Bribery’ After Dropping It from Articles of Impeachment

Infamy! Verdict First, Evidence Never–Coup Cabal Abused Trump w/ Illegal Spying & NOW Impeachment!

FBI Lawyer Doctored Email to Cover Up Errors in FISA Applications on Carter Page

OMG! Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson Said Trump Had Zelensky’s Daughter “In The Basement Duck Taped” (Video)

Obama Admin Asked Foreign Governments to Investigate Candidate Trump

U.N. Climate Meeting in Chaos over Third World Reparation Demands

Greta Thunberg Named TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year

Hillary Clinton Delighted by TIME Choosing Greta Thunberg as ‘Person of the Year’

From Hitler and Stalin to Greta Thunberg — Time Loves to Celebrate Totalitarian Icons

‘Chill Greta, Chill!’ — Donald Trump Mocks ‘Ridiculous’ Greta Thunberg TIME Person of the Year Cover

Democrat Julián Castro: Trump Mocking Greta Thunberg Shows He’s ‘Unfit for Office’

Joe Biden’s Immigration Plan: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Free All Border Crossers into U.S.

Hunter Biden faces deposition in paternity suit

Trump Meeting with Trade Advisers in Oval Office to Discuss Potential China Deal

Producer Prices Show Few Signs of Tariff Inflationary Pressure as Holiday Season Begins

Jersey City Shooting: 53 yeshiva students hid in terror from the shooters

FBI Probes Jersey City Shooting as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

New Jersey attackers linked to anti-Semitic fringe movement

Ranting Residents Blame Jews for Antisemitic Terror in Jersey City

Why American Jews slander President Trump

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Can the Israeli Right get 61 seats without Liberman?

Likud Rethinking Campaign Strategy as Gantz Grows Stronger

Israel says Gazan Christians can’t travel to Israel, West Bank for Christmas

Knesset’s dead, but right-wing clique to stick together: Shas head

Distortions in the fight against antisemitism

Thousands of Palestinians protest at the Gaza Strip border, 37 injured

Krispy Kreme owner donates millions to atone for Nazi past: Reimann family finds their Nazi ancestors used slave labor during WWII

PA official claims Herzl wanted Palestinians to 'be eaten in Africa': Another form of 'Blood Libel'

US Jewish groups applaud Trump executive order on combating campus anti-Semitism

Taylor Swift Says Soros Family Funded Deal to Buy Her Music

Democrat Kentucky Governor Gives Over 140K Felons the Right to Vote

San Francisco Opening A Parking Lot for Homeless Living in Vehicles


December 12, 2019

Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

Democrats Expect Wide Scale Defections on Articles of Impeachment Vote

Senator McConnell Blasts Democrats for ‘Most Unfair Impeachment Inquiry in Modern History’

Identifying Obama for What He Really Is: ‘Communism 101’

Pelosi: Impeachment Has Been Going on ‘Two and a Half Years, Actually’

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Donald Trump ‘The First Jewish President of the United States

Alongside Pastor Hagee, Trump Signs Bill to Combat Antisemitism at Hannukah Ceremony

US Jewish groups applaud Trump executive order on combating campus anti-Semitism

Billionaire Ron Lauder pledges $25M to take down anti-Semitic candidates

Trump's anti-Semitism order is a Rorschach test for Jews

Unprecedented third election in a year leaves Israeli public cold

Poll on Eve of Knesset Dissolution Shows Gantz Way Ahead

Supreme Court rejects petitions demanding Netanyahu resign

Netanyahu tells High Court he'll resign from all ministerial posts by Jan. 1: But will retain Prime Minister office

Muslim Waqf Official Who Cursed at MK Yehuda Glick on Temple Mount Gets Arrested

Historic: Jewish Prayer Ceremony on Temple Mount as Police Look the Other Way

Some 165,000 Christians to Visit Israel During Holiday Season: Tourism Ministry

Is Hamas smuggling weapons into Gaza by sea?

The new EU push for Palestinian statehood

Key News

Donald Trump ‘The First Jewish President of the United States

'As President I will always stand with our ally Israel': Trump hosts White House Hanukkah reception, signs Executive Order Combating anti-Semitism

Trump Remembers the Forgotten: Blue-collar jobs are surging for the first time in decades

New Jersey shooter left note: Shooters were members of hatre group, "Black Hebrew Israelites"

WATCH: Video of Jersey City Shooting at Kosher Supermarket in Progress

Thousands Bid Farewell to Jersey City Anti-Semitic Shooting Victims

Ranting Residents Blame Jews for Antisemitic Terror in Jersey City

US Sanctions Iranian Shipping and Aviation Industries Connected to IRGC


December 11, 2019

Breaking News

The Nuclear Option: Obama Spied, FBI Lied — But Trump Impeached?

Pelosi: Impeachment Has Been Going on ‘Two and a Half Years, Actually’

Our Soldiers Speak has chosen the wrong speaker: Henry Kissinger

As new KRG (Kurdish Regional Government) passes 100-day milestone, public demand jobs and services

Key News

Trump Makes Christmas About Jesus Again

Trump Accused of Antisemitism for Executive Order Protecting Jews

British General Election 2019: Why this UK vote is a huge deal

Trump was legally obligated to ask Ukraine about Biden

Iran says it foiled 'very big' foreign cyber attack

Pensacola attack: US grounds Saudi aviation students after navy base shooting

Political Horse Race: Gamblers Predict Trump Resurgence

Federal judge blocks $3.6 billion transfer to border wall

Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

MAJOR ALERT: Two Impeachment Charges DROPPED – Trump Is Smiling

House Democrats Unveil Two Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

31 Trump District Democrats Will Decide Impeachment’s Fate in House

On Impeachment Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi Toasts the Media at Holiday Party

Joe Biden Pledges to Not Comply with Senate Subpoena in Impeachment Trial

Extensive Polling Reveals Extent Of Impeachment’s Unpopularity In 2020’s Most Important States

William Barr: FBI Falsified Documents to Continue Spying on Trump & Co. After Election

AG Barr Delivers Scathing Attack On FBI After Release Of Inspector General Report

IG Report Proves Democrats Were Wrong, and Nunes Right, About FISA Warrant

The Left Eerily Silent On Recent Whistleblower Changes

Jersey City residents say shootout that killed 6 was like ‘living in a war zone’

'Shooters had extra ammunition and pipe bombs in their truck'

3 Chassidic Jews Dead in Deliberate Anti-Semitic Attack on Jersey City Kosher Market

Jersey City mayor says gunmen ‘targeted’ Jewish grocery store at center of shootout

Sandy Hook Families Can Sue AR-15 Gunmaker Remington, Court Rules

Democrats’ “Medicare for All” Plan Would Force Americans to Fund Abortions Up to Birth

Warren Buffet Foundation Spent $77 Million on Abortion, Enough to Kill 220,000 Babies in Abortions

Planned Parenthood Admits in Court It Arranged to Sell Livers From Aborted Babies for $750

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

'Millions of people stand with Israel and the Jewish people'

Knesset prepares to dissolve itself, hold new elections

Poll on Eve of Knesset Dissolution Shows Gantz Way Ahead

‘Not a Single Grain of Sand for Israel!’ Vows Palestinian Official

Hackers Attack Israeli Website After it Revealed the Labour Party’s Ties to Hamas

MK Ayelet Shaked: Justice system engaged in ‘hostile takeover’ of Israeli democracy

Guatemalan President-Elect Plants Tree, Calls World to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Eternal Capital

Prime Minister of Albania Thanks Israel for Disaster Aid

'Meat's a luxury - time we started taxing it'


December 10, 2019

Key News

Pelosi Hands Trump Major Win, Backs USMCA

Pelosi Announces Democrats Will Finally Vote On Trump’s Historic USMCA Trade Deal After Stalling For Over A Year

Senate won't take up trade deal until impeachment trial is over next year

Active shooter in New Jersey kosher store

Law enforcement respond to shooting in New Jersey, at least one officer shot

Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Contributed $76,967,256 to Planned Parenthood 2017-18

Top 2020 stories: Jussie Smollett hoax, Epstein death eclipsed impeachment

Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

House Democrats Unveil Two Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

President Trump Impeached for Being an Excellent Leader and too Popular with We-the-People

Adam Schiff: Congress Must Impeach Trump to Stop Him in 2020

Impeachment Kangaroo Court smears the honor of Congress

Democrats Refuse to Take Questions After Announcing Articles of Impeachment

The "Holier-Than-Thou" Picture That Tells The Democrats’ Impeachment Story

Rep. Collins: Impeachment articles show Democrats have no case. Dems have lost

Peter Navarro: Impeachment Will Cost Nancy Pelosi the Speakership

What These Californians Said About Trump’s Impeachment Will Leave You Shocked and Speechless

Top Zelensky Aide: Ukraine Never Felt U.S. Aid Tied To Investigations

Trump was legally obligated to ask Ukraine about Biden

IG Report Proves Democrats Were Wrong, and Nunes Right, About FISA Warrant

The DoJ FISA Report — Trump Was Right

Trump Criticizes FBI Director Christopher Wray for Inspector General Report Reaction

AG Barr says nation was ‘turned on its head’ for a ‘completely bogus narrative’

Sen. Cruz: IG report shows Obama admin’s stunning abuse of power ‘Democrats…collapsing’ ‘rats fleeing ship’

Trump Makes Christmas About Jesus Again

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Iran shuts south Syrian command center opposite Golan, consolidates Abu Kamal hub

Hamas leader visits Turkey and Iran in breach of Egyptian pledge

Israel holds March 2 poll – unless government formed in next 48 hours

Russian Jets Scramble to Stop Israeli Strikes Against Iranian Installations in Syria

Netanyahu: ‘I’ll win big!’, agrees to primary vote for Likud party leadership

As 3rd Elections Approach, Blue&White Getting Stronger, Survey

Arab-Israeli towns awash in guns but few turn them in

Hamas denies Egyptian report of long-term agreement with Israel

Walmart Pulls Sweater Featuring Santa Snorting Cocaine

MRC Files FEC Complaint Against Bloomberg News

Bombshell: Whistleblowers Present Hundreds Of Pages Of Evidence Alleging Illicit Behavior Of Clinton Foundation

Why Trump's Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain Policy on China Is Worth It



December 9, 2019

USMCA = NAFTA = Supernation #1 In Fulfillment of Daniel 2:40-45 & 7:7-8







USMCA trade agreement reached

Labor Union President Confirms Trump and House Democrats Have Reached Deal on USMCA

Mexican Peso Strengthens on Optimism Over USMCA Trade Deal

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Nation - Currency Upheaval Prelude To Abandoning US Dollar, Replacing It With "Amero"!

Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

Rep. Al Green: Impeachment Must Address the Original Sin of Slavery

Evanston, Illinois, announces 3% tax for reparations, regardless of slave ancestry

House Judiciary Report Says the President Can Be Impeached for His MOTIVES (THOUGHT CRIMES)

Best Christmas Present Ever: Retroactively Impeaching Obama—LIVE - "High-handed Democrats have already laid the groundwork for anyone’s impeachment"

Horowitz: Obama FBI misled court to spy on Trump campaign**

Sen. Graham: We Will End Impeachment Trial ‘As Quickly As Possible’ — When 51 Senators Have Had Enough

Democrats Consulting with Radical Pro-Impeachment Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe

Schiff Releases Democrats’ Intelligence Committee Impeachment Report

Republicans Brought the Perfect Sign to Monday's Impeachment Hearing

Pelosi-Schiff Coup Attack On Trump Is Also An Attack on You & Our "Constitutional Republic!

Rep. Collins demands minority hearing day in writing, reminds Nadler it is not optional

Lawyer for Republicans, Stephen Castor, says Trump’s conduct not impeachable

Hypocrisy: Biden video surfaces that shows him calling pro-Confederate flag folks 'fine people'

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Russia, UN, Syria Rebuild Pagan Temple of Baal in Palmyra: Third Pre-Messiah Gateway

IDF air strike on Hamas targets after Palestinian triple-rocket attack

Russian fighters intercepted Israeli jets over Syria

Netanyahu: Make a deal with Likud rivals, not Gantz

Poll: Results of third Knesset elections will be identical

Honduran president: I will not capitulate to anti-Israel threats

Guatemalan leader, on Israel trip, will designate Hezbollah as terrorist group

Israeli residents in south rage at government paralysis: ‘We’re sick of restraint’

Tlaib, Omar oppose two-state House resolution for not condemning Israel enough

‘Jew Money’: Sanders campaign fires staffer for anti-Semitism

In Christmas Message Palestinian PM Calls Jesus a “Palestinian Guerrilla Fighting Occupation” **

Iranian oil tanker sneaks into Syrian port

Key News

Unexpectedly, Justice Ginsburg rules in Trump’s favor, halts order for financial records

As Kim Jong Un Begins Acting Up, Trump Reminds Him Of U.S. Military Might

MS-13 Victims Find the Gang Where They Least Expected: In their own communities

Billionaire Energy Speculator Steyer Bankrolls Arizona Initiative That Would Close America's Single Largest Source of Clean Energy

How Bill Clinton and Obama Disarmed and Abandoned Ukraine

Bad News For The Bidens — Hunter Must Turn Over Ukrainian Financial Records

Bombshells: Giuliani uncovers trove of Ukrainian documents, evidence indicating ‘Biden money-laundering’ and ‘perjury’

Trump Is Keeping His Promise On The China Trade Deal

LGBTQ activists send funeral directors to British pastor's home

Obama gave Pearson Publishing $350 million to create Commoncore text: Pearson gave Obama a $65 million dollar book deal in return.

POLL: Seven in 10 Americans want alternatives to public schools

"Gun Control Plan - The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment."

Mass Shooting News

Gun-Free Military Installations Make U.S. Troops Sitting Ducks

FBI presumes terrorism motivated naval base shooting

Sen. Rand Paul: ‘It’s way past time to stop arming and training the Saudis’

FBI Detains 10 Saudis After Attack: Searching For More After Attacker Had Party To Watch Mass Shooting Videos

What Really Happened at NAS (Naval Air Station) Pensacola, and Why

Volcano erupts off the coast of New Zealand


Abortion News

EVERY Democrat Presidential Candidate Wants to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

Judge Drops Six Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood Baby Part Sales

Gloria Steinem Compares Pro-Lifers to Hitler: “Authoritarians Who Want to Control Reproduction”

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"

Nation Building

In first 100 days, KRG progresses in anti-corruption fight, reforms, mending relations with Baghdad: PM Barzani

US Plans to Recognize Kurdish Area in Syria 3x Size of Lebanon 'Soon'

US envoy, military commanders meet senior officials in Kurdistan Region

UN rights spokesperson: Turkish-backed groups allegedly behind strike that killed Kurdish children

Turkey continues to violate ceasefire deals, targets Kurds

US, Kurds target Islamic State in joint action

Heavy weapons deployed by KRG to areas attacked by ISIS

KRG to establish recycling plants across Kurdistan as part of cabinet's agenda

Trump Tells 'Kurdistan 24': Kurds are great people, incredible fighters

Now even Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer blasted as 'inappropriate'

Ocasio-Cortez Claims Victory Following Amazon Announcement

New program offers consumers opt-out for smart meters


December 7-8, 2019

History: December 7 – On this day back in 1941 Pearl Harbor Was Attacked By The Empire Of Japan

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not

"The Unseen Hand: Introduction To The Conspiratorial View of History"

by A. Ralph Epperson, Only $15.95

"... One historian, Charles C. Tanshill, professor of diplomatic history at Georgetown University, war with Japan was planned as early as 1915 ... All that was needed was an act (Pearl Harbor) that could be utilized as a reason." (Epperson, p. 271)

Pearl Harbor was that "ACT"!

"Hitler's ideas about exterminating the Jews were known to any observer who cared to do any research. Hitler himself had written, 'I have the right to exterminate millions of individuals of inferior races, which multiply like Vermin." (Epperson, p. 274)

Do not deceive yourselves: Masonic President Franklin Roosevelt knew as early as 1942, that Hitler had embarked on a mechanized genocide because they could see the extermination camps and the railroads leading to them from the air.

Key News

US ends restraint for Iranian attacks: Iran deploys Bavar-373 missiles in Syria

Trump Denies Sending Thousands of Troops to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia)

UK, France, Germany Affirm Iran has Developed Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles

Iran releases Chinese-American scholar for US-held scientist

Trump Backs Down on Plan to Designate Mexican Cartels Terrorists

Pope Francis Compares Trump to Herod: Who Tried to Slaughter Many Children While Trying To Kill Jesus

Opioids Killing Young, White Suburban Americans More Than Anyone Else

National Strike Halts France

Bloomberg Unveils Extreme Gun Control Plan

Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Article II’ Impeachment Rationale Exposed as A Hoax

House Intelligence Committee says Trump abused power

The Trump impeachment saga is masochistic self-destruction

Moderate Democrats Frustrated, Anxious, as Leadership Barrels Towards Impeachment

Schiff uses illegal Stasi/KGB tactics to spy on Solomon, Giuliani, Nunes

Rep. Clyburn: I ‘Expect to Lose Some’ Democrats on Impeachment Vote

White House won’t participate in impeachment hearings: Tells Nadler to 'end this inquiry now’

Geraldo Rivera 'furious' over Pelosi's impeachment push: Democrats making 'historic' mistake

6 Saudis Detained After Pensacola Shooting, Including 3 Who Filmed Attack

Trump updated on Florida shooting by Saudi National

Saudi Arabia distances itself from US military base shooter

Emma Thompson Delivers End-Times Climate Prophecy: Foretells ‘Pets Eaten, Crop Failures, and Ruined Lives’

America Created 266,000 Jobs in November

November's 'rocking' jobs report

158,593,000 Employed in November: 24th Record Breaker for Trump

Desperate Pelosi: ‘November Jobs Report Offers Little Solace’

Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Nationalize Industry: Soviet Union on his mind constantly

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Are the US and Israel on the verge of confronting Iran?

Netanyahu, Pompeo Move Forward with US-Israel Defense Treaty

Despite Ban on Non-Muslim Prayer, Jews Pray on Temple Mount!

Do You Know Where Your Nearest Bomb Shelter Is? New Israeli App Can Help!

Outrageous: Birkenau Death Camp Greeting Cards and Beach Towels on

Anti-Israel UN resolution condemning ‘illegal occupation’ passes 147-7

Liberman: No option left but another election

No staff or resources for 3rd round of voting: Elections committee head

Comedian fined $35k for offensive joke: Dangerous precedent to set when the courts start telling us that offensive jokes exceed ‘limits’ of free speech


December 6, 2019

Breaking News

House approves resolution supporting 'two-state solution'

Three killed and shooter dead at US naval base in Florida

Shooter at US naval air base was a Saudi aviation student

How Israel-hating rulers ruin a country

Despite President Trump’s Achievements And Lack Of Evidence, Pelosi Pushes Forward With Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Article II’ Impeachment Rationale Exposed as Hoax

Democrats Reveal New Plot If Trump is Re-Elected

CNBC’s Cramer on Jobs Report: ‘These Are the Best Numbers of Our Lives’

"Wag The Dog" (Impeachment) News

The Democrat Party: An Existential Threat to the US Constitution and the USA

Impeachment farce butchers due process, rule of law, democracy, decency

Democrats offering passion over proof in Trump impeachment

Pelosi Jamming Through Impeachment with Same Partisan Power Tactics That Passed Obamacare: Then Lost the House

Law professor who testified against impeachment ‘inundated with threatening messages’

The Despicable Sanctimony of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Has Nancy Pelosi crossed the line?

Sanders: I Will Vote to Convict Trump Unless I Hear ‘Very Good Explanations’

Rep. Nadler Is caught in his own quid pro quo

Is Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ Providing Cover For Obamas’ Multi-Millionaire Status?

'Precious' to watch 'radical', anti-Constitutional professors claim to know about impeachment: Mark Levin

Pelosi: ‘Civilization as we Know it Today Is at Stake in the Next Election’

Impeachment Star Witness Pamela Karlan Forced to ‘Apologize’ for Mocking Barron Trump

Trump slams impeachment proceedings at NATO meet: ‘It’s a joke’

Fitton: Today’s Pelosi-Schiff Coup Attack on Trump is also an Attack on YOU

How House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and his team tamed impeachment

Why Are There No Black Impeachment Witnesses?

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinians to resume protests along Gaza-Israel border

'Israel must prepare for an Iranian attack in the near future'

Watch: IDF 'Game of Thrones' excercise in Cyprus

Israel tests rocket propulsion system from Palmahim

147 nations call to halt ‘aid’ to Israeli settlements

Bennett Warns EU: 'We'll destroy your construction in Area C'

If Anyone Claims Israel is ‘Apartheid’, Show them this

Palestinian state up for vote in US House resolution

The Greatest Threat? Opinion by Jerry Golden

Key News

Following legalized campus carry, universities report no increase in violence on their campuses

AOC Called Out For Trying to Claim Her Family May Have Starved Under Administration's New Food Stamp Rules

The U.N. Is Holding Its 25th Climate Conference — Please Don’t Let There Be A 26th

U.N. Climate Policy Could Would Threaten American Sovereignty

Science professor calls for fewer humans to ‘strengthen human rights’

Columbia professor who fled Communism resigns, says university is becoming Communist

US Formally Withdraws From Missile With Russia

As Kim Jong Un Begins Acting Up, Trump Reminds Him Of U.S. Military Might

Beijing's willingness to mend ties with Seoul seen as strategic move

Polish politician Tusk makes what appears to be ‘gun’ gesture at Trump’s back

Foreigners mocking President Trump is a sign he’s doing something right

Joe Biden verbally assaults Iowa voter, calls him a ‘liar’: Challenges him to ‘IQ test’ after he brings up his son and Ukraine

2 Armed Robbers, 2 Innocents Dead After UPS Truck Shootout

West Virginia corrections officers give Nazi salute in class photo

America Created 266,000 Jobs in November


December 5, 2019

Key News

Church Unveils Altarpiece Of Paradise Featuring Gay Couples And Transgender Serpent

Chick-fil-A Grantee Covenant House Hosted Drag Queen Story Hour

Trump Saves NATO: NATO survives and grows in strength thanks to one Donald J.

Two dead in shooting at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

US Official: Indications of Iranian aggression afoot

Georgia U.S. Senate Appointee Kelly Loeffler Is A Corporate Welfare Queen, Reaps Benefit From Tens Of Millions In Crony Deals

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Iran reinforces Bushehr, Abu Musa, as Netanyahu & Pompeo talk in Lisbon

Iran waging ‘shadow war,’ seeding Iraq with short-range missiles that could strike Jerusalem, US troops

Czech military inks deal for Israel's 'Iron Dome' radar system

IDF Commander Warns: Israel racing to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated enemies

Hamas officials make condolence calls to bitter rival Abbas

Nobel Winner Robert Aumann: We are witnessing ‘a coup of lawyers, I fear for the state’

Trump ends Arab preoccupation with occupation in Judea and Samaria

Liberman: No option left but another election

IDF Captures ISIS Terrorists Planning Attack in Jerusalem

US Congresswoman compares US-Mexico border to Israeli ‘oppression’ in Gaza

US Navy seizes Iranian missile parts bound for Yemen

Impeachment Hoax Update

GOP Witness Calls Impeachment Legal Case ‘Woefully Inadequate, ‘Dangerous’

Rep. Schiff Actually Exonerates President Trump In His Impeachment Report

Pelosi Announces Democrats Will Begin Drafting Articles of Impeachment

'Precious' to watch 'radical', anti-Constitutional professors claim to know about impeachment

Shock: Schiff Releases Phone Records of Rep. Devin Nunes and Other Trump Allies in Impeachment Report

Rep. Devin Nunes: Adam Schiff Violated My ‘Civil Liberties’ with Phone Snooping; Am Pursuing ‘All Legal Options’

Sen. Rand Paul ‘Alarmed at the Abuse of Power by Adam Schiff’ — ‘Abhorrent,’ ‘Exactly What He’s Accusing the President of’

Dem Impeachment Witness Takes a Cheap Shot at First Son Barron Trump

Liberals Angry About All-White Democratic Debate Stage After Kamala Harris Drops Out

Pollak: Kamala Harris Ran the Worst Campaign in Recent History

Self-Declared Climate Change ‘Global Leader’ Mike Bloomberg Enjoys His Own Fleet of Private Jets, Helicopters

Far-Left Democrats Hate Bloomberg

National Strike Halts France – Nation Paralyzed… Largest Strike in Decades


December 4, 2019

Breaking News

House Judiciary Committee Holds Impeachment Hearing

Democrats Kill Motion To Require Adam Schiff To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry

Prof. Jonathan Turley — A Democrat — Destroys Impeachment Hearing With Historic Speech

First Reports: Unidentified aircraft strike Iranian depot at Abu Kamal near Syria-Iraq border

Five rockets land inside US Iraq air base

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Erdogan’s Top Adviser Calls for ‘Islamic Army for Palestine’: Threatens to Bomb Israel

Netanyahu and Gantz meeting ends without accord

'A narrow right-wing gov't is better than new elections': MK warns

No progress on unity as Netanyahu-Gantz meeting breaks up after 45 minutes

Netanyahu expected to cry foul in request for immunity

Why Netanyahu is not planning to resign

Major Israeli media companies in crosshairs as justice ministry mulls charging them in Netanyahu cases

Pompeo and Netanyahu to meet in Lisbon

Israel Defense Ministry First: Black list to be compiled with aim of targeting terrorists’ personal finances

IDF Commander Warns: Israel racing to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated enemies

IDF admits it published false ultra-Orthodox enlistment tallies for years

Broad Jewish [re-]settlement project in Judea and Samaria/the West Bank is NOT ILLEGAL

Trump ends Arab preoccupation with occupation in Judea and Samaria

Palestinian Culture Minister Claims Bible is From “Lying Author”

Key News

Iran Targeting 21 American Military Bases with Missiles for “Greatest War”

Pentagon: Signs suggest Iran may be preparing attack in the region

Trump meets Turkey’s Erdogan one-on-one at NATO summit

New Orleans Mass Shooting Glossed Over by Fake News Because It Doesn’t Fit Anti-White Narrative: Shooter was black male

HUGE NEWS: Senate Votes 80 To 15 – Historic Victory

Jeffrey Epstein’s Long-Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging: Immediately Ruled a ‘Suicide’

Feds Seize More Than 1 Million Copyright-infringing Domain Websites Ahead of Cyber Monday

UN Crying ‘Climate Crisis’ as the Means to Interfere In 2020 Elections?

Danish Academic: U.N. Might Use Military to Enforce Climate Agenda

The Extreme Views Of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Vows to Wear Pink Planned Parenthood Scarf if Sworn in as President

House Passes Uyghur Bill Urging Sanctions on Chinese Officials

Limbaugh: More Evidence Media Has ‘Failed Miserably’ To Sell Impeachment To The American Public

Kamala Harris Quits Presidential Race

Kamala Harris Taunts President Trump: ‘I’ll See You at Your Trial’

Republicans release scathing report against Democrat impeachment "evidence"

Michael Bloomberg Vows to Free 316K Accused ‘Non-Violent’ Criminals from Jail

14 Christians Slaughtered at Protestan Church in Burkina Faso by Suspected Jihadist Groups

Establishing "Free Kurdistan"


Olive oil production up as Kurdistan Region looks to diversify economy

Kurdistan to begin exporting mushrooms, calls for govt ban on imports

Iraq's protests deal blow to real estate sector, automobile market in Kurdistan

Even if Iraq gov’t falls, oil-for-budget deal can’t be scrapped: Kurdistan official

December 3, 2019

Breaking News

HUGE NEWS: Senate Votes 80 To 15 – Historic Victory

Adam Schiff Releases Democrats’ Intelligence Committee Impeachment Report

House Intelligence Committee Republicans Defend Trump in Initial Impeachment Inquiry Report

Trump Erupts on Schiff: 'This guy is sick. He made up the conversation. He lied'

Kamala Harris Quits Presidential Race

Obama made Americans buy insurance, but judge stops Trump rule that immigrants do the same

NBA TV Ratings Collapse After Bowing to China

150 Los Zetas Cartel Gunmen Crossed into Texas Before Deadly Attack That Killed 22

Stocks Decline After Trump Says U.S.-China Trade Pact May Come After Election

O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him.” Ezekiel 38:2 (The Israel Bible™)

Descendants of Gog & Magog Join Russia, Iran in Joint Military Drill

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

A Coup in Israel: Do voters or unelected officials run the country

Netanyahu expected to ask for immunity at last possible minute

Trump speaks with Netanyahu on “Iranian threat”

Netanyahu, Trump Discuss Conquering Greater Jericho

Israel's war with Iran will cause never-before-seen images

DM Bennett Declares Targeted Economic Eradication Against Terrorists Abroad

New Prayer Campaign Pushes to Open the Temple Mount for Jews on Sabbath

Jewish Population in Hebron to Double following Defense Minister’s Authorization

MK Deri 'threatens' Jordan after Israelis forced to remove kippot

Jordan Backs Down on Jewish Ban After Deri Threatens Sanctions in Retaliation

New neighborhoods and neutralized terrorists

Key News

How Trump Runs For A Third Term

Easy Money in Government Creates Hunter Biden Type Corruption

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson fired by Mayor Lori Lightfoot

No Climate Emergency: Clintel Group of world scientists

White House says Trump won’t participate in House Judiciary impeachment hearing

Democrats between a rock and a hard place: Most people aren't neurotically obsessed with Trump

House minority submits 110 page report undercutting every allegation by impeachment witnesses

Trump meets with NATO chief before NATO summit

Supremes hear gun-rights fight despite Democrat threats to stack court

Woman Mauled to Death After Liberals Mock Locals for Carrying Guns


December 2, 2019

"Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom (Palestinians). I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised." (Obadiah 1-2)

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump and Netanyahu confirm US-Israel military coordination against threatened Iranian attack

Iran Guards General: 21 US bases in our sights. Haifa and Tel Aviv too

Israel’s defense minister says IDF intends to erase Iran from Syria

PM Netanyahu: We have a historic opportunity with President Trump

It's Official: AG submits Netanyahu indictment, giving PM 30 days to get immunity

AG's decision to indict Netanyahu plunges Israeli politics into chaos

Netanyahu’s indictment could be a game changer for freedom of the press

Transcendence in Hebron: 50,000 Jews celebrated Zionism in Hebron last weekend

American college students 'support Palestine,' but can’t find it on a map

US-Backed Hospital in Gaza is a Plot Against the Palestinian Authority

Hezbollah energy threat could bomb Israel back to Biblical times

Iranian Mullahs’ Nazi-Fashion Murders Coupled with Cruise Missile Capabilities a Shocking Warning to a Complacent World

Key News

Top Republicans Prepare No-Holds-Bar Impeachment Defense Case Against The Democrats

White House Refuses to Participate in Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Inquiry

Nadler Has Been in the ‘Witness Protection Program’ Since Botching the Mueller Probe

Adam Schiff Gives Democrats Only 24 Hours to Sign Impeachment Report

How Americans Have Lost the Ability to Spot A Con, Liar, Shill, Poseur and Phony

Pelosi Pulling Scarier Name Changes For Climate Change Out Of The Hat

Junk Science Jumps the Shark! UN Secretary General Says Global Warming Has Claimed 7 Million Lives …Where?

Gov Brian Kemp Is ‘Another Romney’ and About to ‘Appoint a RINO to the Senate’

Kamala Harris: I Will Snatch Patents from Pharmaceutical Companies that Don’t Obey Me

China Halts U.S. Navy Visits, Says ‘Correct your Mistakes’ over Hong Kong Human Rights

U.S. Birth Rate Drops for Fourth Year, Remains Below Replacement Level

U.S. Sees Record Low Abortions Since 1973 Roe V. Wade Decision

Mexico gunbattle near Texas border between suspected cartel members, police leaves at least 21 dead

North Korea threatens Japan with 'real ballistic missile'

Burkina Faso: Attack on church kills at least 14

Newsweek fires reporter after publishing mistakes in story about Trump's Thanksgiving plans

Portland FBI Office Has Important Warning For Smart TV Purchasers

Why the NYC gun case must proceed in SCOTUS even after the law was repealed

ICE Arrests Illegal Alien Who Is A Child Rapist with Multiple Offenses Released TWICE by Local Police, Despite ICE Detainer

Sanctuaries to Release Illegal Immigrants Jailed for Rape, Murder, Child Molestation

Christmas ornaments with images of Auschwitz are for sale on Amazon

Reports of Rape Surged by 33% in Sweden Over Past Decade: " immigrants commit about 85% of the rapes committed by strangers"

Trump Makes Energy History — America Hasn’t Seen This Since 1949

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