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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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October 15, 2002

Beltway Sniper Strikes Again

Falls Church Is On The Pentagram Line From Fredericksburg To Rockville!

Woman dead in Virginia shooting; authorities trying to determine if shooting linked to sniper spree

Shootings Form A Pentagram On The Ground!

Original Six Shots Form Antichristian Broken Cross

Woman Shot Dead Outside Fairfax Store: Seven Corners Center Attack Is Similar to Sniper Pattern

'This Guy Is Good, But Not As A Shooter': Expert notes killer's tactical abilities, skills in eluding capture

Maryland School Area Lockdowns and Cancellations

Local Psychologist Believes Sniper Kills Done By Terrorists

Police Say Progress Made In Sniper Hunt

'Hispanics' sought in D.C.-area hunt: Be-on-lookout alert describes shooters' race. Scapegoat 'sacrifice' about to be offered up

Snipers Cringe at Washington Killer's Spree

Police Look for Shooting-Sniper Link

Virginia Man Arrested For Fake Sniper Report

FBI: Maryland Shootings Fit No Category: Agency profilers can see no motive other than terrorism -- If WND knew Satanism, they would see the Pentagram on the ground!

Patriot Act: Nationwide, banks want to know more about you

Bush Offers Moral Support on Ireland As Britian Takes Over Country

Poll Says Hillary Clinton Should Never Run For President!

Army General Removed From Post

Anglican Church Row Over Policy On Gays: Williams is facing pay revolt over view on gays

Saudis 'Foil Plane Hijack'

Rosary to Undergo First Change in Centuries, Vatican Says

Wiccan Seeks To Lead Prayers For Town Meetings

Charles Darwin To Receive Scots Honour

Will The REAL George W. Bush Stand Up?

Is he a Christian? White House staffers gather for Bible study Voluntary meetings embrace president's emphasis on faith

Is he Identical To Clinton? Concerned Women For America Alarmed As Bush Gay Policy Is Identical To Clinton

Bush Is An Unrepentant Skull & Bones Member!

Troublesome Illuminist Signs From The Beginning

Bush/Ashcroft Shut Down Indianapolis Baptist Church With SWAT Team Armed With Machineguns: Founding Fathers would be horrified, as this was a line they never wanted crossed

The Bush Presidents: Both Were 9/11 Presidents

Huge Bali Explosion Investigated

Was Bali Blast A Micro-Nuclear Warhead?

Bus Says Attacks Prove Urgency Of War

Indian Prime Minister Joins Israel In Unpopular Fight Against Terror

Bush Says 'Pattern of Attacks' Raises Concern About Qaeda

Jakarta Blames al-Qaida in Bali Blast

Time To Eradicate This Evil Of Terror, says Blair

Stocks Eke Out Gains Despite Bali Blasts

Bali Attacks Likely to Cause Shift, Not Drop, in Tourism

California Man Confirmed Dead in Bali Blast: Former Nebraska Football Player Missing

Letter Attributed to Bin Laden Hails Attacks

'These Groups Are Acting Freely Of Al-Qaeda Now'

Iraqi War News

U.S., Arab Troops Take Part in War Games in Jordan

Quietly, U.S. Adds Thousands of Forces to Gulf

Being In The Rear: No longer a day at the beach

World Bank Ready To Rebuild Iraq In Case Of A War

U.S., Britain Still at Odds With France, Russia and China on Iraq Resolution

Iraq Holds Presidential "Election"

Iraq's 'Glorious Day'

Iraqi Vice President Accuses US Of Seeking To Dominate World

War News From Israel

Fatah Threatens To Avenge Assassination, Claims IDF Killed Wrong Person

Four Wounded In Shooting At Bus In Northern Israel

Israelis Detain Jerusalem Muslim Mufti For Incitement

In Pictures: A Day Of Violence

Bush To Pressure Sharon On Iraq, Palestinians

Sharon Anticipates Peace, Tells Palestinians To Change Leadership: Old Propaganda Maxim, "While preparing war, talk peace"

Lebanon Digs In Heels On Wazzani River Diversion Plan

Israeli Tribes: Once Lost And Now Found? Searching for the Lost Tribes of Israel in India and Afghanistan

Laptop Computer Found Causes Plane Evacuation At Sea-Tac Airport

Sudan Truce 'Agreed'

Russian Nuke Exercise

IRS Weighs Using Debt Collectors to Get Back Taxes

Security Concerns Shade World Space Congress

Chilling Effects On Religious Free Speech?



October 14, 2002

Understanding The Insanity of the Beltway Sniper

Original Six Shootings Form Satanic Broken Cross On The Ground

All 11 Shootings Form Pentagram On The Ground With Broken Cross Forming the Top Most Pyramid

Sniper Investigators Refuse to Reveal Too Much

Washington Sniper Vanishes After Signature Hits

FBI Asks Pentagon For Records Of Recently Discharged GI's Who Had Gone Through Sniper School: Hunt for scapegoat begins

Man Accused Of Filing False Sniper Sighting

New Movie "Phone Booth" May Be Stalled Due To Similarities With Beltway Sniper Attacks


Army's Chemical Defenses Not Battle-Ready, Audit Says:Up to 62% of gas masks and 90% of monitors defective

US Spurns New Iraqi Arms Offer

Bush's Road to War on Iraq Leads to Rome's Empire, and Its Downfall

US Forces Take Up Positions As Iraq Makes New Offer: War Planners Move To Kuwait

Religion Is Saddam's Newest Weapon

Official: Iraq Reserves Right to Stop Cooperating With U.N. Inspections

Jordanian Citizens Wary Of U.S. As It Weighs War With Iraq

Syria Expects U.S. To Launch Attack On Iraq

"W" Urged To Switch Iraq Strategy

CIA Report Weakens Premise For Iraq War

Coalition Grows Slowly Against Iraq: Allies' hesitation likely to give way to support for U.S

Bahrain Calls For Arab Summit To Discuss Iraq Crisis

Rumsfeld Orders War Plans Redone for Faster Action

Experts To Probe Ukraine-Iraq Link

U.S. Army Seeking Arab Speakers As Translators


Nonstop Aggression On Israel

Sharon Expects To Face US Pressure To Ease Up On Iraq, Lebanon, Palestinians

Six Palestinians Dead in Scattered Violence: Public Phone Explodes On One Militant

March Raises Money For Israeli Victims Of Terror

Map Of Israel And Territories In Dispute: Making Sense of All The Turmoil, Propaganda, and Ancient Customs

IDF May Hire Ex-Soldiers To Guard Borders

After US Criticism, IDF Says No Starvation In Gaza

Alert Cafe Guard Foils Suicide Bomb Attack

Mufti of Jerusalem: Temple Mount Belongs To Muslims Only

Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple Is THE Driving Force Behind Events In Israel

Rise of Superchurches Angers Neighbors

Ivory Coast Rebels Capture Key Town As Army Claims Angolan Support

Libertarian Party Turning Radical

'Free State Project' Seeks To Restore Liberty: Activists plan to move to 1 area, then 'implement the liberation'

"Free State" Plan

Anti-Incumbency Wave Is Threatening Members Of Congress, Pollster Warns

Felon's Rights To Firearms Moves To Supreme Court

Castro Applauds Carter's Nobel Peace Prize

Brutal Killings Grip Wichita, Kan.

Bali Blast -- Work of Al Qaeda?

Attack Raises al-Qaida Fears: Indonesia urged to crack down

Indonesian Bali Nightclub Bombing, Called an 'Act of Terror,' Kills Over 110 --- Facts About Bali

Bush Steps Up Terrorism Fight After Bali Attack

2 Americans Among Dead

Islamic Cleric Denies Hand In Bali Blast

Indonesia Had Been Warned

Americans Advised to Leave

World Leaders Call for Anti-Terror Fight

Global Terror Fight

Bin Laden Alive, Well, and 'To Appear On TV'

Expert: Al-Qaida Was Undeterred By US Operation In Afghanistan

Kuwait: Attack on Marines Won't Affect Ties With Washington

Officials See Signs of a Revived Al Qaeda

Feds Use High-Tech Spyware To Nab Terrorists

Explosive Jacket Detonated By A Suicide Bomber to Bring Down Plane

Yemen Ship Attack 'Was Terrorism'

State Legislatures Keeping an Electronic Eye Out For Terrorists

Philippine Troops Hunt Abu Sayyaf Rebels After Deadly Clash

CIA Looking For Wrong Man In Afghanistan

Arabs Charge: British MP Reveals Anglo-American Plan to Break Up Saudi Arabia, Sudan

Cuban Missile Crisis Almost Erupted in Nuke War

Child Spanking Now An Issue

Calling a Crime a Crime: Madelyn Toogood To Be Charged With Child Abuse

Mom Who Beat Her Child Was Member Of Occult Based Group Known As 'Irish Travellers', 'Gypsies', or 'Tinkerers': Known to practice Generational Pedophilia

Using Groups Like Irish Travellers and NAMBLA, National Effort Is Now Underway To Lower Age of Sexual Consent Down To 8 Years of Age

Head of U.S. Bishops Arrives in Rome To Receive Vatican's Response To The New Bishop's Policy On Dealing With Sexually Predatory Priests

Vatican Aide Opposes Ordination of Gays: Gay priests are only symbol of deep problem of Forced Celibacy, one of the greatest disasters in history, every time it has been enforced

Archbishop of Sydney Cleared of Sex Abuse Allegations

Pope to Refine Abuse Policy: Vatican sees plan as work in progress for American bishops

Zero-Tolerance Policy Divides U.S. Catholics

Accused Priest Leaves Church In New Britain, Connecticut

Same-Day Voter Registration In California? Opponents of initiative fear illegal aliens voting in larger numbers

"Arizona Has A Waco-Level Problem In Colorado City"

NAFTA In The News

Four Out Of 10 Americans Support Annexing Canada, Poll Suggests

NAFTA: The Rest of the News

War College Proposes NAFTA Force Be Created!

Boston Globe Prints Gay Wedding Commitments

The French Spar Over Sex: There's a Limit, No?

U.S. Pilots Start Using Text Messaging

Bill O'Reilly Supports Homosexual Couples Adopting Children



October 13, 2002

Attack On Fundamental Christianity Foretold By Details Of The Beltway Sniper Attack!

Original Six Shootings Form Satanic Broken Cross On The Ground

All 11 Shootings Form Pentagram On The Ground With Broken Cross Forming the Top Most Pyramid

Police Release Composite Images of Box Truck in Sniper Case -- Reports of truck or van is a ruse

Cops Release Sniper Wanted Poster

Terrorism On The Rampage

Indonesian Bali Nightclub Bombing, Called an 'Act of Terror,' Kills Over 110 --- Facts About Bali

Police Say Death Toll From Bombing On Bali Resort Rises To 182

Australia Announces National Security Review Following Deadly Bali Blast -- Australians missing after terror blast

Tourists Describe Bali Bombing

Officials See Signs of a Revived Al Qaeda

New Wave of Terror Seen: Officials fear recent events may presage large attack

Stepped-up al-Qaeda Attacks Feared Before Feast Of Ramadan

Kuwait Links Terror Cell to Marine Attack

230,000 Students To Begin University Courses In Israel, Hebrew University's Frank Sinatra Cafe To Reopen

Finnish Police Look for Motives After Mall Blast Kills 7, Injures 80

Islamic Pendant 'Taken Off For Rape'

Australian Terror Warning: Targets Named

Jerry Falwell Apologizes for Mohammed Criticism

Israel Prepares, Muslims Angry

Hamas Spiritual Cleric, Yassin, Calls For Violent Overtake of Jerusalem -- Should read Pslam 2:1

IDF Kills Terrorists As They Attempt To Infiltrate Gaza Strip Jewish Community

IDF Commander: Unsure From Where Gaza Community Infiltrators Entered Israel

Southern Lebanon UN Office Target of Grenade Attack

Ben-Eliezer: Israeli-Palestinian Contact Imminent -- We have heard this line before!

Israeli Forces Enter Gaza, Destroy Weapons Tunnels And Buildings

Arafat Leans On U.N. Resolutions: Leader speaks on 'right of return,' Jewish Temple in interview

Arafat To Announce New Cabinet In Next 10 Days: More meaningless show

Catholic's Sex Abuse In The News

Head of U.S. Bishops Arrives in Rome To Receive Vatican's Response To The New Bishop's Policy On Dealing With Sexually Predatory Priests

Citing Vatican II, Catholic Laity Seeks Change

Court Grants Convicted Priest A New Trial

Boston Area Priests Removed From Duty

Double Duty Examination As to How And Why Such Sex Abuse of Children Could Occur In The Catholic Church

Pope Looks to Improve Orthodox Ties

Record Diving Attempt Ends In Death

Diving Injury To Joni Eareckson Tada Brought Glory To Jesus Christ

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Sharon-Bush Talks Will Focus on Iraq WarNot Palestinians

Saddam Hussein Calls Top Leadership Into Emergency Session -- A Declaration of War?

Rumsfeld Orders War Plans Redone for Faster Action

War Planners Sent To Kuwait

Official: Iraq Reserves Right to Stop Cooperating With U.N.Inspections

Pentagon Orders Battle Staffs to Kuwait; Germ Warfare Protection Likely

Outrage As Iraq Views UK Arms: Peace campaigners angered as Saddam's top brass 'rub shoulders' with British firms at weapons bazaar

Pentagon Plans Smallpox Shots for Up to 500,000

Understanding the Middle East As War Unfolds: Geography, Ancient History and Customs, Prophecy

Iran Charges: New U.S. Strategy Aims at Control of Muslim Lands, Energy Resources

India - Pakistan

Broad Agenda At India-UK Talks

Fundamentalists Do Well In Pakistan -- Muslim extremism is the power to reckon with in Pakistan

Anti-West Coalition Denies Musharraf His Majority

Six Killed In Kashmir

Pakistan Hails Call For Dialogue With India -- BUT

Impact Of War Destroying Lake In Kashmir Valley: Effects of violence ruin former tourist attraction

More Deaths In Indian Religious Strife

Economic News

Bush Tells Americans to Focus on Economy

Rally May Melt in Earnings Blitz

GE Earnings Sharply Up, Matching Expectations

Lucent Warns on Earnings, to Cut 10,000 More Jobs

Suit Filed Over Flying Pro-Life Banners Showing Aborted Baby Parts

Prosecutor To Drop Request For Clinic Records From Planned Parenthood

Gays Oppose Army General: Hearing Closed for General at Site Where Gay Soldier Was Slain

A National Organization of Family Doctors To Vote On Homosexual Adoption

Workers Exposed In Nuclear Reactor Incident

Southern Pride Fuels 1,300-mile March

Leaving Islam A Daring Act of Faith

Behind The Veil of Islam

Serious And Silly, Religious Action Figures Are Battling For New Buyers

U.S. Judges Try Shaming Convicts

Tribute To New York's Bravest


October 12, 2002

Mystery of Beltway Sniper Shootings Revealed!

Original Six Shootings Form Satanic Broken Cross On The Ground

All 11 Shootings Form Pentagram On The Ground With Broken Cross Forming the Top Most Pyramid

Man Shot Dead at Fredericksburg Gas Station

Latest Shooting Linked to Sniper Spree

Schools Cancel Trips to Washington Area

White Vans Being Pulled Over -- Misinformation as police and public looking in the wrong direction

Police Weigh Multiple Killers, Vehicles: 'If this is 1 shooter, he's got a lot of energy – and luck' -- This is quite possible, even probable

Gun-Rights Groups Undeterred By Attacks: Say more people armed would provide safer city

Cutting Edge Originally Said Gun Control Might Be Part of The Issue

Conyers Says Gun Makers 'Marketing Sniper Rifles to Criminals'

Shootings Tied To Michaels Crafts Stores? Geographic profile seems to track shop locations

Wisconsin: 10 Die In Horrific Pileup: 38 vehicles collide on fog-choked I-43 in the deadliest accident in state history


"God's Appointed Times" Book

Typically Vocal Hollywood Quiet About Israel

Suicide Bomber Thwarted In Tel Aviv -- Security at usual 'high alert' at US Embassy following thwarted suicide bombing

Police: Would-be Bomber's Target Was Cafe Near US Embassy

Mideast War Rages On U.S. Campuses: Websites add to arsenal of students fighting anti-Israel bias

U.S. Envoy To Visit Wazzani Pumping Station

Police Use Force To Stop 200 Arabs From Storming Temple Mount For Friday Prayers

Women To Be Permitted On Temple Mount For Prayers

Three Die In Grenade Explosion In Eastern Sri Lanka

'Anti-intimidation' Pledges Causes Stir On College Campuses

China Bans Minors From Net Cafes -- Poisons the minds of youth

Vatican Contemplates A Ban on Gay Priests

Korean Delusions: Why do democracies think they can disarm enemies with policy of niceness?


Toilet Paper Novels Hit Stalls

Florida State Senator Dawson Facing Arrest Over Altered Prescription For Painkillers

Jordan King Urged To Help Christian Widow Ordered To Turn Her Children Over To Muslim Brother

Reuse of Needle at Hospital Infects 50 With Hepatitis C

Man Dies After Playing Computer Games Non-Stop For 86 Hours!

Iraq And Other Terrors

Pentagon Plans Smallpox Shots for Up to 500,000

U.S. Hawks Target Middle East

Congress Passes Iraq War Resolution

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Peace Prize -- Would have voted against Iraq resolution

White House Plans Post-Saddam Iraq

Iraq Occupation Plans Being Worked On

Iraq 'Ready' For Weapons Inspectors

State Department Warns Americans Abroad -- 5,000 people march in Paris against Iraq invasion

Security Council Poses U.S. Headache

Falwell Remarks Prompt India Riots After He Calls Founder Of Islam A Terrorist -- Lebanese Are Mad, Too

Networks Should Have Run Bush Speech

Bin Laden Followers 'Killed Marine'

Kuwait's Hidden Threat To U.S.

Dutch Divers Examine French Tanker Hit By Suspected Terror Atack

American Jewish Doctors To Train Israeli Doctors For Iraqi Attack

Washington: New Wave Of Al-Qaida Terror Is Coming

Smallpox Attack Exaggerated -- Part 1

Smallpox Attack Exaggerated -- Part 2 - Let's look before we leap

Seven Killed, 59 Injured in Finland Mall Blast

At Least 17 Dead In Chechnya Police Building Explosion

Economic News

Stocks Surge on Economic Data, IBM, GE Surging More Than 300 Points

Silicon Valley Residents Losing Faith in Economy

Lucent Warns on Earnings, to Cut More Than 10,000 Jobs

Household Settles With States for $484 Million

Kmart Seeks to Sell Internet Provider BlueLight.com

New Theory Of Sept. 11 Plot: A 5th Plane To Fly Into White House

9/11 Investigation Panel Advocates Blame White House

Do Dead Men Vote? Massive voter fraud investigation under way in state

Gene therapy set to tackle Parkinson's

Evolution Versus Biblical Creationism

Monkey Or Man? Toumai, Hailed As Our Oldest Ancestor, Is Stirring Ancient Scientific Rivalries

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution And Prove It Wrong


Walking Through Shadows: How belief in Creationism Makes It Easier To Triumph Through Life's Troubles and Sorrows

3 Men With Shovels Unclog Rio Grande, Freeing Water After Being Clogged For Almost One Year

Pile of Rocks Sends Mexican Indian to Prison: Protection madness now prevalent in Mexico!


October 11, 2002 -- New World Order Proclaimed Exactly One Year Ago!

Breaking News

Man Shot Dead at Fredericksburg Gas Station


New World Order Proclaimed -- 9/11 Key Event!

NBC NIGHTLY NEWS (October 11, 2001] Declares Events Have Propelled World Into New World Order, New Order of the Ages proclaimed tonight!

Iraq, Tesla Weapons, Weather Warfare -- Cutting Edge Proven Right In Our Warnings

Will Iraq Be World's First Electromagnetic 'Scalar' War?

Colonel Warns of America's Demise If We Attack Iraq

NOTE: Both these sources warn that U.S. "Scaler Warfare" is totally inadequate and far behind the Russians

Weather Warfare and Control

Sustainability And Weather Control

Study of Major Storms Against Map Showing Sustainability Plan

Volcano Menaces Montserrat

Australian Drought Sparks Debate Over The Direction Of Water Usage

Sniper Terror In Maryland, D.C.

Manassas, Virginia Murder Linked to Beltway Shootings

Manassas Killing Was Sniper

Motorists Taking Cover At Filling Stations

Gun Control Now An Issue - Just As Cutting Edge Predicted

Pro-Gun Group Wants To Arm Parents and Teachers -- But Sarah Brady Asks: Could the Beltway Sniper be Stopped by Gun Control?

Lawmakers Urge FTC to Probe Sniper Weapon Sales

Original Analysis of Maryland Shootings: Posted 10/5/02

Martha Stewart's New Ads For K-Mart Are Puzzling

Smoking Ban Causes Debate in New York

Israel Struggles With Internal Terror

Unrest Hits Palestinian Olive Harvest: IDF military incursions against terror has caused 80% drop in harvest

"God's Appointed Times" Book

Suicide Bomber Kills One, Wounds 30 Near Bar-Ilan U. -- Bus Driver: I Am Not A Hero

Hamas Claims Suicide Bombing That Killed 71-year-old Woman

Israeli Arab Man Wounded In Shooting

Internal Security Minister Landau: Military solution is the only way to end terror

Hebrew University Bars All Visitors Indefinitely In Security Crackdown

Police Pamphlet Issued: How To Stop A Terrorist

Palestinian Gazans Attend Funeral of Slain Police Chief Killed By Hamas Terrorists

Israel Sitting Quietly On Wazzani Despite Reports Of 2nd Pumping Pipe

Forever Calling For Israel's Destruction: Arafat aide admits PLO Covenant never altered after Oslo Accords

Arabs Are Pursuing "Mission Impossible" -- God Taking Notes Of Who Is Treating His People Badly

"Restoring The Jewishness of the Gospel"

"Jewish Background To The Lord's Prayer"

Korean Delusions: Why do democracies think they can disarm enemies with policy of niceness?

Toilet Paper Novels Hit Stalls

Florida State Senator Dawson Facing Arrest Over Altered Prescription For Painkillers

Jordan King Urged To Help Christian Widow Ordered To Turn Her Children Over To Muslim Brother

Reuse of Needle at Hospital Infects 50 With Hepatitis C

Man Dies After Playing Computer Games Non-Stop For 86 Hours!

Abducted Japanese Plan Their Reunion: But the 5 must leave kids back in N. Korea

Federal Agents Bust Israeli Drug-Smuggling Ring

Rudy Riding To The Rescue: Giuliani hired to take a bite out of Mexico City crime

Group wants to clone world's oldest tree; 4,767 Years Old


Question of War Now In Bush's Hands

Both Houses of Congress Pass Iraq War Resolution

Congress Backs Bush War Powers

Senate Roll Call On The Iraq Vote

Strong Hand For Bush

U.S. Marines In Kosovo Leave Early, Head To Suez: More signs preparations for Iraq war not waiting for U.N. inspection talks

Poll: Americans Taking Bush Line on Iraq

Actual Text: Congress Resolution On Use Of Force

Bush Twists Facts To Fit, Analysts Say

‘Saddam Will Use Everything Within His Reach’

Arafat, Saddam Exchange Messages

State Deptartment Warns Americans Abroad

Mother Asks Bush to Send Twin Son Home -- Kuwait Official: Marine Attackers Planned Other Assaults

France Signals Wish To Fall In With America Over Iraq

House OKs $355 Billion Defense Bill

Where China Stands On Iraq: Opposed but unlikely to use its Security Council veto power

U.S. Envoy Zinni: Israeli Retaliation To An Iraqi Attack Would Be 'Disastrous'

Bomb-Disposal Teams Dispatched To Gulf: Pentagon forward-deploys techs to disarm Saddam's booby traps

Iraq Shows Suspected Nuclear Site: Iraq Shows Reporters Plant the U.S. Calls Suspected Nuclear Arms Site

UN Deal To Put Iraq On Notice

Jimmy Carter Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Democrats Hit GOP On 'Bumpy' Economy

Bush Plans Two-Week Campaign Tour

Florida Man Sentenced For Making Threats To Blow Up White House

Terror War

Smallpox Attack Exaggerated -- Part 1

Smallpox Attack Exaggerated -- Part 2 - Let's look before we leap

Plots, Evidence And Chatter Put U.S. On Alert: Kuwait warns of attacks on U.S. schools, military

Pro-Taliban Parties Win Pakistan Vote: Demonstrates hold terrorist groups have on the Muslim populace

Trent Lott Retreats From Belafonte Awards Dinner

Five Children Critical After Michigan Bus Crash

House Passes $3.8 Billion Election Overhaul

Court OKs 10 Commandments Display: Federal judge says Texas Capitol exhibit constitutional

Woman Who Charged Diluted Cancer Drug Given Here Is Awarded $2.2 Billion

Taylor quits Senate race in Montana -- Says Democrat Campaign Claiming He Was A Gay Hairdresser Destroyed Him

FCC Approves Plan for Digital Radio

Abortion Lyric Leads To Static On The Radio: Some Stations Queasy About McGraw Song

British Tourist attacked, body found near Great Wall

Zimbabwe Evicts All White Sugar Cane Farmers

Lemon juice 'is HIV-killing spermicide'

Evolution Versus Biblical Creationism

Monkey Or Man? Toumai, Hailed As Our Oldest Ancestor, Is Stirring Ancient Scientific Rivalries

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution And Prove It Wrong

Startling Proofs That God Exists and Created This Universe Video

Walking Through Shadows: How belief in Creationism Makes It Easier To Triumph Through Life's Troubles and Sorrows

3 Men With Shovels Unclog Rio Grande, Freeing Water After Being Clogged For Almost One Year

Pile of Rocks Sends Mexican Indian to Prison: Protection madness now prevalent in Mexico!

Nuclear Agency Takes Blame for Ohio Reactor Damage


October 10, 2002


Who Is The Lesser of Two Evils: Hamas or Arafat?: Major battle developing between Arafat and Hamas

Suicide Attack In Tel Aviv Suburb: Woman killed at bus stop

Elderly Woman Killed At Bus Stop, 30 Wounded As Bus Driver Kept Suicide Bomber From Getting On Bus

Settlers Won't Protest Removal Of Empty Outposts

New Bulge Develops On Wall Of Temple Mount - Take Virtual Tour of Temple Area, All of Holy Land

A Crazy, Logical Step Whose Time Has Come: Americans have become the "New Jews of the World"

"Lost Jews" - Time to Bring Them Home: Prophecy to be fulfilled

With The Book and A Bomb: Hamas back terrorist attacks, accuse Palestinian Authority of cooperation with Israel

Daniel Kahneman Is First Israeli To Win Nobel Prize In Economics

Jews And Protestants Win Majority of Nobel Prizes

Pageant Backtracks, Now Permits Promotion Of Sexual Chastity

Saudi Arabia Faces Blacklist For Religious Intolerance, Persecution

Angry Dockers Return To Work On West Coast

Port Workers Confront Cargo Backup

Economic News

Martha Stewart's Public Statements Fuel Widened Probe of ImClone Stock Sale


Dow Hits 5-Year Low Amid Bearish Calls

AOL Profits To Plunge, Merrill Analyst Warns

Collapse of Economy Will Not Occur Until Global Political and Religious Goals Are Met: Economic collapse will occur only when all other factors are ready to mature

Yahoo Quarter-3 Profit Beats Street Estimates

J.P. Morgan Cut by Moody's, Affects $42B Debt

Greater Boston Biotech Growth Seen Continuing: Demand for lab space will rise

Hughes, Echostar May Abandon Merger Deal

Tech Sector Still Losing Jobs -- Graphic tells story

Jury Recommends Death for Yosemite Killer

Man Freed Twice Prior To Attack of Nuns: Raped both, killed one

Harry Potter

Publishers Hail Harry Potter and Jesus Christ As Saviors Of Their Industry During Tough Economic Times

Apostate Churches Recruit Harry Potter

New Book Sees Christian Imagery in Harry Potter

The Inherent Satanism In Harry Potter

The Full Story of Harry Potter

Halloween: Trick or Treat?

America's Pagan Traditions

Florida Executes Female Serial Killer

Serial Rapist Fears Grip Ohio State

SpongeBob HotPants? Gays love cartoon character even though he was never created as homosexual

China Says Viruses Infect 80 Percent Of Its Computers

Australia Creates World's Largest Marine Reserve

Another Beltway Sniper Shooting? Or Just Copycat Killing?

Virginia Shooting Probed for Possible Link

Bullet Fragments Could be Key to Catching Sniper

Man Fatally Shot at Manassas Virginia Gas Station

Police Detain Maryland Man: Police not sure if he is connected to shootings


Congress Moves Steadily Toward Iraq Vote

Saddam's Super Gun: Thought Iraq already had several of these superguns and that they were ready to deploy

Sharon Warns: Dark 'war clouds' are hovering over the region

Iraq Debate: Critics cry "Why now?" A better question is "Why wait?"

War Dilemma: Iraq Weapon Disposal

Iraq Attack Likely 'Only If Provoked': Did this CIA position contradict Bush's strong stance?

Senate Kills Amendment to Iraq War Measure

Iraq Warns Its Neighbours They Face Destruction if War Breaks Out And They Support U.S.

Israel's Take On A Justified War

UN Population Head's War Warning: War Against Iraq Would "Open The Gates Of Hell"

Arab Nations Seek Assurances From US: Opposing attack, they look for deals

Defense Department Orders 273,000 Bottles Of Sunblock

Iraq Denies Efforts to Rearm

Army Brews Potions That Protect -- Won't be ready for Iraq

Saddam's Links To Terror

FBI Warns of Possible Attack on US

U.S. List Seeks to Assess Terrorism Vulnerabilities: Bush Effort Examines Critical Infrastructure

Court Backs Secret Detainees' Hearings

Sept. 11 Hijacker Made Test Flights

FBI Memo Details Illegal Surveillance In Terror, Spy Cases

'Cipro Resistant' Dolphins Cause Worry

Wichita Survivor's Testimony Horrifies Courtroom: The woman who survived the quadruple homicide in 2000 takes the stand in the second day of testimony in the Carr brothers trial.

Follow The Trial From Start To Finish

Schools Test Urine To Detect Student Tobacco Use: Advocates say smoking is precursor of drug use

Get Berit Kjos' "Brave New Schools": A blueprint to correct the problems of current education

Court Upholds English-Only Instruction In California

Beards Must Stay, Says Greek Orthodox Church

USDA to Recall Meat Linked to Listeria Outbreak

European Union Recommends Poland, Hungary, Eight Others for Entry by 2004

Director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute In Massachusetts Says Current Global Warming Will Rapidly Produce New Ice Age!

Mayo Clinic Unveils Classified Research Involving Charles Lindbergh During World War II: Tested to see physical influence of high altitude on humans


October 9, 2002

Beltway Sniper Attack Turns Satanic -- Just As Cutting Edge Predicted Originally!

Sniper Left Taunting Note, Police Say: 'I Am God' Scrawled On "Death's Card" Tarot Card At School Site

Shootings Putting An Occult Symbol On The Ground, and Timing Is Satanic Holiday To Goddess Kali

Map of Tasker Middle School Shooting: Note shell casing found in "Greenway" adjacent to school. Most shooting locations have had "Greenways" around them!

Terrorism Seen Unlikely As Motive In Shootings

Governor Urges Sniper to Surrender: Reward rises to $237,000

President's Bodyguards Join Hunt For Sniper

Sniper Seems Aimless in Target Choice: Of course, and for the reason Cutting Edge demonstrated in article above!

Cops Invoke Serial Killing Provisions, Bringing In FBI

West Coast Port Strike News

Court Orders West Coast Ports to Reopen

Stranded Goods Pile Up in Labor Dispute

Sticky Wicket in Port Clash: High Technology

Text of President Bush's Executive Order on West Coast Port Labor Dispute

Stocks Gets Help From West Coast Ports Developments

U.S. Conducted Open-Air Biological And Chemical Weapons Tests On American Soil In 1960's

Abortion News

Woman Who Had Just Had An Abortion "Horrified" To Find Baby's Body In A Jar With Her Name On It: Will sue hospital for psychological scarring!

Pro-life Defender Hit With Crippling Decision: Judge agrees to Planned Parenthood request against 'frivolous motion'

Largest Conspiracy Ever: How Planned Parenthood Supports Rapists and Child Sexual Predators

Abortion Rates Decline In Late 1990s

Harry Potter

Publishers Hail Harry Potter and Jesus Christ As Saviors Of Their Industry During Tough Economic Times

Apostate Churches Recruit Harry Potter

New Book Sees Christian Imagery in Harry Potter

The Inherent Satanism In Harry Potter

The Full Story of Harry Potter

17 fired by Virginian Department Of Transportation For Surfing Porn Sites

Dissident Irish Republicans 'Discussed Killing Tony Blair'

Belafonte Accuses Colin Powell of Selling Out Black Race

Survey: US Jewish Population Shrinking, Aging

Special Survey Results

The Globalization of Disease: Nobody Living Anywhere In The World Is Safe Now

Playing With Fire: Environmental rules fuel massive inferno by undermining efforts of men on the line

Testimony Opens In Injury Lawsuit Of Navy Officer: Russian ship fired laser at helicopter, burning retinas of officer

Free Speech Set In Stone: Controversy halts sale of tiles outside Redmond, Washington, library

'Wichita Massacre' Trial Underway: Death Penalty to be sought in most brutal murder spree

AOL-Oxygen Media Pact Probed: SEC looks into whether media firm double-booked revenue from deal with cable station.

Winter Heating Costs Could Jump

Long, Strange Journey Of Hate-Crime Case

Plural Wife Charged Along With Polygamist

Americans Continue To Gain Weight -- One-third now rated obese

Radio ID Tags: Beyond Bar Codes

"Safe-Ingesting" Rooms For Smokers Under Plan In Australia

THE TIMES' PUSH POLL : Polling to generate a predetermined result, and so vindicate a specific point of view. Finally, someone admits that polls are nearly worthless

Possible Homeland Intelligence Chief Has Strong Clintonista Ties -- When we elected George W. Bush, did we get Clinton?

Barbra Streisand Meets Her Match: An Online Tale

Middle East -- Iraq

CIA Director Warns Saddam Might Attack U.S. Civilian Targets As He Is Going Down

Why is Saddam so Unconcerned?

Marine Killed in Kuwait War Games By Terrorists -- Suspects held over US marine attack

Kuwait Prepares For War

Viewers Tap Cable For Bush In His Iraq Speech

Nuke Agency Seeks Tough Resolution Against Iraq

U.S. Deploys Armed Drones In Iraq

Farrakhan Kicks Off Anti-War Campaign In Detroit: "Our President Is A Threat To World Peace"

Kamikaze Pilot Attacks Saddam’s Palace:Saddam has been lucky enough to survive several attempts on his life

Tape Threatens More Attacks on U.S.

Congress Set To Give Bush Go-Ahead On Iraq Attack By Thursday

China's Threat Grows as Everyone Watches Iraq

Moscow Losing Sympathy For Iraq As $10 Billion Debt Goes Unpaid

France Sees Compromise On Iraq

U.S. Military Now Deployed To More Locations Than At Any Other Time In History

Al-Qaeda Blasts Tanker as a Reminder: Bin Laden warns it’s just beginning

Al-Qaida Eyes Russian Nukes

Vets Group Wants Rumsfeld Out Over Alleged Shipment to Iraq

Loss Of Iraqi Oil Not A Problem: Energy Group

Death to America: Islam declared war on us in 1979

Middle East -- Israel

Sharon, Bush To Discuss New 'Rules Of The Game' Next Week

IDF Troops Dismantled Three West Bank Jewish Settlement Outposts

Bush Voices 'Deep Concern' Over Civilian Deaths In Gaza

Sharon Vows More Gaza Raids

Palestinian Authority Security Officials Hiding From Hamas

IDF Kills Potential Suicide Bomber

Suicide Bomber's Father Blasts Son's Recruiters

Saddam Gave $15m. To Suicide Bombers' Families, Wounded

Tension Increases In North

Arafat Tried To Assassinate Powell

Levy: US-Iraq War Will Decimate Tourism

Jordanian Engineers Inspect Bulge In Temple Mount

Middle East -- Pakistan / India

Indo-US Joint Military Exercise In Full Swing

US-Pakistan Army Exercises To Begin From Oct 15

Resume Peace Talks: Canada Tells India, Pakistan

Three Indian Terrorists Arrested By Pakistani Police

Musharraf Accused Of Rigging Pakistan's General Election

India Calls Kashmir Elections A Demand For Peace

Indian Prime Minister Rules Out War With Pakistan

German Media Giant Grew Fat On Nazi Propaganda

First Probable Case Of West Nile Virus Declared In Orange County, California

Lie Detectors Can Be Fooled, Panel Decides

Miss America silenced -- Can no longer speak out urging sexual abstinence!

With GPS, World Is Your Canvas As Artists Use Global Positioning Satellite Technology

Appeals Court Says Deportation Hearings Can Be Closed, Backing Justice Department On Security

Implantable Human Chip News

No Cyborg Nation Without FDA's OK

Lawsuits Plague Chip-Implant Company: Digital Angel, VeriChip manufacturer mired in controversy

128th Time: Angry Drunk In Tank, Again -- Chronic drinker soaks up police, hospital resources

What Amazon Knows, Amazon Keeps -- Some worry that Amazon knows way too much about its customers, who have no control over what the retailer does with the data

Drought Plus War Equals Famine for Horn of Africa

10-Commandments Banner Pulled From City Parade



October 8, 2002

Escalating The Iraq Rhetoric

Bush Makes Case Against Iraq

Bush Cites Urgent Iraqi Threat: Seeking Support for Resolution, President Urges U.S. to Act With 'One Voice'

Analysis: Bush On Domestic Offensive -- Bush: 'We cannot wait for final proof' of Iraq arming with devastating weapons

Saddam's Rivals Want War Crimes Trial

Raw Data: Text of President Bush's Remarks

Congress To OK Iraqi Resolution

Congressional Reaction to Bush Speech

Bush Talks About Iraq, But Networks Speechless

'Right Decision'

Britain's Blair 'Will Issue Battle Orders By November'

Where The World Stands On Iraq

Israel: State Comptroller's Report Warns Country Not Prepared For Iraqi Attack

Former FBI Director Freeh: 'Right-Wing Groups' Bigger Threat

Bush-Blair Transcript 'Seized By IRA Spies'

Racist Organization Voices Support for Iraq

Naval Strategy: The Art of Command and Control

Bush Steps In To Halt West Coast Port Shutdown

Report Suggests Catholic Church Sex Abuser Listing of Priests

Atlantis Soars Towards Space Station

Pakistan Tests A Second Medium-Range Ballistic Missile

U.S. Sailors Used U.S. Government Credit Cards In Brothel

White-Farm Land-Grab Set For Namibia: 192 properties listed for Zimbabwean-style confiscation

E-mail Worm Continues To Spread

California Governor’s Race: Davis Slams Property Owners on 9/11 -- Do not be deceived, for Private Property will be eliminated once we move into the New World Order!

Environmentalists In Oregon's Klamath Basin Are Throwing Tantrums And Filing Lawsuits Over Water and Fish

Climate Related Perils Could Bankrupt Insurers

Evolution In The News

The War Between Evolution and God’s Intelligent Design

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution And Prove It Wrong

In Six Days -- On The Seventh Day

Muslim Terror Escalates

First Al Qaeda Strike Against Oil Target -
Possibly in Collaboration with Iraq

Graphic Shows How Blast Damaged Tanker

Terror Threat For U.S. Ships In Yemen: Navy assessment shows French tanker no accident

Yemen Blast: New Phase In Terror War? Apparent attack on tanker likely To Bring Europeans Onboard Bush's War On Terror

U.S. Says Al Qaeda Exploring Russian Market For Weapons

U.S., France to Probe Tanker Blast in Yemen To Determine If Terrorism Was To Blame

Two Terror Suspects Arrested in Oregon Last Week Plead Not Guilty

Beat Cops Keep Eye Out For Possible Bombers

Maryland Shooting Update

Schoolboy Targeted By Sniper : Site was precisely in line with other shootings on the right hand of the Broken Cross!

Evidence Links Monday's Shooting to Spree; Note map of shootings showing this shooting right in line with right hand broken arm of the cross

Media and Authorities Fudge Gun Facts in Shootings: Gun described does not exist!

Suburbs In Terror Of The Beltway Sniper After Boy Is Shot

Police Call in Reinforcements in Sniper Hunt

'People Are Scared'

"Geographic Profiling" Used in Hunt For Maryland Sniper

WND Poll Asking If These Shootings Are Terror Related

Sudan Turns Ugly For Christians

Sudan Muslim Leader Unleashes "Jihad" Against Christians

Sudan: Video Explains "Hidden Holocaust"

New Moral Low: Jay Leno Books "Puppeteers of the Penis" On His Tonight Show Tomorrow Night

NBC Executive Asks Leno To Cancel This Appearance

Israel Under Fire

State Department Scolds Israelis For Anti-Terrorist Tactics

But, Sharon Hails 'Successful' Gaza Raid

Gaza's 'Terrifying' Night -- Inter-Palestinian Clashes Rock Gaza

IDF: Most Casualties In Gaza Raid Were Armed

Analysis: Raid Showed That Gaza Is Not Out Of Bounds

Ambush! One Israeli Killed, Three Wounded In Hebron-area Shooting

Lebanon's Wazzani Trial River Pumping Postponed

Second Arrow Missile Battery Fully Operational

Hamas Covenant Calls For Israel's "Obliteration" At The Hands of Allah

Nightmare on The Temple Mount

This Airplane Is A Supersized Fleet Carrier


October 7, 2002

The President Speaks Tonight

Bush Going "Prime Time" In Iraq Speech Tonight

Congressional Leaders Say Iraq Resolution Will Pass With Bipartisan Vote

Colonel Warns of America's Demise If We Attack Iraq

U.S. Preparing Possible Trial Of Saddam Hussein

Israel: 'More Than 90 Percent' of Incoming Missiles From Iraq Could Be Destroyed

Hussein Orders Commanders To Launch Weapons Once Attack Starts and Communications Cut

Bush: 'We Have No Quarrel With the Iraqi People' -- Bush: War may be 'unavoidable'

Is Iraq Attack A Just War?

Transcript: Sen. Trent Lott on Fox News Sunday Discussing War On Terror and Iraq Attack

Israel's Defense Minister, Ben-Eliezer: US will attack Iraq in November

Americans On Iraq And The Economy

Saddam's Inner Circle Is Defecting, Say Iraqi Exiles

Iraq: Weapons Inspectors May Get Access To `Presidential Sites'

Battle Against Terror

Taleban and Al-Qaeda May Strike Back Today -- The First Anniversary Date of U.S. Attacks On Afghanistan

Inquiry Launched Into Yemen Blast

Oil price Jumps After Tanker 'Attack'

Tackling The Oil Spill Of This Attack

France Not Excluding Any Possibilities In Tanker Fire Off Yemen

Yemen's Al-Qaeda Supporters

Register Air Travelers To Improve Airport Security? P-shaw!

Saudi Fingerprinting Likely For Americans

Al-Jazeera Broadcasts Purported Bin Laden Tape Warning

Did Army Cause Anthrax Outbreak In Mill? Documents related to '57 research project leave unanswered questions

Daschle Says It Will Take Work to Resolve Homeland Security Bill Differences

Senate Rule Stalls Forest Fire Prevention Measures

Early Pressures Tied To Drug Abuse

The Long, Open Northern Border

3 Border Agents Shot At In 2 Weeks

High School Senior Being Called A Hero After Fire Rescue

Private Property Rights Group, Sawgrass Rebellion, Rekindled!

Jeb Bush's Fans Fret Over His Controversial Remarks

Superbug In British Hospitals Will Kill Up To 2,000 This Year: Alarming figure is latest scandal to hit the NHS


Breaking News

Child Shot Near School in Maryland Suburb; County Is Neighboring to One Where Sniper Struck

Map Of Area In Which Shootings Have Occurred

Maryland Shooting Forms A Broken Cross!

Original Shooting Pattern Forms Broken Cross - Symbol of Antichrist

Police Piece Together 'Geographic Profile' in Shooting Spree Slayings

Officials Focus on Profile of Killer -- Victim's Background

Gun Control Could Be an Issue in Maryland Governor's Race

Paris Mayor Stabbed Because He Was Gay?

Economic News

Global Crash Fears As German Bank Sinks

Is U.S. Economy About To Take Plunge? Many Indicators Are Flashing "Disaster"

West Coast Port Shutdown Heads Into Second Week

Europe Faces All-Out US Trade War

Reports: J.P. Morgan Plans To Cut Thousands Of Employees

Corporate Gods Fall To Earth: The good life may be over for America's pampered bosses

Public Says Bush Needs to Pay Heed to Weak Economy

Poll Chart Tells The Story

Bush Burns Friends And Foes

Analysts Expects Big Mergers In Telecom Equipment Industry As It Recovers

Pope Canonizes Founder of Conservative Catholic Group, "Opus Dei'

Israel In The News

Twelve Palestinians Dead In Gaza Raid -- IDF Targets Terrorist Hamas Hotbed In Attack

Israel's Struggle For Security

Official: Lebanon Feels Iraq Issue Bars Us From Acting Against River Diversion -- Lebanon to start diverting Wazzani River

Police Question Israeli In West Bank For Slaying Of Palestinian Farmer

Evangelicals Plan Show Of Clout For Israel

High Alert In Sharon Amid Hamas Threats Of More Attacks

Ben-Eliezer To E.U.'s Solana: Don't Coddle Arafat

Hamas Issues A "How-To" Book On Kidnappings

Boston: More Than 800,000 Stroll Across Sun-Splashed Span Of Nation's Newest Obelisks -- Pictures Tell The Story (Note first and last picture)

Jesus And The FDA: Bush appointee under fire

US 'Dumping Unsold Genetically Modified Food On Africa'

More And More Doctors Refusing To Perform Abortions

What Does The Internet Look Like? -- It is less random than you think


October 6, 2002

Bush Prepares Nation For War

Iraq May Have 80 WMD-Capable Missiles

Covert War At Crucial Stage: War Has Begun On The Ground In Iraq!

U.S. Assures It Does Not Seek to 'Conquer' Iraq -- Possible Disinformation

Bush: 'We Have No Quarrel With the Iraqi People' -- Bush: War may be 'unavoidable'

Colonel Warns of America's Demise If We Attack Iraq

U.S.: Iraq Has Bio-Chem Weapons, May Have Nukes by 2010

U.S. Begins Psychological Warfare Against Iraq

Iraq Warns Of US Threat To Region

Italians March Against Iraq War

Turkey Weighs Options Over Iraq -- Turkish Special Forces may already be on the ground in combat in Iraq!

Bush Shifts Rhetoric On Iraq: Stresses arms inspections, downplays Hussein ouster

Iraq Hiding Arms Ahead of New Inspections-Pentagon

Muslims Protest Falwell Interview: Muhammad called 'terrorist' on 60 Minutes

Iraq's Neighbors Fear Influx Of Refugees

U.S. bolstering forces in Persian Gulf: Pentagon says it is not preparing a surprise attack on Iraq [Right, we have telegraphed all our intentions]

Virginia National Guard Members Prepare to Mobilize, Leave Families

Report: U.S. needs until Jan. to prepare for attack on Iraq: Exact timing is always the most protected secret

Maryland Shooting News

Maryland Police Search for Sniper -- "May never be able to confirm that all shootings are related"

Bullets Linked in Sniper Case

Gun Control Could Be an Issue in Maryland Governor's Race -- Cutting Edge said this the day of the shooting!

Christian Woman Burned Alive In India

Three Accused Of Al Qaeda Links Appear In Court: All six indicted on charges of conspiracy

Oregon Terror Suspect May Be in Malaysia

Bin Laden Still Alive, Reveals Spy Satellite



Israel Prepares

Israel Set to Use New Missile Shield to Counter Scuds

US To Israel: Keep A Low Profile On Iraq

No Iraqi Missiles Pointed At Israel -- First Iraqi article on left shows disinformation campaign represented by this article

Lebanon To Start diverting Wazzani River -- War over water to begin?

Dayan: 'Unilateral Disengagement' From Palestinians May Be Needed -- Such disengagement has already begun! -- And Jewish professor accuses Sharon of planning genocie against Palestinians

Arafat Names Jerusalem As Capital -- He is pursuing "Mission Impossible"

Jerusalem: Crucible Of The Conflict -- Will Zechariah 12 be fulfilled by this coming war?

Children 'Bear Brunt' Of Mid-East Conflict

West Coast Port Lockout Eased as Marathon U.S. Port Talks Continue

Paris Mayor Stabbed at Concert

Concern Over Weapons Program Marks U.S., North Korea Talks

Ward Weaver Charged With Murder of Oregon Girls: Prosecutor will seek the Death Penalty

Canadian Officials Investigating 'Witness' in Jennifer Short Case

Girl, 13, Boy, 5, Found Killed, Father Then Kills Himself

Supreme Court Steps Are 'No Prayer' Zone

Big Brother's National ID Card

Russia's Budget Shows Increase in Military Spending - Col. Stanislav Lunev

Conservatives Called "Killer Party"

Christian Teens Return To Gay Mom


October 5, 2002

Shooting Investigation Under Way

Same Rifle Used in Three of Five Shootings

D.C. Shooting Yesterday Linked to 5 Maryland Killings

Officials Focus on Profile of Killer -- 'Callous' Killer Probably Young, Local

"Prayer of Jabez" Book Stops First Bullet: Analysis of "Prayer of Jabez"

Profiles of Maryland Victims -- Is This Attack Terrorism?

2 'Hispanics' Sought In D.C.-Area Hunt: Be-on-lookout Alert Describes Shooters' Race

War On Terror

Taliban Has Targeted Schools For Terror

Buffett Gives to Fight Terror -- $2.5 Billion

FBI Charges Six With Terrorism

Taliban John Gets 20 Years

Freeh To Testify In 9-11 Probe: Clinton FBI director accused of focusing on 'right-wing extremists'

Man Sentenced to 58 Months in Florida Power Station Bomb Plot

Personal Responsibility Gone

Jury Orders Philip Morris to Pay $28B in Punitive Damages

Stocks Tumble Amid Bad Earnings, Tobacco Verdict

Judges Urged to Consider Criminal Genes: The End of Personal Responsibility For One's Own Actions

Fat Teens Sue McDonald's

Disney Makes News

Disney Credit Rating Cut by S&P on Profit Worry

Disney Heavily Promoting Homosexual Lifestyle In Their Theme Parks - An "In Your Face" Insult To All Christian Families

Baptists Expose The Real Disney

How and Why the Internet Broke On Thursday

E-Mail Hits Snail-Mail Pace

California: NJ Ruling A Bad Election Precedent

Israel Battles Muslim Terror

Israeli Police Enter Al-Aqsa Compound: DEBKAfile Says Cleric's Hate Speech Stirs Up Emotions, Causing Riot

IDF Troops Kill Palestinian Teenager, Riot Police Charge Into Islamic Al-Aqsa Shrine

Western Wall 'Leak' Prompts Speculation

Jerusalem: Crucible Of The Conflict -- Jerusalem, "Cup of Trembling"

"Jerusalem in Prophecy" - VIDEO

Israel, Islam: Biochemical and Nuclear Terrorism Video

One Family, Two Miracles, One Tractor

Al-Aksa Pulpit Sparks Jordan-Palestinian Struggle

Tunnel Apparently Used To Smuggle Arms Uncovered Near Gaza Strip

No End In Sight To Palestinian Media Hate Incitement

Palestinians Urge US Boycott Over Jerusalem Issue

Palestinian Birth Rate Down

Israel Gives In To U.S. Pressure, To Transfer NIS 70 Million To PA Finance Minister: More Money For Arafat To Steal?

Greyhound: Security Federal Funds Needed

LSU Supercomputer Is Super Cheap

Supercomputing: Suddenly Sexy

The Coming Computer Virus Armageddon

The Problem With America's Colleges

Iraq Attack In News

Bush to Address Nation on Iraq

Bush Vows Again To 'Disarm' Saddam

U.S.: Iraq May Have Nukes by 2010

Highlights of Report on Iraq's Weapons

U.S. Begins Psychological Warfare Against Iraq -- First effort using leaflets since just before 1991 war launch

Powell, and U.N.'s Inspector, Blix Agree to Hold Off on Inspections: Will wait until U.N. Sets Tough New Rules In Place

Turkey Warns Against Unilateral Action

U.S. Spies: Iraq Has Bioweapons Now

US, Britain May Be Forced To Compromise On New Iraq Resolution To Gain International Support For Attack

Oil, Iraq, Bush And The Airlines

India - Pakistan Conflict Heating Up Again?

Pakistan, India Conduct 'Routine' Missile Tests

A History of Pakistan's Missile Program

Nuclear Worries Cast Shadow Over Kashmir

Kashmir: Flashpoint on Volatile Subcontinent

The REAL Reason For India - Pakistan Conflict - With China In The Background Supporting Pakistan

US-Pakistan Army Exercises To Begin From Oct 15

Democrats Turn To Propaganda Scare Tactics

Cartoon Depicts Bush Murdering Elderly By Pushing Them Off Cliff In Their Wheelchair -- Takes a moment to load

Congress Campaigning With Cartoons

Poll: Does This Cartoon Ad Go Too Far? Poll Results: 87% Believe Ad Goes Too Far

Bush And His Big Government

U.N. Demonstrates Its Un-Biblical Nature

UN Urges Government To Ban Spanking of Children

Britian: Shouting As Bad As Spanking Children

Plans To Outlaw Spanking Dropped

Global Government Is Coming With Global Court That Will Invalidate Laws In Individual Countries

Economic News - A Mixed Bag

U.S. Payrolls Show Surprise Drop in September

Chrysler Adds 1,000 Jobs at Michigan Plant

Boeing Sets Earnings Charge, Cites Aircraft Values

DOW Closes At 5-Year Low

CEOs Say They're Concerned U.S. Recovery Is Stalling

Is U.S. Economy About To Take The Predicted Plunge? Many Indicators Are Flashing "Disaster"

Nation's Attention Focuses on Keeping Kids Safe

Weakened Lili Still Packed Punch When It Struck Louisiana

Aliens, UFO's Cloning

Woman Pursues Human Cloning: Believes Jesus' Resurrection Was Result Of Alien Cloning

Aliens, UFO's, Cloning : All part of Antichrist Conditioning

US Port Talks Make Progress; Alaska Ship Loading OK

Japan Firms Eye Airlift to Combat US Port Closure

Cuban Baseball Star And Coach Defect

Rolling Over On Phony Charges Of Racism

Bush's State Department’s War on Americans


October 4, 2002

Tragic Shooting Again In News

"Skilled Shooter" Still At Large

'All There Was . . . a Loud Boom': Witnesses Describe Busy, Rush-Hour Spots That Became Scenes of Horror

For Parents and Students, Safety First: Schools Lock Their Doors, and Some Keep Information Scarce in Fighting Fear

Analysis of Shooting And Its Keen Timing - Gun Rights Activists See 2002 Election As Critical

County Mourns, Lives In Fear

Arbitrary Victims, Identical Fate: County's Growing Diversity Reflected in Those Gunned Down

Photos Tell A Distressing Story

"Prayer of Jabez" Book Stops First Bullet: Analysis of "Prayer of Jabez"

Man Arrested After Allegedly Firing Shots at U.N.; No One Hurt

Terror Link To Maryland Shootings? Experts divided on whether killing spree work of al-Qaida

Convoy of Western Ranchers, Farmers Press for Property Rights With Cross-Country Tour

Property Rights Planned For "Trash Heap of History"

When 'Green' Policies Harm Humans

Japan Firms Eye Airlift to Combat US Port Closure

West Coast Port Officials Appeal to White House

Republicans Appeal N.J. Election Case to U.S. High Court

New Jersey Voters Disagree With Court Decision

Israel's Fight For Survival

60% Of Israelis Say They Are Fighting For Their Survival

Al-Aqsa Mosque 'May Collapse' - Muslim Veto On Repairs Leaves Sharon In A Dilemma

Sharon To Decide On Fixing Bulge In Mount Wall

Israeli Police Enter Al-Aqsa Compound

Iran: Shihab Missile Specifically Designed To Target Israel

Egyptian Court Disbands NGO That Promoted Peace With Israel

Palestinians Urge US Boycott Over Jerusalem Issue

Arafat Adviser: Iraq Strike Behind US Mediation Here

Arafat Considers Moving To Bethlehem

Senior Palestinian Judge Praises Suicide Bombers

Interesting Times: The Stuff 'New Orders' Are Made Of

MoSex: Risque Museum Set To Open In NYC

Pornography On Display

Blogger: You're in the Army Now

Shoot 'Em Up and Join the Army

Amazon Defends Sale Of Pedophile Book: Refuses to pull adult-child sex title, also selling NAMBLA product

Emmpak Beef Recall Expanded; Plant Shuts Down To Find Source of E-Coli Bacteria

Ivory Coast Rebels Agree Truce in Bloody Conflict

Bush Envoy On Landmark Visit To "Axis Of Evil" Member North Korea

Filmmakers Hope Kids Like Their Veggies

The African Beauty Queen - Success came after change in tactics

Preparing For The Worst

US Plans A System To Detect Bioattack -- There's Big Money in Fear

Al Qaeda Operatives Say Sept. 11 Was First of Three Attacks

Terror Suspects Indicted So Far

Greyhound Bus Passengers Subdue Man Who Tries to Crash Vehicle in Ohio

Michigan Native Knew Dangerous Mission in Store

Four Men Removed From Arizona-Bound Flight, Questioned by FBI

Author Salman Rushdie's 'Perpetual One-Way Ticket' Gets Him Tagged at Airport Security

Bush Calls For Terrorism Insurance

Edging Closer To Iraq Attack

House Panel Passes Iraq Resolution - 7 of 12 Lawmakers From Massachusetts To Vote No On Iraq

Bush Wins Bipartisan Support On Iraq - Map of Iraq

Iraq VP Suggests Bush-Saddam Duel

Ben-Eliezer: US Will Attack Iraq In Late November

Clinton Says Give Inspectors a Chance: Attack would give Saddam incentive to unleash his mass destruction weapons

Blair: Saddam Must Open Palaces To UN

'Humanitarian Disaster' Looms In Iraq: War may fulfill 2,500 Year Old Prophecy

No Inspections Until U.N. Decides on New Resolution Giving Broader Powers To Inspectors

Falwell: Intent not to attack Muhammad: Baptist pastor stirs U.S. Muslims, calls Islam's prophet 'terrorist'

Annan: Blix to Return to Iraq

Propaganda Bombs And Leaflets Dropped On Iraq

Hamas Leader Warns US Against Attacking Iraq

Martha Stewart Resigns From NYSE Board As Case Against Her Grows -- More News On Her Resignation

Free Martha Stewart -- Sacrificial goat for someone else?

New Claims for Jobless Benefits Up

EMC Will Lay Off 1,350 Workers: Blames move on 'brutal' slowdown in tech spending

"Brave New Medicine"

Baby Girl Conceived And "Screened" To Cure Brother's Inherited Disorder

Gene Therapy Halted As Boy Gets Cancer

Genetic Breakthrough Could Wipe Out Malaria

Catholic Sex Scandal Continues

Catholic Lay Group "Voice of the Faithful" Fights Cardinal Law On His Ban On Allowing Group To Meet On Church Property

Sixteen More Men And Teen Boy File New Sex Charges Against Convicted Pedophile Priest, Father Geoghan

History of Sex Scandals Of Catholic Priests

Iranian Artists In Trouble Over Kiss

Hurricane Lili Pounds South Louisiana: Residents glad that storm damage wasn't worse

Projected Path of Lili

Photo Gallery of Storm

Indiana Teen Saved After Online Suicide Bid

Wanna Bet? Feds Say Not So Fast

Plastic Tag Makes Foolproof ID

The Degradation of American Citizenship; Why hasn't Bush reversed this Clinton Executive Order?


October 3, 2002

Hot Line Breaking News

Five Killed At Random In Maryland County

Shooting Spree in D.C. Suburbs; Five Killed

Timeline of Maryland Shootings

Shots Fired Outside U.N. Building -- Developing Story

Gun Rights Activists See 2002 Election As Critical

Gun Control Strategy: Terrorism, Children and 'Scary Looking' Gun

Countdown To Iraq Attack Has Begun

"U.S. Countdown To Attack Iraq Has Begun" - Defense Minister -- Interactive Map Makes Sense of News

Lawmakers Join Bush In Tough Talk -- Iraq War Resolution Gains Momentum in House, Senate

Bush Cuts Deal By Leaving Daschle Out -- Bush Rejects Hill Limits on Resolution Allowing War

Positive Vote Will Be "Strong" From Congress

Clinton 'Glad' Blair Is 'Making The Call' On Iraq

Democrats Defend Visit to Iraq - Insist They Were Not "Aiding The Enemy" -- George Will disagrees

Iraq Agrees to Inspections, With Limits

Iraq Blasts U.S. 'Lies and Empty Propaganda'

White House Blunt on Saddam Options -- U.N. Needs New Rules For Saddam

Top Al-Qaida Operative Recently in Baghdad, U.S. Says

China Urges Political Solution On Iraq - Moscow disapproves of US draft of UN resolution on Iraq

Iraq 'May Hand Weapons To Terrorists' Before Attack Could Begin

The Draft US Resolution On Iraq Proposed To U.N.

U.S. Navy, Marines Begin War Games With Kuwaiti Troops

Analysis: Iraqi Kurds Stir Regional Fears - Arabs hate each other only slightly less than they hate Jews

Poll Showing Sympathy For U.S. Rocks Iran, Prompts Legal Action

U.S. Attack Submarines Moving To Guam

Iran Promises To Keep Out of US-Iraq War

Advanced Weaponry Would Be Used In Strike Against Iraq

Congressman Says Saudi Arabia Undermining Efforts to Return Children to U.S. Parents

Major U.S. Campaign In Afghanistan

Preachers of Hate In The Mideast

Assisted-Living Homicides Seen Indicating Wider Problem With Violent Elders: Moral collapse taking on new dimension

Police: 8 Youths Confess In Milwaukee Death

Stocks Fall Amid More Profit Warnings

West Coast Port Talks Due to Resume

Adelphia Founding Family Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud

Martha Stewart Broker Aide Admits He Lied About Stock Sale

Groups Blast Congress Over Pay Raise: With war, recession, deficits looming, politicians should 'sacrifice' too

Former Enron CFO Fastow Charged With Fraud, Money Laundering

Arrests in Florida. Missing Girl Case

Bush Seeks to Bolster Amber Alerts

Study Gives States Low Marks in Making College Affordable

Radio Station Encourages Teen To Walk Naked In Public

Militants Kill 30 On Bloodiest Day Of Kashmir Polls

Robots Could Lighten Load of Household Chores

Chicago City Council Requires Companies To Disclose Slavery Ties: Insane 'Slavery Reparations" Issue still raising its ugly head

Teachers Face Firing In Cheating Scandal

Abortion Harvest Infuriates Islanders

Bring America Back to Panama! -- Worried too late!

Plan to Destroy Deadly Chemical Russian Weapons Nears Collapse

Hurrican Lili - Another Billion Dollar Disaster?

Storm From The Abyss? 120 MPH Sustained Winds

Tracking Map

Radar At New Orleans/Baton Rouge

Maps of Past Billion Dollar Disastrous Storms

Lili Brings Texas, Loiusiana Evacuations - Strongest Hurricane In A Decade

Nearly Half A Million People Told To Flee As Hurricane Lili Tears Toward Louisiana

Hurricane Forces Unprecedented Shutdown of NASA Mission Control

U.S. Crude Oil Stocks Slide to Lowest Level Since 1982 -- Hurricanes To Blame

Israel Nearing The End of Arafat?

Report: Israel Stages Arafat Removal -- Security sources confirm IDF ready to expel Arafat on short notice

Israeli Ambassador Says Arafat Is On A 'Slippery Slope'

Know Ancient/Modern History and Understand Maps of Entire Region

Prime Minister Likens Blair Speech To 1939 British 'White Paper' That Sought To Appease The Arabs

Holy Land Tourism Still Suffering From Middle East Violence -- Virtually Tour The Holy Land, With Bible Scholar As Your Guide!

First Gay Minister To Enter Knesset Draws Little Attention

Chief of Staff: IDF's Operations Hardest Trial Since War of Independence

Egypt's Mubarak: Israeli Government Jeopardizing Any Attempt At Peace

Arafat Protests US Measure On Jerusalem -- Syria Blasts US Measure To Recognize Jerusalem As Israeli Capital

Near Mega-Disaster: Israeli police blow up bomb in gas station

How To Bomb Thy Neighbor: Hamas Offers Online Terrorist Suicide 'Academy'

Britain To Push For 'Final' Middle East Talks This Year

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Dems Replacing 'Torch' on Ballot

Man Sentenced To Shoveling Manure

Terrorist War In The Philippines

Green Beret Killed In Blast In The Philippines

Philippine Violence Surging Against U.S.? Abu Sayyaf reshaping on "2nd front" in war on terrorism

Military Probes Parachute Tampering

Colorado Stores Soon To Require Fingerprints For All Check And Credit Card Purchases

Russia Diverted U.S. Aid On Arms, Inspector Reports

Britain Launches Fighter Jets After Security Alert Over Baltimore Flight

Major Property-Rights Rally Cancelled In Florida: Unable to obtain required permits to protest government land-grabs

In A Few Decades, China Will Be A Christian Nation!

Yet, Our Public Schools Regularly Fight Bible Clubs

Judges Urged to Consider Criminal Genes: The End of Personal Responsibility For One's Own Actions

Poison Oak Activists Restrained -- Typical of the radical environmental vision for America

Attitude of Radical Environmentalists Like These Poison Oak Activists Examined

New Class Of Composite Organic Material Could Put The Muscle In Artificial Body Parts


October 2, 2002


Israel Prepares As Countdown Begins

Israel Forms Special War Command, Excluding Liberal Labor Party

Closing the Barn Door On Arafat: Miracle Occurred

"U.S. Countdown To Attack Iraq Has Begun" - Defense Minister

Bush Hesitates on Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem -- Is Israel A Blessing Or A Curse?

Arabs Lambaste US Over Jerusalem

Blair Seeks Israeli, Palestinian Talks For Final Agreement By Year's End

Water And War

National Geographic Loses Its Compass

Death Of A Hero

Good Economic News?

Stocks Kick Off October With Broad Rally

Dell Computer Ups Revenue View by $200 Million

Coca-Cola, Delta to Offer Flight Discounts on Sodas

Tokyo Stocks Close at Another 19-Year Low, Dollar Up Against the Yen

'You Deal With It' - Milwaukee Neighborhood Where Man Beaten to Death Struggles With Crime

Man Dies After Beating By Mob

US Treated Me Like A Terrorist, says Malaysian Prime Minister

Does al-Qaida Have 20 Suitcase Nukes? Author claims bin Laden purchased them in '98 from ex-KGB agents for $30 million

Would You Survive A Nuclear Blast? Map the blast

Is Gun Ownership Issue Turning Law-Abiding Citizens Into Felons?

Body of Kidnapped Banking Heir, 11, Discovered

Apostasy Reaches New Height In Anglican Church

Archbishop Fails To Condemn Unmarried Sex

Church Rift Over Homosexuality Set To Resurface

Iraq Attack Plans Continue

Allied Pilots Frustrated Can't Beat Iraq's Mobile Defenses

White House Would Welcome Hussein Assassination

Saddam Ready With Dirty Tricks

War Timing Depends On Carrier Availability: Unclear when enough ships will be stationed in Iraq area

Israel Worried About 'Suicide Bombers Everywhere' Ahead of US Strike On Iraq

Powell: No Inspectors Without New U.N. Resolution -- US opposes deal for inspectors' return to Iraq

Iraq Rejects Disarmament Proposal

British Foreign Secretary Says Iraq Weapons Inspection Policy Is Faulty

Mother Teresa Closer to Sainthood -- Vatican Validates "Miracle" Attributed To Her

Middle East: India - Pakistan

Militant Muslims Declare War On Christians In Pakistan: Government pretends to not know who is behind murderous savagery

Militant Muslims Open Fire On Bus During Election, Killing 10

Poor Turnout, Violence Mar Kashmir Poll

Militant Bullets Fail In Kathua District

Florida's Governor Lifts Stay of Execution for Death Row Inmate Who Asked to Die

Louisiana Residents Prepare for Second Storm in a Week as Hurricane Lili Bears Down

Lili Bears Down On Gulf Coast With 110 MPH Winds

Amazon Defends Sale of Pedophile Book: Refuses to pull adult-child sex title, also selling NAMBLA product

Lautenberg to Be Torricelli's Replacement in N.J. Senate Race

Torricelli Adds to Volatility in Battle for Senate Control

AIDS Is Called A Security Threat As 5 Most Populous Nations Threatened

Scolding Kids Harms as Much as Hitting, Study Says: Overthrow of Judeo-Christian values continues across the board


October 1, 2002

Iraq - Sliding Towards The Abyss?

U.S. Military Grows In Djibouti, On Horn of Africa

Bomb-Disposal Teams Dispatched To Gulf: Pentagon forward-deploys techs to disarm Saddam's booby traps

How Saddam Got Weapons of Mass Destruction: New Urgency Required Now!

Sharon to Putin: Too Late Now For Iraq Arms Inspection

Labor Party Backs Blair on Iraq

Establishment Figures Speak On Iraq: Propaganda galore

Report: Seized Material Not Uranium: Original story much ado about nothing

Critics: U.N. Wrong Vehicle for Iraq Intervention: Attack on our own is their advice

Anti-Iraq March Echoes Vietnam Tone -- Anti-War Demonstrators In Spain Dress Up As Palestinian Suicide Bombers

Congress: Iraqi War Could Cost $9B a Month

Administration Presses on Iraq: Shows video of U.S. Jets being attacked

Hackworth: Will Congress Blink Again On Iraq?

U.N. Inspectors Pressing Iraq For Free Access To So-Called 'Sensitive Sites'

Iraq Holds Contempt For U.N.

Steep Hill To Climb In Iraq -- Bush Warns

Arab Leaders Debate Iraq Crisis

U.S. Forces Get OK To Use CIA Methods

U.S. Forces In Afghanistan Run Amok?

Economic Impact

Personal Income Gains Outpace Spending

West Coast Port Shutdown May Cause Empty Shelves -- Shipping Dispute Sends Goods To Eastern Ports

Longshoremen and Shipping Lines No Nearer to Deal as Cargo Ships Along the West Coast Remain Idle

Saudi Gas Deal 'Stalled Again'

Stocks Pinned Lower in September Finale

Grim Data Unnerve Markets Worldwide -- Europe Dives Lower

Is Economy About To Take The Long-Predicted Plunge? Answer may surprise you

Slack Economy Jams Campuses: A baby boom 'echo' and scarce job openings have sent college enrollment soaring. Schools are straining to keep up.

America The Violent

Teens 10-14 Beat Man To Point of Brain Death

Bus Driver Attacked Along I-5 Near Coalinga, Bus Overturns; Two Dead

High School Satanism Club Prompts Parental Outrage: Secret Covens At High Schools Have Long Been Popular

Mom Arrested for Watching TV as Daughter Kills Son

Rock Star Clothes Jump From Stage To Street

Woman Gets 12 Years in Kidnapping

Big Jungle Cats Are Big Draw At Environment Fest: Couple preach message of conservation to crowd of 400

Iran Hangs Rapists In Public

Fatal Drug Raid Shooting To Be Investigated -- Officers Said To Be "High-Fiving" Each Other After Fatal Shot Was Fired

Landmark Teen-Drinking Case Sends Parents Strong Message: A mother faces prison for what she failed to do: Stop underage drinkers in her home. Three teens died

Ozone Hole Shrinks And Splits

Presbyterian Youth Pastor Resigns Over Porn

Israel Prepares

Fighting Erupts In West Bank

Islamic Jihad Says It Is Responsible For Attack That Killed Soldier

Bush Signs Bill Identfying Jerusalem As Israel's Capital -- But State Department Chides Congress For Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capitol

Palestinians Protest US Measure To Recognize Jerusalem As Israeli Capital

Sharon Tells Putin of Iraq Fears

Israel Arrests 32 Palestinians Across West Bank, Moves Into Buildings Facing Arafat Headquarters

Palestinians: IDF Troops Posted Close To Arafat's Office Building

Palestinian General Masri: We Can Stop Hamas, But We Won't

Sharon: We Will End Terrorism In "Months"

Conference: Multinational Force In Territories Doesn't Stand A Chance

Egypt Cracks Down On Anti-U.S. Dissent, Fearing Protests

Univ. of Michigan to Host 'Zionism is Racism' Conference

Hurricane Lili Threatens Cuba, 127,000 Evacuate in Fear of Storm That Killed Eight in Caribbean

New York Attorney General Targets Executives' Profits From Public Stock Offerings

Global Crossing Chairman, Qwest Executives to Testify About Controversial Deals

At Least Nine Die in Attack as Voting Begins in Disputed Kashmir

HIV Exploding World Wide

U.S. Intelligence: Russia, China, India Facing Skyrocketing HIV Cases

HIV Prevention Groups Says Bush Administration Is Targeting Their Work --

But Log Cabin Republicans Fully Support Bush's Gay Efforts

New Jersey Senatorial Race Draws Headlines

Senator Torricelli (D-NJ) Drops Out of November Election: May tilt control of Senate To GOP

Passing 'The Torch' - NJ Senate Race Goes to Court

Torricelli: A Political Bruiser Knocks Himself Out for the Count

UPI Exclusive: Pearl Tracked Al Qaida -- He wasn't killed just for being Jewish?

Congress Weighs Lariam In Fort Bragg Deaths

Army Colonel Admits Killing Wife As They Fought Over His Using Internet To Find Pornography

Gun Rights Activists See 2002 Election As Critical

Gun Control Strategy: Terrorism, Children and 'Scary Looking' Guns

Senate Dems Accused of 'Blocking' Child Protection Bills

Both Sides of Abortion Divide Rallying Troops For Minnestoa Governor's Race

Sheriff's Department Fooled By Spoof Al Qaeda Article In "The Onion"

High School Graduation Test Results Released: Over 50% of California Students Failed The Test -- And California Is Trying To Shut Down Home Schooling?

Schools' Gender-Gap Concern Now Is Boys

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