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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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October 31, 2002 -- Halloween -- Samhain -- Most Sacred Night In The Satanic Calendar

Preparing For War

Pentagon: Combat Class Offered to Journalists

US To Move Stealth Bombers Closer To Iraq

As USS Constellation Crew Prepares for Departure, Some Say War With Iraq Is Personal

Pentagon Boosts Gulf Force: Aircraft Carrier Groups Head For Region

Is U.S. Planning To Concentrate Naval Forces In Persian Gulf? Standard tactic is to disperse forces during warfare, not concentrate them

US To Set Up Command Post At Qatar Air Base

Report On Urban Warfare Points To US Plans To Destroy Iraqi Cities -- 2,500-Year-Old Prophecy To Be Fulfilled?

Powell Stern With U.N. on Iraq -- U.N. expected to approve U.S. resolution on Iraq

U.S.: New U.N. Draft Will Give Inspectors More Clout

Defence Minister Says Iran Should Prepare For War

Iraq Inspection Deal 'Getting Closer'

Iran Blames Iraq For Border Fires

Key U.S. Bases Vulnerable To Terror Attack: Pentagon studies impact of terror attacks on troop deployment

Terrorism: Al Qaeda’s New Threats: A breakthrough arrest, and what the terrorists might do next

Downtown Oklahoma City To Research Contaminant Dispersion

UK Gives 400 Tanks To Jordan

How Far Is Too Far on Halloween? Love of Death continues to run rampant in pagan America

Errors Plagued US Missile Computer Inventory Program

Who's Guarding U.S. Nuke Secrets? Company with access to Russian Nuclear Labs Run By Swiss CEO

Jam Master Jay, Founding Member of Pioneering Hip-Hop Group Run DMC, Shot Dead at Studio

North Korean Nuke Disclosure Called 'Last Nail In Coffin' Of Arms Control

Wellstone Memorial Turns Political

Wellstone Campaign Chairman Apologizes For Service's Partisan Tone

Mondale Calculated Gambit Shows Dems' Audacity And Emptiness At The Core

Was Wellstone Assassinated?

Minn. GOP Chair Wants Equal Time After Wellstone Memorial

Many Minnesota Radio Listeners Offended By Wellstone Memorial

Taxpayers On Hook For Wellstone Rally: Questions raised about cost to military of taking millionaire lawmakers to memorial

Ventura May Tap Independent to Wellstone's Seat; Mondale Officially in for Dems

Canadians Warned About Visiting US Because of New Border Regulations and Inspections

'No Leads' In US Diplomat Killing

Babies Store Memories At Age 2

Why, Oh Why? Finding answers to the toughest of children's questions

British Copycat Sniper On The Prowl; 6 Injured

Deaths From Heart Failure Decline: Study casts doubt on past claims

Murderous Spree Watch

Gunman Kills Two Professors, Himself, And One Other At U. of Arizona Nursing School -- Date: 10/28/02

Two Dead In Oklahoma Shooting Spree -- Date: 10/26/02

Arizona Students Say Killer Was 'Angry' And Mean -- Gulf War Veteran

Teen Shot At Jersey City Lincoln High School-- Date 10/29/02

Man Slain After Shooting Deputy At Montgomery Courts Building In Dayton Ohio -- October 31, 2002

Israel In Crisis

Israel Swings To Right As Coalition Falls

National Unity Government Collapses; Sharon To Begin Building Narrow Coalition

Political, Not Diplomatic, Earthquake

Labor Ministers Walk Out As Last-Minute Compromise Unravels

Analysis: Political Turmoil In Israel

Party Politics Trumps National Unity

The Early Elections Option: May conflict with U.S. Iraq War

Hermesh Teenage Terror Victims Buried -- Aksa Martyrs Brigades claims responsibility for Hermesh murders

Sniper News

Muhammad's Other Road To Jihad: Analyst suspects he had coaching in his radicalization

Spiritual Significance of This Shooting Spree

New Twists In Connecting Sniper Suspect To Rifle: Sniper's Rifle Is Missing!

Arizona Killer Sent 22-Page Suicide Note Entitled, "Greetings From The Dead"

Another Gulf War Vet Opens Fire

Military Training Links String Of Serial Killers

Kentucky Hero Called Truckers' Prayer Meeting To Catch Snipers

Curious Coincidences of "Montgomery"

Man Slain After Shooting Deputy At Montgomery Courts Building In Dayton Ohio -- October 31, 2002

Beltway Sniper Kills Most Victims In Montgomery County, Maryland

Sniper Suspects May Be Linked To Murders In Montgomery, Alabama

Debate On Nanotechnology

Definition of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Research Must Be Supported

Nanotechnology Designed To "Improve" Human Performance: NORE: Requires Acrobat program to view

States Supporting Nanotechnology Research

Nanotech May Aid Environment As It Alters Many Industries

Death In The News

Assisted Suicide Supporters Attack Ashcroft, Promote Democratic Senate

Pro-Abortion Group Enlists Daschle in 'Urgent' Fundraising

'Day of the Dead' Public School Event Outlives Lawsuit: Judge rules classrom observance of 'ritual' poses no 'irreparable harm'

Islamic Militant Sudan Prepares Major Assault On Opposition: Deployment of secret weapon key to Islamic regime's plans

Extreme Environmentalist News

Tree Farms Won't Halt Climate Change: Suggests Kyoto Accords Based On False Science

Eco-Friendly Grave Sites Now The Rage: Earth-friendly burials amid the earth, trees and sea

Bali Bomb Suspects Sketches Revealed

Was A Micro-Nuke Warhead Used In Bali Blast?

School District Discovers That School Bus Driver Is Sex Offender

NASA Commissions Book To Prove Moon Landing Really Happened

Boston Archdiocese Reinstates Monsignor Foster To Active Priesthood After 2d Probe

Vatican, Bishops Agree On New Rules: Policy will protect priests and children, say officials

Terrorist Training, American Style -- "School of the Americas"



October 30, 2002

Crisis In Israel

Israeli Coalition Faces Collapse In Settlement Row

Unity Government Totters Ahead Of Budget Vote

Palestinian Gunman Kills Two Teenaged Girls, Woman In Hermesh

A New PA Cabinet? You Must Be Joking!

IDF, Shin Bet UnderCover Police Kill Hamas Terrorist Commander

Professor Warns Of Islamic Fundamentalism and Demographics In Israel's Arabs
-- This is one of major reasons Israel will annihilate the Palestinians in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18

This Annihilation Plan Is The Driving Force Behind The Security Fences -- Jewish professor can see what is happening

Ark of Covenant Reported To Be In Ethiopia

Blood Donors To Have Option Of Giving From Their Hotel Room

Protesters Return After IDF Dismantles Gilad Farm

Troops Sent To Evacuate Gilad Farm Told They Were After Terrorists

After Sixth Rocket Attack, Sderot Demands Ambulances And Modern Fire Engines

Russia Gas Fiasco Update

Gas Russia Used in Hostage Siege Was Fentanyl, U.S. Officials Say

German Doctor: Moscow Hostage Samples Show Traces of Anesthetic Gas Halothane

Dial 'H' for Hostage To Get The Truth Out: "Your TV is lying to you", Russian captor said

American Killed in Moscow Theater Siege Was Visiting Mail-Order Bride

Mass Arrests Follow Moscow Siege

Danish Police Detain Chechen Envoy

Global Terrorism

U.S. Military Building Database Of Terror Suspects' Fingerprints, Faces, Voices

3/4 In U.S. Want Less Arab Immigration: Despite recent poll, government continues program 'importing Islam'

Holiday Operators Defy Thailand Terror Alert

Feds Pushing Toxic Anthrax Drug? -- Military Vexed by Vaccine Scare

Republican Party Turns To Halloween Cartoon To Deliver Message

'Girls Club' Makes Swift Exit, Dimming Creator's Golden Aura

Texas Teacher Unexpectedly Gives Birth in Class -- Baby was early

Powerful Collider Is Goal Of Physicists Worldwide

Hawaii, A Democratic Bastion, May Tilt GOP: GOP gubernatorial candidate Linda Lingle is capitalizing on tarnished image of the Democrats.

Atheist Scout Fights Decision To Boot Him

Man Allegedly Beats Brother To Death Over Flirting

Ushering in the One-World Religion

Iraq Preparations

New Command Post in Persian Gulf Would Boost Communication Links for Iraq War

Egypt's Mubarak to Bush: Don't attack Iraq

The U.N. Dawdles While Saddam's "Threat" Grows Daily

North Korea-Islamic Alliance Brought World To Brink Of War In 1992 - Now on verge of deploying weapons that would change the balance of power in Middle East

Powell: N. Korea Must Halt Nukes

Islamic Hackers Step Up Attacks

FBI Doubles Presence In The Middle East

Pentagon: No More GI Guinea Pigs

Technology Racing To Aid Kingdom of Antichrist

Your Brain May Soon Be Used Against You: Orwellian Thought Police

Implantable Chip, On Sale Now

They Want Their ID Chips Now

Biochip The Key To "Mark of the Beast" -- Biochip: Get Cracking on this Growth Agent

Strange Memorial Service For Wellstone

Wellstone Farewell Becomes Strongly Political

Republicans Decry Service As Partisan, A Sham, As Crowd Boos Republicans Attending

Democrats Hope For A 'Wellstone Factor'

Legal Battles Brewing Over Minn. Senate Seat

Wellstone Colleagues Join Thousands for Minnesota Memorial

Minnesota Poll: Mondale leads Coleman 47% to 39%

East Coast Sniper Suspects Linked To Tacoma Murder, Shooting At Synagogue

New Charges Add to Sniper Questions -- States hopping mad at Federal Take-over of Sniper Case

Western Society Turning Toward Satanism

Adults Go All Out for Halloween Fright Fest: "They who hate Me love and court Death" [Proverbs 8:36]

Witchcraft: Arts and Sciences In Witchcraft School

Home Parties Bring Together Clairvoyants, Anxious Americans

'Day of the Dead' Public School Event Still Alive District may face lawsuit over planned 4th-grade celebration

Midriff Mutiny -- Teens Fight For Modest Duds: Can't find clothes that do not reveal body parts

Elderly Playboy Offers Riches To Final Bedmate

Arizona Gunman Sends 22-Page Letter to Newspaper in Effort to Explain University Shooting

Earthquake Causes Panic As Italy's Mount Etna Spews More Lava

More Than 200 Illegal Haitian Migrants Run Ashore in Miami After Their Makeshift Boat Ran Aground

Woman Claims West Nile From Sex

Feds Rule Out Sabotage In N.Y. crash of American Airlines Flight 587 On November 12, 2001

Libya Sets Conditions for Paying Pan Am 103 Victims


October 29, 2002

Murderous Spree Watch

Gunman Kills Two Professors, Himself, And One Other At U. of Arizona Nursing School -- Date: 10/28/02

Two Dead In Oklahoma Shooting Spree -- Date: 10/26/02

Arizona Students Say Killer Was 'Angry' And Mean -- Gulf War Veteran

Arizona Gunman Identified As Robert Flores

Beltway Sniper News

Update: "Duck In A Noose" Code Language In Mind Control

Sniper Suspects Charged With Murder in Virginia; Linked to Wash. Shootings -- Muhammed Was Gulf War Veteran

Muslim Ties Are No Surprise

Teen May Have Shot FBI Analyst

Suspects Linked to Washington Shootings

Experts: Terrorists will assess shootings: Impact of killings could be used as 'market research' for future attacks -- We predicted future shooting attacks in our cities in above Mind Control article

Muhammad: Homeless ... With Cash

"Revived Roman Empire" Forms

Unveiled: the blueprint for United States of Europe

Plan For EU Constitution That Would Create President and Dual-Citizenship of Europe

Biblical and Prophetic Implications Are Staggering! World has been reorganized into 10 Super Nations under our unsuspecting noses

Minnesota Senate Race Update

Mondale, 74, Set To Be A Youth In Old Boys' Senate

Mondale Has Slim Lead Over Coleman In Polls

Mondale Leading Proponent of Global Gun Control: Wellstone opposed Gun Control

Mondale: Gun Control, Extreme Environmentalism His Trademarks

Israel and the Middle East

Americans Urged Caution in Jordan -- Terrorism Not Ruled Out

Iraq Under Suspicion For Diplomat Murder In Jordan

IDF Soldiers Kill Hamas Ringleader In Northern West Bank

Palestinians Sentence Human Rights Worker To Death For Suspected Collaboration With Israel

Jordanian Engineers Say Temple Mount Wall In Need of Reinforcement -- Jerusalem To Become "Cup of Trembling": Is this the trigger?

Understanding The Ancient Tabernacle In Order To Understand The Prophetic Times In Which We Live

Sharon: Russia Has Halted Sale of SA-18 Missile To Syria

Russian Conduct In Chechnya Versus Israel's Battle Against Terrorism: Why the double standard?

Jordan's Jitters Over Diplomat's Murder

'Anti-war' groups supporters of terrorism? Rhetoric at D.C. protest doesn't match organizations' track records

How Green Exaggerations -- Lies -- Could Trigger Needless Global Tragedy

Example of Lies: Northern European Cod Collapse Predicted

Hostility in Canada's West Threatens Kyoto Climate Policy

New York Times Endorses Republican Governor Pataki

Bush to Sign Voting Changes Bill

States Ponder Collecting Sales Taxes On Net

Sites Protest Strict New Net Law: First step in bid to tax Web commerce?

Harry Potter's Sorcerer Lived Here! He Really Did

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism

Martha Steward In Prison Pinstripes? Real Halloween Shocker

Witches (the Real Ones) Come Out For Halloween

Illuminist CFR Report: U.S. In 'Grave Danger'

U.S. - U.N. Row Over Iraq

Bush Says Saddam Makes United Nations 'Look Foolish'

Iraq says Bush abusing UN As We Seek "Colonialism"

Weapons Inspectors Support U.S. Tough Language for Iraq Resolution

Walter Cronkite Warns: Iraq Attack Will Cause World War III -- But, Causing World War III Is The Plan To Produce Antichrist!

World War III Is The Final "Birth Sorrows" That Will Produce Antichrist -- And It Will Exactly Fulfill Matthew 24

Collection of Articles On The Planned World War III

Wolfowitz: Clinton Let Saddam Off Lightly -- Wolfowitz threatened to annihilate nations

Sharon: Israel Will Respond If Attacked By Iraq

U.S. Said To Be Developing New Generation Of Biological and Chemical Weapons That Violate International Treaties

Federally Funded AIDS Event Had Nude Porn Star Strip Naked and Encourage Audience To Touch Him Sexually

Disaster In Moscow

German Survivors Provide Clue To Deadly Theatre Gas

Moscow Officials Dispute Death Cause -- All but two victims died by gas

Russian News Media Feel Kremlin's Clamp On Hostage Coverage -- Harsh truth is suppressed

Putin Scoffs At Talk Of Deals With 'Terrorists'

Setback Seen for Rebel Cause: Theater Takeover Is Predicted to Prolong War in Chechnya

Secret Burials For Chechen Siege Gang

Israeli Hostage From Moscow Theater Tells Her Story

Chechens Feel The Heat As Racial Backlash Begins

Israeli Breakthrough In Schizophrenia Research

Israelis At Center Of Major Astronomical Discovery

Jews and Protestants Win Vast Majority of Nobel Peace Prizes

State Relents In 'Morning After' Pill Case: Agency lifts requirement that nurse dispense pregnancy-ending drug

George F. Will: What does abortion kill? In our "Abortion Culture", nonsense and inconsistency is constantly pouring forth

UFO's And Antichrist

News Photographer Catches UFO On Tape: TV Station Sends Video To FBI

Globalism, Iron Mountain, and UFO's Video

UFO Phenomenon Is Declared Part of New World Order Plan To Produce Antichrist

Antichrist And A Cup of Tea: Can identity of Antichrist be revealed ahead of time? While identity must be revealed to the unsaved, the redeemed can know by "calculating" his number

Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?

Al Qaeda an Effective Fund-Raiser Around The World, CIA Says

DaimlerChrysler Investigated In Disappearance of Troublesome Union Leaders In Argentina

Public Schools Are A Disaster!

Teacher Claims First Amendment Rights In Saying Most Poorly Behaved Students Are African Americans

'Day of the Dead' Event Still Alive District may face lawsuit over planned 4th-grade celebration

Brave New Schools Tells You Why You Should Pull Your Precious Children From Public Schools

Muslim Polygamist Crack Down?

Norway's Statoil Signs Iran Gas Deal

Repatriation Boosts Saudi Banks


October 28, 2002

Breaking News

Gunman Kills Two Professors, Himself, And One Other At U. of Arizona Nursing School

More Terror In Israel

Homicide Bomber Kills Three at Jewish Settlement in West Bank

Terrorist Shot Dead On Way To Carry Out Attack

Nation Buries Three Soldiers Killed In Ariel Suicide Bombing -- Terror returns to Ariel

Ben-Eliezer's Bridge Burning May Crown The Right

Israel To Seek US Loan Guarantees To Prop Up Economy Hurt By War With Palestinians

10 Haredim Arrested For Stoning Police In Beit Shemesh

IDF Nabs Suicide Bomber As Troops Enter Jenin

Budget Fight Shakes Israel's Coalition

Israel, Islam & Armageddon Video

Global Terrorism

Al Qaeda Nukes Are Reality, Intelligence Says

Iraq, Arafat, bin Laden Coalition Formed? Terrorism expert reports joint offensive against West planned

Computer Simulatior Application: Get Ready for Biowarfare

Transcript: Sen. John McCain As He Discusses Homeland Security And Fight On Terror

US Diplomat Shot And Killed In Jordan

Globalism, Iron Mountain, and UFO's Video

Pacific Rim Leaders Vow To Fight Terror -- China's Jiang Speaks to Pacific Rim Investors

Malaysia Agrees On Having Anti-Terror Training Centre

Morocco To Try al-Qaeda Suspects

Violence Erupts As Cops Seize Indonesian Terror Suspect

Terror Group Targeted North Australia: Report

There's Big Money in Fear -- Big political gains as well

Iraq Attack

France May Offer Rival Resolution On Iraq At U.N.

US Seeks Iraq Decision 'In Days'

Dear Saddam, How Can I Help? Emails give Saddam advice on how to defeat the USA

If War Erupts, How High Can Oil Prices Go?

Bosnia Warned Over Arms To Iraq

The Ultimate Reality TV: Fox News Proposes Covering Iraq Weapons Inspections

Senator Lieberman Urges Limiting UN Focus to Iraq Inspections

Military Casualty Clause Comes Under Fire

George F. Will: What does abortion kill? In our "Abortion Culture", nonsense and inconsistency is constantly pouring forth

Hillary: Bush 'Selected', Not 'Elected': Her revelation that the Illuminati chose Bush is welcome! Of course, they 'selected' Bill Clinton, too

Democrats' Election Flop Threatens Clintons

Nader Is Supporting Some Democrats

Homosexual "Parents" Adopt Quadruplets, Receives Catholic Blessing

Sneaky E-Card Installs Porn ‘Worm’

Staged News In The News

New York Times Photographer Staged News Picture

CBS News Caught Creating News Coverage of Iraqi Bombing -- Implications To Us

Russia's Humanitarian and Public Relations Fiasco

Russian Special Forces Killed 115 Hostages With Gas As They Attacked The Muslim Rebels! Rebels killed only 2

Russians Won't Identify Poison -- Nor do they provide the antidote

Russians Dig In As Theatre Rescue Gas Is Branded Lethal

Concerns Arise Over Type Of Gas Used by Moscow

Gas May Have Been Refined Cold War Weapon

For Putin, a Little War That Won't End: Conflict That Vaulted Russian to Presidency Becomes His Most Serious Test

Couple Clutched Electronic Lifeline: Hostage's Messages Convey Love, Fear

A Child's Panic Then The Deadly Gas Began To Seep In

Putin Giving Military Broader Power To Deal With Terrorists

Brazil Turns Dramatically Leftward

From Shoeshine Boy To President -- Brazil Elects Marxist As President

Brazilian Jews Wary Of Likely Winner In Sunday's Election

Brazil Elects To Change With A Man Of The People: This is the mantle worn by all Leftists and Socialists before their policies begin to fail

Mount Etna Erupts Again

At Least 22 Die As Gales Lash Europe

Beltway Sniper Case Unfolds

Virginia To File Charges, Jurisdiction to Prosecute Sniper Case Must Promise Toughest Penalty

Senate race gun ad gets news boost: A Lautenberg gun-control commercial has been running during extensive news coverage of the sniper attacks. It taps a defining issue for New Jersey voters.

Cutting Edge Predicted Gun Control As Issue In Sniper Case The Day After The Shootings Began

Was Muhammad Planning To Kill His Own Family?

Teen Sniper Suspect Possible Shooter In Shot #12

John Allen Muhammad May Have Had Ties To Human Smuggling

Halloween and Potter

'Day of the Dead' Event Still Alive District may face lawsuit over planned 4th-grade celebration

Pagan Traditions of All Our Holidays

Trick or Treat: Halloween's History

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism

Mondale to Replace Wellstone as Senate Candidate

Mondale Leading Proponent of Global Gun Control: Wellstone opposed Gun Control

Mondale: Gun Control, Extreme Environmentalism His Trademarks

Burial Box Buzz

Is This Jesus' Brother?

Which Jesus? Discovery does not perpetuate Liberal belief that Jesus was not resurrected

"My Mother's Children": How the recent discovery of the burial box of James, brother of Jesus, will not shake Catholicism's teaching that Mary was a Perpetual Virgin

Tour Jesus' Hometown and All Israel From The Comfort of Your Home

Surveillance Eye on America, Indeed

Mark of the Beast

Implantable Chip, On Sale Now

ID Chip's Controversial Approval


October 27, 2002

Beltway Sniper

SNIPER ESCAPE BID: FBI agents grab him as he flees

Police Spotted Suspects' Car 10 Times During Sniper Spree

Farrakhan: Sniper Suspect Was Member of His Nation of Islam

INS Decision To Free Malvo Defended

Third Man Arrested

Muslims See Case Creating A Backlash

Sniper Letter Linked to Movement That Believes The Black Man Is God

Iraq Attack

White House Says It Can Build Anti-Iraq Coalition Without U.N.

US Seeks Iraq Decision By U.N. 'In Days'

Demonstrators Worldwide Protest Iraq War Plans

Defense Department Hunts for Iraq-Al Qaeda Ties

Actress Susan Sarandon Leads Protest Against "War For Oil"

Saudi Arabia Tells Iraq to Cooperate

Terror Fight Helps Bush Approval Ratings

U.S., Allies Demand North Korea End Nuclear Weapons Program

Bali Victims' ID Process Slow Moving

Was A Micro-Nuke Warhead Used In Bali Blast?

United Nations Blacklists The Radical Islamic Group Suspected Of Orchestrating The Bali Bombings

Remains of F-16 Pilot Found

Two Dead In Oklahoma Shooting Spree

Stop Global Warming or NY Submerges--Greenpeace

Jeb Bush Has Kept His Promises, Deserves Another Four Years, Says Home Town Floridian Town Newspaper of Opponent

Bush Vows to Face 'Reality' of Mexican Migration

Mexican ID Gets San Antonio's OK

A Jury of Winona's Peers. Really.

Rich And Famous Lose Beach Battle: Public Gains Beach Access

U.S. Issues Hand-Washing Guidelines For Doctors and Nurses

Eye Injuries Prompt Lens Crackdown On Non-Prescription Contact Lenses So Popular With Youth Today

Muslim Terror In Israel

Suicide Bomber Kills 2, Wounds 30

IDF Nabs Suicide Bomber As Troops Enter Jenin

Shas Spiritual Leader Meets With Settlers, Calls On Them Not To Attack Soldiers

Fatah's Aksa Brigades Kills Woman In Cold Blood Accused Of Collaboration

Goldwyn Films Draws Anti-Semitic Fire For New Movie

Israel To Seek US Loan Guarantees To Prop Up Economy Hurt Badly By Terror Struggle Against Palestinians

Hamas: Arafat Has Agreed To Help Israel Kill Top Hamas Leader

Algeria Gunmen 'Kill 21 Family Members', Including 3-Month-Old Baby

Muslim Terror In Russia

Moscow Counts Dead, Steels for More After Hostage Crisis Ends

Moscow on the Hudson -- From Kali To Bali, And Now Moscow

Most Hostages Saved, But Chechnya Still Bogs Down Putin

Islam Justifies Killing Prisoners -- Text of Defense of Innocent Killing Translated

Russians Probe al-Qa'eda Link As Moscow Siege Ends With 150 Dead

Inside Moscow Theater, High Drama, High Death Toll

U.S. Administration Condemns Moscow Theater 'Terrorists'

Moscow Hostage Relatives Await News

Cell Phones Were Rebels’ Downfall: Russians gather key information through hostages

Libya Cuts Links With World In Dispute With Italy

New Peacekeepers For Ivory Coast

Landmark Aid Deal For Sudan

Japan to Demand Payment From North Korea

Relatives To Visit Senator Wellstone Crash Site As NTSB Begins Investigation

Mondale Associates Say He Is Likely to Agree to Pursue Senate Seat

A Dozen Animal Activists Indicted For Stalking Executive, Threatening To Burn His Home

Florida Principal Pleads Guilty To Stealing More Than $30,000

Finger-Scanning Technology Monitors School Employees

1st Killer Freed Under Battered-Woman Law: New trial for wife who shot husband in '84


October 26, 2002

Sniper To Get Death Penalty

October 2 - 22 Killing Spree, 13 Shots

Arrest Occurred at 3:30 am

Police Chief's Message Reveals Mind Control At Work!

The Leak That Sank the Suspects: "Information about the license plate 'was coming from enough different sources that you had to wonder if somebody didn't want that out'."

Muhammad: "I know where I'm at. I know why I'm here."

Sniper Suspect Faces Death Penalty: Twice let car go without searching it

17-Year-Old Malvo To Be Tried As Adult -- Picture

Sniper Suspects to Face 6 Counts of Murder

Shooting Attacks Don't Impact Gun Attitudes: Instead, according to poll, public's confidence in police slips

Lee Boyd Malvo: Mother Tried To Break Son From Grip Of Influential Mentor

How the Cops Cracked the Case: Disinformation campaign begins

Bad Theater Script: Mohammed bought car from "Sure Shot Auto Sales"!

So What About the White Van? Good question. Bogus from start

Suspect's Muslim Ties Still Unclear: Nation of Islam fending off inquiries as it prepares response

Ashland Victim Remains Critical

Rifle Obtained Illegally

Sniper 'Blamed' For Marijuana Shortage

"Mark of the Beast" Moves Closer

Implantable Chip, On Sale Now

A Look At Applied Digital Solution, The Company In The Forefront of Implantable Chip Technology

'Cyborg' Scientist Warwick Plans To Implant Silicon Chip In His Brain

Celebrity Trials: Juicy Distraction In Serious Times As Winona Ryder Faces Three Felony Charges In Shoplifting Case


IDF Redeploys Troops In Hebron

Global Air Pollution Converges Over Mediterranean Region

Increased Reserve Duty Bill Passes First Reading

Education Ministry: 40% of schools without adequate bomb shelters

Israel Denies US Has Restrained It From Retaliating For Bus Bombing

Bus Victim Was Enroute To Sister's Wedding

Palestinians Must Return To 'Resistance Option'

U.S. May Ask Court to Dismiss a $1 Trillion Suit Linking Saudis to Al Qaeda and 9/11

U.S. Stops Arming Afghan Warlords

Indictment Charges Four Men With Using Phony Churches As Front For Scam

Jury Convicts In Conspiracy To Kill Unborn Baby

Jury Deliberates For Second Day In Rhode Island Lead Paint Case

New York Tells Microsoft/s Butterflies to Fly Away

Students Say Indiana Dorm Was Site For Porn Film Shoot

Google Banning "Controversial" Website, Including "Jesus_Is_Lord" For Its Anti-Abortion Stance


Moscow Drama Unfolds

Russian Forces Storm Siege Theatre

Chechens: Islam Justifies Killing Prisoners -- Text of Defense of Innocent Killing Translated

Woman Killed Trying To Help Free Hostages

In Pictures: Moscow Theatre Siege Ends

Moscow: Special Forces Control Theater: Israeli among hostages freed

Russians Storm Theater; Kill Chechen Rebel Leader

Iraq U.N. "Debate" Continues

Russia, France, U.S. All Circulating Iraq Resolution Drafts

Bush Seeks Chinese Support For Iraq

US Presses For Tough Iraq Text

Analysis: UN Decision Time Nears

Illuminati Openly Recruiting: Calls Christianity A Cancer!


Chinese State Visit

Chinese VP's Visit Comes at Low Point in Relations With U.S.

Chinese VP Agrees to Military Exchanges, Trade Cooperation; Warns on Taiwan

Chinese, U.S. Economic Officials Meet

North Korea Fiasco

Bush, Jiang to Talk North Korea

North Korea Strikes It Rich: The State Department's response to nuclear betrayal? Free oil!

Islamic Murderers On The Rampage

Islamic Algeria Gunmen 'Kill 21 Family Members' Including 3-Month-Old Baby

Behind The Veil: True Look At Islam

Chechens: Islam Justifies Killing Prisoners -- Text of Defense of Innocent Killing Translated

Bin Laden's 'Will' Complains of Betrayal -Magazine

Thai Drug Hitting Calif. Club Scene Replacing Ecstasy-- Sweet, colorful, and deadly

Hurricane Kenna Slams Into Mexico

Two F-16 Jets Collide Over Utah

Testimony Ends in Barrel Bodies Case

Techs Lead Surprise Rally; Stocks Climb for Third Week

Pro Forma Earnings Backlash Coming?

'The Flight From Public Schools'

"Brave New Schools" Tells It All

Proposal Restricts Coffee Types

Harry Potter's Dumbledore Dies

Richard Harris' Death Raises Questions For Harry Potter Franchise

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism

Harry Potter and the Bible

Pokemon and Harry Potter: A Fatal Attraction

Strip Search Alleged, Woman Sues Utah McDonald's

Human Smugglers Get Jail Terms In Britain

Stormin' Norman Fights For Genetically Modified Foods To Feed The Starving Of This World


October 25, 2002

Beltway Sniper News!

Police Chief's Message Reveals Mind Control At Work!

TV Profilers Missed Their Mark -- Cutting Edge was right all along the line!

Angry Telephone Call Provided One Crucial Clue

Federal Court Is Sniper Suspect's First Stop as Prosecutors Consider Charges

'Cable Networks Have Reached A New Low'

Two Arrested With Gun, Sniper Scope, Other Evidence In Car

Possible Link to Alabama Shooting

'Thank God, It's Over'

Suspect Was An Army Marksman

The Leak That Sank the Suspects: "Information about the license plate 'was coming from enough different sources that you had to wonder if somebody didn't want that out'."

Cops 'Wasted Time' Hunting White Guy

Who Let Lee Malvo Loose?

We Have A Ballistics Match!: Rifle found in car used in 11 of 13 shootings

Surprise! A Muslim Is Arrested


Qatar Exercise On Schedule: Sources say reports of downsizing of military maneuvers wrong

UN To Tackle Iraq Text Today

Deadlock At The United Nations

Russia: Quick Vote on U.S. Resolution Would Be 'Counterproductive'

Analysis: UN Decision Time Nears

US Using Predator Armed Drones Over Southern Iraq: Military

Iran Accepts UN Action On Iraq

Scud Igniter Said Found On Iraq-Bound Ship

Jeb Bush Is The Democrats' Top Target

Bingo Game Spurs Probe Of Doyle's Campaign: Republicans say event was used to snare votes

Expert: U.S. Law Owes Little To Bible

British Students To Test Condoms For Manufacturers

Stocks Fall Amid Mixed Earnings

Amazon Posts Narrower Loss on Sharply Higher Revenues

FBI: Terrorist Threat Names Sacramento

Criminal Offense Islam-ophobia: Should Insults Put You In Jail


Israeli Tanks Enter Jenin

Hizbullah's IDF Spy Remanded In Military Court -- Shock, anger in suspected spies' village

Religious Leaders Push Mid-East Peace: "Put faith in our faiths"

Palestinian Intelligence Officer Arrested With IDF Uniforms

US Envoy Urges Palestinian Reforms

Israel Holds Off On Military Strikes

Egyptian TV To Air 'Protocols' Show Despite Promise To Shelve It

Internal Terror Warnings

Wolfowitz Orders U.S. Military Installations To Be Ready By Mid-December To Protect Against Terror Attacks On Our Soil

Terror Fight Helps Bush Approval Ratings

FBI Warns of Possible Terror Attack Against Transportation Systems, Especially Railroads

Amtrak Boosts Security on Warning

U.S. May Limit Law Suits Over Smallpox

Train Trouble: Thousands Of Unsearched Train Cars Rnter U.S. Daily

Report: Next Attack Could Top 9/11

Experts Divided On Nuclear Power Plants As A Terror Target

ACLU, Other Groups Sue Government For Records About Implementing Post-Sept. 11 Surveillance

Chechen Gunmen Release Eight Children

North Korea Seeks Compromise With U.S.

Labor Unions Biggest Political Spenders

Two O'Hare Airport Screeners Fired

Michael Jordan Lawsuit Accuses Woman Of Extortion

Thousands Evacuated As Category 5 Hurricane Kenna Roars Toward Mexican Coast

Man Arrested After Jumping White House Fence

Kodak Plans New Job Cuts Despite Profit

Kodak Fires Man Over 'Gay' Stance: 23-year veteran of global film giant objected to pro-homosexual memo



October 24, 2002

Breaking News!

Bush Told Police Believe Sniper Caught

Lives of Men in Sniper Case Studied -- 13 Attacks Total

Gun, A Scope And A Tripod In The Car

Administration Considers $10 Billion to Russia: Incentive for Russian help to get Iraqi U.N. resolution passed?

Beltway Sniper News

New Age Holistic Adviser Saw Broken Cross In Pattern Just 2 Days After Shots Were Fired: Cutting Edge Analysis is confirmed

Two People in Custody in Maryland After Authorities Issue Arrest Warrant in Sniper Case

Muslim Arrested In Beltway Case: Nationwide manhunt for John Muhammad, stepson leads to Maryland

Breaking Out Of the Propaganda Box: Learning to think in the opposite direction in order to find the truth

Potential Evidence Mounting in Case

Fort Lewis Home to Sniper Training

Maryland Mulls Using Guard On Nov. 5

Possible Link to Alabama Shooting Probed

Song After Sniper News Offends Fans: `Another One Bites the Dust' was already scheduled

Threat To Children Has Beltway Parents In Cautious Mode

Chechens Strike In Moscow

Gunmen Take Theater Audience Hostage in Moscow

Chechens Release More Hostages

Electronic Voting Worries Add to Booth Tensions

Guns, Ammo Found at Blake's Home

Economic News

Techs Fuel Late Market Turnaround

AOL-TW Restates Two Years of Results -- Admits $190 million was stated incorrectly

Raytheon Turns $147 Million Profit, But Pension Woes Cloud 2003 Outlook

Anheuser-Busch Brews Up Q3 Profit

Calif. Supreme Court Upholds $290M Award in Ford Rollover Case

Bush Combines Diplomatic Summits With Political Activities

Mrs. Bush Helps Raise Funds For Talent As Carnahan Appeals To Elderly Voters In St. Louis

Kodak Fires Man Over 'Gay' Stance: 23-year veteran of global film giant objected to pro-homosexual memo

Parents: Know Your Child-Care Provider In Order To Prevent Abuse

Ariz. Court Rules on Abortion Issue: Poor women have a constitutional right to public funding for "medically necessary" abortions

Four Years Later, Gov. Bush's DCF Vows Remain Unfulfilled

Chevy Has Faith In Tour, But Christianity-Themed Concerts Spark Controversy

Iraq Attack Delayed?

U.S. Delays War Plans, Downsizes Qatar Exercise

Bargaining For US Aid Begins As Possible Iraq War Nears

Saddam Recalls Children of Envoys In Bid To Prevent Defections

U.S. Circulates New Working Draft on Iraq To Take To U.N.

Some Left Military Over Anthrax Vaccination As Adverse Reactions Are Occurring At Double Rate

Libertarians Fear War Against Iraq Will Lead to Military Draft

Terror News At Home

Bill Aims to Revoke Citizenship for Turncoats: Such action would legally remove accused from citizenship protection

From Chechnya To Sept. 11 Strike

Sneaking Into America: Sloppy State Dept. Paper Work Let Sept. 11 Hijackers Into the U.S.

US Bans Foreign Planes Without Security

Red Cross Failing Blood Test


Senior IDF Officer Charged With Spying For Hizbullah

Burns To Hear Sharon Criticism of US Peace 'Road Map' -- A road map meant only to impress

Last Suicide - Homicide Bombing Victims Identified -- Saying good-bye to a warm friend, good student

Ben-Eliezer: Government Doing All It Can Do to Build Fence

A Virtual Tour of Israel, With A Bible Scholar As Your Guide

Increased Reserve Duty Bill Passes First Reading

Cardinal Law Tells Priests' Meeting He Considered Resigning

Redefining The 'Bad Catholic'

Boston Priests Removed From Duty

Federal Agents Meet Aeroflot Plane At JFK After Radioactivity Scare

Strong Quake Rattles Alaska -- 6.7

Voter Fraud In This Election?

Wisconsin Probes Governor Vote-Buying Charges

Arrests Made In Oklahoma Voter Fraud Case

South Dakota Senate Race Could Tip Balance Of Power

FBI Voter Probe In Nevada

Wellstone 'Outraged' By Va. Group's Ad Buy In Minnesota -- $1 Million Dollar Ad Buy

Penalty For Pink Hair Has Mom Seeing Red


October 23, 2002

Breaking News

Armed Men Enter Moscow Theater, Take Audience Hostage

Beltway Sniper On The Loose

Sniper May Have Revealed A Pattern!! Law Enforcement has been notified!

Sniper: Kids 'Not Safe Anywhere' : Wilderness Within: Mount Up On Wounded Wings - Devotional book to heal that hurt within

''When Trouble Comes'' -- Daily Devotionals

Surprising Occult Symbolism Formed On The Ground By Shooting Locations: Implications are huge

Angry Sniper Complains of 'Ignored' Calls: More disinformation nonsense

Area School Lockdowns and Cancellations

Son of Sam Advises Cops To Look At New Hannibal Lecter Movie For Clues to Sniper: Still more nonsense?

Police in Desperate Parley With Beltway Sniper

Bus Driver Was Preparing for Commute

World Preparing For Iraq Attack

Diaspora Doctors Volunteer To Help Israel In Case Of War

U.S. Warning United Nations Over Iraq Delays

Russia, France Unsatisfied with U.S. Draft Resolution on Iraq

Is The Pentagon About To Play "Russian Roulette" With Our Naval Forces During Iraq Attack?

Iraqi Protest Over Missing Prisoners

Mass Weddings Mark Saddam's New Term: Couples look just like Westerners

USA Supplied Iraq with Biological Agents?

Iraq Attack May Not Begin in Winter

Iraqi Americans Split Over War: They hate Saddam, but some fear the toll would be too great.

Russian VS American New World Order?

America, Open Your Eyes! Evil Cannot Root Out Evil

What If Russian Commandos Fly To Baghdad To Protect Iraq In Order To Protect Russia's New World Order Version?

Messianic Jewish Perspective

A Jew Defends Evangelical Christians

God's Appointed Times Book: Christian Jewish Perspective

God's Appointed Times: You cannot understand prophesy completely unless you understand Old Testament "appointed times"

Canada Pot Debate Makes U.S. Uneasy

Two Beheaded In Saudi Arabia: Large public crowds watch

Get that clown off the track! Inflatable Ronald McDonald, that is

Pakistani Police Arrest Survivor Over Massacre Of Seven Christians

Woman Shot When Gun Falls In Commode

Reno Proves To Be Asset In McBride Campaign

Ex-'Little Rascals' Star Found Stabbed To Death

Poll: Girls See Little Future In Business

Computer Trash Is His Treasure

Department Of Justice touches "smart" gun control: Turning to technology to help guns recognize whose finger is on the trigger.

Employee Whose Office Let Hijackers In U.S. Gets Bonus -- This is why governments should never be trusted with more power

The End of the West: America's descendency vs Europe's Ascendency Just As Prophecy Dictates

Oldest evidence of Jesus? Incription says "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus"

Strong Earthquake With Magnitude 6.5 Hits Near Denali National Park, Jolting Much of Alaska


Terror Strikes Israel

At Least 16 Killed in Homicide Attack in Israel: Health Ministry trying to upgrade trauma facilities

Deadliest Bus Bombing In Months: Israel says new terror cells are not Arafat's, are being directed from abroad

"People Were Burned Alive Inside My Bus": Fire services blame police for slow reaction to bomb attack

Ben-Eliezer: Israel, Not US, Will Determine Response To Suicide Bombing

'The Whole Country Is A Battlefield'

Islamic Jihad Now Favors Car Bombs

Hezbollah: World's Most Successful Terrorist Organization

Arafat Must Return To 'Resistance Option', Urges Islamic Jihad Militant

Health Ministry: Public Vaccination Against Smallpox Must Start

Jewish Settlers Defy Outpost Clearance

US seeks Israel Peace Plan Response: Any "Peace Plan" is doomed according to prophecy

EU Holds Fire On 'Made In Israel' Row

Attack On Internet Called Largest Ever: Services remain largely unaffected


People Use 83% of All Earth's Land: Biggest Environmental Lie In A Long, Long While

The Human Footprint: More propaganda

Breaking Out Of the Propaganda Box: Learning to think in the opposite direction in order to find the truth

Australian Intelligence Heard Jemaah Islamiah (JI) Talking About Bali Attack Beforehand

Was A Micro-Nuke Warhead Used In Bali Blast?

Wire Service Says Reporter It Fired Invented His Sources

CBS News Caught Creating News Coverage of Iraqi Bombing -- Implications To Us

Global War On Terror

Bush to Sign Defense Spending Bills: With stroke of a pen, Bush receives funds for terror war

From Kali To Bali: How events a world apart are being used to reignite Global War on Terror

New York City Will Face Bus Bombs, MTA Security Czar Is Warning

Militant Islam's New Strongholds

U.S. to Free Some Terror Suspects

Implantable Chips OK'd!!

Implantable ID Chip's Controversial Approval

Learn About Applied Digital: See how its invention is paving way for the Mark of the Beast!

Propaganda Has Begun To Convince People To Accept The Ultimate Mark


Flight Attendant Charged With Sex With Boys

FDA Battles Unapproved Contact Lenses: Can cause blindness

U.S. Apple Growers Fight For Slice of Own Market: China now produces many of the apples used in making juice in the US, which is hurting domestic growers.

British 'Rude' Doctor Barred from Practice

Web of Deceit : Who’s sending you all those scam Nigerian e-mails?

Socialist Health Care In Oregon? Patterned after failed systems abroad

It's Only Rock and Roll, But It's Brutal

Priests Gaining Defenders: Rights of accused violated, some say

Umbilical Stem Cells Show Promise -- Alternative to killing babies for Stem Cell Research

Murder of 'Cow Killers' In India Prompts Much Soul Searching -- Shows Hindu belief that the life of a cow is more valuable than a human

Indonesia Says Ammonium Nitrate Bomb Destroyed Nightclub


October 22, 2002

Terror In Israel

At Least 16 Killed in Homicide Attack in Israel

Deadliest Bus Bombing In Months

"People Were Burned Alive Inside My Bus"

Mother Rrejoices In Son's Suicide Bombing: 'I was very happy when I heard that he killed Jews in the attack'

God Is Watching, Taking Notes Of How Arabs Treat His People, Israel: Judgments will fall accordingly

Islamic Jihad Could Not Have Acted Alone

Israelis, Palestinians Discuss Dividing Jerusalem

Ben-Eliezer's Guard Bolstered Due To Assassination Fears

Today's Anti-Semitism Worst Since World War II

IDF's Deployment On Shabbat Foments Political Storm

Peres To EU: Israel Accepts Two States For Two Peoples Solution

Iraq Attack

U.S. Refines Plan for War in Cities

PSYOPS Battalion Heading To Iraq? Source says psychological-warfare troops preparing for action

Hotels Make The Most Of US-Iraq Conflict

Bush To Try Diplomacy With Iraq Again

White House Has 'Zero Tolerance' for Saddam

Iraqis Linked To Oklahoma Atrocity: Why is government suddenly interested in tying Iraq to Murray Building bombing?

Saddam Will Order Use Of Chemical Arms If Attacked -- Pentagon has misplaced 250,000 defective suits


Yu-Gi-Oh And The Spirits Of HALLOWEEN

Pagan Traditions of Holidays

Trick or Treat: Halloween's History

Raging Spiritual Warfare

4th-Graders To 'Celebrate' The Dead: Kids to put together altar, bring in photos of deceased kin, pets

Pull Your Kids Out of Public Schools!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Bible

Pokemon and Harry Potter: A Fatal Attraction

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism

Elder Bush Praises Son During Campaign Stop: Says George W. faces greatest problems since President Lincoln

Crushed Flier Wins Obesity Payout

Blessing Same-Sex Unions To Cause Global Problems Warns Archbishop of Canterbury

Openly Gay Politicians Remain Scarce, But Once In Office Are Tough To Unseat

Universe Is 'Doomed To Collapse': Second Law of Thermodynamics Rules, Not Evolution

High Tech Military

Smart Fatigues Hear Enemy Coming

Top Secret Stealth Jet Revealed

Lost? Map's On, Not Up, Sleeve

Army Brews Potions That Protect

Update: Navy Searching For Hundreds Of Missing Computers


Breaking News

Sniper May Have Revealed A Pattern!! Law Enforcement has been notified!

Bus Driver Dies In New Shooting: Sniper returns to first location to record fatality after missing shot first time

Beltway Sniper

New Shooting - Man Shot at Bus Stop in Montgomery County, Md. Shooting very near original six shots, is within 1/4 mile of first shooting near Michael's Craft Store

CBS News Links Ashland Shooter To Beltway Sniper

Cops to Suspected Sniper: Call Us Back: Letter threatened new killings

Sniper Called, Used Voice-Disguising Device

Quotes From Authorities' Attempts to Communicate

Surprising, Unexpected Occult Symbolism

Analysis of Ashland Shooting

French Soldier Missing in N. America: France Says Marksman Missing in North America, Fueling Speculation Over Link to Sniper Killings

Sniper Attacks Could Affect Election Day

Fox Reporter Defends Appeal To 'Son of Sam' For Sniper Help

T-shirt's Message: "Virginia is for Snipers"

North Korean Nukes

Jimmy Carter's 1994 "Deal" Backfires Badly

North Korea Warns U.S. Over Nuclear Pressure

North Korea Ready to "Talk" About Nukes

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Police Search Cases: Now officers can search your car without charges or warrant

Oldest evidence of Jesus? Incription says "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus"

Economic News

Stocks Rally Despite Bad Numbers

Kmart Hoping to Emerge From Bankruptcy by July 2003

Martha Stewart Likely To Face Civil Charges From Regulators

United Airlines Announces Job Cuts as Critical Week Starts

Companies Plan for Worst in Port Dispute Once 80-Day"Cooling Off Period" Ends

Global Terrorism

Six Alleged Al Qaeda Men in Buffalo Indicted

U.S. To List Jemaah Islamiya as terror group: Indonesian Muslim Extremist Group

Writing On The Wall For Muslim 'Terror School'

FBI Can't Confirm Agent Dead In Yemen

Bioterror Info For Docs -- Electronic Network set up to deliver rapid treatment for doctors in event of attack

'Italian Stonehenge' Found On Mountain -- 3,500 feet up

Pigs Created With Human Genes: Scientists mix swine sperm with human DNA in step toward creating organ transplant pigs

Volcanic Bulge On South Sister Still Growing -- Ground deformation continuing

People Near Freeways Are Exposed To 30 Times The Concentration Of Dangerous Particles

GPS: Keeping Cons Out of Jail

How Changed Laws Changed U.S.

Nobel Peace Award: The Ignominious Appeasement Award


October 21, 2002

Breaking News

CBS News Says Sniper Still At Large

Police Arrest Man As Sniper: Grand Total: 13 shots, 9 fatalities, 3 wounded, 1 missed shot, matching the "13" Death Tarot Card

Israel Blasted Again By Civilian Bus Attack: 8-10 reportedly killed, 45 wounded


Sniper Taunting Police?

"You Left A Message, Call"

Authorities Believe Message At Scene of Virginia Shooting May Link To Sniper

A Bullet's Tale: What it can reveal to police

Frustrated Police May Hypnotize Witnesses

Surprising, Unexpected Occult Symbolism

Analysis of Ashland Shooting

Police Seeking a Telling Pattern in the Spree

Sniper May Be Moving South

Korea -- The Truth Comes Out

Powell: North Koreans 'Nullified' Deal

Evidence Clinton Knew About North Korea's Nuclear Violations

South Korea Gets No Response From North Korea on Nuclear Program

Jimmy Carter, Traitor? -- Carter, Democrats Asked Soviets to Stop Reagan, Sway U.S. Elections

Carter Security Chief: Clinton, Not Bush, To Blame for Korean Nukes

Iran Got Nuclear Know-How From North Korea

Poll: US Priests Disapprove Of Bishops' Action On Sex Abuse Scandal

Focus Shifts To Accused Priests' Rights: Vatican's revisions put spotlight on 'due process' issue

American Academy of Pediatrics Talk About Child Obesity At Pediatrics Conference

American Christians 'Not Bible-Believers' -- Just as Cutting Edge has been warning for years

The Bible as 'hate literature'? Canadians advance bill that chills speech about homosexuality

Gay & Lesbian Rights Foundation Gives 2002 Award To Hillary Clinton

As Going Gets Tough, America Goes Shopping For Gas Masks

Powerful Car Bomb Injures 8 At McD's, One Boy Later Dies

Al-Qaeda Globalizes Its Jihad

Sen. Graham Seeks to Declassify Key 9/11 Data

Arkansas Faces Vote on Food, Drug Tax

Florida's McBride Takes Campaign Tips From Clinton

Wasting Disease Now A Worry In U.S.

CWD Could Infect Humans: Wasting disease would be hard to ID, scientist warns

Dawn Of A Nightmare: Wisconsin deer herd may have "chronic wasting disease", a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Mad Cow

Bush Administration Declared National Emergency Over The "Threat" Of Mad Cow Disease Over Year Ago


Foreign Hot Spots

Joint Exercise In The Gulf Is Dress Rehearsal For War

Saddam Plays His "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card!

Jordan's Abdullah: Iraq War Not Inevitable: Part of the Dialectic or are things cooling down?

Powell: Full Iraqi Disarmament Would Be Enough -- Hussein might stay put, says Powell: Likens disarmament to regime change

US Prepares For Military Option

US Presses Home Iraq Resolution

Bin Laden Paid for Bali Bombing

Al Qaida May Have Tried To Kill Clinton -- Is this the source for the golf course warnings? Planting ideas in the minds of fruitcakes

Iran's Khatami Rejects 'Dictatorship' Claims

Egypt Islamist Trial Hears Torture Claims


Labor Threatens To Leave Gov't After Minister Calls Ben-Eliezer A Liar

Police Force Illegal Settlement To Close, Settlers Struggle: Dozens are injured

IDF Poised To Redeploy From Hebron: Going to "thin out" forces unless security situation deteriorates

Sharon Supporters Ousted In Jerusalem: Former Prime Minister Netanyahu Gains

Arafat Welcomes US Roadmap To Palestinian State -- U.S. plan includes international conference in fall of 2003

Israel Facing A "Seven Year" Void

Colleges Urged To Pull Funds From Israel: Students manipulated in pro-Palestinian campaign, critics say

Israel Falls Into Line With Bush On Palestinian Issue Prior To Iraq Attack

Burns Reports Progress On Plan For Palestinian State

The Left's New Idea

Economic News

Stocks Set to Gain Amid Earnings Reports

Trade Deficit Swells to Record $38.5 Billion in August

Bush Promotes Coming Protections For Retirement Savings

Are Retailers Heading for Credit Crunch?

UAL Posts Loss, Outlines New Cost Cut Target

Continental Air, Mechanics Reach Tentative Deal

Pension Fund Shortfalls Add to Corporate Woes

How the CIA Tortured al Qaeda's Muslim Cleric To Break Him

Child Porn Swoop Nets 90 Police

In Europe, Sex Slavery Is Thriving Despite Raids

Mom Fights Off Carjacker

Mexico Bans Toy Guns, Saying Used For Crime

Harry Potter

Secret 8th Book Is Magic News For Potter fans

The Spiritual Truth About Harry Potter, From A Christian Who Also Knows Black Magick Witchcraft

Harry Potter Video - Politically Correct Paganism


October 20, 2002

Beltway Sniper

Virginia Shooting Probed For Sniper Link

Occult Author Reports That First Six Shots Formed Satanic Upside Down Cross And That Overall Pattern Is That Of A Pentagram! Click on Headline News and then "Falls Church" for article

Is Newest Attack Beginning Of A New Occult Symbol Being Created? A check on occult symbolism on the ground in Washington, D.C. shows different symbols can connect

More Occult Symbolism Behind The Beltway Shooting

Sniper Prompts Many to Change Halloween Plans

Sniper Fears Grip Washington Region

Persistent Killers Usually Get Caught

Media Faces Tough Challenges Covering Sniper

U.S., South Korea to Pressure North Korea

The Nuclear Club Is Growing And, With North Korea In, Could Grow Faster Still

Bush Campaigns in Critical States

Ex-Pentagon Officials Accused Of Corruption

Economic News

Stocks Set to Gain Amid Earnings Reports

Trade Deficit Swells to Record $38.5 Billion in August

Bush Promotes Coming Protections For Retirement Savings

Are Retailers Heading for Credit Crunch?

UAL Posts Loss, Outlines New Cost Cut Target

Continental Air, Mechanics Reach Tentative Deal

Pension Fund Shortfalls Add to Corporate Woes

U.S., South Korea To Bring Pressure On North Korea Over Nuclear Program

The Nuclear Club Is Growing And, With North Korea In, Could Grow Faster Still

North Korea's Dangerous Deception

Sept. 11 Altered New York's Political Landscape

"Rewilding Of America" In The News

Appeals Court Upholds Clinton Designation Of National Monuments In West

Archives: Clinton Creates New National Monument Area In Utah, A Big Radical Environmental Step Toward New World Order

Rewilding Of America Map The Key Goal

Partisan Dispute Leaves Wildfire Bill in Limbo

Former Mayor Acquited In Race Riots Trial

Search Ends for Four Navy Fliers

Iraqi War Buildup Continues

From Its Palaces, Iraq's View Is of a World Filled With Allies

US Considers Israeli Proposal To Disarm Iraqi Missiles

Saddam Moves Valuables Out Of Baghdad

Deal Near on U.N. Iraq Resolution

A Vulnerable Kuwait Readies Its Defenses for a U.S. Attack on Iraq and the Reaction

Tumultuous Rule Of Saddam

UN Condemns Iraq On Human Rights

Officials: Pentagon to Train Saddam's Enemies

Iraq 'To Empty Prisons'

Special Forces Train To Seize Iraqi Weapons Sites

Qatar Could Allow U.S. to Use Al-Udeid Air Base Against Iraq

U.S. Navy Seaman Survives 7 Hours in Ocean

Bali Bomb Blast News

Indonesian Cleric Arrested in Bali and Other Bombings

From Kali To Bali: Two events being used to re-ignite global terror effort, to whip up public support

Bin Laden Linked To Bali Blast: Intelligence document reveals
$74,000 payment for bombing

Bush Tells Australians That United States Grieves For Those Killed In Bali Bombing


Philippines Captures Leader of Extremist Group, Kills Five Guerillas

Wealthy Saudis Identified As Al-Qaeda Backers

One Killed in Explosion Near Moscow McDonald's

Holy Land News

Clashes Erupt At West Bank Outpost Between Jewish Settlers, Israeli Security Forces

U.S. Christians Celebrate Day of "Prayer and Solidarity" With Israel and The Jewish People.

Settlers: Claiming the 'Promised Land'

Sharon Okays Partial Hebron Pullout

Settlers Fire At Israeli And Palestinian Olive Pickers; Sharon urges citizens to abide by "rule of law"

Arafat Asked To Authorize Execution Of 'Collaborator'

A Plea For A Step Toward Peace On The Temple Mount

British Parents Sue Over 'Wild Child' Adoption

Court Ruling Threatens Legal Abortion

Dawn Of A Nightmare: Wisconsin deer herd may have "chronic wasting disease", a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Mad Cow

Bush Administration Declared National Emergency Over The "Threat" Of Mad Cow Disease Over Year Ago



October 19, 2002

Beltway Sniper Case

Investigators Seize White Box Truck; Arrest False Witness

Sniper's Shadow Casts Chill on Area

Sniper Could Damage D.C. Economy

Area School Teams Take Long Road Trips to Avoid Sniper

Are Police Using Media to Talk to Sniper?

Occult Pattern Seen In Shooting Locations: Falls Church latest location to conform to the pattern

Ex-CIA Operative: Shootings Likely Terrorism -- WND spouting official government line

From Bali To Kali -- Global Terrorism used an the excuse to rachet up fears of terrorism

Has killer sent '9-11' message? Slick disinformation to blame this on Muslim terrorism, deflecting truthful investigation

U.S. Considering Increasing Security Levels

Law Enforcement Inspects Cargo Ship in Florida

Vatican News

Vatican Rejects U.S. Clerical Abuse Policy

Vatican Spurns Sex-Abuse Policy

Cardinal Law Confident Boston Diocese Rules Will Endure: Is this like having a fox watch the hen house?

US Catholics Need Answers On Sex Abuse -- NOW!

Answers From The Heart of The Matter

Sex Abuse Victims Angry At Vatican Over Charter Delay

Sinner vs. Sinner: Whose is bigger?

Two U.S. Fighter Jets Crash Into Pacific

Search Continues For Missing Navy Airmen

New Online Privacy Rules Going Nowhere Fast

Homosexual Ruling Divides Big Brothers: Local affiliates defy new directive from headquarters

Report: Hundreds of Navy PCs Missing Some of Them Containing Sensitive Data

Daughters of Confederacy Up in Arms in Tennessee

Professor's Case: Unlock Crypto So Average Citizens Can Use It

Drugs In The News

Canadian Pot Plan A Trade Risk

Welfare Recipients to Get Drug Test

Man Charged With Setting Fatal Fire To Home Of Anti-Drug Crusading Mother, Killing Her And Her Five Children

Wisconsin State Assembly Leaders Face Charges

Bow-and-Arrow Hunter Kills Man Trying To Steal His Car

Tree Dwellers Forced Down: Husband/Wife Lived In Tree House Built In A 300-Year-Old Oak Tree For 10 Years

Star Clinches Case for Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole

Israel Specially Preparing

US Considers Israeli Proposal To Disarm Iraqi Missiles

Sharon Returns Upbeat After US Assurances

Sharon Serenades Washington

SAUL SINGER's Interesting Times: Thoughts of Rabin On A Concrete Roof

Report: US Victory In Iraq To Have Limited Impact On Israeli Stock Markets

Burns: U.S. Committed To Mideast Peace Despite Iraq

Terrorism Bearing Down Upon Us?

Manila Bus Bomb Latest in String of Attacks

Was Bali Bomb Blast A "Micro-Nuke?" --
Indonesia OKs Emergency Decree to Fight Terror

U.S. Senators Warned Of al Qaeda Snipers On Golf Courses

Senator McCain misses defense spending vote because he is practicing for Saturday Night Live

Terror Group's Messengers Steer Clear Of NSA Ears Al-Qaeda Not Leaving Clues To Intercept, Officials Say

Sniper Investigators Charge Witness

About The Secretive U.S. Eavesdropper Program

Store Offers Terror Attack Supplies

Florida Doctor Competent for Trial on Bomb Charge

Celebrities Line Up Against Iraq War

Barbra Streisand: Let Slip The Babs Of War

Actor Sean Penn Lashes Bush over Iraq War Drums

Iraq Debate

French Scrutiny Delays Iraq Debate

Russians Won't Rule Out Force In Iraq

US Prepares For Military Option

Training Of Iraqi Exiles Authorized: U.S. to prepare 5,000 foes of Saddam Hussein for combat

Iraqi Opposition Groups: Iraq oil contracts 'to be reviewed'

US Drops 'Force' Demand For New UN Resolution On Iraq

Subject of Iraq Dominates Francophone Summit

Iraq Sends Archive Back To Kuwait

Pakistan Rejects North Korea Nuclear Link

Russia, Pakistan, China Suspected Suppliers of North Korea Nuke Tech: Clinton also provided equipment

Pop-up Spam Is Double Trouble And Double Annoyance

Blood Transmission Suspected in Florida West Nile Case

Russia's Shocking Birth Statistics: 60% of all pregnancies are aborted

Bone Marrow Donor Program Underused -- Report

Insider Loans: Everyone Was Doing It, Practiced By 75% Of All Corporations


October 18, 2002

Terrorizing Us

Tenet: Al-Qaida Set to Strike Again

FBI, CIA Directors Testify on 9/11 Warnings

Bomb Blasts Hit French Mediterranean Island of Corsica

Report: Letter to FBI Warns of Attack on U.S. Navy Base

Saudis 'Fail To Curb al-Qaeda Funding'

Terror Turns Real for Horror Site

BioPort Panel Says Some Civilians May Need Anthrax Vaccine

CIA Director: Al Qaeda May Be Turning to Iraq

Bombs Kill 7 In Philippines

Florida Man Sentenced To Nearly 12 Years For Terror Plot Against Electrical Power Stations

Catholic Sex Abuse News

Vatican Rejects U.S. Bishops' Proposal on Sex Abuse Scandal

Priests Welcome News Of Vatican's Concerns About Proposed Abuse Policy

$300m Lawsuit Claims Catholic Bishop Covered Up For 13 Paedophile Priests

Archdiocese Loses Appeal On Keeping Documents Secret

In Suit, Three Ex-Altar Boys Allege Sex Abuse

Rotten Spiritual Basis That Is Causing This Sex Scandal

Waltham Priest Faces 20-Year Allegation

Stigmatine Priest Sued In Abuse Case: Victim came forward after hearing church officials belittling victims

North Korea Fooled Clinton - Carter!

North Korean Nuke Program Prompts U.S. Diplomatic Flurry

U.S. Saw North Korea's Work To Enrich Fuel For Nukes

South Korea, Japan Urge North Korea to Abide by Anti-Nuclear Pacts

Western Moral Collapse Continues

'Delay' Condom Smashes All Sales Records

Alabama Chief Justice Defends Ten Commandments Monument

Court: Terminal Patient May Opt For Death In Advance: Euthanasia is always the death knell for Christian values

Bisexual Soldier Discharged From U.S. Army

Court OKs Church, Temple Ban in Towns

Israelis At Center Of Major Astronomical Discovery

Jews and Protestants Win Vast Majority of Nobel Peace Prizes

Creating News, Not Just Reporting It

CNN.com Has Begun Running Stripped-Down Ads That Look A Lot Like Editorial Links: How do you tell difference from real news and manufactured news?

CBS News Caught Creating News Coverage of Iraqi Bombing -- Implications To Us

Can a Hacker Outfox Microsoft?

Georgia Pastor Convicted Of Child Abuse For "Cruelly Whipping" Boys

Are Mideast Christians Endangered Species? New film documents increasing persecution at hands of Muslims

Florida Supreme Court Upholds Law Allowing Confinement Of Violent Sex Offenders After Their Prison Terms Expire: Holding prisoners after the law says they have served their time is a threat to our liberties!

Wisconsin's Chvala To Resign Senate Leadership Seat: Senate Majority Leader Faces 90 Years In Prison If Convicted

Election News

Bush Campaigns For Senate Candidates

Strip Club Address Used In Voter Scam

Terrorism Check Nets Huge Texas Drug Haul -- $100,000 of Marijuana hidden in tractor trailer loaded with artificial Christmas trees

Delta to Cut Up to 8,000 More Jobs

Microsoft Tops Forecasts

Out In The Forest, Something Stirs: Species of ape unrecognised by science may exist in the Congo

Calling All Harry Potter Fans!

The "Chamber of Secrets" Is Now Opened!

For ALL The Right Stuff About Harry Potter

Retail Takes Full Advantage of Potter Mania

Sniper News

Sniper Investigation Hits Snag After Witness Discredited

Prosecutors Consider Charges Against Witness Accused of Misleading Sniper Investigators

Pentagram Formed On Ground, Plus Other Leads, Show Sniper Killings Based On Black Magick

Falls Church Shooting Also On Pentagram Line

Sniper Has Many Ducking for Cover, Even From Afar

Sniper Eludes Police Despite Video -- Average American is caught on video 8-10 times a day, proving such dangerous measures catch only the good guys -- AAA Pulls Its Support For Traffic Cameras

How to Be a Good Eyewitness

Beltway Killer Likely Foreign: Ex-FBI agent troubled by lack of local imprint left by shooter. Search for scapegoat continues. U.S. Snipers leave Tarot Cards as "calling cards" after sniper hit, not Muslims

Is Shooter Military Trained? Beltway killer's tactics similar to those taught by U.S Army

Virginia Residents Arming Themselves: Concealed weapons permits up 500%

Shootings To Spread To Other Cities? Expert thinks Washington-area killer doing 'market research'

Area Residents Showing Signs of Mental, Emotional Stress

Bali Blast Provides Excuse To Grab Powers

Indonesian Police Move Against Cleric, President Gains Anti-Terrorism Support

Was Bali Bomb Blast A "Micro-Nuke" Warhead?

From Kahli To Bali -- Two separate events a world apart seems to be providing new impetus for seizing new powers

Britons Told To Leave Indonesia After "Disturbing New Information" Is Received About More "Terrorist" Bombings

News From Israel

Palestinians Killed By Israeli Tank Fire

Bush: Israel Can Respond If Iraq Attacks Jewish State -- Sharon returns upbeat after US assurances

Powell Demands IDF Clarify Killing Of Palestinian Civilians During Gaza Strip Clash

Chirac: France Ready To Offer Wazzani Water Pumping Dispute Mediation

Fewer Visitors Than Expected At Kikar Rabin Memorial

Accidental Child Deaths Lower Here Than In US

State Attorney's Office: Demolitions deter terrorism

Dead Sea Is Dying: Raising the Dead

Hezbollah Trying To Obtain Long-Range Missiles

Israel Continues To Create "Buffer Zones"

Defense Ministry Plans To Fence In All West Bank Settlements

Sharon Started Creating Physical Buffer Zones Early This Year: Prophecy ramifications could be huge

May Result In Annihilation of Palestinians, Just As Jewish Professor Alleges

IDF Quietly Pulls Out Of Jenin; Surrounds City With Trench

Iraq News

U.S. Softens On Iraqi Resolution

U.S.: No Backing Down on U.N. Iraq Resolution

Venezuela Says No To Arab Oil Blockade If U.S. Attacks Iraq

Saddam Urges Iraqis to Battle Hard if U.S. Attacks, To Spill American Blood

British Royal party 'Jostled By Iraqis' While In Jordan

Soldier Lost? Map's On, Not Up, Sleeve

Pro-life Group Wins Reprieve In Court: Judge prevents enforcement of law against aerial banners

Boys' Convictions In Father's Death Overturned By Florida Court

Some Schools Received Meat Recalled For Listeria! Meat too poisonous for supermarket shelves is OK for our Public School kids?

Feds Charge 40 Aryan Brotherhood Figures

Clinton to Enter Black Hall of Fame: First Non-Black

Cancer Victims 'Safe To Keep Breasts'

Kilimanjaro's Glaciers Almost All Melted - Study

L.A. transit Cops Focus On Sex Crimes: Arresting more perverts than pickpockets

Why 6-Legged Bots Rule

Swedish Proposal For EU President In Preparation



October 17, 2002

Beltway Sniper -- Zigzag!

Police Tips for Staying Safe -- Walk Zigzag!

ACLU Questions Pentagon Role In Sniper Probe

Police Can't Produce Sniper Sketch

Sniper Shooting Pattern On The Ground

Living In Israel Prepares One For Beltway Sniper Attacks

AAA Pulls Its Support For Traffic Cameras

Iraq Attack

Bush Signs Iraq Resolution Allowing Him To Go To War

Analysts Believe Iraq Has Ukrainian Passive Radar System

Iraqi Refugees Under Secret Police Threat In Countries To Which They Have Fled

Israeli Expert Cites Iraq, Al Qaida Links

Former Dem Presidents Don't Back Bush Iraq Plan

Qatar Could Allow U.S. to Use Al-Udeid Air Base Against Iraq

North Korean War Plans Continue

N. Korea Breaks Its Promises On Nukes

North Korea Admits Secret Weapons Program

Plans For Korean Participation In World War III

Timeline on Nukes in North Korea

South Korea, Japan Urge North Korea to Abide by Anti-Nuclear Pacts

Feminists To Pressure PGA Tour Sponsors

Israel Reassurred

Bush OKs Israeli Retaliation If Iraq Launches Attack

US Hedges On Backing Of Israeli Response To Iraq

Israel Issues War Threat In Water Row: Lebanon opens Wazzani floodgates

ANALYSIS: How Iraq helped Israel with the Wazzani

Next Showdown: Electronic Fences

Saddam's Fall Will Lead To Arafat's As Well

Report Slams 'Assassination' Policy of Terrorists

'Cellular Dog' Showcased At Security Fair

Global Terrorism

Top Security Minister Suspects Foreign Involvement in Bali Blast

Updated Report With New Pictures: Bali Blast Possbily Nuclear

Israeli Intelligence: Bin Laden Is Dead, Heir Has Been Chosen

Yemen Says Yanker Blast Was Terrorism

Algerian Islamic Students Shot Dead By Muslim Radicals




October 16, 2002

Beltway Sniper Case -- Now Called Possible Terrorism

Falls Church Shooting Falls On Pentagram Being Formed On The Ground: New Map!

Terrorism a Possibility Behind Shootings: Wondered when this theory would surface

Pentagon Joins Hunt for Washington Sniper: Posse Comitatis Protection Slipping Away

Beltway Shooter May Not Be Using Rifle, Experts Say: "Need To Think Outside The Box" as Government "Experts" disagree with private experts

New Evidence Takes Shape, Composite Sketch of Sniper Being Worked On

Living In Israel Prepares One For Coping With Beltway Sniper

House Passes Gun Background Check Bill

Police Suppress Terrorism Angle: ATF official: Releasing descriptions of Mideast suspects would cause 'panic' -- More disinformation!

Bush Not Mulling New Gun Laws

BACKGROUND: Al-Qaida Still Operating, Expanding

White House Ratchets Up Rhetoric On Homeland Security

The Sniper Who Paralyzed Washington: Bigger government equals bigger inefficiency

Geraldo Signs Backsides Yards From Sniper Site: Ultimate example of low-life, low-taste

The Other Beltway Shooter

Oppose Bush's Power Grab In Homeland Security Department: Charley Reese sounds a warning Cutting Edge has been sounding for one year now

Muslim Militants Now Arresting Dog Owners, Seizing Dogs

Cleric Demands Death For Three US Protestant Pastors: Militant Islam knows the Western Illuminati has declared war on them


Attack On Iraq Could Prove To Be A "Devil's Bargain"

Saddam 'Wins 100% Of Vote'

UN Arms Chief 'Waiting For Decision'

UN's Open Debate On Iraq

Got Uranium? African gang hopes to acquire element for Iraq nuke program

War On Iraq Could Spark Terrorist Attacks: France -- But, terrorism flowing from WW3 is the plan!

U.S. Quietly Sends Forces To Gulf

Saddam's Secret Weapons Exports: Iraqi dictator's bombs used in war against south Sudanese Christians

US Missile Defence Test Dodges Decoys: Disinformation since we are protected by HAARP Tesla Dome

Weather Contol and Weather Warfare

Creating The Impenetrable Missile Shield With HAARP

Morality War Heats Up

Manufacturer To Release 'Mature' Game Featuring Nudity and Sex

Docs' Prescription for Teen Sex: Don't Do It

Romance Novels Sizzle for the Love of God

Creationism Gains Some Ground

Ohio OKs Creation in Science Class

Creationism Defender's Bible: KJV -- Notes throughout Bible refute Evolution, Scripturally

Fighting Life's Battles Is Possible Only When You Believe In Creationism! Your private spiritual life may never be the same!

Witnessing and Soul Winning Possible Only If You Believe In Creationism

Redheads Suffer More Pain, Are More Sensitive To Pain

Dino-Mummy Still Has Some Skin: Fossilized duckbill dinosaur
provides rare clues about diet and appearance

Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Twin Grandkids: Her daughter was born without a uterus

Bali Blast News

Sharp Rise In Favour Of War On Iraq Because of Bali Blast

Was A "Micro-Nuke" Warhead Used In Bali Blast?

Stopping Loose -- And Dirty -- Nukes

Man "Confesses" To Making Bomb That Destroyed Club: Scapegoat to take the fall?

Indonesian al Qaeda Camp On Tape

U.S. Says It Told Indonesia of Plot by Terror Group


Bush, Sharon to Discuss Protection of Israel: Iraq tops Sharon-Bush talks

Bush To Tell Sharon: Make Peace, Not War: Propganda Principle - When in final stages of war preparation, talk peace

Sharon To Hear US Concerns

Water Plan Pumps Up Mid-East Tension That May Provoke War

Hizbullah Warns Israel Against Wazzani Water Pumping Station Strike

War of Words Over Mid-East Water: In this arid land, water is more precious than oil

IDF: Bethlehem Haven For Terrorists

State Attorney: Don't Suspend Evacuation Of Illegal Outposts: In preparing for this coming war, is the IDF dismantling Jewish outposts that will be difficult to defend?

PLO Slams Dr. Nusseibeh For 'Stabbing Arafat In The Heart'

How The '30s Shadow Our Times: Policies of the '30's Successfully Brought On World War II Just As Illuminati Plan Envisioned

New Detailed Satellite Images of Mars

Satellite Technology Fights Local Political Corruption

Cell Phones More Than Just Talk As Technology Expands

One Year After the Anthrax Attacks, Experts Question Preparedness

Oklahoma City "John Doe" Does Exist!

Joni Mitchell "Ashamed" To Be In Music Business, Calls Entire Industry a "Cesspool"

United Airlines Seems Headed For Bankruptcy

Pro-Gay Group Wants Police Chaplain Removed

Sexually Lurching Towards Sodom, Just As Prophecy Foretells

Racist Attacks on Rise In Russia: Putins signs legislation to cut down on 'Hate Crimes'

Scientists Find Molecular Path To Fear

FDA Forces Fatal Chemo Treatment On Kids

Women 'Over-Estimate Cancer Risk', Agree Too Readily To Have Breast Removal Surgery

Angered Schoolchilden Drench PETA Protestors With Milk

Invasive Species Overrun U.S. Wildlife Refuges

Environmentalists Are Harming the Environment

California Governor's Race: So You Want to Steal an Election?

The Unreal Lincoln: Lincoln bashing book well answered

President Of Zambia Thinks His People Are Better Off Dead Than Fed!

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