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October 16-31, 2007


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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq to end security contractor immunity

US Military to oversee convoys in Iraq: Move intended to rein in armed contract forces

Iraqi dam 'at risk of collapse': Largest dam in Iraq is at risk of an imminent collapse that could unleash a 20m (65ft) wave of water on Mosul, a city of 1.7m people

Iraq, Afghan Vets at Risk for Suicides - "homecoming suicide pattern of a magnitude that is just starting to emerge"

Revealed: how Blair rejected Bush's offer to stay

Powell's surprise over Blair's closeness to Bush on Iraq

Senator McCain links Iraq victory to ME peace: Unless America wins the war in Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation will not move forward

Threat From Turkey

Turkish Helicopters Rocket Rebels

Bush, Turkish PM to discuss Kurd rebels: Will meet in White House Monday, 11/5

Iraq says it is curbing PKK movements, supply lines

Is a new war in Iraq looming on the horizon? Turkey poised to launch a massive cross-border raid on Northern Iraq

Kurdish rebels regrouping in Iraqi haven: PKK antagonizes Turkey at a time when the U.S. doesn't want more trouble

Concern Raised About Possible Closing of Iraq-Turkey Border Crossing

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options - If they are going to do a major operation they don't have much time. We are talking weeks before weather conditions get bad. It has already begun snowing there" (Written 10/18)

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Drowning In Lawyers: The new US attorney general's view of waterboarding is about more than torture. It's about the integrity of officials who oversee presidential powers - "playing with definitions to rob words of their meaning"

Mukasey's Nomination For Attorney General Runs Into Trouble

Will Rudy Giuliani be 'Bush on steroids' in anti-terror war?

Russia "terrorist" bus bomb kills 8, injures 56

US steps up efforts to save N-deal with India

Moderate 5.6 Earthquake Rattles Bay Area

Powerful earthquake hits South Pacific islands: 7.0 - 7.5

LA Fire Started by Boy With Matches - "Fire consumed more than 38,000 acres and destroyed 21 homes last week"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Lebanon: Syria accused of plot to kill Lebanon PM: Ahead of crucial presidential elections next month

Afghanistan: New Afghan operation kills 20 Taliban fighters

Pakistan: Suicide bomber strikes near Musharraf - Suicide attack in top security zone: Seven killed, 31 injured

Pakistan: Iran gas "crucial for Pakistan"

Pakistan: Bhutto’s Return Brings Pakistani Politics to a Boil

Iran: UN nuke chief: Iran transparency is 'key': Envoy stresses Tehran’s legal right to nuclear technology

Saudi Arabia: British PM Brown set for talks with Saudi king

Somalia: North Korean Crew Fight Pirates, Regains Control of Cargo Ship

Tropical Storm Noel Nears Florida - a killer storm which could pass close to the state over the next few days


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel steps up threats to invade Gaza Strip

Israel can't cut electrical power to Gaza: Attorney General rules

Israel sees Palestinians too "exhausted" to rebel

Olmert, Abbas pledge progress on peace moves

Secretary Rice planning 'Palestine' parley or bust: Refusing to take no for an answer, Rice is scheduled to return to Israel early next week, during which time she will likely hand-deliver her invitations to the event

Kilometers of W. Bank security fence completed since July: 0 (Zero)

World Jewry rallies for kidnapped IDF troops

7 Israelis arrested for torturing IDF soldier

Palestinian officers' school opened: Are the vanguard of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' campaign to prevent the West Bank from falling to Hamas

Palestinian Authority lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi defends Hizbullah and Hamas

PM Olmert ill, exposé postponed

4 Hamas terrorists killed in IDF strike

For Gerald Ford, dead men do tell tales: Said Bill Clinton was a "sex addict" and Hillary had unlimited amibition to be President

Blair on short list for EU President: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair got early backing in the race to be European Union's first full-time president, even from the French

FEMA Aide Loses New Job Over Fake News Conference

Station Solar Panel Tears, Adding Challenge for Shuttle Crew

Public School Disaster Continues: Less Homework, More Yoga, From a Principal Who Hates Stress


October 30, 2007


Pakistan suicide attack kills 7 near Musharraf's HQ: Blast less than a kilometer from Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's army headquarters in Rawalpindi

Former Prime Minister Bhutto calls for neutral caretaker government

Police release 'photograph' of second suspect behind blasts at Bhutto rally

Residents use ceasefire to flee troubled valley

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. General Wounded In Iraq Roadside Bombing: Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Dorko Is Top U.S. Officer Hurt Since War Began

Bomber slaughters 29 cop recruits in Iraq

Iraq handed security control of Karbala

Iraqi soldiers rescue eight of the 12 kidnapped pro-West sheiks

Violence is the reality in Iraq

State Department Cover-up - Blackwater massacre guards given immunity

Bagging trophies on Iraqi safari: Marines have brought in "big-game hunters" to school their snipers in the better use of "optics"

As Turkey tackles PKK, it can play NATO card

Turkey hits Kurdish rebels in southeast: Ground troops mass along the border with Iraq, and military parades are held in main cities. U.S. works to avert a larger attack

Iraq warns Turkey against 'disastrous' incursion

Growing racial tensions between Turks, Kurds put many on edge

Giuliani is Mideast's worst nightmare

Dems Accuse Rice of Blunders in Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: Roadside bomb kills Afghan intelligence chief

Afghanistan: The brutal, forgotten war

Iran: Russia's FM Lavrov to meet President Ahmadinejad on Tuesday

Iran: Navy pledges suicide attack when facing enemy forces in the Gulf

Iran: Iranian-Syrian nuclear issues heat up amid growing mistrust of IAEA director in Washington, Paris and Jerusalem

India: Maoists kill five police officers

Egypt: President Mubarak announces that Egypt will build nuclear power stations

Somalia: President in crisis talks

North Korea: Disarmament deal: NKorea to receive half of aid in equipment

Thailand: Country heads for straitjacket elections

Argentina: Current first lady, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has secured victory in the country's presidential election

Colony Collapse Jeopardizing Beekeepers: Steve Kroft Reports On The Mysterious Disappearance Of Bees

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas building bunkers near Gaza Strip border

'Summit failure may lead to attacks': Shin Bet Security Chief

Palestinian Authority trying to stop parley hosted by Syria

Syria: Elbaradei's comments point to US, Israeli lies

'Stand firm on Hamas,' N. Ireland peacemaker advises Israel

Atty. Gen. Mazuz Orders Power Cut Plan in Gaza Suspended

Barak’s Foolish Decision: Nobody dares to say what everyone knows: Cutting off Gaza power a silly move

Hamas Brags: We'll take control over West Bank in autumn

Fatah-Controlled TV Promises Elimination of Israel: NOTE: This is Abbas' terror group

IDF Eliminates Hamas Terrorist; Soldier Killed

Prostate Treatment Advancing, Thanks to Israeli Research: PM Olmert benefitting from recent research

Caribbean Storm Kills at Least 20: Tropical Storm Noel

Homeland Security strikes deal with New York on driver's licenses

FedEx expects record holiday volume

Wall Street bets on rate cut: Stocks rise as investors predict that the Fed will cut rates later this week

How a Fed rate cut raises oil prices

The Closing Bell: Stocks rise ahead of Fed meeting

Humana profit beats Street view and forecast shines: Continued strength in its Medicare health plans for the elderly and its plans for employers

Procter & Gamble first-quarter profit rises

Treasury Secretary Paulson committed to strong dollar

1 in 10 High Schools Are 'Dropout Factories'

Dalai Lama urges Canadians to think globally: Resolve current international problems through a holistic manner that puts global responsibility at the forefront - NOTE:This is typical New Age language


October 29. 2007


Wall Street set for strong open on rate cut hopes

Wall Street: the week that was: Wall Street climbs wall of worry



Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

The Road to War, Part II: With new unilateral U.S. sanctions announced Thursday, America and Iran may now be headed for unavoidable hostilities

'War on terror' is now war on Iran

Russian President Putin Delivers Bombshell: Attack Iran and You Attack Russia: "An American attack on Iran will be viewed by Moscow as an attack on Russia"

Trash Talking World War III: Will President Bush manage to leave office without starting a war with Iran?

W.M.D. in Iran? Cheney says "Yes" - Just as he said Saddam had WMD

Just listen to the experts in blundering brinksmanship: Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen. It sounds like the president and vice president are planning a war with Iran - Cheney seems to have learned nothing from his 2003 folly. He has the same advisers and consults the same experts who were so wrong about Iraq

CFR President Warns: $200 Oil If War With Iran

IAEA chief says Iran not making N-weapons

When you can't deal with the devil: Having passed up all opportunity to diplomatically solve Iranian problem, US may have no choice now but to attack


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkey Threat

Turkey bombs targets on Iraq border

Turkish troops kill 15 PKK rebels

Turkey rejects Iraq's PKK offer

In the Rugged North of Iraq, Kurdish Rebels Flout Turkey

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options - If they are going to do a major operation they don't have much time. We are talking weeks before weather conditions get bad. It has already begun snowing there" (Written 10/18)

Turkey gave a list of Kurdish rebel leaders to a visiting Iraqi delegation and demanded their extradition

Oil pipeline 'will be hit' if Turks attack: Kurd leader vows

Turkey anger at Europe over PKK: Over not doing more to tackle activists from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)

Turkey says diplomacy still on table in PKK fight

Other War News

Bomber kills 28 at Iraqi police base

Ten tribal shaikhs have been kidnapped in Baghdad as they were heading home after meetings with Iraqi officials on Sunday

'Iraqis are turning against Al Qaida': General David H. Petraeus

World's bravest orchestra plays on in Iraq

Iran for peaceful solution on Kurds: Iraq reports

Thousands Protest In 11 US Cities Against Iraq War

No end to US's war budget woes

Russia begins large-scale military exercises in Far East

California Wildfires

THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FIRES: 2 blazes contained - work goes on on 7 more

California fires are redesigning landscape

Health fears as California fires leave pollution

Who Is Responsible For California's Fires?

Wildfire Evacuees Gone, Tailgaters Return to Qualcomm Stadium For Chargers Game

Bureaucracy hampered initial Calif. fire efforts: Officials vow to review rules that kept firefighting aircraft on ground

Political Cartoon of California Wildfires: Note the '666' at the extreme right

California fires spark suspicion of terror again: FBI warning had included prospect of attack with flames - NOTE: Government is now trying to shift blame for wildfires to "terrorists"

Aliens caused Sicily fires: Italian government report

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Argentina: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wins presidency - Poised to succeed her husband

Pakistan: Bhutto's Party Needs New Candidate for Premier - Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani

Pakistan: Pakistani militants agree to cease-fire

Pakistan in new Taliban peace process

Sudan: UN Charges - Egypt sent deported refugees back to Sudan

Burma: The loss of Myanmar's democratic voice

H.R. 1955: "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007"

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill: Actually defines thought crimes as homegrown terrorism - This bill is specifically targeting the growing patriot community that is demanding the restoration of the Constitution

List of the 404 Democrat and Republican representatives who voted "Yea" on this bill

Politics In The News

The Evangelical Crackup: Church members tired of hearing politics stream uncessently from the pulpit and tired of endless promotion of the Republican Party

Laura Bush Defines Her Policy Role: Is taking an increasingly public role on foreign policy matters

Iraq, Health Care Major Issues in 2008 US Presidential Election


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli PM Olmert Says He Apologized to Turkey for Airspace Violation: In attacking Syrian facility

IDF launches massive training exercise: Training maneuver scheduled to take place in Golan Heights moved to Galilee to avoid increasing tension with Syria

2 reserve soldiers injured in clashes: Heavy exchanges of fire take place at Sufa crossing, connecting between Israel and Gaza Strip

PM Olmert diagnosed with signs of prostate cancer: will not require radiation treatments or chemotherapy and will not force him to step down; says he is expected to make a full recovery

Palestinians would be prepared to forgo the right of return for millions of refugees in return for a full Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders: Palestinian academic Sari Nusseibeh

Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz and IDF to review Gaza power cuts

Abbas Fears Hamas Coup d'Etat in Judea and Samaria

Jewish Students rally for kidnapped IDF soldiers

Circumventing Boycott of Gaza: Trucks filled with hundreds of thousands of shekels each are allowed to enter Gaza monthly

British Royal family roiled over sex tape blackmail scheme

October 28, 2007

H.R. 1955: "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007"

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill: Actually defines thought crimes as homegrown terrorism - This bill is specifically targeting the growing patriot community that is demanding the restoration of the Constitution

List of the 404 Democrat and Republican representatives who voted "Yea" on this bill

Microsoft, mortgage lender cheer Wall Street

Wall Street Closes The Week On An Upswing

California Wildfires

California Firefighters Work to Hold Gains

Is it time to rethink California fire policy? Part of problem stems from choice to live under threat - "main problem is that many in California are ruggedly obstinate about the choice they have made to live with the constant threat of fire" - Need to decide to live elsewhere, where threat of fire is less

Weather improves, but fires aren't done

Thousands of Homes Still in Danger as Fires Continue to Burn

Road closures, evacuations

FEMA blasted for 'news' conference: Agency employees, not "reporters", asked questions at the event. Homeland Security calls the lapse 'offensive and inexcusable.'

Prison Inmates Play Major Role in Fire Fight

Fingerpointing Over Grounded Helicopters - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pledged to improve the state's response to battling wildfires

Californians Endure 7 Days of Wildfires


Northern border riddled with holes: Smugglers exploit back roads linking Canada to U.S.


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

San Francisco: Thousands Call for Swift End to Iraq War

In control, Democrats unleash top watchdog

A haven for Kurdish rebels who await the Turks: PKK fighters train in Iraq's northern mountains, sheltered by the terrain and by villagers who hail them as champions of their rights

Iran's FM accuses US, Israel of supporting Kurdish rebels

Turks have might, but it will be a fight

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options - If they are going to do a major operation they don't have much time. We are talking weeks before weather conditions get bad. It has already begun snowing there" (Written 10/18)

Bush teeters on Turkish-Kurd tightrope

Shi'ite Iraq Government balks as U.S. seeks more policing by Sunnis

Sunni Teacher killed in gruesome Iraq shooting

Iraqi troops found 17 decomposed bodies of unidentified men near the restive city of Baquba in a grim reminder of sustained sectarian bloodletting: 12 other people were also killed in the country on Saturday

First dozen Iraqi women serve as police officers in Ramadi

Aide: al-Sadr could lift cease-fire - Al-Sadr's call for a six-month cease-fire has been credited with a sharp drop in the number of bullet-riddled bodies that turn up on the streets of Iraq and are believed to be victims of Shiite death squads

Iraqis to take over security of Karbala: After several delays, it will be the eighth of the 18 provinces to see U.S. forces transfer control

Feds arrest former DHB chief: Long Island company that provided most of the body armor for U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Argentina: First Lady Likely to Take Over From Her Own Husband: Establishing a political dynasty family?

Pakistan: Bhutto Visits Victims' Families - Who lost loved ones in suicide blast of 10/18

Pakistan: Balancing acts since 10/18 bombing which killed 139 people

Sudan: Sudan announces new Darfur cease-fire as peace talks begin without main rebels

Indonesia: 'Child of Krakatau' volcano spews ash, smoke

Afghanistan: U.S.-led troops kill 80 Taliban

Politics In The News

Rudy Giluliani's Secret 9/11 Testimony: Refutes Giuliani's post 9/11 claims with his own words

Obama says gloves are off in challenging Sen. Clinton: He vows to aggressively confront front-runner to stop obscuring stances

Bill Clinton Calls Hillary Clinton Best Successor

John Edwards says he's most electable, but . . .

Law of Sea Treaty draws GOP focus: Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor blasts the treaty as a "threat to U.S. freedom"


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians Charge: Israel has begun cutting Gaza's fuel supply - Israel trying to stop rocket attacks launched from Gaza

More Kassams, Lights Still on in Gaza

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman demands population exchange

Israeli Arab MK Ahmad Tibi (UAL): 'No peace deal if settlers not removed'

Abbas: Olmert 'serious' about agreement

Annapolis Blues: By DANIEL PIPES - Conference set for 11/26

Israeli Public Security Minister Avi Dichter: Annapolis is not a scientific experiment

'Hamas won't attack ahead of ME summit'

Palestinian Authority government is planning to cut the number of policemen in the West Bank by half

NY Times: Syrian site may have been built in 2001

IDF launches massive training exercise

Gaza: 3 Palestinians killed by explosives

Leftist 'Olive Harvest' Activists Caught Destroying Jewish Vineyards

PA Arabs Torch Yad Yair Synagogue -- Again

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

'War on terror' is now war on Iran

Russian President Putin Delivers Bombshell: Attack Iran and You Attack Russia: "An American attack on Iran will be viewed by Moscow as an attack on Russia"

Explosive charge blows up in US's face: One of the accusations that has become the main rationale for the aggressive United States stance toward Tehran is that Iran - and Iran alone - is supplying the armor-piercing "explosively formed penetrators" that are killing US troops in Iraq. Yet all along the US has clearly known that Iraqis received the technology and the training from Hezbollah, as well as that the devices were being made in Iraq

Editorial: Iran: The Road to Armageddon?

Iran: Europeans, seeking to hit Iran in pocketbook, consider own sanctions

Iran: Sanctions Doomed To Fail, As Iranian Guard 'ready to defend revolution'

Iran: Iranian organization (Hizballah's Friends) declares every American a “terrorist” after Washington unveils a new package of extra-tough sanctions

Gulf renamed in aversion to 'Persian'

Hu's 'olive branch' breaks in Taiwan

The Fed's knife is poised for further rate cuts this week

OPEC may launch currency basket for oil pricing at its next summit due to the steady decline in the dollar

Revealed: Poisoned ex-Russian spy Litvinenko WAS a paid-up MI6 British agent

'Ghost prisoners' not accounted for after held by CIA: Rights groups wonder where the roughly 30 are being kept

Long Island Directory of gay-friendly businesses planned

October 27, 2007


California Wildfires

Relieved San Diego Chargers Head Home to Play Houston Texans on Sunday: The worst, at least in San Diego County, seemed to be over

SDSU Postpones Home Athletic Contests Through Sunday : Aztec-Cougar football game rescheduled for Saturday, Dec. 1

California Seeks Normalcy as Firefighters Gain Ground on Fires

More than 300,000 acres are burned and hundreds of homes destroyed in wind driven wildfires - List of damaged and destroyed homes

2 Found Dead In Burned Out Home

Silverado Canyon at fire's edge: Blaze reaches the community and comes to within a mile of homes, but authorities are optimistic about keeping it at bay. Officials say a white pickup truck might be linked to an arsonist

Governor Schwarzenegger crisis management earns praise

Mental health experts have fanned out across southern California to help people struggling with depression and loss caused by the region's devastating wildfires

FEMA apologizes for faking news conference on fires: Had its employees pose as reporters because no news agency attended the conference


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Threat From Turkey

Turkey Pulls U.S. Into Decision on Kurds: Ankara Postpones Reaction to Iraq-Based Militants Until After Meeting With Bush, 10 days from now

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options

Iraq Plan to Add U.S. Troops at Kurdish Border Is Rejected by Turkey

Turkey pounds Kurdish rebel positions in Iraq

Turkey kills 34 Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq

No plans for further Turkey-Iraq talks

Kurds must be part of the big picture

U.S. and Turkey Thwart Armenian Genocide Bill

Timeline of the Armenian genocide resolution

The horrible legacy of genocides

Other News

Bomb kills eight Iraqi civilians in predominately Shi'ite area: Targeted restaurants frequented by government employees and construction workers

Suicide bomber attacks Sunni office in Iraq: Blew himself up Friday near the office of a former Sunni insurgent group turned US military ally, killing a woman

US forces in Iraq seize rogue Sadr militant

UN Expert to Probe Civilian Killings by US Troops

Iran's Revolutionary Guard is using Iran's Embassy in Baghdad to coordinate covert operations in Iraq: Iranian opposition group claims (NOTE: "Opposition Group" is usually a front cover for CIA counter-intelligence operation)

US diplomats forced to take Iraq posts

Iraq to resume Australian wheat imports

Bin Laden's message to Iraq


Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Bhutto heads toward her ancestral home

Pakistan: Fighting Intensifies Around Stronghold of Pakistani Cleric

Afghanistan: Blast kills four outside US base

Afghanistan: Afghan president demands that US, NATO cut back on airstrikes

Iran: Bush Administration Rolls Out Broadest Set of Sanctions Since 1979

Iran: Europe faces tough choices on Iran

Iran: Sanctions 'will harm Iran-IAEA ties'

Iran: 'Australia, others will punish Iran'

India: 16 killed in Maoist rebel attack

Indonesia: Indonesian volcano eruption imminent


Israeli - Palestinian War

Secretary Rice confers with Carter, Bill Clinton ahead of Annapolis

Islamic Jihad Warns: Stay away from Peace Summit

Israeli troops raid Gaza Strip and kill six Palestinian fighters

PM Olmert Promises Abbas: Sanctions 'will not trigger Gaza humanitarian crisis'

Suspect nuclear site razed by Syria

Five Kassam terror rockets land near Sderot

Israel restricts Arab Christian clergy travel

Countrywide Financial on path back to profit: Shares soared 32 per cent on Friday after the biggest US mortgage lender said it would return to profitability this quarter following a $1.2bn third-quarter loss

Politics In The News

Huckabee in GOP top tier: Former Arkansas governor surges ahead of Romney in latest survey

Chuck Norris endorses former governor, surge follows: Huckabee sees spike in online donations after column

Ron Paul: GOP Needs To Change - But he says he supported the Bush policy of 2000

Uproar Over Obama's Gospel Tour Continues: Gay Rights Groups Continue Campaign Against Donnie McClurkin's Scheduled Appearance In S.C. - McClurkin was formerly gay, but Jesus led him out - Obama's campaign invited the Rev. Andy Sidden, a South Carolina pastor who is openly gay, to appear at the same concert

Bush scolds Democrats, urges Congress to pass spending bills

Rudy won’t say where he agrees with conservatives

Russian President: 'US missile defense like Cuban crisis'

October 26, 2007


General claims Bush gave 'marching orders' on aggressive interrogation at Guantanamo Bay Prison: More than 100,000 pages of newly released government documents demonstrate how US military interrogators "abused, tortured or killed" scores of prisoners rounded up since Sept. 11, 2001, including some who were not even suspected of having terrorist ties

California Wildfires

Aircraft sat as California wildfires took hold: Planes were intentionally and unneccessarily grounded to make sure the fire took hold

Bush faces fires: 'I wish we could control the wind'

Calif. Fires Burn Nearly 500,000 Acres

President and Governor Strengthen Relationship Through Fire

6 Burned Bodies Found in California

Destruction All Around in Wake of Flames

Global Warming Connection

Wildfires get personal for lawmakers: “One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

Humans failing the sustainability audit

UN issues 'final wake-up call' on population and environment

'Humanity's very survival' is at risk, says UN

French President Sarkozy outlines plans to deal with climate change


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Science and Sport Minister Majadle: Israel prepared to return Golan so she can make peace with Syria

Two-State Plan: The deal is on the table

Annapolis Blues: By DANIEL PIPES - Conference set for 11/26

Olmert and Abbas to meet in Jerusalem Friday

Abbas: 'Israel and Hamas have been meeting'

Civil Fights: The Palestinians don't want a state

Alleged Syrian atomic reactor 'vanishes': Trying to make the evidence disappear?

Palestinians Claim: Hamas operative killed in IAF missile strike

PM Aide Testifies: IDF said it was ready for war in Lebanon

IDF Charges: Sinai Beduin are aiding Gaza terrorists

Israel to begin Gaza electrical blackout

Abbas attempts crack-down in Nablus

The Aska Martyrs Brigades uses 'Google Earth' to help plan Kassam rocket attacks against Israel: The British Guardian reports


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Russian President Putin Delivers Bombshell: Attack Iran and You Attack Russia: "An American attack on Iran will be viewed by Moscow as an attack on Russia"

Iran crisis heats up with new US sanctions

Israel welcomes US sanctions on Iran

Russian President Putin retaliates from Tehran


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi delegation to visit Turkey

Turkey's patience running out

$38m IT breakdown unnoticed for month

Secretary Rice mum on corruption probe of PM Maliki

Sunni teacher executed by Shia militia

Sen. John Kerry vowed on Thursday to press for further investigation of the tax practices of Blackwater USA

"Just As In Sodom"

New Zealand: Lesbian rest home planned

Dumbledore: A Lovely Outing: Why J.K. Rowling's revelation is a rare positive sign at a particularly bad moment to be a gay consumer of pop culture

Pakistan: Pakistan deploys troops in volatile northern valley

Pakistan: Clashes in NW Pakistan valley after suicide attack

Nearly 1 in 3 Adults Feel Extreme Stress

Report Deems Student Tasering Justified: Investigation Of Incident At Univ. Of Florida Kerry Event Finds Police Acted Appropriately

Microsoft Surges After Sales, Profit Beat Estimates



October 25, 2007


5 Disasters Coming Soon If We Don’t Rebuild U.S. Infrastructure: Author is Stephen Flynn, Senior Fellow at Council of Foreign Relations

The U.S. government routinely conducts experiments on weather modification

Read The Truth About Weather Control - Weather Warfare: Many articles, bookstore resources

California On Fire

Global Warming Blamed

Half a million flee Southern California fires, 1,300 homes burn

President Bush mobilized federal emergency assistance Tuesday on behalf of Southern California officials struggling with devastating wildfires: Also scheduled visit to the region

5 dead in California fires

Hollywood stars take shelter in hotels

Evacuees unwind with yoga, candy

Residents keen to save homes stay

Wildfires get personal for lawmakers: “One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

Gore says 2007 pivotal year in climate change fight

California Governor Schwarzenegger urges U.N. to move on climate change

Key Quote of Understanding

"Others (America's enemies) are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (Former Defense Secretary William Cohen, "Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy", Sam Nunn Policy Forum, April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia)

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US missing billion-dollar Iraq contract

Simultaneous Bombings Kill 8 in Baghdad

Turkey Shells Kurd Rebels in Iraq

Iraq Pledges to Close Rebel Kurd Offices, Curb Their Movements and Block Their Funds

Turkey Rejects Cease-Fire by Rebel Kurds

Who are the PKK, could they draw Turkey into the Iraq conflict and what does the US think?

Turkey is considering economic sanctions against Iraq over the presence of Kurdish rebel sanctuaries there

Why Turkey's army will stay home: Editorial

Hunt Oil Deal Could Help Shape Kurds' Future

Oil Laws - Colonising Iraq’s Economic Prize

Stuck in Iraq's labyrinth

Iraq VP: Presidency must OK executions - Saddam Hussein's cousin, known as "Chemical Ali," and two other former officials, are facing execution

U.S., Iraqi civilian deaths down 2nd month in a row: Americans give credit to surge and support of locals

Iraq war on the installment plan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Lebanon will be a second Iraq, says Hizballah in strident threat against US bases

Sderot house takes direct hit by 8th Qassam missile of Tuesday

Defense Minister Barak to okay list of Gaza sanctions: In response to the escalation in Kassam rocket fire against Israel

Senior Palestinian militant killed in Israeli airstrike against his car traveling in Gaza Strip

Minister-without-portfolio Ayalon: Invite Hamas to Annapolis parley

Palestinian Authority to skip summit if deal not reached

Amnesty International slams Fatah, Hamas clashes

US to transfer $410 million to Palestinian Authority: 'Unprecedented amount' part of effort to strengthen Abbas in battle against Hamas for public opinion

Syria to issue ID cards to Golan Heights Druze: Trying to regain Druze loyalty

Evangelicals bring Iranian Jews to Israel

Rabin Memorials Begin in Israel

Conference Promotes Israeli 'Active' Anti-Missile Technology

Protests after Israel prison riot

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: Afghan Battle Kills Militants, Civilians

Iran: President Ahmadinejad says Iran won't negotiate over atomic rights

Iran: Another major victory for messianics - New nuclear negotiator in mold of President Ahmadinejad

Iran: Bush Touts European Missile Defense Plan - Says Iran could have the capability to strike the United States and many European allies by 2015

Pakistan: Pakistan may never find Bhutto attackers

Indonesia: Toddler becomes 89th bird flu death

Sri Lanka: Tigers bomb air force base

Congo Republic: Congo close to overcoming 'blood diamond' tag

Sudan: Bin Laden calls for jihad against Darfur peacekeepers

Oil dips as traders bet US crude, gasoline stocks rose last week

Oil prices fall for third straight day in Asia

OPEC increases oil output

Amazon.com reported a strong surge in quarterly earnings Tuesday -- topping most Wall Street estimates

Continent-size toxic stew of plastic trash fouling swath of Pacific Ocean

China steps up space race with lunar orbiter launch

Government Investments, 911, and the Dollar - by Walter Burien - 9/11 attacks generated quite a bit of profit for our government and market losses for the general population. Massive amounts of money shifted out of circulation from the public's hands into and under the control of government

New Headline News Articles


"To Understand The Coming Antichrist, You Must Understand Adolf Hitler -- The Ultimate "Type" Of The Coming False Messiah"

Hitler was the perfect type of Antichrist, so if we study him in his many characteristics, we shall get a clear idea as to what Antichrist will be like. Be prepared to be shocked!

"Spear of Destiny", "Pursuit of the Holy Grail", and the bloodline of the "DaVinci Code" are all in play here -- today!


"Amidst All The Voices of Controversy About 'Dividing' Jerusalem, The Real Plan Actually Calls For Unifying The Holy City!"

If the "New Jerusalem Covenant Plan" is being followed during this upcoming "Peace Conference", you may see the final agreement unifying Jerusalem rather than dividing it. This dividing talk may be a ruse. -- https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2247.cfm

"Jerusalem Is Now The Stumbling Block - The Cup of Trembling - In This Upcoming Peace Conference"

Prime Minister Olmert of Israel has "hinted" that he might divide Jerusalem in the Peace Conference in November. Likud Party chairman backs Olmert, but Conservative Jews are up in arms.

Palestinians are insisting that they be given East Jerusalem as their capitol.
We have entered the time foretold in Zechariah 12!


"Key Understanding Of The 200-Year Battle Between The Catholic Jesuit Order And The Illuminati"

The "Grand Global Merger" of all Black Magick forces occurred in June, 1963, when the new Pope, Paul VI, ascended to the Chair of Peter. For the previous two centuries, the Masters of the Illuminati sought to take over the Vatican from within, while the Jesuit Order fought back, trying to take over the Illuminati. When Paul VI held up the Satanic Twisted Crucifix, he was signaling to the entire world that the "Great White Brotherhood" had taken control of the Vatican.



October 24, 2007



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish foreign minister arrives in Baghdad to persuade government to deal with PKK rebel strongholds in north

Kurdish rebels offer Turkey conditional ceasefire

Turkey pushes diplomacy ahead of possible attack

Turkish PM Erdogan hopes "developments" will avert incursion

Iraq to Help Turkey Crack Down on Rebels

US pressing to stop Turkish incursion into Iraq

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options

Why Turkey's army will stay home: The country's government is well aware that an all-out attack inside Iraq is exactly what Turkey's Kurdish separatists want

Diplomacy staves off Turkish incursion

Kurdish militants' other front: Iran

IRAQ: Aid agencies prepare for displacement near Turkish border

IRAQ: Violence-related deaths drop ‘remarkably’, say authorities and UN

US lawmaker accuses Blackwater of "significant" tax evasion: Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the US House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Bush seeks $46b more for wars

Two Iraqi militants killed, dozens held in sweep south of Baghdad

Bin Laden asks Iraq insurgents to unite

US suspends Iraq audit of DynCorp

Southern California wildfires burn 655 homes: 250,000 forced to flee

Jails, Hospitals, Nursing Homes Threatened

Forest Service Warns: 3 LA County Fires Might Merge - Governor Calls On 1,500 Guard Members To Support Firefighters

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Turkey: Why does Turkey hate America? Turks hate America more than any other people in the world

Burma: UN fiddles while Myanmar burns

Pakistan: Two suicide bombers targeted Bhutto: Top intelligence officer

Pakistan: Army takes possession of 26 combat helicopters from United States

Afghanistan: Gates says NATO fell short on war troops

Afghanistan: Corruption in government worries Afghans

Somalia: Somalia frees UN aid boss

Philippines: Makati blast not likely caused by bomb - police

Iran: Iran strikes defiant note ahead of crucial talks

Iran: Iran rocks its nuclear boat

Iran: President Ahmadinejad cuts Armenia visit short - decision was connected with unexpected developments in Iran

Iran: Cheney raises anti-Iran rhetoric

Dalai Lama formally installed as professor in US university: Emory University

Israeli - Palestinian War

US ambassador 'more hopeful' than ever for an Israeli-Palestinian deal

'Be prepared to fight any aggression': Syrian Chief of General Staff Ali Habib

IDF kills 2 senior Jihad gunmen in Jenin

Rudy Giuliani cites Israel when appealing to evangelicals

Maj.-Gen. (res.) Isaac Ben-Israel Reveals: Nuclear bomb won't destroy Israel - Iran 3 to 5 years away from bomb

IDF demands warning letters from Winograd Commission: Military legal rep demands warning letters be issued to officials set to be harmed by Lebanon war report

Qassam lands near strategic facility: Rocket fired from northern Gaza lands near Ashkelon's southern industrial zone

Palestinian workers smuggled in decoy 'police cars'

15 Terrorist Convicts, 15 Guards Wounded in Ketziot Prison Riot

Most fans applaud Rowling's "outing" of Dumbledore: School's headmaster is revealed to be gay

Bush Administration: The urge to confess on torture

Bush's faith run over by history

Economic News

Stock Futures point up after strong profits

Asian stocks rebound after overnight recovery on Wall Street

Ameritrade quarterly profit jumps 56 percent

AK Steel's third-quarter profit jumps

New York Times quarterly profit and revenue rise

Global stocks rebound

OptionsXpress 3rd-qtr profit rises 55 percent: Online Brokerage House


7 oil workers freed in Nigeria after 2 days in captivity

Two children of an oil worker have been abducted in Nigeria

OPEC oil output rises in October - OPEC concerned that prices are too high

October 22, 2007

If the "New Jerusalem Covenant Plan" is being followed during this upcoming "Peace Conference", you may see the agreement unifying Jerusalem rather than dividing it. This dividing talk may be a ruse.


Romney scores with religious right: Speaking at the Values Voters Summit - Struck all themes important to Evangelical voters


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

PM Erdogan Warns: Turkey does not need permission from anyone to defend itself

Pro-PKK agency names seven missing Turkish soldiers: During fierce Sunday fighting

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options

Turkey open to diplomacy in Kurd crisis with Iraq

Turkey mulls response to PKK raid after PKK raid killed 13 soldiers

US Defense Secretary Gates sees no imminent Turkish attack

Turkish Troops, Weapons Head Toward Iraq - Turkey tells US it expects a speedy response against the PKK rebels

Turkey bombards northern Iraq after ambush: Incursion fears grow as troops killed and captured

Turk minister plays down Iraq incursion

Kurdish Iraqi President orders rebels to disarm or leave

Iraqis who fled homes in fear face new terror as Turkey targets PKK rebels

U.S. says 49 militants killed in Baghdad raid on Sadr City: But Iraqi officials say women, children among dead

Blackwater unveils a kinder, gentler logo

Polish voters turn to pro-EU, anti-war party

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Karachi's Lesson - Religious extremists are threatened by a nascent power-sharing deal between Ms. Bhutto and President Pervez Musharraf

Pakistan: Bhutto Seeks Foreign Help to Find Attack Plotters

Bahrain: Two US sailors shot dead at Navy base in Bahrain - No indications of terrorist attack

Afghanistan: President Karzai says region must tackle terrorism

Afghanistan: Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan to be honored

Afghanistan: Gates Faults NATO on Afghanistan

Sri Lanka: Rebels attack Sri Lanka air base

Ethiopia: Ethiopian rebels say they killed 140 troops

Uganda: Uganda rebels surrender after fight



Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Palestinians offered Jerusalem olive branch: Israel is willing to hand over Arab east Jerusalem to the Palestinians as part of a new peace initiative

Most Israelis say no to sharing Jerusalem: 63% say "NO"

'Annapolis is preparation for Iran': Hamas senior Muhammad Nazal

Palestinian President Abbas confident solution will be found

'East Jerusalem pullout won't bring peace': Withdrawal needs to be accompanied by an agreement on he Old City and the Temple Mount

Academics wrestle with ramifications of dividing Jerusalem

Other News

Israel shaken by troops' tales of brutality against Palestinians

Toy guns cocked, Palestinian boys play at being militants

US accused of training Palestinian terrorists

Iran's Jews offered cash to make aliya

IAF air strike in Gaza wounds 4 Palestinian gunmen

Hizbullah: More Kidnappings will free POWs

Christians Bring Iranian Jews to Israel

Iran's president wants Israel's Jews moved to Canada, Alaska or Europe

Link to the First Temple discovered

Iran would need 3-8 yrs to produce bomb - IAEA chief - 'I want to get people away from the idea that Iran will be a threat from tomorrow,' says Mohamed ElBaradei

V.P. Cheney Vows: US will not let Iran go nuclear

Israeli PM Olmert, French President Sarkozy to discuss Iranian nuclear threat

Lebanese presidential vote delayed to Nov. 12

Hizbullah Warns: US base in Lebanon would be 'hostile act'

Economic News

Dollar recovers against euro as investors turn to safe haven currencies: Dollar is still considered a "risk-haven" currency

Oil corrects lower on profit taking: Traders shrugged off news that the conflict between Turkey and Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq had escalated into violence over the weekend

Briton among three foreigners snatched from Nigeria oil rig

Nigeria: Militants Attack Shell Facility

Scientists a step closer to steering hurricanes through seeding: NOTE" Massive disinformation, as scalar electromagnetic waves create, steer, and dissipate hurricanes (Read our section, "Weather Control / Weather Warfare")

Santa Ana Winds Feed California Wildfires; One Killed - 11 major wildfires have burned 30,000 acres throughout Southern California

In Pictures: California Wildfires

Las Vegas has embraced the twin trends of data mining and high-tech surveillance: With arguably more cameras per square foot than any airport or sports arena in the country


October 21, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

PM Olmert: I returned from Moscow reassured that Russia is opposed to Iran seeking nuclear weapons

Putin Tells Olmert: We know how worried you are over Iran

We can attack Iran, says Admiral Michael Mullen: "there is more than enough reserve to respond (militarily)"

Pakistan Continues In Turmoil

Bhutto bombing kicks off war against US "Regime Change" plan: Militants see Bhutto's return to Pakistani politics as a Western-backed coup against Islamists in Pakistan

After the night of the bloodbath, Bhutto's days of reckoning

People's Party 'told Musharraf about four plots to kill Bhutto'

White House is crossing fingers Pakistan's Musharraf will prevail

Karachi Charade: Benazir Bhutto's return is underpinned by a cynical political fix with President Musharraf that will only fan the flames of popular discontent

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Thirteen (13) Turkish soldiers killed in Kurdish PKK attack four days after Ankara parliament approves Iraq invasion: One consideration deterring a major invasion is Turkey’s heavy business stake in rebuilding the economy of Iraqi Kurdistan

Turkish PM urges US, Iraq to rout Kurdish rebels

Iraq parliament looks to condemn Turkey: Baghdad and Ankara were said to be considering a joint operation

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options

Iraqi President Condemns Syrian Support Of Turkish Threats

Raids cause death toll to rise in Iraq: Thirteen (13) people were killed following early morning raids in Iraq

Iraq’s ousted corruption buster seeks asylum in America: Judge Radhi Hamza al-Radhi reports death threats against him and his family

Bush can look to LBJ for a way out: President Bush has good reason to worry about his legacy

Gunmen seize 3 foreigners from Nigerian oilfield


Israeli - Palestinian War

No thanks, Mr. President: President Bush must have envisioned the War of Gog and Magog when he gave Israel the status of the spark that will ignite World War III

Palestinian gunmen planned to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Olmert: When he met with Abbas in Jericho on August 6

Fatah Men Who Tried to Kill Olmert Are Released From Jail by Abbas

To Annapolis via Jerusalem: Holy City seen again as the "deal breaker"

PM Olmert heads for Europe to discuss peace parley

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas Vows: I'll resign if Annapolis fails

British Gas deal keeping IDF out of Gaza

IDF kills 2 Palestinians in Gaza clashes

"Priestly Blessing" on Temple Mount: The "Priestly Blessing" (Numbers 6:24-26) was recited there, for arguably the first time since the 1st-century destruction

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: German's Chancellor Merkel aloof as public questions troop presence



Torture, starvation and death: How American boot camps abuse boys

Politics In The News

Real meaning of Rick's endorsement of Rudy: Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his support for the former mayor

Barack Obama Campaigns in East LA

Indian Immigrants' Son New Louisiana Governor

Giuliani Tries to Reassure Conservatives

Former POWS Struggle With Torture Debate

Poland votes in a snap election: Called two years ahead of schedule - Some are calling these elections the most important since the fall of Communism in 1989

October 20, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Russian President Putin calls on U.S. to set pullout date in Iraq

Turkey in tense border stand-off : Countries urging Turkey to pull back from the brink

Turkish PM urges Iraq to shut PKK camps

Kurds 'will fight Turkish raids'

US marines to face Haditha trial: 24 civilians were killed

'Chemical Ali' is transferred to gallows site in Iraq

Why I know weapons expert Dr David Kelly was murdered: By the MP who spent a year investigating his death - Kelly could prove Blair/Bush boldly lied about WMD in Iraq

Military surge spurs little political progress

Bomb wounds anti-Al-Qaeda cleric during Friday prayers in Iraq

Saddam jailer acquitted of aiding the enemy

U.S. report warns of new ethnic cleansing in Iraq: Between Sunnis and Shi'ites

Syrian President Assad warns disintegration of Iraq will spur violence across region

Alerted Guard units have served before

Blackwater wanted Iraqi military planes

House Spekaer Pelosi rebukes Stark for Iraq comments: Stark accused Republicans of sending troops to Iraq to "get their heads blown off for the president's amusement"

America in dire straits as China threatens to play Taiwan card

Economic News

Why the big one-day Stcok Market collapse should never happen again

Asian central banks seen intervening as US dollar weakens

Iran, World Bank to hold talks on implementation of 8 projects

Caspian Sea Summit - Held In Tehran

Caspian Sea leaders sign declaration: "only Caspian Sea littoral countries are allowed to use the resources of the sea"

Caspian summit rejects Iran attack from the soil of any of their countries: Is believed to refer to a possible US strike on Iran launched from Azerbaijan

Iran capable of firing 11,000 rockets into bases if attacked: Targets have already been identified

Caspian summit a triumph for Iran

Iran: Ready for nuke cooperation with other nations

Iran's nuclear negotiator resigns

Pakistan Continues In Turmoil

Bhutto bombing kicks off war against US "Regime Change" plan: Militants see Bhutto's return to Pakistani politics as a Western-backed coup against Islamists in Pakistan

Bhutto calls blasts an 'attack on democracy'

Pakistan rejects Bhutto accusations that government officials were complicit in her attempted assassination

Former PM Bhutto undeterred by attack: Death toll up to 136

Pakistan plans all-out war on militants

Pakistan lifts curfew: Pakistani forces and fighters have reached a ceasefire in northwest Pakistan where fighting killed some 250 people last week

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: Seeks more help as violence soars

Syria: Three die in Syrian military plane crash

Sri Lanka: Government Soldiers killed in Sri Lanka ambush

India: Deadly blast at Indian cinema

Philippines: Explosives caused Manila shopping mall blast

Sudan: Negotiations to save national unity government fails to reach solution

Sudan: North Sudan 'not involving South' in oil strategies

Israeli - Palestinian War

Secretary Rice tries to resuscitate moribund Middle East 'peace process'

Israeli Knesset speaker to meet with Palestinian Authority prime minister in Jerusalem on Sunday

Israeli Defense Minister Barak meets with UN Chief in New York: To back Peace Conference

Knesset Majority: ‘Don’t Divide Jerusalem!’

Rabbis 'Stunned' Over Concessions in Jerusalem

'Syria dismantling nuclear facility'

'Israel had mole inside Syrian facility'

Two killed in clashes between Hamas police, Fatah-allied clan

Hizbullah slams US call for "strategic partnership" with Lebanon's Armed Forces

PM Olmert: I returned from Moscow reassured that Russia is opposed to Iran seeking nuclear weapons

Putin Tells Olmert: We know how worried you are over Iran

Research libraries close their books to Google and Microsoft

Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case

New Hampshire: Sen. Gregg says global warming legislation deserves consideration

70 airmen punished in accidental nuclear armed B-52 flight

Bush's Spying Hits Americans Living or Visiting Abroad: Actual spying on American citizens went far behind the limits set by the law

New Headline News Articles

EWS2246 - "To Understand The Coming Antichrist, You Must Understand Adolf Hitler -- The Ultimate "Type" Of The Coming False Messiah"

Hitler was the perfect type of Antichrist, so if we study him in his many characteristics, we shall get a clear idea as to what Antichrist will be like. Be prepared to be shocked!

Spear of Destiny, pursuit of the Holy Grail, and the bloodline of the DaVinci Code are all in play here -- today!


NEWS2245 - "Jerusalem Is Now The Stumbling Block - The Cup of Trembling - In This Upcoming Peace Conference"

Prime Minister Olmert of Israel has "hinted" that he might divide Jerusalem in the Peace Conference in November. Likud Party chairman backs Olmert, but Conservative Jews are up in arms.

Palestinians are insisting that they be given East Jerusalem as their capitol.

We have entered the time foretold in Zechariah 12!


NEWS2243 -- "The "Fix" Appears To Be Set In Place For The 2008 Presidential Election -- Part 2

"The political time has arrived for Hillary Clinton to be Re-Cast into a Fundamental, Bible-believing Christian! This propaganda transformation will convince millions of undiscerning Christians that Hillary is now a genuine believer, much as the transformation which convinced millions that George W. Bush is a genuine Christian."


NEWS2242 -- "The "Fix" Appears To Be Set In Place For The 2008 Presidential Election -- Part 1

Hillary Clinton is showing all the earmarks of a "Chosen" candidate!

"Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton" -- All from Yale University and all with Secret Society ties!


As America pushes toward the beginning of the 2008 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton suddenly is being pushed by Mass Media as the darling candidate of the Democrat Party. Just as Texas Governor George W. Bush was pushed for President over a year before the election, so Hillary is being pushed now. As one author stated, she has assumed "an air of inevitability"!

Even President Bush is said to be quietly aiding Hillary's victory, assuming she will be the 44th President!

This article is first in a series about how the Illuminati controlled Mass Media is controlling Hillary's monumental push to the Presidency. We also post previous articles which Cutting Edge had written, during the time of the Bill Clinton presidency. If Hillary is about to become our 44th President, we need to remind ourselves exactly who she proved herself to be when she served as the "Co-President" with Bill from 1992-2000.

Presidents Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton

Is America Going To Be Ruled By Four Presidents From Yale University?

NEWS2244 -- "Key Understandings Of The 200-Year Battle Between The Catholic Jesuit Order And The Illuminati"

The "Grand Global Merger" of all Black Magick forces occurred in June, 1963, when the new Pope, Paul VI, ascended to the Chair of Peter. For the previous two centuries, the Masters of the Illuminati sought to take over the Vatican from within, while the Jesuit Order fought back, trying to take over the Illuminati. When Paul VI held up the Satanic Twisted Crucifix, he was signaling to the entire world that the "Great White Brotherhood" had taken control of the Vatican.


October 19, 2007


Israel Warns World War III May be Biblical War of Gog and Magog -- Israeli newscasts featured Gog & Magog maps of the likely alignment of nations in that potential conflict

Iran brushes off Bush 'World War III' warning



"The Mitt Romney Deception", by Brian Camenker, MassResistance, November 20, 2006


Russia Ascending

Putin says Iraq War shows need for strong Russia army

Putin Reassures Olmert: We know how worried you are over Iran

Putin touts new nuclear weapons against US

Putin's Hostile Course: Moscow is gravitating towards Cold War behavior

Washington sources say President Bush is displeased with Olmert’s trip to Moscow for talks with Putin on Iran’s nuclear threat

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Pakistan says Islamist militants behind Bhutto attack: 133 killed, 290 wounded

I need the blessings of the people: Benazir Bhutto

President Musharraf condemns attack on Bhutto's convoy

Zardari blames Pakistani intelligence for bomb blasts

Bhutto's lethal welcome confirms worst nightmare

Diary and timeline of Bhutto's travel back to Pakistan

Timeline of recent major attacks in Pakistan

Warning letters delivered to thousands of Jewish families in Iran advise them to leave the country without delay


Israeli - Palestinian War

Rice lowers expectations ahead of peace conference

Israeli Defense Minister Barak’s talks in Washington focus on upgrade of Israel’s anti-missile capabilities against Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Palestinians

Israel PM upbeat after Iran talks in Russia

On Palestinian TV, All of Israel to be Replaced by 'Palestine'

Bush keeps mum about Israel/Syria strike

Syria denies it confirmed target of IAF strike was a nuclear facility

UN blames interpreter's error for report Syria has nuclear facility

Likud official infers Temple Mount not Jewish holy place

God is speaking loudly to the Jews, but once again they are not listening: God gave Israel stewardship over the Temple Mount

Olmert has dared to 'offer up Temple Mount'

Israeli MKs call for undivided Jerusalem

Rise in settlers' violence against Palestinians in Hebron

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Egypt: President Mubarak's condition undergoes sharp decline - Mubarak's son Gamal would assume a higher profile over the next few weeks

Philippines: Bomb kills eight and wounds 70 in Philippine mall

Sudan: U.S.-brokered truce in southern Sudan is collapsing

Sudan: Oil fueling crisis - graphic


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish bid to pursue Kurds poses quandary for Iraq

Iraq wants Kurdish separatists to leave soon

Turkey says Iraq incursion not immediate

Quickly approaching Winter limits Turkish army options

Support Slips in House for Genocide Vote Against Turkey

Syria backs Turkey on incursion

4,000 Pennsylvania National Guard troops are likely headed to Iraq late next year

'Chemical Ali' is transferred to gallows site in Iraq

Law waived to allow Kuwaiti firm to build U.S. embassy in Iraq: Embassy compound will be the size of 80 football fields

Criminal probe into U.S. Embassy in Iraq construction

Stark Raving Mad: Congressman Stark Accuses President of Deriving ‘Amusement’ from American War Dead - Video

Leader Boehner Calls on Democratic Rep. Stark to Retract Statement, Apologize to American Troops and their Families

Defiant PM Brown commits Britain to EU treaty

Taiwan leader dismisses China peace overture


"War On Terror"

US lawmakers apologises for torturing Canadian: Also called on the Bush administration to apologise to Maher Arar, a Syrian-born software engineer still barred from entering the United States even though the Canadian government has cleared him of any links to terrorist groups

Packaging 9/11, Terror and the War in Iraq: Many voters still believe the Bush lie

Most fake bombs missed by airport screeners: 75% not detected at LAX; 60% at O'Hare

Democrat Pollster: 1 in 4 GOP Women Will Support Hillary Clinton

Senator Brownback to abandon Republican presidential bid

The Early Word: Dubious Campaign Donations

Google's 3Q Profit Climbs 46 Percent to Top Analyst Expectations

Michigan likely to avoid winter's big chill: Upcoming Michigan winter is predicted to be warmer than usual

October 18, 2007



Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Bush warns of World War III if Iran goes nuclear

Russians Will Finish Iranian Nuclear Power Plant – Putin Promises To Help Defend Iran From Attack From The West

Putin gave Iran "special" atomic message

Before it's too late: Olmert expected to tell Putin Israel will not accept nuclear Iran, will weigh all options to remove such threat

Archived Article: "Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?"

Bush’s gift of victory to Iran’s hardmen: With its every move in Iraq, the White House has strengthened the hand of Tehran

Caspian Summit News

Caspian summit a triumph for Iran

Caspian states won't let soil be used for any attack

Iran determined to protect its interests in Caspian region

Putin and Ahmadinejad lead Caspian Sea Tehran summit in reciprocal non-aggression pledge

Energy-rich Caspian becomes center of U.S.-Russia power struggle


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish Parliament Overwhelmingly Approves Iraq Mission

Turkey urged to hold off on Iraq action: US and other Western allies, as well as Baghdad

Iraq scrambles to head off Turkish threat

Iraqi Kurds call for direct talks with Turkey

Turkey into Iraq? Easier said than done

Speaker Pelosi hedges on Turkey genocide resolution vote: Pelosi suggested a final vote on "genocide" resolution may not occur

Iraq awards contracts to Iran and China: $1.1 billion in contracts to build a pair of enormous power plants

Iraq insurgency leading to separate tribalism: Sectarian militancy has become the dominant element of violence in Iraq. This is drastically altering the map of Iraq

Has the US Ceded Southern Iraq?

Pentagon wants one single authority over the 10,000 contractors in Iraq

Iraqi prime minister seeks quicker withdrawal of Blackwater USA

Car bomb exploded Tuesday near an Iraqi army checkpoint in Baghdad, killing at least six people and wounding 25

Pentagon to alert 8 Guard units for duty

U.N. chief urges Iraqis to seize on relative calm

Adrian Hamilton Editorial: The Iraq effect is far from over in British politics


Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Bush upbeat about Middle East peace conference: Will lay the foundation for a Palestinian state and broader regional peace

Rice sees "reasonable" chance for Mideast peace

EU urges Israel, Palestinians not to squander opportunity for peace conference

Israel signals readiness to cede parts of Jerusalem to Palestinians

Defense Secretary Barak’s talks in Washington focus on upgrade of Israel’s anti-missile capabilities against Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Palestinians

Israel's Olmert to pay snap visit to Russia: Will talk to Putin on several issues - 1) The peace process with the Palestinians 2) Iran's threats and its attempt to equip itself with nuclear weapons

Also NOTE: Russia is a member of the "Quartet of Nations" and thus must be kept in the loop about the Peace Conference in late November

Olmert and Putin will discuss kidnapped IDF soldiers

France to host donor conference for Palestinians: Conference set to be held in December, after US peace summit, and hosted by French Foreign Minister Kouchner

Other News

Israel cannot be destroyed, says former Mossad chief

Iran shows off new missile, taunts Israel: Islamic Republic displays long-range Ghadr-1 missile during parade that calls for 'death to America and Israel'

Russian army chief, unlike US and Israel, does not believe Iran can develop ICBMs any time soon

Restricted Implications: Israeli government's measures against Palestinians only serve to perpetuate suffering and encourage the spread of extremism

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Supporters hail Bhutto’s return from exile

Pakistan: Bhutto weeps on her return to Pakistan

Pakistan: The Benazir Bhutto factor this time around

Pakistan: Thousands flock to greet Bhutto despite Al-Qaeda threat

Burma: Myanmar dissidents renew plea

Somalia: United Nations agency WFP, halts food aid in Somalia

Indonesia: Evacuated Indonesians return defying volcano alert

Bush and Congress Honor Dalai Lama: Present him with highest civilian honor

China protests US honouring of Dalai Lama

U.S. Library of Congress introduces plans for world digital collection: Of rare cultural materials

Former CIA chief -- James Woolsey -- says at conference that energy independence vital to national security

Wall Street Poised for Rebound: Helped encourage investors that the third quarter might come in better than expected

TSX outpacing gains on Wall Street

Yahoo notches Wall Street win; Aims to be Internet ’starting point’

Russia test fires ballistic missile: RS-12M Topol' rocket, with the NATO designation of SS-25 Sickle and configured for a mobile platform

Great Britain plans to extend sovereignty in Antarctica

October 17, 2007

Breaking News

Israel's Olmert to pay snap visit to Russia: Will talk to Putin on several issues - 1) The peace process with the Palestinians 2) Iran's threats and its attempt to equip itself with nuclear weapons

Also NOTE: Russia is a member of the "Quartet of Nations" and thus must be kept in the loop about the Peace Conference in late November

Turkish Parliament Overwhelmingly Approves Iraq Mission

Roadside Bomb Kills 7 Iraqi Police

Iran Charges: Russia Made Nuclear Proposal

Drug-resistant staph deaths may surpass AIDS toll


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish parliament set to authorize cross-border military strikes at Kurdish rebel bases in N. Iraq: But PM Erdogan prefers restraint

Turkey’s premier indicated yesterday an attack on Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq would not immediately follow an expected go-ahead from Parliament

Iraq urges Turkey not to stage cross-border offensive

Turkey into Iraq? Easier said than done - could easily turn into a quagmire

Support Wanes in House for Turkey Genocide Vote

Oil Falls From a Record as Concerns Ease Over Turkish Offensive

Car bomb in Baghdad kills 6

Bombings strike Baghdad and northern Iraq as extremists show they can still hit hard

Iraq will need British military support in the south of the country "for some time"

Iraq Drawdown to Begin in Volatile Area: 1st of 5 Army Brigades to Withdraw From Iraq Will Leave Volatile Diyala Province

U.S., British Militaries May Deploy Flying Saucers

Returned Student-soldiers have to adjust to life without war

Father tries to finish story of son killed in Iraq

Blackwater chief ready for battle

It's the resistance, stupid: ultimate nightmare for White House/Pentagon designs on Middle East energy resources is not Iran after all: it's a unified Iraqi resistance, Sunnis and Shi'ites

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Olmert hints at Jerusalem split: Israeli prime minister has indicated that he may be willing to address one of the most significant obstacles to the Middle East peace process

UTJ's opposition hardens after Olmert's speech

Jerusalem is ours, warns Likud Party

'Likud could let Muslim country run Temple Mount'

Peres: No intention to divide Jerusalem - it is clear that the holy sites must remain under our control'

Lieberman lays out Jerusalem plans: During tour of City of David, strategic affairs minister says Israel 'prepared to swap territories and populations'

Israeli MKs tell Washington: Annapolis conference doomed

Abbas Calls for Final Status of State on US Summit Agenda

Rice pushes Israelis, Palestinians toward middle

Saudis urge Hamas and Fatah to form new coalition

Rice wins support from skeptical Egypt for Mideast peace conference

Secretary Rice tours Jesus' birth grotto

Other News

IDF kills Hamas gunman in Gaza clash

More than 60% of Gaza residents live below poverty line

PM Ehud Olmert and defense chiefs inspect long-range missile Arrow interceptor unit Tuesday

Syrian officials have admitted that the site attacked by the Israeli air force last month was a nuclear facility

Terrorists Arrested: Self-Proclaimed Muslim Messiah Shot by Hamas

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Attack fears as Bhutto heads home - Police seal roads and ready bomb disposal squads - Fears Islamic militants could try to kill her

Pakistan: In praise of Pakistani Pervez Musharraf

Sudan: In southern Darfur, signs of another massacre

Burma Regime change could create another Iraq war

Burma: The geopolitical stakes of 'Saffron Revolution'

Indonesia raises alert level at volcano, orders evacuation

Dot-com fever stirs sense of déjà vu

Caspian summit a triumph for Iran

President Bush Defends Rapist-Murderer To Appease Mexico: by Chuck Baldwin

Masters of war plan for next 100 years

American Politics In The News

Rudy Unloads On Hillary During FOXNEWS's Hannity & Colmes: 'What is her experience'?

Hillary wins, scam or not, and there’s nothing you can do about it: ”She was practiced at the art of deception, I could tell by her blood-stained hands” -- Mick Jagger

Giuliani Tells Obama 'You're No Reagan'

Bob Jones III endorses Romney for president: Even though Romney is Mormon!

Gore Says He Doesn't Plan Run for U.S. Presidency

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan Commemorates Million Man March

Senate Gears Up for Mukasey Confirmation: Lingering Justice Dept. Controversies, Mukasey's Legal Interpretation to Top Agenda - Bush appointed Mukasey to replace Gonzales as A/G

Market Overview: Equities put in robust showing but dollar continues to tumble

Drug-Resistant Staph Germ's Toll Is Higher Than Thought

U.S. honor for Dalai Lama angers China: China criticizes U.S. plans to honor Dalai Lama with Congressional Gold Medal, America's highest civilian honor

Techs Set to Lead Wall Street Higher: Wall Street was poised for a rebound Wednesday after several technology sector leaders posted third-quarter results that topped analysts' expectations

Stock Futures climb on strong profits

Oil Falls From a Record as Concerns Ease Over Turkish Offensive - ``If we don't see an escalation of the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds, we'll see a sharp decline of $5 or $6,'' said Hannes Loacker, an analyst at Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG in Vienna

Oil price surge obscures emerging refinery cushion: The recovery in refining capacity could end a three-year squeeze on global fuel supplies

NIST Admits Total Collapse Of Twin Towers Unexplainable: Implicitly acknowledges controlled demolition only means by which towers could have fallen at free fall speed

Epidemic Of Police Brutality & Harassment Sweeps America & UK

All the "Conspiracy Theories" About George W. Bush have come true

October 16, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Rice in Egypt seeks support for ME talks: Frankly, it's time for the establishment of a Palestinian state"

Palestinian Negotiator Qurei considering quitting: Not convinced Israel is serious

Prime Minister Olmert hinted he would agree to relinquish control of some east Jerusalem neighborhoods during a speech at the Knesset

The Road to Annapolis: There is ample good reason for not convening a conference unless success is a near-certainty

Rice: No timetable for final status accord - Hints Peace Conference could be delayed until December, if necessary

Other News

PM Olmert: Hizbullah swap 'reasonable,' but soldiers' freedom is far off

Israel and Hizbullah Make Deal; Sick Terrorist Freed

Egyptian police uncover smuggling tunnels leading to Gaza

'Hizbullah handed over Ron Arad papers'

'Mideast peace is high on our agenda': Hillary Clinton and John McCain vo

IDF kills 2 Palestinians in West Bank

IDF Paratrooper uprising following prison terms for some soldiers

U.N. Human Rights Envoy Recommends U.N. Quit the Quartet - If the international body does not address alleged human rights violations by Israel

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.N. watchdog asks Syria about "undeclared" atom plant - has asked Damascus about information that such a site was targeted by an Israeli air strike

Lebanese Forces stop attack against peacekeepers

28 killed in Sri Lanka fighting

Japan adds to pressure on military government of Burma

China Warns US Over Award for Dalai Lama - Bush to award the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize laureate the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal

US Expresses Confidence: North Korea to Stop Enrichment This Year


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Car bomb strikes in central Baghdad, killing at least 3 people

Second Iraqi journalist killed in 2 days

Iraq: Attack at Base Kills 5 Iraqis

Militiamen clash with US, Polish forces in Iraq

US, Iraqis discuss Blackwater's status: Baghdad wants security company expelled within 6 months

British to leave Iraq: Will likely leave entirely by year's end

Locals begin to savour the calm of Basra without Brits

Iraq mission 'nightmare with no end': Retired Lt. General Sanchez reveals

Iraqi women 'killed at random' by private security guards

Family of slain Iraqi woman demands justice

Gates Expects to Approve Army Expansion

America compromised by Gestapo tactics in Iraq


Russia Moving Into Middle East

Russia's Military Moves 'a Problem': Assertive Russian Military, Now Seen as Second Only to America's

Russian President Putin Arrives in Iran for Historic Visit - Will also attend a Caspian sea summit

Putin, in Iran, Warns on Pipeline Crossing Caspian Sea

US Defense Secretary Gates says all options on table for Iran

Hillary Clinton would use violence against Tehran

Moving Turkey Into Russian/Iranian Orbit

Turkish General: 'U.S. shot its own foot'

US explores alternative airbase after row with Turkey

Turkish government seeks parliamentary approval for Iraq incursion against Kurdish rebels

Turkish PM hopes Iraq incursion won't be needed

Putin Warns Against Use of Force on Landmark Visit to Iran

Turkish troops shell Iraqi border village

Attacks cross Iraq-Turkey border: Farms set ablaze

Are the United States and Turkey on a collision course?

Turkey should not add fuel to the fire: Hot heads in Ankara need to cool down

Caspian states won't let soil be used for any attack

Magnitude 4.2 earthquake hit San Bernardino County, California, early Tuesday, sending judders across the region

Large quakes shake South Island: 6.7 and 6.2 magnitude - New Zealand

Politics In The News

Clinton Edges Obama in Cash on Hand: Holding nearly $35 million cash on hand for the presidential primary contests to his $32 million

Fred Thompson says he's the real conservative

Romney spent $21M in 3Q; Giuliani $13M

GOP targeting Clinton on phone-call snooping

US still engaged in torture of terror suspects: House Speaker Pelosi

Cartoonist David Horsey Puts Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize In Perspective

Economic News

Chrysler's local UAW leaders approve tentative labor contract

GM says contract to shift $46.7B in health care liability to UAW

GM job costs to plummet


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