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September 28, 2007

October 1-15 , 2007


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Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Our rulers rely more on impulse than reason when they take us into war

Wisdom amid a world tired of the US megaphone

US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly: Critics maintain that this rule would violate the US First Amendment right of assembly - a "government-coerced informational windfall"

Technology for paperless boarding passes adopted

Washington abuzz with talk of tiny "dragonfly spies"

Kucinich Calls For B-52 And New 911 Investigations

Riot police storm pub after a smoker lights up in protest to the ban

Israeli - Palestinian War

Pre-emptive caution: The case of attacking Syria's possible nuclear reactor

Hizbullah, Israel dismiss reports that captured soldiers are in Iranian hands

Secretary Rice Begins Long Process in Middle East: struggling to bring Israelis and Palestinians close enough to make a planned U.S.-hosted peace conference worthwhile

Rice to Meet With Palestinian President

Rice entry to West Bank delayed: Because of security concerns

'Israel, Hizbullah moving towards prisoner exchange deal'

Egypt frees key Hamas terrorist

Jewish Settlers halt outpost negotiations

37% of Israelis willing to cede sovereignty in Jerusalem's holy sites

Olmert under investigation – again: Attorney General launches third investigation against prime minister


Moving Turkey Into Russian/Iranian Orbit

U.S. House speaker vows debate on Armenian genocide resolution: Nancy Pelosi vows to bring measure to full House floor - Turkey furious

Majority Leader Hoyer says House will pass Armenian genocide resolution

Turkish General Issues Warning on Genocide Debate Bill: Relations with US will be "irreversibly harmed"

Turkish troops mass on Iraq border

PKK threatens bitter fight

Turkish forces fire 250 artillery shells into northern Iraq

Nobel committee expands definition of 'peace': That explanation is only reason Al Gore received the top "Peace" prize

Threat to kill Putin during trip to Iran: Security agencies say they uncovered bomb plot -- Tehran insists allegations are invention of 'enemies'

Iran denies murder plot against Putin

Putin's security team dismisses threats: Saying Putin will face no security threats during his trip to Iran


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq attacks target worshippers and police, kill 27: Journalist working for Washington Post fatally shot in separate incident

5 killed, 17 hurt in attack on US-run base south of Baghdad

US, Iraqis discuss Blackwater's status

Private guards set for bigger role despite fury at Blackwater deaths

Head of Blackwater defends mission in rare TV interview

Republicans fire back at Lt. General Sanchez for Iraq war criticism

Slain militant is senior Qaeda figure: US claims

The Kurdish Example of Wisdom In Partitioning Iraq: Kurdistan Regional Government has shown itself to be a model for the democratic transition in Iraq

Powerful Shi'ite Cleric Sadr blasts call for federalism from rival Shiite politician

Shiite leader visits Iraq Sunni province

Iraq has become a war even elections can't end: Here's an insidious trend in American democracy: the withering of majority rule

Democratic hopefuls quibble over war

Unruly Man Dies After Being Tasered by Police at Vancouver Airportt

Vatican official insists he's not gay - Was only pretending to be gay with a young man as "part of doing his work"

Republican Delusions: There is something degrading going on in the national Republican Party as it prepares to contest the 2008 presidential, congressional and state elections

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: Taliban 'Use Korean Hostage Cash to U.S., U.K.'

Pakistan: Civilians killed in military strike

Pakistan: Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto's return sparks assassination fears

Pakistan: Musharraf's Power Hangs In the Balance

Tibet: Tough Times - Dalai Lama will be welcomed to Washington this week, where he'll receive the Congressional Medal of Honor

Venezuela: Castro Speaks by Telephone With Chávez on TV

India: No nuclear deal with US

Mexico/US Border fence delay challenged

Chinese President Hu offers peace talks with Taiwan

A Person Could Develop Occult: There must be a rational explanation for all the supernatural phenomena on television. So many shows this season prey on the paranormal

October 14, 2007


Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly: Critics maintain that this rule would violate the US First Amendment right of assembly - a "government-coerced informational windfall"

Technology for paperless boarding passes adopted


Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

PM Olmert appoints Foreign Minister Livni as head of Israeli negotiating team: For Peace Conference

Peres, Herzog Warn: Don't expect miracles at ME summit

Palestinian negotiator Qureia: Solve divisive issues BEFORE M.E. parley begins

'Abbas to Hold Talks with Hamas after Annapolis'

Arabs skeptical of U.S. peace effort

PA Stiffens Demands as Rice Flies to Region

The right kind of tradeoff: Road to peace includes handing over Israeli territory populated by Arabs to Palestinian Authority

Peace Virus Is Back: Failure of peace conference in Annapolis could be turning point for the worst

Other News

ISRAEL-SYRIA: Separation of families “priority humanitarian issue” - ICRC official - Now that Palestinian - Lebanese Army conflict is over

Egyptian Police fire on African refugees trying to cross into Israel

IDF Troops hit Kassam launch-squad in Gaza

Israeli air strike was on partially constructed Syrian nuke reactor

Intelligence which led to IDF strike in Syria sparks debate in US: Is intelligence credible enough to warrant change in American diplomatic policy?

Behold A Pale Horse

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish troops mass on Iraq border

Secretary of State Rice urges Turkey restraint on Iraq: Urges leadership to refrain from any major military action

Turkey scorns Rice with threat to attack Kurds: Turkey’s prime minister, warned America to stay out of the dispute: “Did they seek permission when they came a distance of 10,000km and hit Iraq?”

Despite the crisis in US-Turkish relations over Armenia vote, Ankara has not ordered the Turkish army to push into northern Iraq: Small Turkish armored and reconnaissance units have been operating inside Iraqi Kurdistan for some time, marking out targets and routes

Inside Story: Caught between an Armenian anvil and Turkish hammer

'No end in sight' in Iraq: Retired Lt. General Sanchez

White House Doesn't Return Sanchez's Fire

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer Dismisses Sanchez Iraq Criticisms

General Petraeus lets slip the ugly truth of this war: Admitted he did not know if the Iraq War had made America safer

New evidence emerges that Blackwater security guards took no hostile fire

At key U.S. Army Base, officers split over war

Australia calls federal election: Iraq War will be one of the key issues in the campaign

Shiite leader favors self-rule: Iraqis must press to create autonomous regions, Ammar al-Hakim

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Iraq veterans deserve more than post-combat negligence

How the Kremlin watchers were fooled

Secretary Rice Worried by Putin's Broad Powers

After Rebuff, U.S. Secretaries of Defense and State Reach Out to Russian Civic and Human Rights Advocates

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Terrorists in training head to Pakistan

Pakistan: Election is a joke, but no laughing matter

Sudan: UN in talks to rescue Sudan deal

India: China's top communists to take notice of resurgent India

Nepal parliament delays meet amid peace deadlock

British PM Brown plans to start the E.U. Treaty fightback by attacking Eurosceptic Tories

Wall Street keeps sunny side up ahead of earnings reports

Wall Street fills up on McDonald’s profits

Small cap firms are the race cars of Wall Street

World's Largest Banks May Pool Billions to Avert Securities Sell-Off: $75 billion fund could be used to buy risky mortgage securities and other assets, a move designed to ease pressure on a crucial part of the credit markets that threatens the broader economy

Words 'Mom' and 'Dad' banished by California: Schwarzenegger signs law outlawing terms perceived as negative to 'gays' - Also banned words "husband and wife" - bill also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' required for city employees: Lawmakers blast 'political propaganda': 'This is about wasting taxpayer dollars'

Gore's climate theory savaged: by one of the world's leading meteorologists has described the theory that helped Al Gore win a share of the Nobel prize "ridiculous"

Gore's Nobel win stirs hope — and speculation - Will Gore enter 2008 Presidential race?

Global Warming Takes Center Stage: With Al Gore's Victory, the Fight Against Global Warming Has Only Just Begun

Gore's Prize: A fraud on the people

Feats Divide Pair Linked by Election: A Tale of War (Bush) and Peace (Gore) - Liberal viewpoint

Conservatives Dismiss 'Anti-Bush Trophy'

Giant Atmospheric Undular Bore Waves Over Iowa


October 13, 2007


Nobel economist endorses Chávez regional bank plan: Chavez plans to create a pan-regional bank for Latin America

Bush Presses US Congress on Latin America Trade Deals

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US General criticises 'incompetent' leadership of war: Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez! "No end in sight"

Blackwater USA guards shot at Iraqi civilians as they tried to drive away from a Baghdad square on September 16

UN urges probe into Iraqi civilian killings

Gunfight on Iraq's border with Turkey

Turkey 'ready to pay the price' of Iraq offensive

Turkey's PM Erdogan to seek nod for Iraq push from Turkey's Parliament

General Petraeus in his labyrinth: Plan is to manufacture consent for an American attack against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) inside Iran

Baghdad: 4 killed as car bomb explodes near police patrol

One dead after Iraqi police convoy comes under attack in Kirkuk: Target was deputy police chief, but he survived

Iraq bombings kill 5, 1 near playground

Suicide bomber in car kills eight Thursday night in Baghdad cafe

Blood of women and children stains Iraq's Eid


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Gore Shares Peace Prize for Climate Change Work

Bush faces 'inconvenient truth': Call it Al Gore's revenge

Gore Gains Power as Well as Prize

Gore in 2008? All signs point to no

2 Winners, and 2 Approaches to Spreading the Word on Climate

Gore Kills in Cannes Film Festival

Global Warming Hits Home, Harder: Editorial

Cutting Edge Headline News Article:

"Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!" (NEWS2193)

Illuminati Plan: ""… secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat … to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order" [Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 27]

Bird flu kills an Indonesian boy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Supreme Court blow to Bhutto's power-sharing hopes - Rules she could still be convicted on corruption charges should she return to the country

Pakistan: 'No let up' in war on terror -New Army Chief vows

Afghanistan: Little brides and grooms - Some are married at 3 years of age!

Afghanistan: Taliban chief seeks neighbours' help

Thailand: Turn of the political screw as Thailand’s military-appointed interim government is collapsing

Malaysia: Authorities take the rock out of music

Saudi king urges unity among Muslims

US-Russia Missile Defense Talks Fail

Arms sales: How the US is not winning friends - US sells death and destruction as a fundamental instrument of its foreign policy

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Iran's Ayatollah calls on Muslims to boycott Annapolis peace parley

Diplomacy: Annapolis, here we come - or here we go again - Editorial

'We'll back Abbas if Hamas included': European Union

Palestinian Negotiator Reports "Serious" Progress in Talks With Israel

Jerusalem Emerges as Stumbling Block in Mideast Peace Talks

Hamas warns against ‘trap’ of Israel

Palestinians Want 6-Month Deadline for Reaching Peace Deal

Israel Warns: Gaza arms smuggling could nix Annapolis meet

Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman Warns: Peace talks could bring about government's collapse

Abbas, Olmert can make deal despite weakness-Blair insists

Israel, PA agree Jordanian control of Temple Mount: As part of future peace agreement

MK Eldad Laments: If Israel gives up Temple Mount it will lose its right to exist

Other News

Israel braces as US-Turkey crisis erupts

Israeli strike kills Palestinian militant in Gaza

Damascus understands that it needs peace with Israel

More Iraqi children brought to Israel for heart surgery

Israeli archeologist stoned near Temple Mount

Tehran and IAEA wrap up initial round of talks on nuclear work

Economic News

Technology leading Wall Street higher

Dow, S & P rebound for gain on week

US stocks gain on retail sales increased more than expected

McDonald's Corp on Friday forecast third-quarter earnings above the average Wall Street estimate

Economists see a lessening chance of recession

Number of rigs actively exploring for oil and natural gas in the United States was up this week by 12 to 1,767

After 700 years, Vatican comes clean on history's good knights: Vatican now says that knights were falsely tortured into admitting participating heresy, idolatry and sodomy

India-China "IT" partnership takes giant step: Huge potential for Sino-Indian collaboration in information

October 12, 2007



Global Warming Propaganda Speeds Up

Al Gore, U.N. body win Nobel Peace Prize: Global Climate Change Key Theme

Can He Save the Planet and Win the Presidency?

Nobel Peace Prize citation excerpts

Nobel Peace Prize winners since 1975

Cutting Edge Headline News Article:

"Five Major Created Global Disasters Are Being Constantly Preached To The World As Reasons To Form The Global New World Order!" (NEWS2193)

Illuminati Plan: ""… secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat … to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order" [Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 27]


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkey set to attack Kurds in Iraq

Turk PM confirms plan to allow Iraq incursion

Turks react angrily to genocide resolution: Turkey recalls ambassador from U.S. and threatens to withdraw its support for Iraq war

Israel braces as US-Turkey crisis erupts

Has the US Ceded Southern Iraq?

Unable to Defeat Mahdi Army, US Hopes to Divide It

Iran 'has played pivotal role' in Shiite peace deal

Bomber hides explosives in children's toys: One child killed, 13 others wounded

15 women and children killed in US assault

Iraqis detest guards of security firms

UN supports prosecuting Iraq contractors

Pentagon chief expresses support for sharp cut in British forces in Iraq

Six Iraqi insurgent groups team up to drive Americans out

Speaking at UK, McGovern says it's time to leave Iraq: Says US has repeated its Vietnam War mistakes

Six-Figure Bonuses Retain US Commandos: Pentagon has paid more than $100 million in bonuses to veteran Green Berets and Navy SEALs

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Israel warns Fatah against peace dialogue with Hamas

European Union would support Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas if he reconciled with Hamas

PA releases 25 Hamas prisoners: Goodwill gesture on the eve of Id al-Fitr, the festival ending the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

Hamas leader warns Abbas against peace concessions to Israel

Palestinian Authority would accept concessions made by Israel in the Taba discussions that took place six years ago

'Don't raise core issues at ME parley': Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman urges

Inside Story: Can Condi 2007 trump Baker 1991?

Jewish Editorial: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has to take some chances for peace with the Palestinians at next month's summit in Annapolis

TV Authority Refuses "United Jerusalem" Ads: Campaign designed to counter Olmert's plan to divide Jerusalem as part of peace deal

Other News

Disengaging from reality: Western Wall Tunnel riots reminder of dangerous belief in false peace messiah

Rice seeks Israeli 'clarification' on land grab

Syria tries to clear rumors of nuclear activity: invites international journalists to tour Deir ez-Zor site which was target of the Israeli Air Force attack - to prove it is nothing but an agricultural center

Official: All cases against Olmert will probably be dropped - lack of evidence

Jerusalem pre-schools left without security: Many Jerusalem day care centers started the new school year without guards - any terrorist could walk right in

'US war with Iran will cost too much': Arab viewpoint

Russian President Putin says Iran is not building a nuclear weapon

War clouds loom ever more menacingly over Iran

Japanese man kidnapped in Iran

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

India: Two Kashmir rebels killed in raid on police post

Pakistan: French arms deal with Pakistan risks US ire

Afghanistan: German lawmakers extend Afghan mission

Asian Muslims swarm home to mark end of Ramadan

Saudi Arabia: More than 2 million offer prayers at Haram Mosque

Sudan: Southern party recalls ministers and advisers

14-year-old accused of hatching high school assault plot: So troubled he has been home schooled for past 18 months - accused of planning a "Columbine-type" assault on Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (Pennsylvania)

Politics In The News

Senator Clinton Says She'd Negotiate With Iran

Republican Presidential Hopeful Sam Brownback Trying To Revive His Campaign: Will cooperate with Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Joe Biden to offer a diplomatic solution in Iraq

Democrat John Edwards Denies Tabloid Report of Affair

Gay Rights Backers Split on Bias Bill

Liberal Base Proves Trying to Democrats

US Budget Deficit Falls to $162.8 Billion in 2007, Lowest Level in 5 Years - Treasury reports record revenue levels

Euroshares open lower following a heavy sell off on Wall Street: Experts expect a return to the 'rising trend' later in the day

Stocks Trade Higher on Wal-Mart Forecast: Other retailers also are reporting better than expected sales - latest government economic reports also appeared to please investors

Ex-Mexican prez: 'Amero' on the way - Vicente Fox confirms long-term deal worked out with President Bush

Bank of the South sets launch date on Nov. 3 in Venezuela: Is the South American Union about to be launched?

October 11, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Claims of a turning point in Iraq are just wishful thinking

Turkey's prime minister gave the green light for possible military action in northern Iraq to crush Kurdish rebels: US warned against action

Turkish PM may request Parliament for N. Iraq incursion Thursday

Turkish warplanes target rebel positions on Iraqi border

US Marines Press to Remove Their Forces From Iraq - To be sent to Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Gates denies 'broken' Army but acknowledges stress

2 Coalition Force Troops Killed in Iraq: During attack on Camp Victory, a sprawling base near Baghdad's airport that houses the headquarters of U.S. forces in Iraq

At least 22 killed, 30 wounded in two early-Tuesday blasts targeting Baiji police chief and tribal leader

U.S. kills 13 linked to al Qaeda in Iraq: Military claims

U.N. says America must prosecute Iraq contractors who commit crimes

State Dept. May Phase Out Blackwater

Russia's Putin sees no proof of Iran nuclear arms plans

Russia warns against hasty Iran action

Israeli - Palestinian War

US plans new military presence in Lebanon including big air installation close by Syrian border

Gaza estraint Policy Must End: Deputy IDF chief

Hamas says Gaza rule 'temporary': Hinting Islamic group could give up control of Gaza

1,000 rockets and mortars have been fired since Hamas takeover

Undercover border police kill Palestinian Fatah suicide bomber on his way to central Israel from West Bank town of Jenin

Winograd panel will next week announce its decision on assigning personal responsibility in Lebanon War

The New Magician: Despite low approval rating, Olmert able to boost his status, set the agenda

Israel believes captive soldiers dead: Were captured by Hizbullah last year

Israeli Police resume interrogation of PM Olmert

Israeli Comptroller prevents firing of corruption investigator: Is leading corruption probe of PM Olmert

Peace Conference News

Diplomats to push Israel, Palestinian Authority declaration

Palestinians open to possible land swap: Former Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia says PA is ready to yield parts of West Bank if compensated with equal amount of Israeli territory

Palestinian Chairman Abbas wants state in 98% of West Bank

Olmert’s ministers float improbable fantasies as façade for non-progress in his dialogue with Palestinian leader Abbas

US stages its first national security and air maneuvers simulating responses to terrorist and radiological “dirty bomb” attacks: Called "TOPOFF 4" - Between 10/15-20

Economic News

Chrysler-UAW Contract Ends Strike, Echoes GM Accord

Wall Street trims losses at the close; Nasdaq ends higher

Wall Street Firms Buy $180 Million Stake in TradeWeb: Growth in electronic trades boosts the bond-dealing network

US Energy Secretary sees plenty of winter heating oil

U.S. House panel raises furor on Armenian genocide: Calling Turkey's mass killings of Armenians during World War I a "genocide"

Bush urges Congress to reject Armenian genocide resolution

Turkey Blasts Armenian Genocide Bill

China and Taiwan flex military muscles

Nobel laureates feel vindicated as climate change moves to forefront of the debate

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Africa: The devastating cost of Africa's wars: £150bn and millions of lives

Pakistan: Former Premier Bhutto Won't Delay Return to Pakistan

India: Internet revolution reaches India's poor

Lebanon: Palestinians return to refugee camp in northern Lebanon

Politics In The News

Senator Clinton calls for national Internet system, research tax credits: Her latest speech directed at the middle class appeals

Hillary Clinton vows to check executive power: Would curb use of signing statements

Clinton Cites Lessons of Partisanship: Senator Says She's Best Equipped to Unite America

Romney, Giuliani spar over budgets: Clash fuels GOP debate; Thompson makes debut

Bush throws down gauntlet to China with Dalai Lama meeting

Moral Collapse

Cleveland high shcool teen shoots in school, wounds 4, kills himself

'Dear Abby' announces support of same-sex marriage


October 10, 2007


Bush’s torturers follow where the Nazis led

Bush Adminstration Effectively Utilized "State Secrets" Defense In Persuading Supreme Court To Refuse To Hear Torture Case

The Un-American Way of Torture: American citizens must face the fact that torture is happening ‘in their names’ and by their country - despite George Bush's denials

Al Gore tipped to win Nobel Peace Prize: Controversial move that could place saving the planet above saving people from war and conflict

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Leading Americans Ask U.S. Military to Refuse Orders to Attack Iran

Republican presidential hopefuls talk tough on Iran

King of Nuclear Bluff: Despite Iran’s doubtful nuke progress, Ahmadinejad’s nuke blackmail is hugely successful

France faces hard sell on Iran sanctions

Iran says it has developed new smart bomb

Iran wooing, winning over leaders in Latin America: Warm reception a sign of how much cooler region's relations with U.S. are now

Dollar closes stronger

Warm winter predicted across most of USA

Oil steady ahead of US inventory data

Mrs. Clinton's rope-a-dope strategy: Working brilliantly against Senator Obama

Actor Thompson falters as US presidential candidate

Rudy, Mitt Romney go punch for punch at GOP debate


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert: Either establish Arab State or face 'Tear-Soaked Struggle'

Labor Party will leave Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government when the final Winograd Report on the Second Lebanon War is released

IDF Lawyer Urges: Notify those who will appear in Winograd report

Winograd Report May Exclude Personal Recommendations

New book takes us on the trail of objects taken from Second Temple

Israeli PM quizzed over Frank Lowy link: Part of corruption probe

Cheney, Rice divided over Israeli intelligence reports on Syrian nuclear warhead capability

Saudi Arabia must prove it will not use "smart" weapons against Israel to complete a proposed arms sale: Certification sought by members of Congress

Israeli plan for new road draws outrage: Billed as a bid to help Palestinians, critics see it as a 'segregated' road

IDF kills wanted Palestinian in Nablus: Was a member of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Selective Palestinian Outrage: Abbas blasts Israeli strikes, but remains silent over Palestinian casualties in Lebanon

Palestinian to sue Great Britain for 'aiding Israeli oppression'

Abbas' Newspaper: 'Allah, Kill Americans' - featured a cartoon this week that illustrated a prayer for the killing of Americans

Undercover Hi-Tech Campaign and Anti-Missionaries

Taiwan flexes military muscle: Taiwan's President denounces China's "totalitarianism, authoritarianism and dictatorship" in a speech marking the island's National Day

China has promoted senior military officers with experience in planning for war over Taiwan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Civilians killed in military strike

Pakistan: 250 dead in 4 days of fighting - Government fighter jets strike in an attempt to roust insurgents

Korean Peninsula: North Korea marks "miracle" nuclear test

Video of bin Laden leaked: Leak rendered certain intelligence-gathering capabilities ineffective -- White House said it was not responsible for the leak


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkey's prime minister gave the green light for possible military action in northern Iraq to crush Kurdish rebels: US warned against action

Guards in a security convoy opened fire on a car at an intersection in central Baghdad Tuesday: Killing two Christian women - Gunmen were in a convoy of four SUVs commonly used by private security companies and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior

Iraqi Officials Condemn Deadly Shooting By Foreign Guards

Iraq Demands $136 Million for Families in Blackwater Shooting

Blackwater's zeal made U.S. situation worse: The private security company made enemies of ordinary Iraqis

Violence in Iraq kills 56

Iraq car bombings death toll rises to 22

Sentaor Biden's gutsy proposal for Iraq: Partition with weak federal government and three semi-autonomous regions

British Foreign Secretary Miliband throws lifeline to Iraqis employed by British forces: More than a thousand Iraqi interpreters and other civilians who have worked for at least a year for British troops and diplomats

Bush's Global 'Dirty War': Bush has transformed elite units of the US military – including Special Forces and highly trained sniper teams – into “death squads” with a license to kill unarmed targets on the suspicion that they are a threat to American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Guards in a security convoy opened fire on a car at an intersection in central Baghdad Tuesday: Killing two Christian women - Gunmen were in a convoy of four SUVs commonly used by private security companies and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior

Suicide Car Bombings Kill 10 in Iraq: Local police chief and Sunni official were targets, had turned against extremist insurgents

US Army: Raid in Baghdad kills 5 gunmen; 3 detained

Turkey and the Kurds on the Brink: After 13 Turkish soldiers were killed by rebels

U.S. Condemns PKK Attack in Turkey, Warns of Threat to Iraq

Polish Defense Minister: Iraq bomb blast not related to Polish troops

Great Britain Britain will drastically reduce the number of troops in by early next year

Great Britain Is Helping Iraqis Achieve Self-Security

Baghdad US embassy incurs extra costs of $144 million

Filipinos deny coercion over job with Iraq contractor building US Embassy

Iran 'has played pivotal role' in Shiite peace deal: Iraq politicians say

Sunni leader calls on Iraqis not to fight Al Qaeda

Iraq’s fearful Yazidis cancel festival: Were the target of deadliest single attack since the 2003 US-led invasion in August

Trucks roll as Iran reopens Iraq border

Iraq demands Blackwater pay £4m to each victim's family

Retired Major Gen. Batiste continues to blast Bush over war: Army is in decay, the spirit of the troops is broken

Economic News

Goldman profit amid turmoil signals big changes on Wall Street: Goldman Sachs, increasingly perceived as the world's biggest hedge fund, will report record earnings for 2007

Signs point to quarterly decline in oil: Oil traders and analysts have never been so pessimistic since Bloomberg News began a weekly survey in April 2004, with 75 percent of respondents saying they expected prices to fall

Euro ministers fall short of pressing dollar

Wall St up as earnings season begins

Wall Street Expects Big Q3 From Amazon.com

Tech stock happy days are here--yet again?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Israel, Palestinian Authority dealing with 'core issues'

Suspend talks with Abbas: Shas Party Chairman Yishai Urges - Leader of Right-wing religious party angered over possible division of Jerusalem

'We must control all of east Jerusalem': New Palestinian State must have East Jerusalem as its capital

37% of Israelis willing to cede sovereignty in Jerusalem's holy sites: Poll also reveals that 52% of Israeli Jews willing to change Jerusalem's status as part of a permanent peace agreement with Palestinians

Analysis: Speed bumps on way to parley - Israel must move slowly to protect its security

Israel Says Peace Conference Not Enough

Failure to advance the peace process at next month's conference in Annapolis could trigger worse violence than the second intifada that followed the failed Camp David talks in 2000

Arab experts hold low expectations for Mideast peace conference

Political advisor to the Palestinian PresidentAbdul-Rahman Insists: “Success of the Peace Conference depends on American guarantees”

Syria reasserts condition for participation in peace conference

Other News

Defense Minister Barak: Complete missile protection near

Israel, Egypt to ratify trade agreements

Police questioning PM Olmert about Bank Leumi stock tender

Winograd Committee on the Second Lebanon War Will Not Recommend Firing PM

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Our World: Pakistani Nightmare - President Musharref weakened during his Presidential campaign

Pakistan: Scores of militants killed in Pakistan clashes

Pakistan: Pakistani civilians flee after clashes kill 195

Burma: Villagers flee Myanmar’s deadly landmines

Turkey: Relations between Turkey and Syria reach highest level possible - Turkey's Foreign Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU talks

Turkey: Turkey may cut support to U.S. over Armenia bill - if the U.S. Congress backs a bill branding as genocide the 1915 massacres of Armenians by Ottoman Turks

Iran: IAEA envoy due in Teheran for nuclear talks

French President Sarkozy heads to Russia for frank talks

The U.S. is not a 'Christian nation': Editorial


October 8, 2007


Bush Repeats His Heresy: All religions pray to 'same God' - told Arab reporter on Friday, 10/5/2007

C/E Newsletter October 30, 2004 - Paragraph I - Bush tells Charlie Gibson on an ABC's 'Good Morning America' interview that he supported the right of gays to have "civil unions" and that Christians pray to the same god as do Muslims

George Bush smooths path for Hillary

More Signs The Bush People Are Preparing For President Hillary Clinton (And Don't Really Care)

Off-Duty Wisconsin Deputy Sheriff Kills 6

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi President Backs US Senate Proposal to Decentralize Iraq: President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd

Kurdish rebels kill 13 Turkish soldiers: Troops responded by shelling an area near Iraq to try to stop the rebels from escaping across the border

Iranian border with Iraqi Kurdistan stays shut

Iran arming militias in Iraq: General Petraeus charges again

Blackwater Shootings Were ‘Murder,’ Iraq Says

Will Blackwater Security be reproved?

9 killed in Baghdad blasts

Iraq official says 'big fat no' to attack on Iran - National Security Adviser opposes any military attack on Iran

Iraq's Shi'a Rivals Make Peace

British PM Brown to make deep cuts in troop numbers and offer asylum deal to Iraqi interpreters

American Soldiers "Dehumanising Iraqis"

Suicide bombers head to Iraq from Damascus



Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference News

Israel, PA agree on Jordanian control of Temple Mount

PM Olmert denies report that Jordan will have custody of Temple Mount in final peace agreement

The Battle for Jerusalem Begins: Pressure mounts on Israel to hand over half of the capital to the Palestinian Authority

Minister for Strategic Threats Avigdor Lieberman Under Attack for Statement on Dividing Jerusalem

Abbas Still Insisting on 'Right of Return' for Arabs

Turkish FM warns of delicate situation in the Middle East: Tensions are escalating throughout the whole region

Palestinians see rifts with Israel on peace draft

Can Annapolis Host Mideast Peace? Time Editorial

Other News

Jordan Replaces Palestinian Authority in MK Elon's Peace Plan

Turkish FM demands details of IAF raid into Syria

IAF attacks mortar cell near Gaza fence

Analysis: Netivot attack could mean end to defensive posture - Because it was carried out by a new rocket, the "Grad-type Katyusha"

Abbas to dismantle Force 17: Plan to incorporate elite unit into Presidential Guard part of comprehensive reorganization of PA security bodies

Return the Shebaa Farms: Israel should take advantage of Syria's agreement to hand over disputed land to UN control

IDF officer lightly injured in Nablus gunfire

'Israel will survive' says author: Middle East analyst Mitchell Bard says Muslim nukes pose greatest threat to country's survival

Moslems Descend on Jerusalem for Last Ramadan Friday

"Second Hakafot" Dancing Across the Country: As Jews closed out the eight days of Sukkot/Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah

A values agenda for the next president: America is richer than ever, but its Families have never been so impoverished - Values Collapse is seen everywhere

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

The Iranian bear hug: Arab leaders must form united front to counter Iranian threat before it's too late

Senator Byrd Laments: Byrd: Senate’s ‘Saber-Rattling’ Is ‘Sleep-Walking’ America To War With Iran

Prominent Americans Ask Military To Refuse To Attack Iran

Bush’s gift of victory to Iran’s hardmen: With its every move in Iraq, the White House has strengthened the hand of Tehran

Anti-Ahmadinejad Students Call for 'Death to Dictator'

British PM Brown Falls Behind in Polls as He Rules Out Election

War on terror a disaster: Oxford Research Group think tank report urging policy changes

Pakistan: Musharraf escort chopper crashes

Afghanistan: U.S., Taliban in for the long haul - Analysis: Both sides are increasing ranks in Afghanistan, six years after initial strike

October 7, 2007

"War On Terror"

Ex-CIA Robert Baer Questions Use of Torture, Official 9/11 Story

CIA still operates 'black sites' overseas: Senior counterterrorism official

US Presses India to Probe Saudi Investments: To ensure that profits from India's investments to not flow to terrorists

Dow and S&P hit records on solid jobs report: Report rekindled optimism about the U.S. economy

Supply concerns limit fall in oil prices

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Senator Byrd Laments: Byrd: Senate’s ‘Saber-Rattling’ Is ‘Sleep-Walking’ America To War With Iran

Prominent Americans Ask Military To Refuse To Attack Iran

Bush’s gift of victory to Iran’s hardmen: With its every move in Iraq, the White House has strengthened the hand of Tehran

The fallout from an attack on Iran would be devastating: Drumbeat of war in Washington is growing - and so must public pressure against British involvement in such folly

Hawaiian Islands Contaminated With Ballistic Uranium: Contamination occurred from Depleted Uranium spotting sites at 45 locations


Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran key to Israeli-Palestinian peace: Editorial

Grad-Katyusha Rocket Hits Netivot, 11 Kilometers from Gaza

Palestinian Christian found dead in Gaza: Was director of the Teacher's Bookshop, Gaza's only Christian bookstore, which is run by the Bible Society of Gaza Baptist church

Israeli Troops kill Gaza gunman who threw grenade at them

Syria marks 34th anniversary of Yom Kippur War: Syria holds State ceremonies, parades marking anniversary of self-proclaimed 'glorious Arab victory'

No More Excuses: Definition of prisoners with 'blood on their hands' exaggerated

Gaza banks may shut down by year-end: Israel's financial clampdown may lead banks in Gaza to shut down creating a cash shortage

PA Arabs Attack in Judea, Samaria and Gaza

PM Olmert faces fraud probe

Israeli Air Raid Into Syria - There's more to it than meets the eye

Peace Conference News

PM Olmert told his cabinet that an upcoming US-sponsored Mideast peace conference will not replace direct negotiations with the Palestinians

Palestinian Refugees lobby against 2-state solution

Security and Defense: Goodwill gesture or kiss of death? A Third Intifada possible if upcoming Peace Conference fails

PA Official: We won't come to conference without Declaration of Principles

US to Invite Syria, Arabs to Summit


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Nine died in three separate bomb attacks over 90minutes in Baghdad

Iran arming militias in Iraq: US General Petraeus

British PM Brown accused of 'humiliating retreat' after ruling out snap poll

Iraq Exit Logistics

Two Shiite leaders sign peace agreement

Democrat Presidential Candidate, John Edwards, Slams Top Clinton Strategist's Ties to Blackwater Security

GOP lawmakers grow restless on Iraq policy: Compliance among House Republicans who largely backed President Bush on the war appears to be fading

Iran plans to reopen border with Iraq

After the bombs, lingering car wrecks haunt Iraqis

New U.S. military leaders question Iraq mission: Beginning to question the mission and sound alarms about the toll the war is taking on the Army and the Marine Corps

Name-calling war overshadowing debate on Iraq: 'General Betray Us' ad, Limbaugh's 'phony soldier' reflect tone of elections


National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War

Kurdish regional government defends its oil deals with international energy companies

Iraq Kurds need Baghdad's nod for oil exports

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Lebanon: Christian split in Lebanon raises specter of civil war

Afghanistan: Afghan Suicide Attack Kills US Soldier

Afghanistan: Gun down a terrorist, face ‘friendly’ fire

Pakistan: Musharraf 'elected to third term' as President - But, Supreme Court could still choose in upcoming weeks to disqualify the U.S.-backed general

Pakistan: Supreme Court unlikely to annul Musharraf victory

Pakistan: 20 militants, 2 soldiers die

Burma: Myanmar junta says 78 more people arrested

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka says its forces sink Tamil Tiger arms ship

Russian President Putin keeps leadership contenders in play in new govt

Former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov will be appointed head of the country's foreign intelligence service

US Intelligence Chief Appeals to Congress Not To Weaken Surveillance Powers

US Lawmakers Urge Delay in Spy Satellite Program: Bush administration is planning to give domestic law enforcement agencies increased access to powerful spy satellite technology

President Bush, State of Texas at Odds Over Death Case

Politics In The News

Romney tries to woo evangelicals: Conservatives' third-party idea provides incentive

Giuliani ahead, but he's not a lock for GOP nod

Giuliani Blames Spending for '06 Losses: "We lost control of Congress because we were just like the Democrats as far as spending is concerned - shame on us"

Iowa to be crucial test for Democratic presidential field

Moral Collapse

N.Y. Archdiocese Issues Ultimatum To Suspect Catholic Priests: Leave Or Enter "Shepherd" Program - also be asked to sign a contract stating they will not be alone with a minor, celebrate mass or other sacraments or appear in clerical attire and cannot use Internet "inappropriately"

600 People To Pose Nude At Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach: "We're going to have people on the balcony posing very much like the Tower of Babel meets Logan's Run"

Souteast Asia: Typhoons bring massive flooding

October 6, 2007

Bush seeks NAFTA expansion to Peru: Advocating open trade across hemisphere 1 nation at a time

NOTE: This above news story confirms Cutting Edge prediction! NEWS2139

'Amero coming within decade': Strategist expects currency changes as Canadian dollar matches greenback

Wall Street Cheers Jobs Report: Not too high to keep the Fed from cutting rates, but not too low to spook markets

September Jobs Growth Eases Recession Fears

Oil falls as dollar gains on strong US jobs data: Stronger than expected US employment data


Israeli - Palestinian War

Peace Conference Taking Shape

Palestinian Chairman Abbas: Teams drafting joint statement for peace summit to meet Monday - Israeli officials say date is 11/26, although US has not confirmed

Rice urges support for ME peace talks: Senses momentum among Israelis and Palestinians to end their conflict

Bush 'optimistic' about Mideast peace: "I'm very optimistic we can achieve a two-state solution" - Also dismissed as gossip that the United States had plans to attack Iran in a few months

Bush on Arab TV says US is 'country of peace'

Bush: US will defend Israel

Palestinian President Abbas: Jerusalem is the key to peace

Editorial - "The Gathering Storm"

Other News

'Israel wants to drag the ME into war': Hizbullah spiritual leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

Egypt uncovers smuggling tunnel leading to Gaza Strip: Tunnel to smuggle explosives, weapons and money to gunmen in Gaza Strip

Hamas Pays Salaries in Cash: Rather than use banks as Israel tightened a financial clampdown on the Palestinian territory

Israeli Police Out in Force for Islamic Friday Prayers in East Jerusalem

Iran's president calls wants Israel's Jews moved to Canada, Alaska or Europe

Behold A Pale Horse

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Kuwait opposes partition of Iraq

Turkey launches new raid on PKK: In southeastern Turkey, near Iraq border

Iraq vets say Pentagon is denying benefits

US army kills at least 25 insurgents north of Baghdad

Bush: Terrorists don't represent Islam

Rice ordered all diplomatic convoys in Baghdad to travel under the supervision of U.S. government security officials: after allegations that the department's private guards, Blackwater USA, have engaged in unnecessary violence

Congress passes bill to govern private armies: Would make Blackwater and other private security contractors in Iraq and other countries subject to US law

Roadside bombings kill prominent Iraqis: Roadside bombs killed the top Shiite official in a volatile area south of Baghdad and an anti-al-Qaida Sunni sheik to the north

Archbishop of Canterbury speaks of Iraq damage: Far more than has been acknowledged

Black gold turns grey as Western giants prepare to draw from the wells of Iraq

'As you swim there’s gunfire. It rather mars the pleasure’

'Iran won't negotiate over nuke rights': Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: Taliban poised for a big military push

Afghanistan: Why? Six years from the invasion of Afghanistan - As another British soldier is killed in Afghanistan, Patrick Cockburn asks what is the point of the mission

Afghanistan: US convoy in Kabul hit by suicide blast - killing at least one soldier and five Afghan civilians

Pakistan: Court Setback for Musharraf - he pressed on toward a power-sharing deal with former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, signing an amnesty to quash corruption cases against her

Pakistan: Lawyers clash with police as Musharraf vote starts

Pakistan: Election in turmoil

Pakistan: Taliban bombers await Bhutto's return - don't accept President Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto because they only protect the US interests

Burma: US diplomat summoned for talks with Myanmar gov't

Burma: UN envoy outlines Myanmar 'abuses'

Lebanon: Lebanon presidential hopeful: No place for Hizbullah 'mini-state' - Boutros Hard tell Reuters next president must find ways to integrate Hizbullah into army

Zimbabwe: Merkel calls situation disastrous

Nigeria: 10 Christians slaughtered over alleged Muhammad cartoon - 61 injured, 9 churches burned, hundreds displaced after rumored 'insult' to Islam

Korean Peninsula: North Korea 'committed' to disarming

Korean Peninsula: North Korean-China trade hotter than kimchi - Cross-border business is booming

Bush Says US Does ‘Not Use Torture'

Damage done to Episcopal and Anglican churches over fight over homosexual priests

Archbishop of Canterbury in U.S. to prevent split over gay bishop


October 5, 2007



Losing Our Freedoms

Democrats Want to See Interrogation Memo: Two secret memos that reportedly authorize painful interrogation tactics against terror suspects - despite the Bush administration's insistence that it has not violated U.S. anti-torture laws

Secret Memos put White House on defensive over torture: Facing accusations it was covertly torturing terrorism suspects and holding them in secret "black sites."

US denies breaking torture laws after memos exposed

CIA 'secret sites' detention program still active

Torture Laws: Explicit consent?

The Danger of Bush's Torture(d) Stance

Angry Voices: Torture, Iraq, the Veto

Chris Matthews says Bush administration has "finally been caught in their criminality": Playing "Hardball" with the Prez

Surveillance Video: Gotbaum's Last Moments At Phoenix Airport - Attorney: Police Actions May Have Killed 45-Year-Old

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Conquer And Divide: The inertia and impotence of Iraq's central government is fuelling renewed talk of partition in the country

Partition of Iraq dangerous to us and whole region - Kuwait Emir warns

Is The Partition of Iraq The First Step In A Zionist Project For Partitioning The Entire Middle East ? Russian Viewpoint

Roadside bombings kill prominent Iraqis: Killed the top Shiite official in a volatile area south of Baghdad and an anti-al-Qaida Sunni sheik to the north

U.S. says it kills 25 in Iraq gun battle

Iraq struggles with cholera outbreak

Execution of "Chemical Ali" delayed in Baghdad

'Phony soldiers' comments continue to roil Iraq war debate: Both sides are cranking up the volume regarding Moveon.org's Petraeus ad and Rush Limbaugh's comments about soldiers who don't support the war

Reduced charges urged for Marine who killed Iraqis: Investigating officer says murder charges not justified in deaths of Haditha civilians

British PM using troop pullout from Iraq to distance himself from Bush: Iran claims

Anger over Iraq and over Bush prompts calls for secession from the US for the State of Vermont

Blackwater faulted in US military reports

Iraqi judge tells US of unchecked corruption

'Amero coming within decade': Strategist expects currency changes as Canadian dollar matches greenback

Turmoil In Pakistan

President Musharraf Urges Move to Full Democracy in Pakistan

Musharraf's woes won't end with vote: The Pakistani president appears set to win reelection, but analysts predict he will continue to face protests and instability

Pakistan election can go ahead

Editorial: A Swiftly Melting Planet

Global warming could save lives - Skeptic

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

South Korea sends envoys to US, neighbors - To brief them on a new deal with North Korea calling for multinational talks to formally end the Korean War

No One's Backyard: Latin American countries are uniting against Bush and Blair's past patronisation. It's time to think again about the whole region

Amazon group bans logging, mining

US envoy to meet Burma's leaders

China says Myanmar (Burma) junta crackdown an 'internal affair'

Jimmy Carter, Bishop Tutu publicly denounce Sudan government for Darfur violence

US, Iran play with fire

IAEA chief urges patience with Iran

Bill Clinton: Hillary wants me to restore image of US

Sex-sting Senator won't resign: Vows to stay in office after all

US stocks finish modestly higher


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians seek deal deadline: Palestinian minister has called for a six-month deadline to complete a deal with Israel following the Middle East peace conference

C/E Headline News Article: November Israeli - Palestinian Peace Conference Is Taking Shape! A Palestinian State is the Objective - Six-Month timeline now urged, same length of time when Israel was formed 1947-1948

PA official denies key issues will be put on hold

Hamas Warns: Fatah has launched an insurgency against us in Gaza

Troops kill gunman near Gaza fence

Israel 'blinded' Syrian radar: how did Israel's non-stealth jets infiltrate Syrian airspace undetected? Israel used new US-developed technology that lets users invade and manipulate enemy communication networks

Syrian parliament member says ‘Israel operation failed’

Bush Warns Syria: Don't meddle in Lebanon

Christians march for Israel: 500 Christian Zionists take to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem streets in support of Israel against Syrian, Iranian threats


Disease-lab inspections weighed for an overhaul: CDC mulls surprise checks; oversight of the labs is called a "black hole."

Bird flu mutates to infect humans


October 4, 2007



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iran says US too tied up to fight: Iraq and Afghanistan

In search of the definition of an Iraqi state

Iraq's dismemberment is not America's business

Chemical Ali’ execution postponed for Ramadan

Poland's Iraq envoy wounded, bodyguard killed: Triple bomb attack on his diplomatic convoy in central Baghdad

Iraqi PM: Iraq to Take Basra in 2 Months

Iraqi Kurds sign four oil deals with international energy companies: News is likely to upset the central government in Baghdad and the US

US Defense Chief Wants More Military Control of Security Contractors in Iraq: Secretary Robert Gates

Death Toll Climbs To 17 killed in Blackwater shootout - 24 more wounded

Blackwater reveals a murky business

Head of Blackwater, U.S.A., has a lengthy political pedigree as a Republican

FBI to investigate Iraq shootout by Blackwater

Iraqis to Pay China $100 Million for Weapons for Police: Experts Fear More Will Go to Insurgents

British Foreign Secretary Hague goes on the attack over 'failed' Iraq policy

Shiite pilgrims converge on Najaf despite fears of violence

War opponents return fire: Talk show host Rush Limbaugh's 'phony soldiers' comment on antiwar vets sets off another partisan feud over an ad

French President Sarkozy and the Euro's "perfect storm"

Climbing Euro sparks concern

Why China has it wrong on Myanmar (Burma)

Cracks emerge in Myanmar military unity

Bush Veotes Child Health Plan

Veto of child health plan sparks political clash

Two Koreas make peace and prosperity pact: Agreed today to press their superpower allies for a peace treaty to end the world's oldest and bloodiest cold war conflict

South, North Korea Agree To Develop Economic Projects

Turmoil Continues In Pakistan - Bush's Key Ally In 'War On Terror'

Pakistani President Musharraf spells out plan for reconciliation

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto: Corruption charges remain

Musharraf to bar U.S. in Pakistan: If re-elected he would not allow U.S. forces to attack terrorist targets inside Pakistan

Both sides await results of Hariri's talks with President Bush: Left alone, lebanese 'can reach a deal

Iran terror label bites deep: White House poised to add insult by formally placing Iran on the terrorist list of the US State Department - following Senate vote labeling Iran's Guard force as "terrorist

President Bush Warns of Nuclear-Armed Iran

Most Americans want tougher action on Iran: About 80 percent of Americans say Iran's contested nuclear program is for military purposes


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Statehood Conference News

Abbas 'disappointed' by Olmert's stance ahead of Mideast parley

PA wants 'sweeping deal' before summit

Five former State Department and Pentagon officials are proposing Israeli and Palestinian capitals in Jerusalem: But would exclude Arab refugees from returning to Israel as part of a Middle East accord

Palestinian Authority official denies key issues will be put on hold

Sxecretary Rice plans trip to Israel next week: Trying to bridge differences between Israel and the Palestinians

Abbas agrees to talk to Hamas: Fatah ready to launch secret dialogue with rival movement

What next for Israel? Apologize to enemies for existing

President Bush Vows: US will 'defend its ally Israel'

Other News

Syrian guerrilla group 'ready for attacks': Hezbollah-like cells plan provocations to force war between Damascus, Israel

3 Hamas policemen hurt in Gaza blast

Hizbullah getting stronger in Lebanon

New poll shows growing discontent with Hamas rule in Gaza

Explosions at Sderot gas factory wound 2

Oil down as US crude inventory swells: Dollar strength weakens investment

London shares close higher; financials gain: Wall Street recovering most of the ground it lost earlier in its session

Weak dollar prompts record foreign buyouts of U.S. companies

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations - Under Gonzales, Justice Department carried out an expansive endorsement of the harshest interrogation techniques ever used by the Central Intelligence Agency

Politics In The News

Ron Paul Raises $5 Million for Bid

Roman Catholic Arch-Bishop Would Deny Communion to Giuliani

Giuliani Compares Clinton to '72 Nominee, George McGovern

October 3, 2007


Questions Raised Over "TOPOFF" Terror Exercise Next Week: Three fictional ``dirty bombs'' go off and cripple transportation arteries in two major U.S. cities and Guam

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Polish ambassador hurt in Iraq bombing

27 dead, 39 wounded in fresh violence in Iraq

Car bombs hit Basra, Baghdad

US defends lack of progress in Iraq

British PM Brown Visits Basra: Pledges that 1,000 troops will be home for Christmas

Tories attack Brown over Iraq 'photo opportunity': For flying into Basra for surprise visit

In search of the definition of an Iraqi state

Blackwater defends Iraq activities

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards: Limit Private Security Firms

Blackwater a black stain on U.S.

US troops watch over Iraqi pilgrimage

Senator Obama lays down his antiwar marker: Democrat cites the speech he gave before the Iraq invasion and draws a contrast to his top presidential rivals

Congressmen propose war tax

Cost of Iraq war revealed: Decades-long expense tallied

House calls for plan to pull forces from Iraq

Iraqi Christians forced to leave

The Realignment of Iraq - Now clear that it was Sunnis, not Shi'ites, who waged war against Americans

Turmoil In Pakistan - Key Bush Ally In War On Terror

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto Granted Amnesty: Will return to the country October 18

Musharraf would share power with Bhutto

Musharraf opponents submit resignations: As part of their efforts to undercut President General Pervez Musharraf's re-election bid

Pakistan's Leaders Guarantee Musharraf New Term

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Relatives say soldier hinted at concerns over her safety in Afghanistan: "She had concerns about things she was seeing when she was over there ... She told us if anything happened to her, that we were to investigate it" - was discovered in a ditch with single bullet in her head

2 bomb blasts hit outside shopping mall in Turkey

14 Philippine Soldiers, Extremists Slain in Clash

Koreas summit opens with discord

North Korea withdraws summit extension offer

Venezuela, US talk, ties still strained

Fresh wave of arrests in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar's poverty crisis: Almost a quarter of Myanmar's children do not live beyond the age of five


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Statehood Conference News

Abbas and Olmert prepare for talks: Are meeting in Jerusalem for further talks ahead of a US-sponsored peace conference in November

Abbas willing to consider Egyptian mediation with Hamas: Trying to achieve unity prior to statehood conference

'Summit failure may ignite new intifada': Fatah officials warn

Shooting mars Gaza prisoner release: Prisoners were released in an effort to bolster Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president ahead of a US-sponsored conference which will discuss Palestinian statehood

Other News

Israel admits air strike on Syria

Israel lifts military censorship on Sept. 6 Israeli air force attack Tuesday, 24 hours after Assad’s partial admission: Syria cannot attack until Russians solve the problem of Israeli penetration of the air defense system

Political echelon in Jerusalem was not consulted by the censor over its decision to lift the strict veil of secrecy over an air strike on a Syrian target last month

Gag order on Syria raid lifted due to Netanyahu interview

4 die in explosion at Hamas headquarters

Congress approves $1.2 billion worth of US-funded Israeli arms purchases, including 50 huge GBU-28 guided bunker busters - aims at replenishing the seriously depleted Israel Air Force stocks of missiles, bombs and fuel to their level prior to the 2006 Lebanon war, ready for any potential war contingency

Photographer reportedly hit by IDF fire

President Assad denies his country behind killing of anti-Syrian Lebanese politicians

Files raise questions on Guantanamo prisoner transfers

Are they terrorists or 'naive losers'? Did the FBI foil a 2006 plot to bomb Chicago's Sears Tower, or did it finance a fictitious plot to serve as an election-year victory in the war on terrorism?

Economic News

U.S. Gulf storm not hurting offshore oil output

Global oil prices down from peaks on profit taking

Wall Street mixed after record streak

US loan crisis will not affect global growth: American crisis now under control

Popularity of French leaders falling

The Arctic's alarming sea change

Aussies lose confidence in US and Bush



October 2, 2007


Economic News

Iran slashes oil transactions in Dollars: The vast majority of transactions for oil from OPEC's number two producer are now being carried out in euros

Wall Street Soars As Credit Concerns Ebb

Hong Kong stock market surges 3.9 percent to record close, tracking Wall Street gains

Nikkei at 8-week high as financials gain

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan says credit crisis may be ending

Oil Prices Slip As Dollar Strengthens

Oil prices retreat for third straight day

Oil Prices Slip Further in Asia

Australia onshore oil discovery at least 120 million barrels

President Putin suggests he could become prime minister of Russia

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

The Bush administration's ties to Blackwater: Blamed in the deaths of Iraqi civilians, the private security firm has long ties to the White House and prominent Republicans, including Ken Starr

The Value of an Exit Strategy: Clarity on Iraq Could Make Biden and Richardson Contenders

British PM: 1,000 troops to leave Iraq - On his first visit to Iraq, Prime Minister Gordon Brown meets with Maliki and also plans talks with Petraeus

Basra quieter after British troop pullout, say Iraqis

PM Maliki announces agreement with Iran: To help cut off weapons, funding, and other support to militiamen in Iraq

Navy Admiral Mullen takes over as Joint Chiefs head, pledges to consider challenges beyond Iraq

Iraqi Deaths Fall by 50 Percent: American soldier deaths down dramatically, too

US defence bill blow to war critics: Senate passed a mammoth $US648 billion defence policy bill

Parents, students hope for best as Baghdad schools open

Palestinians live in utter misery, Iraq envoy says

Iraq Partitioning Furor

Let's try partitioning the US: Angry Arab viewpoint

Iraqis Attack Senate Plan: Proposal Would Create Separate Ethnic Regions

US plan 'will open new bloody phase'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Suicide Bomber Targets Kabul Bus: Afghanistan - killing at least 12 people, including at least one child

Burmese monks 'to be sent away': Thousands of monks detained in Burma's main city of Rangoon will be sent to prisons in the far north of the country

U.N. Envoy Meets Suu Kyi, Myanmar Leader

South Korean president meets dour Kim in North

We don't want your help, Africans tell US military command

Second Arrest in Attempted Vienna U.S. Embassy Attack

Religious Revolt By GOP? Video

American Labs Are Mishandling Deadly Germs: Video


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority wants 'sweeping deal' before summit begins

Syrian President Bashar speaks out over Israeli attacks: Stressed that Syria would not attend a US-sponsored international peace conference on the Middle East if it did not address Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights

87 Palestinian Terrorists Being Released Today

Syrian FM accuses US sources of fabricating news on Israeli raid

Russia has sent technicians to upgrade Syria's air defense system: After Israel managed to foil Syria's air defenses using stealth technology to remain invisible during an alleged air strike on September 6

The Last Zionists: Israelis should embrace Christian supporters instead of shunning them

Jews slam Senator McCain for Christian remarks: He said he would prefer a Christian President

New deputy IDF chief of staff takes office: Maj-Gen Dan Harel

IDF chief: Prisoner release ethically wrong - Releasing Palestinian prisoners while kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit remains captive is unethical

General 'Ashkenazi isn't gov't morality officer': General had earlier signed off on the deal to release Palestinian prisoners

Bolton, Podhoretz Say: Bomb Iranian Nuclear Plants

Anti-Iran hawks win partial victory

Quakes set off volcanic eruption in Yemen

Yemen volcano eruption triggers massive hunt for missing soldiers



October 1, 2007




Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. Embassy Rips Iraq Partition Plan Passed By U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate partition vote unites Iraqis in anger

Iran Reaches Accord With Iraq To Cut Cross-Border Flow of Weapons

Iran says it ready to help U.S. stabilise Iraq: If America commits to withdrawal plan

U.S. Army Sniper Sentenced in Iraq Case: For planting evidence in connection with the deaths of two Iraqi civilians

Three more cholera deaths registered in Iraq: WHO reports

Iraqi sacred shrine to be rebuilt

US confirms Baghdad air strike: Said its planes had targeted men firing mortars into a neighbouring area

First "Surge" unit leaves

Palestinians in Iraq tortured: Amnesty International charges

U.S., Iraqi forces kill 60 insurgents

Baghdad neighbours protest US dividing wall: Shiites, Sunnis unite to protest US separation wall

Ramadan violence haunts Baghdad Shiites

Baghdad security guard by day, insurgent by night: Ahmed is proud to have been chosen by ‘Special Groups’ to fight ‘American occupier’

Waiting game continues over Iraq's oil reserves

Turkish PM Erdogan vows retaliation after gunmen slaughter 13 in assault on mini-bus: Kurdish rebels attacked day after Turkey and Iraq signed an agreement to crack down on Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq

U.S. Navy to mask Coronado's swastika-shaped barracks

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton Urges: Attack Iran, 'remove' its leader

US trains Gulf air forces for war with Iran: Pentagon air chiefs have helped set up an air warfare centre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where Gulf nations are training their fighter pilots and America has big bases

Iranian MPs have voted to classify the US armed forces and the CIA as terrorist groups: Countermove to American declaration of Iranian Guards as terrorists

Hizbullah Spiritual Leader: Senate declared war on Iran when it voted to label Revolutionary Guard a terror organization

All Russians employed at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor suddenly depart together, fly back to Russia: Local Arab sources

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Canadian re-supply air drops ‘save lives’, avoid risky Afghan roads

Rebels storm peacekeeping base in Darfur, killing 12 soldiers

Malnutrition stalks once fertile region in Somalia: Conflict affecting all areas of life

Lebanese authorities capture suspected Fatah Islam commander

Refugees prepare return to Lebanon camp: UNRWA to ensure generators to provide electricity, water from reservoirs for Nahr al-Bared residents

9/11 Is Over

Oil Prices Inch Lower to $81.63 a Barrel

World oil prices flat in Asian trade

U.S. Treasuries Rise Before U.S. Manufacturing, Unemployment Reports

Why The Fed's Cut Won't Spark Inflation

Messianic Sacred Music

Israeli - Palestinian War

Building Toward Peace Conference

A Convenient Partner: Current Palestinian leadership has good intentions; we should seize opportunity - Dov Weisglass

Blind to the Danger: (Dov Weisglass ) Former Sharon advisor's endorsement of peace conference cause for grave concern

Release of 87 Palestinian security prisoners scheduled for early Monday morning was finally underway Monday noon after a several hours' delay

Hamas renews call for a "Hudna" cease-fire with Israel

Other News

72 percent of Israelis support the use of nuclear weapons in certain circumstances

Egypt allows 85 senior Hamas officials into Gaza: After Islamic group agrees to hand over al-Qaeda leader wanted for terror attacks

IDF clashes with Palestinian gunmen in northern Gaza

UN warns against sanctions on Gaza

IDF, police evacuate new outposts

'If only we could bring 2 million more Jews': IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said Sunday

UN Official: We have criticized Israel unfairly

"Catastrophic" Volcanic Eruption Reported On Island Off Yemen: Entire island is aglow with lava and magma as it pours down into the sea

Turmoil In Pakistan -- American Ally In "War On Terror"

Lawyers Bloodied in Pakistan Election Protest: Video

Pakistan awaits Musharraf's choice to take reins of military power: After Musharraf decided to step down as top military chief

Pakistan Opposition Calls Strike to Protest Election

Burka-clad suicide bomber kills 15 in Pakistan

Pakistan's Stocks Jump Most in a Year: Stocks surged after Supreme Court ruled that President Pervez Musharraf will be able to seek a second five-year term in an Oct. 6 election

Schwarzenegger's blueprint for "terminating" British PM

Family Shocked After Mother Dies After Being Arrested, Handcuffed, In Phoenix Airport


September 30, 2007


Strong 7.1 Quake hits Pacific island of Guam


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Kurdish PKK attack kills 12 people after Turkish-Iraqi negotiators are stalled on key anti-terror clause - Iraq denied the Turkish army permission to cross the border in pursuit of the terrorists

Iraq Is The Focus for New Joint Chiefs Chairman, Navy Admiral Mike Mullen

Bush's strategy to bind the US military into Iraq for the remainder of his term and beyond was challenged by Republicans and Democrats

Iraq takes psychic toll on longest-serving U.S. force: Troops are eager for home but fear what their minds might carry back

Army sniper to serve 5 months: Soldier demoted and sentenced for planting evidence on dead Iraqis

Marines probed in the deaths of captured rebels: Conviction may be difficult since battle in Fallujah was 3 years ago

Brig. Gen. Joseph Anderson: US forces killed top al-Qaida leader in Iraq

Bush Signs Spending Bill, Jabs at Democrats

Christians in Baghdad neighborhoods are living under the gun

Iraq emerging as key election difference

Black gold turns grey as Western giants prepare to draw crude oil from the wells of Iraq

Iraqi Official Doubts Kurds' Oil Deals: Baghdad's Oil Minister Says Independent Kurdish Negotiations Threaten Iraq's Sovereignty

Time to get real in Iraq debate: Editorial

Academia in the crosshairs: War has brought the nation's once thriving educational system to the brink of collapse

How Iraq won its 'freedom': Let's take a trip down memory lane

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

North Korea nuclear talks inch toward accord

Two Koreas may disarm border zone

Bush authorizes 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil aid to N. Korea

Afghan president offers Taliban position in government

Taliban Rebuffs President Karzai's Offer: Says it will never negotiate as long as foreign troops are on Afghanistan's soil

Maldives bomb blast wounds 12 tourists: The Indian Ocean archipelago is renowned for its exclusive tourist resorts

Arrests made after Maldives blast

Beyond Myanmar's crimson revolution: Analysis of the crisis

Death toll in Myanmar likely to be higher

UN Envoy Meets With Suu Kyi, Myanmar's Junta

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Russia bolsters ties with Iran

Bush, Ahmadinejad and Authoritarianism: Column by Nat Perry

Hillary Prods Bush to Go After Iran

Many nations don't believe in Iran sanctions

Iran labels CIA 'terrorist organization'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Secretary Rice says talks between Olmert, Abbas 'gaining momentum': Abbas said Saudi Arabia would be at the conference - "there is a historic horizon emerging"

'Syria welcome to attend peace summit': If Assad recognizes Israel, renounces terror

Palestinian President Abbas: Deal must include withdrawal to '67 borders

Abbas: Peace deal possible by May: Israel, Palestinians could sign peace agreement within six months of international peace conference scheduled for November

So What About Iran? Current agreements between the US and Israel say that America has to come to Israel's aid in any war - whoever started it, says Uri Avnery

Jewish Settlers poised to set up new outposts

Negev Mortar Roulette Continues in Southern Israel

Nine wounded in clash at Gaza mosque as Hamas, Fatah clash

Palestinians allowed to return to Gaza

'Syria doesn't want war with Israel': Syrian Vice President Farouk Shara

Haifa Jewish synagogue vandalized: Synagogue's sukkah burnt down, prayer books sprayed with slogans reading 'death to religious people'

Arafat Turned Down Jordanian Offer to be Deputy PM

Taiwan Party Asserts Separate Identity From China

Pakistan police beat protesting attorneys: Demonstrators question ruling to allow Musharraf to seek another term

Pakistan's President Musharraf to win vote, needs new allies to survive

Politics In The News

Newt Gingrich to sit out 2008 presidential race

Senator Obama stuck in 2nd place; hasn't risen in polls

Veto Is Certain, Bush Tells Pelosi: Going to veto a major expansion of a children's health program despite its overwhelming approval by Congress

Crude-oil futures close with sharp losses - Crude fell 1.5%

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