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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

October 16 - 31, 2008


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The US Empire will Survive Bush

Democrat Biden's Slip: "This is a Party which has adjusted to the realities of the New World Order"

Conservatives Lament: Bush and McCain destroyed Republican Party

Putin Vows: Russian economy 'won't be nationalized'

Libya 'ready to host Russian naval base'

Do we need oil from outer space?

Amnesty International urges next US leader: Close Gitmo Prison


Syrian troops leave Iraqi border: After US raid

U.S. embassy, school in Syria to be closed - To protest a deadly U.S. attack in the country that killed eight people

Iraq demands all US troops out by 2011

Presidential Politics

How political polls work -- and why they can differ so much

Vote watchdogs warn of troubles on election day

What's up with still-undecided voters?

Obama's 30-minute ad attracts 33 million viewers

Obama Loss 'Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets'

NH Republican quits McCain campaign to back Obama

Obama's prospects in Missouri may hinge on the economy -- and race

McCain and Obama focus on differences on economy

Obama lays plans to deaden expectation after election victory

Survey shows McCain beating Obama in Israel

Election season resembles 'West Wing'

A psychologist helps repackage Democrats' message

Palin calls for 'clean break' from Bush on energy policy

Palin effigy taken down amid national uproar


Global Crisis = Global Economy

Crude oil in New York was poised for its biggest monthly drop since trading began in 1983

Central Bank of Japan Cuts Rate to 0.3%

AIG used billions from Fed but hasn't said for what

Goldman Sachs ready to hand out £7bn salary and bonus package... after its £6bn bail-out

Banks continue paying dividends after receiving bailout money: 33 banks signed up so far

Next Bailout Battle Rages In DC: Struggling state governments - "This $150 billion (plan) may in fact further infect our economy with unnecessary government influence"

China, Russia renounce the dollar?

Drunk and in retreat, Congolese troops unleash wave of death on their own people


Non-Integrating States News: Iran (Ancient Persia)

Putin seeks to further build ties with Iran

Iran: Ahmadinejad accuses US of circulating 'false' dollars

Iran produces new generation of jet fighters

'Iran weighing secret nuclear work': IAEA claims

No compromise with Iran: Israel must take stand against evil instead of counting on world to curb Iran threat - (Jewish Editorial)

Pakistan: Saudi Arabia gives 100 million dollars aid to quake victims

Pakistan: Suicide bomber targets police convoy in northwest

UN Security Council condemns terrorist attacks in Somalia


Israeli - Palestinian War

Historian: Conditions Are Ripe for a King of Israel

Two anti-tank missiles fired at IDF near Kissufim crossing

Turnout may hit new low in Israeli '09 elections

Mofaz set to refuse Livni's olive branch

MKs says Olmert has no mandate for peace talks with Syria

Jewish Settlers riot after outpost demolition

Abbas to attend Fatah-Hamas parley

Hamas policeman killed while taking apart bomb

Missiles, Weapons Found in Sinai

Archaeologists Have Discovered Oldest Hebrew Text At King David's Border Fortress


October 30, 2008


Breaking News

Wall Street closes higher after 'better-than-anticipated ' GDP report in relatively calm trading

U.S. crude futures slide more than $2

Exxon Mobil posts biggest US quarterly profit ever

World markets extend gains after US economy contracts less than anticipated

Today's News

Financial expert in video blames the "Illuminati" for economic woes

Asian Markets Soar After Central Banks Cut Interest Rates

US Cuts Key Interest Rate to Stave Off Economic Downturn

Obama aunt found in rundown Boston estate

Intensity grows as presidential election looms

North Korean dictator Kim suffers 'serious' setback

Suicide bomber penetrates Afghanistan government ministry, killing 3

Bomb Blasts Across India's Assam State Kill 33 People

Suicide Car Bombings Kill Dozens in Northern Somalia

California Gay married couples face legal limbo if Prop. 8 passes


Global Economy - "Creative Destruction" of Capitalism

Bernanke makes it official: We are Japan

Nikkei, Hang Seng and Kospi shoot up over 10%: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong cut rates; Seoul, Singapore, Fed agree to swaps

Global stocks, euro rally on emerging market gains

Sun CEO under the gun as earnings approach: Former high-tech darling may be dressing up for a sale

Japan, Germany to spend billions to ease recession

GM's Latest Retooling: The Chrysler Merger

Foreclosures: Feds to the Rescue?


Presidential Politics

Dirty Tricks Escalate As Election Nears

Election officials brace for huge turnout

Poll: Too much money spent on presidential campaign

Democrat Politics

Obama Repeats a Campaign Staple: Time for Change

Obama takes 7-point lead on McCain

Obama promises rescue plan for middle class in ad

Obama Releases Anti-Palin Ad

Obama ad dominates airwaves: Targets the last remaining undecided voters

Obama Campaign Joined by Former President Clinton

Obama-Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Florida, sparks rock-star energy

Did Saddam bagman help Obama buy mansion? Former Iraqi official bankrolled Democrat's financier Rezko

Obama Praised PLO Activist Rashid Khalidi

ACORN 'shock troops' tied to election crimes: Facing fraud investigations, prosecutions, over aggressive 'voter registration' drives

Republican Politics

McCain hits Obama on experience, economy

McCain Trusted More on Taxes and Economy: Rasmussen Poll Reveals

U/Texas poll shows McCain, Cornyn with comfortable margins: Poll finds 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim

Palin remains focused on November 4

Palin vows to remain a national figure if McCain loses

McCain faults paper for not releasing Khalidi tape

California Politics

Editorial - Hate's last stand: It's racism and homophobia, neck and neck, down to the wire. Can they hang on?

Hate crime charge in Prop. 8 sign attack

Mormons face flak for backing Prop. 8

Governor warns of possible $10 billion deficit

Bush 'Hopeful' for Agreement on US Forces in Iraq

Iraq stands firm against US threat

Israeli - Palestinian War

Kadima leader Livni wants Mofaz as No. 2 in party list

Livni may attend interfaith session: Organized by Saudi Arabia

Shas Party Source: We shouldn't get too close to Netanyahu

Polls Show Likud Regaining Lead Over Kadima: Labor Party is all but collapsing

Palestinians fire Kassam terror rocket at Sderot

Defense Secretary Barak has adequate funds to stop Kassam rocket fire

Knesset's right-wing factions merge to form new party

Livni to introduce 'civil marriage' bill: Would enable some 300,000 Israelis who are currently seen by the state as "without religious affiliation," and as such cannot be married by the Rabbinate, to get married in Israel

High Court of Justice tells Jewish settlers: Leave or be evicted


US raid shows Syrian President Assad's over-estimation

Syrian haven for killers, then and now

US says embassy in Damascus will be closed to public


October 29, 2008


PM Putin suggests Russia, China ditch dollar in trade deals

Fed to cut rates, others line up to follow

Chairman of Blackstone Group LP Sees `Phenomenal' Returns From Buyouts

Russia Charges: US - not Iran - blackmailing world

North Korean dictator 'in hospital'

President Ahmadinejad's Health Becomes Political Issue in Iran

CNN says no to primetime air for Obama

Obama Compares America To Nazi Germany

Presidential Politics

Obama campaign to worshipers: Ditch work and school on Election Day for The One

Obama back on charm offensive

Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama

Syria following US, Israeli elections: Wants Obama to win

Joe the Plumber: 'Vote for Obama a vote for the death of Israel'

McCain and Obama hit key states

Hollywood insiders rip MSNBC, defend Palin

Obama donor ordered Big Brother probe of Joe the Plumber

Even CBS Questions Obama’a Fundraising And Wall Street Connections

McCain, Palin seek to dent Obama's armor

Win or Lose, Many See Palin as Future of Party

McCain Struggles for Upset in Pa.; GOP Doubts Grow

Daily Tracking Poll: Obama Holds the Line on Taxes; McCain Better in Base, Not Center

McCain and Palin come out fighting - after Alaska governor labelled 'whack job'

Republican civil war breaks out behind John McCain

On College Campuses, McCain Supporters Are Running on a Shoestring and Conviction


Global Crisis = Global Economy

Fed May Cut Rate to 1%, Signal Steps to Save Economy

Stocks Climb in Europe, Asia, Led by Banks

Most Asian markets extend gains after US rally

Rate cut hopes, bargain hunting boost stocks

Obama Billionaire Supporters Are Causing Market Headwinds: Market turmoil gets Barack Obama elected

Gov. David Paterson says New York faces biggest deficit ever

Russia's new nuclear attack submarine starts sea trials

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

At least 160 dead in Pakistan 6.4 quake

Rebel air raids hit Sri Lankan capital

Congo's Tutsi Rebels Take North Kivu Town as Army Retreats

Iraq condemns U.S. assault on Syria

FBI: Photos Show Massachusetts Lawmaker Stuffing Bribes in Bra


Israeli - Palestinian War

Economic woes may force IDF to drop iconic parachute course

Fatah, Hamas reconciliation is close

Saudi king invites Israel to New York interfaith conference: Peres, Livni consider attending interfaith dialogue conference in UN

Gaza truce expected to hold until after Israeli elections

High Court gives IDF 90 days to test travel ban changes

Rabbi Ariel Rules: OK to Elect women if they promote religion

IDF kills elderly Palestinian near Jenin: Tro

October 28, 2008

ops say a gun was found on his body

Alleged Plot to Kill Obama, 88 Others, Foiled

`08 reasons Barack Obama might lose next Tuesday

Global stocks rebound

Carmakers may be next up for bailout

America's Syria raid 'killed major target'

US strikes in Pakistan kill 301 civilians in 10 months

UN nuclear chief says Tehran blocking progress

IAEA can 'protect' Iran military secrets

North Korea threatens to turn South Korea into ‘debris’

British Big Brother spy plan sparks revolt


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Global Economy - "Creative Destruction" of Capitalism

212,000 borrowers avoid foreclosure in Sept.

Bargain hunting after losses boosts world stocks

Most Asian markets rebound after recent slides

Five Myths About the Election and the Stock Market

Honda reports 41 percent drop in quarterly profit

GM seeks Fed aid for Chrysler merger: Lobbying intensifies for quick release of funding


Presidential Politics

Skinheads held over plot to kill Obama

Fourteen Words that spell racism: The prospect of an African-American president is bringing white supremacist subculture in the US out of the shadows

Security Tightens After Assassination Plot

Federal officials skeptical about alleged plot to kill Obama

Obama Tells Voters: Our future depends on this week

GOP seizes on Obama ‘redistribution of wealth’ remarks

Will black voters be powder keg?

Democrats champion "nanny government"

Fifty Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama: 25-1

Obama shows poor financial judgment

Hushing Rush and Hannity sounds great to Obama fans: Support for 'Fairness Doctrine' rises as impact on talk radio raised

Palestinian Arabs in Gaza Campaigning for Barack Obama

You cannot be a Christian and vote for Obama

Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor

Citizen rumors dog Obama

Hollywood insiders rip MSNBC, defend Palin

John McCain never hesitates to cross the aisle and do the right thing

Bush low-key for GOP in races

Early voting reaching record numbers

Final push is on for McCain, Obama


Israeli - Palestinian War

Researchers may have found King Solomon's mines

Olmert to remain PM until gov't formed

Knesset debates election date

First Israel Election Polls Published

Kadima, Barak reject Labor-Kadima union

Plan to end Hamas-Fatah rift reached

Why is West funding Abbas' hate TV?

PA negotiator Ahmed Qurei praises Livni

Palestinian Authority to join Middle East electricity power grid: So far links Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and Turkey


Heavy fighting on northern fronts in Sri Lanka

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Ill, Leaving Doubt Over Next Presidential Election

Ahmadinejad denies ill-health rumours


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi cabinet discusses changes to US security deal

U.S. threatens to halt services to Iraq without troop accord

Iraq politicians warn Syrian raid could hurt U.S. pact

US-Iran scheme has failed

4 policemen killed in northern Iraq

Iraq hopes ties with Syria not impacted by U.S. raid

Obama's Iraq plan: A Vietnam flashback

Casualties reported as elite US soldiers raid building in Syria

Major fighter-smuggler killed in US attack on Syria: Top Al Qaida member

Iran: US military raid in Syria 'unacceptable'

China condemns US raid into Syria

8-year-old boy's death questions U.S. gun law again


October 27, 2008


Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor

Judge dismisses Obama birth certificate lawsuit

Time To Abandon Buy And Hold? No: Time To Buy

Stocks advance as banks, housing stocks gain

GM Said to Ask for U.S. Aid in Chrysler Merger Talks

Regional banks get over $18 billion

Oil sinks to 17-month low: Down to $62 per barrel

New-home sales perk up on gains in the West

Leaders of Europe and Asia Call for Joint Economic Action

California gay marriage ban becomes big money race

Iran: We arm Middle Eastern 'liberation armies'

Arkansas University Shooting Leaves 2 People Dead, 1 Injured

Fascist Economy Under Development

Fed begins business lending program: Government loaning huge amounts to businesses

Fear of an Anti-Capitalist Planet

Wall Street ready for another drop

Sales of new homes up 2.7%

Yen Keeps Rising as Japan Stocks Hit 26-Year Low

McCain says Bush policy on economy is wrong

Bank of Israel Lowers Interest Rate Again

Solar Energy, Fuel Cells Big Winners In New Tax Incentives For Cleantech

Israel's Barak: Time to replace capitalism

Presidential Politics

Monday Poll: Obama 49.9 percent, McCain 45.1

McCain 'doing fine' despite polls

Who will win the electoral college?

McCain Warns Voters: Obama Will "Make A Recession Even Deeper"

McCain guarantees victory

McCain says Bush economic policies wrong, promise lid on spending

McCain grasps for critical red states with 8 days to go

Obama: Constitution fundamentally flawed: Faults Warren court for not pressing for 'redistribution of wealth'

Obama Should Thank Bush

Obama: Bush & McCain like Lone Ranger & Tonto

Obama Ties McCain to Republican Philosophy

You can't support Bush, then bash him, Barack Obama tells John McCain

Alaska newspaper endorses Obama

Palin meets Israeli Ambassador to US

Palin warns Obama would create nanny state if elected

“Little Children, Sing To Our god Obama”: Video actually posted on Obama's website until pressure forced its removal


McCain is the Smart Vote for the Economy

Obama a necessity for this country

An Act of Faith

It was already said; Americans are Angry


Israeli - Palestinian War

President Peres declares early elections at opening of Knesset session

Elections Analysis: Countdown to New Israeli Elections Begins - elections are expected in mid-February

Livni: We must restore public certainty

Livni Refuses to Take Stand on Jerusalem as Israel's capital

The politicians are lying

Hamas: Early elections to kill peace process

PA forces conduct first raid in Hebron

'Gas mask delay a concern as enemies acquire better missiles'

US helicopter raid on Syria kills eight

U.S. Confirms Special Forces Strike in Syria

US raid in Syria spooks Iran

US-Iraq deal awash in 'wiggle words'

'We are killed because we are Christians': In Northern Iraq

Report: Iranian president has fallen ill

October 25-26, 2008


Financial Summit Leaders: Global teamwork needed to fight credit crunch

Obama lead on McCain slips to 9 points

OPEC agrees sharp output cut, but oil slide goes on

The Dollar is dandy again

Australia warns of Indonesia terror threat

US to donate $320 million for fight against bird flu

Russia blasts US over Iran sanctions


Global Crisis = Controlled Global Economy

Governments must do whatever is needed, and without delay, to limit damage to the global economy: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao

Europe, Asia pledge major reform of global financial system

Asia 'to help tackle credit crisis'

IMF should help crisis-hurt countries

Asian Nations to Set Up $80 Billion Crisis Fund

Barroso urges ASEM members to strive for open markets with RULES

PNC's $5.2 Billion National City Purchase Is Takeover Template - Paulson already handed $125 billion to nine of the largest U.S. lenders, and says the remaining money can recapitalize ailing banks, fund takeovers and benefit the economy. The Treasury may also take stakes in insurance firms - deal furthers the US government's plan to inject life into credit markets

Some retailers may choose bankruptcy before Christmas

Wall St Week Ahead: For stocks, October can't end soon enough

Surprise bounce in existing home sales

Wall Street wives had the richer, now they're a bit poorer

Bush to convene G20 summit after election

Chinese Premier Wen says he'll attend G20 meeting

Presidential Politics

Palin a bigger drag than Bush on Republican ticket

Denver crowd goes wild for McCain

Obama, McCain target the West's toss-up states

Calif. GOP puts $3 million into Nevada and Colorado

McCain's campaign defends Palin's fashion expenses

Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery/assault story

Early voting suggests 2008 may see record turnout: Expert

Early-voting trends appear to favor Barack Obama

Obama arrives in Hawaii to visit grandmother

Michelle Obama makes pitch

Students at Forest Park Magnet School of Global Studies voted for U.S. Sen. Barack Obama for president over U.S. Sen. John McCain at a ratio of more than 15 to one

Republicans Face Possibility of Big Losses in US Congressional Races


Focus on the Family focuses on converting homosexuals

Margin shrinks in defeat of California gay marriage ban

Israeli - Palestinian War

Ultra-orthodox party forces Israel closer to election: Wants $333M increase in child allowance payments before it will join coalition government

Kadima officials slam Livni's handling of coalition negotiations

What are Livni's options?

Hamas slams PNA security forces redeployment in Hebron

Israel's peace paradox

Riots in Israel city highlight Arab-Jewish tension

Israel’s Population At End Of Year 5768: 7.3 Million, 76% Jewish

Israel submits security plan for withdrawal from West Bank: Plan for Palestinian Authority takeover of security responsibility throughout the West Bank in 2009

Israel is not an abnormal democracy

Despite controversy, Israel, Vatican keen to avoid confrontation

Iran says it will attack Israel if U.S. strikes

Palestinian Crimes against Christian Arabs and Their Manipulation against Israel

Hamas Passes on Letter to Captured Israeli Soldier: Noam Shalit


U.S. reiterates support for Georgia, Ukraine to join NATO

Gunman Kills 2 Westerners, Afghan in Kabul

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Wrecked Iraq

The US-Iranian Contest over Iraq

Details of Pact With Iraq Reveals True Extent of Bush Debacle - Crushing defeat for Bush revealed

Top US commander in Iraq visits Turkey

Minister escapes blast that kills nine

Displaced Christians still reluctant to return home

Iraq has not put its oil reserves up for sale

October 24, 2008


Iran wants Obama in the White House, rules out war

Peace key to Mideast reform: Russia

McCain, Obama both target President Bush

Democrat: Obama's grandma confirms Kenyan birth

Israel: Key party turns down Livni Coalition offer

Oil Falls Below $64 per barrel

Dow closes with 172-point gain after late rally

Fed: New rate cut likely, with record low within sight

Mind over body: Half of doctors in U.S. use placebos - "Benevolent deception"

Presidential Politics

Jewish Editorial: We hope Obama will support Israel - we know McCain will

New York Times endorses Obama for president

McCain seeks to portray Obama as an extreme liberal

Obama visits ailing grandmother

New polls bring bad news for McCain campaign: Contest appears to have swung hard toward Democrat Obama

Analysts Eye Possible Exit Poll Overstatement Of Obama Support

2004's Most Accurate Pollster -- McCain has cut into Obama's lead for a second day and is now just 1.1 points behind

Obama spreads the word in a land of God and guns

Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party: Democrat's campaign denied allegations, but new evidence indicates membership

Ayers' group foresaw genocide of capitalists

By Nearly 8-to-1, Voters Say Journalists Want Obama to Win

Is Palin's $150,000 makeover too much?

You betcha! Palin look-alikes abound

Governor Palin to make formal legal statement on abuse of power case

Candidates' health plans: What they mean for you

Voters Against Obama 'Wealth Redistribution' Plan

Global Economy - "Creative Destruction"

Paulson Plans To Buy Stakes in Regional U.S. Banks

House panel heaps blame on Alan Greenspan for financial crisis

Greenspan "shocked" at credit system breakdown: Now urges tighter regulation!

Pathetic Display at Yesterday's Financial Hearings

Microsoft's Earnings Don't Disappoint: Fiscal first-quarter numbers provided investors with some reassurance that the floor isn't falling out from under global IT spending

Denmark Central Bank Raises Main Rate Half a Point

Regulator requests new business plans from six Irish banks: Has placed "officers" in each bank to scrutinise how they will be run

U.S. Dollar at 13-year low vs Yen

Stocks That Will Soar With Obama, McCain

Top Countries in Global Competitiveness

Pakistan asks for emergency IMF funds to stave off bankruptcy

The panic-mongers' one-note chorus

Why I’m Still Buying


Israeli - Palestinian War

Shas rabbis veto Livni-led cabinet. Israel nears elections

Livni: Elections or Coalition--Decision on Sunday

Whatever happened to Ehud Olmert? Has not been heard of since he returned from Russia on October 7

Arise, Shimon Peres, British Knight Commander? Efforts to have President Shimon Peres "knighted" during a visit to London next month

President Peres Praises 'Spirit' of Saudi Plan

Prospect of more Arab-Jewish riots has police on standby

West Bank economic crisis ever deeper: World Bank

Hamas: Off with the Heads of Fatah Loyalists

Google's Earth No Longer Links to Anti-Israel Propaganda

Israeli businessman kidnapped in Ghana

U.S. to renew push for crackdown on illegal workers

Court turns back threat to church bulletins: Case alleging 'false light' could have exposed even prayer requests to litigation


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq takes over security

When to call the soldiers home

Iraq sees nationalism surge despite Iran's influence

Rice dismisses Iranian opposition to US-Iraq pact

How Iraqi Democracy May Mean An Early U.S. Withdrawal

Iraq: No security deal with UK at hand

Turkish raid kills 25 PKK rebels in northern Iraq

October 23, 2008

If Obama's a socialist, what's George W. Bush?

Most California voters still oppose gay-marriage ban: Poll

LAPD Chief Bratton believes Bin Laden pre-election attack possible

Financial Crisis: Asia and Europe must 'swim together'

9 killed in suicide attack on Iraqi minister's convoy

Presidential Politics

AP presidential poll: All even in the homestretch

Israel to become ultimate swing state

Challenge for Next President: Infrastructure

Police prepare for Election Day unrest

Republican Politics

McCain targets `Joe the Plumber' across Florida

Palin criticized because she's too good for her detractors to believe

Palin says election result rests in God's hands

CNN misquotes National Review in order to slam Palin: Lowest form of tabloid journalism

Palin's wardrobe spending haunts Republican campaign managers

McCain Tries to Push Past Palin Backlash: She rallies key supporters

Ellen Rails Against Sarah Palin’s Gay Marriage Position

Republican U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback: Obama is the most liberal senator

McCain, Palin deliver anti-tax message to rally

McCain Says He Wants People To "Get Wealthy"

Presidential candidates: Love ‘em and Lehman

Confessions of a Phone Solicitor

Media bias playing an unnecessarily large role against GOP

‘The View’ Co-Host: ‘Rush Limbaugh is a Terrorist’

Limbaugh fights 'Hush Rush' push: Democrat senator thinks America 'well-served' by Fairness Doctrine

Democrat Politics

Obama to Virginia Supporters: ‘We Got a Righteous Wind at Our Backs’

Democrats Want Obama to Grow a Green, Clean Energy Economy

Obama's tax proposals weaken economic base: Imagine giving 50 percent of your income to the federal government and another 8 percent to the state

Has Obama’s faith strategy paid dividends?

Obama spells 'persecution,' warns Focus on the Family: Analysts see same-sex marriage, Fairness Doctrine on horizon

Republican Party Walking A Dangerously American Line

Obama says time running out for McCain

Obama parries renewed attacks on his readiness

Obama spreads wealth – to non-taxpayers: Author rips senator's universal mortgage credit as socialist 'welfare'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's peace paradox

World Bank says West Bank land prices rocketing

Israel allows Palestinian forces to deploy in Hebron

Solana satisfied over indirect peace talks between Syria, Israel

Fatah slams dismissal of Palestinian Authority intel head

Minority Parties: Kadima is willing to meet most of our demands

Livni 'not convinced' Shas wants to partake in government

Livni ready to give haredim close to NIS 1 billion if they will support her coalition

'Schalit talks only after new coalition'

Arab kills elderly civilian, wounds cop in Jerusalem

Zion's Hope: Prophecy with Precision, The Feast of Tabernacles


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq criticizes U.S. military chief remarks over security pact

Details of Iraq pact reveal US debacle (fiasco)

Kuwait sends first ambassador to Iraq since 1990

Rice says Iraqis can't yet defend Iraq alone

New year to bring restrictions on troops in Iraq

Iraq takes over 12th province from US

Baghdad Car Bombing Kills 11

UN mandate for U.S. in Iraq could be extended, Russia says

Obama plans to lead Turkey-Iraq deal against Kurdish Rebels

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,180

Global Economy - "Creative Destruction"

Israel Central Bank Made a Fortune in Paper Profits on Dollar Purchases

Recession Concerns Spur U.S., Europe, Asia to Untie Budget Budget Purse Strings

Oil rises to $67 as OPEC prepares to cut output

Developing Nation Debt Costs Soar as Belarus Joins IMF Requests

Company Bond Risk Surges to Record on Argentina and Pakistan Default Concern

Goldman, Coller May Buy Stakes in Lehman's Private Equity Funds

US foreclosure filings up 71 percent in 3Q

House panel to tackle meltdown reason, remedy

U.S. imposes sanctions against Iranian bank


October 22, 2008


Obama takes 10-point lead on McCain

Why McCain's 'Judeo-Christian values' should worry Jews

'Stunned' white supremacists keep low profile in campaign

Crude oil back down to $70 on stronger dollar

Venezuela proposes founding world oil bank

Will Iraq finally end the colonial era?

Pulses race in Pyongyang: North Korea to make "Important Announcement"

Presidential Politics

McCain raises specter of nuclear war

Palin pick dogs McCain as financial crisis stings

McCain's Pennsylvania push not paying off: Polls show double-digit Obama lead

Critics Suggest the McCain Camp Is Protecting Sarah Palin

Transcript of Palin interview with CNN

Is Palin A 2012 Contender or Pretender?

McCain, Palin to visit Iowa this weekend

Why America’s Enemies Will Be Happy If Obama Wins

Al-Qaida-linked Web site backs McCain

McCain, Palin say Obama policies akin to socialism

Florida Republican Rep. Tom Feeney Plays the 9/11 Card

Over 3,000 professors sign statement in support of Ayers: Radical terrorist tied to Obama

McCain, Palin pound away at Biden's crisis remark

Change in U.S. President May Spur Terror Plot: Homeland Secretary Chertoff Warns

Early voting a boost for Democrats

Obama won't debate Republican Jews


Global Economy - "Creative Destruction"

Chinese President Hu holds telephone talks with Bush: On global financial crisis

Obama Reaps Benefit on Economy as McCain Hesitates to back Stimulus Plan

U.S. Fed to buy commercial paper from mutual funds

Ford Motor May Reduce Mazda Stake as billionaire Kirk Kerkorian Exits

Ford has little room for manoeuvre: Contemplating a possible merger of lossmaking General Motors and Chrysler this week

Japan Stocks Plunge on Profit Concern, Weak Euro

China's sovereign wealth fund raises stake in U.S. investment group Blackstone LP to 12.5%

China forex reserves exceed 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars

South Africa's Zuma reassures investors: "Don't Panic"

Apple Stock Rises on IPhone Surge, Jobs Reassures Investors


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Agreement for U.S. exit from Iraq delayed again

Washington does not want to alter a draft security pact with Iraq

Radical cleric urges rejection of U.S.-Iraqi pact

Defense Secretary Gates: Draft Iraq agreement protects troops

Iraqi cabinet seeks changes in pact despite US warning

Iraq pact 'guarantees sovereignty': US insisted today

Saudi Arabia delays Iraq embassy: Citing security concerns

Vatican Demands Greater Security For Christians

Taxpayers replace $185,000 cash abandoned in Iraq

Iraq offers free returns for its Syrian refugees


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel shuts Gaza crossings: After militants from the Hamas-controlled territory fired a rocket into southern Israel

Hamas And Hezbollah Plan Final Battle Against

Livni Aides Admit: Coalition talks in jeopardy

Livni enters the endgame

Kadima fumes as Mofaz, Shas meet behind Livni's back

Abbas to sack two security commanders

Egypt denies Nasrallah invite

Obama Is Coming: Obama’s expected victory in US election could signal bad times for Israel

America’s Bear Hug: US efforts to prevent Iran strike by lavishing Israel with gifts come with a price

Report: Hijacked Iranian Ship Contained Dirty Bomb for Israel

Jewish Temple Mount Visit Cut Short by Arab Mob

Sri Lanka aid ships attacked by Tiger rebels

India chases China to moon

Atheists advertise on London buses - There is no God

Coalition airstrike kills 9 Afghan troops

Top US, Russian military chiefs meet

NATO reaches into the Indian Ocean


October 22, 2008



Global Economy - "Creative Destruction"

Bush to host int'l aid summit

Bernanke breathes life into another stimulus bill

France Invests in Banks

Citic Pacific's Yung Heads to Beijing to Get Loans

European markets open modestly higher as credit fears ease

U.S. Stocks rallied Monday: Up 413 points to 9,265

Prudential Considers AIG Assets; Capital Is `Robust'

Warren Buffett On The Hunt To Buy Power Producers At Bargain Prices

IMF Prepares Help

Russia, Iran and Qatar discuss OPEC-style cartel

Tesla rolls out its long-awaited electric sports car: Tesla high-powered electric car sends sparks through industry as it hits market

Presidential Politics

Biden: Obama Will be 'Tested' by World in First 6 Months of Administration

McCain to Hit Obama on Biden's Prediction Obama Will be Tested by International Crisis

Another Bay of Pigs Invasion? Cuban Missile Crisis? Really? "A generated crisis" -- "Was this a campaign-crafted message?"

Bin Laden's plan for 'global fireball': Intel agents uncover plot for worldwide disaster

Obama has opened an 8-point lead over Republican John McCain

Rasmussen: Polls tighten with 2 weeks to go

NYU poll: US Jews favor Obama 2:1

Obama Uses Reagan Line While Stumping In Florida: "Are you better off than you were four weeks ago?"

Obama, McCain Battle for Florida as Hispanics Warm to Democrats Hillary

Clinton: Obama grasps economic issues

Obama to hold jobs summit: Rescue plan for battered middle-class households

Barack Obama turns rivals' words on them: With Hillary's help

Boris for Barack! Conservative London mayor backs Democratic hopeful

Obama to stop Thursday in Indy before flying to visit sick grandmother

Picture: Obama's grandmother - Madelyn Dunham

Swing voters are bothered by John McCain's temperament and his party

Play with our electoral vote calculator

Obama campaign flush from wealthy California donors

Google CEO Eric Schmidt to stump for Obama

Battle for Ohio: Gov. vs. Squirrel

An assessment of McCain's and Obama's health insurance proposals

He's a 'job-killing socialist': McCain warns

U.S. suicide rate is up

Massive Russian arms deal for Libya


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Home of pro-US group leader raided by Iraqi forces

Disagreement on US troop pullout agreement in Iraq

More at stake than security in pullout deal with US

US military chief warns Iraq to accept security deal: Or face "significant consequences"

Iraqis Balk at a U.S. Troop Deal, but Can They Say Goodbye?

US ambassador defends deal to stay Iraq for three years

U.S.-Iraq Deal Could Mean Jail Time for Contractors

Speedy tilt-rotor Osprey a big hit in Iraq

Republican Challenger: John Kerry has ‘blood on his hands’ over Iraq war


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas and Olmert to meet October 27: Palestinian officials

Palestinian President Abbas hints he might not leave office when his term ends

Abbas: Situation in W. Bank 'unbearable'

Abbas: I was promised almost all of West Bank

President Peres grants Livni two more weeks to form coalition government

6 Tel Aviv teens arrested for torching Arab apartments

Fatah slams PA legislator who called police cowards

Egypt formally invites Hizbullah leader Nasrallah: To discuss internal Lebanese conflict

Officials: 21 dead in Mexico prison riot

Iran’s strategic gamble: Iran increasingly seeking to extend its sphere of influence to Latin America





October 20, 2008


Former Bush Secretary of State Powell backs Obama

ING shares surge after 10 billion euro capital deal from Dutch government

U.S.-Iraq deal would reduce troops' immunity

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones

North Korea to make 'major announcement'

Iran’s strategic gamble: Iran increasingly seeking to extend its sphere of influence to Latin America

Presidential Politics

Obama's lead slips to 3 points

Obama lines up a cabinet of stars as John McCain struggles on

Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama is a vote against GOP

Powell’s endorsement not taken lightly

Barack Obama raises stunning $150 million in September

Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel play Barack 'n' roll: Raised about $7 million for Barack Obama's campaign

McCain assails Obama's funding: The Republican enjoys being the underdog, saying his rival's war chest invites scandal

Looking for Votes: Obama draws a large crowd in military town

Obama a Shoe-in, Say Bookies

Real Sarah Palin drives up 'Saturday Night Live' ratings? You betcha!

McCain's refusal to negotiate with Iran is called all talk

Busy day expected as early voting starts in South Florida

McCain's Comebacks Say Race Isn't Over

Obama seeks to score in a very red zone: Rural states like Indiana now in play


New Economic System Going Global!!

ING investors cheer Dutch government cash

Banks Keep Up Congressional Lobbying Efforts: Facing Flood of Regulation

Exelon Offers $6.2 Billion for NRG: Buying power generator NRG Energy Inc., an indication that falling stock prices in the power sector are creating an appetite for deals

India Lowers Key Rate for the First Time Since 2004

Merkel's Cabinet approves bailout terms for German banks, demands strict salary caps

European Money-Market Rates Decline on Emergency Central Bank Support

European markets buoyed by banks after solid Asian performance overnight

"Millennium Global" Liquidates Emerging-Markets Credit Hedge Fund - Pulls credit lines for Emerging Markets

Federal Deficit Rises: Concensus is to let it grow to pay for bailout program

Citi Squeezed in Debt Market as JPMorgan, Wells Lure Deposits

Bruised U.S. economy likely to limp into next year

Former UN secretary-general Annan: Financial crisis undercuts global food aid

Female aid worker from South Africa shot dead on street in Kabul: Christian aid worker accused of spreading Christianity amongst Afghan population

UNICEF worker shot dead in Somalia: just two days after another local UN worker was assassinated

Israeli - Palestinian War

Security & Defense: 'We're in the midst of preparing the home front for war'

Barak faces hard sell of coalition deal to his Labor Party

Livni asks president for additional 14 days allotted by law to finalize coalition negotiations, present Knesset with new government

Israeli officials reject Saudi peace plan revival

Egypt pushes for Palestinian unity government

Israel to give PA control of more cities

Hamas grip on Gaza Strip is complete

The one-state solution, post-Oslo

3 illegal West Bank outposts evacuated

Barak First Victim of Shalit Protest Cage: Idea was to approximate the conditions of captivity of kidnapped IDF soldier's captivity

Israeli Police Arrest Temple Institute Director

Vatican 'Clarifies' Cardinal's Claim Pope Benedict Won't Visit Israel

Mobileye develops a third eye for your car

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

2 killed after roadside bomb strikes bus in eastern Iraq

Bomb targets Iraqi police patrol in Baghdad

More at stake than security in pullout deal with US

Thousands march in Baghdad against pact with US

Al Sadr asks parliament to reject US-Iraqi accord

New British defence minister makes first visit to Baghdad

Displaced Christians still reluctant to return home

Saturday-Sunday, October 18-19



New Economic System Going Global!!

Stocks gain as credit markets show signs of easing

US, French leaders to discuss global financial overhaul

Bullish Buffett Says Now Is the Time to Buy U.S. Equities

Arab Stock Markets Volatile in Response to Global Fluctuations

Hungary Must Cut Budget Gap to Avert Crisis: Central Bank Chief

Asia Stocks Rise for First Week in Seven Because of Government Measures

Philippines Central Bank May Cut Cash Reserve Ratio to Spur Growth: To boost liquidity

Russia's Putin May Use Credit Squeeze to `Destroy' Wealthy Oligarchs

Russia not yet ready to lend to Iceland

South Korea May Guarantee Bank Liabilities to Boost Liquidity

Paulson's $250 Billion Capital May Bring Blackstone, Carlyle Back Into Lending Market

Bailout Is Big, Bad, Ugly, But the Only Answer

Libyan Leader Muammar Gadhafi Reveals: Obama a Muslim who studied in Islamic schools

Ohio GOP loses fight to contest new voters

Iraqi oil now officially up for grabs

US Virgin Islands warns of oil spills after Hurricane Omar

U.S., Russia to meet on arms control in November in Geneva

Presidential Politics

Polls hold bleak news for McCain

Incendiary sign in McCain office links Obama to dictators: Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Fidel Castro

McCain: Joe the plumber right about Obama's socialist tax plan

Tarrant County's very own Joe the Plumber: Prefers Sarah Palin

America's Plumbers Say They Are More Than Just Regular Joes

Sarah Palin slams Barack Obama over ACORN group: Calling on Obama to release records on dealings with controversial group

Obama camp calls for special prosecutor in fraud investigation

GOP 'robo calls' slam Obama: McCain camp defends their use in 10 swing states

GOP Sen. Susan Collins decries anti-Obama robocalls

Americans split sharply over candidates

Transcript of Palin Interview With Traveling Press

Palin, Fey and an election add up to a big buzz for 'Saturday Night Live'

Obama's claim of benefit cuts suspect

How Obama Would Stifle Drug Innovation: If you want cutting-edge health care, don't make it a cost-controlled commodity

Director Oliver Stone releases 'W.': Why? Kid glove treatment of George W. Bush

Russia-backed rebels accuse Georgia over shooting

Spanish FM: Georgia should get NATO membership


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq accord sets withdrawal date: Draft targets end of 2011 but has qualifiers

Shi'ite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr urges rejection of US-Iraqi pact

Tens of Thousands March In Beghdad Against U.S. Pact

Iran urged to help prevent Iraq sectarian strife: Body of Muslim scholars invites Iran to help extinguish Iraq’s ‘flames of sedition’

American Troops would face different kind of court in Iraq

Bomb blast at Baghdad mosque kills 3

Donald Trump expected Bush impeachment over Iraq: Diehard Republican says US President should have been impeached for Iraq War

US soldiers in Iraq find stress deadlier than enemy: Impact of Iraq war causing US soldiers to shoot their superiors, commit suicide or file for divorce

Muslim states slam Iraq Christians violence: OIC chief says violence against Christians in northern city of Mosul ‘unprecedented in the history of Iraq’

Turkey: Planes strike Kurd bases in northern Iraq

Turkish Petroleum Wants Japan Cooperation to Develop Iraq Oil In Northern Kurdish Area

Bahraini foreign minister visits Iraq

Iraqi premier lashes out at top U.S. commander over bribery claims

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

NATO airstrike killed over 25 civilians, Afghans say

US agrees: only a 'surge' can beat Taliban

China to install two more nuclear reactors in Pakistan

50,000 displaced by recent violence in Darfur, says UN

Tehran the target in online video game war

Rights groups welcome Iran's limitations on youth executions

Lebanon arrests three for planning terrorist attack


Israeli - Palestinian War

Security & Defense: 'We're in the midst of preparing the home front for war'

Jordanian king ‘pessimistic' about Mideast peace deal

Hamas may stop talks on kidnapped Israeli soldier

Iran denied Security Council seat

Sources in Hebron: Jewish Settlers attacked Palestinians harvesting olives

Arab MK gets bodyguard: In wake of threat on his life

Hamas: US economic turmoil divine punishment

This land should be Jewish

October 17, 2008

College associate editor says 'Obama is my Jesus'

Bush to give pep talk to anxious country Friday

World markets mixed after Wall Street rebound

OPEC calls emergency meeting as oil prices plummet

Iran seeks Security Council seat

China blocks Iran sanctions

How to manage an imperial decline


Economic News

IMF may be on path to revival through money crisis

Asia should consider bank guarantees in current turmoil: IMF

Malaysia to guarantee all bank deposits

China feels credit heat, eyes stimulus package

Chrysler's CEO says auto industry ripe for mergers

Germany to Back Bank Rescue After Merkel Quells Revolt

Stocks Advance in Europe

Clamour for emergency funding grows

Google Advances as Profit Beats Estimates, Reassuring Investors



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Turkish military: 35 Kurdiah rebels killed in clashes

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Current News Article

College associate editor says 'Obama is my Jesus'

Presidential Politics

Obama leads McCain 49-44 pct in U.S. presidential race

The 10 Biggest Differences Between Obama and McCain That Will Affect Your Daily Life

The dream ticket: McCain-Biden

Democrat Politics

Will Michelle Obama tape 'change political atmosphere in America'?

Obama Campaign Says Michelle Obama ‘Interview’ on ‘African Press’ Web Site Is 100% Bogus

2nd lawsuit challenges Obama's citizenship: Man demands state verify birth records or remove senator from ballots

Sacramento GOP Web site encouraged people to 'waterboard Obama'

Secret Service visits Lufkin woman after 'death threat' allegation from an Obama campaign volunteer

Kenyan insiders say Obama was part of takeover strategy

Obama Organizer Targets the Big House: Michigan's prison

Republican Politics

McCain again invokes plumber's tale against Obama

'Joe the plumber' isn’t a licensed pllumber

McCain appears on Letterman show, peace hat in hand

Obama eyes McCain turf


Israeli - Palestinian War

Livni to ask Peres for 2 week extension for assembling coalition government

Kadima optimistic after lengthy talks with Shas Party

Narrow Coalition Might Make Shas Compromise Its Position

UN Chief Demands: Hizbullah must be disbanded

Hebron tunnel was loaded with explosives, weaponry

DF may buy fewer F-35 jets due to world financial crisis

Gas mask handout delayed to late 2009

Israeli Army detonates 20 kg of explosives seized in Jenin

French ISP takes incitive Hamas website offline

Bush offers swift Golan withdrawal: In return for complete disbandment of Syrian-Iranian alliance

Kabbalistic Signet Indicates Columbus was an Exiled Jew

Israel to Release 1,000 Prisoners for Jewish soldier, Shalit

Thousands Gather for Temple Congregation Ceremony

Pakistan does some US dirty work

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

PM Maliki in damage-control mode: "Never mention defeat"

Ba'ath seeks showdown with Baghdad: preparing to launch the "Battle of Baghdad" with 22 insurgents groups

Bad tidings in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iran tightens screws on Iraq's Kurds

Energy superpower emerges in the Caspian: Turkmenistan

Russia takes control of Turkmen (world?) gas




October 16, 2008


Today's News

Presidential Politics

Obama leading race by 14 points: New poll

Last Debate: Avoiding God and Palin

Debate Analysis: McCain comes out swinging, but no game changer

McCain puts Obama on the spot in final debate

McCain Jumps on Obama for Jesse Jackson's Remarks: As evidence that Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama does not support Israel

McCain distances himself from Bush

Poll: Debate watchers say Obama wins

CNN Electoral Map: Obama would win if election held today

Kenyan insiders say Obama was part of takeover strategy

Joe the Plumber, meet Joe Six-Pack

Striving to get back in the game, McCain looks more desperate

Bingo! another fallacy: Students make game of mapping candidates' errors in logic

Obama to Declare Carbon Dioxide Dangerous Pollutant If Elected

Who put the anti-Semitism into O's anti-war speech?


Global Government Intervention, Control

Switzerland Gives UBS a Bailout

ECB Agrees to Lend Hungary as Much as 5 Billion Euros

U.S.'s Bernanke Foreshadows End to Fed's Hands-Off Approach to Bubbles

Fed's Warsh Sheds Lightweight Label, Takes Key Role in Rescues

CDOs Imperiled by Collapse of Iceland Banks: Iceland's bank regulator took control of the country's three biggest lenders last week

Small-Caps Go Private as Europe's Job Engine Sputters

Tel Aviv stocks show signs of recovery

Walter Burien's Reply To Senators On Financial Crisis - CAFR's and govt involvement in derivatives

Ship Rates Plunge as Credit Freeze Strands Cargo

Stocks fluctuate following tame inflation report

Jobless claims drop more than expected

Five soldiers and five Kurdish rebels killed in clashes in Turkey


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas rejects request by Egypt for talks with Hamas

Meretz Party Chairman 'optimistic' after coalition talks with Livni

Shas Party, Money Crunch May Force Livni to Face Elections

The new Shimon Peres: Ehud Barak’s quest for respect increasingly resembling Peres’ style

Can Israel approach peace from the bottom up?

IDF kills Palestinian holding Molotov cocktail

In Gaza, gunmen taking advantage of ceasefire to get hitched

Syria, Lebanon formalize diplomatic ties

Analysis: A Syrian iron fist in a velvet glove

North Korea: Access denied

Thai, Cambodian armies agree joint border patrols

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. Military Claims: No. 2 al-Qaeda in Iraq leader killed

Iraq finds 22 bodies dumped in mass grave

Iraq: U.S. agrees to limited Iraqi court jurisdiction

British general says Iraq has not sought force removal

Christian families fleeing Mosul number 1,390

US seeks more military budget for war?

Chavez foresees greater price fall for oil

Thailand, Cambodia agree to joint patrol

State Department warns against travel to Mexico



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