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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

October 1-15, 2009
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Lower jobless claims, muted inflation add to hopes for gradual economic recovery

House panel votes to regulate derivatives, first major step toward rewriting financial rules

Co-ordinated Taliban attacks kill dozens in Pakistan

Fox News Poll: 43% Would Vote To Re-Elect President Obama

Healthy Woman Severely Disabled by Flu Shot Reaction: Effects are irreversible

Perpetual war is here — and Americans are getting used to it

Pentagon Refutes Report That Obama Dispatched 13,000 Additional Troops to Afghanistan

Waco Siege “Enforcer” To Rule Over Newly Formed Global Police Force

FBI building system that blows away fingerprinting

Russia's Putin warns against intimidating Iran

Cancer Deaths of 9/11 front-liners renew talk of aid bill: "people are getting sick from working at Ground Zero"

Nobel Peace Prize: Premature Prize for the President

Honduran negotiators reach agreement to restore ousted President Zelaya

Embattled Pakistan faces its worst-case scenario

Audacious militant tactics stun Pakistan

Pakistan Violence: coordinated attacks on police buildings leave 39 dead

Lahore under terror siege, three more places under attack

Bomb Explodes Outside School in Pakistani City of Peshawar

Pakistan Vows: Attacks won't deter fight against terror

Israeli - Palestinian War

Turkey Tightens Syrian-Iranian Axis after Snubbing Israel

Allies push Israel for Gaza war crimes probe

Goldstone, Israel's Frankenstein's monster

UN-conscionable as usual: Back from the dead, Israel-bashing Goldstone report must be killed

Israel: No peace talks until furor at U.N. over Goldstone Report ends

Hamas urges Washington not to intervene in Palestinian affairs

The Coming Intifada - Yousef Munayyer

What needs to be solved for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation

Hoggard DVD

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Consumers show signs of life as prices stay low

Dow returned to above 10,000 points for the first time in a year: Now up 53 percent from the bearish March low

Financial regulations coming as Wall Street shows first signs of recovery

Goldman Sachs Net Beats Estimates on Trading, Investments

Citigroup Has $101 Million Profit on Higher Deposits, Loans

Rage at Government for Doing Too Much and Not Enough

Treasruy-Secretary Geithner's aides made millions on Wall Street

National Unions Say Public Health Care Plan Is Needed

Hospitals fear swine flu, bar visits by kids


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Roadside bomb in Baghdad kills 1 Iraqi soldier

Wednesday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 64 Wounded

Iraqi Gunmen Kill 7 In Gold Heist - Police

85,000 Iraqis killed in almost 5 years of war: Iraqi government

Iraq's neighbors reaffirm support for Iraqi stability

Turkish premier Erdogan in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi leaders

Iraqi-Syrian crisis deepens: Baghdad looks to UN for help

Buoyant Iraqi minister sees 'big leap' coming in oil production

Dispute Over Ballots Could Delay Iraqi Elections

Judge refuses to toss suit challenging California's Prop. 8

Obama proposes an extra one-time payment to Social Security recipients

Obama to survey New Orleans recovery effort

Arctic to be ice-free in summer in 20 years: British polar bear scientist

Obama Becomes Target on Afghan Troop Review as Pressure Rises

North Korea warns naval incursions could spark clash

'Now we have proof' jihadis infiltrating D.C.: Congress seizes on explosive new book based on daring undercover CAIR probe

House anti-terror caucus wants CAIR probed: Islamic group's infiltration of Capitol Hill 'unnerving, to say the least'

House Republicans accuse Muslim group CAIR of trying to plant spies

Teachers tense after book complaint: Written in letter form from a teenager's perspective, contains sexually explicit scenes

October 14, 2009


President Obama Promised The Largest Gay Organization: The "Hate Crimes" Bill Is Close To Becoming Law

Video: Iraqi cancer figures soar: From Depleted Uranium

Nobel panel defends decision to award peace prize to Obama

Arab Reaction Overwhelmingly Positive to Obama Nobel Prize

What happened to global warming? For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures

Intel Results May Bode Well for Economic Recovery

Most who die from new H1N1 flu had underlying health conditions: CDC

Senate panel backs sweeping healthcare reform

British Govt to send 500 more troops to Afghanistan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Syria Praises Turkey for Canceling Drill With Israel

Israel Accuses Hezbollah of Violating Lebanon Truce

'Two-state solution is a disaster': Palestinian viewpoint

Fatah says signs Egypt's Palestinian unity proposal

Palestinian Unity deal must meet Quartet demands

Israel, U.S. to hold anti-missile drill next week

'Israel abuses detention without trial'

Hamas claims Egypt tortured spokesman's brother to death

US, Russia Agree: No Iran sanctions yet


Obama: Afghan Troop Decision in Coming Weeks

Pentagon Denies Report of 'Unannounced' Troops in Afghanistan

White House blasted for assault on Fox News: Criticism from unexpected sources, including left-leaning media

Fascist Global Economy Forming

House panel begins push on financial regulatory overhaul

Weak dollar, low NY property prices woo foreigners

Ford posts record Q3 China vehicle sales

Strong China trade, loan figures back economic recovery case

CSX earnings fall, says worst of recession is over

Treasury said to be unprepared on AIG bonus plans

Boxes, pallets, truckloads of pink slips going to Congress: Campaign hits 3 million warnings to members they could lose jobs

Limbaugh: Media 'scum' lying about fake racist quotes

Chris Matthews: 'Someone's Going To Jam a CO2 Pellet Into Rush's Head'

Al Sharpton Urges Opposition to Limbaugh buying NFL team

NY Nurses sue to block mandatory swine flu shot: 'Hundreds of co-workers feel just as strongly against the vaccine

Egypt says developing own H1N1 flu vaccine for 2011

Oprah spiritual guru faces criminal charges: 2 dead, 19 hospitalized in 'spiritual cleansing' in Arizona




October 13, 2009


Healthcare overhaul poised for big step forward

Obama's Nobel doesn't solve much

North Korea tests more short range missiles

Clinton to Ask Russia What Sanctions It Will Back Over Iran Atomic Program

Some credit card companies rush to act before new law

U.S. recession over: Unemployment seen at 10 percent

Hillary Clinton Says She Has No Interest in Presidential Run -

Should Americans banish the burger?

America's Pro-Gay Trend

Obama again pledges to change policy on gays

Bloggers Furious At White House For Anonymous Pajamas Ridicule

What if Obama really wants a fight over gay pajamas?

Governor Schwarzenegger OKs Harvey Milk Day, gay marriage bill

Hillary Clinton and Homophobia in Russia


'Bash America" becoming the brand of the GOP?

Weak Immune Response to Mild Infections Driving Re-Infection?



Fascist Global Economy Forming

"Obama Dollar" Retreats Most Against Commodities in Wealth Shift

Treasuries Rise on Speculation Rates to Stay Low

Governor Schwarzenegger's "Fiscal-Repairman" Image Defined by $38 Billion Budget Deficit

Banks may buy homes from struggling customers: Then rent them back


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel has no partner for peace: Because Palestinian leadership hasn’t prepared their people for peace

Israel fears facing US-aligned Palestinian terrorist army

Egyptian MP: Storm Israeli Embassies If Jews Visit Temple Mount

Goldstone Effect: Palestinian Authority in Turmoil over UN Delay

Palestinian memo says hopes in Obama 'evaporated'

PM Netanyahu Declares: Israel Would Not Cooperate With Gaza War Crimes Tribunal

Bomb Explodes in Home of Top Hizbullah Terrorist: In southern Lebanon

Israel demands U.N. probe of Lebanon blast: To prove Hizbullah storing arms

With IDF Checkpoints Down, Palestinian Weapons Flow Freely

Analysis: Turkey gets tough on Israel

Turkey Denies Cancelling Military Drill Over Israeli Participation


President Obama's Deception

The Obama Nobel Mystery: Obama’s Nobel Prize win a blatant attempt to Europeanize US policy

Late-night comics turn on Obama

Obama Declares War On Fox News

'O,' say can you see Obama's face on U.S. flag?: Readers promise to track down those modifying Old Glory

Sunstein: Take organs from helpless terminally ill patients: 'Though it may sound grotesque, routine removal would save lives'

Plaintiff: Courts must hear eligibility arguments: Cites Marshall opinion that to refuse is treason

41 Killed in Suicide Blast Near Pakistan's Swat Valley

Commandos Free 39 Hostages, Ending Militant Siege in Pakistan

Swine Flu Vaccine to Poorer Countries to Ship in November

China Reports 1st Swine Flu Death

Winter comes earlier than ever to US

October 12, 2009


Robert Reich On Health Care: Old People Have to Die

Indigenous tribes far more vulnerable in swine flu outbreaks

APF Plan To Run Hardin Jail Terminated: Arrest Of Michael Hilton Possible

Obama: I’ll let gays serve openly in military

Telephone Company Is Arm of Government: Feds Admit in Spy Suit

Sunoco, Valero Shut Refineries as Winter No Match for Fuel Glut

Iran dismisses U.S. warning before nuclear talks begin


Swine Flu News

U.S. says too many swine flu cases to count: Governments worldwide stop tracking illnesses and deaths from H1N1 virus

U.S. seeing flu vaccine shortages

Do kids really need the swine flu vaccine?

Swine Flu Prevention at Church

Vietnam detects 3 cases of drug-resistant swine flu

Poorer countries to get donated H1N1 vaccines - WHO

Egypt Closes Cairo Schools, Classrooms After Swine Flu Outbreak

Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion


Fascist Global Economy Forming

European Stocks, U.S. Futures Gain as Bonds Fall; Dollar Rises

Earnings optimism lifts stocks

Philips Posts Unexpected Profit on Consumer Unit

Housing risks still lurk even as buyers return

Obama aide defends economic stimulus package

Billionaire Soros aims to invest $1 bln in green tech

US deficit hits new record of 1.4 trillion

Pakistan Bombing in Northwest Kills 32; Targets Security Forces

Raid on Pakistan Army HQ highlights Punjab risk

Taliban claim Pakistan HQ army raid

Fears for stability of Pakistan after militants attack army base

Pakistan: Militants' attack raises fears of nuclear arsenal safety

India test fires nuclear-capable theater missile

Advancing Marines test new Afghan war doctrine

U.S. spacecraft crash on moon in search of water

President Obama's Pro-Gay Policy

President Obama Repeats Promises to Gay and Lesbian Community

Obama restated his campaign pledge to allow homosexual men and women to serve openly in the military

Gay rights marchers vow in DC: 'We won't back down'

Why Nobel Laureate President Obama's Speech to the Gays Matters: Lesbian viewpoint

If I Were Obama's Big Gay Speechwriter: Lesbian viewpoint


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas wary of 'kiss of death' from Israel

Abbas makes U-turn on anti-Israeli resolution

U.S. envoy Mitchell ends Mideast leg of peace effort: No success

Is the Netanyahu-Barak team good for Israel?

Israel, United States to hold key missile exercise amid nuclear row with Iran

Obama using 'blood libel' report to pressure Jewish state: U.N. investigation claimed Israel deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza

Israel welcomes peace agreement between Turkey and Armenia

Israel rethinks arms sales to Turkey

PM to Arabs: Don't be deceived by Temple Mt. digging 'lies'

Wary quiet returns to eastern Jerusalem as Al-Aksa restrictions lifted with end of Succot

Focus: Obama's Nobel Peace Prize - Is it a declaration of hope or a premature and misplaced decision?

Question for Nobel Appease Prize winner

Chavez says Obama did "nothing" to deserve Nobel

'Iran to hang anti-president protester'



Saturday-Sunday, October 10-11, 2009


Russians praise, GOP mocks, Obama's peace prize

Fidel Castro lauds Nobel prize for Obama

Obama says Nobel Peace Prize is "call to action"

Obama Peace Prize win has some Americans asking "why"?

The international politics behind Obama’s Nobel Peace prize

Obama pushes gay rights

Obama urges creation of agency to regulate financial industry

Poland Ratifies EU Treaty

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Republicans attack Obama on U.S. dollar

Iran needs up to 300kg of nuclear fuel

Glenn Beck suddenly coy about whether he’ll get flu shot

Swine Flu Cases Rise; CDC Urges Vaccination

NASA Moon bombing: Did NASA really drop a bomb on the moon?

Turkey, Armenia Delay Signing Accord

GM Finalizes Deal To Sell Hummer To China's Tengzhong

Israeli - Palestinian War

Heavy Israeli security around al-Aqsa: For Sukkot

Security and Defense: Temple Mt. - a tinderbox of mixed interests

Israel Tries Less-Disruptive Tactics in West Bank

US Mideast Mitchell envoy meets Palestinian premier

Iran: Israel's threats inexplicable

U.S. Forces In Israel For Missile Drill

Gaza militants say Hamas stops their rocket fire

Hamas sets new unity talks terms

Anti-nuke Obama won't allow India to expand weapons programme

U.S. Stocks Climb, Pushing Dow Average to Highest Close of 2009

Fed Said to Consider Clearing Banks, Drain Facility

George Soros to Invest $1 Billion in Clean-Energy Technology

California Budget Is Already in the Red 10 Weeks After Passage

Gunmen Brazenly Attack Pakistan's Army Headquarters

Pakistan attackers 'take hostages'

Pakistan's great game: Evict India from Afghanistan through terror

Torture Of Prisoners Is An Obvious Sin Which No Christian Should Ever Support -- Christian Scriptures forbid torture in every instance

October 9, 2009


In a surprise, Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize ----- Excerpts From Citation

Treasury/Sec Geithner’s Appointment Book: Taking Orders from the International Bankers

Microchip Implant to Link Your Health Records, Credit History, Social Security

NYPD tracking cell phone owners: Foes aren't sure practice is legal

400,000 Vials Of FluMist Vaccine Containing Live Swine Flu Are On The Way To California

Dirty deal on dirty bombs: NY City trying to ring city with anti-radiation senors

Jerusalem set for al-Aqsa protest on Temple Mount

Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil

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Fascist Global Economy Forming

White House economic adviser Summers Sees ‘Substantial Return to Normal’ in U.S. Economy

Bernanke Ready to Tighten Monetary Policy When Recovery Sufficient

Dollar Soars, Bonds Fall on Bernanke Comments

The Fed's $2.2 trillion fire hose

US Cedes Economic Independence to IMF

Bank Of America (And Its Executives) To Be Tried By Jury

Stocks poised for rocky open

Health reform cost? Nobody really knows

GOP Is Winning the Health-Care Debate

Health Costs Are Crushing Small Businesses: Reform would benefit these important job creators

Obama, Democrats court women on health overhaul

US Navy arrives in Indonesian quake zone

Maoist rebels kill 17 police in central India

A New Solution For Honduras

Suicide car bomb kills 41, wounds 100 in Pakistan

US, other nations stop counting pandemic flu cases: On purpose

Taliban can't be eliminated, White House concludes

Iran looms over Clinton trip to Europe, Russia


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli police on alert as Palestinians call strike: In defence of the Al-Aqsa mosque compound

Foreign Minister Scoffs at Prospects for Peace

Iran will blow up the heart of Israel: If attacked

Obama approval in Israel must improve

Ways of Ending The Struggle: Invoking memories of the 1973 War, Mubarak says the time has come for a comprehensive Arab-Israeli settlement


IAEA Chief Charges: Israel the Real Rogue Nuclear State

Current Headline News Article: Arab Strategists Are Using The West's Preoccupation With Iran's Nuclear Program As A Tool By Which They Can Force Israel To Give Up Her Nuclear Arms!

China detects deadly nerve gas at border with North Korea: Suspects an accidental release

Stop Congress cold: 'Pound them with pink slips'

White House science czar Holdren: Ice age will kill 1 billion

FCC ‘Diversity Czar’ 2005 Audio: ‘Fundamental Rules’ Must Change to Alter White-Dominated Media

Obama Czar’s Textbook Points Teens to Pro-NAMBLA ‘Incident’

Obama adviser says Sharia Law is misunderstood

G8 states could face class actions on climate change

Shocker! Ice melt lowest in 30 years

Al-Qaida could attack from within U.S.: Alarm grows as recruiting rises, operatives smuggled in


October 8, 2009


Obama's Nominee Thinks Gay Sex Is Morally Good!

Jews Might Prevent Jews From Entering Temple Mount!

Stocks resume climb after upbeat retail sales and surprising profit from Alcoa

Four major quakes strike South Pacific

Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim

Asian Central Banks Intervene as Dollar Tumbles

Is YOUR Doctor Saying No to Drug Company’s ‘Free Lunch’ Deception Campaign?

Does seasonal flu vaccine protect against Swine Flu or make it riskier?

Grim omens as U.S. envoy Mitchell pursues Mideast peace relaunch

Medical Mistakes Kill 100,000 Americans A Year

Health bill would cost $829B, help cover 94 pct

Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys

Warning: DNA test results may not be as reliable as they appear


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel FM to tell U.S. envoy no peace deal possible

Palestinian reconciliation pact may be on hold again

Jordan urges UN to force Israel to stop Jerusalem violations

Goldstone row rumbles on in press: Accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes in Israel's Gaza attack

Does Goldstone Report Delegitimize Israel?

UN body to debate Gaza 'crimes'

Palestinian U-turn on Gaza report

2009 Survey of American Jewish Opinion: Support for Israel strong

Israel will guard holy places

Jerusalem Tense as Arab Leaders Visit Disputed Holy Site

EGYPT: Cleric calls for 'Friday of anger' against Al Aqsa violations

Arab violence and incitement to violence in Jerusalem: Source of Perpetual War

Iran's Jewish president? Is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Jewish?

Can Ahmadinejad Invoke the Right of Return? They say his mother was Jewish …

CBO: The Baucus Bill Bends the Health Care Cost Curve Down

New Math Boosts Health Plan

Afghanistan -- Non-Functioning Gap Country

Obama's Vietnam?

Suicide bombing outside Indian embassy in Kabul kills 12

India Says Kabul Bombing Targeted Its Embassy

Air strike kills 10 Taliban militants in E Afghanistan

White House weighs Pakistan's role in winning Afghan war

Obama rules out deep cuts into U.S. force levels in Afghanistan

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Upbeat Alcoa gives world markets a boost

Stocks futures point to sharply higher opening

Treasury Secretary Geithner makes time for select group of powerful Wall Street bankers

European Central Bank, Bank of England set to keep interest rates at record lows

Jobless Rate Is Key to Fate of Democrats in 2010

Hotel defaults, foreclosures rise in California

Watch NASA bomb the moon

Diplomats urge return of ousted Honduran president

FBI eyes terror suspect's travel talk

Sunstein: Americans too racist for Socialism: Defends communism, welfare state but says 'white majority' oppose programs aiding blacks, Hispanics

ACORN Tosses Out Republican Registrations

ACORN: Congress can't hurt us

Panic in Vanuatu after tsunami warning

Iran not to join Additional Protocol of NPT: FM declares

Iran to buy nuclear fuel from any supplier, even from U.S.


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Roadside bomb kills 3 northeast of Baghdad

Iraq car bomb kills 11, wounds 31: Western Iraqi town of Amiriya

Iraq car bomb kills seven at prayers in Fallujah

Iraqi security forces strain budget

Iraqi Official: Iranian opposition members freed in Iraq but their deportation order stands

Hope survived one Iraq bombing, but not the second

Top US general Petraeus treated for prostate cancer

Iraq and oil majors agree terms of JV for Rumaila oil field

Iraq Kurdistan suspends Norway DNO oil operations

Atheists say prayer makes them physically sick

October 7, 2009


FBI Joins Investigation of Car Filled With Explosives in Connecticut

Obama war council focuses on Pakistan

Iranian President Describes Geneva Talks as 'Positive'

Obama Inches Up in AP Poll

Criminalizing everyone

U.S. flu vaccination off to slow start: CDC

Dr. Oz Will Propagandize For H1N1 Vaccine, But He Won’t Give It To His Kids

Your health records available to millions

U.S. "stumbling block" in U.N. climate talks: Mexico

North Korea Says Dismantling Its Nuclear Weapons ‘Unthinkable’

Senate Panel finds no fault with Obama system of policy 'czars'

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Saudi Central Bank Chief Backs Dollar, Cites Its ‘Convenience’

UN calls for new reserve currency

Obama Aides Act to Fix Economic Safety Net

IG Report Finds Paulson, Bernanke Misled Public on Bank Rescues

Will California become America's first failed state?

Wealth management due for $10 trillion shift

Emerging-Market Stocks Reach 13-Month High

Asia stocks up amid faith in recovery; Europe flat

Amazon's Kindle e-reader to go international

Afghanistan -- Non-Functioning Gap Country

Obama rules out cutting troops in Afghanistan

Gates calls for calm after public row over Afghanistan troops

Afghan insurgents pushed into U.S. base

NATO says kills 100 fighters in huge Afghan battle

Fired UN envoy claims third of Hamid Karzai votes fraudulent

Swine Flu Propaganda

Swine flu's bigger impact on blacks and Hispanics is not being addressed

CDC Recommends 3rd Shot For Some to Fight Swine Flu

Government using software to track Swine Flu

China’s First Swine Flu Death Underscores Threat

Drawing the line against swine flu

Swine Flu Vaccine Reaches D.C. Area: High School in Laurel With 100 Absences Is First in Region to Close for Disinfection

Sec. Sebelius Urges Swine Flu Vaccinations While In St. Louis

White House's botched photo 'op': Doctors overwhelmingly oppose ObamCare

White House touts supportive Republicans on healthcare

Americans are now evenly split on Health Care overhaul

'I Am 71' crowds condemn abortion funding in Health Care Reform Legislation

Police clash with protesters outside finance meeting in Turkey: IMF and World Bank meeting

President Obama's Pro-Gay Activism

American Family joins calls for gay activist Jennings ouster: 'This man is not a good role model for the nation's children' - he is currently overseer in the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Safe Schools

Letter to Congress: Lose 'gay' radical Jennings: 'It is clear he wants to remake public education the way he personally sees fit'

President ignoring Jennings case so far

Chai Feldblum, an outspoken homosexual rights activist, now Obama's nominee, praised polygamy: Contended traditional marriage shouldn't have privileged status

Planned Parenthood Used Underage Girls in Clinical Trials Pushing Abortion

Pakistan seeks long U.S. commitment

Five killed at U.N. office in Islamabad by suicide attacker

Israeli - Palestinian War

FM wants 'new Israeli foreign policy' toward developing world

Israel deploys police as Jerusalem tensions rise

Obama's policies helped spark Temple Mount riots?

Peace must be made on Temple Mount

Palestinians simmer, but no Intifada for now

Higher Arab Monitoring Committee visits al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian official: We erred over Gaza war crimes report

Palestinian parliament head: Dismiss Abbas

U.S. plans to overhaul how immigrants are detained

Verification of illegal immigrants is scrutinized amid healthcare debate

Indonesia mulls declaring villages mass graves

French police grab 4 kids on German orders: Homeschool family's children accused of being 'being alone'

October 6, 2009


U.S. Senate candidate: Martial law needed in Chicago

Stocks jump as investors continue rally into second day

Heating bills to fall an average 8%

Obama Faces 'War of Appeasement' in Washington Over Afghanistan Strategy

Growing Number of GOP Leaders Encourage Health Reform

Proportion of 8-year-olds diagnosed with autism is up 50% in 2 years: CDC

Autism Explodes As Childhood Vaccines Increase

The Demise of the Dollar

Oil states say no talks on replacing dollar

APF Changes Name, Logo & Website To “Diffuse Tension”

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has no Jewish roots

Cameron could well be the last ever Prime Minister for the United Kingdom

North Korea demands US ties for resumption of nuclear talks

North Korea got $2.2B under failed disarmament deals

Pakistan Taliban head cracks jokes, vows vengeance

Taliban claim responsibility for deadly UN blast in Islamabad

Afghanistan -- Non-Functioning Gap Country

Protests mark eighth year of Afghan war

Clinton, Gates say US goals steady in Afghanistan

Sharp division inside White House on Afghanistan

White House: Leaving Afghanistan not an option

Afghan Insurgents Seek Defeat of Second Superpower: Gates warns

US sees hand of elite Iranian unit in Afghanistan

Obama administration seeks to reassure Pakistan and Afghanistan over Taliban

Critics Don't See the Nuance in McChrystal's Comments on Afghan War

Afghan War Casualties Raise Stakes on Troop Debate

Bodies of soldiers killed in Afghanistan due back in U.S.

US military deaths in Afghanistan region officially at 779

Turkey, Syria's new best friend


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama Weighs Spending to Stem Job Cuts Without Second Stimulus

New York State Tax Revenues Slump 36%, Is New York The Next California?

Goldman, Intel Give Profit ‘a Pulse’ After Record 2-Year Drop

U.S. Stock-Index Futures Rise: Indicating the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index will rise for a second day

World Bank appeals for funds as aid rationing looms

World markets buoyed by recovery hopes

National retail group offers weak holiday forecast

Toyota to show green sportscar with Subaru engine


Swine Flu Propaganda

It’s official. Flu season is here

Vaccine arrives as flu spreads

40 Percent Will Not Be Vaccinated: Harvard Poll

H1N1 shot here, but most must wait

Indiana, Tennessee begin vaccinating health care workers against swine flu using nasal mist

New York State: Be Vaccinated Or Be Fired

Health Workers Protest Flu Vaccine Mandate

Obama Leans On Doctors For Reform Push: No "Public Option"

Local doctor backs Obama's health plan in White House visit


Israeli - Palestinian War

How Israel Was Disarmed

Analysis: Arab Strategists Are Using The West's Preoccupation With Iran's Nuclear Program As A Tool By Which They Can Force Israel To Give Up Her Nuclear Arms!

UN unites against nuclear weapons: Unanimous resolution at Security Council could boosts efforts to block N. Korea, Iran

Analysis: Living with a nuclear Iran

Israel's sworn adversaries

Temple Mt. access to remain restricted

Yishai, Landau call for Islamic Movement to be outlawed

US may leave PAC3 anti-missile systems in Israel

Peace Now Complains: Accelerated construction has begun on 800 settlement homes in 3 months

Iran open to meeting of nuclear experts: President Ahmadinejad

Over a Barrel: Why Iran Sanctions Won't Work

Sigh of relief on Iran - for now

Iran Celebrates Disclosure Of Covert Nuclear Program With A Missile Test

New Headline News Story


America's Occult Holidays

"Too many Christians are enthusiastically celebrating pagan holidays, thinking they are Christian. Once you understand how very pagan America and the rest of the Western world has become, you can see how God's judgment cannot be far behind.

"... all who hate me love and court death." (Proverbs 8:36b)

You will never look at America's holidays the same way again!

"She has become a resort and dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every loathsome spirit, an abode for every filthy and detestable bird ... I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues." [Rev 18:2, 4]

Quake-hit Indonesian city sprayed to stop disease

Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama 'to keep China happy'

Dump depraved Dave now, CBS!


October 5, 2009


Gore Vidal: “We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US”

Extremely Invasive Body Scanners Being Installed At All Major U.S. Airports

Staged Al-CIA-da “Internal Suicide Bomber” Allows Pretext for Mandatory Full Body Scans

Hardin jail operators detail plans for training facility, expansion

Feds sued to keep out of state's gun affairs: Complaint filed seeking affirmation of Montana Firearms Freedom Act

Swine flu vaccination effort starts Monday: CDC

Latest Round-Up of Obama Approval Ratings by State

Senators Vote to Delay Afghanistan Testimony from Top Generals

8 U.S. Troops Killed in Siege of Afghan Outpost

2 NATO soldiers reported killed in Afghanistan

'Different' Afghan strategy urged

Suicide bomb hits UN in Pakistan: 3 Killed

Supreme Court

A Catholic Court? Let the Arguments Begin

Supreme court term has major gun rights, business cases

Questions surround start of new Supreme Court term

'Hard-to-predict' Sonia Sotomayor ready for her first day on Supreme Court

Supreme Court’s new term offers cases that could overturn precedent

Supreme Court Majority Opinion: Attend Red Mass, traditional since 1953

Sandra Day O'Connor says rulings are being 'dismantled'

China vows to stand by isolated North Korea

Powerful Typhoon turns back, dumps rain on northern Philippines

US Treasury to say 3 more funds to buy toxic assets

Health Care: Obama quietly tries to shore up Senate support for public option

Senate Democrats Backpedal On Health Insurance Mandate

Horse-Trading Just Beginning on Senate Health Reform Bill

Israeli - Palestinian War

On Nukes, Iran Follows Israel's Lead

Israel Accuses Russians of Helping Iran's Nuclear Program

Fatah Rising Over Hamas In Popularity

Israeli police deploy around tense holy site

Jordan reprimands Israel envoy over Temple Mount riots

PA waging diplomatic war over Temple Mount

Israel frees last prisoner in Shalit's video deal

Hamas spokesman: Israel doesn't know where Schalit is being held

No guarantee of early Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap

Egypt's President Mubarak urges Israel to resume peace talks

Analysis: US backs Israel, but leaves door open for external Cast Lead war crimes probe

U.S. Treasury Secretary calls for IMF reform

Men arrested for G-20 Twittering say it's free speech

Eager fans line up to see how David Letterman responds to sex extortion scandal on 'Late Show'


Saturday-Sunday, October 3-4, 2009


Early returns show solid Irish `yes' to EU treaty

First Swine Flu vaccine doses expected soon

Judge to Prop. 8 backers: Turn over your papers: could show that backers of the same-sex marriage ban were motivated by prejudice against gays

Iran's president says Obama made a big mistake

Obama agrees to keep Israel's nukes secret

Obama uses Bush bank strategy against N. Korea

China maps an end to the Afghan war

Gallup: US Jews Are Religious Group Most Supportive of Obama

US Military Helping in Four Pacific Disasters

Death Toll Rises in Pacific Islands, Families Cope with Losses from Tsunami

Up to 4,000 buried in Indonesian quake rubble

'State of Calamity' in Philippines as second major Typhoon Nears

US storms troops into the Philippines for training and humanitarian missions in the wake of recent floods


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama links job growth to health care proposal

G7 warns against pulling stimulus too soon

G7 grapples with exchange rates and own future

G7 pushes for strong dollar amid fears its fall will impede recovery

Unemployment rate edges up to 9.8%

Despite recovery, employers aren't ready to hire

The New Normal: Spend It If You've Got It, Just Don't Flaunt It

Senator Ensign embarrasses the GOP

Moral Collapse

Palin was right about Letterman

David Letterman's shocking office sex fiasco

'Sextortion' is latest issue pushing Letterman into spotlight

Porn surfing rampant at U.S. science foundation


Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran’s nuclear threat is a lie: The media have been tasked with preparing the public for endless war - Western Intelligence is "FAKE"

October surprise in US-Iran relations: Raising hopes of a real breakthrough

Iran Nuclear Talks Elicit Optimism, Skepticism

Nuclear watchdog chief to visit Iran

Analysis: Iran is winner in nuclear talks, at least for now

Iran: We reached no deal to ship nuclear fuel

Brown, Sarkozy infight with Obama on Iran: Wanted Obama to be more forceful against Iran

Congress readies Iran sanctions if diplomacy fails

Archived Article: Nuclear-armed Iran vs Nuclea-armed America - Whom Should The World Really Fear?"

(Revelation: Iran has had nuclear weapons since 2002!)

Al-Qaida Linked Group Gains Control of Somali Port City


Coming Dictatorship - Signs

APF: License? We Don’t Need No Stinking License!

Investigation Could Sink American Police Force

US police departments back anti-terror citizen watch

Big Brother is watching you shop

Department of Homeland Security Doles Out Fed Cash to Deploy Military LRADs in U.S. Cities


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hezbollah beats Israel in military scores

Sec/State Clinton Issues Holiday Greetings to Muslims, Not Jews

Analysis: PA's conflicting approaches as different as night and day

Noam Shalit: We fear negotiations may take years

Hamas' Mashaal: We will kidnap more soldiers

Expert: Shalit Video a Victory for Hamas

US warns citizens: Avoid Old City on Succot

UN: Number of 'abject' poor in Gaza triples in '09

Air Force strikes in Gaza following rocket fire

Goldstone defends report on Israel, Hamas

Tough-talking Fatah chief is back: Mohammed Dahlan

India and China profess brotherhood

If Afghanistan is its test, NATO is failing

Afghan cop opens fire, killing 2 US soldiers

Japan halts helping US fuelling mission in Afghanistan

Obama's 'safe schools' chief praised child-sex promoter - Jennings: I was 'inspired' by NAMBLA's Harry Hay

Scandal: Scientists cherry-picked data for Global Warming - Global-warming evidence based on ring growth in only 12 trees, others ignored

Defects in key climate data uncovered: Only by playing with data can scientists come up with the infamous ‘hockey stick’ graph of global warming

Bart Stupak, Leader of Antiabortion Democrats: 'Not Very Confident' on Healthcare

Support for abortion rights down in survey

Canada's bishop faces child porn charges


Iraq War Not Over Yet

General Odierno Admits: May not be possible to declare victory in Iraq

US commander says Iran still supporting Iraqi insurgents

U.S. Envoy: Timeline for troops leaving Iraq on track

Iraqi Federal Forces Lead Anti-Insurgent Push

Iraq Commander Plans More US Troop Cuts

General Odierno considers tour extensions in Iraq

Iraqi forces foil suicide bomber's prison break bid

Iraq war objector leaves Army

Iraqi leader breaks from allies, forges new coalition

Fort Lewis soldiers return from Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S. Detainee Can Be Transferred to Iraqi authorities for trial: Despite risk he could be tortured

Iraqi air force gets radar, training suite


October 2, 2009



Crisis In Hardin, Montana

Martial Law Is Their Business – and Business Sure Is Swell - "Hardin may well be the first of many economically devastated communities to be given a lifeline by the burgeoning military-homeland security-prison-industrial complex"

Investigation Could Sink American Police Force: Montana Attorney General orders secretive paramilitary group to turn over all its records

Blackwater Claims APF Illegally Using Logos, Material

APF Refuses To Divulge Parent Company Amidst Blackwater Accusation

Legislation Still Under the Radar Would Devastate U.S. Gun Ownership Rights

Group sues to validate Montana gun law

Hardin jail lands contract: From American Police Force

U.S. House votes against bringing Guantanamo detainees to homeland

General Odierno Admits: May not be possible to declare victory in Iraq

Iran, world powers agree to further nuclear talks

U.S. has relaxed its grip on the Internet: Domain Chaos To Follow?

Political scientists report drop in US standing in the world

China weather "magic" conjures blue sky for parade

National Contractors group calls for U.S. help with 'depression'

Millionaire Filmmaker Michael Moore: ‘Capitalism Did Nothing For Me'

Prince Philip blasts supermarkets, second-home owners

Letterman reveals affairs with staff, extortion attempt: Severe moral collapse


Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran’s nuclear threat is a lie: The media have been tasked with preparing the public for endless war - Western Intelligence is "FAKE"

Israel Tones Down Warnings of Strike on Iran as Diplomatic Efforts Intensify

Would Ahmadinejad Actually Fire His Nukes?

Iran intel marked by differences, not disarray: Experts see little risk of the West blundering into conflict with Iran through a fog of flawed intelligence

Talks on Iran's nuclear program end with positive results

General McChrystal: Success in Afghanistan is Not Assured


Iraq War Not Over Yet

General Odierno Admits: May not be possible to declare victory in Iraq

U.S. Envoy: Timeline for troops leaving Iraq on track

Iran's aid to Iraq insurgents less broad-based -US

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq

Hidden bomb kills Iraqi police officer leading prayers

As Ramadan Ends Iraqi Violence Resumes

Iraqi police: Suicide tanker truck targets police outpost near Ramadi, kills 7

Iraq's Maliki Unveils Broad Coalition

Death row Iraqis among 8 escapees recaptured

Fresh quake near Tonga, tsunami toll nears 200: Magnitude 6.3

Indonesian quake toll at 1,100, thousands still missing

"Super typhoon" bears down on flood-ravaged Philippines

Somali Islamists Reportedly Prepare for Battle Over Port City

Obama-backed health bill gains ground

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Tones Down Warnings of Strike on Iran as Diplomatic Efforts Intensify

Don't let Israel poison Iran talks

Israel takes steps to fend off international prosecution

Hamas, Israel to restart prisoners talks next week

Israel releases Palestinian prisoners for video

General Ashkenazi views Shalit video

Rocket hits near Shaar Hanegev, no injuries

Feds lift ban on 'Jesus' on Capitol Christmas tree: 'Happy Birthday' to be allowed on 2009 recognition of holiday

Senator Lindsey Graham Hits Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly


Obama eligibility to see its day in court? Pivotal hearing decides whether 'birther' case will be trashed, heard on merits

Obama "Birther" infomercial airs in Springfield, Missouri

Conan: Big Bird Gets Right-Wing Crazy on Michelle Obama

Senator says Obama's birth location doesn't matter: Tim Johnson: He's natural born citizen 'regardless' of place

Pakistan: US missile strike kills top Al Qaida militant

Saudi Arabia records four new swine flu fatalities




October 1, 2009


FBI watching for ‘homegrown' terrorists

Israel rethinks anti-Iran warnings: "there's no need to attack anything" (Hawkish FM)

IMF: world economy recovering faster than expected

U.S. Economy sends numerous signals of rebound

Many swine flu deaths linked with second infection

Iran meets the West in Geneva for nuclear talks

Democrats get ambitious on climate change

Canadian's health horror story draws scrutiny

Earthquakes across Asia Pacific cause two disasters in under 24 hours


Fascist Global Economy Forming

IMF Raises 2010 Growth Forecast; Asia Leads Recovery

Oil falls below $70 after surging overnight

Business confidence in Japan up for second quarter

Honda president warns of weak dollar 'danger zone'

GM to shut down Saturn after Penske walks away

Ukraine's Naftogaz indicates default on $500 million bonds, but restructuring likely

Citigroup closes $8.7B sale of Japanese brokerage

EPA proposes first-ever permits for greenhouse gases from power plants and factories

Asia readies for next storm as death toll rises

Samoan islands shaken by second quake: Was 5.5 magnitude

Indonesia quake toll soars past 500

Samoa tsunami warning system failed us, say survivors

Philippines Mobilizes Armed Forces for Second Storm in a Week

The Pacific 'Ring of Fire' : Excellent map

Democrat stands ground after 'die quickly' health care remark

Gun Control - New World Order

Supreme Court takes a fresh look at handgun laws

Gun Case Puts Focus on Sotomayor & Future Nominees

Gun Rights Case Could Turn On Civil War-Era Laws

Gun advocates predict drop in crime if gun ban is lifted

The new Supreme Court, 2009 - 2010

Supreme Court to review ban on certain aid to terrorist groups: The court will examine whether part of the Patriot Act prohibits activities protected by the First Amendment

Gates Doubts U.S.'s Afghan Strategy : As Obama Reviews Options, Defense Secretary Worries Manpower-Intensive Plan Won't Stop Taliban

Iraq Premier Announces Broad New Coalition Ahead of Polls

Romanian Government Collapses

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel, Hamas in mutual gestures on prisoners

Israel prepares for battle over war crimes claims

Israel and Palestinians must investigate war crimes: Judge Goldstone

Israel mulls independent Gaza probe

Arabs must affirm state of Israel

Israeli diplomat expelled from Russia

Envoys meet with Mitchell on PA talks

Schalit videotape likely to spur renewed calls for deal to gain his freedom

Terrorist Rocket hits western Negev; IAF strikes Gaza tunnels

Number of People Getting Lifesaving HIV Drugs Rises

Swine flu shots delayed for most

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