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October 16-31, 2009
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Understanding Clinton



Iranian Lawmakers Reject Nuclear Deal

Clinton Holding Mideast Peace Talks

Jerusalem must be capital of both Israel and Palestine: UN chief

Clinton ‘Broke the Ice’ With Pakistanis Angry Over U.S. Role

Department of Homeland Security Opens Cyber Security Center

GOP urges simpler, less expensive health care plan

Republicans warn: Rationing medicine has already begun

EU leaders fail to agree on how much climate aid to give

Blair prospects for EU Preidency 'fading'

A hateful hate-crimes law: Bill adds on extra penalties to violent crimes when it is deemed they were motivated by gender, sexual orientation or disabilities

What could it possibly mean that the penalty for the same act of violence – for murder – may be different depending on what might be deemed to be the motivation? Can you imagine a football game where the penalty for roughing the passer is 20 yards rather than 15 if the referee concludes that the violence perpetrated was motivated because the quarterback was homosexual?

We already have a Source that instructs against murder and to love your neighbor as yourself. But this has been banned from our schools and our public spaces. So once again, in what is becoming our God-less nation, we mistake the disease for the cure.

Obama to Lift US Ban on Entry of HIV Positive Travelers

Candidate Abdullah May Pull Out of Afghan Presidential Runoff

Afghanistan Strategy More Important Than Proposed Military Buildup: U.S. Ambassador

Former U.S. president Bush calls on India to support U.S. in Afghan war

Bomb kills seven soldiers in Pakistan

Tribal Chiefs term Hillary Clinton’s visit successful

U.S. Reportedly Rushes Aid for Pakistani Assaults on Taliban

Can Christianity Warm Up to Darwin? A growing movement supports the idea that we can have faith in both God and evolution


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Turkey to use national currencies in trade with Iran, China

Obama Cites Good Signs on Economy

Flat incomes, weak consumer spending raise concern

Chrysler offers buyouts to 23,000 factory workers

CEO Predicts: Chrysler profitable by 2011

More UAW locals vote no on Ford contract deal: Canadian union reaches tentative agreement with U.S. carmaker

China's billionaires live large during global crisis

Honduras deal thrown into doubt

Colombia and US sign military pact: Will expand the US military's exposure


Israeli - Palestinian War

Sec/State Clinton faces huge challenge in Mideast talks

Netanyahu meets with US Mideast envoy Mitchell before Clinton arrives

Clinton To Meet Abbas In Abu Dhabi

Abbas warns of 'religious war' if Israel's Jerusalem policies continue

Palestinians says no talks until Israel freezes settlement construction

US: Further security breaches can reignite Lebanon-Israel hostilities

No signs Israel planning immediate war: Lebanese FM

U.N. chief: Israel should consider Goldstone report

Israel envoy tells UN: Human Rights Council betrayed its own values

Ahmadinejad: Israel unhappy with Iran nuclear negotiations

Israel marks 14 years since Rabin assassination

Russia offers Ukraine aid in fighting swine flu

Saudis Try to Head Off Swine Flu Fears Before Hajj

Lethal Injection: Russian consumes 20% of all heroin in the world

History made as Chirac is told to stand corruption trial: Former French head of state accused of embezzling taxpayers' money to put political allies in non-existent posts

Palin Fires Back At Levi Johnston: After He Tells Maggie Rodriguez He's Hiding "Huge" Secrets About Her, She Says He's Telling "Attention-Getting Lies"

Detroit-area Islamic group probed: Seeks to establish an Islamic state within the United States


Iraq War Not Over Yet

US general warns of rise in Iraq violence

Baghdad attacks stir fears of Sunni violence

2 U.S. soldiers die of non-combat incidents in Iraq

Turkish FM in Iraq's Kurdistan

Turkey to open two more border crossings with Iraq

Iraq MPs fail to reach quorum for election law vote

Baghdad bombings raise political tensions

61 security members held over Baghdad bombs

Blackwater Iraq murders not forgotten yet: US judge rejects private military contractor's attempt to dismiss cases filed by Iraqi victims

Iraq war, torture return to haunt Blair: Tony Blair's stances towards Iraq, torture, and Bush blight his chances of becoming EU president

In Iraq's oil battle, Kirkuk is key

US would welcome 'profesional' Indian Army in Iraq and Afghanistan

U.S. Army Sending First Buddhist Chaplain to Iraq

'Girl Run Over For Being Too Westernised' - Killed by her Iraqi father

Is the Nabucco oil pipeline a part of Iran, Turkey gas deal?

Yemen's water crisis a Mideast warning: Sanaa may be the first capital city in the world to run out of water


October 30, 2009


Honduras' ousted Leftist president, government sign agreement

Turkey now aligns with Iran, against Israel

Iran rejects nuclear deal

Islamic states pushing for 'global blasphemy law'

EU leaders seek to break deadlock on climate aid

140 Times More Early Swine Flu Than Reported: CDC Propaganda

Swine Flu spreading changes in personal behavior

U.S. Economy Stabilized but Risks Remain: Geithner

UN to boost Afghan security after deadly Kabul attack

Game is up for private health insurers


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bank Of Japan Ends Debt Buying as Central Banks Phase Out Emergency Steps

European Factors -- Shares set to extend sharp rally

Japan jobless rate falls for second straight month

Asian Stocks Rise on Earnings, Japan Jobless Data, U.S. Growth

Geithner welcomes saving and doesn't fear real estate collapse

Bankers Expect Rising Bonus Pay to Break Records in Global Poll

Panasonic returns to profit in second quarter on improved sales of home electronics

Democrat rips Barney Frank bill as 'TARP on steroids': Would grant government unlimited new authority to systematically dismantle a private company (Proof that economy is now Fascist!)

Clinton faces Pakistani anger at Predator drone attacks

9/11 passport 'found in Pakistan'

Pakistan car bomb toll passes 100

Israeli - Palestinian War

Turkey eyes closer ties with Iran, denies chill with west

New Turkish Envoy: Israel Must Understand Ankara's Mideast Role

Iran's Ahmadinejad praises Turk PM on Israel stance

Israel: Iran's uranium deal insufficient

Expectations low for Mitchell's visit

U.N. probe of Israel 'used false witnesses': 'Did you try to validate any of these invented details? Well you didn't!'

Obama to Address Rabin Event by Video

After Katyusha Attack: ‘We’re Not Ready for the Next Clash Here

Jerusalem Official: Palestinian Authority has De Facto Control Parts of Capital

Israelik Gov't Demolishes EU-Funded Illegal Arab Construction in Judea

U.S. Senate panel approves sanctions bill against Iran

Ill winds over Iran's nuclear draft - Counter-offer already rejected by some Western diplomats

Strong 6.9 earthquake hits Ryukyu Islands, Japan

'Muslim Mafia' linked to Detroit FBI shootout: CAIR chief gave thousands to cop-killing jihad cell leader

Old photos, new questions about Obama nativity

The ever-changing Obama nativity story: Editorial

U.S. House unveils unified health care bill


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Arab-Kurd tensions threaten to ignite volatile Iraqi province

Bombs over Baghdad

Iraqi security officials held in blast aftermath

Baghdad blasts bode ill for Barack Obama's withdrawal plan

Election delays could keep U.S. troops in Iraq longer

Exxon: Certainly Interested In Iraq, Talks Ongoing

Afghanistan War News

Afghanistan: A Sudden Exit Driven By An 'Irrational' War

I thought this was the good war

Quagmire: Afghan war futility

Congressman Murtha is open to raising taxes to fund a troop surge in Aghanistan

Poll: President Obama has had only a minimal impact on race relations


October 29, 2009


Twitter News

2009 - Year Homosexuality Bursts Into The Open

President Barack Obama Signs Hate Crimes Legislation Into Law

Specifics: 1) creating a “thought crimes” statute; 2) law criminalizes thinking that someone may or may not have had during the commission of a crime; 3) ‘thought crimes’ legislation, places a higher value on some lives than others.

Headline News Article: "Are YOU Prepared To Go To Prison?" President has just issued a Declaration of War against the Church and the Bible upon which it is founded!

America's pro-homosexual giants: 2010 - Companies offering most support for 'gay,' lesbian, transgender workers

Today's News

Stocks rise sharply in early trading after better-than-expected GDP report: (Gross Domestic Product)

Economy grows in 3Q, signals end of recession

Swine Flu Emergency: What Obama's Declaration Means

Iran: 'Ready to Cooperate' on Nuclear Fuel Exchange

Gigantic coup for Iran

British Doctors admit to practising 'slow euthanasia' on terminally-ill patients

TSA, FBI, Cops Turn Virginia Bridge Into Constitution Free Zone

Confirmed: Skin cream contains fetal proteins - Company's anti-aging products built on cells harvested from aborted baby


Afghanistan War News

Obama Attends Solemn Service to Honor Fallen U.S. Soldiers From Afghan War

Afghan Runoff Stirs Concern of Repeat Fraud

Fighting Afghanistan’s Dumbed-Down — and Deadly — Bombs

Taliban take over Afghan province

Europe stoops to conquer the Uzbeks: E.U. worried about a possible spillover of the Afghan war

Rivals fiddle while Kabul burns

President Karzai: Afghanistan's Diem: Corrupt beyond belief

Afghan Opium Kingpin On CIA Payroll

US diplomat resigns to protest Afghan war

UN re-evaluates Afghan mission after bloody attack


Iraq War Not Over Yet

A turkey hunt in Iraq: Rather than finding those who struck at Baghdad's Green Zone in August, killing 100 people, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki searched for political scapegoats to protect his own neck

Iraq makes sweeping arrests over Baghdad blasts

U.N. official heads to Iraq after Baghdad bombings

Fort Lewis MP dies in Iraq: "Noncombat incident" (Suicide?)

Detecting bombs requires special eye

Iraq to Vote on Kirkuk Balloting Guidelines

Date set for Iraq war public hearings: In Great Britain

Car Bomb in Northwest Pakistan Kills 100

Hillary Clinton says Pakistan not alone in terror war

Pakistani PM seeks U.S. mediation on Kashmir

UN: Zimbabwe Cancels Torture Investigator's Visit

Swine-Flu Update: Vaccine Shortage

Capital Health gearing up to immunize district’s masses: Largest immunization effort in our history

Malia, Sasha Obama get their swine flu shots

Texas clarifies plan for inmates' vaccinations

FTC's Powers Would Grow Under Financial Overhaul Legislation


Israeli - Palestinian War

UN General Assembly to discuss Goldstone Report Nov. 4

UN Ambassador Shalev: Goldstone fallout is political

'Arms cache in every southern Lebanon town'

Mending a strained alliance: Between Turkey and Israel

Bill to declare Jerusalem 'capital of Jewish people' can't muster Knesset majority

Israel remembers Rabin: 14 years since his assassination

Peres: Peace mission to go on - Speaking at Rabin memorial ceremony, president says killer's bullets 'hurt entire nation'

Foreign Ministry 'Forgets' Rabin Speech Opposing Two States: His last speech to Knesset

Defense Minister Barak: Israel strives for peace; Syria must act responsibly

Something’s wrong with this man: Latest Barak scandal to prompt more doubts about Barak’s character

Audio: Temple Mount Doors to Open for Thousands of Jews - It is imperative for Jews to visit Judaism’s holiest place in order to secure the sacred mount under Jewish sovereignty

Pink slips 2.5 times higher than Washington Monument: But don't expect to hear a word about it from elsewhere in media

Obama signs defense bill, marks military spending transition

U.S.-China Climate Pact Isn't on Table: Envoy

Business Groups Push Hard Against the Senate Health Bill


October 28, 2009


Twitter News

Obama Set To Sign Bill Widening Hate Crime Laws: Wednesday afternoon

Fellowship of the Unashamed

Breaking News

President Barack Obama Signs Hate Crimes Legislation Into Law

Specifics: 1) creating a “thought crimes” statute; 2) law criminalizes thinking that someone may or may not have had during the commission of a crime; 3) ‘thought crimes’ legislation, places a higher value on some lives than others.

Abortion foe urges 'Burn in Hell' protest against proposed Health Care Plan

GMAC May Receive Third Bailout Package From U.S. Government: Additional $2.8 to $5.6 billion

Pakistan Market Bombing Kills 60 as Clinton Arrives for Talks

Iran May Accept 'Framework' of Nuclear Agreement

U.S. consumer confidence up for first time since 2007

Goods Orders, Home Sales Probably Rose, Signaling U.S. Recovery

Stimulus grant to cut cost of BGE 'smart meters': Would equip every household with advanced 'Smart Meter'

Rush Limbaugh livid: GOP has death wish - Republicans 'as dangerous to this country as the Democrat Party is'


New Headline News Article: "President Obama Falsely Reassures Muslims: America Is Not At War With Islam And Never Will Be At War With Islam"

"The Truth is quite the opposite: America has launched annihilating wars against Islam "

Afghanistan War News

8 US Soldiers, Afghan Civilian Killed in Southern Afghanistan

Taliban Attack on Kabul Guesthouse Kills 6 UN Workers

Kabul attack will not deter us: UN mission chief

President Karzai condemns attack on UN guesthouse in Kabul

Bombings push US toll to worst month in Afghan war

U.S. defense bill would pay Taliban to switch sides

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war: Foreign Service officer and former Marine captain says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting

UN Special Rapporteur Questions International Legality of US Use of Drones


Iran News

Iranian president reiterates nuclear rights, hails Turkey's stance

Iran not to ship its uranium stockpile abroad in one shipment

U.S. remains waiting Iran's nuclear response


Iraq War Not Over Yet

War criminalization conference held in Malaysia: Focus is on Iraqi War and US role

Bloody Sunday a heavy blow for Iraqi gov't

Security measures strengthened in central Baghdad

China "shocked" by latest car bombings in Iraq

China, North Korea vow to invigorate traditional friendly ties

SEC and Homeland Security need Web backup: GAO says

U.S. may end up discarding unused H1N1 vaccine

L.A. County free H1N1 vaccine clinics overwhelmed

George Bush, motivational speaker, wins over Texas crowd


Israeli - Palestinian War

Americans believe the Palestinians must accept Israel before they get a state

As Tensions Rise, Jerusalem Could Pose a New Crisis

Hamas accused of inciting Jerusalem riots

It's time to deal separately with Gaza: Opinion Column

Settlers, Palestinians clash in West Bank

Arabs push for UN considerationof Goldstone Report next week

Does "J Street" arrival signal a split in America's Israel lobby?

J Street: Our stance is like Kadima's

Obama's welcome approach to Mideast peace

4 Katyusha rockets found, dismantled in southern Lebanon launching site

None hurt as Katyusha hits Upper Galilee

Federal Judge denies Prop. 8 backers delay on memos

Obama financial reforms/controls advance in Congress

Democrats struggle to find unity on health plan


Is Obama Eligible To Be President?

Michelle contradicts Obama nativity story: Divulges Ann Dunham was 'very young and very single' at birth of U.S. president

Appeal filed in Obama eligibility argument: 'Court cannot refuse to hear a case because it prefers not'

Obama law tab up to $1.7 million: 'Grassroots army' contributions used to crush eligibility lawsuits

October 27, 2009


Turkish PM: Iran is Our Friend

Senate Bill Will Include 'Public Option' Opt Out For States

Senate hearing kicks off Climate Bill

Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

Funerals begin as death toll rises to 155 in Iraq bomb attack

Stocks slide as rising Dollar hits oil prices

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"Fall of the Republic"

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'Fall of the Republic' leaves no room for doubt that the class Obama serves is the elite and it is their agenda he is diligently following. The movie picks up from where The 'Obama Deception" left off.

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New Headline News Article

President Obama - Future Pharaoh

Preacher Tells Obama: "I know Messiah, he is a friend of mine. And Mr. Obama, you are no Messiah"!


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraq bombings: US military spokesman praises Iraqi response

Iraq beefs up security in Baghdad after bombings

Obama condemns 'outrageous' Baghdad bombings

U.S. envoy Susan Rice visits Baghdad bomb site

Iraq seeks UN inquiry into blasts


Afghanistan War News

U.S. Anti-Drug Agents Among Victims of Deadly Afghan Helicopter Crash

Obama's choice: Ramp up or wind down war in Afghanistan

Senator Kerry: Afghan Surge Proposal 'Goes Too Far, Too Fast'

Push for Afghanistan troop increase continues on deadly day

Obama says he will not rush Afghanistan decision

Republicans: Clock Is Ticking on Afghanistan Troop Decision

General McChrystal as Obama's savior?

Afghan President, Main Rival Reject Power Sharing

Mom on son killed in war: 'He was so scared'

Democrat Senator Harry Reid: A Mormon in the middle

52 children rescued in nationwide sex-trafficking raids

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Four Ways to Pull an Economy Out of Recession

India's Central Bank Begins Exit From Monetary Stimulus

China Sees Faster Production Gains in Fourth Quarter

BP Profit Beats Estimate

Tax-Exempt Infrastructure Debt May Cost U.S. $26 Billion a Year

Asia Aims to Succeed Where Bernanke Failed on Bubbles

Asian stocks track Wall Street lower; Europe gains

Treasury near deal on companies deemed 'too big to fail'

Madoff associate had heart attack, drowned in pool: Jeffry Picower, 67, made more than $7 billion off the investment schemes of jailed financial manager Bernard Madoff

Israeli - Palestinian War

Prepare for the next war: In wake of Goldstone fiasco, Israel should immediately launch inquiry into next war

Israel pushes to change laws of war

UN General Assembly to discuss Goldstone report next week

The first step: Israel into the dock - Editorial

Goldstone dares US on Gaza report

Israel Should Detoxify Gaza Report Fallout

Defiant Abbas: Elections in January

Israel 'denies Palestinians clean, safe water': Amnesty International charges

: Israeli Water Authority counters, saying Palestinians are stealing water as Israel runs dry

Israel-Jordan peace treaty a source of inspiration: Obama

IDF Chief of Staff in Germany: IDF Protects Jews - "Israel has renewed itself in its Land"

Pakistan: 19 Militants Killed in S. Waziristan

Fidel Castro's Sister Says She Worked With CIA

Bangladesh-Myanmar border tense




October 26, 2009


Obama’s Science Czar: "A Born Baby ‘Will Ultimately Develop Into a Human Being’ "

White House Science Adviser Advocated 'De-Development' of the United States

Hate crime prevention act passes in Congress

Baghdad bombings death toll rises to 155

Insider reveals secrets of North America Union plot: Scheme hatched by CFR

Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent

Is Obama Nobel Peace Prize prelude to extraterrestrial disclosure?

Obama Targets Swine-Flu Response: Declared National Emergency

FEMA - Importance Of Faith-Based And Community Organization Partnerships During Disaster Response

Pentagon used psychological operation on US public

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'Fall of the Republic' leaves no room for doubt that the class Obama serves is the elite and it is their agenda he is diligently following. The movie picks up from where The 'Obama Deception" left off.

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New Headline News Article

President Obama - Future Pharaoh

Preacher Tells Obama: "I know Messiah, he is a friend of mine. And Mr. Obama, you are no Messiah"!

Stocks slide as rising Dollar hits oil prices


Afghan crashes kill 14 Americans

Pakistan 'takes key Taliban town'

Global events mark magic number on climate change


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Baghdad Bombings Raise Election Fears as More Than 150 Killed

No rethink of US Iraq pullout despite suicide bombs: Republican Senator McCain

Iraqis mourn victims of worst bombing in 2 years

World leaders condemn Iraq attacks

Reality Check III: Iraq War Not Over, Victory Not Won

US embassy in Baghdad faces $130 million repair bill after errors

67-Year-Old Grandmother questioned by police after complaining about gay pride march: Her remarks considered by officials to be a "Hate Incident"

Canterbury 'not gay enough'

Abortion Kills More Black Americans Than the Seven Leading Causes of Death Combined: CDC Data Reveals

‘Jane Roe’ Pleads With Nancy Pelosi: 'Don’t Put Abortion in Health-Care Reform Bill’


Girl's witchcraft confession stuns Ghana worshippers

USA Prepares to Attack Russia in 3 or 4 Years?

U.S. pressures Japan on military package: Washington concerned as new leaders in Tokyo look to redefine alliance

New York suspends mandatory flu shots for health workers

Obama declares H1N1 emergency: President signed the declaration late Friday and announced it Saturday

White House unveils token bank pay restrictions: "A Bit of a Hoax"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel govt team to examine UN Gaza war report fallout

Jordan urges Israel to stop breaking into Al-Aqsa compound

Fatah official: Abbas' elections decree is final

Israeli Gov't sources: No peace talks before Hamas-Fatah elections

Palestinian discord serving Israel's interests

Israel tells UN: We'll continue to gather intelligence in Lebanon

Israel too 'weak' to attack Iran nuclear site: Iran's FN

World legislators agree to key principles on curbing climate change - Meeting in Cophenhagen

15th ASEAN Summit, related summits conclude in Thailand: NOTE: This supernation, ASEAN, Is Nation #9 In 10-Nation Reoganization Plan



Saturday-Sunday, October 24-25, 2009

Twitter News

Bill making violence against gays a Hate Crime headed to White House: President will sign it into law

Headline News Article

Are YOU Prepared To Go To Prison? President Obama promised a convention of Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals, and Transgenders that he WILL get the 'Hate Crimes' bill passed into law. The President has just issued a Declaration of War against the Church and the Bible upon which it is founded!


Obama's policy on brink of collapse as Tehran does last-minute nuclear stall

Home sales rebound to highest level in 2 years

House health reform will have public option - Pelosi promises

Pakistan militants hit air force base

US freezes assets of North Korean bank

Scholar proposes 'one China, two constitutions' formula

5 Big Hopes for Net Neutrality


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bernanke prods Congress to enact financial overhaul to prevent future crises

Microsoft Wows The Street: Stock soars 10% after the software giant's earnings and revenue beat analysts' forecast

Who cares if Wall Street 'talent' leaves?

Existing Home Sales Surge on Rush for Tax Credit

New Jersey Pays Goldman Sachs for Swaps on Nonexistent Bonds

Dollar mostly stronger, but euro holds above $1.50

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Accuses UN of 'Hypocrisy, Prejudice'

In Israel, a Key Test of Obama’s Retooled Missile Shield

Israeli Warplanes Strike Gaza Targets After Rocket Hits Israel

US scientist from Maryland accused of spying for Israel

Israel Eyes Attacking Iran Over Nuclear Program

Israel's ambassador to the United States Oren: U.S. supports Israel on Goldstone report

2010 military deployments announced

Strong earthquake rocks eastern Indonesia

This Week at War: A General's Doubts About Afghanistan

Danish soldier killed in southern Afghanistan

US troop deployment to Afghanistan may depend on Iraq election

Pricey new U.S. Embassy in Iraq has multiple' flaws

Iraqi cleric's aide warns of chaos if vote delayed

The World Bank gives US$480 million to feed Ethiopia


October 23, 2009


Offer to Let States Opt Out of Health Plan Gains Support

Fed Hits Banks With Sweeping Pay Limits

Bomber Kills 8 Outside Pakistan Military Complex

Turkey seeks restoration of Ottoman Empire

Sarah Palin breaks with the GOP to endorse a Conservative in N.Y. House race

FCC to draft net neutrality rules, taking step toward Web regulation

Senator McCain introduces bill to block FCC's net neutrality rules

Regulatory Czar Sunstein Urges: Abolish Marriage

Israeli - Palestinian War

Air Defense Article Index - U.S. And Israel Train To Stop Iran

Officials: US-Israel missile-defense drill unrelated to current developments

Obama praises U.S.-Israel ties

White House urges Mid-East Peace push

Mitchell: Mideast peace talks effort isn't a failure

Palestinians can't negotiate with Israel locally and fight it globally

Turkey ties could head for breakup

Dig improving Temple Mount stability

American scientist indicted, may have tried to help Israel

IDF must allow Palestinians to use 'Israelis only' road: Israeli High Court of Justice

Setting the record straight on Israel: You can't bargain with people who want you dead (Individual 'Letter to the Editor')

Iran - Ancient Persia

Iran agrees to draft deal on uranium enrichment

Russia agrees to Iran nuclear deal: FM Lavrov

Obama's secret Iran talks prepare ground for deal

Israeli Defense Minister Barak Warns: Deal will legitimize Iran's uranium enrichment

Is Tehran beginning to thaw over a 'freeze-for-freeze’ nuclear deal?

A $30 Billion Census?

Goodbye Steering Wheel: Hello, Driving by Joystick


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama: Big Executive Bonuses Offend Our Values

Average 90% Pay Cuts For Top TARP Recipient Executives

Top execs at rescued Auto Firms to get 25% pay cut

Whose Compensation Is the Fed Policing? Just About Everybody’s

Perils Of The Pay Crusade

Pay Czar Feinberg Speaks and Wall Street Cringes

Poof! Government Has Already Lost $20 Billion On GM Investment

Government's Auto Task Force shocked by GM, Chrysler: Alarmed by 'stunningly poor management'

World markets advance amid US earnings cheer

Amazon Delivers a Monster Quarter

Oil holds above $81 as global economy recovers

Microsoft launches Windows 7, considers PC sales rebound

Nineteen days of bloodshed in Pakistan

Fresh attacks rock north Pakistan

Pakistan targets key Taliban town

U.S. Drones Aiding Pakistani Military Offensive

Obama Team Meets on Afghanistan Runoff Election

Gates Says Afghan Runoff Won't Solve Corruption Problems

White House Rejects Cheney's Criticism on Afghanistan

Gates Asks NATO for More Help in Afghanistan

Obama talks clean energy in Boston

Toronto imam preaching 'hate instead of harmony'


October 22, 2009


Iran Uranium Deal Appears Close

Gunmen Kill Senior Pakistan Army Officer - A Brigadier General

Gates: N.Korea still threat to international peace

Obama orders pay cut for execs at rescued firms: NOTE: Proof U.S. is now a Fascist Economy

Army Review: Troop use in Alabama shootings broke law

'Oath Keepers' pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States

Obama's safe-schools boss sponsors radical porn

Is Fox Part of a Larger White House Enemies List?

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) Urges Obama: No 'enemies list'

Obama vs. the Insurance Industry: Behind the 'Smoke and Mirrors' in the Health Care Debate

UN begins distributing Afghan ballots for the Nov. 7 runoff election

Nuclear Weapons In The News

Clinton Says Atomic Agency Need Broader Authority to Find Nuclear Storage Sites

Terror threat to Pakistan increasing but nukes safe for now: Clinton

Sec. Clinton: Sanctions On A Nuclear North Korea Will Not Be Relaxed

Sec Clinton: You Can Have Too Many Nuclear Weapons


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Wall Street Pay Cuts Stoke Debate About Washington’s Reach

Auto Executives Unlikely to Face Brunt of Pay Cuts

China’s Economy Grows 8.9%, Fastest Pace in a Year

Credit Suisse Posts Third Straight Quarterly Profit

Travelers Boosts Dividend After Profit Quadruples

Michigan firms buck recession, plan expansion

Hyundai Motor profit surges amid sales jump

Russia drops $22.5 bln lawsuit against US bank

Starwood Hotels 3rd-quarter profit drops 64% as travel continues to slump

Pfizer to pay $1.3 billion criminal fine for misbranding its drugs: Kickbacks to doctors also

Windows 7 is here

Like Windows 7, Vista got good reviews too

Windows 7 may help kickstart delayed corporate spending spree

Israeli - Palestinian War

US Ambassador: Israel should do more than 'just talk peace'

Israel and Iran hold secret nuclear talks in Cairo

Iran denies 'secret Israel talks'

U.S., EU pile on pressure for Israel to create own panel on Gaza War

Israel push could change laws of war

Human Rights group denies anti-Israel bias

Israeli planes hit Gaza tunnels after rocket fire

UN chief calls on Hizbullah to disarm

Court orders IDF to reopen road closed for Palestinian use

Jordan becoming uranium mining hot spot

China, U.S. leaders push climate change cooperation

China, India Forge Alternative to UN Climate Treaty

Meet White House adviser who supports Islamic law: Muslim leader says Dalia Mogahed 'shares the outlook of Islamists in Egypt, Pakistan'

October 21, 2009


Is alternative to U.S. dollar in works?

Pope establishes structure for Anglicans uniting with Rome

Farrakhan Says H1N1 Vaccine Is Tool Of Depopulation

Congressman Dan Burton- Vaccines Cause Brain Damage / Autism

'US-Israel ties are more than strategic': Obama assures Israeli President Peres

100 Armed Feds Raid Muslim Meatpacking House In Chicago Area

Israel's PM Netanyahu: World Must End Its Dependence on Oil

Attack shuts all Pakistan schools

Afghan Runoff Election Prompts Steps to Fight Fraud


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Like it or not, here comes more stimulus

House Stands Up To Big Banks - But What About Senate?

Perks keep rolling at rescued banks: From jets to country club fees, CEOs’ fringe benefits rose 4 percent last year

Bailout's hidden costs: cost to taxpayers will be a lot greater than the government is letting on

Geithner says core TARP programs ending

Steven Rattner: Why we had to get rid of GM's CEO - Account of a defining moment in capitalism

Wall Street on edge as SEC top cop gets aggressive

Bank Of England (Central Bank) unanimously backs wait-and-see approach

Goldman Sachs’s Griffiths Says Pay ‘Inequality’ Helps Everyone

Oil Falls

Hyundai Supplanting Toyota as Won Undermines Exports

Police Attack Peaceful Anti-War Demonstrators: Group was 'Students For Democratic Study'

Swine Flu Pandemic Crisis

Washington Health Department Suspends Mercury Restrictions for Swine Flu Vaccine: Thimerosal will now be added to vaccine

Serious Vaccine Reactions to Now Be Called 'Coincidence'?

German Government to get special swine flu vaccine: Officials will be taking different vaccine than the general public!

Congressman Dan Burton- Vaccines Cause Brain Damage / Autism

Swine Flu Death Toll Continues To Rise, Especially Among Children

Few take advantage of free H1N1 vaccine at West Palm Beach clinic

B.C. records ninth H1N1 death

Swine flu vaccination starts today in Wales

Health insurer Humana Inc., covering swine flu vaccine costs

House moves closer to healthcare Public Option

House healthcare bill under $900 billion: Pelosi

Obama Takes a Health Care Hiatus: Intentionally lowering his public profile on the issue

Brazil criticized for visit by Iran's president

Fake security software in millions of computers - Symantec warns

Israeli - Palestinian War

E.U.'s Solana: Palestinian state in 1967 borders

Israel should probe Gaza war: Deputy PM

Israel to form committee to fight U.N. Gaza report

China opposes Goldstone Report referral to UNSC and ICC'

Israel strives to change int'l law of war following Goldstone report

Abbas to issue elections decree, leaving door open for reconciliation with Hamas

Eyeing Iran, Israel tests missile defenses with U.S.

Protester assails Blair in Palestinian mosque

Human Rights group in hot water over Israel criticism

New Turkish envoy arrives in Israel amid tension

'US-Israel ties are more than strategic': Obama assures Israeli President Peres

Report: Media freedoms shrink in Iran and Israel, but rise in US

Iran trapped in a ring of unrest - Editorial

'Flying imams' rewarded for ominous airline 'stunt'? Police detective: 'Acts of staged controversy could be used to desensitize security personnel'

Marriott urged to cancel CAIR banquet: Imam who seeks demise of 'filthy' U.S. featured speaker at fundraiser

U.S. sued for gagging free speech at Liberty Bell: Minister's message shut down by arrest while other protesters march

Obama Administration sponsors plan to restrict free speech: Joins Egyptians in proposal to United Nations Human Rights Council

Catholic diocese files for bankruptcy before beginning of sex abuse lawsuits

U.N. Report Says Counterterrorism Measures 'Risk Unduly Penalizing Transgender Persons'

Ten years to tackle the Taiwan equation: Core issue, the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland

October 20, 2009


Iraq's PM al-Maliki heads to White House

Blasts kill 4 at Pakistani Islamic university

Iran to join in more talks on nuclear program

UN: No climate treaty expected in Copenhagen

Fidel Castro says Obama "brave" on global warming

Obama had absolute "control" over media coverage during his presidential campaign

White House advisers say Fox News is not news

Senator Grassley grades Obama’s performance: C to F

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Apple leaps ahead with 47 percent profits surge

DuPont earnings widely beat Wall Street expectations

Pfizer Profit Jumps 26%, Helped by Cost Cuts

World stocks hit new 12-month high

Galleon Clients Abandon Ship

Tiny IR firm key to big trade in insider scandal with the Galleon Group

Oil retreats below $80 on supply caution

Japan's Nikkei Average poised for 3-week closing high as techs climb

Wall Street's Naked Swindle: Scheme to flood the market with counterfeit stocks helped kill Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers — and the feds have yet to bust the culprits

Battle rages over Pakistan militant stronghold

Pakistani army claims early victory in S Waziristan

China, Pakistan discuss military financing

Iran urges UNSC to strongly condemn deadly terrorist blast

Runner-up in Afghan election seeks interim gov't: After U.N.-backed panel Monday threw out a third of President Hamid Karzai's votes from the Aug. 20 ballot

Senator Levin: partisanship has no place during war - Debate over Afghan War rages

Politics Today: Waiting Out Afghanistan Election Aftermath


Iraq War Not Over Yet

U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack in northern Iraq

Car bomb kills 4, wounds 9 in Iraq: In western Iraqi province of al-Anbar

Civilian killed, 8 injured in Baghdad minibus bombing

At least 5 killed in car bombing in Baghdad

Suicide truck bomb destroys key bridge in western Iraq

At least 2 people killed in Iraqi suicide bombing

Iraq Sweetens Oil Field Terms, Attracts Interest

Republicans seek health bill change

Bill would halt reductions of Medicare payments to doctors

Beautiful or ugly we’re all in this together - or not

Poll finds a majority supporting ‘public option’: Poll Propaganda?


Israeli - Palestinian War

7-year-old separation barrier between Israel and West Bank remains focus of protest

UN General Assembly debates Israel war crimes: Arab viewpoint

A Biased War Report: U.N. Human Rights Council's Gaza study was destined to unfairly criticize Israel

Livni slams UN HRC, says Israel represents free world in war on terror

Dovish Jews? They love Israel? Excommunicate them

Israel spying devices in southern Lebanon found by UN forces

Israel warns of Hezbollah threat: Has turned Lebanon into a "powder keg"

PM Netanyahu says Israel, U.S. have resolved settlements battle

Abbas says unaware of a U.S.-Israeli deal on settlements

The Road to Peace Between Jordan and Israel: It's not easy being Jordan

Turkey 'set to sue' Israel as rift deepens

Turkey's President Gul says Turkey will criticise Israel if necessary

Medical-pot backers react to new Obama marijuana policy: "Extremely welcome rhetorical de-escalation of the federal government's long-standing war on medical marijuana patients"

California State GOP tries to steal Dems' fire over water

Wall St. Giants Giving Little to Obama Party Fund-Raiser

French minister under fire for gay sex admissions: Mitterrand has to step down to restore France's moral integrity

Russia launches new Mideast arms push

October 19, 2009


Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty: Will sign treaty which says a world government is going to be created

TV Advertisement Promoting Life/Death Advantages of An Implantable RFID Chip

Using Your RFID Implanted Card While Traveling Across Western Hemisphere Borders

Iran suicide bombing kills Revolutionary Guard commanders

German Protests Over Toxic Swine Flu Jab Grow After German Army Rejects It As Too Risky

World economies hold climate talks in London

Russia and India To Develop New Supersonic Missile Invincible to Interception

It is too late to shut the door on GM foods

Get ready to pay more for your health coverage: Employers overhaul health plans to shift more cost to employees


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bernanke: Crisis shows need to right global imbalances

FDIC pushing for management shake-up at Citigroup

Latin America plans US dollar replacement

Russia ready to abandon dollar in oil, gas trade with China

China's trade surplus shrinks to $12.9 billion in September:
Falling surpluses point to end of China's role as `dollar recycler'

Won Crushes Yen as Dollar Substitute in Asian Rally

Stocks Gain Around World, Commodities Rise; Aussie Dollar Jumps

Bush/Obama Policies Helped Biggest Wall Street Firms Get Even Bigger

Goldman Can Spare You a Dime?

U.S. stock futures point to bright opening

Treasuries Show No Lost Appetite With Dollar Declines: Investors can’t get enough Treasuries even as the U.S. budget deficit climbs beyond $1 trillion

Pentagon ends plans to send 3,500-man Army brigade to Iraq: A move that speeds the drawdown there and could free up forces

Iraq set to buy Russian weaponry

Israeli - Palestinian War

A Nobel goal, but Obama unlikely to broker Holy Land peace

Israel plans to devour the world: Hungarian MP charges

Deal on resuming talks with Palestinians 'very close': Israeli Intelligence Minister

President Peres Uses Ze'evi Eulogy to Tout Two State Solution

A predictable setback in Gaza: Gaza War’s disastrous diplomatic implications were easy to predict

Abbas Slams Hamas, but Seeks Reconciliation

Beware ‘economic peace’: Past Palestinian uprisings followed diplomatic dead-end, economic success

Qassam terror rocket hits open area in western Negev

Major water sources drying up as rain season begins

Israel negotiating importing water from Turkey

Iran asks Pakistan to hand over terrorists: Blames Pakistan for suicide attack which killed at least 42 people, including ranking commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)

Pakistan denies involvement in Iran terrorist attack

Iran Warns U.S., U.K. of Retaliation After Attack: Chief of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard said Monday that a Sunni rebel group blamed for a deadly attack on the force was linked to U.S., British and Pakistani intelligence

Iran has its own terrorism problem: Islamic republic got a taste of its own medicine with Sunday's bomb

Key Iran nuke talks convene in Geneva

U.S. military chief visits as Pakistan battles militants

Taliban vow to defeat army in Pakistan offensive


Hurricane Rick downgraded to Category 4 storm: Churning off west coast of Mexico

Copenhagen climate change talks are last chance: PM Gordon Brown

Utah Catholics cutting out hand shaking, communion cup to avoid H1N1 flu

Homeless clinic plans to open H1N1 wing



Saturday-Sunday, October 17-18, 2009


And Gog says to Magog: How about a little Armageddon at Megiddo?

Will 'Antichrist' come to your neighborhood?: Petition seeks to stop 'the most horrific movie ever seen'

Russia: We’ll Nuke ‘Aggressors’ First - Adopts Bush's failed "Preventive Strike" Option

Nurses will sue New York over mandated vaccinations

British have covered up hundreds of Iraqi casualties

Three US troops killed in Afghanistan: NATO

Strained Israel-Turkey ties concern US

The Dragon spews fire at the Elephant

Wasps of War: Flying 'cyborg beetle,' an actual insect that has been surgically altered so that a human can control its flight direction and movement

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Ruling could cancel thousands of foreclosures: And make it more difficult for banks to foreclose in the future

Treasuries Fall for Second Straight Week Amid Signs of Growth

Wealthy U.S. Shoppers Boost Spending 29%

North American Union Currency - AMERO - Being Created

Dollar to Hit 50 Yen, Cease as Reserve, Sumitomo

Sliding dollar may be something to cheer about

George Soros: “There is a General Flight from Currencies”

Pakistan Begins Attacks Against Militants in Waziristan Region

Obama's Pakistan aid bill has explosive impact

Findings on Afghan poll fraud likely to lead to second vote

Former Top Officer Says US Should Re-Commit to Afghanistan

Obama aims fire at insurers: Seems to threaten their exception from our anti-trust laws

Obama powerfully praises elder Bush at Texas A&M

Israeli - Palestinian War

Human wrongs at the UN: World's worst try to put Israel in the dock

UN rights council endorses Gaza war crimes report

Palestinians approve of UN Gaza resolution

Israel Condemns UN War Crimes Resolution

Knesset panel to discuss Israel's dire international standing: In light of Goldstone Report

PM Netanyahu gearing to 'fight delegitimization' because of Gaza Crimes report

UK, France Reassures PM Netanyahu: Israel has right to self-defense

US: Security Council might not debate Goldstone Report

Was Churchill a war criminal? Ophir Falk reviews misperceptions, flawed findings of Goldstone Report on Gaza War

Hamas to reply on unity deal as Abbas eyes vote

Palestinians Say Hopes In Obama 'evaporated'

Israelis Punishing Turks with Unofficial Tourist Boycott

Jordan's king warns Israel that Jerusalem is the 'red line'

Palestinian refugees reject 'sell-out' deal

Iraq - The 'other' Kurdistan seethes with rage

Pyongyang (North Korea) flirts with 'two-track' strategy

3 million congressional 'pink slips' hit mark!: 'I want my constituents to know I hear them loud and clear'

'Moderate' CAIR to feature radicals at annual banquet: After dismissing jihad charges in new book, showcases imam cited in '93 WTC bombing

FBI: 'Moderate' Muslim groups often have radical agenda

Blackwater Forever

7-Eleven blasted for sexy Simpson Playboy: Store chain 'displaying porn in front of boys who pop in for hot dog, Slurpee'



October 17, 2009


Official: Obama 'disgusted' with Israel: Says president poised to press for withdrawal from strategic territory

Top British insurer tells 1,000 General Practitioners not to give swine flu vaccine

Bank of America chief Ken Lewis ordered to pay back salary: Government Pay Czar

US Jobs Improve, Inflation Eases

Will Obama change Bush's war doctrine?

Poll: Clinton now more popular than Obama

Obama Signs Massive Aid Package to Pakistan - $7.5 Bln

Obama tells critics, 'I'm just getting started'

‘Islam is violent’ says President Obama’s new pastor Carey Cash

Fascist Global Economy Forming

US Jobs Improve, Inflation Eases

Sliding dollar may be something to cheer about

Google says recession worst is over: Will resume its aggressive growth plan

Obama wins first financial reform victory in months: New rules for over-the-counter derivatives

Goldman Sachs breaks record with $16.7bn bonus pot: Payouts come one year after bank took bailout cash

Economists see a "China miracle"

Obama: We Will Not Forget About New Orleans

Health Care

In Senate healthcare showdown, swing voters look to play trump cards

House Panel Paves Way for 'Nuclear Option' in Health Care Reform Bill

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe to support healthcare bill --- All this work for one person's vote

Interest groups battle to deflect health taxes

California appears poised to be first to ban power-guzzling big-screen TVs

Bush-era oil-shale decision under review

Strong 6.1 earthquake hits Indonesia

More quakes to occur in Indonesia's West Sumatra in 30 years: expert


Israeli - Palestinian War

Why Fayyad plan for Palestinian State has Israelis worried

Pakistan calls for Israeli pullout from Arab lands

UN rights council heading for vote on Gaza War Crimes report

Israel struggling to block Gaza report

Knesset panel to discuss Israel's dire international standing: In light of Goldstone Report

Guilty without a trial: Moshe Dann analyzes Goldstone Report’s findings and how Israel was set up

World according to Goldstone: UN report could bury every democracy confronted by terror

Israel looks forward to further enhancing ties with China: Senior Knessett lawmaker

Israel issues new India travel warning: A concrete threat against places frequented by Israelis in India

Turkish Commentators: Fix relations with Israel

Anti-Israel Attack Foiled in Turkey: Arrests were part of a larger campaign targeting the international terrorist group Al-Qaeda

Hill terror front group investigated by FBI: CAIR leaders are subject of 'ongoing' Hamas-finance probe

Pakistan In Crisis

Blast in Pakistani City of Peshawar Kills 11

Reject US and attacks will stop: Taliban's leader Hakeemullah tells army

‘India vulnerable as Pakistan struggles to rein in terror’

US Drone attack kills 4 Afghans in North Waziristan

Now Muslims Demand Full Sharia Law In Great Britain

Five new Security Council members elected - Normal rotation for non-permanent members

Iranian Supreme Leader Rumored to be Dead: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Iran's go-slow dims deal chances at Vienna atom talks

U.S. Senate approves sanction bill against Iran

Going 'deep', not 'big', in Afghanistan

Bomb kills 4 U.S. troops in Afghanistan

'Safe schools' chief was once member of radical gay activist group 'Act Up'

China-Russia strategic partnership of coordination reaches new high


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Suicide bomber kills 9 in mosque in north Iraq

2 killed, 12 injured in Iraq's violence

Three bombs in Karbala kill six

Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Cost U.S. $15 Million an Hour

Afghanistan War More Lethal To Soldiers Than Iraq

Army Brigade Will Not Go to Iraq in January as Scheduled

Iraq's plan for referendum on U.S. pullout fades

Protests as asylum-seekers are returned to Iraq

Bill would allow widow of Marine killed in Iraq to stay in the U.S.

Families of soldiers killed in Iraq to have their say

Halliburton gang rape case in Iraq pushes Senate to change rules

British Iraq inquiry's new military adviser opposed war without UN backing

Labour could be out of power for a generation, MPs warn Gordon Brown



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