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Israel must annex West Bank settlements if UNSC adopts Palestinian resolution – Education Minister

World War 3 News: US, Russia Clash Over Syria With Jets And Raids

Italy Trembles: Over 200 aftershocks follow devastating earthquake (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Obamacare’s Implosion: It exposes the administration’s web of lies and deceit

2016 Election News

Election Day hotline set up to handle fraud complaints


FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe: Found 650,000 emails on Weiner's laptop

Trump Campaign: Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin know what is in the emails

Analysis: James Comey had two options – both were horrible

Clinton's Campaign Chairman Podesta laments Clinton’s ‘terrible decisions,’ poor instincts in leaked email

IT’S COME TO THIS=> Hillary Clinton Campaigns at Bar, In Florida, Mid Morning, On Sunday…

GOP's Kellyanne Conway: Hillary’s People “DID A HIT JOB” On Comey Today (VIDEO) - "They always shoot the messenger

Poll: Over a Third of Likely Voters Less Willing to Back Hillary Clinton After FBI Bombshell

Susan Sarandon Warns: Hillary Clinton ‘more dangerous’ than Trump

Ex-FBI Official: Clintons are a 'crime family'

HYPOCRITES: Democrats Claim Election is RIGGED After FBI Drops Investigation Bombshell



Donald Trump Arrives at Colorado Rally Holding ‘LGBTs for Trump’ Flag

Gay voters’ ill will extends to Donald Trump proxies

A history professor who has accurately predicted three decades of US presidential races is calling a Trump win

Donald Trump to Las Vegas Rally: ‘Thank You … Anthony Weiner’

‘Deplorable’: Americans React to Attack on Homeless Trump Supporter

Trump campaign manager calls Clintons an 'ethical stain': Kellyanne Conway speaks out

Russia sending three submarines towards Syria in preparation for major Aleppo assault


October 29-30, 2016

Key Events

Computer seized in Weiner probe prompts FBI to take new steps in Clinton email inquiry: "Announcement could reshape a presidential race"

Hillary Clinton Proposed RIGGING 2006 Palestine Election

Megyn Kelly Is the Best News Actress in the Business

Syria’s Civil War Is Over—Russia Won

Stop this stupid sabre-rattling against Russia

Venezuelan president threatens to jail opponents

Congress to AG Lynch: ‘Outrageous’ You Would ‘Essentially Plead the Fifth,’ Refuse Answers on Iran Ransom Payment

2016 Election News

Three New Charges of Vote Fraud Filed in Florida and Virginia

Some Cities Want Their Noncitizen Immigrants to Vote

Gennifer Flowers Slams ‘Enabler’ Hillary: She ‘Allowed Him to Do What He Did to Women’


Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein: FBI Would Not Reopen Case Unless New Evidence Was "A Real Bombshell"

Emails in Anthony Weiner Inquiry Jolt Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Carlos Danger Reopens EmailGate and Team Clinton Tremble

A late October surprise wallops Team Clinton

Clinton Journalists Already Spinning Recreating Latest FBI Revelation

Revolt by Security Personnel May Define Hillary as the Weak Candidate

The Cold Clinton Reality: Why isn’t the IRS investigating the Clinton Foundation?

‘The woman is a disaster!’: Professor Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton

Maher: ‘I Don’t Care’ If Hillary Has ‘JonBenét Ramsey (dead body) in her Basement, I’m Still Not Voting for Donald Trump’

Clinton eyeing Biden as her Secretary of State


Trump Reacts to Hillary Clinton’s FBI News Conference: ‘Another Clinton Lie’

Game Changer: Trump Campaign Reacts to FBI Reopening Clinton Case

ABC News/Washington Post Tracking Poll: Ten Point Swing For Donald Trump In Four Days

Trump spikes 30% in one prediction market after FBI letter on new Clinton-related emails

Trump seeks to boost presidential bid with $10 mln infusion of his own money

‘Gay Thought Police’ Like Soviet-Era Bullies

Rancher yearns for Trump wall on US-Mexico border

Israeli-Palestinian War

The changing anti-Israel UN voting patterns

Is Jerusalem recovering from the 'stabbing intifada'?

Lance Armstrong enters Hamas tunnel during Israel trip

Archaeologists spotlight first Solomon’s Temple-era artifacts ever found on Temple Mount

Jewish feminist magazine "Lilith" celebrates 40th anniversary

Israel to Name Nuclear Facility After Shimon Peres

Republican Senators Urge Obama to Cut UNESCO Ties Over Jerusalem Resolution



October 28, 2016

Key Events

Why Power-Mongers Want You Worshipping America Instead Of Worshipping God: "Patriotism" Now A Religion

The Islamic State Just Wants to Watch the World Burn

FBI to Re-Open Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Email Server

Facebook’s "Free Basics" Is an African Dictator’s Dream

Former soldiers tell stories of forced bonus repayments to Pentagon

Defense secretary orders Pentagon to stop seeking repayment of California National Guard bonuses

Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer

REVEALED: Town in the heart of Europe where ONLY Arabic can be spoken and Arabs can live

Venezuela crisis enters dangerous phase as Maduro foes go militant

Lost Cause? North Korea Nuke Threat Awaits Next President

2016 Election News

Fox News ‘Imploding’: Megyn Kelly ‘Out of Control,’ ‘Auditioning’ for a Bigger Forum

Michael Moore Tells Trump Supporters: ‘You Have Every Right to Be Angry’ Over Rigged System

Poll: 43 Percent of Trump Supporters Informed on Election Issues Versus 31 Percent of Clinton Supporters



White House Petition To Remove ‘Soros-Owned Voting Machines’ Rockets Past Signature Goal

Hillary's Campaign Manager Robby Mook: Donald Trump ‘Absolutely Right’ About the Polls

Black Activist, Erica Garner, blasts Clinton campaign over discussions staffers had about her father’s death in WikiLeaks emails


Tim Kaine Sarasota, Florida, rally canceled

VIDEO: Hillary stumbles boarding campaign plane

BOMBSHELL: Hillary Headlined Fundraiser for Group Which Gave $500K to Wife of FBI Boss Who Investigated Her Emails

Reddit Users Declare War On Hillary’s Paid Internet Trolls

Catholics Should Condemn Hillary’s Real Crimes, Not Her Staffers’ Email Comments: Hillary Clinton is corrupt to the marrow. She is guilty of actual crimes

Washington Post: ‘Republicans Are Already Treating Clinton’s Presidency as Illegitimate’


Trump gains on Clinton as election day nears: Clinton's trustworthy rating hits new low as Wikileaks releases continue to fuel scandals

Trump Is Inspiring Rust Belt Democrats To ‘Cross Over’: Shuttered factories, hollowed out downtowns, crime-ridden and dying cities

Homeless TRUMP Supporter Guards Donald Trump’s Star on Hollywood Blvd. From Violent Leftists

Trump Tells ABC: “THE MEDIA POISONS THE MIND-But The American Voter Is Smarter Than The Media” (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump: My father always supported my decision to convert to Judaism

Watch Donald Trump Force Liberals To Contradict Themselves On Everything

Israeli-Palestinian War

Pope Francis: God Gave the Land to Israel

Do UNESCO and ISIS seek the same - deletion of Jewish history?

Ivanka Trump says her father will move US embassy to Jerusalem ‘100%’ if elected

UN Official: Palestinians must have security and civil control of Area C

Syria to UNESCO: Stop Israeli archeological dig in Syrian Golan Heights

MK Gafni tells Netanyahu not to let ministers, MKs go to the Temple Mount: For fear of “provoking the nations of the world”

J Street prepares for shift in approach under Clinton: "They are in line ... the goal line is the same for both of them”

Abbas plans Fatah congress amid succession rumors

Rival Palestinian Leaders Agree to Agree, but Not on the Details

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Russia says Mosul operation could impact balance of power in Syria

Turkey hits dozens of Daesh, PKK/PYD targets in Syria

White House blames Syria, Russia for deadly Syria school attack

Syria rebels 'in push to break Aleppo siege'

Syrian conflict: Why are children so badly affected in Aleppo?

Syria: Civil war or invasion?


The Shia Power Brokers of the New Iraq

Turkey Threatens Ground Invasion of Iraq as Peshmerga Declare 'Mission Accomplished'

Why KRG -- Kurdistan -- will remain Turkey’s main ally in Iraq -- Turkey/Kurdistan working on a "safe zone" in northern Iraq

Iraq's Shi'ite militias say will launch offensive west of Mosul imminently

ISIS using 'tens of thousands' as human shields in Mosul


More New Zealand troops heading to Iraq

Iraq Special Forces Find ISIS Bomb Factory, Tunnels Near Mosul

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Yemen rebels fire missile toward Mecca

Saudi, Qatar seek to recruit Algeria to send fighting soldiers in Yemen

Can Saudi Arabia Scramble Out Of The Pit It Dug for Itself?

Saudi Arabia executes member of Royal Family: After he was found guilty of murder

Editorial: Saudi Arabia Should Pay A Tax To America For Every Barrel Of Oil It Sells To China


Tremor in Yemen

Yemen Rebels Deny Their Missile Targeted Holy City of Mecca

Have Turkey's neo-Ottomans abandoned Yemen?

Saudi Conflict With Iran Takes Its Biggest Toll in Yemen

Half of Yemen’s 24 Million Conflict-Ridden Population Living in Crisis

Oregon Stand-off: Wildlife refuge occupiers in shock acquittal

British tabloids go into WWIII frenzy over reported pull-out of Russian officials’ relatives

Germans Leaving Germany ‘In Droves’

Historic deal reached on marine sanctuary in Antarctica: Creates world’s first large-scale marine park in international water - Twenty-four countries and the European Union

Nearly 200 states agree to cut back on greenhouse gases

Full Scale Oil Price Recovery Unlikely As 5000 DUC’s May Come Online: DUC’s are drilled but uncompleted oil wells scattered across America's shale country


October 27, 2016

Key Events

‘Pay to Slay’: Foreign Crime Family Reached Hillary Clinton for Immigration Favors so They Could Run a Baby Parts Harvesting Business


IRAN: A diplomatic reality check on US expectations in Iraq

Britain sends hundreds of soldiers and tanks to Russian border in biggest military deployment since Cold War

Russia reportedly tests nuclear-capable hypersonic glider warhead

In haunted Salem, a Jewish church founder preaches the art of ‘Satanic’ social change: 'I see it like Buddhism. Satanism is something that can co-exist with being a Jew'

Poll: Support for ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban at 20-Year Low

2016 Election News

When Bill Clinton’s Calling Obamacare ‘a Crazy System, You know You’ve Lost the Argument’

My Defective Obamacare Health Insurance Product Just Blew Up: My 96-percent increase in premiums is a useful, unvarnished look at Obamacare’s effects

ObamaCare Health Law Tax Penalty? "I’ll Take It", Millions Say

CBS4 Investigation Finds People Voting Twice: Dead people voting in Colorado

Texas Voters Say Voting Machines Picked Clinton/Kaine with Straight Republican Ballot



Goldman Sachs: Don't expect Brexit-type surprise in presidential race

The Best/Funniest 2016 Campaign Ad Is From A Race In Austin, Texas

Poll: Half of Americans Say Things Were Better in the Fifties


VIDEO: Hillary grips aide’s hand — to climb one step

Doctors sound alarm over Hillary’s ‘very serious’ eye problem

Billionaire Julian Robertson says Clinton presidency is 'a tragedy that is going to happen': He is "apoplectic"

Michelle Obama's Promotion of Misogyny and Date Rape: Warning - Strong language

Author Peter Schweizer Warns: Obama’s DOJ ‘Transferring Money to Left-wing Groups’ ‘to Influence This Election’

Obama’s Islamic State policy threatens Clinton's election prospects: In the battle for Mosul, Obama is contradicting his own stated policy

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Bill Clinton Tells Alleged Mistress to Deny He Got Her State Job

13 Times Hillary Clinton Was A Truly ‘Nasty Woman’: It's not sexist to say that Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman, because it's the truth - By Bre Peyton, a Female Journalist

WikiLeaks: Clinton Team Leaked Creepshot of Bernie Sanders in His Swimming Suit

If The Media Investigated Hillary Like They Did Watergate, We Wouldn’t Need WikiLeaks

Major U.S. Health Association Invites Abortion Profiteer To Keynote Its Convention: Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Will be KEYNOTE Speaker!


Why this Orthodox Rabbi supports Trump: I am going to vote for the candidate that protects the Constitution and makes America what it can be - and was

Trump promises ‘new deal for Black America’

Donald Trump Receives Bay of Pigs Veterans Association’s First Ever Endorsement

Paula Jones Praises Newt Gingrich: ‘Megyn Kelly Is Not for All Women’

Trump To Hillary: ‘You’re The Puppet’

Will Electing Donald Trump Be The Only Way To Finally Expose The Truth About Vaccine Damaged Children?

Trump's Walk Of Fame Star in Hollywood smashed to pieces

Israeli-Palestinian War

Pope Francis: God Gave the Land to Israel

WATCH: Trump Tells GOP Jerusalem Rally He’ll “Make US, Israel Safe Again”

Defense Minister Liberman ‘is living in another world,’ says top Abbas adviser

'Ascending the Temple Mount is a Torah command': Rabbi Yisrael Ariel of the Temple Institute

Rare First Temple-era scroll exposes earliest Hebrew mention of Jerusalem: Dating back to Kingdom of Judah during the 7th century BCE

Palestinian Authority forces open fire at anti-Abbas protesters

IDF officer to Gaza residents: Collapsed tunnels not just 'work accidents'

Shin Bet thwarts suspected Jerusalem terror plot by Arab-Israeli man

ISIS shoots disabled girl, delaying Mosul convoys


October 26, 2016

Key Events

Trump says Clinton policy on Syria would lead to World War Three

US Official Admits To Council on Foreign Relations: Russia Could Shoot Down American Aircraft in Syria

Arabs Reject MK Liberman's Promise to Build Gaza Harbor, Airport, if Hamas Stops Shooting

CBS, NBC Censor Obama Admin. Admitting ObamaCare Premiums Skyrocketing

Arizona Obamacare Plan To Jump By 116 Percent When Premiums Go Up Next Year

Trump vows to ‘repeal and replace Obamacare’ as costs climb

GOP lawmakers may seek to renew Iran sanctions in November

2016 Election News

Polls Tightening, Donald Trump Close to Margin of Error in Swing States

Study: Voters Turning to Internet for Election Information

Tawdry US campaign a gift for Iranian hardliners


Michelle Malkin: Hillary's Climate of Hate

Hillary’s Campaign Manager Won’t Deny Working With Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton on Her Beliefs in God, Prayer, and Religion

OBAMA LIED: He Knew About Hillary Email Server ‘We Need to Clean This Up. He Has Emails from Her’

Clinton’s Florida Secret Weapon: New Puerto Rican Arrivals

Illegal immigrants go door-to-door on behalf of Hillary

Prince Royce Serenades Hillary Clinton for Her Birthday: Watch

Colin Powell voting for Hillary Clinton

Jewish donors fill candidates’ war chests, especially Clinton’s



MRC Study: Documenting TV’s Twelve Weeks of Trump Bashing - Coverage is 91% hostile

Trump advisor: Anti-Semitism? Look at the left, not the right

Radio Host Derek Hunter: Why I Now Feel Compelled To Vote For Trump

TRUMP on Track to Win More Black Votes Than Any GOP Candidate Since 1960

Former Pro-Bernie Actor Randy Quaid Endorses Trump: ‘I Switched And I’m Glad I Did’ (VIDEO) - Also supported by actresses Susan Sarandon, Roseanne


Israeli-Palestinian War

IDF soldiers on Lebanese border come under fire, 1 wounded --- Second shooting from Lebanon

Zion Oil & Gas Nears Drilling Phase in Northern Israel

Second UNESCO Resolution Passes Proclaiming Jerusalem Muslim City, Temple Mount Islamic Site

Knesset Speaker asks Vatican to join battle against UNESCO’s denial of history

Top Israeli officials were part of KGB spy ring, for over 20 years — report

Teenage Israeli worker shot dead near Egypt border; IDF rules out terror

Saddam Hussein's cousin a suspected ISIS collaborator

Islamic State kills at least 30 civilians in Afghanistan





October 25, 2016

Key Events

Trump Unveils 100-Day Plan if Elected

Hillary Clinton Plans To Surrender American Sovereignty to the North American Union Within Her First 100 Days

‘Head Space’: How Hillary Clinton’s Inner Circle Tiptoes Around Her Health Issues

** Texas Voters Say Voting Machines Picked Clinton/Kaine with Straight Republican Ballot**

DOJ Warns Efforts to Stop 2016 Voter Fraud Could ‘Violate’ Federal Law

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Isn't Dead, Just Offline


ObamaCare hikes leave Dems exposed

At least 60 people, mainly police cadets, are killed in extremist attack on academy in Pakistan ---- ISIS claims attack on Pakistani police college

Congress knew for at least two years about Pentagon efforts to take back "improper" bonuses from veterans

Turkey considers Iraq ground action amid ISIS threat

Christian Bakery Loses Appeal over ‘Gay Cake’ Discrimination Conviction

2016 Election News

IBD Poll: Clinton, Trump Tied Nationally in ‘Most Accurate Poll’


As Obama Ridicules Trump Over Voter Fraud, BUT He Warned Of ‘Rigged Elections’ In 2008 [VIDEO]

WOW! Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!

Hispanic Pastor: Hillary Clinton’s Pro-Abortion Position Worse Than Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Facebook C.O.O. In Leaked Email: I Still Want Hillary To Win Badly

Here’s A (Dirty) Laundry List Of The Clinton Foundation’s Most Questionable Foreign Donations

Hillary Clinton on Her Beliefs in God, Prayer, and Religion

Alleged Clinton Fixer suggests he bought off reporters for the Clintons

Hillary Clinton is Lying, Late-Term Abortions are Rampant in the United States

Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe




Trump’s Gettysburg Address Against the New World Order

'Trump better for Israel - but Israeli media aiding Clinton'

WOW! Michael Moore Gives Best Explanation Of WHY PEOPLE ARE VOTING FOR TRUMP (AUDIO)

Paula Jones Relives Bill Clinton’s Alleged Sexual Assault

Trump Campaign: Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s $675,000 Donation to FBI Official’s Wife ‘Deeply Disturbing’

120,000 registered to vote from Israel: Republican ground game in Israel brings about 60% spike in registration of American voters, compared to 2012


Israeli-Palestinian War

Hamas: Palestinian Authority doesn't represent the Palestinian people

UNESCO Set to Vote Again on Whether Jerusalem is Jewish or Muslim

Palestinian Authority issues UNESCO ultimatum: Jordan, PA threaten UNESCO members over upcoming vote on Jerusalem holy sites

UNESCO shouldn't be on our side

Defense Minister Liberman: next war will be Hamas's last

Defense Ministry worker dies after shooting near Egypt-Israel border: Israeli civilian

Minister Lapid with ambassadors at Gaza border: We’re under attack by terrorists

End Times Expert: This Sukkot is Transition Period Before Messianic Era

Inside the US-led coalition helping destroy ISIS in Mosul, Iraq


Suicide truck bomb rams African troop base in Somalia


French treatment of refugees likened to Nazis as Calais Jungle in northern France camp cleared



October 24, 2016

Key Events

Trump, Clinton In Dead Heat As Race Hits Final Two-Week Stretch — IBD/TIPP Poll

American Israelis casting their ballots for Trump

New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples"

#Podesta16: WikiLeaks releases fresh batch of emails from Clinton campaign chair

Watch: Trump speech in Gettysburg -- Full video

Kaine opens door to Clinton pushing TPP

Washington’s game of good terrorists vs bad terrorists

Obama finally upgrades Russia from ‘regional power’ to ‘important country’

NY Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney: Hillary Clinton ‘Destroyed’ New York as Senator; Imagine What She’d Do to Country as President

Don’t Vote for the Lying Witch’: Inside Donald Trump’s Movement-Driven Sunshine State Effort to Defeat Hillary Clinton in Florida

Victim of San Jose Trump Rally Violence on Project Veritas Video: The ‘Mob’ of ‘Paid’ Protesters Threw Eggs in My Hair


Porn Star Becomes Latest Trump Accuser — Day After Launching Online Sex Store

Trump to lay out first 100 days in Gettysburg speech

Ohio GOP chairman will vote Trump

Hungary must fight ‘Sovietization’ of Europe by defending borders against refugees – PM Orban

US ‘supports’ Philippines war on drugs, remains ‘steady & trusted’ partner – senior US diplomat

Authorities shoot drone, protesters build blockade

Defense Minister Liberman Warns Palestinian Media: The next Gaza war will be the last

Hamas: The unity of 'Palestine' is holy

Breaking: Red alert rocket siren sounds in southern Israel


October 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world

Top Bill Clinton aide criticized ex-president for conflicts of interest, emails show

Clinton aide Huma Abedin bluntly wrote in the January 2015 email that “if HRC was not part of it, meeting was a non-starter” and then warned: “She created this mess and she knows it.”

8 Times Liberals Claimed An Election Was Stolen Or Rigged

John Kerry Thinks Bush Rigged The 2004 Election

WikiLeaks: Donna Brazile Shreds Obama Economy

Yemen missile launch, Saudi-led air strike strain truce

NSA Can Access More Phone Data Than Ever

Philippines' Duterte, in China, announces 'separation' from US

U.S. warship challenges China's claims in South China Sea

Hillary Ends Press Conference When Asked About Undercover Videos Exposing Dem. Violence At Trump Rallies

Five Times Obama as a Presidential Hopeful Questioned the Validity of the Election Process

Hillary’s top assistant Huma Abedin admits to a $12 million dollary pay-for-play from Morocco!

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians

Debate Proves Hillary Clinton Really Does Support Abortion All the Way Up to Birth

October 20, 2016


Chris Wallace GRILLS Hillary On Clinton Foundation Corruption [VIDEO]


Poll: Voters Have Concerns Over Election Security

BREAKING: 2nd Video Released By James O’Keefe: Democrats Rigged Elections!

Hillary's balance sheet

Fact-Check: No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Support the 2nd Amendment

No, Hillary Clinton, The Supreme Court’s Heller Decision Wasn’t About Toddlers

The system is rigged in Hillary Clinton's favor


Florida Democrats push for new voting rules
Change would allow ballots to be cast before registration verified

WIKILEAKS: Podesta Says It’s OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver’s License….

Could Hillary's smile cost her the election? Twitter mocks Clinton's 'creepy grandma' grin as she smirks her way through presidential debate

Russia taunts US with biggest military offensive since the Cold War

UN warns of refugee ‘wave’ fleeing Mosul



'Islamic Jihad plotted to blow up Israeli wedding hall, kidnap IDF soldier'

Hillary Clinton’s Abortion Partners at Planned Parenthood and NAF Engage in Sexual Abuse of Girls

After 40+ years in ‘desert,’ New York’s biggest LGBTQ synagogue has a fancy new home


October 19, 2016


Yes, an after-school Satan Club could be coming to your kid's grade school

Illegals seeking asylum up 900%, get Social Security, welfare, school loans

VLADIMIR Putin is ready to “seize control” of the Mediterranean Sea, as a top Russian military expert mocked the ‘tiny’ Royal Navy.

Catholic Bishop Blasts Tim Kaine: He’s Just a “Cafeteria Catholic” Because He Supports Abortion

Washington D.C. City Council Takes First Step to Legalize Assisted Suicide in Nation’s Capital

Russia rules out extending bombing pause in Syria's Aleppo unilaterally: Interfax

U.S. and Russia meet in Geneva on Aleppo

Michael Moore In Surprise “Movie” Called “Trumpland”: Hate Hillary? Vote for Her Anyway

Wikileaks: Clinton Staffers Scramble After Report Of Bill’s New Mistress

Rasmussen Poll - All Tied Up

Soros-Connected Company Provides Voting Machines In 16 States

Elections Expert: “We Now Have 4 Million Ineligible and Dead Voters on American Voter Rolls” (VIDEO)

Leaked email suggests Clinton rooting for Affordable Care Act to collapse

Wikileaks Releases Another 1,803 Podesta Emails In Part 12 Of Data Dump; Total Is Now 18,953

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: New Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser Goes Public for the First Time

Iraqi forces closing in on Mosul for key ISIS battle

Doubts Raised About Russia's 'Humanitarian Pause' in Aleppo

China Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Drop to Almost Four-Year Low

Morgan Stanley profit jumps on bond-trading comeback

October 18, 2016

Key Events

Why Every Christian Should Stand Up and Vote for Donald Trump

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her — With Men & WOMEN

The battle will be decided at the finish line: Clinton against Trump

Catholic Bishop Blasts Hillary Clinton for Calling Catholic Voters “Severely Backwards”

Assange's internet link intentionally severed by state party - WikiLeaks claims

#Podesta10: WikiLeaks releases more emails from Clinton campaign chair

Hillary Clinton wants to force vaccinate your children, have them owned by the state

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Planned Parenthood’s 100th Birthday and Its 7 Million Abortions


State investigating allegations of voter fraud in Tarrant, Texas

Poll: 41 percent of voters say election could be ‘stolen’ from Trump

Melania Trump does not believe husband’s accusers

Trump Proposes Government Ethics Reforms: ‘It Is Time to Drain the Swamp in Washington, D.C.’

"I am still voting for Trump": Jewish Journalist

The battle for Mosul has barely begun, but the civilian toll is already being tallied

Islamic Messianic Dreams Shattered as ISIS Defeated in Dabiq, Syria

Will the inevitable reconquest of Mosul be the death knell of ISIS?

Gearing up for the day after Mosul

Turkey’s Dangerous Moves in Iraq

Is Ankara (Turkey) Really at War with Jihadis?

Israeli-Palestinian War

‘Southern Israel is secure, but Hamas is getting ready’: Digging 10k of tunnels per day toward Israel

Knesset conference to encourage Jews to ascend to Temple Mount

Death Threats, Scandals, and International Condemnation: The Ugly Aftermath of the UNESCO Vote

The Temple Mount, UNESCO vote and Western shame

UNESCO’s absurd decision reflects the world’s honest opinion: "The Theater of the Absurd"

Anti-Israel UNESCO resolution passes again

Palestinian Authority: UNESCO vote reminds Israel it is the "occupier"

Youtube puts pro-Israel videos on 'restricted mode

IDF asks Russia to revise coordination in Syria

Police arrest coach whose soccor team honored Jerusalem terrorist

Luxurious Ramat Givat Zeev project lures hundreds of families from US: Jerusalem metro area


Austria to demolish Hitler's birthplace to prevent Nazi pilgrimage site

Our medical system is a cartel fueled by tyranny for profit, not prevention


October 17, 2016

Key Events

Potty-Mouthed Hillary Feigns Shock at Trump’s Locker Room Talk

9/26/16: Bohemian Grove Elites Reject Trump

How the Election Is ‘Rigged’ — And How it is Not

Following Trump tape release, Clinton surges in new poll

MUSLIM SCHOOL CLOSED: Islamic school that taught pupils ‘gay men should be killed’

After Elections, Will Obama Betray Israel at UN?

Euro 'house of cards' to collapse, warns ECB prophet

WikiLeaks dumps ninth batch of Clinton campaign emails

FROM YEMEN TO TURTLE BAY: How Iran is driving the U.S. out of the Middle East

2016 Election

Is the Fed's next decision on rates all about politics?

Drudge Warns: Impending Hillary Sex Scandal

Black Lives Matter Founder: Clintons Only 'Use Black People for Votes'

Republican HQ in NC firebombed ---- CNN Blames Republicans

Furious FBI Agents Speaking Out on Hillary, Nets Censor

Bozell & Graham Column: The Media-Clinton Collusion, Exposed

Evangelical Women Challenge Trump’s Remarks

Republican Party Leaders Plot Purge, Civil War


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel to Suspend Cooperation With UNESCO Over Jerusalem Resolution

Hamas test-fires long-range rocket into sea off Gaza

Police say they thwarted Temple Mount stabbing attack

Life as a proudly Jewish, lesbian, right-wing journalistic agitator

Morocco tipped off Israeli intelligence, ‘helped Israel win Six Day War’

Posthumous book by Peres coming next spring

US, at UN, says Israel must choose between settlements or two-state solution

Iraqi commander says Mosul operation ‘going very well’

Dozens killed as airstrikes target Aleppo residences

Syria rebels capture Dabiq, where IS had promised apocalyptic battle






October 15-16, 2016

Key Events

The Elites Have No Idea How Angry People Really Are

Why do women’s groups treat Bill Clinton and Donald Trump differently?

The Hill Reports: Clinton Campaign Fears Trump’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Strategy

VIDEO=> Bill Clinton’s Accusers FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia: Retaliation for Russia's Alleged Interference in America's Election

Government Collects $3.27 Trillion in Taxes in Fiscal Year 2016: Deficit still jumped over $500 billion

2016 Election News

WIKILEAKS Reveals Hillary Campaign Originally Pushed Idea That Obama is a Muslim During 20080 Campaign

Poll: Republicans and Independents Approve of Trump’s Clinton Jail Threat

Trump’s Former Butler Debunks Natasha Stoynoff’s Sexual Harassment Claim: ‘That Never Happened’

New York Post: Eyewitness Challenges Sexual Assault Claims Against Trump

‘The Apprentice’ Contestant Accusing Trump Of Sexual Harassment Contacted Him This Year For Business Help

U.S. Satisfaction Remains Low Leading Up to Election

Is Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Tampering With The U.S. Election By Going After Trump?

Police Chief disciplines 23 officers who donned Trump caps on duty

Britain to present UN resolution demanding ceasefire in Yemen

Syria: Cold calculation behind bombing of Aleppo hospitals

Egyptian army kills over 100 ISIS militants in response to deadly terror attack

Palestinian Affairs: The post-Abbas scenario

Initial Report: Terrorist stabbing attack near Mount Hadar

Venezuela accuses Israel of war crimes against Palestinians at UNSC

Diplomacy: WikiLeaks gives glimpse of Clinton-Israel relationship





October 14, 2016

Key Events

‘Moment of Reckoning’ — Donald Trump: ‘Our Independence Day Is at Hand, It Arrives Finally on Nov. 8th’

Trump: Corporate Media Clinton's Most Powerful Weapon:"No Longer Involved in Journalism"

President Obama ridicules ‘family values’ GOP for nominating Donald Trump

Collapse of the Globalist Narrative

Bromance Between China's Xi and Russia's Putin Grows as U.S. Spats Escalate

Are Global Warming Alarmists Disappointed Hurricane Matthew Wasn't Worse?

US Air Force Probes Classified Computer Network Outage at Drone Base

Pentagon issues handbook on sex change in the ranks

More Than 1 Million in Obamacare to Lose Plans as Insurers Quit



2016 Election News

Sean Hannity: WikiLeaks Proves That "Everything The Conspiracy Theorists Said" Was True

Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof

Krauthammer: After Trump And Clinton Scandals, America Is "Soiled": "In Need Of A Shower"

It’s Official: This Election Is Driving Americans Nuts


The Clinton Campaign’s Bigotry: Rednecks, evangelicals and Southerners, among many others, get hit

WikiLeaks: Qatar Wrote Clinton Foundation a Million Dollar Check for Bill Clinton’s Birthday

WikiLeaks: The Hill Journalist Warns ‘Cycle of Money Issues’ Could ‘Bring Down’ Hillary Clinton

Jack Abramoff Goes Off On Hillary: ‘Most Corrupt Person In History Of United States To Get This Close To The Presidency’

Public piety, private contempt for Hillary Clinton and aides

Wikileaks Bombshell: John Podesta Owned 75,000 Shares in Putin-Connected Energy Company

Michelle Obama Says She's Never Heard Anything Like Trump? She is a hypocrite -- Rush Limbaugh - Obama proudly showing off his erection to giggling women

Clinton answers written questions under penalty of perjury in email lawsuit: Saying 20 times that she did not recall

Bill Clinton accusers slam wife's candidacy: 'Hillary is only for one woman, and that's herself'



Pence blames media, Clinton, for Trump ‘slander’

Mike Pence: Evidence to dispute groping allegations coming ‘before the day is out’

'Stay tuned' for evidence backing Trump vs female accusers: Pence

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Trump has email evidence proving accusers are lying

Conservative Group Asks Republicans to Vote Against pro-Amnesty Paul Ryan, John McCain

Trump says groping allegations are part of a global conspiracy to help Clinton

Michelle Obama denounces Donald Trump's rhetoric: 'It has shaken me to my core'



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More Current News

296 Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB in Minnesota, Ten Times Any Other State; Majority Are Somalis

U.S. lifts limits on import of Cuban products including rum and cigars

American Airlines flight lands in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Iran deploys warships off Yemen after US, Houthis trade fire

Israeli-Palestinian War

Trump Supports Jewish Claim To Jerusalem, White House and Clinton Decry Resolution

Palestinian Authority officials pleased with anti-Israel UNESCO resolution

MK Bennett suspends activities with UNESCO

U.S. lawmakers blast UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem

92% Majority of Israeli Businesses Prefer to Stay Shut on Shabbat

Hispanic Evangelicals Emerging as New Powerhouse of Israel Support

After Elections, Will Obama Betray Israel at UN?

Surge in anti-Semitic activities in Europe

Blood on the Hands of Israeli Judges: "As a result of you suspending the arrest of a terrorist, yesterday he murdered two Jews and wounded many others."

"Living in the Land of Israel atones for one's sins" -- False Doctrine

Relieved That Shimon Peres is No Longer With The Living

Using the term ‘honor killings’ leads to many more victims, Israeli Arab activists warn

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

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"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Missiles continue to rain down on Aleppo, world silent -- Pictures show a city in rubble

Chief Rabbi: Syrians suffering 'small Holocaust'

Moscow offers 'safe withdrawal' for armed rebels in Aleppo

Assailants said to fire rockets near Turkish resort

Western Media Keeps Silent While Al-Nusra Militants Killing Children in Aleppo


Analysis: What is Turkey trying to achieve in Iraq?

Inside ISIS-held Mosul: Resistance fighters defying occupation

Turkish forces in Iraq with govt consent: US official

Pentagon Confronts a New Threat From ISIS: Exploding Drones

US last country to speak up for Iraq: U.S. invaded Iraq, dismantled its state system and then left the country in ruins thus handing it over to Iran on a golden plate

Officials blast Amal Clooney's behavior during meeting with Iraq's UN ambassador

Life under ISIS: Iraqis choke as sabotaged oil wells blaze

Saddam Hussein had a secret torture chamber in NYC

Saudi Arabia

Why is the US helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen?

‘Saudi Arabia is US foreign policy military wing in Syria, Yemen, Iraq’

Saudi Arabia, Where Even Milk Depends on Oil

Syria's Assad claims Saudi Arabia offered to help him if he cuts ties with Iran

Kingdom of arbitrary detention: How Saudi Arabia shuts down its most vocal critics

Between US and Saudi Arabia, a growing clash of values


Obama, aides expected to weigh Syria military options on Friday

US Warns Yemen: If you threaten us, we'll respond

AP Explains: How Yemen's stalemate war could entangle US

Tensions Escalate as Iran Sends Warships After US Bombs Yemen

Explosion kills at least four at funeral in Yemen's city Marib



October 13, 2016


Key Events

Federal Appeals Court curtailed the power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Was Unconstitutional

Nearly 100,000 Pennsylvania Voters Switch From Democrat To Republican: "More than 240-thousand new voters have joined the party since last November"

Supreme Court Justice Calls Kaepernick Protest ‘Really Dumb’: Ruth Bader Ginsberg

4 Reasons Globalism Won’t Retreat Anytime Soon

Hungary to Amend Constitution to Block EU Migrant Plan

Pitt Engineer Developing Tiny Drone For Inside The Body

As Satanism Grows, Italy Experiencing a ‘Boom’ in Exorcisms

U.S. strikes radars in Yemen after missiles target a Navy ship

Massachusetts Law Could Jail Pastors For Using The Wrong Pronouns

World War III In The News

WAR READY: Putin orders all Russian children and relatives studying abroad to return to the ‘motherland’ as he ‘prepares for WWIII’

Pentagon: World War III 'almost guaranteed', will be fast and lethal

U.S. and Russia are on brink of World War III, but nobody is paying attention

Has Ukraine Become the 'World War III Powder Keg'?

What Does Bible Prophecy Say?

"And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast ... For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (to act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:16-17, KJV)

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2016 Election News

Tax-Funded Planned Parenthood Spending $2 Million to Target Pro-Life Candidates Voting to Defund It



Green Party’s Stein: Hillary Clinton With Nukes ‘Much Scarier’ Than Donald Trump

Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails

Hillary Clinton Campaign Spokeswoman Mocks Catholics, Calling Catholic Faith “Severely Backwards”

Team Clinton thinks you're 'backward' and 'deplorable' so WHY ARE YOU VOTING FOR HER?!

Democrats planned to fool ‘self-righteous’ Sanders backers at convention

$10 Million Says Hillary Wins

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Kathleen Willey to Women: Would You Stay With A Rapist?

FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails

Laura Ingraham: We've been waiting for this moment, for someone to lay hands on the Clintons

Hillary Clinton Is No Friend To Sexual Assault Survivors




GOP Leaders Chose Trump: They Can’t Disown Him Now

Paul Ryan Comes to Heel Behind Donald Trump Again, Begins Pushing Trump Campaign Narrative on Hillary Clinton’s Catholic Smears

Trump Campaign Calls on Hillary Clinton to ‘Apologize and Fire’ Staff over ‘Anti-Catholic Bigotry’

Most Republicans Say GOP Leaders Hurt Party With Criticism of Trump

Bill Clinton: Donald Trump’s base is ‘your standard redneck’

Senate Republicans up for election walk fine line with Donald Trump

More women accuse Donald Trump of unwanted touching

Evangelical Women Challenge Trump’s Remarks: Moving away from support of Trump

Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl: "As of now, all of the information about this lawsuit comes solely from the complaint filed by "Katie Johnson," and no one has as yet located, identified, or interviewed her"

Trump Warns: Islamic State will take over America if Clinton wins

Abortion News

Warren Buffet Has Given $1.8 Billion to Pro-Abortion Groups, $440 Million to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Sold Aborted Baby Hearts, Lungs and Brains to Medical Firms, Now They’re Being Sued

Pro-Life Group Lists 37 Companies That Fund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEO Cecile Richards Doubles Salary to Almost $1 Million

Ronald McDonald keeping low profile as creepy clown craze intensifies

Nazi jargon revival causes alarm in Germany

Israeli-Palestinian War

UNESCO Votes: No connection between Temple Mount and Judaism

Israel turns to Vatican for help at UN: For help to convince nations not to deny Jewish connection to Jerusalem

Netanyahu: Israel's hand is extended for peace to any of our neighbors who want it

Arab riots abound over Yom Kippur

Netanyahu accepts Bennett's call to delay Amona destruction

Taibe Arabs try digging tunnel towards Samaria: Pledged allegiance to ISIS

Muslim Cleric who Advocated the Slaughter of Jews Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison

MK Yehudah Glick to Judge Who Reprieved Terrorist Killer: Can You Cleanse Your Hands of Blood Before God?

Palestinian Authority parliament leader praises terrorist as 'martyr of Allah'

Police Officers Injured in Suspected Terror Car Ramming at Jerusalem Checkpoint: Hit and Run attack

31 Palestinians Arrested for Rioting, Celebrating Jerusalem Shooting Attack

Turkey, Israel to examine building gas pipeline

Home Front Command decentralizes units to deal with changing threats in Israel

Republicans slam eased restrictions on business with Iran



October 12, 2016

Key Events

'This is no longer something that can be easily dismissed:' Satellite imagery shows North Korea may be preparing for a nuclear test

WikiLeaks’ Podesta email release reveals massive Clinton ‘hits’ file on Sanders

Pentagon Confronts a New ISIS Threat: Exploding Drones

Border Crisis: Illegal Crossings May Be Far Higher Than Official Numbers

Top Democrat on the Federal Election Commission is pushing to regulate online political campaigns

Graffiti defaces San Antonio church with “No to wall” and “Islam or Die”


2016 Election News

High Alert: the election can still be rigged - "Votes counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers"

What's at stake in the 2016 elections? Nothing less than the Constitution

Undecided voter Ken Bone becomes overnight debate star

The fact-checkers keep destroying fact-checking


Clinton campaign spokeswoman takes shots at Catholics, evangelicals in leaked email exchange

Secret Service Officer Gary J. Byrne: ‘The Hillary Clinton I Know Is a Complete Pathological Liar’

Fact Check: Clinton denied being secretary of state during Obama's 'red line' comment

New York Times Gave Hillary Veto Power

Debate Check II: Seven Hillary Lies Debunked

Clinton camp appeared to have contacts with DOJ on email case

Actress Susan Sarandon destroys Hillary Clinton

New York Jewish newspaper endorses Clinton

'Bill Clinton son' makes video plea to 'father, stepmother'


VIDEO: Mystery ‘medical’ aide back by Hillary’s side after long absence

Hillary Clinton Interrupted By A Bill Clinton Rapist Protester Again

WIKILEAKS: State Department ‘cleared’ Hillary tweet about emails after 8 staffers wrote the tweet

Wikileaks: PR Firm Seeks Clarification on Hillary’s Support of 25% Gun Tax


Trump vs. Ryan: Donald takes the 'shackles' off against his own party

Trump declares war on GOP, says ‘the shackles have been taken off’

James Pinkerton – The October Surprises: Donald Trump and Mike Pence Remind Us that This Is a Change Election - "winds of change are blowing against her, hard"

Thousands of Conservatives Cheer for Trump to Stay In The Race

San Antonio police officers face discipline for wearing 'Make America Great Again' caps


NBC to fire Billy Bush over tape of Trump remarks

Obama Ridicules Christians Who Say They Forgive Donald Trump

Israeli-Palestinian War

Security forces on high alert in Jerusalem as Jewish Israelis mark Yom Kippur

Atoning for sins on Yom Kippur

Kol Nidre live streams offer Yom Kippur forgiveness with a click

Jerusalem shooting attack serves Hamas' goal of igniting West Bank: Hamas seeks to start a new intifada and use it to burn Israel – and the Palestinian Authority

Hundreds of Israelis gather across Israel to pray for people of war-torn Syria

Peres tells Begin in 1978: I’m against an Arafat state





October 11, 2016

2016 Election News

High Alert: the election can still be rigged - "Votes counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers"


Pollster Pat Caddell: Trump’s Bringing Clinton Accusers Was ‘High Risk … yet He Was Absolutely Right’

Expert: Reagan was also called unstable and uninformed

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Holds Victory Rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA 10/10/16

Pollster Frank Luntz Says Trump Wowed Focus Group: 'First Time There's Been Any Genuine Movement'

Tensions flare as Republicans clash over Trump

Bill O'Reilly Reveals: At Least 3 Media Orgs Have 'Ordered Employees to Destroy Trump'

CBS, NBC Hype 'GOP Civil War,' Predict Loss of House and Senate

103 Minutes for Trump Tape Revelations: Only Eight Minutes for Hillary's Wall St. Speeches




Hillary Admits In Leaked Email, 2014: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS

Hillary and the art of the dirty mouth: "She is an equal-opportunity offender, insulting people, dogs and cats, even the flag"


'Hillary often lies, Chelsea a spoiled brat': Could only beat Trump


Breaking: DNC Chief Donna Brazile Leaked Sanders Info to Clinton Campaign

George H.W. Bush's granddaughter is voting for Hillary Clinton

Cal Thomas: Why Kaine and Pence should be asked about their faith

Israeli-Palestinian War

Five (5) Biggest Temple Stories of Year Prove Third Temple is Closer Than Ever as Yom Kippur Approaches

DNA Studies Trace Jewish Priestly Lineage From Biblical Times

Israel Prepares for Yom Kippur: Amid an elevated security risk days after a deadly terror attack rocked Jerusalem

IDF Bulldozers Enter Gaza to Raze Border Land

PM Netanyahu Asks Sec/State Kerry to Avoid UN Two-State Resolution

Return of the suicide bomber? ------- Shin Bet foils Hamas suicide bus bombing in Jerusalem

Deputy Jerusalem Mayor: No more construction for Arabs after Sunday's terror attack in Jerusalem

Does the Jerusalem terror attack signal a new Palestinian uprising?

No More Candy: IDF shuts down terrorist murderer's store

Jordanians protest gas deal with Israel

A Pop-Up Field Hospital? IDF Makes it Possible!

Thousands of worshipers gather at Western Wall for selihot ceremony: For traditional pre-Yom Kippur prayer of supplication

The Angel of Death in Aleppo

UN chief calls for war crimes investigation against Syria

ISIS confirms death of its propaganda chief


October 10, 2016

2016 Election News

Second Presidential Debate

Donald's Great Escape: Trump’s all-out attack on the Clintons for their sexual past

Fact-Check: Yes, Bill Clinton Was Disbarred and Fined After Impeachment

Liberal Frank Luntz Focus Group Declares The Winner Is…. TRUMP!

'Trump is back in the race': Polls show second debate more competitive than first, with Trump beating expectations


'You'd be in jail' Trump says to Clinton & other debate zingers

TRUMP Calls For A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR ON HILLARY – Debate Audience Loves it!

LOL! Have You Seen The Cover Of Today’s New York Post?

Bill Clinton heckled as a ‘rapist’ during Hillary campaign event (VIDEO)

Broaddrick, Willey, Jones tell Bill Clinton’s Defenders: ‘These Are Crimes,’ ‘Terrified’ of ‘Enabler’ Hillary

The Real Abusers of Women are Clinton’s Friends in the Abortion Cartel


Roger Stone Touts His New Book, ‘The Clintons’ War on Women’


Fact-Check: No, Hillary Clinton Did Not Apologize for ‘Basket of Deplorables’

WIKILEAKS DUMP: In Private, Hillary Claims Laws to Fix Gender Pay Gap Are ‘Already On The Books’

Hillary Clinton Admitted That Hackers Were Breaking Into Her Blackberry All The Time: And she knew it!

List of Hillary Tax Hikes


Poll: Republican Voters Ready to Stand by Trump Despite Lewd Comments Video

Donald Trump Appears with Clintons’ Alleged Victims Ahead of Debate

TRUMP PUNKED THE PRESS: Told Reporters They Were Going to Pre-Debate Presser, Walked in on Clinton Rape Victims!

'You'd be in jail' Trump says to Clinton & other debate zingers

The Seven Best Trump Moments Of The Second Presidential Debate (VIDEOS)

Donald Trump challenges Hillary Clinton to spend her own money on her campaign

Trump trounces Clinton at second debate: Trump took control.He had facts. He had substance. She had political clichés

Key Events

Lame duck Obama throws in the towel on Russia

Will Russia's "line in the Syrian sand" halt US imperial ambitions?

U.S., Iraqi forces in ‘final rehearsal’ for campaign to retake Mosul from Islamic State

Paris Climate Pact Once ‘Unthinkable,’ Now ‘Unstoppable’

In New Cardinal Picks, Pope Francis Sidelines Conservatives, Promotes Progressives

Poll: Should Colorado voters pass medical "aid in dying"?

Israeli-Palestinian War

Police officer and civilian killed, 4 wounded in Jerusalem vehicular terrorist attack: "Police Chief asks public to remain calm, not to alter plans to visit capital for High Holy Days"

Many unanswered questions remain after Jerusalem attack

Summary of Jerusalem terror attack

Israeli Ambassador to UN Danon Asks UN: Why don't you ask PA to condemn terror attack in Jerusalem On Sunday?

'Hundreds of thousands of Arabs here sanctify death and murder': Internal Security Minister denies police were negligent during yesterday's shooting attack

Arabs in Jerusalem celebrate shooting attack

'It's time to change the way we deal with terrorism': Meir Indor, head of the Almagor terrorist victims’ organization

Will ISIS Prepare the Biblically Promised Land for Israel at End of Days?


October 8-0, 2016

2016 Election News

Obama: 'I Am Not the Strapping, Young Muslim Socialist That I Used to Be'

Debt Under Obama Up $9,000,000,000,000

Fox News Poll Shows Statistical Tie Between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC Calls for Candidates to Be Drug Tested Ahead of Next Debate


Wikileaks Release: Hillary Clinton Press Sec Says Gun Control to Be Implemented by Executive Order

Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs Finally Leaked

Clinton called for 'open trade and open borders' in both private & paid speeches: This is key part of New World Order

Leaked Emails Show Clinton Campaign Coordinating With George Soros Organization

Paid Speeches Revealed–Hillary Clinton: ‘You Need Both a Public and a Private Position’: In other words, politicians must LIE

Hillary's Manservants, Exposed

2016 campaign can't shake Bill Clinton's scandals

'Clinton campaign blames Russian hackers as Assange promises more leaks'

NYPost: FBI Agents ‘Ready to Revolt’ Over Comey’s ‘Unprecedented,’ ‘Cowardly’ Handling of Clinton Investigation

Chicago Officer Beaten, Hospitalized: Didn’t Use Gun for Fear of Public Backlash

Tim Kaine Takes Pride In ‘F’ Rating From NRA --- NRA-Backed Program Sharply Cut Crime in Tim Kaine’s Richmond, Virginia



Poll: 83 Percent of Financial Advisors Prefer Trump over Clinton

Trump apologizes for lewd comments in video, says Bill Clinton is worse

Trump says Clinton needs to build her energy before next debate

Clinton's remarks on young voters fuel new Trump pitch

G20: populist politicians threaten global economy

Humane Society: Donald Trump Presidency ‘A Threat to Animals Everywhere’

GOP: ‘Permanent Ground Game’ Working with Trump Campaign; Gains Seen In Key States

Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong

Nobel Winner to Obama on Global Warming: 'Mr. President, You're Wrong'

Amazon pulls ‘sexy burka’ party outfit after massive backlash

‘Cancer connected with nuclear disasters develops in Yemeni children’

UN calls on Saudi Arabia to stop torturing, executing minors in scathing report

ISIS RECRUIT 'SERIAL KILLERS': ISIS to send wannabe ‘serial killers’ to the West in bloody new terror tactic

Ben & Jerry’s Faces Boycott After Endorsing Black Lives Matter

Gun Sales, Concealed Permit Applications Soar in Washington State After Mall Attack



October 7, 2016

Key Events

Hillary blames Hurricane on climate change: Says Trump ‘totally unfit’ to protect USA from ‘the threat of climate change’

Al Gore Declares Climate War on Donald Trump

"Stronger Together" book is Clinton’s deceptively bland vision of an America where government cares for citizens from cradle to grave --------------- Trump Targets 70% Reduction of Business Regulations

Fresh activity at North Korea N-site triggers concern of another test before November 8 U.S. Preseidential Elections

Yahoo email scan fell under foreign spy law

Dead People And Illegal Immigrants Are Being Registered To Vote All Over America

Drones To Keep Fans Connected At Cowboys Games -- "So we can understand what is going on at each seat"

Pentagon Admits: Dozens of Afghan Troops Have Gone Missing in U.S. Since 2015

Colombian President Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize for historic peace deal

80 Percent Of Americans Support Limiting Abortion To The First Trimester

Gallup Poll: Over Half of Americans Disapprove of Obamacare

2016 Election News

Survey: Millennials Believe Economy Is Failing Them


Hacker Releases Tons Of Emails From Clinton State Department Insider

FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tampering

White House coordinated with State Department, Clinton campaign on email issue: Documents show

Everyone Is Talking About Tim Kaine’s Bizarre Behavior During The VP Debate

Leaked memo shows Clinton was provided questions ahead of interview

Hillary Clinton Cancels Weather Channel Ad Buy After Eric Trump Calls It ‘Evil and Sick’

Ed Klein: Obama Had 'No Choice' But to Back Hillary, Refuse Prosecution

Ed Klein’s hysterical new Clinton fiction: The right’s least reputable “journalist” imagines a Hillary/Obama shouting match

Huma Abedin Under Fire for Referring to Pro-Israel Lobby AIPAC As ‘That Crowd’


Ann Coulter: Election ‘Will Determine Survival of Western Civilization’

Obama rips Trump's 'crude populism'

Trump New Voter Registration Soars: 2 Million Door Knocks in a Week and a Half

Humane Society Ad: Donald Trump Presidency ‘A Threat to Animals Everywhere’

Trump Targets 70% Reduction of Business Regulations

This is the most plausible path for Donald Trump to win the election

Trump Supporters Eject Neo-Nazi From Rally [WATCH]

Why Trump-Clinton II Might Be a Different Debate: QuickTake Q&A

Obama shortens sentences for 102 more federal inmates


Israeli-Palestinian War

Did Peres’s Death Signal End of Josephic Messiah and Beginning of Davidic Messiah?

Peres the Divider: Was a chronic force of division and rancor in Israeli society

NY Times: UN Security Council should set Israeli-Palestinian peace terms

Major Haifa Attack Thwarted After Hezbollah Family Arrested

Abbas Released From Hospital After Heart Procedure

New York Times Tells Obama: Hit Israel hard

Minister Bennett: Judea and Samaria must be part of Israel

Soldiers accidentally enter Arab village: Security forces rescue them safely

Israel yet to ratify universal Paris climate accord


October 6, 2016

Key Events

Will Iran nuke deal negotiators win the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize?

ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, 'Quiet Neighborhoods'

7 Tips to Defend Yourself Against a Knife-Wielding Attacker

FREE SPEECH CRACKDOWN: Europe tells British press NOT to reveal if terrorists are Muslims

SHOCK Julian Assange video emerges of US government FURY: Was there a plot to kill him?

Pence on How Hillary Clinton’s Disdain for Voters Disqualifies Her From Being President: ‘You Cannot Lead People You Loathe’

Protester Interrupts Bill Clinton With A ‘Bill Clinton A Rapist’ Sign

Breitbart/Gravis Poll: Voters Reject Obama’s Internet Surrender

Iranian Army Can Deploy Nine Million Troops Against America, Says Former Minister

Gay Group Promotes ‘Gender Ideology’ For Children

Bisexual identity overtaking gay and lesbian in Britain,

2016 Election News

The one thing that could tip the balance in the next presidential debate


Republicans blast FBI for 'astonishing' agreement to destroy Clinton aides' laptops

Next Debate Preparation: Clinton's light schedule, Trump stays on trail

Leslie Rutledge, A/G Arkansas: Hillary Clinton ‘Will Lie Even When the Truth Would Serve Her Better’

JPMorgan CEO Dimon goes after Clinton for attacking 'a whole class of people'

DoJ Drops Charges Against Arms Dealer Who Links Clinton to Libyan Weapons Sales

The fallout from Comey's investigation into Clinton

Reid, Clinton supporters hit Trump over Nevada pronunciation

Virginia Democrat Registers 19 Dead People To Vote For Hillary

Secret Audio: If you thought ‘deplorables’ was bad, hear what Hillary calls Bernie Sanders’ basement-dwellers


Pence gives Trump a reset after Kaine's relentless and repetitive attacks

60% of Small business says Trump is their pick for president

Billionaire for Trump: 'I wouldn't give 2 cents' for NYT's election views

Trump Campaign: Expect more specifics at town hall debate

'The Deciders': Ohio coal mine country

Mayor of West Bank settlement invites Donald Trump for visit


ISIS Fighting End-of-Days Battle in Dabiq, Syria, to Bring Muslim Messiah, the Mahdi

Iraqi militia fighters pour into Syria to support Assad

Syria War: IS bomb kills rebels at Turkey border crossing

Syria Conflict: Life under siege in rebel-held Aleppo


Al-Shabab 'kills Christians' in Kenya's Mandera town

Israeli-Palestinian War

Did Peres’s Death Signal End of Josephic Messiah and Beginning of Davidic Messiah?

For 2nd straight day, rocket fired from Gaza hits Israel

Israel’s New Settlement Slammed by U.S. as Betrayal of Shimon Peres Legacy

Expert: The Arabs viewed Peres as a 'butcher'

Interior Ministry expels terrorist widow from Israel

Gaza-bound female flotilla meets Israel's female combat soldiers

Catholic Father Hamel: killed by Islamists, manipulated by leftist Catholics promoting Interfaith goals

Antisemitism Masquerading as an Angel of Light

Medical Source: Palestinian President Abbas in hospital undergoing heart test

Palestinians arrested for pipe bomb attacks at Rachel’s Tomb


October 5, 2016

Key Events

Backlash to World Economic Order Clouds Outlook at IMF Talks

Magazine Labels Cheerful, Blonds as 'Right-Wing Terrorist'

The Rise of the ‘Bromosexual’ Friendship

White House Kept 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters From Michelle Obama Speech (Paragraph 4)

Is Leftist Era Fading in Latin America? Ask Colombia and Brazil

Yahoo Granted NSA, FBI Access to Scan Customer Emails: Covertly developed a software program


2016 Election

Vice Presidential Debate News


After Tim Kaine Flops in Vice Presidential Debate, New Doubts About Hillary

Trump wins momentum boost from Pence — with Kaine assist

Neutered? In VP Debate, Tim Kaine Promises To Be Hillary’s ‘Right-Hand Person’

Ex-Tim Kaine Staffer: Mike Pence Won Debate, ‘I Don’t Know What the Clintons Have Done’ to My Old Boss

RNC: Kaine interrupted Pence over 70 times

Trump’s mudslinging puts the Fed in danger

New York Times: Donald Trump Is a ‘Terrorist’

UN makes power play against Donald Trump: Ratifying the Climate Deal before the election --- Pew Poll: Most Americans Don’t Believe in ‘Scientific Consensus’ on Climate Change


Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons: Arms dealer had threatened to expose Hillary Clinton’s talks about arming anti-Qadhafi rebels

Judge won't release drafts of Hillary Clinton Whitewater indictment

Missouri Democrat Downplays Clinton Endorsement

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway Slams Tim Kaine for ‘Interrupting a Female Moderator’

Fact-Check: Tim Kaine Claims Terror Threat ‘Has Decreased’ During Obama Era

Fact-Check: Trump Did Not Say Israel Must Pay ‘Big League’ or We Would Not Work with Them

Fact-Check: Yes, the Obama-Clinton Recovery is the Slowest, Since…

Fact-Check: Bill Clinton Did Call ObamaCare a ‘Crazy System’

Unusual earthquake warning prompts action, anxiety in Southern California

Rare Warning Of Huge Quake Hitting Southern California Tuesday Has Many Shaken Up, Stocking Up: San Bernardino city officials have shut down their city hall



October 4, 2016

Key Events

Why Are Republican Lies Bad But Democrat Lies Okay?

Hillary Clinton’s H-1B Outsourcing Program Has 100,000 Foreign Workers in Midwest White-Collar Jobs

Ron Paul says he will vote for Jill Stein

‘Catholic’ LGBT Group Slams Pope Francis for Denouncing Gender Ideology

United States Supreme Court has denied President Obama’s request to rehear the executive amnesty case

Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent: Citizens want to protect themselves from lunacy in the streets

U.S. isn’t one of the top 10 most free countries in the world, study: America has the same level of political violence as Saudi Arabia

NATO Secretary General’s statement on the outcome of Brexit

Obama: Republican voters think I'm 'the Antichrist'

Twenty-one states file suit against Obama to stop another end run around Congress

Obama admin secretly scouted US cities to move Gitmo terrorists

2016 Election


Hillary Clinton’s H-1B Outsourcing Program Has 100,000 Foreign Workers in Midwest White-Collar Jobs

Hillary Clinton Avoided Taxes the Same Way Trump Did

The NYT: How Hillary Clinton Grappled with Bill Clinton’s Infidelity and His Accusers

Julian Assange Stalls, Reveals No Leaks About Hillary Clinton At Press Conference

Can Assange turn it around for Trump? Assange keeps Hillary hanging: WikiLeaks boss says he WON'T publish new documents today - but he promises they'll be out before the election

Hillary Clinton Talks Tough About Campaign Donor Wells Fargo

Hillary Clinton Blasts Donald Trump for Using Political Connections to Get Rich: Believe It Or Not

DOJ 'side agreements' let agents destroy laptops in Clinton email case

CPAC: Kaine most liberal VP pick ever, beats Biden, Gore, Ferraro, Muskie - Pence most Conservative

Clinton-backed branch of foundation donor General Motors now caught in major scandal

Linda Tripp makes bombshell statement about Monica Lewinsky's safety

A Miss Universe insulted by Trump steps up for Clinton

Merkel's Mistake Will Go Down in History

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado was characterized as a 'porn star' shortly after she was mentioned by Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate in September 2016: Searching on terms such as "Alicia Machado Porn Star" turns up several videos from free porn web sites, but these videos don't actually STAR Alicia Machado


Tax Expert: All Journalists Proved About Donald Trump’s 1995 Return Was Their Own Ignorance

Trump Tax Fallout: Why the media's 'bombshell' may not explode

Rudy Giuliani: Trump is 'a genius'

Prominent Trump supporter claims 'Wednesday, Hillary Clinton is done'

How Pence can pave the way for Trump before Sunday's debate

NY attorney general orders Trump Foundation to 'cease' fundraising

Fox News Poll: Trump Narrows Clinton's Lead

Israeli-Palestinian War

A unique historical period of danger for Israel

Rosh Hashana 5777: Gratitude and optimism

Prince Charles visits grandmother's grave while in Jerusalem for Peres' funeral

Zionist Union MK denies report he's joining Netanyahu gov't as foreign minister

Chaos in Caracas: Jewish Venezuelans opt for aliya as situation deteriorates

Abbas' farewell to Shimon Peres stirs controversy among Palestinians

Report: Shots fired at Abbas's home day after PA president attended Peres' funeral

Abbas and Riviln speak of future meetings at Peres' funeral

General closure to be imposed on West Bank starting Rosh Hashana eve

'Syrian Army forces pour into area near Israel border, prepare operation'

Amid assault on Aleppo, US suspends talks with Russia:

Russia deploys advanced anti-missile system to Syria for first time: US officials


Turkey Warns: Battle for Iraq's Mosul could spark civil war strife

Heroin is now legal in Canada — if you have a prescription

Pentagon Weapons Tester Shoots Down Lockheed's F-35 Stealth Fighter/Bomber

Hurricane Matthew hammers western Haiti with deadly force

Philippine leader tells Obama 'go to hell', says he can buy arms from Russia, China



October 3, 2016

Israeli-Palestinian War

Unprecedented Gathering of World Leaders at Peres Funeral Fulfills Messiah Prophecy Before Rosh Hashana: Has Isaiah 60:1-3 been fulfilled?

Netanyahu stopped Peres from establishing Palestinian state

Shimon Peres Laid to Rest on Mount Herzl

Rosh Hashanah Greetings From Christian Friends Around the World

Wreath-Laying Ceremony for Shimon Peres at the Knesset

Justice Minister Shaked: Abbas is inciting violence and hatred, taking verbal aim at those who shook hands with Abbas - including Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israel will never reach peace deal with Palestinian Authority, 2/3 of Israelis say

ISIS cell in Jerusalem?

Palestinian Study: Most terror attacks occurred in Hevron last year

Key Events

Brexit Begins: British PM Theresa May takes axe to EU laws

Syrian government offers rebels state passage

Hungary Referendum: EU Humiliated as 95 Percent Say NO to Migrant Redistribution Quotas

Colombians Reject Peace Accord in Stunning Defeat for President Santos

Brazil's leftist Workers' Party loses big in municipal polls


Open Borders Rap Sheet: 30+ Crimes by Immigrant Suspects in September Alone

Philippines’ Duterte Apologizes to Jews for Hitler Comparison

2016 Election News

Investigation launched after dead people are registered to vote in Harrisonburg, Virginia

'Study, pray, vote,' Pope tells Americans ahead of elections


Michael Moore: People Don’t Trust Democrats Anymore

Clinton Campaign Cancels Joint Events With Bernie Sanders: Following leak of a recording in which Clinton disparaged Sanders’ younger supporters

Sanders Says Clinton Comments in Leaked Audio 'Absolutely Correct' - You have millions of young people, many of whom took out loans in order to go to college, hoping to go out and get decent-paying jobs and they are unable to do that

Another Bush for Hillary! Barbara Bush


The Hyde Amendment Has Saved 2 Million Babies From Abortion, BUT Hillary Clinton Wants to Reverse It

Speaker Paul Ryan: Sorry Abortion Activists We Won’t Make Americans Fund Abortions

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Thought “Unfit” People Were Multiplying Too Rapidly

Hillary Clinton Said She "Admires" Margaret Sanger" -Truth! -- "Gave the Margaret Sanger Award to Hillary Clinton ... Hillary said, "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously ... her courage, her tenacity, her vision ... I’m really in awe of her"

Planned Parenthood Complains: If Donald Trump is Elected We Will be Defunded


Giuliani: Trump is 'a genius' - he took advantage of tax laws like a good businessman

Hillary Clinton Avoided Taxes the Same Way Trump Did

CNN: 1 in 5 Big Companies Pay No Taxes

Pro-Life Group Endorses Donald Trump and Mike Pence: “Best Team for Advancing Pro-Life Policies”

UPI Poll: Donald Trump +2 over Hillary Clinton, Nears 50 Percent Support

Duke University offers course for men to 'deconstruct toxic masculinities'



October 1-2 , 2016

Key Events

White House corrects location of Jerusalem on day of Peres’ funeral

The Hyde Amendment Has Saved 2 Million Babies From Abortion: Hillary Clinton Wants to Reverse It

Mike Pence: ‘Hillary Clinton Is the Architect of Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy’

Iranian Man Allegedly Kills Wife in Australia After She Converts to Christianity

European Muslim Rape Gang Leader Loses Appeal Claiming All-White Jury Part of Anti-Islam Plot

Philippines' President Duterte says he's 'happy to slaughter' 3 million drug addicts

Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after quake swarm at Salton Sea

2016 Election News

Investigation launched after dead people are registered to vote in Harrisonburg, Virginia


Hillary Clinton: It’s Really Hard For A Woman To Be Tough AND Likable

Watch: Hillary Clinton Steadies Herself Before Going Down Stairs

Hillary Is Back On The Trail, By Which We Of Course Mean Coughing At Campaign Rallies [VIDEO]

The Democrats vs. The Deplorables, Part Two: The Immigration Flashpoint

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Donald Trump ‘Not Fit to Wipe Floors of the White House’

FBI director James Comey: ‘I Don’t Remember’ Why FBI Let Hillary Aide Lie

Lay Catholic Group Warns: Tim Kaine’s Radical Views Stem From Embrace of Liberation Theology

House Chairman Kevin Brady: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Death Tax’ Would Confiscate Farms, Businesses

San Diego Union-Tribune Endorses Hillary: First Time To Endorse a Democrat in 148 Years

Hillary Clinton: Hearing Peres Talk ‘Like Listening to a Psalm’


Trump Urges Obama: Do Not Pardon Hillary Clinton "Or Her Co-Conspirators"

Clock Ticking: Panicked Left Hopes ‘SNL,’ ‘Will and Grace’ Can Take Down Trump

Chris Matthews: Support for Trump Based on Patriotism

Brunell Donald-Kyei, vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump: If Journalists Only Told One Side of the Story During Slavery, ‘Black People Would Still Be Slaves’

U.N news agency scrubs tweet calling on Americans abroad to 'end Trump'

New York Times Declares Ohio No Longer ‘Bellwether’ as Trump Pulls Ahead

This Chart Predicts Trump Will Win, Unless the S&P Rallies in October


El Chapo’s sons likely behind deadly ambush on Mexican army convoy

Israeli-Palestinian War

Rosh Hashanah: Do We Dare to Blow the Shofar?

Unprecedented Gathering of World Leaders at Peres Funeral Fulfills Messiah Prophecy Before Rosh Hashana: Isaiah 60:1-4

Shimon Peres Laid to Rest on Mount Herzl --- White House corrects location of Jerusalem on day of Peres’ funeral

Arabs Rejoice While the World Mourns Peres

Shimon Peres's Secret: In 2014, former President Shimon Peres revealed a secret to two journalists

Palestinian President Abbas under fire for attending Peres funeral

A unique historical period of danger for Israel

Netanyahu holds diplomatic meetings: With world leaders attending Peres' funeral

Armed terrorist tried to stab brigade commander near Hevron




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