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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Tuesday, November 9, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

10 US, 2 Iraqi Troops Dead in Falluja - U.S. Military

Baghdad's international airport was closed to military traffic Tuesday after a missile was fired at a transport plane

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Mortar Attack on Mosul, Iraq, Base

US troops storm into heart of Fallujah in biggest battle since Iraq war

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 6, 2004

EU, Iran nuclear deal seen doomed without US help

Iran says will retaliate if nuclear plants hit

Freedom squelches terrorist violence: Poverty does not lead to terrorism, Harvard study reveals

Israeli - Palestinian War

Preparing For Life Without Arafat

'Arafat to be buried in Mukata, Ramallah'

Sharon learned of Arafat's 'death' from French intelligence: Clinically dead but kept physically alive on life support

As Arafat Lies Dying: "A Time To Hate" (Ecclesiastes) 3:1-8

Hospital and PA officials deny reports Arafat has died

PA endorses domestic security plan

Enemy heads of state can attend Arafat funeral

Suha Arafat: Ramallah's Lady Macbeth

Mrs. Arafat keeps husband on life support: Where's his money?

Will $1 billion be buried with Arafat?

Arafat Poisoned? Palestinians accuse Israel

Muslims Cannot Accept Arafat Being Gay and Dying of AIDS

Cutting Edge reported Arafat was gay in October, 2000

Unilateral Disengagement News

Yonatan Bassi, the head of the Disengagement Authority predicts: Gaza settlers to go quietly

Police plan new prison for settlers resisting evacuation

"Peace Now" petitions against anti-pullout campaign

Other News

Coalition talks to restart Wednesday -- Netanyahu In, NRP Out

IAF jets buzz Lebanon: Responding to Hezbollah sending drone aircraft over Northern Israel yesterday

Iranians had key role in Hezbollah drone launch

Hezbollah shows footage of drone it sent over northern Israel

Giving Terror a Boost? Media accused of sanitizing horror of terror attack while positively covering the terrorist

Head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog ElBaradei: Israel's nuclear arms blocking Mideast peace

No March Around the Gates: Police have banned the monthly "March Around the Temple Mount Gates."

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Diplomats: Plutonium found near Egyptian nuclear facility

Kosovan U.N. Worker Abducted in Afghanistan Phones Home as Militants Seek Prisoner Exchange

Buddhist Beheaded by Suspected Islamic Rebels in Southern Thailand: Retaliation for 85 Suffocation Deaths

Egypt Battles Desert Locust Swarms from Libya

UN investigators in Sudan to decide if genocide took place in Darfur

Terrorism News

First a terrorist, now a spy: Ordeal continues for Conecticut Muslim businessman

Homeland Security: Alert Issued Fro Stolen Crop-Duster November 1, 2004

C/Edge Article Archives: Repeated Headlines Study - Crop Duster one of repeating headlines

Pakistan-US open talks on terrorism, Iraq and Afghanistan

Singapore stiffens guard to thwart terror

Nuclear terror mushrooming: UN expert

Debunking The Propaganda Lie That Terrorists Can Actually Use A Nuclear Terrorist Device Against Cities

UC Regents lose control of nuclear weapons program: Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over - Kissinger depopulation quote noted

Heart drug for blacks to be first pill sold for a specific race

Italians Oppose Marriage and Adoption for Gays

The First 6-6-6 Technology Law: Takes Effect Next January in DoD

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US Sets `Red Line' Over North Korea Nukes: Will consider more coercive options in case it transfers nuclear materials to a third party

Russian Foreign Ministry On The Necessity To Prevent Setback In Talks With North Korea


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Up to 15,000 troops storm Fallujah, bombs rock Baghdad

US troops enter Falluja as jets pound rebel-held city: · Fourth Black Watch soldier killed in blast · 3,000 insurgents defy assault force

US faces stiff resistance in Fallujah

Marines Prepare For Casualties

US Chopper Shot Down In Falluja - Reuters Reporter Fadel al-Badrani

US denies chopper down in Fallujah

Zarqawi calls for jihad as US attacks Fallujah

'This is now the battle for Iraq': Most Sunni Muslims in Iraq are now either in revolt or sympathetic to the revolt. A brutal assault on the town of Falluja will only alienate them further

Missing antiaircraft missiles alarm aides: Up to 4,000 surface-to-air missiles unaccounted for in Iraq

Sunni Party Withdraws From Iraqi Government in Protest Over Fallujah

Fallujah assault not justified: Radical Iraqi Shiite Muslim cleric al-Sadr

Kurd officer deserts with Fallujah plans: Commander who trained with U.S. soldiers goes missing after receiving assault briefing

No carrots, all stick in Iraq --- Fanning the flames of resistance

Rumsfeld Says Civilians in Besieged Fallujah Were Given Plenty of Warning

US troops begin slaughter in Fallujah: Arab Viewpoint

Coalition uses divide-conquer plan in Fallujah: Pinpoint Intelligence

U.S. Marines in Iraq break pre-battle tension with "Ben-Hur" chariot race

35 US soldiers said captured in Falluja: Loudspeakers at mosques blared out the news as US forces were trying to penetrate the rebel-held city - News could not be independently confirmed - Chinese allege

Insurgent violence escalates in Baquba: 65 kilometres north-east of Baghdad

British soldier killed, two wounded in central Iraq: British "Black Watch" Battalion

Two (2) Baghdad Churches and Hospital Bombed: Killed at least eight people and wounded dozens last night as a wave of blasts struck the Iraqi capital

Iraqi Kidnappers of American and Filipino Demanding Release of Abu Ghraib Prisoners, Plus Huge Ransom

UK Troops Returning From Iraq With 'Severe Mental Illness'

American Options In Iraq

100,000 And Counting

After Killing Over 100,000 Iraqi Civilians, The World Still Sits Back And Does Nothing

Renowned Scientist Steven Hawking brands 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq a war crime

Where is the world's shame and rage?: Over 100,000 civilian casualties in Iraq: By Scott Ritter, a senior UN weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998

Eglin Studying Massive 30,000-Pound Bomb: Would Be 40 Percent Bigger Than MOAB

Arkansas Governor Gives Push to Covenant Marriage Movement by Putting His Own Marriage on the Line: A covenant marriage is not necessarily a religious event

Politics In The News

Democratic Party must be 'born again': Democratic strategist James Carville

Barbara Streisand Counsels Democrats: "We shall see the reign of witches pass over"

Secret Service to Oversee Inauguration

Bush Considering Justice Clarence Thomas For Chief Justice

Moral Collapse

Olympic standout Phelps arrested for DUI: 6-time gold medalist

Bond set for woman accused of having sex with 8-year-old boy

CBS Seeks to Cancel $550G Super Bowl Fine: For Janet Jackson "equipment malfunction"

Euro at record high against dollar

The Big Currency Question: The Buck Stops Where?

IBM smashes supercomputing record

Tumbleweeds good for uranium clean-up

Spain, Germany target EU budget flexibility, tighter defence cooperation

Powell to Discuss Migration in Mexico


Monday, November 8, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Major Post-Election Offensive Underway

Thousands of U.S. troops storm Fallujah

Iraqi and US troops seize hospital, bridges

Two US Marines Killed In Fallujah

Iraq Rebels Hit Back as U.S. Bombs Falluja

Two British soldiers injured in suicide car bomb attack

Iraqi army ready to fight, U.S. says

22 policemen are massacred: One day after killing 35 security forces men

Iraq declares martial law after 23 police killed in rebel attack

12 Iraqi National Guards soldiers heading home to Najaf abducted, killed by rebels

Two US Convoys Attacked In Iraq: Leaving one US soldier dead and another injured

Bleeding Iraq: Situation in Iraq is spinning out of the occupation forces' control

Zarqawi group posts video of attack on UK troops

Civilian Convoy Comes Under Attack on Road to Baghdad Airport

Hillah Police Launch Surprise Ambush at Rebel Checkpoint, Killing 25 Iraqi Militants

US troops monitor Syria-Iraq border

Political News

Freed From Election Concerns, Bush May Come Up With Second-Term Surprises

Bush Plans To "Champion" Gay Marriage Ban: Remember Bush's endorsement of civil unions enacted by individual states in "Good Morning America" on 10/26

Uncle Sam still wants them: Thousands find their lives on hold because of what has been dubbed the "backdoor draft"

Draft coming, students told by war correspondent and author Christopher Hedges

Campaign Flashback On Military Draft: Kerry Says President May Bring Back Draft - Bush Campaign Dismisses Charge

Ballot Watch: Eyes on the admitted irregularities in the election

The New Republican Reality: No policy is too right-wing - Conservative pipedreams are suddenly part of America's mainstream

Religious right relishes chance to push agenda: Abortion and gay marriage to be targeted as moral crusaders demand election payback

Budget Deficits May Force Bush To Make Hard Choices

Media Coverup - Did Kerry Throw the Election? "If" Kerry is found to win Ohio, regardless of his public concession, he will win the election

Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes

Remembering Bush Refuses To Repent of Skull & Bones Membership: George W. Bush: 'My heritage is part of who I am'

New York City Hotel rates hit the roof: Some tourists paying $595 per night

130,000 Protest Terror in Official Moscow Rally: Nation was in its second official day of mourning for the 335 people killed in the Beslan hostage crisis

Pat searches upset some air travelers: Woman screener patted breast area of woman passenger while other passengers watched

Airplane passengers shocked by their x-ray scans: Scanner sees right through clothing, reveals nakedness

Moral Collapse

Teen pop singer Aaron Carter spent a wild unsupervised night with his "idol" Michael Jackson last year: Carter's mom is still haunted by fears of what may have happened

New Jersey Governor McGreevey's go-go shame: Sex allegations - gay & straight

Air Force report calls for $7.5M to study psychic teleportation: (NOTE: This is a practice of Satanism)

Clogged VA delays Iraq vets' care: Growing U.S. backlog holds up treatment and disability claims for up to six months

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

UN warns of nuclear terror race

U.S. remains unprepared for bioterror attack: Despite increased funding, experts still see vulnerabilities

Study of Repeating False Headlines Since 9/11: "Rumors of Wars" being fulfilled in your Daily News!

U.S. residents ask about living in New Zealand: Since President Bush's re-election

Americans flock to Canada's immigration Web site: Americans flirt with the idea of abandoning their homeland after President George W. Bush's election win

Georgia Evolution Case Heads to Court





CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 6, 2004


Israeli - Palestinian War

Arafat Said To Have Died 11/5

PA leadership to visit Arafat

Palestinian Authority leaders cancel Paris trip in uproar over Arafat's wife: Were to have left early Monday for Paris, where they had been expected to announce the Palestinian leader's death

Paris Tells Palestinians to Remove Arafat: French president's patience with desperate maneuvers to cover up Yasser Arafat’s demise has run out

Homosexual Arafat said dying of AIDS: Archives: Cutting Edge reported Arafat was gay in October, 2000

Poll: 60% Palestinians believe PM Qureia can't run PA

After Arafat, an off-balance Gaza

Sharon's strategy frustrated by demise of enemy Arafat: "Israeli unilateralism is now under a political sword"

Arafat´s Wealth and What He Did With It: Said to be worth $4.2-$6.5 billion

Mrs. Arafat keeps husband on life support: Trying to gain control of his wealth

US, Europe preparing to team up on Israel

Other War News

U.S. won't press Israel to remove outposts: US seems to be focussing on Unilateral Disengagement from the Gaza Strip and portions of West Bank

U.S. praises Knesset's approval of PM's pullout plan

National Religious Party quits gov't to protest pullout plan

IDF tank commander soldier killed in tank accident on Mt. Hermon

Hezbollah military drone violates Israeli airspace -- Represents escalation of tensions

5-6 Terrorists Killed Since Yesterday, plus One Soldier

Nicaraguans Vote in Municipal Elections Amid Attempt to Remove President From Office

Putin Ratifies Kyoto Protocol: Note scene in article from "Day After Tomorrow"

C/Edge Article: "Day After Tomorrow" Seems Designed To Strengthen Disastrous "Kyoto Accords"

"Day of Destruction" CBS TV Movie: Third "Mother Nature" disaster movie in 2004

Hubble spots triple eclipse on Jupiter

Dead Scientist News

Dead scientist conspiracy?

Deadly Biological Agents, Deadly Vaccines, and Scientists Who Knew Too Much - Audio Tape

C/Edge Archived Article: Top Scientists, Expert In Fighting Infectious Diseases, Are Suddenly Either Dead or Missing! Numerous Israeli Scientists In These Same Fields Are Dead!

Mt. St. Helens Lava Dome Grows 300 Feet Taller In 9 Days

Doctrinal Apostasy News and Resources

Documentary tracks Mel Gibson's 'Passion' miracles: Sick are healed, murderer confesses, atheists find God on stunning DVD (NOTE: WorldNetDaily shows its true Ecumenical nature by offering this DVD for sale)

Outcome-Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift - by Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Ministries

Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church

A Time of Departing: How A Universal (Occult) Spirituality is Changing The Face of Christianity

Gay Author and "Reverend" Mel White: Ghostwriter to Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jim Bakker, D. James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell -- Billy Graham and His Friends: The Hidden Agenda, page 375

Elderly Australians would begin gathering next year to make their own suicide pills: Frustrated by lack of progress of Adult Euthanasia legislation

Terri Schiavo's Estranged Husband Still Considering Ending Legal Battle

Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling

Department of Homeland Security Adopts Facial Recognition Standard



Sunday, November 7, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Gunmen kill 22 Iraqi police: Shot them in cold blood today in Falluja

Iraq rebels hit back: Insurgents struck back on Saturday with attacks that killed up to 37 people in Samarra

US and Iran: An Undeclared War in Iraq

New Baghdad blasts leave several dead

Car bombs, clashes kill 33 in Iraq: War clouds gather over Fallujah, many US marines injured in action

Death grips Iraq in wake of Bush reelection

Iraqi Gunmen Kill Three Diyala Province Officials Traveling to Colleague's Funeral

Bloody attacks in Samarra show how Iraqi rebels regroup, survive: No matter how many troops massed outside rebel cities, US unable to restore order in long-term

US jets hit Fallujah before planned offensive: Militants threaten oil targets

Marines turn to God ahead of anticipated Fallujah battle

Prominent Saudi religious scholars have called on Iraqis to support fighters battling US-led forces: Jihad is a duty and right

Air Force veteran now a Baghdad foot soldier at 53

Lebanese American security firm leaving Iraq: Iraq is becoming impossible to live in and all foreigners will be potential targets for terrorists

Aid agency MSF pulls out of Iraq: "Doctors without Borders" decides to pull out of Iraq amid extreme risk for staff, escalating violence in country

Turkey gears up for share in Iraq oil, banking sector

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Breakthrough in Iran-EU nuclear talks

Swarming Locusts - if you can't beat them, eat them

French troops 'killed Ivorian civilians'

Machete-Waving Mobs Loot, Attack French Targets After Ivory Coast Clashes

Thousands of South Africans protest tardy land reform

Fourteen die in Kashmir clashes as India's Home Minister visits

India Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile

Afghan Militants Say Talks on U.N. Hostages Underway: Release Could Be Imminent

Pakistan's Musharraf goes to Kabul for talks with Afghan President Karzai

Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin cancels trip to APEC summit: In wake of increasing Muslim riots in his country

African union tries to break Darfur, Sudan, talks deadlock

Emergency Aid and Long-Term Solutions for War-Torn Sudan: More than 1 million people displaced within the country — plus 200,000 in Chad

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians

Terrorism "Rumors of Wars" News

Terrorists trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons: Australia warns

Qaeda won't hesitate to use nukes

Debunking The Propaganda Lie That Terrorists Can Actually Use A Nuclear Terrorist Device Against Cities

St. Helens sprouts 300-foot lava plug: Expanding magma protrusion glows red-hot at night



CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 6, 2004


Global Weather Control = Global Warming

Global warming 'will redraw map of world'

Archived Article: Bad News Is Global Warming Is Real: But Worst News Is That Scientists Are Creating It and Using The Technology To Create Storms and Natural Disasters

NBC Weatherman Anchor Discloses That He Uses "Scalar Weapons Signatures" In Cloud Formations To Increase His Forecasting: Also says global control of weather is a reality (Newsletter100904, Story I)

Israeli - Palestinian War

Six Palestinians Killed in West Bank and Gaza Strip Violence: Militant Shoots Three Israelis in West Bank

Arafat may be moved to Cairo hospital: His liver has ceased functioning

Arafat Going Going.... Almost Gone

Defense Minister Mofaz: We're Ready for a Gaza Burial

BBC Correspondent "Wept" for Arafat: BBC has received at least 500 complaints over the broadcast

The IDF after Arafat: Ceasefire may seem a reasonable expectation

Palestinians work to prevent power vacuum

Israel to present Palestinian Authority with goodwill steps in coming days

Israel ready to ease closures after Arafat dies

Sharon Tempts Palestinian Authority: Hamas Terrorists Demand Power

To Those Who Criticize Israel's Right to Self-Defense

Politics In The News

Unrivaled Security Planned for Inauguration: Military Muscle, High-Tech Screening Are Features of First Swearing In Since 9/11

2nd term may get tricky: Time for action is compressed, and risks lurk

Victory gives Bush mandate to charge on

Life at the Supreme Court Proceeds, but With Sadness and Uncertainty Without Chief Justice

Bush point man for terror quits: Cofer Black botched a major report that had been used to argue Bush was winning the war on terrorism

Man commits suicide at Ground Zero: Distraught over the re-election of President George W. Bush

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

U.S. Military Conducted Simulated Nuclear Strike on North Korea

Bush, South Korean President Roh agree to resume North Korea talks

Confession of Army deserter Charles Jenkins: A horrific description of life in the Communist "paradise" of Kim Il Sung's North Korean gulag

UN nuclear watchdog ends inspections in South Korea

Japan Hints at Possible Economic Sanctions on N.K. over Abductions

Airplane passengers shocked by their x-ray scans: Scanner sees right through clothing, reveals nakedness

Netherlands braces for 'jihad'







Saturday, November 6, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 6, 2004

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Insurgents Attack Mayor's Office, Market, Police Station in Samarra

Death toll rises in Samarra violence

Ring of steel tightens on Fallujah

Six British, US soldiers killed in Iraq attacks in past 24 hours

20 U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Ramadi

Fallujah talks break down as U.S. prepares for assault

Conflicted Fallujah residents flee city

UN's Secretary General Annan warns Fallujah attack could undermine elections

UN's Annan slams Iraq war

Australian troops shoot Iraqi civilian in Baghdad

Military Snipers Learn From Competition

Shock and horror of Iraqi beheadings apparently inspiring militant groups across the world

Foreigners still held or missing in Iraq: More than 150 foreigners seized since April

Bigley's hostage killers claim responsibility for "Black Watch" suicide bombing

Black Watch relatives call for UK troop withdrawal

British press plays up grief, anger over soldiers' deaths in Iraq

White House point man on Iraq to resign: His departure deprives Bush administration of a key figure involved in the effort to ensure that Iraq holds elections by the end of January

Iraqi election to be held on 27 January

Iraqi PM Allawi wins $21m EU help for Baghdad

18 Iraqi pilgrims heading to Karbala die when buses plunge into river: Drivers apparently did not see that a bridge over the river had been destroyed two days earlier by insurgents

Army honorably discharges captain who challenged Iraq assignment

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran wins key backing from China in nuclear stand-off

Britain Sees No U.S. War Over Iran Nuclear Plans

Kuwait Earns $13.67 Billion From Oil Sales: Sustained high oil prices bringing in huge profits

OPEC daily output rises to 30.61m

Peru retries notorious rebel leader after life sentence ruled unconstitutional

Hostilities escalate again in Ivory Coast, Africa

Afghan militants hopeful over UN hostage talk

Senator Wants Air Guard Out Of NJ Skies: After an F-16 jet strafed an Ocean County school with 20mm cannon fire

Atomic Power Station Halted in Russia, No Radiation

U.S. Unsure if Election Terror Plot Foiled: More than 700 people were arrested, thousands more intensely interrogated

Study of Bogus Terror Alerts and Headlines Since 9/11

IBM smashes supercomputing record




Israeli - Palestinian War

Arafat's condition critical as confusion mounts

Arafat has requested Jerusalem burial: Top Muslim cleric

Palestinian factions meet in bid to prevent post-Arafat chaos

Heightened Alert Among Israeli Security Forces: News from France indicates PLO leader Yasser Arafat will soon die, or is already clinically dead

Sharon's strategy frustrated by demise of enemy Arafat: "Israeli unilateralism is now under a political sword"

Bush on hearing Arafat news: "God bless his soul"

Arafat in his own words: Arab Viewpoint

Ahmed Qorei -- front runner to replace the ailing Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat-- snubbed by Israel, bloodied by Arafat

Home Demolition Policy Deters Suicide Terrorist

'Hamas won't control Gaza after pullout'

Palestinian Authority Source: PA better off after Arafat

Israeli Arab leaders urge unity behind the PLO

IDF kills two Palestinian militants

Political News

Ohio machine error gives Bush extra votes

Latest Presidential Election Returns By State

Bush gets ready to shuffle his pack

Democrats skeptical of Bush unity offer

Americans flock to Canada's immigration Web site: Americans flirt with the idea of abandoning their homeland after President George W. Bush's election win

What Bush's win means for British Prime Minister Blair

More battles likely on Bush judge picks

Edwards positions himself for 2008

Kerry could become strong Senate voice: Friends do not see Kerry "fading away"

Texas OKs textbooks that define marriage as a "lifelong union" between a man and woman

Suspected Muslim extremist is arraigned in Dutch film director's shooting death

US given Guantanamo human rights deadline: United Nations human rights body

Texas Man dies after police use stun gun on him

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea envoy doubts Bush policy will change

North Korea wants big concessions from Bush

Seoul asks Bush to focus on North Korea nuclear crisis

South Korea, US agree to step up efforts to resume North Korea nuclear talks

North Korea may soon be forced back to 6-nation nuke talks

Army deserter tells harrowing tale of his 40 years inside North Korea: Jenkins sought to avoid duty in Vietnam by crossing into the North only to find out there was no escape

Deserter Tells of Beatings and 16-Hour Propaganda Lessons





Friday, November 5, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?



National Guard Fighter Jet Strafes New Jersey School Near Firing Range

Israeli - Palestinian War

Arafat Deathwatch?

Palestinian Sources: Planning underway for Arafat's funeral

Arafat "between life and death"

Bush Reacts to Reports of Arafat's Death: "God bless his soul"

Arafaat's death abroad optimal scenario for IDF

Middle East in suspense over Arafat

Gaza, Ramallah Possible Burial Sites for Arafat, but Palestinians Refuse to Discuss Arrangements

Qurei assumes Arafat's financial powers

Does Arafat Have AIDS? -- Arafat was flaming homosexual in his younger days

Other War News

Analysis: Israel must prepare for a new reality -- If chaos erupts in the territories, demands will be raised to place an international force in the territories

Qureia meets with Palestinian factions in Gaza: To ensure that quiet is maintained

Disengagement and Arafat

Palestinians hope for change from second-term president: Believe he will force a Palestinian State

Two Palestinian children said killed by IDF tank fire in Gaza Strip

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak Is Back: Attempting to lead Labor Party

Sharon Won One Vote, "Lost" Another

National Religious Party Likely To Quit The Government Next Week

15-year-old potential suicide bomber arrested

Bush yesterday offered an olive branch to hostile European leaders — but was snubbed by the French President

Putin Signs Bill to Ratify Kyoto Protocol

China learns to accept Bush

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US Elections Over, China Seeks Resumption of 6-Party Talks

North Korea wants big concessions from second-term Bush

N.K. Attacks Seoul's Move to Extend Iraq Troop Deployment As Crime

Seoul Sees NK Softening After US Poll

Lawyer says deserter believes sentence was fair: Former U.S. Army Sgt. Charles Jenkins will serve only 30 days jail

Thai government killed 147 tigers during last month's operation to wipe out the bird flu virus: After several tigers died from bird flu

Beijing hopes to stay a step ahead of SARS

Mosquito project to cut insecticide use

Moral Collapse

Bus ban on sex ads: Slang for oral sex has NYC MTA officials furious

Rev. Al Sharpton & wife to split

Science's latest frontier – headless humans: Genes controlling body part's development can be removed from embryos for harvesting organs and other forms of commercial exploitation

Cutting Edge Seminar One - "America's Leadership of the New World Order" details "Organ Harvesting" Plans

Spirited away: Why the end is nigh for religion - Collapse of traditional Christian religion and the rise of mysticism

US to test bombs in Australia: New-generation weapons including smart bombs

Downer welcomes UN resolution: Resolution designed to stop terrorists getting their hands on weapons that could shoot down civilian aircraft

2004 Campaign Aftermath

Bush Pledges to Make Changes to Tax Code: Work with Democrats if they are receptive and leaving them behind if they're not - "I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it"


Proof CNN is tampering with the election to cover the fraud: Kerry winning in exit polls changed to Bush win

"No Surrender" -- Bush isn't a conservative. He's a radical - the leader of a coalition that deeply dislikes America as it is

Bush Vows No Letup in Iraq or War on Terror

Fear helped Bush win - Experts

Schwarzenegger Calls California Democrats 'Losers'

Bush's deficit puts economy at risk

President's Big Plans Will Carry a Big Price Tag

Bush Unlikely to Keep All Promises

Blair sees Bush reaching out to EU - Blair Calls for World to Unite

Bush says changes inevitable in Cabinet

US Attorney General Ashcroft likely to quit

Edwards's wife told she has breast cancer

Asian leaders see Bush victory as boost for war on terror

Carteret, North Carolina 'loses' 4,530 votes

Defective software 'lost' South Florida votes

Voting Without Auditing - Are We Insane?

Global monitors find faults: Electronic voting machines had less fail-safe provisions than in Venezuela

Hillary won't squelch chatter on '08 bid

White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised (NOTE: Announcement made one day AFTER election)

Religious right relishes chance to push agenda: Abortion and gay marriage to be targeted as moral crusaders demand election payback

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Female soldiers eyed for combat: Starting with a division going to Iraq in January

U.S. troops face murder charges for Iraq killing

Three British "Black Watch" soldiers killed, eight others wounded in ambush attack south of Baghdad

Danger for Blair after killing of soldier

US jets hit Fallujah before planned offensive -- AC130 Aircraft Spraying area ( This aricraft expends Depleted Uranium rounds)

U.S. Marines Set for Assault on Iraq's Falluja

Baghdad families shelter fleeing Fallujah residents

Major News: Secretary of State Powell: Iraqi Insurgents Are Winning The War

Hamilton soldier killed in Baghdad: Third war-related death stuns school

Vigilance vital for soldiers in battle against suicide bombers

Oil Ministry official among 13 killed

Iraq gets support from Italy and the Vatican: Rome reassures Allawi that its 3,000 troops will remain to help rebuild nation

France's President Chirac 'snubs' Iraq's Prime Minister Allawi at EU talks

EU to present aid deal to Allawi

Iraq Requests Extended Stay of South Korea's 'Zaytun' Unit

US forces failed to secure evidence against Saddam

Countdown begins to January elections in Iraq

EU Leaders Consider Bigger Role in Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Egypt rejects claims that IAEA chief is helping it secretly build a nuclear program

Afghan president vows drug crackdown: Karzai offers the Taliban a chance to help rebuild the nation

Latin American leaders discuss Haiti, Bush reelection

Pakistan not all smiles for Bush II: People do not share government's views on Bush or his "War on Terror"

Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb ailing: Disgraced nuclear scientist

South African HIV-positive children left out in the cold

Brazil agrees to UN inspection of uranium plant

Khartoum Refuses to Sign Darfur Security Deal

Quake-ravaged northern Japan gets jolted again: 5.2 quake

Unconfirmed - Aljazeera Has Post-Vote Bin Laden Video

Japan quietly assuming its global military place



Thursday, November 4, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?



The Election of "No Choice" From Major Candidates: Skull & Bones Bush vs Skull & Bones Kerry -- Not a "dime's worth of difference" between Bush and Kerry

Britain Sees No U.S. War Over Iran Nuclear Plans

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Key Saddam trial evidence 'lost': Crucial evidence for the trials of Saddam Hussein and other former Iraqi officials has been lost or tainted

Second American this week is kidnapped in Baghdad: GI is killed in a roadside blast

Bush victory leaves way open for all-out assault on Fallujah

US forces start bombing Fallujah rebels: Late Wednesday

US soldier kidnapped in Iraqi city of Samarra

Car bombs kill 12 people in Baghdad, Mosul: On Wednesday

Three Iraqi guardsmen have been beheaded by militants -- Iraqi Army officer also beheaded

Captors threaten Margaret Hassan (CARE Director) handoverto militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi if British troops do not leave Iraq within 48 hours

Hungary to withdraw troops from Iraq by March 2005

British Government Pledge to pull out Black Watch after 30 days

Lebanese-American contractor seized by gunmen in Iraq

Renowned Scientist Steven Hawking brands 100,000 civilian deaths in Iraq a war crime

Israeli - Palestinian War

Arafat, One of World's Richest Men, in Critical Condition Again

Arafat in coma, in critical condition: Palestinian leaders rush to emergency meeting in Ramalla

Foreign Envoys to Palestinian Authority urged not to 'embrace' Abbas, Qureia as Arafat's successors

Gaza Division commander Zakai asks to leave post: Under investigation for alleged leaks to the media

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak launches comeback bid: Will battle Shimon Peres for Labor Party leadership

Lacking a majority, PM Sharon delays budget vote

Israeli Supreme Court Decides: OK for PM to fire ministers to win cabinet vote

Sharon content with US election

Israel won't apologize to UNRWA: For mistakenly believing that a stretcher thrown into one of its ambulances earlier this fall was a Kassam rocket

Ambulance-Bomb Plot Uncovered: Preventing some of the most daring and potentially lethal attacks that Israel has known -- Palestinian police implicated and exposed as nothing more than terrorists



Queen turns up the heat over global warming

Arctic warming at twice global rate

Anger over bottled water: Was criticised by campaigners yesterday for having a damaging impact on the environment

2004 Campaign News

Republican News

Bush wins second term, pledges to press anti-terror war

Is America divided?

Divided States: Bush plea for unity

President declares election mandate

Religion-based voters provided critical edge -- Moral issues pay off for Bush

Bush in, Powell out?

New Woes Surface in Use of Estimates: What went wrong with the network exit polls?

Why Were The Exit Polls So Far Off As To Signal A Kerry Win?

Philippines President congratulates Bush

GOP eyes more clout in Congress

World says it will work with whoever wins

Bush good for equities, but bad for dollar, bonds

Bush holds 1st cabinet meeting since August

Bush wins 3% more Jewish votes than in 2000

Israel applauds Bush, braces for pressure

Democrat News

Kerry makes concession speech at Faneuil Hall

'I pledge to do my part to try to bridge the partisan divide': Kerry

For the Moment, Mrs. Clinton Looks Like the Candidate to Beat: In 2008

To Protest Election Result
: Michael Moore Posts Mosaic of President Bush Comprised of War Dead Photographs

Kerry forces planned for a battle that never was: Official count tally was far off from estimates and "preelection polling"

Nader takes parting shots at Democrats

Miscellaneous Election News

Zogby Pollster Apologizes For Getting Result So Wrong

Bush vs. Kerry: Two Sides of the Same Coin -- Arab Viewpoint

Iraqis ignore US vote amid bloodshed, kidnapping

Blogs Blamed for Exit Poll Fiasco: Why Election Day exit polls showed an initial surge for John Kerry

Pols, Don't Count on Recounts: In the districts that used electronic voting machines there won't be a way to conduct a meaningful recount

Washington's relations with the Middle East will remain strained

Non-Integrating States News

Sri Lanka's President Chandrika begins five-day visit to India

Sudan bulldozes Darfur refugee camp

Woman sentenced to be stoned appeals





Wednesday, November 3, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

2004 Campaign News

Breaking News

ABC News Is Reporting That John Kerry Has Conceded Race


Stocks Skyrocket as Wall Street Welcomes Bush Victory


Presidential Race

Election Still Up In The Air: Bush 254, Kerry 252 In Electoral College (270 Needed To Elect) -- 99% of precincts reporting

Bush camp declares victory in 2004 US election

Edwards Says Democrats Will Fight for Every Vote

Sensing it's a Bush-whack, rally for Kerry becomes death watch

Nation's voters turn out in droves

Kerry holds narrow lead in divided Michigan

State-by-state US presidential election results

World Leaders Hedge Bets While U.S. Election Unclear

Nader Less of a Factor in 2004 Election

The Election of "No Choice" From Major Candidates: Skull & Bones Bush vs Skull & Bones Kerry -- Not a "dime's worth of difference" between Bush and Kerry

Gore Jewish voters choose Bush

Blair's US Pal Hit Him Hard

Blair to Seek New Relationship with Bush

Oil surges as Bush nears win

France Says U.S. Elections Mark New Step in Ties

Election 2004: Divisions Overrated

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Car bombs kill 12 Iraqis in Baghdad

Senior Iraqi oil official killed in Baghdad

Militant Group Claims to Kill Iraqi Army Officer: Beheaded an Iraqi Army officer

Attacks on oil industry to halt exports in north

Iraqi Insurgents Threat to hand Margaret Hassan to Bigley's killers

U.S. soldier pleads guilty in Abu Ghraib scandal

Another Filipino kidnapped in Baghdad

Militants in Iraq seize four Jordanian truck drivers

Britain's Hoon 'kept in the dark' over Black Watch

Japan's Koizumi Terms Iraq Security ‘Unpredictable’ After Fresh Shelling

Revealed: The invisible millions who have been killed by Britain's foreign policies

Bin Laden seeks to bankrupt US economy

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US May Push North Korea Harder After Election

U.S. soldier Jenkins found guilty of desertion

US soldier dishonorably discharged 39 years after deserting to North Korea

North Korea lays out terms for rejoining six-way nuclear talks

U.S. Election to Have Little Impact on S. Korea's Economy

Queen due at climate conference

Arctic warming blamed squarely on gases: Study by scientists, native elders is first to thoroughly assess causes, consequences




2004 Campaign News

Other Races

Watchdogs Spot E-Vote Glitches

Voters in 11 states approve bans of same-sex marriage

Republicans retain control of Senate

GOP projected to retain control of House

GOP, Dems split hotly contested governorships

Ohio in dispute long after polls close

How provisional ballots affect Ohio count

Ohio a microcosm of US and its divisions

Election Day fuels passion, paranoia

TV media wary of repeating mistakes of 2000: Reporters struggle to balance getting results first with getting them right

Obama cruises to Illinois victory: Democratic star becomes third black U.S. senator since Reconstruction

Indiana elects GOP governor: Races in Missouri, Montana,Utah and Washington generate record spending

Projection: California OKs stem cell research

Long-Time Cutting Edge Subscriber, Jackie Sapakoff, Has Gone Home To Glory

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel plays down prediction of post-election U.S. pressure

Israel Must Assert Strength To Survive

Peres tells PM Sharon Labor will vote against budget bill

Israeli Official Web site recognizes Green Line contrary to policy

Arafat hopes for new U.S. Mideast policy from President Bush: Aide

Palestinian Authority leaders urge foreign envoys: Don't embrace us

`A second declaration of the State of Israel'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Millions mourn death of Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, ‘sage of the Arab world’: Transformed the United Arab Emirates from a desert country into one of the few development successes in the Arab world

Lebanon's 'made in Damascus' cabinet under fire

US warns Syria not to meddle in Lebanese politics

Swarms of locusts hit Lebanon: Huge clouds of red locusts reach Lebanon for first time since World War I

Sudan accused of breaking UN pledge

Raise a glass to Uruguay

Venezuela's Chavez has everything but a scapegoat

Afghan Militants Extend Hostage Deadline

US to seek indictment of Afghan heroin millionaires

Philippines President Arroyo sacks radio chief for airing secret meeting

India and Myanmar may launch joint military operation against insurgents

Buddhist official beheaded in revenge killing in Thailand

Mexico's President Fox visits Panama, talks trade

Report probes Russian school massacre: Former police officer from the southern Russian region Ingushetia was among the attackers


Tuesday, November 2, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Zogby International's 2004 Predictions (as of Nov. 2, 2004 5:00pm): Electoral College - Kerry 311 and Bush 213, but Bush wins popular vote 49.4% to Kerry 49.1%

GOP Battles to Keep Senate Control

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - October 30, 2004

Miscellaneous Relevant Views

The Election of "No Choice" From Major Candidates: Skull & Bones Bush vs Skull & Bones Kerry -- Not a "dime's worth of difference" between Bush and Kerry

Even Arabs Realize There Is No Difference Between Bush - Kerry

American Dictator: Documenting The Staged Election of 2004 -- by Alex Jones -- Now available in VHS

Ballot Boxing: Proof electronic voting can be manipulated to steal elections! Hidden code causes all Diebold machines to respond to the same key. Unlock one, you can unlock them all. Election Rigged!

Documents reveal 3-hours missing from electronic vote election-night audit log

New Cutting Edge Article: Fundamental Christian Pastor Tells His People That The "New World Order" Is The 1,000-Year Reign of Jesus Christ! Preparing his followers to accept Antichrist

Geneology Critically Important In Presidential Elections

Bush and Kerry related to Dracula

Kerry's royal roots will give him victory, says Burke's

Bush - Kerry Linkage In Geneology -- They are cousins

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea - Book - "Calculates" the odds that Antichrist will come out of the House of Windsor

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Major News: Secretary of State Powell: Iraqi Insurgents Are Winning The War

Heavy clashes in Ramadi as US troop buildup begin

All-out U.S. attack on Sunni Triangle is imminent -- US Bombs Falluja,
Showdown Near

One American civilian, 5 others kidnapped in Iraq: Gunmen stormed the compound of a Saudi company in a fashionable Baghdad neighborhood Monday

Headless body identified as Japanese hostage: Wrapped in American flag

US extends soldiers' Iraq duties

First female British soldier dies in Iraq

Baghdad 'car bomb' rips through busy district: Killing at least five people and wounding four

Top Baghdad official assassinated

Iraqi Oil Pipeline Blown Up

Where is the world's shame and rage?: Over 100,000 civilian casualties in Iraq: By Scott Ritter, a senior UN weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998

The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all

Time for British Prime Minister Blair to Quit

Human Rights Watch says it pointed out arms cache: Group claims it alerted the U.S. military to Iraqi weapons in May 2003 but it seemed uninterested

Pope to meet with Iraqi PM at Vatican on November 4

Iraq, Jordan discuss closer cooperation

Australian in Guantanamo says losing sanity

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Militants kill American soldier in attack in Afghanistan

North Korea, Iran Respond to Challenge From U.N. Nuclear Chief to Prove Their Nuclear Programs Are Peaceful

Argentina debt offer sparks anger

Liberian riots leave at least 18 dead

Israel about to close $230m. drone deal with India --Arizona employing Israeli drones for border security

Georgia Wants Russian Military Bases Out

Cambodian police seize endangered wildlife destined for Vietnam

Osama tape brings Pakistan into focus


Nations Discuss Road Linking Americas - North and South America

Things grow better with Coke: Indian farmers are reportedly spraying their cotton and chilli fields with Coca-Cola

Virus Infection Panic Building

World at risk of potential bird flu epidemic: WHO official warns

WHO plans flu pandemic summit: Companies, nations meet to deal with threat

WHO Warns: Apparently Healthy Ducks May Be Infecting Humans With Bird Flu

Russian Expert Says Flu Epidemic May Kill Over One Billion This Year

Tainted flu vaccine could have been a health nightmare: Bacteria used in 1950 germ-warfare test in Bay Area can be deadly -- and target groups for shots would be most susceptible - Super Flu was in the flu vaccine, used in a secret germ-warfare experiment

United Nations Statistics: Estimate percentage of adults covered among those in need of Anti-Retroviral Treatment as of March, 2004

More Statistics In Table Format: Coverage and need for antiretroviral treatment

China Stops Production of Fighter Jets Under Russian License

Expanding Halliburton probe confirms Bush administration is most corrupt in US history

Transsexual Golfer Tied For Lead In The Ladies’ European Tour Round Qualifier

Greenpeace challenges Hong Kong's safe air claim

Moscow Police Has Hands Full With Hundreds of Skinheads, Psychos

Subglacial volcanic eruption disrupts flights in Iceland

Secret tunnels used by Knights Templar and Illuminati in Hertford, England: Templars, of the Illuminati — a shadowy and powerful group said to be bent on world domination and boasting President George W Bush among its members

2004 Campaign News

Repeat of 2000 Fiasco?

Major News: Secretary of State Powell: Iraqi Insurgents Are Winning The War

Zogby International's 2004 Predictions (as of Nov. 1, 2004 5:00pm) -- Electoral College Bush 247 -- Kerry 264 -- Tie Florida 27 (Repeat of 2000 election?)

Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: Bush 48%, Kerry 47%

Ballot Boxing: Proof electronic voting can be manipulated to steal elections! Hidden code causes all Diebold machines to respond to the same key. Unlock one, you can unlock them all. Election Rigged!

Documents reveal 3-hours missing from electronic vote election-night audit log

Bush loses ground on Iraq, terrorism: Poll

Bush According To The World: "Bush Administration is built on messianic foundations and is just as destructive as Al-Qaida " -- Negative anti-Bush opinions were held by 60 to 80 percent of respondents in worldwide poll

Global Eye: View of Bush Overseas

Even Republicans Fear Bush

Bush Unworthy of the Christian Vote -- Table, Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits

New bin Laden threat a factor in US elections: Unclear who will be helped or hurt

OSAMA BIN LADEN? - Media Ignores Absence of Proof

Kerry promises to carry America's dreams as clock ticks down on campaign

Arab Viewpoint: Is Bush the most dangerous president in US history?

World Drawn Into U.S. Race With Uncommon Intensity

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon stays neutral on American election

Pro-Israel Senator Daschle faces uphill battle

Bush Relishes Final Day of Campaigning: Six states. Seven rallies. Nineteen hours. Six airplane flights. Two helicopter rides

St. Louis Editorial: If Bush wins again, I fear for America

Voters Complain About Misleading Calls

2,000 Votes Found On Machines In Philly Before Polls Open

Also-ran Nader can still decide race

Finally, here's a fearless Republican voting guide that mentions the "C" word: Electing Kerry may be best pre-emptive strike against a Hillary Clinton Presidency

It's almost here -- time to hold your nose and vote -- "There are 33 permutations of potential results in 11 battleground states that would lead to a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College"

Gladiators of America prepare for their fate

Arabs Worried About the Impact of ‘Second US Civil War’

Cannot Forget 9/11 When Voting

LA Citizens Grand Jury Condemns US Government Role In 911 And Subsequent Coverup: Finds Official Story 'Impossible, Implausible' On Multiple Fronts

ABC News: "On Election Eve, Sept. 11 Doubters Surface"

NY Attorney General's Office Accepts Unprecedented Citizens' Complaint Demanding Criminal Inquiry into 9/11 Crimes

9/11 - In Plane Site: This Video Will Change Your Perception of 9/11 - DVD - VHS

9/11 -- The Day That Changed America Forever -- Unbelievable Video Clips, Damaging Revelations - DVD - VHS

"Smoking Gun Proof": The Plan To Attack World Trade Center and The Pentagon Was Well Known As Far Back As 1995

9/11 - Descent Into Tyranny - VHS - DVD - Book

Aquarius Rising—The Secret Iluminist Masonic/Illuminati Ritual Initiations of September 11, 2001 - Audio Tape

Respected Leaders and Families Launch 9/11 Truth Statement Demanding Deeper Investigation into the Events of 9/11

America The Beautiful: From Freedom to Fascism - DVD - VHS

Israeli - Palestinian War

Suicide Bombing Aftermath

Israel Ponders Response After Palestinian Teen Bomber Blows Up Tel Aviv Market, Killing Three

Tel Aviv Carmel Bombing Tells Abu Mazen: Moderates Stand Aside, Only Dedicated Terrorist Can Fill Arafat's Shoes

Israel Destroys Home of Suicide Bomber

Market stall owner hails relative 'miracle' that more people were not killed

Teen suicide bomber's mother slams his PFLP recruiters

Probe focuses on bomber's route

Fearing more terror attacks, IDF troops tighten grip on Nablus

Palestinian Prime Minister Qurei condemns Tel Aviv suicide bombing: Continues Arafat pattern of officially condemning each terror attack

Israel: War on terror won't ease up

Terror has touched one in five Israeli Jews

Unilateral Disengagement News

Knesset Expulsion Debate Continues

Some settlers will get up to $750,000 in compensation if they leave Gaza Strip

Law Restricts Compensation

Tens of Thousands Pray For Divine Intervention To Prevent Dismantlement of 25 Illegal Settlements

Pre-retreat settler demonization continues

Other News

With French Doctors Tightlipped, Speculation Runs Wild About Arafat's Medical Status

No sign Arafat has leukemia

Does Arafat Have AIDS? -- Arafat was flaming homosexual in his younger days

Arafat financed Aksa Martyrs' Terrorist Brigade

Egypt: Al-Qaida not responsible for Sinai bombings: Palestinians carried out the attack

IDF gunfire kills 3 Palestinians in Nablus

New Tricks Fool Caller ID: Some See Potentially Dangerous Abuse

US likely to approve exports of nuclear reactors to China





Monday, November 1, 2004, -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - October 30, 2004

The Election of "No Choice" From Major Candidates: Skull & Bones Bush vs Skull & Bones Kerry

American Dictator: Documenting The Staged Election of 2004 -- by Alex Jones -- Now available in VHS

Ballot Boxing: Proof electronic voting can be manipulated to steal elections! Hidden code causes all Diebold machines to respond to the same key. Unlock one, you can unlock them all. Election Rigged!

Israeli - Palestinian War

Suspected Suicide Attack Kills Four in Israeli Market in Tel Aviv

IDF believes the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was behind the attack

Arafat's potential successors take control - Analysis / Hamas sees itself as substitute for Arafat's PA

Arafat illness still a mystery, but aides say leader is better

Yaser Arafat might be affected by a slow-action poison

The Palestinian-Israel War Gains a French Dimension

Fears for stability in Arafat's absence

Arafat Cannot Not Be Buried in Jerusalem: Sharon

IDF kills 2 armed Palestinians

Palestinians would vote for Clinton

Thai workers will be told to leave before pullout from Gaza Strip

Knesset Evacuation/Compensation Session Underway

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Top Baghdad official shot dead: Gunmen have assassinated the deputy governor of Baghdad

Car Bomb Kills 8 Marines Outside Fallujah

US bombs Falluja as showdown looms

Fresh U.S. Troops Arrive in Iraq on Eve of Expected Showdown in Fallujah

Time Running Out in Fallujah: Warns Interim Prime Minister Allawi

Many killed as violence surges in Iraq

Using Vietnam-Era Tactics, Army Maxing Helicopters in Counterinsurgency War: Transporting troops and supplies by air, avoiding ambush-prone roads

The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all: More than 100,000 Iraqis have died - and where is our shame and rage?

Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000

Recent Operations by Iraqi Militants Draw Criticism From Muslims as 'un-Islamic'

Friend or Foe? U.S. Marines Fighting "The Muj" in Iraq Can't Easily Tell Who's Who

Hostage murder turns up heat on Japan's Koizumi

Ethnic Clashes Erupt in China, Leaving 150 Dead: Forced authorities to declare martial law

Accused 9/11 Terrorist Ringleader, Mohammed Atta Worked For Elite U.S. / German Government Exchange Program -- Was on their payroll and had his expenses paid!

Bill O'Reilly: Revolutionary? Nah. O’Reilly is a business partner of Mel Gibson

Judge in Terri Schiavo Case Extends Feeding Tube Removal Delay Indefinitely

Comments Prompt Speculation Terri Schiavo's Husband May Give Up


2004 Campaign News

Last desperate days of US campaign

Bin Laden fails to shake a dead-heat race

Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: Bush 48%, Kerry 48%

Election 2004 Zogby Battleground State Polls: Kerry Ahead in 6 States (FL, IA, MI, MN, PA, WI); Bush Continues to Lead in 3 States (CO, NV, OH); New Mexico in Play, Tied at 49%

Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: The 2000 Presidential Re-Make Continues

Potential troubles make repeat of 2000 election debacle a possibility

Result remains poised on a razor's edge: Both candidates can draw comfort from weekend's predictions

Let’s not have a recount sequel in Florida -- Voters Claim Abuse
Of Electoral Rolls

Swing states lean to Kerry -- Kerry and Bush Contrasted

US counties deny access to international election observers

Michael Moore's video cameras poised to focus on dirty tricks: Movie maker declares war on intimidation

China Attacks Bush over World Rule Role

Not all Texans love quick draw of cowboy president

Schwarzenegger says he would like to be president: Constitution would have to be changed

If Bush Wins, Neocons Win: View from China

'Foreign media are about as useful as lice' - Kerry Aide

Britain's Blair Needs Kerry in the White House to Survive

Revealed: Blair's secret mission to woo Kerry - Trying to mend relations with John Kerry

Bush is a man of few words, thankfully: If he loses tomorrow satirists, comedians and the oil industry would miss him dearly

Cheney Calls Iraq, Afghan Wars Brilliant

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Video threat to kill UN hostages on Wednesday in Afhghanistan

Iran MPs, crying 'Death to America,' pass nuclear bill

Venezuela's Chavez Vows to Plow Ahead With 'revolution' After His Candidates Win All but Two of 23 Governorships

Uruguayans Elect First Leftist President: Joining Regional Political Realignment

Cancer-free 'designer babies' get approval in Great Britain

Vaccine Conditioning News

Scientists herald malaria breakthrough

WHO plans flu pandemic summit: Companies, nations meet to deal with threat

WHO Warns: Apparently Healthy Ducks May Be Infecting Humans With Bird Flu

Russian Expert Says Flu Epidemic May Kill Over One Billion This Year

Church Growth Movement Disaster

Hank Hanegraaf & CRI Continue To Endorse Rick Warren

Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church -- Best-selling Book

Outcome-Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift - Book on CD by Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Ministries

This Little Church Went To Market -- Book by Pastor Gilley

I Just Wanted More Land - Jabez

US must act over climate: Brtish Queen



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