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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 5, 2005

Alito Reiterates: 1973 US abortion ruling deserves 'great respect' - But refuses to say how he would rule on 'Roe vs Wade'

Abortion Proposition Finds Its Forum in the Churches: Would require doctors to notify parents of minors seeking abortions and define the procedure as causing the death of "a child conceived but not yet born."

Another Public School Shooting! Principal hailed as hero in school shooting: He and two other educators were shot, one of whom died

Non-Integrating States News - Korean Peninsula

North Korean nuclear talks resume in Beijing with roadmap on agenda

U.S. stands its ground on North Korea

US, North Korean nuclear deadlock likely to continue

US Willing to Open Diplomatic Office in Pyongyang

Avian Bird Flu

Bird Migratory Routes to Be Inspected to Prevent Avian Flu

Bird flu claims another Vietnamese victim

UAE poultry companies complain about Oman import ban

Tamiflu stock for UAE pharmacies to arrive by month-end

KFC Planning TV Commercial Campaign to Respond to Any Bird Flu Outbreak

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

ElBaradei sees progress with Iran nuclear probe

Banking, Financial Reform High on U.S. Treasury Secretary's India Agenda

Mexico inheriting Colombia's title as kingpin of drugs

Egyptians Vote in Parliament Election Seen as Test of Mubarak's Promises of Reform

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Sharon considering new political party

"81 Days Without a Home" -- Expelled residents of Gaza Strip towns rallied

Slogan in Disengagement Debate: "We Won´t Forgive and We Won´t Forget"

PM Shraon Tours Partition Security Fence Route: "We Won´t Abandon You"

Sharon wants to draw new -- and final -- borders: Advisers says Sharon has not ruled out further unilateral withdrawals

Israelis Finally Realize: Retreat won't bring peace

Peres vows to lead Labor against the Likud

Hamas claims it is willing to negotiate: Israel's demise, that is

World Bank report: Three West Bank-Gaza "safe-crossing" linkage routes needed between Gaza Strip and West Bank

Kuwaiti Citizens Eye Huge Cash Handouts as Oil Income Surges

Storm surges from hurricanes Katrina and Rita submerged 100 square miles of southeastern Louisiana marshes

Louisiana Attorney General Investigating Katrina Floodwall Collapses

Microsoft's Gates Says Internet-Based Services Represents Major 'sea Change'

Report Finds Flaws in Mad Cow Disease-Related Testing Program

Calif. Voters Reject Measure to Re-regulate Part of State's Energy Market

Texas Voters Approve Ban on Gay Marriage: Ban was receiving 75 percent of the votes in early returns

Shocking Apostasy: "Christian Swingers": -- Google Search turns up 10,500 listings, including swinging couples, wife swapping, plus Pass Christian swinger personals ads

"Liberated Christians" Website: Our culture has been influenced by a sexually repressive Christian tradition"

Tsunami bomb NZ's devastating war secret: Create a Tidal Wave -- Project Seal tested during World War II

Prayer Alert: Two More Christian Girls Slain in Indonesia

Democrats Win Elections in NJ, Virginia, Calif.: Sinking the candidate who embraced President Bush in the final days of the Virginia governor's campaign



Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

No one loves a torturer: President Bush

Dozens of Abu Torture Gulags: "Bush told the Iraqis their suffering has come to an end and that no Iraqi will ever be tortured again"

US Congress may probe leaks in CIA prisons story: Trying to determine how Washington Post got information on its story about secret CIA prisons

New rules on detainees issued: Pentagon seeks humane treatment

Pentagon explicitly bans detainee torture

Dubya-Cheney ties frayed by scandal: 'There has been some distance for some time'

White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies': Big Brother at its worst

Libby novel becomes hot online item

Northwestern Pakistan hit by severe aftershock: Registered 6.0

Quake tests Kashmir and the world

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Italian News Organization To Air Proof That US Used Chemical Weapons On Iraqi Civilians

US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah: Powerful new evidence emerges

US used white phosphorus on Iraqi civilians: And a firebomb resembling naplam on military targets

Six US soldiers killed in Iraq

Letter to Ahmed Chalabi, Iraq Deputy PM: From the 60-70% of Americans who have come to oppose this war

Media Must Stop Minimizing War Crimes in Iraq

Another lawyer from Saddam Hussein case assassinated

US troops try to secure Iraq-Syrian border

BAGHDAD, IRAQ: Town of Husaybah is secured, forces say

Rumsfeld criticizes Saudis, Jordan for wait-and-see stance on Iraq

Widening wealth gap fueling insurrection in Iraq

UN renews mandate for U.S.-led Iraq force

Rumsfeld: US forces to be reduced as Iraqi forces take over

Iraq Makes $88m Per Day From Oil

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Are You Not More Important Than The Sparrows? True Life Stories: Tragedies Turned Into Miracles - Comfort for trying times

Australia to pass anti-terror laws before sporting games: Next year's Commonwealth games in Melbourne

Presumption of innocence 'paramount'

Blair backs down on the detention of terror suspects

Australian PM Howard reassures Muslims on anti-terror laws

Another Sydney anti-terror raid but no arrests

Britain, US remain united on Iraq, terrorism: British Defence Minister

Muslim leader blasts Australian media 'tip-offs': Media given front-row seats for anti-terror exercise

US charges five Guantanamo detainees with war crimes

Islamic Unrest In France

France government declares state of emergency: To quell Muslim riots

France faces 'moment of truth' - Five cars were torched in Brussels

Leading Arab cleric calls for calm in France

France Struggles Through 13th Night of Unrest

France’s Ramadan Uprising - a Ticking Bomb for Europe

French Riots: Plan Engineered by Globalists: France erupts as rampant immigration reaps its vengeance

Amid Religious Tensions, France Slowly Moving to Help Muslims Worship in the Open

Could French-style riots happen here? In America?

Prince Charles shows off his `green' credentials: Promoting organic farming methods

Bush aides sent to post-CIA leak ethics classes

Pennsylvania Voters Oust School Board That Backed Intelligent Design: Opponents declared concept backed Biblical teaching

C/Edge Analysis: President Bush Deceiving Genuine Christians Again As He Backs Intelligent Design Teaching In Public Schools

Evolution in the bible, says Vatican: Catholic Church defends Darwin


Tuesday, November 8, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 5, 2005

New World Disorder: US has lost its way through lack of leadership

"Matrix of Evil" - Video - There is a reason for this perceived "lack of leadership"

"Sinister Forces In Early America": A Shocking Alternative To The Conventional View of American History - Hardback Book

Falling Oil Prices Boost Stocks

Oil Execs to Be Asked to Justify Huge $96 Billion Profits

Weather Terror 2: Russia and the rogues

C/Edge Weather Control - Weather Warfare Section - Articles, bookstore resources

Brave New World of Tesla Technology

Australia terror arrests 'avert catastrophic attack': 17 terrorist suspects arrested in Australia's two biggest cities

Rove Soon To Leave For Florida: 'Republican Riviera'?

France’s Ramadan Uprising - a Ticking Bomb for Europe

Leaders fiddle as France burns: Rioting began 12 nights ago and now seems to have spun out of control.

Early skirmish in the Eurabian civil war

France to Impose Curfews in 300 Cities to Quell Rioting

Eyewitness: Radical Islam fanning French riots

Tokyo Gov Ishihara says U.S. can't win war with China, calls U.S ground forces "extremely incompetent"

Bush, Panama near trade deal: U.S. president warns Panamanian leader it may not pass in Congress

Avian Bird Flu

Indonesian girl dies of suspected bird flu: Would be country's 10th victim if confirmed

KFC Not Waiting For Bird Flu: Chain, others getting "pro-active"

Could Africa be the incubator for bird flu pandemic?

WHO Warns: 'Matter of time' before pandemic strikes

Supreme Court to hear Guantanamo detainee's case: -- Rejecting the advice of the Bush administration

ICRC (International Red Cross) hits US over secret terror detainees

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran finds two crashed US spy planes: Has prompted Tehran to call Washington’s integrity and legality over the region into question

Syria and Iran 'obtain German missile technology': Obtaining sophisticated German equipment via criminal, Moscow-based companies

Key Turkish think tank: Iran a risk in region - Source of instability, risk and uncertainty

Israeli Defense Minister Mofaz: Strike against Iran not on agenda

Iran to propose its own Mideast peace plan: To stop the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Liberians head to the polls

Malaria risk 'depends on house': Living conditions critical in preventing malaria outbreak

Dengue fever kills 79 in Sudan

EU Commission clears Ukraine for improved trade relations

Chinese Military Officers Welcomed in Cuba

Greenhouse gas 'to rise by 52%': Bu 2030, unless the world takes action to reduce energy consumption

America's Engineered Decline

Bush Declares: 'We do not torture'





Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

US used incindiary - chemical arms in Iraq: Italian state TV documentary

Four American soldiers killed in Baghdad suicide bomb attack

Car bomb kills nine Iraqis in south Baghdad

Operation 'Steel Curtain' kills 36 insurgents

US intelligence on pre-war Iraq-al-Qaeda ties ‘intentionally misleading’

Italy warned US that Saddam intelligence was bogus

More US troops accused of Iraq 'abuse': Five more charged

Zogby - President of Arab-American Institute - Warns: US presence in region more a problem than help

Saddam defence wants trial abroad to ensure safety

30,000 civilians flee as Iraq pursues rebels

Iraqi reconciliation meet to be postponed

Bush's Latin America Trip - An Unmitigated Disaster: Summit of the Americas conference

Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez: At Summit of the Americas conference

Pakistan raises quake death toll: To 87,350

Israeli - Palestinian War

Likud Loyalists Torpedo PM Sharon´s Disengagement Appointments : Seen as major defeat for Sharon's policies

PM Sharon vows consequences against 8 Likud rebels who voted against him

After Likud drama, stage set for Labor

EU agrees to monitor Rafah crossing

EU: We won't protect Israel at Gaza post

The trouble with trusting foreigners with Israel's security

Iran to propose its own Mideast peace plan: To stop the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Ten years after Rabin’s assassination, the case for conspiracy is reopened

Egypt and EU Give Ammo and Training to PA as Attacks Continue

Russians in Gaza training PA cops

Europeans to train PA police: European Union set to announce plan to build up ‘credible’ Palestinian police force

Armed Wing of PA Ruling Party Wants to Wipe Israel Off the Map

Israel may "export" security fence to Russia: Considering the construction of a security barrier along the border with Chechnya

EU to launch two Palestinian missions

Sharon Reiterates: No link between PA election and democracy

Only 3 Gaza businesses compensated for pullout: Sharon upset with slow pace of compensation

Israel to hand control of Jerusalem holy site to Vatican: Will hand over control of the Coenaculum, or the Room of the Last Supper (also known as the Upper Room or the Cenacle), on Mount Zion

Beware a 'Digital Munich': US cannot give up control of the Internet to the UN

Liberal Church May Lose Funds Over Anti-War Sermon: IRS considering pulling tax-exempt status of All Saints Episcopal Church

Our Cities In This Industrial Civilization: Urban Heat Island phenomenon

Australian man wounded in anti-terror sweep is critical

Luxury Ship Crew Blasted Pirates With Sonic Weapon

Bitter Blair accepts defeat over plan to hold terrorism suspects for 90 days

Do space aliens have souls? Inquiring minds can check Jesuit's book

Pagan priest hired to help prisoners




Monday, November 7, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 5, 2005

ADL's Foxman warns of efforts to 'Christianize America': Anti-Defamation League warns that Institutionalized Christianity in the U.S. has grown so extremist that it poses a tangible danger to the principle of separation of church and state and threatens to undermine religious tolerance

53% of Americans Support Impeachment of President Bush if he lied to the public about going to war against Iraq

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Kissinger Discourages Exiting Iraq Early

Iran’s Ahmadinejad confers with Iraq's Chalabi on U.S. departure from Iraq

National Guard is short on gear

US Iraq offensive goes house-to-house: First American fatality of new offensive reported

Limited resistance to US-led offensive

Terrified residents flee Iraq fighting

British Former Ambassador: Blair 'seduced' by U.S.

US oil firm 'overpaid millions for contracts'

Indian Foreign Minister braves storm over U.N.'s Iraq Oil-For-Food report

Iraq plans hotel and theme parks for a tourism boom

Retailers expect robust holiday sales

Gas Prices Drop an Average of 23 Cents

Warm northern winter eases oil prices

Dollar Hits 26-Month High Versus Yen

Former U.S. Counterterrorism Czar Suggests Copying NY Subway Searches in Other Cities

Palestinian cleric: God bless Osama - Asks Gaza congregation to pray for global terror leader, deputy

Bush to Discuss Free Trade in Panama: Reception to Be Less Chilly Than in Argentina

Brazil, US look ahead to world trade talks: Agree to put aside differences and push for global trade

Rescuers Sift Through Rubble in Search of Survivors of Midwest Tornado

Moral Collapse

Hollywood Rocked: Gay Cowboy Movie Becomes Oscar Frontrunner

Will 'Family Guy' fly with FCC? Fox toon takes on indecency org in upcoming segment

Police: Two NFL cheerleaders arrested at Tampa bar - Were engaged in some sort of sex inside bathroom stall

Sex at School Increasing, Some Educators Say: Students consider sex on school property routine

Update from Mississippi: Many ruined houses had FEMA numbers painted on




Avian Bird Flu Scare

Switzerland hosts bird flu conference

'Council of war' on bird flu

China in urgent bird flu battle

China mass cull tackles bird flu: Six million poultry killed in mass slaughter

China mobilises military to fight bird flu

Bird flu triggers concern over consumption of eggs

Swedish newspaper prints first photos of H5N1 virus

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

In Iran, Syria and North Korea, Bush Second-Term Diplomacy Means Settling for Less

Syria wants review of next UN report

Somali PM survives Mogadishu bomb blast: Six other people died

Former Peruvian President Fujimori Under Arrest After Arrival in Chile

Opposition Alleges Fraud as Count Gives Ruling Party Lead in Azerbaijan Election

Pakistan, India Exchange Aid Across Disputed Kashmir Frontier

French Riots Turning Into European "Jihad"?

Rioters Injure 30 French Police As Rioters Switch Tactics On 11th Night of Disorders

France’s rioting youth have switch slogans - In one night 1,300 vehicles were burned by rampaging youth in immigrant suburbs across France

Malaise Erupting Into Violence in French Suburbs Has Been Building for Decades -- NOTE: Official line excusing this violence

Paris police fear rioters' heavy arms

Rage on Rue Picasso: Will riots swell the ranks of jihadists in Europe?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Ten years after Rabin’s assassination, the case for conspiracy is reopened

Family of Palestinian Boy Killed by Israeli Soldiers Donates His Organs to Israeli Patients

Defense Minister Mofaz to raze illegal outpost by January

Exclusion from security fence irks settlers: Mixed secular-religious settlements of Beit Aryeh and Ofarim will not be protected by fence

Gaza rocket attacks miss the mark

'Gaza turned into Islamic terror state': Israel foolish to trust border security to EU observers - Former PM Netanyahu charges

Al Aksa Brigades echo Ahmadinejad's call to "wipe Israel off the map?

Suicide bombers cartoon airs on Iran kids' TV

Liberal Labor Party Abuzz: Was There a Deal or Wasn´t There?

Conservative Likud to Help Vote Down PM's Appointments

'Rejection of Israel fuels terror': Italian Foreign Minister

Rwandan genocide survivors look to Israel





Sunday, November 6, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 5, 2005

Bush feels hand of God as ratings slump

ADL's Foxman warns of efforts to 'Christianize America': Anti-Defamation League warns that Institutionalized Christianity in the U.S. has grown so extremist that it poses a tangible danger to the principle of separation of church and state and threatens to undermine religious tolerance

Tensions high after Stony Brook 246-acre land grab: Eminent-Domain seizure

Unrest Reaches Paris; 28 More Cars Torched

France burns with immigrant anger

Two schools burned down in Paris Essonne district, and cars torched, 656 in Paris, as unrest swept France from Normandy to the Riviera

Schools, synagogues and hundreds of cars burn. It's Paris 2005 - Unique recreation of plot of 1996 movie

Death row inmate flashes fake ID, walks out of jail: Houston, Texas

Escaped Death Row Inmate May Have Had Help

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Italy warned US that Saddam intelligence was bogus

Iraq battle stress worse than WWII

Beyond Treason DVD: Depleted Uranium, Other Vaccines, Producing Unbelievable Stress and Death Among US Troops

Gunmen kill 11 in minibus ambush

Prominent Sunni leader shot at in Baghdad: Badly wounded

The New US-Iraqi “Steel Curtain” Operation: Follows “clear, hold and build” strategy for cleansing western Iraq of terrorists

U.S. Soldiers Ride the Mighty 'Buffalo' in Search of Iraq's Deadly IEDs (Roadside Bombs)

Iraq war 'fuelled home terrorism' in Great Britain

Audit says US should repay Iraq: Work by Halliburton had been either overpriced or insufficiently documented

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Cheney Seeks CIA Exemption to Torture Ban

Dozens of Abu Torture Gulags: "Bush told the Iraqis their suffering has come to an end and that no Iraqi will ever be tortured again"

Guantanamo inmate attempts suicide

Denver Voters OK Marijuana Possession: State laws will still be enforced against Marijuana possession

‘Intelligent design’ trial hears heated final arguments: Pennsylvania courtroom

C/Edge Analysis: President Bush Deceives Christians Again - Pushing For "Intelligent Design" To Be Taught In Classrooms

Louisiana Lawmakers Tackling Costly Hurricane Relief Issues, Budget Crisis in Special Session

Prince Charles, Camilla Visit Farmer's Market, Organic Farm, as Royal Tour Comes to California

British "First Lady" Camilla shines in spotlight

Abercrombie Pulls T-Shirts That Girls' Group Found Offensive

US prosecutor needs to dig deeper

Sex at School Increasing, Some Educators Say: Students consider sex on school property routine

Retailers expect robust holiday sales

Asian markets buoyed by select stocks plus US gains

Better for old to kill themselves than be a burden: British ethics Warnock proposes

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: American hospitals and senior care facilities are killing more people than Adolf Hitler ever did

Pakistan postpones buying F-16s: In order to increase aid to victims of South Asia earthquake

Severe aftershock adds to woes of quake-hit in Pakistan

Heating needed as snow forecast for next week in Pakistan's earthquake zone

Germany's 'grand coalition' descends into disarray

Summit of the Americas

Venezuelan president grabs spotlight at economic summit

Leaders Fail to Agree on Free Trade Talks

Bush Exits Summit as Trade Talks End in Disagreement: Defeat for President Bush?

Chavez declares victory as no trade deal reached at summit

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bush Meets With Brazilian Leader Who Is Key Negotiator in Stalled Trade Talks

Iran allows foreign involvement in her nuclear enrichment plant

UN nuke inspectors visit Iranian military site

India Delays Plans to Open Frontier With Pakistan to Aid Quake Victims

New Syria leader won't benefit U.S.

Iran vows to support Syria against U.S. threats

Brig-Gen. Abdul Karim Abbas, head of the Syrian intelligence Palestinian department is on the list of 7 Syrian officers UN Hariri investigator Detlev Mehlis wants for interrogation in Lebanon

Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Sami Hayani is about to be appointed prime minister in a Syrian government shakeup

Mugabe to confront US envoy on remarks about corrupt rule

Pirates open fire on US cruise ship off Somalia: Pirates fired rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hadera Terror Attack Toll Rises to Six: Terror attack was 11 days ago

Rafiah Crossing to Re-Open Amid More Terrorist Rocket Fire

IDF ending program aimed at cooling checkpoint frictions: In order to save insurance costs

IDF Fears Gaza Terror Gangs Moving to Judea and Samaria

Sharon, Shalom reject Hamas participation in elections

PA Chairman Abbas backs Hamas election participation

Palestinian boy shot by IDF dies - 12 years old

Houses in illegal Amona outpost to be demolished by January '06

Avian Bird Flu News

Bird flu pandemic may force entire countries to shut down: UN official -- Lords told of 'three-week window' to delay spread

China Asks WHO to Help It Determine Whether 12-Year-Old Girl Died of Bird Flu

Indonesian state confirms fifth bird flu death

Indonesia high on terror hit list

Mexican coral reef could take a century to recover from Wilma

New Jersey Governor Race Turns Ugly: Charges of Abortion, Affair Taint Last Days of Campaign


Saturday, November 5, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 5, 2005

John Paul II beatification hearing begins

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - NEW - Expanded Edition Video -- DVD - VHS

Italy warned US that Saddam intelligence was bogus

Senator Kerry: Science Under Attack by Right Wing -- "Refusing to listen to what the Earth is telling us"

Vatican: Faithful should listen to science - "religion risks turning into 'fundamentalism' if it ignores scientific reason"

Vatican to Catholics: Listen to scientists or otherwise risk 'becoming prey to fundamentalism'

US, Japan may propose North Korea human rights group

Hundreds of vehicles torched in renewed Paris riots

Rioting Spreads Beyond Paris Suburbs as Unrest Enters Second Week: U.S. Cites Danger to Tourists

Four charged with stealing US military secrets: Three were charged as "foreign intelligence officers" for China

Want F-16's, Or Not? US asks Pakistan

UN Officials Can Meet Anyone Alone in Hariri Probe: Syria Offers Cooperation

Louisiana Faces a Hefty Recovery Price Tag for Hurricane Damage and Recovery

NYT Reports: Public Broadcasting Head Is Said To Be Under Investigation For Misuse of Funds

Bill Clinton: Hillary Would Be Better President Than He Was

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Mulls Major Unilateral Withdrawal: From 90% of West Bank -- Studying removal of between 10,000 and 100,000 Jews

Dutch police foil attack on El Al plane outside Amsterdam -- Detain 7 in terror sweep

Dutch terrorism suspect hoped to shoot down El Al plane

Israel to do Everything Possible to Relax Restrictions on PA Residents: Secretary Rice insists

Hamas says de facto truce over at year-end

Gaza Pullout didn't bring longed-for `calmer days'

Israel Marks 10th Years Since Rabin Slain

Israel to return to American defense project: to be a partner in the development of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) the future jet fighter

Pipe bomb explodes near IDF patrol on southern Gaza border

Hamas leadership sought to move HQ to Egypt or Jordan

Mt. Zion Handover to Catholic Church: President Denies, Reports Persist

Palestinian teen stabs woman in J'lem park

Hillary Clinton to arrive next week: She hopes visit will boost her support among New York Jews





Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Cheney Seeks CIA Exemption to Torture Ban

Dozens of Abu Torture Gulags: "Bush told the Iraqis their suffering has come to an end and that no Iraqi will ever be tortured again"

5 Kuwaitis Return Home From Guantanamo Bay Prison

Rumsfeld Openly Admits Guantanamo Torture

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Two US soldiers killed in Baghdad

US, Iraqi troops launch new western offensive

Insurgents Kill Six Iraqi Policemen

Soldiers' murder allegations dismissed for lack of evidence: Seven British paratroopers had been charged with murdering an Iraqi teenage

Once-perilous road to Baghdad airport now smooth sailing

PM Jaafari Urges End to Insurgency: 15 Iraqis Killed

Iran says U.S. plotting to remove Iraq Shiites from power

Summit of the Americas News

Thousands protest Bush in Argentina: Summit of the Americas

Anti-Bush protests turn violent at Americas summit

From Trade to Barbecue, Full Menu for Bush in Brazil

SUMMIT NOTEBOOK: Bush, Chavez Kept Far Apart in Summit Photo

Bush Panama Visit Expected to Be Easier

Avian Bird Flu News

Bird flu pandemic may force countries to shut down: UN official -- Lords told of 'three-week window' to delay spread

Indonesia confirms fifth human bird flu death: Did not mean the virus had mutated and jumped from one to the other

More bird flu outbreaks in China and Vietnam

US plan paints frightening bird flu picture

Outbreak kills 9,000 chickens in Liaoning, China

Hawaiian Airports Monitor for Bird Flu

Experts dismiss scare over bird flu

Bird Flu, Liberty, And Quarantine

Wal-Mart economy keeps lid on US inflation: Study reveals

US Dollar hits 18-month high against euro

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Annan calls off upcoming visit to Iran: Tensions rising after Iranian president called for Israel to be :"wiped off the map"

Hitler from Tehran

Iran signs up suicide bombers on Muslim Eid holiday

Pakistani Daily Reports: India to buy Israel Aircraft Industries' drones in 220 million dollar deal

Venezuela: Fumbling A Pop Up - Pentagon has begun contingency planning for potential military conflict with Venezuela

Spiritual Symbiosis: A surprising one - Some area churches are embracing teaching methods devised by the Church of Scientology








Friday, November 4, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

New Cutting Edge Articles

International Control Over Jerusalem Just Jolted Forward!

"When They Say 'Peace and Safety' ...

"Katrina Cough" - New Orleans, Elsewhere

Katrina Cough' Lingers in the Wake of Hurricane: Popping up among people who have returned to storm-ravaged areas, particularly New Orleans

C/Edge Archives: Toxic Waters Will Make New Orleans Unsafe For A Decade

Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall to Visit Washington War Memorial Before Flying to New Orleans

Other Hurricane News

Housing and shelter crisis in South Florida in the wake of Hurricane Wilma with funds and space running out

Wilma Damage Leaves Floridians Homeless

Plans for use of oil profits: White House opposes Senate plan for oil companies to contribute 10% of earnings to aid families struggling with heating bills this winter

Senate Backs Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge

Consumer ire grows over oil profits

Results of AP-Ipsos Poll on Public Attitudes About President Bush: Approval rating down to 37%

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

ElBaradei Urges Nuke Facility Oversight

'Indict Iran leader for crimes against humanity': For his call to destroy Israel

Iran's diplomatic coup

British Arabism and the bombings in Iran

Assad relative's office besieged in Damascus by Syrian army forces

In the Fiefdom of the Assads, Friends Melt Away: Syria falsely claims to have close down terrorist offices

Foreign ministers' warning for Syria

US accepts India as a nuclear buddy

Beijing blusters over India's nuclear deal with US

Israeli - Palestinian War

Ze´evi, and His Transfer Proposal, Remembered: IDF general strongly promoted the transfer of the Arab population from Judea and Samaria

IDF raises alert level on northern border: Hizbullah is trying to carry out a significant terrorist attack along the northern border

'Time to return to Gaza': Major IDF incursion plus establishment of buffer zone

'Gaza turned into Islamic terror state' supported by Egypt and Iran: Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charges

Israeli election About-Face: We Won´t Interfere if Hamas Terrorists Run - Sharon does 180-degree "about-face" in space of one month!

'Do you surrender yet?' Hamas arrogantly lays down terms of "surrender"

6 Israeli civilians lightly wounded in mortar attack

Israeli kids under Kassam rocket threat

Mofaz, Wolfensohn push to open Rafah border crossing: Israeli Defense Minister cooperating with Quartet's Wolfensohn

President Katsav: No pardon for Rabin's assassin

Cooler Weather Spurs October Surge In Retail Sales: Drop in oil prices bodes well for the upcoming holiday shopping season

'Thrill' of rioting fires up another night in Paris

Paris gripped by new riots despite government resolve: Muslim communities are source of unrest

Blair doubts Kyoto effect: Success would only be achieved by forging a united front with the US.

Smoking guns and red herrings: White House scandal unfolds

Dating Cheney's nuclear drumbeat: Massive propaganda effort to sell public on need for Iraq invasion

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- October 29, 2005

Torture Presidency

American Gulag: Clandestine jails are an affront to American values and an embarrassment in the world community

Officials Admit: Covert CIA prisons hold al-Qaida suspects - At a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe -- is illegal under signed the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment - which US has signed

CIA prisons 'in Poland, Romania': Countries that allowed their territory to be used by the CIA to hold top suspected al-Qaeda captives

Europe shocked by CIA prison camp claims: "Even terrorist suspects are guaranteed basic rights -- such as the right not to be tortured"

ATROCITY THREATENS TO BECOME OFFICIAL U.S. FOREIGN POLICY: Law Might Have Effect of Creating A "Torture Czar" Cabinet Level Position

Vice President for Torture

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

On War #137: True Confessions -- "Saddam's eternally elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction were just eyewash. The decision to invade Iraq came first, and the various contrived justifications came after" -- Americans were lied into the lost war

Al Qaeda claims Iraq helicopter crash

Pentagon to Keep Troop Levels in Iraq at 160,000: Through Dec. 15 election of a new government

Muslims all over the world rejoice at end of Ramadan

As Eid Holiday Begins for Shiites, Insurgents Kill 6 Iraqi Policemen

Baghdad celebrations muted in a city under siege

Pentagon Eyeing Cuts in Weapons Programs: Struggling to fund cost of Iraq War, cutting as much as as much as $15 billion in cuts to aircraft, shipbuilding and other weapons purchases

Budget-Cutting Action Moves to House After Senate Passes Cuts in Medicare, Medicaid

Iraq's forgotten war - Where chaos is king

Iraq War: Worse to come - "Mounting casualties among the American soldiers in Iraq prove that the U.S. is losing the war"

British MP Galloway faces US court action over Iraq cash claims: In Oil-for-food scandal

Russia agrees to oil-for-food probe: Submits to UN investigation

Supreme Court News

On abortion, a nuanced stand: In 3 of 4 cases, Supreme Court nominee Alito voted on the side of abortion rights - A 1995 Alito vote striking down a Pennsylvania abortion restriction in particular is raising eyebrows among some legal scholars"

Alito writing backed privacy, gay rights: As college student, Alito recommended the decriminalization of sodomy

House Moves to Counter Supreme Court Decision on Eminent Domain

Summit of the Americas Summit

Bush to push for liberalized trade in the Americas

Venezuelan President Chavez Against U.S. Free Trade Plan: "Free trade is being forced on Latin American countries and the deal would only help the rich"

Bush Pushes for Trade in the Americas While Demonstrators Gather in Protest

Bush flies into lion's den

Blunkett quits Cabinet in business scandal: Key political ally of British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Avian Bird Flu News

Vietnam Factory fowl no answer to bird flu: Pressure is on individually owned tiny chicken plots, even though most cases of Bird Flu have come from factory farms -- outbreak has caused Vietnam to kill tens of millions of birds

Rummy's bird flu bonanza: Gilead Sciences, who owns rights to distribute Tamiflu in US, is tightly tied to its former Chairman of the Board, Donald Rumsfeld - Defense Secretary still owns between $5 million and $25 million stake in Gilead Sciences

Bird Flu fearsome but fickle: H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus has still not mutated into a strain capable of being transmitted among humans

Abortion Opponents Hope to Limit Access for California Girls

Toyota Quarterly Profits Gain on Global Sales Growth



Thursday, November 3, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- October 29, 2005

White House Scandal News

Milwaukee Paper Apologizes to its readers for Accepting 'Cooked' WMD Evidence

Archives: Spy agency faked key Vietnam War data - Gulf of Tonkin never happened -- Some suggested that President Johnson was so keen to deploy troops that he fabricated the whole episode

Cheney's former aide due in court: Today, Thursday

Top Cheney aide expected to plead not guilty: Raising specter of a trial that could keep spotlight on the administration's case for war in Iraq

Democrats intensify Bush slams: Indictment of Libby has energized Democrat Party's anti-war base

Bush urged to reshuffle top team

Bush's second-term gambles yet to pay off

Bush's Torture Scandal

Reports of Secret CIA Prisons Prompt Torture Concern

Officials Admit: Covert CIA prisons hold al-Qaida suspects - At a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe -- is illegal under signed the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment - which US has signed

ATROCITY THREATENS TO BECOME OFFICIAL U.S. FOREIGN POLICY: Law Might Have Effect of Creating A "Torture Czar" Cabinet Level Position

Vice President for Torture

Carter roasts Bush over Iraq: Says Bush is degrading the moral standards underpinning decades of US foreign policy

Carter Is Adamant: White House Misled U.S. on Iraq

Israeli - Palestinian War

Plan for European inspectors at Rafah crossing – a sieve with very large holes

C/Edge Analysis: International Control Over Jerusalem Just Jolted Forward!

Israelis Injured in Rocket Attacks and Jerusalem Stabbing

Rice agrees Palestinian Authority must fight terror now

US funds employment of terrorists in Palestinian Authority

Top terrorists meet fiery end in Gaza: Israel got "two-for-one" as missile intended to kill only one terrorist actually kills another

Hamas Vows: Truce with Israel won't be renewed at end of year

Analysis: Terrorists in distress because of new IDF tactics

Shalom calls on Italy not to fund towns controlled by Hamas: Many West Bank Palestinian towns now controlled by Hamas

Palestinian Authority unable to prevent Gaza land theft

Thousands of Winter Jackets Collected For Expulsion Refugees Stolen

Dalia Rabin: My father was 'ahead of his time' -- 10th Anniversary of Rabin's assassination

Summit of the Americas News

Battle Looms Over Free Trade at Americas Summit

Bush Leaves Troubles at Home to Face Critics in Latin America: Amidst a domestic slump, he begins a five-day trip, starting with a 34-nation summit in Argentina

Excluded From Summit, Cubans Show Up in Force After Castro Snubbed

Joblessness main topic as trade talks cast aside: Many blame Bush's policies for the region's sagging economy

Avian Bird Flu News

Bush Administration Releases Details of Potential Flu Pandemic Strategy: Proposes to spend $7.1 billion

Bush's plan to fight flu doesn't thrill states

Fresh bird flu case in Thai poultry

Asia Development Bank sees heavy economic toll if bird flu spreads

Virgin Airways Buys Tamiflu Vaccine For Staff: Also looking into machines and new technologies to put on aircraft to kill germs

Fiddling the ballot books: Proposed changes could deny hundreds of thousands of Australians a vote - new Anti-Terror legislation is merely disguised dictatorship

Royal couple heads to Washington after triumphant day in New York: Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Paris riots spread, shaking French government: Dissaffected Muslim youths attacking in gangs

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

15 killed by typhoon in Vietnam

Wilma's Damage Leaving Some Floridians Homeless, in Shelters

New count of South Asian quake pushes death toll past 79,000

Caribbean Reefs Bleached by Warm Water

Devotion to the Virgin Mary breaking boundaries: More Protestants taking interest in Jesus’ mother

Marines Get OK for Elite Special Forces



New Cutting Edge Articles

International Control Over Jerusalem Just Jolted Forward!

"When They Say 'Peace and Safety' ...

Warm Fall Brings Farmers Some Relief From High Energy Costs

Oil Prices Decline on Mild U.S. Weather

Consumer ire grows over oil profits

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

U.S. Circulates Draft Resolution on Iraq: Seeking to extend the mandate of the nearly 180,000-strong multinational force in Iraq for a year

Thousands rally across US against Bush policies

Pentagon Sets Its Sights on Roadside Bombs: new task force is planned to target the most lethal weapon of the Iraqi insurgency

Baghdad Bomb Kills 5 Iraqis: Helicopter Crash Kills Marines

Car bomb kills about 20 Iraqis in Shiite town: Coptor crash total now up to five

Civilian contractors in Iraq dying at faster rate as insurgency grows

Destruction of beloved Baghdad statue emblematic of violence's toll

Iraq asks Saddam's junior officers to rejoin armed forces

Sunnis Begin a Religious Holiday in Iraq: Celebrating end of Ramadan

High-flying times of an Australian wheat trader

Iraq war makes us terror target: Australian Senator Faulkner

Iraq al Qaeda says to kill 2 Moroccan hostages

Iraqi oil industry bogged down in cycle of violence

Confessions of a Marine: Master-Sergeant Jimmy Massey tells about his mission to recruit for, then fight in, the war in Iraq. He tells why he killed. And cracked

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Blair downplays Iran action talk

France renews threat to take Iran before UNSC

Tehran continues purge by firing 40 diplomats: Reformers fear hard-line leader will bring back strict social laws

Iran allows UN Nuclear inspectors to visit military site

U.S. fears prospect of Saudi coup, weighs invasion plans: U.S.-led mission could include up to 300,000 troops

Al Qaeda`s Afghanistan Jailbreak: Four senior al Qaeda operatives able to break out of top-security US prison

Thailand Imposes Martial Law in Two Districts in the Insurgency-Wracked South

Head of Man Believed to Be Monk Found in Thailand, as Apparent Separatist Attacks Rise

China Says Next Korean Nuclear Talks Will Start Nov. 9

Uneasy Calm Returns to Ethiopia's Capital After Riots That Killed at Least 23 People

Two al-Qaida suspects arrested in Pakistan

Venezuela's President Chavez Accuses Colombia of Coup Conspiracy

Argentines Eager to Learn Chinese as Business Opportunities Abound

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi sees suicide bomb threat against hi

Supreme Court News

Two GOP Members of Senate Centrists' Group Say They Wouldn't Support Filibuster of Alito

Colleagues Say Alito Definitely Conservative but Unlikely to Overturn Roe: Has too much respect for High Court precedent

On abortion, a nuanced stand: In 3 of 4 cases, Supreme Court nominee Alito voted on the side of abortion rights - A 1995 Alito vote striking down a Pennsylvania abortion restriction in particular is raising eyebrows among some legal scholars"

Alito writing backed privacy, gay rights: As college student, Alito recommended the decriminalization of sodomy

Supreme Knight Hails Court Nominee: Judge Alito "Truly Excellent Choice," Says Anderson, head of the Knights of Columbus

Centrist Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson Praises Alito

Congressman Proposes Fencing U.S.-Mexico Border: California Rep. Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee

World Bank Raises China's 2005 Economic Growth Forecast to 9.3 Percen

Son of Miami Chief Timoney arrested on drug charges in New York

Harry Potter's new adventures become erotic and brutal; Getting adult is one of the basic themes of the new film

Russia tests Topol-M missile to subdue USA's $50-billion air defense: Unpredictable flight trajectory of the Russian missile makes it immune to destruction

Disinformation Story Because -----

America's HAARP and Russia's Scalar Electromagnetic Wave Systems Erect A 100% Effective Shield Against Missiles, Aircraft -- Across entire continents

The Emperor Has No Clothes - Part 1 -- Part 2




Wednesday, November 2, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

New Cutting Edge Articles

International Control Over Jerusalem Just Jolted Forward!

"When They Say 'Peace and Safety' ...

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon Declares: "We are at war" -- will not meet Abbas as long as terror continues

Hamas says Israel began war as air strike kills 2 militants

Israeli forces have at last struck a nerve center of the joint Fatah-Hamas-Hizballah terror offensive: Missile strike was effective

Gen. Amidror: Targeted Killings Work

Palestinians fired Qassam missiles at W. Negev Tuesday night: In wake of the Israeli air strike that killed two wanted Palestinian terrorist leaders

Vulnerable Israeli PM attacks terror

Sharon: We'll implement Road Map, our way

Sharon Promises Knesset: Separation fence will be first priority -- will not be impeded by any budgetary constraints

Israeli soldier killed during raid in West Bank

IDF soldier killed in overnight raid to be buried today

Israeli Cabinet Approves Egypt-Gaza Border Crossing

Bush: America is Israel's shield

Away from the manger - a Christian-Muslim divide -- Christians fleeing Muslim-controlled areas of Israel

Germany lauds unanimous UN declaration of int'l Holocaust Day

Madonna's Kabbalah Rabbi Nailed for Extortion in Israel

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. fears prospect of Saudi coup, weighs invasion plans: U.S.-led mission could include up to 300,000 troops


Blast goes off outside Tehran office of British Airways: No casualties have been reported as yet

No change in Iran's strategic goals: Iran has always plotted Israel's annihilation

Iran has warned that it plans to intervene in the Middle East: Including the affairs of Afghanistan and Iraq

Iran’s militant students threaten to seize British embassy

Iranian president begins reshuffle of diplomatic pack: Purging diplomats not sufficiently hardline

Iran Grants U.N. Access to Military Site

Iran says several insurgents nabbed in volatile oil province


US "Office of Special Plans" Said To Be Force Behind Hariri Assassination: Plan Was To Blame Syria

C/Edge Archives: Rumsfeld's "Office of Special Plans" Originally Established To Provide False "Intelligence Reports" Which Would Justify Bush Invasion of Iraq - Part 1 -- Part 2

UN Security Ccouncil okays weakened Syria resolution

Syria Complains: UN resolution very negative

Syrian Bigwigs and Capital Flee under Implied Threat of Military Action

Syrian Diplomat Warns: 'Military action will spread chaos'

Iraq's President Talabani Opposes Any US Strike on Syria From Iraq

Russia Nears UN Deal on Syria: Would oppose the threat of sanctions against Syria

Other Nations

Kyrgyzstan Raises Fees for US Air Base

North Korea nuclear talks to resume next week -- Seoul

Indian Kashmir sees shift in power

US accused of spreading rumours: That former president Fidel Ramos was involved in a plot to overthrow President Gloria Arroyo

Ethiopian police gun down eight in street riot

Experts See No Kashmiri Hand in New Delhi Blasts

Angola to recover funds blocked by Switzerland

U.S. Tightens Afghan Prison Security: Following the escape of a suspected al-Qaida leader

Two U.N. Land Mine Clearers Killed in Southern Sudan Ambush

Anti-Bush Protesters Gather in Argentine Resort Ahead of Americas Summit: Scheduled for this weekend

Some conservatives question Rove's future

Woman Admits Killing Child to Rid Her of Demon

More Britons believe in ghosts than God



CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- October 29, 2005

Oil Prices Decline on Mild U.S. Weather

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Officials Admit: Covert CIA prisons hold al-Qaida suspects - At a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe -- is illegal under signed the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment - which US has signed

ATROCITY THREATENS TO BECOME OFFICIAL U.S. FOREIGN POLICY: Law Might Have Effect of Creating A "Torture Czar" Cabinet Level Position

US refuses UN access to Guantanamo inmates

US is losing ‘war on terrorism’, say experts

Further terror attacks thwarted in Britain since July: Police claim

Blair faces knife-edge vote over tough new counter-terrorism law

Australia warns of terror threat: Has received specific terror intelligence

'Shoot to kill' dumped from Australian terror bill

New Australian law could link our courts with torture

Australian Workers face jail under new IR laws

Australian Parliament in uproar as IR bill tabled: IR = Industrial Relations

Vehicle bomb in southeast Turkey injures 23: Kurdish militants blamed

Slain Chechen Warlord Said U.S. More Dangerous Than Russia: Court Hears testimony that warlord had decided to reach accomodation with Russia to thwart US

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Highway bomb kills 5 Iraqis

Bomber kills 20 as assault on troops hits festive crowd

Baghdad attacks kill 11, US airstrikes target Qaeda

18 Die, 59 Hurt in Basra Blast -- Six GI's killed

500 prisoners freed from Abu Ghraib

Iraq attacks getting more sophisticated: At least 92 US soldiers killed in October

US drive to defuse power of Iraq's home-made bombs

Gunmen kill brother of vice-president in Iraq attack

US may boost level of troops during Iraqi polls in December

Secret Senate session keeps up pressure on Bush over Iraq war -- To investigate whether intelligence had been manipulated to justify the Iraq war

The good news from Iraq is not fit to print

South Korea May Extend Iraq Troop Deployment

Bush hasn't sacrificed anything for Iraq war

US Investigator Recommends Death for US Sergeant: Charged with murdering two colleagues in Iraq

Iraqi president to meet the Pope

Iraqi Kurds and Turkey

Arab League scuttled secret exile offer for Saddam: U.A.E. officials

Abu Ghraib, Satanists, And Spoon-Benders

Democratic donations get judge tossed from DeLay case

New Supreme Court nominee's stance on abortion provokes intense debate: Seems strongly anti-abortion

Alito Could Be 5th Catholic on Current Supreme Court

Democrats Push to Delay Alito Hearings

Bush plan offered to fight a flu epidemic

Bird Flu Almost Inevitable in Mideast: Expert

Bird Flu Confirmed in 10 Areas in Russia, 19 More Suspected

Weather Control - Weather Warfare News

New Study Warns of Total Loss of Arctic Tundra

INSIDER WILMA REPORT: Florida is not okay--PERIOD!!! Storm was much stronger than reported

Mercury dips to freezing in Kashmir-area quake

South Asian Quake Death Toll at 73,276

US Says Aid Helicopter Fired On, Pakistan Denies

Pakistan's President Musharraf to meet quake aid officials

Nicaraguan Officials assess hurricane damage

Survivors of Guatemala Mudslide Hold Day of Dead Ceremony for Victims

Texas Governor Accuses FEMA of Poor Planning, Inaction

Colorado Voters Surrender Billions in Key Referendum on Taxpayer's Bill of Rights




November 1, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- October 29, 2005

New Article: "When They Say 'Peace and Safety' ...

Israeli - Palestinian War

Security cabinet approves EU at Rafah: Becomes first Israeli Prime Minister to approve of international border supervision

Fatah Is Deeply Implicated in the Palestinian Terrorist Coalition. Egyptian Military Collaboration Is Also Present

Gaza evacuees won't be evicted from hotels: Government still trying to find housing solution

IDF confirms bomb planner's death

Sharon Declares: "We are at war" -- will not meet Abbas as long as terror continues

White House Warns Abbas: Act against Islamic Jihad Terrorism

Free Palestinian Gaza-West Bank link will ease free movement of terrorists and weapons of war between two territories. Hence the hold-up

One-Third of Palestinian Arabs Thinking about Emigrating To Another Country

Tehran's 'rewards' for rocket attacks: Pays hefty sums to Palestinian terrorists for successful rocket attacks against Israeli targets

Bomb lightly hurts IDF soldier as 12 Jihad fugitives seized in Jenin

Red Cross to Accept Magen David Adom as symbol: Also known as "Star of David" and pagan Hexagram

White House Scandal News

No shake-up at White House set: Some questions are off-limits during legal proceedings

Democrats ask Bush to apologize after official's indictment in CIA leak case

Pressure on Bush to dismiss Rove

Berlusconi's outburst puts strain on relations with US: Over Italian leader's assertion he tried to talk Bush out of attacking Iraq

Bush 'Indicted' Over War Crimes: Group of Japanese lawyers

Judge Assigned to Hear the Case Against Rep. Tom DeLay Under Scrutiny

Supreme Court News

Republicans Enthusiastic About Alito While Democrats Wondering Whether to Filibuster

Bush Nominates Alito: Operation Rescue says, “Roe’s Days Are Numbered”

Alito Nomination Sets Stage for Ideological Battle: Bush's Court Pick Is Appeals Judge With Record of Conservative Rulings -- 55-year-old judge appears to be anti-abortion

Both parties prepared for 'Armageddon' fight

Bush Nominates Alito for Supreme Court: "of course, he is against Abortion" (Alito's 90-year-old mother)

US shut-in fuels VLCC rates: Sparking demand for Very Large Crude Carriers

Fourth night of riots in Paris: Tear gas was fired into a mosque during evening prayers

Property 'View Tax' Triggers Revolt in Rural N.H.

AIDS Gel on a Faster Track: Merck, Bristol to License Drugs Free for Use in Poor Countries

US Missile Base "Invaded" By Illegal Immigrants: True breach of security

New Tax Scheme On The Horizon

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Southern Africa, has come out in support of polygamy and homosexuality - provided they promote the cause of the gospel

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Basra car blast kills dozens: October deadliest month for U.S. military in Iraq since January

Seven US troops killed in Iraq blasts: More sophisticated explosive devices noted by military

Baghdad's downward spiral

Corruption cost Baghdad billions

British satellite phone missing in Baghdad: an expensive and powerful satellite telephone missing from British Embassy

Iraq rebuilding 'hurt by attacks' -- U.S. funds to rebuild Iraq drying up

Iraq Shia leader's brother shot dead

Many Iraqis feared dead in US attacks

Deputy PM Chalabi rules out Iraq troop withdrawal: US and any multinational forces must stay

Oil For Food: South African Govt 'not convinced' of violation

Indian FM says he is ready for Iraqi oil-for-food probe

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

UN veto powers unite against Syria

Syria slams UN vote pressuring Hariri murder probe cooperation

Condoleezza Rice added steel to the watered down UN resolution on Syria: Warning that failure to cooperate with UN probe on the Hariri murder would lead to “serious consequences”

Iraqi President Talabani rejects any US strike on Syria from Iraq

Syria calls for backing of Arab League

Syria's future in doubt as international pressure mounts

Iran says not afraid of war, sanctions: Mounting international pressure has only hardened its resolve

Egypt's Christians, Muslims Clash Again

North Korea says US spy flights hurt nuclear talks

Chavez warns of spooky US Halloween 'terrorism': American custom of dressing children as witches and wizards is contrary to our culture

Venezuela Becomes Cuba's Top Trade Partner

Brazil's Lula party fights Cuba cash claim

Ivory Coast rebels reject UN ruling

Indonesian Separatist leader returning: Another sign that civil war may be ending

Zanzibari Police Surround Opposition Party Headquarters: Move Into Other Areas Amid Opposition Claims of Victory

India-Nepal border control begins

Avian Bird Flu News

Bush to unveil global flu strategy: To cost $6.5 billion

Bird flu virus found in 33 wild Canadian ducks

China offers rewards for reporting mysterious animal deaths

China talks Tamiflu with manufacturer Roche

Thailand confirms 20th human case of bird flu infection

Bird flu fears already impacting on Asian economies

Yellowstone Caldera bound to blow again

C/Edge Archives: Is Yellowstone Super-Volcano In Early Stages of Erupting Again?

New Madrid quake jolt: 'The Katrina of Kentucky'?

Vatican ready to dump Taiwan: In order to establish diplomatic relations with China

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