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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

November 1-15, 2009
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Today's News

Suspected Microchip in H1N1 Vaccine?

Ukraine WHO and the Geopolitics of Swine Flu Panic

Obama’s swelling ego

Obama says US will join Asian free-trade area: ASEAN is Nation #9, Illuminati Plan to reorganize world into 10 supernations

'Going Rogue' is Sarah Palin's shot at redemption and revenge

9/11's delayed legacy: Cancer for many of the rescue workers

Switzerland sues Google over Street View privacy concerns

"2012: Is This The Year?"

'2012' is formula action movie turned up to 10

2012: It's a perfect disaster

Movie Projector: '2012' will be big domestically, huge worldwide

2012: The Most Important Movie of the Year?

'2012' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

In 2012, neutrinos melt the earth's core, and other disasters: You can't take any of the science seriously

Will Antichrist Arise On 12/11/2012 And Be Pronounced World Messiah On 12/21/2012?

"2012: Who Will Survive?" Movie The Year The World Will End?


'Independence Day' Sequel in the Works

Moral Values Collapse

First U.S. marijuana cafe opens in Portland, Oregon

With Playboy sale, an icon bows to changing times: Hugh Hefner changed American pop culture, one centerfold at a time

Ohio to lead way in single-injection executions

NASA spacecraft confirms water ice deposits on moon


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority may ask UN Ssecurity Council to recognize state on '67 borders

Poll: Religious and Secular Right Continue to Gain Support

Hamas: The unlikely peacemaker

US holding off on Mideast peace talks

Israel general says Hamas curbing Gaza rocket fire

Syria rejects Israel talks

Jimmy Carter anti-Israel, pro-Arab on U.S. diplomacy

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Obama deceived Muslim world, really loves Israel

PLO plans gov't reform in order to phase out Hamas

Hizbullah 'knows everything' about Israel's border force: Document shows shiite group holds extremely detailed intelligence

Israeli troops kill Palestinian along Gaza border

What Goldstone says about the US: America said to be complicit in Israel's destruction of Gaza (Arab Viewpoint)

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis protest Intel's Sabbath work

Gaza Arabs Wary of Tunnels To Egypt

Tent cities raised as Saudis flee Yemeni border bombardment

A risky setting for NYC trial of 9/11 suspects

SF activists to send coat-hangers to Dems who supported abortion restrictions in health bill

The guv goes to Iraq: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dutch to levy 'green' road tax: To impose tax on drivers for every kilometer they are on the road

British Airways-Iberia $7 billion merger deal creates world's third-largest airline


"Nephilim Walk Among us Again - Serious End Time Deception"

Vatican prepares for extraterrestrial disclosure

Human souls common to extraterrestrials and earthlings: Exopolitics Researcher

Iran armed forces chief backs nuclear deal: To to ship out most of its stocks of low-enriched uranium to Turkey

IDF Chief States: Iran is rational, pressure can work

Article Archives: Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America - Whom Should The World Fear?

Iran sets up Internet monitoring unit: Will fight "insults and the spreading of lies"


Ft. Hood Shooting Tragedy

Obama Vows: Ft Hood shooter failings to be held to account

Ft Hood: Yet more media "inaccuracy"

CAIR speaker to Muslims: OK to attack Fort Bragg: Exhorts Islamic faithful to target planes carrying '82nd Airborne'

D.C. mosque tied to 9-11 extols martyrdom virtues: Associate imam says Muslims who die for Allah no different from Marines

Muslims decry move to seize Houston mosque


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja: Iraqi former battle zone sees abnormal clusters of infant tumours and deformities - "chemical or radiation poisonings" -- NOTE: Depleted Uranium poisoning!

Britain probes new claims of abuse by troops in Iraq

Security developments in Iraq, Nov 13

Security developments in Iraq, Nov 14

British ex-PM Blair faces Iraq inquiry next year

November 13, 2009


Abbas must unilaterally declare Palestinian state

Suicide Bomber Hits Pakistan Spy Agency in Peshawar, Kills 10

Obama comes to Japan mulling Afghan war options

13 murder charges filed at Fort Hood

Warren Buffett: The financial panic is over

Eurozone emerges from recession

Obama to Hold Jobs Summit in December

Swine Flu News

Swine Flu Infects 22 Million, Kills 3,900 in U.S. : CDC Estimate

Putting 22 Million Cases of Swine Flu in Context: At first blush, it looks relatively minor

How U.N. redefined 'pandemic' to heighten alarm over H1N1: WHO quietly changed qualification of term in case of 'swine flu'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israelis seen backing possible talks with Hamas: If it recognised Israel

Abbas puts off Palestinian elections after Hamas opposition

Deadlock may soon end on Middle East peace talks

Syria urges firm US plan on Middle East peace

Bluffing or not, Abbas has shown he's no Arafat

Hamas Will SignThe Egyptian Document By End of November: For internal Palestinian conciliation

Will talk of peace strengthen Israel's coalition?

Support for the political right has continued to grow since the election of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Bill Clinton, Schwarzenegger to attend Saban Forum in Israel - Prestigious conference on US-Israeli relations, Middle East policy

Katzrin Mayor Warns: Huge Majority Opposes Golan Retreat

White House lawyer to resign

Obama 'risks Suez-like disaster' in Afghanistan: Key adviser warns

Turkey warm to storing Iranian uranium

US moves to seize 4 Iran-linked locations: To seize four US mosques and a Manhattan skyscraper - one of the biggest counterterrorism seizures in US history


Ft. Hood Shooting Tragedy

Fort Hood suspect's contact with cleric spelled trouble

CIA knew of Texas shooter's al-Qaeda ties

How the Military Will Try Nidal Hasan

Fort Hood massacre shows how political correctness can kill

President sets Hasan intel probe


Senator Asks How Many Troops Are on Antidepressants: Taking an antidepressant may actually increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors





November 12, 2009


Mormon Church Supports Gay Rights: In Salt Lake City

Does Jesus save aliens? Puts Christians In A Real Bind

Vatican-sponsored meeting discusses chances of extraterrestrial life

9/11's delayed legacy: cancer for many of the rescue workers

Obama refuses public photo ops with Netanyahu: Another sign of major rift between leaders

Does Fort Hood shooter's Muslim garb tie him to al-Qaida?

Get ready, America: Here comes Sarah Palin

Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out


Baxter Laboratories Admits Contaminating 72 Kilos of Flu Vaccine: Admission was on Main Stream Television!

Minnesota rolls out H1N1 vaccine with care

China's aggressive steps to slow disease appear to be paying off

EGYPT: Students' dilemma as swine flu forces schools to shut down

Obama to attack guns as public-health threat? 2nd Amendment advocates worry over opinions of OSHA nominee

Obama wants revised Afghan war options: Won't accept any of the Afghanistan war options before him

US Afghan envoy objects to troop increase

Clinton: U.S. concerned about Afghan corruption

Obama honors veterans at Arlington cemetery

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Congress Aims to Dismantle Largest Banks

Geithner Sees ‘Early Signs’ of Global Economic Rebalancing

Billionaire Bill Gates says Wall St pay too high

China looms as key challenge on Obama's Asia tour: Economic issues will prevail

Volkswagen Steals Toyota's Crown as World's Largest Automaker

Russian President Says Economic Focus Must Change

HP in $2.7 billion deal to buy 3Com

APEC ministers plot ways to sustain recovery

Blackout raises doubts over Brazil infrastructure

North Korea warns South it will pay for naval clash


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM says Israel willing to withdraw from Golan

Palestinian statehood remote as ever

Obama fails to resuscitate the Middle East peace process

Fatah: Fayad is plotting to replace Abbas

Palestinians adrift five years after Arafat's death

Abbas’ shock treatment: Arab Viewpoint

Israel, Hezbollah are engaged in warning war

Israel signs $350 million drone deal with Brazil

Washington sniper put to death

Are global warming and deforestation too scary for Sesame Street?

Why religious fundamentalism will fail: In any religion

A Lack of Health Insurance Is Not a Health Care Crisis: Editorial

U.S. Needs Market-Based Approach to Health Care Reform: Editorial

Iran calls on Russia to fulfill defense missile sales deal

November 11, 2009


Oil floats high on easy money: Proofs speculators intentionally driving up oil prices

Catholic Bishops Inserting Influence in Health Care Fight

Senator Dodd seeks more muscle in U.S. financial reforms

Geithner 'deeply' believes in need for strong dollar

Obama-Netanyahu talks see no result

Can Oslo take back Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?

Pentagon starts an Afghan building boom: To make life all the more comfortable, and safer, for ever more troops

Alternative medicine is becoming mainstream

Fascist Global Economy Forming

AIG CEO ready to quit over pay constraints imposed by Federal Government

U.S. economy is now stabilized but risks remain: Treasury Secretary Geithner

FDIC boss: Big banks still aren't lending enough

GM chairman says automaker is committed to repaying government loans

London Financial Job Openings Rise to One-Year High

Chris Dodd's Reform Can't Solve Wall St. Incompetence - or Salvage His Reputation

Mortgage Program Gathers Steam After Slow Start

Oil hovers near $79 amid rising US oil supplies

Pound Falls After BOE Chief King Says Weaker Currency Will Help Recovery

Peter Schiff: We Don't Need Any Reserve Currencies at All, Just Gold

US finally wise to Pyongyang's ways: Finally understands that North Korea has no intention of giving up her nuclear weapons

Clinton says Korea naval fight won't deter U.S. envoy visit

South Korean Troops on high alert after Koreas clash


Ft. Hood Shooting Tragedy

Military not told about Ft. Hood suspect's e-mails with radical Yemeni cleric

Muslims in military seek a spiritual bridge between two worlds

Obama honors attack victims at Fort Hood: 13 recalled in emotional memorial

Obama vows 'justice' at Fort Hood

Bill Clinton Presses Senators to Pass Health Bill

Israeli - Palestinian War

State Dept: US Goal is to Expel Jews in 'Occupied' Post-67 Lands

Leverage Against Netanyahu

Israeli PM: Reports that meeting with Obama went badly are 'nonsense'

'US Diplomat Complains: Israeli PM trying to maneuver us'

Netanyahu in Paris with peace efforts in peril

Peres tries to woo his 'old friend' Abbas

Abbas Threat to Quit May Leave Israel And U.S. Without Partner

Did Obama Make Bibi Sweat?

IDF: Hizbullah Rockets Can Strike Jerusalem and Central Region

Palestinians mark Arafat's death

Israel opens Jalama border crossing to boost Palestinian economy

Arab-Affairs Expert: ‘Syria Wants Water, Not Peace'

Peres: Hezbollah operating in South America

US Tells UN: Iran shipped arms to Lebanese fighters

IDF Claims: We Target Terror Supply Chains Far From Our Borders

The 'myth' of a counter-revolution in Iran

D.C. sniper's execution met with grief, bitterness

Drones: A slam-dunk weapons system

November 11, 2009


FBI: Fort Hood suspect had ties to radical Islamic cleric

Alleged Fort Hood shooter tied to mosque of 9/11 hijackers

Fort Hood massacre: Gunman linked to al-Qaeda as he awakens from coma

North and South Korea warships exchange fire

Every phone call, email and internet click stored by 'state spying' databases

In NY, same-sex marriage bill hangs in balance


Who Is a Jew? Court Ruling in Britain Raises Question


Israeli - Palestinian War

As Netanyahu meets Obama, Israel ex-general offers Hamas talks

Hamas says Mofaz peace plan 'important step'

Peres to Latin America to counter Iranian influence

UN chief to pass Goldstone report to Security Council shortly

Israel says major cities are in Hezbollah rocket range

A Boatload of Trouble: Think Hezbollah was tamed following the 2006 war?

Abbas tells supporters: Israel doesn't want peace, but we must believe in it

Most advanced, expensive fighter jet headed to Israel: America's F-35 stealth fighter aircraft

Lebanon's new cabinet formed, Saad Hariri as PM: Finally, the national-unity cabinet is formed

Iran charges 3 detained U.S. citizens with espionage


Health Care Reform News

Health Care Bill Passes the House: A Story of 'Broken Arms' and Secret Deals?

Democrats claim big victory on health care

Health care bill reignites abortion debate

Bill Clinton meets with Senate Dems on health care

Obama Has Harder Task Ahead Lobbying Tougher Senate on Health Care

The Senate Vote on Health Care: Wait Till Next Year?

Women's quality of life affected by lack of health care

Why This Democrat Voted 'No' on the Health Care Bill

Ron Paul Warns: Health Care Bill Could Kill The Dollar

Stock futures point to lower Wall Street open

Swine Flu News From Around The World

Senator proposes paid sick leave for swine flu

Afghanistan ill-prepared for swine flu

Many can't find swine flu vaccine, but some don't want to

Ottawa councillor wants military to conduct swine flu vaccinations

Government Determined to Connect Hasan and al-Qaeda

The GOP Should Dump the Neocons

November 10, 2009



Martial Law In The Ukraine! President Announces Arrest of Opponents of Forced Vaccination

Today's News

What H1N1 swine flu? Majority of Californians intend to ignore the late vaccine

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Remarks on Fort Hood Shooting Tragedy: There were three shooters!

Gunman shouted 'Allah Akbar' before opening fire at Ft. Hood

Turkish PM suggests Israeli Jews are genocidal: Relations meltdown continues

Secret Obama deal for Palestinian state?

U.S. troops' continental insignia bears U.N. colors: Indicates advancement of plan to integrate North America

Californians Say 'No More' Gay Marriages


Ft. Hood Shooting Tragedy

When war comes home

Senator Vows: Senate will investigate Army shootings

Fort Hood gunman had told US military colleagues that infidels should have their throats cut

Army shooter's mosque run by Muslim Mafia: Islamic center preaches violent jihad, Shariah law

Cousin Says Suspected Fort Hood Gunman Feared Impending War Deployment

Did Hasan radicalize others at Fort Hood? Alleged Army terrorist counseled 48 Muslims

Resolute Fort Hood soldiers ready for return

House passes resolution honoring Fort Hood victims

Fort Hood: Hasan's Uncounted Victim?

Berlin celebrates fall of Wall: 20th Anniversary

China pledges $10 billion in low-cost loans to Africa


Health Care Reform News

House Roll Call: How they voted on abortion issue in Health Care bill

Key details of Democrats' health overhaul bill passed by House

House health bill unacceptable to many in Senate

NY - Congressman-elect Owens Breaks 4 Campaign Promises in first hour in Congress

Iraqi MPs pass delayed election law

2 US pilots killed in chopper clash in Iraq

Pakistan has denied reports that its nuclear arsenal risks falling into wrong hands

Suicide bomber hits Pakistan city

Afghan 'Cronies and warlords' wait in the wings


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas claims Israel doesn't want peace or two-state solution

Obama to meet Netanyahu in the White House On Monday

Jordan's King Warns: Region heading towards abyss if peace is not achieved in a year or two

Mofaz proposes talks with Hamas to help forge temporary Palestinian state

Netanyahu's Washington trip clouded by Abbas threat

Israel frustrates Abbas, yet still needs him

Most Palestinians oppose Abbas' decision to quit

Iran Lashes Out At Veto-Wielding Security Council Members: Goldstone opponents responsible for Israel crimes

Abomination Accepted: U.S. shamefully silent in the face of UN Israel-bashers

Israel seizes thousands of rockets at sea: Elite Israeli commandos pounce on laden ship

Israel allows cattle into Gaza for major Muslim holiday

Gaza Muslim group claims rocket-fire at Israel

Israel expedites flu shots for Palestinian Arabs in West Bank

6.7 magnitude quake strikes eastern Indonesia

Italy convicts CIA rendition agents

Fascist Global Economy Forming

G20 reluctant to remove stimulus

US Stocks jump at the opening bell after G-20 pledge to aid economies: Cheap money to continue

Less people believe in Capitalism: BBC poll

Stock futures point to higher Wall Street open

Oil prices climb near $79 on US hurricane, weaker dollar

What a Difference a Week Makes: Now, All News Is "Good" for Stocks

'Clunkers' sales point to challenges for Detroit's Big 3

Back to green technologies that work

Hurricane Ida aims for Gulf of Mexico oil fields

Official Hurricane Advisory

Hurricane Ida Chart

Chavez Says Venezuela to Prepare for War as Deterrent: After American troops gained access to military bases in neighboring Colombia


November 7-8, 2009


Obama calls jobless rise "sobering"

'Iran has tested a device usable in warhead design'

'Very Close' To Needed Votes For Health Bill

Jobless rate tops 10 pct. for first time since '83

U.S. Consumer Credit Fell in September, Eighth Drop

Pay problem parents not to breed

H1N1 Flu Virus Is Top Strain Worldwide

France, Turkey concerned over Abbas withdrawing candidacy

'We are not bluffing regarding Iran'

Still no meeting set for PM with Obama

Hizbullah: We have no links to ship

Fort Hood triggerman aided team on Homeland Security task force
Soldiers heard 'Allahu Akbar' before slaughter

Afgan President Karzai Talks Tough on Corruption With Alleged Druglord by His Side

Leaders 'likely' to go to summit

Honduras leadership in limbo as accord dissolves

Troops searching for missing U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan are attacked

Israel Rejects UN War Crimes Resolution

Israeli concern over Abbas move

War at Home: First Responders Describe Carnage at Fort Hood

Washington State Voters Approve Gay Partnership Measure

White House Defends Its Response to H1N1 Outbreak


November 6, 2009


Screams, sirens herald Fort Hood chaos

Stocks drop after unemployment rate tops 10 pct: But, job losses were 29,000 less than for previous month

Dollar Set for Major Rally

Obama to sign homebuyer, jobless bill assistance

Today's News

Fort Hood triggerman: Muslim, shrink, officer - Army major kills 12 soldiers, wounds 31 in mass shooting at Texas military base

Martial Law, Forced Vaccinations May be Unfolding in Ukraine

Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Watching Abortion on Ultrasound

Obama Driving Voters Away From Dems

Israel Says Weapons Seized on Ship Would Let Hezbollah Fight for Month

Obama Nominates ACORN Activist to Appeals Court

Washington State Voters Approve Gay-Partnership Measure


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Climate Bill Shows Democrats' Unease

More Bad Global Cooling News: NBC

Obama, EU Push for International Climate Deal In Copenhagen

Climate-Agreement Deadline May Slip to End of 2010

With No Republicans Present, Senate Democrats Advance Cap-and-Trade Climate Bill

House Narrowly Passes Bill Designed to Influence Earth’s Climate by Restricting U.S. Industry and Imposing Costs on American Families

China Rejects US Pressure to Agree to Carbon Emissions Cuts

Maine Becomes 5th State to Allow Pot Dispensaries

Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design – secret reportExclusive: Watchdog fears Tehran has key component to put bombs in missiles

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Productivity Soared in Third Quarter - Jobless Claims Decline in Latest Week

Wall St ends sharply higher on economy hopes

Starbucks Says Demand Perking Up : Coffee Retailer Reports Surge in Earnings

U.S. stock futures mixed ahead of payroll figures

Payrolls in U.S. Probably Fell at Slower Pace, Joblessness Rose

US govt backed $4.3 trln in assets in crisis management last year

Crystal Ball Boom: Psychics, Tarot Card Readers Profit in Tough Economy


Health Care Reform

The Coming Shortage of Doctors - Try to get an appointment after health-care reform

Obama, House Dems press for health care votes

GOP Rep: Health Care Reform Bigger Threat To US Than A Terrorist

Pelosi Breaks Pledge to Put Final Health Care Bill Online for 72 Hours Before Vote...

Obama Touts Support from AMA, AARP as Health Care Vote Draws Near

Bravest Congressman Is Calling Obama’s Bluff: On the question of federal funding of abortion in the health care bill

Petition Calls for Star NFL Running Back to Be Sacked After Gay Slurs

Senior Pakistan Army commander escapes assassination bid

Key Pakistan Taliban town 'falls'

White House Debate Continues on Afghan Troop Decision

Afghan strife makes UN relocate

Google Dashboard Creates Security and Privacy Concerns


Israeli - Palestinian War

UN General Assembly Endorses Israel-Palestinian War Crimes Report

Israel rejects UN assembly vote on Gaza war

US informed Israel of arms ship

Israel Accuses Iran of War Crimes Over Arms-Laden Ship

Israel Displays Huge Weapons Cache From Captured Ship

Abbas Threatens to Quit Over Stalled Peace Process

Israel, U.S. voice concern over Abbas withdrawal

Who can replace Abbas?

J Street Conference: pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-peace - Arab Viewpoint

Plans Flop for Moderate Pro-Israel Lobby: J-Street Conference A Bust

U.S. State Department: Israel is not a tolerant society

Anti-fence rally: 230 demonstrators confront security forces

Zelaya Aide Says Honduran Agreement Has Failed

Obama Condemns Horrific Outburst Of Violence At Fort Hood

Troubling protrait emerges of Army psychiatrist suspected in rampage at Fort Hood, Texas

Red flags raised about suspect: Online postings drew authorities' attention months ago

Tragedy Not the First for Largest U.S. Facility: Fort Hood Has Lost More Troops in Iraq Than Any Other Military Installation

Co-Worker: Ft. Hood Suspect Made ‘Outlandish’ Comments Condemning US Foreign Policy

November 5, 2009


Republican Electoral Wins May Make Democrats Cautious on Obama Agenda

Election results rattle some Democrats

UN pulls out half its Afghanistan staff: Threatens total withdrawal

Israel views captured arms shipment as card against Iran

Maine's rejection of gay marriage may alter the debate

Nation Is Facing Vaccine Shortage for Seasonal Flu

H1N1 flu strikes cat from Iowa: First confirmed instance of species jump


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Profit `Not Satanic,’ Barclays Says, After Goldman Invokes Jesus

Senate Approves Extended U.S. Homebuyer Tax Credit

Fed Signals Return to Growth Alone

Productivity in the U.S. Probably Surged, Lowering Labor Costs

More help nears for 100,000 jobless

Fed holds key interest rate near zero

U.S. economy rebounds in third quarter after four consecutive quarters of contraction

Gold heads for 1,100 dollars, extending all-time high on weak greenback

IMPACT: Clunker pickups traded for new pickups - Increase in gas mileage minimal

Afghan Insurgents will have learnt from Iraq how to infiltrate the security set-up

Obama calls for new relationship with Iran on anniversay of embassy takeover

In Iran, anti-government protests rival anti-America rally


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel seizes ship with alleged Hezbollah-bound arms: Arms originated from Iran

Israel invites foreign envoys to inspect Iran arms shipment

Hizbullah: We have no links to seized ship

Freight Company: We were surprised when we learned of the ship's true cargo

Diaspora Affairs Minister Edelstein: Seized Iranian arms proves Goldstone Report encourages terror

Israeli Ambassador Tells UN: Goldstone Report 'Born in Hate'

IDF: Arms smuggling will continue

US Ambassador shuns UN's Goldstone discussion

US Envoy: Obama is Israel's closest friend

Chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Erekat Warns: PA may ditch two-state solution


11 Uncovered Videos ShowSchool Children Singing Praises To Obama: Troubling Pattern Emerging?

Most Americans oppose health care reforms

House Prepares to Vote on Health Care, Undaunted by Elections

Obama coaxes states to change with school dollars: To rewrite education laws and cut deals with unions as they pursue his vision for school reform


Iraq War Not Over Yet

2 U.S. soldiers die in Iraq

Merced paratrooper dies in Humvee crash in Iraq

Three civilians killed in Iraq's violence

2 killed, 8 injured in twin bombings in western Iraq

The Bomb-Sniffing Gadget That's (Definitely Not) Saving Iraq

278th Armored Cavalry Regiment destined for Iraq in February

Iraq surge could be model for Afghan war: US admiral

A need to downsize: Iraq contractor boosts staff as troops withdraw

Iraq Fails to Agree on Election Law: January vote may be delayed

Kirkuk oil may make or break Iraq's future

November 4, 2009


New Headline News Article

The ONE Prophecy Which Guarantees That America Will Not Suffer Total Economic Collapse Until God Mightily Judges Her With Fire

You never need to fear economic ruin rumors again. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Prophecy is very clear - America will not be economically devestated until she is destroyed by God's fire -- and the Illuminati Plan parallels this prophecy.

Breaking News

Top Dems: No Health Care Bill in 2009

Fed again pledges to hold rates at record-lows

ISM's service sector index grows again in October: Broad recovery creeps along

U.S. Stocks Extend Global Gain

Dejection fills Maine ballroom after gay marriage vote

Italian judge convicts 23 in CIA kidnap case

Today's News

I live without cash – and I manage just fine

U.S. pandemic options include crippling home modems

Maine voters latest to reject gay marriage

Oops: Airport Backscatter x-ray machines "tear apart DNA"

'Torture flight' plane spotted in Birmingham, England

Obama: A world of change in 287 days

Israel To Be Alone In The World

GOP victories send message to Democrats: Republicans win two governorships and call it a rebuke of Obama

Democrat wins long-held Republican seat in New York state: GOP was split during race

New Jersey goes Republican too, bad night for Democrats

New York City Mayor Bloomberg narrowly wins third term

It's The Economy, Stupid

Bill Clinton wishes he had left White House "in a coffin"


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' sequel stresses spiritual argument on climate

Al Gore Set To Become First “Carbon Billionaire”

Obama, EU Push for Climate Deal


Afghan policeman kills five British soldiers

Karzai Rival Says Afghan President Can't Fight Corruption - Questions his commitment to fight rampant corruption

Sales of Guns and Bullets Shoot Up Nationwide


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Buffett Bets Big on Railroad: Berkshire to Buy Burlington Northern for $26.3 Billion, in Long-Term Bullish Signal

Buffett's Deal Won't Be the Last Mega-Merger

More people now likely to invest with Buffett

Fed likely to keep key rate at record low to support recovery

US Stocks Set For Strong Start

October Retail Sales Expected to Show Gains: Shoppers are returning

Auto sales show industry beginning to stabilize

The New "S&L" Crisis: Bailouts for States Likely

German Econ Minister: GM Conduct "Unacceptable"

Oil falls to near $79 despite US crude supply drop

Time Warner beats profit expectations

Toyota pulling out of Formula One Racing to cut costs

The death of Japanese motorsport?

Former Scientology members tell of group's efforts to track them down

'US, Iran must move past suspicion': President Obama

Iranians Rally on Anniversary of American Embassy Takeover In 1979

Israeli - Palestinian War

US House Overwhelmingly Passes Resolution Critical of UN Goldstone Report on Gaza War

Clinton: US wants Israel settlement halt 'forever'

Palestinians downbeat despite US backtracking

Hillary Clinton should be fired - Arab Viewpoint

Clinton says peace talks must include Jerusalem

Found on vessel captured by IDF Special Forces: Over 60 tons of advanced weaponry, missiles sent by Iran to Syria and Hezbullah

PM: Seized Arms ship meant to hurt Israel's cities

Senior Officer Warns: New Hamas rockets a real threat on home front

Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama's czars



November 3, 2009


Twitter News

Israeli PM and Defense Minister Barack Travel To US To Create Draft Agreement To Establish A "Viable Palestinian State"

Today's News

EU expects return to full-year growth in 2010

Obama: Time to get to work on jobs

Kids will need two doses of H1N1 flu vaccine

Democrat's split over abortion imperils health bill

North Korea raises stakes in nuclear threat

Israel: There's no peace of the weak

A rest might be best in the Middle East

The Vietnam Moment: Obama's Afghanistan Decision Due

Is there anything Obama hasn't blamed Bush for?

New Headline News Article

Eliphas"Jennifer's Body" Movie Resurrecting The Satanic Demon-Vampire Lilith - For Popular Consumption

Conditioning For Antichrist Continues In Western Entertainment! "Antichrist cannot arise until and unless a significant proportion of the people are pre-conditioned to accept him" (New Age Author)

Lilith Is Satan's lover, as this image to the left reveals. This movie conditions people to accept values of Demonism!

This movie is simply a "Sign of the Times" event, pointing to the coming appearance of Antichrist.

Artificial scarcity and the anatomy of the 2009 swine flu pandemic: CFR plans ways to persuade people to get vaccination

Swine Flu, Mystery Virus Or Pure Hype: What Is Going On In Ukraine? Swine Flu epidemic, no epidemic at all, or new strain of virus?

Has Baxter International released a biological weapon in Ukraine?

China battles surge in swine flu

Do seasonal flu shots impede little kids' ability to fight off pandemic flu?


Russia's oil output reaches new post-Soviet high


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Barclays to create global retail banking group

Economist Brian Sack Engineers Big Moves at Fed

Fed to mull recovery, financial stability at policy meeting

Dollar holds steady ahead of Fed meeting

Oil slips below $78 as dollar strengthens

India buys half of IMF's gold for sale; who's next?

What are the stakes in the U.S.-China Yuan tussle?

Stock futures point to lower open on Wall Street

Global stocks fall on stimulus worries

3 strong economic reports lift recovery hopes

U.S. manufacturing sector grew in Oct

September pending home sales rise 6.1 percent

Ford surprises with $1B profit; sees profit in '11

Iran wants new nuclear fuel talks

Clinton Counters: Iran nuke deal won't change

Conservatives emboldened by moves in New York election

State elections an early test of Obama influence: Dems face possibility of big electoral setbacks a year after presidentail win

Virginia, New Jersey races may test Obama influence

Afghan leader President Karzai vows inclusive government

Israeli - Palestinian War

How Clinton's "180" on Israeli Settlements Changes the Peace Process

Clinton's Middle East message seems to misfire

Clinton walks back Israel settlements remarks: " 'What we are trying to achieve is a two state solution', Clinton said'

Defense Minister Barak: Israel working to advance peace

Arabs See U.S. Tilt to Israel

Barak and Netanyahu: Trip to USA for Drafting Agreement With the PA - To create a viable Palestinian State

Clinton says Obama is committed to Mideast peace

Arrest of Jewish terrorist raises questions

Israeli Intel Chief: Gaza rockets can reach metro Tel Aviv

Sanhedrin Warns UN: Goldstone Will Bring Judgment Upon You

U.K., France want Israel, PA to independently probe Goldstone war crimes claims

PM sides with conservatives, not Shas Party

Israel releases seven Hamas prisoners in 2 days

Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Chuck Hagel as Intelligence Aide

Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin's office: Infiltrated Golda Meir's PM Office on behalf of the Russian KGB

Right of Reply: Good reasons to be wary of Obamacare: Editorial, Jerusalem Post

GOP Senators Warn Sen. Boxer on Climate-Bill Strategy


Movember 2, 2009

Twitter News

Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines?

Breaking News


3 strong economic reports lift recovery hopes

U.S. manufacturing sector grew in Oct

September pending home sales rise 6.1 percent

Ford surprises with $1B profit; sees profit in '11

Other News

GOP Set to Propose Its Own Health Bill

Abbas to hold talks with Mitchell in Amman

Public school nurses give swine flu vaccine to kids without parents' OK: Shot sends child to hospital

Republicans eye "Obama revenge" in off-year elections

Today's News

Possible hidden hazards of mass vaccination against new influenza A/H1N1: Have cardiovascular risks been adequately weighed?

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Virus Vaccine Bombshell

Swine flu epidemic starts in Ukraine: Health Ministry

Steps Toward The American Police State are Always Tried-Out in Britain First

Iran says nuclear deal is not dead

Jimmy Carter Joins ‘The Elders’ in Istanbul to Tackle Climate Change

Hillary Clinton’s Praise of Netanyahu Signals New Tone in Peace Efforts

The Kim Jong-il that Bill Clinton met was a fake: North Korean dictator actually died in 2003

'Personhood' movement explodes in 32 states: Pro-lifers predict that Wildfire effort could be death blow to abortion in Obamacare

Congressional Budget Office Rebuts Pros, Cons of Public Option: Both sides are exaggerating

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA: A new model of the way the THz waves interact with DNA explains how the damage is done and why evidence has been so hard to gather

Now, we go live to a breaking sex scandal... rumours are now flying about a rampant 'culture of depravity' at the cable channel ESPN

Gay Porn publisher asked Jennings -- Head of office of Safe Schools -- for help: To write a book aimed at encouraging homosexuality in high schools and colleges

Fascist Global Economy Forming

CIT’s Bankruptcy May Help Bondholders: Will keep money flowing to bondholders and 1 million customers

Dollar Falls as Manufacturing Grows

Manufacturing in U.S. Probably Grew at Fastest Pace Since 2006

Diageo’s Walsh Sees ‘Slow’ Recovery as U.S., Europe Trail Asia

U.S. Stocks May Be Starting ‘Correction'

U.S. stock futures pointed to a solid open Monday

Goldman Looks to Buy Fannie Tax Credits

Simple Afghan mission turns deadly for seven U.S. soldiers

UN chief flies in to broker power-sharing deal in Afghanistan

Bomb Kills 33 in Pakistan's Garrison City

Iraq PM asks for U.N. inquiry into Baghdad bombings


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli MKs to submit assisted-suicide bill

Mofaz Plan: Palestinian State in temporary borders

Clinton Reasserts Her Role in U.S. Foreign Policy

Clinton calls Israeli concessions "unprecedented"

Clinton faces Arab ministers after backing Israel

Palestinians accuse U.S. of killing peace prospects

Palestinians reject Clinton proposal, then blame U.S., Israel: Deal would have quietly ended Jewish construction in strategic territories but Abbas refused

Echoing Palestinian officials, Jordan and Egypt express dismay at US about-turn on settlements

PM: Unprecedented prosperity among Palestinians

Obama's Opportunity to Speak Truth to Power: Arab Viewpoint

Did Black Panther make secret White House visit? Chairman gives no reason for his name on guest list


October 31 - November 1, 2009


Iranian Lawmakers Reject Nuclear Deal

Clinton Holding Mideast Peace Talks

Jerusalem must be capital of both Israel and Palestine: UN chief

Clinton ‘Broke the Ice’ With Pakistanis Angry Over U.S. Role

Department of Homeland Security Opens Cyber Security Center

GOP urges simpler, less expensive health care plan

Republicans warn: Rationing medicine has already begun

EU leaders fail to agree on how much climate aid to give

Blair prospects for EU Preidency 'fading'

A hateful hate-crimes law: Bill adds on extra penalties to violent crimes when it is deemed they were motivated by gender, sexual orientation or disabilities

What could it possibly mean that the penalty for the same act of violence – for murder – may be different depending on what might be deemed to be the motivation? Can you imagine a football game where the penalty for roughing the passer is 20 yards rather than 15 if the referee concludes that the violence perpetrated was motivated because the quarterback was homosexual?

We already have a Source that instructs against murder and to love your neighbor as yourself. But this has been banned from our schools and our public spaces. So once again, in what is becoming our God-less nation, we mistake the disease for the cure.

Obama to Lift US Ban on Entry of HIV Positive Travelers

Candidate Abdullah May Pull Out of Afghan Presidential Runoff

Afghanistan Strategy More Important Than Proposed Military Buildup: U.S. Ambassador

Former U.S. president Bush calls on India to support U.S. in Afghan war

Bomb kills seven soldiers in Pakistan

Tribal Chiefs term Hillary Clinton’s visit successful

U.S. Reportedly Rushes Aid for Pakistani Assaults on Taliban

Can Christianity Warm Up to Darwin? A growing movement supports the idea that we can have faith in both God and evolution


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Turkey to use national currencies in trade with Iran, China

Obama Cites Good Signs on Economy

Flat incomes, weak consumer spending raise concern

Chrysler offers buyouts to 23,000 factory workers

CEO Predicts: Chrysler profitable by 2011

More UAW locals vote no on Ford contract deal: Canadian union reaches tentative agreement with U.S. carmaker

China's billionaires live large during global crisis

Honduras deal thrown into doubt

Colombia and US sign military pact: Will expand the US military's exposure


Israeli - Palestinian War

Sec/State Clinton faces huge challenge in Mideast talks

Netanyahu meets with US Mideast envoy Mitchell before Clinton arrives

Clinton To Meet Abbas In Abu Dhabi

Abbas warns of 'religious war' if Israel's Jerusalem policies continue

Palestinians says no talks until Israel freezes settlement construction

US: Further security breaches can reignite Lebanon-Israel hostilities

No signs Israel planning immediate war: Lebanese FM

U.N. chief: Israel should consider Goldstone report

Israel envoy tells UN: Human Rights Council betrayed its own values

Ahmadinejad: Israel unhappy with Iran nuclear negotiations

Israel marks 14 years since Rabin assassination

Russia offers Ukraine aid in fighting swine flu

Saudis Try to Head Off Swine Flu Fears Before Hajj

Lethal Injection: Russian consumes 20% of all heroin in the world

History made as Chirac is told to stand corruption trial: Former French head of state accused of embezzling taxpayers' money to put political allies in non-existent posts

Palin Fires Back At Levi Johnston: After He Tells Maggie Rodriguez He's Hiding "Huge" Secrets About Her, She Says He's Telling "Attention-Getting Lies"

Detroit-area Islamic group probed: Seeks to establish an Islamic state within the United States


Iraq War Not Over Yet

US general warns of rise in Iraq violence

Baghdad attacks stir fears of Sunni violence

2 U.S. soldiers die of non-combat incidents in Iraq

Turkish FM in Iraq's Kurdistan

Turkey to open two more border crossings with Iraq

Iraq MPs fail to reach quorum for election law vote

Baghdad bombings raise political tensions

61 security members held over Baghdad bombs

Blackwater Iraq murders not forgotten yet: US judge rejects private military contractor's attempt to dismiss cases filed by Iraqi victims

Iraq war, torture return to haunt Blair: Tony Blair's stances towards Iraq, torture, and Bush blight his chances of becoming EU president

In Iraq's oil battle, Kirkuk is key

US would welcome 'profesional' Indian Army in Iraq and Afghanistan

U.S. Army Sending First Buddhist Chaplain to Iraq

'Girl Run Over For Being Too Westernised' - Killed by her Iraqi father

Is the Nabucco oil pipeline a part of Iran, Turkey gas deal?

Yemen's water crisis a Mideast warning: Sanaa may be the first capital city in the world to run out of water


Written for those who discern that things are not exactly as they seem

Author is former Satanist, now Born Again Christian

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