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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

November 16-31, 2009
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Climate Change: This Is The Worst Scandal of Our Generation

Raw Climate Change Data Dumped

Police arresting people “just for the DNA": To get their DNA profiles onto the system

Major Corporations Control European Union: Captains of Industry Write E.U.'s Script

Bloomberg reporter who sued the Fed has died

Trail leading to Pneumonic plague in Ukraine involved "chemtrails" or mysterious spray, fears of vaccine

Democrats expect healthcare overhaul to pass

Democrats in revolt over President Obama’s Afghan troop surge


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Oil prices dipped below $76 a barrel Monday

Holiday shopping off to mildly encouraging start

Stocks gain as retail sales counter Dubai crisis

Bank of America Can't Find Anyone Willing to Take CEO Job

Rothschild appointed to help sell Dubai World assets

Dubai business leaders, media say woes overblown

Dollar falls as UAE central bank moves steady nerves

UAE stocks tumble on Dubai woes; but Asia rebounds

US stock futures edge up; eyes on Dubai, retailers

Thanksgiving Sales Attract More Shoppers, Less Average Spending

Natural Gas Glut Overwhelms Speculators

Iran says sees little benefit from nuclear treaty

Iran says to build 10 new uranium enrichment sites

US study: Iran expands naval clout in Gulf

Russia vows quick completion of Iran atom plant

Police killed in 'ambush' outside US Air Force base: Shot execution style

Person of interest in police killings had life sentence commuted: 'Gov. Huckabee granted clemency to a disturbing number of people'

Obama prepares to announce Afghan surge: Between 30,000-35,000 more troops

Obama to set Aghanistan timeline

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT): Bring home Afghan troops

Obama Plan Must Help Speed Build-Up of Afghan Army: Senator Levin

Mother of All Decisions: If Obama escalates in Afghanistan, he'll set back progress on other fronts

President Obama is looking like former President George W. Bush with Afghanistan plan

Conservative rancher Porfirio Lobo wins post-coup Honduran presidential elections

Brazil not to recognize outcome of Honduras election: President Lula

Atlanta mayoral candidates appeal to gay vote

Players have dirty 'gay' sex in hit game: Trendy Christmas gift features characters naked, kissing in homosexual embrace - Note: An image in this story may be objectionable to some readers


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian National Authority denies intention to block Israel-Hamas prisoners swap

Palestinians urge US to raise pressure on Israel

Blair: 2-state solution or 'hell of a fight'

Legal Appeal Against Settlement Freeze: 'Gov’t Didn’t Approve It'

Israel's Netanyahu falls ill, delays Germany visit

Demjanjuk Holocaust Trial Begins in Munich

For One Man, Israel's Big Gas Find Is Bittersweet Victory

Israeli banks: Dubai crisis won't affect us

Fear and Loathing in Palestinian Authority over Temple Mount Link to Jews

White House 'gatecrashers' tied to terror sympathizer: Salahi served in same anti-Israel group as Obama's Palestinian professor pal

Appeals briefs scheduled in Obama eligibility challenge

Out with Jesus, in with 'Frosty the Snowman': Federal court upholds school district's ban on tunes about Christ


November 28-29, 2009


Momentum grows for Copenhagen climate deal

'Rigging' a Climate 'Consensus'

President Obama Can't Take Another Bow

Terrorist Attack Suspected in Russian Train Crash that Killed 25

'Israel aims to wipe out Palestinians': Chavez

Gold Price Will Collapse Like Oil Did in 2008: Charts

Poll: Americans no longer believe in health 'crisis'


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Abu Dhabi to aid neighbor Dubai on "case by case" basis

Dubai debt woes may hit U.S. property market

Banks, world leaders play down Dubai debt threat

Voter Anger Is Building Over Deficits

The Wall Street Journal Guide to ObamaCare

British defence secretary criticises Barack Obama over Afghanistan

Israel praises IAEA decision to censure Iran

Iranian lawmaker warns: Iran could leave nuclear treaty

Russia and China demand Iran halt secret nuclear site

Experts Say Swine Flu Mutations Do Not Warrant New Alarm

Mexico expects swine flu infections to peak at New Year


Israeli - Palestinian War

Book Calls Jewish People an ‘Invention’: Author candidly admits his goal was to undercut Jews’ claims to the land of Israel by demonstrating that they do not constitute “a people”

Arab Leader Azmi Bishara: There is No "Palestinian" Nation. Never Was!

West Bank settlement permits banned

Palestinians intensifies rhetorical attacks on settlement freeze

Tourism minister: I'll back development of West Bank tourist sites despite freeze - "Palestinians' reaction to moratorium 'proves they're obstacle to peace'

Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon: Today's UN wouldn't form Israel

Captured IDF soldier 'Schalit to be transfered to Egypt soon'

90 Fatah terrorists 'pardoned' to bolster Abbas

American Teaching plan: America is 'an oppressive hellhole'

Troops facing new IED dangers: Secret report says Taliban is making undetectable explosives

Judge: Christian's 'arranged' Islamic marriage invalid - Muslim father allegedly assaulted daughter after learning of her conversion

Denmark approves new police powers ahead of Copenhagen Summit

Who's to blame for Climategate? Publication of damning emails about climate change could literally change the world

Satellites to monitor countries for climate change compliance under Gordon Brown plan


November 27, 2009

November 25-26, 2009

Iran's Ahmadinejad: New World Being Formed

Obama issues special Hajj message to world's Muslims -- Critical Islamic Distiction vs Christianity

Another Prominent Scientist Calls "Climate-gate" Scientists "Criminals"

Drug resistant H1N1 no major change in virus-WHO

Obama, GOP Air Differences Over Jobs, Economy In Thanksgiving Addresses

Reid's Numbers Game: Will He Get His 60 Votes For Health Care?

Israel approves 28 new schools for West Bank settlements

Irish Catholic Church covered up clerical child sex abuse

Cuba conducts war games with U.S. invasion in mind

Cuba's Raul Castro crushes dissent like Fidel


Fascist Global Economy Forming

TARP, recovery and now … this!: Congress scrambles to write economic 'jobs stimulus' 3.0

Dubai seeks debt delay for flagship firms

Gold tumbles as Dubai triggers stampede to safety of Dollars

Indian Stocks, Rupee, Bonds Decline on Dubai Default Concern

Nikkei drops to below 9,100 on stronger yen, Dubai debt woes

Oil slides below $74 as Dubai woes roil markets

Investors show trust in Dubai

Japan may step in to weaken the rising yen: High-value Yen is harming Japanese economy

Toyota, Sony, Exporters Are on ’Edge of Cliff’ on Yen Surge

Putin in France for economic talks: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in France seeking greater French investment in Russian economy

Russia's central bank bought 15.6 tonnes of gold in October

European Consumer Confidence Improves to Highest in 14 Months

In nod to critics, Fed restricts stock ownership by regional directors in financial firms

100 suspects sought for Philippines massacre

Sexual Mutilation Alleged in Philippines Massacre: "Even the private parts of the women were shot at"


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians Reject Israeli Settlement Offer: To suspend further settlement activities for 10 months

Peace Now Exclaims: Settlement freeze 'a historic decision in the right direction'

Egypt: Israel must freeze construction in Jerusalem as well

Netanyahu keeps on giving: Settlement freeze, deal with Hamas latest examples of one-sided Israeli generosity

Israeli Official Explains: Freeze a gesture to US, not to Abbas

Finally, Israel gets it! It's clear now Obama, like the Muslim world, doesn't believe any Israeli territory is beyond dispute

Settlement Activists Compare Netanyahu to Pharaoh

What moratorium? Bibi is playing games again - Arab Editorial

Barak: Settlement halt will lead to renewed PA talks

Defense Minister Barak Tells IDF: Issue the order to freeze settlement construction

Hamas says 'tangible progress' is being made in prisoner swap

Obama appoints anti-Israel lobbyist to anti-Semitism post: 'J Street' pick hints Jewish state to blame for hatred against its people

What Sarah Palin is confiding to her 1,070,713 closest friends

Climate debate heats up Caribbean Commonwealth summit

Faltering Climate Deal Prodded by U.S. and China Pledges

Obama Hosts India's Singh for First State Visit

Couple Crashes White House State Dinner: Security Investigation Launched

Americans give thanks, see parades, feast in space

Iran censured over nuclear cover-up by UN watchdog

Iran confiscates rights lawyer's Nobel Peace medal

Adam Lambert furor spreads to gay community

'American Idol:' Adam Lambert wants to 'secure a future'

Good Morning American Cancels Lambert Interview

Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa Expected To Top Sales Charts

High school performs 'gay' musical on Thanksgiving: Students sing for public, 'Don't make noise, but Daddy's kissing boys'


What the ... ? Lou Dobbs wants to legalize illegals: Ex-CNN anchor suddenly champions amnesty, ripped as 'pathetic sellout'

Point Man on Detainees Quits: Leaving the Obama administration without a pivotal player as it seeks to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


November 25-26, 2009


Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria

EU 'prez' champions 'global management of planet'

China doesn't want "empty" Copenhagen deal

Obama ‘to announce 30,000 Afghan troop increase next week’

British Iraq Inquiry: Bush administration 'discussing regime change two full years before invasion'

ABC’s Alien Invasion Drama “V” Is Too Real for the Obama Administration

Adam Lambert's 'beyond contemptible' AMA show sparks 1,500 complaints: Warning - this article carries a picture which will offend you

President Obama to host first state dinner in huge tent

Wall Street Plays Hardball: Taxpayers are taking another hit as strapped local governments fork over billions in fees on investments gone bad

China expert warns of pandemic flu mutation

How Big Pharma Profits from Swine Flu

Dangerous Batch of H1N1 Vaccine Found: GlaxoSmithKline Tells Canadian Medical Staff not to Use Batch because it may Trigger Dangerous Allergies

Congress May Probe Leaked Global Warming E-Mails

Scientist: Leaked climate e-mails a distraction - 'Part of a smear campaign"

Global warming accelerates; Climategate rumbles on

Support Growing for Pot Legalization

Iran begins 4th day of military drill: Designed to protect her nuclear facilities against attack

Ahmadinejad: US and Israel 'don't have the courage' to attack Iran

Iran needs "objective guarantees" to send low-grade uranium abroad

China to invest $6.5b in Iran oil refineries

Iraq 'unable to hold election in January

Philippines 'poll massacre' toll hits 46


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's military, security providing protection for Palestinians' Abbas

Israel rejects to free 40 Palestinians, delaying prisoner exchange

Israel-Hamas prisoner swap talks enter critical stage

UN: Talks between Israel and Palestinians at 'deep and worrying impasse'

Defense Minister Barak: Hizbullah missiles larger, have bigger range than in 2006

Barak Warns: Israel to target Lebanon if Hezbollah escalates tension

Can Obama stand up to Israel? Editorial, Christian Science Monitor

Israel's pro-settlement soldiers worry leaders

Israel readying new arms to meet Iran challenge

Israeli pilots prepare to fight Iran's SAMs

Israel still wants own systems in F35 Fighter Plane

Palin Ignites New Debate On GOP Support For Israel

U.S. committed to civilian nuclear agreement with India: Obama




November 24, 2009


World Government Proclaimed! By President of the E.U.

Today's News

Obama to Announce Afghanistan Decision Within Days

Iraq inquiry told of 'clear' threat from Saddam Hussein: Official British inquiry gets underway

US President Obama to host summit with Indian PM Singh: Will be the first state reception of his presidency

U.S. to bring emissions cut target to Copenhagen talks

Price of global warming cuts may stop deal at U.N. meeting at Copenhagen Dec 7-18

WHO probing spread of drug-resistant Swine Flu

Swine Flu may be peaking in U.S.

Iraq national vote unlikely in January

Philippines Massacre Death Toll Rises to 46

Children's Rights Still Violated 20 Years After UN Convention

Bangkok Faces Grim Future as Waters Rise: Climate change eventually could help swamp the city


Fascist Global Economy Forming

HP triples stock buyback plan, profit up 14 percent

US Stock Futures Hold Steady Before GDP Data

U.S. Dollar no longer a one-way bet

Fed asks U.S. banks to submit TARP repayment plans

AIG's Rescue Bedevils U.S.

Banks Scramble as Debt Comes Due

As stock market surges, many can’t afford to hop back in

Early Holiday Spending Suggests Strong Season for TVs, Videogames

Reading between the lines of Palin's itinerary: She is sticking largely to Republican-friendly areas

Palin's former aide annoyed by portrayal in 'Going Rogue'

Palin book sells big in first week

Palin Draws Thousands to Book Signing at Fort Bragg

Going Rogue: An American Life - A Review

Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’: five not-to-miss tidbits


Israeli - Palestinian War

Deputy Defense Minister Vilnai Warns: Next war will be in all of Israel

Druze MK Warns: Don’t Trust UN ‘Doll’ Soldiers to Protest Israel from Hizbullah attack

Abbas: PA will not launch 3rd intifada

Hamas confirms progress on Schalit release

German FM Warns: Premature talk could jinx Shalit release deal

Next 2 days crucial for Shalit release deal

PM defends building in Gilo settlement to German FM

J Street not pro-Israel: New Jewish lobby distorting Middle East reality to fit its left-wing agenda

U.S. pitches unique F-35 radar-evading fighter jet to Israel

Iran official warns Russia of legal action over S-300 air defense systems

Iran says needs guarantees to ship nuclear fuel abroad

Iran launches war games to protect her nuclear sites

World Powers urge Iran to reconsider nuclear offer




November 23, 2009


Today's News

New EU President Rompuy announces 2009 as “first year of global governance”

Ben-Eliezer: Only the Right Wing can make peace with Palestinians

Another Extremist Conspiracy Theory? Elite’s Own Statements

Artificial Triple-Helixed DNA: Will It Trigger Unintended Consequences?

Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists

Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

Mutated Swine Flu Strains Block Drugs, Actually Worsen Illness

Batch of H1N1 vaccine recalled for severe reactions

LED Tattoos Could Turn Skin Into Video Screens

Researcher: Faint writing seen on Shroud of Turin


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stocks, Commodities Gain on Positive Global Growth Outlook: Dollar, Yen Decline

Dow at 13-month high

Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Probably Rose to a Two-Year High In October

Caterpillar Beating Komatsu as Dow Soars

U.S. home sales surge to highest level in 2 1/2 years

Shareholders demand Goldman bonuses: Investment bank under fire again as investors protest at record bonuses of $717,000 each

Fed rage boils over on Capitol Hill

What Congress has in store for the Federal Reserve: Plans to drastically curtail the power of the Fed

Escaping Taliban May Widen War as Pakistan Pays Cost

Pakistani forces attack Taliban in NW, kill 22

4 US service members die in Afghan attacks

Fort Hood unit that lost 4 in rampage is now heading to Afghanistan

Obama calls security meeting on Afghanistan: Convening his War Council

Naval forces junta planned to undermine AK Party with non-Muslim assassinations

Turkey gives Israel new ‘deadline' for Herons delivery: Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs

Kennedy dispute reveals abortion divide among Catholics

Gaps for consumers exist in Democrat health care bills

H1N1 influenza - A global illness (Official viewpoint)

Swine flu cases fall in U.S. but may rise with holiday travel

In Ukraine, H1N1 pandemic sets off panic and politicking: Fear pervades nation where government is mistrusted, health system is weak

CDC: H1N1 cases decrease

In the trenches on climate change, hostility among foes: Stolen e-mails reveal venomous feelings toward skeptics

Police: Facebook site may have led to beating of 12-year-old

Iraq Report: Secret papers reveal blunders and deliberate concealment

Iraqi child abduction called 'new form of terror' tactic

Israeli - Palestinian War

Status quo is dying: Israelis must choose: Palestinian state, or one bi-national state

Schalit's parents en route to J'lem to meet Israeli cabinet ministers

What price Schalit?

PM's brother-in-law urges him to quit if he signs prisoner release with Hamas

'Heavy' prisoners: We're on our way to freedom - Are about to be released in return for kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit

Hamas Using Shalit as Pawn for Fatah Unity

Abbas to postpone PA elections

NATO's No. 2 arrives in Israel for strategic talks

Rise in motivation to join IDF combat units

Alan Dershowitz slams Goldstone for 'spreading lies'

UN: Fight climate change with free condoms (NOTE: The insanity never stops)


November 21-22, 2009


Iran to hold war games to protect atom plants

The benefits of a nuclear Iran


Is President Obama About To Announce That Aliens and UFO's Are Real and Are Our Friends?

Aliens and UFO's are a key part of the New Age Agenda, for they are being used to explain away Biblical creation and cause hundreds of millions to lose their faith in Jesus. Also, a belief in UFO's and Aliens is essential for people to believe in Antichrist! This sudden bombardment of Alien/UFO stories, movies and TV shows in recent years may be yet another portent of the soon coming of Antichrist.

Might President Obama planning to use his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize as the global forum from which he will announce the existence of Aliens/Extraterrestrials? The world would never be the same again and we would know that the appearance of Antichrist is very close.

Today's News

Secrecy fears over India's largest citizen identity project: Creating massive database for its one billion citizens

Federal Court: Army Corps of Engineers liable for Katrina flooding

U.N. Official Seeks Global Action on Iran

Meet First EU President Herman van Rompuy

US Senator: Ft. Hood attack sure looks like terrorism

Levin: More troubling e-mails from Hasan

Nuclear fallout rocks Pakistan

Healthcare bill faces first Senate test on Saturday

Dems Seek Fundraising Boost in War With Palin

Five cities that will rise in the New Economy

Biblical anti-Obama slogan: Use of Psalm 109:8 funny or sinister? Psalms 109:8 says, 'Let his days be few; and let another take his office.' The citation is being passed around the Internet as a rallying cry against President Obama

Race to recreate Big Bang conditions reignited

Coca-Cola leads cheering section for 1-world climate change taxes: 100 companies push '16 days left to seal deal' on $10 trillion treaty

Suspected U.S. Drone Kills 8 in Pakistan

Militants change tack in Pakistan: Pakistani Army realizes it is chasing shadows

Egypt not to tolerate those who harm its people: Mubarak - his remarks came following the attacks on Egyptian citizens in Algeria and Sudan over a World Cup football match

UN official urges countries to learn from Cuba on children's protection: Cuba has best implemented the UN "Convention on the Rights of the Child"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Insists: I want final accord with Palestinian Authority

French FM Kouchner 'optimistic' after Israel visit: Impressed with Netanyahu's change of heart regarding Palestinian State

'US Knows Bibi Can Be Squeezed': Former Head of PM's Office

Poll: Most Israelis Want Obama to ‘Lay Off’ Israel

PNA (Palestinian National Authority ) rejects Israeli drafted peace plan

Rumored Successor to Abbas 'Would Be Death to Peace Process': Is militant

Lebanon army chief calls for high alert: To prepare for Israeli attack

U.S. official: Obama is the 'obstacle to peace': New York lawmaker lays cornerstone to expand Jewish neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem

Israel arrests 5 PNA intelligence officers

Fatah Central Committee member Barghouti urges PA to use 'resistance'

'PM wants Syria talks without delay'

Syria's Assad wants 'guarantee' of land return before starting peace talks with Israel

PM on Syrian channel: Turkey's Erdogan is not impartial mediator

Hundreds of haredim protest outside Intel offices in Jerusalem

Qassam terror rocket falls in Negev

President Clinton, you're wrong! Demography does not threaten Israel

US takes aim over Jordan's shoulder: Is a "the lynchpin" in the efforts to create a "peaceful central command region"


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Dell Shares Slump On Fears Of Being Left Behind In Global PC Market

Take Heed: Cisco Systems Sees Start of a Recovery

Obama says his trip to Asia helped build steps toward US economy's recovery

D.R. Horton sees 26 perecent spike in 4Q home orders

Stocks fall for 3rd day as Dollar strengthens

Ohio Files Suit Against Credit Raters - Alleging they gave inflated ratings to mortgage-backed securities to boost profits

Even Goldman's Largest Shareholders Are Getting Mad About Bonuses

Windows 7 sells twice as fast as past operating systems

Obama job approval rating drops under 50 percent

Democrats worry about damage from Obama agenda: 'Initiatives in Washington come with steep political price tag'

Hacked e-mails reveal global-warming fraud? Top climate scientists discuss hiding contrary data, marginalizing dissenters

President Obama On The Asian Highway

China's Hu and Obama seal real deals

America's new courtship for Southeast Asia - ASEAN IS Nation #9 in global reorganization plan

China: A need for strategic reassurance

Sodom in America: Is scheduled to vote on Dec. 1 to legalize same-sex marriage in America's capital city

Islam is not compatible with a republic: "Every Muslim is not a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim"

Afghanistan troop surge could be a slow rollout



November 20, 2009


Today's News

Herman Van Rompuy and Lady Ashton chosen to lead EU

Wall Street tax must be international: Pelosi

Some Courts Raise Bar on Reading Employee Email: Big Brother Is Watching!

Israeli Defiance

Suicide bomber kills 13 at market in Afghanistan

Pakistan worries over new U.S. Afghan strategy

Bank regulation bill delayed in House, Senate divided

Senate panel notes 'red flags galore' in Fort Hood attack

Obama may put Americans under world judges' power

Lou Dobbs mulls run for White House, Senate


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Dell bets on corporate spending for recovery

Dell demand pick ups "substantially" after Windows 7 launch

In oil markets, the future looks sour

Oil slips downward towards $77 as dollar gains

Stimulus-Jobs Tally in Doubt

House Attacks Fed, Treasury: Panel Votes for Tighter Political Rein on Central Bank

A push to simplify credit card 'gobbledygook'

Iran Rejects Enriching Uranium Abroad

U.S. Talks Tougher on Dealing With Iran

6 world powers meet about Iran nuclear issue

Brazil seeks mediation role as Ahmadinejad visits

Sen. Hatch Warns: 'Holy War' Coming Over 'Lousy' Health Care Bill

Giuliani leaning toward run for US Senate

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel conducting secret talks with Hamas: Abbas charges

Palestinians Say Israeli Building Move Could Kill Peace Process

Netanyahu hopes for final-status agreement with Abbas

Obama got carried away: Jewish Editorial

US-Israel Relations: Is there a crisis?

Netanyahu wants Syria talks without delay, preconditions

Sarah Palin: 'Jews need a place to live'

Israel minister headed to Turkey

Ethiopian Jews in Israel still await Promised Land

Human embryonic stem cells can be used to produce skin grafts

Leader of a 'Sunni Awakening Council' sentenced to death

Gates says Iraq withdrawal on schedule

Iraqi elections thrown off track

UN Chief hopes to further Iraq elections

Iraq's Kurds Threaten To Boycott Elections

13 bullet-riddled bodies found west of Baghdad: Gunmen were wearing army uniforms

KBR Seeks to Avoid Trial in Iraq Convoy Case (Again)

Military experiment seeks to predict Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

'Too early' for Afghan handover deadline: Gates

Senate passes benefits for vets' caregivers: For wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

"Going Rogue": The 18 Biggest Falsehoods In Palin's Book

Palin right, HuffPost wrong

GOP Officials Urge Candidates to Avoid Shrill Tone In Criticizing Obama

Obama Backs South Korea Free Trade Pact: Congress Remains Wary

65% of Americans expect Islamic terror strike within 6 months



November 19, 2009


VeriChip TV Ad Confirms Critics' Fears: They Want Everyone Implanted

VeriChip Buys "Steel Vault": Creating Micro-Chip Implant, Health Record/Credit Company

Hamas: Terrorism to Eliminate Israel is a 'Principle'

Climate Change belief given same legal status as religion

Plague or Plan? Ukraine's mystery disease 'burns out lungs'

"Genetic Hitchiking" (RBD D225G) in China and Australia Raise Ukraine Concerns

EU leaders to choose first full-time president

Senate health bill's cost at $849B

Deadline for closing Guantanamo prison to be missed: Obama admits

France, Iraq reach defense pacts on ordnance, personnel

NATO postpones conference on additional forces for Afghanistan

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Kabul, Afghanistan

Russia-EU summit repairs bilateral ties

Obama leaves Seoul, wrapping up four-nation Asia trip

Europe rises as the modest superpower

Blair’s last throw of the dice for EU presidency

Anybody-But-Blair Resonates as EU Picks President

Italy's Foreign Minister says "New Europe" needs a European Army

What will Europe president and foreign minister do?

Church of Scientology accused of torture and forced abortions: Australia

Church of Scientology convicted of fraud in France

Secret mission to expose L. Ron Hubbard as a fake

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peres and Barak: Small Palestinian State Now, Larger One Later

America speaks Arabic: US accepts Arab terminology in respect to Jerusalem neighborhoods

China joins world condemnation of East Jerusalem building plan

French FM Kouchner: Jerusalem Neighborhood is Not an Obstacle to Peace

Jerusalem Planning Over 5,000 New Housing Units for Arabs

Abbas: Mideast peace deal won't happen during my term

Rattling the Cage: Go for it, Abbas!

EU 'dismayed' by Israel's decision to expand Gilo settlement

Iran deplores Israel settlement expansion

Poll: What's the best solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict? Majority of Israelis want to transfer Palestinians to another Arab country!

Israeli warplanes target Rafah tunnels

Lebanon arrests another Israeli spy

California restricts energy-guzzling TV sets

Sex tape tips from Carrie Prejean: Hi, I made a sex tape! Eight, actually! And you can too! Praise the lord!


Fascist Global Economy Forming

OECD Doubles 2010 Global Growth Forecast, Recovery to Widen

US recovery seen outpacing Europe in 2010

'Different' Chrysler zeroes in on quality: Executive promises big gains by 2012

GM's $1.15B loss beats post-bankruptcy expectations: Better than expected results in 3rd quarter indicate firm stabilizing post-bankruptcy

GM targets Asia, China with headquarters in Shanghai: Analyst cites markets as 'locomotives of growth' in global sales

Oil falls to near $79 amid mixed economic signs

House Committee to Vote on Fed Audits in Test of Bernanke Clout

Stocks futures indicate lower opening

Obama warns of a 'double dip' recession

Iran brushes aside UN nuclear deal

Obama: Talks underway on Iran sanctions

Packing heat at Starbucks for all the world to see


November 18, 2009


Afghan quagmire negates US-Iran war over nuclear facilities

Largest Iraq bombing in two years may have been inside job

Iraq VP vetoes new election law: January's elections now in doubt

U.S. Army suicides set to hit new high in 2009

IBM announces advances toward a computer that works like a human brain

GOP: Zero support for Senate financial reform bill

Senator Reid Pushes Party Holdouts to Vote for Health-Care Bill Debate

Dems Feel the Heat over Abortion In Health Care Bill

Senate to Put Off Climate Bill Until Spring

Pastors to A/G Holder: Bible still condemns homosexuality - Christian leaders stage rally in front of Justice Department to protest 'hate crimes' law


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Goldman, Buffett Establish $500 Million Small-Business Program To Stimulate Hiring

New Derivatives Legislation Probably Written by J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs

Ocean Shipping Container Market to Grow Next Year, Rates May Rise

Obama, Hu Vow Cooperation Amid Divisions Over Trade

U.S. labor group unveils plan to tackle joblessness

Obama: Job creation not goal of Dec. 3 jobs forum

House Leaders Push for Jobs Bill

The right way to create jobs?

GM Said to Narrow Search for New Finance Chief to Two Outsiders

Small businesses paring back health insurance plans to counter escalating premium costs

China's Not the Disaster-in-the-Making You Think It Is

Falling U.S. Dollar: It's Lack of Demand, Not Rising Supply


Poll: Only 43% would vote for Obama now

6 reasons healthcare reform might fail in the Senate

How would government-run health insurance affect California?

Economists Tout Health Care Reform In Letter To Obama

House Health Bill Would Lower Medicare Payments, Report Finds

Mike Huckabee says Sarah Palin is the GOP's 'rock star' of politics

Big crowds expected as Palin kicks off book tour

Fact check: Palin's book goes 'rogue' on some facts

A/G Holder: Don't fear trial of 'coward' 9/11 plotter


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians seek EU support for independent state

Recognizing Palestinian State premature: EU

Palestinians, Israelis Threaten Each Other Over Unilateral Plans for Statehood

Netanyahu: No one to talk to on Palestinian side

Israel insists there is no crisis with US

'No one will limit Gilo construction': Settlement is in Southeastern Jerusalem

Israel dismisses U.S. anger at settlement plan

Palestinian state may have to be abandoned if Israel continues expanding settlements and if America does not stop it

French FM: Coming days are a test for Israel - Israel needs quickly to advance the peace process

Let down by Obama, Palestinians see few options

Former President Clinton Calls for Peace on Visit to Israel

Hamas-linked Gaza group offers bounty for capture of IDF troops


North Korea's nuclear plans cloud Obama meeting in Seoul

Obama admits Guantanamo won't close by Jan. deadline

US Officials: Terrorism in Africa's Sahel Region Increasing Concern

Bangkok Faces Grim Future as Waters Rise

Somali pirates get $3.3M ransom, free 36 hostages

EU to Train Somali Security Forces To Fight Piracy

Lawmakers ask IRS to investigate CAIR: Group's lobbying activity illegal, members of Congress believe

Radical Muslim Cleric Confirms Contact with Fort Hood Shooting Suspect

Major Hasan Dined with 'Jihad Hobbyist': Friend of Accused Shooter Called Himself "Extremist," Watched Al-Qaeda Videos

Army Plans Fort Hood Probe : Goal Is to Learn Whether Officials Failed to Heed Suspect's Troubling Behavior

Congressional news conference hails 5 million 'pink slips': Members say message in 5-foot high stacks in each office coming through

Congress Gets the 'Pink Slip': Video

Tampa, Florida, opens women's restroom doors to men



November 17, 2009


Mass Media As Enablers of Government Lies

Today's News

Is world uniting in Copenhagen? International climate treaty feared for impact on liberties

Million People Hit By Plague Worse Than Swine Flu - Western Ukraine

H1N1 "super flu" plague in Ukraine sparks concern, conspiracy theories about origins

Palestinians To Ask UN To Back Unilateral State Declaration

DARPA: Freeze Soldiers to Save Their Injured Brains

Defense Secretary Gates Blocks Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Photos


Swine Flu News

Why Millions of Americans Don't Need a Swine Flu Vaccine

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media

FDA Threatens to Seize All Natural Products that Dare to Mention H1N1 Swine Flu

Apple Patents Technology That Would Force Users to Interact with Ads

Nearly Empty Illinois Jail May House Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

Gitmo debate vexes Illinois town

Fascist Global Economy Forming

White House Backs Fed Oversight Role

Taiwan, China Sign Agreement on Financial Cooperation

Obama Arrives In China For His First Visit

Obama Urges China to Heed Commitment on Currency Appreciation

China: Stable Yuan Aided World Financial Stability

Asia Stocks Drop, Commodities Fall as Bernanke Sees Challenges

Gruebel Sets $14.9 Billion Profit Target for UBS as Global Markets Rebound



Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas: Palestinian independence has become a tangible reality

State Department: US opposes unilateral moves by Palestinian Authority

U.S. Senators: We will veto unilateral PA statehood call

EU against Palestinian state move

Analysis: Unilateral statehood hurts Palestine, not Israel

Ex-Palestinian PM: Turning to UN a legitimate option

The Palestinian Water Authority wouldn't last a day on its own

Groundwork for a third intifada is already laid

Jordan's king urges U.S. Jewish leaders to back two-state solution

Palin a hit in bookstores, less with voters

Who's more qualified to be president? More people say Clinton, not Palin

Morning Fix: The Palin index

Al Gore's Current TV Calls Sarah Palin a 'Gun-Ho' and a 'TWILF'

Sarah Palin: I Want to Play a Major Role in National Politics

Sarah Palin Says She Isn't Responsible for the GOP's Loss: Says She Was Told to Stay on Script During the Campaign

In Palin Tour, No Sign of 2012 Run

Obama: Probably no Afghanistan decision before late November

PM Brown defends UK Afghan mission

US unveils extended Bagram prison

New option for pay for health bill: Higher payroll taxes on the rich

Time Crunch Looms for Health Bill

Obama Calls for Fort Hood Review

Nigeria: FAO Organizes Summit On Food Security

UN Food Summit disappoints UN food chief

'Green' speakers: Obama adviser, Pentagon bomber

Muslims raid Christian worship service in Uganda: Analysts worry attack indicator of more violence

November 16, 2009


Copenhagen deal said to help boost climate fund flows

Frustrated Palestinians to appeal to UN for state

Unilateral PA steps will lead to unilateral Israeli moves: PM Netanyah

Israeli Biometric Database is Dangerous

Oil Tycoon: Our Troops Died ... We're "Entitled" to Sweet Contracts in Iraq!

Senate won't rush health bill: top Republican

Obama says al Qaeda still greatest threat to U.S.

Obama must rethink rethinking Afghanistan

Obesity in America linked to 'liquid Satan' from Iowa corn fields: High Fructose Corn Syrup

Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja: Iraqi former battle zone sees abnormal clusters of infant tumours and deformities - "chemical or radiation poisonings" -- NOTE: Depleted Uranium poisoning!


Stocks, commodities march higher: Upbeat economic data

GM to start repaying $6.7 billion U.S. government loan

Gunmen in army uniforms kill 12 Iraqi villagers

Moviegoers make date with disaster film '2012': Biggest opening for a non-franchise movie



Ft. Hood Shooting Tragedy

Hasan kept his inner life well-concealed: Signs of Fort Hood suspect's possible extremism were there, but most didn’t see them

American Muslims must stand up for America: Editorial

Misrepresenting the ideology of Islamic terrorists: Hateful, medievalist, supremacist, and genocidal ideologies, movements, and regimes have risen up from within the world's Muslim communities. They are waging a war against the West

UN summit approves new approach to hunger fight


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas to Palestinians: End Israeli occupation before declaring Palestinian state

Israeli Ministers stiffen positions toward unilateral Palestinian state

Would Israel accept a state-and-a-half solution?

Israel Unruffled by PA Threats To Unilaterally Declare Palestinian State

Mofaz’s left turn: Peace initiative presented by Mofaz marks start of his premiership campaign

Police Expel Jews South of Hevron; Illegal Arabs Untouched

Soldiers Escalate War Against Expulsion: "Nachshon (battalion) also does not expel Jews"

Failed Terror Attack at Jerusalem's Mughrabi Gate: In Old City of Jerusalem

Russia delays Iran's Bushehr nuclear power station

Egypt Warns of Iranian Maneuvers, While Tehran Cozies Up to Cairo

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