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November 1-15, 2010
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Saturday - Sunday, November 15, 2010

Democrats didn't lose the battle of 2010. They won it.

US to present Afghan pullout plan

British General: Cannot ever defeat al-Qaeda

Republicans eye reviving tax cut debate in 2012

Beck's bizarre, dangerous hit at Soros

Barak: Israel must reach deal with U.S. before Palestinians do

Israel ranked 14 in terror index, risk considered 'extreme'

America conducts subversive activities in friendly European countries

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World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama insists US not at war with Islam


Council on Foreign Relations panel advises Obama to scale back Afghan occupation

President Karzai Ready to Cut Back on American Boots on the Ground

US Dismay Over President Karzai Call For Diminished Role In Afghanistan

Wary of Taliban, Afghan mujahedeen ready for fight

NATO: 5 service members killed in Afghanistan


Sudan's President Al-Bashir troubled over Sudan vote

Sudan vote 'held up by donors'

North and south Sudan deal to ease referendum tension

Fresh Darfur clashes raise concerns


Aung San Suu Kyi aims for peaceful revolution

Burmese flee homes as tensions increase

Indonesia should review Myanmar’s elections: legislator

Corporate Junta


Twin car bombs detonate near prison complex in north Iraq, killing prison commander, bodyguard

Christians in Iraq: the determination to stay

Silence around Christian massacre troubling

Why Iraqi Christians Are Running Scared — in Sweden

Iraq has a new government but don't hold your breath

Sen. Graham Worried U.S. will 'Fumble the Ball in Iraq'


Somalia tops terrorism risk list, Yemen danger up

Somali Authority From The Barrel Of A Gun

Somalia wars leave Kenya camps bursting

Djibouti to Train 500 Somali Police Officers

Somalia, US, and the Dual-Track Letdown

Congressstarts "lame-duck" session

White House: No Permanent Tax Cut on Rich


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel intelligence official: Hamas rockets can reach Tel Aviv

Israeli Source: Cabinet likely to accept U.S. trade for settlement freeze

Few pointers in US "stealth" offer to Israel

Bluff and bluster over East Jerusalem

US deal would allow Israel some West Bank building

Israel 'risks chaos without peace', official warns

Israel Blames Egypt as Hamas Smuggles More Weapons

Israel Complains: Norway inciting against us

Dollar boosted by higher Treasury yields

TSA security officers flunk physics

Guess who ordered nude body scanners

TSA checkpoints: Real-life horrors

Geraldo Riveria Changes His Mind About 9/11 Attacks And Building 7's Collapse

Asia-Pacific Leaders Vow to Work for Freer Trade


Saturday - Sunday, November 13-14, 2010

Iraq's Allawi: power-sharing deal "is dead"- Predicted more violence

Israel can't afford to postpone Mideast 'peace' much longer

Chinese leader vows open trade, stable currency

Why world leaders smacked down Obama at G20 summit

Supreme Court Won't Block 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Growing backlash against TSA body scanners, pat-downs

Obama's deficit panel tells awful truth

Support grows at U.N. for death penalty halt

Updated LDS handbook softens language on gays

"Catholicism: Which 'Queen of Heaven' Are They Worshipping?"

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New DVD by Doc Marquis, 2-DVD Set, 4 Hours Long

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DVD #1 in this 'Mother of Harlots' Series is 'Catholicism: The
Church On Haunted Hill'
by former Satanist Bill Schnoebelen

Catholic bishops: More exorcists needed

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'


Nine years later, the Taliban have a message for West

Militants assault NATO base in eastern Afghanistan

Taliban mount series of attacks in Afghanistan - spike in violence could not come at a worse time for European NATO leaders

Influential panel says U.S. should cut troops in Afghanistan if no progress seen


Jihadist takeover in Pakistan "a real possibility"

Drawdown in Afghanistan and provide Pakistan free trade deal: Panel

Killed troops buried, terror concerns rise in Pakistan

Iraq - War Not Over yet!

No movement in Iraq after walkout

Mini-civil war in Iraq?

Iraqi Insurgents Battle for Dominance

Exposing Troops to a Carcinogen Is Not Part of Supporting the Troops

Vatican Responds to Attacks on Christians in Iraq

Iraq's disappearing Christians are Bush and Blair's legacy: Irony of the Iraq invasion is it may have wiped out their faith where other conquests failed


Feared rebel group sows terror in south Sudan breadbasket

Stakes high in Sudan secession referendum

U.N. council gets Sudan weapons report that infuriated China

Tropical disease kills 300 in Southern Sudan; more deaths expected from kala azar outbreak

Sudan Ruling Party Official Rejects Washington Meddling in Referendum


Send troops not navies to Somalia, says Uganda

Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi released

Events in the life of Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi

Police charge opposition activists in Bangladesh

Toll from volatile Indonesian volcano rises to 240

US lawmaker lifts hold on Lebanon military aid

After G-20 rancor, Pac Rim leaders push free trade

Obama’s Trade Strategy Runs Into Stiff Resistance

Japan, China leaders meet at APEC amid tensions

European Bonds Stabilize After a Nod of Support for Ireland

Alaska: Murkowski confident in re-election chances

Obama, GOP could meet halfway on foreign policy

Marine Corps celebrates 235th birthday

'Vampire Diaries' scoop: Tyler's full moon transformation

Large cardinals: maths shaken by the 'unprovable' - A shocking discovery has unsettled the world of numbers


Israeli - Palestinian War

Neighbors. Not a love story

Israel can't afford to postpone Mideast 'peace' much longer

Israel appears defiant, sensing Obama weakness

Egypt raises Sinai alert level over Gaza-bound terror squad

Israel military says air strike kills Gaza militant

Israel appears set to withdraw from Lebanese border town Ghajar, easing tensions

Israel, Balad Party Holds Memorial Rally For Arafat

Leadership struggle averted by House Democrats

Sarah Palin on TLC: Another candidate-in-waiting with a paid TV gig?

Obama may compromise on tax cut

Analysis: Outlook for U.S. dividend taxes looks brighter

Mysterious missile off California coast has many puzzled

Bush defends legacy

George Bush's Memoir: An American Tragedy




Wednesday, November 12, 2010


Catholic Author: Pope must act to heal wounds caused by clerical pedophilia

Palestinians: It's time to recognize their state

New Body Scanners to Store Biometrics

Elections Put Pro-Israel Neo-Cons Back on Top: Editorial - More Pro-Israel policies forthcoming

EU President Van Rompuy Declares National Sovereignty Dead

Federal tax-cut deal gains steam

Obama: 'Hard-won consensus' at G-20

New GOP governors will affect health law


Roman Catholic Sex Abuse News

Suspect turns case against priest: Plans to use his trial to publicly shame the Rev. Jerold Lindner in court

New Brunswick Catholic diocese seeks to pay sex abuse victims from training fund

The Truth behind the Catholic Church: Priests live a "free and open lifestyle"

Church sex abuse victims urged to be more militant

Catholic author says Pope must act to heal wounds caused by clerical pedophilia

Catholic Church sex abuse documents made public: 10,000 pages of litigation-related paperwork reveal the Diocese of San Diego's disturbing history

Sex Abuse Victims Want Public to Read San Diego Diocese Files

Diocese’s appeal bid on abuse ruling fails: Found accountable for the claims of up to 170 victims

Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Rally At Vatican

Police Block Sex-Abuse Victims at Vatican

Cisco Options Trading Jumps to a Record on Bets the Shares Will Rebound

European Leaders Try to Stem Bond Rout as G-20 Leaders Discuss Irish Debt

G20 leaders claim 'big progress'

FDIC prepares to crack down on officials of failed banks

Critics divided over latest Harry Potter movie

Glenn Beck Says Government Will Stage False Flag Terror to Discredit Opposition

Staged Government Terror: An Open Admission Within The British House of Lords


Israeli - Palestinian War

Is Hezbollah About To Take Over Lebanon?

Palestinians: It's time to recognize their state

Efforts heat up for Israeli settlement freeze

US and Israel discuss security

US-Israel talks fail to make headway

Egypt: Police bust anti-Israel terrorist cell

Israel tells its citizens to leave Egyptian Sinai, cites kidnapping threat from 'Army of Islam'

Netanyahu exploited his U.S. trip to embarass Obama

Hizbullah: We are ready for another war with Israel

Robert Fisk: How Lebanon can't escape the shadow of Hariri's murder

Five years comatose, Israel's Sharon taken home

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama insists US not at war with Islam


McClatchy: Obama to Renege on Afghan Drawdown

Foreign Policy: Bait And Switch In Afghanistan

Loved ones to bury soldier killed in Afghanistan

Attacks strain trust between US, Afghan forces

Caught on Tape: Did Afghan Warlord Sway Elections?


Iraq political pact heralds new political era

Walkout As Iraq Power Sharing Deal Agreed: Illustrating the deep mistrust which remains between the two sides

Obama hails Iraq 'milestone' after power-sharing deal

US Secretary of State Clinton hails Iraq power-sharing deal

Nelson Mandela was dismayed when "small man" Bush invaded Iraq

Goodbye To Iraq’s Christians – And To Me

Christian areas targeted in deadly Baghdad attacks


'Obama is not going to mollycoddle Pakistan any longer': Indian minister

Taliban says Pakistan presidency is next target

Truck bombing shakes Pakistan's biggest city

Pakistan's bomb fatigue has set in

Pakistani Taliban makes blast claim

U.S. drone attack kills 6 in Pakistan tribal area

Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan


Scared southern Sudanese flee the north to vote

Out of sticks, US offers Sudan a carrot to let South Sudan secede

EU sends observers to monitor Sudan registration for referendum

United Nations agrees to back AU peace efforts in Sudan

Fighting on the rise in Darfur ahead of south Sudan vote

S. Sudan accuses north of provocation to break ceasefire

Obama set to escalate secret war in Yemen

Bomb explodes next to Yemen ruling party building

Yemen Qaeda Commanders Come through Iran – Kuwaiti Paper

U.S. to use more drones to hunt for al Qaeda in Yemen


Photos allege Sri Lanka massacre

Tunisia: 23 jailed for terrorism charges

Cholera Cases in Haiti May be Grossly Underestimated

Haitian anger over cholera response

UN appeals for $164M to combat Haiti cholera outbreak as death toll reaches 724

Palin Goes Out On Cultural Limb To Promote Herself

Supercomputers 'will fit in a sugar cube': IBM



Wednesday, November 11, 2010

When Will U.S. Leaders Confess To The American People That America Carries Out False-Flag Attacks As Part of Its Foreign Policy?

Most travelers OK with TSA full-body scanners: "Sheeple" ready to be sheared!

Mexican Cartel Offers to Dissolve Itself in Return for Protection

Major General Nick Carter gives devastating assessment of Afghanistan war effort

FBI appoints new counterterrorism division chief

Obama acknowledges decline of US dominance

Deficit Plan Pits $3.8 Trillion Math Against Politics

China: G20 should monitor US Fed

Bombshell: FEMA Camps Confirmed

Amazon.com title defending pedophilia sparks boycott call

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama insists US not at war with Islam


Iraqi PM to stay on as political deadlock ends

Iraq's Christians terrorized by wave of bombings

FORMER GERMAN chancellor Gerhard Schröder rejects Bush assertion he initially backed US-led war on Iraq


Audio recording reveals vote rigging in Afghan parliamentary election

Blazing The Bumpy Road To Peace In Afghanistan

''No military solution for Afghanistan'': Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles

U.S. Tweaks Message on Troops in Afghanistan: Will stay until at least the end of 2014

Canadian troops to stay in Afghanistan


US missile salvo kills six in Pakistan

U.S. national arrested in Pakistan for having illegal bullets

Pakistan slams US support for Indian UN seat


Azerbaijan Rejects International Criticism Of Elections

Fighting despair in Haiti: Recovery and reconstruction moving far too slow

California's deficit balloons to over $25 billion

U.S. Debt Proposal Would Cut Social Security, Taxes, Medicare

China says G20 should monitor US Fed

G20 struggles to find common ground on disputes

Obama: Free Trade agreement with S.Korea is weeks away

Rumblings of inflation grow louder

Cisco profit rises, but outlook sinks stock

Poverty surging in U.S. suburbs

Germany, Japan fume at Obama's UN nod in favor of India

Write-in ballot count begins in Alaska Senate race

New cigarette warning labels to be graphic

Most travelers OK with TSA full-body scanners: "Sheeple" ready to be sheared!

Flight Attendants Outraged Over Intrusive Patdowns

TSA Forces elderly Mother in Wheelchair to Tears with “Enhanced Patdown”

Israeli - Palestinian War

PA to UN: 'Bring Israel into compliance with int'l law'

Clinton To Meet With Israel's Netanyahu

Gun fire from Gaza hits Israeli kibbutz

Palestinians remember Arafat six years later

U.S. to store another $400m worth of emergency military equipment in Israel

Egypt aided Israel's assassination of top Gaza militant

Lieberman: Israel shouldn't pursue peace talks with Syria

It's about to get more complicated for town on Israel-Lebanon border

Israel drops plan to hike royalties on gas fields

Honor our newest veterans by paying more heed to the two wars that produced them


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Soros group wants Obama to rule by executive order

Pennsylvania Homeland Security office engaged in domestic surveillance, compared political groups to AlQaeda

Drone Surveillance Program Targeting American

China says G20 should monitor US Fe

Former British intelligence chairman all but calls Bush liar, says waterboarding didn’t stop terror plot

Rand Paul: Thought Crime USA

Cookie monsters: browser beware as political websites plant spy devices

US Rejects UN Death Penalty Proposal

New Headline News Article

"Elections 2010 - Analysis"

The 2010 midterm elections were the first salvo fired for the 2012 election! Conservatives will be frustrated greatly during the next 2 years and will be told that, in order to complete the overthrow of Obama Liberalism, they must win the White House and the Senate in 2012!

Deliberate Frustration will be the order of the day for Conservatives during the next 2 years! https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2432.cfm

Election Aftermath News

Neocon Senator Says Obama’s 2012 Chance Tied to War

Tea-party push for black candidates sends 2 to D.C.

Homeschooled campaigner heads to Congress

Did the Democrats' Loss of Faith Lose Them the House?

Grief counseling after the wipeout

Bad news Democrats _ 2012 could be worse than 2010

Maine's Snowe next 'tea party' target?

Write-in ballot count begins Wednesday in Alaska's Senate race

If Palin runs for presidency, it will be 'to win it'

GOP 2012 Contenders: An Inside View from Iowa

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'


At home in Indonesia, Obama reaches out to Muslims

Obama Cuts Indonesia Trip Short

In Indonesia, Obama hits Israel on new settlement building


Feds Employed Mumbai Plotter in Pakistan, Despite Warnings from Ex-Girlfriend

Bush faults Pakistan on extremism

Musharraf: Obama Overlooked Pakistan

Obama has made a ‘mess of relations’ with Pakistan: Bush

The West Must Excise the Cancer of Terrorism in Pakistan -- or Brace for Failure


US takes on violent Afghan valley that bled Brits

Dogs on 'hunt and kill' missions against Taliban

Both Pakistan and India have role in Afghanistan: US

‘US won't leave Afghanistan at mercy of Taliban’

US eyes strategy for Afghanistan transition, withdrawal

White House moves away from 2011 Afghanistan withdrawal timeline

Afghanistan: How Well Is the U.S. Really Doing in Kandahar?


Why Hasn't Yemen Hunted Down Anwar al-Awlaki?

Yemen wants much more US aid to fight terrorism

Limited US Options in Yemen Raise Saudi Role

US military action will not help in Yemen


Hopes dim for Iraq govt deal as leaders stay away from talks

PM cautions against open door to Iraq Christian immigration


Myanmar elections neither free nor fair: Obama

Myanmar vote lauded


Alternative to Abyei referendum in Sudan may be option: US

Sudan referendum may not lead to war

South Sudan interior minister visits Jonglei to assess referendum security

JEM Suffers Major Setback, Prominent Commanders Break Away,

Children in war: the lost millions looking for a voice


Kidnapping of Cdn and other oil workers in Nigeria may signal renewed militancy

Nigeria: Police arrest 23 more suspected members of radical Muslim sect in northern Nigeria

Report slams U.S. effort to curb Mexico gun trade

Drug war violence keeps city, visitors on edge

Mexico's Lost Youth: Generation Narco

Indonesian Volcano Has Killed 153 So Far, Earthquake Jolts Region Too

Ash explosions typical of Bulusan Volcano's activity

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Confronts Anti-Israel Propaganda in U.S.

President Obama 'concerned' over Benjamin Netanyahu's plan

Israel’s defense spending will increase if peace achieved

Bush: Israel made up for Lebanon with Syria strike

Kerry to Turkey: Make up with Israel to resume Mideast role

Controversial author speaks at Kristallnacht rite

IDF: Hezbollah refused Hamas request to bomb Israel during Gaza war

Cholera takes a feared turn in Haiti

Australia monitors Papua New Guinea's cholera outbreak

Dengue fever hits more than 1,000 Taiwan residents in SE China

35 new dengue cases in Delhi

Dengue fever patients exceed 6000 - Pakistan


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today's News

Private Security Continues to Invade American Towns

TSA Gone Wild: Airport Thugs Are Out Of Control

Obama Says ‘There Is Going To Be A Tug-Of-War Within The United States Between Those Who See Globalization As A Threat And Those Who Accept’ It

Regular citizens have big security role: Napolitano

Russian activist disappears after exposing vaccination plans for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Look out, your medicine is watching you

Prosecutor to probe US surveillance in Sweden

Euthanasia bill needed for healthy democracy - Australia

Indictment: Somali gangs trafficked girls for sex

Arrests Made In Child Sex Trade

CIA Requires Secrecy To Cover Up Crimes That Killed Millions

New Headline News Article

"Elections 2010 - Analysis"

The 2010 midterm elections were the first salvo fired for the 2012 election! Conservatives will be frustrated greatly during the next 2 years and will be told that, in order to complete the overthrow of Obama Liberalism, they must win the White House and the Senate in 2012!

Deliberate Frustration will be the order of the day for Conservatives during the next 2 years! https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2432.cfm

Pope calls his cardinals to Rome for sex-abuse summit

Chilean federal police investigating Catholic priest in sex abuse case

Five Anglican bishops to join Catholic Church

Election Aftermath News

Joe Miller says he has 'cautious optimism' about Alaska Senate race

2010: An Aligning Election

Republicans May Yet Have Upper Hand in Senate

GOP leaders, beware the newcomers

Poll: Hillary Would Crush Obama

GOP Rep. Bachus: 'Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate'

DUNN: Hell hath no fury like a Palin scorned

GOP's 'Sweet' Wins In Governors' Races May Pay Off

Texas governor handicaps 2012 field

Obama, GOP Leave Door Open To Tax Compromise

Has GOP won enough power to pass its agenda?

President Obama compares his health care plan to Romney’s

Rubio and the 2012 Latino vote

Hispanic vote a 2012 wild card

GOP's Pence to decide on 2012 bid after new year

Pentagon openings give Obama new options

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'


Obama boosts India for 'rightful place in world'

U.S. warned India of threats in 2008, not of Headley

Obama visit ends, a win-win for both sides


Pakistan not doing enough in war against terrorism: Kabul

CIA Carries Out Twin Airstrikes on Jihadist Targets in Pakistan, 14 Terrorists Killed Including 5 “Foreigners”…


NATO Says 900 Trainers Needed For Afghan Forces

Two more Marines from Camp Pendleton killed in Afghanistan

Afghanistan can defend itself by 2014, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Adm. Mike Mullen say

US ready for the long haul in Afghanistan


Radical Yemen Cleric: No Fatwa Needed to Kill Americans

US Military Drones Over Yemen

White House considers Yemen drone strikes, officials say

EU may create 'not so clean' airport list

Yemen poses dilemma over intervention

Awlaqi's father mounts legal challenge to CIA 'kill list'


Eight months without a government. Can Iraq's leaders finally do a deal?

Car bombs in Shiite south Iraq kill at least 28

Iran role wanes in Iraq: US officer


Myanmar elections lacked transparency: UN

What next in Myanmar?

Thailand Seeks to Return 15,000 Myanmar Minorities Who Fled After Election

Thousands flee Myanmar after historic election turns violent

Obama Questions India's Silence On Myanmar


U.S. makes conditional offer for improved relations with Sudan

Fighting on the rise in Darfur ahead of south Sudan vote

Small Darfur rebel group to help Sudan fight arms smuggling along border with Chad

Sudan Ruling Party Official Rejects Washington Meddling in Referendum

Ban Ki-moon tells South Sudanese political groups to not risk stalling south Sudan referendum

Ethiopia PM, U.S. Senator hold talks on South Sudan referendum

Southern Sudan: towards the birth of a new nation?


2 Americans among those kidnapped in raid on Nigerian oil rig

Alleged members of feared Muslim sect attempt to kill local leader in northern Nigeria

The Most Dangerous Place On Earth: The Brutal Drug War Raging On The U.S. Border

U.S. should intervene in Mexico drug war

Dismembered bodies, warped minds

More violence feared in Mexico following killing of Gulf cartel kingpin

Massive Mexican Gun War Shuts Down Some of TX Border

Philippines warns locals near ash, steam spewing Mt. Bulusan

Death toll from 2 weeks of eruptions at Indonesia's most volatile volcano rises to 153

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. "deeply disappointed" with Israel's new settlement plan

Kuwaiti paper calls for 'unconditional' talks with Israel

A challenge in Rahat

Canada will stand with Israel, Harper says

Amid controversy, Ariel theater opens with sold-out show

The Region: Is Obama a pragmatic politician or ideologue?

Epidemics around the World

Flooding Raises New Cholera Fears in Haiti

PNG cholera outbreak reaches Torres Strait

Cholera outbreak kills 16 in Zimbabwe

Blood shortage hits dengue patients

Malaria threat looms large in Rwanda as rainfall diminishes

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's News

Gates, Obama urge repeal of military's gay ban

Georgia details nuclear smuggling

Olbermann funded co-chair of 'Marxist-socialist' bloc

Clintonite: Obama Needs OKC Bombing to “Reconnect with the American People”

Calif borrows $40M a day to pay unemployment

Protesters Rally in Seoul Ahead of G-20 Summit

Scenarios: Can G20 make FX, trade progress in Seoul and beyond?

New Ways Bankers Are Spying on You

New Headline News Article

"Elections 2010 - Analysis"

The 2010 midterm elections were the first salvo fired for the 2012 election! Conservatives will be frustrated greatly during the next 2 years and will be told that, in order to complete the overthrow of Obama Liberalism, they must win the White House and the Senate in 2012!

Deliberate Frustration will be the order of the day for Conservatives during the next 2 years! https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2432.cfm

Scientists turn skin into blood

Hell, who's joining me? (Catholic Sex Abuse)

Election Aftermath News

Wisconsin Evokes Democrats' Dilemma

Republicans in charge take aim at health overhaul

Obama: Weak economy drove U.S. election outcome

Obama's foreign policy headache after mid-term losses

Obama's body is in India, but mind in Washington

No Shelter Offshore for Obama

Battles Loom Over Tax Breaks, Spending Cuts

Republicans Control House, Democrats Face Gridlocks

Tea Party Will Test GOP Unity

Murkowski acts like victor but questions linger

Romney gets ready for 2012

House Democrats could have same leadership team despite 60-seat loss

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'


Obama broaches delicate question of relations between India and Pakistan

India, creator of US jobs

Geithner stresses U.S.-India trade ties

U.S. policy in Pakistan questioned

While in India, Obama Ignores Pakistan and Kashmir at His Peril


Pakistan drone attacks kill '13 militants'

Toll in Pakistan mosque bombings reaches 90

D.E.A. Deployed Mumbai Plotter Despite Warning


U.S. concerns grow as militants move bases along Pakistan border

Some Skeptics Questioning Rosy Reports on War Zone

Afghan review backs U.S. plan despite violence

Hundreds in Afghanistan Stage Post-Election Protest


US drones hunt Yemen militants

Yemen orders troops to 'forcibly arrest' Al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

US to aid Yemen in al Qaida fight


Church leader calls for Christians to leave Iraq after brutal attack

Power-sharing deal in Iraq

At least 3 killed in Iraq violence

Car bombs wound 27 civilians in Iraq's northern Kirkuk city, police say


Slim hope for change in 1st Myanmar vote since '90

Myanmar army-backed parties set to sweep rare poll

Fighting on Thai-Myanmar border spills over into Thailand


US offers to remove Sudan early from state terror list

Referendum Dispute in Sudan's Abyei Region Threatens U.S.-Brokered Peace

Sudan: UN Humanitarian Chief Urges Better Protection of Civilians in South Sudan

UN rejects south Sudan calls for peacekeepers

Rebel group sows terror in south Sudan breadbasket

Sudanese President, Darfur mediators discuss outstanding issues in Doha talks

Sudanese army attack JEM rebels near Chadian border


Cuba Hits Deadline to Release Political Prisoners

No hope now for change in United States' stance towards Cuba


Libyan Security Forces Detain 10 Journalists

Libya asks U.S. diplomat to leave its territory


Obama offers US support for Mexico in drug war

Gunmen block roads after Mexican drug lord killed

Is Mexican instability a threat to the United States?

20 killed over weekend in Mexican border city

Drug cartels disrupt basic services in Mexico

Philippine volcano shoots ash

Flood, landslides kill 13 in Philippines

Moderate 5.7-magnitude earthquake hits Japan

Cholera-carrying river in Haiti expected to overflow following heavy rain from Hurricane Tomas

Israeli - Palestinian War

Vice President Biden Pledges Unwavering Support for Israel

Israel's Netanyahu Asks Biden to Pressure Iran Harder Over Nuclear Program

Israel gave settlers land deals in J'lem Arab neighborhoods

Israel to quit part of village on Lebanese border

West Bank most-wanted terrorist list has dwindled to almost nil

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza

A correct emphasis

Rock throwers protest razing of Bedouin mosque

Epidemics around the World

Hurricane Tomas worsen cholera epidemic in Haiti

Cholera Spreading North in Haiti

Cholera On The Rise In Nigeria

167 dengue patients under treatment in city hospitals - Pakistan

212 fresh cases of dengue reported in Punjab - Pakistan

Dengue fever at epidemic levels in Puerto Rico, where surfer Andy Irons had just visited

Pond raises dengue fears - Trinidad

Malaria outbreak among indigenous Amazonians kills 17

Saturday-Sunday, November 6-7, 2010

Today's News

Bush Defends Waterboarding Torture: 'D**n right'

Pot Prohibition Is the Cornerstone of a Police State

TSA Fondles Women and Children Refusing Airport Naked Body Scanners

Tea Party complicated GOP Senate math

The meteoric rise of the tea party -- and the limits of its power

Obama Begins Asian Economic Trip

ObamaCare, a Catastrophic 'Success'

Privacy advocates fear massive fed health database

Hiring Spurt in October Eases Jobs Crisis a Bit

Election Aftermath News

What the New Congress Means for Markets: Pledge For America

Mid-term poll in United States: Real setback for President Obama

The meteoric rise of the tea party -- and the limits of its power

Americans wake up and smell the tea

Republican women gain in Congress, but women overall may lose ground

Pelosi is running for House Democratic leader. Is that a mistake?

Pelosi's unfinished business

Big post-election shakeup at White House appears unlikely

Ford, GM aid both Dems, GOP

2012 Senate battle already under way

Obama signals may compromise on Bush-era tax cuts

Hillary Clinton rules out presidential run through 2016

Why the midterms weren't a referendum on Obama’s Middle East policy

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama, arriving in India, visits site of Mumbai attacks

Obama: US and India ‘United’ Against Terrorism

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit

Deadly bombings in Pakistan target mosques, killing more than 70 worshippers

Afghan Soldier May Have Killed NATO Troops

"Al-Qaida" Claims Yemen Mail Bomb Plot

Why Was Yemen The Target For Latest "False Flag" Attack?

Resurgent al-Qaida threatens Christians in Iraq with 'destruction'

Systematic abuse at ‘UK’s Abu Ghraib’ revealed: Video shows brutal mistreatment of Iraqi inmates

Burma Set for Elections: Military to Stay in Power but Opposition May get a Voice

3 Russian pilots kidnapped in Darfur

New Mt. Merapi eruption in Indonesia raises death toll into triple digits

Haiti prime minister warns of triple disaster as hurricane Tomas hits

Vaccination rates fall among better educated families even while CDC keeps pushing vaccine quackery

Ex-officer gets minimum in Oakland killing

Oakland police chief: Protesters 'tearing up' the city

Mexican Drug baron killed in shootout with marines

Strange, blobaceous 'alien pod' lifeform found in Virginian lake: Authoritative boffins: 'It's a UFO all right'

Economic News

Stocks post only meager gains despite strong jobs news

APEC Opposes Currency Devaluations as China Eases Fed Response

China Says Federal Reserve’s Move to Buy Government Bonds May Hurt Other Countries

Why IBM Is Buying Back So Many of Its Shares: Spending billions of dollars

Fannie Mae asks for $2.5 billion in new US aid

Military ready for war in cyberspace

Gulf still loaded with chemicals, but FDA says seafood safe to eat

Canada Declares BPA Toxic. Why Isn’t the US Following Suit?

Obama Doesn’t Rule Out Bypassing Congress and Using EPA Regulations to Cap Carbon Emissions

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel is right to be concerned: About possible arrests of its leaders when they land in Great Britain

UK reassures Israel on arrest fears: Foreign minister says officials need not fear prosecution for alleged war crimes while in Britain

Netanyahu heads to US after Republican victory

Mideast peace still a priority for Obama, U.S. says

Palestinian Negotiator Wants Obama to Back Statehood If Talks Fail

Saudi Prince Says No Israeli Relations Until 1967 Borders Restored

Israel won't welcome U.N. heritage site preservation group

Gaza rocket hits Israel, no casualties

Log Cabin Republicans Asks Supreme Court to Review ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Friday, November 5, 2010


Bill Gates Funds Approval of GM Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

Privacy advocates fear massive fed health database

Welcome to the decade of smart

BofA, Caterpillar Lead Dow's Surge

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

Tunnel for Obama near Mani Bhavan

Election Results

Leadership shuffle in Congress? The drama is all on the winning side.

Obama invites GOP leaders to meet on jobs, tax cuts

Conn. Governor's race remains a cliffhanger

Bag of Uncounted Ballots Found in Bridgeport

Tea party favorite claims victory in U.S. House race — but nothing settled yet

Four undecided congressional races in Dixie

Murkowski acts like victor but questions linger

Official: Write-in votes for Joe Miller will count

Tea party bites 'Marxist-socialist bloc'

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

How much of a difference-maker is Palin?

Sarah Palin advert: A moment of advertising genius

Republicans blame Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint for losing Senate

Poll: GOP candidates top Obama in hypothetical 2012 race

Hensarling faces tea party challenge for leadership post

Beck backs Bachmann in House leadership race

Tea Party, Obama Could Make for Strange Bedfellows on Afghanistan War

DeMint Pleased With Election, Prefers to Work 'Outside of the Elected Leadership'

Tea Party Influence in 2010 Midterm Elections

Spaniards protest against Pope's Visit

Catholic Church -- Blasphemy as a Way of Life

We need a new Catholic reformation

A Mass Grave and Huge Marijuana Seizure Gives Mexico's Drug War a Bad Day

Six Americans killed in Mexico's drug war city

(Undeclared) War on Drugs in Mexico

Israeli - Palestinian War

Shin Bet confirms killing terrorist in Gaza car bomb

IDF spokeswoman completely denies hinting Israel coordinated Gaza hit with Washington

Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Iran Will Bomb Israel

Abbas: Israel building ferociously in Jerusalem

Abbas: PA won't share security powers with Hamas

Cooperation with UNESCO only partially suspended

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"


Ahead of Obama's visit, US imposes sanctions against Pakistan terror groups

Pakistan unfazed by Obama's statement on India

Drones Push Taliban From a Pakistani Haven

Fears of renewed militancy over Kashmir issue

Pakistan will obtain civil nuclear technology from US


Bombing Yemen

Washington expands Yemen operations, ‘security’ checks

Yemen car bomb kills 2, injures 23


Iraq ex-premier sees security deteriorating amid political stalemate

Baghdad Carnage: Could It End Iraq's Political Impasse?

More Iraqi Christians Consider Leaving Iraq After Attack on Baghdad Cathedral

WikiLeaks about Iraq

Military prosecutions for Iraq torture

N.J. Law Clinic Challenges Iraq War

Islamist website urges users to target MPs


Republicans want troops in Afghanistan to stay

NATO says 3 service members killed in insurgent attacks in Afghanistan

Russian-led alliance urges NATO-led forces to stop pushing Afghan terrorists to the north


Al-shabab vows they would kill all Ugandan, Burundian in Somalia

Somalia Commits to Rehabilitating Child Soldiers


Britain Blasts Iran Claim of Terror Support

Abbas accuses Iran of trying to derail talks in Middle East

Hezbollah and Iran: the New Masters of Lebanon?

Iranians stage mass protest against 'Great Satan' US

Epidemics in Non-Intergrating Gap

Polio in Congo

Potential threats of Congo virus in sacrificial animals

39 new dengue cases in Delhi, total rises to 5,682

Storm Tomas and cholera outbreak add urgency to Haiti's sanitation problems

Modest earthquake hits remote area near San Diego

Death toll from Indonesia volcano doubles overnight

Geologists: Newberry Volcano in Central Oregon still threat

Iceland on volcano alert

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's News

Shut down Child Protective Services

Scariest speed camera of all... It checks your insurance, tax and even whether you are tailgating or not wearing a seatbelt

A Microchip Restores Partial Sight to Blind Patients

Dow Climbs to Highest Since Lehman, 30-Year Bond Slides on Fed

Scientists unveil moving 3D holograms

S. Korea Fires Warning Shots Toward N. Korean Boat

Russia flexes muscles over island spat with Japan

San Francisco bans Happy Meals

Iowa ousts 3 judges after gay marriage ruling


Election Results

Obama, Republicans reposition for shift in power

Some U.S. Senate, governor's races remain uncertain

Nancy Pelosi election results: Nancy Pelosi out as Speaker of the House

Election outcome may complicate Obama's foreign policy

Will Election Results Affect Israel Policy?

What voters sought, change, appears to be in store

GOP takes state House, Senate; results under review

Senate Dems warn GOP not to block legislation

Boehner vows to repeal Obama healthcare reforms

Election wins cement 'tea party' as national political force

Republicans tear up President Obama's map

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Palin’s Picks: Good Morning America Scores Sarah Palin’s Midterm Performance

Why It Can't Be Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin and rivals train sights on 2012 Republican nomination

Meet the Palin Administration

Tea Party Winners Take Ambitious Promises To DC

For tea party, victories may trigger identity crisis

Tea-Party Activists Prepare to Turn Aims Into Policies

N.J. appellate judges uphold sexual assault conviction, dismiss lesser charge in Milford priest case

New pro-LGBT Catholic group has Chicago ties

Pope Benedict speaks about sex abuse scandals in new book

Fifth American Killed in Mexican Border City in Past Week

10 Murdered in Southern Mexico

Mexican Authorities Recover 19 Bodies in Mass Grave

Following Mexico's drug money trail

Authorities discover 30 tons of marijuana, border tunnel

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel military says airstrike kills Gaza militant

Israel takes aim at Palestinian 'incitement'

U.S. Jews not turning their backs on Israel, says Jewish

Agency's Sharansky

Gov't index shows increasing PA incitement against Israel

Days after election victory: 'Tea Party' coming to Israel

Israel suspends cooperation with UNESCO over tomb dispute

Not just another warning

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"


Pakistan to walk tightrope on Afghan peace

US drones kill 11 Pakistan militants


Sudan: Darfur rebels attack government convoy, kill several troops

Sudan top priority for Security Council

UN humanitarian chief to visit Sudan

Egypt fears refugee exodus if south Sudan opts to break away


US involvement in Yemen edging toward 'clandestine war'

TSA Head Visits Yemen To Strengthen Security Ties

YouTube yanks cleric's jihad sermon videos


Islamist insurgents in Iraq threaten wave of attacks on Christians

Bush 'sickened' by Iraq war reasons

Allawi to lead Iraq's opposition

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,426

MPs ask govt. to help Iraq establish security


NATO head seeks Russian cooperation in Afghanistan

Republican eyes defense spending, not Afghan deadline

US to spend 500 million dollars on embassy in Afghanistan

NATO soldiers killed by insurgents in Afghanistan

U.S. improves security in Afghan province: governor


UN: Somalia vows to release child soldiers in army

US men charged with aiding Somalia's al-Shabab

AU wants more security in Somalia

UN urges Kenya not to send back Somali refugees

Epidemics in Non-Intergrating Gap

Haiti cholera deaths rise sharply

Did UN troops infect Haiti?

Cameroon continues battling cholera outbreaks

Dengue cases in Singapore expected to stay high

Homes sprayed in dengue crackdown

Venezuelan official: malaria death toll at 17

World travel health alerts – November 3, 2010

Flood death toll rises to 122 - Thailand

Flood displaces 500,000 Nigerians

33,000 in shelters: Flood situation ‘very bad’ in Kedah, ‘precarious’ in Perlis - Malaysia

Flood in south Iceland could suggest possible volcano eruption

Indonesia hit by earthquake and more volcanic ash

Strong 6.0 earthquake hits Tonga

6.0-magnitude earthquake rocks eastern Indonesia

Indonesian volcano toll climbs to 40

Volcano refugees flee massive new Mount Merapi eruption

First Stage Eruption Alert at Grimsvotn Volcano in Iceland

3.0 Magnitude earthquake on iceland's biggest volcano

Troubling increase in global volcanic activity

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today's News

Congress 'socialist bloc' expected to survive

Appeals court extends life of gay military policy

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit

Pentagon Denies Report of Plan for US Military Teams in Yemen

France and UK plan unprecedented military cooperation

Will US Patent Office end gene patent enslavement of the human race?

Biometric Devices Help New Jersey County Track Delivery of Homeless Services

The Fed at Jekyll Island: 100 Years Later, They’re Baaack!

Fifteen Missouri counties have more voters than census population

Reports of voter intimidation, voter fraud scarce on election day

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Palin: Democrats Can Get on the Train, but It's Headed in a Different Direction

Palin: Tea Party movement, GOP establishment share a 'common mission'

Palin on the presidency: 'Of course I am interested'

Tea Party Movement Scores Key Wins in US Elections

Jim DeMint to new senators: Fight GOP establishment

Boehner, on track to lead House, reaches out to tea party as GOP wins majority

Election Results

Republicans ride voter unrest to control of House

House becomes HQ for 'Hell no' mood toward gov't

Dems save Senate majority and Reid; GOP grabs 6 seats

GOP captures governorships in at least 10 states

Sex assault victims want their day in court

Spokesman for embattled Belgian archbishop quits, cites loss of trust

Four Americans Become Latest Victims of Mexican Drug War

Mexicans Seek Charms, Potions To Ward Off Bad Luck

U.S. to overhaul screening methods after Yemen mail-bomb plot

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel boosts airport security in wake of al-Qaida plots

Israel's tightly protected airport gives rare glimpse into its security procedures

Britain must take responsibility

Rising Anti-Semitism in Israel and Around the World

UN’s Anti-Jewish Resolutions Loom as an Early United Nations Test for GOP Leaders

IDF intelligence chief: Israel's next war will see heavy casualties

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"


Pakistan PM sees no chance of military coup

At Odds with U.S., Pakistan Deepens Ties with China


U.S. to press Sudan on closure of Darfur radio and rights groups offices

Lord's Resistance Army troop numbers dwindling, leader Kony enters Sudan, official says

Kiir calls for meeting of leadership of all southern Sudan political parties

African heads of state may be coming down on Sudan

Sudan urged to safeguard human rights


Yemen's delicate dance between US pressure, Al Qaeda threat

Militants attack oil pipeline in southern Yemen

The world behind Yemen's printer bombs

US, Yemen Stress Cooperation Against Al Qaeda


Deadly attacks highlight Iraq's power vacuum

Ayad Allawi ready to quit power-sharing talks and lead Iraq opposition

At least 63 are killed in coordinated attack in Baghdad

Iraq Bombings Could Herald New Deadly Phase

Saudi Arabia: Key to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Palestine? Maybe


Afghan Offensive Pushes Militants to Kandahar

2 Fort Campbell soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Somalia: Al Shabab Calls Somali mothers bring their children for Holy war

Ban on unaccompanied air freight extended to Somalia in terror alert crackdown

Epidemics in Non-Intergrating Gap

MCD suppressing chikungunya figures, say doctors

Seasonal diseases mar festivities for many

Mystery disease kills 51 in northern Indian state

Benin: As Waters Continue to Rise, UN And Partners Get Aid to Neediest

Thai Floods Leave Residents on Rooftops as Death Toll Climbs

Earthquake hits Serbia, two killed

New eruption at Indonesian volcano

Mt. Anak Krakatau’s activity escalating

Another Iceland volcano may be about to erupt

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today's News

Obama pulls back on 'enemies' remark to Latinos


Leaving out 'Creator' dates to U.N. report

Brazil President-Elect Rousseff Calls for Ending Currency War

S.Korea's Lee, Obama vow to clear trade deal by G20

U.S., Global Manufacturing Activity Unexpectedly Ramps Up

More Government Idiocy: Internet Black Lists

Obama Grants Waiver to Give Aid to 4 Governments Using Child Soldiers

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Midterms 2010: Sarah Palin tells Obama 'you blew it’

Rebel Movement Takes Center Stage

Despite bumps, Tea Party expected to boost GOP in Tuesday's election

How Glenn Beck led his tea party followers into the GOP


Catholic Church In Crisis

Vatican seeks to be `ally' with victims on abuse

Clergy abuse victims demonstrate outside St. Peter's Square

California man charged with beating up elderly priest accused of sex abuse

Ex-priest guilty of sex assaults against altar boy

British woman 'was raped by priest'

Sex abuse compensation report goes to diocese

SD judge unveils horrors of Catholic church

Day of the Dead festivities take on darker tone as Mexico's drug war rages on

A Mexican Savior or a Sitting Duck?

Canadian killed in Mexico was growing increasingly wary

How California's Pot Proposition Is Agitating Latin America

Israeli - Palestinian War

New Palestinian peace plan may force Israel into action

Israel renews ban on Palestinians officiating in Jerusalem

PA denies talk of leasing W.Bank land to Israel in future

Turkish-Israeli relations head to uncharted waters

On Israel delegitimization, media matters

Hamas admits for first time losing 200-300 men in Gaza war

Carter continues to stigmatize Israel, ADL charges

Shin Bet Chief warns: Internet boosting global terror threat

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"


Pakistan, U.S. at odds over reconciliation with Taliban

Spate of attacks in Pakistan

NATO Tankers Attacked In Pakistan

US drone strike kills five in Pakistan


Sudan: UN Continues to Providing Support to Sudan Ahead of Referendum

Renewed U.S. Sanctions Act of “Arrogance,” Says Sudan Ruling Party Official

Obama urges Sudan stick to referendum timetable

North, South Sudan armies trade accusations over fresh clashes in border area


Afghanistan: Government Officials are Jailed for Ties to Drug Trade

Afghan police unit said to join Taliban

Michael Gerson: Afghanistan War has become invisible

Officials in Afghanistan Provide Details of Operations

Five militants killed in east Afghanistan

Afghan civilian deaths caused by allied forces rise


Staying nimble to fight al-Qaeda's shifting threat

Pentagon Denies Report of Plan for US Military Teams in Yemen

Britain, Germany, Canada Ban Yemeni Flights

U.S. extends ban on air cargo from Yemen


Somalia's new Prime Minister Farmajo sworn-in, 21 killed in Mogadishu

French Company Confirms Weapons Seized in Nigeria Came From Iran

Rwanda: Former Businessman Sentenced to 30 Years By UN Genocide Tribunal

Rwanda President Kagame jails, tortures leading opponent

Iraqi survivors tell of hiding in priests' dressing room amid gunfire, blasts

Massacre shatters Christians in Iraq

CSI Urges Obama to Protect Iraq's Endangered Christian Community

Wikileaks unwittingly debunks Iraq “civil war” meme

Iraq war victims down in October, despite church siege

Haiti cholera 'resembles South Asian strain'

Cholera claims 100 in Bauchi - Nigeria

21 cholera deaths in 2 weeks worry Assam govt - India

Dengue virus death toll reaches 27 - Pakistan

Chikungunya on rise, residents blame MCD - India

Thousands left homeless in Benin floods: UN

New eruption could be looming in Iceland, experts warn

Scientists: Indonesia eruption could last week

Monday, November 1, 2010

Today's News


Gift for retailers

Critical Test Not Done On Cement Before Blowout

Wyoming Rep. Lummis: Estate tax rise has some planning death

White House: Bombs Could Have Detonated in Midair, Terror Threat 'Ongoing'

Pat-Downs May Soon Become Norm At Airports

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Palin predicts 'earthquake' on Tuesday, willing to make '12 run if asked

Next for GOP leaders: Stopping Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Wants You To Think She’s Like Ronald Reagan

Middle America’s Tea Party is here to stay

Know Your Tea Party Candidate: Guide to the Most Loved, Hated Movement of 2010

Christine O’Donnell was Right!


Catholic Church In Crisis

Sex abuse victims march in Rome

Police block sex abuse survivors near Vatican

Demonstrators Call on Vatican to Do More to End Child Sexual Abuse by Priests

Six executed in drive-by drug war shooting as Mexico suffers fifth massacre in a week

Mexico: Drug wars fuelled by free trade

Narcos Enter Guatemalan Jungle

Beyond Hartley case, 92 Americans killed in Mexico

Israeli - Palestinian War

Has peace become the enemy of Israel's leadership?

ISRAEL: Officials find Morocco a tough room these days

Obama’s achievement: Rousing the pro-Israel vote

Listen to American Jews' stand on Israel

Tourism Minister urges Israelis to boycott Turkey

Hamas: Anyone firing rockets from Gaza at Israel is a rebel

Rabbi of Western Wall denounces UNESCO decisions

Last 2 survivors of notorious Nazi death camp Treblinka devote last years to memory of victims

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"


Drone strike kills 5 suspected militants in Pakistan

Three Questions: Pakistan and Afghan Talks with Taliban


Sudan urged to protect citizenship if south secedes

Sudan's southern army accuses north of ambush


Taliban overrun district in eastern Afghanistan


Kenya Closes its Border with Somalia’s Beledhawo

Somalia: Why the African Union Mission in Somalia is Futile

Six Militants Killed In Mogadishu Fighting

Somalia: Al-Shabaab retakes key town


Cargo bomb plot: Yemen forced into balancing act in fight against al-Qaida

Insurgents in Iraq seize Catholic church in Baghdad

Iraq hostage drama ends in bloodshed

Nigerian Weapons Haul Shows Lengths Iran Will Go to Supply Hamas

'Landfall of 'Tomas' in Haiti, could worsen the cholera outbreak'

Dengue virus’ rapid spread alarms people across Pakistan

Hospitals flooded with suspected dengue cases - India

Earthquake sets off swarm

Quakes in Wellington, Manawatu, Gisborne

Indonesia volcano erupts again

Volcanoes Calm Down - Russia

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