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November 16-30, 2010
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North Korea warns of all-out war

Signs of diplomacy in NKorea crisis

Koreas' sea border area seen as a recipe for war

Poll: 53% of Israeli Jews say Arabs should be encouraged to leave

WikiLeaks: Israel's Netanyahu supports land swaps

WikiLeaks has changed face of world diplomacy

VIPER team checkpoints launched at Tampa bus stations

Right for America or Wrong for Illegals? DREAM Act Takes Center Stage

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Korean Peninsula - Part of World War III Plan!

China knows less about NKorea than thought

N.Korea touts nuclear prowess as China urges talks

Yeonpyeong Island Declared Off Limits

Leaked cables show guessing about N. Korea : NOTE: This is disinformation, as NKorea is following a script

Koreas' sea border area seen as a recipe for war

President Lee declares a 'sense of crisis'

Palin Accuses Media of Double Standard in Playing Up Korean Gaffe


Taliban Claims Responsibility For Killing Six U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan

9 Afghan guards kidnapped in Kabul province

Texas Soldier killed in Afghanistan

Wikileaks: Afghan President Karzai pardoned drug dealers

Afghanistan reacts mildly to scathing criticisms revealed by WikiLeaks


Iran war drums reverberate in diplomatic documents

Whether or not Israel took out Iran nuclear scientist, Tehran will get the bomb: NOTE: disinformation as Iran had the atomic bomb in 2002

EU: Iran agrees to Dec 6-7 nuclear talks

WikiLeaks: Iran's Ayatollah Khameni has terminal cancer

WikiLeaks Fuels Anti-U.S. Sentiment in Pakistan

6 killed in Pakistan suicide blast

Pakistan tribesman threatens to sue US officials over drone strikes

Blast rocks Kyrgyz capital wounding 2 police

Monitors say Haiti vote fraud not massive

Japan hit by 6.9-magnitude earthquake

WikiLeaks: summary of the latest disclosures

Alex Jones: Info Gems in the Latest WikiLeaks Docs

China frustrated with North Korea: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks sparks worldwide diplomatic crisis

WikiLeaks: Duke of York's 'candid' attack on British Government

WikiLeaks founder appeals detention order

Palin blames Obama administration for WikiLeaks, suggests she would have stopped the leak

Guess Who's Paying For The Greece Bailout? That's Right -- YOU

Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world

Israeli - Palestinian War

Barak: 'Wikileaks incident has not damaged Israel'

Five hurt by Israel gunfire on Gaza border: medics

German President Wulff demands peace engagement from Israel

Poll: 53% of Israeli Jews say Arabs should be encouraged to leave

'Souring' Israel-Turkey relationship seen in WikiLeaks trove

PM Netanyahu appoints Mossad veteran to head spy agency

'Israel biggest threat to Mideast peace': Iran and Lebanon


TSA Security - Approaching Dictatorship

TSA: What nonsense!

TSA and security: The naked truth

TSA security: ineffective and unconstitutional

TSA is another effort to strip our freedom

Oppose TSA procedures? You’re an extremist

Shocker! TSA's nude scans would miss taped-on bombs: Peer-reviewed paper says terrorists could fool clothes-penetrating tools

Local TSA Agent Speaks Out Against Pat-Downs

Frequent travelers oppose new TSA security screenings


November 29, 2010

US tries to contain damage from 250,000 leaked cables from Wikileaks

North Korea Deploys Missiles Near Yellow Sea Border

SKorea announces new artillery drills on island

Irish bank shares higher over EU-IMF rescue plan

Bombs kill Iran nuclear scientist

Silent coup underway in Riyadh?

UN agency pushes new rules on air cargo security

California's ailing Republicans: A dying breed?

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Korean Peninsula - Part of World War III Plan!

Iran May Have Missiles From North Korea: Wikileaks

'NK likely to continue attacks on South Korea'

South Korea deploys more long-range artillery on border island

South Korean President Angered by 'Inhumane' Attack

Japan considering summit with SKorea next month

China Calls for Urgent Talks on North Korea

South Korea Gives Cool Response to China's Call for Emergency Talks


'US threat of war on Iran, a joke': Senior Iranian commander

Iran urges regional convergence

Iranian nuclear academic killed in terror attack

Iraq - War Not Over Yet

Saddam half brothers acquitted in Kurd atrocities

Iraqi FM calls WikiLeaks 'unhelpful'

Iran Achieving its Goals in Iraq? Wiki Documents Support that View

Baghdad Airport closed after U.S. troops kill Iraqi engineer near checkpoint

Iraq's Talabani says will not sign Aziz death order

Ceremony held for Christians killed in Iraq church siege

Iraq: Christians flood French embassy for exit visas


'Lebanon only Arab state defeating Israel'

5 rebels, 1 policeman killed in Indian Kashmir

Muslim Brotherhood says won no seats outright in Egypt vote

Haiti Candidates Allege Fraud Amid Voting

New Headline News Article

Huckabee: Palin May 'Run Away With' GOP Nomination in 2012

Diplomatic Shockers in Latest WikiLeaks Upload

WikiLeaks Defies U.S., Releases Embassy Cables

White House condemns WikiLeaks' release

Australian police investigate WikiLeaks founder

Pakistan criticizes release of secret US cables

WikiLeaks reveals that Arab allies urged U.S. to strike Iran

Sarah Palin Mistakenly Calls N. Korea an "Ally"

Ex-Justice Stevens explains his death penalty reversal

Oregon Muslims plea for safety after bomb plot arrest

Democrats warm to tax-cut compromise

EU Commission: EMU Recovery 'Increasingly Self-Sustaining'

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu: WikiLeaks cables prove Israel is right on Iran

Israel could strike Iran without US help: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks exposé: Israel offered to coordinate Cast Lead with Egypt and Palestinian's Fatah

Pope Benedict XVI affirms his warm feelings for Israel

Netanyahu wants Israel to become a refugee hell

Iran cautions Lebanon about Israeli intentions

How Israel and the U.S. hope to destroy Hizbullah, remake Middle East: Arab Viewpoint

German President: We see ourselves responsible for Israel's security

Israeli firms see a global market for their anti-terrorism know-how


Catholic Sex Abuse

Church spokesman claims anti-Catholicism in Scotland 'deep and wide'

Sex in Vatican exposed in Canadian-Hungarian television series: Big-Budget series

Sex predators on prowl in India's schools

Chilean federal police investigating Catholic priest in sex abuse case

Notre Dame charged with not taking girl's sexual assault allegation, and subsequent suicide, seriously



November 27-28, 2010

Iraqi PM: No need for US troops to stay post-2011

Former Israel PM doesn't deny air strike on Syria: Backs Bush's memoir account

Palestinian official: Western Wall is not Jewish

Iran's nuclear power plant fueled up

U.S.: Wikileaks release will put lives in danger

Rocking Obama’s World: Establishment Editorial

Putin proposes EU become reserve currency

FBI Arrests Man Who Tried to Bomb Tree-Lighting Event in Portland, Oregon

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli air security is easy on most, intrusive for a few

Syria warns Israel: Evading peace will lead to devastating Mideast war

Global Affairs: Why a brazen N. Korea is Israel's concern

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood threatens to sever Israel ties

Tea Party wants to slash U.S. foreign aids including support to Israel

China calls for nogotiated settlement to territorial dispute between Israel and Arab countries

Jews now a minority between the Jordan River and the Sea

New Headline News Article

Huckabee: Palin May 'Run Away With' GOP Nomination in 2012

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Korean Peninsula - Part of World War III Plan!

Chinese FM discusses Korean Peninsula issue with Russian, Japanese counterparts on phone

NKorea accuses South of using civilians as shields

South Korea Marines vow revenge

Iraq - War Not Over Yet

Iraq arrests 12 militants behind deadly church attack

Iraq is following in Lebanon's footsteps

Iraq PM Maliki says to form government by mid-December

Iraq’s Troubles Drive Out Refugees Who Came Back

Turkey helped al-Qaida, US Supported PKK, Wikileaks Documents Show

IRAQ: Kurdish government promises more action against honour killings


Second car bomb in Yemen within three days reminds of Iraqi-style disintegration policy

Saudis Arrest 149 Al Qaeda Suspects: Came from Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan

At Least 40 Killed In Attack On Shia Procession In Yemen

U.N. mulls 2,000 extra troops for Sudan election

Sudan extends vote registration after huge turnout

Pakistani Sunni Muslims rally against terrorism

U.S. jury convicts 5 Somali men of piracy in Navy ship attack

Nigeria detains 12 over Halliburton bribery case

China, Vietnam hold defense, security consultation

Feds: Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Ore.


Catholic Sex Abuse

Montreal Archbishop opts for trial in sex abuse civil case

Church refuses to compensate abuse victim

Board named in sex abuse suit: Former teacher accused

Catholic pedophile priest contracts to kill his teen victim

Sarah Palin's North Korea gaffe, but what about Obama and Biden?


TSA Security - Approaching Dictatorship

The TSA and America's Turning Point: Are we a free people or are we not?

Why the TSA pat-downs and body scans are unconstitutional

Airport Full Body Scanners Should Be Abandoned in Favor of Profiling

TSA: True Safety Averted

TSA procedures rule, even at airports with private security

Judge Napolitano On TSA Storm Trooper Behavior

Against advice, TSA chief didn't warn public about pat-downs

Obama Admits Shortcomings in TSA Methods

Insider-Trading Probe Reinforces Belief Market is Rigged

Dennis Kucinich: Fake Taliban Leader, Fake Elections, Fake Deadline, Real Trouble





November 26, 2010

North Korean artillery drill hikes tension

Two Most Essential, Abhorrent, Intolerable Lies Of Bush's Memoir

U.S. warns allies to be prepared for WikiLeaks documents release

Afghan "peace talks" impostor paid by British MI6

Americans mostly support full-body scanning, divided on enhanced pat-downs

New Headline News Article

Huckabee: Palin May 'Run Away With' GOP Nomination in 2012

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Korean Peninsula - Part of World War III Plan!

N Korea stages artillery drill, warns of war

Anger grows in South Korea over handling of North attack

North Korean shelling heard near Yeonpyeong: North warns region is being pushed to the brink of war

South Korea nominates new defense minister

China warns against military acts as U.S. ship nears

ASEAN Secretary General urges restraint in incident on Korean Peninsula: NOTE - ASEAN is Nation #9


US presence in Afghanistan now as long as Soviet slog

Army has tough time recruiting translators for Afghanistan war: As US continues its military shift from Iraq to Afghanistan

Afghan withdrawal timeline "irrational": Taliban

The War in Afghanistan Is Futile: Republican viewpoint

Afghanistan Opposition Accuses Government Over Vote Results

Afghanistan Arrests 9 in Probe of Election

Iraq - War Not Over Yet

Bombs kill three, injure 22 in north Iraq: Killing two Sahwa members and a civilian

Police: 11 killed in attacks across Iraq

Two gov't employees killed in Baghdad violence

Westminster Cathedral: Mass for Christians killed in Iraq

Diplomats fear WikiLeaks will expose U.S. brickbats aimed at Canada


40 killed in Yemen car bomb attack

Yemeni radical cleric behind parcel bombs: U.S. ambassador charges

U.S. Starts New Counterterrorism Strategy in Yemen


Sudan Slave Story: South Sudan is predominately Christian and very rich in oil reserves - Northern Sudan is Islamic

Oil-rich south Sudan weighs cost of progress

Sudanese Commission Warns Attack Could Undermine Election

Haiti cholera deaths top 1,500

Three militants killed in gunfight in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Major Explosion Rocks Russia's North Caucasus

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Warned over Wikileaks Release: The leak could lead allies to lose trust in America

U.S. efforts to restart Mideast peace process stumbling

Israeli Officials Charge: Abbas making excuses not to negotiate

Israel and U.S. consider relations in wake of GOP House win

Israel train line plan draws Palestinian ire

Israel to build massive detention centre for illegal African migrants


TSA Security - Approaching Dictatorship

Are new airport screening procedures making U.S. travelers safer?

At TSA, the hits just keep on coming

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine

Lawmakers Seek Probe of TSA's Pat-Down Training After Reported Misbehavior

TSA Skit On 'SNL' (VIDEO) "It's Our Business To Touch Yours"

Hillary Clinton: I'd avoid TSA 'pat-down' if I could...

Government Fat Police flexing their muscles


Catholic Sex Abuse News

New big-budget TV series to focus on sex, corruption at the Vatican

Church seeking legal costs from alleged victim

Former students can sue priests for abuse: Quebec Judge

World's cardinals meet for sex abuse talks

The Pope, condoms and the Vatican’s PR travesty

Priest jailed for seven years over sex abuse

Terrorism suspects arrested in Germany: Part of a Europe-wide swoop that netted a total of 10 alleged Islamic extremists


November 25, 2010

Senior Army General killed in Iraq attacks

China wary as U.S. warship heads to S. Korea

"Don't touch my junk" airport patdown protests fizzle

Obama's Thanksgiving message cites need for bipartisan cooperation

Mexico sending more troops to violent border zone

Archbishop Dolan to address massive exodus from Catholic Church


TSA Security - Approaching Dictatorship

Half in survey say US airport patdowns go too far

U.S. holiday travel smooth despite new security

Airlines low key in U.S. security controversy


World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Korean Peninsula - Part of World War III Plan!

China's diplomatic balance at stake

China key to restraining North Korea

Obama Reiterates: America will defend South Korea

South Korea to strengthen troop presence on islands after attack

South Korean defence minister resigns

Sarah Palin: 'We've got to stand with our North Korean allies' - slip of the tongue by mixing North and South Korea is reminder of the credibility hurdles she faces


Senior Army General killed in Iraq attacks

Iraq's Shi'ite PM asked to form next government

11 people killed; bombing targets al-Qaida foes

Schofield soldiers set to deploy to Iraq for Operation New Dawn

Louisiana soldiers in Iraq take on role of protecting United Nations officials


YEMEN: Car bomb targeting Shiite tribesmen kills 17 (Updated)

Car Bomb May Shatter Fragile Yemeni Truce

A fugitive in Yemen, the billionaire's son wanted for murder

YEMEN: Civilians flee violence to Saudi Arabia

UNHCR warns of new escalation in northern Yemen


A Glimmer of Hope in Southern Sudan: By James Traub, Foreign Policy Magazine

Why a Free Southern Sudan Is Bad News for Darfur: By Maggie Fick, Foreign Policy Magazine

Sudan: Return to War Could Cost in Excess of U.S.$100 Billion

As All Eyes Are on South Sudan, Khartoum Resumes Darfur Bloodshed

South Accuses North of Air Attack on Army Base

New Headline News Article

U.S. moves to ban chemicals in synthetic marijuana: DEA says it is outlawing the substances in response to reports of seizures, hallucinations and dependency

Irish Financial Minister says crisis won't upset euro zone

Ireland's deep cuts draw voter anger

Euro stays soft near lows as debt crisis festers

European Stocks Up Slightly

Top Republican guilty of money-laundering and conspiracy: Tom Delay

Current U.S. terrorism alert system could be on the way out


Israeli - Palestinian War

UK: Queen's visit to UAE does not signify shift from Israel

Italian minister calls for Israel to relax Gaza border restrictions

Arab League: Referendum law proves Israel's aggressive nature

Israel condemns Palestinians over Western Wall 'study'

Jewish settlements targeted in divestment campaign

Israel may build detention facility for Egypt migrants

Israel seeks to woo gay tourists

Israel's Peres lays stone at Ukraine Holocaust memorial

Peres to Ukraine: Help mediate Israel-Arab relations


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Archbishop Dolan to address massive exodus from Catholic Church

German Catholic hotline logs 664 sex molestation cases

Catholic Youth director charged with rape of boy: New Mexico

Vatican says new guidelines will combat global sex abuse scandal

Archdiocese seeks $64K in abuse case

Quebec judge allows alleged sex-abuse victims to sue both priest and seminary

Court says church can’t tap insurance to pay Milwaukee abuse victims

Italy: North leafleted over paedophile Catholic priests


Monday, November 24, 2010

North Korea says region is on 'brink of war'

TSA Terrifies, Too - Intimidation of Citizens

TSA kept quiet on new rules to avoid providing a 'roadmap' to terrorists

TSA Continues Pat Down Policy at Denver International Airport: Photo Gallery

Colorless terror alerts?

Afghanistan: Worse Than Vietnam

Congress eyes DREAM Act: Fair to illegal immigrants or back-door amnesty?

Ground Zero Mosque Developer Seeks US Government Funds

The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the Church

Bookstore Resource: "Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do To Stop It"

New Headline News Article

Poll: Sarah Palin can't beat Obama. But Mormonism's Mitt Romney can


Approaching Dictatorship

Ron Paul: Crotch Groped by TSA, Calls for Boycott of Airlines

Full-body scanners popping up at courthouses

TSA chief: Resisting scanners just means delays

Placards, kilts part of plans for scanner protests

TSA workers face verbal abuse from travelers

Spreadin' the glove: TSA infecting U.S.? Latex coverings 'have been in crotches, armpits, touching people who may be ill'

Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Korean Peninsula - Part of World War III Plan!

S. Korea denies seeking redeployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons

N. Korea threatens additional attacks, accuses S. Korea of provocation

N Korea Warns Of More Attacks After Clashes

World edgy on Korea, Russia sees "colossal danger"

N.Korea enrichment "worst nightmare" for U.S. intel

Isolating North Korea is not helping: Editorial


Police: 8 killed in attacks across Iraq

In Mosul, grief as Christians mourn latest losses

Iraq: 'Christians being targeted by plots hatched abroad'

Kuwait, Iraq 'agree' new border deal


Afghanistan: Worse Than Vietnam

NATO failure will haunt Afghanistan: There is no more talk of stopping Al Qaida as the new plan is to cut and run

Afghan violence soars, insurgency expanding

Afghanistan releases 'final' election results

Making Afghanistan's fraudulent regime seem 'barely' credible

Pentagon Report: Progress In Afghanistan War 'Uneven'



Yemen suicide bomber kills 17 Shiites

'Alarming' escalation in Yemen fighting

Top US Military Officer Says Al-Qaida Threat from Yemen is 'Serious'

Renewed violence hampering returns to northern Yemen, reports UN agency


LEBANON, TURKEY: Erdogan to visit Beirut to forge peace, make deals

Iran: US sanctions have failed: top Ahmadinejad aide

Help for Sudan: bombing Africa to save it?

North-south brinkmanship could send Sudan back to war

Lowest Ever: Obama job approval sinks to 39%, as even Democrats' support melts away

Tea Party support grows; USA divided


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel stakes out lonely position on Jerusalem

Israel's leaders have handcuffed themselves to the extreme right

Canadian Report: Hizbullah Assassinated Hariri

Israel’s Concern Over Tension in Lebanon

Obama raises Lebanon stakes

Israel Tells UN: Hamas is Terrorizing Us

IDF Foils Weapons Smuggling from Palestinian Authority

Yanukovych: Israel an important Middle Eastern partner for Ukraine

Three Dead After Gas Leak at Oil Refineries Plant: Israel Radio

No Holds Barred: Jewish ingratitude to Christians


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Suicide's family sues Catholic church

Police: Priest solicited murder of boy accusing him of sex abuse

Vatican issuing guidelines on sex abuse to bishops

Woman alleges Chicago priest sex abuse

Vatican clarifies stance on condoms

Theologians debate meaning of pope's condom remark

Priest sought riches online as 'Jerry from Philly'


Monday, November 23, 2010

Poll: Sarah Palin can't beat Obama. But Mitt Romney can

TSA Searches: Are Trains and Subways Next?

Critics ask why U.S. can't be more like Israel in airport screening

HIV epidemic 'halted': UN

NKorea fires artillery onto SKorean island: 2 dead

Russia sees 'colossal danger' of Korea escalation

Obama to Promote Auto Rebirth in One of `Fastest Dying Towns'

'Nightmare' federal plan resurrected from crypt: Trans-Texas Corridor alive

Priest in sex case now charged with trying to hire hitman

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

North Korea

North Korea fires on South Korean island: S. Korea goes on high alert

Fires burn out of control on S.Korean island - Attack In Pictures

North Korea nuke revelations stir US policy worry

US envoy says six-party talks won't resume


Afghan election body to release final result Wednesday

McCain Supports NATO Decision To Transfer Control Of Afghanistan By 2014

Afghan president still against NATO night raids

U.S. deploying heavily armored M-1 Abram battle tanks for first time in Afghan war

Canada needs to assure soldiers not lost in vain

Marine general's son laid to rest at Arlington

Man involved in Afghan talks said to be impostor

Egypt's Mubarak Rep Denies Bush Bioweapons Claim


Lawmaker blasts asylum offers for Iraqi Christians

Police: 2 Christian brothers shot, killed in Iraq

Iraqi journalist shot dead

Insurgent attack kills fifth Hawaii based Stryker soldier

WikiLeaks says next release will be 7 times larger than Iraq war logs


Critics Slam Obama Administration for 'Hiding' Massive Saudi Arms Deal

Armenian President Sarkisian: If There’s War With Azerbaijan, Our Blow Will Be Final and Deadly

Yemeni Soldier Killed in Blast in South

Nigerian militants claim pipeline attack


Approaching Dictatorship

Searches Show Contempt For Americans

TSA Searches: Are Trains and Subways Next?

Traveler Anger Builds Over Scans, Pat Downs

Airport Pat-Downs: TSA Says it Can Fine You for Backing Out

White House defends body scanners and pat-downs

White House: Terrorists Have Discussed Use of Prosthetics to Conceal Explosives

Beck: Obama Will Blame Terror Attack On TSA Resistance

Critics ask why U.S. can't be more like Israel in screening: Method looks for terrorists, not bombs

TSA Looks at 'G-Rated' Body Scanners Amid International Security Headaches

TSA pat-down leaves Mich. man covered in his urine

TSA Cuts Off Nipple Ring with Pliers

Airport Scanners: Are They Putting You in Danger? OB-GYN Doctor

Maker defends airport full-body image scanners: No health danger

Spreadin' the glove: TSA infecting U.S.? Latex coverings 'have been in crotches, armpits, touching people who may be ill'

Murkowski victory a stinging rebuke to Palin and extreme partisans: Liberal Viewpoint

Obama's Re-election Prospects Uncertain Amid Weakness Among Independents


Catholic Sex Abuse News

New Leader Confronts Catholics’ Disaffection: One-third of Americans born and baptized Catholic have left the church

Priest in sex case now charged with trying to hire hitman

Former Catholic teaching brother admits school sex offences

Pope, Cardinals Hold Talks on Sex Scandals, Other Issues

U.S. bishops reject candidate tied to Chicago sex abuse

Letter allegedly documents sex abuse by priests

Royal wedding date set: April 29

Royal engagement highlights change in relationship with the press

U.S. Stocks Poised To Drift Lower On EU Debt Concerns


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel passes referendum law for ceding "annexed" land

Defense Minister Barak: Israel's enemies will use referendum law against us

Netanyahu: Israel will not let Hezbollah take over Ghajar

EU Slams Israel For Failing To Ease Gaza Blockade

Israel Starts Work on Border Barrier With Egypt

Turkish Film Could Further Strain Ties with Israel

Israel uses networking sites to catch 1000 women draft dodgers

Israel breaks tourist volume record

The Health Tyrants: Codex Alimentarius, part 2 - Eugenics alive and well - Program is akin to that of the Nazis and Communists

Climate change is the new global terror: Al Gore

Geraldo expands his 9/11 comments: WTC7 collapse “reminiscent of controlled demolition”

Glenn Beck: Liberals mark MSNBC for death


Monday, November 2, 2010


Mullen calls North Korea 'very dangerous' country

TSA Chief Shifts Position; Says Screenings Will Be Minimally Invasive

TSA Tactics Find Ominous Parallel in Nazi Germany

March of the Euro police: The shocking powers of prosecution the EU has over all of us

Critics Slam Obama Administration for 'Hiding' Massive Saudi Arms Deal

Clinton backs civilian trials for terror suspects

Huge rocket launches secret U.S. spy satellite

Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas: Linking talks with US weapons to Israel unacceptable

Abbas eyes UN appeal as talks stall

Israel files U.N. complaint over Gaza rockets

Tibi: For Israel, the life of an Arab has less value

Work begins on Egypt-Israel border barrier

Former envoy: Haggling over freeze harms Israel


Approaching Dictatorship

Welcome to the (TSA) machine

Scientists say they have solution to TSA scanner objections

TSA officials pat down young boy without shirt caught on camera

What Is At Stake on Opt-Out Day?

If even small number of people participate, security protest could disrupt holiday travel

Body-scanner Inspired Underwear

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'


Afghans losing patience in war

Obama and Afghanistan: How long will U.S. troops be there?

Karzai Fully Supports U.S., NATO Afghanistan Strategy, Clinton Tells CBS

Refugees from Afghanistan's Helmand province disheartened at U.S. presence

Taliban kill district police chief in east Afghanistan

Kabul 'safe as London or Glasgow'


Suspected US Drone Attack Kills 6 in Pakistan

Pakistan Agrees to Expanded CIA Presence in Quetta

LeJ trying to destabilise Pakistan: Malik


Welfare funding runs out in Iraq

Deadly Deals Done In The Dark

Insurgents Kill U.S. Soldier In Northern Iraq

Warrant for WikiLeaks founder condemned

Egypt denies Mubarak swayed Bush on grounds to invade Iraq


Yemen group vows small-scale attacks

Mullen says al-Qaida threat from Yemen is serious

Yemen postpones trial of alleged American al Qaeda member

Terrorists posing as refugees in Yemen


Sudan’s Rival Factions Trade Voter Intimidation Charges

World's newest nation would start almost from scratch in Africa

Your voice can prevent a new war in Sudan

Machar Calls for Cessation of HR Violations in South Sudan


US defense chiefs warns LatAm nations on Iran cooperation

Ahmadinejad says Iran, Zimbabwe can change global order

N-Delta insecurity: Total threatens to pull out of Nigeria

Haiti cholera toll rises to 1,250

Somalia clashes kill 17: witnesses

Concern Over Abuse Of Child Rights In Somalia


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Catholic Church directive on child protection wont make abuse reporting mandatory

Letter allegedly documents sex abuse by priests

Archdiocese suspends Kerala sex-case priest


Saturday-Sunday, November 20-21, 2010

Today's News

Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee

How Many Terrorists Has the TSA Caught?

TSA exempts pilots from pat-downs

Andrew Traver: Is Obama's choice for ATF chief an 'antigun zealot'?

The Son Also Rises: Should William be king?

Pakistan Rejects U.S. Bid To Widen Missile Strike Zones

NATO set on big pullout from Afghanistan by end of 2014

Bill Gates: Register Every Birth by Cellphone To Ensure Vaccination, Control Population Growth

Prince Charles says Camilla may be queen

British brides live in fear of royal wedding date

Biden wouldn't 'underestimate' Palin in 2012 bid

Palin book lauds 'Juno,' snubs JFK

Michigan's economy finally turning around: Experts

Detroit redevelopments mix work and pleasure

Obama's Democrats in disarray over expiring tax cuts

US Democrats plan vote on middle-class tax cuts

Israeli - Palestinian War

US Prepared to Put Security Offer to Israel in Writing

Netanyahu knows there's no turning back now

Gaza: Israel fighter jets attack Hamas tunnel

Israel complains to UN over rocket fire

Syria's threats and counter threats

Hizbollah charges stoke fear of violence


Gazans shocked at how many neighbors, coworkers, officials are 'spying' for Israel

Israel once again wins the PR war: Arab viewpoint

Radical group linked to al-Qaeda fires mortar rounds at Israel


Approaching Dictatorship

How Many Terrorists Has the TSA Caught?

TSA body scanners: safety upgrade or stimulus boondoggle?

TSA screenings: What protections do you have?

Prosthetic breast attracts airport scrutiny

People Wearing Prosthetics Feel Humiliated during Body Search at Airports

'Don't touch my junk' passenger revolts against TSA airport searches

Flight attendants not so happy with TSA's exemption for pilots

Former Gov. Ventura Will No Longer Fly Due to Abuse He’s Endured at Hands of TSA

Congress wades into airport security debate

Web sites urge travelers to refuse full-body scan

TSA -- Sexual Assault

George Soros also profiting off controversial new TSA scanners

At NATO summit, Obama's ride is talk of the town

Jesse Ventura to air JFK assassination deathbed confession

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'


NATO Endorses Plan to Exit Afghanistan: In 2014 (That would mean Afghan War lasted 13 years)

NATO to Decide Afghanistan Strategy

NATO: We won't abandon Afghanistan

Two suicide bombers kill 4, wound 33 civilians in E Afghanistan

Protesters in London march against Afghan war

British soldier returns medal in protest to war in Afghanistan

Pentagon confirms sending M-1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan


Militants torch NATO oil tankers in NW Pakistan

Six F-16 fighter planes arrive in Pakistan from U.S.

US Seeks Expansion of Drone Operations in Pakistan

Pakistan says no to US drone strikes in Balochistan


Is Obama losing Iraq?

Bomb targets Iraq lawmaker from Sunni-backed list

Gunmen explode policeman house in N Iraq, woman killed

Christians face extinction in Iraq


Saudi prince says Yemen is a security threat

Rep. Markey Introduces Air Cargo Screening Bill in Wake of Thwarted Yemen Bomb Plot

Yemenis refuse to hand over terrorists

US expands role in Yemen in hunt after al Qaida group

A False Target in Yemen


Obama hails 'critical milestone' on Sudan election

Obama eases sanctions on Sudan to allow computers for vote

UN: Crunch Time for War, Peace or Chaos in Sudan

Food merchants flee South Sudan before Jan. vote


Iran Claims System to Defend Against Missile Attack

U.S. and Israel: Still No Consensus on Pressuring Iran

Iran is not the Arabs' enemy, Israel is: Arab viewpoint

Nigerian Militant Group Threatens More Kidnappings in Niger Delta

Whodunnit? Officials have sticky problem in Haiti

Haiti's cholera part of old pandemic: CDC


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Vatican announces new guidelines on combating sex abuse

Former San Gabriel Catholic school teacher sentenced three years for sex with student

Diocese loses lawsuit in priest sex abuse case

State Legislature Will Reconsider Bill Extending Statute Of Limitations On Child Sex Abuse Cases

St. Francis Hospital Offers To Settle With Some Reardon Abuse Victims

Group questions cardinal's appointment: Kicanas, a former Chicago bishop, was widely criticized for how he handled the case of Chicago pedophile priest Daniel McCormack

Church sex abuse victims speak out in Rome

24 Roman Catholic Cardinals Confirmed In Rome

November 19, 2010

US to use Iraq as blueprint for Afghan withdrawal

Obama delivers only hot air

Wary Michigan cheers General Motors IPO

Obama looks to seize momentum on GM’s positive offering

DA Now Sending Deputies to SF Airport to Investigate Felony Groping

Ireland unclear on aid amount, markets eye rescue

Afghanistan handover issue hangs over NATO summit

Marriage—Soon Obsolete?

Costa Rica takes Nicaragua dispute to World Court

Experts: Images show N. Korea building reactor

Palin's success raises tempers, boosts ratings


Approaching Dictatorship

TSA Abuse Opens the Door to Resistance

GOP Lawmaker: Full-body scanners violate Fourth Amendment

Did you know that the nation’s airports are not required to have TSA screeners?

Rep. Ron Paul Unleashes On TSA: “Enough Is Enough”

'Naked scanners': Lobbyists join the war on terror

George Soros also profiting off controversial new TSA scanners

Security at airports and railways in Germany increased after terror alert tip-off

NY Gitmo trial spurs fresh debate over detainees

Rockefeller Wants Government to Shut Down Fox and MSNBC: Millions of Americans have tuned out the false right-left paradigm of the corporate-dominated news channels

11 alleged gang members killed by Mexican troops

1,800 fetuses (babies) discovered at Thai temple

Greek PM says it at last: carbon taxes are just another way to raise revenue

Obama arrives in Portugal for NATO summit

Now K Street has its own senator: Lisa Murkowski, won re-election without the backing of the Republican Party

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'


Welcome to NATOstan - Be afraid. Be very afraid

New French defence minister: Afghanistan a trap

Hit-and-miss efforts in Afghanistan simply aren't worth more U.S. fatalities

U.S., NATO troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014 handover

US heavy battle tanks head for Afghanistan: M1 Abrams

British dead and wounded in Afghanistan, month by month

VP Joe Biden: 'Take the training wheels off' in Afghanistan

Al-Qaida demands France leave Afghanistan in return for hostages


Christian man, daughter killed in bombing in Iraq

The ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Christians

U.S. senior defense official says Iraq pullout won't cause dramatic violence

Maliki hangs on as premier


We should welcome South Sudan to East African Community (EAC): NOTE: EAC will be part of Nation #8 -- Se writeup in Wikipedia

Finland - The Foreign Affairs Council will discuss Sudan, the Middle East and Burma/Myanmar

Sudan: the no-win situation - vote for independence could lead southern Sudan back to war

In Darfur, the worst may be yet to come

Kenyan President Kibaki calls for International Community peace efforts in Sudan, Somalia

UN: Crunch Time for War, Peace or Chaos in Sudan

Six government accountants killed and five injured by bandits in South Sudan’s Unity state


America's toughest terror test: Al Qaeda in Yemen

U.S. Pursues Wider Role in Yemen

For Al-Qaida In Yemen, Targeting U.S. Is Personal

Yemen intelligence agent ‘knifed near US embassy’

Israeli - Palestinian War

Long-range rocket fired from Gaza into Israel

Rocket warfare escalates; 7 mortar shells fired from Gaza

UN to follow-up on Israel Lebanon withdrawal offer

Israel to Retreat From Lebanon Border Village

Israel's withdrawal from Lebanese village creates even more problems

Israeli Cabinet to consider US settlement proposal

Israel-style bluff

Can Israel Survive Without the West Bank?

Palestinian militants threaten Israel in Hebrew

Israel to roll out the red carpet for Russian President Medvedev: Peres

Islam is rising, beware! At war with Christians and Jews. At war with America and Israel. At war with Europe and the entire, free, democratic world

Children of Broken Homes Nine Times More Likely to Be Criminals

China announces rise in banks' reserve requirement ratio

APEC leaders conclude meeting with joint declarations: NOTE - APEC is Nation #9 in the 10-Nation Reorganization Plan


Caatholic Sex Abuse News

World's cardinals meet for sex abuse talks: For unprecedented talks on paedophile priests

Sex abuse victims to protest at cardinals' ceremony

Primate to join cardinals for abuse summit

San Diego Diocese releases priests' records in sex abuse cases

Sex abuse, leadership styles at debate during election among U.S. catholic bishops

Jailed Catholic teacher faces new molestation suit

Church pays for counseling for victims of sex abuse by priests

Scandal changes view of priests, the ministry

Ex-altar boy's bonds of trust broken


Wednesday, November 18, 2010

Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds

Economic power shifting from U.S. to China, Soros says

Plan to ban coerced abortions faces opposition

The History of Health Tyranny: Codex Alimentarius

New Study Questions Safety of Proposed Biodefense Laboratory

Japan vending machine recommends drinks to buyers

Lisa Murkowski salutes 'miracle' win

Sarah Palin believes she can beat Obama in 2012


Approaching Dictatorship

Backlash grows over pat-downs, scanners

Ron Paul: Cut out this Soviet-style nonsense

Senators and TSA Defend "Love Pats" at Airports

State warning to TSA: Stop breaking the law

DHS Source: TSA Infuriated With Coverage Of Nationwide Backlash

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan?

DA promises to prosecute overly touchy pat downs

Big Sister's police state

TSA, Pilots Weigh Biometric System for Airport Screening

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama insists US not at war with Islam


Serious problems remain in Pakistan on religious freedom: US

Pakistan to arm jets with Chinese missiles

Pakistan has suffered grievously from militancy: US

Taliban neither Islamic nor Pakistani, asserts Malik


Iraq president won't sign Hussein foreign minister Aziz's death sentence

Clinton Report Condemns Christian Persecution in Iraq

Iraqi Christians flee after violence

6-Year-Old Killed in Latest Attack against Christians in Iraq

The suffering of Iraq's Christians

Three killed, 34 arrested throughout Iraq

Iraq vulnerable to air attack in 2012: US general


U.S. appears ready to acknowledge a long haul in Afghanistan

Afghanistan will see 'eye-watering' levels of violence after troops leave

We must not leave Afghanistan too soon

NATO sets course for new future

Expert pleads for delinking of civilian, military operations in Afghanistan

US wants tribesmen to fight Taliban in Afghanistan


Iran says foreign planes violated its airspace

Nigerian military frees 19 hostages

Millions of Muslims worldwide mark 'Festival of Sacrifice'

ECOWAS Calls for Peace in Guinea

Coup Attempt by Military Is Reported in Madagascar

Cholera, fear spread beyond the border

Dengue Fever Appears in Miami After 50 Years


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel pullout stirs fear in Lebanon border hamlet

Israeli PM races to bolster support for peace deal

'Israel wants UN to declare it free of Lebanon border violations'

ISRAEL/GAZA: Israeli security forces target Army of Islam operatives, again

Doubts grow as Israel mulls settlement freeze deal

US writing assurances for Israel to resume talks

Israel says in talks on more F-35 fighter jets

What about recognition?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's News

Costa Rica to seek OAS meeting in Nicaragua spat: NOTE: This is Nation #6 In 10-Nation Reorganization Plan

'US, Israel no longer invincible': Iranian cleric

Terrorism ongoing and evolving global threat: UN SC told

Republican Congressman: I have ‘no hesitation' probing Bush for torture

DHS: ’70% chance disease would escape’ from ‘mainland Plum Island’ biodefense lab


Approaching Dictatorship

TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants

If you won't go through screening, you won't fly: TSA warns

Website Publishes 100 Pictures Of Federal Security Body Scans

Video: Owen J.J. Stone exposes the horror of TSA in his pants

Amid airport anger, GOP takes aim at screening - Did you know that the nation's airports are not required to have TSA screeners?

TSA Rage Hitting All Age Demographics Now

Big Sis Napolitano sued for 'degrading' searches: 'Given the profane, intrusive, indecent nature, they are patently unreasonable'

New Jersey warning to TSA: Stop breaking the law - 'We won't be able to walk across street without going through checkpoints'

Just Say “No” to Biometric Tyranny and DNA Databases

Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds

President Obama greets Muslims on Eidul Azha

Soaring livestock prices hit Eid sacrifices

China Skyscraper Fire Kill 42, Does Not Collapse

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama insists US not at war with Islam


Officials: U.S. Missiles Kill 20 in NW Pakistan

Pakistan dangerous for journalists’

Pakistan mosque shootout leaves 18 injured

Pakistan biggest victim of int’l terrorism: US

Pakistan: women unite to appeal for life of Christian condemned for blasphemy


Dr Kelly was murdered: British experts - Early opponent of Iraq War

Iraqi President Talabani refuses to sign Tariq Aziz execution order

Iraqi Christians suffer a plague of persecution

Two killed, 21 arrested in northern Iraq

For slain soldier's mom, Bush's book reopens old wounds

Man Charged for Naming MPs That Voted for the Iraq War: Charged for provocation to murder


Afghanistan could face 'eye-watering violence' after troops leave

NATO: Combat role in Afghanistan could pass 2014

NATO chief says there is no alternative to staying in Afghanistan

Obama Convenes Afghanistan-Pakistan Situation Room Meeting

Honored US Soldier Fought In Deadly Afghan Valley: Was awarded Medal of Honor


Haiti president appeals for calm in cholera riots

Colombia spurns US extradition for reputed narco

Assad: Syria supports Lebanon stability

Tame inflation gives Fed ammo for bond-buying plan

Fed likely to buy entire $600 billion in plan: Bullard

Euro Bounces Back

EU begins Irish Republic bail-out talks

General Motor's IPO May Raise Record Amount

What's driving Obama's subsidies of Chevy's Volt?

Fed Should Drop Dual Mandate, Focus on Inflation: Senator Corker

Can mindfulness help manage pain and mental illness? Warning: Comes from Buddhism meditation techniques

Senator Murkowski's Lead Begins to Appear Challenge-Proof

Kate is engaged to her Prince William

Rangel guilty: House ethics panel rules misconduct - Expulsion unlikely

U.S. military helps Mexican officials in tracking drug gangs

Ohio University closes library, 3 labs in bomb scare


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel, US in standoff over terms of Washington-proposed deal to revive peace talks

Beware false overtures toward peace in Israel

Israel demands guarantees from U.S. on settlement freeze

Three Likud Ministers Sign Letter against Clinton Freeze

Israel offered 20 more F-35s to extend settlement freeze

What can Israel, the Palestinians figure out in 90 days?

Turkish anger is hurting Israel's NATO ties

Israel approves pullout from Lebanon border villag

Wikipedia scrubs article on eligibility challenge: Entry on Lt. Col. Lakin's court-martial deleted in 71 minutes

Unveiled: Constitution for New Socialist North America

Saturday - Sunday, November 16, 2010

Somalia, Pakistan are top terror targets with U.S. ranked only 33rd

“Exterminator” Armored Vehicle Introduced to Fight Neighborhood Nuisances

Rant on airport security 'groin check' goes viral

Pilots among those dismayed at scanners and pat-downs

TSA under scrutiny as ‘Big Sis Caught Lying’ tops Google Trends

Netanyahu tries to shore up support for US "peace" plan

Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie

What's with Glenn Beck's fascination with Nazis?

Royal wedding! Prince William, Kate Middleton announce

Gaffe-hit Tea Party candidate sees Alaska hopes fade

World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama insists US not at war with Islam


Iran kicks off 5-day air defense war games

Iran: Arms seized in Nigeria a 'misunderstanding'


Echoes From Crucified Iraq: Protest From Catholic Journalists

Gunmen storm Christians' homes in northern Iraq, killing two

Australia's Arab Christians protest persecution in Iraq

Iraq Breaks Deadlock on Forming New Government

Can Iraq’s Political Agreement be Implemented? Editorial by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Bush memoir makes "selective use" of Iraq data

Bush’s memoirs contradict his dismal presidential record


U.S., NATO to announce 'transition' strategy in Afghanistan war

A longer plan to wind down Afghanistan war

US: No to Karazi’s Demand for Less Military

Taliban should join Afghan peace talks: President Karzai

Petraeus-Karzai Dispute Reflects Varied Perspectives: Pentagon

Peace Talks Are 'Misleading Rumors:' Taliban Leader


Muslims on Saudi hajj perform devil stoning ritual

Haiti cholera protester shot dead by UN peacekeepers

New Headline News Article

"Conspiracy? Yes, Virginia, Satan Has Mounted A Global Conspiracy Against God - Just As Prophecy And Doctrine Foretell"

I find it incredible that many knowledgeable Christians prefer to not believe that a human conspiracy will set the prophetic stage for the appearance of Antichrist. Rather, these type of Christians prefer to believe in a "prophetic evolution" where all prophecies will spring to life out of some sort of primordial goo!

We shall demonstrate the futility of denying Biblical doctrine and teaching that God's prophecies will occur just as He foretold because Satan has caused his adherents to create a plan which will fulfill all His prophecies.

A massive End Times conspiracy is prophesied! Believe it and events today will begin to make sense.


Eurozone facing 'survival crisis': Over debt problems

Dublin Warms To Eurozone Help: Ireland may ask for financial help for its banks

Nexus One successor to be a mobile credit card?


Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. Hasn't Presented Israel With Written Proposal to Restart Peace Talks

Netanyahu awaiting written offer from Obama on settlement freeze

This Congress won't give Obama a free pass on Israel

U.S. suggests Mideast deadline may be slipping

Demonizing Israel and Pretending It Is Ordinary Criticism: Editorial

Israel Eases Restrictions in West Bank, Jerusalem for Eid Al-Adha Holiday

Gaza-Egypt Border Sealed for 6 Eid Days, Closes Fridays and Saturdays

Israeli tourists told to leave Sinai after intel terror alert

Earmarks could get ax from GOP senators

Deliberations to resume in ethics trial after rep. Rangel walks out

Oil Declines a Third Day on Speculation

When Obama bowed down before Gandhi


Saturday - Sunday, November 15, 2010

Democrats didn't lose the battle of 2010. They won it.

US to present Afghan pullout plan

British General: Cannot ever defeat al-Qaeda

Republicans eye reviving tax cut debate in 2012

Beck's bizarre, dangerous hit at Soros

Barak: Israel must reach deal with U.S. before Palestinians do

Israel ranked 14 in terror index, risk considered 'extreme'

America conducts subversive activities in friendly European countries

"Catholicism: Which 'Queen of Heaven' Are They Worshipping?"

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World On Fire In 'Non-Integratimg Gap'

Obama insists US not at war with Islam


Council on Foreign Relations panel advises Obama to scale back Afghan occupation

President Karzai Ready to Cut Back on American Boots on the Ground

US Dismay Over President Karzai Call For Diminished Role In Afghanistan

Wary of Taliban, Afghan mujahedeen ready for fight

NATO: 5 service members killed in Afghanistan


Sudan's President Al-Bashir troubled over Sudan vote

Sudan vote 'held up by donors'

North and south Sudan deal to ease referendum tension

Fresh Darfur clashes raise concerns


Aung San Suu Kyi aims for peaceful revolution

Burmese flee homes as tensions increase

Indonesia should review Myanmar’s elections: legislator

Corporate Junta


Twin car bombs detonate near prison complex in north Iraq, killing prison commander, bodyguard

Christians in Iraq: the determination to stay

Silence around Christian massacre troubling

Why Iraqi Christians Are Running Scared — in Sweden

Iraq has a new government but don't hold your breath

Sen. Graham Worried U.S. will 'Fumble the Ball in Iraq'


Somalia tops terrorism risk list, Yemen danger up

Somali Authority From The Barrel Of A Gun

Somalia wars leave Kenya camps bursting

Djibouti to Train 500 Somali Police Officers

Somalia, US, and the Dual-Track Letdown

Congressstarts "lame-duck" session

White House: No Permanent Tax Cut on Rich


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel intelligence official: Hamas rockets can reach Tel Aviv

Israeli Source: Cabinet likely to accept U.S. trade for settlement freeze

Few pointers in US "stealth" offer to Israel

Bluff and bluster over East Jerusalem

US deal would allow Israel some West Bank building

Israel 'risks chaos without peace', official warns

Israel Blames Egypt as Hamas Smuggles More Weapons

Israel Complains: Norway inciting against us

Dollar boosted by higher Treasury yields

TSA security officers flunk physics

Guess who ordered nude body scanners

TSA checkpoints: Real-life horrors

Geraldo Riveria Changes His Mind About 9/11 Attacks And Building 7's Collapse

Asia-Pacific Leaders Vow to Work for Freer Trade



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