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November 1-15, 2013        


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Understanding Clinton



Obama letting 5,000,000 people keep canceled health plans for another year

Obama’s Secret Treaty Will Merge America More Deeply Into Emerging One World Economic System

Trans-Pacific Partnership Ready for Christmas Delivery?

Can Obama legalize 11 million immigrants on his own?

Homeland Security must disclose ‘Internet Kill Switch’ Plans: Federal Court Rules

Iran Mutes French Clamor by Slowing Reactor, Freezing Expansion

Drone Dialogue: Flying in circles?

The Shale Boom, Just Getting Started

Lyndon B. Johnson arranged John F. Kennedy's assassination - Roger Stone claims

50 years after JFK's death, daughter takes public office in Tokyo

ObamaCare News

Will low online enrollments hobble the new health law?

Insurers, lawmakers slam latest Obamacare fix

Obama prescribes ugly fix for Obamacare: Editorial

The Fix: Obama tries to dig out of his big Obamacare hole

The backlash to the Obamacare fix has already started

Fact Check: The keg stand Obamacare ads

Obama's health care fix doesn't allay Dems' jitters

Google: US Government Spying Has Tripled Since 2010

Snowden leaked up to 200,000 secret documents - NSA chief admits

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syrian air raid kills rebel commander in Aleppo: Activists claim

As powers push for talks, Syria balance tilts towards Assad

Nasrallah: Hezbollah in Syria for long haul

N Korea denies giving military aid to Syria


Russia proposes deal worth reportedly $2 bln for choppers, air defense systems to Egypt

Egypt hails renewed military ties with Russia

Armed police units to be deployed on Cairo streets

Egypt Opens Bids For Nuclear Plants


44 killed across Iraq as attack targets Shia religious festival

Washington stalls UK's Iraq war inquiry?

Official: Al-Qaida in Iraq Strongest Since 2006

Can Iraq be saved?

Foreigners flee Iraq oil flare-ups: Workers leave after Shia fury erupts


Opium harvest in Afghanistan reaches all-time high: so much for Tony Blair's 'war on drugs'

Will Afghanistan descend into civil war when US troops leave?

What It's Like To Be Wounded in Afghanistan

Israeli-Palestinian War

Most Israelis Believe IDF Can Strike Iran On Its Own

Teen Terrorist Murderer: I Intended to Stab a Soldier

Bereaved Father: Stop Releasing Terrorists

Palestinian Family Praises Murderous Son

Senator John McCain: Kerry a 'Human Wrecking Ball' in Middle East

Kerry Tells Congress: Ignore Israel's Concerns on Iran

Kerry's True Nature Revealed in Support for Anti-Israel Activists?

Why Wal-Mart Really Needs Food Stamps

World Shares lead charge upward as Yellen backs easy Fed policy


Google defeats authors in U.S. book-scanning lawsuit

Commonwealth Summit Begins in Sri Lanka

Homeland Security loses track of 1 million foreigners; report could hurt immigration deal



Begich and Other Red State Senate Democrats In ObamaCare Damage Control Mode

Thousands of Obamacare Plans Will Pay for Abortions, Here are Some That Don't

Ruthless Tyrants Win Seats on UN “Human Rights” Council

Antarctica Not Melting: Ice Levels At Record High
Climate change alarmists struggle to understand how ice can increase with global warming

Iranian Air Force Chasing UFOs Discovered An Unknown Type Of Drone

White guy wins Houston election after leading voters to believe he’s black

Veterans Affairs forced chaplains from program for quoting Scripture, praying in the name of Jesus, suit alleges

Hawaii Set to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Sex Workers Embrace Obamacare

Obama boxed in by Bill Clinton On ObamaCare

You Are a Rogue Device

Homeland Security spends $80 million for 'civil disturbances'

Only 9% of Americans approve of Congress: Gallup

Opposing Iran deal could lead to war: White House warns

US-Iran nuclear deal will 'shut' Israel war plans

Putin Called Saudi King, Next US Ally Lost?

American Dollar Steadies

'Now Hiring Must Be Mexican' Says Burger King Sign

'Big Brother' In The News

American cities installing ominous surveillance tech despite NSA scandal

Google’s Eric Schmidt: NSA spying ‘outrageous’

Will Jeh Johnson Make the Homeland More Secure? His likely confirmation does not bode well for human rights, or your civil liberties

Classified Pentagon program speeds satellite data transmission

ObamaCare News

Sen. Portman: Obamacare 'Destined to Fail'

Sex, booze and ObamaCare

Arrogance in Silicon Valley, Sex Workers Embrace Obamacare

Obamacare Web Users Invited by U.S. to Try Signup Again

Troubled unlikely to work fully by end of November

Memo warned of "limitless" security risks for

Congress turns up the heat in hunt for Obamacare answers

A reversal of fortune for Democrats after Obamacare

Republicans get another second chance

GOP Dick Cheney: I agree with Bill Clinton

Hope Is All Obamacare Has Left


Typhoon Aftermath: Philippines aid pours in but survivors still going hungry

Desperation grips Philippine storm survivors

Two Americans dead in typhoon in Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan Devastates the Philippines: Photos

Hagel directs military to help Philippine relief effort

Israel Dispatches Rescue Teams to Philippines

China's meager aid to the Philippines could dent its image

How Online Mapmakers Are Helping the Red Cross Save Lives in the Philippines

US house bill rolls back Dodd-Frank on derivatives rule: Trying to make "Dodd-Frank" better

States Moving Beyond U.S. Minimum Wage as Congress Stalls

Buoyed by Protests, Obama Embraces $10 Minimum Wage

NYC’s World Trade Tower Opens 40% Empty in Revival

Thousands protest in Bulgaria against 'mafia' government

French leader hits back as winter of discontent looms

Ontario court to rule on constitutionality of minimum sentences for gun crimes

Navy commander charged with accepting cash, prostitutes

Israeli-Palestinian War

The Soldier Who was Murdered: Cpl. Eden Atias, 19: Attacker was Palestinian, 16 years old

Danon Comments on Stabbing: Stop Freeing Terrorists Now

Likud hardliners call to stop peace talks after suspected terror attack on soldier

Public Transportation in Judea and Samaria a 'Nightmare'

Jerusalem Terrorist Bomber Gets Life + 60 Years

IAF Syria Strike 'Hit Russian S-125 Missiles'

Israel PM halts plans to build settler homes

Israeli Expert: Kerry's Settlement Remarks Are 'Illegitimate'

PM says Israel will not 'sit on hands' as Gaza rearms behind civilian shield

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Egypt lifts three-month state of emergency

Morsi: my removal was treason against Egypt

Russian Officials in Egypt to Discuss Arms Deal: Further signaling alliance shift

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak could be released as early as this week

Fighting continues in Sinai with two terrorists killed


America wants ‘time on the clock’ on Iran nuclear deal

Senate split on new Iran sanctions

Kerry: New Sanctions Against Iran At This Time Are a 'Mistake'

US says world powers unified on Iran after nuclear talks stall: Kerry to ask Congress for "temporary pause" on sanctions

IAEA: UN inspectors ready to verify any future deal on Iran nuclear program


Attacks in Iraq Around Shi'ite Religious Ritual Kill 21

Maliki proposes south-north energy corridor: Between Iraq and Turkey

Iraq women lament costs of U.S. invasion

Iraq’s Kurdish region pursues ties with Turkey


Kurds declare an interim administration in Syria

Western-raised jihadists pouring into Syria could threaten US in the future

Hardened in Syrian war, Hezbollah presents new set of threats

Syria conflict: Fierce clashes erupt south of Damascus


Afghanistan opium harvest at record high - UNODC

The U.S. leaves comrades behind in Afghanistan

Roadside bombs kill 3 boys in Afghanistan

What Happens To Guantanamo After The War In Afghanistan Ends?

Kerry believes Oswald acted with others in killing JFK

US to become world’s top oil producer in 2015: IEA

Governor Christie’s Tea-Party Problem

Meet the Mega-Airline: Regulators Roll Over for American-US Airways Merger

Microsoft Is About to Dethrone Apple as the S&P 500's Power Stock




Rural Colorado residents vote to secede as metro areas shift more liberal

Iran was never ready to deal on nukes

North Korea publicly executes 80, some for videos or possessing a Bible

Krauthammer Commenting On ObamaCare: 'Democrats are going to get buried in this'

Japanese Physician Calls for Evacuation of Tokyo: Nuclear radiation

America and Israel Created a Monster Computer Virus Which Now Threatens Nuclear Reactors Worldwide

We are on a gold standard now, even though it is not recognized

Movie violence may 'provide teens with scripts for using guns'

Sec. of State John Kerry Says Lee Harvey Oswald Didn't Act Alone

Sun Is Weakest In 200 years

Philippines storm kills estimated 10,000: Destruction hampers rescue efforts

Aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan: Video

US Marines on ground in Philippines after typhoon

4.8 quake hits typhoon-ravaged Philippines

Death, hunger, looting: Typhoon-ravaged Philippines' state of national calamity

Breakdown: “It’s Like The End of The World… People Are Walking Like Zombies Looking for Food”

ObamaCare News

Memo warned of "limitless" security risks for

State Obamacare exchanges enroll only 3 pct of target so far

Low Obamacare Enrollment More Proof of a ‘Disaster’

S.F. programmers build alternative to

Sen. Graham: Obama faces 'rebellion in the ranks' if health law troubles continue

The Secret Reason Obama Had To Kill His Own Employer Mandate

Military members, veterans missing out on key ObamaCare provision

After acquittal, Israeli hard-liner Lieberman returns as foreign minister

‘Not our fault’: Iran denies scuttling nuclear talks

Will reducing sanctions on Iran make the US vulnerable?

Iraq in 2013: A Year of Carnage

Afghan combat deaths nearly double in 2013 fighting season, US casualties drop

Al-Qaeda in Syria raids wedding party, warns against music and singing

Gunmen kill senior leader of Al Qaeda-linked militant group fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan

N.C. man charged with trying to join extremists in Syria

Despite repeated warnings, US ‘subsidizing’ Afghan companies with ties to terrorism

Several killed in Yemen drone strikes

Inside Yemen special army unit battling Qaeda

Turkey Regarded As One Of The “Fragile Five”

Radioactive leak found in reactor at S. Carolina nuclear plant, one of largest in US

Big quake near Fukushima would ‘decimate Japan, lead to US West Coast evacuation’

Devastating US-EU trade pact would make genocide a legitimate business model: Would allow corporations to supersede countries’ sovereignty and legal framework

Gonzaga Students On Probation For Defending Themselves With Gun

America’s taking liberties: Gun rights will be the last to get shot down

"Moms Demand" group outnumbered 10-1 at their own Dallas meeting by open-carriers

As Worries Over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow: Industry held a smaller exercise two years ago

Costly ‘technological marvel’: US Navy christens new class $13bn aircraft carrier

The Birth of a Police State: UK Police to be Granted Sweeping New Powers

DHS Funds Installation of White Boxes That Can Track Population of Entire City

U.N. climate panel corrects carbon numbers in influential report

Genetically engineered trees under USDA consideration could harm environment

Oil dips below $95 ahead of new Iran nuclear talks

Falling Gas Prices Are Very Bullish for Stocks

Why 3-D Printer Stocks Popped Today



Obama: 'I'm Sorry' Americans Are Losing Insurance: Signaling possible tweaks to the law

Texas single mom’s ‘thanks a lot’ letter to Obama goes viral

Are Voters Finally Catching On to Obama?

Massachusetts Politician Wants Power to Invade People’s Homes to Search for ‘Gun Safety Violations’

Obama threatens GOP with executive orders on ‘drawer full’ of ideas

How America Was Lost

Iran backed out of nuclear deal - John Kerry

America’s Moment of Truth About Iran: Ron Paul Institute

Welcome to Deming, New Mexico -- Where Police Rape is a Matter of 'Protocol'

Lawmakers Push to Impeach Disgraced Attorney General Holder

Congress to kick John Kerry around some more

Disinformation On Display

China's Own State Run Media Reveals Red Dragon's Plans For "Nuclear Strikes Against American Cities"

Oliver North predicts Russians will kill Snowden: ‘He’s a dead man walking’\

IPhone App Wipes Out Earth's Population to Show Contagion Risks

Typhoon Deaths Show Aquino’s Task to Halt Philippine Tragedy: 10,000 people may have died

4.4 mln people become homeless in typhoon-hit C. Philippine region

Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines destruction 'absolute bedlam'

Asia Stocks Rise From Month Low on Positive News About U.S. Jobs, China Industrial Production

Dollar Bottom Detected in Biggest Currency Flows Since 2009

Global Economy: Surprise tactics sweep central banking

'60 Minutes' used unreliable Benghazi source

Lara Logan: '60 Minutes' is 'very sorry'


Kennedy Assassination News

JFK was killed 'by a mystery bullet': Nurse who tried to save President claims she saw a DIFFERENT bullet in his neck to those later shown as evidence

Lee Harvey Oswald: The eternal riddle

ObamaCare News

Texas single mom’s ‘thanks a lot’ letter to Obama goes viral

Parsing Obama’s Promise

Only 5 enrollments completed in D.C. Obamacare exchange

ACA’s ‘catastrophic’ coverage flies under radar: Will kick in if someone gets a “catastrophic” illness or injury

Mexico mayor 'killed for standing up to drugs cartel'

For many Fukushima evacuees, the truth is they won't be going home

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Nasiruddin Haqqani: Pakistan senior militant 'shot dead'

Pakistan army condemns naming Taliban chief martyr

Is the mullah-military nexus crumbling?

The Iran-Pakistan pipeline: Finding the win-win for Pakistan


Iran, UN nuclear agency reach deal on 'roadmap for cooperation'

Iran backed out of nuclear deal - John Kerry

Iran FM says nuclear talks to resume in 10 days if no deal reached

Israel Frantic to Prevent Iran Nuclear Deal

Rouhani says Iran rejects threats: Mentions red lines in nuclear talks

Iran launches mass production of new surface-to-air missiles

Iran deputy industry minister shot dead in Tehran

Iran FM: Sectarian strife between Sunni and Shi'ite is worst threat in world


News Analysis: Turkey, Iraq bid to mend ties for mutual benefits

Turkish FM: 'Peace in Middle East depends on peace in Iraq'

Iraq keeps eye on Kurd-jihadist battle in Syria

Tigris, Euphrates have enough water for Turkey, Iraq, Syria

Concerts cancelled in Iran for “inciting debauchery”


In Afghanistan, interpreters who helped U.S. in war denied visas

Gunmen shoot dead prayer leader in Afghanistan

Militant disguised as woman killed in S. Afghanistan


Rare Footage: Syrian Tank Destroyed by Explosives

Syrian opposition agrees to attend peace talks in Geneva


Israeli-Palestinian War

Islamists Threaten: Al Aqsa is 'a Volcano'

Women of the Wall 'Threatens Critics'

PM Netanyahu: I Won't be Silenced on Israel's Security

Kerry Tells Netanyahu: Oppose deal only after you see it

Kerry seeks to reassure Israel, says hopes for Iran nuclear deal within months

Defense Minister Yaalon Explains Why Gaza Border Sentries were Cut

IsraAID sends medical team to Philippines to help after monster storm



Obama: 'I'm Sorry' Americans Are Losing Insurance: Signaling possible tweaks to the law

Hawaii House passes same-sex marriage bill

Population Control Activist Suggests America Should Have a One-Child Policy

United States has More People in Jail than High School Teachers and Engineers

Official: NSA's surveillance is like NYPD ‘stop and frisk’

Invasion: 7,500 drones in U.S. airspace within 5 years, FAA warns

Hopes rise for Iran nuclear accord soon

They're coming for our trans fat _does that mean salt and soda are up next?

Five churchy phrases that are scaring off millennials: Written by "recovering Jesus freak"

Kristallnacht - November 9-10, 1938

Official Beginning of Jewish Holocaust

Bearing Witness To Nazis' Life-Shattering Kristallnacht

The shadow of Kristallnacht: Remembering the horrors of the 1938 Nazi-instigated rampage targeting Jews is not enough

Obama: 75th Kristallnacht anniversary a reminder of what silence in face of hatred can bring

Kristallnacht still casts a long shadow on Europe

Window onto a painful past: Berlin remembers Kristallnacht: Video

Nazi-looted art: Will George Clooney movie speed up recovery?

ObamaCare News

Panicked Senate Democrats to Obama: Democrats "are going to get slaughtered" in 2014 elections unless the Affordable Care Act makes a "miraculous recovery"

Obamacare's Biggest Failure So Far: Just 18% Of Uninsured Have Expressed An Interest In Enrolling

Volunteer fire departments face pinch under healthcare law

Obama: 'I'm Sorry' Americans Are Losing Insurance: Signaling possible tweaks to the law

GOP focuses on overall Obamacare troubles, not just website

Late-Term Abortion News

Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks Heads to the Senate

Obama’s Political Group Behind Opposition to Late-Term Abortion Ban in New Mexico

Abortion Groups Target Judge for Saying Abortion Kills a Baby

President Obama’s Political Group Calls Ban on Abortions at 20 Weeks “Pretty Scary”

At least 100 dead as typhoon Haiyan leaves trail of destruction in Philippines

Egyptian pyramids in the Antarctic?

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

News From Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa and Middle East


Iranian Simulation: Missiles on Israel

Israeli leaders voice objections to Iran’s possible nuclear deal

Iran nuclear talks: We must 'seize moment': British FM Hague

Iran is offered temporary relief from some sanctions if it freezes uranium enrichment

US, France, Britain: Iran nuclear negotiations have reached abrupt halt


Egyptian Lawyers Charge Obama With Crimes Against Humanity: Accessory to Muslim Brotherhood Violence

Egypt and the US: Everything is just fine

Egypt re-evaluating ties with Turkey over Erdogan's comments

Egypt to hold parliamentary vote in Feb/March: Foreign Minister

Egypt Moves To Meet Surging Energy Needs


Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan battle lung trouble upon return home

US built 'powerful organs of state terrorism' in Iraq

Iraq’s Kurdish region pursues ties with Turkey — for oil and independence


India Fears More Militants as US Quits Afghanistan

Audio recording of murder in Afghanistan

Roadside bomb in Afghanistan kills eight civilians


Diplomats Fail to Agree on Details for Syria Peace Talks

Official: Syrian government to attend Syria II talks without preconditions

Syrians on Both Sides of the War Increasingly See Assad Likely to Stay

Syria rebels retake strategic base in Aleppo: activists claim


‘60 Minutes’ retracts, apologizes for Benghazi report: CBS says it was misled by a source

Taliban vow wave of revenge attacks in Pakistan

Disarray Amongst Taliban: A possible turning point in Pakistan

U.S. holds talks about building Yemen detention center for Guantanamo inmates

Yemen: ICRC evacuates 44 severely wounded people from Dammaj town

Yemen: 2 killed in Salafist-Shiite sectarian clashes

Diplomats: Jordan likely to take UN Security Council seat rejected by Saudis

Israeli-Palestinian War

Evidence does not prove Arafat poisoning: Russian Report

Palestinian Authority: Israel the Only Suspect in Arafat's 'Assassination'

White House: Bibi's Criticism on Iran is 'Premature'

Survey: 29% of European Jews considered emigrating due to anti-Semitism

CFR's John Bolton: Israel can serve as a model for American security

Kerry warns of third intifada, Israel's isolation, if peace talks break down

PM playing with fire: Palestinians want full sovereignty

Lebanon denies reports that imported Israeli tomatoes causing sickness

Disinformation On Display

China's Own State Run Media Reveals Red Dragon's Plans For "Nuclear Strikes Against American Cities"

Revelation 17:17 Clearly Says That Final 10 Kings Will Cooperate Fully

Listing of Current Final 10 Kings

Are Puyallup, Wash., Cops Going Too Far in Videotaping DUI Suspects Changing Clothes?



Feeling impeachment in the air

Obama Administration May Be Guilty Of War Crimes

Things that have people questioning LAX shooting

10 Republican senators want Sebelius fired over Obamacare rollout

Fearing Senate Losses, Dems Now Urge Obamacare Delay

Snowden persuaded other NSA workers to give up passwords

President Bush Keynote Speaker at Messianic Gathering

Death by Medicine, Part I

Gas boom to reshape US role in Asia

Kristallnacht - November 9-10, 1938

Official Beginning of Jewish Holocaust

Fresh look at Kristallnacht as Germany marks 75th anniversary: Hitler let wounded German official die

German spa pulls offensive 'romantic Kristallnacht' ad

Berlin storefronts to mark Kristallnacht

German synagogue reopens 73 years after being destroyed by Nazi attacks on Kristallnacht

Survey: Europe's Jews again fear for their safety

Moral Collapse

The Next Push by Radical Environmentalists: Mandatory Abortion

Extra-marital dating website to be launched soon: Promotes adulterous affairs

Senate passes workplace protections for gay, transgender Americans

“Death Panels” Are Euthanizing Patients Every Day as Doctors Make Treatment Decisions

Australian warship focus of alleged sex abuse rituals

UN says meth boom sweeping Asia

Fukushima plant readies for dangerous fuel rod removal

ObamaCare News

Another Obamacare surprise: Major hospitals all across the country not included under new insurance plans

Obama: 'I'm Sorry' Americans Are Losing Insurance: Signaling possible tweaks to the law

The President’s Non-Apology Apology on Obamacare

Uninsured Like Obamacare More Than Before, Despite Website Woes

Obamacare Exchanges Hide Info on Abortion Coverage, Mandatory Abortion Surcharge

Pro-Life Advocates Demand Abortion Transparency in Health-Care Plans

Someone built a tool to DDoS 'destroy Obamacare'

Pope Francis, the Mafia, and Pro-Abortion Politicians

Is Pope Francis going to let the divorced and remarried receive Communion?

Medjugorje Bombshell - Authenticity of the supernatural apparitions is being challenged by the Catholic Church!

Even atheists love this Pope

'Killing Kennedy' movie cast feels weight of history

Super typhoon smashes into Philippines: Packing winds approaching 200 mph and called one of the most powerful storms ever

Obama-linked firm received ‘unauthorized’ $100,000 no-bid contract for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity effort

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

News From Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa and Middle East


Obama: A Deal with Iran is Better than a Confrontation

Kerry leaves for Geneva for Iran nuclear talks

Big power foreign ministers go to Geneva as Iran nuclear deal nears

Iran demands right to expand nuclear program

US Congress will not wait to push ahead with punishing new sanctions on Iran


Syria, neighbors to vaccinate 20 million children against polio

Hundreds of Britons fighting in Syria - MI5 chief

Syria troops launch major offensive in Aleppo


Double Bombing, Shooting Kill 7 People in Iraq

Suicide blasts kill 19 soldiers in Iraq's north: 11 people died in violence elsewhere

The deep roots beneath 1,000,000 dead Iraqis - "The Iraqi dead are still speaking to us"

Council leader, family killed in their sleep in Iraq; separate attacks on base kill 16

British Bid to keep No 10 files secret halts Iraq report: Cabinet Secretary blocks attempt to declassify 130 conversations between Blair, Bush and Brown

Iraq Ambassador Open to Loan Deal for Trove of Jewish Artifacts


US Drone Strike In Pakistan Blows Up Afghanistan Peace Talks

'An execution' Royal Marine found guilty of murdering Afghanistan insurgent

What made some British troops lose self-control in Afghanistan?

Roadside Bombs Kill 12 in South Afghanistan: Including five women


Anti-Aircraft Weapons Used in Libyan Capital

Pakistani Taliban warns of revenge attacks: After US drone strike killed its leader

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry, PM Hold Final Meeting: PM Warns, 'Israel utterly rejects' Iran Deal

Defense Minister Ya'alon Warns Kerry: Don't Threaten Intifada

Hamas Vows To Continue Building Terror Tunnels

Hamas Official: We'll Expel or Kill All the Zionists

Terrorist Shot While Attempting to Stab Soldier

Terror Attack: Two Israelis Injured in Gush Etzion from Molotov Cocktail

Arab politician to start pro-Israel Knesset party: Will actually support Israel's right to exist

Anti-Semitism 'on the rise' say Europe's Jews

The Threat of Israel's 'Women of the Wall'

Killing Arafat: Experts question Russian Arafat findings - Cause of death by high dosage of polonium penetration as "unsubstantiated"

US and Israel lose UNESCO voting rights: Both countries stopped paying the UN agency in protest over a 2011 UNESCO decision granting membership to Palestine (Arab Viewpoint)

Chris Christie is Tea Party's newest nightmare

As Chris Christie Eyes White House, Record Receives Inspection

New York City Elects Progressive Mayor: A sharp leftward turn for the nation’s largest metropolis"

Economic News

U.S. Economy Adds 204,000 Jobs in October

Initial jobless claims fell

Stocks higher after strong jobs report

Can U.S. Add Two Million Jobs This Year?

“No Urgency” at the Fed to Taper Despite ‘Strong’ Jobs, GDP Data

Report estimates government shutdown cost America $2 to $6 billion

U.S. economy gains while Eurozone struggles: Dollar strengthened against the Euro

Analyst: GM could buy back more U.S. stock

GM earns $698M in 3Q

Cadillac CTS: Motor Trend's '14 Car of Year

Ann Arbor could get driverless vehicles by 2021

Ford sales top 1M vehicle for first time in Asia-Pacific region

Ford outsells plug-in rivals for first time in October

EPA: Ford's 2014 Fiesta most fuel efficient non-hybrid in U.S.

Chrysler 3Q profit rises 22% on truck, SUV demand


Legal Experts: Even TOTALLY INNOCENT People Should Avoid Talking to Law Enforcement

Palm-Size Drones Buzz Over Battlefield

Nine people shot, two killed outside Detroit strip mall

PLO official urges global probe into Arafat "killing"

Has Kerry Come to Impose 'Peace' on Israel?

Morsi Trial Could Incriminate Obama Administration

Saudi Arabia to Obtain Pakistani Nukes as Last Resort

Mainstream Republican Establishment Strikes Back

Kristallnacht - November 9-10, 1938

Official Beginning of Jewish Holocaust

Fresh look at Kristallnacht as Germany marks 75th anniversary

German spa pulls offensive 'romantic Kristallnacht' ad

Berlin storefronts to mark Kristallnacht

German synagogue reopens 73 years after being destroyed by Nazi attacks on Kristallnacht

Survey: Europe's Jews again fear for their safety

Brain Activity Shows Basis of Near-Death 'Light'

ObamaCare News

Obama meets with Senate Dems on health care: Want to extend the enrollment deadline for Americans to sign up for health insurance

Why Obamacare may increase your health insurance, and one Michigan lawmaker's response

Obama promotes embattled healthcare law in Texas

Obamacare needs a doctor: Several "Legislative fixes" are required if ObamaCare is to survive

10 Years Before Edward Snowden, High-Level NSA Whistleblower

Warned Congress About Mass Surveillance by NSA Against Americans

Majority of Americans Oppose Spying On Foreign Leaders

Obama Secret Service Agent: “(Scandals) Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”

Israeli-Palestinian War

Has Kerry Come to Impose 'Peace' on Israel?

Kerry meets Israeli PM in bid to rescue peace talks

Settlement spat looms over Kerry Mideast peace push

Kerry evokes memories of Rabin to push peace talks

Two-State Paradigm 'Unworkable': Even Palestinians prefer the 'status-quo'

Hamas: New Terror War ‘A Matter of Time’: Angry over Jewish visits to Temple Mount

EU MP: We Froze Aid Money PA Was Using for Terror

Swiss Press Conference to Discuss Results of Arafat Death Probe

Expert: Arafat poisoning reports 'completely fabricated'

Liberman to be sworn in as FM next week: After he was acquitted

Fewer rockets on Israeli soil since operation Pillar of Defense

Israel setting up spying stations on Lebanese border: Lebanon's Speaker

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

News From Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa and Middle East


Iranian FM: We Don't Threaten Israel, or Anyone

Iran FM: Nuclear talks 'very difficult,' but may yield deal this week

US willing to offer Iran 'reversible sanctions relief' in exchange for 'first steps' on nuclear program

Israel rebuffs alleged Iranian nuclear offer


Muslim Brotherhood Loses Appeal Against Ban

Russia's Putin to Visit Egypt in Bid to Restore Military Ties

Egypt Turning to the Russians? Not so Fast

Sniper kills Egypt soldier in Sinai

Egyptian armed forces kill three Sinai militants: Also demolished 61 houses that belonged to Islamist militants

Egypt army destroys 'largest' fuel smuggling network in Sinai

Egypt's Foreign Reserves Drop to $18.59 Billion


Syria army retakes key rebel enclave near Damascus

Inspectors verify 22 of Syria's 23 chemical sites

Turkish PM Erdogan denies support for Al-Qaeda in Syria

Deadly Bombs Hit Syria Cities after Peace Talks Flop


Iraq Attacks Kill 11 People ahead of Shiite Pilgrimage

Violence in Iraq sparks new sectarian displacement

Iraq’s fake democracy


The Crumbling Environmentalist Case Against the Keystone Pipeline





Fighting against peace: Why US doesn’t want an end to wars

Archived Article Answers: The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!


LAX Shooting: Some TSA agents should be armed, union demands

Arm TSA agents? Readers say no

Iranian Minister Says Nuclear Deal Is Possible This Week

Al Qaeda-linked group strengthens hold in northern Syria: Most extreme Islamic forces now control northern Syria

Obama’s 39% Gallup Rating Lowest Amid Health Care Fallout

DHS to Hire “Top Secret” Domestic Security Force

'We are legion!' Anonymous allies stand up against corruption in global march

Washington State votes against GMO labeling

Obama's Approval Rating Has Dipped Into Dangerously Low Territory

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

News From Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa and Middle East


If US really fought against terrorism, it would support Assad

Al Qaeda-linked group strengthens hold in northern Syria

U.S., Russia fail to agree on Syria peace talks date

US checking accuracy of Syrian arms document

Syria rebels said to have seized arms cache in city of Homs

Damascus hit by deadly blast: Eight killed, 50 wounded

Iran 'Prepared for Exit of Foreign Forces from Syria'

Iran buries Guards commander 'killed in Syria'


Who is to blame for Iraq fiasco - US civilians or generals?

Suicide Attack in Eastern Iraq Kills 7 Policemen

Iraq attacks kill 13 people, as 2013 toll tops 5,500

A Slippery Slope Back Into Iraq?


Egypt Turning from US to Russia for Military Aid

Egypt's politically unsustainable path

Egypt court upholds Muslim Brotherhood ban

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are pushing Egypt deeper into the quagmire

'I am the president of the republic' – chaos in court as Morsi stands trial

Ethiopia Charges: Egypt objections delaying dam panel

Israeli-Palestinian War

Obama Linking Palestinian 'Peace Talks' and Iran

ADL finds Americans support Israel, but oppose US involvement in peace talks

Peace talks blow up after teams swap accusations

Obama: Bibi is a Pain in the...

Iran, Israel take part in Middle East nuclear meeting intent on banning nuclear weapons in the region

U.S. Gives $75 Million More In Aid To Palestinians

Avigdor Lieberman, Former Israeli Foreign Minister, Acquitted Of Corruption Charges

Call for A-G to Resign after Lieberman Verdict

Freed Terrorists get Guaranteed Work in Palestinian Authority: Those willing to attack Israel will soon be exempt from job worries

Fatah Gloats: Israel, Go Pray for Your Dead - says prisoner release is Israel’s defeat

Palestinian Authority Receives Report on Arafat 'Poisoning'

Messianic Girl Shocks Israeli Customs Officials

Who Killed Jesus - A Question That Won’t Die

Coordinated IED blasts strike outside China Communist Party provincial HQ

Stocks Rise on Earnings

Brent Crude Traders Claim Proof BFOE Boys Rigged Market Prices: International Lawsuit Filed

Republican Chair Says Virginia McAuliffe Campaign A Practice Run For Hillary '16

FBI Seeks Video Recognition Technology to Automatically ID Suspects

NSA Surveillance Bill Advances in Senate: But bill mostly codifies current practices

ObamaCare News

Debunking 4 Obamacare myths: Both sides get it wrong

17 Million Americans Could Get Obamacare Subsidies

Opposing Obamacare in Kentucky, one of America's sickest states

Obama Takes to the Hustings to Defend Obamacare

'Crisis of confidence' in Obamacare

Obamacare website goes dark for nightly fix-it work

Blue Shield forced by California to delay 115,000 Obamacare cancellations

Concentrations of warming gases breaks record

De Blasio Wins NYC in Landslide: Democrat wins mayoral race by a margin of 49 percentage points





N.J. mall gunman kills himself, authorities say

2 suspected gunmen who were holed up in Denver middle school surrender

Elections Today Pose First Test for Parties After U.S. Shutdown

Doctors' role in enhanced military interrogation 'clearly violates' ethics

U.S. Senate Moves Ahead on Gay Rights Bill

ObamaCare News

Insurance Companies Use 'Misleading' Cancellation Notices On Obamacare: An attempt to push them into pricier alternatives

Obama denies ‘you can keep it’ videotaped promises

Dem Sen. Boxer lies to cancer patient: ‘you can keep’ your insurance

Insurance canceled because of Obamacare? Shop around for coverage

EPIC FAIL: Now JIMMY CARTER is calling Obama an incompetent loser

Carney slams reporter, to hide another Obama deception

Brit Hume on Obamacare launch: ‘Media as a whole is coming down the administration’s smokestack’

Obama to visit Dallas synagogue for health care drive

Floating Island of Japan’s Tsunami Debris Headed for U.S.: Size of Texas

Pro-Life Group Charges: Texas Abortionist Killed Live-born Babies

Everyone On Wall Street Is Buzzing About 'Optimal Control' — The Janet Yellen Approach To Monetary Policy

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

News From Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa and Middle East


Iranian military commander killed in Syria

Syria talks under way in Geneva: Damascus insists Assad will stay

Sec/State Kerry: Saudi and US agree on Syria goal

How the war in Syria has become a terrible, tragic mess

Turkish President Warns: Syria Could Become Like Afghanistan

UN estimates 40 percent of Syrians need aid


Braced for imminent nuclear accord with Iran, US pulls away from military option: IDF stays on the ready

US promises to consult with Israel on any Iran deal

CFR's Bolton: Israel must make 'fateful decision' on Iran strike: Warns Jewish state running out of time as Tehran goes nuclear

Archives: Iran has possessed military nuclear warheads since June, 2002

Iran Warns: Armageddon at hand, prepare for war

Turkey and Iran sign secret intelligence cooperation pact

Report: West to Offer Iran a Cash Incentive


Shootings, Bombings Kill 12 in Iraq

Brazil spied on US, Russia, Iran, Iraq

V.P. Joe Biden Applauds Iraq's Passage Of Election Legislation


Troops in Afghanistan safer after Taliban Pakistani leader Mehsud is killed: US lawmaker

Keep US Troops in Afghanistan? Let Congress Vote! Congress has never approved keeping thousands of US troops in Afghanistan after the end of 2014

Turkish President Warns: Syria Could Become Like Afghanistan

News From Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Most maps are lying to you about how big Africa really is (it's really big)

Central African Republic: Religious tinderbox

DR Congo M23 rebels 'end insurgency'

M23's decline raises hopes of DR Congo peace


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israeli negotiators reportedly at odds over Jerusalem

Livni Offering Abbas More than PM Wants

Fewer Rockets Fired on Israel in 2013: Hamas 'Afraid'

US 'Will Force' Israel-PA Deal: Accord in January

Kerry: Negotiations Are the Only Way - Amid reports that the U.S. intends to force a peace agreement

'Organized' Firebomb Attack on Bus Carrying Knesset Member

Israeli Terror Victims' Org Urges Kerry to Meet With Victims' Families: Stop pushing for release of imprisoned terrorists

Rabbis Warn: Women's Groups Pushing Out Religious Soldiers from IDF

Ted Cruz Speaks of His Faith to SC Clergy



Alleged LAX gunman Paul Ciancia said he acted alone

Romney: Obamacare fiasco "rotting" Obama's second term

Last Year President Obama Reportedly Told His Aides That He's 'Really Good At Killing People'

Site repair: Hold that online health application

U.S. to propose Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in January

TSA Shooting Narrative Disintegrates

Ex-NSA Director Has A Radical Idea For Handling The Snowden Leaks

Doctors aided US torture at military prisons: Report

GLOBAL MARKETS - ECB easing talk lifts shares, pressures euro

An executive order puts Climate Change up front

ObamaCare News

Take offline until it is fixed: Feinstein and Rogers

Site repair: Hold that online health application

Weekly Standard's Kristol: Obamacare More Damaging Than Watergate

‘How did they know?’ Jim Angle shares disturbing experience with Obamacare 800 number

Why Is 'The Blacklist' So Popular? It allows you to enjoy dark plots with no feeling of personal guilt

How A US-UK War Game Brought The World To The Brink Of Nuclear Disaster In 1983

Obama Tears into Tea Party

Democrat Senator Schumer Gives Clinton Early Endorsement For 2016

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

News From Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa and Middle East


Syrian Army Preparing for Major Damascus Assault

Rebels lose ground to Assad forces in Syria war: Free Syrian Army official Akaidi resigns

Syria Spillover Violence in Lebanon Raises Alarms

Syrian Opposition Sets Preconditions for Peace Talks

Syrian Opposition Demands Timeframe for Assad's Exit


Egypt's Morsi defiant as his trial begins

Brotherhood trials stoke security fears

Kerry visits Egypt, hails signs of democracy after military ouster

Kerry says US will not allow attacks on Mideast friends

US, Egypt try to put brave face on frayed relations: Commit to restoring full partnership

Egypt looks to Russia for arms after U.S. cutoff

Egypt army chief seeks immunity for military


US spent trillions and left Iraq in violent pieces

Ron Paul: What Was NOT Said About Iraq

Iraq's pipeline bombings halt oil pumping

Iraq considers prospects for oil pipeline from Kurdish north to Turkey

Seven dead in north Iraq violence


As U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan, poppy trade it spent billions fighting still flourishes

Junkie ghettos tell of country's growing addiction

Afghan President criticizes U.S. drone strike that killed Pakistani Taliban leader

Last Afghanistan Estonian Infantry Company Ships Out


Sec/State Kerry Praises Saudi Arabia's Stature on Visit to Ease Concerns on Syria, Iran

Saudi Arabia, Emirates lead charge on Mideast solar power

Iranians Mark US Embassy Takeover Anniversary - 34 Years Ago

Pakistan Criticizes US Killing of Pakistani Taliban Leader

Pakistan's Musharraf step closer to release after bail


News From Supernation #8 - -- Central and Southern Africa

More than jihadism or Iran, China's role in Africa is Obama's obsession

In volatile Congo, a new U.N. force with teeth: “Peacekeepers” Will Now Go On the Offensive in Africa

French Journalists Kidnapped and Killed in Mali


Israeli-Palestinian War

US 'Will Force' Israel-PA Deal: Accord in January

PM Netanyahu: PA Creating 'Artificial Crisis'

MK Yogev: We'll Have to Rule Gaza, Again

Did Fatah Inform Israel about Hamas Tunnel?

Poll: Most Israelis think US is spying on them


China builds sea power to shield oil, mineral supplies

Security takes center stage in New York City Marathon

Snowden: Congress and White House reject clemency

NSA leaker Edward Snowden voices willingness to testify in Germany

Germany 'should offer Edward Snowden asylum after NSA revelations'

NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say

1500 paintings seized by Nazis found in Germany





US seen as ‘weak and retreating’ on world stage


Suspect in LAX shooting apparently had suicidal thoughts before attack

Script Flipped: LAX Shooter Is Mad At ‘Intrusive Security Screenings’, Had Note Mentioning NWO (New World Order)

LAX Shooter Was Not a TSA Worker: May Have Had ‘Strong Anti-Government Views’

LAX Shooting: Police trained for 'exact scenario' 3 weeks ago

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal calls for 'serious' gun control measures

Fact Sheet: Guns Save Lives

Top Generals: Obama is 'purging the military'

AP Editors: Obama relies on staged propaganda photos

Global jihad spreading like cancer throughout Middle East: Israel preparing for the worst

Obama Orders Government To Prepare For Impact Of Global Warming

Mile High City backing off on stopping public marijuana smoking

Are you a racist if you own a gun?

Food stamp cuts create high demand for food bank supplies

Fed Says Spending Cuts Hurt Economy: QE-Infinity Will Continue

Lawsuit: Arkansas Cop Chased and Tased Woman After She Refused to Show Him Her Breasts

Biohacker’ Implants Massive Computer Chip In Forearm

Deportations plummet in 2013, lowest since 2007

Bert and Ernie, killed by Obamacare?

Republicans won't destroy Obamacare: Washington Democrats will - Might collapse under its own crushing incompetency

Obamacare glitches are "just the tip of the iceberg": GOP

A physician’s ObamaCare confession -- you want to keep your doctor but will your doctor keep you?


Edward Snowden seeks the world's help against US charges

Ex-NSA Contractor Snowden Finds Computer Job in Russia

Contrite US saying spying may have gone a bit too far

Americans Split Over Whether Snowden ‘Hero’ or ‘Traitor’ – Poll

NSA Involved in US Drone Strikes, Snowden Leaks Show – Report

Kremlin says Snowden is free to cooperate with German law enforcement

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Obama meets PM Nouri al-Maliki, says al-Qaida now more active in Iraq

Iraq PM looks to Obama for greater security assistance

Iraq needs leadership worthy of its people

Iraqi TV journalist shot dead

Syrian Kurds capture border crossing with Iraq after intense fighting


Israel 'bombs' Syria as envoy presses peace talks bid

Syria has destroyed chemical production facilities: Watchdog reports

Two Germans kidnapped in eastern Lebanon


Girls' school in Afghanistan fears for future

The Shrinking “Oil-Spot Strategy”: Date of invasion, 10/7/2001

NATO to work on firming up number for boots left in Afghanistan


We must not let Egypt slip back into Russia's orbit: Editorial

After poking fun at army chief, Egypt pulls satirist Bassem Youssef off airwaves

Egypt’s Newest Jihadists: The Jamal Network

Ousted General in Egypt Is Back, as Islamists’ Foe


Pakistan Taliban secretly bury leader, vow bombs in revenge

Pakistani Taliban chooses new leader

Death toll in attack on Salafi-held town in Yemen rises to 24

Al-Shabaab rebuilds forces in Somalia as African Union campaign stalls

Is Sudan on the brink of another civil war?

Nigeria says kills 74 Islamists in ground, air assault


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israeli attack raises regional fallout risk

Israeli airstrikes leave Assad with few choices

Turkey denies cooperating with Israel in strike on Syria air base

Jerusalem doesn't expect Syrian response following reports of Israeli strike

Israeli-Palestinian 'Peace' Talks: ‘Day after’ now only 6 months away

Kerry to arrive as Palestinians threaten to walk away from talks

Palestinians threaten international legal action over Israeli settlement construction

South African Protest: Ministers do not visit Israel

Jewish group pushing law to allow Jews to pray on Temple Mount

Eurasian Economic Union to replace Customs Union: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan confirmed their intention to form a Eurasian Economic Union in 2015

Venezuela's Government Seizes US-Owned Oil Rigs

The $2B Aircraft Carrier the Navy Paid to Disappear -- Video

Wal-Mart pushes 'made in America' at summit: Latest sales increase scheme

Meet the American Nomads of Walmart’s Plentiful Parking Lots

New Jersey school bans religious Christmas music

Greece: Two Golden Dawn members shot dead in terrorist attack

The Simpsons Has Been Tricking You Into Learning Math for Decades

Hypersonic Successor to Legendary SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane Unveiled



Insurance canceled because of Obamacare? Relax

Rabbis Call for Prayers Against Dividing Land of Israel

Only 6 able to sign up on's first day

George Will: Let Obamacare Crash and Burn

Asian Economies Strengthen as Demand for Exports Grows

Feinstein Introduces Trojan Horse … But Tech Giants Throw Weight Behind Legislation Which Would ACTUALLY Rein In NSA Spying

Facebook Tests Software to Track Your Cursor on Screen: A Vast Increase In Private Data Collection

Finally A Drone Report Done Right

China Retaliates Against US Naval Presence with Spy Ships in Hawaiian Waters

Sec/State Kerry: Some NSA spying went too far

Israeli-Palestinian War

IAF Strikes Twice in Syria, 'Base Destroyed': Al Arabiya says trucks carrying SAM-8 missiles were attacked

White House official confirms Israeli attack on Syrian missile site'

The shadow war against the Iranian-Hezbollah armament program

Five IDF Soldiers Wounded in Gaza; Four Terrorists Killed

Abandoned: IDF Pullout from Gaza Communities: Despite Attacks On Jewish citizens

Hagel Expedites V-22 Sale to Israel Amid IAF Activity: Israel only foreign country to have the V-22 in their arsenal

Kristallnacht 75th Anniversary: Berlin Shops to be 'Shattered'

Gaza's sole power plant shuts down due to fuel shortage

Rabbis Call for Prayers Against Dividing Land of Israel

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Iraq Ablaze: Major Upswing in Bombings

National security expert: Obama could lose Iraq

US spent trillions and left Iraq in violent pieces

Two years after US military departure, Iraq asking for new help to battle al-Qaida


Russian PM: Assad isn't crazy, won't give up power without guarantee

Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Strike Russian Missiles In Syria

World urged to help Jordan end restrictions on Syria refugees


What Happened to Iran's Supreme Leader?

Why Arabs Fear a U.S.-Iran Détente

Turkey, Iran signal thaw in ties amid mutual concern on Syria

Is Iran thumbing nose at US 30 years after Beirut bombing?


Kenya Bombs Somali Al-Qaeda Camp

No agreement on troop immunity in Afghanistan after Kerry trip

ISAF members attacked in Afghanistan

ObamaCare News

Obamacare Heading Into a Death Spiral

Obamacare Deadline Delayed: Beware the “Insurance Death Spiral”

Top Hospitals Opt Out of Obamacare

Obamacare delay would send health care premiums soaring: "If the individual mandate didn't exist, premiums would be about 15% to 20% higher"

Billionaire Buffett: Scrap Obamacare and Start All Over

Obamacare’s launch looked even worse from the inside

Few takers for Obamacare in's first days: Only six people enrolled on the opening morning

White House Asks for Pictures of Happy People Who Have Enrolled in Obamacare

Why is Hillary Clinton's popularity sliding?

As New Jersey's Christie Campaigns, a 2016 Strategy Emerges

Underground Rail Tunnel linking US and Mexico found

Inside China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S.

Top Generals: Obama is 'purging the military'

Congratulations, America! Your deficit fell 37 percent in 2013

After unity, some Democrats push back on Obama


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