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November, 2014        

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November 29-30, 2014


St. Louis-area mall closes on Black Friday as Ferguson protests spread

Gun Sales Expected to Skyrocket on Black Friday: FBI Worried

Use of deadly force by police disappears on Richmond streets

OPEC's message to US shale: Drop dead

Americans, let’s be thankful that U.S. oil is pulverizing OPEC

Did ObamaCare Cost The Democrats The Election?

Obama Appears to Be Seeking a More Forceful Defense Secretary

Russian Warships Enter English Channel Amid Tension Over Ukraine

The Holy Grail: In Search of Jesus’ Bloodline - "DaVinci Code"

DVD - DaVinci Decoded: Truth or Myth

NFL player's Christian Facebook post on Ferguson decision goes viral

Ferguson protests shut down multiple malls on Black Friday

Missouri Gov. Nixon: More funds needed for National Guard troops

Officer Darren Wilson's story is unbelievable. Literally

Oil Price News

Will OPEC bankrupt US shale producers?

Return of $2 Gas Seen for Some in U.S. as OPEC Stands Pat

Venezuela says shale oil is a disaster

OPEC Gusher to Hit Weakest Players: From Wildcatters to Iran

Russia’s Oil Giant Battles Debt After $55 Billion Deal

Russia Won't Cut Oil Output

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Rare Alliance Spurs Hope in Battle Against Islamic State

Canada conducts ‘secret’ aid mission in Iraq

UAE is right to help Iraq chart a stable course

39 Indians missing in Iraq shot dead by ISIS

Iraq Leadership Confers With U.S., NATO commanders

A-10 Warthogs Return to Iraq after Air Force Tries to Retire Fleet

Nemesis: The Shadowy Iranian General Training Shia Militias in Iraq

American Coalition Is Providing Close Air Support for Iran’s Militias in Iraq


Pope Urges Solidarity to Stop Militants in Syria and Iraq

Syria says U.S.-led strikes have not weakened Islamic State

U.S. will use psych evaluations, stress tests to screen Syrian rebels for training

Islamic State group attacks Kobani, Syria, from Turkey: Kurds

Fight on ISIS in Syria border town enters "new phase"

Pope Supports 'Dialogue' With ISIS - Which is Trying to Kill Him


Taliban hit Kabul aid workers' compound, breach Camp Bastion in south

Yemen's Shia, Sunni Rivals Hold Rare Meeting

Iran Nuclear Talks: Kicking the can down the road to nowhere

Bombs, gunfire kill 81 at crowded mosque in Nigeria's Kano

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Can you live a moral life in the holy city of Jerusalem?

Abbas Threatens: PA to halt security coordination if peace talks aren't revived

Arab League Refuses to Recognize Israel as Jewish State

Abbas to discuss 'Palestine' with Arab League ministers in Cairo

Liberman proposes using monetary incentives for Israeli Arabs to move to future Palestinian state

Egyptian Buffer Zone Collapses Gazan Economy

Washington state woman shoots man trying to enter home



November 28, 2014


Catholic sexual abuse case is Spain's biggest of its kind: Has Pope's attention

UN torture watchdog urges US to crack down on police brutality

Ferguson protesters move from streets to stores on Black Friday

Austin Police: Shooter targets buildings downtown

Businesses to receive $3,000 incentive for hiring illegal immigrants

FAA: Near-collisions between drones and airliners spike

Vaccines Don’t Work: Malignant Mumps In Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) Occur In Vaccinated Children

US energy is growing, and so is US 'power'

Bottom for oil in 2015 is $35: A billion barrels of oil with really no place to put it"

California I-5 Protest: Black Driver fed up with Ferguson protesters rips away bullhorn

In Ferguson And Across The Country, Protests Are More Subdued

Protesters target Black Friday sales in Ferguson

Before-and-after photos show destruction in Ferguson

Ferguson bakery vandalized during protests receives $200,000 in donations

Five Wounded In Thanksgiving Day Shootings Across Chicago

Cops release video of Cleveland officer fatally shooting 12-year-old

Hillary now charges more than Bill for speeches

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Middle Eastern states struggle to maintain current order and control of territory


Nemesis: The Shadowy Iranian General Training Shia Militias in Iraq

Canadian jets conduct ‘secret’ humanitarian escort mission in Iraq

Fierce fighting rages in Iraq's Anbar

U.S. military shifts strategy to smaller Iraq force

Attacks Kill 9 People in Iraq


Global websites hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Conflicting Policies on Syria and Islamic State Erode U.S. Standing in Mideast

Rebels push forward in southern Syria

Is Washington training an Insurgent Army to “Occupy” Syria?

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Pope: I fear escalation in the Holy Land

France to recognize Palestinian state if peace efforts fail

Police Commissioner Vows to Ban Nationalist MKs from Ascending Temple Mount

Druze Tells Jews: There is a "Covenant of Blood" Binding Us

Israel to Remember 850,000 Jews Driven From Arab Lands

Presidents Past and Present Attack Jewish State Law

Jewish Head of Outreach Organization Targeted by Terrorists

Netanyahu's plan to stop terrorists, int'l criminals from entering Israel

Defense Minister Admits to Discrimination Against Jews: IDF favors Arabs

In troubled Mideast where Christian populations are shrinking, Pope calls for interfaith dialogue

Christian Bale on Studying Moses: He Was a 'Freedom Fighter' for Hebrews, 'Terrorist' to Egyptian Empire


November 27, 2014


Saudis block OPEC output cut, sending oil price plunging

Illegal immigrants to be eligible for Social Security, Medicare

Liberia chasing Ebola now: Victory seems nigh

Ferguson Tensions Cool After Grand Jury Decision

Suicide attack kills 5 in Afghan capital

Defense Secretary pick will be a challenge for Obama


Ferguson Shooting News

How a false media narrative made Ferguson worse

Protests in Ferguson dwindle, mass arrests at California rallies

Michael Brown's Parents 'Taken Aback' by Darren Wilson's 'Clean Conscience'

Ferguson Protesters in Tense Confrontation With Police, National Guard

Ferguson Churches Prepare For Thanksgiving After Grand Jury Fallout

Seattle Police Arrest Ferguson Protester After Finding Cache of Weapons

ESPN Host: In America it’s ‘OK to Kill Unarmed Black Men’

MSNBC Panelist: 'Foundation of This Country Is Racism'

Brian Williams Laments Ferguson Grand Jury ‘Failed To Come Up With Charges’ Against Darren Wilson

Black officer shoots and kills white unarmed man: In Salt Lake City, Utah -Where is Media outrage?

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


ISIS fails to take Iraq’s oil-rich Kirkuk

Iraq’s Abadi struggles to gain Sunni tribal support

Kurdish independence good for Iraq: Iraqi politician

U.S. advisers stay out of harm's way in Iraq

The A-10 Warthog Is Back in Iraq?—?And Just in Time


Syrian govt bombs ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, 63 killed

France pushing for ‘safe zones’ in Syria

Russia's new push for Syria dialogue unlikely to be fruitful

Syria troops kill 50 terrorists near Damascus

Two British Brothers Jailed for Training in Syria


Egypt: 78 Teens Who Support Morsi Sent to Prison

Egypt plans blanket anti-terrorism law against 'disrupting order'

UAE's Dana Gas in talks with Egypt over revising gas prices

U.S. commandos rescue 8 hostages in Yemen

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Can God Go to War Too?

PM Netanyahu Makes Another Offer to Hareidim

Turkey Provides Hamas With New Headquarters

Arab Terrorists Shoot at Israeli Car North of Jerusalem

Hamas Bans Israeli Fruit Imports to Gaza

Israeli Sovereignty on Temple Mount: Slip Sliding Away

Rare Rainbow Seen Over Temple Mount

Abbas Backs MKs Who Oppose Jewish State Law

Major Hamas Plot to Attack Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium Thwarted

Tensions flare between Senate Democrats, White House


November 26, 2014


Arab and Jewish Christians Unite to Proclaim Messiah's (Jesus') Return

National Guard, police curb Ferguson unrest: Protests swell across U.S.

Grand Juries rarely indict police officers who shoot citizens

Merkel hits diplomatic dead-end with Putin

Obama heckled over immigration policies in Chicago appearance

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela decide not to cut oil production

Republicans Look Favorably on Governors for 2016

Four Little Words That Could Kill Obamacare

Spain arrests three priests, one teacher after alleged victim gets phone call from Pope Francis

Ferguson Shooting News

Officer who shot Michael Brown: 'I know I did my job right'

Watch: Brown's stepdad urges crowd to 'burn' property

Ferguson unrest: Businesses left devastated

Police tactics in Ferguson puzzle residents, experts

DARREN WILSON NOT INDICTED: Bombshell evidence, testimony laid out in fatal shooting of Michael Brown

In interview, Darren Wilson says there was 'no way' Michael Brown had his hands up during shooting

In Ferguson, Was It Wise to Deploy the National Guard?

Dozens arrested, traffic blocked in 170 cities on Day 2 of Ferguson protests

MSNBC Anchor Chased Off Air By Gunfire

Women, Young and Low-Income Americans Don't Feel Safe in Neighborhoods

Obama Lectures America About the Justified Anger Towards Law Enforcement in Minority Communities

St. Louis Cop: Get a Gun, We Can't Protect You From Ferguson Violence

Most Businesses Destroyed in Ferguson Are Minority Owned

Genetic Roulette With Our Health

New Jurassic World Trailer Explores Dangers of Genetic Modification

57 Million Americans Warn UK About GMO Dangers

6 GMO Loaded Brands You Should Avoid Buying

Celebrities Ditch Starbucks After Company Openly Supports Monsanto

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


ISIS, Broken in Iraq, Emerges in Saudi Arabia

Iraq army, allies reclaim towns from Islamic State

Hezbollah arrives in Iraq to fight ISIS

France to beef up presence in Jordan for ISIS fight in Iraq

OPEC may decide to give Iraq, Iran, and Libya immunity from oil supply cut

Iraq to overhaul Baghdad security to stop bombings

ISIS Leader Who Tortured and Killed Yazidis is Dead

ISIL razes Shia shrines, Sunni mosques in Iraq

Vietnam's legacy, the Iraq war and U.S. foreign policy


Syrian Regime Bombards Islamic State Stronghold

Two arrested at Heathrow over Syria terror offences

Syria 'no-fly zone' not being considered: NATO general

Putin meets with Syria foreign minister


Egypt, the Most Important Arab Nation, Is an ISIS Target

Egypt: Two soldiers, one officer killed in an attack in Sinai

Egypt temporarily reopens Rafah border crossing

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Arab and Jewish Christians Unite to Proclaim Messiah's (Jesus') Return

Abbas says he is ready to set up Palestinian State on '22 percent of land'

First ISIS Terrorist Arrested in Israel

The Hagel Lesson: Proved to be true friend of Israel

S.Africa says Israel 'defying world' as Abbas visits

Interior Ministry to deport Jerusalem synagogue terrorist's wife

Jerusalem Christian Church Faces Regular Attacks

US government working to renew emergency oil deal with Israel


November 25, 2014



Ferguson erupts after officer not charged in Michael Brown’s shooting

Dems warn backers: Obama could go to prison!

The shale revolution and the end of peak oil fears

Ugly Ouster: 'Frustrated' Hagel faces unfair sniping on way out

Hagel’s dismissal is another nail in the coffin of the ‘Team of Rivals’ theory

Putin says he won't be Russia's president for life

Ukraine leader, under pressure from West, pledges new government soon

Pope Francis tells 'elderly, haggard' Europe to lead again

Ferguson Shooting News


Giuliani’s claim that 93 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks

Wilson Described Michael Brown as 'Crazy,' Intent on Killing Him

Ferguson Live Updates: Fire, Smoke and Smashed Glass as Protests Continue Into the Night

Evidence Photos Show Officer Darren Wilson Following Fatal Michael Brown Shooting

Missouri Governor to Send More Troops After Violence Flares in Ferguson

Ferguson Timeline: Grief, Anger And Tension

Obama, “This Isn’t Just An Issue For Ferguson. It’s An Issue For America.”

Obama: We ‘Need To Accept’ Grand Jury’s Decision

SHERIFF JOE: 'THIS IS GOING TO OPEN THE FLOODGATES': Warns Obama's new actions will only increase violent illegals on America's streets

White House hobbled Hagel tenure

Hagel, under pressure, resigns as U.S. defense secretary

France delays delivery of Mistral warship to Russia

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iraq to overhaul Baghdad security to stop bombings

Hagel Steps Down After Discord On Syria, Iraq

British elite unit carrying out secret missions in Iraq

Islamic State: Australian-initiated air strike kills up to 100 militant fighters in cave complex near Kirkuk

Int'l Anti-ISIS Brigade: Westerners flock to fight for Kurds

New ISIS video shows training of child soldiers in Iraq

Czech gov't seek arms deals in Iraq


Jordan sending refugees back into Syria

Jihadist training camps expand across Syria and Iraq

U.S.-led strikes have killed 910 people in Syria

France pushing for Syria 'safe zones'

As Syrian army closes in, Douma residents turn against rebels

VP Biden Announces $135 Million in Additional Humanitarian Assistance for Syria Crisis


US to leave more troops than first planned in Afghanistan

Afghanistan suicide bombing kills 50 people at volleyball tournament

Two Foreign Soldiers Are Said to Have Been Killed in Afghanistan


Khamenei: Arrogant world powers failed to bring Iran to its knees

Our World: Iran's no China


Twin bombing kills 45 in Nigeria, Boko Haram seizes another town

Boko Haram kills 48 fish vendors in northeast Nigeria

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

The Temple Mount: To the Jew First

Cabinet approves 'Jewish state bill'

Netanyahu: Recognition of Israel as nation state of Jews is basis for future peace accord

Bennett rejects US criticism of Jewish state bill: 'We'll manage Israel's affairs ourselves'

Poll: Arabs Prefer Israel to Palestinian Authority

UN marks ‘International Day of Solidarity’ with Palestinians

Palestinian Authority denies postponing statehood bid at Security Council

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Ukraine reports new arrivals of Russian supplies for eastern rebels

Tech sector leading Ukraine's pro-European revival

Cash Cut to Ukraine Rebel Areas in Risky Strategy

NATO nations urge to boost Ukraine support, stand firm on Russia

France suspends Mistral warship delivery to Russia over Ukraine crisis

Priest picked by Pope Francis as sex crimes prosecutor failed to report abuse complaints




November 24, 2014

Breaking News


Ferguson erupts after officer not charged in Michael Brown’s shooting

Defense Secretary Hagel Is Leaving the Obama Administration

Ugly Ouster: 'Frustrated' Hagel faces unfair sniping on way out

Shifting Battleground: Why Chuck Hagel Resigned


Muslims Chant to Remove Jesus at Washington’s National Cathedral

All eyes on Ferguson grand jury as decision expected at any time

Why Officer Darren Wilson Will Walk

New High School Course: ‘How to deal with cops’

'We Will Not Engage': Michele Bachmann Reveals GOP Plans to Ignore Executive Amnesty

British Police to get stronger internet data powers

You Can't Educate People Into Believing in Evolution: Only 9% believe in Evolution

Global Stocks Gain After China Rate Cut


Ferguson Shooting News

Why Darren Wilson Will Walk

Journalist Trey Yingst arrested during Ferguson protests: Arrest Violated court order

Ferguson Grand Jury 'Unfair': Michael Brown Family Lawyer Says

Tense in Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

Calls for restraint grow as decision awaited in Ferguson shooting

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

A Change in Wording Sparks Huge Controversy in Israel

Israel's New 50 Shekel Note: Vision for Israel and the world is deeply messianic

Once Again, The Temple Mount is the Heart of the Matter: "Temple Mount has become the crucible in which the future of Jerusalem and Israel will be shaped"

Abusive Brainwashing of Palestinian Children

Weapons Found in Palestinian Christmas Supplies Shipment

Palestinian Authority to delay Palestinian statehood bid at UN

Troops kill Gazan who approached security fence

Jerusalem Mayor Barkat: My goal is to be able to respond within one minute to any security incident

Jordanian MP Calls for Terrorism Against 'Filthy Jews'

PA's Continuing Jew-hatred Must Extract A Heavy Price

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


ISIS systematically recruits, exploits children

U.S. plans to arm Iraq's Sunni tribesmen with AK-47s, RPGs, mortars

Iraq premier orders more aerial support to fight Islamic State

Battle for Heart of Iraq Intensifies With New Push by Islamist Terrorists: Were repelled by airstrikes and tribal fighters

Iraq Attacks, Strikes Leave 203 Dead, 111 Wounded

Deadly car bomb hits Iraq bus terminal south of Baghdad

US air strikes to escalate on ISIS in Iraq

Investors Keep Faith In Iraq Despite Rise of ISIS: Most of Iraq's wealth lies in territory not affected by ISIS


Two Britons Join Fight Against ISIS In Syria

US-led air strikes in Syria encouraging anti-Assad forces to join hands with ISIS

Death toll of U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria tops 900

Aleppo, Syria, could soon be under siege by Assad's government troops


Iran nuclear talks expected to reconvene next month

Russia's Lavrov to join Iran talks in Vienna


Suicide bomber kills 45 at volleyball match in Afghanistan

Haqqani terrorist group blamed for Afghan suicide blast

Putin's World: Why Russia's Confronation With West Will Worsen

With immigration action, Obama calls his opponents’ bluff

Obama to Republican critics on immigration: 'Pass a bill'

Reagan and Bush Offer No Precedent for Obama's Amnesty Order

Flood of illegal immigrants to pour into NYC schools

Mexico and Central America Thank Obama For Amnesty Decree

China building South China Sea island big enough for airstrip

India: Delhi girl marries outside caste, parents murder her


November 22, 2014


House Republicans sue Obama over unilateral Obamacare changes

US House to Vote on Imposing National ID Cards Worldwide ‘For the Children’

Why Darren Wilson Will Walk

Calls for peace as St. Louis region prepares for Ferguson grand jury announcement

ACLU wins federal court orders on right to video police in Ferguson, elsewhere

Turkish PM in Baghdad: Assault on Iraq is assault on Turkey

UN says Ebola outbreak may be contained by middle of next year

John Kerry prolongs stay in Vienna to thrash out Iran nuclear deal

U.S. farmers set to get huge government payouts despite bumper harvest

The Immigrants Obama Left Out

WH: Obama's Executive Order Is 'Legally Unassailable'

Obama Promotes Immigration Moves as Boehner Vows Response

Activists Rush to Help People Use Obama Immigration Plan

Obama Threatens Veto as Boehner Decries Immigration Action

How to Rebuke a President

Americans 'mad at government' melt phones on Capitol Hill

Children Strip-Searched At New Philadelphia Family Courthouse

Ferguson Shooting News

ACLU wins federal court orders on right to video police in Ferguson, elsewhere

Why Darren Wilson Will Walk

Darren Wilson to resign from Ferguson Police Department

FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

Ferguson area small business owners plead for calm

No 'excuse for violence' in Ferguson, Obama says

After Ferguson threat, Anonymous removes the KKK’s hoods

New DHS Immigration Rules: Drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders not top deportation priorities

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Three Hamas charged over alleged plot to kill Israeli foreign minister

Punitive Israeli house demolitions ‘war crime’: HRW

Arab League calls Israeli attack in Gaza ‘war crime’

Palestinians' macabre celebrating shows peace not on the agenda

Latest wave of terror attacks hit Jerusalem English-speakering Ultra-Orthodox disproportionately hard

Yemen Minister Gives Award to Persecuted Jews

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Turkey a guarantor for energy peace in Iraq between Baghdad and Erbil

Erbil-Baghdad deal guarantees stability

Turkish PM hails Iraq's new, inclusive atmosphere

Turkish PM meets Iraq's Kurdish leaders

Northern Iraq oil on market again

Turkey echoes support for security of Iraq's Kurdish region

Pentagon, in reversal, won't wait for Congress to deploy Iraq troops

A breakdown of all the weapons the U.S. wants to give Iraq to fight militants

ISIL launches fierce assault on Iraq's Ramadi


ISIS suffers setback in drive for Syria-Turkey border city Kobani

Syria could be next target of Canada's CF-18s

US, Turkey Still Not in Sync on Syria


In Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat Through 2015

Taliban suicide bombers die in attack on international zone in Kabul

Al Qaeda in Yemen rebukes ISIS

Lebanon Cancels Independence Day Celebrations Over Political Stalemate

Militants could have drawn Lebanon into civil war: Army Chief

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Kiev says Russia has 7,500 troops in Ukraine

FM Lavrov warns over Western goal of Russia 'regime change'

Further gunfire, but also war of words over crisis in Ukraine

Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine a ‘flagrant violation’, says Biden

Russia warns US against supplying ‘lethal defensive aid’ to Ukraine

How Ukraine was turned into a failed state in a year’

Supernation #8 - Central / Southern Africa

Al-Shabab militants execute 28 non-Muslims in Kenya bus attack

50,000 and not counting: S. Sudan's war dead

Nigeria: Suicide bomber in school uniform kills 47

Mosque raids in Kenya could boost support for radicals

In Mali's desert French troops hunt al Qaeda well by well

Niger sends helicopters to Mali border after militant attack

Senate Democrats Clash With White House on C.I.A. Torture Report

Lockheed sees buyer for hybrid cargo airship in 2015

Ultimate Experts: GMO Fraud Revealed

Now e-cigarettes can give your computer malware

U.S. Stocks Climb for 5th Week on Economy



November 21, 2014


Obama enforces US immigration overhaul through Executive Order

Israel: 'Hamas plot to kill FM Lieberman foiled'

More arrests as protesters await Ferguson grand jury decision

U.S. increasing non-lethal military aid to Ukraine

Reporting Exciting Daily News Development of God's 10 Supernation (Ten Toes) Prophecy: Daniel 7:7-8

There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise! NEWS2363.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

Supernation #1 - North American Union

Obama's dangerous move on immigration

Transcript: President Obama's immigration address

Broadcast networks opt out of Obama immigration speech -- except for Univision

Republicans Split on How to Block Obama’s Immigration Order

Obama’s Immigration Action Has Precedents, but May Set New One

Undocumented Immigrants and Advocates Welcome Obama's Executive Action at Viewing Party

Woman with gun arrested outside White House after Obama's immigration speech

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Hamas planned to assassinate FM Lieberman

Hamas Threatens: All Israeli Leaders Are 'Legitimate Targets'

Police Warn Nationalist Councilman Terrorists Are Targeting Him

Large-Scale Hamas Terror Cell Busted

Palestinian workers fear for their jobs in Israel

Unrestricted Arab Access to Temple Mount to Continue Friday

Murdered Jews Atone for Generation, Messiah Must Come'

Acid Thrown on Car of Islamic Imam who Condemned Synagogue Attack

'The Muslims Don't Understand - Jews Don't Want Al-Aqsa'

It's Time to Annex the Temple Mount

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Shi'ite Iraq -- Nation-Building

Turkish PM in Baghdad: Assault on Iraq is assault on Turkey

Turkey, Iraq, To Fix Chilly Relations: PM's Visit To Mark New Era In Relations

Iraq’s oil leaders signal cooperation

U.S. troops will go to Iraq before funds approved

U.S. accelerates training of Iraqi forces: Defense Secretary Hagel

General Dempsey says fight against ISIS ‘starting to turn’


Iran firm displays US-made helicopters, showing it can evade sanctions

Iran, World Powers Try to Hammer Out Nuclear Deal Before Deadline

Police officer who shot teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO in resignation talks


November 20, 2014


Three shot at Florida State University before gunman killed by police

NRA warns of Obama-fueled ‘end-run around Congress’ on gun rights

St. Louis Cop: Get a Gun, We Can't Protect You From Ferguson Violence

Ferguson Calls in Army to Defend Malls, Govt. Buildings

Obama Immigration Speech: CBS, Fox, NBC & ABC Not Airing

China Calls for Quick Action on BRICS Bank

Thanks to Jonathan Gruber for revealing Obamacare deception

Pro-Vaccine Doctors Admit Vaccines Not Effective Until 12 Months? Early Vaccines Used ‘To Train’ Parents

Prince Charles will not be silenced when he is made king

What is Cory Booker so afraid of?

A Mission for Jeb Bush

Chinese microscopic fossil discovery challenges Darwin's theory

Britain pledges $1.1 billion to UN fund helping poor countries tackle climate change

Free ‘Obama Phones’ A Little Too Easy To Get: Bending the rules too easily

China blocks thousands more websites as ‘Great Firewall’ targets cloud services

Reporting Exciting Daily News Development of God's 10 Supernation (Ten Toes) Prophecy: Daniel 7:7-8

There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise! NEWS2363.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

Supernation #1 - North American Union

Obama Immigration Speech: CBS, Fox, NBC & ABC Not Airing

Ted Cruz: 'Presidential Temper Tantrum Is Not a Rational Response'

Fired-up Ted Cruz tells Megyn Kelly his plans to ‘reign in a despotic executive’

GOP outrage at Obama immigration plan sticks to an old script

NBC/WSJ Poll: Nearly Half Oppose Executive Action on Immigration

Democrats face major challenges in selling executive action

Republicans Brace for an Immigration Fight With Obama

Liberals are violating their principles on Keystone XL

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union

China's Russia Power Play: Sanctions-burdened Russia is getting business from China's growing military machine


Ukraine Admits Its Vast Gold Reserves are Gone

Ukraine peace outlook is bleak: OSCE official

Ukrainian Soldiers Fire At OSCE Observers In Eastern Ukraine

Almost 1,000 dead since Ukraine truce - UN

Russia, Germany call for national dialogue

Russia's cultural rift over Ukraine

'Sanctions politically useless both for Russia and Europe’

Russia Wants a ’100% Guarantee’ That Ukraine Won’t Join NATO

US Should Consider Lethal Aid to Ukraine, Says Obama Nominee

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Shi'ite Iraq -- Nation-Building

Iraq, Kurdish region implement deal on oil exports, salaries

Suicide car bomb kills five in Iraqi Kurdish capital Launches Comprehensive Iraqi Dinar News & Information Site: Young, oil-rich Iraq preparing to launch a revaluation of its Dinar currency

RAF jets blast jihadis hiding in Iraq bunker: Tornado fighter bombers use 500lb laser guided bombs in precision airstrike

US strategy against Islamic State: Iraq first, but not Iraq only: General Dempsey



Mother Goes Into Syria Undercover, Rescues Daughter From ISIS

Syria refugees 'shot and killed by Turkey border guards'

Amnesty report reveals desperate plight of Syrian refugees in Turkey

US airstrike hits al-Qaida-held town in northwestern Syria, targeting the Nursa Front


Egypt Arrests Mohammed Ali Bishr, Key Negotiator Between Muslim Brotherhood And Government

IAEA Chief Says Iran Not Providing Explanations On Nuclear Claims

An Ahmadinejad comeback? Why rumors are a warning shot for Iran's Rouhani.

Pakistani City at war - where a police officer is killed every day

US and Pakistan: Will the relationship endure?

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israeli, Arab Media Speak of Religious War; West Remains Blind

Synagogue Massacre First-Responder: You Don't Want to Know What I Saw

26 Israeli Children Lost Their Fathers Yesterday


Nazareth Greek Orthodox Priest: In Israel, Christians Have Freedom

IDF identifies four rocket launch tests from Gaza into sea in past 24 hours

Venezuelan MP says Bush family financed Hitler, Nazis were in cahoots with Zionists

Muslims Chant to Remove Jesus at Washington’s National Cathedral

China-Taiwan relations hit low point 'Same bed, different dreams'?

Robber with toy gun shot seven times by bakery owner with real gun

North Korea responds to UN with nuclear test threat

Why do so many people die shovelling snow?




November 19, 2014


Sick and Tired of All This 'Sky Is Falling' News?!

Oil Near 4-Year Low === Dollar Climbs

Saudi oil policy uncertainty unleashes the conspiracy theorists

Is Russia's New Orbiter a Satellite-Killer?

Republicans block NSA overhaul in Senate

With two years left, Obama prepares to go it alone

Obama Warns: I will send US troops to fight ISIS if they get nukes

Bob Schieffer "dumbstruck" by Obamacare adviser's remarks: Jonathan Gruber

Create Extreme Disorder -- Bring New Order Out of the Disorder

Reporting Exciting Daily News Development of God's 10 Supernation (Ten Toes) Prophecy: Daniel 7:7-8

There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise! NEWS2363.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

Supernation #1 - North American Union

White House contorts to justify letting millions of illegal immigrants stay in U.S.

On immigration, Obama should pause on executive order

U.S. Senate narrowly fails to pass Keystone XL pipeline bill

Republicans Vow: Keystone pipeline down, but not out

Senate Rejection of Keystone XL Measure Sets Up 2015 Showdown

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Iraq’s Biggest Oil Plant to Reopen After Militants Repelled

Kurds in Kobani seize Islamic State arms cache: Iraq touts progress in Baiji battle

Baghdad hails the retaking of the Baiji oil refinery as the start of the long fightback against the Islamist militants

Iraq transfers $500 mn to Kurds in budget deal

Deadly car bomb hits Iraq's Erbil - Kurish city

Christians in Iraq seek refuge in Erbil

Iraq refugees tell of life under ISIL

Video horror conceals jihadists' fortunes turning to disaster


Syria Kurds advance in heart of Kobane

ISIS killed nearly 1,500 Syrians outside battle since June

‘Jihadi John’ suspect possibly caught on camera at 2011 London riots

UN Committee Condemns Syria Rights Violations

Syria blocked Lebanon from peace talks with Israel – Lebanese lawmaker

Military Action in Syria Requires a New A.U.M.F. (Authorization for Use of Military Force)

Turkey fears influx of 2-3 million more Syrian refugees


Egypt’s New Police State

Clashes near Egypt's border with Gaza kill 10 civilians

Egypt Will Expand Its Security Zone Near Gaza Strip

Suspicion haunts Egypt border residents

Second Bird Flu death in Egypt in two days


Iran to resist ‘excessive’ demands in nuclear talks

Top official of Yemen Islamist party killed

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

'Jewish State bill' agitates shaky coalition

Spanish MPs call for recognising Palestine

Police Make it Official: Intifada 2014 Is Now Underway

Netanyahu: 'We Are at the Height of a Terror Campaign'

Rabbi killed in Jerusalem had deep Boston connections

Critically Wounded Jerusalem Terror Victim Regains Consciousness

Abbas' PA and Fatah Celebrate 'Heroic' Jerusalem Attack

Pope Francis Condemns Synagogue Attack, Urges 'Reconciliation'

Op-Ed: Yes, Mahmoud Abbas IS to Blame

Jordan urges 'restraint' after Jerusalem synagogue killings

IDF Snaps Into Action as Gunshots Heard on Gaza Border

World Silent as Gazans Suffer Egyptian Expulsion: Local economy collapses

China-Pakistan fighter jet nears first foreign deal

China unveils sophisticated stealth fighter aircraft

Another Year of the Chicken: U.S. Beef Supply Will Fall Again in 2015

Ebola News

Star-studded silent video urges greater Ebola response

Woman undergoing Ebola monitoring dies of apparent heart attack in Brooklyn salon

Cuban doctor in Sierra Leone tests positive for Ebola

India’s First Ebola Patient Has Been Quarantined

Five Things to Know About the 26-Year-Old Woman Charles Manson Might Marry


November 18, 2014


Sick and Tired of All This 'Sky Is Falling' News?!

Big Pharma Plays Hide-the-Ball With Data

Four Israelis killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack

Missouri governor declares state of emergency before ruling on Ferguson shooting

Iran nuclear deal could seal historic Obama coup

Keane: Putin is a master of psychological warfare

Five more Ukrainian soldiers killed: German foreign minister visits Kiev

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Attack on worshipers in synagogue sets deadly precedent

Israel's Netanyahu: 'We will respond with a heavy hand' after synagogue attack kills four

Har Nof Terrorist Worked Next to Synagogue

Netanyahu to Convene Urgent Security Cabinet After Attack

Synagogue Massacre Victim Identified as Rabbi Moshe Twersky

EU: Har Nof Synagogue Massacre 'Condemnable by All Means'

For What It's Worth Department: Mahmoud Abbas' Office Condemns Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

FM Liberman: Responsibility for Synagogue Massacre Lies With Abbas

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Praise Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre

Israelis And Palestinians Take Matters Into Their Own Hands: Israelis are dusting off guns from storage

Palestinian song glorifies terror trend of driving into crowds

Netanyahu: Cabinet will Vote on the Jewish State Law

Kerry Threatens Abbas with Sanctions Over UN Bid

Egypt Doubles Size of Gaza Buffer Zone

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Iraqi forces drive ISIS from key refinery town, Beijj

Good News From Iraq: ISIS Setbacks

U.S. targets Islamic militants with more airstrikes in Syria, Iraq

Tide ‘starting to turn’ against Islamic State as Iraq signals policy shift

Top US General in Iraq to Assess Anti-IS Campaign

Turkish PM to visit Iraq on Nov 20

Iraq and U.S. Find Some Potential Sunni Allies Have Already Been Lost Launches Comprehensive Iraqi Dinar News & Information Site: Young, oil-rich Iraq preparing to launch a revaluation of its Dinar currency


Free Syrian Army abandons Aleppo, leader flees to Turkey

ISIS executes nearly 1,500 people in Syria in 5 months

Fake Syria War Video Stirs Debate in Norway: Film Makers Apologize

Kurds seize ISIS arms near Kobani, Syria


Iran uses China bank to transfer funds to Quds-linked terrorist companies

Blast kills senior Islamist politician in Yemen

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union

China's Russia Power Play: Sanctions-burdened Russia is getting business from China's growing military machine


NATO sees 'very serious' Russian military Ukraine build-up

All Is Not Well on Ukraine’s Eastern Front

Ukraine Readies for Possible Russian-backed Attack

Russia sees no chance of breakthrough on Ukraine in German minister's visit

EU fails to agree on new Russia sanctions

Ukraine may make prepayment for Russian gas before Dec. 1

Meet the Musicians Writing the Soundtrack to Ukraine's War

Ebola News

US Defense Secretary Rallies Troops Deploying to West Africa

Ebola Patient Being Treated At Nebraska Hospital Has Died

Rare Resource: Ebola Death of Dr. Martin Salia Is a Big Loss for West Africa

England: Ebola scare as patient tested for killer virus

Guarding The Ebola Border

About 700 Minn. soldiers to assist Ebola response: Guard members won't be treating Ebola patients

Africa’s Village Healers Complicate Ebola Fight

Australian, Indian leaders target free trade pact, economic boost

Japan PM calls snap election for next month, puts off sales tax increase

Pope Benedict alters view on remarried couples taking Communion


November 17, 2014


‘Pure evil’ behind beheading of American: Obama

Unsettling Radioactive Discovery Off California Coast

Common ground elusive between Obama, incoming Senate

Noonan: Obama Is Loneliest President Since Nixon

India is the world’s largest arms importer

Putin leaves G-20 summit early

Ferguson Gun Sales Soar As City Awaits Grand Jury’s Decision Over Michael Brown’s Death

Police Officers Draw Guns During Unannounced ‘Active Shooter Drill’ At Elementary School

Global Stocks Fall, Oil Dips

Bush: Meet Bill, my brother from another mother - No difference between Clinton and Bush families

Polar Plunge in One Spectacular NOAA Map

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Beheading of US aid worker shows Islamic State is a depraved group: British PM David Cameron

US review of IS video confirms aid worker Peter Kassig's death

Australia PM Calls IS a 'Death Cult' Over Beheading

Kassig's murder by ISIS: Sign of weakness from a terror group on the run

ISIS Has An Army Of 200,000 Militants, Six Times Larger Than What The West Believes It To Be

Child fighter tormented by ISIS


For top U.S. general, a sober return to still-divided Iraq

Islamic State fighters are retreating from Baiji oil refinery

Bombs Kill 5 Across Baghdad

Capital of Kurdish Iraq goes from backwater to boomtown as it fights to achieve independence

US Accelerates Training in Iraq’s Anbar Province

ISIS declares new currency will be circulated across Syria and Iraq

Why ISIS's Plan to Launch a Currency Won't Work


Watch: Turkey's President Erdogan claims Muslims discovered America before Columbus

China to Double Investment in Iran: Despite Western Sanctions

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Netanyahu, Kerry and King Abdullah in Tri-Lateral Meeting to Calm Violence

'Temple Mount is in OUR Hands': Declares Arab Muslim MK

There is No 'Status Quo' on the Temple Mount

Eyeing Hezbollah, Israeli navy increases joint training with air force, infantry

Israel: Abbas Responsible for Wave of Palestinian Terror

Riots as Arab Bus Driver's Suicide Death Blamed on 'Settlers'

Leaked EU Document Outlines Anti-Israel Policy

Elbit will install anti-missile lasers on German Air Force planes

Indo-Israeli bond deepening

Jewish man stabbed in back in suspected Jerusalem terrorist attack

UN Admits 'Palestinian Journalist' Killed in Gaza was Terrorist

Emir of Kano calls Nigerians to arms over Boko Haram

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union

China's Russia Power Play: Sanctions-burdened Russia is getting business from China's growing military machine


New video emerges as removal of MH17 wreckage begins in Ukraine

EU set to target Ukraine separatists but Russia sanctions may wait

Russia fears ethnic cleansing in Ukraine amid rise of neo-Nazism – Putin

Putin Warns: ‘Supporting Russophobia in Ukraine will result in catastrophe’

Ukraine moves to close hospitals, schools, banks in rebel-held eastern region

Ukraine conflict in maps: Three maps that help explain the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

World leaders take Putin to task over Ukraine at G20 in Australia

G20 Summit: World leaders meet in Brisbane

Japan's slip into surprise recession paves way for tax delay, snap poll

FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year than Rifles

Grandfather Shot, But Shoots All 3 Home Invaders Who Tried To Rape His Grandaughter: One intruder killed

Grubered Again! 'Stupid' Americans 'falling off a building'
Obamacare architect knew U.S. workers would lose job-based insurance

Obamacare guru shocks again with abortion boast

Health chief leaves door open for arrogant Obamacare adviser:
Refuses to say whether or not Gruber is still welcome at White House

Swindoll's ministry latest to sue, win against Obama administration

Satan activity book causes controversy at the Orange School Board

Why Amazon's Echo is the computer of the future

November 15-16, 2014


Russia Braces for 'Catastrophic' Drop in Oil Prices

Islamic State militants withdraw from area around Iraq refinery

House Passes Bill to Approve Keystone Over Objections From Obama

NRA warns of Obama-fueled ‘end-run around Congress’ on gun rights

White House Science Czar John Holdren: Ice Age Will Kill One Billion, Global Government Needed

Trey Gowdy says no to impeachment: ‘Have you met Joe Biden?’ (Same argument used in Nixon/Agnew)

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Top U.S. general arrives in Iraq unannounced as military campaign expands

Has ISIS peaked? Terror group suffers setbacks in Iraq

Canada's Iraq commander says ISIS 'on defensive'

Fighting ISIS Without Destroying Iraq

Iraq and Kurds Reach Deal on Oil Exports and Budget Payments: "Crossed the Rubicon here on the K.R.G.’s right to export oil”

Airstrikes Fail to Slow ISIS' Iraq Killing Spree

Iraq needs 80,000 good troops to retake lost territory: U.S. general

Iraq Christians Guard Village Taken From IS Group


U.S. considers expanded CIA training, arming of Syrian allies struggling against Assad

U.S. says it has targeted Khorasan Group again in Syria with airstrike

Syrian 'hero boy' video faked by Norwegian director

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Security and Defense: Getting ready for the next war

IDF mobilizing reinforcement battalions to West Bank

Police Cordon Off Volatile Arab Neighborhood in Jerusalem

Home of Baby Murdering Terrorist to be Demolished

Rabbi Goren and the Temple Mount: ''... the key to our sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and Gaza is the Temple Mount"

Watch: Israelis Abroad are 'Returning Soon'

Haredi man stabbed in neck in Antwerp's Jewish quarter: Was walking to his synagogue in Belgium

World Jews experiencing their own global intifada

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis posts video of deadly attack that killed 30 in Sinai

Pelosi cited ObamaCare architect in push for law – now claims she hasn’t heard of him

G-20 Summit - Australia

Ukraine Crisis To Dominate G-20

PM Harper Uses Handshake to Tell Putin to ‘Get Out of Ukraine’

Putin Said to Plan Early G-20 Exit as Ukraine Casts Shadow

NATO Says Russian Forces in Ukraine as Putin Attends G-20

Obama, UN at Odds With G-20 Host Abbott on Climate Change

Obama Vows U.S. Pacific Focus Will Foster Growth

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union

China's Russia Power Play: Sanctions-burdened Russia is getting business from China's growing military machine


Ukraine’s Poroshenko says ‘no reason to panic’ over eastern rebels

Obama: Russia's aggression against Ukraine a threat to world

Russian TV channel says photos show MH17 shot down by fighter jet

G20: British PM David Cameron warns Russia of more Ukraine sanctions

Ukraine's PM says main task is to build army to stop Russia

U.S. Navy Deploys Its First Laser Weapon in the Persian Gulf


Nigeria: Boko Haram seizes Chibok town

Ebola-Stricken Dr. Martin Salia Is on His Way to Nebraska



November 14, 2014


Merry Christmas: UN Declares Arms Trade Treaty to Go Into Effect Dec. 24

Why The Democrats Lost

42 percent of new Medicaid signups are immigrants, their children

Pentagon Studies Reveal Major Nuclear Problems

What does the Trans-Pacific Partnership mean for Americans?

100,000 American Nurses strike over Ebola concerns, as death toll ticks above 5,000

Let’s Embrace The End of Food


Climate Change Propaganda

U.S.-China climate deal reverberates north and south

Capping warming at 2 C not enough to avert disaster, climate experts warn

Rolling back climate pledge might be hard for next president

The audacity of climate cynicis

Gruber's Obamacare comments expose what's wrong with liberalism

Pelosi cited ObamaCare architect in push for law – now claims she hasn’t heard of him

WH refutes Gruber's comments, accuses GOP of dishonesty

Create Extreme Disorder -- Bring New Order Out of the Disorder

Reporting Exciting Daily News Development of God's 10 Supernation (Ten Toes) Prophecy: Daniel 7:7-8

Supernation #1 -- North American Union

Obama’s making a big immigration move soon. Here’s his plan.

Obama Plan May Allow Millions of Immigrants to Stay and Work in U.S.

Krauthammer: Amnesty via Executive Order is 'Impeachable Offense'

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Pentagon says US troops' role in Iraq could expand

Iraq troops 'push Islamic State from oil town of Baiji'

Islamic State advances halted in some areas of Iraq: U.S. defense officials

Baghdad Anti-IS War Room Model for Iraq-US Command

Iraq and Kurds Reach Deal on Oil Exports and Budget Payments

Top U.S. General Says He’s Open to Using Ground Troops to Retake Mosul

Obama's Three-Country Tour: Attending ASEAN Summit

Marijuana didn’t just win on Election Day — it also got more votes than major politicians

U.S. Marshals Service reportedly gathering phone data through airborne surveillance

November 13, 2014


Kurds Fight Islamic State to Claim a Piece of Syria

2007 Plan Gives Kurds A Piece of Syria

Obama Is a Republican: Proof Positive There Is No Difference Republican vs Democrat

GOP’s anti-Obamacare push gains new momentum in wake of Gruber video: Congress deliberately deceived

Keystone oil pipeline approval bills advance in Congress

Obama to announce action on immigration

Worthy Choice: Obama picks a respected pro for attorney general - First Black Woman

The CIA Won the Midterms

India and US reach WTO breakthrough over food: Global Trade Deal Next

Four Reasons Why Putin Could Be Marching Back Into Ukraine


Supernation #9 - ASEAN -

South/SE Asia

What is ASEAN?

What is ASEAN Prophetically?

China Extends Diplomatic Blitz to Southeast Asia

China offers ASEAN friendship, loans

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares resilient after soft China data

Supernation #1 -- North American Union

Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week

Building a New North American Partnership for the Future

No, Obama’s carbon limits won’t mean massive power outages

What Is The Trans-Pacific Partnership And Why Does It Matter?

Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal close at hand

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


ISIL suffers reverses in Iraq and Syria

U.S., allies conduct 23 air strikes in Syria, Iraq

PM Abadi fires 26 commanders in army shakeup

Iraq’s Kurds appeal for new U.S. arms to combat Islamic State

New oil exploration company for Kurdish Regional Gov't

U.S. faces uphill battle in Iraq's Anbar province

Iraq: Sunni tribe 'left for slaughter' by Islamic State - Killing was Sunni against Sunni

Doubling Down: Obama’s troop boost in Iraq is hard to fathom - Now 3,000 American troops in Iraq

President Bush’s claims on weapons found, and not found, In Iraq: Bush LIED!


ISIS Boot Camp Syria: Children as Young as 10 Forced to Behead Syrian Soldiers

Countries bordering Syria closing borders to refugees

Obama seeks review of Syria strategy, sees Assad removal as necessary

Syrian rebel leader: US-led attacks on Isis are undermining anti-Assad forces

Kurds block ISIS supply route to Syria’s Kobane

Informal Kurdish Patrols on Turkey's Border With Syria


Embassies of Egypt and UAE attacked in Libya

Egypt sailors missing after navy ship attacked in Mediterranean

New decree allows Sisi to deport foreign detainees

Meet the Islamic State's newest best friend: Egyptian militant group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis


UN Nuclear Agency corrects data on Iran's uranium stockpile

US military plans for possible evacuation of embassy in Yemen

The dangerous disintegration of Yemen

Morocco arrests 4 French Islamists with suspected militant links

Lebanese Security forces foil kidnapping in Masnaa

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Kerry to meet Netanyahu, Jordan king Thursday

As Jordan faces terrorist threats, IDF sets up new Jordan Valley battalion

Israel Shouldn't Ignore the 'Shia Al Qaeda' on its Doorstep

Netanyahu: We won’t tolerate Hamas or ISIS flags at protests in Israel

Following spate of vehicle terror attacks, IDF to deploy barricades across West Bank

Two Stabbing Attacks Thwarted Wednesday Night

Jewish Terror Victim Meets His Arab Savior

Supernation #7 - Russia / Eurasion Economic Union


Obama calls on Russia to respect Ukraine cease-fire

Ukraine says it will not abandon ceasefire

Ukraine Warns of Worsening Security Situation

Ukraine Crisis: Russian 'Cargo 200' crossed border - Trucks used to transport dead soldier's bodies

Ukraine Prepares for All-Out War as 'Russian Tanks and Troops Enter Donetsk'

Kiev’s army should gear up for winter warfare – Ukraine Defense Ministry

Russia flexes muscle with bomber flights near U.S.

Vladimir Putin’s newest enemy: Australia

Black Democrats bemoan decision to run from Obama

U.S. Index Futures Gain

Oil below $80

The Future of Robotics May Be a Robot You Wear

Ebola Treatment Clinical Trials to Start in West Africa

Ebola: Doctors Without Borders Shows How to Manage a Plague

Forensics expert to testify at Ferguson grand jury


November 12, 2014


The fighters of Iraq who answer to Iran

Ukraine Crisis: Heavy artillery fire rocks Donetsk

GOP adds another Senate seat: Sullivan wins Alaska

Why Obamacare risks falling into a ‘death spiral’

Public Health Scores Ebola Victory as Infected Doctor Goes Home

Changing How the Internet Is Regulated Probably Won't Kill It


Mormon church admits founder Joseph Smith had about 40 wives

Underwear, vigilantes and planets: Things we now know about Mormons

Mormons oust Ordain Women's Kate Kelly over women priests

Mitt Romney's Mormon roots in northern England

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Listen to Faithful Muslims, They Mean What They Say

ISIS gaining followers but losing leaders?

Female IDF Soldier Takes Up Arms Against ISIS


Iraq claims key victory over ISIS

Islamic State threat delays delivery of F-16s to Iraq

Why it matters that U.S. troops are in Iraq’s troubled Anbar province — again

Iran will stand by Iraq in anti-terror fight: President Rouhani

Canadian jets hit Islamic State artillery position in Iraq

The Pentagon’s ‘nine-brigade gamble’ on Iraq

Bomb attacks kill 23 people in Iraq

Cristal Group opens second Iraq hotel in Erbil: 100-room five-star Cristal Erbil Hotel


Kurds gain ground but not control in struggle for Syrian border town, Kobani

Syria Crisis: Assad holds on in war without end

Piecemeal peace deals proposed to pacify Syria

Activists: US-Led Airstrikes Kill 860 in Syria


Russia to build more nuclear reactors for Iran

Final nuclear deal within reach, Oman says

Archives: Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America - Whom Should The World Fear?


At least 33 dead in Yemeni clashes, drone kills seven militants


Supernation #9 - South/SE Asia

Will ASEAN Forge an Economic Community ByEnd of 2015?

Myanmar (Burma) hosts world leaders for ASEAN summit

Five things you need to know about ASEAN

New era of economic development and industrialisation has begun in India: PM Modi tells ASEAN

India, ASEAN can be ‘great partners’: PM Modi

PM Modi invites Malaysian companies to invest in India

World leaders at ASEAN will warn about threat of Islamic State

ASEAN (Supernation #9) to pressure China (Supernation #10) to stick to diplomacy on maritime disputes

China, ASEAN embarking on cooperation of "diamond decade"

Mexico investigates police in shooting of pregnant American teen

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Kerry to Focus on Israel-Palestinian Tensions, Islamic State in Jordan Talks

Islamic Jihad: We will respond 'at any moment' to torching of West Bank mosque

Why is the Obama administration provoking Israel?

NewsWhip: The Israeli Quiz Factory That's Outbuzzing BuzzFeed on Facebook

Supernation #7 - Russia / Eurasion Economic Union


Russian Tanks Move Across Ukraine Border: NATO Chief Breedlove

Ukraine redeploys troops, fearing new rebel offensive

Moscow denies NATO’s accusations of invasion in Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine: Not the Military Balance You Think

Another Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola

Gasoline prices decline



November 11, 2014

World War I Armistice Day (Veteran's Day)

History's Greatest Single Proof That International Conspiracy Is Ruling The Modern World. When the Illuminati staged the Armistice Day signing at the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month, they deliberately formed the number '11-11-11', a signal to occultists worldwide! (NEWS2325)


Iraq's Future: It's the oil, stupid

The Kurds Can't Afford to Leave Iraq

A 3-Star General Explains: 'Why We Lost' In Iraq, Afghanistan

Obama and Putin are odd couple at Beijing summit

US midterm elections spell twilight for Obama presidency

'Lost Gospel' Book Claims Jesus Christ Married Mary Magdalene, Had Two Children

Immigration Reform 2014: Executive Orders vs New Congress

SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Wants To Launch 700 Satellites: To Provide Web Access To The World

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Iraq military: Troops take center of refinery town

Iranian-Backed Shiite Militias In Iraq Just Beat ISIS In Key Battle

Battle for Iraq: the Iranian connection

Iraq PM says intends to hand over Baghdad security to police

U.S. strikes convoy of Islamic State leaders in Iraq

Obama 'having conversations' with Australia to increase Iraq troop commitment

Australian troops finally on the ground in Iraq

VA Scandal Update: 35 Veterans Affairs Workers To Be Fired, 1K More May Get Pink Slips


Syria Kurds 'recapture' areas of Kobani from ISIS

U.N. Syria envoy says Damascus gave positive signals on local truce push

Hezbollah blames Israel for death of five nuclear technicians in Syria


3rd ID commander readies his troops for Afghanistan

Bomb attacks in Afghanistan kill 11

Prince Harry leaves emotional tribute as he returns to Afghanistan: "No greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends'

Government Botches War On Drugs In Afghanistan: Accidentally Funds Opium Farmers


To counter rise of Islamic State, Jordan imposes rules on Muslim clerics

Yemen: Clashes at Sanaa airport kill four

Egypt draft law would strangle media coverage of military

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israel on High Alert as Arab Sector Erupts

2 Israelis Killed, 3 Wounded in Terror Stabbings

A Tale of Two Condemnations

Iran: Time to Destroy Israel

Christian Arab Diplomat Reveals: Palestinian Cause Is About Destroying Israel, Not Humanitarian Concern

FM Liberman: Abbas is more dangerous than Arafat

Moovit Transportation AP breaks 10 million user bar, quadrupling scope of global operations

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union

China's Russia Power Play: Sanctions-burdened Russia is getting business from China's growing military machine


US Alarmed Over Reports of Russian Buildup in E. Ukraine

British PM Cameron: We Don't Want Cold War With Russia But Can't Ignore Ukraine

All-out war looms in Ukraine as military vehicles move towards Donetsk

Ukraine Could Explode in the Next 48 Hours

Ukraine's currency plunges

In China, Obama spars with Putin on Ukraine

Putin claims Ukrainian government stalling MH17 investigation

Arizona Prop 122: Voters Pass Measure To Allow State To Opt Out Of Federal Laws It Deems 'Unconstitutional'

China Deal Sends Shares To One-Month High, Ruble Surges

Democrats create an ALEC-killer

Jeb Bush’s Greatest Weakness



November 10, 2014


Terror at the Wheel: Israel suffers a new wave of Palestinian terror

White House Doubling Troops In Iraq

How the Republican Congress can create jobs, fix Obamacare

Russian Economy to Stagnate in 2015: Undermined by Sanctions

Russia, China Add to $400 Billion Gas Deal With Accord

Mexico named a lawless state: Human Rights Watch

Queen Elizabeth murder plot foiled: Police arrested four Islamic terror suspects

Obama calls on FCC to toughen proposed net-neutrality rules

2015 Global Economic Outlook: Slightly Better Than 2014



Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union

China's Russia Power Play: Sanctions-burdened Russia is getting business from China's growing military machine


Russia’s Military Encounters Risk Clash in Europe

Russia Expands Ukraine Military Presence as Rebels Killed

Ruble Falls as Ukraine Lurches Towards War

Hard Ukraine bargaining leaves sour taste for some in EU: "Ukrainians are manipulating the EU"

Ukraine's currency reserves plummet 23 percent to nine-year low

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Europe: Divide Jerusalem -- Netanyahu: Not a Chance

Israel on High Alert as Arab Sector Erupts

Mohammed's Successor Advances on Jerusalem

Palestinians Celebrate Vehicular Terror, Declare 'Car Intifada'

Terror attack in Tel Aviv: Palestinian stabs, critically wounds IDF soldier

Israeli woman stabbed to death in West Bank

Iran: Time to Destroy Israel

Israel Law Center files war crimes complaint against Abbas with ICC

No unilateral recognition of Palestinian state: Top German politician

'Night of Broken Glass' in Jerusalem: Kristallnacht began on November 9, 1938 in Berlin. Are we on the same track again?

Back in the 80's We Really Believed in Peace

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Third Australian killed fighting with IS militants

Deal agreed for Australia forces to deploy in Iraq

RAF carries out first British drone attacks against Isis in Iraq

Coalition Airstrikes Targeted Islamic State Leaders Near Mosul

US air strikes target IS gathering in Mosul, Iraq

Iran says ready to help Iraq fight IS jihadists


Syria Conflict: Assad 'to study' UN truce plan for Aleppo


Suicide bomber kills dozens at school assembly in Nigeria



November 8- 9, 2014


Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, escalating crisis

Payrolls grow by 214K; jobless rate hits 6-year low

Issa: Document dump shows Holder ‘at the heart’ of Fast and Furious debate

Queen Elizabeth murder plot foiled

Swarm of earthquakes in Nevada desert is intensifying

Obama to nominate US Attorney Loretta Lynch to replace Holder as AG

Supreme Court to review another Obamacare legal challenge

How the Supreme Court’s Latest Case Could Totally Cripple ObamaCare

Hip Hop Star Slams Abortion at Michelle Obama Event

China mocks 'insipid' Obama in wake of drubbing

Trojan Horse' Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011

Homeless advocate, 90, gets world attention as Fort Lauderdale tries to stop his outdoor feedings

It's Over: DSCC Pulls Ads For Mary Landrieu in Louisiana Run-Off

3 NBC Stations in Nevada Didn't Disclose $10K Donations to Democratic Candidate

Middle East

Houthi expansion puts Yemen on edge of civil war

Obama Deploys Up to 1,500 More Troops to Iraq

Source says reported letter from Obama to Ayatollah ‘f***s up everything'

Iran stalls probe into nuclear weapons research, U.N. report says

Palestinians clash with Israeli forces at Temple Mount

More Details Emerge On Pakistan Christian Coupled Burned To Death For ‘Blasphemy’

Palestinians call for ‘Day of Rage’ against Israel

Jordanians denounce peace with Israel, vow 'jihad to liberate Al-Aksa'

Al-Qaida Group Seizes Villages From Syrian Rebels

November 7, 2014


Election News

Teachers unions spend big, lose big on midterm elections

Why Alaska Election Results Are Taking Sooooo Long

2014 Election Day wins may help Christie in 2016

Will Election Have Lasting Impact on Stocks?

Pro-life amendments fail in N.D., Colo., pass in Tenn.

Nancy Pelosi Vows to Stay Democratic Leader, Calls Pro-Life Victory “Voter Suppression”

Black Pro-Life Candidates Tim Scott, Mia Love and Will Hurd Win Huge Victories

There’s a Record Number of Pro-Life Women Headed to Congress

Being Pro-life Pays Off at the Polls in Michigan

Ben Carson 1st Republican to throw hat in 2016 ring

Ben Carson officially switches political parties

Middle East

Jihadists 'using cruise ships' to reach Middle East war zones

US-led air raids target Syria rebel groups

Obama plans new authorization for military force against ISIS

Palestinians call for 'Day of Rage' against Israel

US military aid commander: The moment Israel notifies us, we will be there to help

Obama sent letter to Iran's Khamenei; Israel kept in the dark

Obama Wrote Secret Letter to Iran’s Khamenei About Fighting Islamic State

Pakistan Mob Burns Christian Couple to Death

Heavy Security at Contested Jerusalem Shrine


Appeals court upholds gay marriage bans, reversing trend

AC/DC Drummer Charged in Murder-For-Hire Plot

Fetal ‘Personhood’ Laws Defeated in Colorado and North Dakota

Bush-League Judge Blows the Case Against Gay Marriage

Did an out-of-touch abortion stance cause Democrats to lose the Senate?

Planned Parenthood Abortion Video Is Straight Out of Fantasyland

Abortion foes see efforts helping GOP in Kansas

Monsanto and Dow Chemicals’ Genetically Engineered (GE) Crops Banned in Maui

How Monsanto Keeps Halting GMO Labeling Despite Over 96% Approval

November 6, 2014

Election Aftermath News -- 2014

Complete Election Results -- Graphic

Takeaways from election: A very good night for the GOP

How Election 2014 Showed That America's Ready to End the War on Drugs

Obama pledges to work with Senate Republicans — saying he will have bourbon with Mitch McConnell to 'get stuff done'

Tea Party Firebrand Wins Big in Iowa

Republican Hawks Already Have a War Plan for ISIS, Ukraine, and Obama: Editorial

Election Results Make U.S. Congress Action on Climate Change Even Less Likely

Obama Resists Course Change After Election Rebuke

Democrats Turn on the Real Enemy: Each Other

Wendy Davis Supporter: ‘Kill all the babies'; Update: Tweet deleted

West Virginia Elects America’s Youngest State Lawmaker - 18 years old

Cease-Fire in Ukraine Fails and Preparations for War Begin

Tensions Escalate in Jerusalem After Latest Attack

Obama to Seek New Authorization for Islamic State Fight

Obama seeks $6.2 billion for Ebola fight

America’s school kids now under psychiatric surveillance

Create Extreme Disorder -- Bring New Order Out of the Disorder

Reporting Exciting Daily News Development of God's 10 Supernation (Ten Toes) Prophecy: Daniel 7:7-8

There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise! NEWS2363.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Temple Mount

Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple

When a Jew Prays at the Temple Mount

US Backs Suppression of Religious Freedom on Temple Mount

Netanyahu Reassures: Status quo on Temple Mount will not change

PM's Office Reiterates: No Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

'Closing the Temple Mount is violation of Israel-Jordan peace treaty': Former Jordanian PM

Jerusalem tension leaves Jordan more exposed to Mideast turmoil

Jerusalem, Arab war and killing Jews

'People Are Afraid to Bury Their Dead on Mount of Olives'

Other Israel News

Senior Amnesty International Official Compares Israel to ISIS

EU Foreign Affairs Chief Condemns Car Terror Attack

PA Asks UN to Condemn Israel's 'Provocation'

Israel okays Egypt request to deploy more military forces in Sinai

The future IAF: Two F-35 squadrons of 25 jets each

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Finland warns Europe is 'at the gates of a new cold war' in wake of Russian military activity

Russian troops move closer to Ukraine border: NATO chief warns

Artillery Fire Kills Teens in Donetsk as Ukraine’s Ceasefire Breaks Down

Russia Accuses Ukraine of 'Crudely' Violating Peace Accords

Ukraine peace plan in tatters, 'frozen conflict' takes shape

Ukraine Crisis: President Poroshenko orders troops to key cities

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


U.S. midterm elections could spark more vigorous Iraq war

Back to Iraq: UK troops return to combat ISIS

Iran General Said To Mastermind Iraq Ground War

Battle for Iraq’s largest oil refinery far from over


US-led air strikes target Al Nusra Front in Syria

Air strikes in Syria could be start of campaign that could last years or decades

Al-Qaida Affiliate Gains Ground Against U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels

Iran 'Setting Up' Hezbollah-like Proxy in Syria to Help Assad

Wearables: Are we handing more tools to Big Brother?

10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About the Drug War Violence in Mexico






November 5, 2014


Election News -- 2014

The Day After Republicans Took the Senate

It's a Wave: Republicans Celebrate Big Wins Across Elections

Why the GOP Blowout Is So Scary for Democrats

9 Things The Big Republican Win Means

Majority of States ditch electronic voting machines

Harry Reid Congratulates Mitch McConnell on Taking Senate And Taking His Job From Him

Tim Scott becomes the South's first ever black man to enter the United States Senate by winning a public election

Meet Mia Love, The First Black Republican Woman Elected To Congress

Here’s How Tuesday’s Election Changed The Landscape Of America’s Governors

Election Stunner: Republican elected governor of Maryland

Despite Election Losses, Obama Still Sees Hope For Bipartisanship

GOP Senator McCain could shake up U.S. defense in powerful new Senate role

Amnesty International accuses Israel of committing war crimes during Gaza war this summer

Hamas says it prepares for another war with Israel

US turned to Iran for help in Afghanistan

US Destroying Syria’s Oil Infrastructure Under Guise of Fighting ISIS

Is Kiev Preparing Another Attack?

Pro-Russia separatists press forward with their secession from Ukraine

The FBI: America’s Secret Police

Man's cancer plight sparks euthanasia debate

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Terror in Jerusalem: One dead as Palestinian driver rams van into crowded light rail station

Netanyahu: Jerusalem terror attack the result of Abbas and his Hamas partners' incitement

Al Aqsa Mosque Turned into Terror 'War Room'

Hamas claims Jerusalem terror attack, calls on Palestinians 'to defend al-Aksa'

Jordan recalls envoy from Israel over 'unprecedented escalation in Jerusalem'

Netanyahu Vows: We Will Win the Struggle for Jerusalem

Netanyahu met with Abdullah secretly in Amman amid Temple Mount tensions

Bennett: Abbas is the driver of death cars in Jerusalem

Amnesty International Report is 'Terrorist Propaganda'

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Britain prepares to send troops back to Iraq

NZ military personnel headed for Iraq

Mysterious Iranian general fights ISIS in Iraq

Australian warplanes at 'high tempo' over Iraq

ISIS Mission: Shia militants key fighters in complicated Iraq scenario

The Obama Administration's Biggest Problem In Iraq Is Painfully Ironic

Hundreds of thousands of Shiite Muslims pack Iraq's Karbala for Ashura


Obama Is Getting Slammed For His 'Goldilocks Approach' To ISIS And Syria

Tragic Setbacks for U.S. Allies in Iraq and Syria

Leader of Syria Qaeda wing threatens strikes against Hezbollah in Lebanon


Elections / Economy News

Stocks climb after ADP report, decisive midterms

Why 2015 may also be a good year for stocks

Republican gains push dollar to seven-year high versus yen

Energy seen getting biggest boost from Republican Senate

Obama To Unleash Regulation, Executive Order Blitz After Elections

Oil is sending Transportation sector into record high territory

November 4, 2014


History Suggests Election Day Could Be Ugly For Democrats

Israel's Likely Rooting for Republicans

US Sends Planes Armed With Depleted Uranium to Middle East

NSA Chief Bet Money on AT&T as It Spied on You

Stingray Cell phone signal interception a growing threat

Samsung SmartTV Supplement: TV Records 'Personal' Conversations, Sends Them to Third Parties

Pot’s Day in Court

Supreme Court Weighs Status of Jerusalem for US Passports

Security tight as Shiites mark holy day in Iraq

War on Terror Increases the Number of Terrorists

Moral Hazard and Socialism in Collective Security Agreements

Oil Prices Extend Fall

DVD - For Whom Should Christians Vote?

Touch Screen Flips Votes in Key US Senate Race: Trustworthiness of electronic voting machines comes under scrutiny yet again

US mid-terms: Battle for the Senate as polls open

Return of the Northeastern Republican

Earnest: "A Variety Of Reasons" Why I Won't Say Biden Is Best Poised To Succeed Obama

Law Enforcement Defines Election As Referendum: Obama's Amnesty Means 'Tidal Wave' Of Illegal Immigration

Election-Eve Bombshell Memo Embroils Jeanne Shaheen in IRS Targeting Scandal - Shaheen (D-NH) personally coordinated with the IRS’s Lois Lerner to use the tax agency’s power to target conservative groups

Mail carrier investigated over allegations of dumping GOP political mailers

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Young Israelis Prepare for Elite IDF Service

New EU foreign policy chief: I’d like to see a Palestinian state by the time I leave office

Prayer March From Site of Assassination Attempt to Temple Mount

Kerry calls anonymous insult against Netanyahu a 'disgraceful' setback

US Backs Suppression of Religious Freedom on Temple Mount: Obama opposes worship at Temple Mount of both Jews and Christians, but wants Muslims to worship there

Iran condemns Israeli restrictions on access to Al-Aqsa

Jordan's King Abdullah: We will use all available means to defend Jerusalem Against Israeli Aggression

For a Packed Part of Jerusalem, Expansion Plans Have Built Mostly Outrage

Israel to Reopen Gaza Border Crossings

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Depleted Uranium Update

US Sends Planes Armed With Depleted Uranium to Middle East

Iraqi Doctors Call Depleted Uranium Use “Genocide”

Toxic fallout from US war produces record child birth defect rates in Iraq

Do you Remember Fallujah?

The real secret of Iraq’s germ arsenal

143 nations at the U.N. support call for depleted uranium clean-up assistance

Where have all the Flowers Gone?


Islamic State: Is the US-led war really helping Syria's Assad? Maybe

Focus on Kobani obscures the war in Syria

Iran accuses Turkey of prolonging civil war in Syria

In Assad's Syria, death notices litter the walls - and life goes on

Obama’s Quagmire: America’s campaign against ISIS has already lost its way

Word of major defeat for so-called 'moderate' Syrian rebels


Obama's first victory in Iraq war

Iraq War Now Being Fought By People Who Were Just Kids When It Started


China pumps adrenalin into the “heart of Asia”

Taliban trying to destabilize region beyond Afghanistan

Islamic State influence is growing in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Debt Collectors Try to Repossess Man's Car While He's Deployed in Afghanistan


Iranians mark anniversary of 1979 US Embassy takeover

Suicide blast hits Wagah, Pakistan: At least 60 killed

World Trade Center reopens, 13 years after 9/11: 1,776-foot skyscraper that rose from the ashes of 9/11

Merkel underlines displeasure over Russia's Ukraine role: Says no reason to lift sanctions

Ukraine crisis deepens after rebel vote in east

Ebola = Big Pharma Profits

Sierra Leone Loses Fifth Doctor to Ebola: Dr. Godfrey George

Sierra Leone: Ebola Strategy Sees Mixed Successes

Africa: Overcoming Ebola Stigma Takes Time

What Kaci Hickox Has to Say About Court's Quarantine Decision

Singapore Requires Visa for Ebola-Hit African States

Police allow car break-ins to become a Seattle growth industry

GMO Food Update

Kellogg’s Foods are Full of GMO Sugar Beets: Join the Boycott!

Kellogg, Pepsi, Kraft & Coke Drop GMOs in Europe, but Keep Feeding it to USA

Kellogg’s’ Kashi Still Under Legal Fire for Claiming GMO-Laden Foods to be ‘All Natural’

Former Pro-GMO Biotech Scientist Admits GMOs Aren’t Safe, Refutes Claims by Monsanto

3 Good Reasons to Ditch Packaged Bread and Make Your Own Today

GMO Activism Leading to Kellogg’s Decreased Sales for 5th Consecutive Quarter

Alibaba’s Big Earnings Gap: Costs Add Up for E-Commerce Giant as Margins Continue to Slide


November 3, 2014


Has America Nuked Syria?

ISIS Snuffs Out Ancient Christianity

Weather Channel Founder: Man-Made Global Warming is ‘Baloney’

Afghanistan: None Dare Call it a Defeat

Obama’s Last Chance to Save His Presidency?

Brittany Maynard, right-to-die advocate, ends her life - Oregon's 'Death With Dignity' Act

Poll: 71% Back Mandatory Quarantines for Ebola Health Workers

Polls give GOP momentum going into midterms

Pro-Russian rebels name leader in Ukraine as crisis deepens

Dollar surges versus Yen

US Post Office Spying on Americans Without Oversight

FBI demands new powers to hack into computers and carry out surveillance

Create Extreme Disorder -- Bring New Order Out of the Disorder

Reporting Exciting Daily News Development of God's 10 Supernation (Ten Toes) Prophecy: Daniel 7:7-8

There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise! NEWS2363.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Has America Nuked Syria?

Iraqi Kurds reinforce Kobani: U.S. planes pound Islamic State targets

Why Kobani Must Be Saved

Syrian rebels, armed and trained by US, surrender to al-Qaeda

Assad's Syria Truncated, Battered _ but Defiant

ISIS beheads 8 Syria rebels who surrendered

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters Prepare for Syria Battle

'Afghan' in Syria: Iranians pay us to fight for Assad

Nasrallah: Hezbollah fighting in Syria to prevent Zionist, US hegemony

Shiite Muslim Leader Shot by ISIS Supporters in Sydney


Iraq Plans ISIS Counter-Offensive With U.S. Help

ISIS Mission: Canadian CF-18s drop laser-guided bombs over Iraq

Iraq's bomb squad: clearing the path ahead

Iraq: 300 tribe members killed by ISIS in western Anbar Province

Islamic State slaughters 50 Sunni tribesmen, women and children, from the al-Bunimr tribe

Iraq blasts kill Shia (Shi'ite) preparing for Ashoura


The Capabilities of the Afghan Military Are Suddenly a Secret

Just Say "No": Time to End the War on Drugs in Afghanistan

Afghan Deputy Governor Shot Dead While in Class

Why Afghanistan Courts China

Afghanistan's President Drops His Tribal Name


Egypt follows U.S. and Israeli strategies

Egypt's War on Terrorism: World's Double Standards

Blast Targets Troops Near Egypt-Gaza Border

Egypt finds evidence of connection between Sinai-based terror group and Islamic State

Egypt's Cabinet: A total of 1156 families being evacuated in North Sinai

Army kills 3 suspected militants as Sisi dispatches committee to Sinai

Egypt jails eight men after ‘gay marriage’ ceremony on Nile


Zarif: Iran ready to sign final deal if its nuclear rights recognized

Iranian woman sentenced to one year jail term for attending volleyball game

Four rockets crash in Bekaa, Lebanon

Gulf Arabs See Specter of Iran in Gains by Yemen’s Houthis

In latest targeted killing, senior Yemeni politician shot dead

MP calls for investigation into Yemen chaos

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Who is Rabbi Glick, and Why Was He Shot?

Netanyahu: World is silent as Abbas feeds flames at Temple Mount

Recording Proves Police Knew of Threat to Yehuda Glick's Life

Netanyahu met with Abdullah secretly in Amman amid Temple Mount tensions

Netanyahu: Abbas condolence letter to Glick shooter is act of incitement

ISIS, Iran top agenda of US-Israel consultation

US Army Buys Its First Iron Dome from Israel

Profectus BioSciences Receives $9.5 Million Department of Defense Funding: To Manufacture Vaccine to Protect Against all Ebola Viruses

Federal Reserve To Markets: You’re Too Easy - Fed really is not stopping its QE intervention

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union

Eurasion Economic Union

Armenia Joins Eurasian Economic Union Despite Hurdles, Objections

Eurasian Economic Union’s future uncertain

Belarus-Russia union to grow stronger alongside Eurasian Economic Union

Eurasian Worries in Kazakstan


NATO reports increase in Russian fighter jet maneuvers

Ukraine crisis deepens after rebel elections in the east

Moscow considers elections in eastern Ukraine valid — Russian Foreign Ministry

Ukraine to pay Russia first tranche of natural gas debt within days — National Bank Head


November 1-2, 2014


India-China Border Standoff: High in the Mountains, Thousands of Troops Go Toe-to-Toe

Archive: "Kings of the East" (Rev 16:12) - China Building Prophetic Road, India Objects

Has America Nuked Syria?

The US is getting stuck in the Middle East

Archives: REAL - PROPHETIC - REASON US IS IN MIDDLE EAST - World Is on Fire In The Non-Integrating Gap

U.S. Tries to Block Money and Men From Islamic State

Obama’s Stupid Sanctions Give Putin New Oil Bonanza

In Liberia, Ebola Survivors Find They Have "Superpowers"

3rd victim in Marysville school shooting dies

China Buys Foreign Companies at a Record Pace

A Future Ebola Solution? Scientists Discover First ‘Virological Penicillin’ in Chinese Herb

California's Last Nuclear Plant Threatened With Shutdown

Ebola = Big Pharma Profits

Restrictions relaxed for Ebola nurse living in Maine

Stanford doctor in Ebola quarantine in Bay Area

Ebola: Stanford doctor back from Liberia has no qualms with quarantine

Ebola quarantine rules should reflect science, not hysteria

Better Staffing Seen as Crucial to Ebola Treatment in Africa

Canada to stop processing visas from Ebola hot spots in West Africa

Ebola Outbreak: Millions of doses of vaccines planned by 2015

Create Extreme Disorder -- Bring New Order Out of the Disorder

Reporting Exciting Daily News Development of God's 10 Supernation (Ten Toes) Prophecy: Daniel 7:7-8

There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise! NEWS2363.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


White House says Syria strategy working, policy on Assad clear

U.S. Spying on Syria Yields Bonus: Intelligence on Islamic State

Gitmo prisoners join forces with ISIS

US 'planning to bomb oil pipelines' to halt jihadists' funding


9 Afghan security personnel killed in suicide attack

NATO soldier killed in Afghan multiple suicide attack

Afghan army asked to check ‘suspicious’ border activity


Bryan Adams' heartstopping images of wounded British soldiers to go on show at Somerset House

ISIS militants line up, kill 50 tribesmen and women in Iraq town

Iraq violence killed at least 1,273 in October

US prepares to send military advisers to western Iraq

Army officer takes over in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso’s long-serving leader resigns – and why it matters

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Temple Mount Is Under Israeli Sovereignty

Archives: Freemasons MUST Restore Solomon's Temple On Temple Mount

Restoring Justice and Sanity on the Temple Mount

Former Palestinian prisoner killed after the attempt on the life of Rabbi Yehuda Glick

Suspected Accomplice in Rabbi Glick Shooting Arrested

Arab MK Tibi: 'Jews Have No Right To Pray on Temple Mount'

Other Israeli News

Watch: Egypt Expels Gazans and the World is Silent

'Gaza War Number Four is Just a Matter of Time'

Kerry Apologizes to Netanyahu for 'Chickens**t' Comments


Anniversary - Balfour Declaration

November 2, 1917: The Balfour Declaration

Archives: Proofs of A Conspiracy! From 1917 to 1992 to 2007, Israel Has Been Planning To Give The Palestinians A State Carved Out of Biblical Israel!


‘Impartial’ Scientific Journals Rejecting GMO Ads Revealing True Information

6.0-magnitude quake jolts southeastern Pacific


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