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Breaking News

Clintons understated financial support from firm hired by Russian nuclear company

U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Urges Abortion for Down Syndrome Babies

The Latest: Political consultant says Conyers in hospital

The Latest: Pelosi says Conyers should resign from Congress

Rep. James Clyburn Claims John Conyers Accusers May Not Be Credible Because They Are White: Compares Them to Infamous Child Murderer

Texas State University Student Newspaper Attacks White People: ‘Your DNA Is an Abomination’, "white death will mean liberation for all"

Conyers saga brings Dem tensions to a boil



North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"THE SCRIPT HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN" ... "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: NKorea ‘brings us closer to war’ the US doesn’t seek

Dialogue with North Korea is unrealistic: South Korea's Prime Minister

Sen. Lindsey Graham talks Trump's policy on North Korea

Trump calls Kim 'sick puppy;' threatens new sanctions after N Korea fires ICBM

U.S., China hold quiet military talks amid N Korea tension

US presses China to cut oil supply to North Korea

North Korea: ICBM test used new launch vehicle, warhead able to re-enter Earth's atmosphere

North Korea reveals photos of Hwasong-15 ICBM [PHOTOS]

North Korea claims US now fully in range of its missiles

Opposition leader urges President Moon to keep military options against NK threats

Key News


MSNBC host Joy Reid’s comments about rural Americans being our #1 enemy are stunning in their arrogance, and ignorance

The Failing New York Times Editorial Board Urges Readers to Call Their Senators to Oppose Tax Reform

STUDY: Satellites Show No Acceleration In Global Warming For 23 Years

‘Time to Destroy White Alabama’: "If white people elect Roy Moore in Alabama ... it's time to destroy white Alabama like we should have 150 years ago”

‘Megathrust’ earthquake & devastating tsunami could hit New Zealand, scientists warn

National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Passes, Next Stop House Floor

Sex Assault News

Democrat Conyers used his power to protect himself, top staffer in sexual harassment cases, accuser says

Pelosi's Nightmare: Democratic Civil War Over Conyers’ Alleged Sexual Abuse

The Other Conyers Bombshell That Was An Open Secret: His Deteriorating Mental Health at 88-years old

Brent Bozell: Matt Lauer and the sexual harassment hypocrisy

Everyone Knew: Matt Lauer’s Sexual Harassment Lair — NBC ‘Eager to Keep Him Happy

Matt Lauer accused of sexting NBC intern and staffers

Everybody Knew: The Mainstream Media’s Accused — The Rap Sheet, 19 So Far

Top California Dem resigns in wake of sexual misconduct scandal

Anita Hill Ran Cover For Bill Clinton When He Was Accused Of Sexual Assault

Al Franken Asked Multiple Times If He Is A Part Of The ‘War On Women’ – Also videos from Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards

Army veteran says Franken groped her during USO tour in 2003

Liberals throw Bill Clinton under the bus to cover for 25 years of taking the wrong stand on sexual abuse

NFL to Contribute $100 Million to Social Justice Causes as Part of Anthem Protest Surrender

Anti-Trump Media Fumes: White House Christmas Decor 'Spooky,' Like a Scene from 'The Shining'

Stop the Presses! Senator Schumer Makes Honest Admission About Election

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel in a collapsing Middle East

Hamas and Fatah delay Gaza handover

'The Palestinians chose to say yes to Hamas'

'Historic UN partition vote on Israel against international law': Researcher Ze'ev Jabotinsky says international law gives Jews right over entire Land of Israel, not just part of it

Jewish Kids on Bar Mitzvah Hike Attacked by Palestinian Mob

Israel Bars Switzerland From Gaza After Hamas Meeting

National Union leader says near-lynch of Jewish children by Arab terrorists is the result of a lack of deterrence, weak policies

British Army Chief of General Staff visits Israel

IDF Tanks, Aircraft Fire On Gaza After Mortar Attack: Attack from Palestinian Jihad

Leading Liberal Democratic Senators Urge Netanyahu: Don't Raze Illegal Palestinian Village of Sussiya and Khan Al-Ahmar


Economy Meets Its Full Growth Potential For The First Time In 17 Years

Applications for US jobless aid tick down to 238,000

Consumer spending rose solid 0.3 percent in October


November 29, 2017

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"THE SCRIPT HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN" ... "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

North Korea launches intercontinental missile, spiking tensions

The Latest News: Mattis Warns, North Korea missiles ‘threaten everywhere’

North Korea ICBM Launch Could Put Washington D.C. Within Reach

North Korea could have nuclear ICBM next year

North Korea says new ICBM with ‘super-large heavy warhead’ completes its nuclear force

China expresses "grave concern" over North Korean missile test

Kremlin: North Korea's latest missile test is 'provocative'

Key News

Age of Jesus Christ’s Purported Tomb Revealed -- New tests at Jesus's presumed tomb back traditional beliefs

Trump calls on NBC, Comcast to stop ‘fake news’

Very Fake News: A.P. Retracts False Article Claiming Steve Bannon Would Not Campaign for Roy Moore

Poll: Roy Moore Now Leads by Five Points in Alabama

R.I.N.O. Congressman Curbelo: I Will Vote to Shut Down Federal Govt ‘Unless We Get’ DACA Amnesty

Long Time Democrat Congressman Just Made A Surprise Announcement To Retire!

Brexit Campaigners Accuse May of Selling UK Short Over 'Divorce Bill'

Obamacare Set To Drive New Wave Of Hospital Bankruptcies!

Cataclysmic 'super eruption' is MUCH closer than we thought, warns latest research

Sex Assault News

Bill Clinton Survivors to Headline D.C. Protest Demanding Resignation of Al Franken (D-MI), John Conyers (D-MI), and Joe Barton (R-TX)

NBC News fires Matt Lauer over inappropriate sexual behavior

Trump on Matt Lauer's firing: 'Wow'

Former Conyers Aide: 'Most of us' have seen him in his underwear

Black caucus members urge U.S. Representative Conyers to resign

Media Cover Up of DC Sexual Harassment Is One More Reason to Drain the Swamp

Aspiring Actress Claims Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulted Her at 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Pollak: There’s Not Much Left of the Roy Moore Accusations

Gloria Allred Refuses Third-Party Handwriting Analysis on Roy Moore Yearbook

Trump: It's 'great' that CNN isn't coming to the White House Christmas party

Elizabeth Warren’s Pocahontas Pickle: Her lie could haunt her in 2020 campaign

Sec. of Agriculture Sonny Perdue: GOP Reforms Ease Burden on Truckers and Farmers, Eliminate ‘Distasteful’ Death Tax

Sanctuary California Rapist Arrested Re-Entering U.S. from Mexico

Navajo Code Talker Breaks Silence After Trump Pocahontas Comment – What He Says, Wow

Israeli-Palestinian War

VP Pence: Trump Deciding “How and When” to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Defense Minister may compensate Gaza Belt farmers who have to stop working when terrorist attacks are occurring

Hamas Charges: Fatah trying to thwart reconciliation

Israel To Appoint New Ambassador To Jordan In Effort To Heal Diplomatic Ties

Candidly Speaking: Storm Clouds Gathering Over The Region

MK Oren Laments: John Kerry Has 'Acrid and Obsessive' Place In His Heart For Israel

Palestinian Daily Claims US, Israel Behind Egyptian Sinai Mosque Massacre

European Lawmakers Urge Severing Ties with Anti-Israel Groups

Israel Notches Record Support for UN Resolution

ISIS Calls for Christmas Attacks in New York, London With ‘Terrorist Santa’ Posters: Depicts Santa as about to be beheaded

Iranian President Rouhani: Saudi Arabia covering up its defeats

Thousands Flee Bali in Emergency Evacuation as Massive Volcano Rumbles to Life


November 28, 2017

Breaking News

North Korea launches intercontinental missile, spiking tensions

The Latest News: Mattis Warns, North Korea missiles ‘threaten everywhere’

North Korea test fires ballistic missile, in further challenge to Trump

Women Point The Finger At TWO More Democrats -- Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.) and Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.)

Former Conyers staffer accuses him of inappropriate touching

Hey MSM, Remember When Senator Warren LIED About Being Cherokee?

DOJ Vows To Overturn Judge’s Ruling On Sanctuary Cities


Ron Perlman Owned on Twitter after Calling Trump ‘Racist C*nt’: Perlman is worth $45,000,000!

Key News

Trump makes hard-sell push for his agenda on the Hill

Senators consider automatic tax hikes if revenue falls short: Trump is "open" to an automatic trigger

Marine Colonel Announces Run Against Roy Moore: ‘Hold My Beer’

Woman caught trying to plant fake story about Roy Moore

Supreme Court cellphone case puts free speech – not just privacy – at risk

Christmas Threat Against Times Square in New ISIS Santa Poster

Supreme Court rejects challenges to assault weapons ban, open-carry policy

These Eight Senators Can Make or Break the GOP Tax Plan

Judicial Watch Finds More Evidence Obama’s EPA Broke Federal Law

Trump says he turned down Time's 'Person of the Year'

Sex Assault News

NPR’s Cokie Roberts: WOMEN in the Press Corps Covered Up Congressional Sexual Misconduct ‘For Years’

Harvey Weinstein sued for alleged 'sex trafficking' in Cannes

New York Post Eviscerates Lena Dunham: ‘Good Riddance’

Senator Gillibrand’s Clinton criticism an ‘earthquake in the Democratic Party’

59% Believe Sex Allegations Against Bill Clinton

Archives: Voters Rate Bill Clinton's Behavior Toward Women Worse Than Trump's

Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green had sex with a staffer who he said was a drug addict and then sued her when she threatened to go public

Jordan Peele Calls Out Tiger Woods For Playing Golf With Trump: ‘Now You’re In The Sunken Place'

Melania Trump unveils Christmas at the White House: A nod to Tradition

Amnesty Champion Rep. Luis Gutierrez Quitting Congress: Chicago TV Station

The Nuclear Option: The Case for Roy Moore

Roy Moore Vows to Take Off Gloves and Fight for Trump’s Agenda

"Never-Trump” Alabama Senate “write-in” candidate Lee Busby attended a fundraiser for liberal Democrat candidate Doug Jones

Israeli-Palestinian War

Hamas due to hand over Gaza in major step towards unity: Palestinian Authority (PA) controls

'Iron Dome of the Seas' Now Fully Operational

'Next war will be particularly violent': Military correspondent for News 2 - Cities will be hard hit

Hamas Vows to Expand Terror from Gaza to Judea and Samaria

As Israel, US Reenact Historic UN Partition Vote 70 Years Later, Both the UN and the Palestinians are Despondent

Jewish Fertility Rate Surpasses Arabs for First Time Ever

Jerusalem Court blocks 'explosive' demolition of illegal Arab homes in Jerusalem

President Rivlin Invites Prince Harry, New Fiancée to Honeymoon in Israel

PM Netanyahu signs petition calling for amnesty for Elor Azariya, IDF soldier who killed a wounded terrorist

Palestinian Authority: Ending 'occupation' will help fight global terrorism

Bogus Lebanese Claim: Gal Gadot is a ‘Mossad agent’

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"THE SCRIPT HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN" ... "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

North Korea could have nuclear ICBM next year

North Korea speeding up nuke program with aim to obliterate 'heinous gangsters' in U.S.

Top 15 nuclear and missile targets: According to North Korean sources

Japan detects radio signals pointing to possible N Korean missile test

Hawaii brings back Cold War-era nuclear warning sirens, amid fears of North Korea strike

North Korea, Russia and Cuba Now Working Together

North Korea defector news reportedly being broadcast over Seoul's loudspeakers at border

Possible North Korea missile launch being monitored: Tokyo Warns

North Korea promises to bring 'nuclear clouds' to Japan, mocks PM as 'headless chicken'

More countries pressed to expel North Korean diplomats

China partially lifts group travel ban on South Korea

'South Korea must keep THAAD's prying eyes away from China'

Poland’s Christian Government Votes to Phase Out Sunday Shopping: Families Can Spend More Time Together

Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Wins Higher Wages for Chicago Employees

Arab Emirates Bring Pagan War Goddess to United Nations

Economic News

Dow rises 143 points, Amazon leads stocks to record highs after strong Cyber Monday sales

US Home Prices Surge At Fastest Pace Since July 2014

The Administrative State Is Under Assault And That's A Good Thing: #TrumpsAmerica

#Womanspreading is now a thing: Ultimate new female empowerment


November 27, 2017

Key News

Congress poised to jam through reauthorization of mass surveillance

As he investigates Trump's aides, Robert Mueller's record shows surprising flaws

After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’

Fake News: Morning Joe Caught Pretending Pre-Taped Day After Thanksgiving Show Was Live

3 Economic Trump Wins Fake News Media Won’t Report

British Musician Morrissey: I’d Kill Donald Trump for the ‘Safety of Humanity’

Why conservative headliners are teaming up to challenge Maxine Waters in Los Angeles

Susan Sarandon: ‘I thought Hillary was very dangerous. If she'd won, we'd be at war’

Palestinians vs. Trump: The Battle Begins

Sexual Misconduct News

Why the Democrats Really Turned on Bill Clinton

Rep. John Conyers Steps Down from Judiciary Post amid Sexual Misconduct Controversy

Pelosi stumbles on alleged harassment in her own ranks: Defends Rep. Conyers

Nancy Pelosi Botches the #MeToo Moment: Her handling of the John Conyers episode shows a politician unwilling to undertake the systematic change that is needed

Franken is embarrassed and ashamed, but will return to Congress on Monday

Franken Finally Admits To Grabbing

Weinstein Inquiry: police departments likely to join forces, experts say

LAPD chief expects more high-profile Hollywood sex crime allegations

We’re at imminent risk of turning this #metoo moment into a frenzied rush to blame all men

The Dating App for Would-Be Polygamists: Controversial Even in Muslim Indonesia

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinians vs. Trump: The Battle Begins

After Mosque Attack Exposes Egypt’s Terror Weakness, Israel Offers to “Lend a Hand”

Syria's President Assad Offers Israel 25-Mile Buffer Zone on Syrian Border


Opposition Israeli Lawmaker Tells NATO: Iran Main Cause of Instability in Middle East

Israel, Trump Administration Racing to Halt UN’s Israel Blacklist

Hamas refuses Palestinian Authority demand to disarm

Hamas Vows to Expand Terror from Gaza to Judea and Samaria

'Likud ministers are trying to topple the government'

Palestinian Authority envoy to the UK admits assaulting an Israeli over falafel

Israel successfully launches first space lab into orbit

Jerusalem Mayor Barkat: I Will Not Support Plan To Cut Off Arab Neighborhoods From Jerusalem

Enforcing Current Immigration Laws Could Create 300,000 Jobs



November 25-26, 2017

Key News

Colin Kaepernick visits Alcatraz to support a Native American protest: "Our fight is the same fight"

Tomi Lahren Tweets Pic of Colin Kaepernick Kneeling as Soldiers Invade Normandy: Twitter Backlash Ensues

Congress has handed Trump an historic presidential victory

Trump wants to end welfare as Bill Clinton knows it

Trump to visit GOP Senate in push to deliver tax 'Christmas present' to Americans

US changes course, allows PLO office to remain open

Anger at Mueller burns hot on the right and in Conservative Media

Egypt raises death toll in Sinai mosque attack to 305

Egyptian President Sisi vows to respond to Sinai attack 'with brute force'

Donald Trump: Egyptian Terror Attack Proves We Need Border Wall

Trump calls for crushing terrorists with military might


Hamas, Hezbollah Join Israel and US In Condemning Egypt Mosque Attack

Hundreds of Islamic State Sex Slaves Face Honor Killings if They Escape and Return To Their Families

Trump Names Mulvaney To Head Consumer Protection Agency: Mulvaney once called Agency a “sad, sick joke”

Retailers help boost stocks to record close on Black Friday

Up! Up! Up! All three major US indexes close at record highs

Goldman Sachs Predicts: Unemployment will drop to lowest since 1969

Trump was a 'factor' in my decision to retire, says GOP congressman

Huffington-Post Admits: Doug Jones’ Best Chance to Win is to Lie About His Radical Positions

Many Christian conservatives are backing Alabama's Roy Moore

Roy Moore considering legal action against women accusing him of harassment

Opinion Column: Shaky Allegations Against Roy Moore Are Not Enough to Disqualify Him

Escaping The ‘Cruel, Sad, And Dark’ World Of North Korea

Israeli-Palestinian War

Arrested Hamas terrorist provides information on terror tunnels

Defense Minister Liberman: Situation in Gaza still tense

'Palestinian refugees' leaving Lebanon en masse: Hamas official fears the phenomenon will affect the "right of return"

Dep. Foreign Min. Hotovely 'spoke the truth', says American Rabbinic group

Left demands Deputy Minister Hotovely's suspension

India Ditches Iran, Bids for Israeli Offshore Exploration

PM Netanyahu: Iranian Leaders’ Hate for Israel Greater Than Love for Their Own People

"Free Kurdistan" Is Forming

Iraqi Forces announce start of battle against ISIS for 'desert triangle'

Kurdish Hashd al-Shaabi commander killed in 'desert triangle' operation against ISIS

Beneath the surface of the Kurdistan independence referendum

Iraqi Constitution: a contract with the people Baghdad has not honored

Turkey's PM praises Iraqi court ruling on Kurdistan referendum

KRG ( Kurdistan Regional Government) welcomes State Department statement on clashes between Peshmerga, Iraqi forces

Kurds, Warning of Hostilities in Iraq, Appeal for a U.S. Envoy

Turkey: Trump pledges to stop arming Syrian Kurds

New Jewish group supports independence for Kurdistan: Jewish-American lawyer Alan Dershowitz joined the honorary board of the Brussels-based Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan


November 24, 2017

Key News

President Donald Trump’s 2017 Thanksgiving Proclamation

Trump Points Americans to Historical Foundation of Giving Thanks to God

MSNBC Even Criticizes Trump’s Thanksgiving Call To Troops: Turns everything into a hate-fest

Five Reasons Pro-Life Leaders Are Thankful Donald Trump Is President

Iranian Navy Commander Announces Plans to Send Ships to Gulf of Mexico

Lack of sovereignty leaves Kurds at mercy of genocide, argues security chief

At Least 200 Killed in Gun and Bomb Attack on Mosque in Egypt

6 Things You Should Know About China’s One Belt One Road Plan

Church of Sweden to stop referring to God as 'he' or 'Lord': To use 'gender-neutral' language

Michael Savage Comments on America’s Crisis of Faith: ‘God Is Not Dead, Man Is Dead to God’

Michael Flynn May Be Cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: ‘Mueller Is Going Well Beyond His Authority as a Prosecutor’

Trump promises Americans 'huge tax cut' for Christmas

Most Voters See Passing Tax Reform Legislation As Important

Congress has handed Trump a historic presidential victory: President will fill the most federal judiciary vacancies in 40 years

Terrorist Front Group Outraged School Cancelled Muslim Speaker after Parents Complained

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"THE SCRIPT HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN" ... "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]


North Korea digs DMZ trench after recent successful defection

North Korea replaces border guards following defection

North Korea still has plenty of options as it faces new sanctions and a frosty China

North Korea may test ‘array of ballistic missiles’ before end of year: S. Korea warns

China still pressuring S. Korea over THAAD

'South Korea must keep THAAD's prying eyes away from China': Chinese FM

Treasury Sanctions 4 Chinese Companies for Business with North Korea

Israeli-Palestinian War

Trump Reveals Details of Covert Mossad Mission in Syria, Shaking US-Israel Relations

'Unprecedented disrespect for the Supreme Court'

Hotovely to Arutz Sheva: 'American Jews are important to me, I didn't mean to offend'

'I didn't think the State of Israel would trample me like this': Police forces destroy Binyamin-region homes

Iranian General: War would lead to annihilation of Israel

IDF Commanders Have a New “Eye in the Sky”



Emmerson Mnangagwa Could Be Interim President or New Tyrant for Zimbabwe

Soros-Backed ‘Conservative’ Think Tank Urges Government to Make ‘Gender Identity’ Law, To Radically Alter British Society

Gay Adoption Applications Rise, Heterosexual Applications Fall in Britain

Poll: Roy Moore Opens Up Seven-Point Lead over Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama Senate Race

The Nuclear Option: Trump Proves Himself a Fearless Warrior Sticking with Moore

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD): Obama Devastated Democratic Party Like a ‘Bad Forest Fire’

The Obama IRS Scandal

Steve Bannon Says 'Identity Politics' Has Forever Broken the Democrat Party

Kathleen Sebelius Latest Obama Democrat to Turn on Clintons over Sexual Misconduct, ‘Absolutely’ Fair to Criticize Hillary

Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm

Will House Ethics Committee Let Conyers’ Sex Scandal Slide Like His Past Corrupt Acts?

Uma Thurman Goes For Weinstein’s Jugular On Thanksgiving

Professor declares 'political victory' as Clemson gave in on LGBTQ center

Nasdaq and S&P hit record highs, Amazon rises on bets of strong holiday shopping season

US online sales surge, shoppers throng stores on Thanksgiving evening

November 23, 2017

Key News

US jobless claims fall as record run persists: Confirming the strength of American labor markets


Boom:Corporate Christmas bonuses to jump 66%

Another Alabama Poll: Judge Roy Moore Leads Democrat Doug Jones by Six Points Again

Obama Holdovers at State Department Are Trump’s Biggest Foreign Policy Problem

Michigan Rep. Conyers (Democrat) acknowledges sex harassment settlement

Trump: Congress Should Release Names of Members Who Settle Harassment Cases

San Andreas Fault Shook 134 Times In The Last Week

The "Big One" Might Be About To Hit - But Not Where We Expect: Entire Western Seaboard At Severe Risk

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

North Korea Says U.S.'s Terrorism Label Is 'Tantamount to a Declaration of War'

Why China can't push North Korea harder

North Korean Soldier Defection May Have Caused Change Of Entire Border Security


Cuba and North Korea balk at 'unilateral and arbitrary' demands from the US

'South Korea must keep THAAD's prying eyes away from China'

North Korean defector's dramatic escape latest chapter in 72-Hour Bridge's history

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Victory Project Calls for Palestinian Defeat as Solution to Mideast Conflict

UK to Buy Iron Dome Tech in $92 Million Deal

'Future security agreements will be tougher': Former Foreign Ministry Director General

Hamas disappointed by agreement with Fatah

Palestinians Cut All Ties with US Over its ‘Unacceptable Measures’

Kuwaiti Writer: There is no 'Palestine' and no occupation - Israel is a legitimate sovereign nation

Lebanese Army Chief: Soldiers Must be ‘Fully Prepared’ to Fight Israel

WATCH: 40th Anniversary of Historic Egyptian-Israeli Peace Deal

Prominent Saudi Cleric Denounces Violence Against Israel as ‘Un-Islamic’

Lebanon's PM Hariri suspends resignation

Victory against terror in European Parliament

November 22, 2017

Key News

The U.S. Military Is a Zionist Organization

Trump all but endorses GOP’s Moore despite sex accusations

FBI has not verified Trump dossier

Nearly 51 Million Americans to Travel This Thanksgiving, Highest Volume in a Dozen Years

France is close to an Islamic explosion

The Next "Big One" Earthquake May Occur In The Pacific Northwest

134 earthquakes in Monterey County since last week's 4.6 magnitude

Final Hurdle For Keystone XL Pipeline Removed As Nebraska Votes To Approve Project

Sixty percent of US women ‘sexually harassed’: Poll

Bob Weinstein Personally Paid Off Two of Harvey’s Accusers in 1990s: New Yorker

Second Accuser: Woman says Al Franken inappropriately touched her while he was a senator

Few Minnesotans believe Al Franken should remain in office following allegations of sexual misconduct

ANOTHER ONE: Second Woman Accused John Conyers Of Sexually Harassing Her

Maxine Waters Tells Women: John Conyers 'has impeccable integrity on our issues'

Charlie Rose Accused of Lewd Calls, Nudity, Groping by Former Employees

Court Documents Raise Significant Questions About Leigh Corfman’s Accusations Against Roy Moore

Democrat Doug Jones Tries, Fails to Hide His Support of New Regulations for Gun Shows

Alabama Poll: Judge Roy Moore Leads Radical Democrat Doug Jones by Six Points

Israeli-Palestinian War

The U.S. Military Is a Zionist Organization

Defense Ministry Seeks 5 Billion Shekel Boost as Iran Threat Grows

Palestinian Authority's Abbas Freezes Ties With US Over Move to Close Palestinians’ DC Office

Netanyahu and Putin discuss Syria ceasefire

Jared Kushner in Hot Water with Robert Mueller For His 2016 Efforts to Help Israel Block UN Anti-Settlement Act

Police Chemical Lab on Gaza Border Catches Tons of Explosive ‘Motor Oil’

Motions on Jerusalem, Palestinian state fail at Dutch parliament

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

North Korea accused of violating armistice by pursuing defecting soldier

Trump redesignates North Korea a state sponsor of terror: What that means

North Korea has a history of assassination attempts on foreign soil

North Korea calls terror relisting 'serious provocation' by Trump

North Korea's female soldiers often raped, stop menstruating, defector says


November 21, 2017

Key News

South Korea, Japan welcome U.S. relisting North Korea as sponsor of terrorism

Merkel signals readiness for new election after coalition talks collapse

If There's A GOP Civil War, The Never Trumpers Have Already Surrendered

Iran's president declares end of Islamic State

Nearly 50 US Congressmen warn of Iran’s role in Syria, bridge to Mediterranean through Iraq

The Migrant Crisis and the Fall of a Giant: German Chancellor Merkel

San Francisco Judge Blocks Trump’s Sanctuary City Order

FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules

Wag The Dog Political Strategy In Play

Judge Roy Moore

Mitch McConnell’s Dream of an Alabama Write-In Candidate Is Dead

Ex-Boyfriend of Roy Moore's Accuser: I Don’t Believe Her

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones: The Second Amendment Has ‘Limitations’

Anti-Roy Moore Newspaper VP: ‘We’re Not Out of Step With the Multitudes of Alabamians Who Stand for Decency’

Democrat's Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Democrat Rep. John Conyers Accused of Sexual Advances Toward Women: Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Money

PBS interviewer and co-anchor of CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose: Accused of Lewd Calls, Nudity, Groping by Eight Former Employees

NYT White House Correspondent Glenn Thrush Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct Claims

Photos Surface of Disgraced Sen. Al Franken Grabbing Arianna Huffington’s Breast and Buttocks

New allegation against Franken, this time met with silence

Harvey Weinstein’s Secret Settlements

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Marc Thiessen: Yes, the Clintons should be investigated

Gregg Jarrett: Hillary Clinton must face the consequences of her actions and the scrutiny of a special counsel

Judicial Watch Sues State Department for Podesta Group Records

Hillary is Toast: Scandals finally catch up with Clintons

Marshawn Lynch Honored Mexico's Anthem, The Afghanistan Of North America

Trump hits Raiders' Marshawn Lynch for standing only for Mexican anthem: Suggests suspension

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

US Declares North Korea A Terror Sponsor

North Korea likely to harden stance toward China, US

North Korea may test ‘array of ballistic missiles’ before end of year: S. Korea

Air China suspends North Korea flights, deepening isolation

North Korea punishes top military leaders

China raises doubts on US policy on NKorea

North Korea's on-again-off-again status as a state sponsor of terrorism

North Korea and the Futility of Sanctions

North Korea media blasts Trump as an ‘old lunatic’

Defected NK soldier suffering from pneumonia and blood poisoning: Also suffering from masive parasite infections in his liver and bowels

North Korean military to begin winter drills next month

Israeli-Palestinian War

Report of US Recognizing ‘Palestine’ in Trump Peace Plan Sparks Knesset Backlash

Palestinian Authority freezes all meetings with US

Arab States Convene, Label Hezbollah Terrorist Organization

Israel, Saudi Arabia Maintain ‘Covert Ties’: Energy Minister

Only 14% of Israeli Arabs Identify as ‘Palestinians’, Study Finds

Defense Ministry Seeks 5 Billion Shekel Boost as Iran Threat Grows

Palestinian Authority: Israel's fault Arab men beat their wives

Kurdistan's PKK urges Putin not to allow Turkish invasion of Kurdish enclave, Afrin

Kurdistan FM says unity cannot be imposed on Iraq from Washington, calls for pragmatism

Iraq's measures against Kurdistan are unconstitutional

Tech Boom Creates New Order for World Markets

November 20, 2017


Key News

Saudi Arabia vows to take on Iran amid warnings region is in ‘a dangerous abyss’

German coalition talks trip over immigration stumbling block: Cannot form new government

Washington Post Poll: ‘Defiant’ Alabama Voters Are Sticking With Moore

Bill Clinton Still Silent About Flights On Pedophile’s Sex Plane

Judge Pirro: I'm Tired of the Clintons & Powerful People Being Above the Law

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

World War 3 fears as INDIA wades into North Korea row - relations at breaking point

Trump demands Russia acts to stop North Korea war as he plays Putin against China

Trump intends to declare N. Korea a state sponsor of terror

'End of humanity' North Korea is toying with bombs, Philippines' Duterte warns

Kim Jong-un's LETTER OF DEATH: North Korea 'preparing imminent nuclear attack' on USA

North Korean Soldier’s Wicked Worm Problem May Be The Norm For NK Troops

South Korean Spy Agency: North Korea Readying New Round of Launches

North Korea may have ICBM capable of reaching US this year, says South Korea

Is Xi's special envoy still waiting for Kim Jong-un's call?

NK Envoy: We want peace but ready for war with US

South Korea refuses to share military intelligence with Japan

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter on North Korea: Obama ‘Could Have Done More’

'Seoul fails to position itself amid N. Korean crisis': NGO Director

North Korea Bans Drinking and Singing Parties—As If Life Under Kim Jong Un Wasn't Miserable Enough

Charles Manson, whose cult slayings horrified world, dies age 83

White House open to striking health provision from tax bill

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe passes deadline to resign; now impeachment looms

Trump Laments: I should have left shoplifting UCLA players in jail in China

Kathy Griffin Cries: ‘I’ve Been Blacklisted’ After Beheaded Trump Photo

MSNBC Female Panelist: White Men ‘Pose the Biggest Threat to Americans’

Israeli-Palestinian War

Egypt and Israel: Celebrating 40 Years of Peace

White House Official: Report on peace plan inaccurate, President will offer PA their own state

Cutting Israel in half isn’t the answer, Mr. President

US Threatens to Shut Down Palestinian Mission in Washington

IDF Soldier Wounded by ISIS-Egypt Crossfire From Sinai

Arab League Admits: Hezbollah is a terror group

Steve Bannon Urges Jews to Join War on Trump’s Enemies

Lebanese President Vows To Resist Israel By All Means

WATCH: 1000 International Pilots Take Off in Israel’s Largest-ever Combat Drill

Murdered 15-year-old's mom stands up to anti-Israel Democrats: "No right higher than the right not to be murdered"

Saudi Arabia In Chaos

Saudi Game of Thrones Sends Chill Through Neighboring Markets

Who is the Saudi crown prince who has been arresting cousins and consolidating power?

Saudi walks back escalation as dramatic moves backfire

Israeli minister reveals covert contacts with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s prince is doing damage control

Saudi Arabia Is Set to Become a Bigger Commodities Player: It's not just all about oil anymore

Yemen War News

U.N. pleads for end of Yemen blockade or 'untold thousands' will die

50,000 children in Yemen have died of starvation and disease so far this year

"Free Kurdistan" Is Forming

As US is watching; Baghdad is increasing repression of the Kurds

Kurdistan FM says unity cannot be imposed on Iraq from Washington, calls for pragmatism

YPG Kurdish led forces liberate villages from IS, repel attacks in east Syria

Nearly 50 US Congressmen warn of Iran’s role in Syria, bridge to Mediterranean through Iraq

Trump: NFL should suspend Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch

Florida church warns at every door 'we are heavily armed'



November 18-19, 2017

Key News

Death soon may not be so final

PLO Members Reject Jared Kushner’s Mideast Peace Proposal

Fusion GPS Founder Told Congress He Regrets That His Research Ended Up In Kremlin Hands

Trump: Hillary Is The ‘Worst And Biggest Loser Of All Time’ For Refusing To Acccept 2016 Defeat

Taiwan should 'rock the boat' before China swallows it: Japanese Professor


Wag The Dog Political Strategy

Alabama governor will still vote for Moore despite accusations

Character Witnesses: Former Girlfriends, Employees, and Childhood Friends Step Up to Defend Roy Moore

American Majority founder Ned Ryun on Roy Moore: ‘I Strongly, Strongly Suspect Somebody out of the McConnell Camp Planted the Story’

Sexual misconduct claims roil Alabama campaign, divide women: Judge Moore's wife defends his honor

Hillary Clinton Praises Al Franken for Admitting to Sexual Assault: Says He’s Better Than Moore, Trump

CNN Panel Goes OFF THE RAILS After Guest Mentions What Hillary Did To Bill’s Accusers

Juanita Broaddrick Coming Out With New Book On Surviving Bill Clinton’s Alleged Rape

Ryan Seacrest Denies Behaving “Inappropriately” To E! Stylist

Actress Accuses ‘Girls’ EP Murray Miller Of Sexual Assault

Florida Democrat Party Chairman Stephen Bittel resigns after women accuse him of creepy behavior

Franken tells woman in letter he's 'ashamed' of himself

Israeli Journalist Claims Former PM OLmert Sexually Assaulted Her

Liberal GOP Leaders Who Threw Fellow Republican Moore to the Wolves Stay Silent on Dem Franken

#MeToo has lumped trivial in with legitimate sexual assault

Fan Backlash

Country Singer Neal McCoy’s new country music single takes aim at kneeling during National Anthem

Harveywood Backlash: Buttman’s ‘Justice League’ Tanks at Box Office

Israeli-Palestinian War

PLO Members Reject Jared Kushner’s Mideast Peace Proposal

Israel Warns the UN: 'We won’t accept Iranian presence on our border'

IDF tank fires warning shots at Syrian military outpost

PM Netanyahu Says Israel will Bomb Syria as Needed for its Security

Saudi Crown Prince will 'crush' Hezbollah with Israel;s help

The Arab Sunni World: Complete and utter chaos

Iran Turned Down Israeli Aid Offer After Earthquake

Israel Ready to Become 4th Nation to Land on the Moon!

The Other 100th Anniversary: The Battle of Beersheba - Broke the back of the Turkish-German resistance in the Middle East, made Balfour Declaration possible

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation


China says will work with North Korea to boost ties as envoy visits

North Korea defector's 10-inch parasite hints at poor diet in isolated nation

Japan considers plans to deal with North Korean evacuees in case of crisis

PM Abe, in Diet speech, vows to promote aggressive diplomacy, raise pressure on N Korea


November 17, 2017

Key News

After 300 Days, Trump Administration Finds a Rhythm

THE BIG LIST OF 149 TRUMP ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements

Senate panel OKs tax bill, drawing Trump, GOP closer to major legislative win

Virginia approves plan to join regional cap-and-trade program: "Climate Change" alive and well in Virginia

Dem Rep Admits Trump Derangement Syndrome — I Would Oppose Mother’s Day If Trump Endorsed It

Ex-Clinton Adviser: Hillary had no role in Uranium One deal

Big Brother: Mass Migration Forces Sweden Police to Install Hundreds of No Go Zone Microphones to Detect Crime

Nearly Half Support Legalizing Pot

'ISIS has lost 95% of its caliphate'

Political Sex Scandals

President Bill Clinton

Workers on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Campaigns Claim Sexual Harassment

Ex-Clinton adviser Philippe Reines calls Kirsten Gillibrand a 'hypocrite' for saying Bill Clinton should have resigned

Dems’ ‘reckoning’ with Bill’s sexual offenses is the final nail in the Clintons’ coffin

Chelsea Handler Apologizes to Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick: ‘I Believe You’

Senator Al Franken

Democratic candidate’s bizarre post-Franken humblebrag: I’ve bedded over 50 hotties!

Leeann Tweeden says Al Franken's 'humiliation' of her went on throughout USO tour

Leeann Tweeden Compares Al Franken to Harvey Weinstein, Says He Was ‘Relentless’

Al Franken Allegedly Grabbed Joy Behar’s Breast at Comedy Central Roast for Rob Reiner

Trump blasts ‘Al Frankenstien’ on Twitter over alleged groping

Second Woman Comes Forward to Accuse Al Franken of Harassment

Celebs Call On Al Franken to Resign Over Groping Allegations

Dem Sen Tammy Baldwin: Franken’s Behavior ‘Isn’t Acceptable’ – I’m Donating His Campaign Contributions to Women Veterans Group

CNN’s John Berman Wonder’s ‘What’s The Point’ Of Investigating Franken

Trump: Al Franken Groping Picture ‘Speaks A Thousand Words’

Mitch McConnell Calls for Ethics Review of Franken Allegations, No Call Yet for His Removal

Judge Roy Moore - Scandal Alleged

Senator Luther Strange's campaign tried and failed to confirm Roy Moore allegations

Roy Moore Smear Unraveling: Gloria Allred,‘I Haven’t Asked’ Beverly Young Nelson If She Saw Roy Moore Sign Her Yearbook

The Roy Moore camp takes a page from the Obama administration, goes a step further

Ultimatum: Roy Moore Gives Attorney Gloria Allred 48 Hours to Release Yearbook, Demands Evidence Be Preserved

WH Press Sec Sanders: Trump Thinks ‘People of Alabama Should Make the Decision on Who Their Next Senator Should Be’


Saudi Arabia In Chaos

The Arab Sunni World: Complete and utter chaos

Saudi arrest of Bin Ladin family scion shatters royal entente

Claim: Saudi King to Retire Next Week

Will Lebanon become Saudi's next Yemen

Saudi FM: No stability in Lebanon unless Hezbollah disarms

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia issued a ruling forbidding war against the Jews and proclaiming that Hamas is a terror group.


Saudi prince's power play is more than just a purge

Saudi Arabia's Expropriations Should Scare Investors

What It Takes To Make Saudi Islam ‘Moderate’

In Unprecedented Move, Israel Co-Sponsors Saudi UN Resolution Against Syria

Israeli-Palestinian War

Ramming/Stabbing Terror Attack in Gush Etzion, 2 Injured

PM Netanyahu: Evacuate illegal Arab outposts

Palestinian State – Enhancing or Eroding US National Security?

US Congress Advances Bill to Punish PA for Funding Terrorists

Netanyahu: Iranian Leaders’ Hate for Israel Greater Than Love for Their Own People

Israel Expands Security Support to UN Mission in Central African Republic

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

North Korea rules out negotiations on nuclear weapons

Japan bolstering defenses against North Korea threat: PM Abe

North Korean Missiles Still Lack Re-Entry Capability, Seoul Says

U.S. envoy says no communication, no signal from North Korea amid nuclear crisis

North Korea petitions Russia to let workers stay despite sanctions

Senior Chinese envoy arrives in North Korea amid chill in ties

S. Korea, US stress diplomatic solution for NK nuclear issue

NK defected soldier is 20-something NonCom

North Korea defector found riddled with parasites never before seen by South Korean doctors

Kim Jong Un May Have Caused a Parasitic Worm Epidemic in North Korea By Making Farmers Spread Human Faeces on Their Crops

North Korea: Images emerge of 'ballistic submarine' under construction

Military option should not be off the table: Credible threat of use of force is important in diplomatic efforts

US carries out sixth straight day of airstrikes in Somalia



November 16, 2017

Key News

House Passes Tax Reform: Puts Pressure On Senate

Democratic senators call for ethics probe of Al Franken, not resignation

Retired General: Military won't 'blindly' follow Trump's nuclear strike orders

Democrats Introduce Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

Voters More Optimistic About U.S.-China Relations Following Trump’s Asia Trip

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson says he wants to fix the GOP tax bill so he can change his 'no' vote to a 'yes'

The Senate GOP bill would double the child tax credit, which pleases two skeptical senators

Wall Street Wants to Block a Massive Tax Simplification in GOP Tax Bill

Hillary Clinton calls Uranium One story a 'distraction,' warns of dictatorship

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) Hints Republicans Ready to Cave on Gun Control

Let's end the 'Joe Biden for president' delusion right now

What if Vladimir Putin, not Hillary Clinton, is the biggest loser of the 2016 election?

Mayors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki invited to Nobel Peace Prize ceremony Dec 10 in Oslo

Roy Moore: Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty

Roy Moore Campaign to Gloria Allred: Release the Evidence to Determine Whether There is Fraud

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL): ‘I Will Vote for Roy Moore’ Because ‘Democrats Will Do Great Damage to Our Country’

Why Roy Moore’s Supporters Are Standing By Their Man

Trump stays firmly out of Alabama-Moore dispute

Sean Hannity: Voters of Alabama Will Ultimately Decide on Moore, Not Me or Anyone Else

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME): Senate Has ‘No Choice but to Seat’ Judge Roy Moore If He Wins

NYT Can’t Find Any Democrats To Defend Bill Clinton: Remembering rape allegations from numerous women

Chelsea Handler Apologizes To Juanita Broaddrick: I Believe Bill Clinton Raped You

Alabama Sen Poll: Moore Leads Jones 49% to 43%

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Plays Up Racial Aspect Of Trump Negotiating Players’ Release In China: Lose/Lose Situation

Trump Responds To Freed UCLA Players: 'You're welcome'

UCLA basketball players suspended indefinitely from the team after China arrests

Broadway Stars Celebrate Hillary Clinton at Benefit Concert for Planned Parenthood, ACLU

Israeli-Palestinian War

'Trump's Mideast peace plan will be ready in a few months'

Hamas Spokesman Vows: We will never recognize Israel

House Passes Measure to Cut US Palestinian Aid if Terror Payments Not Halted

Hamas Charges: Mossad behind elimination of drone expert in Tunisia

Chief of Staff: No intention of initiating attack on Hezbollah

A First! Israel Co-Sponsors Saudi Anti-Syria Motion at the UN

Can Israeli Diplomacy Pull Its Weight Against Russia, Iran, and Syria? Jerusalem finds itself on a potential collision course with Moscow

‘Blue Flag’ IAF Drill With Germany, France, India Declared a Success

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

Trump: China agrees N Korea nuclear weapon freeze not enough

Trump asked ASEAN to tighten North Korean isolation

What if Trump had made it to the DMZ?

North Korea on Trump's Asia visit: He deserves death

China will send a special envoy to North Korea on Friday, signaling a potential thaw

'China, US headed for significant outcomes on trade and North Korea'

North Korea's Kim trades missiles for tractors during testing lull

Why did South Korea not covering return fire to NK chasing defected soldier?

IMF raises South Korea's 2017 growth outlook to 3.2%

South Korea allows import of bottled water from North Korea

Radio waves keep N. Koreans in communications loop

Singapore suspends trade relations with North Korea

Seoul & Provinces: More than 1,000 houses damaged, 1,500 people displaced by Wednesday earthquakes

5.4 Quake shatters notion of ‘quake-free Korea’

California NAACP Says National Anthem is Racist

Duck Commander Explains Why NFL Players Disrespect America

Trump and Abe flaunt bromance, but are they equal partners in alliance?

From bread-basket to basket case: Zimbabwe's economy in shambles as Mugabe era draws to an end

Supernation #9 - ASEAN News

ASEAN Likes, But Also Fears, China’s Economic Weight

World leaders in Manila: Key events at ASEAN summit

On Summit Eve, ASEAN Means Eviction, Heavy Traffic and Holidays

ASEAN needs roadmap for the future, forum told

S. Korean President Moon calls for co-prosperity with ASEAN

ASEAN Exports hit record high in September

ASEAN urged to curb N. Korea's illicit trade

BIG LIST OF 149 TRUMP ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements listed by month



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