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November , 2018        

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November 30, 2018

Breaking News

U.S., Mexico, Canada Leaders Sign USMCA Trade Pact Replacing NAFTA

Trump Threatens to Declassify Documents if Democrats Go Down ‘Harassment Track’

Corsi Claims Mueller Asked Him to Lie, Commit Witness Tampering

Clinton Foundation quiet on Saudi donations despite Hillary's attacks on Trump over Khashoggi's death

National “Right To Carry” For Self-Defense Needs Your Help

7.0-magnitude earthquake hits near Anchorage, Alaska: Tsunami warning issued -- On "Ring of Fire"


Israel/Palestinian War

Sanhedrin Invites 70 Nations to Hanukkah Dedication of Altar for the Third Temple

IDF Completes ‘Fortress of Zion’ Command Center: Built under the IDF headquarters

Syria State TV: Air defenses repelled missile attack

Syrian Regime and Allies Downplay 'Airstrikes' After Wild NightIn Damacus

Revolt building in Israel’s main opposition party

Justice MK recommends Jordan-Palestinian confederation

CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill in Response to Anti-Israel UN Rant

“Eternal Jihad: Islam Will Never, Ever Stop”

Swearing in ceremony at the Western Wall: Each soldier is given an assault rifle and bible

Giant menorah set for Chanukah lighting at Western Wall

Key News

America Needs Nationalism to Survive

Time To Investigate How Bogus Russian Collusion Story Really Got Started

Trump Sounds Off: When Do the “Treason” Trials Begin?

Judicial Watch Files Amicus Brief Defending the Appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General

Rush Limbaugh Goes Off on Criminal Deep State: They Give Us Poisoned Politics and Call It Justice

Who are the Disciples of Chaos?

GOP Senator Tim Scott Flip-Flops on a Second Conservative Judge, Thomas Farr

The Nixon ‘Road Map’ Won’t Save Mueller’s Futile Prosecution

Trump Debating China -- Deal or No Deal -- Heading into G20

Trump Admin. Working To Ease Rising Tensions Between Russia, Ukraine

Stormy Daniels: Avenatti Filed Defamation Case Against President Trump Against My Wishes

Activist Alyssa Milano Raises $100,000 For Migrant Caravan; Meanwhile, Our Vets Go Hungry & Homeless

Workers In Lordstown, Ohio Plead With General Motors To Not Close Factory

Former Shell Oil President: Obama Had Nothing To Do With Increased Fuel Production

Washington Post Slaps Brett Kavanaugh Across The Face By Reporting His Return To All-Girls' Coaching In The “Public Safety” Section

The REAL Concern Over Michael Cohen’s Plea Deal

November 29, 2018

Key News

President Trump Signing Bump Stock Ban: Citizens Have 90 Days to Turn Them In

Trump and Putin Scheduled for G20 Meeting: Kremlin Document

President Trump Suggests Measures To Protect Domestic Car Production

Military Buildup Underway On Both Sides Of Russia-Ukraine Border

NGO Reports Widespread Torture in ‘Open-Air Concentration Camp’ Venezuela

US life expectancy drops for third consecutive year due to drug use, suicides

Israel/Palestinian War

CNN Commentator at UN Calls for Israel’s Annihilation: Was loudly applauded

PM Netanyahu channels Maccabees in pep talk to troops

New IDF division to guard Sinai border

Arab League accuses Israel of ‘Judaizing’ Jerusalem

Ultra-Orthodox enlistment in IDF at record high

PM Netanyahu Vows: ‘We Will Move Forward with Our Neighbors Who Want Peace, and Many Do’

Trump Has ALL the Reasons Needed to Close the Border: The Migrant Caravan of Infectious Diseases

Mexico Arrests Dozens Of Migrants Following Stampede On U.S. Border

Migrants Are Going Home Now That They Realize It’s Not That ‘Easy’ to Get Into the U.S.

Attack Outside Calif. Synagogue Sparks Discussion On Rising Hatred In The U.S.

Trump Shares Treason Image Featuring His Political Opponenets

BOOM! POTUS Trump tweets ‘treason trials’ threat to Mueller, Deep State

Dershowitz: Firing Mueller ‘Would Not Be an Impeachable Offense

Jerome Corsi goes on offense, lawyers up to fight Robert Mueller

Dow surges 600 points, biggest rally in eight months, after Powell signals rates are near neutral

Senator Grassley cancels vote on judges in face of Flake opposition


November 28, 2018

Key News

Russia's S-400 Diplomacy: Moscow Deploys Air Defense System to Crimea

Trump’s Ambassador: Britain First in Line for ‘Ambitious’ Trade Deal… If You Manage to Leave the EU

Democrats' demands threaten to derail Trump's new NAFTA

Senator Graham: If Democrats Try To Impeach Trump, It Will Blow Up In Their Face

Ivanka Trump rejects assertions the president fosters climate of hate

Trump congratulates Hyde-Smith on her ‘big win’ in Mississippi’s special Senate election

Trump: 'No Intention' of Forcing End to Mueller Probe

Illegal Invasion News -- INCOMING!

Obama Used Tear Gas At Least 80 Times at Border from 2012-2017

MSNBC Forced To CLASH With Network Narrative — Majority Of Caravan Is Mostly Men

Mexico Arrests Dozens Of Migrants Following Stampede On U.S. Border

Trump 'totally' willing to shut down the government over the border wall

New Caravan From El Salvador Starts Trek Toward U.S. Border — Using Social Media!

Chief Border Patrol Agent Corrects CNN: People That Rushed Border Were Not Asylum Seekers!

Senator Chuck Schumer Hints at Extra Border Wall Funding

D.C. Experts Try to Split Trump Coalition, but Refuse any Immigration Reforms

Donald Trump Touts Presidential Accomplishments: ‘I Blow Ronald Reagan Away’

Gingrich is right about the Democrats’ IT scandal -- the cover up must end

CIA Overseer Of Korean Affairs To Leave Post

Jeff Goldblum, Sting, Bill Nye Among the Celebs Joining Al Gore for ‘Climate Crisis’ Event


Israel/Palestinian War

Iranian Senior Official: Liberating Jerusalem and Destroying Israel is Muslim World’s Top Priority

PM Netanyahu Claims Human Cost Prevented Harsher Response to Gaza Attack

New IDF Brigade Formed To Protect Israel's Border With Egypt's Sinai

‘Tel Avivians won’t be sipping coffee in next war,’ warns Israel’s home front commander

Czech President Says Two-State Solution Not Possible

Son of Brazil's President Says Brazil Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem

President Tump: U.S. Troops Will Remain In Middle East For Israel's Sake

22-year-long legal battle ends, opening Jewish land to hundreds of housing units

Iran Claims Their Missiles Can Now Reach US Bases

Ukraine Considers Declaring Martial Law After Apparent Defeat in Russia Naval Skirmishes

Russia's S-400 Diplomacy: Moscow Deploys Air Defense System to Crimea

Trump ‘Not Happy’ After General Motors Slashes Production

Trump Threatens Subsidies for General Motors after Closing U.S. Car Plants

GM Should Start Building Its Envision SUVs in the United States

National Economic Adviser Previews Trump-Xi G20 Meeting: U.S. Is Strong; ‘China, Not So Good’

Trump Is Not Backing Down on Threat to Boost China Tariffs to 25%

Tesla Sales in China Drop 70 percent

Black Friday Retail Continues to Lose Ground to Online Shopping

The “Emergency Voting Centers” Democrats Opened In Arizona May Have Been Illegal

Trump Pokes Fun at Broward County, Florida, Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes

Trump: We're Writing up Rules for Reporters



November 27, 2018

Key News

Russia made its move — and Trump blinked

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns To Supreme Court After Her Fall

Black Pastor: Trump is more pro-black than Obama

Congress Must Pass Several Bills In Lame Duck Session: To avoid December shutdown

Federal Investigators Looking Into Possible Hatch Act Violations By Acting A/G Whitaker: Complaint stems from a left-wing organization

Illegal Invasion News -- INCOMING!

Trump tells Mexico to ship migrants home or see border permanently closed

Trump: Time to Defend Our Borders, Not Those of Foreign Nations

Trump’s critics were dead wrong about the caravan after all

Ocasio-Cortez compares Central American migrants to Holocaust victims

Lindsey Graham Blasts Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez: Visit the Holocaust Museum

President Trump Warns of Migrant ‘Grabbers’ of Children at the Border

Violent Migrant Border Incident Exact Replay of When Obama Used Tear Gas at Border In November, 2013

BILL O’REILLY’S Guest Exposes Who’s Behind The Funding Of Illegal Caravan

D.C. Experts Try to Split Trump Coalition, but Refuse any Immigration Reforms: Refusing to address cheap labor issue

GM Closing Five Plants in North America as Consumers Turn Against Cars

Oil Crashes to Lowest Level in Over a Year after Trump Puts Pressure on Saudi Arabia

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF Commandos Train to Face Enemies on 2 Fronts

IDF chief appoints team to probe botched Gaza op

Amb. Friedman Confirms: Trump's ‘Deal of the Century’ delayed

Palestinians: We Cannot Accept Anything from Trump

Hamas reportedly offers to hand over Gaza to Palestinian Authority: In exchange for elections

Analysis: Must Israel reoccupy Gaza?

Democrat Delegate: Israel Must Be 'Terminated'

Czech president pledges to move embassy to Jerusalem

History: Israel Renews Ties with Muslim-Majority Chad


Under attack by Erdogan, Soros foundation to leave Turkey


November 26, 2018

Breaking News

Trump Considers Closing “The Whole Border” – Tijuana Mayor Calls For International Aid

Russia Refuses to Return Ukrainian Ships Seized in Weekend Confrontation

Experts on Climate Change Assessment: ‘Every Conclusion of This Latest Government Report Is False’

Israel/Palestinian War

U.S. Ambassador Freidman: Trump's Peace Plan Will Be Introduced when 'time is ripe'

MK If Hezbollah attacks, Israel will hit hard in Lebanon

PM Netanyahu Takes The Moral HIgh Ground

Air Force Bolsters Stealth Power As More F-35I Fighter Jets Land In Irael

Israel close to forging diplomatic ties with Bahrain

Supporting Peace with Israel – A Death Sentence in Palestinian Society?

Palestinians: We Cannot Accept Anything from Trump

Knesset Defense Committee Head, Avi Dichter: Gaza offensive is coming

Israeli minister warns Iran: ‘We’ll do what is necessary to protect ourselves’

Argentina Soccer Fans Riot, Chanting 'Kill The Jews To Make Soap'

3 IDF soldiers hurt in terrorist ramming attack on Route 60

Key News

Good Grief, Suddenly, Everything Is Racist

Stop USMCA from containing a radical LGBT provision!

Why Is Murder by Iran, But Not Saudi Arabia, Permissable?

Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture of Occupied Cyprus

‘OUTRAGEOUS’ that DOJ and State Dept. CONTINUE to Protect Hillary Clinton

Britain's MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe

California Burning: How the 'Greens' Turned the Golden State Brown - " the ‘re-wilding, no-use movement.’ ”

Russia Attacks Ukraine’s Navy and Blockades Ukraine’s Ports at Kerch Strait

Nikki Haley Calls Emergency UN Meeting On Ukraine

The European Court of Human Rights Submits to Islam

Analysis: France fractures against Muslim tide

Maxine Waters Unfit to Chair House Financial Services Committee

Illegal Invasion News -- INCOMING!

US briefly shuts border crossing, uses tear gas on asylum seekers

Where was the hysterical left when Obama admin used pepper spray on rock-throwing migrants in 2013?

2013 Obama Border Patrol: Crowd confronts agents, who use pepper spray


Mexico To Deport All Of The ‘Human Stampede’ That Rushed The Border

Thousands of Additional Migrants Headed to U.S. Border

On Watch: Exposing Mainstream Media Lies About the Illegal Alien Invasion

US Media Omit Violence By Caravan Of Illegals As It Tries To Rush The US Border Wall

Thousands Of Caravan Migrants Line Up For Food In Tijuana – No Women Or Children In Sight

Previously Deported Illegal Alien, with Two Anchor Babies, Gets 25 Years for Raping Deaf Woman

"FREE Kurdistan" Is Forming

Earthquake injury toll climbs to 700-plus on Iran-Iraq border in Kurdistan

Kurdistan Region kicks off 16-day campaign on violence against women

Syrian Kurdish women march to end gender-based violence

Kurds remain the majority in just two villages in western Kirkuk, Iraq


November 24-25, 2018

Breaking News

President Trump, President-elect Almo Strike Deal Keeping Migrants in Mexico as Asylum Requests Are Processed

The Unelected Keep Telling Our Elected President to Shut Up

It’s now CLEAR: Democrats STOLE congressional seats in California… here’s how they did it -- "with instructions to fill each one out with a different name and signature"

Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls For December Vote On Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Federal Investigators Looking Into Possible Hatch Act Violations By Whitaker: Charges alleged by Left-Wing Organization

Key News

In Sweden, cash is almost extinct and people implant microchips in their hands to pay for things

Mexico, Canada Discuss Signing Of New North American Trade Deal

Germany's Chancellor Merkel: EU States Must Prepare to Hand National Sovereignty over to Brussels

European Union Orders Poland to Change a Law — Poland Complies

Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump’s ‘Streak of Racism’: ‘Whole Package of Bigotry’

Tijuana Mayor Declares Humanitarian Crisis As Small Group Breaks Away From Caravan

Mexican officials confirm DHS report that criminals ARE part of migrant caravan

Pres. Trump: GOP And Dems Must Unite To Pass Border Security Package

Clintons Worked with British Government to Spy on Trump: Insider George Papadopoulos Reveals

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' Is Now Racist

President Trump: Criminal Justice Reform Has Real Shot At Bipartisan Support

Hillary Supports More Amnesty in US After Her European Migration Comments Cause Left-Wing Backlash

John Kerry Warns Immigration Has 'Crushed' Europe

Former Italian Olympic Village Becomes Migrant No-Go Zone Run by Far-Left Groups

WATCH: How Did Trump Campaign Endorsements Do?

Oil Plunges Nearly 8 Percent Despite Talk Of Output Cut

Dollar Posts Largest Weekly Gain In One Month As Oil Slumps: Investors seeking the currency’s safety

Israel/Palestinian War

PA Official: It's either two states or an apartheid state

Hamas and Fatah Unmasked

‘Rush Toward Martyrdom Death!’ Palestinian Leader Advises University Students

FM Lavrov: Russia willing to mediate Israel-PA talks

Liberman: Israel's policy toward Hamas 'absurd'

IDF Tells Lebanon: May you be free of Iran and Hezbollah

'It's time for a preemptive strike on Hezbollah': Former MK Gidon Sa'ar

Technology and Conventional Warfare Merge Under Israeli Eyes

Israel Reveals: Hamas exploits sick Palestinians for terrorism against hospitals within Israel

'Pinpoint operations won't work on Hamas': MK Bennett

PM Netanyahu Needs To Justify the Extra Time

Leaders Under Siege: Trump and Netanyahu Battle For Their Political Lives

Blue State Blues: California’s wildfires almost entirely due to Democrat incompetence

Blue State Blues: Trump Has the Saudis Where He Wants Them

CNN analyst TRIGGERED by POTUS Trump’s Thanksgiving call to troops: ‘Highly inappropriate’

U.S. likely has underestimated number of Chinese nuclear subs

South Sudan family auctioned off daughter on Facebook

Taiwan votes in test for pro-independence ruling party as China watches

Taiwan’s name and president are in the balance as 19 million voters go to the polls

China Denies Interfering with Taiwan’s Election

Ecuador: $550 million needed to respond to Venezuela exodus

Homeless America: How California’s liberal politicians perpetuate the crisis - Artificial housing prices have escalated to the point that the middle class is living on the streets

'Good Guy with a Gun' Kills Mall Shooter ‘Within Seconds’ of Shots Being Fired

Poll Suggests Among Both Remain and Leave Voters May’s Brexit Deal Is Close to Universally Unpopular

Author Revals: Common Core ‘Worst Large-Scale Educational Failure in 40 Years’


November 23, 2018

Key News

House GOP Issues Subpoena for James Comey, Loretta Lynch

Comey vows to fight GOP subpoena

Democrats use vote fraud to play their last hand: Global Warming

China’s Social Ranking System Is Getting Closer to Becoming a Terrifying Reality

Trump issues Thanksgiving threat to close US-Mexico border

Hundreds of migrants push on to US-Mexico border bridge

Sec/State Pompeo holds the line: Caravans 'will not be permitted' to enter US

Razor wire to keep out migrant caravan is most visible result of $210M military deployment

Migrant caravan given options as officials kick off job fair in Tijuana, Mexico

World Follows Trump’s Lead: Nations Abandon Legal ‘Framework’ Building UN Migration Pact

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Features First Same-Sex Kiss in Parade’s History


Israel/Palestinian War

Trump Delays Peace Plan Until February, 2019

UN Threatens Israel

IDF tells Lebanon: May you be free of Iran and Hezbollah

No Elections in Israel, For Now

Trump: 'Israel would be in big trouble without Saudi Arabia'

Perpetuating the Palestinian Divide

Betrayal and Humiliation: Hamas leaders wage war on each other

Former Defense Minister Ya'alon slams Maj. Gen. Yair Golan for criticizing MK Bennett: "No general should criticize a sitting politician"

Israeli army scores high in global power ranking survey

Palestinians Persecute Jerusalem Arabs Who Sell Property to Jews

PA receives millions for Area C Arabs: In Judea and Samaria, which is under Israeli security and civilian control

IDF Urges Public: Don’t share info on secret Gaza operation

WATCH: The Myth of Israeli Apartheid Debunked!

Iraq Refuses To Comply With U.S. Sanction Restrictions

China Paying for Trump Tariffs – Not U.S.

China Tariffs Boosted Manufacturing Orders in October



November 22, 2018

Key News

Sheriff Investigating Parkland Shooting: Teachers Must Be Armed to Stop Attacks

White House Grants Law Enforcement Powers, Use Of Force To Troops At Border

PM Netanyahu: Israel won’t sign global migration pact, must protect its borders

Senate Republicans Call For Vote On USMCA Before End Of Year

'Good Morning America' Promotes 10-Year-Old Child ‘Drag Queen’

Arizona Supreme Court to hear Christian artists' lawsuit against law forcing them to work gay weddings

Facebook Allowed Child To Be Sold In A Post After Banning Alternative Media To ‘Promote Online Safety’

Ohio Republican Gov. Kasich To Veto 6-Week Abortion Ban and Gun Rights Bill

Rush Limbaugh: Mueller Is Actually Investigating President's Joke

Donald Trump Mocks Global Warming Alarmists with Record Cold Temperatures

Thanksgiving Day In America - Psalm 100:4

President Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation of Thanksgiving

President Trump's Thanksgiving Proclamation: ‘Commit to Treating All with Charity’

The Meaning of Thanksgiving: 1789, 1863, 1942, 2018

Thanksgiving: A harvest of memories

A Thanksgiving Perspective

WATCH: College Students Lament Thanksgiving For Being “Racist” And Celebrating “Genocide”

Deployed U.S. Troops Around The World Send Thanksgiving Shoutouts to Families, Friends

Winning Again : The Price of Thanksgiving Dinner Falls to Lowest Level in a Decade

More Pagans Than Presbyterians in US: Over one million now

FBI: No ‘Credible Threats’ as U.S. Begins Thanksgiving Holiday

Israel: 5 Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Top House Democrat on Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi murder: 'Show our annoyance, but I don't think you slam the door'

Crews Using Cadaver Dogs To Search For Missing Persons In Calif. Fires

New York Bill Proposes Law Requiring Gun Owners to Open Up Social Media Accounts

FINALLY: M.I.A. federal prosecutor John Huber to update GOP on status of Clinton Foundation probe

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Trump Approval 51%

Gun Seizure News

Sheriff Investigating Parkland Shooting: Teachers Must Be Armed to Stop Attacks

Dmocide: What Makes Rep. Eric Stalwell's Comments So Very Reckless

All-American: Wisconsin Company Gives Guns To Employees As Christmas Gifts

Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett From Kent State Wins Round 1 In Lawsuit Against University

"FREE Kurdistan" Is Forming

Iraq, Iran sign deal to enhance border security

Iran proposes new border crossing with Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region ‘open for business,’ officials tell visiting Americans

American Judge orders release of Iraqis, Kurds, putting an end to detentions before Christmas

Syrian Kurds: Turkish occupation no model for northeast Syria

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel 'closer than ever' to seizing control of Gaza: Top Minister

U.N. Calls On Israel To Halt Daily Violations of Lebanese Airspace

MK Bennett does not take back harsh words

Former IDF Deputy Chief: Bennett is weakening the army and state

WATCH: Hamas’ new missiles ‘five times’ more destructive

Trump postponed publication of 'Deal of the Century'

US changes course on Golan Heights Resolution In The U.N.

Israeli Left-Wing Parties Hold Conference to Rid Hebron of Jews

Iranian General: US Mideast bases and aircraft carriers ‘easy targets’ for our missiles

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tries to block US security aid to Israel

Opinion: Boycotting Ivanka and Jared, how Trump-hating Jews go too far

Opinion: No Surrender – No Peace

Alert: The Newly Elected Democrat Rep. Who Wants To Blow Israel Off The Map

Rain May Cause Mudslides in Areas Hit by California’s Devastating ‘Camp Fire’

Trump's new plan would force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as cases are processed


November 21, 2018

Key News

Thanksgiving in the Midst of a "Civil" War

Why Has The Democrat Party Gone Mad?

Get Angry, Take Action—But Aim Straight

5 Trump Victories EVERY American Should be Thankful For

Federal Court Orders Hillary Clinton to Answer Additional Email Questions Under Oath

‘OUTRAGEOUS’ that DOJ and State Dept. CONTINUE to Protect Hillary Clinton

UN Drafts Resolution: Abortions/Assisted Suicide Are Universal Human Rights

Four people shot dead at "Gun Free" Mercy Hospital in Chicago: In Denver, one dead in shooting downtown

Site of Chicago Hospital Shooting a State-Mandated Gun-Free Zone

S.A.F. File Amicus Brief In Support of 9th Circuit Gun Rights Ruling

Maxine Waters Unfit to Chair House Financial Services Committee

Narco-Terrorism to Worsen under Mexico’s New Leftist President, State Dept. Warns

Trump credits Saudis for falling oil prices, prods 'let's go lower'

California wildfire leaves scar on Earth you can see from space

Media Hysteria Over Nationalism is Democrat Revisionist History

Deceivers Leading Many Astray... They're Here!

Broward County Election Supervisor Resigns As More Evidence of Fraud Surfaces in Florida

Ocasio-Cortez’s DIRTY Relationship With Soros Has Just Come Out In Public

Israel/Palestinian War

Unprecedented Interfaith Conference Tackles Temple Mount Controversy

Michele Bachmann: Israel is Fulfillment of Ezekiel’s Prophecy

MK Ayelet Shaked: Trump's Deal of the Century peace plan is a 'waste of time'

PM Netanyahu stays…but hold on to your seatbelts

‘I’ll be defense minister,’ declares Netanyahu

'Israel closer than ever' to Gaza War

Minister predicts Hamas chief's demise: 'His days are numbered'

Imaginary "Palestine": Essential to Jew-haters the world over

Australia's Jerusalem Embassy move sinks in sea of Islamic threats

Palestinian/Democrat Actvist, Sarsour Wants to ‘Stop’ Humanizing Jews: Now She Gets Career-Ending News

Netanyahu: Israel will not join Global Migration Treaty

U.S. Closes Ports Of Entry Amid Reports Caravan Preparing To Rush Border

Trump Denounces Obama-Appointed "Activist" Judge Blocking Denial of Asylum to Caravan Migrants

Koch Brothers: Congress Must ‘Seize’ Lame-Duck Session, Pass DACA Amnesty

Pentagon Says Border Deployment Will Cost About $72 Million

Actress Mareli Miniutti Claims Michael Avenatti Dragged Her on Floor, Yelled ‘Ungrateful F*cking B*tch’

Donna Rice Hughes promises tell-all on Gary Hart ‘affair’

‘They’ve Lost': Pelosi allies punch back after 16 defectors make their move


November 20, 2018

Key News

The globalist plan to exterminate humanity begins: “Useless eaters” must be eliminated, say globalists

Police: Shots Fired Near Chicago’s Mercy Hospital

Over 500,000 Killed Since 9/11 by U.S. in Three Foreign Wars

Judge Who Restored Acosta’s Press Pass Should Be Impeached Because He Doesn’t Know The Constitution

WH Changes Mind, Will Not Revoke Acosta Pass After Temporary Restraining Order Runs Out

Senator MARCO RUBIO BOMBSHELL: Democrats Planned Voter Fraud, Starting Day After Midterm Election — And There’s Proof

Nine More People Arrested for Voter Fraud in Texas

Britain in Political Turmoil as Brexit Deal Descends into Chaos

Trump gives Whitaker free rein over Mueller probe: 'It's going to be up to him'

U.S. House Passes Bill to Terminate Obamacare's ‘Death Panel’


Acting AG Whitaker: States Can Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Acts

Senator Grassley steps down, Lindsey Graham steps up: ‘Eager to investigate DOJ, Hillary Clinton’

Troops land at border, lay razor wire, ready tent cities, anger narco gangs

Democrats Judicial Effort To Invalidate Election Fails In Florida

Florida: Rick Scott Wins Senate Seat After Bill Nelson Concedes: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum conceded to Republican Ron DeSantis

Stacey Abrams Refuses to Say Brian Kemp Is the Legitimate Governor of Georgia

If GOP claims of vote fraud in Florida are bogus, why did the state Democratic Party just lawyer up?

How To Confront Marxist Dogma Being Taught In Your Child’s School

Great Powers Prepare For Battle In The Arctic

Israel/Palestinian War

Covering The Gaza November Crisis And Netanyahu’s Teetering Government

MK Bennett walks back ultimatum, coalition remains intact

Opposition ridicules Bennett after ultimatum about-face

Did Israeli PM Netanyahu Pull Off Another Trick?

Gaza: Prelude To A Non-War Shakes Up Israeli Politics And Leads Hamas To Claim ‘It Won’

‘Only a matter of time until situation explodes,’ says PA expert about Gaza

Senior Hamas Official: Israel can no longer do what it wants in Gaza

'We won't let Hezbollah establish terror infrastructure in the Golan'

Focus on Temple Mount Returning Blessings to the World

Palestinians Complain: Jewish Tours of the Temple Mount Are Part of Religious War By Israel

Lt. Col. ‘Mem’ Laid to Rest: IDF special forces officer who was killed in a raid in the Gaza Strip

Analysis: Netanyahu forges coalition with ‘friendly’ European nations

African Evangelical Leaders Tour Samaria

Rouhani says Iran to continue oil exports, resist US 'economic war'

California Wildfires - "Rewilding" Now Underway

"Rewilding" - Draconian New Age Plan Now Being Carried Out

Of Course the California Wildfire Problem Can Be Solved—And Republicans Can Solve It

California Fire: Number of Missing Soars Past 1,000 as Official Death Toll Hits 71


Before and after photos show the devastation of the California wildfires

Inmates Fighting California Wildfires Are More Likely to Get Hurt

San Francisco pulls famed cable cars off the roads due to poor air quality

Trump to visit California fire scene as death toll rises

California Wildfire Smoke Map: Health Concerns With Air Quality Levels, & Across the Country

Another Fire Map

Rep. Eric Swalwell 'nukes' himself in gun control debate on Twitter



November 17-18, 2018

Key News

Thanksgiving Time: Anti-Trump media stuffing plates with overdone hate

Maxine Waters Plays Race Card (For The Millionth Time)

Did a Russian Anti-Aircraft Missile Really Hit an Israeli F-35 Fighter?

So, Who Are the Real Fascists?

Globalists’ Latest Push: Mass Deportation ‘Morally Unacceptable,’ Amnesty is Necessary

High Court obliges Trump, will enter census citizenship fray

The Left Wants To End America As We Know Her

Newt Gingrich: The left may be winning the war of words – but here’s how the GOP can win in 2020

Trump offers Pelosi Republican votes for speakership

Obama Judges Can’t Save Dem Losers: Rewriting election statutes doesn’t change the math

Tucker Blasts Dems Over Blatant Election Hypocrisy with Instant Classic Quote

Soros-Financed Groups Help Brenda Snipes Prevail over Rick Scott in Court Battle

1,100 Vote Fraud Cases Forgotten While Florida Counts Ballots

Expert: Florida Democrats’ Alleged Election Fraud ‘Potentially Grounds for RICO’ Investigation

GOP wins Georgia governor's race as Abrams gives up fight

Meet the new bosses: Republicans largely stick with same leadership in House, Senate

Tijuana Mayor Calls Caravaners “Hordes…Violent, Aggressive, Rude”, and infiltrated by criminals

Four possible outcomes of America’s withdrawal from the Universal Postal Union

Israel/Palestinian War

Likud Party and Bennett face off over Defense Minister

PM Netanyahu scrambles to prop up coalition

Netanyahu meets regional council heads from the south

What's behind Netanyahu's decision not to invade Gaza: PM faces the possibility of a 3 front war - "IDF isn’t prepared enough for such a war"

US Air Force concludes international conference in Israel to study the F-35 Fighter

Did a Russian Anti-Aircraft Missile Really Hit an Israeli F-35 Fighter?

Newsflash: KKK Was the Military Arm of Democrats

Video -- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party" by African-American Professor of Political Science and Law, Carol Swain, Prager University



November 15, 2018

Key News

Judge Orders White House to Immediately Restore CNN Reporter Jim Acosta’s Press Pass

Why Is USMCA Sneaking UN "Law of the Sea Treaty" Through The Back Door?

Democrats Did Not Take The House

Florida’s DeSantis, Georgia’s Kemp look certain to win governorships – but Dems won’t give up fight

Majority of GOP Voters: Trump, Congress Should Deal with Illegal Immigration First

Senator Kamala Harris Grills Nominee to Lead ICE: Compares Agency to the KKK

Two (2) maps show why Democrat Party is pro-illegal immigration

Poll: Voters, 5-to-1, see anti-Trump media bias, as ‘unfair, disrespectful’

Jim Acosta, CNN and a Surreal Lawsuit: Should everyone have the right to walk into the White House and ask the president rude stupid questions?

Fox News Gets a Black Eye: Fox Liberal Leadership Supports CNN and Jim Acosta

Senator Rand Paul: Next A.G. Must Defend Individual Liberty from Power-Hungry Deep State

Florida Democrats Urged Voters to Submit Absentee Ballots After Election Day Using Altered Forms: Hoping Judge would allow the votes to be counted

Are CALIF Democrats Also Cheating Their Way to Power?

Vote Faking in Florida and News Faking at CNN: Some Things Never Change

GOP Files Records Requests with LAPD for Avenatti Domestic Violence Arrest Information, Footage

Democrat Infighting Will Mark 2019 Congress

Don't make human sacrifice a part of US foreign policy

Israel/Palestinian War

Archives Seized by Israel Shows ‘Iran Had Advanced Capabilities to Produce Nukes’

How Israel Thrives While Facing Constant Threats and Attacks

Hamas Hails Ceasefire as Decisive Military Victory

Israel Warns Gazans: Approach the border fence at your own peril

When it comes to Gaza, nothing is guaranteed

U.S. State Department Stands With Israel Over Gaza Rocket Attacks

Mother of 7 describes life of terror near the Gaza border

US to oppose UN resolution urging Israel to pull out of Golan Heights

At Least Four Police Officers Wounded in Jerusalem Stabbing Attack

Israeli president slams Hamas in Vatican meeting with Pope Francis

Lieberman: Israel Gave Immunity To Hamas Leaders By Signing Ceasefire Deal

As hopes for stable coalition fade, snap elections appear likely

Ilamic Jihad Publishes Picture of New Heavy Rocket Allegedly Fired On Ashkeleon

Israel Braces For return of Violent Gaza Protests

How Gaza Rocked The Government and Its Defense Minister

Julian Assange reportedly indicted by Justice Department

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. asked last month to hike bills to harden system in order to protect against fires

Pacific Gas & Electric stock price tumbles ahead of lawsuit by California fire victims

Northern California Wildfire: 63 Dead; Number of Missing People Hits 631

Paradise Residents Speak Out After Deadly Wildfire Ravages California Town: 'We Have Nothing'

Pierce Brosnan Looks Emotional After Returning to Malibu Home Damaged in Woolsey Fire

Miley Cyrus Shares Before and After Pics of Her and Liam Hemsworth's Home Following Devastating Fire

Is nobody interested an evening with the Clintons?

Dartmouth College professors 'raped, sexted and groped students, invited cocaine use in class and hosted late night hot-tub parties'


November 15, 2018

Key News

Ad in Canadian Hospital Waiting Room Promotes Killing Patients by Euthanasia

‘We Really Muffed’ It – Scientist Admits Error in Hyped Global Warming Study

‘The Worst Deal in History’: Brexiteers Respond to Theresa May’s ‘Slave State’ Agreement With Europe

Mass Exodus of Ministers over May’s Brexit Betrayal

‘Yeah, who needs all those (25,000) jobs?’ Ocasio-Cortez takes major heat for voicing ‘outrage’ over proposed Amazon HQ in Queens

The Apostasy of Pope Francis: Wiccan stang and an LGBT rainbow cross

Saudi Arabia Seeks Death Penalty For Kashooga Killings

RINO Senator Flake to halt judicial nominees until Mueller protection bill passed


Mattis Visits Troops at Southwest Border: ‘Border Security Is Part of National Security’

ACLU files lawsuit on behalf of illegals to block Trump’s order restricting asylum to migrant caravan

‘No legislation necessary’: In 2014, Feinstein had urged Obama to use presidential power to limit immigration ‘crisis’, and do it in "any way he saw fit"

Trump’s Border Policy Seeks to Curb Trafficking of Children and Youths

Sen. Graham blasts Dems, again: ‘They didn’t destroy Kavanaugh and they aren’t going to defraud Rick Scott’

Florida Election Worker Chelsey Smith Signs Sworn Legal Statement Alleging Broward County Elections Staff Were Filling In Blank Ballots

Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw turns tables on Pete Davidson in surprise SNL appearance: The difference? Class

Israel/Palestinian War

Lieberman handed Hamas a free win

Eyeing elections, Lieberman took the easy way out

No need for snap elections

Worse if Hamas rockets hit Tel Aviv? Israeli MK takes fire for remarks

Why Netanyahu opted for a cease-fire

Analysis: Israeli defense minister Liberman’s other reason for resigning

Don’t blame Netanyahu for Gaza ‘no-win’ created by PM Ariel Sharon

Christians Must 'Unhitch' Old Testament From Their Faith, Says Andy Stanley

"... if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life..." (Revelation 22:19, KJV)

China commerce ministry says U.S., China have resumed high-level trade talks




November 14, 2018

Breaking News

‘The Worst Deal in History’: Brexiteers Respond to Theresa May’s ‘Slave State’ Agreement With Europe

Fox News Backing CNN’s Lawsuit Against White House: Will file an amicus brief in defense of CNN

Trump nominates daughter of Indian immigrants to succeed Kavanaugh on DC circuit

Iran Ready to Teach ‘Chronic Sadist’ John Bolton ‘a Lesson’


ACLU files lawsuit on behalf of illegals to block Trump’s order restricting asylum to migrant caravan

‘No legislation necessary’: In 2014, Feinstein had urged Obama to use presidential power to limit immigration ‘crisis’, and do it in "any way he saw fit"

Israel/Palestinian War

Brink Of War: Troops And Tanks Head To The Gaza Border After Hundreds Of Missiles Rain Down On Israel

Iranian Fingerprints on 400+ Rockets Fired From Gaza Toward Israel

A missile a minute: What would the West do?

Defense Minister Liberman Resigns Over Hamas Ceasefire

PM Netanyahu: 'Hamas was begging for a ceasefire'

Israelis Weigh In On Incursion Into Gaza

Israeli Defense Minister Liberman announces resignation

Jewish Home ultimatum: Bennett as Defense Minister - or we bolt

US places hefty bounty on Hamas, Hezbollah leaders

6 terrorists eliminated after rocket barrage on Israel

Key News

The Thief Will Never Announce His Coming

The Apostasy of Pope Francis: Wiccan stang and an LGBT rainbow cross

Boom: Record high business optimism, need for employees at 45-year high

Gallup: Five Million Central Americans Want to Join Caravans to the U.S.

Republican Ron DeSantis defeats Andrew Gillum in Florida gubernatorial race

California Gripped By 'Hand of Madness'

The Real Story About How California Became ‘The Land of Raging Infernos

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed 2016 Wildfire Management Bill While CA Burned

Why Trump Is Right On California Wildfires

California Wildfire Location Maps Update

HELLFIRE AND HEARTBREAK: Shocking photos capture unimaginable devastation of California wildfires as death toll mounts

The Blue Wave Did Hit: California Drowning in Ocean of Blue

Senator Rubio Warns: Dem lawyers in Fla. asking judge to CHANGE laws so they can STEAL election

Senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation: Brenda Snipes Is Florida’s ‘Most Incompetent Election Official’

Deception: NGO coaches migrants how to pretend to be Christian refugees to gain political asylum

How Many Non-Citizens Vote in U.S. Elections? You will be shocked

Pelosi Tells Fellow Democrats: You HAVE To Make Me Speaker...Because I'm A Woman

Left-Wing Dems Not Interested in Pushing ‘Abolish ICE’ Bills When Congress Begins

Brenda Snipes refuses to comply with judge’s 7pm order: Gaetz calls for Rick Scott to get off ‘his high horse’ and suspend her

Journalist Embeds with Caravans & Exposes the Shocking Truth

Caravan Migrants Arrive at Southern Border, Scale Fence

Mexican Police Escort 400 from Migrant Caravan to U.S. Border

Washington D.C. Carry Permits Jump Over 1,440% Since District Went 'Shall Issue'

"FREE Kurdistan" Is Forming

Russia says Kurds should be included in Syrian political process

The Khashoggi Murder: Implications for US policy toward Iraq and the Kurds

Iran to build railway through Iraq, connecting to Syrian port

Kurdish women lead the fight for gender equality in the Middle East



November 13, 2018

Key News

As Gaza war looms, remember Hamas hides behind civilians and international media will try to cover it up

Democrats: It Is ‘Cruel and Unscientific’ to Define Legal Sex by Biology

WHY TRUMP IS RIGHT ON CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES: " Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!”

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed 2016 Wildfire Management Bill While CA Burned

North Korea Secretly Developing Missiles, Satellite Images Show

Thanks to Democrat vote fraud and election tampering, trust in our entire system is collapsing — which is what they want

Election Fraud Expert: Broward County’s Brenda Snipes ‘Found Ballots’ in 2012 Too

Broward County Election Official to be 'Forced From Office' for Violating Florida Law

Republican Martha McSally concedes Arizona Senate race to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF Prepares Largescale Offensive as Hamas Fires Over 300 Terror Rockets

Hamas fired an early-morning barrage of rockets at Israel on Tuesday

State Department Stands With Israel Over Gaza Rocket Attacks

IDF: A Special Army Preparing for Gog and Magog

Hamas has gone too far, war may be inevitable

Urgent Call for Prayer as Hundreds of Missiles Fired at Israel: "And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time" (Daniel 12:1, KJV)

Israeli Air Force official: We hit major Hamas assets in Gaza

As Gaza war looms, remember Hamas hides behind civilians and international media will try to cover it up

Is Catholic Churches’ Criticism of Israel’s Nation-State Law Blow to Jewish-Christian Relations?


November 12, 2018

Key News

Hezbollah Firepower Exceeds 95% of World’s Conventional Armies: Israel will suffer "unparalleled death and destruction" -- "Time of Jacob's Trouble"!

Iran Is In A Depression Due To The Currency’s Collapse And Civil Unrest

Trump's Dressing Down of the Media

Judicial Watch Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Short List: 8 Potential ‘America First’ Candidates for Attorney General

‘World First’ – Scottish Schools to Have ‘LGBT Equality’ Embedded in Curriculum

CNN and Jim Acosta File Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

Democrats: ‘Cruel and Unscientific’ to Define Legal Sex by Biology

The Hate On The Left Is Real, And Way Past Becoming Dangerous

100th Anniversary of Armistice (Veteran's Day)

Putin says had good conversation with Trump in Paris: Attending 100th Anniversary of Armistice / Veteran's Day

French President Emmanuel Macron: ‘Nationalism is Treason’

Dictionary Definition of "Treason"

World War I Armistice Day (Veteran's Day) - History's Greatest Single Proof That International Conspiracy Is Ruling The Modern World

Trump Pays Tribute to ‘Great Warriors’ Who Fell in First World War at Rain-lashed Armistice Centenary

PM Netanyahu has a ‘Good and to the Point’ Talk with Putin in Paris

Egypt Distances Itself From The US And Reaches Out To Russia And France

Trump: Honest Vote Count in Florida ‘No Longer Possible’: "Must go with Election Night"

Gingrich: Democrat vote fraud the real threat, not ‘Russian conspiracies’

Stop the Steal – Ben Garrison Political Cartoon

Florida's secretary of state orders recounts in Senate, gubernatorial races; Trump 'watching closely'

Trump warns of effort to 'steal' Florida races after recount declared

Soros-Tied Hillary Alumni Group Helping to Organize Volunteers for Florida Recount

It's Gonna Get Real Interesting... Check This Affidavit Proving Florida Vote Fraud...These People Are Stupid, Evil, Sick, AND Now---CAUGHT

Stacey Abrams files lawsuit to resurrect rejected ballots in Georgia governor race

Hollywood Uses Veterans Day to Attack Trump: ‘What a F**king A**hole’

ICE: Illegal Alien Killed Three After New Jersey Authorities Released Him from Custody

Cleansing The Land For Mother Gaia

California's Devastating Fires Are Man-Caused: "No longer were forest management professionals clearing brush and thinning trees"

California Fire: Hearses Stand By as Relatives Search for Over 100 Missing Loved Ones

‘Oh My God’: Woman Captures Hair-Raising Video As She Flees California Wildfire

Hell in Paradise: fire crews in grim search for California’s dead

More Than 250,000 Flee From Deadly California Wild Fires

Strong Wind Gusts Return to Scorched Parts of Southern California

Governor Brown Blames Climate Change for California Wildfires

Liberal California Blames Wildfires on Trump

Food Stamp Participation Reaches Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade

Israel/Palestinian War

Hezbollah Firepower Exceeds 95% of World’s Conventional Armies: Israel will suffer "unparalleled death and destruction" --

"Time of Jacob's Trouble"!

Hezbollah won't give up its rockets, Nasrallah declares

PM defends Qatari payment to Hamas: Trying to bring stability and calm to the Gaza Border

Hamas claims massive rocket barrage, threatens to strike deeper into Israel: "Announces the beginning of bombardments of the enemy’s settlements"

PM Netanyahu Holds Security Consultations On Gaza

Why Was An Elite IDF Officer Killed In Gaza?

PM Netanyahu: Israel Owes Fallen IDF Office A "Tremendous Debt"

What Happens When A Prime Minister Drops Everything To Return To Israel?

Israelis fume after Palestinian terrorist infiltrates Gaza border, torches greenhouse

The "End of Days" Spiritual Significance of Anti-Semitism

International Observer Force Violently Targeting Jewish Community in Hebron

Palestinian Terror Pays: Spend 20 Years in Prison and Buy a Ferrari Tax Free!

Islamic State claims deadly Melbourne stabbing


November 10-11, 2018

Key News

Site of Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting a Gun-Free Zone: "97.8 percent of “mass public shootings” from 1950 to 2015 occurred in gun-free zones"

Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin meeting at WWI commemoration on hold

The mysterious on-again, off-again Trump-Putin meeting in Paris: May meet after all

TRUMP WARNS OBAMA Something Big Is About to Drop: “I’ll Never Forgive Him…” For Something That Is About to Be Revealed

Trump Posts Proclamation Barring Illegal Migrants from Full Asylum

Dear President Trump: It’s time to declare violent left-wing mobs to be domestic terrorists

Bob Woodward: The Press Is ‘Taking the Bait’ and Getting ‘Unhinged’ over Trump’s Attacks

Republican Protesters Start ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant for Florida Election Chief Botching Ballot Count

Massive election fraud in Florida reveals the deep deception of Democrats… they do this in every election, too

Politico Reporter: Broward County Election Practices Are ‘Nonsensical’

Today is the Marine Corps' Birthday: And I Could Not Be More Proud

After Cuomo Blasts People Who Pray For Victims, Parkland Father Fires Back With Perfect Tweet

Israel/Palestinian War

Hamas Leader: There's no deal with the 'occupation' (Israel)

Analysis: Why the new Israel-Arab peace initiative will fail

Why Are the Palestinians Stuck in the Past?

US and European nations warn: Israel liable to attack Lebanon

Gaza Arab caught after infiltrating into Israel

Anti-Semitism in France up 69 percent

Hezbollah Firepower Exceeds 95% of World’s Conventional Armies: Israel will suffer "unparalleled death and destruction" -- "Time of Jacob's Trouble"!

Gog-Magog War Developing

Russian businessman charged by US seen at Libya military meeting: "Putin's chef"

Libya commander Haftar visits Russia ahead of conference

Libyan key political players set for Italy summit in fresh bid to solve crisis

Libya PM calls for 'common vision' ahead of crisis talks

Russia increases involvement in Libya by signing oil deal

Russia, China abstain on UN vote to punish Libya rapists

The State Department shouldn’t target Kurds to appease Turkey


November 9, 2018

Key News

Forget North Korea: A Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Is the Big Threat in Asia

Feds announce new policy to limit asylum claims ahead of caravan:

Pelosi: Trump Fired Sessions ‘to Interfere With Mueller’ and ‘Distract From’ Losing House

Marc Elias, Lawyer Tied to Clinton Campaign & ‘Pee Dossier,’ Leads Dems’ Florida Recount Efforts

Gov. Rick Scott files bombshell lawsuit accusing Dem Florida election officials of trying to 'steal the election'

Go. Rick Scott ORDERS State Police to seize all Broward, Palm Beach ballots

Red Alert for the Republic: HALF of Americans just voted to destroy the country by putting socialist Democrats in charge

Socialism Is the ‘Leeching’ of Our Time

Midterms 2018: It’s Trump’s Party Now

Forensic Expert: No, Acosta Video Showing Him Shoving A Woman’s Hand Away Was NOT Doctored

Tucker Carlson’s Terrified Wife Locked Herself In A Room After Antifa Mob Broke The Front Door

Prior to Antifa Attack, CNN Relentlessly Demonized Tucker Carlson

Left-Wing Antifa expands its hit list as political violence escalates

Election Day Was A Good Day For Marijuana Legalization

Gun Shooting News

California's Gavin Newsom Wants Your Guns

Site of Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting a Gun-Free Zone: "97.8 percent of “mass public shootings” from 1950 to 2015 occurred in gun-free zones"

Photos: At Least 12 People, Including Police Officer, Shot and Killed in CA Dance Bar

'Yeah... I'm insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is 'hopes and prayers'': Chilling final Facebook post of ex-Marine

Schools in eastern Pender County are on lockdown on reports of an active shooter at a North Carolina high school

Trump Comments On Falling Oil Prices: 'That's because of me'

U.S. warships conduct first East Coast advanced carrier escort training with emphasis on Russian subs

U.S., Taliban to Join Russia-Hosted Afghan Peace Talks


November 8, 2018

Breaking News

At least 11 killed in shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California: Shooter confirmed dead by his own hand

"California bar shooting leaves 12 dead, including sheriff's sergeant": Crowd was Christian and Conservative!

"Former Kavanaugh colleague among group being considered to replace Sessions as AG: Janice Rogers Brown, African-American Woman"

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized After Fracturing Three Ribs

CNN’s Acosta just got kicked out of the White House

Mid-term Election Recap News

S&P 500 and Dow surge in best rally after midterm elections since 1982

Four midterm election signs that show how Trump can win in 2020

The Nuclear Option: Socialists’ Blue Wave Wipeout

OORAH! No Blue Wave, No Beto O’Rourke, No Andrew Gillum

The media's Democrat darlings of the midterm elections all failed

Trump Makes History By Adding Seats to GOP Senate Majority in His First Midterm Election

Ann Coulter: I’m Glad to See the Pro-Amnesty Republicans Go

Non-Citizens Voting in Texas? "We got TONS of them" Says Election Official on Undercover Video

Video: Illegal Electioneering Caught On Camera In Pennsylvania: Voter Told “Don’t Go Making A Fool Of Yourself” After They Complained

Fireworks! Chris Wallace Attacks Laura Ingraham After She Praises Trump For Adding Senate Seats (Video)

Trump backs Pelosi for House speaker after Dems' midterm takeover, relishing looming rivalry

Pollsters botch key races as turnout models over-count Democrats

Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'Kavanaugh's Revenge'

Blexit — Is the Democrat Monopoly of the Black Vote Ending?

Federal Court Finds Democrats Unlawfully Gerrymandered A Maryland Congressional Seat

Key News

At least 11 killed in shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California: Shooter confirmed dead

"California bar shooting leaves 12 dead, including sheriff's sergeant": Crowd was Christian and Conservative!

Breaking: Antifa Mob Currently Outside Home Of Tucker Carlson - Chanting 'We know where you sleep at night" & "No USA at all!”

The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month—100 Years Ago

White House Suspends Jim Acosta’s (CNN) Press Pass After Combative Briefing

Rosenstein Out On Overseeing Russia Probe by Robert Mueller

Most Americans, Including Most Hispanics, Want Migrant Caravans Stopped

Climate Alarmists Suffer Huge Blow As Liberal Washington State Votes Down Carbon Tax

Washington Watch: Donald Trump, Role Model for Brazil's Bolsonaro

Brazil’s President-elect Bolsonaro buoyed by Evangelical rise

Donald Trump Has Actually HELPED Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

Jeff Sessions Aftermath

Jeff Sessions Exits DOJ to Round of Applause from Colleagues

Former CIA Chief John Brennan Warns After Sessions’ Firing: ‘Constitutional Crisis Very Soon’

Israel/Palestinian War

US Urges Russia To Permit Resumption of Israeli Air Strikes In Syria: Possibility of Israel/Russian conflict

Arabic Daily: Abbas on board with Israel-Hamas deal

Teen trek against Israel’s failure to stop Hamas reaches Knesset

Samaria Shooting Attack: Two injured as bus fired upon

PM Trudeau apologizes for Canada’s WWII rejection of Jewish refugees

In A Nod To Palestinian Statehood, Belgium Upgrades PLO Mission

German anti-Semitism still exists on ‘dangerous scale’

Saudi Arabian Prince Announces Plans to Build First Nuclear Reactor

This Ousted Judge Just Released All the Juvenile Defendants Who Promised Him They Wouldn't Kill Anybody


November 7, 2018

Breaking News

Embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns under pressure from Trump

Trump Dumps Sessions: First head to roll after the election

Judicial Watch Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Senator Mitch McConnell: President Trump ‘Extremely Helpful’ in Republicans Holding Senate

President Trump Defends ‘Big Victory’ for Republicans in Midterm Elections

Venezuela Moves Troops to Colombian Border After Marxists Kill Soldiers

Militants kill more than 230 at mosque in Egypt’s Sinai

Mid-term Election Results

In An America This Ignorant, It’s No Wonder We Struggle To Stay Free

Trump’s Republicans Beat Historical Average for Midterm Elections

Democrats Spend $2.5 BILLION Trying to Buy Blue Wave

SOCIALISM LOSES: O’Rourke, Gillum and Abrams Blew It, But It’s Their Policies That Suck

MSNBC puts graphic onscreen showing Gillum winning Florida gubernatorial race — a day before the election

Democrats retake control of House, Republicans expand Senate majority as midterms leave power split in Washington

Ted Cruz Ekes Out Victory Over Beto O’Rourke in Uncomfortably Close Race

Mitt Romney Easily Takes Utah Senate Seat as Orrin Hatch Retires

Israel-backer Ron DeSantis wins Florida governor's race

GOP Josh Hawley Grounds Dem Claire McCaskill in Missouri

House Dems poised to slam Trump with subpoenas: Trump finances, border troops, census citizenship all top targets

Retired SEAL Dan Crenshaw Clinches Victory in Texas

BREAKING: Brian Kemp Beats Socialist Stacey Abrams to Become Georgia’s Next Governor

Rep. Kevin Cramer Defeats Dem Senator Heitkamp in North Dakota

Big Labor Still All-In for Democrats: Despite membership defections in 2016, union spending still favors liberals

Despite abuse claims, Farrakhan ties, Ellison wins Minnesota AG race

Jared Polis elected first Jewish governor and openly gay person in Colorado

Key News

Trump Threatens to Investigate Democrats if They Probe His Administration

Iran resumes black-market oil exports after U.S. imposes sanctions

Donald Trump Has Actually HELPED Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

Louis Farrakhan under renewed fire for leading 'Death to America' chant in Iran

“Migrant Caravan” Dwindles As Barbed Wire Goes Up

Senate report paints devastating profile of Justice Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick

Priest pedophilia is on the rise again, linked to homosexuality

African-American Beauty Accused of Being Racist And Fired From Modeling Agency For Attending Turning Point USA Black Leadership Conference

Another False Kavanaugh Accuser Referred To Feds: Left-wing activist Judy Munro-Leighton

Israel/Palestinian War

With Mideast Peace Plan, Jared Kushner Prepares His Debut

Israel's Supreme Court okays discrimination against Jews on Temple Mount

Democrat support for Israel gradually waning

Official forecasts 'catastrophic event' unless Israel prepares for major earthquake

West Bank Erupts in Praise As First Palestinian-American Wins Michigan Seat In Congress

Israel’s GOP head -- Marc Zell -- declares election victory for Trump: "Republicans’ stronger hold on the Senate is more important than the Democratic success in flipping the House"

Trump triumphs as Oman and Brazil step up and PLO bows out: Focus on reality – not fantasy – is bearing fruit



November 6, 2018 -- Mid-Term Election

A Moving Geyser on the San Andreas Fault in California: Moves 60 feet in one day!

Mid-term Election News

Video -- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party" by African-American Professor of Political Science and Law, Carol Swain, Prager University

Trump Holds Missouri Rally with Rush Limbaugh: "The deplorables are they are the greatest people on earth… they are the smartest.” -- "As medics attend to a person who collapsed at Trump rally, entire crowd began singing 'Amazing Grace'

Trump urges Americans to vote Republican to keep his agenda on track

ANALYSIS: All bets are off in midterms as turnout surges

Senator GRAHAM 2.0: 'I've Never Seen Republicans More United Than I Do Now'

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan: ‘We’ve Got a Good Shot at Keeping Our Majority’


Democrats Lose Their Voices, Clothes and Minds On The Campaign’s Final Day

Why moderates back Trump

Stacey Abrams wants to confiscate Georgia's guns: Someone in the media finally asked her about it

Georgia: Armed with Assault Rifles, Black Panthers March for Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams

The Myth of Trump’s ‘Fascism’: Leading Professor Explains Trump’s Populism, Nationalism

Fox News Will No Longer Run Trump Caravan Ad: Neither will CNN or NBC or MSNBC, Facebook

Ted Cruz Mocks Jim Carrey Painting of Him as Vampire: ‘The Dead Vote Democrat’


Key News

Creating a Smear – How the Democrat-Media Complex Turned Brett Kavanaugh into a ‘Rapist’

It Begins… Maryland Man Fatally Shot By Cops While Unlawfully Confiscating His Guns In Serving “Red Flag” Order

9 Years Into Common Core, Test Scores Are Down, Indoctrination Up

Dangerous: Leaving Bacon at a Mosque Gets You 15 Years for ‘Hate Crime’ -- This is Sharia in America

PM Netanyahu Looking to Heal Israel-Russian Rift at Paris Conference

Farrakhan: Death to Israel, US is the Great Satan

A picture from Obama’s past just ruined the Democrat Party: Barack posing with radical anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan In 2005

'Trump has upgraded America's position in the world'

Japan and U.S. to formulate armed response to China threat to Senkakus

Map Showing Progress of Illegal Alien Caravan

Migrants straggle into Mexico City to shelter at stadium: Still almost 900 miles away

Pollster: GOP Base ‘Coming Home’ Because Trump Nationalized Illegal Immigration Issue

Polls Reveal: Many Latinos Want Tougher Border Security

Pelosi Tells Supporters: ‘Don’t Take the Bait’ on Trump’s ‘Scaravan’ Focus

Iran Stages Military Exercises Day After Sanctions Take Hold

Russian Special Envoy Arrives in Iran as U.S. Implements Sanctions

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani warns of ‘war situation’ as sanctions resume

Louis Farrakhan Chants ‘Death to America’ while he was in Iran

Oil Markets Yawn As Iran Sanctions Come Into Effect

Sec/State Pompeo: Iranian Economy ‘Will Crumble’ Under New US Sanctions

Pakistan Caves to Islamist Mob: Agrees to Prevent Christian Asia Bibi from Leaving Country

Christian Pakistani Acquitted for Blaspheming Islam; Massive Riots Ensue

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu Looking to Heal Israel-Russian Rift at Paris Conference

Israel’s Options On Gaza Are Running Thin

Security agency chief warns of deceptive calm: We foiled 480 major terror attacks this year

Brown University Celebrates ‘Palestinians’ on ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’

Amid increase in attacks on Jews, pope condemns anti-Semitism

Egypt shelves Brazilian FM's visit as embassy relocation plans sour ties





November 5, 2018

Mid-term Election News

US midterms a referendum on Trump's presidency

Georgia Sec. of State Reveals: Democrats Tried to ‘Hack’ Voter Registration Site

Massive Crowd Comes for Trump’s Late-Election Push in Georgia

Surprise Guests Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to Join Donald Trump for Final Midterm Rally: In Cape Girardeau, Missouri

‘Hitman in a Porno Movie’: SNL’s Pete Davidson Mocks GOP Candidate Dan Crenshaw, Who Lost His Eye in Afghanistan

Federal Judge Releases Benghazi Evidence - Hillary Goes Into Complete Panic

Maxine Waters Whines: Trump ‘Placing a Target on My Back’ — ‘He’s Promoting Violence’

Democrats' nude get-out-the-vote stunt is an epic backfire

Trump warns Maxine Waters will be in charge of country's finances if Dems win midterms

Facebook Vows Even MORE Censorship Ahead Of Midterm Elections

Wave of military veterans could win congressional seats in Tuesday’s midterm elections

Armed Black Panthers Lobby for Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams

Republican Diane Harkey Leads Rally for California Proposition 6 Gas Tax Repeal

House Battle Tightens, 10% Independents Undecided in Diane Harkey-Mike Levin Race

Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly Embraces Barack Obama

Pete Davidson’s “Joke” Fell Flat, But Dan Crenshaw’s Response Was Excellent And Sets Example

Oprah Stumps For Evil While Trump Stands For Good: Opinon Column by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Key News

Canadian Doctors Get Ready for Child Euthanasia

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledges to cut Chinese import tariffs

Boom: Highest economic optimism in nearly 18 years, 85% doing well

Prosperity, in the Present

Michelle Bachmann For UN Ambassador: Holds prayer ministry in U.N. headquarters in New York City

Map Showing Progress of Illegal Alien Caravan

First wave of Central American migrants arrives in Mexico City

Troop deployment creates tense atmosphere on US border

U.S. Military Lays Barbed Wire In Preparation For The Migrant Caravan

Trump warns migrant caravans against violence: 'It's not going to happen to our soldiers'

Central American Migrants Set Fire to Mexican Immigration Facility

Caravan splits up, rips Mexico for directing migrants toward 'route of death'

Inside Judicial Watch: What the Mainstream Media WON’T Tell You About The Migrant Caravan Crisis

Lawyer defending the migrant caravan went on Tucker Carlon and got this nasty surprise

UN Says All US Whites Have to Pay Reparations for Slavery

Woman who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of rape has admitted she made it all up

Senate Judiciary Committee Report: Man Told Investigators Christine Blasey Ford May Have Based Kavanaugh Story On 1982 Encounter With Him

Jewish Nurse: I treated Pittsburgh mass shooting suspect out of love

Julian Edelman Pays Tribute To Pittsburgh Victims With Israel Hat

Israel/Palestinian War

Sinkholes on the Temple Mount: Illegal Waqf Construction or Prophetic Awakening?

US Synagogues Vandalized Just Days After Pittsburgh Massacre

Is Replacement Theology Fueling Anti-Semitism in America?

Man indicted after telling police, 'I'm going to kill the prime minister'

How Hate Blinds Palestinians from Seeing Their Real Enemy

Record 40,000 Jews Gather in Hebron to Celebrate Rebirth of City

Jewish Law Prohibits Endangering One’s Life Unnecessarily –Smoking Should Be Forbidden

Just How Good is President Trump for Israel?

US Sanctions on Iran a ‘Sea-Change the Mideast Was Waiting For’: Defense Minister Says

Denmark Cuts Funding to Anti-Israel Organizations

Iran Blames Denmark Terror Plot on Zionist Conspiracy

Documents Show State Department Links to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation – Romania


November 3-4, 2018

Mid-term Election News

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid: Why Republicans will win on Tuesday - "recent pre-election jobs report smashes all expectations"

Trump Creates The Most Amazing Jobs Report In American History

Six Ways Donald Trump Has Defeated Democrat Mobs with More Jobs

Cecile Richards - Planned Parenthood -- Campaigns with MT Sen. Jon Tester In Montana

45% of Likely Voters Support Travel Ban for Muslim-Majority Countries

Opposition Media has blamed Pres. Trump for his rhetoric and excused their 92 percent negative coverage

Trump stumping in whiter, less educated, poorer cities forgotten by Liberal Democrats

Trump Reminds Barack Obama of His Lies About Health Care: 28 Times Obama Promised People They Could Keep Their Doctor and Their Health Plan

Key News

October Surprise: U.S. Added More Than 1,000 Manufacturing Jobs a Day, Best Since 1998

‘Satisfactory Deal’ With China Could Lead to Lifting of Tariffs: Adviser Kudlow Says

Stocks in Asia fly after Trump foreshadows deal on tarrifs

Trump’s Proposed 5% Spending Cut Would Be a Win for Taxpayers

Winning: Land O’ Lakes Offers Health Plans Nearly 50% Cheaper than Obamacare

Twitter Apologizes for Allowing ‘Kill All Jews’ to Become a Trending Topic

The 3 Big Differences Between Conservatives and Progressives (Liberals)

National Security Adviser, John Bolton (CFR), brands Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua a ‘troika of tyranny’ in sanctions rollout

Beware Turkey's Dangerous New Refugee Role In the European Union

Europe blasts US reimposition of Iran sanctions

Colorado gun shop owner offers rabbis free weapons: Including training and ammunition

‘I’ll Never Be the Same’: My Ukrainian Wife’s First Trip to the United States

Map Showing Progress of Illegal Alien Caravan

Trump warns migrant caravans against violence: 'It's not going to happen to our soldiers'

Migrant caravan’s leaders reportedly demand ‘safe and dignified’ transport as enthusiasm erodes

Poll: Immigration Is the Mobilizing Issue for GOP Voters in Midterm Elections

Border Patrol warns Texas landowners about ‘possible armed civilians’ in area due to caravan

Inside Judicial Watch: The Left’s Failed Attempt to Take Out Brett Kavanaugh–and Holding It Accountable for Its Smears

Brett Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Admits She Made Up Her Story

Hollywood's Pathetic Obsession With Kavanaugh Witch Hunt

Grassley calls for Feds to investigate woman who falsely accused Kavanaugh of sex assault: Judy Munro-Leighton

Gloria Steinem: ‘One Thing Worse Than’ Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court ‘Is Being Married to Him’

Judicial Watch: New Soros Documents!

Inside Judicial Watch: The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal is NOT Over!

Israel/Palestinian War

'We're prepared to use force if Gaza situation blows up'

Moderate Palestinians? It's a bad joke

IDF Troops honored for foiling terror attack near Ariel: A known terror hot spot

Israeli official says US was unaware about PM's Oman visit

Ben Shapiro Opinion: Israel Is Protecting Western Civilization

Trump Signs Harsh Hezbollah Sanctions Bill Into Law

United Methodist Church Accused of Turning Anti-Israel Event into an Anti-Semitic Hate-fest

Pittsburgh Jewish Federation Raises Over One Million Dollars Following Deadly Shooting Attack

Rudy Giuliani: 'Blaming an act of anti-Semitism on the president is insane'

Egypt Attack On Bus Bound For Christian Copti Monastery Kills Seven: Militants linked to Islamic State have regularly targeted Christians

South Carolina mother-of-3 shoots home invader: ‘I would’ve killed him if I had to’


November 2, 2018

Breaking News

Trump says he and China's Xi had 'long and very good' trade conversation

Stocks jump again, bringing 3-day gain in the Dow to more than 900 points

Blowout jobs growth of 250,000 bolsters Trump, GOP before elections

President Trump: The Word ‘Racist’ is Used to Describe ‘Every Republican That’s Winning’

Energy Department Says U.S. Is Now World’s Top Oil Producer

Black Leadership Group Slams CNN For Lemon’s Racist Remarks: Demands They Put ‘Own House In Order’

Map Showing Progress of Illegal Alien Caravan

Left Insists Migrants Fleeing Global Warming

Proof The “Peaceful” Migrant Caravan Is Violent…And Armed

O’Rourke Campaign Exposed in Undercover Video for Assisting Honduran Migrants: ‘Nobody Needs to Know’

President Trump Swats Paul Ryan for Challenging Idea to End Birthright Citizenship

DHS Secretary Nielsen: U.S. troops have no ‘intention’ of shooting at caravan migrants

Key News

The Stages of Liberal Grief: How Might the Left React to Midterm Failure?

Planned Parenthood Spending $50 Million Trying to Take Over Congress

Europe In Panic Mode Over Economy As USA Soars

Winning…Big League! The Economy Created 250,000 Jobs in October, Wages Rise More Than 3% for First Time Since Recession

'I look to Trump as a role model,' says Brazil's president-elect

Trump targets ‘core areas of Iran’s economy’ by reinstating tough sanctions

“Pro-Life Democrat” Joe Manchin Caught Posing for Picture With Planned Parenthood Abortion Activists

Parents Release Photos of Baby Miscarried at 14 Weeks to Show Humanity of Unborn Children

If You Want Planned Parenthood Defunded, Vote for These Pro-Life Candidates

Mid-term Election News

The Hunt For Red November

Joe Biden suggests union president should attack GOP Congressman @KevinCramer, ‘show him a threshold of pain.'”

6-in-9 Swing District Voters: Keep Migrant Caravan Out of the Country

Central American Caravan Poses Serious Public Health Threat; TB, Dengue, Chikungunya

"Don't Ever Repeat This": Beto Aides Busted Funneling Caravan Funds In Undercover Sting

DHS: Caravan migrants from 20 countries, include 270 convicted criminals

Trump: 'Comprehensive' executive order on immigration coming 'next week'

Migrants sue Trump for his 'shockingly unconstitutional' border policy


Your Nov. 6th Choice: “Free Stuff” Or Freedom

GOP Ron DeSantis: Andrew Gillum’s Economic Policies ‘Would Be the Undoing of Florida’

8 Times Kyrsten Sinema Degraded Arizonans, Moms, Republicans

Trump: Pelosi's threat to weaponize House subpoena power is 'illegal'

Democrats and their media allies seek to silence their critics: Is it 'Hate Speech' to tell the truth?

President Trump Responds to Oprah: Democrat Candidate for Georgia Governor ‘Not Qualified’

Video -- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party" by African-American Professor of Political Science and Law, Carol Swain, Prager University

'We have sinned': Jews turning on each other after the Pittsburgh massare of 11 Jewish worshippers

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu hails Brazil's embassy relocation

"Trump and the Jews" - the facts

'Jewish Home' Party to advance bill deporting families of terrorists

Hamas' explosive balloons destroy vehicle, land in kindergarten

Hamas, Islamic Jihad pledge to end arson attacks against Israel

Israel forms special unit to confront Arab violence in Jerusalem

Israel and US fight Cuban human rights abuses at UN

Christian Pakistani Acquitted for Blaspheming Islam; Massive Riots Ensue

Europe helps Iran despite new proof of its threats to free world

GOP Senators Urge Trump: Halt nuclear talks with Saudis

Netanyahu: Khashoggi's Murder Is Terrible, But We Need saudi Arabia Stable

The new Iraqi government a US quandary: Designed and Controlled by Iran

Archived C/E Article 2005: IS IRAN WINNER OF IRAQI WAR?

Iraq’s Salahuddin Governor survives roadside bomb near Baiji, north of Baghdad



November 1, 2018

Breaking News

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) Admits Gun Control Won’t Stop School Shootings, But Pushes It Anyway

Poll Shows Voters Believe Media Have Divided Country More than Trump

Google Refuses Tennessee Republican Party Ad Buy for YouTube Video Supporting Marsha Blackburn for Senate

Planned Parenthood Spending $50 Million Trying to Take Over Congress

Oprah Invokes Lynching, Oppression in Campaign Speech for Stacey Abrams: Georgia

Four Sexual Predators Apprehended with Migrant Groups in South Texas

Radical Muslims Behind 84 Percent of Terror Killings in the West: 67 Percent Foreign-Born

Israel silent as massive computer virus attacks Iran

Key News

Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Personhood of Unborn Babies: Calls for End of Roe v. Wade

Trump Judges Signal Resurgence of Limited Government Over Runaway Federal Government

Government Watchdog Judicial Watch Sues Feds Over Hillary's Security Clearance

Most White Evangelicals Say Immigration, Increasing Racial Diversity Harms America

Trump’s reversal of failed Obama policies has created a booming economy

The Democratic Party Is Working To Destroy The American Way Of Life

House Republicans, White House commit to 10 percent middle-class tax cut next year

Senator Grassley Refers Avenatti, Swetnick to DOJ for Criminal Probe

'Holiness:' Jewish Doctors, Nurses Treated Robert Bowers, Who Shouted 'I Want to Kill All Jews'

Mid-term Election News

This Election is the Easiest Decision Americans Have Ever Faced

Andrew Gillum Exposed by Staffers in Undercover Video: ‘This Is a F***ed Up Cracker State’

Democrat Tester's (D-MT) campaign takes a hit after shady mailer prompts Libertarian to drop out, backs GOP candidate

Watch: Celebrities Beg People to Vote– Trump Administration Is ‘Keeping Children in Cages’

Pundits assume Democrats will win the House. Sound familiar? 2016 Again?

Vermont gubernatorial candidate -- Independent Vermont ) promises Saturday night 'governor’s pardon TV show'



Video -- "The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party" by African-American Professor of Political Science and Law, Carol Swain, Prager University

Ilegal Caravan/Immigration News

Military’s border mission could increase to 15K troops

President Trump Warns Caravan Migrants: ‘Our Military Is Waiting for You’

Obama warns migrants from Latin America in 2014: "Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they'll get sent back."

Migrants in Caravan Reject Mexico’s Offer for Help, Heading to U.S. Instead

Justice Kavanaugh settles into his role on the Supreme Court

Israel/Palestinian War

Daily Inspiration: Balfour Declaration Was Issued 11/2/1917

Russian Defense Ministry Issues Veiled Israel Warning

Gaza And Israel Tensions Remain High

Crazy: Gaza Border Violence Creates Tire Shortage for Motorists, But Not Rioters

'PA taking control of areas in Judea and Samaria, Jordan Valley'

Ex-elite soldiers to be stationed in east Jerusalem to combat violent crime

Egyptian Negotiators Present Hamas and PA Reconciliation Agreement

President-elect of Brazil promises: Israel can count on our vote

PM Netanyah Likely Will Attend Bolsonaro Inauguration In Brazil

Israel's outreach to Gulf Arab states is no longer secret

Israeli envoy urges UN to condemn Hezbollah's missile efforts

Analysis: Trump has nothing to do with world’s oldest hatred

Ukrainian programmers scrap game about Auschwitz

Goggle Workers Stage Worldwide Walk-outs In Response To Sexual Harrassment

Iran destroys White House in elaborate anti-Israel pageant

GOP Senators Urge Trump: Halt nuclear talks with Saudis




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