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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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December 7, 2002

Shake-up At Bush White House

Bush Fires Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill

Fleischer Remains Tight-Lipped About Shakeup: White House Spokesman Reveals Few Details About Ousters

Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Surges

O'Neill Paid The Price For A Weak Economy: Scapegoat?

Terror Fears

Dick Army Warns: Don't Sacrifice Freedoms In Fight Against Terrorism

Hotlink to Terror? Feds Search Boston-Area Computer Firm Suspected of Links to Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda Web Site Posts New Threats: 'Strongest threats of mass casualty attacks'

Declare War on Wahhabism In Saudi Arabia

Bush Praises Islam For Its 'Morality'

Freakish Warm Weather In Alaska

State of Emergency Declared in Carolinas as Crews Race to Restore Power Lost In Ice Storm

NC Governor Activates National Guard To Help Storm Victims

State-by-State Outlook - Effects From Ice Storm

Utilities Struggle in Storm's Icy Wake

New Anti-Porn Software Allows 'Accountability Partner' To Monitor Your Surfing

Philippine National Police Will Be Issued Either Bibles or Korans To Become "Police of God"

Muslims Celebrate Three-Day Holiday To Mark End of Fasting Month of Ramadan

U.S. Probes Military's Use of Commercial Satellites

Pollsters On Trial For Suggesting Iranians Want To Make Up With US

Hackers Fight Totalitarian Governments

Court Announces Needle Exchange Ruling

Mexican Mob Lynches Men Who Attacked Cab Driver

United Airlines CEO: Bankruptcy 'More Likely'

Boston Priests Weigh Call For Law's Departure

'Landmark' Ruling Attacks Right to Bear Arms

Iraq: Declaration Day Approaches

Some Material to Be Kept Secret in Iraq Weapons Report: Not even U.S. will be allowed to see some of the details

Bad Theater Continues If Security Members Cannot Even See All The Report!

Saddam Has Nukes, Ex-Weapons Inspector Says

Crisis Moves Into New Stage As Iraq Readies Handover of Arms Declaration

Deadline Nears for Iraq to Provide 'Accurate, Full and Complete Declaration'

Saudis Will Allow U.S. to Use Airspace in Iraq Attack

Canadians Go To Baghdad As 'Human Shields'

Iraq Arms Report Will Require Analysis Taking Several Weeks

U.S. Wants Iraqi Scientists To Feel Safe: Inspectors urged to promise asylum in exchange for evidence against Saddam

U.S. Military Readies for Qatar War Game

If Arab Nations Attack Israel, Will God Protect Her?


EU, UN Slam Israel For Friday Raid Into Gaza That Left 10 Dead

UN: Two UNRWA Workers Among Killed In IDF Strike On Gaza

Germany Refuses To Sell Israel Armored Personnel Carriers

Washington Post: Al-Qaida Plotting Suicide Bombing Attacks Against Israel

Israel Probes Bank Transfer Scandal Where Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Flow Through Arafat's Account

Some In Congress Favor U.S. Peacekeepers Along Jordan River

Fighting Propaganda War In Israel

Palestinians: Reports of al-Quaida In Gaza Is An Israeli Conspiracy

Palestinians Have Proven To Be Masters Of Propaganda War

PA Preventive Security Head Accuses: Israel Recruiting Palestinians To Fake 'Terror Ring'

Palestinian Authority, Hizbullah Deny Links To Al-Qaida

White House Document Blames Palestinians For Mideast Violence

Americans Don't Share View of Clinton, Gore, Daschle

Louisiana Voters To Decide Final Senate Seat In Special Election

Brits Back Gay Partnerships

Canadian Judge Approves Same-Sex Benefits

Miss World Pageant to Go Ahead in London

Courts Disclose Dirt on Fallen Stars

Mexican Anti-Americanism in America

Call For Armed Residents To Band Together and Intercept Illegal Entrants


December 6, 2002

Major Winter Storm

'Mangled mess of trees and power lines': Millions without power

Nation's Capital Slowed by Snow

Bad Weather Keeps Shuttle in Orbit

Residents of N.C. Face Up to Life Without Power

Global Jihad

State Department: Unknown Terrorists May Be Planning To Strike In Turkey

An Imminent al-Qaida Terror Threat? Affiliated website warns of attack on Americans Dec. 5-6

Messages To al-Qaida Called Fake

U.S. Airliners Vulnerable To Anti-Aircraft Missiles: Little is being done to install countermeasures

Al-Qaida Said Eyeing Israeli Targets Abroad

With Runners And Whispers, al-Qa'ida Outfoxes US Forces

Blond, Blue-Eyed Muslim Terrorists? Security expert Bodansky says Bosnians put 'new face' on jihadist stereotype

The Invisible Jihad: Why government, media won't call militant Islam the enemy

Osama bin Laden Toys Become A Craze With Children In Pakistan

Catholic Sex Abuse Back In News

Vatican Official: Bar Gay Priests

Priest Fathered Two Kids, Then Left Mother To Die When She Collapsed

Pioneering TV Executive Roone Arledge Dies At 71

Mixed Economic News

Mortgage Rates Move Higher This Week

Stocks Fall On UAL Bankruptcy Threat, Retail Sales

Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Level In 21 Months

United to File for Bankruptcy Sunday

Shoplifting Woes Go Beyond Winona Ryder: Weak economy and holiday frenzy mean more shoplifting. But much of the pilfering is not linked to poverty.

Worshipping at the Altar of "Mac" Computers

TV Watchdog Group Fires CEO For Prayer: Parents Television Council seen pandering to non-Christian donors

Ban On Israeli Goods Has Shoppers In Uproar

Internet Banner Ads Are Deceptive, Suit Contends

Campaign-Finance "Reform" Is Declared Dead: Bill was deceptively written anyway

Gun Control Forges Ahead

San Mateo Board Bans Gun Shows

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Calif Assault Weapons Ban: Individuals said to have no right to bear arms under the Second Amendment

Hand Guns Banned In Australia, Buy-Back Offered

England Has Worst Crime Rate In World: How can this be? Britons gave up owning firearms many years ago!

Agents Raid Tacoma Gun Shop: Papers seized at owner's home and at store linked to sniper's rifle

46 Percent of Earth Is Still Wilderness: "A lot of the planet is still in pretty decent shape"

Jupiter-Like Planets Formed In Hundreds Of Years, Not Millions

Georgia General Assembly Considering Abortion Bill That Would: Require mothers to get Death Warrant; Subject abortion to jury trial; Calls abortion "execution"

Small Aircraft Crashes Into Federal Reserve Bank Building In Miami


UN Inspectors Angered By US Claims Over Iraqi Weapons

U.S. Officials: Iraq Compliance Doesn't Measure Up

Bush Prepares to Make Case Against Iraq

Study: Iraq War Could Cost $1.9 Trillion

Pentagon Prepares For War With National Guard Call-up

Swift Work In Iraq Would Boost The US Economy

U.S. Rebuffs New Iraqi Denials: Officials site evidence of guilt

Conciliatory Saddam Says Let Inspectors Do Their Work

Bush Offers Asylum To Iraqi Scientists Who Promise To Tell All

U.S. Special Forces To Be Based In Jordan To Hunt Scuds In Case of War In Iraq

Iraq, N. Korea N-Crises Linked


Troops Arrest Would-Be Bombers In Nablus

Sharon’s Palestinian Speech May Backfire With Electorate -- ANALYSIS: The winds behind Sharon's speech

Ten Die During Israeli Gaza Incursion: Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza Refugee Camp, Sparking Firefight That Kills 10 Palestinians

Sharon Says US Aid On Its Way

Israel To Extend West Bank Security Fence

Prophetic Significance of These Security Fences and the "Buffer Zones" they Create

Saudi Minister: Jews Behind 9/11 Attacks

Chávez Out To Sink Oil 'Pirates': Strike and rebel protests disrupt Venezuela exports

Media Role In Propaganda

Broadcast Ruse: How CNN Won a War

CBS Brazenly Selling False News Stories: Passed Off On TV As Authentic News!

Need To Know: Michael Keaton channels a reporter's psyche for HBO war docudrama

Firestorms Encircle Sydney

Ex-Pharmacist Gets Maximum 30 Years For Diluting Cancer Drugs

Bush Lights National Christmas Tree

Man or Mouse Genome?

DNA Proof Cited To Clear 5 Charged In Central Park Rape, Murder

Washington State's 300,000 Fugitives Still Get Welfare Checks

Parents Surprised That Military Recruiters Get Data On Students

Heavy Security Squeezing Cities

More Sick Passengers Reported On 'Fascination': Carnival Cruise Ship Experiences Second Round Of Sickness

117 Sick Aboard Fourth Cruise Ship -- "Oceana" -- to Report Outbreak



December 5, 2002

Iraq Script Plays Out

Inspectors Are U.S. and Israeli Spies, Iraqi Veep Says

U.S. Expects Deception From Iraq This Weekend

U.N. Weapons Inspections "Bad Theater"

Pentagon Is Set to Activate Thousands More Reservists

Iraq Says It Will Deliver Report Day Ahead of Deadline -- On 12/7

U.S. Set To Cite Iraq For Breach

Bush Scoffs At U.N. Over Declaration of 'Cooperation'

UN Inspectors Find Nothing But Cooperation

U.S., Turkey Discussing Possible Bases for Attack -- New Islamic Turkish government blocks US troop plan

U.S. War Games in Qatar to Test Worldwide Communication

U.N. Team Sets Trap In Baghdad

India, Russia Oppose Use Of Force In Iraq

Don't Be Hasty, UN Head Tells Bush

Smallpox Threat Building

New Clues On Iraq’s Smallpox Threat: Russian scientist
may have shared weaponized strain lethal up to 24 miles

Massachusetts Moves On Smallpox Plan

Smallpox Shots Cause Worry: Experts startled by array of side effects

Government Rejects United Airlines Bid for Loan Guarantee

Priests Getting Sex From "Brides of Christ"

Boston Archdiocese Panel Gives Cardinal OK To Seek Bankruptcy

Clergy Abuse Victims Horrified By Priests' Records: Sordid sex, promising girls "opportunity" to have sex with priest as "Brides of Christ"

Religion Linked To Positive Outlook In Teenagers

Celebrities Challenge Bush On Patriotism


Judge Rules: Dirty-Bomb Suspect Can Meet With Lawyers


Sharon Takes Flak From Both Left and Right After Pledging Support for Palestinian State: Pure propaganda druing campaign

PM: Concessions Are Irreversible

Bombmaker Killed In Gaza Strike

Bush: Terror Cause of Palestinian Suffering

Will Middle East War Start World War III?

Anti-Abortion Victories

Court OKs Aborted-Baby Signs: Says cops violated rights when they took placards from pro-lifers

Abortion decline seen through 1999: "Only" 862,000 babies murdered through abortion in 1999!

Outrage! Liberal Theologians Opening Door To Antichrist!

Jesus Christ Was Pro-abortion?

Liberal Theologian Says Neither Jesus Nor Paul Were "Christian"

Liberal: Gospel Over-Rides The Bible

Deadly Snowstorm Sweeps Up East Coast

Bush Blames al-Qaida For Kenya Attack; Condemns Terrorism Everywhere

Productivity Grows At 5.1 Percent Rate In Third Quarter; Factory Orders Rise In October

Service-Sector Growth Continues, Stronger Than Expectations

Paul Harvey Praises Cuba's Fidel Castro!

Postal Service Rejects Anthrax Claim: Decision leaves opening for class-action lawsuit

Bush Invites Turkish Official To U.S.

World Survey: They Love Our Technology And Music, Hate Our Attitude

Chechen Rebels Phoned Gulf During Siege:Moscow says theatre hostage takers were funded from Saudi Arabia


December 4, 2002

Global Jihad Terror

Hezbollah Calls For Global Attacks

U.S. Citizens Accused of Working For Al Qaeda, Beware. You can be killed, legally

Contraband Seized From Holiday Travelers: 15,982 pocket knives, 98 boxcutters, six guns and a brick

Al-Qaida Planned Attack On Israeli Soccer Team In Malta

Indonesian Police Arrest Operations Chief of Regional Terror Network

Two Bombs Found At IKEA Stores In Holland

Olympic Jihad Plot

Blair Links Saddam To Global Terror


U.S. Does Not Need U.N. Approval For War

U.N. Iraqi Weapons Inspections Becoming "Bad Theater"

Smallpox In Iraq? CIA Investigates Allegations that Soviet Scientist Transferred Virus to Iraq -- Drumbeat of propaganda begins

UN Team "Inspects" Former Chemical Arms Factory In Iraqi Desert

Saddam To Defy Bush Ultimatum, Plans To Announce He Has No Weapons of Mass Destruction

U.S. to Weigh Iraqi Weapons Lists With Own Intelligence

Turkey Backtracks From Statement Approving US Use of Bases For Iraq Attack -- Turkish Islamic Militant government may be preparing Turkey to fulfill prophecy!

Turkey Saying No to Accepting G.I.'s in Large Numbers

Saudis Rally Neighbors Against Post-Saddam Democracy

U.S.-Russian Rift Brewing At UN: Two are divided at Security Council over what Saddam can import

'Clashes' In Northern Iraq

True Face of Roman Catholicism

Papers Show Church Hid Priests Accused of Pedophilia, Sex With Girls, and Drug Use

More Clergy Abuse, Secrecy Cases: Records detail quiet shifting of sexually active and deviant priests

Files On Boston Priests Yield Sordid Sex Tales

Spiritual Reality Behind The Force of Catholicism

Full Coverage of Catholic Priest Scandal

Should Cardinal Bernard Law Go To Jail? He and his predecessor mislead even church's own investigators

Are Pro-Lifers Organized Extortionists? Supreme Court reviews use of RICO against abortion protesters

Holiday E-Cards: Handle With Care: Viruses may be lurking

L.A. Needs Initial 20,000 Smallpox Shots

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Fallout: U.S. postal workers will be offered potassium iodide pills to protect against thyroid cancer in the event of a radiological emergency

Cheating Probe At UV Ends: Honor trials led to 48 dismissals

Band Director Indicted In Mailing of Raccoon Head

Officials Seek Access To Records: School officials would use the information to place potentially violent students in appropriate programs.

ST. PAUL: Schools Will Determine Whether To Say Pledge

No Peace Over Planned Parenthood's Holiday Card: "Choice On Earth" is the murderous message of this "Christmas" card

Planned Parenthood Uses Taxpayer Money to Recruit Children: Sex Ed classes get children interested in sex, so Planned Parenthood becomse contraceptive provider and later, abortion provider

Censored Arizona Student Challenges Campus Thought Police

Nobel Laureate Warns of Prions in Animal Muscle

Be Warned: Australia's Terror Law Is An Abuse of Power


Slouching Toward Gomorrah

Critics Fear Law For Gays Will Muzzle and Jail Preachers

Sexual Perversion Pervades America: Warning -- some descriptions are graphic

Buggery In The Barracks: "A military at war needs its gay soldiers"

Palm Beach County Delays Vote On Harassment Protection For Gay Students: "Someone could claim pedophilia is a protected sexual orientation"!

22 On Hill Oppose Lawsuit To Rid Congress of Chaplains

Israel Readies Defenses

Israeli Generals Ponder Future War

God's Protective Miracle: Account of the Six Day War of 1967 - Video

Nationwide Terror Alert Remains High

Israel and the Propaganda War of Images - Video

Israel Plans To Equip All Airliners With Missile Warning Systems

Israeli Missiles 'Fired In Gaza'

Israel 'Threatens Lives of UN Workers'

U.S. Suddenly Votes Against U.N. Bill Calling On Israel To Repeal Its Jerusalem Law: Major positive policy shift

Minnesota University Agrees To Pay Nearly $365,000 To Settle Allegations of Anti-Semitism

Oil Spill Off Spain Spreads Southwards Towards France

U.N.'s "Ark of Hope" Comes to Rockford

Homophobia And Islamic Fundamentalism

Stock Market Falls 14%

Persnickety Police Prompt Panic In Pasadena: Woman gets run-around while threatened on freeway by armed man -- Gun control advocates always say we should depend solely on police for protection

GOP To Dominate For Generation: Pollster's data point to major sea change in American politics

Ex-President Clinton Chides Democrats To Battle GOP: Urges Democrats to battle "right-wing personal "destruction machine."

Saudis Mount PR Offensive: Official denies kingdom deliberately financing terror

Want To Warm Up? Remember Last December

A Landmark Case On Land Rights: Private Property Owners Fight City Seizure

Local Public School System Challenges Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers Get Knock On Door From Police:
Public superintendent sends out squad cars to ensure compliance

Contraceptive Pill Alert For Cancer Risk In Women

Anti-Americanism Concerns South Korea

UFOs In 15th Century Paintings

Globalism, Iron Mountain, and UFO's Video

Feds' Spying Plan Fades to Black: Or, is the plan going to quietly shift to another name?

Why the Pentagon Will Watch Where You Shop: Should Uncle Sam know as much about you as MasterCard does?

World Population Headed for 9.2 Billion by 2050


December 3, 2002


'Iraq Has Six Days To Avert War' Says Bush

Iraq Inspections "Not Encouraging" -- Bush

Iraqi Arms Inspections: "I smell a rat" -- When will grownups be in charge in the U.N.?

U.N. Weapons Team Inspects Iraqi Presidential Palace

Inspectors: Equipment Missing From Iraq Missile Site

UN Admits Iraqi Official Had Advance Knowledge of 'Surprise' Inspection: Such a farce, not even good theater

U.S.-Russian Rift Brewing

U.S. Bombs Northern Iraqi Air Defense Site

S&M Inspector Not A Concern To Fleischer: Spokesman refers question about American fetishist to U.N.

Blix Rejects Resignation By UN Iraqi Inspector

A Weapons Inspector With A Fetish: Is U.S. deliberately trying to sabotage Iraqi inspections?

Dossier Reveals Iraq's Torture Regime

Shootout In The Desert: High-Tech gadgets galore

Mubarak Seeks Coexistence with Islamic Terrorists

Suspected Assassins Fire Shots At U.S. Ambassador To Egypt

Saudi Arabia Tries to Clean Up PR Mess About Financial Support For Islamic Terrorists

Terrorist-Linked Group Trains In Victorian Forest

Vaccination For 1 Million In US

'Taleban' Purists Gain New Hold On Pakistan Borders

Give Up Nuclear Weapons, North Korea Told

'Super-Cop' Rises To LA's Challenge

Law Enforcement Killings Highest Since 1997

Cruise Ship Woes Not Terrorism, Feds Say

Nearly 200 New Passengers Ill After Carnival Cruise

Rival Joins Race To Clone First Human

November Was Cold Worldwide

At Least 26 Dead of Hypothermia In Moscow Cold Snap In Last Week

Coldest November In 22 Years

Cops Arrest Scout Leader: Man charged with molestation

Harvard Study Cites Increased Risk Caused By So Many Drivers Using Cell Phones While Driving

Is It Kosher To Sell 'Kosher' Oysters? No, God declared oysters "unclean" and forbade any Jew from eating them

President Signs Defense Authorization Bill

United Airlines Reaches New Deal With Mechanics

Tombstone Militia Will Risk Arrest: Civil Homeland Defense

Exposing The Lie On Supermarket "Savings Cards"


Food 4 Less Cheaper Than Safeway By a Landslide

Kroger "Card Savings" Exposed as a Sham

Albertsons Uses Two-Tiered Pricing To Gouge Customers

Frequent Shopper Cards = Everyday High Prices

PLUS: Every purchase you make using one of these cards will be recorded in government databank!


Genocidal Attacks Designed To Terrorize Israel Out of Existence Are Planned

Israel Warns of Response To Mass Terror

Beset Jewish State Is Losing Military Edge

Israeli Army Chief Calls For Evacuation of Most Settlements

New Palestinian Group Aligned With bin-Laden Announced On Internet

Israel Foiled al-Qaida Plot, Mofaz Reveals

World Jewish Population Drops By 300,000 to 12.9 Million

Terrorist Groups Pledge To Continue Intifada

Terror Attack In Kenya

Al Qaeda Admits It Was Behind Kenya Attacks

Excerpts From Alleged Al Qaeda Statement

Missile Launchers in Kenya Suggest Al Qaeda Link

Netanyahu: World Should Share Airliner Missile-Defense Cost

Israel Had Information of Possible Qaida Attack In Africa

World Anti-Semitism

Europe's New Face of Anti-Semitism: 5 countries now ban production of kosher meat as synagogues burn, boycott of Israel continues

Saudi Minister: Zionists Behind 9-11 -- Author Of 9/11 Conspiracy Book To Visit NYC, US

Supreme Court In The News

Supreme Court to Decide on Affirmative Action in Public Universities

Supreme Court to Hear Gay Sex Case

The Supreme Court Justices

American Nurse Jailed For The Killing of Billionaire Banker

Brain Cells Victims of Video Violence

Weapon-Toting Neighbors Declare War On Local Thugs

Free Speech Under Attack

Forest Park Ranger Throws Group of Women Out of Brisbane Park For Laughing

Golfer Banned, Not Silenced, For Crude Remark

Global Pre-Crime Unit Forming

Bush Backs Australian P.M. On Pre-emptive Strikes: Says 9/11 changed everything

Howard's Remarks Threaten Security Pact

Australian P.M. Wants A National Super Spy Agency: Like America's Homeland Security Agency?

Asian Condemnation Grows Over Australia's Call For Anti-Terror Strikes

Mountain Biking Threatens Male Fertility

Baldness Linked To Mood Disorders

Statistical Physics Predicts Stock Market Gloom

Monetary Payoff For Sex Abuse

Boston-area Catholic Sex Abuse Victims Want to Know: How much insurance would be available to pay the claims?

Some In US Question Vatican's Strong Hand

Why Are Female Victims of Predatory Priests Reluctant To Report Their Sexual Abuse?

Arctic Sea Ice May Vanish This Century -- More disinformation from environmentalists

Moral Collapse Continues

Sexual Perversion Pervades America: Warning -- some descriptions are graphic

Buggery In The Barracks: "A military at war needs its gay soldiers"

22 On Hill Oppose Lawsuit To Rid Congress of Chaplains


December 2, 2002

Breaking News

Iraq Inspections "Not Encouraging" -- Bush

White House Faith-Based Adviser Claims All Bush Administration Decisions Are Politicized

Cutting Edge Predicted This Two Years Ago!

Iraqi Farce Continues

Iraqi Arms Inspections: "I smell a rat" -- When will grownups be in charge in the U.N.?

Inspectors Check Air Field in Northern Iraq

UN Admits Iraqi Official Had Advance Knowledge of 'Surprise' Inspection: Such a farce, not even good theater

Top Nuclear Inspector: Iraq faces 'grave consequences' if it does not comply

U.S. Is Preparing Base in Gulf State to Run Iraq War

Britain to release report on Saddam's "horrific human rights abuses"

Iraq Militia Trains with Al Qaeda

Indian - Pakistani Conflict Heats Up

Four Kashmiri Separatist Guerrillas Killed In Gun Battle

India Tells Pakistan: Let's Fight

U.S. Troops Call In B-52 Bomber After Being Attacked By Afghan Warlord Forces

Kissinger: 9/11 Panel Chiefs Will Drop Conflicting Clients

England Has Worst Crime Rate In World: How can this be? Britons gave up owning firearms many years ago!

Huge New Oil Slick Advances on Spanish Coast

Wal-Mart Reports Record $1.43 Billion Sales Friday: With major competitor Ames out of business, this is not surprising

Shoppers Crowd Stores, Giving Retailers a Solid Start to Season

Nations Mark World AIDS Day

Next nuclear showdown in Western Hemisphere? While U.S. focuses on Iraq, Brazil's new president threatens to restart dormant bomb-making program

Court Rules "Satan's Website OK: "Stab someone for no reason then set them on fire throw them off of a cliff, watch them suffer and with their last breath, just before everything goes black, spit on their face."

Declaring War In Name of Terror

Australian PM Says He Will Cooperate To Act Preemptively To Attack Within Other Countries Within Region

Asian Condemnation Grows Over Australia's Call For Anti-Terror Strikes

Mossad Agents Sent In To Kill Enemy Agents One By One

Terrorists Rewrite Rules of Engagement

The New Realities of Terror Evident By Kenya Attack On Civilian Airliner

Only El Al Planes Have Missile Defense - Report -- Emergency production of missile defense system underway

US Lawmakers Urge Bush to Protect U.S. Planes

A Twist of the Arm: U.S. Warns Saudi Arabia That Al Qaeda Planning Major Terror Attack On Her Soil

Key Senators Sound Warning on Missiles Fired At Civilian Airliners

Prague Link To Kenya Missiles


Kenya Denies Israel Access to Evidence

Timeline: Attacks on Israelis Worldwide

IDF Arrests Senior Islamic Jihad Activists, Pulls Out of Jenin

Terror Alert Remains High -- Terror alert high along 1967 Green Line

Col. Haggai Mordechai Replaces Murdered Commander of Hebron Brigade

Sharon: Maccabees Serve As Model For Modern Day Israel's Battle

30,000 Arabs in Yesha Hold US Passports

Pope Speaks of "Clash of Civilizations"

Boston Archdiocese Weighs Bankruptcy Filing: Facing lawsuits, cardinal's aides urge Chapter 11

Rush Toward Dictatorship In Name of Terror

In Terror War, "Suspects Designated "Combatants" Lose Crucial Legal Protections

"Domestic Terrorist" Designation Planned To Enable Arrest of American Citizens Who Just Dissent From Official Policy

Supreme Court Could Make Miranda Warnings Thing of the Past

Time To Recall Lessons Provided By "Operation Northwoods"

National Police Now Coming Together: Another Parallel To Adolf Hitler

Boeing Film Shows Attack On Muslims


December 1, 2002

Rush Toward Dictatorship In Name of Terror

In Terror War, "Suspects Designated "Combatants" Lose Crucial Legal Protections

"Domestic Terrorist" Designation Planned To Enable Arrest of American Citizens Who Just Dissent From Official Policy

Time To Recall Lessons Provided By "Operation Northwoods"

National Police Now Coming Together: Another Parallel To Adolf Hitler

Kenya Attack Sophistication

Kenya Probing Possible Al Qaeda Links to Attacks: As we predicted yesterday!

Only El Al Planes Have Missile Defense - Report

Initial findings of International Mombasa Probe: DEBKAfile Special Terror Report

Egyptian Terror-master Fazul Commanded Mombasa Attacks

Mofaz: Kenya Truck Bomb Contained 200kg of Explosives

Coming Home From Hell

Muslim Cleric: Kenya Attacks Have al-Qaida Link

U.S. Issues Africa Terror Warning

US Airports On Alert

Iraqi War Rumbles On

U.S. Is Preparing Base in Gulf State to Run Iraq War

Inspectors Check Military Base North of Baghdad

UN Admits Iraqi Official Had Advance Knowledge of 'Surprise' Inspection: Such a farce, not even good theater

U.S. Facing Bigger Bill For Iraq War: Total cost could run $200 billion, with little help from allies

War Fears Rise In Iraqi Border Town: People who suffered in ’91 fear repeat, question U.S. motives

Rush: Daschle Gives Aid, Comfort To Enemy By Criticizing Bush -- Is Bush about to use Civil War Seditious Act against dissenters?

Saudis Move to Protect Oil Market Power Ahead of U.S. Attack On Iraq

Conservatives Dispute Bush On Islam: Critics, include some policy advisers, call stance political

India Tells Pakistan: Let's Fight

Philadelphia School District To Offer High Schoolers Free Testing, Treatment For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

"Brave New Schools" - Blueprint for correcting spiritual and educational problems of Public Schools

Court To Review Abortion Protests In View of Free Speech

Lawyer Rebukes Unborn Child Murder Law: "There are conflicting statutes about what constitutes a human person"

Israel Bracing For Mega Internal Terror Attacks

Betar Jerusalem-Ashdod Soccor Game To Be Played As Scheduled In Stunning Reversal

Nasrallah Warns of Retaliation If Al-Aqsa Mosque Is Harmed: Hizbullah hosts massive Jerusalem Day parade

Arafat May Be Planning To Detonate Al-Aqsa -- Dome of the Rock -- To Start Conflagration

City Buries 'Innocents Uprooted In A Field of Slaughter'

Sharon To Test Netanyahu's Loyalty

Palestinian Authority: 'Road Map' Likely To Be Delayed Until After Israeli Elections: Joel 3 says no peace in region after Israel returns to her land

Arab Mass Protests Mark Anniversary of UN Vote On Creation of Israel

EDITORIAL: The Missing Arab Peace Overture


England Has Worst Crime Rate In World: How can this be? Britons gave up owning firearms many years ago!

Huge Oil Slick Nears Spanish Coast: 2 million gallons of oil appear too much for crews to stop

French Troops Evacuate Foreigners in Ivory Coast

Christmas Season Off And Running

Holiday Shopping Takes Festive Leap: On first day after Thanksgiving, sales up 12.3% over last year

Glitzy Magazines Offer Decadent Gift Ideas

American Ads Bare It All

Jesus Christ vs Santa Claus

British Gov't Considering Air Marshals

Saudi Arabia The Largest Source of Financing For Al Qaeda: CFR Report

Jeffords Slams Bush's Environmental Record

Former Providence Mayor Says He Thinks He Can 'Handle' Prison

IRA May End Its War With Britain

Whale Meat Back On Japanese School Lunch Menus

Court Reverses Cincinnati Ban on Menorah Display

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