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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Saturday, December 18, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 18, 2004

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal News

CIA's 'secret jail' in Cuba

Torture Begins At The Top: A recently disclosed FBI memo indicates that "marching orders" to abandon traditional interrogation methods came from Defense Secretary Rumsfeld himself

Briton freed from Guantanamo prison tells European rights body of U.S. "systematic abuse"

North Korea Could Test Long-Range Missile Any Time - U.S. Warns

C/Edge Archives: North Korea Has 100 Nuclear Warheads and the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them! (Posted March, 2003)

Taiwan Warns : China forming legal basis for attack

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon Speech Reminiscent of Oslo: Using language reminiscent of that which accompanied the 1993 Oslo Accords

Sharon Speech: Disengagement plan is `cornerstone' of `year of great opportunity' for Israel

Israeli parties agree to coalition

Sudden Discord between Bush and Sharon: Bush abruptly backs Palestinian position that a deeper withdrawal is needed

Expulsion Plan Faces New Problems: Legal advisors have upset the government timetable for disengagement, forcing Sharon to take the risky step of asking for Knesset approval in January

Eight killed by IDF in Gaza incursion

Sharon aides to meet Palestinians to coordinate elections

British PM will visit region, meet Abbas, Sharon

Israel's Wall: what happens when the world isn't watching (Palestinian viewpoint)

Deal lets Turkey go for EU membership: Compromise over Cyprus saves negotiations

Turkish newspapers express measured satisfaction with the European Union's decision to begin talks on accession

Turkey's date with destiny: Review of what is at stake in Turkey's bid to join the E.U.

U.S. forces leave France after decadelong mission

United States, Europe strike deal on future climate talks

Church orchestra conductor kills self at Crystal Cathedral: Home to the Rev. Robert Schuller and his internationally televised "Hour of Power"

Vatican will inspect U.S. seminaries: Planned in response to the clergy sex-abuse crisis

Federal government will reduce water deliveries on the lower Colorado River as early as 2006 if drought conditions don't improve

Powerful storm packing hurricane-force winds lashed northern France: Killing at least six people, some crushed by falling trees, and forcing officials to close the Eiffel Tower and the famed Paris parks

Baby cut from slain mom's womb survives: Mother killed so her baby could be stolen

Depleted Uranium News

Pentagon says depleted uranium is harmless: That's baloney to some scientists

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Warns Vividly About Disastrous Effects of Depleted Uranium Munitions - Video

C/Edge Depleted Uranium Section: Analysis Articles, Videos, Books

Raiders News Update Issues Retraction: Christian Broadcasting Network Founder and Chairman Pat Robertson decided not to do business with Anchor Bay Entertainment, distributors of soft porn 'B' movies



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Rumsfeld is at the centre of a Republican firestorm over his handling of the war in Iraq: Solders challenged him about Humvees not being sufficiently armor plated

Troops deserve better than Rumsfeld

Guest Column: Pentagon Still Spins on Humvee Armor

The Humvee’s Fatal Design: Humvee is a light cargo or administrative vehicles that were not designed to withstand the rigors of a combat environment -- "air-conditioned coffins"

Humvee Flap Is Not the Real Iraq Problem: "U.S. military is of inadequate size to deal with the missions it is being asked to accomplish"

Army Spending $4B to Send Armored Vehicles to Iraq: Will take time to get U.S. troops the $4 billion in armor they need for protection

Shaky Iraqi forces key to US-British exit strategy

US marine, Iraqi guardsmen killed in separate incidents

US working to free hostage in Baghdad

Harrison Ford may lead charge in Falluja movie: Hollywood propaganda film to spin government position?

The failed US face of Fallujah: Chilling reality of what Fallujah has become is only now seeping out

Turks among dead in Mosul attack: One victim had been beheaded

Iraqi Shiite party leader dismisses accusations of Iranian interference

Iraqi woman killed at US checkpoint

Ex-wife pleads for US hostage's release

UN shrugs off US demands to boost Iraq presence ahead of elections

Freedom To Preach Truth Under Fire In Australia

Australian Christian Pastors Found Guilty of "Vilifying Islam"

Blow to Freedom of Speech--VCAT Verdict brings grave concerns about the implications of free speech in Australia today

The Beginning of the End of Christianity in Australia?

Violence never the answer, Pope says

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Is America planning new imperial adventures?

Evildoers, here we come

Redeploying the Disabled: Gearing Up for a Draft?

Pope Warns of a New Colonialism in AIDS Fight: Receives Ambassadors From Kenya and Malawi

Eight die as inmates fight with troops at Afghan jail

Khartoum 'plans onslaught' on Darfur region of Sudan

Two Burundi UN peacekeepers suspended

New Kenyan hunting law a 'major setback'

Ivorian rebels 'won't stand in way of peace'

U.S. using Africans as 'guinea pigs': "Lying to promote a key AIDS drug"

Gay Episcopal bishop offers concession to conservatives

Poll Reveals: 44 percent in U.S. fear Muslims

US warned against weakening UN

High Court Backs Police in Search and Seizure Case: Police do not violate the constitutional ban on unreasonable searches and seizures when they stop someone suspected of one crime and then cite a different crime as the basis of the arrest

High Court Sides With Police Over Deadly Force

Fuelless Motor Design Announced by GMC Holdings

The Danger of National Identification: Will threaten individual privacy and security while doing little in itself to prevent terrorism


Friday, December 17, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Articles - Signs of the Times

Paralegal Secretary Arrested In Upstate New York With No Charges and Is Incarcerated In A Psychiatric Hospital Where She Was Injected With Drugs: Did the police legally act within Patriot Act I and II legislation? Was this woman arrested as a "Domestic Terrorist" according to the new definition? Did her knowledge of her Constitutional rights cause her to be singled out?

U.S. Military Shows True Face of Our "Liberation" of Iraq - Imposing 21st Century Stalinist Dictatorship Using "Mark of the Beast" Technology

Current News Article: Christians Face 47 Years in Prison Because Philly Judge Calls Bible Verses "Fighting Words" - Appeal to the Supreme Court last hope for Christians

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

CIA runs 'prison within a prison' at Guantanamo Bay: Secret facility holds some al Qaeda detainees

'Bin Laden' calls for attacks on oil sites

Bin Laden in Saudi revolt plea

Terror warnings spark Indonesian crackdown

Bomb threat forces 70,000 to evacuate Real Madrid stadium

Terror detainees win Lords appeal: Detaining foreign terrorist suspects without trial breaks human rights laws, the UK's highest court has ruled

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon: This is the year for real peace as he backs "Two-State Solution" - Palestinian Authority on Thursday night reacted angrily to Sharon's comments, saying he would not find a partner on the Palestinian side for his vision

PM Sharon halts coalition talks with Labor: To protest comments by Labor negotiating team chairwoman Dalia Itzik that insulted him - Labor expects talks to resume Saturday

The Real Reason Labor Must Join Sharon In Coalition? Not one single settlement

Shas Party Not Joining Coalition

Arutz-7 Poll: 90% Don't Feel Sharon is Sincere

MKs From Left and Right Come Down Hard on Disengagement Preparations: Criticizing government's hard-heartedness and disingenuousness

Defense/Security: "Israel Won´t be Able to Fight Terrorism After Disengagement"

Major General Amidror Warns: Gaza will be shelter for Al-Qaida

Israeli army has unveiled a new unit: Will take over the sensitive role inspecting Palestinians at checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Israel supports February U.K. peace summit, but won't participate

Al-Aqsa Brigades reject Abbas call to end the armed intifada against Israeli occupation

Palestinians could get up to $8b in aid if they make progress in the Palestinians' push for peace with Israel and if they fight terror

Israeli tanks move into Gaza camp: To reduce Palestinian mortar and rocket attacks on nearby Jewish settlements

Operation "Orange Iron" in progress: Soldier lightly wounded

Hamas terrorist group urges Israel's Beduins not to serve in IDF

Israeli Supreme Court Declares War on Hareidi Schools

5 Palestinians die in Friday Gaza tunnel collapse

U.S. Judge Issues Injunction to Halt Auction of Russian Oil Giant's Asset

The inside story on RFID tags: Size of a grain of rice and could be implanted under your skin to identify you and track your movements

ORBCOMM Announces Application Development Agreement with VeriChip Corporation: Satellite Tracking of People With Implantable Chip


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US Marine killed near Baghdad

Iraq telecoms chief gunned down in Baghdad: Senior Iraqi official who had led efforts to restore the country's war-ravaged telephone network

Scores killed, injured near al-Hussein shrine in Karbala

Italian hostage among 12 killed in Iraq

Criticism of Rumsfeld mounts within his own party

The pattern of discontent in US ranks: Growing resistance from the troops

UN preparations on schedule for Iraqi elections

For faith and country, insurgents fight on: US general conceded Iraqi cells are getting more effective

Colombian Soldiers, Both Active-Duty and Retired, Being Sought for Iraq: Recruiters working for U.S. contractors

Iraq war crimes trials "a wasted opportunity"

US to forgive Iraq’s 4 billion-dollar debt

Tactical Bush puts his war with Annan on hold ... for now: Extreme displeasure over UN's refusal to support Iraq invasion and reluctance on elections

Iraqi Foreign Minister Zeibari to the Pope: Iraq will protect its Christians

Pakistan's PM blasts US' unilateral action in Iraq: Taking action in Iraq without UN support invited anarchy

US National Guard feels impact of Iraq war as recruiting slips

BLACK BOX COVER-UP AT WTC TOWERS: Rescue workers silenced after exposing 9-11 whitewash

EU says Cyprus key to Turkish membership deal: Insists Turkey must move towards normalising relations with Cyprus by October 3, 2005

Ukraine's Presidential Contenders Schedule Overlapping Campaign Trips: Sparking Fears of More Tension

Bush Considers Domestic Spending Freeze, Prods Congress on Social Security

Bush to Sign Bill overhauling Intelligence System

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Citizen May Have Right to Fight Saudi Detention

Bookstore Resource: At Any Price: How America Betrayed My Kidnapped Daughters For Saudi Oil

North Korea says Japanese sanctions would be 'declaration of war'

Beirut, Lebanon rises from the ruins of her civil war

Did two Israelis sell arms to Sudan rebels?

Cuban Doctor Barred From Travel to Buenos Aires Returns Home From Argentine Embassy

SWAT teams search for Crystal Cathedral gunman: Police say church worker threatened suicide - Robert Schuller came to the church and has worked with police to help end the crisis

"Borrow-and-Spend" Republicans Bankrupting America

Dollar Extends Drop: Foreigners Slow Purchases of U.S. Assets

Explosive predictions for Mount St Helens: Recent "extraordinary" behaviour may mean it is preparing for a dramatic eruption

'We Have Sinned Against You': A leading evangelical speaks at the Mormon Tabernacle and says evangelicals have spread lies about LDS beliefs






Thursday, December 16, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Iran Attack Rhetoric

Bush warns Iran and Syria on Iraq: Warned Iran and Syria not to interfere in Iraq in advance of next month's elections

How Iran will fight back: Will "extend the theater of operations"

Pressure on Iran could backfire

Iran not off the hook yet

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

US Warns Egypt and Israel of Al Qaeda Threat: Chemical or Marine Terror Possible

Bush Prepares for Possible GPS Shutdown: To prevent terrorists from using the navigational technology

Hilton Tightens Security at Indonesian Hotels After Threat Warnings

Saudi Police Set Up Checkpoints Ahead of Anti-Monarchy Protest

Newark Airport Screeners Spot -- Then Lose -- Fake Bomb

Athens hijackers surrender peacefully

Russian FSB Director Says Al Qaida Network Exposed in Russia

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

The war that America doesn't see: Conflict in Iraq is inadequately covered by the media in America, to the point that many believe it is going better than it really is

General: Militant Al-Zarqawi likely now in Baghdad

Allawi to stand in Iraq elections: Will run for office

Former President Carter questions Iraq vote: Not enough security in the country for a free and safe vote

U.N. Expands Iraq Presence Beyond Baghdad: But is planning to have only about 25 electoral experts in the entire country ahead of the scheduled Jan. 30 elections

Top official shot dead in Baghdad: Senior official in Iraq's communication ministry

Bomb at Shiite shrine kills 7 in Karbala: Bomb targeting a prominent Shiite cleric outside one of southern Iraq's holiest shrines

Marine who was student at Columbine high during 1999 massacre killed in Iraq

Senior American general has said anti-US violence in Iraq is becoming more effective

Iraqi govt calls upon Saddam-era soldiers to return to work

London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper said it would temporarily shut its office in the Iraqi capital Baghdad after receiving threats

Saddam to meet lawyer for first tim

Iraq War Price Tag Tops $100B

US 'failed to control' Iraq oil

Bush has full confidence in Rumsfeld

Marines Staged Mock Executions Of Juveniles

Deadly Sri Lanka floods strand thousands

Ukrainian candidate's poison level near record: Tests reveal dioxin in his blood is 6,000 times more than normal

Ukraine Launches Legal Case Against Election Officials

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 11, 2004

Megiddo II VHS Is Now In-Stock: Megiddo II -- The New Age New World Order -- DVD will be in-stock after Christmas

Odds are even in the 'information' war: Debate ongoing as to how far Pentagon should go to manipulate information to sway public opinion abroad - This debate places the credibility of the government on shaky ground

Different targets, same tactics: Bush's slash and smear campaign is trying to bring all disparate international elements under US control

Israeli - Palestinian News

Labor confident coalition agreement can be reached

Likud to Labor: Take It or Leave It - Sharon offers Labor six positions including coveted Ministry of Interior

Attempts to Persuade Hareidi Party Not to Join Gov´t

Egypt postpones Rafah troop deployment

New Yorker admits role in smuggling arms to Israel

Five Israelis hurt in shooting attacks in Gaza's Katif bloc: IDF shot dead a member of the militant Islamic Jihad

Barghouti Bows Out, Arafat’s Policies Back In

Yassir Arafat: No way to die

Turkey warns against keeping EU Christian

Tony Blair's government was left staggering months from a general election: After prime minister's hard-hitting ally, David Blunkett, resigned as home secretary

New home secretary, Charles Clarke, today rejected calls to reconsider plans for ID cards

Yukos files for bankruptcy protection in Bush's backyard: Russian oil giant takes Kremlin fight to new heights in US

Police No Longer Need Say Why Arrests Are Made: US Supreme Court Rules

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Roadside bomb kills four Afghan police: Wounds two

US should recognize North Korea

Thai police hunt 100 leaders of unrest

U.S. official criticizes Haiti's new government

EU warned against excluding non-Christians

The Shroud Of Turin's Second Image: New Evidence Reopens Debate About Controversial Relic

Bush vows to cut deficit: Move called part of push to bolster the sagging dollar



Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 11, 2004

Megiddo II VHS Is Now In-Stock: Megiddo II -- The New Age New World Order -- DVD will be in-stock after Christmas

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

British officials not averse to use of torture: Debate rages in Britain

Greek Bus With 26 People Hijacked on Outskirts of Athens

Update: Gunmen release five of 26 hostages on bus in Athens

US Warns Egypt and Israel of Al Qaeda Threat: Chemical or Marine Terror Possible

Australian Govt warns of terror attack in Indonesia

Europe's Anti-terror coordinator warns: Radicals being trained in Iraq

Pakistan's Musharraf, Aziz Determined To Knock Out Terrorists

Taxi Driver Shoots Man in Bin Laden Mask -- Just a jokester

Russian Oil Company Yukos Files for Bankruptcy

US 'Son of Star Wars' missile test fails

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US is forced to abandon hunt for bin Laden: Because of Pakistan's refusal to permit cross-border raids from Afghanistan

Deadly Reversal As Victims Become Aggressors

Body of Kidnapped Turkish Engineer Discovered in Eastern Afghanistan

UNHCR closing camps in Iran: About one-half of registered Iraqi civilians have left Iran, returning home

Cuba hails wargame warning to US: 400,000 reservists joining regular forces and millions of civilians in wargames which the authorities say are to deter a US invasion

US mulling military options against Syria

Media Can Play Role In Promoting Peace: Pakistan's President Musharraf

Implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir urged

Four Killed as Violence Flares After U.N. Troops Storm Haitian Stronghold of Aristide

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian civilian shot dead by Israeli troops near Gaza settlement

Likud MKs fume over offer of Interior Ministry to Labor

Peres favors pullout, strongly objects to early elections

Netanyahu warns against 'Oslo trap': Says Palestinians must establish a democratic society as a starting point for future negotiations

MKs Come Down Hard Against Disengagement Preparations: Calling plans "hard-hearted" and "disingenuous"

IDF Chief of Staff Yaalon Says Soldiers Must Exercise "Personal Judgment" -- To be followed when ousting fellow Jews during disengagement

Israeli Police, Jewish demonstrators clash in Galilee village where 3 homes were slated for dismantling

Sharon softens on British-sponsored international Mideast conference

IDF, police prepare for X-mas holiday

Hamas cancels annual Gaza rally

Thai Worker Killed Last Night, Shelling of Gaza Continues

Israel, Egypt sign trade accord

Palestinian's Qureia to replace Arafat associates in new cabinet

Palestinian's Abbas: Armed struggle a mistake, harms Palestinians

Confident Abbas can afford to be anti-Armed Struggle: Very confident of landslide victory in January 9 elections - NOTE: Is the "fix" in place?

US splinter group opposes Presbyterian divestment from Israel

Israel looks to head off Arab ‘refugee’ claims

Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake - CAYMAN ISLANDS REGION

The Coming Vatican Policy On Homosexuals As Priests

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Drive to Baghdad from airport filled with tension

Car bomb kills seven more in Baghdad: 1,300 US troops killed officially so far

Rebels hit Baghdad's Green Zone with second suicide attack

Fighters target police stations in Mosul

Falluja refugees 'to return soon' - C/E Analysis: US Military Shows True Face of "Liberation": Plans To Impose 21st Century, Stalinist Dictatorship Using "Mark of the Beast" Technology

Rumsfeld put on the spot: Troops come first

150,000 U.S. troops now in Iraq: Record-high level designed to protect January vote from attacks by insurgents

Army Guard says its Iraq troop numbers are wrong: Count used to show part-timers were more likely to die than active-duty soldiers

British MoD calls up 900 reservists for tour of duty

Bush honours controversial Iraq trio: Given highest civilian honors even though Iraq has turned into fiasco

UN Board watching Iraq's oil revenue criticizes U.S. administrators, government

Frivolous War Crimes Lawsuit Irks Pentagon

Kuwait agrees to import Iraqi gas in major deal

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal News

U.S. Navy Documents Detail Claims of Marines Abusing Prisoners in Cases Not Involving Abu Ghraib Prison

Files show more US abuse in Iraq: Files were forced to be released by court order

Red Cross neutrality jeopardised by US action in Iraq: British chief

We can hold our military to account: Torture claims by Iraqis will no longer be swept under the carpet

Iraq Election Begins

Iraq election campaign under way

Violence a threat to Iraq poll: Annan

Top Sunni party among 79 blocs to contest elections

Iraq's Defense Minister Describes Iran as 'number One Enemy': Key to Terrorism in His Nation

Some of Iraq's High-Profile Detainees Will Be Taken to Court Next Week: Trials conveniently occurring during election campaigning

Chemical Ali 'faces trial soon': Trial comes just before election

Concern over Saddam aides' trials: Conditions have not been created to enable these people to have anything resembling a fair trial

World's chief climate scientist rejects U.S. stance on steps to curb global warming

Study Claiming Rapid Arctic Ice Melt Refuted at Climate Summit

White House to push 'Clear Skies' plan: Environmentalists fear the proposal will undercut the air quality standards set by U.S. officials

Kerik Illicit Affairs Apartment In New York City Faced Ground Zero

Sex? In New York? An outrage! Former commissioner of police, a man charged with enforcing public morality and setting an example for husbands everywhere, may have been cheating on his wife, and with not just one but two "lady" friends

Prevent another Kerik: Extra-marital affairs helped derail his Homeland Secuirty nomination

How does someone who's flat broke afford a sumptuous renovation of two Riverdale apartments?

Democrat Senator Lieberman rejects White House overtures for major job in second Bush Administration

Ohio offers lessons for 2008: Several factors contributed to 'lost' voters

US Air Force works on plan for near-space vehicle

Turmoil rocks Masons to core: How to boost fund-raising in the face of declining enrollment and an aging membership

Power From The Pulpit


Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Insurgents Hit Baghdad's Green Zone With Second Suicide Attack in Two Days: This Time Killing Seven

Attacks on Iraqi, U.S. forces escalate

Slaughter on anniversary of Saddam's humiliation

Eight US Marines among 24 killed in Iraq

U.S. Strikes Fallujah On Sunday: Two Troops Killed

Rate of Guard deaths surpasses regular Army: Part-time troops often are assigned to some of the most dangerous tasks

U.S. soldiers' grilling fields: More talk heard of desertion, disgruntlement -`Backdoor draft' adding to worries for some troops

`Scrounging' for Iraq War Puts GIs in Jail: Scrounging to get what their outfit needed to do its job in Iraq

Our Soldiers: Overstretched and Under-Protected: President Bush's nominee for Attorney General, Albert Gonzales, called the Geneva Convention "quaint" and "obsolete," an attitude that endangers our troops in Iraq


American Soldiers Are Getting The Shaft

DEAD AND BURIED: Iraq’s civilian body count may go officially undocumented but the widows and the orphans know the true extent of the toll

Pentagon Weighs Use of Deception in a Broad Arena: Critics of the proposals say such deceptive missions could shatter the Pentagon's credibility

Iraq presses UN for more election help

raq's Security Will Determine U.S. Troop Levels After Elections

Iraqi passengers die in fireball: Twenty-one Iraqis were killed when a minibus carrying extra petrol tanks collided with a car

Fallujah, Iraq's Tora Bora

U.S. steps up airlift efforts: Dangers to convoys lead Air Force to take on a heavier burden in deliveries to bases

UK ambassador admits Iraq errors

US Senator John McCain has 'no confidence' in Rumsfeld

Saddam may have joined hunger strike

Beware al-Qaeda Watchers: Remember the Kremlin Watchers of yore during the height of the Cold War and their bestsellers on the "evil empire"? And the scary stories on communism they used to disseminate

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Retired Army colonel, 70, ordered to Afghanistan

Swift vets leader sees likely war with Iran: Jerome Corsi: U.S., Israel right to consider pre-emptive strike

U.S. Simulated strike on Iran nuke plant: Plans now complete - Recent war games also included a ground invasion of Iran

Iran Accused Of Planning Attack On Saudi Oil

Cuba starts 'huge' military drill: Involving hundreds of thousands of troops and civilians, in response to "the continued aggression and threats" of the US -- Plan for US to attack or threat to attack "Non-Integrating States

India successful in using remote viewing techniques and satellite technologies for counterintelligence and strategic intelligence

U.S. Officials Knew of AIDS Drug Risks When White House Proposed $500 Program To Use Drug Nevirapine To Protect African Babies From HIV

African Anglicans Wary On 'Satanic Symbols': Over so-called Satanic symbols in Protestant churches with an appeal for caution in judging Freemasons

Two Suspected Taliban Commanders Arrested in Southern Afghan City

Two Passenger Trains Collide Head-on in Northern India, Killing at Least 20

Nigerian Talks Progress to End Oil Blockade

CIA Documents Cast New Light on Washington's Role in Venezuela

Gary Webb, prize-winning investigative reporter, died Friday of self-inflicted gunshot wounds: Hard-core, no-fear investigative report, whose career was capped by a controversial newspaper series linking the CIA to the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles

Taiwan's President Resigns as His Party's Chairman After Election Defeat

Japan, slumbering military giant, stirs

Gas hits 8-month low as oil prices retreat

538 electors today make US Presidential vote official

Doubts persist about integrity of Nov. 2 election

Canterbury backs updated Bible: New translation of the Bible (entitled "Good as New") seems to contradict traditional Christian beliefs on sex

The ONE Translation: "Good As New - A Radical retelling of the Scriptures"

First drug-driving man to fight case: Australian police now have authority to randomly pull over cars to test for drugs

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 11, 2004

Megiddo II VHS Is Now In-Stock: Megiddo II -- The New Age New World Order -- DVD will be in-stock after Christmas

Constitutional Guarantees Under Real Attack

POLITICAL PRISONER OR CRIMINALLY INSANE? Albany, NY. Woman Forcibly Injected With Drugs After Protesting Regulations of DMV - Anger police chief James Turley and you might end up at a state hospital for the violent and criminally insane

"Her alleged crime—exercising free speech on private property"

Perhaps her knowledge of the Constitution and the court system is exactly why she was arrested in the first place

Was This Woman Classified As "Domestic Terrorist"?

Supreme Court OKs Arrest on 'Reasonable' Grounds: Police have authority to arrest suspects on charges that later fall apart

Ukrainian Revolution Inspires Opposition in Central Asia, While Autocratic Leaders Brace Against Possible Change

U.S. Meddled in Vote, Ukraine Leader Says

First-hand Accounts of Underground Explosions In The North Tower

NEW VHS VIDEO!! 9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up

Public School distributes satanic sex calendar: Texas parents infuriated by explicit material

The neo-con smear on UN Secretary General Annan: What food-for-oil scandal?

US Congressman Supports UN's Annan: Blasts Oil-For-Food Wrongdoing

UN's ElBaradei in Washington's crosshairs: Head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

China, Russia Will Hold First Joint War Games

Israeli - Palestinian News

UTJ: Coalition agreement with Likud could be reached today

Likud, UTJ negotiators meet: Labor-Likud talks break down over economic issues - Protests Netanyahu's `ruthless' policies

Likud, Shas Parties divided on disengagement

Gaza violence dents hopes of Mideast peace

Fatah´s Farouk Kadumi Reaffirms: "Two States" Just a Temporary Solution

Defense Minister Mofaz: Pull Out IDF Before Expulsion Date

Massive Attack on IDF in Tunnel Attack in Gaza

Palestinian Authority refuses to condemn tunnel attack

Five IDF soldiers buried, only one in military funeral: Victims of Gaza tunnel attack

IDF Strikes Back In ´Limited´ Response

Sharon delays security fence approval in effort to include Gush Etzion

Palestinian Authority: Incitement: Promises, Promises

Nephew and PLO foreign minister suggest Arafat was poisoned

Egypt Signs Trade Deal With Israel, U.S. Amid Criticism and Aspirations for Thousands of Jobs: Egypt wants jobs, Israel wants meaningful and lasting peace

Catholic Church apologises to sex abuse victims

Scott Peterson gets death sentence for murdering his pregnant wife

Jurors say Peterson's demeanor made them skeptical

Rehnquist scales back his workload: Supreme Court adjourns for the holidays without any definitive word on the ill justice

Diversity Marks New Bush Cabinet: Bush's groundbreaking picks for his inner circle are setting a precedent for future presidents

Better for old to kill themselves than be a burden: Britain's leading medical ethics expert Baroness Warnock

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: This is the book so hot that Dr. Wolfensberger could not get it printed!

Spiritual Britain worships over 170 different faiths

Turkey warns of terror wave if EU membership is rejected

US tied over nuclear kingpin: US is selling the theory that the Pakistan-based nuclear proliferation ring has been broken



Monday, December 13, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 11, 2004

Megiddo II VHS Is Now In-Stock: Megiddo II -- The New Age New World Order -- DVD will be in-stock after Christmas

Bush Administration Funds Abortion to Record-High Levels

Pre-Emptive Strikes Coordination?

Bush Calls For "New World Order" Using Pre-Emptive Strikes

Russia Defends Policy of Preventive Strikes in Other Countries

U.S. Simulated strike on Iran nuke plant: Plans now complete -- Still Iran Refuses To Give Up Nuclear Research

INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER: George W. Bush has to be insane to interfere

Cuba sounding the alarm on possible U.S. invasion of the island nation

Israeli - Palestinian War

Top Gaza Palestinian General Leads Combined Battalion-Sized Force in Rafah Crossing Assault: Caps off week which saw 42 terrorist attacks

Five elite IDF soldiers killed in Gaza: Six more wounded when a tunnel filled with explosives blew up near the Rafah terminal in the southern Gaza Strip

Attack on Egyptian Border Won’t Delay Release of More Than 100 Terrorist Prisoners

Arabs Continue to Bombard Gaza With Kassam Rockets and Shells

Hamas man killed, 3 IDF troops wounded in Nablus clash

Hamas terrorist group flexes muscles, IDF groping in dark

Ultra-Orthodox Shas Party could join gov't despite opposition to Gaza exit

Progress made in coalition negotiations between Likud, Shas

Labor and Likud on Rocky Road Toward Coalition Government

Shinui faction puts forward no-confidence vote on Monday

Jailed Palestinian leader quits January election -- With his withdrawal, Arafat's Policy Goes Forward

PA Leaders Abu Mazen and Abu Ala Insist: "No Peace Without Jerusalem"

Only Just Palestine Solution Will Bring an End to Terror

Peres predicts big Israeli pull-back

IDF plans massive call-up of reservists, possibly up to 10,000: To help with the disengagement from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank

The blunt message to IDF soldiers was clear

Bush Approves Financial Support For Palestinian Authority

Mother of all Palestinian modern-day curses

War On Terror = Absolute Dictatorship

Civil Disobedience And The National I.D.

Intelligence Bill will slash civil liberties, critics argue

'UK church faces life underground': Top cleric sees implosion, persecution coming

Christian Resistance: A Biblical Idea Whose Time Has Come -- Again - Book

Should U.S. fear creation of master spy job? All-seeing intelligence czar, the most powerful post in government - perhaps in the world - next to the presidency

Bush searching for new terror chief

Spokeswoman Says Giuliani Apologized to Bush Over Kerik

US-trained forces scour Sahara Desert for terror links

Saudi Arabia declares 'security day' in schools

Guantanamo Britons 'losing sanity' as fears grow for terror suspects held in UK

The fight for the soul of Canada's justice system: TERROR V. TORTURE: Even the judges hate the security certificate process

MOX test fuels fears of terrorism: Nuclear material puts plant under new scrutiny

Opposition Candidate Basescu Ahead in Romanian Presidential Runoff

Ukrainian Election News

Yushchenko Aide Alleges 'KGB' Plot: Pro-West opposition candidate says Russia's KGB poisoned candidate

Ukrainian party to seek probe into alleged U.S. financing of Yushchenko campaign

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Suggests Jailing Freemasons: Because their oaths require higher priority than the current Ukrainian law

US Supreme Court to Join Int'l Death Penalty Debate

When Earth Turned Bad: New evidence supports terrestrial cause of end-Permian mass extinction

Putting Dead Person Around Neck Becoming Trend

Archbishop 'Hard Pushed' to Call Britain Christian

NBC defends Couric's 'anti-Christian' comments: Suggested Bible believers were responsible for creating the "climate" in which the attack took place

American Gun owners claim right to take their rifles to work

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US Troops Ordered To Commit War Crimes: U.S. troops in DU contaminated battlefields are considered "throwaway soldiers"

13 die in Baghdad suicide attack: 8 US Marines killed in western Iraq - Suicide attack was by car bomb attack on military checkpoint in the Iraqi capital known as Green Zone - Coalition HQ

U.S. strikes Fallujah: Two troops killed - Insurgents fought running battles with coalition forces in the volatile western Iraqi city

Iraqi leader attacks US 'errors': Interim President made a huge mistake by dismantling the Iraqi army after toppling Saddam

Iraq president says instability could yield 'Iraqi Hitler'

US tries to quell criticism from American troops in Iraq

Republican Senator Chambliss weighs in on Iraqi armor

Iraq-Turkey pipeline hit, oil still flows: Officials insist

Iraq internal fuel crisis adds to chaos

Bush Turns Iraq Into a Fertile Recruiting Ground for Osama

Japanese PM’s support slides after his decision to extend the mandate of Japanese troops serving in Iraq

‘Eight Israelis helping Iraqi reconstruction’

Saddam News

Saddam and his aides on hunger strike in U.S. detention centre: Lawyer reports

French Lawyer Urges Red Cross to Examine Saddam

Saddam’s illicit trade was no secret to US officials

Mormonism News

Evangelicals Speak At Mormon Temple For First Time In A Century: Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Seminary, apologized to Mormons for misrepresentation of Mormon theology by evangelicals

Mormonism's Temple of Doom: NOTE: I wonder if these Evangelical leaders examined the many symbols of Satanism on outside of Mormon Temple?

Except The Lord Build The House: How Mormon Temples Are Built To Be Demon Magnets - DVD - VHS

DNA Disproves Mormonism! Video

How Jesus Sets The Captives Free - VHS

Post-Election News

U.S. View of President Bush, His Re-Election and His Role in World Affairs

Many Europeans Negative on Bush's Re-Election; Cool Toward Americans Generally

Christians stir the core: For Bush ... another cross to bear

Will Kerry fund real probe if House member seeks Ohio elector challenge? House heard unofficial but stunning testimony concerning evidence of state-wide vote fraud

Tokyo criticised for describing Beijing as a threat: New Japanese plan worries China

War On Terrorism News

374th Airlift Wing troops preparing for Southwest Asia deployment: To aid War On Terrorism

Mass casualty exercise is held: North Carolina

Venezuelan Muslims flocking to support Islamic initiative denouncing terrorism

Turkish leader warns of terror wave if EU rejects membership

Australian Federal and Local Police given computer spy powers: Including systems that track and log keystrokes on a computer keyboard

Burglars have rights too, says British Attorney General

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States New

Saudia Arabia to Sign 11 Pacts With Yemen

Afghan President: Bin Laden Is Nearby

US troops to remain in Afghanistan despite Iraqi turmoil

Philippines Market Bombing Kills 15

Japanese Self-Defense Forces Support U.S. Battle On Korean Peninsula

Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan agreed to synchronize power grids

Russian official arrived in Iran for talks with Mullahs

U.S. rethinks attitude on Russian relations: Could lead to a more confrontational approach toward Moscow

U.N. In Transition?

Kofi Annan critics are out to get entire U.N.

Cal Thomas: U.S. out of the U.N. - Now!

Change at the U.N.

US Spying on Head of UN Atomic Agency, Seeking to Oust Him

Australian Foreign Minister on US list to head UN atomic agency

U.N. project focuses on pregnancy dangers in developing world

Lawmakers Would Back Lieberman for Homeland Security

Gay cleric to deliver BBC Christmas sermon

Gay Divorces Follow Marriages in Massachusetts




Sunday, December 12, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 11, 2004

Megiddo II VHS Is Now In-Stock: Megiddo II -- The New Age New World Order -- DVD will be in-stock after Christmas

Feith to 'Post': US action against Iran can't be ruled out

Iran, EU resume nuclear talks

Najaf seminary denounces Jordan king’s remarks: Warned about Iran’s interference in the process of Iraq’s election and the formation of a Shiite crescent in the region

Taiwan's Opposition Victory in Legislative Vote Likely to Calm China

Taiwan says "No" to new mandate

UN Secretary General Annan to meet Powell, Rice next week

IAEA Leader's Phone Tapped: U.S. Pores Over Phone Intercept Transcripts to Try to Oust Nuclear Chief As Being Pro-Iran

Ukrainian Election News

Doctor Officially Rules: Yushchenko Poisoned With Dioxin

Yushchenko’s Wife Says She Tasted Poison on His Lips

Russia Keeps West, OSCE from “Meddling” in Ukraine

Putin Not Against Ukraine Joining EU

Bush Declaring The "God" of Freemasonry

President doesn’t use faith as a bargaining tool: Bush defends his invocation of "God" in speeches (NOTE: Never a mention of "Jesus")

C/edge Archive: Freemasonry Belief In God Without Jesus Christ Is Meaningless: Such Belief Will Not Deliver You To Eternal Heaven

President Bush Is Member of Masonic Order of Skull & Bones

Homeland security nominee apologizes after withdrawing from consideration

As New York City police commissioner, Kerik made many enemies and seemed to be dogged by minor scandals

"Cash & Kerik": 'News' Eyes Bernie's Bookkeeping - Kerik accepted thousands of dollars in cash and gifts without making proper public disclosures

Kerik's Position Was Untenable

Morals Collapse

Report: Jackson Prints Found on Porn Magazines - Prints from boy accusing him were also found

Former Vermont selectman faces new cocaine charge

'Desperate Housewives' Wash Out Reality

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Experts rebel over US stance on North Korea

No peace until S. Korea answers questions about atomic tests: North

Pyongyang's Deception: Sending False Evidence to Japan Intolerable





Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Three top police officials among 19 killed in Iraq: US bombs Mosul, fighting erupts in Fallujah

US drops massive half-ton bomb on Mosul

Clashes in Baghdad: Suicide Bomber Targets U.S. Convoy in Western Iraq

U.S. Soldiers Detain More Than 50 Iraqis North of Baghdad

US military clarifies Iraq death

Iraq war critics accuse Pentagon of poor planning

Army seeks more armored Humvees: Firm that installs protective plating may boost production by 100 vehicles a month

U.S. commanders in Iraq welcome Pentagon effort to speed up production of armored Humvees

US Army plagued by desertion and plunging morale: "Experts agree that another conflict would put the military in overdrive. Another war would require a shift to a 'no-kidding wartime posture in which everybody who could shoot was given a rifle and sent to the front' "

"Black Watch" home to tears and anger

Final farewell to U.S. patriot

Thousands mourn Baghdad 'martyr' -- Requiem mass for Margaret Hassan, abducted CARE leader

U.S. officials tacitly condoned Saddam's illegal oil sales to buy weapons

Iraq terror chief recruits Britons

U.S. soldier gets 3 years for killing teen

Iraqi prisoner accused of fighting for Taliban five years ago appears before review tribunal in Guantanamo

Iraq Still Dangerous For Russian Firms To Work There — Putin

Israeli - Palestinian War

Opposition Labour party in Israel has begun coalition talks with Likud

Coalition Talks Go Marathon

National unity government expected within days

Peres convinced Sharon would agree to extended evacuation: PM prepared to withdraw from more West Bank land than what is slated now under disengagement plan

Israeli and Palestinian officials disagree over whether the unilateral disengagement plan is still unilateral

Cabinet okays Palestinian prisoner release as election goodwill move

Gaza Palestinian children wounded by tank: Palestinian mortars hit civilian settlements

PLO Chief: Abbas again insists on right to destroy Israel

Hamas could turn Gaza into al-Qaida sanctuary: Report warns of potential fallout of Israel's unilateral withdrawal

Editorial -- The Arabs are coming! The Arabs are coming!

Israel may be part of wider Europe

Araft In The News

Arafat medical file fails to halt rumours that he died of "unnatural causes" -- No poison found

The high cost of succeeding Arafat

Russia Reveals Precision Long-Range Cruise Missiles: New missile program that is a step ahead of any Western rivals, including US

Russia Defends Policy of Preventive Strikes in Other Countries

Russia Plans to Evacuate ISS Crew Due to Lack of Food

Spy-satellite program debated: New generation of "stealth" spy satellites




Saturday, December 11, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 11, 2004

Megiddo II VHS Is Now In-Stock: Megiddo II -- The New Age New World Order -- DVD will be in-stock after Christmas

Freemasonry In The News

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Suggests Jailing Freemasons: Because their oaths require higher priority than the current Ukrainian law

"National Treasure" Movie

'Treasure' Tops Box Office for 3rd Week: Dec 6, 2004

Cutting Edge Analysis

Movie - Freemasonry's National Heritage Story of the United States of America, As Seen Through The Eyes of Our Founding Fathers

Part 1 of 3: Studying The Basic Storyline

Part 2 of 3: Studying The Deeper Layer

Part 3 of 3: Revealing The Deepest Layers

"Freemasons are to take the lead in 'familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries'!" - Key New Age Author

Guantánamo Bay Prison: 'People are becoming mentally ill' from torture and humiliation inflicted on detainees by their American captors

Taiwan Election May Hasten China Stand-off: Election could bring conflict between China and Taiwan closer

Counting begins in Taiwan elections

United Nations News

Damning Iraq Oil-for-Food Report Out Monday

UN welcomes support of United States for Secretary-General

Alaska fears massive oil spill after ship snaps

Bush to Meet With Italian Premier

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF Army operating against mortar crews in Khan Younis

Gaza terrorist escapes IAF strike

IDF Soldier killed when APC overturns

Poll: Decrease in Palestinian support of terror

Two Israeli chemists awarded Nobel Prize for protein cell study

Nobel judges stand by selection of terrorist Arafat for Nobel Peace Prize

National unity government expected within days: All Oslo leaders now part of Unity Government

Labor: We won't sit in unity gov't with Shas Party

Semantics Change: 'Disengagement' out, 'leaving Gaza' in

IDF Chief Rabbi Issues Official Religious Ruling: Disengagement Orders Must Be Fulfilled

Palestinians return home for election

Terrorist prisoner Barghouti to announce he will decline PA chair

PA officials receive Arafat's medical records from nephew

Islamic extremists were allegedly planning an attack on the Red Light District in Amsterdam

Ailing Rehnquist to administer oath to Bush

Vienna Doctors "closing In" on Cause of Ukrainian Presidential Candidate's Face Disfigurement

U.S. Money Helped Opposition in Ukraine

Vatican Envoy to Head Veterans Affairs: Jim Nicholson is now our Ambassador to the Vatican

France to punish homophobic and sexist remarks with jail sentences: "Thought Crimes" now punishable by prison

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter: Part of the Kuma wargame series

FALLUJAH NAPALMED: US troops are secretly using outlawed napalm gas to wipe out remaining insurgents in and around Fallujah

Disease risk stops Falluja return: Sewage and rabid animals pose a significant health threat

Fallujah: The homecoming and the homeless -- British mission enabled US to lay waste to Fallujah which now lies in ruins

US says Iraqi hospital used by rebels in ambush

Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids – Now! Col. David Hackworth sounds warning about upcoming Draft - Since invasion, US has evacuated an estimated 50,000 KIA, WIA and non-battle casualties from Iraq

Pentagon Wants Women In Combat: Elaine Donnelly: "yet more women will die – or be captured and possibly raped"

US soldier jailed for Iraq murder - 'He needed to be put out of his misery'

Army seeks more armored Humvees: Firm that installs protective plating may boost production by 100 vehicles a month

Rumsfeld under fire for 'hillbilly armour' used to defend arm

Three civilians were killed and other five were injured in Baghdad in an attack by mortars at HQ of the national guard in Baghdad

Helicopter collision kills two in Mosul

Car Bombing follows clashes in Mosul

Lawmakers help wounded amputee soldier get home after dispute with Army

Colin Powell says differences with Europe over Iraq are being smoothed over

Elite Black Watch Soldiers Arrive Home

U.S. gives rosy picture of rebuilding Iraq, while people on the streets seethe with anger

Insurgent Threats Stop Sunni Schooling

U.S. Officials Sound Alarm Over Iraq Fuel Crisis

Iraqi Election News

Iran-linked party tops Iraq election list

Iraqi election workers killed in drive-by shooting

The grand elector Sistani: Now or never for the Shi'ite majority in the country to take power - Majority of Sunnis - because of the Fallujah offensive - won't vote

“I’m making a killing!” Abortion nurse admits receipt of “blood money”

Cry of the Innocents: Abortion And The Race Towards Judgment -- Revealing Book by Fundamental Christian Pastor Reveals How God's Physical Judgment Upon America Is Inevitable

US-Sponsored Meeting On "Arab Reform

US leads talks on Mid-East reform

Powell downplays expectations at Mideast reform meeting

Powell's final push for Arab reform

Homeland Security News

US adopts National ID: Homeland Security Now In charge of Regulations for all US States Drivers Licenses and Birth Certificates

Kerik Withdraws His Name for Top DHS (Homeland Security) Job

White House Announcement of Kerik's Withdrawal

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

18,000 US Troops Begin Winter Offensive in Afghanistan Against Taliban, Al-Qaida

Pakistan Captures Head of Group That Kidnapped UN Workers in Afghanistan

Turkey rejects plea to recognize Cyprus

Mysterious Tremors May Portend California Quakes

Private Company Still ‘Controls’ Election Outcome: Secretive company administers almost every last aspect of ‘democratic’ election process


Friday, December 10, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Israeli - Arab War

Unity Government A Reality!

Likud authorizes PM Sharon to form coalition with Labor

Itzik hints Labor won't sit in government with Shas: Sharon received major political boost when Likud gave him 62% of vote

Labor leadership race set for June 29: Between Peres and Barak

Analysis: Sharon's holiday miracle still needs Peres

Sharon victory boosts Gaza withdrawal plan

Israeli Security Officials: Israel Prepared to Turn Over Security in Northern Gaza to Palestinians

Anti-disengagement strategy collapses

MK Hendel Warns: Sharon Capable of Open-Fire Orders on Jews Resisting Withdrawal Orders

Right, Left MKs agree: Penalties for resisting pullout are too severe

Opposition to retreat a ‘petty quarrel’ - PM Sharon

IDF Chief Rabbi: Disengagement Orders Must Be Fulfilled

Israeli President Katsav gets 'uprooted' Gaza sapling

Other News

IDF Probe: No ethical flaw in commando killing of militant

Israeli Settlers uproot Palestinian olive grove

IAF strikes Qassam terror rocket workshop: Attempt to kill militant fails

Proposed Knesset Bill: No More Unsolicited Ads

‘Moderate’ Palestinian Authority still hostile to Jews, US

Terrorism = Absolute Dictatorship

Emergency Alert: National ID/Patriot Act 2 Legislation On Verge Of Passing

Anti-terror bill worries liberties groups: People indicted on terror charges will have a much harder time getting free on bail under a provision in the new intelligence bill

Patriot Acts I and II Explained: Police State 3 Video

The American State vs The People : The Rise of the American Police State -- Book

Pentagon wants to build permanent prison at Guantanamo: Army is working on creating a permanent unit of troops to watch over detainees

"God Is With Us": Hitler's Rhetoric and the Lure of "Moral Values"

C/Edge Archives: Hitler Claimed To Be A Born Again Christian -- "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior" - Speech, 12 April 1921

German Chancellor Schroeder calls for strengthening the UN

C/Edge Archives: President Bush's Iraq Fiasco Actually Strenghtening The United Nations

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

1,400 Paramilitary Fighters to Disarm, Posing Security Test for Colombia

Chilling Caracus (Venezuela) School Raid: None of the 1,500 children at the only Jewish day school in Caracas will forget drop-off on the morning of Nov. 29

Honolulu Marathon Will Have Satellite Run in Afghanistan

Islamic Court in Nigeria Overturns Woman's Death Sentence for Adultery

Islamic Jesus vs Biblical Jesus -- VHS

Kremlin Aide Rules Out Negotiated End to Chechen War

South Korean Parliament member CONVICTED of North Korean Party membership

Haitian Street Gang Leader Who Led Rebellion That Ousted Aristide Arrested in Miami

Bush 'disappointing' some pro-lifers: Already?

'The Christian Dominionistas Just Don't Get It': God has no need for any Christian to "pave the way" for the Second Coming




CURRENT NEWSLETTER - December 4, 2004

US Bush manipulated North Korea intelligence like he did in Iraq: Selig Harrison said in Foreign Affairs Magazine

Illuminati Plan For Korean Peninsula: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bush, Rumsfeld try to soothe angry US troops

US reporter embedded with Iraq-bound troops said he had prompted a soldier's question to Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about poor armour protection

Armor Holdings Inc., sole supplier of protective plates for Humvee military vehicles used in Iraq: Said it could increase output by 22 percent per month with no investment and is only awaiting an order from the Army

U.S. deserter numbers reach 5,500

U.S. gives rosy picture of rebuilding Iraq, while people on the streets seethe with anger

Quagmire In Iraq: America is going to be in Iraq a long, long time unless we decide to shorten the war by getting our troops out and by flattening Iraq to a pancake

US Forces Face New Inmate Abuse Claims: Charges coming from D.I.A. (Defense Intelligence Agency)

Iraqi Shias unveil election coalition: Presented a list of 228 candidates under the United Iraqi Alliance banner

Shias present united front for Iraqi election

Allawi Did Not Propose Extended Elections: Aide

Baghdad mortar barrage, Mosul car bomb kills three Iraqis, injures seven

Red Cross enters damaged Falluja

British General says media helps Iraq insurgents

Iraqi Casualties: Diplomats call for inquiry into deliberate undercounting of civilian deaths

Clinging to hope in Iraq's sea of violence

U.S., Iraqi Governments Often Seem at Odds Over Insurgency, Elections

NATO will send force of 300 to Baghdad

Powell attacks European allies over Iraq

US Marine charged with desertion

Oil-rich Iraq running on empty

"Black Watch" elite troops begin their journey home from Iraq

Japan extends historic military deployment to Iraq

Halliburton Awarded More Than $10 Billion of Work in Iraq: Vice President Dick Cheney ran company from 1995 to 2000

Army sergeant who described killing an AK-47-wielding 10-year-old boy in Iraq during a talk at a Cape high school last month admitted yesterday he fabricated the story

Ukrainian Election Crisis

As Opposition Supporters Dismantle Barricades, Ukraine's Presidential Candidates Start Campaigning

NATO, Russia Back Fair Election in Ukraine: Deny Cold War Rift

Inspired by "Orange Revolution," Belarus Opposition Streams to Kiev's Independence Square

Serbian Activist Refused Entry to Ukraine for 1,000 Years

Japan's New Defense Plan Cements Shift From Pacifist Stance

Border security up next, Bush says

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God



Thursday, December 9, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - December 4, 2004

2004 Analysis: The year of living fearfully

"Wars and Rumors of Wars" (Matt 24:6)

"National Treasure" Movie

'Treasure' Tops Box Office for 3rd Week: Dec 6, 2004

Cutting Edge Analysis

Movie - Freemasonry's National Heritage Story of the United States of America, As Seen Through The Eyes of Our Founding Fathers

Part 1 of 3: Studying The Basic Storyline

Part 2 of 3: Studying The Deeper Layer

Part 3 of 3: Revealing The Deepest Layers

"Freemasons are to take the lead in 'familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries'!" - Key New Age Author

Playing On Fear From 9/11 Attacks

Key Legislative Events Since the Sept. 11 Attacks

Lawmakers Credit Work of 9/11 Victims' Families for Success of Legislation

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack - DVD - VHS

9/11 Victim's Families File Petition For Grand Jury Investigation Of 9/11 Attacks

A National Disgrace: Review of the 9/11 Commission Report

Domestic Terror target list behind schedule: Bush administration's effort to prioritize protection is a 'joke,' congressman says

Russian Politics News

Ukraine's embattled government is ready to stage faked terrorist attacks: To destabilise the country and discredit the opposition ahead of a rerun of the presidential vote

Ukraine Parliament Passes Amendments to Resolve Poll Crisis

Ukraine toughens fraud checks, cuts presidential power: Compromise agreement seems to have lessened chances of violence

Yushchenko Says Parliamentary Amendments Will Help Him Win

Putin Warns West to Back Off

Doctors on Verge of Learning Yushchenko’s Face Ailment: Deliberate poisoning is strong possibility

Bill to Bar Foreigners Who Show Disrespect to Russia's Putin or National Flag

St. Petersburg Braced for Major Terrorist Attack Over New Year

Russia Lifts Restrictions on Abkhazia After Power-Sharing Deal

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bangladesh treads fine terror line

Al-Qaeda on the march: Major showdown with the Saudi government is in the works

Saudis face up to security failure

President Karzai turns attention to Afghanistan’s drug trade

Taiwan elections curiouser and curiouser

Polls highlight Taiwan's identity crisis: Saturday's elections for members of Taiwan's legislature

Churches Leading Way To Antichrist

World Leaders Call for Future Oriented Ecumenical Movement: Participants lauded one another to strengthen the connection between individual ecumenical groups worldwide

Psychic Healers Try To Gain Access To Churches: World Congress Urges Churches to Open Up to Shamanistic Practices

Twist of Faith - Book by Berit Kjos - Meeting pagan familiar spirits in a "Christian Church" setting is one reason why feminist myths and goddesses have become so believable to contemporary women

Treasury Secretary John Snow to stay on with Bush: Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi exits

New Montana lawmaker proposes death certificates for all abortions

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

N. Korea Denounces Japan for Seeking Permanent UN Council Seat

NE Asia alarmed by US's tougher NK stance

Kim Jong Il purges relative from power, paving way for sons

North Korea May Seek Disarmament Incentives


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Disgruntled Troops Complain to Rumsfeld: "We do not have proper armored vehicles to carry with us north"

Troops sting defense chief: Rumsfeld: “You go to war with the army you have”

The New Pentagon Paper: Scathing reports says that Bush's "war on terrorism" is an unmitigated disaster. Of course, the administration is ignoring it

Five Killed in Attacks, Exchanges of Fire in Samarra

Rebels strike in Baghdad, Samarra

Mortars fired toward Iraq Italian Embassy

Fighting rages in Iraq's rebel-held Ramadi

13 killed in violence as British Defence Secretary Hoon visits Iraq

Car bomb explodes in crowded Mosul market

Fewer Iraq casualties die, but wounds more severe: For every American soldier killed in Iraq, nine others have been wounded and survived -- the highest rate of any war in U.S. history

Combat doctors save life over limb: U.S. surgeons stunned by horrific injuries incurred by troops fighting in Iraq

'We can't bring him back, but we want them to pay': Nine months since Najim Abdullah Hamid was shot dead as he drove up to a US military checkpoint on his way home

The US retreat from democratization

Staggered elections plan backed in Iraq -- Shiites announce coalition of candidates

US punishes troops over stun guns: For using electric Taser stun guns on prisoners

US forces 'hid Iraq prison abuse'

Memo tells of beating in Baghdad detention center

Abuse 'continued after Abu Ghraib'

Syria controls Iraqi rebels, U.S. charges: Insurgents find ready cash and sanctuary to support their fight

Blair rejects call for count of Iraqi deaths: Scale of killing obscured by refusal to collect data -- "Dead reckoning"

Homeless Iraq vets showing up at shelters

Japanese Cabinet Approves Plan to Extend Iraq Troop Dispatch

Australia Unlikely to Send More Troops to Iraq: But Is Considering More Help for Iraqi Security Forces - Defense Minister

Fuel not flowing to Iraqis: As lines stretch for miles, officials blame the shortage on unsafe roads

Senator Kerry plans to get front-line view on trip to Iraq

Israeli - Palestinian War

New round of Mideast diplomatic efforts start: Arab, Palestinian and Israel leaders seek to mend frayed relations in wake of Arafat's death

Likud vote on widening the coalition underway: Proposal would authorize Sharon to negotiate with Labor, Shas and United Torah Judaism to create a prospective coalition

PM aides: New gov't within 10 days -- Mobilize for war

Sharon Declares: I won't allow Likud to thwart 'historic opportunity'

Bitter Disengagement Opponents: "It´s a Done Deal"

Some Gaza settlers stick together: Many of 8,200 slated to be evacuated next year are resigned to leaving and moving inside Israel

US and Israeli Officials: Yesha Settlement Headed for Destruction

Right, Left MKs agree: Penalties for resisting pullout are too severe

Seven Mortar Shells Today – "and the World is Silent"

PM Sharon denies reports of ceasefire with Palestinian Authority

Three wounded in apparent IAF strike on car in Gaza -- Militants vow revenge for failed assassination attempt

Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount: Close to fifty recently ordained “samuchim,” members of the Sanhedrin, lined up at the foot of the Temple Mount Monday morning

Five Palestinians killed by Israeli fire

Hudna, Hamas and the Continuation of the Armed Struggle

Israel To Recognize Same-Sex Couples

Moral Collapse

Canada's High Court OK's Gay Marriage

How cops used video to build NBA brawl cases: Police, prosecutor scoured 10 TV feeds to pinpoint charges against five Pacers and seven fans

At Least 5 Dead, 2 Wounded In Ohio Nightclub Shooting: Two members of the heavy metal band Damageplan were reportedly shot and killed

Her girls made how much? Doing what? Walked free on charges of helping her sister run a high-priced East Side brothel

US Military Court Overturns Sodomy Law

Uzbekistan on Threshold of Building New Democratic Society




Wednesday, December 8, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - December 4, 2004

Prince Bernard of The Netherlands dies: First Chairman of Illuminist Bilderberger planning group in 1954 -- "The Unseen Hand: Introduction To The Conspiratorial View of History", p. 206

Ukranian Election Turmoil

Ukrainian opposition leader Yushchenko poisoned with unknown toxin: Poison deteriorated the liver, the pancreas and the intestines - Considered to be an assassination attempt

Ukraine's Parliament Again Set to Grapple With Electoral Reforms

Russia, Colin Powell spar on OSCE's double standards issue: Russian administration has been dissatisfied with OSCE observers' work during Ukrainian election

Torture and Sexual Humiliation Scandal Unfolding

Civilians told not to report beatings: US officials were repeatedly informed of accusations of abuse through high official channels

Abu Ghraib torture complaint names Rumsfeld: International legal team has filed criminal complaint against Rumsfeld and other top US officials over Abu Ghraib prisoner torture and abuse scandal in Iraq - Filed complaint in Germany

Ex-Abu Ghraib chief blames Rumsfeld: Brigadier General Janis Karpinski that the US secretary of defence directly authorised Guantanamo-style interrogation tactics

Who knew what at Abu Ghraib? Accountability gap between the grunts and generals of Abu Ghraib widened this week

US knew of Abu Ghraib abuse in December, 2003

US Special Forces Abusers allegedly threatened witnesses: Threatened Defense Intelligence Agency personnel who saw the mistreatment

America's Shame: Mistreatment of Afghan war detainees at Guantánamo and Iraqi war detainees at Abu Ghraib will be considered a blot on the history of the United States

FBI letter details U.S. Guantanamo abuses

Escaping blame for Abu Ghraib: Soldiers get jail, commanders get 15-gun salutes -- Next victim of this hypocrisy could be you or me

US Military Judge allows prosecutors to use England's Abu Ghraib statements against her in court

US allows use of evidence gained by torture: US military review panels can use evidence obtained through torture in deciding the fate of detainees

Guantanamo tribunals called 'unfair': Government says US courts have no jurisdiction over Guantanamo

Israeli - Palestinian War

PA: Agreement reached with Israel on logistics of election to replace Arafat

New Mideast or Mirage: Did Arafat die for peace?

Finance Minister Netanyahu endorses unity government

Israel, Egypt and US to sign free trade agreement

Israeli Defense Minister Mofaz: Egypt and Israel to fight terror jointly

Egypt's Mubarak pushes regional peace initiative during Kuwait visit

Egypt Sees Move Towards Israel-Palestinian Peace

Egypt wants IDF exit from PA areas before any talks on summit

France praises Israel's 'restraint' during Palestinian uprising since 2000

IDF Soldiers admit using human shields

PA wants $400m. from donor states for new police force

Two Jewish children suffer shock in attack on Gaza settlement

Egypt TV airs interview with Israeli embassy official

Intelligence Report: Hizbullah Active in Israel for Four Years Trying To Infiltrate From Within

United Nations Report Offers New Vision Of Collective Security


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Fallujah Residents Face Choice: Retina Scan and Take ID Card....Or Die

Iraq faces descent into chaos, says CIA chief -- CIA adds to gloom over Iraq

Putin questions Iraqi election plan: Cannot see how a poll could be held while Iraq was under "full occupation"

Rebels kill Iraqi and US troops

British Defense Minister Visits Basra: Rebels Strike in Baghdad, Samarra

Gunmen Attack Samarra Police Headquarters, Killing Iraqi Policeman: Child Caught in Crossfire

Insurgents detonated a roadside bomb as a US military convoy passed in southern Baghdad: Six Iraqi civilians injured

Iraqi Official Denounces Neighbors for Doing Too Little to Keep Foreigners From Joining Insurgency

Results mixed on Iraqi troop training - Bush acknowledges

US army arrests 10 Palestinians in Baghdad: Diplomat charges

Official US death toll in Iraq hits 1,000

British Prime Minister Blair challenged to tally Iraq war dead: Any totaling of the Iraqi war dead could embarrass Blair ahead of a general election

Sabotage disrupts oil pipeline supplying Iraqi power plant

US House passes historic intelligence reform bill: Designed to prevent repeat of the 9/11 attacks

C/Edge Archives: "Smoking Gun" Proof That The Plan For 9/11/2001 Attacks Was Well Known In The Occult In 1995

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Charges: Pakistan helping Saudis develop nukes

'Rape is a weapon of war' -- 43 children raped daily in South Africa

Refugee rape rises in Darfur, Sudan

Afghanistan: Karzai sworn in as president

Singapore Police Detain China Aviation Oil Chief Upon His Return to City-State

Pakistan Test Fires Short-Range Missile

"National Treasure" Movie

'Treasure' Tops Box Office for 3rd Week: Dec 6, 2004

Cutting Edge Analysis

Movie - Freemasonry's National Heritage Story of the United States of America, As Seen Through The Eyes of Our Founding Fathers

Part 1 of 3: Studying The Basic Storyline

Part 2 of 3: Studying The Deeper Layers

"Freemasons are to take the lead in 'familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries'!" - Key New Age Author

China's Biggest Computer Maker Acquires IBM's PC Business

Russia Reveals Deadly New Missile For Air Force: Answering US monopoly on such missiles

OPEC Nations Seen Cutting Worldwide Deposits in Dollars

Church Outrage at Christmas with the Devil: Visitors "Satan's Grotto" will be greeted by elves impaled on spikes or with their heads chopped off, and robins roasting over an open fire. Santa himself is boiling in a witch’s cauldron, Visitors are also handed “gifts” such as severed fingers and other body parts, and can write on a scroll to sign their souls away






Tuesday, December 7, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"National Treasure" Movie

'Treasure' Tops Box Office for 3rd Week: Dec 6, 2004

Cutting Edge Analysis

Movie - Freemasonry's National Heritage Story of the United States of America, As Seen Through The Eyes of Our Founding Fathers

Part 1 of 3: Studying The Basic Storyline

Part 2 of 3: Studying The Deeper Layers

"Freemasons are to take the lead in 'familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries'!" - Key New Age Author

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF Soldier killed, 4 wounded in explosion near Karni Crossing

Blast sparks battle in Gaza Strip

Israeli Aircraft Fires Missile at Armed Target Near Gaza City: One militant killed

Netanyahu endorses unity government

Ministers face PM's wrath if they refuse to help enlist Labor in Unity Government

Coalition Negotiations Amid Talk of Early Elections

Israeli-Arab suspected as Iranian agent

Terrorist Fatah Faction threatens to expel Barghouti: Unless he drops out of the contest to become Palestinian president

Palestinians Meet Syria's Assad: Contacts open a new era in Palestinian-Syrian relations - Trying to persuade Hamas to suspend attacks against Israel in the run up to next month's Palestinian Authority election

Arabs Planning Diplomatic Assault: Visit to Syria signs that Palestinians trying to force a Pan-Arab pact upon Israel

UN envoy urges Israel to 'grab' Syria's outstretched hand for talks

Palestinian Leader Abbas Vows: We will rule Palestine from Jerusalem

Israel to discuss growing role in NATO, EU: Conference to explore Jewish state's partnership with world bodies

WMD non-proliferation clause delays EU-Israeli deal

Bush wary of UK peace summit: Wants to avoid splashy summit, but concentrate on small working groups

UN envoy concerned by Israeli violations of Lebanese air space

Ukrainian Election Aftermath Crisis

Ukrainian PM Yanukovich Says Opposition Backed by Foreign Spies

Putin Warns West to Back Off

Agreement Among Ukraine's Political Foes Hits Snag Over Presidential Powers

Narrow Circle, Soviet-Era Views Blamed for Kremlin's Foreign Policy Mistakes in Own Backyard

U.S. Not Extending Influence Into Ukraine — Powell

Powell Assails Russia on Troop Deployments, Press Freedom Curbs: Russian official charges West is interested in a power grab in Ukraine

Russia reveals new missile threat: Is now fitting its strategic bombers with cruise missiles capable of delivering a massive precision strike thousands of miles away

Russia’s Putin Says Will Work With Any Ukrainian President

Putin Touts Abkhaz Election Resolution

"Mark of the Beast" Developments

New Digital Fingerprint Scans Expand to Border Crossings in Arizona, California

Returning Fallujans will face clampdown: "Citizen Processing Centers", DNA Testing, Retina Scans, Citizen Badges will turn city into Police State

Plastic Surpasses Paper Checks as America's Favorite Payment Medium: NOTE: Moving strongly into total cashless society

'Anti-Bioterror' Labs Raise Risk To US, Critics Say: Accidents, Costs Cited As 14 Are Planned For US

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz - Scientists are deliberately creating the deadly viruses which our daily news is teaching us to fear

Civil Liberties At Risk

If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Worry About... I Guess

American Fundamental Christians Have Much To Fear From A Gonzales Attorney General

Police State 3 - Total Enslavement Video by Alex Jones details the immense dictatorial danger of Patriot Acts I and II

Putin does not rule out building a gas storage in Turkey for an uninterrupted supply of this fuel to consumers

BBC Drama Says Yellowstone Could Kill a Billion

C/Edge Archived Article: Has Eruption At Yellowstone Super Volcano Already Slowly Started

Save us from the politicians who have God on their side: These American hijackers have made the world a more dangerous place

President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits -- Comparison Table

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US in bid to jumpstart N. Korea talks amid nuclear bomb warning: IAEA now certain the nuclear material his agency once monitored in North Korea had been converted into fuel for four to six nuclear bombs

C/Edge Archives, March, 2003: North Korea now has 100 nuclear missiles with the ballistic missiles to deliver them

Remmbering the Illuminati Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

CURRENT NEWSLETTER - December 4, 2004

Iran In The News

Iran Threatens 'Top Secret' Counter-Attacks: Iran should employ "assistance from the unseen world" as a defense tactic

Iran conducts largest exercise ever: To demonstrate ground force capabilities and weaponry in an effort to deter any attack from the US

Lest We Forget: In June, 2002, Russian General Confirmed That Iran Already Possessed Nuclear Weapons

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bullets fly near Green Zone: Coalition HQ -- Five more American troops were killed in the volatile Anbar province

Iraq attacks persist amid bleak CIA view

2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path: Situation in Iraq is deteriorating and may not rebound any time soon

7 Retired Top US Military: Bush Screwed Up In Iraq --

"It's a huge strategic disaster, and it will only get worse" -- "This is the way we were fighting in Vietnam"

Marine Corps General Zinni: "I saw the intelligence right up to the day of the war, and I did not see any imminent threat there"

Gen. Wesley Clark NATO supreme Allied commander for Europe: "Have you seen an American strategic blunder this large? The answer is: not in fifty years"

Running battles in Baghdad as official US death toll nears 1,000

Roadside Bomb Kills Three Iraqi National Guardsmen, Wounds 11

US Soldiers Detain 34 Iraqis Including Wanted Bomb Makers

US soldiers sue for having to stay in Iraq

Rumsfeld: Troops may exit Iraq within 4 years

US soldier on trial for Iraq murder: Accused of the premeditated murder of an unarmed Iraqi man

Iraq’s “triangle of death’: Election process is slow off the mark

Bush-Yawar firm on Iraq poll date - Meet at White House

Election preparations remain focus of UN envoy's talks with Iraqi officials

U.S. Army reservists escape court-martial: Refused a mission transporting fuel along a dangerous road in Iraq

Dutchman held for 'Iraq genocide'

Abuse photos will become propaganda tools: U.S. Military Official

FBI letter alleged abuse of detainees at US prison camp in Cuba starting in 2002 -- more than a year before the prison abuse scandal broke in Iraq

‘Ukraine lacks funds to withdraw from Iraq’

AWOL US soldier pleas for refuge in Canada

Bush Travels to California to Address Troops

Iraqi PM in Russia for oil, debt talks

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium and Birth Defects (VERY GRAPHIC)

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Warns of D.U. In Strongly Worded Video - Very Graphic

Depleted Uranium: Ethical Consequences of This "Silver Bullet"

C/Edge Depleted Uranium Section: Analysis Articles

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Terrorist Attack In Saudi Arabia

Al-Qaida claims US consulate attack

Assault on U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia Shows Militants Remain Capable of Attacks

U.S. Embassy Defense Includes Foreign Guards Outside, U.S. Soldiers Inside

Russian Diplomat Says Further Saudi Attacks Possible After Jeddah Hostage-Taking

Saudis renew vow to fight terror - Eyewitness: Attack in Jeddah

First woman elected to serve on Saudi bank board

Fresh Unrest in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria Push Crude Prices Up as Supply Fears Reappear

News From Other Nations

Karzai Sworn in as First Democratically Elected Afghan President: Calls for Sustained Help From International Community

Afghanistan at risk as troops leave following successful presidential poll - Annan warns

Over 500 Afghan ex-fighters disarm in two days, UN reports

Israeli Minister Olmert calls on India to restrain Iran

Students heckle Iranian president

Thai Worker Arrested After Taking 9-Year-Old Schoolboy Hostage

Russian Ammunition Depot on Fire in Chechnya: Population Evacuated

UN envoy meets with parties in southern Sudan conflict in bid to forge peace

Foreign Flu Shots Coming to U.S. to Ease Shortage

2004 Election News

Programmer Built "Vote Rigging" Prototype at Republican Congressman's Request!

Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software

C/Edge Article: Electronic Voting Machines Pose A Real And Present Danger To The American Representative Republic Which Depends Upon Correctly Counted Votes

American Dictators: Documenting The Staged Election of 2004 -- by Alex Jones - DVD - VHS

Ohio makes it official: Bush wins by 119,000

Russia’s concern at Japan military buildup


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