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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Friday, December 31, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?



Riyadh Attack Was First Al Qaeda Attempt on Life of Saudi Royal – Prince Mohammed bin Nayef

Face of Coming Dictatorship

Rewritten Justice Department Memo Says Torture Violates U.S., International Law -- "backing away from its own assertions"

C/Edge Archives: Bush, Ascroft Are Arguing To 9th Circuit Court That Government Has Authority To Imprison Citizens, Torture Them, Summarily Execute Them -- Without Any Court Oversight Posted January 6, 2004

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning - DVD - VHS

Transition To Second Term Is A State of Chaos: George Bush has purged the last of his father's senior advisers, handing over control to his neocon allies

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Presidential Candidate Abbas Embraces Gunmen: Israeli Military Steps Up Operation in Gaza Strip

For Abbas, a welcome and a warning

13 Palestinians killed in Operation "Purple Iron"

Left calls for axing of IDF Chief Rabbi: After the Rabbi hinted he may "remove his uniform"

Civil Disobedience: Cornerstone of Am Yisrael

Small Town in Southeastern Brazil to Honor Yasser Arafat

Panel to examine IDF policy of home demolitions of families of terrorists

Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railway to pass through sections of W. Bank

Peres to become Sharon's number two

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan's President Musharraf says he will keep army post: Cooperation offered to opposition

China has vowed to persist in its efforts to push the six-party talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue ahead

North Korea blames South for stalled dialogue, demands apology

Russian Court Extends Term of Custody for Suspected South Korean Smuggler of Radioactive Materials

Fire Kills at Least 174, Injures Hundreds During Rock Concert in Buenos Aires Nightclub

Turkmenistan Suspends Gas Supplies to Russia, Ukraine: Due to a lack of a contract for 2005

China vows to prevent Taiwan independence

Twister spins over Southern California

Vatican hit by new row over role in WWII: Pope Pius XII secretly issued instructions to the Catholic church in France not to return Jewish children to their families after World War II

Belarus Imprisons Opposition Politician: Move denounced as an attempt to block his drive to make the ex-Soviet state more democratic

Ukraine Transport Minister, Kuchma’s Ally Found Shot Dead

Pro-Russian Ukraine Official Summoned for Questioning

Inaugural? Sorry, "W", says Mike: NYC Mayor Bloomberg is turning down a prized invitation to President Bush's inauguration next month

Mad cow or not, Bush administration to renew Canadian beef imports


Earthquake Aftermath News

With death toll at 125,000, 'the worst yet to come' -- Death toll now up to 174,000

Indonesia Needs Help, Death Toll Expected To Exceed 400,000: "Several islands off the west coast of Sumatera had 'disappeared'."

Is India underestimating its tsunami dead?

Thousands of Americans unaccounted for

India's last active volcano erupts on Andamans Island

First U.S. Cargo Planes Arrive in Indonesian Town: Part of Multinational Military Effort for Tsunami Victims

Killer waves, then a day on the beach

Britons Give £1m given every hour

Former Cabinet minister Clare Short has criticised the US-led tsunami aid coalition: Says UN should be leading efforts

Bush to send delegation to region affected by tsunamis

Indonesia announces January 6 international summit on tsunami: Plot how to overcome the world’s worst natural disaster in living memory -- UN's Secretary General Kofi Annan to attend

Technology makes tsunamis hit home: Instant images and news bridged the gap between the U.S. and a faraway disaster

Active Seismic World Monitor

11 Countries hit by tsunami

Both World Map And World Order Changing

UN: Extend tsunami warning system to Indian ocean

'Day After Tomorrow' scenario could play out here: Only a matter of time before a killer tsunami like the one that swamped south Asia hits New York and the East Coast

Russian Scientist Predicts Massive Tsunamis in South America

New Year's Eve Parties Axed Across Tsunami-Hit Asia

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Metro Family Blames Death of Soldier Son on War Related Illness: Son was exposed to Depleted Uranium

15 killed in Iraq violence

Fallujah refugees jolted by conditions: Returning Iraqis are met with scattered land mines, sewage-filled streets and charred bodies

Insurgents attack US Baghdad patrol

Huge fire threatens main Baghdad oil refinery - Fire caused by mortar attack

Troops target 'triangle of death': Hunt for insurgents hits area of frequent attacks; 29 killed in ambush of police unit

Mujahideen Blow Up House In Fallujah, Reportedly Killing 24 American Soldiers

26 die in Mosul battle, including one American soldier

'Aircraft Mishap' In Northern Iraq - Centcom: All 11 crew members safe

Solider fails to halt 'stop-loss' rule: Oregon Army National Guardsman must report for duty

New York Yankee go to bat for injured G.I. : Amputee slapped with a $6,000 bill for a lost helmet and sleeping bag and travel expenses to and from the hospital - Army seized money out of Loria's bank account - leaving him stranded in Fort Hood, Texas

Senior Zarqawi aide nabbed in Baghdad

Iraqi Rebels Say They're Fighting To Prevent Gay Marriage

Iraqi Election In The Spotlight

Mosul election staff reportedly resigns: All 700 employees quit after insurgents threatened them

Plans unveiled to protect Iraqi voters

Militants tell Iraqis not to vote

Bush: Election puts Iraq at crossroads

Bush responds to bin Laden tape: Rare step taken after al Qaeda leader calls for Iraq election boycott

Terror groups call voting un-Islamic

5 U.S. cities to serve as polling sites in Iraqi elections




Thursday, December 30, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Earthquake Aftermath News

Tsunami death toll could reach 100,000: 5m left without basic essentials, says UN

Millions of survivors at risk - Precise Death Toll From Tsunami May Never Be Known

Nations' leaders wake up to the scale of disaster: At least 80,000 dead, 500,000 injured and more than a million homeless

Survivors beg for help to rebuild their lives

Fresh Tsunami Warning Has Asians Fleeing Coasts Amid Historic Relief Efforts

Rush of donations from USA is immediate and immense

Asia's New Year Celebrations to Become Remembrance Services as Quake Disaster Unfolds

Thai Military Base Used by B52 Bombers in the Vietnam War Turns Into Hub for American Military Relief for Tsunami Victims

Desperation Felt in Indonesia as Relief Effort Bogs Down; Tsunami Toll Continues to Climb

U.N. Notes Delays in Tsunami Aid Arrival

Israel´s Major Contribution to Relief Effort

Sri Lanka rejects Israel rescuers - Ignoring Israeli Kindness

French Military Prepares to Bring Home Quake Victims

Tally of Foreigners Killed in Tsunamis: Totals by country

Russian Tennis Star Sharapova to Donate $10,000 to Tsunami Victims

English Tsunami Survivors 'May Get Insurance Payouts'

Scientists in USA saw tsunami coming: Minutes after quake

Ripple Effects Of Indonesia's Geological Events: Indonesian quakes have touched off global political aftershocks before

West Coast Storms Leave 7 Dead, 2 Missing

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi rebels clash with US troops: US troops killed around 25 insurgents in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul after suicide ambush

U.S. launches offensive after Iraq ambush

30 killed in Iraq blast triggered in homes police were demolishing

Blast in Baghdad Caused by Fuel Tank Accident: No one killed

Iraq to dissolve National Guard: To be merged with regular Army

Iraq Says Senior Zarqawi Aide Captured in Baghdad

Two Lebanese businessmen kidnapped in Baghdad

Bush says upcoming election marks a crossroads for Iraq: Blasts call for vote boycott

Iraq elections in trouble: Withdrawal of a major Sunni party casts doubt on the country's political future

Rumsfeld sounded war drums despite intelligence cautions

Iraq awards oilfield deal: U.S.-backed government awards the first post-war development accord to an Iraqi-Turkish company

Pentagon Dismisses Official Who Accused Russia of Involvement in Iraq Weapons Scam

Col. Hackworth Editorial: A Guerilla War, Not a Picnic

FBI Probes Laser Beam Directed at Airliner's Cockpit

Russian Military to Get More New Weapons: Defence minister reaffirmed the military’s readiness to strike terrorists outside Russia’s borders

Terrorist News

Details of Guantanamo Detentions Emerge: "So far, it's a disaster" for detainees seeking release"

Screening system for terrorists sputters: Agency infighting impedes creation of unified fingerprint database to screen for terrorists

Nuclear Capabilities May Elude Terrorists, Experts Say

C/Edge Archives: Debunking The Lie That Terrorists Could Actually Hit United States With Nuclear Weapons

High Tech vs Individual Privacy

High-tech tracking devices raise concerns on privacy

Identity chips could protect health, but hurt privacy

Gay-Lesbian News

Rainbow Flag Causes Flap At Local High School: Principal Says Flag Symbolizes Acceptance Of All Students, But Others See It As A Symbol of Gay-Lesbian Values

Arkansas ruled unconstitutional for anti-gay adoption rule

New Laws For Domestic Partners Take Effect In California

Utah : Lesbian Sues Christian Mother for Visitation of Child



Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon seals Peres coalition deal: Will name opposition leader Shimon Peres as his deputy

Deputy Minister Olmert unveils 'Disengagement 2' to 'Post': Israel will need to carry out a large-scale withdrawal from the West Bank after next year's initial disengagement

Revised security fence route to encompass 18,000 Palestinians

Israel's circuitous wall puts chokehold on Palestinians

Pullout suffers temporary setback

Israel will not prevent Diaspora Jews from entering the country even if they plan on clashing with security forces evacuating the Gaza Strip

Likud MK Landau: Disengagement Responsibility Rests Squarely on Sharon’s Shoulders

Gaza pullout is terror’s victory: Palestinians brag

IDF Gaza raid kills 3: Mortar injures woman in settlement

Senior IDF Officer: We Will Remain in Khan Yunis for as Long as Necessary

Palestinians Return to the Knife In Terror Campaign

Weapons Cache Discovered Near Construction Site

Arab League Chief Mussa: Not a glimmer of hope for Palestinian state

Is Ariel Sharon the wealthiest prime minister in Israeli history?

Fair-weather friends: Turkey turns against Israel

Chinese Official Criticizes U.S. for Interfering in Chinese-Israeli Weapons Deal

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Militants set bombs, battle Saudi police: Violence in capital leaves 10 dead

Oil prices surpass US$43 a barrel after blast in Saudi Arabia

Saudi forces kill bomb suspects

Uzbekistan's Dangerous Election Sham: For once, everything went off just as Russia had hoped

Ukrainian Election News

U.S. Applauds Ukraine’s “Free” Elections, Calls on Russia to Reconcile

Protesters Press Premier Yanukovych to Concede: Blockaded Ukraine's government headquarters, prevented Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych from convening Cabinet session

Yanukovych to Challenge Ukraine Vote Loss: Ukraine's pro-Russian prime minister showed no signs of giving in

Pro-West Yushchenko may prosecute his opponents: The law must be obeyed by all, Ukrainian president-elect insists

Putin Says He’ll Work With Ukraine’s Yushchenko

Shifting Responsibility: Yet another anti-constitutional initiative by the Russian authorities in their war on terror

United Nations

Discrediting of Annan

The broken U.N.: Kofi's impudence -- Annan's year-end fiddling while the United Nations burns

U.N. unqualified for tsunami relief effort

Other UN News

UN launches initial tsunami appeal, seeks early warning system within year

Thousands of displaced Sudanese being relocated from crowded camp

UN mission team finds evidence of killings in eastern DR of Congo

Republican candidate in Wash. gov. race seeks revote

Public Schools: Why Creationists are losing

Brave New Schools: Book by Berit Kjos

World speaks our language and attends our colleges: Nearly 600,000 foreign students study in the United States annually

China Lawmakers Make Taiwan Law Priority: Sets the legal stage for invasion

Reelection Honeymoon With Voters Eludes Bush

Terri Schiavo's Husband Won't Participate in Part of Legal Battle

Vietnam finds new case of human bird flu


Wednesday, December 29, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Southwest-Asian Quake News

Graphic Map Showing Epicenter

Tsunami Death Toll Over 60,000 as Aid Rolls in: Workers Quickly Bury Dead to Prevent Disease

Country-by-Country Breakdown of the Death Toll From the Earthquake, Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

Number of deaths could double: UN agency warns disease may kill as many as quake

Over 2,000 Scandinavians missing after tsunami

Disease Expert: Tourists should be fine

Quake made Earth wobble, changed map: Experts say quake last a "colossal" 200 seconds -- Rising tide of horror

Deadly Tsunamis Rivals Worst Such Waves of the Past

Fears for Dozens of Israelis in Southeast Asia

Thai Government: Two Israelis confirmed dead in tsunami

U.S. Relief More Than Doubled to $35 Million: Bush to Speak on Disaster

Aid Grows Amid Remarks About President's Absence: Bush criticized for being "insensitive" to monstrous human catastrophe

Where are all the dead animals? Disaster claimed 22,000 people in Sri Lanki, but not one dead animal can be found

Tsunamis don't stop Israelis travel plans

Tsunami Threatens Survival of Low-Lying Maldives Islands

Briton surfed his way to Maldives safety: Defied the death wave by surfing to safety

Celebrities among victims of tsunami

Tsunami hits Asia: 30 minutes of terror caught live on home video

Former US president Clinton urges coordinated aid effort for south Asia

Ocean commodity shipments unaffected by quake, tsunami

Media Linking Killer Tsunami to Global Warming

Scientist warns of Atlantic tidal wave: Calls for monitoring of key Canary Island volcano whose collapse could cause huge tsunami waves on shores of Africa, South and North America

Across the Globe, a Warning Sounded: Scientists in the Pacific thought a deadly wave could be building in the Indian Ocean. But there was no system in place to get the word out - Pacific Ocean has such sensors

US policy of pre-emptive strikes slammed: Book on 9/11 launched

Massachusetts Governor Romney prepares to file "scientific" death penalty bill: Will guarantee that only the guilty are executed

Twentynine Palms Marine shot dead by police after chase: He allegedly killed a transgender prostitute in Hollywood

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Police kill 'militant' in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Isle soldiers celebrate Christmas far from home: Telephone calls keep troops in Afghanistan connected to families

2004: The year India learned to fly

India invites China for joint anti-terrorism exercises

Ivory Coast casts doubts about peace moves

Hundreds of Pakistanis Deported by Oman for Illegal Entry

Romania Swears in New Centrist Government

Colombia nabs reputed drug cartel leader

Export Bank of Venezuela and Saderat Bank of Iran Set Joint Banking Venture

China launches Cernet2 high-speed Internet backbone

Fans already wild about 'Harry Potter 6': Even though it's half a year away from being published

Cutting Edge "Harry Potter" Section: Analysis Articles and Bookstore Resources

Beijing police conduct X’mas church raid

Britain's Channel 4 Charged With Mocking Christian Faith: After running an advertisement depicting the Last Supper as a drunken brawl.

Missouri district boots Bible from reading program: Might be an excessive entanglement of church and state

Religious leaders who plan to stay in Australia should be given only provisional visas: Yntil English is adequate and they receive multicultural training

Mount St. Helens regrows odd-shaped top



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

29 Die in Insurgent Ambush of Iraq Police: Insurgents lured police to a house in west Baghdad, then set off explosives

54 Killed In Latest Iraqi Terror

Thousands more US troops sent to Baghdad

Investigation begins after British soldier found dead in Iraq

‘Bin Laden’s call fuelling more bloodshed’

Base Infiltration Won't Prompt Big Changes: Even though American commanders realize insurgency has infiltrated Iraqi base workers

Powell - Insurgency in Iraq will not end: US Secretary of State acknowledges insurgency is raging, reiterates elections will go ahead as scheduled

Iraqi Government's Tough Mission: Luring Voters to the Polls

Debate on Iraqi Elections Rages Throughout Arab World

US-run prisons have over 350 foreigners: Iraqi minister - In addition to the 10,000 Iraqi prisoners held

Freed Polish Hostage Says She Feared a Rescue Would Have Ended in Bloodshed

Ramsey Clark joins Saddam defence team: Former US attorney general

Are Arab Christians becoming extinct?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel targets Gaza 'mortar crew': Unpiloted Israeli aircraft fired missile into car in southern Gaza, but two Palestinian militants managed to jump clear seconds earlier

Two IDF soldiers lightly wounded in ambush

Number of Israeli intifada casualties down 44% from 2003: Erection of security fence cited as main factor

Palestinian Authority combats criminal gangs

Palestinian Candidate Kaddoumi Promises More Terrorism To Eliminate Israel

Israeli Military Intelligence Warns: Hamas won't halt terror

Gaza farmers downplay reports of negotiations with Disengagement Administration of Bassi

Opposition MKs Win Moral Victory

Yesha settlement council official urges disengagement foes to drop Holocaust linkage

Civil Disobedience Against Disengagement Begins

Israel to lift curbs before vote: To ensure January's Palestinian vote goes smoothly

Uproar in Knesset Defense Committee: Over Israel's sale of military equipment to China

Knesset panel debate on 'Peres bill' continues - "First Reading" passes

Thirteen Likud MKs Pressure UTJ Party Not to Join Gov´t

Drone Tug-o-War Brings Chinese Deputy PM secretly to Jerusalem, Involves Rumsfeld

Immigration from North America highest in decades

In war on terrorism, U.S. forces even small shops to be on guard: Could face 10 years in prison, hefty fines

Stocks lifted by strong consumer confidence data: U.S. consumer confidence grew to a five-month high in December

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Portrait of a family at war: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il purges relatives after alleged coup bid

Pyongyang Denies Invasion Plan: Claims it is South Korea which is plotting to invade the North

Punishing North Korea now could hurt Japan later

North Korean Nuclear Situation 'Reaching Crisis Point'

British Scholar Giddens Urges Urgent Global Efforts to Stop N.K. Nuke Program

'Both good and evil spoken of': LDS church prepares to celebrate Joseph Smith -- December 23, 2005 marks 200 years since leader's birth

New Church Creed: Thou shalt steal

Sacramento Police Promise to Allow Christians Access to Capitol Sidewalks: Will no longer prohibit Christians from handing out literature on public sidewalks

Global Warming: The New Religion

LAX Preps Against Shoulder-Fired Missiles

Al-Qaeda 'is plotting attack on London's New Year celebrations'

Satan Worshipper, Witch Testing Religious Liberty

30 million cars now record drivers' behavior




Tuesday, December 28, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Torture Tactic: Intimidation Weapon

US Jet Is an Open Secret in Terror War: Since 9/11/2001, prisoners have been flown to foreign countries for torture not allowed in America - CIA calls barbarous practice "rendition"

'US sends captives to torture nations'

C/Edge Article Archive: Bush-Ashcroft Argued To 9th Circuit Court That Government Can Torture and Summarily Execute Prisoners Without Courts Having Any Jurisdiction Whatsoever! (Posted January 6, 2004)

Southwest-Asian Quake News

Photos Show Destruction

Death Toll In Southwest Asian Quake Calamity Now Projected To 45,000!

Largest earthquake in modern times upgraded to 9.2: Breaks 625 miles of Andaman fault line, creates 45 feet Tsunami and kills more than 25,000 in South Asia --

* "mega quake that happens once every thousand years"

* "death toll eventually can rise to 100,000"

A Rare Tsunami, and a Change in Geography: Quake created the Indian Ocean's first wave of its kind in more than a century, and it moved the entire island of Sumatra 100 feet

Killer waves hit like a million atomic bombs

What Will This Recent Quake Do To The Pacific "Ring of Fire"? Great pictures tell the story

Generation lost in epic disaster: UNICEF estimates one-third of those killed were children

Graphic Map Showing Epicenter

A Country-by-Country Breakdown of the Death Toll From Sunday's Earthquake in the Indian Ocean: More than 26,000 people were killed in 11 countries

'Run for your life': Kristin feared for her life when she saw the 30-foot wall of water -- Tourists tell of hell in paradise

Thailand declares three days of mourning: Hundreds of mostly German holiday-makers have been killed at an upmarket tourist resort north of Phuket

U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy' over aid

Sri Lankan Government, Rebellious Tamil Tigers in War of Words Even During Quake Disaster

In Sri Lanka: 'All the Sea Was Like a Desert'

Sri Lanka said refusing IDF aid team: Doesn't wants Israel's aid

Indonesia sets up tsunami relief agency

Wall Street: Stocks slip on Asia concerns

Asian death wave tops a year of big disasters

Saudi Scientist Warns of Tremors, Aftershocks

Growth of the new lava dome inside the crater of Mount St. Helens continues at rapid rate

Taipei Charges: China's Military Modernization Targeted at Taiwan

Israeli - Palestinian War News

Israeli Parliament Committee Sets Back Gaza Plan

Jailed Fatah Terrorist Barghouti: Disengagement is a win for Palestinians -- victory for the Palestinian resistance

Senior officers in Southern Command say government is "tying their hands" in battle to stop Palestinian mortar attacks against settlements

Sharon Declares: No pullout under fire

PM Sharon Insists: We´re Fighting Mortar Shells With Full Force

Palestinian Authority: Release of 159 prisoners is 'insufficient'

Gazan launches ArabsforIsrael.com Web site: Has become a vocal activist on Israel's behalf

Knesset vote thwarts approval of evacuation bill - Call in the lawyers

25 Gush Katif farmers in discreet talks for Negev land swap

Israeli missile hits car carrying Hamas men in Gaza: Militants said to have esacaped unharmed

Palestinian Gaza police chief bars gunmen from wearing police uniforms

Police Plan to Demolish Netzarim First

Official Palestinian Authority TV: Killing Jews is mandatory - Without killing Jews, Muslims will never see their "day of resurrection"

Israel Plans Turning Separation Wall into De Facto Borders



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Day of bloodshed in Iraq

Rebels Launch Multiple Attacks on Iraqi Security Forces, Killing 23

Baghdad commander of Iraqi security forces assassinated

Multiple Tikrit blasts kill many police

US soldier among 12 killed in Iraq

Top Iraqi Shiite leader Abdel Aziz Hakim escaped with his life after a suicide car bombing at his office: 13 people were killed

Annan condemns attack on Iraqi Shiite leader

Iraqis Help American Troops Prepare for Battle

"Bin Laden" anoints "Zarqawi" as Iraq chief

US, Britain holding 10,000 prisoners in Iraq

Sunni Party Pulls Out of Iraq Vote As Doubts Grow

Shun Iraq election, says 'Bin Laden'

Fallujah residents reluctant to stay in ghost town

Electricity, gas shortages fuel discontent in Baghdad

US must pay for damages in Iraq

Mosul attack leaves American troops wary of Iraqi workers: Blast that killed 22 people in a mess tent last week has increased tension and distrust on the base

Islamic Site Shows Attack on Mosul Base: Shows a fireball rising from a white tent

Beheading video shown at Japanese rock concert

Former Security Adviser Henry Kissinger rebukes administration over Iraq invasion

New Cutting Edge Article: President Bush Continues To Promote Pagan Religions

Ukraine Election News

Pro-West Yushchenko Takes Unassailable Lead

Refusing to Accept Loss in Election, Ukrainian Premier Looks to Courts

Yushchenko says time needed to rebuild Russia ties

West welcomes Ukraine poll result

Ukraine Transport Minister, Kuchma’s Ally Found Shot Dead: Had close ties to outgoing Ukrainian President Kuchma

Ukrainian Jewish immigrants apathetic to election results

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

China gains access to Venezuelan oil

Pakistan not in US body's list of free democracies

Iranian FM arrives in Islamabad on two-day visit

India, Pakistan talks on Kashmir, no progress expected

9/11 Again In The News

Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane 'shot down' in Pennsylvania: During surprise Christmas Eve trip, defense secretary contradicts official story

Pentagon Insists: Rumsfeld misspoke on Flight 93 being 'shot down'

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up - DVD - VHS

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack - DVD - VHS

9-11 Black Boxes Found: 9-11 rescue worker recently came forward to say he was told by FBI agents to “keep my mouth shut” about one of the “black boxes” a fellow firefighter helped locate at ground zero


News Press Release: 911 Victim’s Wife Files RICO Case Against GW Bush

AIDS Declared To Be Man-Made!

An Open Letter From Dr. Robert Strecker: First American Physician To State HIV/AIDS Is And Was A Manmade Disease

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz - Dr. Horowitz proves AIDS was deliberately created and shows how it was done!

Related Story: Rare STD found in American gay men: Form of chlamydia which can make men more susceptible to Hepatitis 'C' and to AIDS




Monday, December 27, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Huge Inventory Reduction Sale: Some Items Reduced Over 50%

Iraq, terrorism dominated news in '04: View from Japan

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Car bomb on HQ of Shi'ite party kills 9

14 killed in Iraq

US Mosul base bombing video released showing suicide bomber

No lull in Iraq as car bomb kills 5 Iraqi civilians: Bomb apparently aimed at a US military convoy

Election drives attacks on Shia Party leaders

Sunni party boycotts Iraq elections

Mosul suicide bomber was not Iraqi National Guard: Iraqi general

Iraqi FM says polls in parts of country could be delayed

US ponders election pledge to Iraqi Sunnis: Government posts could be guaranteed for minority group

Syria denies training Iraqi insurgents

US contractor that left Iraq gets $63.9 million Afghan deal

Guantanamo detainees Post reports more abuse by US troops

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Agencies Cope With Shortage of Analysts

Revealed: the UK's secret terrorism agency: Ministers are secretly establishing an "Armageddon agency" to respond to devastating terrorist attacks on Britain

America remains in terrorists' crosshairs - One of many "Repeating Headlines Themes" since 9/11 attacks

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas scores at the ballot box in challenge to Fatah

25 Gaza families to leave as group

Less than 2% of Gush Katif Families Interested in Leaving Voluntarily

All Pe'at Sadeh settlers sign moshav relocation deal

PM Sharon: Cabinet to vote next month on 2005 start to pullout

MKs Ready To Join Gush Katif Sit-In Protest

Police Plan to Demolish Netzarim Community First

The Gaza exit as Holocaust, the settler as victim

Astrological Stars predict death of Palestinian candidate Abbas: Tunis-based oracle's prediction for 2005 is that both Abbas and US President George W. Bush will be ferried cross the River Styx by an assassin's bullet

PLO chairman Abbas : 'I won't turn guns on my own people'

FM Shalom slams Abbas stances, compares them to Arafat's policies

Nearly Jewish 1,000 Residents Demand: Let The Army Win Battle Against Mortars

REPORTER Reveals: Israeli army may not go back after Palestinian elections

Labor Party "Revolution" Worries Sharon, Others in the Likud

Israel releases 159 Palestinians; gesture to Egypt's Mubarak

Israeli AG uncertain over change to basic law for second deputy PM

IDF Officials Breaking Silence on Ineffectiveness of Security Fence

Moral Collapse

Nudists praise Channel 4: But the London Sunday Times screams ‘paedos!’ (Pedophilia)

Laying bare a campus tradition: 35-year-old Tufts University tradition of running naked around the campus to celebrate the last night of the fall semester

Chinese Lawmakers: Anti-Secession Law "Extremely Necessary": Since Taiwan Is An Indispensable Part of China


Massive Earthquake Aftermath

Graphic Map Showing Epicenter: Location of nations which suffered greatest damage and death toll is also accurately depicted

Tsunami death toll rises above 22,000: Death toll still rising rapidly

Tidal Waves Kills More Than 11,500 in Sri Lanka alone - Malaysians Search for Tidal Wave Missing

Tsunami waves leave 3,200 dead in India

'Children were being carried but they fell': All the child victims drowned”

Asia Devastated by Deadly Tidal Wave Catastrophe

Quake-hit Asia gets U.N. epidemic warning

How the shape of ocean floors can affect speed and height of tsunami

Tsunami – worse than an earthquake

Israeli FM Shalom: Limited number of Israeli casualties in SE Asia disaster -- But, 540 Israelis still said to be missing

U.S. Offers Aid to Quake Victims: At Least 3 Americans Among Dead

Israeli medical quake relief mission to arrive in Sri Lanka

Golden, Colorado quake center quick to receive, report data

Statistics of Quake

Remembering Iranian Earthquake Which Struck Same Day, 2003

Survivors recall Iran quake loss: Over 30,000 victims lost in the early hours of 26 December 2003 when quake hit

Weather Control, Weather Warfare Section

Weapons of the New World Order: Video by Dr. Nick Begich

Wierd Weather News

Hurricane-force winds sweep island on which Kodiak City, Alaska is located: 70-94 mph winds

Opposition Leader Yushchenko claims Ukraine victory: Early results show clear lead for Pro-West candidate

Prince Charles In The News

Secret Planning For Prince Charles Coronation Following Death of Queen Elizabeth

Proofs That Antichrist Will Come From Charles' "House of Windsor": Bible says "Calculate the number of the Beast" (Rev 13:18; Amplified Bible Commentary)

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable Prince": Pushing global environmental campaign so necessary to stage Antichrist

C/Edge Archives: Prince Charles Proclaimed "Savior of the World"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan, India Start Two-Day Peace Talks: To Include Dialogue on Kashmir

President Karzai finds governors' jobs for sacked Afghan warlords

U.S. Troops Commit 1,676 Cases of Crimes This Year In South Korea


Married with hassles: Gays, lesbians wed in Massachusetts will find taxes trying, then trying again

Police order parishioners to end vigil after suburban Boston Catholic church's final Mass

US Latinas seek answers in Islam

Church Apostasy Hits New Heights

Survey finds one-third of Kentuckians 'unchurched'

Britons' belief in God vanishing as religion is replaced by apathy

Air Force Academy comes to grips with religious diversity

Japan is world's No. 2 buyer of U.S. arms




Sunday, December 26, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Huge Inventory Reduction Sale: Some Items Reduced Over 50%

GIs can be forced to served in United Nations Armed Forces: Says laws don't have to be obeyed if Congress doesn't object!

How The Government Breaks The Law: In 21st Century America, governments are not obliged to obey the law! (PDF File)

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Deadly suicide attack on a US military base in Mosul was "inside job": Carried out by insurgents who are part of Iraqi armed forces

Senior Iraqi Police Officer Assassinated in Baghdad

24 dead in Iraq violence

Nine members of same family die in Baghdad embassy attack: Truck bomb attack on the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad

Marines capture cell leaders loyal to al-Zarqawi

Car bomb kills five in Najaf

Islamic Scholars reject attacks in Najaf, Karbala: Attacks could be connected with Zionist (Israeli) and other international intelligence agencies

US Army arrests 34 in Mosul

Families Of Slain GIs Raise $600k For Fallujah Refugees

China says Iraqi polls "an important step forward"

Bush to seek extra spending in Iraq

Queen Elizabeth praises British troops

Saddam Hussein's deputy prime minister, Tareq Aziz denies Iraq’s role in UN oil-for-food scandal

Lukoil negotiating on developing oil field in Iraq

Ukrainian Election News

Russia warns US against meddling

Russian President Lashes Out at the West: Accuses West of fomenting "Velvet Revolutions"

Yushchenko supporters may change position on political reform

Ukrainians begin voting in re-run election

Ukraine Opposition Accuses Russia of Arming Yanukovich Insurgency: Preparing armed clashes in Kiev after the repeat elections scheduled for Dec. 26

Election official murdered in Ukraine

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan lays down the agenda for the US: On the menu is a slew of demands in return for support of Bush's "War On Terror"

Fidel Castro announces discovery of crude oil deposit off Cuban coast: Containing up to 100 million barrels

Uzbeks vote in 'one-man poll': All opposition groups are barred

Cambodia, a country without a soul

The terror factor in Malaysia

Afghan presidential runner-up says he will form opposition party

Energy co-operation between Venezuela, China

World put to shame as Sudan heads for disaster: Spiralling chaos threatens to turn the genocide into an African catastrophe

Annan calls for rethink on Darfur, admitting that UN stance is failing

Salt Lake City Street Preachers Lose Court Battle: Ban on street preachers around the Mormon conference center is ruled constitutional

Democratic Leadership Rethinking Abortion: After nearly 50 million babies have been slaughtered

Cry of the Innocents: Abortion And The Race Towards Judgment -- Definitive Book




Huge Earthquake Hits

Epicenter: Sumatra -- Map of Region

Largest Earthquake in 40 Years (8.9 Magnitude) Spawns Massive Tidal Waves in Asia

Killing an Estimated 7,000 - Walls of water 20 feet high - "All the planet is vibrating" from the quake"

Massive quake rocks Asia, search on for Israeli casualties

Foreign tourists missing as tidal waves slam Thailand's Popular Phuket resort

Thousands displaced as massive tidal waves hit Sri Lanka

Sea surges kill thousands in Asia: Panic in "Ring Of Fire" region

Sumatra quake kills hundreds: 100,000 people displaced

Sri Lanka asks India for medical aid in wake of massive tidal waves

7.36 Tremor jolts parts of Bangladesh

Weather Control Section: Articles of Analysis, Bookstore Resource, "Weather Warfare" Website of NBC Weather Anchorman Scott Stevens

Weapons of the New World Order: Video, by Dr. Nick Begich

EU gives 3,000,000 Euros in aid to Asia quake victims

Russia trying to learn if Russians were among quake victims in S. Asia

Rare Weather In The World

Central US battens down hatches against Christmas snow, subzero winds

South Texas surprised by white Christmas in rare snowstorm

Cold snap over north India claims 11 lives

Heavy snow brings avalanche risk in Swiss Alps

Israeli - Palestinian War

Unilateral Disengagement News

What if the Entire Israeli Community Staged a Mass Exodus from Gaza Now?

Official confirms Gaza settlement of Pa'at Sadeh to move en masse to Israel: 20 families involved

IDF Cadet Vows: I will refuse pullout orders

Col. Hirsch Expels Another IDF Student for Political Views

National Security Adviser Eiland tries to quit: PM Sharon won't let him

Women In Green: Put Sharon on Trial

Attorney Sasson's report to PM Sharon on illegal outposts delayed by 3 weeks

Israel May Back Down on Gaza Port Control

Other News

Hamas wins big in first local elections in W. Bank since '76

Israeli Cabinet authorizes PA campaigning in East J'lem

Interim Palestinian leader Abbas launches presidential bid -- Abbas off to bad start, says Israel

US-Israeli military ties uneasy: Battle over Israel's military contract with China

Christians made up 2.1% of Israel's population in 2003: 144,000 Christians lived in Israel in 2003

IDF kills two Hamas men crawling near Gaza border

Peres to meet with Labor's seven future ministers - Liberal Labor Party begins to stir

Director of Anti-Defamation League: Informs Israeli government officials that Israel should not "invite" Jews of the Diaspora to immigrate

Anti-secession law may backfire in Taiwan

Mystery Martian 'Carwash' Helps U.S. Space Buggy

Extraterrestrials: What On Earth Is Going On? Book




Saturday, December 25, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Stormy weather delays Christmas packages

Is America becoming a police state? "It Can't Happen Here"?

Rep. Ron Paul Warns: "We have laid the foundation for tyranny"

North Korean Leader Says He Has No Intention of Invading South

Crisis In Ukraine Continues To Simmer

Ukraine's High Court Says Home Voting Restrictions Violate Constitution: Election to Go On

Pro-West candidate Yushchenko warns against election violence

Ukraine poll candidates clash over West

Russia's Putin slams West over 'double standards' in Iraq, Ukraine

Tension mounts on eve of Ukraine vote: Putin vows no dirty tricks

Time Magazine's Person of the Year: Bush makes a ludicrous choice -- Opinion Column

Chinese Lawmakers Begin Considering Anti-Secession Law Aimed at Rival Taiwan: Sets the legal basis for an attack on the island

Israeli - Palestinian War

Bethlehem marks hopeful Christmas

Arab Bombardment: 14 Shells in 20 Minutes

Enraged Israeli Gaza settlers block intersections, setting tires and a telephone pole alight

Gush Katif Settlers Take Command Against Terrorists : Decry "tepid" IDF response to daily shelling

Radical Militant Hamas Party Scores Successes In Palestinian Election

IDF forces kill Fatah Al-Aksa fugitive in Jenin refugee camp

Israeli Police Chief Karadi Declares: Refusers in the Police will be fired

IDF to oust troops who obey rabbis rather than officers during disengagement

Arafat invested millions in high-tech groups, New York bowling alley

PA Split on Blair's "Peace Conference" Plan

YMCA director has been fired and overnight facility rentals banned: After parents of young children arriving for a morning swim meet clashed with participants in an overnight transgender fashion show and ball

Holidays Inspire a Rush to the Border: United States-Mexico border is broken

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq Gas Tanker Truck Blast Ushers Rumsfeld Out of Town -- 9 people killed, 14 seriously wounded

Fear after Baghdad Christmas Eve suicide bomb kills eight: Further unnerving Iraq’s embattled Christian community - giant fireball ripped the wealthy Mansur district in Baghdad

Few Iraqi Christians Attend Christmas Mass

Inside Falluja: 'Nothing to come back to' -- 60% to 70% of the homes and buildings are completely crushed and damaged -- no water, no electricity, no sewage system - there is nothing inside the city

Rumsfeld admits ‘setbacks’ in Iraq

Najaf bombers arrested: Governor claims

Insurgents operate at will in Mosul, US admits

Clerics slam January 30 poll as 'masquerade'

U.S. Army historian cites lack of Iraq post-war plan

Saudi Government Daily Accuses U.S. Army of Harvesting Organs of Iraqis

Chinese Premier Calls for Greater UN Role in Iraq

Canada firm loses out as Iraq reopens oil field bid

Letterman, "So-Cal" band entertain troops in Iraq for Christmas Eve

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran TV shows blind hatred for Israel

French army to stay in Ivory Coast

Libya indignant over Saudi rebuke

Separatists killed in Aceh Province fighting

Deadly blast in Thailand

Sudan, South Rebels to Sign Peace Deal in January

Israel, India to hold joint air force maneuvers

Five Indian Police Killed in Rebel Attack

Honduras Jittery After Deadly, Gruesome Christmas Attack

US 'blocking Arab freedom report' : US objects to sections of the document on Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

UN's Annan rejects resignation calls

Snow flurries dust Houston, parts of East and South Texas

Some Roads Reopening After Record Snow, Bitter Cold Across Nation's Midsection

Frail Pope Says Troubled World Needs Message of Jesus

Activists or terrorists? FBI seems to have trouble telling the difference between the two groups


Friday, December 24, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

USA Today Founder Neuharth Call for Pullout in Iraq Draws Massive, But Divided, Response -- suggested that avoiding service in Iraq was proper today

U.S. using chemical weapons against civilians: Iraqi leader claims

More Marines Die In Fallujah Fighting

Fighting in Fallujah stops residents' return

Is Iraq headed for more chaos?

Insurgents operate at will in Mosul, US says: Security failures were known before attack in mess tent

Suicide bomber wore Iraqi uniform - US General Accepts Blame

Rumsfeld arrives for surprise Iraq visit: At Mosul base where deadly attack occurred

Attack on US Mosul base was a suicide bomb

U.S. Bases on Alert for 'Copycat' Iraq Bomber

Bush takes condolence call from Annan: UN chief expressed regrets over deadly attack at Mosul

Gunmen attack Baghdad police stations

Explosions jolt Baghdad

Roadside bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, Wounds Two in Baghdad

Three U.S. Marines killed in Iraq

Iraqi police battle insurgents in Najaf

Powell Advised Bush to Add Iraq Troops: Too few troops in Iraq

G.I. dad best gift of all: The kids swarmed their father & wouldn't let him go

Sunni politician repeats call for postponing elections

Aziz refuses to testify against Saddam

Iraqi Interim prime minister Allawi paid yesterday a short visit to Amman, Jordan

Christians in Iraq shun Christmas cheer

Secretary-General Annan determined to put UN's 'horrible year' behind him

Departure of Three Top U.N. Officials Gives Annan Opportunity to Clean House

World's biggest earthquake in almost four years has struck 800km off the coast of Tasmania: Measured 8.1 on the Richter Scale, hit the Macquarie Rise in the Pacific Ocean at 1.59am (AEDT)

Hand recount in Washington governor's race gives Democrat 130-vote win

Upper class may fund Social Security overhaul

Social Security fix tough sell for Bush

Bush's tax overhaul may prove to be more incremental than sweeping

Roll'em! Concealed Cameras on NYC buses

War Crimes: Released documents prove that every part of the government's cover story about the torture and abuse scandal is false - Officers believed they were following Rumsfeld's orders - NOTE: Story is from Washington Post, establishment media

Prison abuse by US troops widespread

Little Specific 'chatter' About Any New Plot: US Counterterror Officials

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US may strike at Ba'athists in Syria: May attempt to kill or capture Iraqi Ba'athists who, it believes, are directing at least part of the attacks against US targets in Iraq

Iran’s Foreign Minister in Syria Challenges Accusers: Demands US prove that Iran is meddling in Iraq's affairs

Death penalty in Iran 'vice' case: Woman condemned to death on charges of prostitution

Deadly blast in Thailand

23 aboard civilian bus shot dead in Honduras

Bush signs Sudan sanctions legislation

Heavy security as Indonesia braces for possible Christmas attacks

Unrest may mar Uzbekistan's poll

Ukraine's Jews in Quandary Over Candidates in Presidential Re-vote

Many die in Ivory Coast land disputes

Israel - Palestinian War

IDF manpower chief slams orange badges

Passive IDF Saving Forces for Evacuation: government has ordered the army to save its efforts for the "disengagement" expulsion/evacuation plan

IDF to oust troops who obey rabbis rather than officers

Protest activity against the evacuation/retreat plan is gaining momentum

Israel may seek further U.S. funding for security measures: As part of a plan to pull out of Gaza and parts of the West Bank

More Proof of Necessity of IDF Checkpoints to Check Terror

Labor young guard wins top ministries: Labor Party went into shock last night

EU to help Israel in UN, Dutch envoy says

3 Palestinian militants said killed by IDF fire

Results of local PA elections to be announced Saturday

Palestinian's Qureia hits out at UK's planned London 'peace' conference

Expert Panel: Famed relic from First Temple era a fake

IDF Officials Breaking Silence on Ineffectiveness of Security Fence: Terrorists can tunnel under

Bush orders better ocean policy coordination: Establishes Committee on Ocean Policy

Russian Air Force Gets New Su-27 Fighter Planes

Text of Bush's Kwanzaa 2004 Message: Combination of Catholic/Christian/Pagan beliefs and practices

Kwanzaa: a Christmas Substitute? Christians must not compromise their faith in bowing down to this celebration

Kwanzaa put on par with other 'religions': White House Press Secretary defends president honoring invented holiday


Thursday, December 23, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US strategy in Iraq 'based in fantasyland' : Independent Centre for Strategic and International Studies

US Iraq strategy 'no longer achievable': Study by International Crisis Group (IGC)

Iraqis understand how to defeat the U.S. military machine, and they are: America, here comes another Vietnam!

It Will All Be Over Soon: Everyone can relax. This thing is clearly getting ready to wind down

First we vote, then we kick you out: Absolute majority of Iraqis want the Americans out of their country as soon as possible

U.S. military concludes a suicide bomber inside Mosul U.S. base was responsible for deadliest strike on Americans: Creates nightmare dilemmas for U.S. forces

Precision of Base Attack Worries Military Experts - US commanders had warning 3 weeks beforehand

Soldiers saw giant tent as inviting target for insurgents

Doctors Working Around the Clock to Stabilize Mosul Wounded in German Hospital

Arab Media Reports 160 Americans Die in Today's Mosul Attack

Mosul resistance attack reveals US disarray in Iraq

Rumsfeld pressed over Mosul blast - Rumsfeld 'truly saddened' by criticism

U.S. military re-examines security at bases across Iraq after deadly Mosul blast

Leading US contractor quits Iraq as violence threatens elections

Iran bans travel to Iraq after deadly blasts killed 66 people in the Shiite Muslim pilgrimage cities of Karbala and Najaf earlier this week

Falluja residents returning home - Destroyed Fallujah “Uninhabitable”

C/Edge Analysis: US Military Shows True Face of "Liberation" of Iraq: Falluja residents will be under 21st Century Stalinist Dictatorship Using "Mark of the Beast" Technology

US soldier dies in Baghdad blast

Suicide car bomb southwest of Baghdad kills nine

Iraqi police battle insurgents in Najaf

Baghdad accuses Syrians of backing Baathist insurgents

Iraq is suffering a shortage of state-supplied wheat, sugar and rice because of logistics and security problems

Prisoner abuse by US troops widespread: ACLU charges

Egypt, Jordan warn Iraq against using next month's critical elections in Iraq to create a sectarian, Shiite-dominated state

Iraqi Kurds demand referendum: signed by 1.7 million demanding northern Iraq should be made an independent Kurdish state

Economic Situation in Iraq: Still Crushed Under the "Bremer Orders"

Another guard unit decries training, equipment

Force is not enough: Diplomacy must accompany use of military to solve world's trouble spots

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Saudis recall envoy from Libya: Over Tripoli's alleged role in a plot to assassinate Crown Prince Abd Allah bin Abd al-Aziz

Venezuelan president arrives in Beijing for energy deal with oil-hungry China

Charting a new course for India's army

Insurgents Are Planning Attacks: Want to Turn Southern Thailand Into Terrorism Hub, Official Says

Australia, Indonesia to co-host bio-terror summit

Christmas Is in Saudi Arabia, but Where Is It?

Ukrainian Election News

Dwindling Ukraine clout upsets Russia: Russia will use dirty tricks to keep Ukraine within its sphere of influence

Ukrainian Security Agency Denies Involvement in Viktor Yushchenko's Poisoning

Opposition Leader Tells Supporters They Changed Ukraine Without Bloodshed but Warns of More Threats

TSA Changing Pat-Down Policy: Breast-area searches will be tempered

ACLU Announces Online Complaint Form For Airline Security Groping: Warns That Women Are Still Vulnerable

Snow Falls From N.M. to Lower Great Lakes

California Attorneys argue same-sex marriage cases in court

More Proofs Of Weather Control

Defense Secretary William Cohen's Address 4/28/1997 At Conference On Terrorism: Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves

Cutting Edge Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Chinese Gamesmanship: Are officials from the Peoples Republic of China playing kingmaker inside North Korea? Chinese may be ruling North Korea from within!

North Korea warns US: Threatens to strengthen defenses if US continues policy to overthrow regime

Tremors may signal political earthquake in North Korea

Japan's PM Koizumi, South Korea's President Roh back six-way talks, in no hurry for sanctions





CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 18, 2004

Cutting Edge New Articles

Both President Bush and His Father Support "American Clergy Leadership Conference" (ACLC) -- A Rev. Moon Organization Pushing For Churches To Throw Out Their Christian Crosses!

Rev. Moon Declared To Be Messiah In Ceremony At U.S. Capitol! Moon Emphasizing Effort To Get Christian Churches To "Bury Their Crosses" - Literally To Bury Them In The Ground!

MASS MEDIA: THE KINGDOM, THE POWER, AND THE FURY - "Truth can't emerge in this colossus, international media ownership arena. The selected few determine for us what we should know .... media's hidden agenda for a one-world government"

Hollywood Unmasked - Video

Attack Rhetoric Against Iran Escalates

"Iran's air force ready to defend nuclear sites": Army chief General Mohammad Salimi

American officials deny desire for direct talks with Iran to resolve nuclear issue

Israeli Minister calls for calm over attack on Iran

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. Increases Intel Against Israel: To prevent a war in the Middle East

Blair seeks to revive "Road Map" -- "Road Map" To Peace Is Fatally Flawed - Based Upon The Five Great Deceptions of Islam

Israel considers relinquishing security control at Gaza ports

Palestinians vote in council poll - Hamas' new council candidates: Women

Blair hails Mid-East peace move

Blair: Ending violence is prerequisite

Security guard slain in terror shooting

Palestinian planned honeymoon terror: Arrest prevented double suicide bombing with new wife

Largest-ever mortar barrage targets Gush Katif settlement -- One person wounded

Gaza Rabbi Warns: Settlers may turn vigilante if IDF does not stop mortar barrages

Worshippers, children targeted in Gaza by mortar barrages

Security lapses found among Jerusalem guards

PA police to secure Bethlehem over Xmas

Settlers stop producing orange badges: Due to public outrage stirred by the appropriation of the orange stars as the symbol of their struggle against the disengagement plan

Orange Badge affair symbolizes rift between pullout factions

Yesha Council Steps Up Resistance Campaign Against Forced Evacuation

12 Right-wing MKs vow to act as human shields to bar pull-out

Gaza settlers agree in principle to move to nearby Moshav should disengagement proceed

Labor MK Sneh: Civil War Has its Merits

Labor to select ministers for new government: Knesset debates new "Peres Law" which would allow him to be appointed a second vice-premier

Coalition agreement won't be signed before next week

Foreign aid reality check: Evidence of the double standard

1,000 PA police to be armed for election

Will the Real Abu Mazen Please Stand Up? Received his degree from the Soviet Patrice Lumumba University on the subject of "Relations between Zionism and Nazism"

US up in arms over Sino-Israel ties

Navy Has Relieved at Least 80 Commanders for Performance Problems

Urge Congress to Defang the Matrix: Compiles your personal information into a giant database that law enforcement agents and government contractors can use

'Who's Your Daddy?' TV show sparks fury

China Attack On Taiwan - War #3 of World War IIII

A Taiwan white paper sees China military dominance by 2006

Would U.S. sacrifice Taiwan? Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage says America not required to defend island

C/Edge Archives: In 1952, Illuminati Promised China She Would Get Taiwan Back!

Death Knell of the West: Two Christian pastors in Australia have been found guilty of religious vilification of Muslims. The decision threatens us all

Congressman Mocks Parrot Arrests: "Perhaps we should explore the possibility of moving the Fish and Wildlife Service from the Interior Department over into Homeland Security"

Putin defends state purchase of main Yukos oil asset

Kerik quits firm owned by Rudy Giuliani

Conservatives to challenge Bush



Wednesday, December 22, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Deadly Rocket Attack Against US Army Base - Mosul

Mosul death toll rises to 26: US Army base hit with deadly rocket barrage as troops were sitting down to each lunch

Feared group behind Mosul carnage: Analysis

U.S. Military Launches Probe Into Mosul Mess Tent Blast; Militants Claim Responsibility

Military Was Building Bunker to Replace Tent Hit in Deadly Rocket Attack

Eyewitness: Carnage in the canteen

Mosul: Northern powder-keg?

Bush vows to pursue Iraq mission despite deadly attack

Poland's Prime Minister Visits Troops in Iraq

Other Iraq War News

Israel, US behind Najaf, Karbala attacks: Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei charges

63 Iraqis killed in two attacks in Najaf, Karbala

Loud explosion, gun shots in Baghdad: At 2:00am local time

1,000 Iraqi policemen killed so far

British PM Blair 'feels the danger' on visit to Baghdad

Pipeline attack stops oil exports through Turkey, Iraq

French hostages released after 4 months of captivity in Iraq -- French joy over release

Getting Used to Home Takes Time for Soldiers Returning From Iraq

Offers Pour in to Help Family Get Access to Slain Marine's E-Mail

The good and the bad: Indian writer addresses a crowd of 100,000 at the World Social Forum

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghans may need foreign troops indefinitely: US

U.S. caught in Kabul: Afghanistan

ASEAN Nations edge closer to economic integration

Pakistani Scientist Khan's nuclear ghost continues to haunt

Purging Pakistan's jihadi legacy: Suppressing dissidents within military through death penalty for anyone plotting against President Musharraf

Atmosphere with Pakistan ‘considerably improved’: Indian External Affairs Minister Natwar

Uncertain quiet descends on Syrian front

Australian Policeman Killed on Solomon Islands

Australia boosts Solomon Islands force

Internet surge spurs Iran crackdown

UN chides Iran over human rights violations: Vote was close

India and Japan cozy up

Sudan Conflict Settlement 'In Sight'

Sudanese Government Troops Reportedly Kill Aid Worker in Darfur

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan admits “shadow” over UN from Iraq oil scandal

War On Terror News

In possible terror zone, fear, resignation, humor: Boston Hub neighborhoods talk of threat to LNG - liquefied natural gas tanker explosion

Moroccan Judge releases 'Bin Laden guard'

Saudi Activist Accused of Financing Bin Laden Expresses Surprise Over Sanctions Move in U.N.

Pakistani al-Qaida suspect gets death penalty

Australian Roadside drug tests in turmoil after independent laboratory cleared man accused of driving drunk

Democrats Claim Victory in Washington Governor's Race by Eight Votes: Republicans Say It's Still Too Close

North Korean Nuclear Situation 'Reaching Crisis Point' : Real negotiation to settle the North Korean nuclear issue has not begun yet

Minister Urges US, NK to Make 'Historic Choice' Over Nukes

South Korea finds suspected case of bird flu

Bush and Hitler: Chilling Parallels

C/Edge Archives: Bush/Clinton/Bush New World Order Identical To Hitler's New World Order

Tremors rock earth deep beneath San Andreas Fault: Puzzling vibrations baffle researchers

WHO Warns: World Close to Next Flu Pandemic

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Documents detail widespread allegations of detainee abuse: Bush administration is facing a wave of new allegations that the abuse of foreign detainees in US military custody was more widespread, varied, and grave in the past three years than the Defense Department has long maintained

Memos show FBI agents repeatedly complained about abuses at Guantánamo Bay

Guantanamo torture scandal deepens: Civil liberties group has released information suggesting US President George Bush approved abusive interrogation methods

Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski's testimony at trial of Sgt. Davis would be limited to: Conditions at Abu Ghraib and Interaction between guards and military interrogators

Details of US 'abuse' email memos

Shock, awe and the human body: Bush administration's enthusiasm for torture the most striking aspect of its war against terrorism

Another Guantanamo prisoner wrongly held, military review finds: Man was wrongly classified as an enemy combatant and soon will be released

US censors silenced me over the Gitmo gulag: British policy on Guantánamo Bay fails the morality test

'CIA runs secret prison within Guantanamo Bay': Prison within a prison

Bush concedes Guantanamo hurts US reputation: Thinks such criticism is unfair

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gulf call for Palestinian state: Leaders of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) have urged President Bush

Can Settlers Raise Numbers to Resist Evictions?

26 Soldiers, Students, Petitions in Support of Civil Disobedience

Settlers battling eviction rally around orange star

Palestinian Students Need Army Escort to School to Ward off Settler Attacks

Settlers block road at IDF's Gaza HQ

Knesset Law Committee Cancels Jail Terms for Disengagement Resistors

Atty. HaEtzni: Civil Disobedience is the Way

Commissioner Karadi Warns of Very Difficult Evacuation: How residents plan to resist being thrown out of their homes

Israel Tries Not to Follow Own Footsteps in Retreat: Jewish homes being abandoned and razed

When the police display weakness during evacuation

New Israeli government delayed to 2005

Terrorism must end for road map to resume: British PM Blair

Israel against 'final status' conference: Sharon told Blair

Bush 'realistic' about Mideast peace: Finally endorses Britain's Middle East peace conference in the UK early next year

Canadian Justice Minister feels "winds of peace"

Palestinian Militant killed in second IDF raid of Gaza camp in week: Trying to quell terrorist rocket attacks

Israeli Police: Murder of woman near Green Line was act of terror

Palestinian TV airs Geneva Accord ad campaign: Featuring Israeli and Palestinian statesmen voicing their support

Abbas marks end of 40 days of mourning: Pledges to follow Arafat's efforts to establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital

Terrorist group Fatah faces uphill struggle in West Bank local elections

Don't return drones to China, U.S. tells Israel: Crisis with Taiwan might ensue

Opinion: Selling arms to China, or not

From Fetus to Baby: Case of baby cut from murdered Mom's womb opens uncomfortable window into our culture's tortured reasoning on anything related to unborn life

Cry of the Innocents: Abortion And The Race Towards Judgment - Book

Female Hannibal Lectors: In recent years, several women have been murdered by attackers who then removed the unborn children from the womb of the victim

President Bush and His Father -- More Evil Spiritual Fruit

Tear Down the Cross: Why is President Bush supporting a group trying to convince African-American churches to literally throw their crosses in the trash? Throwing Cross out of Churches clears the way for a New Age and Second Messiah

Movement is actually a vehicle for Sun Myung Moon, the billionaire conservative donor who calls himself the True Father

Both President Bush and his father support Christian Cross-hating movement: President's father also praises work of Rev. Moon-linked clergy group

Origin of "Tear Down The Cross" Movement: Unification News for April 2003: "Tear down the Cross" Ceremony - Bronx, New York

President Bush -- Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits -- Updated Today




Tuesday, December 21, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Attack on U.S. Base in Mosul, Iraq, Kills 22: Hundreds of U.S. soldiers had just sat down to lunch Tuesday - 13 soldiers were killed in the attack at Forward Operating Base Marez - Base 220 miles north of Baghdad

Chaos at Scene of Mosul Attack

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 18, 2004

Anti-Iranian Rhetoric Continues

U.N. denounces Iran abuses: Public executions, torture, arbitrary sentencing, flogging, stoning and systematic discrimination against women

Iraq bombers 'linked to Iran and Syria'

C/Edge Article Archives: Iranian Original Strategy To Defeat US In Iraq Is To "Light Many Fires" In Region

Israel, US behind Najaf, Karbala attacks: Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Al Khamenei charges

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jewish settlers signal revolt over Gaza -- Advocating "civil rebellion"

Settlers opposing disengagement to wear orange Stars of David: Similar to Stars of David badges the Nazis forced Jews to wear during Holocaust

Jewish Law Takes Precedence Over Israeli Law: Rabbis And Lawyers Rule

Settlers split over anti-Sharon campaign: Over whether to call on the public to escalate the struggle

Yesha settlement backs calls for civil disobedience against pullout

Analysis / Embracing civil disobedience

Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi warned Monday that public opposition could prevent the evacuation of Gush Katif settlement

World Bank President: Pullout is not enough if it does not give hope to Palestinians

New obstacle may delay unity gov't

Don't give him a blank check: "Labor must not give Sharon a blank check"

Labor committee to discuss method of choosing ministers in new Unity Government: Urges speed up passage of 'Peres bill'

Palestinian Antitank rockets hit Netzarim synagogue

President Bush Promises: I'll bring peace to Middle East

British PM Blair arriving Tuesday to push January 'Peace" conference in London

Israeli Foreign Minister criticises interim Palestinian leader: For his refusal to distance himself from Arafat's policies

Terror Victims Sue Arab Bank for $3.5 billion

Moral Collapse

Baby stolen from womb said in good condition: Baby girl cut from her murdered mother's womb by a woman who later tried to pass the child off as her own

Woman "Ripper" Spun A Pregnant Lie: Woman who killed mother and cut out her baby tied to First Church of God in Melvern

Pregnant-Slay Probe Followed Cyber Trail: 11-digit computer code (I.P. address) led police to suspect's home

Slay suspect's husband expresses sympathy

Nurse aide in Massachusetts faces sickening charges of elderly abuse: Arraigned yesterday on horrendous charges of assaulting and sexually abusing Alzheimer's patients

Campaign of deception used to push patriotic song up the popularity charts

Timeline: Battle for Ukraine

High Technology Bringing Beast System Into Reality

Identix Receives New Purchase Orders Valued in Excess of $700,000 from Government and Commercial Agencies: For Live Scan Systems

Identix Receives Purchase Order Valued at Approximately $650,000 from Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association: For Full-Hand Live Scan Systems

Identix Selected by Pennsylvania State Police to Provide Live Scan Systems to Help Meet TSA HAZMAT Requirements: $1.8 million order

Government Of The Judges, By The Judges, And For The Judges

Time Selects Bush As Person of the Year (NOTE: Illuminati giving awards to its members)

Time Selected Adolf Hitler As "Man of the Year" In 1938

NASA Eyes Effects Of A Giant 'Brown Cloud' Worldwide: Global pollution cited

Global Kids Event Tonight at Council on Foreign Relations

New bird flu strain 'will be worse than Sars'

Oracle wins right to pursue rival: Ignoring Anti-Trust laws will result in unshakable monopoly throughout the economy


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq's Interim Prime Minister says insurgents' aim is civil war

Roadside Bomb attack injures five US soldiers and an Iraqi civilian

Explosion rocks Shiite holy city of Karbala on Monday: No casualties reported

US air strike on Iraqi town of Hiyt, west of the capital kills 6 civilians, wounding 9 others

Saboteurs set crippled Iraqi oil pipes ablaze on Monday night

Inflation Hits Iraq Insurgency: Insurgents benefit from a stream of money trucked in from Syria

Iraq election won't be trouble-free: Bush

Brutal reality of polling: Plans to hold elections on January 30 are on the brink of chaos following 48 hours of insurgent violence

Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) speaker condemns bomb blasts in Najaf, Karbala: Speaking from Tehran, Iran

Bush Insists: 'Life in Iraq is better than under Saddam'

Bush Admits: Iraqi troops not ready to take over

Republicans fall out of love with Rumsfeld: That matinee idol who fluffed his lines once too often

Bush defends Rumsfeld as 'a caring fellow'

56 Percent in Survey Say Iraq War Was a Mistake: Poll Also Finds Slight Majority Favoring Rumsfeld's Exit

Pentagon Emergency Funding Request: Additional $80 Billion For Iraq, Afghanistan

When Mom Goes to War...And Dies

Pakistan hopeful of broad-based govt in Baghdad

Blair off to Middle East for Palestine and Iraq talks

US military finds mass grave found in northern Iraq

America's War On Itself: US government consistently creates the very monster it then seeks to destroy

Lawmakers help wounded soldier get home after dispute with Army: Amputee Specialist Robert Loria gets help from "a platoon of New York lawmakers" - Army billed him $1,800 for travel expenses to a hospital and lost equipment

Veterans Return From Iraq Disabled and Homeless

Army Doctors Scrambling: Military medical system has been overwhelmed by the scope and severity of injuries among troops

Make Scrounging Part of Patriot Act: Why master scroungers were as treasured as good mess sergeants

The New Military Life: Heading Back to the War -- With military stretched thin in Iraq-Afghanistan, some soldiers and marines are being sent to war zones repeatedly

U.S. Takes to Air to Move Cargo in Iraq: With the persistent peril of roadside attacks on trucks, more freight is traveling by plane

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

One SEAL Acquitted in Abu Ghraib Torture Case

Guantanamo interrogators 'impersonated' FBI: In order to avoid being
held accountable when they used "torture techniques"

New F.B.I. Files Describe Abuse of Iraq Inmates: Lawsuit accuses the government of being complicit in torture

Harsh interrogations in Iraq went beyond FBI standards, top FBI official in Iraq admits: Two government officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said the methods were approved by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques

Fresh allegations have emerged of serious mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by US military personnel

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Cuba Erects Billboard Attacking US

France's Little Iraq: After the violence meted out by its former colonial masters, Ivory Coast is looking to the Africa Union

Court upholds Nigeria leader election win

Three hurt as quake hits southwestern Turkey

Afghan President Expected to Name Cabinet Soon

J.K. Rowling completes 6th Potter novel: "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" -- Release date is July

Cutting Edge "Harry Potter" Section: Analysis articles, Bookstore resources to aid your understanding

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-il’s son escapes assassination attempt: The situation inside North Korea’s leadership is increasingly confused

US accused of plotting coup on North Korean government

South Korea, Japan urge North to resume nuclear talks

Japan delays sanctioning North Korea: North said it would consider sanctioning a declaration of war

Minister: North Korea has nuclear deterrent

Prince Charles In The News

Prince Charles fights death penalty for converts: Brokering efforts to end the Muslim death penalty on converts to other faiths

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea: Is Prince Charles Antichrist? "Calculate the number of the beast" (Rev 13:16-18)

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable" Prince







Monday, December 20, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 18, 2004

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peres Demands: ‘I’m Number 2—Or Elections’ (Unity Government hits snag)

PM Sharon, Peres to meet in bid to conclude coalition talks: PM urges Likud MKs to back change to basic law on deputy PM

Unity Government: Explosions around the corner -- Will be the first cabinet without a religious minister

Israeli Police ´Unhappy´ With Transfer Duty

Yesha Settlement Leader: I'm Ready to Go to Jail to Save Gaza

Justice Ministry probing whether call to disobey pullout is incitement

MK Steinitz calls for 'Operation Defensive Shield No. 2' in Gaza

Settlers split over anti-Sharon campaign

Palestinian Authority wants Gaza settler homes razed before settlements are turned over to PA

What Peace?

Egypt's Intelligence Chief Suleiman to visit Israel for Gaza security talks

Israel to free 170 Palestinian terror prisoners from prison

Visiting Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner compares Israel to Nazi Germany: Compared Israel's reported nuclear arsenal to Hitler's gas chambers

Elderly couple attacked in Jerusalem

Israeli farmers fear collapse as Thai workers flee because of terrorist attacks and pressure by the government of Thailand

News From Iran

Iran Charges: Israeli-operated spy cell caught

Tehran Accuses Israel after FBI Catches Iranian Surveillance Teams Red-handed

US Official Charges: Iran targeted Seabrook nuclear power plant for attack

Russia May Build Seven More Reactors For Iran: Russian Atomic Energy Minister

Belgian criticizes changing name of Persian Gulf

Name "Persian Gulf" a historical reality: Iranian FM Kharrazi

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Six Dead in Taliban Attack on Afghan Military Checkpoint

US Commander says Afghan threats persist

Cuba Erects Billboard Attacking US

Japan delays sanctioning North Korea

Two Koreas asked to abandon nuclear programmes

Saudi prince to skip Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Bahrain

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Visits India To Boost Trade

Rhino population at Indonesian reserve drops by 90 percent in 14 years


Japan, US sign defence pact

A Surprise Bidder Buys Russian Yukos Oil Unit: Many see "hidden hand" of the Kremlin behind the sale

Ex-Yukos Boss Khodorkovsky Says Authorities Destroyed Russia’s Most Effective Company

2001 Memo Reveals Push for Broader Presidential Powers: Alberto Gonzales’ office

Religious Paradigm Shift Occurring Right Now

French Catholics denounce Mary books: Questioning whether she was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus Christ - NOTE: This is Da Vinci Code allegations, promoting Merovingian Bloodline Lie

Passion, Purpose and the Paradigm Shift Video - DVD -VHS

Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church

U.S. Angry Over Israeli Upgrade of a Major Israeli Weapons System

Bush considers domestic spending freeze


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Photos show Iraqi rebels executing election workers in cold blood in downtown Baghdad

Car bombs kill 62 in Karbala, Najaf: Photo of cold-blooded exection

Mortar rounds hit western Baghdad mosque

Iraq Shia leaders appeal for calm: Two powerful car bomb blasts are believed to have been carried out by Sunni Muslim insurgents to put pressure on elections

'They are trying to ignite a civil war'

Islamic sect strong in Iraq: Shiites are expected to dominate elections, which likely will lead to a shift in politics

Westerner beheaded on Mosul street as American forces lose control of key city

Experts to discuss Iraq election: Closed-door event is so secret, organisers will not even reveal the identity and number of the delegates

Militants detonate roadside bomb injuring 4 U.S. contractors

Nearly 900 U.S. kids lose parents in Iraq war: Military experts say the high number of children left bereaved is unprecedented

A ‘Signature’ Win for the Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones In Iraq

Signature scandal turns up heat on Rumsfeld: Defence secretary admits machine signed Iraq condolence letters

Leading Senators Hesitant to Replace Rumsfeld Despite Mistakes in Iraq

Contractor in Iraq seeks the dismissal of fraud charges: Says it can't be sued because the allegedly bilked millions belonged to Iraqis, not the U.S.

Time Selects Bush As Person of the Year (NOTE: Illuminati giving awards to its members)

"Saddam" tells Iraqis to unite against U.S.

Iraqi Foreign Minister begins first Pakistan visit

Vaccine Is Hell: Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers And Why GIs Are Only The First Victims

Nearly 3,000 troops are flown back to the UK for treatment

Two Santa Fe Reservists' Stories: "Watts was particularly dismayed when she learned weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were never found. She thought, 'I’m over here fighting a war basically for oil' "

Fallujah Battle Aftermath

Fallujah assault still exacting heavy toll on mental health of US Marines: Unit commanders later revealed their troops had orders to shoot all males of fighting age seen on the streets, armed or unarmed

An Honest US Marine Confirms Fallujah Disaster: And Lashes Back At David Hackworth - Marine claims 500 Marines killed at Fallujah

6 More Marines Die In Fallujah - Virtual News Blackout: US Does Not Recommend Residents Return As Long As Insurgents Continue Fighing

C/Edge Analysis: US Military Shows True Face of Our "Liberation" of Iraq - Imposing 21st Century Stalinist Dictatorship Using "Mark of the Beast" Technology For Population Control

France prepares for cold snap, after freak storm

Ukrainian Election News

Pro-West Challenger Yushchenko poisoned by TCDD dioxin, scientist says: Poison was pure

U.S. Calls for Thorough Probe of Yushchenko Poisoning, Denies Allegation of Meddling

Pro-Russian Ukrainian prime minister Yanukovich Says Ukraine in Crisis, Faces Disaster

Supporters of presidential candidate Yushchenko moved deeper into eastern stronghold of his opponent Sunday despite fears of violence

Opening Kerik's E-mail: Appear to show him offering to provide inside details of the city's investigation into a mob-linked firm (Another reason Kerik withdrew name from Homeland Security boss?)

Kerik's fall leaves Rudy's career up in the air

Christians Face 47 Years in Prison Because Philly Judge Calls Bible Verses "Fighting Words"

Philly Court Orders Four Christians to Trial: Reading Scripture in Public Landed Them in Jail

Schwarzenegger suggests U.S. Republicans move Leftward

California may be getting new militia: Agency would draw on naval, Marine, Coast Guard reserves

Woman "Ripper" Spun A Pregnant Lie: Woman who killed mother and cut out her baby tied to First Church of God in Melvern





Sunday, December 19, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 18, 2004

Iran: Attack Rhetoric Continues

Egypt's Mubarak warns U.S. against attacking Iran: "Would be making a catastrophic mistake; Then terror and violence on a scale that put what we have seen so far in the shade would spread over the Middle East and soon after to the whole world"

Welcome To World War III and the Coming New World Order - DVD - VHS

How Iran will fight back: Will "extend the theater of operations"

Evildoers, here we come: Regime Change in Tehran would mean more than the overthrow of Saddam to US planners

Powell has no qualms about being war's front man: Says diplomacy is helping contain nuclear threats in Iran, N. Korea

Pressure on Iran could backfire

Fourth Russian Strategic Nuclear Missile Regiment Has Been Put On Full Alert

Depleted Uranium News

'Silver Bullet,' Black Dust: Many vets suspect (Depleted Uranium) the magic weapon of the 1991 Persian Gulf War caused their continuing health problems - How the Pentagon downplays
the risks of depleted uranium weapons

Pentagon says depleted uranium is harmless: That's baloney to some scientists

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Warns Vividly About Disastrous Effects of Depleted Uranium Munitions - Video

C/Edge Depleted Uranium Section: Analysis Articles, Videos, Books

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel coalition deal to be inked: Due to sign an agreement on Sunday

Sharon expected to present his new gov't on Thursday

New coalition government will cost NIS 30-50 million more annually

Can a leopard change its spots? Sharon's remarks at Herzliya Conference are radical departure from previous positions

‘Palestinians’ reject Sharon’s peace overtures during his Herzliya Conference speech

Expert: Gaza Philadelphi route pullout will be seen as end of occupation

IDF General Warns: Gaza retreat will endanger the world - Gaza may become international terror base and Israel will be prevented by West pressure from intervening

Gaza incursion death toll rises

Israeli panel okays release of 170 Palestinian prisoners: A goodwill gesture and deep friendship for Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak

Palestinian Authority Insists: 'Right of return' a red line

Mubarak Predicts: Palestinian state by 2008

Palestinian Terror Rocket Kassam Rockets Bombard Negev City: Eight Wounded

Nearly 5,000 Mortar Shells Have Hit Gush Katif - Bloc of Jewish communities along Israel's Mediterranean Gaza Coast

Arab Girl Killed Was Not On Way To School: Was walking in area forbidden to civilians - "It is a common practice of Palestinian terrorists to send children to test the IDF’s security arrangements in outposts, and at times to even place explosive charges.”

Golan Resident to Katif: Fight Withdrawal Like Lions

Settlers split over anti-Sharon campaign against withdrawal plans

Cabinet vote to evacuate communities advanced to January

11 new families settle in threatened settlement - Gaza's Nissanit

World Bank president to tour Israel, territories

You cannot mock God without paying for it: There are two kinds of Christians, those on the front line shooting at the Devil and those in the rear shooting the ones on the front line in the back

'Rape drug' used to rob thousands

Bush Prepares for Possible Shutdown of GPS Network in National Crisis: System is vital to commercial aviation and marine shipping

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq oil facilities blasted after bin Laden message

Al-qaeda is said to have ordered Iraq oil hit

Ten killed in Iraq blast: Reports from Iraq say a car bomb has exploded in the southern Shiite city of Karbala

One U.S. Soldier Killed, Three Injured in Traffic Accident

Mortar Rounds Strike Hardline Sunni Mosque in Baghdad, 4 Wounded

Bush and the Spoils of War: There was a time when the Presidential Medal of Freedom really meant something - Bush gives honor to three leaders who led the failure in Iraq

Three Iraqi election employees killed: Brazen attack in downtown Baghdad, nearly 30 gunmen ambushed a car carrying employees of the Iraqi organization running next month's elections - This is security?

‘US threatening to withhold $100 million in UN agency funds over Arab report’: US unhappy about sections in the report on the US occupation of Iraq and the activities of its ally Israel in the Palestinian territories

Insurgents launch attacks in Mosul: At least three foreigners were killed Friday

The failed US face of Fallujah

Residents may return to embattled Fallujah -- "Mark of the Beast" type technology to control population awaits them

Discovering A Crisis: Sudden eruption of a political and military flap over the state of armored vehicles was a concern among American troops 21 months ago when Iraq invasion began

Iraq releases Egyptian hostages

British Army blames Iraq war for drop in recruits

New Intelligence Bill = Absoulte Dictatorship

National ID may be coming, hidden away in intelligence bill President

Bush signs intelligence bill Friday

Patriot Act II Monster Hidden In Intelligence Bil

EU supports UN chief Kofi Annan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US weighs punishing Syria: Over Syria's sheltering of former Iraqi Baathists

Neo-cons on the road to Damascus

Syrian troops to redeploy in parts of Lebanon: Will even withdraw from the area of Beirut Airport

US Not Aiming to Topple North Korean Regime: Has decided to aim for a gradual transformation

Musharraf won't quit as Pakistan's army chief

Sudan rejects ceasefire ultimatum

House of Saud shows its true authoritarian colors

Revealed: Haiti bloodbath that left dozens dead in jail - Guards reportedly executed some prisoners

Malaysia wary of Australia's maritime plan

Refiled lawsuit challenges presidential voting results in OhioElection irregularities strengthen call for reform

Judge blocks count of newly discovered ballots in Wash. governor's rac

Bible is 'lies and spin,' says British Channel 4 TV: 'Sensationalist' film sparks anger among church groups

Bush Second Term News

Bush goes all-out for his second inaugural: The ceremony will cost at least $30 million and honor military sacrifices and celebrate freedom

Bush Takes Risks in Second-Term Agenda

Social Security fix tough sell for Bush

Rat brain flies jet: Florida scientists have grown a brain in a petri dish and taught it to fly a fighter plane

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