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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Saturday, December 10, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 10, 2005

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

ElBaradei warns Israel against bombing Iran's nuclear reactor

UN Security Council blasts Iranian President's anti-Israel remarks

German Jews: Iranian remarks worst since Hitler

Iran begins biggest-ever naval maneuvers

US official says Iran 'very aggressive'

Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly: Toward Siberia

Nine police die in Taliban raids in Afghan south

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Staying the course? Almost nothing of what the President uttered mirrored the reality of war in Iraq, nor was it intended to

Bush strategic in maintaining credibility on Iraq war: Bush shifting tactics

Concern grows for Iraq hostages: Hostages are with Canada-based international peace group Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT)

Badr's spreading web of terror

US edges towards Iraq troop reductions

US official says Iraq economy growing: Gain of 4 percent expected this year

In Iraq, preachers link elections to religious duty: Shi'ites, Sunnis cite blocs in push to vote

US military pays "press club" to cover stories

Red Cross Demands Access to U.S. Detainees Anywhere In World Where CIA Has Its "Black Site" Prisons

Don't ask, don't tell: Bush wasn't asked about torture and Rice didn't tell

Former Senior CIA Officials Back Anti-Torture Amendment

The US has used torture for decades. All that's new is the openness about it

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel has no plans to put Palestinians under an "economic siege": Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Saturday

Israel suspends convoy deal to allow bus runs between Gaza and West Bank, citing security risks: U.S. insists buses must run

PA's Chairman Abbas urges militant factions to extend "truce" with Israel

Palestinian carrying two bombs caught south of Jerusalem

IDF denies involvement in bombing of Hezbollah man's car

Navy kills Palestinian in Gaza Strip

US 'close to climate agreement'

Clinton warns of climate peril, demands US switch out of fossil fuels

Fifth Human Bird Flu Patient Receives 1st Checkup In China

Charges Eyed in British Mistaken Shooting: Police shooting of a Brazilian mistaken for a bomber just days after subway bombings

Northeast Snow Blamed for 5 Fatal Crashes

Cities Question Cost of Hybrid Cars

Anxiety Triggered By AIDS Test Produces False Positive Results

Americans burning corn in specially-built stoves to cut heating costs

Tulane Laying Off 230 Faculty Members


Friday, December 9, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

New Cutting Edge Analysis Articles

Leading Orthodox Jewish Scholars Confirm Cutting Edge Teaching That Today's Palestinians Are The "House of Esau" (Obadiah 15-18)

Proofs of An Oslo Conspiracy -- President Clinton Committed U.S. In 2000 To Build An Ultra-Modern Military Staging Area For IDF -- Will provide security for Israel's plannwed withdrawal from West Bank

Narnia Part 1 -- Dialectic Synthesis: Myth+Truth=Deception

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In The Name of Fighting Terrorism

White House Defended Air Marshalls In Shooting of Innocent Man

Eyewitness: "I Never Heard the Word 'Bomb' "

Witness: Passenger Agitated Before Shooting

US terror watchlist 80,000 names long

Total Surveillance: New consumer-tracking technology threatens to make personal privacy a thing of the past

Feds to Fund Controversial School Surveillance: Tracks students despite declining needs for school security

Avian Bird Flu News

Bird flu kills Thai boy

Poultry keepers must now list their birds on a central register as an avian flu control measure: In Great Britain

More bird flu outbreaks in Vietnam

Senator Frist: Severe Flu Pandemic Could Hurt US Economy

Bird flu dead 'wouldn't be buried for six months'

Superbug hits newborn babies in New Zealand

‘EU should offer Iran more for nuclear deal’

Mt. Manaro erupts spectacularly: On the island of Ambae, part of the Vanuatu islands chain, South Pacific

China police probe owner of mine where 74 died

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Islamists´ Power Growing in Palestinian Authority, Egypt

Pakistan bomb blast kills at least 12 people, injures another 30

Suicide cyclist kills at least six in Bangladesh yesterday

Zimbabweans must 'celebrate' return of land

Afghans welcome NATO expansion, Taleban threaten

N.Y. Appeals Court Rejects Gay Marriage

Weather News

U.S. Severe Weather Map: Click on region

Massachusetts puts new snow removal operation in place

Airliner skids off Chicago runway in heavy snowstorm and slams into cars killing a boy

Glowing meteor shakes buildings in Perth, Australia -- Unleashed sonic boom

World Council of Churches Calls Climate Change Accord A Spiritual Crisis: Lauds Kyoto Accords, other climate treaties

Wal-Mart Critics Ask: Where would Jesus shop?

DeLay hearings put off until after holiday

British School ban on girl wearing Catholic cross called 'discriminatory'

9-11 widow questions why MSNBC host silenced her: Her microphone was abruptly shut off in the middle of her September 11 expose

9/11 Commission continues cover-up, circles wagons for stumbling empire

Statement of Senator Russ Feingold on the Patriot Act Conference Report - threatens fillibuster because our Constitutional rights are threatened

The plot: Gibson guns for Arnie's top job

U.S. Life Expectancy Hits All-Time High: Now up to 77.6 years





Torture In The News

Iraq war intelligence linked to testimony of tortured inmate who invented stories that Saddam had WMD to stop torture

Rice wins European reprieve on detainee treatment

But, Europe Is Skeptical About Rice's assurrances

No torture of terrorist suspects? We can't guarantee it, says Rice

Rice changes policy and says US cannot use torture overseas

Former detainee pleads for hostage still held at Guantanamo Bay Prison

British Law lords ban evidence gained under torture

House of Lords' Torture ruling is shrugged off

Poland was main CIA "detention" base in Europe

The great American hypnosis: US claims to champion freedom. In fact, its long record of brutality has imperilled peace

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

George Bush Tells Council On Foreign Relations (CFR): 'Rebuilding Iraq has not always gone as well as we had hoped'

Bush's claims of US success in Iraq don't measure up

Poor intelligence led to 10 Hercules crash deaths: Insurgents brought down aircraft in same area where other craft have been attacked - Army refuses to identify type of weapon insurgents are using

30 Iraqis dead in suicide bombing

The government men in masks who terrorize Iraq: Operating within the Iraqi police -- "police are killing and disappearing the Iraqi people every day now"

Iraq is the greatest strategic disaster in American history: Lt. General William Oden

Iraq's Border With Syria Ordered Closed: Martial Law declared

Insurgents Using Chemical Weapons - On Themselves! To get warriors high on drugs before attacks

Saudi Official: War in Iraq Accelerated Terror Around The World

Costs of Iraq Failure: Withdrawal seems set, only questions revolving around when and under what circumstances

Rumsfeld Says Troop levels in Iraq may drop: 20,000 U.S. troops to return home from Iraq after next week's elections, suggested that some of the remaining 137,000 forces could pull out next year

Medford single mother called back to active duty in Iraq

Cindy Sheehan Laments: 'I feel I'm carrying the world on my shoulders' -- Before joining Army, her son was assurred he would never see combat

Iraq's oil production lags: Decline blamed on insurgents, lack of expertise

Report outlines plans: Corporate plunder of Iraq

Rumsfeld says 'I have no plans to retire'

This faltering trial has put Saddam back in charge

Soldier Injured in Iraq Gets to Keep Dog

Republicans Set To Launch "White Flag" Attack On Democrats -- Video ad will show white flag flying over images of Democrat leaders making anti-war remarks

China considers building dam on poisoned river

Israeli - Palestinian War

Enemy Artillery Barrage Continues

Rumblings in the north: Is Hizb’allah’s strategic missile strike still in the works?

Palestinian Authority Will Not Disarm Terrorists

Palestinian teen attempts to smuggle bombs near Nablus

U.S. Supports PA´s Bid for Free Passages Through Israel

Soldier stabbed to death near Jerusalem

Gaza: 2 Fatah members killed in IAF strike

Iranian President Calls for Dismantling Israel and Rebuilding Nation In Europe - also denied Holocaust ever occurred

Poll: 62% of Likud voters, 42% of Laborites support Kadima

Barak opts out of Labor primaries after rift with Peretz

Jordan Provokes Hatred of Israel

Jewish Paganism: Oxymoron or Innovation? Skinny-dipping with a Jewish Kabbalist Rabbi

Moral Collapse

Germany backs bigger brothels to fight World Cup sex explosion

Italian Lawmakers to Consider Porn Tax

Christian nudists to build village in Florida: "Christian nudists", an oxymoron!



Thursday, December 9, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 3, 2005

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New Cutting Edge Analysis Articles

Proofs of An Oslo Conspiracy -- President Clinton Committed U.S. In 2000 To Build An Ultra-Modern Military Staging Area For IDF -- Will provide security for Israel's planned withdrawal from West Bank

Narnia Part 1 -- Dialectic Synthesis: Myth+Truth=Deception

Air Marshal In Miami Kills Man Who Made Bomb Claim

Iranian authorities draw flak after plane crash: Over the deaths of around 110 people, many of them journalists

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Analysts: Iraq Security Needs Improvement: "Until you can walk across the street without ducking, it will be hard to get the economy back"

President tempers optimism on Iraq

Gunmen rescue rebel, kill 3 Iraqi policemen

Suicide bomber kills 30 on Baghdad bus: Wounds at least 18

Wolfowitz acknowledges questions on Iraq invasion: US may not have invaded if it knew Iraq did not have WMD

Iraq captives' deadline extended

Nobel Literature Laureate Harold Pinter: Iraq war is an act of state terror, brands Bush and Blair as "War Criminals"

Bush rating improves on good economic news, but Iraq war concerns linger

Cheney: Terrorists can win only "if we lose our nerve"

Some Things You Need To Know Before The World Ends: Editorial

Saddam Hussein Trial

Hussein refuses to show, trial delayed

Guard's Son Kidnapped: Was the 8-year-old son of a bodyguard for a judge

Israeli - Palestinian War

Caretaker gov't goes into effect Thursday as Knesset disbands -- Sharon's government in now a transitional one

Meir Shitreet says Israel will have to leave most of its Biblical heartland: Cabinet Minister close to Sharon

Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Charges: ‘Egypt the same as Syria and Iran’

Palestinian terrorists are preparing Qassam missiles with chemical warheads: Israeli Intelligence Warns

Red Cross Accepts New Diamond Symbol: Israel's Red Star Can Fit Inside

Presbyterian Leaders Meet Hizbullah Terror Chief

Israel halts talks with PA on Gaza-West Bank bus convoys

Syria considering renewing peace talks with Israel

IDF artillery pounds targets in northern Gaza Strip

Defense Secretary Mofaz: Likud likely to become marginal party without influence

U.S. looking to thwart $1 billion Israel-South Korea arms deal: US trying to get contract for Boeing

Teaching Palestinian babies to hate Jews: Proof that Islam is not a "religion of peace"

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews Flock to Jerusalem for Traditional Festival of Sigd: A fundamental element of the Jewish experience in Ethiopia

Knesset Passes "Terminally-Ill" Law - Euthanasia will be by machine

Senator McCain Says Abramoff Probe Will Lead to More Indictments

Tehran shut down amid unprecedented smog alert

Gay Groups Endorse New Movie, "Brokeback Mountain": Features gay sex scenes between cowboys

Cellphone company on Santa's 'naughty' list: 12-year-old girl given sexually suggested wrapping paper after seeing Harry Potter movie

Verizon to end traditional pensions for managers

Delta faces liquidation: Bankrupt airline considered the weakest of legacy carriers and the most at risk for takeover

Licensing of Parents: Totalitarianism Reaches For the Whole Human Race


Torture In The News

The Wronged Man: CIA abducted and imprisoned a German citizen wrongly -- man was totally innocent -- In prison, he says, he was beaten, photographed naked and held in squalid conditions. According to his lawsuit, he was detained for two months even after the CIA learned it had nabbed the wrong man

Treaty bars U.S. from using torture anywhere, Rice says

Prison secrets / Rice's assurances to U.S. allies are not credible

US Congress set to include cruelty ban with defense bill: Would officially prohibit cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of foreign terror suspects

Rice statement seen as major shift in U.S. policy on detainees

In stinging comeback to US secretary Condoleezza Rice: Lords of Britain’s upper house ruled Thursday that evidence obtained abroad illegally is not admissible in British courts

Memo shows top U.S. general aware of Iraqis' jail abuse

The Post 9/11 Saturation Of Our Culture In Torture: Torture Doublethink At All Time High

Nuke over U.S. could unleash electromagnetic tsunami

"Oblivion: AMERICA At The Brink" -- Scalar Weaponry Explained, Illustrated Explains How Scalar Weaponry Will Produce Devastating Electromagnetic Surge

Russia warns US on military expansion: Worried as US military presence continues to creep closer to its borders

Avian Bird Flu News

WHO calls for more vaccine investment against Bird Flu

Tamiflu 'useless' against avian flu: Doctor who has treated 41 victims of virus says 'we place no importance on this drug

Are you a sitting duck for bird flu? Some people taking extreme measures

Ozone hole may take longer to recover than expected

Arctic Natives Seek Global Warming Ruling

Economists urge Bush to act on emissions

OPEC expected to keep output unchanged at next meeting

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Hypocrisy: The US Calling For Electoral Reform In Venezuela

Bangladesh bomber kills seven

Arms cache unearthed in the province of Aleppo and the suburbs of Damascus by Syrian security forces

Heavy rains cause floods in Philippines

Crisis in Kenya as coalition government unravels

Great Britain Hard up pensioners 'think about suicide'

Calif. GOP Seeks Explanation From Gov Schwarzeneggar as to why he hired prominent Democrat as his chief of staff -- She was also pro-abortion and a lesbian

University of Kansas Prof. Critical of Creationism Resigns Post as chairman of the Department of Religious Studies

'Christmas' missing from Bushes' card: Conservatives are rankled that the word "Christmas" doesn't appear anywhere on the official White House card

Presidential Explanation: "It's a time when we welcome all different faiths," said Susan Whitson, press secretary to Mrs. Bush

'Holiday' Cards Ring Hollow for Some on Bushes' List: What's missing from the White House Christmas card? Christmas

Congressional Black Caucus to Oppose Alito For Supreme Court

Bush Administration objects to story describing Alito as conservative

Police Hit 68-Year-Old Grandmother With Taser Gun Five Times

Why this brain flies on rat cunning: Scientists growing human brain in a petri-dish - "a "live computation device" (a brain)

Katrina survivors unleash own fury: VICTIMS of hurricane Katrina have told a US congressional bipartisan select committee that they were held at gunpoint, treated like criminals and left to sleep next to dead bodies, and believe the levees were sabotaged

VIDEO: Congressional hearing on New Orleans' levee bombs - Challenged federal government to allow National Association of Black Engineers to access the evidence to conduct an independent, privately-financed investigation






Wednesday, December 7, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 3, 2005

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Upscale project ‘taking poorer folks’ homes’ through 'Eminent Domain' power granted by Supreme Court: Florida waterfront development could displace 6,000 mostly blue-collar residents

White House Spokesman stands by Jesus-Santa reference: Says Bush 'meant exactly what he said' at tree lighting ceremony -

Exact Quote: "Each year, we gather here to celebrate the season of hope and joy – and to remember the story of one humble life that lifted the sights of humanity. Santa, thanks for coming. Glad you made it."

Refused to apologize to Christians

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Toll rises in Iran military aircraft crash to 116: Plus, six to 10 deaths among those on the ground

Reader Comments On Disbelief Tehran Building Didn't Collapse:We all know that planes hit by buildings collapse in on their own footprint within 90 minutes

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offers condolence on Tehran plane crash

ElBaradei says no "smoking gun" found in Iran which would indicate a nuclear weapons program being pursued

No end to sanctions on 'criminal' North Korea - U.S. envoy calls country a "criminal regime"

Global Terrorism - Global Dictatorship

WMDs 'will end up' in terrorist hands: Only a matter of time - NOTE: This is the refrain that landed us in Iraq

Bin Laden still leading terror war: Zawahri video claims

Al Qaeda’s Passage to China: Now China is said to be under terrorist threat

Ex-Professor Cleared on Some Terror Charges - while jury is deadlocked on rest of the charges: Stinging defeat for federal prosecutors

The al Qaeda operative Abu Hamza Rabia reported killed in Pakistan is alive

Washington making Chavez more popular with people of Venezuela

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel vows all-out war on Islamic Jihad: Following suicide bombing of a crowded shopping mall

Israel (again) vows strong response to bombing: Bush Administration offers complete support to Israeli response

IDF opts for targeted killing over large-scale W. Bank operation -- Update -- IAF kills Gaza terror commander

Hamas West Bank chief urges all factions to hold their fire

The stories behind the names: Five more innocent people lost their lives while just carrying out normal activities -- shopping

Dispute keeps Security Council from condemning Netanya shopping mall suicide attack

Quartet to Syria: Block 'Jihad' - Wants Syria to close the offices of the Palestinian group responsible for the Israeli mall bombing

Politicians adjust message after Netanya suicide attack

A decade-long history of terror in Netanya: Seaside town has been hit hard by Palestinian terrorists

Likud chairman defects to Sharon's new Kadima Party

The Amir Peretz Dilemma: Pretending or Begging

MK Steinitz Condemns Egypt: Demands Border Fence to Fight Terror

PM vetoes costly plan to seal border with Egypt

PM Sharon praises Ben-Gurion's willingness to give up land in partition deal

Prime Minister's Office anti-terror command to Israelis: Leave Sinai immediately

Last-ditch bid to clear obstacle to Israel joining Red Cross

The IDF rules in the hospitals, too: Views of a 19-year-old soldier and a Military Police (MP) officer overrule that of a medical doctor

Unity Talks Between NRP and National Union Collapse - Right-wing parties will not merge

Anti-poverty task force rejects Sharon's tax break for poor

David Cameron chosen as new Tory leader: 39-years old

King David, the leader with true blue blood: New Tory leader has Royal blood

Asteroid is called Apophis. It's 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years time -- In Egyptian myth, Apophis was the ancient spirit of evil and destruction, a demon that was determined to plunge the world into eternal darkness

Hundreds of Swans Die of Bird Flu in Russia

Australian Industry to face waste crackdown

Death penalty analysis is a real lifesaver: Economists find that executions do save lives - each execution results in an average of 18 fewer murders -- ending the life of one convicted criminal would save the lives of as many as 18 other innocent people

Strong 6.3-6.8 Quake Hits Lake Tanganyika In Africa - In Congo - Two deaths reported, dozens of houses collapsed


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Police Academy Targeted By Iraq Bombers: At least 43 dead

Is Rumsfeld behind US debacle in Iraq?

Hostage urges Blair to recall troops: One of the four Christian peace group members

Cheney resists pullout pressure: Iraq withdrawal called ill-advised

Democrat Party Howard Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq

Rush Limbaugh: "John Kerry Calls American Troops Terrorists"

Bush to Focus on Economic Progress in Iraq

Japan hopes to end Iraq mission after Britain, Australia withdraw

South Korea to cut troops in Iraq by one-third in 2006

Saddam Hussein On Trial

Saddam Says He Won't Attend 'Unjust Court'

Kurds anticipate dictator's execution

Tyrant or hero, Saddam steals the show in trial

Woman tells of Dujail torture at hands of Saddam's interrogators

Saddam’s bunker, a draw for tourists and residents in Green Zone

China vows to punish any coverup of spill: US sending experts to help while China trying to limit damage to Russian territory

China sacks environmental minister after toxic spill

Key toxic spill official found dead: Police investigating

Epsilon Clings to Hurricane Strength

Wisconsin Senate Approves Conceal-Carry Gun Bill - Would end the state's 133-year-old ban on concealed weapons

Bitter Cold Continues in Rockies, Midwest: Forecasts called for a low of minus 25 in the Colorado ski resort town of Steamboat Springs

Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US

Australia also organising army into "small rapid response" groups

Regional implications of New Zealand downgrading defence

Moral Collapse

Some Megachurches Closing for Christmas: It is almost unheard of for a Christian church to cancel services on a Sunday - opponents of the closures are accusing these congregations of bowing to secular culture

Second Associate of Philly Mayor Charged: With fraud and conspiracy

Spokane Mayor Recalled in Gay Sex Scandal: Accused of offering jobs and perks to young men he met in a gay Internet chat room

AP Poll: Most Say Torture OK in Rare Cases

Kansas Professor Attacked Along Rural Road: Planned course on creationism and intelligent design was canceled after he derided Christian conservatives

Hurricane Aftermath News

FEMA Adds Security In New Orleans After Threats

Holiday Blues Hitting Katrina Victims Hard

Giving up on New Orleans: It's time we ended our national state of denial and abandon New Orleans for good. Bush Administration has already given the city the "quiet kiss of death" - "Shut the city down"

On Their Own in Battered New Orleans: Contrary to Bush's wonderful words, private citizens are on their own to rebuild

Hurricane victims tell US Congress of racial slurs

Former KGB Chief Reveals Supernatural Truth: UFO's and Aliens

"Torture" takes on new meaning in post-9/11 U.S. - Has been redefined

CIA 'emptied secret jails' before Rice's Europe trip: 11 suspects transferred from European prison to Northern Africa

An innocent man's five months in CIA 'salt pit': GERMAN citizen held by the CIA in Afghanistan for five months is to start a lawsuit against the US Administration

Mel Gibson Plans TV Miniseries on Holocaust

Elian Gonzalez Celebrates Birthday With Castro

C/Edge Archives: President Clinton Supports Reno In Her Forcible Seizure of Elian Gonzalez from his home -- In a scene straight out of the worst Communist raids on private homes

Study: Illegal Immigrants Not Drawn to USA by Jobs

Fitzgerald Predicts: Turkey will not be admitted to the E.U.

Russia’s Muslims Want Christian Symbols Removed From Coat of Arms

Captain William Morgan and the Masonic Influence in Mormonism

Offering Abortion, Rebirth: Arkansas doctor admits he destroys life. But he believes the thousands of women who have relied on him have been 'born again.'


Tuesday, December 6, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

Giving up on New Orleans: It's time we ended our national state of denial and abandon New Orleans for good. Bush Administration has already given the city the "quiet kiss of death" - "Shut the city down"

On Their Own in Battered New Orleans: Contrary to Bush's wonderful words, private citizens are on their own to rebuild

9/11: Another Terror Attack Will Occur

9/11 Commission: 'Another Attack Will Occur': Congress has not enacted several strong measures -- the dictatorial laws of Patriot Acts I and II are not enough!

9/11 Panel Says U.S. Fails Terror Readiness Checkup: Four years after the attacks, the government is 'moving at a crawl,' a top member declares

Commercial Pilot & Aeronautical Engineer Explains Why Official 911 Story About Pentagon Is Bogus

Police Found Suspected Bombs In WTC On 9/11: Reports surfaced of truck parked in building -- VIDEO so you can hear for yourself

Bookstore Resources To Understand 9/11

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack - DVD

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up -- DVD - VHS

Illuminati Card Game: Just A Game, Or A Blueprint For World Domination? DVD - "Smoking Gun" proof that 9/11 was known as early as 1995

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Scores feared dead as military plane crashes in Tehran: 94 on board, all dead, military commanders on plane

Iran's strength in weakness: US depends on Iran to maintain stability in Iraq

Iran and the US exit strategy in Iraq: Iran holds the key to US ability to withdraw from Iraq

Netanyahu may attack Iran: If he becomes Prime Minister

Strike on Iran Not Easy, Israeli Military Chief Says

U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes because it lacks long-range IAF strike capability - Targets too far from bases

Iran, on defiant course, tunes up military

Iran to build nuclear plants to 'meet electricity needs'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Five killed in ‘suicide’ bombing: Struck outside a shopping mall in the coastal town of Netanya Monday morning

A Palestinian Suicide Bombing Catches Israel’s Electioneering Leaders Unawares

Fatah killers applaud Netanya suicide bombing

Eyewitnesses recount horror: Witnesses to Monday's terror attack in Netanya share terrifying accounts of their experiences

Netanya attack: Security fence fails, again: IDF action, not security barrier, really foils terrorist attack

Israel To Strike Back: In response to Monday's deadly suicide bombing

Israel suicide attack directed by Iran, Syria? Security sources say Damascus, Tehran seek diversion from mounting pressures

Defense Minister Mofaz Orders Army to Kill Kassam Rocket Terrorists

Al Qaeda from new Lebanese base sends notorious Imad Mughniyeh to recruit Palestinian bombers to strike Israel

Construction of Gush Etzion Partition Wall to Begin in Coming Days: Violates agreement between government and residents

Southern Gush Etzion Residents Take Security Into Own Hands: To be left "on the other side" of the Partition Wall

Bibi Trying to Form New Government, Prevent Elections

Address by PM Ariel Sharon: This year, we have many good reasons to be optimistic.

Red Cross considers 'red crystal' to let Israel in

North Korea Says Nuclear Talks at Risk Due to US Sanctions

Sudden temperature drop freezes northern China

U.S. missile parts atPakistan al Qaeda target site where top commander was reportedly killed -- But, his body has not been found

Sudden temperature drop freezes northern China

Venezuela Charges- US-Backed Opposition Blew Oil Pipeline

'Gay weddings' become law in UK






CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 3, 2005

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Rice to deny US torture claims as Scottish airports linked to CIA controversy: Photographs exist of CIA planes in Prestwick and Edinburgh airport -- Concerns that suspected terrorists were en route to be tortured

CIA agents break ranks to disclose brutal ‘black sites’

UK 'would breach law' if CIA torture flights allowed to land

Straw's torture flight quiz: British Foreign Minister demands answers

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Bombing at Baghdad Police Academy Kills 27: An insurgent video also is claiming to have kidnapped a U.S. security consultant

Police say 20 bodies found in western Iraq

Iraqi army colonel was murdered in a drive-by shooting near Baqouba, north of Baghdad

Sunni leader doubts Iraqi security progress

Training of Iraqi security forces suffers setback

Bush Speech Offers "Clear Strategy" For Disaster?

Globalist Left Arm Gives Thumbs Up To War: Support of Leftist Democrats for war once again highlighting how we must see beyond the false left / right paradigm and make it known to others that the Republicans and the Democrats are left and right arms used for the same agenda by the elite policy makers.

Battle for public opinion on Iraq: Bush announced last week that he would settle for "nothing less than complete victory"

Iraq Vet: 'Iraq Took Away Our Innocence!' Long interview, but worth the reading

Georgia Guard marks 27 Iraq deaths: State leads U.S. in citizen soldier fatalities

Marines fear scuttling battleships

British mercenary firm exposed in civilian shooting incident in Iraq:
Indiscriminate Killings of Civilians

British Government 'ready' to hear from hostage takers: Foreign Minister Straw

Cost of British operations in Iraq soars to £5.5bn

Rumsfeld criticises media coverage of Iraq

Iraq seeks help in banking, financial sector

Mother of university student kidnapped in Iraq begs for his release

Saddam Hussein Trial News

Witness in Saddam trial recounts 1982 massacre

Irony is alive and stalking Bush: President stands accused of same crimes against humanity with which Saddam is charged

Saddam's outrage halts trial, again

'Hidden' testimony on Iraq abuse

Saddam defiant as court told of horrors

Iraqis demand Saddam’s release from custody

Villagers flee volcano in Vanuatu

Texas judge dismisses part of DeLay indictment

Kyoto Protocol Declared 'Dead' At UN Climate Conference: 11th annual Kyoto Accord meeting

Congress Considering Stripping Homeowners of State Protections: would override and weaken state anti-predatory lending laws that protect homeowners

British Judge attacks Government for downgrading marriage

Representative Ron Paul Statement on So-Called 'Deficit Reduction Act'

Slashing the Budget? Don't make me laugh, by Rep. Ron Paul

U.S. preparing for bird flu worst-case scenario: Leavitt says 'we are overdue and we are underprepared'

Neil Bush Meets the Messiah

Storm Clouds Gathering: Scandal could take in at least a dozen in Congress

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson plots £4.5bn cable deal to create media giant: Creates a huge "duo-opoly"

"Your Papers Please": On the Verge of Becoming Soviet-Style Police States


Monday, December 5, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 3, 2005

Bookstore: View Our Huge Selection of Videos -- Both DVD and VHS

Firms rush to develop bird-flu vaccine

Tamiflu 'useless' against avian flu: Doctor who has treated 41 victims of virus says 'we place no importance on this drug

Ukraine destroys birds in flu-hit areas

CIA's secret jails open up new transatlantic rift: Seizure of innocent people likely to embarrass Rice

CIA agents leak "enhanced interrogation" tactics

Israeli - Palestinian War

Suicide bomber kills 5 in central Israel, wounds dozens in shopping mall: Islamic Jihad group's military wing, the Jerusalem Brigades, claimed responsibility -- More Details

Defense Secretary Mofaz orders resumption of Israeli targeted air attacks on Palestinian missile crews and senior terror operatives

Sharon Moves Closer to Geneva Proposal on Territorial Exchange: "If security and quiet are attained"

Gaza militants exchange fire with Israeli forces: Israel has controlled Gaza for 38 years

Kassam Rockets Strike Near Netivot: Two Treated for Shock; Home Damaged

Expelled Residents are Dispersed Throughout the Country

Israeli Arab admits to aiding Hamas terrorist group

Israel blew chance to blacklist Hamas

PA embroiled in anarchy ahead of elections: Asks for international assistance

Mideast Arabs: Sharon worse than Bush

Australian Terror laws move closer despite concerns

Epsilon Maintains Hurricane Strength: Lingering in open Atlantic, posing no threat to land -- 26th named storm

Catholic Church in Pennsylvania Against Old Sex-Abuse Suits

E-Mails Show How Katrina Swamped Louisians Gov.

Some oil executives worry prices may fall: ""This high price cycle is artificially inflated."

Dollar, euro continue to trump yen

9/11 Commission: 'Another Attack Will Occur': Congress has not enacted several strong measures -- the dictatorial laws of Patriot Acts I and II are not enough!

Paris Evangelicals Feel Demands of Muslims' Persecution

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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

US detentions abuse the UN Iraq mandate under which the US is authorized to act: UN official

U.S. helicopters make emergency landings after enemy fire

Frenchman kidnapped in Baghdad

Ambush kills Iraqi troops north of Baghdad

Iraq ex-PM 'survives assassination bid': Iyad Allawi

Tensions between Shiite factions in Iraq ratchet higher

Iraq oil deal fuels a fight over vast spoils

'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers

Private Security Guards in Iraq Operate With Little Supervision

Iraqi troops claim killing 20

Tehran issues mixed message over talks with US on Iraq

Iran denies talks with US over Iraqi security

War Crimes Trial of Saddam Hussein

Saddam trial resumes in Baghdad, defence walks out

Saddam's victims ready to testify

Flawed Saddam trial irks UN: Illegal detentions, lawyers’ murders make it a mockery

Plot to rocket Saddam trial uncovered

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Roadside bomb wounds 3 US soldiers in Afghanistan

Colombian rebels kill politician who paid ransom

North Korea refuses to join talks unless US meets on sanctions

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran plans new atomic reactor in oil province

UN nuclear agency director ElBaradei warns that Iran it could be “months away” from a nuclear weapon if it reopens its Natanz enrichment plant

Russia plays down Iran arms deal: Russia has signed a contract to sell more than $1 billion worth of tactical surface-to-air missiles and other defence hardware to Iran

Oblivion: AMERICA At The Brink -- Scalar Weaponry Explained, Illustrated - Book explains how Russia is defending Iran against Israel and the US

Israel Threatens Iran

US gathers allies for Iran sanctions: Preparing to act without UN Security Council

Archives: Russian General Reveals In June, 2002, That Iran Already Possesses Nuclear Weapons -- "Mushroom Clouds In Middle East" - Part 2

Iran Moves Closer to Blocking Inspections

Preparatory measures taken to sell Perisan oil in euros

Iran begins construction of 10,000 residential units in Venezuela: Iran and Venezuela have so far signed 26 documents for cooperation. Total Iranian investment in Venezuela as indicated in various agreements is estimated at some 800 million dollars


Sunday, December 4, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 3, 2005

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Torture: Made In The USA Under Leadership of "christian" President Bush

CIA charges roil EU on eve of visit: Rice trip comes amid probes of detentions - Europe outraged over revelations of secret CIA prisons, torture techniques

White House Seeks Deal on Torture Ban: A veto threat is set aside as McCain and a Bush aide discuss a measure to protect war detainees

Torture Must Stop: US 'rendition' shames its allies

The Torture Files: CIA agents have broken ranks to reveal the 'cruel and inhuman' interrogation techniques they are ordered to use at secret prisons around the world

Torture makes justice impossible

Arab nations suspicious of US motives

Implications of a weak Bush: Is no longer in control of things in Washington

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Marine deaths take gloss off Bush's ‘victory’ speech: deaths of 10 US marines in Fallujah on Friday, in one of the worst single attacks on US troops in the Iraq war

N.C. Military Town Mourns Fallen Marines: Slain 10 Marines all from Camp Lejeune

Police officer, political candidate latest victims of Iraq violence: Gunned down in Baghdad

British Army General investigated over death of soldier in Iraq attack

Iraqi troops hit in Baquba ambush north of Baghdad: Killing 19 Iraqi soldiers

Private Security Guards in Iraq Operate With Little Supervision

Iraq's enemy within

Japan FM seeks changes in US troop deal

Sistani urges pro-religious vote on December 15

Japan defence chief 'visits Iraq'

Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Defence Minister Mohammed for withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq

Iraqis turn to drugs to escape reality

Annan ready to fire head of UN election unit: Harassment of staff and management lapses

New Cutting Edge Articles

New Hardline Iranian President Calls For President Bush To Be Tried On War Crimes Because of His Use of Depeleted Uranium Munitions In Iraq and Afghanistan: Also revealed for the first time, the role the "33rd Parallel" played in the ending of World War II

Is American Mass Media Expecting The US To Be Destroyed In 2006?

Indonesia confirms 8th bird flu death: 25-year-old Indonesian woman

Al-Qaida denies Pakistan death claim that a high-level commander was killed by Pakistani forces

Four Months’ Grace before Iran Takes up Its Nuclear Military Option

Iran plans to construct two new nuclear reactors: Russian funds will build one of the reactors, costing $1 billion - Is Russia rearming Iran?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel fires missiles into Gaza: Into empty lots in the north Gaza Strip

Expulsion Victims Injured in Kassam Rocket Attack: Rockets hit residents in their new, temporary home

Cost of disengaging from Gaza expected to top NIS 9 billion

PA Anarchy Spreads to Terrorist Gangs

Critical Zionist Election Underway in U.S.: Voting to select delegates to the World Zionist Congress

Syria boosts accuracy of its Scud D missile

PA police kill Palestinian driver in Ramallah: Failed to stop at checkpoint

More Palestinians OK'd to enter Israel

PA minister to form new political party




Saturday, December 3, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- December 3, 2005

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Dollar stable after good US jobs data report: US economy had created 215,000 jobs in November

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Roadside Bomb Kills 10 US Marines in Iraq: 11 wounded

New Poll Says Iraq is Defining How Arabs View US, Rest of World

Bush is blind to the truth about war

US General Won't Predict When Iraqi Forces Will Take Lead

US paid military news stories were “paid advertisements”: Senator John Warner

Iraqi captors threaten to kill hostages

The perils facing British contractors on the world's most dangerous road

Clinton tells Ky. Democrats that Bush mismanaging war

Maryland Town Mourns Two Young Marines

GOP Governors Hold Party Line on Iraq

Gulf of Tonkin Attack - Rationale for Vietnam faked in 1964: NSA historian

Germany has no appetite for diningVAT cut

Rice to warn Europe to back off over terrorism detainees

Arab nations suspicious of US motives

Australian Govt rules out ratifying Kyoto protocol

Trade barriers indefensible: World Bank Chief Wolfowitz

G7 seeks free trade revival, upbeat on growth

UN envoy claims torture widespread in China

China cracks down in 'Asian Las Vegas' : Authorities have arrested almost 1.2 million people suspected of illegal betting offences in Macau

Probe Looks at Alleged Katrina Euthanasia

Magnitude 6.5 Quake Off Honshu, Japan

Empire In Descent: The Deliberate Destruction Of America: Worldwide despise of the United States an intentional pre-cursor for world government takeover


New Cutting Edge Articles

New Hardline Iranian President Calls For President Bush To Be Tried On War Crimes Because of His Use of Depeleted Uranium Munitions In Iraq and Afghanistan: Also revealed for the first time, the role the "33rd Parallel" played in the ending of World War II

Is American Mass Media Expecting The US To Be Destroyed In 2006?

'Doonesbury' Strip Showing Bush Defending Torture at Yale is 'Fact-Based': Says Trudeau -- "Bush's alleged support of torture has roots in 1967 Yale" in Skull & Bones

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Raid kills top al-Qaeda commander: In Pakistan's tribal belt along the Afghan border

Pakistani President Musharraf due in Kuwait today

Quake tents 'not suitable' for Pakistan's winter

Negotiator Impatient With N. Korea Talks On Nuclear Arms

Succession a taboo subject in N. Korea

Venezuelan President Chavez Calls Watchdog Group a Top Enemy

Iran and NPT: We know now that Iraq did not possess Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) but it was invaded precisely because of that reason

Israeli - Palestinian War

Political Reality Changes in Israeli Towns

Palestinian vessel opened fire on an Israeli naval boat early Saturday when intercepted in no-go waters off the Gaza Strip

Terrorists return to Gaza through Rafah

Chairman Abbas to meet Pope, discuss Mideast peace at the Vatican

US clergymen met with Hizbullah

Abbas vows security for elections

Jakarta Indonesia: Avian Flu Virus 'All Over City'

Judge OKs bag searches on NYC subway

Pilot Reports 'Missile' Fired at Jetliner Near LAX

Murder Inc. Rap Mogul Acquitted in N.Y.

Bomb Threats Empty Conn. Courthouses

Gays Shouldn't Teach Seminary, Vatican Says

Camera in School Bathroom


Friday, December 2, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 26, 2005

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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

It's Propaganda Time: Critics outraged that US Military has been paying Iraqi journalists to write favorable news stories which follow "party line"

White House "wants answers" on planted Iraq stories

Senator Warner Seeks Military Response to Report It Paid Off Iraq Press

When Federal Deception Becomes Reality

Roadmap for Iraq? The more things change, the more they remain the same -- Bush blundering from one disaster to another, knowing situation is quickly getting out of control

US reshapes forces to pick up the pieces after war

Suicide Bombings in Iraq Show Decline: But this trend has not resulted in less bloodshed: 85 U.S. troops died during the month, one of the highest tolls since the invasion

Rebels launch assault in western Iraq

Rep. John Murtha (D., Pa) says army is 'broken, worn out'

Iran and the US exit strategy in Iraq: Plans may be tantamount to making Iraq a joint American-Iranian client state

Two U.S. Allies Leaving Iraq, More May Go: Bulgaria and Ukraine

Iraqi oil exports sink to 2-year low

Kurdish oil deal with Norwegian company adds fuel to Iraq tensions

US offers allies ways to shift Iraq commitments

One group eyed in two Iraq kidnappings: Style of abduction was similar: Activists were seized Saturday in the vicinity of a mosque near Baghdad University

Democrats struggle to find common Iraq policy

Belgian "girl next door" who became a suicide bomber in Iraq

Five deaths linked to abortion pill: Four of the victims were in US

Mexican volcano spews smoke, ash on homes: Popocatepetl volcano spewed out columns of smoke up to 5 km high - no full eruption expected

EU to fulfil Kyoto target early

Newly Released Papers Energize Alito's Critics: Credibility Questions Are Raised Anew

Giant Condom Display Used to commemorate World AIDS Day December 1, 2005

Anthrax Shots May Be Required in Military: Bush Administration asking federal appeals court Thursday to reinstate mandatory anthrax inoculations for many military personnel

Many Americans Turning Away From Wal-Mart

Televangelists on Unusual Side in Indecency Debate: Trying to preserve their electronic pulpits, fighting effort by anti-indecency groups to thwart channels offering racy programming

The Gathering Winds: A Rise in Deadly Storms Since '95 Has Researchers Worried About the Future


New Cutting Edge Article

New Hardline Iranian President Calls For President Bush To Be Tried On War Crimes Because of His Use of Depeleted Uranium Munitions In Iraq and Afghanistan: Also revealed for the first time, the role the "33rd Parallel" played in the ending of World War II

Is American Mass Media Expecting The US To Be Destroyed In 2006?

Bush's 'third term' a disaster for U.S.: Incumbent on track to becoming one of the worst presidents ever

UK airports 'are stop-offs in torture flights'

Indonesia gears up grass roots bird flu plan

Weak Strain Of Bird Flu Found At Sun Valley Farm, California

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Chavez charges US "Regime Change" plot before Venezuela vote

Iran buys Russian surface to air missiles

The Tsunami: Living in transition

Pakistan sets up 30,000 quake shelters

Nepal's Maoists extend ceasefire

Mugabe's secret strategy

Israeli - Palestinian War

Air Force successfully tests Arrow Scud buster: Incoming missile simulates Iran's Shihab 3

Disinformation! Israel's Scalar Weapons Technology Gives Her Capability of Erecting Impenetrable Shield Over Entire Country

Sharon Seeks Out Extremist Arab Mayor for New Kidma Party

Peres quits Labor Party, plans to campaign for Sharon

Transportion Minister Sheetrit: Halt settlement building in West Bank -- Recently joined Kidma Party

Defense Minister Mofaz Kicks Off Likud Campaign: I'll strengthen settlement blocs

PM Sharon Vows: Israel to control its own security

Labor Leader Peretz pledges 'relentless fight' against terror: Says Labor is no less capable of safeguarding Israel’s security than Sharon

Hamas leader says the group won't disarm: Will not also not renew its "ceasefire" with Israel at end of the year

Ballot boxes set on fire in Palestinian ballot election

Gunmen storm PA offices in Gaza
: To protest cancelling of election

Overwhelming Numbers of Israelis Notify Sharon: No more withdrawals from Biblical lands

'Total neglect' on Gaza-Sinai border: Now under sole control of Palestinian Authority, with "oversight" by EU monitors

Gaza Strip Becomes Thorn In Israel's Side

GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov't Agency: To development and testing of new drugs and vaccines needed to respond to a bioterrorist attack or super-flu pandemic - To be called "Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency", or BARDA

Moral Collapse

Ruling: Pregnant moms can harm babies at will: Hawaii's Supreme Court says unborn children not 'human,' mothers can't be prosecuted for conduct

The plight of the cellar girls: Sold as sex slaves



Thursday, December 1, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved"

New Cutting Edge Article

New Hardline Iranian President Calls For President Bush To Be Tried On War Crimes Because of His Use of Depeleted Uranium Munitions In Iraq and Afghanistan: Also revealed for the first time, the role the "33rd Parallel" played in the ending of World War II

Is American Mass Media Expecting The US To Be Destroyed In 2006?

US economic growth stronger than expected in third quarter

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran In The News

Does the abrupt sacking of Russian nuclear energy minister signal a turnaround in Moscow`s policy on Iran’s nuclear program? Fired minister was trusted by the US and Israeli governments to stand firm against letting Iran have Russian technological assistance for building a nuclear weapon

Israel's Intelligence Chief Warns: Little time left for diplomatic efforts aimed at halting Iran's nuclear drive

Sharon Warns: Iran's nuclear program is unacceptable

'Iran-EU nuclear talks to start within two weeks'

Iran Charges Again: Bush and Blair Practicing Atomic Hypocrisy

UK certain Iran working on long-range missiles

Other Nations In The News

Egypt opposition group blames US for 'election abuses'

Rwandan hero warns of genocide in Sudan

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians - VHS provides compelling proof that Christians are dying by the thousands for their faith in The Sudan

UN Presses for Return of Hutu Rebels from Congo

Panama's President Meets With Castro

Venezuelan parties withdraw from election

Israeli - Palestinian War

New Political Landscape

Former PM Barak announces he's staying in Labor after meeting with Peretz

Netanyahu Predicts: Likud Party to double current poll predictions

Likud Party on verge of collapse: Likud down to 10 Knesset seats in new Dahaf Institute survey, while Shas gains 11 seats

Peres Quits Labor After 46 Years -- Now official

Peres' resignation nudges 30% to vote for Kadima: Poll figures show why it was so important for Sharon to convince Peres to switch to Kidma -- massive 47 percent of those asked said Sharon was their favorite candidate in the prime ministerial race

Shimon Peres has decided to quit Labor and join Sharon for a senior position

Always the General, Sharon Leaves Trojan Horse in Likud - Leaves behind hundreds of supporters who remain loyal to his cause

Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe says Israel should be replaced with ‘true Kingdom of David’: Urges Jews to disengage from present Israel

Other War News

Israel's MI Chief: Hezbollah planned massive rocket attack on Israel

PA Terrorism Attacks Fail

PA already exploiting Gaza-Egypt crossing: Allowed a Hamas terrorist exiled by Israel to enter the area

Hamas site says 3 of its leaders are candidates for parliament

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Security boost at Australia's Bangkok embassy and other foreign embassies: Beefed up after terrorist threats in Thailand

3 Plead Not Guilty to Supporting Terrorism

More Aussie police power 'could boost terror': Will CREATE terrorism WITHIN Australia by PROVOKING the muslim population

Moral Collapse

Judge Rules in Indiana House Prayer Suit: Bars the Indiana House from opening its sessions with specifically Christian prayers, ruling that such prayers amount to "an official endorsement of the Christian religion"

Boston Homicides Match 10-Year High


Florida Response Plan To Child Abductions To Be National Model

Roberts Supreme Court hears first abortion rights case

The REAL Truth About President Bush "Getting Tough" On Immigrants

Ethics Cloud Grows Wider over GOP

California Governor Schwarzenegger Names Dem Chief of Staff: Longtime Democratic activist as his chief of staff -- former director of an abortion rights group and one of the highest-profile gays in state politics








CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- November 26, 2005

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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

The Bush Strategy: Declared yesterday that he had a clear strategy for victory in Iraq - Warned of "tough times ahead"

Bush vows victory before withdrawal - Text of Bush's speech

Bush's version of events paints over genuine Iraq clouds

Victory, Mr President? Bush accused of 'recycling tired rhetoric'

Criticizing Bush's new Iraq strategy, Democrats call for 'real plan'

Iraqi national security adviser predicts looming US pull-out: Predicting that as many as 60,000 US-led coalition troops will be withdrawn by the end of next year

America Unplugged: The presidency of George W. Bush is failing

Senator Hillary Clinton, too, calls for troop withdrawal plan

Representative John Murtha's call for withdrawal will be seen as a turning point in this war

Costly Withdrawal Is the Price To Be Paid for a Foolish War: Plus, Congressional elections are just around the corner

Japan eyes mid-2006 pullout from Iraq

US, UK blamed for kidnappings: "Christian Peacemaker Teams" said kidnappings is result of "illegal invasion" of Iraq

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) program was founded in Chicago in 1986 as an initiative of the Mennonite Central Committee Peace Section: Review of their anti-Israel, Leftist leanings

Iraqis, U.S. launch joint operation: American soldiers rounded up 33 suspected insurgents

The wrong weapon in the wrong place: American use of white phosphorus against insurgents in Iraq is immoral, counterproductive to our aims and has helped to solidify world opinion against us

Iraq buys 1m tonnes US wheat

Iraqi PM to visit Japan

British MPs push for fresh inquiry into Iraq conflict - before, during and since the 2003 invasion

U.S. Is Said to Pay to Plant False Positive Articles in Iraq Papers: Propaganda at its best

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Storm Nears Hurricane Strength in Atlantic: Tropical Storm Epsilon could still cause dangerous surf conditions in Bermuda

This Storm Cycle Just Getting Warmed Up: Atlantic and Gulf coasts took a pounding this year, but at least 10 more busy hurricane seasons are on the horizon

Alarm over dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream

Storm Systems Developing on Both Coasts

Chip maker guilty plea on price fixing: South Korea's Samsung electronics

World Bank Unveils New Plan to Fight AIDS

International Plans to speed bird flu vaccines

Interesting Occult Numbers In The News

President George Washington portrait fetches $11m

One British man in 11 pays for sex

Pennsylvania Sept. 11 Memorial Redesigned

C/Edge Archives: Why Number "11" Was So Prominent In 9/11 Attacks

Rescuers fear 33 more missing: In China's latest mine disaster

Iraqis, U.S. launch joint operation: American soldiers rounded up 33 suspected insurgents

44 indicted in immigrant visa scam

Villagers return to massacre site: Relatives of 39 Maroon people killed return for memorial service

Death toll from road accidents 390 times that from terrorism

Apocalyptic Video Game Features Global Government Takeover: "Shattered Union" contains many elements of final takeover plan of America

Astronomers discover faraway planet: About the size of Neptune about 20.5 light years from our solar system

Government Engineers Confirm Levee Shortcomings

New Orleans Mayor Nagin Urges Katrina Evacuees to Come Home

Texas Foreclosures Offered to Refugees of Katrina

Wisconsin Judge Sentences 'Dr. Chaos' to Prison: Sentenced to 7 years for hacking into computers and causing power failures

Former President's Son May Run for Senate: Jack Carter, 58

Nonbelievers Too Can Be Saved, Says Pope



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