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December 2, 2006

December 1-15, 2006

How Hitler Captured Support of German Protestant Church


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66% Think U.S. Government Spies on Its Citizens: 52% in Poll Back Hearings on Handling of Domestic Surveillance

Security cameras raise rights worry in NY

Politics In The News

Democratic Sen. Johnson in Stable Condition After Brain Surgery: At least temporarily stanching speculation that the Democrats' narrow control of the next Senate might be in jeopardy

First "Barack Obama for President" ad will begin airing early next week

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Obama

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi Announces Intelligence Plans


Senator Kerry urges dialogue with Iran, Syria

Secretary of State Rice rejects engaging Iran, Syria on Iraq

White House decries senators' visits to Syria

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iranians vote in test for President Ahmadinejad

Iranian four-track-parallel foreign policy has confused Saudi Arabia

Iran destabilises Mideast - EU warns

Iranian-sponsored Holocaust conference was all about deceit

Incoming UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Iran on Thursday it was unacceptable to deny the Holocaust or call for Israel to be wiped off the map

After Holocaust denial conference, warm meeting takes place between Iranian president, ultra-Orthodox representatives in his office: Ahmadinejad later called on representatives of three religions 'to build united front against Zionists

Israeli - Palestinian War

Fear grips strife-torn Gaza: Few Palestinians thought the violence in Gaza could get worse

Israel lets Palestinian PM Haniyeh cross, but not the $35 million

Hamas says prime minister Haniyeh targeted in attack at border: His convoy came under intense fire from Fatah gunmen and one of his bodyguards was killed

Hamas threatens revenge against Fatah: In retaliation for attempted assassination of PM Haniyeh

High noon at Manara Square: Palestinian civil war and the conflicts between Fatah and Hamas reached a new low this week

One killed, 13 wounded in Hamas rally in Ramallah

EU urges IAF to stop forays over Lebanon

Israel to refuse Egyptian troop request: Egypt wants to dramatically increase numbers of troops and police on border

U.S. Jewish Groups Waking to Plight of Jewish Expellees

Syrian President Assad Challenges PM Olmert: Take a chance by returning to negotiating table, to see if we're bluffing

High Court Essentially Upholds Current Targeted-Killing Policy

IAI to supply Australia with UAVs worth USD 50 million

Praying for New Chanukah Miracles - Jews begin the eight-day Chanukah festival Friday night

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

US Army is stretched too thin: The Iraq mission 'will break' the branch unless it gets more soldiers, the top general warns

McCain: Send up to 30,000 more troops to Iraq: Sens. Lieberman, Graham agree escalation needed

Is the Iraq War Linked to the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

A War Bush Wouldn't Pay For

In Baker's Blunder, A Chance For Bush: Report has fallen so flat that the field is now clear for the president to recommend to a war-weary country something new and bold

Aggressive U.S. commander finds a changed country: Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno led the division that captured Saddam Hussein in December 2003

Talks Under Way to Replace Iraq PM

Kidnappers seize then free at least 25 people

Gunmen attack convoy of Iraqi VP Mahdi

Successful insurgent attack on Falcon base arsenal prompts "change of policy" in Iraq -- Mushroom clouds over Baghdad

U.S. military says speeding up training Iraqi forces

Iraq Army Plans for a Wider Role

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Gunmen invade Shell oil facility in Nigeria

Soldiers rampage in south Sudan

Russia Postpones Delivery of Su-30MKM Jets to Malaysia

Moral Collapse

New Jersey approves gay civil unions

Britney's Crotch Shots Take Web by Storm

Donald Trump says he'll yank tiara from wild-child Miss USA unless she reins in party ways

“I Left My Dead Baby In The Toilet” - Former Tiller Patient Tells Of Abortion Horror On O’Reilly Factor

British prostitutes get help as police hunt killer

Ban Ki-moon takes oath as U.N. secretary-general, will push for peace in Mideast, Darfur - Replaces Kofi Annan - Ban will oversee an organization with some 92,000 peacekeepers around the world and a $5 billion annual budget

Next Secretary-General vows to restore trust to United Nations: South Korea's Ban Ki-moon

Annan’s legacy as Secretary-General hailed by UN Assembly as successor is sworn in

KGB Veteran Denies Secret Service’s Role in Killing Former Russian Agent Litvinenko

First Advanced Bombers Delivered to Russian Air Force: Newly built Su-34 Fullback bombers

Freedom Tower columns ready for signatures: First steel columns that will frame the 1,776-foot-tall Freedom Tower are arriving in lower Manhattan this weekend - and victims' loved ones and average New Yorkers are invited to sign the 30-ton girders on Sunday

Diana death report 'garbage'

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald mum on whether Cheney will testify in leak case


December 14, 2006

Book says Bush just using Christians: ‘Tempting Faith’ author David Kuo worked for Bush from 2001 to 2003

"President Bush's Good Fruits vs Evil Fruits" - Table

Related Book (Pictured Left) -- President Bush: Christian Words / Unchristian Actions - The Desecration Of Christianity In Modern America


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran Seizes Upon "Confession" by Israeli PM Olmert That Israel Possesses Nuclear Weapons

Russian official says Iran's N-case can be solved only through dialogue

Russia says sanctions against Iran will rupture nuclear negotiation talks

Iran elections can tighten ruler's grip: Voters go to polls Friday

The Holocaust denying conference shames Iran

Iran's crackpot clerics will never erase memory of the Holocaust

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

In Iraq, the fix is in: War-game exercises before the Iraq invasion predicted US defeat -- Even Baker report was "fixed" ahead of time

Bush to seek $100 bln more war funds: House report

True deficit: $3.5 trillion - Analyst says coming Treasury report will document 'unsustainable' pace

US lawmakers urge Iraq troop boost: Influential senators call for sending 15,000 to 30,000 extra troops to Iraq as solution for country’s crisis

U.S. military chiefs urge shift in Iraq war: To be in line with recommendations from Iraq Study Group

Rumsfeld Career Ending in Ignominy of Iraq

'I worry we are in a gathering storm': Rumsfeld's last interview

Iraqi chaos needs iron-fisted leader

Iraq Veteran Won't Face Death Penalty - If he is convicted of rape and murder in the deaths of 14-year-old girl and three others in Iraq

Former CNN News Chief To Launch 'IraqSlogger' Site - Designed to provide non-partisan coverage of war

British PM Blair Announces: "I'll Change On Iraq" - But refuses to be more specific

Nearly two-thirds of 276 Foreign Service members who volunteered to serve in Iraq next year were found unqualified: Aggravating shortage that has left the State Department scrambling to fully staff its embassy and other operations in the country

War News

Iraq bombings kill 31, undermine peace talks: Bloodshed surge comes days ahead of national reconciliation conference organised to curb violence

Iraq bomb attacks kill 4 US soldiers

Syrian president agrees to control border traffic with Iraq

Iran-Saudi proxy war in Iraq feared

World is impatient for economic reform, Paulson tells China

Oil prices rise before OPEC talks

Why a patriotic teen joined the Navy and then turned to espionage, betraying his country

Israeli - Palestinian War

High Court rules targeted killings legal

In candid TV footage, PM Olmert coaches Italy's Prodi on what to say at their joint press conference in Rome

Israelis warned not to go to Goa, India: Terrorist concerns

Construction of the West Bank security barrier will be completed by the end of 2008

Related Cutting Edge Article: "Separation of Populations" Is Key To Determining When Israel Will Fulfill Obadiah 15-18

Same old Fatah means victory for Hamas

IDF Troops kill Palestinian in West Bank

Palestinian Intelligence officer was kidnapped by four gunmen: In retaliation for the arrest of a militant earlier in the day

Report: Poisoned Russian spy visited Israel with oil dossier

Investigation: Were Israelis poisoned like Litvinenko?

Do we need Green Line? Religious MK, Peace Now member speak out on Yuli Tamir's controversial decision

Sen. Johnson in Critical Condition After Surgery: Control of Senate Chamber Could Be in Question if He Cannot Serve

Russia is preparing to cut off natural gas supplies to neighbouring Belarus and Georgia - unless the two former Soviet republics agree by the year-end to pay much higher prices

Bush urged to break US oil dependence: Urged by group of leading US business executives and senior military officers

Even if they're off, cellphones allow FBI to listen in: Can be reprogrammed over the air

December 12, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Downer warns against 'disastrous' Iraq withdrawal

Dozens killed in Baghdad blast: Suicide bomber killed at least 47 people and wounded scores more when he exploded his car among a crowd of labourers in central Baghdad

Suicide bombers kill 7 Iraqi soldiers: Two suicide bombers struck an Iraqi army base in northern Iraq on Wednesday

Iraqi security officials: Car bomb blast near a Shi'ite mosque in eastern Baghdad has killed 10 people and wounded 25 others

Sectarian battles spill beyond Iraq's borders

Bush seen as rejecting Iraq lifeline: Iraq Study Group's advice likely to go begging

European Leaders Welcome Baker's Report on Iraq

Iraq heavy burden on Bush: He's seeking new war policy -- echoes of President Johnson's disastrous dilemma in Vietnam

Bush Puts Off Announcement Of New Iraq Strategy: Until sometime early in 2007

Saudis Paint A Grim Picture If U.S. Should Opt to Leave Iraq

Despite a $168B budget, Army faces cash crunch

U.S. military alone won't end Iraq violence - Lieutenant-General Peter Chiarelli, outgoing U.S. operational commander in Iraq

Congress Backs Iraq Inspection Office: Designed to root out corruption

World Bank's Wolfowitz heckled for Iraq role

Iraq's Internally Displaced People in Need Food, Water

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gunmen kill Hamas judge in Gaza: Increasing fears of civil war

Israeli High Court: A-Ram security fence vital to Israeli security

PM Olmert's Gaffe: "Iran wants nuclear weapons like Israel"

Vice PM Peres Declares: Nuclear Ambiguity has achieved its goal

Loose lips and nuclear warships: PM Olmert's "slip of the tongue" could mean disaster for Israel's nuclear deterrent

US State Department: We won't compare Israel's nukes to Iran's nuke program

Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman advocates aid to Palestinians: To enhance future Palestinian State - Met with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Adviser Steven Hadley, and national intelligence director John Negroponte

Annan Urges: Palestinians must renounce terror

EU leaders to support Palestinian's Abbas and Lebanon's Saniora at Brussels summit

Jewish MK Declares: Israeli High Court criminal, must be constrained - Angry over Court ruling that broadens State responsibility for damages caused by IDF operations in the territories

Prime minister says shaky truce continues to be tested by rocket fire from Palestinian gunmen in Gaza: But adds that Israel will not respond for now

Five Kassams terror rockets hit Israel: None wounded

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Annan demands that U.N. probe team be sent to Darfur

A dangerous silence as Darfur screams

Chile's former dictator, Pinochet makes last journey on "caravan of death"


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

UK's Blair calls Iran major threat to Middle East

Germany's Merkel says Iran must never get atom bomb

Iran defiant as anger mounts over Holocaust denial forum

KKK's David Duke Tells Iran Holocaust Conference That Gas Chambers Not Used to Kill Jews

Iran president says Israel's days are numbered: God guaranteed Israel's existence in End of Age -- "I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the LORD thy God." (Amos 9:14)

Senator McCain: Illegal images must be reported - Millions of commercial Web sites and personal blogs would be required to report illegal images or videos posted by their users or pay fines of up to $300,000, if a new proposal in the U.S. Senate came into law

FBI director wants ISPs to track users

Many Give Annan High Marks as UN Chief, Despite Flaws

In new post, Rep. Waxman plans to continue as Democrats' lead investigator of Bush administation

December 12, 2006


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert's Embarassing Slip of the Tongue: Iran wants nuclear weapons like Israel

Defense Secretary Peretz Defends Olmert's Slip of the Tongue: Nuclear policy hasn’t changed

Analysis: Nuclear Ambiguity isn't what it was

Israel's High Court rules Palestinians can sue for IDF damages

IDF soldier shot in head wakes up

War report slams IDF Operations head

Palestinian forces deploy across Gaza: After three young sons of one of his intelligence chief were murdered

Retaliation for killing of three sons of Abbas aide in Gaza

Fatah terror group urges Abbas to dismiss Palestinian Authority government

"Then And Now Bible Atlas"

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Holocaust Conference Begins in Iran: conference examining whether the Nazi genocide took place

Iranian students heckle President Ahmadinejad: Setting fire to his picture and heckling him at prestigious university

Israel's Foreign Minister Livni to EU: Don't let Iran get nukes

Syria and Iraq re-open embassies in each other's countries

Iran to launch women-only taxi company

Iran speeds up nuclear plant payments to Russia: Construction of the Bushehr plant delayed, forcing Tehran to accelerate payments to Russia to complete it on schedule

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Taming a perilous stretch of desert along ancient Euphrates River: Soldiers greeted by handshake or hand grenade

Car bombs kill at least 54 people in central Baghdad: 146 wounded

60 more corpses found in Baghdad: Shot dead execution-style, handcuffed, while three were headless

2 college professors among 23 slain in Iraq

Schools out as Baghdad bloodshed kills education

Gunmen kill nine members of Shi'ite families in Baghdad after raid

Once quiet, working class neighborhood becomes focus of sectarian cleansing - In Northwest Baghdad

Iraq war funded as "emergency," which is the way Bush prefers it

War for oil argument doesn't hold water

Bush seen as rejecting Iraq lifeline: Baker's Iraq Study Group's advice likely to go begging

The Bubble Boy in the Oval Office: Try to mend Iraq all you want; just don't tell Bush the war was a mistake

U.S. official admits: Iraq situation 'desperate'

Iraq Study Group: Three Years Too Late

Who Makes Foreign Policy? Founding Fathers entrusted Congress with the defining of proper Foreign Policy as established by Congress - President was to be Administrator of Congress' Foreign Policy!

Oil steady above $61 after prices fell because of warm U.S. weather

Arctic sea ice 'faces rapid melt'

Antarctica works as living Global Warming laboratory

President Bush - Christian Words / Unchristian Actions - Book

Torture Now Routine

Secretary General Annan bows out of UN with attack on Bush: Accusing US of committing human rights abuses in the name of fighting terror

Routine and systematic torture is at the heart of America's war on terror: In the fight against cruelty, barbarism and extremism, America has embraced the very evils it claims to confront

Annan warns US against go-it-alone diplomacy

Former Detainees Argue for Right to Sue Rumsfeld Over Torture

ACLU Lawsuit Claims Rumsfeld Ordered Torture

President Bush -- Table Showing Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits -- Torture has always been an integral part of Bush's response to 9/11

Egypt Internet video sharpens torture debate

Discrediting President Bush

The Best Reasons Not to Impeach Bush, Why They're Wrong


Rep. Henry Waxman has Bush administration in sights

Traces of the rare radioactive substance polonium-210 were found at a German apartment visited by a contact of fatally poisoned ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko - Before the two men met in London

Democratic congressman plans to launch another presidential bid: Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Al Gore coy about White House bid

Moral Collapse

Second Pastor Resigns Over Gay Sex Scandal: Paul Barnes, founding pastor of the 2,100-member Grace Chapel in this Denver suburb, told his evangelical congregation in a videotaped message he had had sexual relations with other men and was stepping down

Australian Senators unite on pregnancy bill

Shuttle Discovery docks with space station for weeklong stay

Housing Will Recover in First Quarter, Realtors Say

December 11, 2006


Focus On Middle East

Saudi King Abdullah opened the annual summit of Gulf leaders with a warning that the Arab world was on the brink of exploding because of conflicts in the Palestinian territories, Iraq and Lebanon

Iran Reacts Favorably to the Baker-Hamilton Plan

"Then And Now Bible Atlas"

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Talks under way to replace Iraq PM

If war has a winner, it's Iran: Report of the Iraq Study Group highlights how Iraq's turmoil has given the Islamic republic clout

Iraq Is Failing to Spend Billions in Oil Revenues

Baghdad, city of broken dreams

Frank Rich Declares In Sunday's New York Times: "We have lost in Iraq"

Iraq President Lashes Out at Study Group: Saying it contained dangerous recommendations that would undermine his country's sovereignty and were ``an insult to the people of Iraq.''

Democrats slow to embrace Iraq study

Gunmen kill nine members of Shi'ite families in Baghdad after raid: Police also found the bodies of 60 more apparent victims of sectarian killings gripping the capital

Iraqi villagers claim civilian slaughter in US airstrike

Germany may train Iraqi troops: Chancellor Merkel

Even If We Leave Now, We'll Be Back: Unmistakable and bipartisan desire to bring troops home, end this mess and move on

A realistic America is the silver lining of this great Iraqi darkness

Schools out as Baghdad bloodshed kills education

Outgoing Defense Secretary Rumsfeld makes a surprise trip to Iraq

Broken By War, And Ordered Back: Despite being diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and rated 70 percent disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Damian Fernandez has been called back to duty and told to prepare for another deployment to Iraq

China Declares: North Korea nuke talks to resume Dec. 18

Israeli - Palestinian War

Modern day Gog and Magog: Similarities between Ezekiel's prophecies, today's Mideast reality uncanny

Palestinian Gunmen pumped dozens of bullets into a car carrying the children of intelligence officer Baha Balousheh: Loyalist of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement

Israel Blocks Tutu Fact-Finding Mission - Nobel Laureate was to head mission to discover facts in the killings of 19 civilians in an Israeli artillery barrage last month

Palestinian's Abbas to call early poll after government unity talks fail

Hi-Tech Personal ID at Checkpoints

PM Olmert leaves for diplomatic Europe tour

Israel angry over German loans to Iran

France deploys UAVs (Unamnned Drones) to stop IAF flights over Lebanon

Syria's President Assad: Israel doesn’t want peace

Massive Beirut Rally: Death to Israel, US

Lebanon government deal in works after mass Beirut rally

Peace On The Horizon?

Israeli Businessman: Offering Money for Peace - Will give $1 billion to Hamas government if it will make peace with Israel and secure her from terrorism

Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal offers 10-year cease-fire deal: A "Hudna" ceasefire

Hudna Or Not: Palestinian Rights Must Be Preserved: Opinion Column

Death of Pinochet Shakes Chile - Only the sense of a final injustice committed by the dictator who brutally ruled the country for 17 years

Chile's Pinochet Was Unrepentant to the End

U.S. Postpones Guantanamo Building Plans - Complex for war crimes trials

Iran wants oil above US$70 a barrel

Oil Producers Shun Dollar: Shifting Oil Income To Other Currencies

U.S. dollar facing imminent collapse? Fed in bind as Paulsen, Bernanke head to China

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Four civilians killed in NATO air strike in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's opium poppies will be sprayed, says US drugs tsar: Fears move could strengthen Taliban

Musharraf Made No U-Turn on Kashmir

Debate on Holocaust 'myth' sparks international outcry - Lead by Iran

Evidence on killing of newsmen in East Timor 'hearsay'

December 10, 2006

"Prince Charles Leading The World In Global Warming Propaganda, Using Most Frightening Language Possible": Abruptly, since the American November elections, people all over the world are suddenly speaking out as if on cue, warning of sheer disaster if drastic action is not taken to stop Global Warming. Even Democrats purged politicians from their ranks who were not avid Global Crisis advocates

Related News Story: Prince Charles to Use Commercial Flights - Putting his money where his environmentalist mouth is, Prince Charles is swapping gas-guzzling private planes and helicopters for commercial flights, train journeys and biodiesel cars

"Islamic Strategists Are "Beside Themselves For Joy", As They Believe Their Forces Have Defeated Both Israel (In Lebanon) and America (In Iraq) - "Blood In The Streets" strategy is working to perfection! Additionally, Bible the stage is being set for prophecy to be fulfilled -- Joel 3, Zechariah 12 and Obadiah 15-18

"President Bush Has Nearly Completed Fulfillment of the End of the Age Isaiah 13 Prophecy Against Ancient Babylon (Iraq)": Once you understand "God's Pattern of Judgment", you will appreciate how very close to Judgment America stands today

"A New Look At The Myth of Santa Claus vs The Reality of Jesus Christ

Behold A Pale Horse

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

British Wounded to get millions in compensation: Following government ruling by the Government that they are victims of crime not war

Frank Rich Declares In Sunday's New York Times: "We have lost in Iraq"

Rumsfeld's final message: we'll succeed in Iraq

The Rumsfeld show's finale a classic, by golly: At his final Pentagon town hall, the Defense secretary riffs on his favorite topics and urges more time in Iraq

Bush says Iraq Study Report shares his primary vision for Iraq

Iraqi Leader: U.S. Report Is 'Dangerous'

Saudi King Warns: Spark could ignite region into war

Iraq marks new era of warfare - essence of all this disorder was that the Arab nation-states lost control to "sub-national" groups like Hizbullah and the Mahdi Army, and "supra-national" groups on the rise

After Baker, what next for the war in Iraq? George Bush is likely to disappoint his critics by pouring in more troops

Iraq Report Casts American Military As War-Weary

The Iraq Study Group's Fatal Flaw: That US can support the non-existent Iraqi government and that the viciously effective sectarian war can be contained

Iraq plan overtaken by reality

Should Bush go back to Congress? Congress did not, as many believe, write the president a blank check in 2002 with regard to the use of force in Iraq

Angry Iraqis bury victims of U.S. airstrike

Saddam Hussein's Nephew Escapes Prison - Serving Life Sentence

Bush's Help-Israel strategy goes awry: Instead of helping Israel, Iraq war made future bleaker

Impunity and Immunity: The Bush Administration Enters the Confessional Over Torture Policy

Discovery space shuttle soars night sky

Politics In The News

GOP alienation marks turnabout for Bush: Dissent and calls for checks on the president have mushroomed since the party lost Congress in the midterm election

109th may be the real 'do nothing' Congress: Democrats prepare to take control of 110th Congress

Poor Bush had a week that reeked

ABC Exclusive: No Prosecution Likely for Rep. Foley

Louisiana Democrat Incumbent Wins House Runoff: Despite an ongoing federal bribery investigation

Obama Seriously Weighs White House Run

Princess Diana News

US bugged Diana's phone on night of death crash

Final British Government Verdict: No Assassination, No Cover-up, and No Baby

Archived Article: Princess Diana's Memorial Has Bold Illuminati Signature -- victims of Illuminati assassinations get a memorial which features an Eternal Flame - "Brotherhood Signature"



North Korea Nuclear Talks Could Begin Within a Week

No U.S. nukes based in the South: President Roh declares

Iran sees no sign of change in U.S. policy

Former French president supports Iran's nuclear rights

Wall Street regains momentum: Spurred by corporate news and accelerating job growth

Bay State's labor force diminishing: Low-skilled men hard hit

Russia - Most Dangerous Place In World For Journalist

Poison points to Putin: Column by Charles Krauthammer

Widow of poisoned KGB man reveals his last loving words: ""Marina, I love you so much."

Poisoned spy case to be treated as murder says Scotland Yard

Timeline of terror: how the poison spy drama unfolded

As reporters die, Russian paper faces grim future

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF Sounds Warning: New terror in southern Lebanon groups pose threat to international UNIFIL "peacekeeping" forces

UNIFIL force operating in Lebanon manages to locate Hizbullah weapons caches, destroy two

France Reveals: Israel has stopped mock air attacks over Lebanon - French forces nearly fired on IAF airplanes conducting mock air raids

Syria increases long-range weapon production: Israeli cabinet at its weekly meeting heard a dismal assessment of the regional situation - Syria has also moved its anti-aircraft batteries close to Israeli border

Regional Map

Senior officer: Talks of impending war 'irresponsible' - Insists Syrian not planning a Summer war

PM Olmert Reiterates: Bush won't change stance on Syria, Iran

Israel delays fact-finding UN mission to Beit Hanun

PM Olmert expresses regret for Jane Kirkpatrick's death

Amnesty International calls for Mideast monitors: To document and investigate human rights violations

Palestinian President Abbas decides to call early elections - Pictorial Proof Abbas Is A Mason!

Hamas gov't to dress up Bethlehem for Christmas

Ghajar residents protest transfer of control to UNIFIL: Protests Israel's intention to hand over northern area to UNIFIL

Record Israeli military arms sales irk US - Israeli arms exports stand at USD 4.2 billion in 2006,

Israeli Defense Ministry: Trade with China resumed after crisis with US over such sales is resolved

Lebanon: Hizbullah intensifying protest - Nasrallah promises protest of historical proportions

Thousands rally in Beirut against gov't

Lebanon's president refuses to endorse Hariri murder tribunal: To try suspects in the assassination of the former premier

UN: Militia kills 20 civilians in Darfur

Moral Collapse

Chicago, Illinois gunman felt cheated over invention - went to the building in search of an attorney because he felt cheated over an invention, a toilet for a truck - Killed three people, died in hail of SWAT bullets

Infant kidnapped at knifepoint in Florida

Cop accidentally shoots her officer boyfriend - After the two had played a drinking game


December 9, 2006

Politics In The News

After Delay, Congress Tries to Finish Up: 12 Years of Republican Control Gives Way To Democrat Control of 110th Congress

Outgoing Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney introduced a bill Friday to impeach President Bush

Foley Panel Concludes: GOP Left Pages Vulnerable - But no laws were broken

Last-Minute Congressional Legislation At-a-Glance

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Kurds see nightmare in Baker Iraq report: 'We are in no way abiding by this report,' says Kurd's
president as he orders Baghdad evacuation report in case of disintegration
- Kurds fear US about to betray them one more time

President Bush moved quickly on Thursday to distance himself from the central recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group

A `new way forward' in Iraq: Executive summary of the Iraq Study Group's report

Panel's report maps tough path for U.S.: Foresees most troops out by 2008

U.S. Commander Says 2008 Iraq Withdrawal Might Be Possible

Dueling World Views Pit Baker Against Rice

Baker's Iraq report is a study in appeasement

The War With Shame, Missing Accomplice, And U.S. Investigation Group

An Iranian Victory: Baker-Hamilton report highlights boost in Shiite influence in Mideast

Al-Zarqawi Said Shiites Most Dangerous: Views revealed in 33-page interview

Archived Article: "PENTAGON CAUGHT RED-HANDED!! FABRICATING 'INSURGENT' ENEMY AND PLANTING FALSE NEWS STORIES!: Pentagon has been caught creating the key Iraqi "insurgent" Al Zarqawi

Cost and reversal of blunder in Iraq

Sunnis Condemn U.S. Military Attack

Iraq conflict could lead to Middle East war - Annan warns

Abu Ghraib was Rumsfeld's downfall

Dismiss torture suit, Bush Administration urges court: Afghan, Iraqi prisoners accuse Rumsfeld, others

Blast shakes Shiite holy city in Iraq: Karbala blast kills at least five, wounds 44

Will Iraq’s former President escape hangman’s noose? Saddam Hussein's trial labeled "farce"

Saudi intelligence chief wants US pullout timetable for Iraq

GOP Senator Gordon Smith (R-Or): Iraq War "May Be Criminal"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Baker Report Demands Israel Give Away Golan Heights

Israel frets over Iraq Study Group report, dispatches FM to Washington

Foreign Minister Livni rejects Baker report's argument

Baker aide: We aim to help Israel

Palestinians protest in Gaza, W. Bank

Lebanese PM Saniora denounces Nasrallah's attacks

Nasrallah Committed to Ousting Lebanese Government

PM Olmert says he is open to international force in Gaza

Calls for Olmert´s Replacement Now Ranging From Far and Wide

Hamas leader-in-exile Khaled Mashaal Reiterates: Armed struggle a strategic tool

Israel Should Prepare For Non-Conventional War: Defense Secretary Peretz warns

UN rights council slams Israel

Shlomo Goldwasser Pleads: If My Captured Son is Dead, Don't Release Any Terrorists

Question Marks Regarding the Price for Abductees: Are three Israeli captives worth releasing 1,400 terrorist prisoners?

UN to Aid Palestinian Authority, Congress Bans Talks with Hamas

"All Prophesied Nations Are Now In Place, Properly Allied"

Europe circulates revised Iran draft: In fresh bid to win Russian, Chinese support, nations consider new version of UN resolution proposal which narrows sanctions on Iran

Annan Urges Iran Be Part of Iraq Talks

Iran ready to help US withdrawal from Iraq

Rice Ready for Iran Dialogue Within Nuclear Talks

Rumsfeld Successor At Defense Secretary: 'We're not winning war' - Gates stuns Congress with his statement that "Attack on Iran 'could be devastating for US' "

News Analysis: Iran - The Wounded Tiger - Iran is engaged in wholesale trafficking in women for prostitution - estimated 300,000 prostitutes in Tehran alone!

Afghanistan war nears 'tipping point': Government support is flagging, NATO is split on strategy, and Taliban fighters are revitalized

Inquiry launched into death of Royal Marine in Afghanistan

China central bank sees risk of US dollar slide on asset sell-off

U.S. Criminal Probe Rattles $2 Trillion Municipal Bond Market: First-ever antitrust probe of the municipal bond market as investigators are probing bid-rigging

Officials Hail U.S.-India Nuke Fuel Deal - Deal should further open a huge market for U.S. companies and give India the energy it needs

EFF Fights Huge Data-Mining Program: Invasive and unprecedented data-mining system is set to be deployed on U.S. travelers despite privacy concerns

Annan Blasts Global Failure on Darfur Horror: States Must Respect Rights in 'War on Terror'

Japanese, Philippine leaders condemn North Korea, vow to fight terror, boost economic ties

Investigators Call Litvinenko Death a Murder, Start Questioning

Hotel bar may be site of ex-spy's poisoning: Seven employees apparently were also exposed to radiation

Chicago office gunman kills 3: A fourth person is wounded before police kill gunman

In Russia: Monogamous marriage ceases to be acceptable form of sexual and family relation

Jeane Kirkpatrick, ex-ambassador, dies: First woman to hold UN ambassador post - Named to the U.N. post by President Reagan in 1981

Online Advertising: Bitten By The Google Spider - Giant getting very arrogant

BUSH ADMINSTRATION IMPLICATED IN NARCO DEATH SQUAD COVER UP: Dead bodies piling up just south of Mexican border

Forecaster predicts busy 2007 U.S. hurricane season - Warning from London-based Tropical Storm Risk

New Book: Weather Warfare - The Military's Plan To Draft Mother Nature

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: Deconstruction by Transnationals (open borders, open trade…open minds - advocated by President George Bush) - advocated by Clinton's favorite professor, Carroll Quigley

Drive Toward Creation of NAFTA Was Driven By Clinton, and Now Bush, White House - NAFTA, The Shocking Rest of the Story

The New World Order: Secrets - by Clinton's favorite professor, Carroll Quigley

McDonald's forced to shut from lack of patronage in healthy town in England - in Tavistock, Devon, simply wasn't being used enough by locals

Remembering The Deadly Tragedy Of Another Sirius-Worshiping Cult

Dam Breaks On 9/11 Truth


December 8, 2006


Dual Missile Defense Test Fails Off Hawaii: Was to prove the Navy's ability to knock down two incoming missiles at once from the same ship

Reality Is Far Different: America's HAARP Weapon's System Can Erect 100% Effective Missile Shield Around Target

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Bush Expresses Caution on Key Points in Iraq Panel’s Report - President moved quickly on Thursday to distance himself from the central recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group

Baker Report Slaps Bush, Takes the Middle Ground

The Iraq Study Group's Very Bad Idea

Overture to Iran defended by Iraq report authors

Senators Question Iraq Panel's Blueprint: Report underscored urgency of changing course in Iraq, where conditions were described as grave and deteriorating, and might soon be "hopeless"

The neocons have finished what the Vietcong started: Iraq defeat might finish off America as a superpower

The Myth of More: Two Fallacies of Bush Administration Policy in Iraq

Iran is the final winner in the Middle East

Australia wants its troops out of Iraq: Prime Minister John Howard

IRAQ WAR: It's up to Iraqis now -- Echos of Vietnam War rhetoric

Cracks appear between Bush and Blair over need for talks with Iran and Syria

Israeli PM Olmert: Time not ripe for talks with Syria

Major operation launched in southern Iraq: British and Danish troops backed by tanks

Other Deaths: Defense Department last week identified the following American military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq

Bombings, shootings kill at least 23 in Iraq

For now, an unofficial rivalry: Possible Clinton-Obama presidential clash has Senate abuzz

U.S. says trade friction with China could escalate

Senator Frist bids farewell to Senate

Lawmakers poised to act on economic stimulus package

Israeli - Palestinian War

Bush acknowledges need for Mideast peace push

Baker aide: We aim to help Israel

Palestinian PM Haniyeh set for talks with Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Palestinian PM Haniyeh vows Hamas gov't will never recognize Israel

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah: Weapons aimed at Israel only, would never be used to bring down Lebanese government

US congress bans talks with Hamas -- Hamas ministers met with US, EU officials

Loophole could keep Peretz at Labor Party helm until 2009

Olmert's misplaced anger and priorities: PM no longer upset over Labor contacts with Abbas, yet shuns war on anti-Semitism

Sheldon Adelson, world's wealthiest Jew, decides to donate half a billion dollars to 'Jewish people'. $500 million gift largest in Jewish history

Afghans 'running out of patience'

Chavez in Argentina for trade talks

Chavez promotes South American gas pipeline

Chavez says re-election shows Venezuela backs socialism

Annan asks how world can allow "horror" in Sudan

Sudan dismisses Annan criticis

Nigerian militants threaten more attacks against oil installation

European Commission President Barroso says Turkish offer in right direction: By offering to open a major port to traffic from Cyprus

Splits widen as church, chiefs oppose Fiji coup

Iraqization of Somalia Could Widen the Divide between the West and the East

December 7, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Iraq Study Report highlights

Iraq Study Report: Bush policy failing - situation is grave and deteriorating - Bush should find ways to pull back most of its combat forces by early 2008

BUSH MAULED BY OWN EXPERTS: Bush's experts slam his policy - Iraq Study Group, headed by CFR's James Baker

Apocalypse Now: 79 recommendations and a President forced into a corner - A gauntlet was thrown at George Bush's feet yesterday - Grim assessment and an exit plan

Robert Fisk: The Roman Empire is falling - so it turns to Iran and Syria

Bush, Blair to Meet to Discuss Iraq - scathing bipartisan commission report says his war policies have failed and that ``time is running out''

Iraq Study Group to Testify on Report - Offered no new ideas

Iraq proposals may not be realistic: Iraq Study Group accurately captured the situation in Iraq, but some of its proposals run counter to political reality and some have been tried without success

Iraqi Politician Laments: 'They have no right to to do this. This is unfair'...

Baker panel's mention of Palestinian "right of return" raises eyebrows: Broke diplomatic taboo of even mentioning that most explosive term

Report: US should talk with Syria, Iran

Initiative: Middle East peace conference without Israel - Baker says goal is to 'reach agreement without Jewish pressure'

Analysis: It's Madrid Conference All Over Again: James Baker forced Israel into regional conference in 1991 in Madrid, Spain

Iraq bloodshed appalling, Blair says - Blair concedes Iraq war is not being won

Iraq's universities are in chaotic meltdown

Australian Prime Minister John Howard confident US not planning Iraq quick exit

At least 25 killed in Iraq attacks yesterday: Another 45 corpses of men were found, shot dead execution-style in Baghdad

Iraqi detainee dies in US-run prison near Kuwait border

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Reaction To Iraq Study Group Call For Palestinian "Right of Return"

PM Olmert: Iraq problems not linked to Israeli-Palestinian issue

Baker report: Israel must withdraw from Golan

PM Olmert: Won't negotiate with Syria any time soon - PM believes Bush rejects Baker's call for withdrawal from Golan Heights

Analysis: Resisting Pressure - Will the report lead to an international conference on the larger Mideast issues, including the Palestinian-Israeli problem?

Israeli Official: US talks could isolate Israel

Arab MK Taha visits Syria: Right of return must be guaranteed

Other Israel News

Israel must prepare for different reality: Will Baker-Hamilton report change US view of Israel?

The New Babylon: Iran's Ahmadinejad wants to intimidate Israel, not destroy it

Egypt's Mubarak: Shalit release deal in final stages

Rocket Fire on Israel Continues

PLO panel calls for early elections

Conservative Movement Approves Homosexual Rabbis

Labor Court Ruling Bans Work on Sabbath on Kibbutzim

U.N. Seeks $450M in Aid for Palestinians

Israeli forces wound Palestinian on Gaza border

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran hitting obstacles to enrichment: Islamic Republic has recently encountered major technological complications in its attempts to enrich uranium -- Iran will still obtain nuclear power by the end of the decade

Gates's shocking thinking on Iran

Knesset Defense Expert: U.S. Stance on Iran is Worrisome

The price of Iran's help in Iraq

Gunmen Kidnap 3 at Nigerian Oil Plant

Gates Confirmed As Secretary of Defense - Overwhelming Senate Vote

Jordanian Court Convicts 4 of Terrorism

Australia relaxes stem cell laws after emotional debate

Dollar holds gains from upbeat data: Private-sector report showed solid U.S. job growth in November, boosting chances of a positive payrolls report later in the week

Oil firm as warm U.S. weather offsets stock drawdown

Poisoned spy case to be treated as murder says Scotland Yard

Radiation Found at British Embassy in Moscow

Mary Cheney and Partner Are About to Be Moms: vice president's openly gay daughter, is pregnant

Mixed reaction to Cheney's daughter's pregnancy

U.S. hurricane aid fraud likely tops $1 bln

Global Environment Crisis News

'We're living on borrowed time', claims Charles - if we don't stop eating up the world's resources

While Senate Panel Debates Global Warming, CNN Anchor Snoozes

A global warming skeptic's parting shot: Sen. Inhofe, soon to be replaced as panel chair, airs his view once more

Media Shows Irrational Hysteria on Global Warming: "The Public Has Been Vastly Misinformed," NCPA's Deming Tells Senate Committee -- Reporter wanted to interview Deming, but only on condition that he would state that Global Warming was due to human activity

December 6, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

CFR's Gates Says U.S. Is Not Winning Iraq War: Bush's appointment for Defense Secretary - warned that if that country is not stabilized in the next year or two it could lead to a "regional conflagration."

Tony Snow: Bush Disagrees With Gates, Says We Are 'Winning'

Gates Says He's Open to Ideas on Iraq

PM Blair flying to US for talks with Bush as a high-level panel delivers its verdict on the situation in Iraq -- Two leaders will discuss "options"

‘We Can’t Afford to Leave’: As the debate over Iraq intensifies, leading Democrat Silvestre Reyes is calling for the deployment of more U.S. troops

Iraq Study Group (ISG) will urge policy shift in Iraq War: Will also recommend troops move from combat to support roles, with all combat troops gone by early 2008 - also urges Bush to talk directly to Iran and Syria

Iraq report is moment of truth on Iraq

Who Brought Us to the Iraq Abyss?

Democratic Leaders Rule Out Iraq Funds Cutoff

Saddam makes surprise showing in court

Gates appears headed Senate confirmation

Uneasy Iraq, Koreas to push up US arms deals to $20 bn this fiscal year

Arizona to mark fighter F-16 pilot's death: Maj. Troy Gilbert, a Luke Air Force Base fighter pilot killed in Iraq late last month

Iraq to command own forces by spring: US Major-General Caldwell

Baghdad bus attack kills at least 14 Iraqis: Other violence in capital claims at least 30 - Iraqi police in Baghdad also discovered at least 60 bodies yesterday, apparent victims of death squad killings

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

World Powers Fail to Reach Iran Accord: U.N. resolution to punish Iran for defying demands to halt its nuclear program - Tehran made a new threat of retaliation if the powers opted for sanctions

'US won't order preemptive Iran strike'

Why should Iran talk on Iraq when it is already winning?

Blurring Political Lines in the Military Debate - Retired Marine General Zinni warns that leaving Iraq quickly would strengthen Iranian influence throughout the Middle East, create a sanctuary for terrorist groups, encourage even more sectarian strife in Iraq and risk turmoil in an oil-rich region

Britain needs Trident as it cannot rely on US: British Prime Minister Blair

'Assassination' schedule announced for Congress: Hal Turner, radio-show host says leaders won't be allowed to 'betray' nation by voting for illegal immigration

Third U.S. mad cow case reported in Virginia: CDC

NYC Health Board Votes to Ban Trans Fats: First city to ban artery-clogging artificial trans fats at restaurants - from the corner pizzeria to high-end bakeries to fast food restaurants

British Police to quiz Russian businessman in poisoning case

British Royal Marine dies in battle with Taliban

Oil prices stall above $62 a barrel

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Foreign Minister Livni: International pressure on Hamas is 'bearing fruit'

Al Aksa operative warns: Rocket attacks will resume

Defense Secretary Peretz: Kassams least of our problems - Hinting at a possible nuclear or chemical strike against Israel

Any info on captured reservists confidential: Defense Minister Amir Peretz told Army Radio

Captive's Father Declares: No deal if captured sons are dead

PM Olmert: Working premise is that captive troops are alive

Lebanese politician Hariri appeals to Hizbollah leader Nasrallah to stop Lebanon turmoil

Syrian representatives tell Kadima MKs in Amman they want peace

17 illegal houses demolished in Negev by Israel Land Administration: Bedouins furious

Banning work on Saturdays angers kibbutzim: Movement calls it 'hard blow to workers' livelihood'

Breathtaking Pictures of Modern Day Israel On CDROM - Blow-out Sale!

Doubts grow over Muslim lawmaker's loyalty: Keith Ellison tied to group that holds Quran as highest legal authority

Some happy that a family film flaunts dire facts: Penguin movie "Happy Feet" making tens of millions of youngsters -- and their parents -- across the country are suddenly aware that man-made problems are threatening the penguins near the South Pole, and almost everything else in the South Seas

Former Clinton Adviser, Dick Morris: Hillary wants to be 'President Rodham' rather than using her married name, Clinton

December 5, 2006


'US won't order preemptive Iran strike'

IAEA chief warns against isolation of Iran, North Korea: Confrontation would only lead them to accelerate their nuclear programs

Bush warns Shia leader over Iran, Syria roles in Iraq

Iran to export 1m liter of oil, byproducts to Iraq daily

U.N. Ambassador Bolton Resigns: As Bush decides not to fight Democrat Congress, his decision is a harbringer of how much politics have changed because of election

Bush Agenda Came 1st for Bolton at U.N.

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

North Korea test highlights need for nuclear curbs: Test shook the international world

North Korean missiles, nukes boost U.S. air power deterrent role

Pakistani President Musharraf pushes shared Kashmir sovereignty plan

Australian PM Howard refuses Fijian request for military intervention: Confirms that a military coup is underway in Fiji

Map of Fiji

Soldiers try to enter Fiji PM's house

Fijian soldiers 'strangling' the capital, Suva

Turkey facing identity crisis

US rejects talking to Cuba's 'dictator-in-waiting' - Raul Castro

Guantánamo Prison Building: What's the rush?

Justice, Guantanamo Bay-style: Anxious combatant detainees turn to each other for legal assistance

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Bush's Second-Biggest Mistake

Car bombs, gunmen kill 29 in Baghdad

Worried in the war zone: Why many Iraqis fear an American withdrawal

Gates Hearing Has New Urgency

Iraq: Grim Reality

How to Stay in Iraq: The Iraq Study Group Rides to the Rescue

The Dangerous Consequences of Defeat: United States' goals for Afghanistan and Iraq have failed

Bush, seeking end to Iraq chaos, meets Iraqi Shi'ite leader

Bush May Face Iraq Change Recommendation: From CFR's James Baker and his Iraq Study Group

US helicopter down in Iraqi lake, four dead

Saddam genocide trial wraps up witness phase

NATO summit at Riga throws up a surprise

Probe of NYC Police Shooting Moves Ahead - deadly police shooting that left one man dead hours before his weddin

UK Moscow embassy to be tested in radiation poison probe

Breathtaking Pictures of Modern Day Israel On CDROM - Blow-out Sale!

Israeli Education Minister Yuli Tamir orders textbook maps published with 1967 borders

Settlers reject Tamir's textbooks: Storm follows education minister's decision to add Green Line to Israel's map in student textbooks

Hamas Chief Promises War Even if PA State is Established

Enemy Fires Rockets into Israel as "Ceasefire" Continues

Netanyahu: Time to stop restraint policy - Hamas planning new rocket attacks

Lebanon official: Riots could escalate, reaching new and dangerous levels

PM's remarks anger soldiers' families

US talks with Syria, Iran could isolate Israel

France and Germany call for an end to all interference in the affairs of Lebanon by Syria

Army reform can't wait: IDF needs to fix flaws soon in order to be ready for possible war in summer


December 4, 2006

Political Adviser: Hillary Clinton Actively Weighs '08 Presidential Bid

Fundraising beat goes on for California Governor.: Special accounts help Schwarzenegger add to his record cash totals

Runaway victory for Venezuelan President Chavez - won re-election by a wide margin for another six years

President Chavez promises to outdo himself in new term

Viewpoints: What kind of a leader is Chavez?

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Baghdad triple car bomb kills 40: Massive blasts rip through crowded commercial districts leaving 40 people dead, 87 wounded

Nine US troops killed in Iraq

U.S. on offensive in Iraq, Rumsfeld considered pullback

Beginning of the End: The Iraq Study Group report is scheduled to release December 6

U.N.'s Annan says Iraq now in grip of civil war - worse than under Saddam

US plans more arms for Iraq's PM Maliki: Gives Maliki light arms, vehicles, tanks, helicopters to competes with Iran to influence Iraq’s Shiites

Saudi prepares to intervene in Iraq: Oil-rich kingdom says will intervene in Iraq to prevent Shiite militias from massacring Sunnis if US withdraws

Iraqi president rejects suggestions for international conference on Iraq

Pilot of crashed F-16 listed as killed in action: F-16 crashed near Baghdad last week

Saddam appeals controversial death sentence

Women face emotional wounds of war

Bush Aide Insists: 'We Have Not Failed in Iraq'

Straight talk no more: Senator McCain’s Iraq message muddled


Israeli - Palestinian War

Breathtaking Pictures of Modern Day Israel On CDROM - Blow-out Sale!

General Naveh tightens rules for IDF operations in West Bank: Restraining itself in face of provocation

Analysis: A deceptive cease-fire - By the time you read these words, the cease-fire around the Gaza Strip could well have totally disintegrated

Enemy Fires Rockets into Israel as "Ceasefire" Continues

PM Overrules Security Brass: Don´t Touch Gaza Rocket Cells

PM Olmert: Military operation did not stop Qassam rocket attacks but defended his ceasefire policy - "Give peace a try"

Syria smuggling missiles to Hizbullah - by the truckload!

Islamic Jihad Warns: "Truce gone with the wind"

Israel will not cooperate with a UN fact-finding mission to investigate last month's botched IDF shelling in Beit Hanun that killed 19 people: But she will not bar Desmond Tutu's entry

French presidential candidate Segolene Royal presses Fatah for unity gov't

Iran-PA Summit: Ahmadinejad Says Israel's Demise is Near

A Sparkling Bubble: Typical method of Ben-Gurion: before launching a military operation, he would make a speech culminating with "We are holding out our hand for peace!"

News From Lebanon

Radical Islam May Engulf Lebanon

Sunnis begin to rally behind Lebanese PM Saniora

British police heading to Moscow in Litvinenko poisoning probe

Friend Names Suspect in Spy Poisoning

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

'It is clear Fiji is on the brink of a coup'

The man with the guns: Frank Bainimarama controls the guns, and in Fiji's's recent history that has often counted for everything

Philippine typhoon victims buried in mass graves

A Rare Silence Reverberates in Fidel Castro’s Long Goodbye

Raul Castro open for talks with arch-enemy US

Firm offers to pay for pupils to see Gore film: Global Warming propaganda

Turkish PM Erdogan talks with Iran on Iraq, trade -- Ezekiel 38-39 fulfillment taking shape!

President Carter Talks of Funeral Plans


December 3, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Rumsfeld Memo on Iraq Proposed ‘Major’ Change - Sent to President two days before being relieved - New objective was to " not lose"

Blair and Bush to hold Iraq handover summit

Rising Death Toll After Iraqi Blasts: Triple car bomb attack has killed at least 51 people and wounded 90 others in central Baghdad

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier north of Baghdad

2 Ft. Lewis soldiers in November Iraq toll

Many Marines head to dangerous Anbar Province: 2,200 Marines

6 militants, 3 others die in Iraq raids in Baghdad

Scarred by war: 'It's hard to come back and be normal'

Women revive a club no one wants to join: Gold Star Mothers lost children in war

Iraq, by any name, is U.S. disaster: Country is ruined

From skies to streets, woman warriors face the enemy – and change military landscape

North Korea Offers Uranium to Russia - In exchange for Russia's support at the stalled 6-Nation Talks

Radiation Assassination - Latest Blow To Russia's Worldwide Image

Putin wanted Blair to gag poisoned spy in the final hours before the victim's death

Letters smuggled out of Russia purporting to show the existence of a secret squad set up to target poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko and others

Radiation tests conducted at hotel: Police and Health Protection Agency officials have sealed off a hotel

Four Greeks were undergoing medical tests for possible contamination by a radioactive substance that killed a former KGB spy in London last month

Poisoning Latest Blow to Russia's Image

Thousands Waiting for Power in Midwest

World oil prices rebound: A fierce winter storm hitting the US Midwest also supported prices on expectations of rising demand for heating oil

Castro a No-Show at 80th Birthday Bash

Afghanistan War Widow Dedicates Wiccan Plaque Symbol On Husband's Memorial: After fighting Washington for more than a year over the emblem -- Symbol was five-pointed star enclosed by a circle

Pope proves himself a diplomat on trip to Turkey

Pope Benedict XVI - The Fallible Patriarch


Israeli - Palestinian War

Breathtaking Pictures of Modern Day Israel On CDROM - Blow-out Sale!

Hezbollah leads huge protest in Beirut, Lebanon

'Hizbullah protest is attempted coup': Druse MP Walid Jumblatt, a senior coalition member

Israel will pay price: Possible takeover of Lebanon by Syria/Hezbollah supporters bad news for Israel

IDF increases alert level on northern border: Concerned Hizbullah will try to organize anti-Saniora demonstrations along the border

UN human rights inquiry declares: Israel should compensate Lebanon

Defense Minister Peretz says cease-fire will not extend to West Bank - 7th Qassam rocket hits -- breaks "ceasefire"

PM Olmert to discuss peace bid with Saudis

Israeli tourists urged to leave Sinai immediately: Egyptian security seeking four Palestinian terrorists planning attacks on Israelis

Suicide bombing thwarted by IDF troops

'Hamas blew chance to end sanctions': EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana

Palestinian group threatens women in Gaza Strip who don't cover up: Terror group called "Just Swords of Islam"

Non-residents in territories threaten to sue Israeli gov't

Red Cross: Philippine typhoon toll may hit 1,000

Suicide bombing kills 8: Somalia blames al-Qaeda

Muslims Seek Prayer Room at Minneapolis Airport

THE FAKING IMAMS -- Pajamas Media Exclusive: Police Report, Passenger Reveals That Flying Imams Were Up to No Good In Minneapolis Incident

Politics In The News

Washington Watches Pelosi's First Steps: As she prepares to assume duties as Speaker of the House

Next Chairman for House Intelligence Committee Opposed War: Selection sends strong signal that Democrats plan to use Iraq War as political issue

Pelosi schooled on ethics

Unfair to claim that George W. Bush is the worst president of all time. He's merely the fifth worst in the White House Hall of Shame - damage must be largely self-inflicted and substantial to the nation in order to qualify

In the name of Christianity: "Radical Christianity" seems at least as much a threat to world security as Islam!

December 2, 2006


Radiation Poisoning -- Focus On Russia's KGB

Poison plotters claim their second victim: Mario Scaramella, an Italian security expert who met the Russian exile on the day that he fell ill

Litvinenko’s Wife, Also Contaminated by Radioactive Substance

Nuclear Chief Says All Russian Polonium is Shipped to U.S.: Cannot be legally obtained within Russia

Former Spy, Rights Campaigner Says Russia Death Squad Planned Litvinenko’s Killing: The KGB’s main successor agency had formed a death squadron to kill him and other Kremlin foes

Editorial: Polonium Trail: Perpetrators might have been rogue Russian elements, even criminal elements

Coup Attempt In Lebanon

200,000 protestors call for Lebanon's 'US puppet' government to go

Lebanese PM Saniora won't quit despite pressure

A Historic and Frightening Moment in Beirut: Massive, peaceful, pro-Hizbullah and anti-government protest in Beirut this day, December 1, marks a unique occurrence in Arab politic

Al-Qaeda threatens Jordan's King Abdullah

Election Aftermath News

House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi has chosen a Border Patrol agent- turned-congressman to lead the House Intelligence Committee: Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas

Democrats to offer permanent tax cut

Congressman Keith Ellison draws heat over Koran: First Muslim member of Congress next month, has offended some conservatives with his plan to use a Koran during his ceremonial swearing-in

Phoenix Airport to Test X-Ray Screening: Full-body screening machines reveal entire naked body!

Grim search as typhoon kills hundreds in Philippines: Driving rain and winds of up to 225 kph (140 mph) dislodged tonnes of mud and boulders from the slopes of Mount Mayon

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

US groping for exit from Iraq: No graceful exit

Spinning on an axis of evil

Iraqi PM Maliki: Iraqi forces will be ready by June to take over security responsibilities

US Iraq panel to recommend gradual Iraq exit: Recommendations to carry significant weight with President Bush

Beginning of the End: Iraq Study Group report, to be released on December 6, marks the beginning of the end of America's war in Iraq

Bush set to ignore both the Democrat Congress and the Baker report on Iraq

Highly anticipated Iraq report may fall flat

In U.S., Iraq is a war of words: Semantics trying to cover the reality of a civil war mask a political divide

Rummy Gold Medal award sparks firestorm: "Rumsfeld is a failure. I don't think you should give an award for failure."

Get Feith and Exit Iraq without Bush: Biggest lie is that the United States was on an idealistic expedition to fight tyranny and spread the gospel of democracy

Robert Fisk Editorial: Bush and Iraq: Fantasy Knows No Bounds - "More than half a million deaths, an army trapped in the largest military debacle since Vietnam, a Middle East policy already buried in the sands of Mesopotamia"

Ayatollah Khatami says U.S. should get out of Iraq

Iraqi forces with U.S. air support raid one of Baghdad's oldest areas: House-to-house fighting

Iraqi police may have murdered British sergeant, Army admits

Explosion Waiting to Happen in Northern Iraq

Rice Says U.S. Has Made Mistakes in Iraq

Iraqi PM’s refusal to meet Jordan's King Abdullah raises specter of sectarian divide

Troops who threw themselves on grenades could get Medal of Honor

U.S. Gov't Terror Ratings Draw Outrage

Israeli - Palestinian War

Breathtaking Pictures of Modern Day Israel On CDROM - Blow-out Sale!

Hamas Rejects Demands by PLO Leaders

Iran's Ahmadinejad to Palestinian PM Haniyeh: Israel close to disappearing

Israel slammed at UN General Assembly: World body passed six pro-Palestinian resolutions over US and Israeli objections

General Assembly Resolution: Israel must withdraw from E.J'lem, Golan, dismantle settlements, withdraw to pre-1967 borders

Fatah Terrorist Group: We are completely paralyzed

Annan: Israel compromising stability

Storm Blankets Midwest, Grounds Planes

CMA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) Doctors Urge Passage of Informed Consent Bill on Fetal Pain: Woman must be informed that child will experience great pain during abortion

December 1, 2006

Pope makes Turkish mosque visit - Being seen as an attempt to mend relations with the Muslim community

Millions of international travelers assigned terrorist risk ratings by U.S. government: Without their knowledge

Radiation Poisoning Fallout

FBI Joins Investigation of Poisoned Spy and Kremlin Critic

Ex-Russian premier 'also a victim of poisoning': Had been close to death but has since recovered and is under close watch in Moscow clinic

Deadly polonium traced to Russian nuclear plant: Alexander Litvinenko was most probably murdered by "rogue elements" in the Russian state

Spy Radiation Fears Grow: 12 sites in Great Britain contaminated

33,000 British Airways passengers alerted over radiation - after traces of a substance, thought to be the same that killed the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, were found on the two planes

Al Qaeda cyber-terrorists target Wall St

Abysmal failure of NATO countries at Riga summit meeting to commit more troops to Afghanistan will further encourage a countrywide Taliban offensive: West is seen as "giving up the ghost" in Afghanistan

New York trans fat ban expected to pass: McDonald's and Burger King fighting City Council proposed measure

Q3 growth in US faster than expected

"Then And Now" Bible Map Book

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Robert Fisk Editorial: Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in denial

PM Maliki hailed as 'the right guy for Iraq' by President Bush: Civil war is ignored

Bush, al-Maliki offer no solutions: Meeting in Jordan leaves more questions than answers

Bush returns from Jordan to face scrutiny over policy

Iraqi PM al-Maliki faces revolt within his own government

Iraq panel to call for US to trade troops for diplomacy

Bush to decide on Iraq policy within weeks: Iraq Study Group will recommend the phased withdrawal of 15 US combat brigades but will not set a timetable

Two lessons from Iraq — 1) be honest; 2) be realistic

Hands across the Iraq divide: Some Sunni Muslim clerics are breaking with the most militant factions in their sect and reaching out to Shiite clergy in an effort to pull Iraq back from the abyss

Bush: Iraq should not be partitioned

86 corpses found across Iraq: Over past 24 hours

South Korea confirms troops to leave Iraq

US-Iran in Tug-of-War Over Iraq

Thoughtful day about war in Iraq

News Flash: American Media Begins To Think For Itself -- some media outlets are finally opting to be truth-tellers rather than cheerleaders about Bush Administration's policies

Senator McCain Courts Crucial Support of Governors

Democrats should see the nation as purple

Venezuela's President Chavez vows to thwart vote coup plot

Environmentalists get an unexpected boost: From Religious Americans!

Liberal Christians Going Head-to-Head with Conservative Christians: Attempting to dilute the political influence of their conservative brethren

Israeli - Palestinian War

Breathtaking Pictures of Modern Day Israel On CDROM - Blow-out Sale!

IDF Warns: Palestinian arms smuggling ongoing in Gaza

European Union's foreign policy chief Javier Solana to push for Abbas, PM Olmert meeting

Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora Proclaims: Lebanese democracy is in danger

Beirut: Unprecedented security around Siniora’s office- Coalition supporters: This is overthrow attempt

Israel Warns: Hizbullah coup against Lebanon government could oust UNIFIL international peacekeeping troops

Secretary Rice urges cease-fire 'consolidation'

Palestinians a culture of violence

Hebron: Border guard hurt, attacker killed

Nablus: Rioting Palestinian youth killed by IDF

Palestinian's Abbas to deliver ‘momentous speech’ - during which he will speak of the failed unity government negotiations

Mainline Churches Silent on South Africa's First Same-Sex 'Marriage' Law

Sundance Film Fest lineup announced

Sundance picks Seattle film on horse-sex case: Case of an Enumclaw man who died in 2005 after having sex with a horse

Iraq War looms large at Sundance festival

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says U.S. should talk to Iran, not attack







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