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December 16, 2006

December 16-31, 2006

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SADDAM’S HANGING -- UNCUT - Video shot from cell phone shows executioners shouting Shi'ite slogans as Saddam tells them "to go to Hell" - reinforces Sunni suspicion that Saddam was executed from Shi'ite revenge rather than from sense of Justice

On the Gallows, Curses for U.S. and ‘Traitors’

Dictator's daughter told her father would hang as she enjoyed beauty salon: Saddam had ordered her husband murdered - still she defended her father

Saddam Hussein buried next to two sons

Curfews Imposed After Saddam's Execution

Saddam Hussein: How Washington and London helped to create the monster they went to war to destroy - for more than a decade, Saddam Hussein was staunchly supported by the US., supplied him with many of the weapons of mass destruction the dictator used against his foes

Execution isn't turning point once expected

PM Maliki to reap benefits from execution

Iraqi Shiites in the U.S. satisfied with Saddam's execution

'US digging its own grave'

Opposition To Saddam's Execution

Timing of Saddam execution risks Arab backlash: Led to the gallows on one of Islam's most important feast days, the "Eid al-Adha"

Israeli MK Barakei: US acted wrongly on Saddam

Israeli Knesset Member Tibi denounces 'sadistic' execution; Called execution a "mark of Cain on the American occupation [in Iraq]."

British MP denounces Saddam’s hanging

Vatican Spokesman Denounces Execution

Saddam's execution renews international debate on death penalty

War News

Iraq bombs kill more than 77 as Saddam executed: Dozens killed, wounded in series of bloody car bombings that cause chaos after government's pre-dawn execution of ousted dictator

Triple Baghdad car bombs kill at least 15

December deadliest month for US troops in Iraq: Death toll reaches 108 after three more Marines die of wounds sustained in Anbar battle

2006: a year of fear in Iraq

Failure to stop war in Iraq haunts Annan as he exits: Worst time of his career, says departing U.N. chief

Invasion of Baghdad: Bush & Julius Caesar compared

Science told: hands off gay sheep - Experiments that claim to ‘cure’ homosexual rams spark anger

Honors For Former President Ford - Member of CFR, Bilderbergers Secret Societies

Ford's Casket Arrives at U.S. Capitol

Cheney Hails Ford's Pardon of Nixon

Vail's love for Ford burns bright: Hundreds of torchbearers ski slopes as townspeople recall him as "one of us"

Ex-Congressman Collapses at Ford Funeral: Former Rep. William Broomfield, 84

Monster Snowstorm Moves From Denver Into Plains: Created huge drifts, absolute white-out conditions

Food, aid may come by chopper: 15-foot drifts on plains

Drifts spell disaster for livestock

Storms' one-two punch more costly than '03

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas official announces breakthrough on captured IDF soldier, Shalit

Videotape shows Shalit alive

'More options needed against Kassams' terror rocket attacks

Continued Kassam rocket attacks scuttle Palestinian prisoner release deal

IDF wounds 2 Palestinians by Gaza fence

Gazans fear radio will lead them to civil war


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

State media says, ‘Shiite messiah will kill archenemy in Jerusalem, could come during Spring Equinox' - A triumphal religious prophecy has appeared on an Iranian official state media website, heralding the return of the Shiite messiah

Opposition Group Claims: Iran behind 80 percent of terror attacks in world

Iran's Rafsanjani warns West against sanctions

Israeli Viewpoint - What to do with Iran? We must coordinate independent strike with US, prepare for Iranian response

Iran to give Iraq $1 billion reconstruction loan

Somalia: Final bloody showdown with Islamic militia looms

Some in Ethiopia question war in Somalia: In a country divided evenly between Muslims and Christians, there are worries that the foray next door could lead to instability at home - Many believe the United States used Ethiopia to launch a proxy war against the Islamists.

"This was an American-made war," said Akmel Negash, 22, a student

December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein Executed for War Crimes: Went to the gallows before sunrise Saturday

‘I Saw Fear, He Was Afraid’: Man who was hired to photograph execution

Bush: Execution A "Milestone" But Will Not Halt Violence

Vatican Spokesman Denounces Execution

Russian Lawmakers Warned Against Saddam Hussein`s Execution

Pentagon: U.S. Forces on High Alert Following Saddam's Execution

Palestinians mourn execution of Saddam

Insurgency set to outlive Saddam

U.S. soldiers and military families offer mixed assessment on meaning of Saddam's execution

Gadhafi's Libya declares 3-day official mourning for Saddam

War's reality overshadows Saddam's death

Bomb kills 31, wounds 58 in Iraqi town: December the year's deadliest month for U.S. troops in Iraq with the toll reaching 108

U.S. military compiles biometric database on Iraqi fighters, Saddam loyalists

US soldier kills senior aide to Sadr in Najaf

Thirteen die in Baghdad blasts

Incoming House Intelligence Chairman Reyes says U.S. intelligence was ‘manipulated’

Review of the year: Iraq -- A nation soaked in blood tears itself apart

Christians flee Iraq, find Syria 'ruthless': Ministries say believers have no Mideast refuge

Korean Troops End Year in Iraq on a High Note

South Korean Companies Likely to Make Forays Into Northern Iraq

1 Hurt in Blast Outside Madrid Airport

Russian Man Caught on CCTV May Hold Key to Litvinenko Poison Plot

Denver Gets Blitzed by Another Snowstorm: Not expected to be as severe as the Christmas blizzard

Hundreds of Flights Canceled in Denver

Imam Found Killed Inside Mosque in South Russian Republic

Stocks Drop, Closing Out Record Year

Oil Prices End 2006 Where They Started

Iris Scanning Database Targeting Children, Elderly, Grows

Smart cards gaining favor for ID card purpose

Blundering into Somalia: US-backed and financed Ethiopian offensive was clearly designed to crush the first stable government strife-torn Somalia has had in 15 years of civil war - new Islamic government ended Somalia’s long civil war by crushing local warlords who were being armed and financed by the CIA

Search for Human Remains Expands at WTC - searchers found what may be more bone fragments at the site

Thousands in Calif. Pay Respects to Former President Ford

Betty Ford leads dignified final rites: Procession today to Capitol

Moral Collapse

Middle school girls gone wild: Don't stop don't stop," sings Janet Jackson, all whispery. "Jerk it like you're making it choke. Ohh. I'm so stimulated. Feel so X- rated." -- eroticism in popular culture is a 24-hour, all-you-can-eat buffet - The latest debate centers on whether simulated intercourse is an appropriate dance style for the high school gym

Out of the shadows, the Big Love women who want the right to share a husband: Mormon wives are coming forward for the first time to defend their plural marriages

Mike Tyson is rung up on cocaine rap

Israeli - Palestinian War

10 Qassams fired at Israel

Kassam (Qassam) rocket smashes home in w. Negev

IDF ethicist: Restraint policy concerning Kassam rocket launches is legit

California: 'Kabbalah' meeting draws debate - 'Kabbalah for masses?' forum in San Diego conference hears justifications for kabbalah center activities

Israel's new God: Money quietly replaces security as country's most prominent concern

No prisoner release before Islamic holy time of "Eid al-Adha"

Between hope and despair: 6 months without Gilad Shalit (captured IDF soldier)

Between Wars, U.S. Toughening Up on Israel

Pope Declares: Homosexuals destroy themselves

Bush sheltered during tornado alert at ranch at Crawford, Texas

D. James Kennedy suffers major heart attack: 75-year-old founder of Coral Ridge Ministries in 'grave condition'

U.S. sailors die after being swept off submarine deck

December 29, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

U.S. Preparing for Saddam's Execution: Dead by Sunday?

Saddam's Time Running Out: U.S. Takes First Step Toward Handing Him Over To Iraqi Authorities

TV plans tasteful coverage of Saddam execution

Saddam team 'to take belongings' : His lawyers have been asked to pick up his personal effects

Saddam Hussein's execution could spark more bloodshed in Iraq

Executing Saddam no longer makes sense: The rule of law under which the former dictator was tried, convicted and sentenced does not exist in today's Iraq

Prince Harry off to Iraq: Possibly by May

U.S. forces release Iranian diplomats in Iraq

Bush says more consultation needed before he crafts new U.S. plan in Iraq

Bush considers more troops for Iraq

Syria plans regional conference on Iraq -U.S. Senator Arlen Specter

Archbishop's 'regrets' over Iraq

Bombs kill 20 Iraqis as U.S. monthly toll hits 100

Iraqi river police patrol the Tigris: Trained in the U.S., the officers bring out the dead and guard a violent stretch of waterway

Senator Johnson Remains in Critical Condition: Democrat control of Senate hangs in the balance

John Edwards launches bid for U.S. presidency

South Korea termed North Korea a grave threat: Further sign of the deepening chill in relations between the two since Pyongyang's nuclear test nearly three months ago

2006: A bitter, fruitless year for six-party talks

Americans Begin Debate on US Nuclear Weapons Program

Former President Ford - In The News

Funeral Services Begin Friday for Ex-President Ford: Five days of events planned

President Bush Pays Tribute to Gerald Ford

Tributes to Ford begin in California

Ford attacks Bush over Iraq invasion in message from beyond the grave: Ex-president's views kept secret until after his death

Asia scrambles to restore communications after quake off Taiwan

China airs ambitions to beef up naval power

Russia's Missile Forces successfully launch SS-18 Satan ICBM

The end of the West as we know it?

Ancient ice shelf snaps and breaks free from the Canadian Arctic: Giant ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields

Cloned meat, milk safe for consumption: FDA rules

President Bush picked both as top hero AND top villain: AP-AOL poll

Somalian troops take Mogadishu: Ethiopian forces join the march into the capital. The Islamic alliance flees

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel escorts Egyptian arms delivery to Abbas: U.S. consents to the shipment, intended to counter the militant Hamas movement by "building up" Abbas' Fatah terror group

Arab Editor Warns: Arming Abbas and Hamas is a Step Toward Civil War

Israel won't release prisoners for the Islamic "Id al-Adha" holiday: Without release of captured IDF soldier

Former IDF Chief of Staff Shomron gives report on Lebanon war

Internal IDF War Probe Doesn’t Call for Halutz to Resign

'Gaza is no longer safe for journalists': Reporters Without Borders (RWB) laments

'Israel is open to any murmur of peace': PM Olmert, responding to reports that Syria wants to talk peace

Qassam terror rockets hit Sderot area -- In Face of Qassams, Battered Town Councils Prepare to Evacuate

US-initiated changes at Karni fuel Palestinian export boom: Security crossing made both safer against terrorists and more efficient

Former President Carter's book: Anti-Semitism, not peace - Sounds like Palestinian Authority propaganda

Democrats likely to resurrect detainee legislation: Deciding what legal rights must be protected for detainees held in the war on terrorism

Momentous events of 2006

Iran seeks to use "the haj" holiday for political gain: Saudi authorities concerned Iran may cause disturbances during pilgrimmage to Mecca

Iranian thought police: We must keep channels of communication with Iranian people open

December 28, 2006


NAFTA Taking Shape As A Nation - Currency Upheaval Prelude To Abandoning US Dollar, Replacing It With "Amero"!

Related Article: Dollar slides against Euro

Evangelical Church On The Outside - Breathtaking Masonic, Satanic Symbols Adorn The Inside: Never would have I ever seen such incredible images of Satan inside a Protestant Church!

Peace on Earth - True or False?

Dollar hit by news of central bank selling

A coming of age for the European currency

US dollar bill’s standing as the world’s favourite form of cash is being usurped by the five-year-old euro

Former President Ford's State Funeral to Begin Friday

Remembering President Ford: The Accident President

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Iraq prepares for rapid Saddam execution

Saddam Hussein's Baath party threatens to retaliate if their leader is executed

Saddam Letter Urges Iraqis Not to Hate

Hussein letter cites readiness for "sacrifice"

Saddam To Hang At Torture Prison

Vatican slams Saddam's death penalty

Troop "Surge" in Iraq Would Be Another Mistake: "Surge" means Stalingrad

Three bombs killed 23 Iraqis in Baghdad: U.S. military announced the deaths of 3 American soldiers

Two tales suggest a new strategy for Iraq: Two fascinating stories emerged from Iran and Saudi Arabia

Gates visited Baghdad to quell US soldiers mutiny in Anbar: US imminent attack on Ramadi soon

Anger in Najaf after Al-Sadr aide killed

Iraq’s hidden refugee crisis

Rice 'invited' to testify on Iraq policy

Senator Biden Vows to Fight Any Iraq Troop Boost

Iraq civilian massacre: US Marines 'will point the finger of blame at senior officers'

When Resolve Turns Reckless - by Senator John Kerry

How the West could lose its war against Islam: CFR's Daniel Pipes

Research To Limit Mental Fatigue Among Soldiers May Foster Controversial Ways To Enhance The Human Brain: "Juicing The Brain"

Heady Days for Makers of Weapons: THESE are very good times for military contractors

Taiwan Earthquake knocks Asia back to phone age, and beyond

Communication Chaos Reigns

Bush's losing team

Bush is bracing for new scrutiny: White House hiring lawyers in expectation of Democratic probes

New storm takes aim at Colorado: 7 inches to 2 feet feared

Murders Are Up in New York, Other Cities

Islamist forces abandon Mogadishu

Somali clan leaders may help fight Islamists: Ethiopian and Somali government troops drove Islamic fighters out of Jowhar, the last major town on the northern road to Mogadishu

The GOP's $3 Bn Propaganda Organ

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel lets Egypt ship arms to Fatah: Trying to "build up" Fatah

Hizbullah is paying Palestinian splinter groups "thousands of dollars" for each Kassam rocket fired

US Would Allow Israel To Negotiate With Syria

IDF unsatisfied with cease-fire stance

Abbas proposes 'backdoor' peace talks

Danger zone around Gaza to triple

IDF receives order to attack rocket launchers

Islamic Jihad Boasts: We are firing more accurate rockets

Dfense Minister Peretz to war casualties: We achieved goals in Lebanon, we did not fail in the war

Snowy Night: Too late for a White Christmas, snow covers Jerusalem and northern Israeli mountain tops

Hajj begins amid growing Muslim sectarian tension: Nearly 3 million Muslims from around the world, chanting "I am here, Lord" and raising their hands to heaven, marched through a desert valley outside Mecca

Hillary Hires Evangelical Consultant

December 27, 2006

Former President Gerald Ford Dies at 93: Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations Member

The Ford Presidency: Gerald Ford, who took over from a disgraced Richard Nixon, led the U.S. out of the shadow of Watergate

Ford pardon sealed Watergate shut

Bush Calls Gerald Ford 'Great American'

Flashback - Nixon Resigns: The Washington Post article on August 9, 1974


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Iraq Court Upholds Saddam Death Sentence: Court orders hanging in no longer than 30 days

Hundreds apply to be Saddam’s hangman

India disagrees with Saddam death sentence

At least 54 Iraqis, 7 U.S. troops killed: Series of bomb blasts, battles with insurgents add to death toll

At least 31 troops with Pennsylvania ties killed in Iraq in 2006

More Soldiers But Draft Is Off Table

US Military considers recruiting foreigners: Already struggling to meet recruiting goals

British Prince Harry May Yet See Action In Iraq War

Basra raid sends message: The British-led move against rogue forces challenges Iraqis to get a grip on security

What has long been a catastrophic tragedy is also now a horrific farce: British occupation army's assault on its own police force in Basra confirms Iraq as a far greater disaster than Suez

Bush's Iraq plan gets big build-up

Democrats will soon get a say on Iraq: Congress' new leaders aim to thwart Bush's call for a troop increase

2006 marks end of 'stay the course' in Iraq: U.S. hopes not realized as year ends

2007: A Year of Accountability? No guarantees that the Bush Administration will be held accountable for its abuse of executive power or for the war crimes it has committed - But the forces of accountability - nationally and internationally - are assembling

At Least 260 Dead In Nigeria Pipeline Fire: Flames Sweep Through Crowd Stealing Gasoline From Ruptured Pipeline

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran's parliament votes to revise ties with the U.N. nuclear agency: Move seen as likely to reduce the country's cooperation with the international atomic authority

The U.N. votes, Iran ignores

What the Russian papers say: Tehran to continue splitting Moscow and Washington

Burning Issues No. 18: Is Russia an ally of Iran? Russia refused to impose even mild UN sanctions

Iran and North Korea standoff: US policy on NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) is in tatters

Taiwan 7.1 Quake Severely Disrupts Communications: Undersea cables were cut

Huge quakes terrify southern Taiwan

PM Blair will leave no small legacy

People's Revolt in Lebanon: People are revolting against PM Siniora's economic plan

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Hamas must play role in peace process': Vice Premier Shimon Peres

Hamas rejects US state offer: Palestinian PM: US plan for state with temporary borders is 'unacceptable intervention'

Abbas´s Two Track Plan: Talks with both Olmert and Hamas

Roadmap for Abbas: Easier Travel for PA Arabs

Israel to renew Gaza pinpoint attacks against Kassam terror rocket cells - seriously jeopardizing what is already a shaky, month-old truce with Gaza militants

IDF Army Begs: Let Us Fire Back!

Smugglers use cease-fire to stockpile guns: Israeli army official says 'we'll have to deal with those military capabilities'

PA Official Insists: Shalit release days away - kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit

Cairo to urge Olmert to free prisoners: As a way to build up Abbas

FM Livni: Syria Wants to Talk, But Not Make Peace

U.S. finally admits Arafat murdered American officials: State Department declassifies report on 1973 terror attack in Khartoum

Despite war, 2006 aliyah on the rise: Jews from around the world are coming home

Successful Israelis relinquish citizenship - 775 Israelis - mostly young, educated and well-to-do - chose to forego their Israeli citizenship in 2006. 'They are the cream of the crop

Politics In The News

Pelosi to seat Democrat though Republican won? 'Bottom line here is that nothing's off the table,' says spokesman for incoming speaker of House

Pelosi says no to C-SPAN's request on floor proceedings

John Edwards Kicks Off His Presidentail Campaign Tour? Will make his announcement from New Orleans

Democrat Senator Biden says he intends to run for president

Democrats Eye Oil Money for Conservation: Renewable energy resources to be the focus

Oil Prices Fall More Than $1 on Mild Weather: Mild winter weather has depressed demand for home-heating fuels

Belarus Fears Rise That Russia Will Cut Off Gas Supplies

Will Ford, Toyota team up? Mulally, Cho meet to discuss cooperating on alternate fuel engines, manufacturing issues

NATO Chief Says Expansion to Ukraine and Georgia Will Not Harm Russia

December 26, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

U.S. Deaths in Iraq Exceed 9-11 Death Count

British troops demolish Iraqi police station: Acting upon intelligence warning that dozens of prisoners were being tortured and faced imminent execution

Political fight erupts over destruction of Iraqi police station

U.S. Is Holding Iranians Seized in Raids in Iraq - Iraq president protests U.S. arrest of Iran diplomats

Iran respects Iraq’s interests: Iranian FM insists

25 killed in coordinated Baghdad car bombings

Three More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq On Tuesday

Parents of slain U.S. soldiers make pilgrimage to Iraq

President can't win for losing

Iraq's former leader suggests regional talks: Allawi says meeting would allow Arab nations to 'untangle' issues

Bush Honors Troops at Christmas

Troop 'surge' plan for Iraq meets growing opposition in US

Iraqis ambivalent about additional U.S. troops

Iraqis’ hopes for the future fizzle out - “I never made so many coffins”

Bush is writing the recipe for more war: War could easily extend into next Presidency - Some of the military commanders are opposed to an injection of more troops around Baghdad and believe the move would compound the folly

Old Iraq Strategy Lives On In Weekly Progress Reports: Despite Upbeat Details, Updates Paint a Picture of Failure

U.S. Army hospital readies for baby boom following soldiers return from Iraq




Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi celebrates with a four-day party - four days of celebrations surrounding her swearing-in as the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives on January 4 are more in line with celebrations heralding a new President

President Bush Heading Texas for Working Vacation: Week-long holiday break

Commentary - Newt and his godlike platform

New Orleans Back In The News

With $1 billion wasted, more Katrina abuse yet to emerge

Back to the Big Easy for New Year's Eve and the Sugar Bowl

New Orleans' top Army Corps execs retire

Cuba awaits Spanish surgeon's verdict on Castro's health

Castro Doesn't Have Cancer, Doctor Says

US sends foreign aid to third countries to promote change in Cuba

Pope Benedict XVI News

Pope in call for world saviour: Referring to Christ, Pope Benedict XVI said, "He knows that even today we need him.”

Pope renews call for world peace: Pontiff singles out Mideast and Africa in his Christmas Day address in Rome

Here is the text of Pope Benedict XVI's 'Urbi et Orbi' Christmas Day Address: Delivered in Italian from the balcony in St. Peter's Basilica

Pope "Faced The Obelisk" And the Symbol of the "Great Sex Act" When He Delivered His Address

Huge bonuses on Wall Street fuel luxury spending: Millions being handed out, with warnings to avoid excess

Ethiopia hits Somali targets, declaring war on Islamic forces within Somalia - Ethiopia's Christian-led government has with tacit American support been helping a weak interim government in Somalia

Asian nations mark tsunami anniversary: 2004 disaster claimed an estimated 230,000 lives in a dozen nations

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

'Piece of torn paper won't scare us': condemned a U.N. sanctions resolution as "a piece of torn paper" that would not scare Tehran and vowed on Sunday to accelerate uranium enrichment work immediately

The Persian Abyss: The myth of sanctions - Sanctions, rarely, punish rogue regimes from doing their dirty work

'Iran to declare enrichment using 3000 centrifuges'

U.S. hopes U.N. action against Iran clears way for tougher measure for individual countries

'Iran may still be stopped peacefully': Israeli senior minister declares

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian state in two years: New US Mideast policy set to be implemented by end of Bush's term in office

PM Olmert okays removal of 27 IDF roadblocks: In the West Bank area - trying to strengthen PA's Abbas

Just a matter of time before the next attack: IDF general protests removal of roadblocks

Latest Olmert Zig-Zag: Free Terrorists Before IDF Prisoner Release - trying to strengthen PA's Abbas

IDF, Shin Bet nab Jihad leader in Jenin

Kassam terror rockets land near Sderot; none hurt

Qassam lands near Ashkelon strategic facility - Landed close to where dangerous substances are stored

Israeli Foreign ministry official: Syria ready to negotiate for peace

Attorney General Mazuz won't investigate illegal outposts built on Palestinian land

Jerusalem Municipality preparing for snow: Major winter storm was heading toward Israel

The grinch that stole Christmas: Growing influence of religious radicalism undermining Palestinian Christians

Coalition Parties Agree to Pass 2007 Budget

Cluster Bombs Injure 5 in Lebanon

Nigerian Gasoline Pipeline Explosion Kills 200

Pakistan Plans to Secure Afghan Border

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

South Korea Declares: U.S. Made North Korea an Offer

U.S. Wants to Place More Radar in Japan

4.9 Quake Jolts Central Japan

December 25, 2006

The pending fourfold crisis

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

U.S. Is Detaining Iranians Caught in Raids in Iraq

Insurgents offer U.S. 30-day truce to get out of Iraq

Six US troops die in raids

12,000 Iraqi policemen killed since 2003, interior minister says

A risky throw of the dice for Bush

Source says top generals back troop increase in Iraq: Decision represents an about-face for highest-ranking officer there

An explosion, a plunge into the unknown: Who had Frank Sandoval become?

American GIs continue missions in Iraq on Christmas Day

British forces are crippled by budget cuts

Bush stakes his legacy on the war in Iraq

Former Iraqi prime minister rallies Arab countries for a regional conference on Iraq

Mexican police detain 4 Iraqis in border city of Tijuana

Pope Makes Christmas Appeal for Children: Says story of Baby Jesus should draw world's attention to the children of the world who are poor and in desperate condition

Police make arrest in case of spy's radiation poisoning

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli PM Olmert suggests Palestinian prisoner release

Faint hope for Mideast efforts after Abbas, Olmert meet

Abbas to meet with President Mubarak, King Abdullah

Peace calls ring out in Bethlehem

Bethlehem - the last place you would want to be for Christmas

'Many Israelis, Palestinians pessimistic on peace'

Hamas puts together plan for 5-year truce with Israel

Christianity faces crisis in Mideast

Can the ceasefire hold in the Holy Land?

Netanyahu accuses Olmert of aiding terror

Defense Secretary Peretz: Jihad is partying, we must take action

Qassam terror rocket lands near nursery

Hamas threatens attacks on US: Terrorist warns 'Middle East is full of American targets'

Paper says surgeon rushed to treat Castro

WHO: Egyptian Woman Dies From Bird Flu

Bush’s worst lies of 2006

Anti-American sentiment is sweeping across Africa

Ethiopian warplanes attack Somalia


December 24, 2006

UN Security Council imposes sanctions on Iran over uranium enrichment

Iran Vows to Defy U.N. Nuclear Sanctions

Russia’s UN Envoy Says Moscow Is ’Satisfied’ With Iran Resolution: But Iran Refuses to Cease Enrichment

Iran takes steps 'in right direction' on nuclear issue but IAEA still cannot clarify intent: Agency chief

PM Blair was dangerously off target in his condemnation of Iran

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. forces kill top Taliban leader

Ethiopia admits Somalia offensive

Seven killed as Darfur rebels and government clash

Colombian rebels kill 14 troops in ambush

US moves to help protect Gulf energy sites

Testing the Waters, Senator Obama Tests His Own Limits

Obama is unequivocally committed to making the 2008 Democratic Presidential race

What is it about Obama? Maybe it's his message of "inclusion", his smarts or his million-dollar smile. Whatever it is, people seem smitten

Rice says black could be president

Environmentalists Urge: Stop Great Lakes damage before it happens

Schwarzenegger Remakes Himself as Environmentalist: Governor Challenges GOP on Global Warming

Governor breaks a leg in ski accident: Schwarzenegger will undergo surgery after returning from Idaho resort after Christmas

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Insurgents offer U.S. 30-day truce to get out of Iraq

Suicide bomber kills 7 police in Iraq

American military command in Iraq is now willing to back a temporary increase in American troops in Baghdad as part of a broader Iraqi and United States effort to stem the slide toward chaos

Bush and Gates confer on Iraq amid talk of troop surge

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite(R-Brooksville): Any troop surge must be short-term

Bush ponders $10bn "New Deal" to create jobs in Iraq

Bush may have to balance his views with people's will

Paul Wolfowitz owes us an explanation: Has so far escaped scrutiny for his role in helping lead America into one of the greatest strategic catastrophes in a generation

British Queen praises courage of troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan

Iraq’s most revered Shiite cleric Al-Sistani not supporting U.S. plan to build a coalition across sectarian lines

Come, or we'll kill you – worlds collide in Iraq kidnapping

Mandatory university attendance in unstable Iraq angers many

2006 - 2007 Focus

2006's interesting reads: Iraq, terrorism set the tone for year's nonfiction

Great Britain: The pivotal moments of 2006

Presidential Tidings To A Nation at War

Bush calls year in Iraq 'difficult'

Next to the Iraq catastrophe, minor dramas marked 2006: Iran set to dominate the Gulf Region

Reacquainting Ourselves With The Unthinkable: Turning Areas of Pakistan Into A Parking Lot! Conditions are falling into place for that scary scenario to unfold

Washington has two (dangrous) fantasies

Latin America looks to 2007

2007: Rethinking Unilateralism

Middle East: The pending fourfold crisis

US uses its aid budget to bribe those countries which have a vote in the United Nations security council

Putin Calls for Neighborly Relations Between Russia, Ukraine - Even after dramatically increasing cost of oil

Egypt detects two new human H5N1 bird flu cases

Hollywood Plans Film Based on Litvinenko’s Book: Murdered former spy, which alleges that the Russian government was secretly behind bombings that killed 300 people

3 More Tested Positive For Polonium-210 That Killed Former Russian Agent Litvinenko

Litvinenko’s Business Contact Denies Role in Poisoning Plot

Israeli - Palestinian War

Olmert and Abbas hold first formal talks

Palestinian flags at PM's residence for first time: As Olmert, Abbas meet

Olmert agrees to free $100 million in frozen Palestinian funds, ease travel restrictions

PM Olmert Promises: We'll ensure funds don’t reach Hamas

Hamas dismisses Olmert – Abbas meeting

Israeli Knesset divided over Olmert-Abbas meeting

51st Qassam terror rocket since truce lands in south: Two rockets land in western Negev Sunday morning; cabinet to discuss Israeli response

Defense Secretary Peretz Complains Against Olmert's Restraint Policy: IDF spots Qassam cells, but holds back

Political shame needed: Our decision-makers no longer feel any shame despite their shortcomings

IDF readies for Bethlehem pilgrimage: Will ease access to Bethlehem on Sunday with expectations that 20,000 Christian pilgrims will cross into the Palestinian city to participate in Christmas prayers and celebrations

U.S. Pollster Blames the Jewish State for Bethlehem's Ills - Zogby blames Israel's separation barrier for Bethlehem's ills

Globes: Israel Among Top Five Growing Markets

San Francisco Bay Area Rocked By Small Earthquakes

Leading Church of England Bishop Laments: Bureaucrats are writing Christ out of Christmas

Most Britons believe religion does more harm than good: Poll reveals

Saudi king cancels planned 25% domestic fuel price rise

Global Oil prices fall after increase in U.S. inventories of gasoline, distillates, mild US weather, Gulf supplies coming on line

US, China square off in Asia

Central Asia: The Great Game on a razor's edge

French Intelligence Warns: Channel tunnel a terror target - Group of Islamic terrorists plan to carry out terror attack during holiday season in Eurostar train connecting Britain and France

Probe of Islamic ties 'obstructed' by feds: Congressman who chaired panel says public 'would be outraged if they knew the extent' of coverup

Rick Warren Strikes Back At WorldNetDaily's Farah: "This is a fellow who's hooked his star to criticizing somebody"

'Tis the season for snowman stabbing, Grinch snatching

December 23, 2006


Britain sends 800 troops and main battle tanks to seize rogue police chief

Insurgents offer U.S. 30-day truce to get out of Iraq

5 U.S. troops die in attacks: Makes 76 killed in December so far

New TV channel from insurgents airs U.S. deaths: Airs footage of U.S. soldiers in Iraq being shot and blown up in insurgent attacks, with religious chants or Saddam Hussein-era nationalist anthems in the background

Gunmen Slay Iraqi Intelligence Officer

8 American Marines Charged With Iraq Murders

Gates Working on Fresh Iraq Strategy

New York City lawsuit alleges Iraqi citizens cheated by oil-for-food fraud

The "decider" can’t decide

Radical anti-American cleric Al-Sadr’s movement is in talks to rejoin Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki’s ruling coalition: An apparent defeat for US attempts to sideline him

U.S. says no one affliated with American government helped former Iraqi minister's escape: Iraq's former electricity minister, a dual U.S.-Iraqi citizen who was jailed for corruption

Christians suffer for Iraq, says archbishop: Are being put at unprecedented risk

The poisoned gift of power: The situation in Iraq represents, above all, a defeat of America's unilateralist approach

2007- A Very Dangerous New Year -- President Bush determined to pursue "Victory Agenda"

No draft in sight, Web site assures: Selective Service office fending off inquiries after report of mock exercises

Russia doubles Georgia's gas prices in bitter fight

J.K. Rowling names last book in Potter saga: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

Syria’s isolation over: Deputy PM declares - Western powers have realised they need to work with Damascus

Toyota set to lift crown from GM: '07 forecast indicates end of 81-year reign - Toyota set to become #1

Abdullah’s Visit to Boost Saudi-Oman Relations

Fanning The Flames: The 1945 destruction of Dresden has been criticised before, but a controversial German bestseller, newly translated, accuses Churchill and Harris of war crimes

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

Olmert, Abbas summit could take place this week

Olmert giving Abbas one last chance

Two Palestinians wounded in Gaza drive-by shooting: Appeared the shooting was the latest in the widening factional fighting between Hamas gunmen and security forces loyal to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas

Rocket Attacks and Israeli Restraint Continue

Quartet renews aid to Palestinians

Bush Signs Anti-Hamas Bill into Law

Jewish terrorist commits suicide in jail: Asher Weisgan

US Judge: Iran partly responsible for 1996 terrorist attack

Iranian Leaders Shrug Off International Pressure

December 22, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Anicent Persia)

Defiant Iranian president mocks Bush

6 powers not yet agreed on draft U.N. sanctions resolution on Iran

Russia wants delay in vote on Iran sanctions at UN

'Only military action can stop Iran': Latest edition of the Middle East Strategic Balance

US naval build-up in Gulf shows enduring presence: Gates insists

Talk in Saudi Arabia turns to 'Iranian threat'

North Korea nuclear talks end with no deal

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Eight Marines Charged in Iraqi Civilian Deaths

Losing faith in the war in Iraq: Haditha murder charges will add to the sense of despair and gloom coming out of Iraq that now surrounds the White House

Military Victory In Iraq Unrealistic: If we "surge" tens of thousands more troops into Iraq and march them up the hill, how will we march them back down?

Bush: More troops needed for 'long struggle'

U.S. Commanders Wary of Gates Proposal - To rush more troops to Iraq

Training Iraqi forces has taken too long

Abandoned and terrified, Palestinian refugees are targets of the death squad

Iraq's embattled religious minorities: Sectarian violence has devastated the country's 2,000-year-old Christian community

Violence hits Iraq on Muslim day of prayer: At least four people killed and more than a dozen wounded in shootings and bombings - member of the city council and his wife were killed in a car bombing

Bush Asserts That Victory in Iraq Is Still ‘Achievable’

Rice: Iraq Worth Investment in U.S. Aid

Al-Zawahri says U.S. is talking to wrong people in Iraq, hinting it must talk to al-Qaeda

The Builder Who Bombed in Iraq


Selective Service System is planning a comprehensive test of the military draft machinery, which hasn't been run since 1998

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan a continuing concern: US declares

No quick fix for Afghanistan amid stubborn insurgency, complex social rift

French Pulls Troops From Afghanistan

Lebanese police arrest members of pro-Syrian party

Israeli - Palestinian War

Cairo fears civil wars in Palestine, Lebanon

Syria building 'death trap' villages

Jordanian King Declares: Progress on peace critical in 2007

German special naval force is stationed off Lebanese coast to help stop arms smuggling. Forces explain their mandate limited, forces can 'assist', must not impinge on Lebanese sovereignty

Bush signs law banning aid to Hamas government

Canadian PM calls Hamas 'genocidal'

Vice Premier Peres predicts eventual peace with Syria

Palestinian sources: Abbas to meet Olmert soon

Cost of killing a terrorist: Cost-benefit analysis shows Lebanon war most expensive in Israel's history

Sderot residents to petition High Court over rocket attacks

PM Olmert Warn In Message to Abbas: We'll respond to Qassam terror rocket attacks

Ministers Urge Olmert: End restraint policy in responding to Qassam rocket attacks

Senator Kerry: US-Israel ties 'indisputable'

Russia’s winter shrivels in the face of global warming

Secretary of State Rice: U.S. Ready to Elect Black President

Putin ready for visit to Ukraine

December 21, 2006

2006 In Review

The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006

Iraq was by far the deadliest country for journalists in 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Suicide bomber kills 10 in Baghdad

Bush Warns of More U.S. Losses in Iraq

Iraqi police targeted as U.S. seeks new approach

Pentagon Wants $99.7B More for Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq Study Group Is Really Proposing: Defeat With Honor

This is where George Bush gets dangerous: Continue war until he can dump it in the lap of the next President, causing him to lose the war -- Arab Viewpoint

U.S.'s main military strategist in Iraq, Afghanistan to retire: General John Abizaid

'Out of touch' Bush wants to boost size of Army

New Defense Secretary Gates Hears Doubts From War Commanders

Iraqi soldiers eat frogs, rabbit at handover ceremony

US Senator Nelson: U.S. needs realism in Iraq

Brown's first job must be to break free of US shackles: A new prime minister has the opportunity to do what Blair never could - leave Iraq and face the consequences

For Iraqis, a promise in peril

Al-Zawahri warns U.S. on Iraq talks

Politics In The News

Democrats Plan All-Star Celebration To Usher In House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

'I have no future' -- Governor Jeb Bush tells reporters

Governor Jeb Bush effective at moving massive agenda, maintaining popularity

Congress and President Deliver Holiday-Time Treat for Taxpayers With Dozens of Tax Benefits

Weather News

Pacific Northwest readies for another major storm

Major Snowstorm Drops Snow on Colorado

Rising sea levels engulfing Indian world heritage islands

Climate Change vs Mother Nature: Scientists reveal that bears have stopped hibernating

Half Of Tsunami Donations Still Unused

Floods in Malaysia's south force 50,000 to flee homes

EU Proposes CO2 Emission Quotas For Airlines: "Aviation too should make a fair contribution to our efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions," Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gazans reluctant to donate blood - As Palestinians continue killing each other

Israel must interfere in PA crisis: Israel must take action to strengthen moderate Palestinian camp

Blair praises Abbas for leadership in calling elections, blames Hamas for Palestinian problems

4 Kassam terror rockets land; 2 in PA territories

Defense Secretary Peretz Urges Olmert: Reevaluate restraint against Kassams

IDF Reports: Hizbullah almost at full strength again

Palestinian President Abbas plans to visit Jordan on Sunday - for talks on ways to revive Mideast peacemaking

Vice Premier Peres Urges: Syria deceiving, focus on Palestinians

Geologists warn of tsunamis in Israel

Muslim prayer room set up at Ben-Gurion Airport

Israel Needs To Expose Syrian Bluff: Assad unable to provide Israel with anything meaningful in exchange for peace

Man Who Sparked Euthanasia Debate Dies: Piergiorgio Welby was head of small Radical Party, which championed voluntary euthanasia

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Senators Kerry, Dodd Meet With Syria President

US confirms strengthening Assad opposition in Syria

Syria may close Lebanese border

Terrorist Sentenced to Death in Jordan

U.S. envoy Hill Urges North Korea Not to Divert Nuke Talks

In Mideast, Blair Says Iran Is Main Foe

You're attacking the wrong nation, Mr Blair

Ahmadinejad opponents win elections: Opposition led by Rafsanjani

Iran's president facing revival of students' ire

Iranian Parliament shortens Ahmadinejad's term

Christian teen recovering from attack by Islamists: Voice of Martyrs helping with medical, emotional cataclysm

German Government declares war on homeschooling families: Family's 'religious convictions' must meet state requirements

'Nativity' movie's poor showing 'major setback': Seen as bad news for people of Faith who want more faith-based, family fare

Moral Collapse

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Cuts Ties With Miss Teen USA Katie Blair Amid Allegations of Hard Partying

Miss USA rocked by sexy new scandal: Pageant contestant Katie Rees shows off her wild side

Attorney argues FCC rules on profanity unfair

December 19, 2006

The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

U.S. Not Winning War in Iraq, Bush Says for 1st Time: President Plans to Expand Army, Marine Corps To Cope With Strain of Multiple Deployments

The war is already lost: "war goes badly wrong and its justifications are shown to be lies"

Iraq Troop Buildup Idea Worries To American Generals

Lawmaker Opposes More Troops for Baghdad: Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), the incoming chairman of the House Armed Services Committee

Colin Powell: U.S. Should Relinquish Security Responsibility to Baghdad - Says U.S. Losing in Iraq, Calls for Drawdown by Mid-2007

2008 election reason troops will quit Iraq

Iraq In A Dire State: Violence Soars As Sectarian Killings Escalate Rapidly

Suicide blast at Baghdad University kills 11

Iraq is on the brink of total disintegration and could drag its neighbors into a regional war

Iraq chaos 'will not be solved by military force': Brussels-based International Crisis Group's (ICG)

Shiite cleric now seen as the gravest Iraq threat: Al-Sadr trumps Sunnis, al-Qaida in defense study

New Iraq strategy emerges

Bush 'brainwashed' Blair into not setting timetable for withdrawal: Iraq's vice-president claims

Top general in Mideast to retire: Abizaid opposed calls for more troops in Iraq - His departure could clear way for a more aggressive strategy

Report finds battlefield contractors lost in Pentagon bureaucracy

Iraqi lesson in Hanukkah story: Local people, religiously motivated, will always defeat a foreign occupation over time

Army Targets Truthout for Subpoenas in Lt. Watada Case - In a case that cuts right to the heart of the First Amendment - Lt. Watada is first commissioned officer to refuse to be deployed to Iraq

"A Battle for Global Values": British PM Tony Blair writes for Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s drive to revive Middle East peacemaking is failing

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran is manufacturing four civil wars in the Middle East

Archives, Remembering Iran's Original Plan, March, 2003 - "IRAN WINNER OF IRAQI WAR?"


Iran Seeks Condemnation of Israeli Nukes

Iran now nuclear power: Iranian President Ahmadineajd: Our scienists have reached zenith, accessed nuclear fuel cycle -- Reminder - Iran had nuclear weapons in early 2002!

Blair to urge Middle East states to rein in Iran

United States is planning a major naval build up in and around the Persian Gulf as a warning to Iran

President Ahmadinejad says Israel, US, Britain will vanish – 'this is a divine promise'

Syria's President Assad Is in Moscow with Half-Billion Iranian Dollars to Upgrade His Army

Secret police crack down on home-church movement: Iranian pastors summoned by authorities, arrested and detained

Sean Penn Accepts 'First Amendment Award' -- Hits Media, Calls for Impeachment of President Bush

Dow Hits Record High 12,492 on Blue Chip Gains

Wall Street Bonuses Flood NYC's Economy

Despite evidence, medics convicted of giving kids HIV: Court convicted five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor of deliberately infecting 400 children with HIV and sentenced them to death, despite evidence that youngsters had virus before medical workers came to Libya

Darfur: Genocide without borders: As anarchy spreads, rampaging militias bring death and carnage to refugees in neighbouring Chad

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert pays surprise visit to Jordan: For talks with King Abdullah II on ways to reactivate peace talks with the Palestinians

Editorial Comment: Israel must interfere in PA crisis - Israel must take action to strengthen moderate Palestinian camp

Post war IDF training revolution: Troops learn to sleep in tanks

Halutz's great achievement: Army chief should be commended for speedy IDF investigations into Lebanon war

Hamas, Fatah agree on another ceasefire, but killings continue

2 dead as 2nd PA cease-fire crumbles

Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh: 20-year truce in exchange for Palestinian state - If Palestinian state is established within 1967 borders

IDF suspends troops who killed girl, 13 years old

Israel decides to speed up Golan Heights housing projects: Defying Syrian call for negotiations on Golan

Bush Again Blocks US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Netanyahu: Bring Iran's President Ahmadinejad to trial

Can Netanyahu sell the Iranian threat?

India split over N-deal with US

Nuclear Deal With US Called Quicksand Trap - By India’s main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -- US strategy was to ultimately place all Indian nuclear reactors under safeguards

China will not oppose the Indo-US nuclear deal when it goes to the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group to seek its approval

Most Americans Have Had Premarital Sex

Hollywood Disconnected with Americans on Religion: Even when Faith is portrayed, there were more negative depictions than positive ones (35 to 34 percent)

WTC Tower Steel Rises at Ground Zero - The Freedom Tower - the 1,776-foot emblem of ground zero's renaissance

Another example of government overkill on secrecy

VP Cheney to Be Defense Witness in CIA Case

Disputed Pentagon evangelistic video stokes global conflict, say critics - "attempts by the Christian right to identify US policy with their cause is endangering lives – by encouraging those who talk of a crusade against Islam. This video is the number one best recruiting tactic for al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah ... It strengthens our enemies because it adds a religious dimension to our military operations”

Yellowstone Super Volcano Back In The News

Supervolcano Yellowstone Domes Rising At 'Really Pronounced' Pace

Scientists Worried About Yellowstone: Want Improved Monitoring Of Supervolcano Yellowstone National Park


Pope Hailed For Praying Toward Mecca Like Muslims

December 19, 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

New Defense Secretary Robert Gates Warns: Iraq Failure Would Be 'Calamity'

Bush Address on Iraq Delayed Till New Year

Attacks in Iraq at record high: Pentagon admits attacks surged 22%

Iraq Insurgents Starve Capital of Electricity

Ex-Iraq Minister Flees Police Station: Private guards in SUVs helped Iraq's former electricity minister escape from a police station just outside the heavily fortified Green Zone

Kerry says visit with troops helped clear his views on Iraq: Conferred Saturday with U.S. and British officers in the southern city of Basra and with American troops in Diyala province

Blair meets British troops in Basra, Iraq

The coming Sunni-Shi'ite showdown: Arab Sunni governments are rallying to stymie Tehran's influence across the Middle East in what is shaping up to be a showdown -- opening salvo may already be taking place in Palestine (Palestinian)

US Army Intensifies 'Train the Trainers' Program for Iraq

Iraq's PM seeks recall of Saddam's army officers in bid to stem violence

Saddam takes responsibility for Iran gas attacks during the 1980-1988 war

Governing by numbers: It will be years, even decades, before all the human, material and political damage done to the world by the Iraq war can be repaired

If it is broke, don't fix it: Only the Bush White House and its Pentagon planners believe Iraq is a war still be won. When will the reality dawn on them?

A 'Surge' in Wasted Sacrifice: Here's an idea: Let's send more U.S. troops to Iraq

Syria and Iraq sign security accord

No indictments against civilians in abuse cases

Why The World Should Admit To Holocausts

Politics In The News

Grassroots Group Pushes Obama to Go in '08

Is Obama Taking All the 2008 Oxygen?

Dems. End 2006 Election With a Net Gain of 30

Former House Majority Leader DeLay: Hillary Will Be The Next President

British ID card plans to be published

British Tory Leader Cameron says Iraq war has increased terror risk

New Al Qaeda Message Expected As Terror Anxieties Already High in Europe

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

United States is planning a major naval build up in and around the Persian Gulf as a warning to Iran

Ahmadinejad 'thwarted' in Iranian elections: US declares

White House accused in Iran intel battle

ElBaradei's nightmare: Middle Eastern countries developing nuclear power programs - Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the Emirates

B'nai B'rith: Pope understands outrage over Iran's denial of Holocaust

Netanyahu Tells Ambassadors: It's 1938 again, stop Iran

Iran's crocodile rocked - Moderate party scores stunning victory over Ahmadinejad's extreme rightist party

Israeli - Palestinian War

Blair pushes Mideast peace initiative in Abbas talks

Policeman Killed As Gaza Violence Resumes

Hamas member killed in Gaza clashes: A member of the Hamas executive force was killed and 11 other Palestinians were wounded

3 dead in Fatah-Hamas clashes Tuesday

United States for the past few days has been providing arms to militant groups from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party to bolster it against rival Hamas factions

This is an attempt to overturn our elections: Palestinian's Abbas declares

Chairman Abbas wants to meet with Israel's Olmert\

IDF soldier lightly hurt near Gaza fence

Mossad chief Meir Dagan Warns - Syria willing to attack Israel

PM Olmert: Israel hesitant on Syria due to US

Jordan's King Abdullah II Declares: "I will contact Israel soon to revive peace process"

Visiting Senators McCain and Lieberman slam Iraq report calling for Israel to engage in dialogue with Iran and Syria

Evangelical heads honored for support of Israel: Pastor John C. Hagee of San Antonio, Texas and Rev. Malcolm Hedding, executive director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

Bush delays moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Bush Signs Nuclear Deal With India

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

North Korea Nuclear Talks Starts With Demands, Objections

US: No progress in N Korean talks during first day

North Korea talks: Not a meeting of minds

Libyan court condemns all accused to death for infecting children with HIV

Blast kills Pakistan tribal leader

Asia jitters as Thai stocks plunge

Fiji coup leader snubs chiefs: Powerful Great Council of Chiefs trying to find a way to restore a legal government

December 18, 2006

Book - VHS - DVD

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

U.S. forces 'losing' in Iraq: Former Secretary of State Powell - temporary U.S. troop surge probably would not help

Senate's top Democrat Reid: Brief Troop Increase OK in Iraq

Options Sought for Surge in US Troops to Stabilize Iraq: Options being considered for up to 50,000 more troops

Letter From New York: Should neocons take the fall for Iraq?

Iraq's former prime minister, Iyad Allawi says Iraq nearing "point of no return"

Situation in Iraq: A civil war is a civil war is a civil war

Saudis study finds Shia ‘state’ in Iraq: "Iran has effectively created a Shia 'state within a state' in Iraq"

Roadside bomb kills three U.S. soldiers in Iraq

In Farewell, Rumsfeld Warns Weakness Is ‘Provocative’

Bush’s Iraq: View From Russia

Gingrich calls for Marshall Plan to revive Iraq's devastated economy

Iraqi Red Crescent closes Baghdad offices a day after mass kidnapping

We'd better listen to Ghost of War Yet to Come

Iraqi refugees finding less compassion in Middle East

Subversive media? Just one concrete example of bias in the media, with respect to coverage of the war in Iraq

Waffle, fudge and Mom's apple pie: Why PM Blair has got it wrong in the Middle East

The collapse of Mr Blair's hubristic mission

Old nemeses, war, AIDS, nukes bedevilled the world in ‘06

Lesbian mother gets Bush blessing: Mary Cheney, the daughter of his Vice-President, Dick Cheney. 'Mary Cheney is going to make a fine mum, and she's going to love this child a lot', Mr Bush told People magazine. 'I'm happy for her'."

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

President Lula voted as best man ever to lead Brazil

Time running out to punish brutal dictators: Old age claiming the leaders of Latin America's 'dirty wars'

Cuba denies Castro has cancer

Tamils flee Sri Lanka war

Blair halts arms probe to protect Saudi friendship

We love to torture: If we're confronting our fears, we're sure doing it exuberantly at the movies

Edwards joins Democratic race for presidency

Edwards days of highlighting "two Americas" are over


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian sectarian clashes escalate: Attacks came after Abbas said he would call early elections to end political stalemate

Fatah and Hamas agree to a ceasefire

Shooting Resumes, Gaza Cease-Fire Ends

Youth shot in renewed Gaza violence: If various PA factions didn't reach an agreement soon on PA elections, a "river of blood" would flow

PM Olmert rejects Syrian calls for peace talks

PM Olmert Claims: US holding Israel back on Syria - Israel is not embracing recent overtures for negotiations from Syria is American opposition

Don't turn Syria away: Editorial

No Middle East peace without Syria, Iran: President Assad

Leading Republican senator plans Syria trip, despite White House opposition: Senator Arlen Specter

Kerry heads to Damascus amid controversy

Kerry criticizes Bush refusal of dialogue with Iran, Syria

British PM Blair, meeting Abbas: The next weeks will be critical

Defense Secretary Peretz: Current IDF budget insufficient

EU Warns Israel: Stop violating int'l law

NRP MK: Gov't decided in '67 that Green Line died - Stormy discussion held in Knesset around education minister's decision to put Green Line in school textbooks

Opposition leads Iran local elections: Trend appears to be an embarrassment for Ahmadinejad

EU charges Iran with destabilizing Middle East

Why Was This Russian Pilot Allowed To Fly Up To And Right By The WTC AFTER It Was Under Attack On 9/11? Amazing New Pictures Raise Questions

Boston Air Traffic Controller Says 9/11 An Inside Job

Terrorism Against The United States: The threat from within

Litvinenko’s killers used polonium worth USD 10m - Also was given 10 times lethal dose

Business Week Concedes Globalism Is A Problem

Princess Diana: The 18 Missing Witnesses In The Inquiry -- Official coverup is now finished

U.S. Preparing to Drop Tracking of Foreigners' Departures by Land

Real U.S. shortfall: $4.6 trillion in red: 'Taxing 100% of all wages, salaries, corporate profits would not eliminate a deficit of this magnitude'

Bush signs bill for nuclear cooperation with India

New front in backdating scandal: More than 1,000 directors of US companies have benefited from backdating stock options to boost their pay


December 17 2006


Senator McCain Makes No Sense

Senator McCain promises more troops to Afghanistan


US Army is stretched too thin: The Iraq mission 'will break' the branch unless it gets more soldiers, the top general warns

Poisoned Spy’s Wife Says He Feared Kremlin’s Long Reach

Poisoned spy 'had information on Kremlin figure'

Israeli Tourists to London to Be Tested for Radiation Poisoning


Politics In The News

The President In the Room: Hillary Clinton's Biggest Issue? A Certain Someone in Her Background

Sen. Johnson Resting, Remains Critical: Democrat control of Senate may be imperiled if Johnson cannot serve and Republican governor appoints a Republican to replace him

Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards intends to enter the 2008 race for the White Hous

US Democratic Senator Bayh decides not to seek White House in 2008

GOP's Gingrich defends free speech curbs

Gingrich: GOP needs new kind of campaign - Even Republicans are impressed with the reception of Democratic superstar Barack Obama

Massachusetts' Governor Mitt Romney's journey to the right: As he pursues 2008 Presidential bid

Romney's '94 remarks on same-sex marriage could haunt him

US accused of using aid to sway UN votes

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority's Abbas declares early elections

US welcomes Palestinian new elections call

British PM Blair Backs New Palestinian Elections

PM Olmert tells Israeli ministers: Don’t respond to Abbas' speech

Defiant Hamas rejects call for elections

Abbas Elite Officer Killed Hours After New Elections Call: Group of masked gunmen, apparently affiliated with Hamas, attacks presidential guard training camp in Gaza

Shots fired at Palestinian leader's home - Abbas was not home

In a land under siege, the tensions - and the dangers - are rising

Palestinian civil war underway

Syria Flip-Flops on Golan, Israel Skeptical - Syria has retracted its demand for an Israeli surrender of the Golan Heights as a condition for peace talks

Israeli Gov't divided over Syria's call for talks

Indictment: Israeli-Arab youth planned suicide attack

Palestinian Authority Rocket Attacks Continue; Damage Reported in Sderot, Nir Am

Iran Pledges $250 Million to Palestinian Authority

Thousands of Dunams of Jewish-Owned Land Left Outside the Fence -- (1,250 acres)

Israeli Economy Sees Record-Breaking Positive News

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

The search for an Iraqi kingmaker

Saddam-era soldiers invited to join Iraqi army

Blair gives strong backing to embattled Iraq PM: British Prime Minister on surprise visit to Iraq, says Britain will ‘stand four square behind’ Maliki

Olive branch for Baathists at Iraq peace talks: Observers say move is key first step in calming insurgency, ending country’s sectarian violence

Is ‘American era’ ending in Middle East?

Why Withdrawal Is Unmentionable

Iraqi Red Crescent protests US forces' attacks

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms staged a mass kidnapping: At the office of the Iraqi Red Crescent - 20 to 30 people kidnapped - Women were left behind

At least 23 people were killed Saturday in Iraq, including a Sunni cleric and a Sunni politician who were shot to death

Iraq as a living hell

Iraq's legal system staggers beneath the weight of war

Iraqis can't be blamed for the chaos unleashed by invasion

Former British diplomat makes public secret evidence on Iraq: "at no time" did the government assess that Iraq posed a threat to Britain.

'Fixing’ the War

Iran Offers to Transfer Nuke Technology To Her Neighboring Nations - One Bush rationale for invading Iraq was the fear Saddam might transfer WMD to neighboring states!

Iran worried by Saudi's pro-Sunni 'Iraq plans'

Blair calls talk of Iran dialogue "overstated"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

27 Killed at Pakistan Wedding Party

One Afghan Civilian Killed by Car Bomber

Libya court to deliver nurses' HIV case verdict

U.S. lawmakers meet with Cuban foreign minister, other communist leaders

British PM Tony Blair sets off for last big Middle East peace push of his premiership

Unwanted first for PM as police quiz him on 'cash for honours'

Blair sinking amid sleaze allegations

Thousands in Dark After Northwest Storm

Eli Lilly said to play down risk of top pill: Zyprexa, its best-selling medication for schizophrenia

New Cutting Edge Headline News Articles

Evangelical Church On The Outside - Breathtaking Masonic, Satanic Symbols Adorn The Inside

"Prince Charles Leading The World In Global Warming Propaganda, Using Most Frightening Language Possible": Abruptly, since the American November elections, people all over the world are suddenly speaking out as if on cue, warning of sheer disaster if drastic action is not taken to stop Global Warming. Even Democrats purged politicians from their ranks who were not avid Global Crisis advocates

Related News Story: Prince Charles to Use Commercial Flights - Putting his money where his environmentalist mouth is, Prince Charles is swapping gas-guzzling private planes and helicopters for commercial flights, train journeys and biodiesel cars

"Islamic Strategists Are "Beside Themselves For Joy", As They Believe Their Forces Have Defeated Both Israel (In Lebanon) and America (In Iraq) - "Blood In The Streets" strategy is working to perfection! Additionally, Bible the stage is being set for prophecy to be fulfilled -- Joel 3, Zechariah 12 and Obadiah 15-18

"President Bush Has Nearly Completed Fulfillment of the End of the Age Isaiah 13 Prophecy Against Ancient Babylon (Iraq)": Once you understand "God's Pattern of Judgment", you will appreciate how very close to Judgment America stands today

"A New Look At The Myth of Santa Claus vs The Reality of Jesus Christ

Vermont Episcopal parishes might break away: Poised to break from the denomination to join overseas Anglicans forming a conservative U.S. rival to The Episcopal Church

Chrysler CEO: I'll run sales - LaSorda to take over marketing to end dealer revolt, cut inventory

Automakers want judge to throw out Calif. global warming suit

December 16 2006

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Incoming NYT Ed Page Editor Says 'Its Becoming Likely' Paper Will Call for Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

Bush likely to reject call for Iraq withdrawal

U.S. preparing surge of forces into Iraq? Brigade's upcoming deployment may mark short-term boost in troops

Attack on Iraqi market kills 18, injures 52: Mortar barrage follows bicycle bomb explosion near Baghdad

Deadly December for U.S. in Iraq: 54 American troops killed so far this month

Three more troops die in Iraq fighting: Nearly half of this month's casualties killed in Anbar as December's death toll one of the highest since war started

Pentagon to move 3,500 troops to Kuwait

Iraq has more questions than answers

Iraq launches last-ditch peace talks: Aimed at curbing the bloodshed that has brought the country to the brink of civil war

U.S. confronts reality of Iraq in 2006: American strategy in shambles and a politically weakened Bush administration struggling for a way out of the impasse

A human shield for his comrades: 19-year-old's sacrifice honored at service

Rumsfeld retires, still in fighting mood

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

"No country in the world looks upon America as a friend": Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Six Jews who attended a Holocaust denial conference in Iran have come under intense criticism over the visit

President Jacques Chirac ordered an investigation into a retired French professor who spoke at this week's conference in Iran of Holocaust deniers

There's no denying him: Last Jewish Iranian Holocaust survivor speaks out

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday slammed Hamas and its policies in Gaza: Specifically the firing of Kassam rockets into Israel

PM Blair: Coming days crucial for ME peace

Syrian FM: Golan not a precondition to peace talks with Israel

PM Olmert: Willing to trade land for peace - Israel was prepared to "pull out from many, many territories"

Palestinian civil war underway: No reason for elation: Palestinian infighting bad for Israel

Palestinian PM Haniyeh’s bodyguard killed, son wounded in shooting attack

Analysis: Stopping the Hamas money flow

UN to create security fence complaints' registry

IDF: Local authorities misuse money meant for bomb shelters

'Jews need long-term strategic planning'

Politics: Oops... we're out of etrogs -- Media is not coddling Olmert like the proverbial "etrog" [citron], as it was accused of doing with Olmert's predecessor, former prime minister Ariel Sharon

PM Olmert's spokesman: Press 'out to get him'

'We want power to avoid disarmament': Hezbullah seeking power in Lebanese government so they can withstand any attempt to disarm them

EU tells Syria: stop meddling in Lebanon





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Antichrist Must Control "Spear of Destiny" Before He Can Control The World

First Action Hitler Took After Gaining Control of Austria Was To Seize Control of the "Spear of Destiny"

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