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December 1-16, 2013        

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Iran committed to making a deal

Is Obama unraveling the sweater of U.S. power? Is he another Gorbachev?

Attack on Police in Western China Kills 16

On budget deal, all eyes turn to Senate Republicans

IDF Soldier Killed by Sniper Fire Near Lebanon - Later turns himself in to Lebanese authorities

Ukrainian protesters get visit from Sen. John McCain

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Bigger and More Dangerous Than ObamaCare

George P. Bush Is Distancing Himself From His Family: Conservative, in line with Tea Party

1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey: Vatican in shock !

Gun Control News

Obama Marks Sandy Hook Anniversary With Call for More Gun Control

Shooting at The Mall at Short Hills: Man, 30, dies after violent carjacking

Colorado governor visits school shooting victim

Colorado Shooter “Opinionated Socialist” and “Keynesian”

Denver Post editor explains deletion of ‘socialist’ from Arapahoe shooter profile

FBI says active shooting incidents triple in recent years

Media Works To Keep Mass Shooters’ Profiles Secret: Democratic socialist Satanists make up majority of mass shooters


Israeli-Palestinian War

IDF Soldier Killed by Sniper Fire Near Lebanon

Lebanon, Israel to Hold 'Urgent' Talks after Shooting

Defense Minister Ya'alon: Israel holds Lebanon and its army responsible for killing of IDF soldier

Minister Livni: Israel's Legitimacy is Under Global Attack

Kerry 'Encouraged' by Progress in Peace Talks

Israeli Minister: Obama Wrong To Be Optimistic on Peace

Ministers okay bill mandating two-thirds Knesset majority for dividing Jerusalem

US, Jordan Agree: Israel Should Control Jordan Valley

Farrakhan: Kanye West does not owe Jews an apology

'Besieged' Gaza Gets Diesel Through Israel

Customs Union News - Supernation #5 Forming

Defying protesters, Ukraine's Yanukovich meets Putin on pact

EU suspends Ukraine trade talks amid protests in Kiev

Russia cries foul over Western embrace of Ukraine's demonstrators

How much has the US swayed the debate in Ukraine?

Ukraine Protests: McCain warns US could act over Russia deal

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Will Assad triumph in Syria?

Syria’s Saudi Jihadist Problem: Saudi Arabia is playing a dangerous double game

Saudi prince bashes US over foreign policy in Iran, Syria

Children among 76 killed by Syrian army 'barrel bombs'

Syria's battle for bread: Hunger becomes tool of war

U.N. seeks 3.98 billion pounds ($6.5 billion) for Syria crisis in 2014

Obama wanted U.S. action in Darfur. Why not in Syria?


Erbil Conference Looks at Iraq 10 Years after Saddam: "news of migration from the country is truly alarming"

Prominent Iraqi Shiite Cleric Backs Fighting in Syria

Attacks across Baghdad and northern Iraq kill 25

Iraq violence kills 54 in run-up to Shi'ite holy day

Gunmen in Iraq Kill an Official and His Family at home on Sunday

Gunmen kill TV presenter at her home in Iraq on Sunday


Egypt pushes 'Constitution for All' - but mostly Westerners

Moussa Predicts: Draft constitution will be approved by 75% of voters

Egypt prosecutor targets father of boy arrested over "pro-Mursi" ruler

The Coptic Christians of Egypt

Egyptian troops kill another Sinai militant leader


Lebanese Army killed four gunmen who attacked one of its checkpoints

US wants united front against North Korea after execution of Kim Jong-Un's uncle: South Korea on alert

As Kim Jong Un acts to cement his hold on power, experts ponder just how far the North Korean dictator is prepared to go

How to avoid ending up in front of the firing squad in North Korea

I'm no Marxist, Pope Francis tells conservative critics

Megyn Kelly to Return to Fox Amid 'White Santa' Furor


December 14, 2013


Rev. Billy Graham Close to Death: Grandson

‘Lie of the Year’ prize goes to Obama

Ann Romney: Mitt is frustrated Obama didn’t tell the truth

Beneath Yellowstone, a volcano that could wipe out U.S.


Newtown plans quiet anniversary of school shooting

Police investigate motive of Colorado high school shooter

Gunman at Colorado school targeted teacher over debate team demotion

U.S., Chinese warships narrowly avoid collision in South China Sea

Jang's execution likely to alienate ordinary North Koreans

NSA director to retain cyber war powers: Next director will be a military man, not civilian

Tea Party: Boehner 'declared war'

Hillary Clinton Supporters Party Like It’s 2016

Republicans More Optimistic About Midterm Elections Than Democrats

Will Natural Gas Prove To Be A Cost Effective Alternative Fuel For Railroads?

Gun Stocks Soar, Gun Control 'Dead as an Issue'

Analysis: Gun Control / Seizure Advocates Enter Through Back Door To Achieve Control

Gun statistics are irrelevant to the Second Amendment

Colorado man awarded $23K for wrongful arrest after open carrying in a city park

Judge: Gun waiting period 'burdens' 2nd Amendment

U.S. Army hails success with drone-shooting laser

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Iranians Pull Out of Nuke Talks

Congress Seeks to Reset Terms of Iran Deal

Stats: Obama Administration Paused Iran Sanctions for President Rouhani

Iran claims to have captured MI6 spy


Yemen wedding convoy strike highlights civilian drone war toll

Relatives want justice for Yemen drone strike

Al Qaeda Gains Sympathy In Yemen As US Drone Strikes Wedding Party

Yemen's response to brazen attacks inadequate


Al-Qaeda-linked rebels kidnap 120 Syrian Kurds

Assad targets rebels in town on Damascus road

Syria conflict: 'Islamist rebels' kill Adra civilians: At least 10 dead

Syrian Islamist rebels to meet US officials

U.S. to Reevaluate Contribution to Syria After Withdrawing Aid

UNICEF Urges Aid for Syria’s Shattered School System

Syrian refugees face miserable winter in Lebanon

UNESCO warning over archaeological plunder in Syria war


Gunmen kill 18 gas pipeline workers, mainly Iranians – Iraqi police

Al Qaeda’s Black Flag Flies Over Iraq

One 'Undeniable' Statistic Shows How Al Qaeda Is Chewing Up Iraq

Iraq to buy 24 military planes from South Korea


Egyptians to vote on constitution next month: State News Agency

Two killed in Egypt clashes over Morsi ouster

Clashes during Egypt anti-military protests

Egypt's Way of the Revolution Front to protest student detentions Sunday

People will not allow Brotherhood back in power: Egypt's deputy PM


Threat remains for U.S. troops in Afghanistan

US Marine from Fairhaven killed in Afghanistan - Was 19 years old

Pendleton Marine, 19, killed in Afghanistan

Bay State Marine dies in Afghanistan combat: 19 years old

President Karzai hits out at US 'threats' over Afghanistan


Two peacekeepers killed as car bomb hits bank in northern Mali

Shells hit Sudan's South Kordofan capital

South Sudan declares itself open for business

ASEAN News - Supernation #9 In Club of Rome Plan

China's shadow looms over Japan-ASEAN summit

Japan pledges $19 billion in aid to ASEAN region

Asian nations urge peace in sea disputes, unlikely to blame China

North American Union News - Supernation #1

Why Canada and the U.S. Should Merge: It's past time for the two countries to eliminate their border

Catholic 'Border' Bishops Urge Advocacy For Amnesty

Pelosi: Boehner Told Me to Wait Until Next Year for Immigration Reform

Immigration reform: If not now, when?

Doxim and Silanis Partner to Offer E-Signatures to North American Banks, Credit Unions and Wealth Management Firms

Customs Union News - Supernation #5 Forming

What to do in Kiev when it revolts: Guide into protesting city

Provocations, EU’s financial interests behind Ukraine protests – Russian Minister Lavrov charges

No secret deal on Ukraine joining Moscow-led Customs Union



Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority Formally Refuses to Recognize Jewish State

Israel-Palestinian negotiations finally come into some focus

Analyst: Secret Report Reveals Kerry's Plan 'Fraud': A 'death trap' for Israel

MK Bennett: No to Security Arrangements from US

Kerry: Israeli-Palestinian peace deal still possible by April

Baby Avigail's Arab Attackers Charged

Rare Footage of Arab Attack in Eastern Jerusalem

Snowed-In Jerusalem Remembers Start of Babylonian Siege 589 BCE

Group Speaks Out Against DPD (Dallas Police Department) Shootings

Why Taser is paying millions in secret 'suspect injury or death' settlements

Lawsuit claims deaf woman tackled by police

Texas Gov. Perry Signs “Merry Christmas” Bill

Half-Brother of Golfer Tiger Woods Arrested Over Bomb Threat

US arrests would-be Muslim suicide bomber who targeted Kansas airport

Mag 5.5 quake shakes Japan

Japan to spend $970mn on storing radioactive Fukushima soil

Rice grown near crippled Fukushima nuclear plant served to govt officials

Record outdoor radiation level that ‘can kill in 20 min’ detected at Fukushima

We'll Have A Flying Car In 3 Years, But It Won't Be Out Of 'The Jetsons'

Oprah Winfrey’s ‘old racists’ remark creates firestorm with conservatives

Rush Limbaugh Asks Oprah: If blacks are ‘so mistreated’ how did you ‘happen’?

Ted Cruz trashed for paying tribute to Nelson Mandela on Facebook

Reagan criticism in wake of Mandela death strikes a nerve

Bill O’Reilly on Mandela: ‘Great man, but he was a communist’

Morgan Freeman: Obama is not America’s first black president


Breaking News

Gunman dead, one critically injured after shooting at Colo. high school

Shooting at Arapahoe High School: Shooting started at 12:30pm on Friday, the 13th, adding the digits of the date, 1+2+1+3+1+2+2+0+1+3 = 33

Belgium: Senate Approves Measure Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children

Obama's 'Like It, Keep It' Healthcare Promise Voted Lie of Year

Colorado stops putting mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement


Saudi Arabia requests 15,000 wireless TOW anti-tank missiles for her national guard

Saudis plan major offensive against Syria - Qatar also

Mandela lies in state: South Africans told not to join queue

Uncertainty after North Korea announces execution of leader's uncle

Putin: 'Attempts to achieve military superiority over Russia will fail'

America suspects Russia of something really bad

DHS employee calling for genocide of whites fired after months on paid leave

Edward Snowden can be kidnapped from Russia

Law enforcement using methods from NSA playbook

Official who verified Obama birth papers dies in small plane crash

Small-town cops get bomb-resistant war truck

Indianapolis Justice complex cost could exceed $500M

British Father sentenced to life in prison for 'murder' after daughter dies following MMR vaccine

One last immigration reform push before Congress leaves town

Congress Rushing to Approve 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry back again, continues pushing Abbas, Netanyahu

How Israel Might Look Next December if Kerry Succeeds

MK Bennett: No to Security Arrangements from US

Abbas Rejects Israeli Security Presence in the Jordan Valley

Israel suspends controversial Beduin resettlement plan

Gunshots fired in the direction of IDF troops on Lebanon border

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


US Poll: 84% Think Iran Stalling to Build Nukes

Afghan President Karzai Refuffs US, Turns To Iran

Washington Blacklists Companies That Helped Iran

Missing American in Iran said to be CIA


Final UN report confirms chemical weapons used multiple times in Syria

Insiders Reveal Obama Framed Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack

Al Qaeda Pushes Kurdish Population Transfer in Syria


Despite calls for neutrality in Ukraine protests, young Jews are on the front lines

5 reasons why Congress might (finally) pass a budget

Limbaugh on Budget Deal: GOP Paralyzed With Fear

Spending Deal That Helps Republicans May Hurt Paul Ryan

Obamacare to Look Past Unpaid Premiums to Avoid Lapses



Pope Francis, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: Is Vastly Popular Among Catholics

Gun-control groups are shifting efforts and resources to handful of states

Gun Control / Seizure Advocates Enter Through Back Door To Achieve Control

NYPD: Super Bowl Security Will Be High-Tech And Unprecedented

Obama Administration issues Martial Law Directive

A Handful of Constitutionally-Minded People within the Pentagon Stopped the Syrian War

DHS Employee Promotes Race War in Spare Time, Advocates Mass Murder of Whites

European parliament votes to formally invite Snowden to give testimony on NSA spying

ObamaCare News

Rep. Issa accuses HHS of criminally obstructing probe into ObamaCare website

Will Americans ever trust the President again?


With the NSA looking for terrorists on video games, it's now time to be afraid

Another Man Freed in Chicago Police Torture Saga

Tough Truth About Adolf Hitler History

German state vows to block reprints of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

McCain Likens Obama-Castro Handshake to Hitler Moment for British PM Chamberlain

Tila Tequila goes on pro-Hitler online rant

Hitler ‘Was NOT As Bad As He Was Painted Out To Be’: Tila Tequila

70 Years & Counting: Hitler Is Still Hot

Stanley Fischer for the Fed #2?

Senate holds around-the-clock talkathon over Obama nominees

Roman Catholic News

Pope Francis named Time Person of the Year 2013: A "septuagenarian superstar"

Why Pope Francis Is Different From His Predecessors

Pope Francis, political uniter

Man shuns anonymity in accusing ex-priest of sex abuse

New Catholic sex abuse commission contends with ‘medieval organization'

NYC Will Deploy Weapons Teams, Patrol Boats for Super Bowl

In a Super Bowl of many firsts, Jersey hosting 'first mass transit Super Bowl'

New York Police Plan to Deploy Patrol Boats for Super Bowl: Police presence will be massive

No Super Bowl security threats

A Look At Just How Much The US Is Isolated In Its TPP Demands

House to look at 2-year bipartisan budget deal

Rep. Boehner's Rare Rebuke Signals Line in the Sand on Tea Party

Nancy Pelosi: Immigration reform on hold in House

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Blast near U.S. Embassy in Afghan capital

19 killed in armed conflict in Afghanistan

Gen. Martin Dempsey: Afghanistan pullout could reverse gains against Taliban

Exploring Afghanistan's 'Iran option'

Goal of NATO presence in Afghanistan not achieved - Afghan deputy

SC Gov. Haley's husband returns from Afghanistan


News Organizations Protest Journalist Kidnappings In Syria In Letter

NATO's War on Syria Just Got Dirtier

US halts 'non-lethal assistance' into northern Syria after Islamic Front seizes bases

Top Western-Backed Rebel in Syria Is Forced to Flee

Surveillance and censorship: Inside Syria's Internet

US tweaks Syria policy after Western backed rebels suffer setback to Islamists


Al-Qaeda tightens grip on western Iraq in bid for Islamic state

This Map Of Al Qaeda In Iraq Is Terrifying

S.Korea's KAI sells fighter jets worth $1.1 billion to Iraq



Egyptian police fire tear gas and water cannon on protesters

Judges resign in Egypt Brotherhood trial

Egypt's Morsi calls his removal treason

Inside Egypt's draft constitution: Role of sharia redefined

Presidential Adviser Meslamani: Defense Minister Sissy does not rule Egypt


US lawmakers to introduce bill on new Iran sanctions soon

Lebanon is no country for young men

Bubonic plague killed 20 villagers in Madagascar, health experts confirm: Part of Supernation #8

Kenya: Obama's Kenyan Uncle Allowed To Remain In US

Yemen attack fears close UN offices but embassies open

Defence Ministry Attack: Yemen to assist Filipino victims’ families

Pakistan militants blow up paramilitary truck, 1 dead

Israeli-Palestinian War

Netanyahu says recognition of Jewish state is ‘minimal requirement for peace’

UN Body Prefers Pro-Palestinian Employees

Muslim Academic Finds Islam, Not Israel, Ruining Temple Mount

Knesset Panel: Lone IDF soldiers need more money

Gunshots fired in the direction of IDF troops on Lebanon border

Ukrainian protesters force police to retreat from Kiev square

Russian Military to Recruit 500,000 Professional Soldiers by 2022 within the next decade

Bangkok, Thailand: Mass Mobilization Against Wall Street-Backed Regime

300k Fukushima refugees still living 'in cages' in makeshift camps

Record outdoor radiation level that ‘can kill in 20 min’ detected at Fukushima



SOUTH CAROLINA Bill Would Nullify Obamacare

Square Reveals A Thinner Credit Card Reader With Higher Accuracy And More Device Compatibility

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with US should hold fears: Would greatly benefit America's big entertainment, software and drug companies

Copyright vs Free Speech: TPP will take away basic rights if ratified

Christians Are Being Burned Alive, Beheaded, Crucified, Tortured To Death: And Imprisoned In Metal Shipping Containers

Google's Future: microphones in the ceiling and microchips in your head

Obamacare could force THOUSANDS of volunteer fire departments to close

EPA says taking over private property will benefit the economy

Leaders in Congress unveil two-year budget deal

Goodbye, sequestration! (For now. Maybe.) After years of partisan discord, can Congress agree to a budget compromise?

Nelson Mandela

The Obama-Castro handshake that shocked the world

Mandela's body lying in state, thousands queue to say goodbye

World Leaders Bow, Pray at Nelson Mandela's Casket

An African farewell watched by the world: No lamentation, only celebration

Obama’s speech at Mandela memorial will cost taxpayers $500,000 per minute

Obama, Bush fly together to memorial for Mandela

The real cost to Israel of missing Mandela’s memorial

Gun Control News

White House gun control goals fade as Newtown anniversary nears

Gun sales are up as support withers for tougher firearm restrictions

BB gun control: In New Jersey, kids’ rite of passage could mean felony

Analysis Article: "Gun Control / Seizure Advocates Enter Through Back Door To Achieve Control"

Ukraine News - Supernation #5 Forming

Kiev Protests: Outrage as police descend on barricades with chainsaws

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Russia, like Ukraine, will become a real democracy

Satanic Temple Monument in Okla. May Include ‘Interactive Display’ for Kids

Uruguay becomes first country to legalize marijuana trade

Colorado boy, 6, suspended, accused of sexual harassment for kissing girl on cheek

Write Wrongs! Over 500 world-famous authors sign anti-surveillance petition

NYPD Now Preventing Journalists From Accessing Police Blotters

Japan panel urges strong military amid China rise

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Afghan president lashes out at US 'threats' : U.S. is "absolutely" acting like a colonial power

U.S. 'nowhere near' decision to pull all troops out of Afghanistan

Afghanistan: muzzling the media to win the war

Façade Diplomacy: US seeking Pakistan's help to start negotiations with Taliban

Vote on Afghanistan War Extension Won’t Be In Defense Bill

Suicide bomber attacks foreign troops in Afghanistan


Former IDF Head: Israel Prefers Assad to Islamist Rebels

Gunmen abduct Syria's leading human rights lawyer

Syria sides fight for keeps as Geneva peace talks loom

United States suspends non-lethal assistance into northern Syria

5 Things to Know About Destroying Syria’s Chemical Weapons


Dutch couple freed by abductors in Yemen

Somalia: Spectre of political meltdown

Kenya police suffer deadly ambush near Somalia border

New Report Reveals Kenya Attackers Likely Escaped Westgate Mall

Drugs and poverty blight Northern Nigeria

Israeli-Palestinian War

Analyst: Kerry's Jordan Valley Arrangements 'A Death-Trap': It's a prescription for a Holocaust 2.0

The Road to Nowhere: Kerry's Mideast Journey

OPCW Head: Israel Should Renounce Chemical Weapons

Soldiers Hurt in Golan Explosion

Egyptian Army Kills Terrorist Behind Eilat Rocket Attack

Canada: Palestinian Refugees - Fleeing Hamas

Duke Apologizes For Expulsion of Jews from Gibraltar: 1474-76

Apple's Wailing Wall is in Palestine: Jerusalem's Wailing Wall (known as the Kotel) is in "Palestine." (Palestinian Territory)

Archaeologists may have found town named in Bible

Obama's Half Brother, a Kenyan American in China

Obama's Approval Ratings Reach Lowest Level Yet

India top court reinstates gay sex ban



SOUTH CAROLINA Bill Would Nullify Obamacare

The Phony Pullout From Afghanistan

Why Are Key Obama Policies Shrouded in Secrecy?

Barack Obama’s de facto totalitarian nation

Obama lied about Syrian chemical attack, ‘cherry-picked’ intelligence

Hobby Lobby Case is About Rights, Not Contraceptives

House Passes Plastic Gun Ban; Senate Looks to Expand Scope

Stop Japan’s Fukushima censorship

ObamaCare News

Obama’s Iraq: Affordable Care Act is an administration-defining failure

There’s No Obamacare Comeback Yet: Serious questions remain about implementation

Nelson Mandela

After Netanyahu, Peres back out, Israel sends Edelstein to Mandela funeral

Israeli Labor Chief Slams PM over Mandela Memorial Absence

Nelson Mandela's 'mighty power of forgiveness' lauded at Inter-faith memorial

Obama commemorates Mandela as 'giant of justice'

Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich Defend Mandela Against GOP Critics

Cop Kills Unarmed Honor Student After Sarcastic Remark

Police Kill 19-year-old After Father Tries to Prevent Him from Buying Cigarettes

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Central African Republic (CAR) - See Map

Obama calls for peace as Hagel orders US support in Central African Republic mission

Two French Soldiers Killed In Central African Republic

Hundreds Killed in CAR's Capital

Calm to Return to CAR in Six Months - France promises


US rejects Assad offer to fight Al-Qaeda in return for staying in power

Syrian army secures Damascus-Homs motorway

Militants losing battle in Syria

Syrian conflict opens new trade routes

Spanish journalist, photographer kidnapped by al-Qaida-linked rebels in Syria

Former French fighter in Syria: 'We are all al-Qaeda' - Video

Saudi Prince Bandar behind effort to topple Assad


Egypt police arrest students in fiery clashes

Leader of Egypt Brotherhood in Court for 1st Time

Egypt's options over US-Iran rapprochement

Egypt’s new constitution: A comparative overview


U.N. to launch first airlift of aid to Syria via Iraq - UNHCR

Iraq foils militant infiltration attempt from Syria

Thousands Have Died Since the Iraq War Was "Won" — See the Scary Stats


Afghanistan agrees on regional security pact with Iran

Afghanistan's Karzai slams US 'threats' over security deal to let troops stay past 2014

In Afghanistan, a wedding engagement, a bomb, and an army veteran’s quest to move on


Lebanon: Funeral for top Hezbollah commander marches in Sidon

Boko Haram Insurgents Attack Motorists in Nigeria

Is Nigerian President Encouraging Corruption?

Somalia: International Agencies Paid Al-Shabaab to Permit Aid Distribution During Famine

Poll: Support for Obama's Iran Deal Plummets

South Korea warns of North Korea's 'reign of terror'


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Aims to Sabotage the Geneva Agreement with Iran

Obama: ‘Ideal’ Iran deal not possible, we have to be realistic

Abbas: Hamas' acceptance of elections begins the end to our divisions

Hamas resumes links with Iran as Cairo contacts fade

Kerry Promises US Jews: Iran won't get nuclear bomb

US, Jordan Agree: Israel Should Control Jordan Valley

Israelis, Palestinians, pour cold water on Kerry’s security ‘ideas’

PLO: No 'Deals' With Israel, Unless We Get Everything We Want

Muslim Bloc Calls for Palestinian State, Slams 'Occupation'

Israeli Minister Bennett Lights Hanukkah Candles in Muslim Country

Ukraine: What Would Washington Do?

‘Despite Rumors of a Coup, Another Orange Revolution in Ukraine is Unlikely'

Government sells last of its GM shares

GM bailout saved 1.2 million jobs, and preserved $34.4 billion in tax revenue

Square Reveals A Thinner Credit Card Reader With Higher Accuracy And More Device Compatibility








Iran Refuses to Recognize Israel at U.N.

Tech giants unite in push to make feds rein in NSA eavesdropping

NSA Claims Collecting Cellphone Location Data Is Legal Under Executive Order — Reagan in 1981

Was Hillary Clinton A Good Secretary of State?

Leaked Doodles Show What President Clinton Was Really Thinking About During Serbia Meeting

Ukraine protesters maintain blockade in central Kiev

Trouble in Obamacare Paradise: 70% California doctors boycotting state exchange

Texas college student shot, killed, by campus police officer: Victim's family has retained a lawyer

New Mexico police officer suspended after shooting at minivan full of kids

D.C. Police Officer Investigated for "Pimping" Teen Girls

Black Friday Protests at Walmart Staffed by Professional Activists

France bills the crash victim for €25,000 road damage: victim was rear-ended by a hit-run-driver!

Russia outraged by US fraud charges against diplomats - Payback for Russia harboring Snowden?

IRS using Google Maps to spy on taxpayers: To audit 501(c)(4) taxpayers and organizations

Federal Prison Population Grows 27 Percent in 10 Years

North Korean regime aide flees to seek asylum in South

Purge: Ouster Of Kim Jong Un's Uncle Sends Chilling Message To North Korea's Elite

South Korea extends its air defence zone to overlap with China's: Tensions rising in region

DARPA’s mirror-killing membrane could change astronomy, allow total global surveillance

Supreme Court agrees to address key issue: Can software be patented?

MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Speaks for God: "Obamacare Is Divinely Approved"

Police State: County censors government employee who dares criticize Obamacare

4 U.S. presidents to attend Mandela memorial

Israel's PM Netanyahu Won't Attend Mandela Memorial

Six tested for radiation now face questions in Mexico radioactive theft

Israeli-Palestinian War

New army satellite system to be deployed across country

Home Front continues distributing gas masks to public

Iran News Report: Saudi intelligence chief met Israeli officials in Geneva

Expert Warns: Israelis Don't Believe in 2-State Solution

IDF General: US Agrees with Us on Jordan Valley: "Jordan Valley is a strategic buffer for Israel"

Hamas: We Won't Cede a Single Grain of Soil

Israeli Minister: Obama Wrong To Be Optimistic on Peace

Obama Reassures Israelis: We're not abandoning you

PA Rejects Terrorist Prisoner Release Delay, Warns 'Total Failure'

'Historic' Agreement to Link Red & Dead Seas: Deal with Jordan and PA to save Dead Sea, provide desalinized water to all 3 parties

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Obama admin 'cherry-picked intelligence' to justify Syria strike: Journalist Seymor Hersch

Obama aides deny Syria intelligence story

Iranian Soldiers Fighting in Syria

Syrian troops seize control of strategic highway

How the USA Lost Its Syrian Allies

Internet and Telephones Cut in Syria


Iraq Violence: Cafe car bomb kills 11 in central town - Sunni Muslim area

Car bomb, roadside bombings kill 21 in Iraq

Iraq businesses in grueling fight against corruption, bureaucracy


Afghanistan agrees to pact with Iran, while resisting US accord

Hagel assures troops in Afghanistan they are not forgotten

Rough ride for US-Russia copter deal

Afghans received first C-130 aircraft from US Air Force

Hollywood immortalizes US Navy Seal disaster in Afghanistan


Technical Experts to Begin Working Out Details of Iran Deal

Yemen top adviser escapes assassination

Philippines Workers Banned From Yemen After Al Qaeda Attack Kills Over 50

Defense Secretary Hagel In Pakistan To Ease Drone Strike Tensions

Hezbollah TV Apologizes to Bahrain

Kiev, Ukraine: Protesters Threaten to Seal In President

Admitted child abuser keeps his Navy career



Pearl Harbor memories fading with time

New York City confiscating rifles and shotguns

French army deploys in Central African Republic - See Map

Another War Started In "Non-Integrating Gap"

Iraqi FM: Proliferation of extremists may create a jihadi 'emirate' in Syria

The US plan for Israel's safety -- Palestinians reject!

In Afghanistan, People Died for No Good Reason

World Trade Organisation reaches $1tn trade deal: Facilitates global economy

North Korea frees US tourist and war veteran held for 7 weeks

Apple Can Track You in Its Stores

President Obama lights National Christmas Tree, with homage to Nelson Mandela

SA prepares for emotional Mandela funeral

Mandela: From devil to hero for SA whites

Bill Clinton: Mandela Helped Me Forgive GOP For Impeachment

Obama and Bush families will head to South Africa for Mandela memorial

Jobless claims fall sharply: Only 298,000, Not 400.000

Lowest Jobless Rate in 5 Years Raises Odds of a Fed Move: "Headwinds are fading and the tailwinds are gaining strength”

Pentagon: No Unusual Chinese Military Maneuvers Despite Tensions with Japan

U.S. Intelligence Adviser Worked With A Chinese Firm Deemed Espionage Threat

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Watchdog: Syria destroyed all unfilled chemical weapons munitions

Militants Behead 7 Syrian Christians in Reef Homs area of Syria

Syrian airstrikes kill 12

Syria Conflict: Foreign jihadists 'use Turkey safe houses'

Syria's Spreading Bloodshed

Al-Qaeda says it shot down Syria drone


Sentences reduced for 14 female protesters in Egypt

Security forces disperse pro-Morsi protests around Egypt

Egypt stops Morsi prison visits over 'incitement' messages

Egyptian presidency declares national mourning for the death of Nelson Mandela


2 Bombings Kill 4 People in Iraq

Iraqi PM Calls for Enhanced Cooperation with Iran to Facilitate Shiite Pilgrims

Iraq, Iran confirm developing economic, security cooperation

Kurds’ Oil Deals With Turkey Raise Fears of Fissures in Iraq

Co-ordinated attack in Kirkuk leaves several dead as violence in Iraq escalates


19 Taliban Militants Killed, 3 Injured in Afghan Operations

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel makes surprise visit to Afghanistan: To push Afghan government to sign security agreement

‘Uncertainty looms over post-2014 Afghanistan’

NATO refuses to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014 without US troops

Tighter rules of engagement contributed to increased US casualty rate in Afghanistan


Yemen regains ministry compound, 12 militants killed

Saudi militants behind deadly attack on Defence Ministry: Yemen charges

Yemen army sweeps capital after deadly attack

Hospital attacked in Central African Republic (CAR)

CAR: The broken heart of Africa -- See Map

Israeli-Palestinian War

IDF: Friday's explosion near Syrian border was intentional - Marking severe escalation in tense Syrian-Israeli border

FM Lieberman: No chance for deal with Palestinians

Is two-state solution even still possible?

The US plan for Israel's safety

Palestinians reject US security ideas for Israel peace accord

Defense Secretary Hagel: US committed to Gulf - Iran will not be permitted to develop nuclear weapons


Jewish Myth: 50 years since Masada dig

Half a century after the big dig, Masada still excites the imagination

Masada is tourists' favorite spot in Israel

Masada Complex: A new museum at Masada presents a selection of the archaeological discoveries that were found at the site

Masada Stubbornly Gives Up Its Secrets — Lice and All: Israel's Famed Fortress Is Much More Than Suicide Spot

I Almost Climbed Masada - 1,500 feet above the ground

U.S. Air Force secretly developed new stealth drone at ‘Area 51'

It's Time to Talk About Guns and the Supreme Court - Lt. Col Bateman, now working for Homeland Security -- "We will pry your gun from your cold, dead, fingers" shows his exact goal

Colorado baker discriminated by denying gay couple wedding cake: Judge rules

World powers react to the Bitcoin boom: Currency's value crashed after China forbade its banks from Bitcoin transactions



Americans Polled: US is Losing Respect, Should Mind Its Own Business

Corporate America Will Dominate the World in 2014

Media failure on Iraq War repeated in climate change coverage

TEPCO clean-up boss says Fukushima's radioactive water will be dumped into Pacific Ocean

Yup, They Are Going To Dump It

Oil Steady After Stronger US Economic Growth

Big Banks Are Being Hit With Cyberattacks “Every Minute Of Every Day”

African leaders complain of bias at ICC: Court has only tried Africans

French bill to legalize bulk Internet spying moving through National Assembly

Odds of Alien Life 'Very High,' House Panel Hears

Catholic Church In The News

Pope forms commission to advise on sex abuse

Abuse survivors group responds to Vatican sex abuse commission

Sex abuse survivors win as Catholic church in Minnesota forced to name pedo-priests

Sex and the Single Priest: Mandatory Celibacy Must End

Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence accused of protecting sex abusers: Failed to properly investigate more than 800 allegations of sexual abuse over the past 20 years

Pope Francis & the globalization of indifference

Pope Francis is wrong about capitalism: Editorial

Nelson Mandela is dead at 95 - Mandela the radical

S.African gov't announces state funeral for Mandela

Obama mourns death of icon Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Africa's Lincoln

Nelson Mandela: A failed Marxist revolutionary and leftist icon, the Che Guevara of Africa

Chinese president mourns "world-renowned statesman" Mandela

Rep. Cantor Relentless in Push for Amnesty for Illegal Alien Youth

Watch: Eric Cantor’s office calls in police to threaten singing immigrant children with arrest

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Major Hezbollah Figure, Tied to Syrian War, Is Assassinated Near Beirut

E.U. security officials note increased flow of fighters to Syria's civil war

Jihadists Returning Home to Europe From Syria Pose New Terror Threat

Iraqi cameraman executed in Syria


Doctors killed in Yemen's ministry assault: 52 doctors and nurses were killed following the attack and 167 people have been wounded

Al-Qaeda claims attack on Yemen defence ministry

U.S. Military on Alert in Yemen Following Terror Attack

Yemen's 'hidden wars' threaten peace process

Yemen bomb-makers 'working on new devices'


Iraq Police Storm Shopping Mall, Kill Gunmen After Standoff

New push to boost Bahraini-Iraq ties

No limitations to promotion of Iran, Iraq ties: Supreme Leader

Iraq to ‘Unconditionally’ Open Border with Syrian Kurdish Regions

Syrian refugees face harsh winter in Iraq


Sudan's Bashir 'ignored' impact of Ethiopia's dam on Egypt: Egyptian official complains

Current Events Are Propelling Egypt Down The Abyss Into Her Final, End of Days, Prophetic Judgment

Italy convicts 'in abstentia' abducted Egypt cleric Abu Omar for terrorism

Egypt's Sinai: Trafficking, torture and fear

Icons of Egypt's 2011 Revolution Against Mubarak Sent to Trial

Egypt reportedly to declare Muslim Brotherhood a ‘terrorist organization’

Egypt's Antiquities Fall Victim to Political Chaos


Addicted and hopeless in Afghanistan's Herat Province

End ‘good’ war in Afghanistan - Editorial

Small US force to remain in Afghanistan for foreign policy reasons

Securing Highway 1 shows the difficulties ahead in Afghanistan: question whether Afghan forces will ever be able to secure it


French Launch "Short" Military Intervention in C African Republic (CAR)

French army says killed unidentified fighters in C.Africa Republic

UK military discussing 'logistical support' for France C.Africa mission

Somali MP killed by carbomb

Algeria Kills High-Ranking Al Qaeda Leader

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry: 'Closer Than We Have Been In Years' to Israel, PA Peace

Kerry Assures: No Israel-Palestinian deal if Israel's security is not enhanced by peace accord

US plan for Israel's safety: Finally working to solve Israel's security issues

Herzog: Divide Jerusalem and Make Land Swaps

Police Storm Temple Mount

Are Police’s ‘Undercover Arabs’ Harassing Jews?

Mandela and Israel: Iconic South African leader had an ambivalent relationship with the Jewish state

Netanyahu, Peres mourn the loss of Mandela: 'A freedom fighter who opposed violence'

Hezbollah threatens to retaliate against Israel for assassination of their commander

Obama celebrates end of Hanukkah at White House, twice

Messianic Performance Asks: Is Israel Ready to Accept Jesus?

Trade deal seen 'very close': India holding out

Church Group Targeted By City For Feeding Homeless

Stolen cobalt-60 found in Mexico; thieves may be doomed

Bellevue cop charged with DUI; fellow officer under fire for not arresting him

Obamacare Reg Treats Congress That Spent $3.5 Trillion as a ‘Small Business’

Threat from under sea? US Navy fires spy drone from submarine

Stocks pop upward after jobs report

Why U.S. Energy Independence Is Within Our Reach

Corporate America Will Dominate the World in 2014: The Economist

Ahead of the Bell: US consumer borrowing




Israeli PM Netanyahu Challenges the Pope: Gave Pontiff a book his father wrote about the Inquisition

NSA reportedly collects 5 billion cell phone location records a day

Majority of youngest voters would recall Obama

Obama calls for action on 'profoundly unequal' economy

Democrat Senator Reid exempts some staff from having to buy insurance on ObamaCare exchange

Stunning hypocrisy from Democrats in wake of ObamaCare's broken promises

If they want to keep their jobs, Democrats should ditch Obama now

Republican Boehner signs up for Obamacare, with government support

Dallas Police Chief David Brown quietly changes shooting investigations policy: Now cops must remain silent for 72 hours

It's Capitalists, not charities, who really help the poor

Supernation #5 Forming

Former Ukrainian presidents warn of chaos

Ukraine's choice: East vs West

Ukraine: State of Chaos - Has the eastern European country been returned to the grips of the powerful oligarchs and neighbouring Russia?

Solidarity warms protesters as rallies freeze heart of Kiev

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Chemical experts considering port to load Syria toxins onto US ship

Syrian rebels consider joining forces with regime troops to fight al-Qa'ida

U.S., Allies Reach Out to Syria's Islamist Rebels

Syria Conflict: Aleppo rocket attack 'kills at least 18'


US halts military shipments out of Afghanistan

Army general’s report defends decision to build $36 million headquarters in Afghanistan

Wounded in Afghanistan, troops begin healing in Germany

Bomb blast kills family in south Afghanistan


Coordinated attacks in Iraq kill 11 and wound 70 on Thursday

Hostages freed after daring raid on Iraq mall

Iraq: the world's forgotten war - 30 deaths a day

Assault on Office, Other Attacks Kill 24 in Iraq on Tuesday

ISIS continues to launch suicide assaults in Iraq


Suicide attack rocks Yemen's defence ministry: 20 feared dead

Egyptian Minister Charges: Muslim Brotherhood 'mobilized a number of terrorist extremist elements'

American teacher slain in Benghazi, Libya

‘Militants’ kill Pakistani policeman

Several dead in gun battles in CAR ( Central African Republic) capital

UN forces introduce drones in Congo

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry: Israel's Security Is 'Top Priority'

Are Staff Hiding President Peres’ Poor Health?

Two More Arrested in J'lem Rock Ambush

'I Grabbed a Knife and Ran to Rescue my Daughter'

Muslims Launch Fireworks at Police on Temple Mount

Minister Livni: We are making progress in peace talks

Israeli Defense Minister: We Cannot Sit By and Watch Syrians Die

Poll: Israelis Want to Reduce Dependence on US

Former Shin Bet head warns: Israeli-Palestinian conflict more dangerous than a nuclear Iran

Watch Israel's elite SWAT team perform rooftop rescue

Nobel Laureate: Bible is Key to Jewish Genius

'Hotels of death' in Indian holy city: Designated hotels in Varanasi cater to only the old and the infirm, waiting to die and attain "salvation"

Engineers Use Radio Beams to Remotely Disable Vehicle Engine

Never worry about leaving the cooker on again! App sends alert if appliance is left switched on - and lets you turn it off remotely

New Boehner Hire Supports Path to Citizenship

Boehner prepares to push amnesty bill through House

House Majority Leader Rep. Cantor Relentless in Push for Amnesty for Illegal Alien Youth

Obama’s call to close Vatican embassy is ‘slap in the face’ to Roman Catholics

Sen. Wendy Davis Under Fire After Promising To Invest In Texas Children As Governor

All Aboard! Freight Rail Giant Testing Natural Gas-Powered Locomotives

US economy grew a speedy 3.6 percent in Q3

Medicare patients will get a financial break in 2014: For many retirees, the most common premiums won’t rise next year

U.S. stocks open lower after better-than-expected claims and GDP data

U.S. bond prices fall on upbeat economic data

U.S. drivers return to the road as fuel prices fall

Australia just scrapped its debt ceiling. America should, too

GM to convert landfill gas to generate electricity at 2 assembly plants

General Motors stock highest since 2010 IPO

Toledo plant to build 500K Jeeps in 2014

Auto bailout's pluses override minuses: Editorial

Ford, UAW team to expand nationwide child ID program



The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry

Yasser Arafat 'was not poisoned' - leaked French report

Obama's Approval Rating Sinks to 30s, Past 'Psychological Threshold'

Rand Paul: Americans Trading Liberty for False Security

Over 700,000 people on US watch list: Once you get on, there’s no way off

Seoul: Kim Jong Un Fires Uncle, Executes His Associates

Kerry, Ashton Discuss Next Steps in Iran Nuclear Deal, Syria Talks

US deploys newest surveillance aircraft to Japan amid tensions with China

VP Biden in China amid Asia tensions over air zone

Hawkish Japan eyes military boost amid island dispute with China

Japan's ruling coalition pushes heavy-handed state secrets bill through lower house

Russia needs Arctic presence to guard against U.S. threat - Putin

Ukraine's PM Warns Protesters Not to Escalate Tensions

Russia's PM Lavrov Says Russia Will Not Interfere in Ukraine


Netanyahu Ally Urges More Cautious Tone With US

Congress Backs Terrorists In Syria … Then Says We Need NSA Spying Because There are Terrorists In Syria

NATO, Russian Foreign Ministers Support Syria Peace Talks

Syrian Rebels Face Pressure on Multiple Fronts

Syrian Kurds Take Steps Toward Self-Rule

Syrian Kurds Want Iraqi Border Crossing Opened

Hezbollah commander assassinated in Beirut: Israel blamed


Medical radioactive material truck 'stolen in Mexico'

Uproar Grows Over Forced C-section to Seize Child in U.K. : More than a year later, U.K. authorities are still refusing to return the child to her mother

Police Department’s Taser Policy Questioned

Teen visiting Houston for dance classes taken into CPS custody

Obama's Kenyan-born uncle gets U.S. green card

How long before YOU are eating frankenfish? GM super salmon muscling its way onto your plate

Mexican colleges look to expand in U.S. to serve immigrants

Federal judge lets Detroit move forward with largest bankruptcy in US history

Shop-and-Frisk? NY retail stores under fire for allegedly targeting customers based on race




Inside Apple’s Touch ID — And Why the Problem With Biometrics Might Be You

'The Internet Of Things' Will Change Everything About The Global Consumer Economy: Will finally produce cashless, dictatorial economy - Rev 13:16-18

Expert: Security Risks Even Worse After ‘Fix’

Rush: Pope Francis' Words Are 'Pure Marxism'

The Globalization of NATO: Military Doctrine of Global Warfare

Students arrested on Main Street waiting for yellow school bus to take them to a basketball practice

Grid EX II: Engineering Social Chaos And Martial Law

DHS agent cites private medical history to deny entry to a wheel-chair Canadian citizen into US

Reporter tells MSNBC Obama administration ‘most hostile to the media . . . in US history'

ObamaCare News

Hobby Lobby case would thwart Obamacare's benefits for casual sex

White House to launch new push to sell ObamaCare after re-do

Obamacare Website STILL Doesn’t Work: Sign up figures are 85% short of two month target

Expert: Security Risks Even Worse After ‘Fix’

‘Inexplicable’ If Someone Involved in Creation of Obamacare Website Isn’t Fired

Why Democrats should worry about ObamaCare's blunders: Video

Supernation #5 Continues To Form

Ukraine Refused to Sign EU's ‘Suicide Note’

Ukraine Faces Prospect of Economic Collapse

Prof. Mark Almond: Ukraine Protestors May Topple Government

Protesters Say 'No To The USSR' As Putin Woos Armenia

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Iran Gets Short End Of The Nuclear Deal

You Cannot Negotiate With Iran? Iran’s major concessions it will only receive “$7 billion – of its own money, frozen by US sanctions

Iran seeks Arab help for regional stability

White House: No Obama plans to visit Iran

Iran Doesn't Want Afghanistan to Sign US Deal


Karzai wants US to halt operations on civilians as condition for security deal

Aid workers facing greater peril in Afghanistan

NATO refuses to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014 without US troops


Syria: Front line battles take Damascus suburbs back to 'stone age'

Syria's Bashar Assad implicated in war crimes: U.N. rights chief

Syria conflict threatens to tear Azerbaijan apart: Overwhelming majority (65%) are Shi'ite


Egyptian Nazi Party Leader Arrested Under "Mysterious Circumstances"



Libya: The Unwelcome Return of Navi Pillay - She invented Libyan "atrocity stories"

Netanyahu meets Pope Francis for first time, slams nuclear deal with Iran


Waiting for That Amazon Delivery Drone? Regulators Are in No Rush

Even if the Feds Let Them Fly, Amazon’s Delivery Drones Are Still Nonsense

Strong Cyber Monday gains in the wake of disappointing Black Friday, weekend sales

New life for Snowden the Snowman: Ultimate anti-NSA Christmas gift?

NSA Spying Challenged in the United Nations: By 21 Countries

3 Times As Many Americans Supported King George During the Revolutionary War than Support Our OWN Congress Today

US calls on China to rescind air defence zone to avoid Japan confrontation

US vows to help Japan defend status quo as China air defence row escalates

Arctic Made Priority for Russian Navy in 2014: Will develop series of ice-class patrol ships

National Claims To Arctic Shelf: Six countries vying for bids to lay claim to their Continental Shelf Borders

U.S. Organic Food trend forecasted for growth through 2018

How the US gave guns to Mexican cartels: "how tragically inept Fast and Furious was"

Ammo Price Surge Expected as EPA Regulations Close Lead Smelter: in 2008, the EPA "issued new National Ambient Air Quality Standards for lead that were 10 times tighter than the previous standard







US facing defeat in Afghanistan

Obamacare Website Crashes After December Relaunch

Reversal of Europe Deal Jolts Ukraine: Supernation #5 is starting to form

European Parliament Votes to Centralize EU Capital -- News From Supernation #2

America and Israel: A Fraying Bond?

Iran’s Missile Launch Site Points to North Korea

2013: Making Sense of a Year of Shifts

Ground Zero for climate change in Alaska

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Egypt's constitution panel approves remaining articles: No great change

50-member committee bans torture, guarantees freedom of belief

UK endorses Egyptian interim government 'future map' for 1st time

Morsi supporters throng Tahrir Square as delays throw Egypt's transition into doubt

Hagel voices US concern over new Egyptian law limiting protest

Egypt begins revoking citizenship of Hamas leaders


Government forces winning the war in Syria, says PM

Syrian hospitals and charities hampered by scarce resources and logistical challenges

Syria-fueled violence kills four by sniper fire in Lebanon's Tripoli

Scores killed in Syria 'barrel' bombings from government helicopters

Mortar Shell Hits Damascus School, Children Unharmed

U.S. to Destroy Syria Arms At Sea, as Other Nations Balk

Syria's Next Crisis May Be Starvation


Blasts Kill at Least 12 Mourners at Funeral of Iraq Sunni Leader On Sunday: Was leader of 'Sunni Awakening', a pro-US faction

18 Sunnis Found Shot Dead In Iraq: Victims included two army officers and the town's mayor, from their houses late Thursday."

UN in Iraq alarmed by uptick in bodies found

Iraq and Turkey diffuse Kurdish oil row

OPEC Rift Emerging Over Iraq Output, Possible Return of Iran


Ex-CIA chief: US accepted Iran enrichment right

Will Israel 'come to terms' with Iran deal? Initial hostility may be softening

Israel Looking for Proof that Iran is Violating Deal

The chalice that helped make possible the Iran nuclear deal

Iran, World Powers May Meet Again Next Week

Iran Deal Opens Door for Businesses: European, U.S. Firms Stand to Benefit From Sanction-Relief Measures

Iran Envoy Meets Kuwaiti Emir in Latest Outreach

Iran deploys warships after overhaul


U.S. weighs letting Afghanistan go its own way militarily

US facing defeat in Afghanistan

President Karzai Risks Assassination for Defying NATO

Pakistan, Afghanistan Leaders Meet to Jump-Start Taliban Peace Talks

US halts logistic support to some Afghan army, police units


North Yemen fighting kills more than 120

11,000 Sudanese workers returned from Saudi Arabia

Sudan-Iran relations not meant to threaten Gulf states: Sudan's VP

Mali's Tuareg fighters end ceasefire

Suicide bomber targets foreign forces in Mali

Nigeria will not break up in 2015 – Senator

Israeli-Palestinian War

Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Brags: We've Entered 'West Bank'

Former PM Olmert: We've Declared War on Obama Gov't

US Calls Netanyahu 'Desperate and Weak'

PA: Cancel Building Tenders Or Talks Over

VIDEO: Singing Jews Cause Near-Riot on Temple Mount

VIDEO: Peace Activist Shocked by Reality of Israeli-Arab Conflict

PM Harper vows 'Israel will always have Canada'

Jews in Jerusalem neighborhood demand stronger police presence in wake of attack

Peres announcement launches race to succeed him as president

Labor gains in polls under new leader Herzog

Herzog meets with Abbas: 'We have partner for peace'



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