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December 17-31, 2013        

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World Leaders Rally Behind Russia After Volgograd Bomb Attacks

Kerry to offer outline of Mideast peace deal

'A lot worse without NAFTA': 20-year-old deal is a success

Reality intrudes on China's military contingency plans

Iran Cites Progress in Talks to Implement Nuclear Deal

President Obama, the Merciless?

Person of the Year 2013: TIME Choses Pope Francis

Passing Away: Key deaths of 2013

Immigration Reform: Big Surprises In 2014

Fukushima Accident Updates

Two Earthquakes Strike Eastern Japan Near Fukushima Nuclear Site

Fukushima cancer spike and nuclear industry denial

‘Fukushima fish ends in garbage’: Radioactive fears blight Japan’s seafood industry

Japan: Homeless Used as Slave Labour to Clean Up Fukushima

USS Ronald Reagan Crew Members Sick With Cancer Three Years After Fukushima Contamination

Fukushima radiation hits San Francisco

Fukushima: Tepco submits new business plan, seeks more funds

Stop Japan's Fukushima Censorship

U.S. takes a new step toward commercial drones

What Really Happens in the Drone Program from an Insider: Video provided by a drone is not usually clear enough to detect someone carrying a weapon

Democrat Massachusetts Governor Slams People Who Want to Keep Their Insurance Plans

President Didn’t Think Anyone Would Want to Keep Their Health Plans

Union Leader Wants Obamacare Repealed if Not Fixed

Health Insurance Exchange Troubles Hit Small Businesses

Supernation #5 Forming -- Russia, Eastern Europe

Second Deadly Blast Hits Southern Russian City of Volgograd

At Least 33 Dead After Volgograd Bomb Attacks

Volgograd Terror Raises Olympic Security Fears

Russia tightens security in wake of deadly Volgograd bombings

‘Volgograd blasts are a blowback for Putin’s Syria policy’

Putin vows to annihilate "terrorists" after suicide bombings

Roadside Bomb Blast Kills One, Injures 2 in Dagestan

Lenin Statue Reinstated Hours After Being Toppled by Ukraine Protesters

North Dakota town partially evacuated after fiery oil train derailment

Shale Energy Boom to Continue for Decades

House Bill Will Protect America’s Energy Renaissance: Dozens of mothballed steel and petrochemical factories have reopened to take advantage of abundant and economical energy resources

Chemical Companies Rush to the U.S. Thanks to Cheap Natural Gas: Is powering $100 billion investment boom in U.S. chemical industry

China hands 'death sentence' to 75% of solar cell makers

Will Congress retroactively renew 55 tax breaks that are scheduled to expire?

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #8 News

South Sudan

UNSC Backs Regional Initiative to Resolve South Sudan Crisis

South Sudan rebel leader 'agrees to talks after taking Bor'

How South Sudan’s Leaders Let Down the World’s Newest Nation

South Sudan on Knife-Edge

Gambia: South Sudan Conflict - Gambia Hosts Emergency AUPSC Meeting

Gambia Withdraws from British Commonwealth

Gambia: President Jammeh Tells UN General Assembly Gays a Threat to Human Existence

CAR (Central African Republic)

Civilians Caught Up in CAR's Fighting

Children 'beheaded and mutilated' in Central African Republic: UNICEF

Uncontrolled violence in Central African Republic displaces thousands

Attack on presidential palace thwarted in Central African Republic

Central African Republic needs international help

Democratic Republic of The Congo

DR Congo Forces Boosted After Civilian Massacre

DR Congo Declares Victory Over Militia

Congo military repels armed attacks in capital after apparent coup attempt

Scores die as followers of 'prophet' Gedeon seize TV station in Congo


South Africa: Ugandan Leader Warns of Military Action Against Machar Rebels

Troops find six-tonne explosives cache in Mali

French paratrooper supporting military operation in Mali killed by comrade's accidental shot

Christmas a time of worry for Malian Christians

Supernation #7 News


Year of diplomatic breakthrough on Syria

Removal of chemical weapons from Syria will miss deadline

Activists: Missile Hits Bus in Syria, Killing 10

Lebanese army fired on Syrian planes

Syria says peace meet invitations still unsent, blames opposition


Iran Cites Progress in Talks to Implement Nuclear Deal

Iran, World Powers Wrap Up Expert-Level Talks in Geneva

Head Iranian Negotiator: Geneva deal to be implemented in late January

For Iran, 2013 Was a Very Good Year

Iran and the US: Diplomatic enrichment


2013: a year of unrest and political crisis

Iraq's Sunnis: Rebels with a cause?

The Tragedy of Maliki’s Iraq

Iraq's Shi'ite PM warns Sunni protesters to end rallies

Fighting erupts as Iraq police break up Sunni protest camp

Editorial: There Should Be No military aid to Iraq


CNN Poll: Afghanistan war arguably most unpopular in U.S. history

Top 6 Ways to Burn Taxpayers' Millions in Afghanistan

Will Obama have an Afghanistan problem in 2014?


Three Soldiers killed by suicide bomber in Yemen

Al-Qaeda in Yemen 'sorry' for hospital attack

Armed men attack Yemen police headquarters, wounding 7

Saudi Arabia's struggle for influence

As tension rise, Saudi Arabia to give Lebanese army $3 billion

Why Saudi Arabia and the U.S. don’t see eye to eye in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia: Terrorism Law Targets Peaceful Speech

Tunisian Islamist leader captured in Libya

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry to Propose Outline for Mideast Peace Talks

Israel Frees More Palestinian Prisoners

Netanyahu Slams PA Celebration: ‘Murderers Are Not Heroes’

PA, Israel Care Less About US Pressure than ever before

Israel Complains to UN Over Lebanon Attacks

General Gantz: Lebanese Army Responsible for Rocket Fire

2 Officers Honored For Preventing Bat Yam Bus Bombing Dec 22

Mideast Turmoil Prompts Worries of Long-term Mental Trauma

President Peres: Israel Can Not Separate Religion and State

Even BBC Must Admit: Israel Loves its Enemies

WATCH VIDEO: 'Price Tag' attack in Jalazoun takes jab at Kerry's role in peace talks

Israel’s population reaches more than 8 million at year’s end

Population of Israel's Enemies Surrounding Her: 566,213,000 - "World Atlas"

Can the Lower Ninth Ward ever recover from Katrina?

One third of Americans believe God 'guided the evolution of human life'

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts comes out: She discloses that she has been in a long-term same-sex relationship

Euro set to be 2013's top-performing major currency

NSA has complete control of your iPhone, can activate your microphone and camera without you knowing

Is Your Next Door Neighbor Spying On You?

"Duck Dynasty" saga: A&E facing more Phil Robertson controversy

Biggest IPOs of 2013

U.S. Stocks Rise to Records Amid Confidence, Home Data

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Increases More Than Forecast

Stocks $3.7 Trillion Year Beats Bonds Most Ever on Funds

Ford says retail sales up 15% through November

Ford dealers stockpile F-150 pickups ahead of model change

GM to invest nearly $1.3B in Midwest

GM investing $121M in Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant

Pot Shops in Denver Open Door to $578 Million in Sales

The Drone Lawyer' Explains What's Legal


December 30, 2013


DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility

Israeli ministers approve bill to annex Jordan Valley, "peace talks" under threat

Target’s Forensic Services Laboratory: Top-notch, used extensively by FBI, Secret Service, BATF

NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware

MSNBC’s Dyson: ‘Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty Part of Majority White Supremacist Culture’

LAPD deploys drug detection swab test at sobriety checkpoints

'Completely False': Sources on ground in Benghazi challenge NYT report

Scalia finds his predictions on same-sex-marriage ruling being borne out

2013 is the year that proved your ‘paranoid’ friend right

Supernation #5 Forming - Customs Union\

Suicide bombing kills at least 17 in Russia's Volgograd

New Winter Olympics terrorism fears after Volgograd suicide bombing

Policeman dies shielding others in Volgograd suicide blast

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israeli ministers approve bill to annex Jordan Valley

Fatah movement condemns Jordan Valley bill

Dangerous new strategic reality taking shape around Israel

Israel approves release of Palestinian prisoners, new housing tenders expected

Palestinians call on USA to stop new Israeli settlements construction

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 News

Fighter jet battles flare up in emerging nations


Search for Assad alternative clouds Syria prospects

Syria committed to Iran attending peace talks: Foreign Minister

Ships train for Syria’s chemical weapons destruction mission

Food for starving Moadamieh barely enough

Syrian Regime evacuates thousands from flashpoint Syria town

'Syrian army kills 19 militants in Deir Ezzor'


Rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel

Lebanese Army finds rocket launchpads used in attack on Israel

Saudi Arabia grants Lebanese Army $3 billion


Militants hit security forces as Iraq unrest kills 11, MP arrested

18 dead in Iraq attacks on Sunday, including Brigadier Army General

5 senior officers among 18 killed in western Iraq ambush: Including Major General

US and Iran’s First Joint Military Venture: Fighting al Qaeda in Iraq

Gunmen kill four anti-al-Qaeda fighters in Iraq

Iran to share drilling expertise with Iraq


Iran Sanctions Bill From Sens. Bob Menendez And Mark Kirk Could Endanger U.S. Negotiations

South Sudan forces battle feared "White Army"

UN: 2 peacekeepers killed in Sudan's South Darfur

Libya releases 4 US military personnel

Libya, Algeria to boost border security

Yemen jails nine al Qaeda members for plot to kill president


Where the 1.3 million people losing unemployment aid this week live: Renewing the long-term insurance is a top agenda item for the Senate when it convenes Jan. 6

China won't become the world’s largest economy until 2028


December 28-29, 2013


Foreign Affairs: Obama’s retreat from empire

Foreign Affairs: The year authority broke down

Federal Judge Says NSA Mass Phone Surveillance Is Constitutional

Why Internet Giants Oppose Federal Surveillance

China formally eases one-child policy, abolishes labor camps

When 'life support' is really 'death support': CNN Editorial

Goldman's Top Economist Answers Most Important Questions For 2014 : His Answers Are Bullish

Shoppers Stock Up On Rifles, Shotguns Before California Long Gun Registry Begins

Women comprise biggest opposition to ObamaCare

Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne French Kiss: Support Gay Rights

A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to 'Duck Dynasty'

Britain Will Be Europe's Biggest Economy By 2030

Don't Let Other Countries Declare War For America

Thailand Army Chief: Can't Rule Out a Military Coup

Controversial US airbase in Okinawa gets green light

Video surveillance of downtown Houston to expand: Police will have nearly 1,000 surveillance feeds available

Full Police Investigation Into Sandy Hook Shooting Released: Case Now Officially Closed

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry to consider freeing Pollard as condition for Palestinian prisoners release

Abbas Asks Americans to Stop Israeli Construction

Netanyahu 'Gives Obama the Finger': Holds Secret Talks With Palestinians

Israeli Envoy Prosor: Rise in tensions a result of Palestinian incitement

IDF fighting new brand of Palestinian terror: "Lone Wolf" Attacks

Gaza Strip: The balance of terror

Hamas increases rockets range, seeks deeper targets

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 News

Fighter jet battles flare up in emerging nations


Lebanese PM: Lebanon has had enough of country's instability

The meaning of the Shatah assassination

Shatah's killing necessitates Baabda Declaration: U.S.

Hezbollah, Syria reject ties to deadly Beirut blast

Hezbollah Denies it Killed Former Lebanese Minister

UN, US condemn assassination of former Lebanese minister


Egypt in 2014: More demonstrations to come

Cairo campus torched amid Egypt protests

Three killed, 265 arrested at pro-Brotherhood protests across Egypt

Egypt's FM says disputes ongoing with Qatar, hopes for improvement

HRW condemns as politically driven Egypt's decision to tag Brotherhood 'terrorist group'


Iraq troops arrest Sunni MP in deadly home raid: Killing his brother and five of his guards

U.S. expedites delivery of missiles, drones to Iraq amid violence

Iraq unrest: Life as a tailor in Baghdad - than 8,000 civilians killed so far this year, highest since 2008

U.S. condemns Christmas attacks that kill 37 Christians in Iraq


Afghanistan in 2014: Importance to stretch well past borders

Taliban commanders arrested in Afghanistan

Former Danville police officer shot, killed in Afghanistan

From MRAP to Scrap: U.S. military chops up $1-million vehicles

Corruption Plagues Afghanistan Ahead of U.S. Withdrawal

Canadian troops mark last holiday in Afghanistan


US: Libya detains 4 American soldiers, but releases them several hours later

Yemeni tribesmen blow up pipeline in south

Yemen's wars intensify

Kidnapped Lebanese factory owner freed in Nigeria

Car bomb kills three in southern Russia: Possibly to stop Russia from staging Winter Olympics

Pope denounces violence against Christians worldwide



December 27, 2013


Beirut bombing kills ex-ambassador to U.S.: A Prominent Sunni pro-Western leader

Japan’s Minister Calls for Quick Corporate Tax Cut to Under 30%

NSA Struggles to Make Sense of Flood of Surveillance Data: Agency Drowns in Useless Data

Police: 4 dead after La. shootings, 3 injured

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Tweets ‘Freedom of Speech’ Defense of Duck Dynasty

'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Album Still a Top Seller

Poll: Most Believe Govt Corruption is Worse Under Obama

Obama Signs Bipartisan Budget Deal

ObamaCare Sales Surge

South Carolina Set to Block Implementation of Obamacare

Tycoon Who Gave Fortune to Charities Before Suicide Praised as a 'Legend'

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) Got A Gun For A Christmas Present

China Supernation #10 - "Acting In Harmony"

China media condemns Japan PM for paying homage to 'devils': PM visiting WW2 Shrine To war dead

Mao Zedong made 'mistakes', says Chinese president

H-6K strategic bomber can strike regional targets without leaving Chinese airspace: Can hit Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan

Is China building a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier? Capable of challenging the USS Gerald R Ford — largest carrier in the United States Navy

Details on China's new stealth fighters revealed online

Making Waves: In the hunt for invisibility - "A cover to render whatever's inside effectively invisible by bending light waves around it" -- Military Applications?

Supernation #5 Forming - Customs Union

Presidents of Customs Union approve of basic EEC principles and consider road map for accession of new members

Dialogue with Customs Union very important for Ukraine - Ukrainian PM Azarov

Two men arrested after Ukrainian journalist beaten and hospitalised

Armenian, Kyrgyz Customs Union Plans To Join Are Outlined

Shaboyan: membership in customs union to contribute to development of economic competition in Armenia

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 News


Iraq Changes Prayer Direction: Shi'ite Karbala, Not Sunni Mecca

The President Who Lost Iraq

US secretly sends Hellfire missiles, drones to Iraq

Iran dissidents 'killed in Iraq missile attack'

‘West has created a monster in Iraq and they are still not admitting it’

Saudi Arabia

'With or without West': Saudi Arabia ready for unilateral action on Syria

Saudi Anger Has Many Faces

Saudi blogger may face death penalty for apostasy: For "insulting Islam"

WHO says 4 new Saudi cases of MERS virus, one fatal


Syria’s civil war tests whether borders drawn less than a century ago will last

Former Lebanese PM Hariri points to Hezbollah over deadly Beirut assassination blast

As time goes by: Turkey’s role in Syria’s unfolding crisis

Syria's War Creates A Market For Artificial Legs

As if Syria didn't have enough problems, now a polio epidemic looms

On board warship removing Syria's chemical weapons

Chemical arsenal transportation to Latakia not started yet, packing is under way - Russia reports

Russian firm signs 25-year energy deal with Syria


Egypt returns to pre-2011 situation: A police state again

Egypt formally declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

Kerry 'Concerned' about Egypt's Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

Police Clash With Pro-Morsi Protesters

Egypt arrests dozens under new anti-terrorism law

Egypt roadside bus bomb wounds five, two other devices defused

Hamas attack in Sinai thwarted by Egyptian army


Attack on US embassy in Afghanistan on Christmas day

Three international troops killed in Afghanistan car bomb

Commander of NATO forces visits US troops in Afghanistan


Iran nuclear talks to resume Monday after holiday break

Beirut blast silences senior anti-Syria voice, echoing past assassinations

Lebanese say 'nowhere is safe' after Beirut blast

Damascus denies involvement in Beirut assassination blast

Ten dead as army shells funeral tent in south Yemen

Tribesmen Seize Oil Ministry Building in East Yemen

Yemen Agrees on New Political Map

Two Libya army officers killed in Benghazi

Supernation #8 News

South Sudan neighbours say will not accept any violent overthrow of President Kiir

South Sudan violence must end: Kenyan president

Who Warned Us About Sudan? Ron Paul Rewind

At least eight killed by bomb blast in Somali capital

NAFTA Opened Continent For Some Canadian Companies

Israeli-Palestinian War

Abbas: The Phony Peace Partner

Israeli Defense Minister: Hamas has Changed the Rules

Gaza: Second Rocket Fired at Israel in As Many Days

MKs, Bereaved Mothers: Terror Deal Shows Israel 'Not Sovereign'

Religion Trumps Economics in Middle East

Israeli Minister: Must Stop Calling Ourselves 'Occupiers'

MK Regev: Talks with Palestinians should be about peace, not land

Palestinian Negotiator Erekat Warns: New Israeli settlement building would 'destroy peace process'

God Calling His People To Israel As A Beekeeper Hisses For His Hive - End Times Sign

God "will hiss for them from the end of the earth, as bees are hissed from their hives, and behold, they shall come with speed, swiftly!" (Isaiah 5:26b)

Pictures: 38 Members of 'Lost Tribe' Make Aliyah From India

Government to Encourage Greater French Aliyah

New Jerusalem Neighborhood Tailor-Made for American Olim

Young Turkish Jews Flee Growing Anti-Semitism

Japan to pay $3.1bn to remove US troops from Okinawa, will host long-range spy drones

US Navy’s ocean-powered drones to wage underwater war

Japan’s sexual apathy is endangering the global economy: Japanese people aren't having enough kids to sustain a healthy economy

Obama Calls on Congress to do More on Guantanamo Bay Prison

British intelligence anxious to catch Snowden in Russia

Edward Snowden's Christmas warning

US awaits FAA to announce 6 states to become civilian drone test sites

India seeks possible U.S. tax violations as stand hardens in diplomat row




December 26, 2013


"Duck Dynasty" backlash shows red-state spending muscle

Albert Einstein: “A Foolish Faith In Authority Is The Worst Enemy Of The Truth”

Google, Yahoo just back doors to US intel agencies

Poll: Millennials turning against ObamaCare

Pope Calls on Atheists to Work With Religious Believers for Peace

Pope Francis' economic ideas rattle GOP

Snowden warns of loss of privacy in Christmas message

Chinese newborn dies 70 min after vaccine injections

Thyroid Cancers Surge Among Fukushima Youths

WHO: Cancer risk rising around the world - Western medicine failing globally

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 News

'Peace on Earth' means Syria, Sudan, and Nigeria: Pope on Christmas


37 killed in Baghdad attacks targeting Christians

Spate of attacks kill 44 in Iraq

U.S. sending missiles drones to Iraq

Iraq closes border with ally Syria during massive military operation

Al-Qaeda group claims attack on Iraq station - Killed 5 journalists

Christmas attacks show security challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan


NATO Prepares To Leave Afghanistan: No U.S. Security Deal Yet

British troops mark last Christmas in Afghanistan

Canadian troops mark last holiday in Afghanistan

Top Marine visits troops in Afghanistan: 13th consecutive Christmas season at war

Christmas in Afghanistan: Thoughts of home as US troops continue their job

Kellie Pickler serenades the troops in Afghanistan


Egypt Declares: Muslim Brotherhood a terror group

Bomb blast hits bus in Egypt's capital, wounding 5

Riots erupt in Egypt after deadly bombing

Egypt arrests Morsi's prime minister

In pictures: Egypt's turmoil cripples tourism



Activists: Syria will let food into rebel town

Truce agreed in besieged town near Damascus

Al-Qaeda leader targeting U.N. workers

Syria signs deal with Russian firm to drill offshore for oil and gas

Supernation #8 News

Sudan / South Sudan

South Sudan sees 'mass ethnic killings'

Dead bodies litter South Sudan town of Bor

U.N. scrambles to send more troops to South Sudan

CAR (Central African Republic)

6 Chadian peacekeepers killed in C. African Repub.

French tanks deploy in Central African Republic amid civilian panic

2 people lynched in Central African Republic

U.N. Ambassador Laments Misery In Central African Republic

Supernation #5 News

Russia to grant $2 billion loan to Belarus

Ukraine’s jailed former Prime Minister ymoshenko urges protesters to ‘act’

Russian Ship with 74 passengers trapped in Antarctica ice -- Tourists, scientists and crew members


Israeli-Palestinian War

Netanyahu 'Gives Obama the Finger': Holds Secret Talks With Palestinians

Abbas Denies Secret Talks With Netanyahu

Terrorist 'Sniper' Caught, Attack Averted

President Roosevelt and the Holocaust: New Evidence

‘We Won’t Let Jordan Valley Become a Second Lebanon’

IDF Commander: We know an attack from Gaza will involve multiple threats

Defense Minister Ya'alon: Iron Dome Will Protect South

Russian Experts Confirm: Arafat Died of Natural Causes

Israeli Minister: Must Stop Calling Ourselves 'Occupiers'

Mothers of terror victims go on offensive against impending Palestinian prisoner release


Prescription Stimulants Out of Control on College Campuses

Stock Up: Final phase-out of traditional light bulbs begins in January

Ryan, Clinton early favorites in Iowa

China - Gala commemorates Mao Zedong - 120 years since birth

Japanese prime minister Abe visits Yasukuni war shrine

Abe's shrine visit grave provocation, fuels regional tension: Editorial

China scathing on Abe's Yasukuni visit

S. Korea denounces Abe's Yasukuni visit

U.S. disappointed over Abe's Yasukuni visit

Chinese Celebrity feud ramps up GM food debate

China: 68.5% find homosexuality ‘unacceptable’

'Packing In Pink': Gun gifts were plentiful for women this holiday

Obama Administration Tries to Stop Courts from Ruling on Constitutionality of Warrantless Spying

Houston immigration court has thousands of cases

Feds see surge in children crossing US-Mexico border

IG Probes ATF Use of Mentally Disabled in Sting Operations

'The only thing we have to fear...' is the CIA

Russia takes delivery of 100 combat ready helicopters in 2013

Uruguayan president signs marijuana law





December 24, 2013


Crude oil price may drop to $80 per barrel

Washington Has Discredited America

Progress Toward Peace in 2013, But Dark Clouds Remain: Ron Paul

U.S. Marines poised to enter South Sudan

U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China

Bloomberg: Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Is “Corporatist Power Grab”

Snowden Comments on NSA Leaks: ‘I Already Won’

CNN, Gallup: Support for Obamacare Plunges to Record Lows

McDonald's Advises Its Employees To Stay Away From Fast Food

House Resolution Denounces "War on Christmas"

Religion fades from Christmas in US: But cultural traditions persevere

The FBI Considered 'It's a Wonderful Life' to Be Communist Propaganda

Strong Economic Data: The Christmas gift that keeps giving

US spending, income rise briskly, raise hopes for economy

US durable goods orders surge, boosting manufacturing outlook

US STOCKS-Dow, S&P end at record highs as Apple deal lifts techs

Duck Dynasty News

Over 70,000 Sign Petition in First 9 Hours

Phil Robertson Facebook Petitions Draw Millions, Demand A&E to Return Patriarch to Duck Dynasty Cast

Twitter Blocks '' Supporting 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson

'Duck Dynasty' gear flying high

Phil Robertson Defends Anti-Gay Comments: ‘All I Did Was Quote From the Scriptures’

O'Reilly: 'Duck Dynasty' Star was Wrong to Condemn Homosexuals

15 Quotes About The Duck Dynasty Controversy That Every American Should See

How Not to Buy The Most Costly Weapon System in the History of the World: The $400 billion F-35 fighter

Washington Acts Like Government-in-Exile For Ukraine

McCain in Ukraine: What Is He Really Up To?

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 News


'There doesn't seem to be an end to the violence in Iraq'

Christmas a day of terror for Christians in Iraq

Militants in Iraq storm TV station; anchor among dead

As Violence Rises, Journalists in Iraq Face Renewed Risks

5 senior officers among 18 killed in western Iraq ambush

Attacks in Iraq kill 20 as government hunts al-Qaeda


Case Against Syria’s Assad Falls Apart

Syria's Assad 'has secret Iraq oil lifeline'

Russian battleships to escort Syrian chemical weapons once they leave country

Syria Conflict: You Can’t Make Sound Policy by Disregarding Reality

West starting to realize they are aiding terrorists in Syria - FM Lavrov

Syria: A future as foreign as its fighters?

Battle near Syrian chemical facility endangers disarmament process

Lebanon: Sibling of Syria


US eases stance on Afghan security pact as pullout deadline nears

Germany’s New Defence Minister arrives in Afghanistan

Two NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Funeral Held For Massachusetts Marine Killed In Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Special Forces British Soldier Killed By Enemy Fire

Domestic violence on the rise in Afghanistan


Car bomb kills 13 at Egyptian security headquarters north of Cairo

Muslim Brotherhood condemns deadly blast in Nile Delta

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood branded 'terrorist group' after bombing

Coptic Christians in Egypt hope for better days


In Debate on Iran Sanctions Oil Companies Are Silent

Iranian Corruption: The revolving door between gov't and business

In sending goods to Iran, Dubai weighs competing interests

Iran in 2014: Don't expect President Rouhani to transform Iran

Sudan / South Sudan

U.S. Marines poised to enter South Sudan

South Sudan president says army ready to take on rebels

Deadly unrest sweeps through S. Sudan

CAR - Central African Republic

Shooting, violence erupts as Christians, Muslims protest in CAR

South Sudan mass graves reported as ethnic killings spread

AU troops 'kill' CAR protester in Bangui

AU peacekeeper from Republic of Congo killed in Central African Republic

Burundi, Chad peacekeepers exchange fire in Central Africa

French soldier wears Nazi slogan on uniform in Central African Republic


Al Qaeda: We're sorry about deadly Yemen hospital attack

Yemen shuts airports amid strike

Chad: Statement At the Conclusion of an IMF Mission to Chad

Car bomb kills UN peacekeepers in Mali


Israeli-Palestinian War

New Revelations On Kerry's Israel Plan

Kerry's security proposals accept most Israeli positions

Arabs Reject US-Proposed Peace Compromise With Israel

IDF Worker Killed Near Gaza, PM Promises Response

Israeli Air Force Strikes 'Hamas Base' in Response to Attack

Sderot Train Station Dedicated: Armored Against Missile Attacks

Iran Claims Saudi Delegation Met Netanyahu

Israel to ease restrictions on Palestinian Christians over Christmas

Uproar in Knesset after Livnat says Arabs only have freedom of speech in Israel

One Week After Storm, Parts of Gaza Fence Still Down

Minister Bennett: The PA is Responsible for the Terrorist Attacks

Netanyahu to Begin Building Freeze in Judea and Samaria

US diplomatic missions restrict employees’ travel in Israel after bus bomb

Angry Palestinian Leaders Need 'Hug From Santa': Palestinians claim Jesus as their own

Bethlehem Christian Blames Islam, Not Israel, for Dwindling Numbers

Wave of Radiation from Fukushima Will Be 10 Times Bigger than All of the Radiation from Nuclear Tests Combined

Japan too proud to ask for Fukushima foreign help

Chase limits debit card use for customers at risk in Target breach

Local deputies detain wrong guy: Cops refuse to apologize

How Internet freedom continues to slide

Kalashnikov: no regrets for the man behind the AK-47

Americans deeply divided on foreign policy

Deadline Extended for Health Insurance Sign-Up


December 23, 2013


Brazil Poised to Legalize GMO “Suicide Seeds”

Anger over work to make H5N1 bird-flu virus MORE dangerous to humans

From robbers to vendors, Swedes brace for cashless future

Real-Life 'RoboCop' May Be Coming to a Street Near You

NSA Panel Member Recommends INCREASED Data Collection

NSA program stopped no terror attacks: White House panel member admits

W.H. Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts

US Sailors, Assisting With Fukushima Clean Up, Crippled By Cancer

There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be

Sen Cruz Warns: 2014 NDAA Still Gives Obama ‘Indefinite Detention Without Due Process’ Powers

You'll Never Guess Where This FBI Agent Left a Secret Interrogation Manual

New Mexico Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage

Florida Couple Forced to Dig Up 17-Year Old Organic Garden

GCHQ and NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief

Feds declassify Bush-era surveillance documents

Border Patrol to Test High-Tech Surveillance Balloons Along Mexican Border

Presidential panel recommends narrowing NSA intelligence gathering

Phil Robertson Returning To Duck Dynasty

Walmart SELLS OUT of ‘Duck Dynasty’ merchandise in mass show of support

Sheriff takes a stand; announces department will no longer assist A&E during filming

Duck Dynasty Family Charges: A&E set up interview scandal themselves to force tone down of religion

Cracker Barrel Reverses Decision to Pull 'Duck Dynasty' Items

Obamacare Is Over: Legal challenges just may succeed

It's Official—HHS Says Obamacare Is a Hardship - WH is in full panic mode

Judge Blocks Obamacare Mandate in Baptist Case

Obamacare enrollment deadline nears

White House makes last-minute change to Obamacare

Janet Yellen takes big step toward taking reins at Fed: unwavering advocate of the Fed's aggressive steps to boost U.S. economy

Father recalls watching son being shot, killed by LAPD officers

Lawsuit: Gun owner says Grand Rapids police wrongly detain him for openly carrying pistol

Georgia school board approves purchase of M4 carbines for school resource officers

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper will consider 'tweaks' of controversial gun control laws -- but not repealing them

CIA secretly helping Colombia kill FARC rebel leaders

Defense Secretary Hagel: China warship action 'irresponsible'

No way back for Britons who join the Syrian fight: Stripping men of their British citizenship

Americans evacuated from South Sudan

South Sudan army set to move on rebel-held town of Bor

Obama weighs next steps in South Sudan

Senate adjourns after passing resolution condemning Iran

Reid: Boehner will cave in on immigration

TEPCO detects record radiation at Fukushima’s reactor 2, new leak suspected



December 21-22, 2013


Gay couples wed in Utah after judge overturns ban

Bible Belt Has Most Sinners, Research Suggests: How Sinful is Your State?

W.H. NSA Panel Member: Snowden's Leaks Still ‘Treasonous’

Secret contract tied NSA and RSA, a security industry pioneer

Boehner joins the fight to delay Obamacare for everyone

Iranians Eye Improved US Ties in 2014

Obama: 2014 will be ‘breakthrough year’ for U.S.

Duck Dynasty / A&E Furor

Read Cutting Edge Commentary On Duck Dynasty / A&E Fight

Duck Dynasty Row: Fans Demand Boycott

Is Facebook Deliberately Trying to Censor Support for Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson?

Over 1 Million Support Boycotting A&E Following ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Suspension

Phil Robertson Fans Lash Out At A&E, GLAAD, GQ: Fierce Boycott Fueled By Christian Fundamentalism

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Prays At Church For Girl With Cancer Same Night He Gets Suspended From Show

GLAAD slams 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson for 'vile' remarks

Prophecy Being Fulfilled

Daniel 7:7-8 Unfolding NOW: Prophetic Analysis


Russia Forming Supernation #5

Russia’s Putin Uses Political Karate To Keep Ukraine from Moving West

Conflict over Ukraine's future underscores rivalry between two ways of life

EU bureaucrats blocking talks with Russia on Ukraine row – Russian FM Lavrov

‘Land of Oz’: Ukraine slipping into far-right hands


ASEAN News - Supernation #9

Indian Cabinet approved Free Trade Agreement with ASEAN

ASEAN and UNESCO sign cooperation agreement

ASEAN Boosts Regional Transportation Network: Moving towards their future economic community

Japan and Asean nations seek 'freedom of overflight'

Will the Forthcoming ASEAN Free Trade Association Become a Major U.S. Export/Import Partner?

Marubeni sets sights on ASEAN: One of Japan’s largest conglomerates

Taiwan's Transport Minister Yew to attend ASEAN Transport Ministers' Meeting


Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 News


How far can any US-Iran rapprochement go?

Iran, 6 Powers Extend Expert-level Talks to Saturday

Iran 'unwelcome' at Syria peace talks - US

Iran threatens counter measure to Senate's proposed new sanctions


Egypt's Morsi to be tried for 2011 prison break

Lawsuit to dissolve Egypt's Brotherhood, Salafist parties adjourned

Two Egyptian army soldiers die in Sinai violence

Muslim Brotherhood 'Rabaa' channel launched, airing from Turkey


'US doesn’t mind if Assad stays’

Global envoy holds fresh Syria meeting as peace talks loom

Britain to Help Destroy Syrian Chemical Arms

Video raises worries of Britons fighting with Syria militants

Syria’s civil war spawns deadly barrel bombs, other DIY weapons

Iraq - Bush's Invasion Fulfilling Isaiah 13

5 top Iraq officers killed in Anbar battle: Kills at least 15 servicemen including a Major General

Anbar death toll now up to 18 officers

Iraq violence more than doubles in 2013: is country headed off the cliff?

Life means constant fear and constant sorrow in Iraq

Iraq Violence: 'I lost all three sons in bombings'

Double bombing kills 6 in Iraq at a sheep market north of Baghdad

Suicide bombers kill 36 Shi'ite pilgrims in Iraq on Thursday


When mommy and daddy both deploy

Defense Department Holding First-Ever ‘Afghanistan White Goods Sale’: Millions in non-lethal gear to be sold to cheapest—and fastest—bidders

Local Turf-Sharing Accord With the Taliban Raises Alarm in Afghanistan

Miscellaneous Supernation #7

Arab Uprisings: Tunisian rapper asks what has been gained

Libyan intelligence official assassinated

Libya's Political Tensions Appear Headed Towards a Showdown

Yemen drone strike 'targeted al-Qaeda leader'

Two US military planes hit by rebels in South Sudan

South Sudan open to dialogue with rebels

Nigeria: Army Promises To Think Faster


Supernation #8 News

Central African Republic (CAR)

Central African Republic: UN experts urge parties to ‘pull back from the brink’ of all-out war

U.N. Ambassador Laments Misery In Central African Republic

France Says EU to Consider Operation in CAR (Central African Republic)

Fresh Fighting Erupts in Central African Republic

Nearly 1,000 killed over 2 days in Central African Republic

VOA Journalist Survives Mob Attack in CAR Capital

Neighboring Crises In South Sudan, Central African Republic


Uganda's Parliament Passes Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Uganda Sends Troops to Help Citizens in South Sudan

A look ahead to 2014: The question of stability in Mali and Nigeria

Mali: France Tells Africans To Clean Up Their Own Mess


Israeli-Palestinian War

Putin Backs Israel's Security Needs in Middle East

NSA spied on Israel

Hezbollah to 'punish' Israel for killing their top leader

Mideast Christians Bear the Cross: "Looming genocide"

Iranian Official: We Planned to Destroy Israel

IDF Opens Fire in Response to Arab Violence in Gaza

IDF soldiers wound Palestinian trying to plant bomb along Gaza-Israel fence

Chief Negotiator Erekat: Palestinian Authority Ready for 12-Month Interim Deal

The Palestinian Red Line

Catholic Aid Societies Promote Hatred of Israel

Off-duty Cook County (Chicago) sheriff's officer killed breaking up robbery

India transfers diplomat to U.N. in bid to defuse row with U.S.


December 20, 2013


Philippines Airport Shooting: Mayor Ukol Talumpa, Wife Among 4 Shot And Killed

North Korea: Kim Jong Un's deadly power play stokes fear in foreign governments

66% of Americans say Afghan war has not been worth fighting: Post-ABC News poll

What happened to the Fed's $trillions? They're back on the Fed!

White House Panel Slams NSA, Says Mass Spying Is Unnecessary

All 3 Branches of Government Say Mass Spying On Americans Is Unnecessary

Obama Least Popular President In 4 Decades

58% In U.S. Favor Legal Pot, But Will That Stick?

Stunner. Non-Citizens Caught Voting in 2012 Presidential Election

Duck Dynasty News

A&E suspends Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' for anti-gay comments

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Calls Show’s Future Into Question Over Homosexual Comment Controversy

Palin: Duck Dynasty Firing Endangers Free Speech

'Boycott A&E' Facebook Support Page for Phil Robertson Gets over 1 Million Likes

CNNers Argue Over Whether Duck Dynasty Star’s ‘Hate Speech’ Invites Anti-Gay Bullying

'Duck Dynasty': A&E cooks their own goose (or duck)

Polls: 77 Percent of Uninsured Don't Want Obamacare: Majority of Voters Want Repeal is Fundamentally Flawed

White House Allows Mandate Exemption Over Canceled Plans

ObamaCare May Devastate the Real Estate and Travel Industries: May restrict an individual's freedom to travel

Ben Carson: I Can't Find a Doctor Who Likes Obamacare

Arkansas mom destroys Common Core curricula in four powerful minutes

'It's All About Sochi': Putin to pardon jailed Russian oil tycoon

Russia Forming Supernation #5

Buoyed by a Deal With Russia, Ukraine’s President Tries to Reassert His Authority

Putin’s Expensive Victory: Under its current government, Ukraine may be a prize not worth winning

Ukraine Devaluation Bets Still On After Russian Aid Pledge

Ukraine’s Premier Hails Russian Aid, Saying Crisis Has Passed

Three reasons why protests in Ukraine could end up helping President Yanukovych

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Iraq market and cemetery bombs kill 11 on Friday

Suicide attacks kill dozens in Iraq on Thursday: String of attacks targets Shia pilgrims ahead of a major holy day next week

Nine terrorists arrested over Iraq pipeline attack: Iran envoy

Iraq's oil exports slip in December, 2014 target looks tough


Drive for Syria Peace Talks Resumes in Geneva

Damascus defiant on Assad re-election

Russia Blocks UN Action Against Syria Air Attacks

UN: Systematic Disappearances In Syria Part Of Widespread Campaign Of Terror

11,420 Children Dead In Syria's Civil War, So Far

Sudan / South Sudan

South Sudan Unrest Threatens Oil Flow

South Sudan civil war fears grow as rebels reject talks

Peacekeepers killed at South Sudan UN base


White House vows veto on proposed new Iran sanctions

Additional sanctions against Iran counterproductive: Putin

Iran kicks off major aerial drill over Persian Gulf

Iran’s 28th fleet docks at Sri Lankan Colombo port


Army: 5 of 6 killed in Afghan crash based in Kansas

Remembering the Americans killed in Afghanistan Blackhawk crash

Pregnant Teacher, Policewoman Hanged In Afghanistan As Violence Against Women Rises

Obama willing to extend deadline on U.S.-Afghanistan security deal

66% of Americans say Afghan war has not been worth fighting: Post-ABC News poll


Senate Bill Would Allow US to Resume Egypt Aid

Egypt Rights Center Raided: Two Mubaraks Acquitted

Egypt official resigns over error-strewn constitution poster

Raid on Egyptian NGO signals expansion of government enemy list


Israeli-Palestinian War

Michael Reagan: Palestinians Do Not Want Peace - They Want Israel

PA Demands: Strip Judea, Samaria Settlers of Their Israeli Citizenship

Kerry to Force Security Plan on Netanyahu

Indecent act led to border killing of Israeli soldier

European Union Stripped of AAA Credit Rating at S&P

U.S. diplomats, but not prosecutors, seek to quell Indian diplomat dispute

Bankrupt Detroit considers putting a price on its priceless art collection


December 19, 2013


Texas Judge: Search warrants can be obtained based on predictions of future crimes

Obama 'Would Abandon Israel Just Like South Vietnam': American professor

Egyptian: Goal of Arab Spring Is To Wipe Out Christians

The Case That Could Topple Obamacare

Obama’s extreme use of executive discretion

The New Frontier Of Implantable Technology

Putin 'envies' Obama: 'He can get away with it'

Putin Says Russia Isn’t Using Gas Prices to Choke Ukraine

8½ Things That Went Right in 2013

Maine Governor: Stop Being So Negative About Global Warming

Woman's fight to go off grid goes viral

Poll: Big government is big threat

Meet the Navy's New $150M Submarine-Destroying Jet

CFR's John Bolton: Edward Snowden 'Ought To Swing From A Tall Oak Tree'

German Chancellor Merkel compared NSA to Stasi in heated encounter with Obama

Indian diplomat arrested, strip-searched: Does she have immunity?

Diplomatic Feud Between India and U.S. Could Get Even Uglier

U.S. prosecutor defends treatment of Indian diplomat

India demands that US drop case against diplomat

Russia Forming Supernation #5

Putin Just Bought a Country (Ukraine) Should the U.S. Care?

President Yanukovych tells West to keep out of Ukraine crisis

Ukraine Bailout: A Russian Trap?

Why Ukraine spurned the EU and embraced Russia

Russia deal saved Ukraine from bankruptcy - PM Azarov

North American Union - Supernation #1 News

Cross-border trucking audit finds weakness in Mexico bus inspection program

Supreme Court to consider hearing case against FMCSA’s cross-border pilot program

Mexico Sets Controversial Plan to Open Border to Foreign Oil Companies

ACLU Border Affiliates Sue Feds, Hospital for Invasive Cavity Searches of Woman: On Mexico's border

ASEAN News - Supernation #9

ASEAN industry growth stunted by regulatory discord

Malaysia-Indonesia to raise foreign espionage issue with ASEAN

Japan boosts ties with ASEAN

App developer eyes inroads into ASEAN

US pledges extra sea defence assistance to ASEAN members

How Should ASEAN React to China’s New Air Defence Identification Zone?

US Continues To Seek Opportunities In ASEAN To Support Businesses

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Attacks on Shiite pilgrims, others kill 21 in Iraq on Thursday

Iraqi policeman throws himself on suicide bomber

Attacks across Baghdad and northern Iraq kill 70 on Monday - Country beginning to unravel

Militants attack city council as Iraq unrest kills 42: Illustrate impunity with which militants in Iraq can strike targets that should be highly secure

Iran Arming Hezbollah via Iraq to Avoid IAF Strikes


'With or without West': Saudi Arabia ready for unilateral action against Syria

US and Russia consider Syria peace plan that leaves Assad in power

‘Slaughtered like sheep’: Eyewitnesses recount massacre in Adra, Syria, carried out by Islamic rebels

Al-Qaeda in Syria kidnaps, tortures, executes prisoners in secret jails

Syria's Islamic Front rebuffs talks with US

Syria extends air campaign on Aleppo region

Sudan / South Sudan

South Sudan violence continues: Rebels take key town

At least 500 killed following alleged coup attempt in South Sudan

Britain to Evacuate Its Citizens From South Sudan

Two Guantanamo detainees sent to Sudan


U.S. investigating helicopter crash in Afghanistan, six Americans dead

Four killed as militants hit border crossing area in eastern Afghanistan

Mission accomplished? Afghanistan is a calamity and our leaders must be held to account: British viewpoint

Afghanistan: Australian troops arrive back, greeted by tearful welcome

Afghanistan: “The road towards greater stability will be long and challenging”


Egypt orders deposed President Morsi to trial for conspiring with Hamas, Hezbollah

Mubarak's Sons, PM Acquitted of Corruption

Walking a fine line in Egypt

Egypt taxi driver lynched by Islamist protesters

CAR - Central African Republic

U.S. Envoy: Time For Intervention In Central African Republic

Central African Republic: Sectarian Atrocities Escalate

Central African Republic failures loom large over EU defence summit

Top U.S. Officials Fly to Central African Republic

'Ghost of Rwanda' haunts as U.S. envoy visits Central African Republic


Drone Murder in Yemen

HRW wants civilian deaths in Yemen drone attacks investigated

Mali: France Tells Africans To Clean Up Their Own Mess

Nigeria: Army Promises To Think Faster

India-Pakistan: Fear And Loathing Of Iran

Hezbollah Silent on Latest Lebanon Attack


Israeli-Palestinian War

American Generals In 1967: Israel Should Keep 'West Bank'

US, Germany Threaten IDF Not to Move Academies to Mt. Scopus

IDF: Arrests of Terrorists Will Continue, Despite Arab Rioting

Palestinian Politicians Targeted in PA Violence

In Jerusalem, Israel and China Seek to Strengthen Ties

Obama 'Would Abandon Israel Just Like South Vietnam': American professor

PLO Official Admits: We Supported the Nazis in WW2

PA: IDF killing of 2 Palestinians in West Bank aims to foil peace process

PLO Negotiator Erekat: Final peace accord won't be reached by April, but framework deal might

Jordan Tells Israel: Stop Watching Temple Mount With Your Security Cameras

Ford's Fleet of Secret Cars Is Weighing on Profit

Target a Possible Target of Black Friday Data Theft

European shares rally as Fed sugar-coats taper move: Cites stronger job growth

European stocks follow Wall St higher

Happy Christmas! HP CEO Meg Whitman in 150m% salary jump

D.C. raises its minimum wage

US Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network "Reaching Out" To Bitcoin Businesses

2013 sees lowest federal employee satisfaction yet

Obama to make first tour of Africa

Is Paul Ryan Playing a Long Game? Has sacrificed his well earned reputation for fiscal conservatism on the altar of compromise

Hillary Clinton says she will decide in 2014

'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson on Indefinite Hiatus Following Anti-Gay Remarks

Sarah Palin Defends 'Duck Dynasty' Star: 'Free Speech Is an Endangered Species'

Budget Passes the Senate, But Don’t Pop the Champagne Yet

Supreme Court Orders Obama Admin to Respond to Christian Homeschooling Family’s Appeal

Democrats Persecute Homeschooling Parents: Your children belong to the state, according to Ohio senate bill

Russian Amnesty Includes Greenpeace

Wolverine Power makes it official ‘project will cease’: Doomed by EPA regulations

Bill aims to stop employers from conducting credit checks

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect could be a game changer for homeland security

D.C. re-registration requirement to take effect Jan. 1 - Will have to re-register every 3 years

States begin move to nullify Obamacare: Judge Napolitano explains this would “gut” the program



December 18, 2013


Obama Jabs Putin: Picks Openly Gay Delegates For Winter Olympics In Russia

West signals to Syrian opposition Assad may stay

Our World: Kerry forces Israel’s moment of decision

Obama’s Four-State Solution

Chief Economist: Outlook For 2014 Is Optimistic

The First Amendment: Curtailed for pro-life activists

Obama's Current Approval Rating Is The Ugliest Since Nixon: Now below 40%


Surveillance State

NSA Setback: Fourth Amendment wins first round

Inside the Stunning Court Smackdown on NSA Spying

How DC police use citizens as spies

Senator Rand Paul Plots NSA Class-Action Lawsuit Options

George W. Obama? With NSA spying, Obama feels wrath of the left

Amnesty for Edward Snowden? Might depend on what secrets he's got left

Now, it's Snowden: the book and, maybe, the film

Google Introduces Wink-and-Shoot Photography

Insecticides implicated in bee population decline may also impact human nervous system

Mainstream Nedia attacks multivitamins in yet another example of quack science

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

CAR (Central African Republic)

France says EU nations to send troops to CAR (Central African Republic)

UN warns of humanitarian crisis in CAR

CAR chaos escalates far beyond capital


This Egyptian Constitution Poster Is A Total Disaster

Islamist party unveils strategy to support new Egypt constitution

Egypt police 'inflict pain like it's an art': Lawyer Charges

Swiss to Freeze Egypt, Tunisia Assets 3 More Years


West signals to Syrian opposition Assad may stay

The latest sign that the US is losing Saudi Arabia over Syria

US tweaks Syria policy after Western backed rebels suffer setback to militant Islamists

Assad drops heavy bomb on Aleppo elementary school

Abbas Khan: Syrian regime murdered British surgeon: foreign minister

Syrian Planes Pound Aleppo for Fourth Straight Day

Russian lorries to transport Syria chemical weapons


Wave of attacks in Iraq leaves at least 65 dead: Shi’ites targeted during bloodiest day in two months

Iraq policeman sacrifices himself to save Shi'ite pilgrims

US Fingers Iranian Commandos for Kidnapping Dissidents Living In Iraqi Camp

Once protected, Christians have become fair game in Iraq and Syria


Iran will continue nuclear talks with West despite tightened US sanctions

Iran inaugurates powerful long-range radar system

Jordan closes its doors to Hamas leaders in solidarity with Egypt

Pakistan's polio workers targeted for killing

South Sudan death toll rises sharply: Hospitals report as many as 500 dead

Britain's MI6 linked to Libya torture scandal


Israeli-Palestinian War

Obama’s Four-State Solution

Maybe Palestinians don’t want two states

No Holds Barred: The ferocious fight for Israel

White House consults Israeli officials on final-status Iran nuclear deal

Widow of soldier killed by Lebanese sniper: It could have been prevented

Jordan wants Israel to remove Aqsa-mosque surveillance cameras

Jerusalem to Help Christians Celebrate Christmas

Customs Union News - Supernation #5 Forming

Ukraine PM hails 'historic' deal with Russia

Putin outbids EU with $15-billion bailout offer to Ukraine

EU breaks off Ukraine talks, scolds Yanukovych

Media divided on Russia-Ukraine deal

Ukraine to offer amnesty to protesters

Obama Allows Great Lakes Water To Be Sold To China As Half The U.S. Faces Extreme Water Crisis

Canadians wary of 9/11 explanations - and of US officials



December 17, 2013


Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Was being fed orders through ‘majestic mind control’

After 100 Years Of Failure, It’s Time To End The Fed! Ron Paul

Judge Says NSA Spying Likely Unconstitutional

Document Reveals Washington State’s Move To Vastly Expand Continuity of Government Powers

Senate poised to move forward with budget deal: Brokered by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash

DHS ‘Constitution Free’ Zones Inside US Ignored By Media

Millennials Finally Turn Against Obama, Want Recall

Will any Democratic candidates run on single-payer in 2016?

Cost of Living in U.S. Unchanged as Gasoline Prices Fall

Climate Change Propaganda

Greenpeace Santa to Kids: Global Warming Could Cancel Christmas - Arctic ice has increased 29 per cent since last summer

Global Warming? Satellite data shows Arctic sea ice coverage up 50 percent!

Frigid Temperatures Invade Almost Every State

Climate Change and Environmental Socialism

Top US climate change expert faces jail after posing as CIA agent for a decade

US Supreme Court Case Has Climate Change Implications

Surveillance State News

Facebook Is Keeping Track Of Every Post You Write But Don’t Publish

NSA 'unconstitutional' surveillance ruling 'difficult for White House'

White House: No amnesty for Snowden

RPI Board Members Denounce Mass Spying by Police on Cell Phone Users

Snowden offers to help Brazil investigate NSA spying when he's given asylum

Revealed: Norway spies on Russia for NSA

US Spies: 'Nothing is Beyond Our Reach!"

The Flawed Logic of Secret Mass Surveillance

NSA goes on the attack with 60 Minutes’ propaganda show

Don't be fooled by the 60 Minutes report on the NSA

New Documents Show Lopsided Reliance on Secret Subpoenas

Major US telecom patents system to detect, neutralize file-sharers

DHS Announces Expansion of Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative

Ashley Judd Discovers GPS Tracking Device On Her Car: Blames her sister, Wynonna

Gun Control News

Former mayors discover membership in Bloomberg’s anti-gun group was kiss of death

Media Works To Keep Mass Shooters’ Profiles Secret: Anti-depressant taking, left-wing, occultist profile emerges

Arapahoe, Colorado, Gunman Had Strong Anti-Gun Beliefs

Sheriffs across US refuse to enforce tougher gun laws

Even Liberal-State Sheriffs Are Refusing to Enforce New Gun Laws

Customs Union News - Supernation #5 Forming

Ukraine: Bullied and Blackmailed?

Ukraine Rejects The Brussels Club, Opts For Trade Over Empty Promises

Russia, EU hint at financial aid in exchange for Ukraine's partnership

Join the EU? Are You Crazy?

Kyiv's (Kiev's) Two Tent Camps Reflect Ukraine East-West Divide

Massive anti-government protest in Kiev

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Wave of violence kills 70 in Iraq

Violence grips Iraq in day of deadly bombings: Most violent year since 2006-2007

Scores killed in Iraq bloodshed ahead of Shi'ite holy day

There's So Much Violence In Iraq The Tragedy Has Become Easy To Ignore

We Broke Iraq And We're Still Paying For The Damage


‘Whole Families Murdered’: Syrian Rebels Execute Over 80 Civilians Outside Damascus

Chechen Jihadists fighting in Syria

Dozens killed including children in Aleppo airstrikes

Why Syria has prompted a record $6.5-billion UN appeal

Syria loses its best and brightest

Syria peace conference to open Jan. 22 in Montreux, Swiss city


6 American troops killed in Afghanistan plane crash

What kind of Afghanistan will foreign forces leave?

In echo of Bush, British PM Cameron says mission accomplished in Afghanistan

What has the UK accomplished in Afghanistan?

Australia withdraws last combat troops from Afghanistan after 12-year involvement in conflict


North Korea marks anniversary without Kim Jong Un's aunt

After the purge: North Korean elite pledges loyalty to young leader Kim

Lebanon: Car blast near Hezbollah position

Hundreds of Israelis stuck in South Sudan as violence rages

Gunshots ring out in South Sudan capital after "attempted coup"

Drone strikes must end, Yemen's parliament says

Japanese diplomat stabbed in Yemen kidnap bid

UN: Several peacekeepers killed, wounded in Mali

Four More Bodies of Soldiers Found in Mali



Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry is Following Carter's Blueprint

Hamas and Fatah 'Agree on Unity'

China's top diplomat due in Israel for rare high-level visit

EU vows 'unprecedented' aid to Israel, Palestinians for peace deal

Court: Palestinian employees covered by Israeli labor laws

IDF Soldiers Warned Against Contact with Messianic Jews

Italian Leader Justifies Hitler With Jewish Conspiracy

A Messianic perspective on Tisha B'Av

Israel Grapples With Christian Donations

BP signs deal to develop $16-billion Oman shale gas projec

Analysis: Federal Court Did Not Rule Anti-Polygamy Laws Unconstitutional

Russian prosecutors may have right to block extremist websites without warrant

Obamas to host moms in Oval Office ‘Obamacare’ push

With relaunch of Obamacare, relaunch of Obama's presidency

Japan's new military strategy explained in 60 seconds




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