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December 1-15, 2014        

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December 15, 2014

Breaking News

Man Monis, The Sydney Hostage-Taker, Was A 'Spiritual Healer' With A Long Rap Sheet: Was an expert in “astrology, numerology, meditation, and black magic”

Monis Is Known as the “Hate Sheikh"


Nations reach climate accord

Crude oil prices crash but refining margins at a high -- $40 per barrel prices are coming

Why the world missed the oil price crash

Why Is Oil Crashing? An Analysis

Siege at Sydney’s Lindt cafe: Martin Place long identified as a terrorist target - Five hostages freed

Gunman in Sydney siege reported to be radical cleric from Iran wanted for murder and sexual assault

Is Obama Blackmailing Boehner?

What Happens When Spies Can Eavesdrop on Any Conversation?

Spy Drone hacks WiFi networks, listens to calls

CIA Chief Boldly Proclaims: We'll Torture Again, Unless You Prosecute Us

Cheney comments on CIA torture: “I’d do it again in a minute”

If those techniques were approved, why did the CIA still lie about torture?

Psychologist who devised CIA interrogation tactics resigned as Mormon bishop

China to ban use of national anthem at weddings, funerals

Abe coalition secures big Japan election win with record low turnout

Jeb Bush speaks in South Carolina amid new 2016 hints

South Carolina set for success: Economists

U.S. Stocks poised for rebound after lost week

How oil is wrecking the emerging markets trade

Many commodities have survived a crash since 2009

Did European scientists find dark-matter signal buried in X-rays?

Dark matter discovery may lead to big changes in astronomy

Navy's Laser Weapon System, LaWS, has first successful test aboard USS Ponce

Sheriff Joe Arpaio wins first court battle in lawsuit over Obama amnesty

Wash. deputy sheriff: Armored vehicles needed for 'Constitutionalists' with guns

Yemen: Terrorists crucify man for allegedly helping American drone strikes

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israeli MK: We Can't Trust in God Alone

Pollster: Netanyahu Could Lose This Election

Shin Bet thwarts terror cell planning Tel Aviv suicide bombing

IDF takes sledgehammer to Hamas’s ‘grandma’ terrorism financing scheme

Israel: No reason to believe US will reverse policy on supporting imposed Palestinian state

Apply sovereignty to West Bank, Feiglin says in speech to open his leadership campaign

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


New leader offers hope for Iraq

Iraq's new premier battles to unite a fractured nation

Iraqi premier orders military help for fighters battling ISIL

UK boots on the ground in Iraq: 100 Paras deployed in battles against ISIS

German government to send combat troops to Iraq

Christians on verge of extinction in Iraq

Iraq security fears as record pilgrimage nears climax


Islamic Fighters Capture 2 Army Bases in NW Syria

French police dismantle network sending jihadist fighters to Syria

Assad forces move on Aleppo supply hill

ISIS beheads four men for blasphemy in Syria

ISIS in Syria: Photos show extremists stoning a couple to death for adultery and then beheading four men

UN: Around 1,300 killed in Ukraine since September cease-fire

Russian rouble falls to new low against US dollar

Texas considers allowing open carry of handguns

Pirate Bay Shutdown: 100 million people still pirating movies and TV shows despite police raid





December 13-14, 2014


Euthanasia one step closer? France to debate draft law


UN climate talks deadlocked over scope of pledges

US Congress moves to approve Russia sanctions, arms for Ukraine

Thailand: Heading for a police state

Abbas, Kerry discuss Palestinian-Israeli relations

Climate Change

John Kerry warns of ‘moral failure’ at climate conference

Lima climate change talks: The endgame after a leaked agreement

Lima climate summit extended as poor countries demand more from rich

Editorial: Climate change battle needs more than talks in Lima

Australian PM Abbott sniffs the wind on climate change

Republican Congressman to Introduce Climate Change Bill

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Hamas calls for increased cooperation with Fatah

UN Security Council urges calm in wake of PA minister's death

Abbas under fire

Peres: Saying you support a 2-state solution and doing everything to prevent it is not a policy

Israel blames Palestinian incitement for attack at Athens embassy

Q&A with Mideast expert: Israel is 'nucleus of Planet Earth'

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

US Senate panel authorizes intervention against ISIL for three years


Iraqi forces retake regions from ISIL across Iraq

Iraq preparing to liberate Mosul from ISIL

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon: Hundreds of British troops will go to Iraq

New evidence Bush misled Americans into Iraq war – Senator Levin

Islamic State shoots down helicopter in Iraq


UN still struggling to move aid into Syria

Aleppo fighting ‘freeze’ needed to prevent catastrophe - UN

Russian initiative for Syria sparks denials

Roman Catholicism

Pope Francis: Evolution is real, God did not wave a 'magic wand'

Do all dogs go to heaven? Pope Francis leaves pearly gates open to animals

Pope denounces euthanasia as 'sin against God'



December 12, 2014


Is Obama secretly working to replace Netanyahu?

Oil plunges to new five-year lows

Falling Oil Prices Push Venezuela Deeper Into China's Orbit

Lima Climate Change Talks: Old divisions surface between rich and poor

Hillary Clinton Got The Benghazi Talking Points BEFORE Rest Of Obama Administration

Ferguson, Eric Garner Protests Spread Worldwide

Canada's Police can search cellphones without warrant during arrest

Ebola vaccine trial paused after 4 patients complain of joint pains

House Approves $1.1T Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown, Sends Bill to Senate

Iowa to launch smartphone driver's license

University of Maine System Responds to Email Forbidding Religious Holiday Decorations

CIA Torture

CIA Report: State torture is not only wrong, it is counter-productive

CIA Paid Torture Teachers More Than $80 Million

Archives: Bush Administration REALLY DID Knowingly Arrest and Torture Innocent Islamic Men!

Arhives: Bush/Blair Justification For War - Part 1 - "CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion [George Tenet, Director]

Archives: Bush officials organized a bogus "intelligence" group inside the Pentagon called OSP -- Office of Special Plans!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney Says CIA Torture Report Is 'Full of Crap

CIA Chief Defends Interrogation Methods

After U.S. torture report, Poland asks what its leaders knew

Google to close engineering office in Russia: WSJ reports

Internet firms push to be left out of EU cybersecurity law

NSA's surveillance a 'trade barrier' for EU companies: EU official

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Is Obama secretly working to replace Netanyahu?

'US Should Fund Jewish Construction in Judea-Samaria, Not Gaza'

PA President Abbas Expresses Support for Egypt's Crackdown on Gaza Tunnels

Jordan's Abdullah, Egypt's Sisi call for renewal of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

In Europe They Are Anxious to Get Rid of Israel

Likud Responds to Livni and Herzog: Netanyahu Will Fight ISIS

Israel blasts Switzerland for acceding to Palestinians with Geneva Convention meeting

Turkey's Erdogan: Palestinian minister's death is a despicable Israeli act

PLO, Fatah to discuss cutting security ties with Israel over Abu Ein’s death

Palestinian Terrorist Throws Acid at Jewish Family Near Jerusalem

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iraq’s Sadr tells his militia to ready for anti-ISIS ‘jihad’

Iran confirms support for Iraq with arms / advisors

China offers to help Iraq defeat Sunni extremists

Canadian fighter jets bomb ISIS bunkers near Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul

Cash-strapped Iraq seeks Kuwait war reparation delay

Iraq’s Karbala registers record number of pilgrims

2003 CIA cable casts doubt on claim linking Iraq to 9/11

2009 Archives: Iraq War Not Over Yet - Part 2 - Why Did Skull & Bones Bush Invade? Bush's own committee admits Saddam was not part of 9/11 attacks

In 2003, U.S. experts doubted key Iraq war claim: Cable

16 absolutely outrageous abuses detailed in the CIA torture report

ISIS Leader: "If there was no American prison in Iraq, there would be no ISIS"

Iraq's Western Sunni Tribes Are Organizing Into Militias To Fight Sunni ISIS


The Syrian Conflict According to Putin

EU Governments to Ban Jet-Fuel Exports to Syria

Pentagon grants ‘danger pay’ for missions over Syria

Saudi King Donates $104M for Syria Food Aid

Countries vow to double Syria refugees intake

London's Air Meltdown and the Global Power of Travel Hubs



December 11, 2014


Mike Brown Shooting 2014: Recording Corroborates Police Officer's Version Of Events

American Support of Guns Has Grown in Wake of Shootings

State Department 'stonewalling' requests for Hillary Clinton's files

Obama collapse with young white voters bodes ill for party

The Most Horrific Details From The Senate Torture Report

Why Bush won't be prosecuted over CIA torture

Reminder: George W. Bush Said The U.S. Didn't Use Torture

President George W Bush 'knew everything' about CIA interrogation: Cheney

CIA stalling over bogus intel that led to Iraq war: Senator

Hong Kong police haul protesters away as camp site is dismantled

Senator McCain blocks Obama's pick for diplomatic post

Supernation #1 - North American Union

No Way Home: Illegal immigrants probably unable to travel under Obama’s plan

Obama Urges Undocumented Immigrants To Apply For Relief

Florida immigrant activists put face on Obama's executive action

Luis Gutierrez: It's 'Fantasy' To Think U.S. Can Or Should Deport 11 Million People

Obama: Republicans 'pretty sure I'm an illegal immigrant'

Number of states challenging Obama on immigration grows to 24

Obama Misquotes the Bible Defending Immigration Action

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Poll: Most Palestinians Support Terror Against Jews

Lapid: Israel must turn to the Arab League to seek a regional peace agreement

Rivlin vows Israel will probe PA minister's death, urges calm from both sides

Palestinians and Israelis Disagree Over Cause of Death of Cabinet Minister

Tensions High as Palestinians Gather for Abu Ein Funeral

Palestinians Bystanders, Not IDF, Denied Medical Aid to Dying PA Minister

Netanyahu Secures Victory at Likud Central Committee

What Should French Jews Do? To be secure against threats?

French Senate Votes to Recognize 'Palestine'

Irish Parliament Urges Government to Recognize 'Palestine'

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iraq presses Hagel for greater U.S. military support against Islamic State

Shiite pilgrims flock to Iraq holy city, Karbala: Government fears attack

Iraq's economy takes a hit, but still performs better than expected: Rising oil production makes the difference

Oil deal a sign of hope between Baghdad, Erbil

It’s a weird war when Iran and the U.S. are bombing the same country

Iraqi MP says time not ‘suitable’ to announce Basra as a federal region

Iraq preparing to liberate Mosul from ISIL

Saudi Arabia readies team to choose embassy location in Iraq: Near Green Zone

Iraq’s Turkmen call for arms to join anti-ISIS war

Kerry: Obama administration wants option for ground troops in Iraq

New Kurdish independence party in Turkey 'good for democracy'

Militant attacks in Iraq kill 5,042 in November


Syria and ISIS Have Been ‘Ignoring’ Each Other on Battlefield

Al Jazeera correspondent dies in Syria

Russia in touch with U.S. over Syria peace talks

Syria's southern rebels take step toward unity

Israeli Military Sees No Reaction to Syria Strike

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Ukraine president pleads for troop withdrawal

Ukraine's President Poroshenko begins Australia visit

PM Abbott says Australia may send uranium and coal to Ukraine

Ukraine Truce Shudders as PM Warns of Possible ‘Default’

Poroshenko's Calls on Russia to Close Border With Ukraine Baffling: Moscow

Russia Baltic military actions 'unprecedented' - Poland reports


December 10, 2014

Breaking News

Taking Saudi Arabia Down

How Can The Illuminati Destabilize Saudi Arabia In Accordance With The 'Pentagon's New Map' Strategy (2001) ?

Overt military action would cause ripples which can destroy the world economy

You will be shocked!!

Major New Headline News Article

Related News

Saudi Arabia Arrests 135 Suspected Terrorists


Pakistani Opinion: Israel is the Next Superpower

CIA Torture Report: Extremist Backlash

The REAL Reason Guantanamo Is Being Kept Open: Obama Tortures, Too

Obamacare architect advocates baby death panels: Killing 'Marginal Babies' saved government $14 billion

Obama Admits Amnesty Is For Many More Than 5 Million

Washington pay-by-mile pilot program approval expected: GPS device tracks vehicle's every move

Trade Agreement Brings 'Frankenfoods' To Europe

GOP Spending Bill Gives Nearly $1 Billion To Aid Border Migrants

Releasing the Torture Report Will Actually SAVE American Lives

Nazis Used the Same “Enchanced Interrogation” Techniques the U.S. Did .. and Even CALLED IT the Same Thing

Torture: An Executive Summary

President Obama: CIA's Post-9/11 Torture Was 'Contrary to Who We Are'

Obama Sees Long Conversation Ahead on Race, Police

After Killing 12-yo Tamir Rice, Cleveland Police Handcuffed His 14-yo Sister, Threatened To Arrest Mother

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Palestinian Minister Dies After Confrontation With Israeli Forces ------- IDF says heart attack

PA says it will halt security coordination with Israel after death of minister

Killed in a pointless war in Gaza, 73 Israelis won't get the chance to vote

Why Recognition of Palestinian State Could Fuel Mideast Fire

Palestinian Authority Wants UN Resolution on Israeli Withdrawal by End of the Month

Defense Minister Ya'alon Says 'Obama Administration Won't Last Forever'

Yes, It is a Battle Over Jerusalem

US Man Arrested in Israel for Plot to Blow Up Muslim Holy Sites

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Taking Saudi Arabia Down

How Can The Illuminati Destabilize Saudi Arabia? In Accordance With The 'Pentagon's New Map' Strategy (2001) ?

Iraq presses Hagel for more U.S. air strikes, weapons: Arrives in Baghdad December 9

U.S. allies to send about 1,500 troops to Iraq

Iran, Iraq, Syria to continue cooperation against ISIS

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. James Terry Reports: ISIS fighters losing offensive control


Missile Attack In Syria Kills Three Journalists: Assad’s Forces Blamed

Syria Is Breaking the Planet’s Bank

Iran, Iraq, Syria to continue cooperation against ISIS

Illinois Passes Bill That Makes It Illegal To Record The Police

Mike Brown Shooting 2014: Recording Corroborates Police Officer's Version Of Events


December 9, 2014


Hagel In Baghdad As US Sees Momentum Shift Against Islamic State

CIA 'Torture': Senate due to publish report

Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak: Public Unaware

100-Year-Old Math Teacher Slams The 'Common Core' Method

Michael Brown Shooting: Federal Autopsy Shows Evidence Of Scuffle In Brown's Death, Close-Range Shot

Sharpton: Blacks Can't Act Decently Without More Government Payouts

Hillary Clinton 2016 President Poll: Edge over all GOP candidates

Immigration Reform 2014: Dem Mayors Vow To Recruit Immigrants For Obama Executive Action

House GOP Leaders Trick 216 House Republicans Into Accidentally Supporting Obama's Executive Amnesty

Gruber to face hostile House panel, tea party ‘I’m with Stupid’ T-shirts: Democrats shun Obamacare architect after ‘stupidity of the American voter’ comments

Belois Police Chief Asks City Residents To Allow Their Homes To Be Searched For Guns: Without a search warrant

Pharmacist shoots would-be robber brandishing toy gun

The Unexpected Threat to Super Bowl XLIX: Game might not be played

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Taking Saudi Arabia Down

How Can The Illuminati Destabilize Saudi Arabia? In Accordance With The 'Pentagon's New Map' Strategy (2001) ?

Falling oil prices could give West upper hand

Brent crude oil rebounds slightly after hitting five-year low below $66

Oil hits five-year low, crushing risk appetite

Iraq Follows Saudis Discounting Oil for Asia to 11-Year Low


Sec/Def Hagel Lands In Iraq To Meet With Officials

U.S. General: ISIS fighters losing offensive control

Hagel Stumped By Soldier Asking if Afghanistan Will Fall Apart Like Iraq

Islamic State: Coalition 'pledges more troops' for Iraq

Possible sanctions breach as Iran Quds chief spotted in Iraq: UN

The U.S. isn’t panicking over Iran’s military operations in Iraq

FM Zarif: Iran and Iraq Side by Side to the End of Anti-ISIS Fight

Military Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq

Shaky grip on northern road as Iraq pushes advance against ISIS

ISIS behead four Christian children in Iraq after they refuse to convert


Syria Says Israel Launches 2 Airstrikes Against It

Israel stops arms transfers to 'terrorists': Minister Declares

Two Hezbollah operatives killed in Sunday's alleged IAF strikes in Syria

Syrian rocket kills 3-men crew from opposition TV

3 Turkish Soldiers Killed Near Syria Border

Islamic State in Syria beheads man for 'blasphemy'

U.N. restarts food aid for Syrian refugees


Suicide Attacks Kill 5 in Eastern Yemen Army Base

At Least 10 Killed in Failed US Rescue of Yemen Hostages


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Knesset Officially Dissolves, Unanimous Vote

Barak: Relations with Washington Were 'Damaged' Under Netanyahu

Watch: Shocking New Footage from Crown Heights, NY, Stabbing

Politicians temporarily block funds for West Bank settlements and Gaza evacuees

Palestinian Authority Becomes 'Observer' at International Criminal Court

U.S. anthropologists refuse to reject academic boycott of Israel

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Ukraine Crisis: Shaky ceasefire holds as talks expected

U.S. imposes toughest sanctions yet against Putin-allied companies in Russia

Russia resumes gas deliveries to Ukraine after six-month hiatus

Kyiv declares ceasefire in Donbas

Ukraine Receives New Weapons

Poroshenko thanks President of Singapore for backing Ukraine

Ukraine goes underground: Families living in cellars in Donetsk feel they have been abandoned by the government in Kiev

Ukraine’s Foreign-Currency Reserves Dip Below $10 Billion

IMF visits Ukraine for bailout talks

Ukraine ‘Far From Being Ready’ to Become Member of NATO: US Ambassador

Eurasion Economic Union

Russian MiG-31 jet pulls midair maneuver on Norwegian F-16

Russians can now carry guns for ‘self-defense’

Conference on doing business with Eurasian Economic Union held in Washington: Attended by more than 100 people

India's Problem Is Rape, Not Uber

Watch seven years of preventable disease outbreaks in 70 seconds



December 8, 2014


Tear Gas, Windows Broken, Clashes With Police: Anarchists Hijack Peaceful Protest March Through Berkeley

Holder Unveils Revisions to Limits on Profiling by Federal Law Enforcement

NYPD cops warned militant group Black Guerilla Family ‘preparing to shoot on-duty police officers’

Syrian TV: Israeli Air Force Struck Syrian Targets Near Damascus

Iran, Syria condemn Israel for 'lifting morale of terrorists' with Damascus airstrikes

Iraq’s oil deal with Kurds is good for everyone

Impending CIA Interrogation Report Creates Fear of Violence

Not So Fast: U.S. still world's biggest economy - "Chinese consumers are estimated to have only about one-tenth as much money to spend as Americans"

U.S. Job Creation Index Inches Back Up in November

U.S. Small Business Optimism Highest Since Early 2008

Huge fire in downtown Los Angeles shuts down two freeways

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Syria Furious, Unlikely to Respond Over Alleged Israeli Airstrike

Hezbollah drones, anti-aircraft missiles destroyed in IAF attack: Syrian opposition

Liberal Christian Affection for Islamic Terrorism

Fast-Growing Hispanic Evangelical Population Steps Up Support for Israel

Watch: Jews Defy Islamists on the Temple Mount

Isreali Security Chief: Ending prisoners’ pay will ruin Palestinian Authority

Israel Tipped Jordan on Brotherhood Weapon Smuggling To Palestinian Authority

Abbas: There Are 6 Million 'Palestinian Refugees' - Including Me

Hillary Clinton Encourages Closer Ties Between Israel, US

Egypt Thwarted Terror Attack on Israeli Maritime Targets

Europe is Becoming an Israel-free Zone, Again

Election News

Final Hurdle Cleared as Knesset Prepares to Dissolve Itself

Elections: Why the Left Vilifies Netanyahu: Left has a 'Messianic Vision' of 'Peace At Any Cost' With the Palestinians

Second Poll Suggests Leftist Bloc Could Edge Out Likud

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Modesto woman’s documentary about Assyrian refugees in Iraq goes viral

AP: US Troops Have Immunity in Iraq

ISIS oil funds don’t stretch as far as you might think

Unlikely force battles Islamic State over Mount Sinjar in Iraq

Saving Iraq and Destroying ISIL are Not the Same Thing

Attack on Police Station in Iraq Kills 9 People

Iraq speeds up planned ISIL counteroffensive


Syria Reports Israeli Strikes Near Damascus

Lebanese soldiers captured in Syria

Syrian rebels make gains in Deraa

Obama to meet with UK's Prince William at White House

Anglican Bishop Wants Koran Read at Prince Charles' Coronation


December 6-7, 2014


Police Cases Spark Protests Across Country

Iran confirms it carried out air strikes in Iraq

Hostages killed after failed Yemen rescue bid

Global oil prices slide: Rout undeterred by strong U.S. jobs report

U.S. Payrolls in November Surges: Economy on Track to Record Strongest Year of Job Creation in 15 Years

What Would SecDef Ashton Carter Mean for the Military? Ron Paul Institute

Israel pleased with Obama's choice to succeed Hagel as Pentagon chief

ISIS: Another Chapter in the Forever War

US to keep more troops in Afghanistan as violence spikes


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israel pleased with Obama's choice to succeed Hagel as Pentagon chief

How will the sharp drop in oil prices affect Israel's relations with its neighbors?

Hamas leader Mashaal: Current Israeli-Palestinian tensions could lead to 'open conflict'

Palestinians inciting terror to influence Israeli politics

More Americans want US to lean toward Israel over Palestinians

Israel’s Kahlon Positions Himself as Center-Right Peace Candidate

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

New US Command Signals Escalation in Iraq, Syria



Iran’s Help for Iraq Coordinated only with Baghdad: Diplomat

U.S. isn’t panicking over Iran’s military operations in Iraq

Analysis: Iran airstrikes in Iraq pose problem for U.S.

Shiite Militias Win Bloody Battles in Iraq: Show No Mercy

Bombings Kill 10 People in Iraq


ISIS Sieges Key East Syrian Air Base: Jafra

War Against ISIS Becoming Blurrier

Syrian Troops Repel ISIS Attack on Eastern Air Base


US Officials Say Iran Made Major New Concessions in Nuclear Talk Extension

December 5, 2014


Global oil prices slide: Rout undeterred by strong U.S. jobs data

Obama picks former Pentagon official Ashton Carter to be Defense secretary: Rhodes Scholar, CFR

House rebukes Obama over immigration actions

Man who filmed Eric Garner in chokehold says grand jury was rigged

Preparation for Ukraine Reconciliation Talks Underway

China makes New Year’s resolution to finally stop harvesting organs from executed prisoners

China will have more warships than the U.S. by 2020

Oil Prices Continue Record Fall After Saudis Offer New Discounts

Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros 'tucked away': Cardinal reveals

Oil Price News

Brent Heads for 5-Year Low

FM Lavrov: Russia, Saudi Arabia Stand Against Manipulating Oil Market

West behind falling ruble, oil prices - Russian spy chief

Those looking to profit from plunging ruble will be ‘dealt with’ – Putin

Russia Central Bank Under Pressure as Rate-Increase Bets Surge

Oil Drop Gives U.S. Drillers Argument to End Export Ban

Shale Producers Say "Bring It", in Oil Price Showdown

Venezuela Said to Discuss Swapping Dominican Oil Debt for Cash

Phoenix police officer shoots dead unarmed black man during scuffle

U.S. lawmaker wants Ferguson police force dissolved

New York mayor faces conundrum over police chokehold protests

U.S. justice system makes it difficult to indict a cop

U.S. to launch civil rights probe into New York chokehold death

Cleveland police use excessive force: U.S. Justice Department

List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, December 2014

List of American police officers killed in the line of duty

Flu shots may not be good match for 2014-15 virus: CDC

Third member of U.N. mission in Liberia contracts Ebola

Ebola Crisis: Nigerian medics deploying to Sierra Leone

Dangerous practices spread Ebola in Sierra Leone

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Russia’s Putin Accuses West of Provoking Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Prepares for Truce With Rebels as Both Voice Doubts

Ukraine’s New Cabinet Starts Work to Tackle War and Economy

Nuclear failure was last thing Ukraine needed

One civilian killed, one wounded in shelling in east Ukraine's Donetsk

Putin’s Crimea-as-Jerusalem Myth Baffles Russian Historians

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


U.S. Ambassador to Iraq: U.S. forces assured immunity

Iraq speeds up planned ISIL counteroffensive

U.S. walks fine, awkward line when addressing Iranian airstrikes in Iraq

Bombs in Shi'ite, Kurdish districts kill 35 in Iraq

U.S.-led coalition damages Islamic State, but fight is long: Kerry

Special Report: How Exxon helped make Iraqi Kurdistan

Watch: How Europe is greener now than 100 years ago

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Hamas Warns: Netanyahu is playing with fire by allowing Jews on Temple Mount

Hamas Vows 'Blood-bath' in 'Spontaneous Reaction' to Israel

Jordanian MP Reaffirms His Hatred for Jews

Poll: Rapidly Growing American Support for One-State Solution

'Palestinians No Longer Believe, nor Desire, a Two-State Solution'

Man arrested for threatening to assassinate Netanyahu

Israel to vote in new elections March 17, 2015

'Post' Poll: 60% of Israelis don't want Netanyahu anymore

Lapid tells Netanyahu: You are out of touch, you live in an aquarium

Third Netanyahu government stymied by 'shadow of the ultra-Orthodox': Netanyahu was Israel's 33rd government



December 4, 2014


Poisoning Iraq: Depleted Uranium taking deadly toll

U.S. and Iran Both Attack ISIS, but Try Not to Look Like Allies

OPEC is wrong to think it can outlast U.S. on oil prices

Will Russia go from wounded bear to bucking bull?

It’s Official: America is now No. 2

States sue Obama administration on immigration

Top U.S. Commander in Africa Is Optimistic on Liberia’s Battle With Ebola

Protesters block NY streets after officer cleared in chokehold death

Everything We Know About the Massive Sony Hack

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


U.S. and Iran Both Attack ISIS, but Try Not to Look Like Allies

Iraqi Government and Kurds Reach Deal to Share Oil Revenues

Iraq's big Kurdish oil deal: ISIS united Iraq and Kurds!

For Iraq’s Kurds, independence can wait

In Fight Against IS, Iraqi PM Sacks 24 Officials

Poisoning Iraq: Depleted Uranium taking its deadly toll

Turkey Hands Over Control of Two Refugee Camps To Iraq

NZ troops preparing to go to Iraq

Kiwi troops training for Iraq deployment:


Syria Kurds advance in heart of Kobane

IS attacks government airbase in eastern Syria

Saudi FM: fighting ISIS in Syria requires boots on the ground

Saudi FM: Iran must withdraw ‘occupying’ forces from Syria

President Assad says Syria war will be long, difficult


Afghanistan Seeks International Support at London Conference

The War Over U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan Is Heating Up

Afghanistan at crucial juncture


Al Qaeda Threatens to Execute U.S. Hostage in Yemen

U.S. Confirms ISIS Has Training Camps in Libya

Mystery surrounds arrest of woman who may be ISIS leader's wife

U.S. school teacher, 37, stabbed to death in Abu Dhabi washroom

Canadian man stabbed in Saudi Arabia

A New Spin On The Collapse of Crude Spurs BIST Rally: Turkey

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

'Palestinians No Longer Believe, nor Desire, a Two-State Solution'

Peres: There will be no peace or security with Netanyahu

Doesn't Labor Know PA Rockets Could Destroy Tel Aviv?

Palestinians inciting terror to influence Israeli politics: Security Official

Hamas Shoots Seven Test Rockets in Two Days

US House of Representatives passes bill declaring Israel 'major strategic partner'

Taibe man indicted for attempted lynch of Jewish motorist

No Holds Barred: Ferocious battles for Israel on Western campuses

Crushing Labor Unions, Harbingers of a Palestinian Authority Dictatorship

Roseanne Advises Cosby: Slam Israel, regain reputation

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Accident Occurred At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, But Poses No Danger: Govt

'Emergency repair' reported at Ukraine nuclear power plant

US calls on Russia to calm turbulence in Ukraine

Kerry says Russia can rebuild trust if it withdraws from Ukraine

Russia wants to include Donetsk, Luhansk in Ukraine settlement talks — FM Lavrov

Eurasian Economic Union

Putin's state of union speech caps a bad year for Russia

Putin: Russia Will Always Respect Ukraine, Its Sovereignty

Ukrainian drama could’ve been prevented but EU supported government coup — FM Lavrov

A New Era With Russia Is Beginning: Turkey's Finance Minister

Decision to stop South Stream project final: Russian energy minister

Gun battles in Chechen capital leave 19 dead

German Retailer OBI to Invest $300 Mln, Expand in Russia Over Next 3 Years

It’s Not a (Totally) Poisoned Chalice: Some “presidential” suggestions for Ash Carter on taking the Pentagon’s top job


December 3, 2014


What’s behind the effort to make Israel, the ‘Jewish State,’ more ‘Jewish’

Iran has flown missions against ISIS: Pentagon says.

Amid Conflict with ISIS, Iraq Pumps Oil Like There's No Tomorrow

Kirkland man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson

Obama's Latest Executive Order: $263 Million Federal Police Aid Program

China will not go to war for N. Korea: Former General

NY GOP Chair: Mayor de Blasio will take 2016 nomination over Hillary

Shocking: Obesity Found to Spark 500,000 Cancer Cases Annually

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

15 reasons why Netanyahu could lose the next Israeli elections

Knesset Votes 84:0 to Dissolve Itself: Election Date: March 17

Make No Mistake: Bennett Called This Election

New election will mute calls for concessions, temporarily

Hamas Hails Coalition Collapse as 'Victory'

Kerry: We hope Israel’s next government advances peace

Belgian government to support Palestine recognition

US plays down French move to recognize Palestine

Accusing Lapid and Livni of attempted ‘putsch,’ Netanyahu fires them, calls elections

The Priceless Treasures on the Temple Mount

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Amid Conflict with ISIS, Iraq Pumps Oil Like There's No Tomorrow

Iraqi Government and Kurds Reach Deal to Share Oil Revenues

Oil Deal Provides Much-Needed Revenue In Iraq

Recent Iran airstrikes in Iraq help drive Islamic State from 2 towns

82nd Airborne paratroopers headed to Iraq

Air Force pilot killed in Middle East crash identified

If the U.S. military is expanding in Iraq, why isn’t it embedding journalists?

Iraq says woman detained in Lebanon is not Baghdadi wife


Kurdish peshmerga fighters leave Turkey for Kobani

U.S. considers opening new front against Islamic State

Turkey Starts Vetting Fighters for Syria Rebels: Joint Effort with US

Syrian refugees face bleak winter after 'disastrous' food aid cuts

Syria war death toll said to top 200,000

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


Ukrainian PM reports accident at nuclear power plant

Kiev up in arms over latest Russia convoy

Falling oil prices hit Russia much harder than Western sanctions

FEMA Kept A Close Eye On Ferguson During August Protests

Protesters using tech to run rings around cops

6 things you don't know about that iconic Ferguson protest hug photo

UN Attacks U.S. Gun Rights and More, Citing Ferguson and Cops


December 2, 2014


McCain tells White House he wants Lieberman for Defense Secretary

Iran Bombing Islamic State In Iraq

Wife and son of ISIL leader detained by Lebanese authorities while carrying fake IDs

With Obama's Support, Police Body Cameras Could Become the New Normal

The American Oil Boom Won't Last Long at $65 Per Barrel

Putin Says Moscow to Drop Gas Pipeline to Europe: Will Build Link to Turkey Instead

Russia announces war games: UK worried by 'extremely aggressive' probing of air space

Ashton Carter Said to Be Obama’s Choice as Defense Secretary

American Atheists launch provocative campaign in religious Deep South

Supernation #1 - North American Union Forming

Homeland chief faces GOP critics on immigration

GOP's strategy to block Obama’s regulations

Obama: Fund My Amnesty Or I’ll Shut Down The Government

Republicans meeting on strategy to counter Obama immigration moves

North America: Time for a New Focus - by General David Petraeus

CFR Goal: Building a New North American Partnership for the Future

Eroding Democratic Freedoms: Building a New “North American Partnership” for the Future

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iraq Agrees on Kurdistan Oil Deal

Kurdish oil exports through Iraq resolve budget freeze

Iraq PM sacks officials over 'ghost soldiers'

Iran Bombing Islamic State In Iraq: US Officials Confirm

Kurdish Leaders Complain: Israel, US Could Do More Against ISIS

Displaced top 2 million as winter hits northern Iraq

Joint Iraqi forces crack down on ISIL in Iraq: Anbar local council

Syria - Lebanon

Iraq's Kurdish Govt To Send New Troops To Kobani

ISIL elements suffer heavy losses in Syria's Kobani

Cairo Centre: 'Kobani beginning of ISIL's end'

Secret British role in halting ISIL 'massacre' of Christian town in Lebanon

ISIL is driving out Christians, warns Pope Francis

Turkey and Russia Agree To Prevent Chaos In Syria


International Aid Agencies Call for Temporary Exit From Afghanistan

Canadians warned to leave Afghanistan as insurgents kill soldiers, target foreigners

Afghan forces ill equipped to fight Taliban without NATO

Afghanistan 2001 - 2014: British tribute to the fallen (Another 13-year useless war)


Egypt Court Drops Murder Charges Against Mubarak

Egypt prosecutor appeals Mubarak verdict, cites legal flaws

Army closes off Tahrir Square

Presidency mulls new cities in Sinai

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Messianic Video Series Answers Rabbis' Objections to Jesus

Netanyahu Fails to Save Coalition, Early Elections Expected

MK Livni: New elections are to replace extremist, provocative, paranoid government

Jerusalem Remembers General Who Halted WWI: Was British, Committed Christian

Palestinian 'Boycott, Divestment and Sanction' (BDS) Would Rather Hurt Israel Than Help Palestinians

Quartet Envoy Blair: Overcoming differences of faith key to resolving Mideast political issues

UN envoy to request set date to establish Palestinian state in next round of peace talks

Christian Greek Orthodox priest speaks out strongly in favor of Jewish state law

Supernation #5 -- Eurasion Economic Union


One Year After Defying Putin, Ukraine Is Choking on Its Own Red Tape

Ukraine parliament votes in new government, fresh ceasefire hopes fade

Ukraine hands foreigners top government posts

How Ukraine’s arsenal matches up against the Russian-backed separatists

Eurasian Economic Union

Russian Woes Worsen as Recession Looms With Banks in ‘Panic’

Putin, Oil and Ruble All Headed for 63: A Russian Joke

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus to have new joint currency by 2025: "international economic sanctions against Russia may cut the process (of maturing the Altyn currency) to 3-5 years

Six reasons why North Korea became the most miserable place on earth

Strong 6.3 earthquake strikes off Philippines

Man with suspected Ebola on the run

U.S. Economic Confidence Index at 17-Month High

U.S. Stocks Rise on Economic Optimism as Energy Rallies

House Republicans Propose Reviving U.S. Tax Breaks for 2014

GM and Chrysler Lead Best November in 11 Years

Globalization Is in Peril, Bankers Say


December 1, 2014


Who Wants to be Defense Secretary? No One!

Flu vaccine kills 13 in Italy

Kurds make gains against ISIL in northern Iraq

Hong Kong Protesters Warned Not to Return After Clashes Paralyze Government

Darren Wilson and the Reality of 'Blue Privilege'

CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were ‘peaceful’

VIP paedophile ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle'

Beginning of the End for Nancy Pelosi?

New calls to raise federal gas tax fuel fierce debate

Current Oil Price Down Still Further

China Winning in OPEC Price War as Hoarding Accelerates

Oil at $40 Possible as Market Transforms From Caracas to Iran

WHO update sharply raises Ebola death toll to near 7,000

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

US, Turkey reportedly close to agreement on joint mission against ISIS

UNESCO Debates ISIS Erasing of Jewish History


Iraq's oil minister says Islamic State no longer a threat to Baghdad's 'black gold'

Airstrikes in Iraq kill 17 in Islamic State-held areas

US flies roughly 85 percent of airstrikes against Islamic State

Iraq has been paying 50,000 'ghost soldiers': Prime Minister

39 captives in Iraq: Contrary versions add to kin anxiety


Syrian Christians Plead: 'Help Us to Stay - Stop Arming Terrorists'

Pope says Islamist violence in Syria, Iraq is a ‘grave sin against God’

U.S. led coalition attacks target IS capital Raqqa in Syria

ISIL suffers heavy losses in Syria's Kobane

Putin Visits Turkey With Energy Seen Eclipsing Syria Split

Syria hit by flesh-eating maggot disease: Indications of how far down living conditions have fallen


Afghan Funeral Blast Kills 9

Taliban Steps Up Attacks in Kabul

Kabul District Heavily Guarded After Attack


Egypt Designates ISIS and its Affiliates as Terrorist Groups

Sisi regime shows confidence as ‘deep state’ returns to Egypt's political landscape

Amnesty Charges: Egypt forcibly evicted 1,165 families from Rafah by the Gaza border

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israel Prepares for Possible Early Elections

Netanyahu to Decide Whether to Step Down as Government Concern Grows

Palestinian State Suffers Setbacks in Europe

Abbas Presents 'Plan of Attack' for Palestinian State

Police Chief Appeals to Tourists: Return to Jerusalem

MK Regev: 'Restore Order in Judea and Samaria'

Hamas says unity government is over

Jordan reportedly sends letter admonishing Jerusalem against extremism on Temple Mount

Israel's New Army Chief: Maj.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot

Israel Cuts F-35 Purchase from 31 to 14 Jets: Other jets have much better maneuverability, weapons carrying capabilities

Shine your shoes! PM Netanyahu's youngest son begins army service

Armed Men Attack Papua New Guinea Airport

Russian Humanitarian Aid Convoy for East Ukraine



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